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$12,000,000 TRADE
)filHncrs Dlscnss Removing
From Broadway Buildings
Planned for Them.
Whether Urn millinery nnd kindred
ttatlcs n 111 leave Broadway for Seventh
MtroM iilnc-c. Montrldlr. N.
"He for a JIB.000 residence.
wuv myi: homi: HITKM.
1hmt J. Itohltmon, ,)r Iiiin hoM files
.i."uml Vl(,w ''llrk. R. " r. i'. i:.
" Illlnins mid Dr. H. J. Koycs, who will
Toct dutltlnr contlnu about $6,000 vucli.
nr. M, KSTATK.
ainua-TAjx lakhm iiomi: mold.
At Mountain TjiUcs ttrsildctitliil lirk, 2
Mountain .V. J., .1. s. Muuror luis
purcliiiwil n iiiniKo iiml two hiI joining 5
plots on H.iU ro.id : .tii-opli J. KrpRim bus
bought it house on MorrI iivciine with
largo well wooded plot : Adeto M Mor.
Kan nan t)tirch:isril u Iioiimj with throe nil- S
Joining plotii: Wlllard Mncli hat lounlit H
iiti estate) on tin- M.iuIovhiiI runnliiK down S
to tho baiikH of Moiiiitulii Luke- IM-
ward H. Aiidrnvctlo linn botiRlit u l.irite 3
estate on Tower Hill: Jociili I J. Moran
nr(h of the I'mnsvlvanln era-l!"1" ""."A"1, a liou-o on ll.ill road with i
a . M vim,. I." "Wninn plots ruim iik t iroimli to
,n. where Ave or fix blc hulldliiRM will ' n0WP, r0i, . XVIIIIhiii II. .Morgan Iuih
b, erected for their accommodation, will purchased a houso with 200 feet on Pol-
le derided this week. About 75 per lard road ; H. I). Junes Iiiim puroliased two j5
of the nilll.nery trade Is ytT 1
pledged to the move from the. old Mand road with plot oxtotidliiR to the, Venetian
to the new one on tho edKc or tho shop- waterway, which connorls .Mountain ami
plnr dlftrlct. To-day tho committees Wlldwood lakeH : W. M Wilson him pur- 3
which have been wnrklnR for tho move 1 chaaed n corner plot frontltiK on Unke IP
,ll meet and report on the pronresn of i Drive and llarton road. extcndlnR to the
them itt". Later tn tho week there will, Venetian waterway. This plot adjoin-. M
be nn-thor martin, at which It will t his present residence. J.unes I.. Gordon
iletenn.ncd whether tho project will go has purchased a Ihuim- on l.ako 1rlvo- S
Hirnush. IT tne nun Rues inroumi li John .1. Krleslehen has loiiKht a plot ad-
he one of tho largest and tnot lin-. Jolnlnic his present residence; .1. Kdwnrd
leen closed in mis city -ouhk has huuRht an additional plot on
rrt nii that has been
fnr ve.irs. Involving an outlay of tnoro
than $11,000,000 for modern loft build
Iiirs, It will shift an entlro Industry from
far downtown to a section whose future
lias been a matter of speculation sltwe
ihs fiTftl Pennslvanla expectations
filled to ui.ilerl.ilUo several e.irs uko.
Sites p r llo or six structures Have
Tower Hill.
ni vim of turn wr. mil m:
t osier Crainpton in the purchaser of
the dwclllnc al f.3 K.ist SKtv-fourtli
street, ieeiitlv by ll.llrlH &
VatiRhan and iho Doiici .IH I tolthlM.111
N-cn releoteil ulons Seventh avenuo and J'h.irles H. Drown roiup.iny for Or. Will
Jut s- soon a tho commit teen of mil- " HlrscJi. It ikvupIcm a lot SflxtOit.5
tnrry men hive decided dennltely the',:J""" I'rk avenue. Plana for extcnslvo
prepertles will he secured. Tho sites aro ( alterallona are belnic iiicp.ircil Vy Krcd
nil of Urgn dimensions and the bulldliiirs , erlck J. .Sterner, an-hlteot.
nhleh will ho erected on theni will In- -
frem twelve to sixteen stories each. The APARTMENTS FOR CHELSEA
preference will e twelve stoiles. The viMjuoun,
.ii.. will be scoured within a few -.
e.vs after tho meeting, which will be I ' "Trr "' - In I
tM the latter part of the week. If It Is. . t n Cot of $mii,ioo.
An Agreeable Climate
When it's hot in New York City people flock to
Long island's rolling hills and the seashore, where
the temperature is at least ten degrees cooler.
Do you know that in winter the temperature on
Long Island is ten degrees warmer than in New
York City? .
Doctors ire recommending Long Island to
their patients, as this rejlon Is noted for Its
freedom from miasmatic Influences, and dis
tinguished by Its otone-charged air, rich In
balsamic odors, and suggestive of life, health
and good spirits utterly free from depress
ing humidity.
and enjoy this healthful and delightful cllnftte.
Country Hoim
Terms to Suit Responsible Purchaser.
Beautiful Colonial Home
Delightful all year home on large groundi,
with 100 (t. frontage, in moit tttect neighbor
hood. Large living room, with old faihioned
open fireplace, dining room, butler's pantry
and well fitted kitchen on the first floor.
Four fine matter bed chamber! and tiled
bath on the tccond floor; teparate entrance
porch: large veranda and open terrace. Every
modern convenience: electric light, parquet
Moon, beamed ceilings: wall, beautifully
panelled in hard woodi; convenient to country
club, golf, ideal outdoor and water tporti.
Send for photograph.
ATTORNEY, Box 167 Sun, New York.
Steamship Arrivals, and Departures Outgoing
Foreign Mails Tho Fire Record.
fjrorablo to k move. Am planK hare
tern prepared to lit each of the nltes
cnfldered suitable, bulldlni; operations
cmiM bi started on ono or two of tho
ftruetures within a month, so It was said
jecterday by ona who Is familiar with
the deal.
The millinery trade, which means hat
manufacturers, feather Importers, flower
makers and ribbon dealers, Is on llroad--ar
between Canal street nnd Klghth
treet, where It has been for many years.
Some leaders moved uptown to Thirty
third tercet nnd to Fifth avenue u few
jears ago, but aside from these tho trade
Is Intact on Broadway between Canal
and Klghth street. Milliners huvc been
considering a move to the north for sonic
tlm, a consideration due no doubt to the
rmoval of these leaders ami the Influx
Iflo their fectlon of cloak and suit mak
ers from the lower Uast Side ami other
lndutrles which the milliners coju-hlor
Inimical to their business. Tho shift now
serhutly considered Is duo to tho sue
Plans have been fUed for three apart
ment houses m bo erected on Fifteenth
street between Seventh and KlKhth ve
nues. Two of tho houses will bo at
-H to 153 on tho south side of the
street nnd 137 to Ittl on tho north side,
taeh of the hulldlnas will be about f.Ox
103.3. They will contain suites or two,
three and four rooms. Tho facades will
be. Colonial with brick and marble trim-
mums, i no iiuiminpcs aro belni: erected
or diaries jiuDlnjrer nnd the cost Is
estimated at ll.'o.ooo by tho architect.
... jiuu-o aim l.. a. (KHcistone.
Ill.VtiJt IV IIOTKI, IMin.lKfT.
UltiR Hlnc aro understood to be In
irreicCI n, me np.irtinent hotel nroluct
for -j;s -ja' West Sexcnty.tlrst street,
,7 " "as nr announced jestenlay
' me. w-nicn incisure KOxlnt), Ik to
c improved with ,i twelve, story slruc
lure at a cot of JUOO.OOP.
ee of the movement to ave the hlcli " " -HM 1 IIIIA 1 Iti:
eltrs shopplnc section of tha city. Car- i The Flclschmann (Tontructlon Com-
meni inaKers in tne nioppinK district aro pany nas necn awarded the contract for
r'joy to retreat from tne section to tho "'' erection or a largo theatre, otll
eld Ulstrlc-t south of Tnenty.seconu ; ouiiuinit ami roof Harden for Marctis
ureet, unj it M to avoid tha leturidmr I i.oew- on inn norm .iio of lS.Hh htrcet,
irae or m.uiiiiaciurcrs mat tno milliners i '" ieeii .--.'veiiui una i:iKlitli iivenues.
ar taKer to Ret away. For this reason i nr nio iiuriem uprea House an-l
I' Is believed that the shifting of the
trade to Seventh avenuo will be approved
t th" nieetlnes to bo held between now
and the beginning of next week.
Milliners will not come under the ban
the merchants' committee which Is
orkliit: for the salvatlnn of the shopping
in'.e of the zonlnc commission's regula
'lorn, as no manufacture-,- will be done
h the Seventh avenuo buildings. Fac
tories will bo retained In lower mercan
tile sections or out of town, where a num-
Mr ara now located. Tha space taken by " each on plot
Mch concern will be to ghosv the sample . MOQ.nun.
runnuiK tlironch tlie block to U'tlth
siren. .Mr. Iah'W purchased this prop
rty recently from Arthur llrlsbane,
I nomas s. Lamb In preparing plans for
me iniproveineni
,roncnuerR & I-uchtair are ilr-k-niii--
two (he story Hats which the Harrison
Uulldltifr Company, TIioiims Bunt pre-il-dent,
will build Jit the northwest corner
of Harrison avenue and IsOlh street.
7",xino, The cot will he
Avenuo Hotel. Park avonue and Thirty
third street, fornelliis (1. Kolff of Staten
Island will act as loastmaster. Presl-
if lit I,. D. W'oodwnith of tho hftate us
soclatlon will review- the work of the
association, ami President C, I", It. John
son of the No- Jersey association will
1'iinc rendinRLi from the other side of the
Hudson. l C. Miller will review- the
viork of the ISIfi LeRlslnture. Tim main
toplo for discussion will be Jhe continued
and mcreasins ioiiutlon or rivers ami
M6.7 -Ilenedlcls Veller to John I'
lllnjfii. :;S5 lUtnhrldES nv nnd snn, I
nilB llt.OOO, Apr 21; ntty, TIUT "o.
IJ-i liMar lion
COM.MONWHAI.TII AV. w . ;S s lUrpn
av. ri, trout - llmlnnn I Ilo.e to rim .1
.McDermott. Si'. Ileiirv nt. Ilklt n. Anr SI
finis .1 Mi Hermott. : lleetnr St. 1
1 1 -.
Alii; AV. e . SUl.ti r lOlh
ini- cln i: Mmiri'. ref. lo I.iiuIm II
Mnrtln. Searsdale, N Y, Apr 1. Mtvr
Vllllimon II, Sit Alexander v H.50O
7 rnomi, tiled bath, extra lolbC
and lavatory. Ktcam heat, oak
II i Kirs, etc. Forrh wroxs rear of
Ikiiiv! rnumiands view of miles
iner Hamapo Valley nnd
mountains. Half acre plot, Una
hour out Neighbors nil on laricn
plots, raab, balance, ar-
raiiKeil to suit
m. s. Kr.t.i.r.R.
ft) West .'lid Sl N. Y. City
Iiir ealrrii New York, nerrat tn-day
and tn-tnorniu i i nnler In north portion to
morrow t iiKHleriite vnrlalde winds,
for New Jer-ey. nveri-ast and contlnuM
cool lo day nnd lo-morrow; llltllt to
Inoderale varlil.N- wind'.
Tor northern New llnaland, overran to.
dny and lit tnorrmv, ruoler In Interior to
morrow. IIkIiI I" inmlerala varlalilo wlnd.
I'nr soulliet it Now CiikIuiuI, ovenl anil
eontlniie.l i-nol to ilav and to-m'rrow,
iii'idrrale arl.itle wlnd.
For wextvtii New- ork. overea't ana
eonllniieil eo.,1 tn-day and to-tnorrnwi
tnodrratn west nnd northwest winds, lia
coinlnc Irei-li to-night.
NI1W YtiltU, April SH. Tha presmira
wbo low vrMeiilay over the Allantlo titntea
nnd lake reitlons from a sjnnll slorm centre
" I nil Hi" count of YllKlnla. .
' Minwciy ami uini'lli''! lonnuions rr-.
vailed In Iho like reKlotn, iiiier Ohio anil
Trime.iiea vatttsa and Iho inlddla Atlatitlo
tiale and there waa llctit rain at lew
tioluta In lha upper Mississippi alley.
S'nrlli Dakota nnd Wiishlimton, hut In
nlli-r eeetlima tho weather sun nen'rally
Low prrssiire nlso evlsled over the soutn
I em plateau mates, hut waa high throuan
out ilia Interior of lha rountry and th"
Northwest, with a principal centre of hlgli
over .Maiiltnii i.
It wna Eenerally rool-r from tha uppsr
Mls-ls.lnnl Vnllev soiilheaatwanl lo lha
Atlantic coast, but In the West It was
ennieuliat . inner nnd freerlnK weather
was reported nnlv from pari" of .North
it,i,ni i
In this rltv th" dav i iiartlv cloudy
nnd cooler; whnl fresh norlhsnet to souin
east; uveraue humidity, i- Pr ';n,,'
barometsr, , orr-cteil to read to sea isvei,
it t i it. it, m - II
thin ruy ei"rnrl
of the products of the occupant. It Is
u-deri-tood that an effort -will be made. If
iho trade decl-let, to move, to centralko
io different branches of the buelnesw.
In one hulMlnac manufacturers of hat
shapes will ba located. Across the street
flower makers will be found nnd In the
"t hti'ldlmr feather dealers will bo cen
'red and !n tha next ribbon dealers. In
'hia maiiiM-r each building will be a ceu
re. f'ir a reitain branch of the millinery
h'lnee. an nrrnm?ement which. It Is
'J'iderslood, will bo pleasing to buyers,
nee It will permit them to crowd more
tn a day's chopping tour than at
Two live slorv flats. eMlinnte.l tn rnil
llOd.UOO in.il measuring ."0.3n each, will
be erected by Harry lilllm.tn on tho we:
Mo of Tl.-bout avenue, north of lS.ld
street. Mooro & Uinseldel, architects,
tiled the plans.
nM's l.l(I'l)ATOIIs si:i,
Tlio llv,. etory warehouse at :fi and
IIS liierry etreet waa sold yestertlay
In- the liquidating committee of the Nu
' "Ml Nistiin Hank by Nicholas F.
Walth. Jacobs Bros., dealers In wool
wfih headquarters In Spring street,
Vie h-jtiulit the properly for warehouse
mri - rno liulldlng will 1k altered
The Community Ice Company, Itnlph
Horton president, filed yesterday plans
for a one story plant on the east sl-le uf
Stebhlns uveiiuc, 10k,7 feet north nf
Fieemiui street. It will cost 110,000.
Siiinuel J. Krsslcr is the architect.
IK-iiiniiri for Mnnll Spnce Keep
llroUi-ra llua.
Durum Company has le.-ise.l
store at ISO F.lKhtli avenuo tn
Adams nnd John lirhs.
William F. Fuerst has leased the ton
Moor of the garago at 5S and 80 Kast
Ji'fore the new- owners take lo-isesnliiii. I nighty-eighth street to the UiuTy Motors
hill i nir la tL' feet wide ami
f'r' dep The property Is near Bulgers
sir.ii.iido iiwki.i.i.m; i.i:.
i:sr ?-,TH STRKKT Mis. Sophia K.
C !! inn has sold her re-ddciRo ut IS
l-'ist Sixty.llfth street. ;t short dls-Inni-e
froni tho Astor mansion at the
rot nt r of Fifth avenue. Tho hoil-e Is
foi.r .sioricrt and basement, with n
' my extension. occiipsIiik a Plot
S xl'in '. it has been owned and c-'
1 urii-n by Mr.. Hrown hint-o 1900, Thot bulltlltie to Urnrv
P ipnrtx w.m liMtl fit tiTfti( I t i.,t . ..i. t .i
V ' VI . Til STIM:irr I trr .1. t)iilnn t.-..n, Ti.n,.,.,u r
1 - ild to Rose Weber the two story
cir.i,-e. rin jiloi ,10x100.:., at 21 S and
i'M West SKty-llfth street, 230 feet
of Amsterdam avenue, and op-P"i-e
Die plant of tho Consolidated
'as Company.
r.V'il.I, WIZNI'i: John V. Felrer has
"old for Christian and Barbara Sailer
to lienrv and Margaret Henry S9fi
Iajlo avenue, a four story dwelling
n lot PixlOO.
WfT 1 1STH STIt CUT Shaw A Co.
line - id lo Dinlel H. Jackson fnr
I-'rtia p. steel IS 1 West 119th street,
a three nory and basement brown--one
private dwelling.
' ST I'JIt) STBKICT. William M. Ben
Jin i ,v Co. have sold for Berry B.
s "' 1S3 Kast 123d street, ii three
"oi liulldlng, on lot 18x100, 82 feet
f Third avenue.
Jluvp: ST 1 1 K F.T. I'l eo rga A. Rose of
II ',ii , has sold for a client the
ii Titii-aM corner nf Home street and
Vv. .ni-nue, a, vacant, plot, about lOPx
1' lo the (iulvcston Bulldlnc Cum-r-
" which v erect live story npart-
dwellings thereon.
Corporation to ho used by tho lessco as
a service station.
Douglas I.. Klllman & Co. have leased
the etoro on the first floor of 41 1 M.uilMin
avenuo for n term of years to KlMia
Harris Janes, architect. This completei
the renting of tills building.
Julius Scott, real estnto broker, has
leaseil ofllces at 1 Kast Forty-second
street for his own use.
Tho Charles F. Noyes Company has
leased olllceH III tho Fahys Building, .12-
t .Maiden lane, to tha I loyal Indemnity
anu also space in the same
Hackmuth. Conrad
Jewelers, Charl-M J.
I Keene, Thomas I.. Jett. the. frjtratfnrd
ii. i ors ami
Iliiermann & Co. Iiavo sold
' 'n-ene estate S9 Marcy uvo-
" " we .-h has been In tho family for
n vears. Mrs. (Jreena'a father
jtig the first to build In this
' Morris Kaplan Is the buyer.
' II Malone and II, O. Harris
' ' I for P. J, McKi'tina the north
""" orner of llidco Boulevard and
'g,,-k m iid street to a builder, who
v ' i ' a lil ul i clast itpai tmt-nt Injure
i nio lie.
'Ili Alro liulldlng Company hua sold
'he , . f,.y tcKlileiujo, on lot 24100,
r.t 1 i x N'liietienth avenue, Moplelon
'ark id Morris HuhenHtoln. .
Audit Company, Henry
I?wiM & lloardman.
The United Stores Realty Company
has Icaieil the. building at 1189 Broad
way t" the Codington Itestaiirant Com
pany for a long teiin of jeais. It In
tends using It lti conjunction with the
premises adjoining after mailing ex
tensive alterations.
F. & (J. l'tlomm have leased tho sixth
loft In 21 and 2'i West Thirtieth street
to Rosenberg & Hclfermaii : Kioto at
S Fast Thirtieth streut to the J. It. Jones
Company, wholesale denier lu toilet
Sidney I,. Warsawer has leased for a
term of yonrx Hie stoie at H2t Kltthth
avenue to Daniel Itieves; third loft of
621! Tenth avenuo to Iho AtlaH Press
Clipping Bureau.
ciTV dwi:i.i.ix;s i, i:si.ii.
Mrs. Florence S. Martin has taken n
lease for a term of yearn of Iho three
dwellings at 233 to 237 West Forty-ninth
J, IC. Moors has leased foi a term ut
years thu dwelling at 317 West Fifty
seventh street for Dr, Henry Mueller to
Alfred Boglianl.
Shaw Co, have leased fnr the Sim
mons Heulty and Consti ucllou Ciuiipaiiy
the thico story frame dwelling at Ml
Audubon avenue to a Mrs. Van Name,
Jo.i I K'av.iiiiiRti neintlatail Ilia nale
1 I .ml. eMUo pi)'-rl at IS Hunt
J.'siitieth street, roporleil nold several
! llliO,
n vi:n run myack kaiim.
llo-AAr.l CLImiiiIiI, hua until In a VcW
Tors client the Theopolls flnrdenler farm
of reveMy acre, near Nyack, N. T
A Hamilton has bought a plot on
imddi.i: TAKI'.S I.. I. PI, ten.
Anthony J. Drcxel Blddle, Jr. has
leased through Clifford Van Schiirmiin
the Jilllen A. Itlpley estalo nt llif)k-
vllle, 1,. I.i which wan held at n rental
of iu,ofn fui" th" .-cason. The pr-trty
consists of seventy acres, with a largo
frotitag on tho North llemplend turn
pike, and an Kngllsh manor house.
Julia Beverley HIcgenH hns rented for
the llev. I'crcy Stlckney ilrant Heaver
,odge, at Bedford, In Francis SIiiih Mo
(Irath of Now York I fur Mis, John
Campbell her lioliso at Bedfonl Centre to
Charles K. I'ollew of New Yoik, and for
Ixireiuio Semplo riarland Cottage, ut
Mount Klsco, to Iteosa Alsop nf New
York for u period or two years.
At th Informal dinner nnd smoker of
tha Real KUte Association of the Htatn
of New Tork this evenlnr at tha I'ark
(With nm and addresa of lender nnd
attorney. If attorney's nam" la omlttfd
address parly of nrst part. I
I.euth of Fourteenth st )
WASHINGTON ST. :J. e s. Slt.7 s Morrla
st. 3T.VxT William I and I.l.i llurahl.
Iaiilur. Crnin, lo (lutlaa Karls, US iln-
inn st. ukin. uttsT i;j,a'io, u i, e a g,
ill liens, .fun si; att. (I Carli. :i Wash
Cluil sr f tOO
i '.KHi ?-r, s w s. so ii w rearl at,
rune n w Tl ( w r.rt $x s e 23x n e
to Nit--llmlly M, wlfo IMward "' llogK,
lo Nirnllii" S .Monell. White Plains. N
V. nitir IS.S0A. a I April SI. ally, lleorie
V. M Clark. '.JT Cth av (I
'OI,l-MII!A ST. 5S. e a. H M n IManrry
st. SOivino lleiitaiuln and Mne Ailfs-.i
lii Kiniliel Aufsia. Ill It 73,1 St. April
utt), holini II l.tliriiatern. 1 ta llroa.t
y 1100
S.VMi: PIlornitTV- -Saniuel and Henjaniln
Vilfs. iri V. "Id si. lo Saniurl. Hen
l.llllln anil Mosea Auf.rs. US I! tl.
a t, April l .HI), iotl II I.UK-nst.TM,
IIS tlwav t
AI.I.HN HT, w s, ISO.x a Ht.inton st. runs
w ISX n 0 x e 4. a S5x e K7. lo
w a st x n SI to bcir Isaac and llrasto
("iirsau to llcssi,, ivrsan. 1731 Itnay,
Ilklyn, tiilc i'.i,non. April 34, alla.
SternlxTn. .1 A V. 333 Hway 1100
lalst shir.
(Ist of Fifth av. I.finei-n Fourteenth
and 110th sts.l
I'AUK AY, w a. I.1..S n .1.1th al. 31 itr
i fun Insure)--William S llenuet. ref. lo
.J Park Av Corpn, 74 Unay, ally. I, T
T l-,i, HO Itn-ay tJ,300
06TH ST a -, 351 n r.th av, 30x100.5 John
U Dos I'nssos, IS K 66th at, lo Joiflea It
lionlon, 311 lllvrrslde Drive, nils 130. 000,
a I. April 3J, attys, Don Paoa Jlrne.
ISO n-v Jim
S.M) ST, Ml K, s a. SIOJ . lirk av II 3
103.3 -l.ester It (ioorlklnd, 671 Wtst llnd
a to I'h.irlra (irnnl h, 1013 '.Irion ai,
a t a'l ll.iis. April 31. attys. Kurimun
.v.- F. llroail st
AV A. i.i-)v, . :u n $i,th Fi, ioxJ:.,
slh M, n a, 7 e Av A, 3i141.5; 'th
st. n :H f Ar A, rur.a lOOtx e Six
n "- i n !l I inn t i w , j to k.,
1-30 part--Joseph p lirull to !teerlon
r Kstate Co .it Nyack, N Y. a I. April
33. any. J New inn Wllllami, 333 llroml-
f 100
Ue.t l,e.
(West of Fifth av tii-tween Fourteenth
and 1 1 ot)i sts I
0ST1I ST, 3U.330 W. a e. 310 vr Alml av,
rOvlOO.!, .Pettr.1 le tne. lintel Theresa,
7th av ,t t35th t. to Itose Welu-r. 30l!
W looth st. all ll'iis, h e, n c. Apr
-It tti. T l '". 17-, ll-vij- It
7 (ITU ST. Id, W, s. 133 w Col av. IU
lour.- Hirtha d i:rft to Kredrlo d I
Kratt, mi pri-ni, a t. Apr 31; atty, T 1
i . Ts llw-av lion
7 1ST ST. 311 W, i i, :il it A mat av, Ikx
ion.:. Jua Mulholland lo Jnsi-phlne, his
wlf. , firett Neck. I. I, a t, Apr 31. ally.
Wm 1 Clare. 133 Hway , JI0.0.10
SVM1J IMIOI'F.IITY Allro 1, (lllhrrt, .-xtrx
.lane Moncrlef, to Joa A Mulholland, III
W 71at st. Mar 20; atty, T li C. 17'
Ilroailway 131.000
71TI1 ST. a s. 171 w Central Park W. 33x
ins 3 Vumist Francts Onpenhslmer.
W 6th l. to lioreneo 1. 310
fllwny intg 133,000, a t, Mir 31; ntly,
KuKrno G Kremcr. ion llway.... 1100
(Manhattan Islaml, norih of 110th st )
tllTIt fT. 333 i:. n s. 371 e 3d av, 35x
100 11 (foreclosure. Mar 141 Alfred J
Talley, ref, lo Iho Commonwealth Ina
Co, 76 Wm ut, Apr 31; attys, lloners
S. 46 Cedar at 117.000
11IT1I ST. 331 II, n s. 310 ,. 3,1 av, 35x
molt (foreelosur" Mar 14i 17dw Ii
Dow-line, ref, to sitne, Apr 31; atty,
sumo 317.000
MADISON AV, w l". (10 11 Ulitll St. I0.IH
110 Chs Church to Kred'k H KM -tritrlek.
9 So Uth st, Newark, N J, u I,
all lleii, Jan r 1916; atts. IHles, A .V
. 33 Noseau st II
137T1I ST. a s. 310 e 7th Av, 1C1!.11-
Christian .letultna Caul A anu to Her
miimi II Jlippc. 112 North Dili st Ml
ernon. N V, Apr 17, c; ntty, T i! Co
176 llway -II
MAUItVN AV, 3070. w a. S3.4 a 131st st,
16 77ii Char (1 Welch, 91 II 13slh at,
lo Helen 17 ri.ilvln, on prem, a I, Mnr 35;
Hilon-aa. SO Maiden Uine. ... .. . .l
Hi'iTH T, a s, 373 w Hway, 100x135
Theresa Bernstein, Indlv, exlrx A trua,
Isaac M llirtistelu lo foneourso Inipr'l
' Ni. 39 V. I67(h st, nils t.m.ooo, Apr 34.
attv I. T . T Co, K0 Bnay .. 1100
Al DWION AV. n w cor 173.1 at. loo100
(foreclosure Feb !il -Jacnli S liimo.
,itih. ref. to Ion (J noun, a i.i sin
B'klyn, Apr 34; atty. T O On,
(IloroiiKh of The Bronx.)
1 ( TP '.'II. map part Hunt I'.st - Henry
Itekhert tn l,mil Kelrliert .1733 .Holland
av. Apl 31; atty, Chaaxll naechler. :
Walker av '. J0
liaTII ST. n a, S50 w Courtlandt av, 35x
so M H.ililwln Fertlc ref, lo David
l.hnmianli, ."0 Central Park esl. Apl
3- atty. i, T T Co. 10 Hway..l.r.6o
FO.N ST. s, 433 3 n l5lh St. 37.f.xl00
Virali l,elfirt to I.eo lllrsehfeld. Sir. W
. !Uth st. mtk- 3.oon, Apl 19; ntty, P II
I.eldrt, 41 Court at. Hk'yn II
Hill,i: AV, k9d. e a. tx.anlOO -Christian
Vallir to Joa F Henry and ano, 7l3 K
l.-.Otti st. nitg 19.500, Apl 34! any. T
ii T Co. 176 "'-... ......... .. IO0
Ti:i.l,i:U AV. 1334. e . 16 1x83.3- Marie
I'fitermniin lo I.m-y J Duffy. 317 11 r.7th
at. mlR J3.500, Apl 31 J ally, V (I T
Co. 176 llwny - 1100
(ill AND H(ll),i:V.lll) AND CONCOl'llHH,
ii w s. 107 n e H-'ld t, 1" Creston
a s UdlJiH' Kalh M lllllntt to
Kayeinee lllly Corpn. 31 Park How, Apl
attv, II H Cook. 3S Park How. ...II
LOTS 164 to 170, map Simler Bat--J Ho.
iiialui. Ilrnwn lo M-irgt -I Carter, 3SI
Chelsea av, Long Branch, ,N .1, mlir
tl.ooo. Apl 31; ally. N V T 1 Co. 131
Hnai HOO
'33D ST. Ii s. rain tol 1033-1 Wakrflelil -
" Hen II llayea, ref, in Alhert l.efurey.
While 1'uin. ." 1. nuv i'i nil), l rs
Ti'mt.Ulns. Whlto linlim, N V . . Il,43t.
IIHYANT AV, e H. Sin a iniriiaiin av, itx
inn Martin Plelaeher Conaln Co, Inc.
to lima c von Wilier. 313 4lh nv. nil r
HI ono. Nuv K.i attys, Hlldretli A
p 3d av and 1.1 "111 si 1100
ZKHIKIA AV. 1 433, w a, SSiltOO -Burr)
cuiin el al In Ida 1 llelinann Hiiuidon
llalauaie lOUIllV. N V. llllsT I3.k00, Alll
I'l. ally. ! Ilulibaid, White Pialnn, N
33..TII ST, 13 In a s. 36x100 Sparta
Itniiiiv Co. I ne. to Ida (I llelinann, II lin
den, Delaware eoiiaty, N Y. mtg ll.COO,
Anr Hi: ntlv. C Huhliiird, While Plains.
N V ...........1100
3D Av. n w ", 21.6 n o uun at. 47.i
Irreii -J'haa A Flanimer lo John Derosa,
ir.:t .1,1 av. et ill. mtg 19. MO, Anr 19:
allv 1, T A. T Co. W I! Hth Mt,..,00
LOTS 97. 107 lo 111, "4, us, 103, 1K9 and
llio. 33 , 333, 3.i I, son. to 3t, map
ISiell eslalo - llnwln Paali lllly (,'o lu
Tl hi icll Ave lllly lo. inc. ll Nasaau at,
Nov !0. tlltt attya. Kayara Broi. 31
Naaia n at ft 00
tliar ax, n . 400 w Courtlandt av, 10s
176 Hroad
. . . .1141,000
(With nam and address of lfndr and
lendsr'a attorney.)
(?outh of ,Fourienlh st.)
rnnnr st. h. a w s. so n w reri at,
3l.xS.S Cornellua S Morrell lo Emily
M lloff, 134 Mornlnlde av, due a per
bond, s yra, pr niuo ll.ooi). Apt 34;
atti. Meyers A C, (1 1 43d at..lt,f00
SAMl: VltOPFJlTY Sam to Chaa II Ir
win et al, srus, Brookllne, Mast, Apt 34,
ilue aa per bond; ally, T O Co. I.d
llway IS.aoo
Kaat Side.
(i:.it of Fifth av, betwsen Fourteenth
and 110th sis I
3D AV a e cor 33d st. 33x75 -ratk Klsr-
nan to Bowery Savings Hink, Apl 3
. due Apl II, 1931. m P c; alts. r.nl
-.vilader. W T, 40 Wall st l!,00'l
PAIIK AV, 73, w . 19.5 n 3Slh St. 31 x
u -73 l'aik AV Co to Mutual Uf.. Ins
Co, 34 Nassau St. Vpl 3'-. due a" per
bond; atty. 1, T Co. Ho Hns . . .IIO.OiiD
Weat "hie.
(West of Fifth oi. between Fourteenth
and 110th its.)
16T1I ST, 41 W. n a. 330 e nth av, 31x9: -Alchemist
lleally Corpn tn Nora Shea.
13a W xoth st, pr uiti.ii 113,000, due is
per bond, Apl t7: ally. T li to. tifc
llwav I'.OOO
I6TII ST. 445 W. n s, 111 w Hill av, .1 -v
100 5 Jo- Arthur and ano to Title ;uar
A T Co. 176 llway, Apl 35. dun aa p-r
l.on.l I""1
UTH ST. 19-41, n s, 475 w itb av. -Ox
Irrsg The Parduo Heally Co to NeMie
Kllgora et al, true, 171 W 71xt st. Apl I.
11 r. 6 p r, pr mtce 1300,000 ally.
Wm Arnold, 130 Hw ly I0,0"0
1TB ST. 318-30 IV. a a. 350 w Atnster latii
a v. 50x100.1- Hose Weber lo Title C. .1
T Co. 176 llway, Apl 31. duo as pr
t,nnd 133.000
70TB ST. s, 4 S3 w Columbus a v. 17x100 1
Frederic do Kraft to Title !ur .t. T
Co, 176 llway, Apl 31. due Arl S-, JJ.
5 p c 115.000
SAMK litOl'KHTY Frederic de Kraft to
Marit Hesaler. 403 W 46th st. due v per
bond. Apl 34. pr inlg 115,000, atty. T O
Co, 176 llwav P K00
71ST ST. 316-31' W, s s, 311 w Atntl av.
3'.X00 5 ,In,eplilne Mulhol'an'l to He
beeca S Mills .Xmlthtown, N V, du" as
per l-ond. Apl :i. atty. T c. Co 176
llway .133.000
H5TII ST. s s. 335 5 w West Bnil a. 49.7X
10S.3---A'deharan Co to Jane K Stouten,
burich. 110 W 7;ih si. Mch 1. One May 1.
1916. 6 p l'. atty. Will W llllien. 140
Nassau et 15.000
(Manhattan Island, north of tioth st I
113T11 ST. as, 110 3 i Mad ar. 40 3x100
Sarah Flnkelstein tn Sutnl Sinner. Far
ltd kanay, Apl 34, ,', yrs, 6 p c, att M
II lllumcnthal. 3', N i.m si.. Il.non
130T1I ST, n s. 94 e pleasant ai, 31xV00 11
-.!ultii llanimsl I, n.ivl.l Dli'loroiV. 711
Fairmont pi. Aid 30. srr, a p -. . 6oO
AMSTKHDAM AV, 13SI, li e c l.'3d si, sir
If, API 35, 'leioae-'l p e--i-o,irul loll
l.aiiKo to S.iranae Hltv (', 119 llnay
aita, Shlland .t Br.lgts, 149 llro.ul
wav , Note 13 100
MAPISON AV. w s, S3 4 a 131t st. P. 7x7:,
-Helen l: Oalvln to Mary P. H-.Mii. 3066
Mad av Veil 35. due Meh 35. 1917. 6 p e
ntty, Ch.n S Welch, SO Maiden
lane 11.000
1131) ST, a s. 11.0 e 7th av. 41 x9 II
.lnseph tlirrls to (IrMrude K l.es.nir '.09
W linth st. Apl 34, pr tnlg lll.ooo. riue
as ie-r bond; atty, F Klein, 357 Broad
way , 15.000
160TB ST, s, 375 w llway, 10O,i;-.
Concourse itnpt c-n to Theresa Tlernsielti
er, 430 Hherslile Drive, Apl 31. pr intir
130,000, 3 yrs. S p c. atty, 1, T V. 160
llway , t'.OOo
173D ST, 555 W, n w ror Allilul.ou av 100
100--lnn (.' Holm In !,aw)ers MtE 'o,
59 Liberty st. Apr 31. due aa per bond
ally, T c. Co, 176 llway tc.0,000
(Ilorougli of Th" Pronx )
I.OP 155, map Dash Batata--Tlbbett Ave
Healty Co, Inc. lo llowla Dash Itealtv
Cn, 310th st iin.l Dash pi. Nov 30. 1911.
ilua Nov 39, 191', 5 p c; atlya. Savers
tiros. 31 Nassau st 134?
LOTS 3S3 lo 3ll, satna map Same tn
same. Noi 30. 1915, due Nov 39, IMS
'. n e: atlya. sime tl.;oo
LOT 97, same map Same to same. Nov -0,
1915, line Nov 39, 19IS, '5 p c; attys
aamo lli.it
LOTS DJ and 190, same map Same to
same, Nov so, 1915, line Nov 39, I'M, 1
n c: otlvs. same It.n?
LOTS 331 and 3J3, rami map Same to
lllllf, Nov 30, 1513, due Nov 39, 19M, 0
li e: attys. suae Il.svo
LOTS no and 111. anne map Sime to
same. Nov 30, 1915, ilue Nov 39. int. r.
n e! attvs. aame 11 '10
LOTS 107 to )0i, same imp Same lo
a line, Nov 30, 1915, one Nov 39, 191', 6
p i", atlya, same ., 13,100
LOTS 351 and 35, same map Same to
same, Nov 30, 1915, duo Nov 39, 1"H, 6
p c; attys, aanie II,C0(.
LOTS 114 and 115, aatne map tame to
same, Nov 30, 1915, due Nov 39, Mil, 0
ti c: attvs. aama Sl.u?o
CHOTONA AV. e , 331 S n Hist .1. SI Sx
111.10 I reilk I. t-lrrtenberg lo Martha
Handel, 617 11 S!9th at, pr mIK 1 1,
Apr 33. due a" per bond; attys, Sch ief' r
A- Son. 763 Courtlnudt av 11,000
331TH ST, 13' II. a . 3'.xl00; also 'ereira
av, 1433. w s, 35x100 Irta o Belmunu to
laenb Marx, 170 W 74th st, pr nitus
19,300, Apr 30, ilue aa par bond; altvs
Calm A I. 106 1-7 149th st Iiloo
3D AV, n w . 31.6 n e 134th st. 47.6x
Irreir John Osrosa et ill lo Chaa A
Flammer. 347 W 103d at. Apl 30. 1 yr, 5
P c. atty, Ii T ft T Co. 303 II 149th
st 19,5(0
laisr. n a, urn w i-nurtrinut av 5"x
116.7 .lohn P Hlnzen and alio tn Bene,
dicta Vetler. 3301 Washlnnon av. Apl
35, Installs S n c: ally. T (i ft T Co
176 llway 111,000
FAIHMOt'NT PL. 397 10 w Marmlon nv.
35x73.8 Mary F Slule.ihy lo Title Hilar
tr Trust L-o, in, nway, API :i. Hue a
ncr bond: ally. TO ft T (,o. 176 llrnnil
way .. 11,500
339TH ST, n a, 60 w Martha av. two
mtlts, 35x100 earh, 13.300 eaeh llhrleh
Peterson lo Cintral Mtg Co. r,n Wall
st Jan 1, 1016. 3 jrs, 3'4 p e; atty.
litis ft O. 60 Wall et 16.400
JACKSON AV. w a, 50 11 166th at. 35x77 9
Frank D Wanner to Fredk J Feuer
hnih. 606 B 87111 st, .Inly 10. 0 1 r. ile
niiind 6 p cj atty, John C Hocnnlncir.
5 lleekman at Jj.ni
I7STH ST. a u: I S3 w Proipei-t av, 33x
141 Bniilu 7,' V"','aliiu tu Biiieaa I n
operative Havings and Loan Assu, r.r.l
Ciiurlliindt av, Apl 31, Installs Ope:
ntty, T (1 & T Co, 176 Bwav fi.nuii
Motor Out Today
or take a train frem the
Pennsylvania Station to
(great Nf rk.
Kenstmrton contain 4 Meal country
houaea, ronatructed at a coat of mure
than one million dollars. . .
Over four hundrexl Ihotiaand dollart
lias la-en expended for lajidacaplna, a
unitary sewer ayatem. water. a. elec
tric Unlit, park driica and walk', and
a tcn-ucro walerfronl park, contalnlnar
a awinimlnar p,sl bathhouse, liathlnit
l-aiii, a disk for jaihla and motor
N,ata. and ti-nnls courla. In all of which
ei cry purchaser liecnmea a part owner
alisohnely without i-ot
our plan for building and financing
jour home will 1 sent on niiueav.
Kuhrrl-JUtlay firaltR (Co.
Tel MiOO Oreeley I Weal llllh Ht
tJnltad Ptatea Coast and (lemlctli! flurvey
Stniidard Time.
AMI l'll AM
Sun rlaes . .5 O.'.Sun seta, a-n Moon rlsej.2:09
si ... sa
HandyH'k .3:'39;(lor.lsl..2:,-,aifellO1e.. r:0
.n..iii;ileltnata. 11:17
Arrived THBSDAY, April 35,
Sa Dante Altghlrrl. t V. M Naples, April t.
8s Virginian. 4:30 A M , SI Nanalre, April 14
Sa Bawkhead, 7:15 A. M , (llhralMr. April 7.
Ss Polynesia, 7 p M Birkenhead, April 9.
Ha Wlen. 3 A M Vila. April 1.
Sa Maninian, 3C, P M Clbrallar, April 1J.
Sa Crtslobal, 7. is P .M . Cristobal. April 13,
Sa Madonna. 5 P. M , SI Natalre, April 15.
8s J .M. Ouffey, I'orl Arthur, Tex., April 17.
Ss El Monte. Bali-estnn. April 19,
Sa Hamilton. Norfolk, April 31,
Sa Itlo Orande. Hriinswlcll. April 33 ,
Sa Tler. Norfolk. April 31
Sa Tabor. Baltimore. April 33
Sa Mallnlenek. Baltimore, April S3.
Hark Svanrarnul, Cardiff. March S
Dark Marpeala, Olaieow, Mirch I
AtimvED from'nf.w TORK
S Venela. al Bordeaux. '
P Tlvlves, from Fori Anlnnln
Attractlra hartalna offered be Manklnr Da
parlmeut Slata of New York tn builder, in
veatora and proapei-tiie honie.eekeM A larta
number of vacant lols at dranlwood. Moras. ;
mere. Leonla. KldtrArld. and Teaneek. Maw
Jeraey, at one hall of former owner' pneea '
Also a lre uumtier nf two famllr houae al
Hudson Helfhla. Cllfttide. and Palisade I'ark.
New Jaraey, at about one half former price '
All of the above properties are within a tlva
cent fare tone and within thirty mlnutea of
Manhattan. These, properties must be sold
quickly In close the business nf two corpora- ;
Hons now beinj liquidated by the llmkini
Department and r offered at real acnfle
prb-e Special InoTiccment tn contractor ano
bullrier who will purchase; a considrrabla
number of Iota For further particular ad
drea Ben). D. Baliht. Special Deputy Hupt.
of Danka. ear Banklrv Dept.. 1 Uroadway,
Mew Tork City
Tha l,nii,inliir. in
, - ,.. . Canonic. Naples
,. . - min iBermudian, Iiermuda
.5M !?.' !!.!!!: J! Si' xZ'ut'il
1 P. M It Ml" IS Mid'! If W
at ll.ir. A. M.
Blithe-! lemperalure,
lamest teniperatiirn, 45'. at la SO I'. M,
. ., so A M
1 .. a eo a M
9 m a M
10 0.1 A M
6 00 A M
1 00 l M
itlrt. 1 1 v im hor. httih Und, rlrpittnt mII
fur hiMMt" ftti'itt i bHtli. , tctrlclty.
hrfit, hit; t'orcli, t.n Kroutidk, ull liilil out
t'fut nrlht'orhomt, U nt1nut out, r.trp
op.nrtirilt- nt IS.-'iflO, worth much mnr
$50U r.inh, tnvi?t!ii.it mid b ronvlnceit.
(, OWNKll, b0t, 1 West 3tti HU 1'horif
3i: llrfflfy.
OCKAN mT.V(;AlX)W of B roomi and
t.Kth, block from private tathtntr hmch,
rnij bokittnif hikJ the btrt of tVlilttK,
burmtilovv la (.nli.ttM In Utft tle, pan
w-ull-. tnntrd cIllntf. connectlnc
t,lroon.a with tath. modern kitchen: nn
obfftrurted vIpw of ocruti from porch. SS.VtftO
cotnpSf t. on ) rrintt. MUItl'IIV,
10& i-'Iaibuxh pvt., Urook'vn
llfui'tful pint of fnur ol rfrht on th
wntiT, rrl-'-"'l lo'-.illty, rati, r'rtrl'ty
ttnt4r tatdHM'k, r , 40 mlnutr from
-ity dipon nf con-sld-raiiiv fp than
their vttm fnr caih If boufiht t oncf
lt !.I, box f-uti,
Bungalow, $lt325 Complete,
with a henutlful plot of Kround. thiH
tTff, , niir station and Sound, bun
lUni'i of btAt(nfr. bAthlnc and ft'hltij:
iiiak un Mini .mnimtr nnd hU yar hom
buriatetlou we btilit, rnomv with (-pur tmH
ftrtiida, vy ttrmn, i JONIIH, 10." Via
bui"h np llrookl)n
I or al
One atnrv tirlrk hulldlnR. eteaant con
dition. I T.iaai aquare feet nf ttuor space.
l:gillpped Hllh up-lo-dnle ,ner planl,
water aaa, and eleelrlclli also rail
mad alillng. line ai re of Krnund. I.oiid
labor dlslrlrt.
Iteaannahle term'.
1".' lellnjl.in Alelllle,
Fassale, N. 4.
The While ,tar liner fanople. sallln to
da fur the Arnres. Mill tnke mall, closlnic
ni 0 A. M , for lha Aitorea and tllhraltar.
1 hv Scniidlr.avlaii-American liner Belllir
niav. salllnr lo-ninrrow for (.'hrlstlansand
sind Chrlatlanla, a 111 ta4e mall. cUwIhk at
10 A. 51, for Norway, Sweden, Denmark,
the Netherlands. (Icrmany. Austria, Hun.
uary, Luxemburg, Bulsrarla, Serbia and
The American liner fit. Ixiuls. a.lllnar
Katurda) for Liverpool, will lake mall.
'osIhk ' JO A M. for Kurope (except
ceim.inv Austria, lluhiniry. I.ii'embure.
Iliilvirl.i, a-ertda, Turke). the Netherlanda,
NurMav, Mieileu Mnd Denmark), Africa:
West li anil the Uast Indies.
The I'renrb liner itochaiobeau. salllnc
fJ.iturilay for nnrdeaux. vV take mall,
i hMnr at noon, fnr Kram e, llumaiiln,
Srt ilerlmd. Ilalv Spain, Forluir.ll, l.cepl.
'i" e. flrillah India. Ilrltl-h Fast Afrlcn,
Mam Malta, nlhraliar, Cevlnn Stnlts Set
t'einente. Hutch Bast Indies, Wist AUs.
InMi iin,1 I'i r-la.
Th- liallau liner iTonii, shUIiif Sal.
urilav f,,r (lenoa, will take mall, elo.lne ol
V30 M, fnr Italy, Bumauln, Snltzerland
ami (ireece
Kloriel, New to-.i lult l n. I
Bnnnnus, Moptei bltn
Mlnas Oeraes. I'ir.i ,
Korona, Uarbjdoti. . .
l-rins uer Aenerianneii,
Hartl li 30 P M
Hirhland Pnnce, Klo ... l: (0 M
City ol Mexico Calhirten
dan .laeinto. (lalreslon
Hamilton. Norfolk
Momu. Neiv Orleans
Huron. Jacksonville
gall To-morrow,
Itelllr out. Conenhaien 10 on A M
Seaside Country Homes
OS J 4M.4ICA It V A I'
'in Minute from Broadway
Mllesi nf lmprnvet waterfront.
Fine BarlMira. Hear lies ami
Casino. City conienlences
no assismonts.
tVe offer you a home to--ether
with a waterfront In
iHstmcnt that cannot li do
pllcaut In New York City.
Terms can be amnireil to
suit uur convenienco.
' IVrile or pAone or hooklrt.
SMITH niCIIMOND. Inc.. Htlea Manacers
i How aril KiUUi neielopnient (iiinpaiiv,
51 Chimliera Sl , Phone Worth ,V,Vt. New York
M Damage.
on $ an-l I.aw-renre sl . Kmptre
(Nrrvlntr Co Sllsht
30- -loo tilth st., Mux Bull.
owner Trlfllnr
sto w mil st. I Ida Wr chi .Tr II nit '
C- -I'd W. looth at : Mary Ferris. ... IK I
'0 is w nisi st. (yarrt) None
It 10 ll Front st ; Schmidt. Gor
man A Bebr None
I 00 tJT Wnnster st : unknown tnknown
1 .0 - Kront M st. (truck); Chaa.
Kat, owner I
" I'. - M W Bnus'.in at. Nicholas
Ambrlslnn 110
0 -00 - tie, ;th .t.: rrcd Miller... . SHeht
6 J5 113d st , between 7th and
Stb av .Sllaht
li'SO J5J 10th nv.: Oua Selif MUM
Alllanea, Crlatobal 11 30 A M
Mexico, Havana IMaM
Norden, Frot-reso 9 00 A M
Madlion. Norfolk
ball Friday.
Cymric. Liverpool...
Kranrellne, bermuda.... IMAM
Mantamllo. Natiau U o) M
Knrilum, Cienlurgos
Wlen, (iibara.. ,
City of M. Louis. Sa
vannah Princes Anne. Norlolk
Sail Saturday.
SI Louis, Liverpool v no A M
Itochambeau, Bordeaux 1. 10 M
Verona, (ienoa. s so A M
("roflon Ball. Moiiterldco 7 ii A M
Brill II . Baylt .. 9 M A M
Sama, Klnssinn , . s M A M
Calanures. llai.in.i ., 9 00AM
Vauhan, Hurnos Ayres. I ) A M
Coamn, San Juan h 3) A M
Havana. Havana .. .. IMAM
AlKOiiuulu. Sto. Domlnxn 11 3) A M
Pinar del Rio. Havana
nayamon. Police
Comus. New Orleans
Apahe. Jacksonville
Alamo. Tampa
Klo Craisle, Brunswick
San Marcos. Calvcston
Jefferson. Norfolk
Sill Monday. Mar 1.
City of Montgomery, S'a-
Hamilton. Norfolk
Sail Tuesday
Orduna. Liverpool
Dante Allchlen. Naples ,. ' 30 A M
Ntckerte. Hayll
Botilfaii.. Fara. . .
Wilhclmlna. C.iibarlrn
Mohawk, Jacksonville
Mailtson, xjrioin ....
11 fo M
it no a X
12 00 M
1 00 1' M
12 00 M
1 00 1 M
! 01 A M
3 ft) p M
00 P M
11 00 M
1 00 P M
J 00 P M
12 00 M
1 00 P M
I 00 P It
l: oo m
13 00 M
3 00 P M
i: oo m
12 00 M
101 I'M
12 00 M
12 00 M
i: 00 M
3 () P M
l: oo M
10 14 A M
i: oo m
i: oo M
l; oo m
i: on m
12 ) M
II 00 A M
3 O) P M
12 M
12 00 M
12 00 M
1 () P M
1 00 P M
3 00 P M
1 00 P M
3 00 P M
3 00 P M
3 00 P M
12 00 M
3 l) P M
12 0) M
i: oo m
1 00 P M
3 O) P M
I'liHol Mates Army and Navy Oroder.
WASHINGTON. Aprl' 2S -The-e armv
onle-s were Is. lie 1 to-da- :
First Lieu' H F. 'purtlit. 1-e.ast Aril
Ier. from North Carolina College of
Aprlu'ture nrd Meiihanle Arts m Kort
Cnrrkett. Teas. and aslcnet1 o company
n-st Lieut r. II Mile-. Jr. Crust Artll
leri to rmmt rlefetii es ' lin.lv Beok.
First Lieut c M s-eese. Coast Artillery,
lo e-.-iat defeni-es of Oihu
Pl-st Lieut. P. S li.ise. Coast Artillery,
fr'-'n alalt dutv n coast defences of the
Iiiiijiv are-.
Old Fashioned Country Home i
Biintlncton, near water; farm hou.-e 11
rooms, bath, elei trie llaht: slab I,-. Karave.
Ice house, 3 acrea. irarilen. fruit trees, ten ,
ids ,ourl. many larire shade treea: ALSO
FUND AND STItBAM prlra II2.S00, 111,,
eral terire; bargain
THFII. S. HALL. 47 West S4th St.
There weie no imiy orders Is.ue.t,
hunc-i'ow s nnd houses, 3 000 up, also build
Ina lots on ltandall 11a) and Woodcleft Bn ,
low pri es, eiisv lerins. Miu i' ir particulars.
JOBS' .1 HAND ALL CO. Frerport. L. I
forest Rills gardens
A forward Mrnrmerit fn
I PuHirhan DrnHopnirnt '
i A .Mlnutn from I'onn. Stallnn
I llnur and Ilia riot I'nr Suit.
' 17 W. Hllh M.t or l orrit Mill. I.. I,
! ht nl for Hooklft
loirmrnl of Nntnl r.rW.
W SHIV(?TN'. Anrll 35 Th ditror
tiHnri h n HrrU. ut ian Tcdro, th"
ipp:v r-hlp uptlv' if tluam; tender
Tho d-tpAr Hi- i'i en hi- i-illfd fnn
Vhlf ''ono leJiTidh'k' for Newport: rrtil"r
IV- rni l frmii S.tn 1 r 11 If. ii fjr Sia
JJlcjfi ioM'" I'uiK i i in I " t an Prln-e
f-r i.;iiiintnnani .!- r Ii(u'iin from
Mnnii'"ii 11. Mil- f.-- Tin'i-.Vi N. Y. tuif
Npin fr.nn lljuip' I. for rrlnto
i '.itt '-hlp Nw lli'"t.j.iro from
H.tn.ptcin i:-Md for fipt th.irv cltv "h'l
hitt.ihip Witnont from llumpton Ilonds
for rt cr ui"
Plots of Varying Size at Reasonable
Prices and at Exceptionally Attrac
tive Terms to Home Builders.
frg?mm.t Satatr
at SCARSDALE station
HcrInoklna rtruni Varkwav anr) within
fi tnintitorv walk ,,f Matiou.
artlculars Apply
Ml Slh Av.. N. Y.
Kearadale tlftlce
Ideal Home Near the Sound.
IS rooms, 3 l,ali. Ii 'i wiier beat k.is,.
eewer. water anil eleeirl, ity, s,'iris
pnrehe: 30 mlnutea to ard si and ' h
ue,, 3 minutes to station prlllei;e nf re
strletel balblm? be.. h, 50 1 tl'le fl -..h)
tasli, leilmi, e i-in he arrimreil it, sub Ii,
Fnltril .ute Supreme Court Calendar.
W ISBINi! TON. April :S The dav elll
lu the Mipri-uie c, irt for April C-l la
Nos r.:i r.i, 3.-:. 3.'''.. n:?. 333, 335,
""li an,l "IT
Cuiirl nf Appeals I alendiir.
XI.BWY April :The Court of Ap
tiert.s 1 tlenilur fm lit murrnw- is .n. 11.
it, is, in, .3 r, :i mi t
Due To djy.
lnotton .
Hull . . .
Kotlerdam .,
Mirkenhead .
ltoitcrdatn .
llottrrdam .
Font a Del:adi.,Apr
Bordeaux . .. .Arr
Lisbon Apr
.1,... llottrrdam ... .Apr
shieil Anr
. ..CjUtobal ...Apr 17
... nariiepooi .Apr v
.-.Hartl Apr 1
...London Apr 11
...TjTiirpool .. ..Arr it
Fnwey ..Apr 11
Hurnos Ayres ,,Mar"5
Crisiob.il .. .
i:nlieton ..
I'nsteb ii
Jacksonville ,
Due To morrow.
. I.llerpool
.iienoi ..
. 'int.i Marta
. sin .In-, n
..M aeorl . ..
. New Orleans
..O'lli es'on
. s-ii aumh . .
Due I'nd iv
I'annnnla LHitpooI
Siberia l.ivrrponl . .
Cornell Mniterdim .
7e:ilnndla U-.r- . ...
Concho,.... l,iti 1 cm .
Due S-alurdiy
Oral! 4.pr t
Ilnr 'lotn Apr 11
Lisbon . . ..Apr la
Fort Arthur. Apr :
S ivann ili . Apr
I Wenlwnrth
Ant C.is.ar.
Ootldyk ...
Kock I.lrht
1 Ilrunswyck
Alphird ...
Vn.lieriren .
Orelaiul ....
Alsriuh 1
Harry Luckenbach
Tnvahaslll Maru...
I Kdith Cavell. .. .
I.iur.i M.iersk
r.l sol
Hesin d'llalia.
Kl sol
City of St. Louis
Mar 11
.Mar :7
..Apr 1
Apr 3
..Apr a
..Apr a
-Apr a
Apr '.I
Apr 11
. .Apr o
Apr ro
Apr :j
Apr M
. Apr !0
,...Apr 31
Apr n
...Apr 10
Apr 17
. .Apr
...Apr :o
, ..Apr :i
. Apr 51
. Apr :i
..Apr :i
. .Apr 17
..Apr 14
... Arr pi
,...Arr 11
. Apr 12
Lockslee ...
I City of Montromrry
TO I.KT FOB HfSINKSS l'Fltl'0iF.4.
(AVtth name nnd address of lender' at
torney.) eJTH fT, n a. 410 11 Amat av, tOx'ioo.i,
Mnr 33. 1001) 'iinalunin O 1, T Dela.
nnue, Iarls, Frnme, to Frederic it,,
l-'nsttir, Tmeibi I'ark, N Y .
1I4T1I HT. n fl, SI5 w Lenox av, 30.3,
ino.lt: 114h at, n a, sr.l.j w lermn av,
58 3x100.11, Arr S3. 1011, Hoaa Joseph,
Indlv A aa widow- of Jacob Joseph, Li-na
Kb-ek Arthur. Max, Charlea, I'aiillne,
Cerlrilde Leo Joseph of N iv
F.nima Seliwltjer, Newark, N .1, In Clara
Bsrir. 44'J W 34th all atlya. A 11
Hindi. Oil Nassau t . . . . 14,000
CSTII tT. :i-I W, , SUA w Amst av,
iOxlOO.t, May It, 111 Ttoaa Weber to
lOilcar 8 A .1110 H Appleby; attya, Cannon
o, US II way IIj.OOO
6AMB I'BOFKHTY, June 17, 130 Same
to same: atty, eume 13,000
SAMK FBOI'EBTT, Sept IJ, 10 time
lo I'eter J Devlne, lintel Theresa, 7th
' ,1 KSth at; ally, Ja A Deleh.inly,
1 Mad av 13,000
SAMF, I'noriBtTY, Mar 31, 1J13 Same to
sum; uttl, T O '.i, 17ii Hway
FlttN'i: S-l', 197, n a, 75 w Ailllvnn at,
35xi"0. Jan I. 1S3 Jno & Maritaretha
I. rlhuld to Meta llohdenburir, trui, ally,
T 11 Co. 1" Hway 13,000
SAMF. FIIOPKIITV, Jan 1, 1S80 Sanm to
aame: ntty, same 11,00
FBltltY ST. 33, 0 w . 90 n w Pearl al,
Jl kxSSRxtSx . Mar 30. 1913 IMw C
llmllv M llnKK 10 lb" 1'nliin Dime, sav
llk. 701 01 h av, attya. Woodford, II A-
II. 1 Mad av 13, son
IS1MT ST, 03-60n. n a. 100 w llway, BOX
99 11. Apr 3. 1913 rUgiaiuond Mankow
ski, Fort Lee, N J, to Walter O lnv,
er, 31S Bws- 110.000
117TB ST, 1S.1 B. n , 313 w 3,1 av. lii 4x
100 11. Apr , HO" Tims M FnnnltiK lo
N Y Life Iiih ti Tr Co; attya. Btninet
X- II. f3 Wall st to, 000
7T1I Fl". a e, 13S.5 e Av C. 4S.txto.lo, Apr
fl. 1913 Hani Porcr to Max ileib, ail
Mil st; att. Harry L'opp, 10 Broad,
way 11,013.80
10TII ST. 61. n a, 331.3 w- f.th av, Vti.Sx
91.9, Jan 15. 1913 Barllett Arkell.
C.inajiiharle, N Y, lo T IU T Co. I7ii
llway IH.noo
7riTH st, 301 w, , June :n, isn?
Thiw A t Anna Mrliilyro 10 Bowery eav
Dlk, ntty, Bllshn K ('.imp, 333 Broad.
... linn nnn
1,'iTH ST. 110 TI, a a. 1440 e 41b av. 14 U
103. S, Apr 1.',, 1113- Alfred I, Anderaon.
Cloaier, N .1, to Hits A Wilkinson, 77
mill at: any, N Y Tltlo In Co. 1SJ
Broadway a- lll.ooo
AV A, 1713. w , " 1, a 9let al, 2594
(asslcnmept of rental, oe( 31. tol.',
M.irarat A Davis tn IIo1iaunea Mini,
ahiklan. I44 W i!4lh tj ally, V . M
rioynllan, 141 Bwav Iiloo
fiTH AY. ti e. ror 1131b at, :t.l Initio, Mar
19. mill Samuel II & llattlo Fln'a 10
Sarah A Meek, exlrx A tru. 701 Mad
av: allv, I, T & T Co, 10 Hway ,,00fl
BIVINOTON ST, 9I-9S, n a, 35, 0 w Lud
low el, runs n ii6x 33,11 to w s Linllow
st x n x w- 70x a 75x e f,o,3 to ie, Apr
10, 190J llruj Lelpila; ,t, ami to Carl
riseheri ally, Flinplro H, J50 Broail.
av .., IIS, 000
S Cnrllandt at,, 2 Chun-h t and
Deyt. F.ntlre Church at block front, from
Dey tn Cortlandt sta. BenlaN much Imser
than other office bulldlmrs of eo,ual calibre
down town, six r-cna.rr and ono fn lrht
elevator. Servlco of the highest standard.
W. II. IH'NCAN. Aaenl.
Boom 107. Telephone Mtd -Cortlandt.
'.I hi- SmeltliiK F.I i'i' I a Officer.
The United .Ino Smcltliic Corporation
'ma elected the follmvlnn director:
l!uo . Fnwlee of the Buffalo Copper
iiii'l Hra-H Hulllnc M1II1 Corporntlon ;
ithiir iviy, Arnold I I).i1h nf Darker,
n.on .1 WiiKncr, William Ki-netlck,
lb uj.ittiin l.tsviieruir nf Henjiiniln 1.h
bersrer Sons, New- York; .Mnrtln Jl.
I'earltliau nf the l'o:irlman ('onipntiy,
Inc., and Oeorse M. I'ytichon, H liny,
mnnd nnd Wllli.itn 11. Hcln of llnymond,
Finrlion .f. Co.
Due Sui'di.v
Ilin-elona ,
B ivre
Hi. re
Vera 1 rtu
M.icn Is ..
Cn-'ol il .
('n.tobal .
Alfonso XIII
Clifton ... .
New York Hanki
Stephen. . . .
Kl Paao
Santa Clara
Due Mn11d.1v
Vllle du Tamatlie . Marseille
Hen Nevis.
42 West 39th St.
Near Kb Ave,
Street Store for Rent
340 Madlaon Avenue
Telephone Murray Hill ii'rnii
DBS1C and eainple room to let; 301 1
Street, 3 iloora west of llrnadwu) M
.4 I.
Houses for ik Summer
Furr.lil.ct hstits v.ltb s'.l 1.
farm ill l'uwllptf. New YorJ,
Fine lew, mountain air, no moequttoes.
To small family II limit children.
For parllriilura address II, w, IV., box
117 Sun nfflie,
On Burr.ard'a iiy. Mass Furnldieil eot.
tages; electrln ilchts, runnlni; water, bnata,
tennla courl, biitlilnn be.ieh. Apply, c I,
HLOl'F.B. fi ttnto St., New Bedford, Mass.
I'nr lhr
linse 14V.
real ratntr arm ee
I'ATKNTS aeeured, Irade-marha lezialerad;
Frotert your Idea: ualt Washliulun nlllie for
rre book and list ol Inveuiious wiiuicil- ad
Tb free. IIICIIAIIB n. OWEN. IM (Swen
Bldr.. Washington, D. C. New York office,
Woolwortb Wdt, Phone Barclay 7394.
Beeelier Aiinoinleil,
Is. i M Wlll.LSTr.lN. ISC John L.
Lytltc ll'ia beep appolnte.l reeelve- fop
I, A M Wnllateln Im- smelter and
r, On, r ,.f sweps .to. I ib.iVr In iiidd and
--liver al 16 John slre,-t and In Newark,
S .1. Ji JU'llT' llan.l of tho Fediral
.iiirt. bond fioomi in an equity suit
hroticht by Dul'1 Klsenhirilt, a creil'tor
fnr 11.000, and Martha Wr, lutein, 14,500.
1-llaa B.ium who bad hariee uf lla llnan
da! affairs, ban hceti 111 for many weeks
ainl tin1 comp'inv h ia n,it been able to
collect Ita outstandliisT accounts The
business has be, n established thlrt)-two
ve.irs ami waa iiworporal. I 1111, ler New
ui)i laws In .liitii. I'i13. with capital
sioik 110,000 ,1(1,1 lstle,l debenture,
Initlds f-ir IilO.OOO lmis Wollsti'ln. who
wua presl, lent .mil pr.icth-.i. owner of
fie louipiny. illi'd mi October fi, 1311,
in.) I n 1- Wo'lstrbi In pesMent now. He
- in--I tub- r.-i , lu rshlp, Flo-iHns
11 1 nihil, 111, I ."i Min
JilllS BUSBSsTBIN. wholesale dealer In
noi'il.N nml also propri"or of a cafo
at 93 Woith stri-.-t and 333 lttoadwav.
It. is m.ido in aasbtniu.'ut In Maurice P.
DhWiIshu. who eild that the ll.iht'ltlrs
w.te .ibniit 17 000 In both businesses and
issna w-llo 1500 Thn asali;nment w.ia
due to poor business He owes a year's
rent Mr lbisenstein he-.m the noxeliv
i'u-ineas lu 10 n and on May 1. 19U,
tioiil-lil llaniet a , af,- wbi. b w ,11 eatab
. shed lu 1S3".
YnlllCVlLLi: lilallll: IIOOI'IN'II COM
P.. VY -f 3Afl II.; 't IPUt t.ir.tl; alrrct
has made ,11, aa"li;nmeut In Brnjnnilu
Bercsr S.nlle sllieriuan Is preeldent
olid S.unusl Sl'ienn.iii I- fiftary.
Bankruplry I'rlltlnn.
SIMON EClllLSDBL, i-lirai- d.silwr al Ml
West 131th ureet, has tiled a petition In
bankruptcy, with liabilities l,.'7i'. to two
rlvilltore No assets.
Bankrupt!') Schedules.
K All PF A HILL. inanufacttirera nf
women" liala nt 33 llnid alreet, liaie
tiled acheduhs showing llahllltlaa 1C,43
nnd nsseta 3 "i0, I'nnslstlnR of stock,
lmt. IIMures, fin. and acciiunta. 13.210.
44 West Fnurih street ha tiled sr-tiedulea
sliowliiE Uabl'ltles 19.019 and asset
13 ll colltlstlllR of stock. 11,000; (-nods
In tiansli 1130, claim, fno: ai cminla,
34ii. and IIMures, f!i0
SAMl'UL WIBSIMHlll, furrier of Ib3
West Twenty-aeienth street, has died
mhedulea ahowlni; Uablllljeo IS, 333 and
aaaala f 1AI0 In a toe a: and fixture.
M I .Vandal
, Portland
I llrtzos
I Morro Castle
' tlermudian
Ciiv nf'Pl. Ie-mls
, Mtiskoter. ..
bordeaux .
s r
.. Al.-br
....La P.-illlc-n ,
... London
. .. Port l.imon
.... -sail Juan
. ... F ivan-i .
,. -antii-ro .
.. . Hertuuda .
. . Savannah .
.. (ilbraltnr ..
Apr 11
. Apr 14
Arr is
Arr 17
Apr li
Apr l.i
Apr .
. Arr 11
Apr 31
....Apr -Jl
Apr 31
. Apr 3.'
Apr 14
....Apr 14
....Apr n
....Apr 11
.. Apr K.
Apr Pi
. . Apr 31
. Apr 31
....Apr -'7
Apr H
Apr 31
. Apr 34
. Apr 11
llicnmlnc aai-la-
-B- Wlrrlea.
M9 miles south of
south of
t, 4 ml a. Clan. Illlboa.
Cnlnn at P M MoiuUv
Ss Kl Valle (J.iliestou, 1:7 miles
Jupiter al noon jesierdav
S Illinois. Port Arthur, lis miles south of
Jupiter at noon.
Ss Cltv of SI 1 mils. Siemnah, ll pule
south of satxlv Bonk at noon
s Cieole, .New Orb m .""-i miles south nt
Dwimonil slioal al noun
Ss (iul HUlit lowin-r shenaneo Port Arthur,
113 nillis soutfl of Jupllir at 7 P M
Ss Kl Alba. C.alieslnu. 1S miles soutbweM
of Dlninnd shoal al i P M . .
S Cherokee Leorti'towii, 333 miles south f
Sandy Book at 7 P M
Tus W B Kerne, Brunswick. 131 mile
siiillh nf Sandv Book al 1, P M
ss Kl sol, (i-iHestim, pi. inl'ea south of
Saudv Book H n P M
Ss Connnelii' Jacksonville mo mllea oulli
of Study Book at 7 P M
ss LHrimer, run .rinur, ..i niurs ri 111
Sabine bar at noon
Ss lleorsl.-i, Port Arthur. J04 nillf east nf
S.iblpe bar at nn.iti
ss Canri.iie.v ("utilue-r-is -ft miles north
ol Watlltlis Island at imhui
sa llavani. llaiani, -,i miles south of
k!M,,'y lie.', st " P M
"ss" Apniie. j'.ie'krniivi'le, :,n miles south of
Sninlv Hook al 7PM
ia Plilladelphla, La (iiiaTra, H mllea aouth
of Sandy Book at noon
Sa Morenl Kirkwall. V mllea east of Sandy
Book at noon
Sa Trlnldi.bin Timpico. so mllea smith ot
Sandy Book at 7 P V
Srnvlll llcclnrca III Fit Cent. i:xlr.
The Rcovill .M.iniit.icturui!; Coinpany
has declared 1111 oxtru dlvldand of 11 per
cent . pnynbln May 1 In Htnok of recorI
April '- I' I" 11"' l'trfiCet extra monthly
dlfbilieeiiieiit It lias ever made, I.a.it
nuuilli mi extra d'ldcuil of S per cent,
Miisjuilil In nddltlnn In iho icgultir itiur
terlv dividend of 1! per cent Previous
to t'hit time tha extra monthly dividend
waa 6 par cent.

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