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$50,000 TO BRING
4 U
Snrvlvor .Sn.vs flpniuin Lawyer
Offorod Him Sum o Sue
Cutiaiil liino.
C. L. Wettig Says He Heard Talk of Ship Bomb Con
spiracy While in Weehawken Cell Name of Max
Rreitung Mentioned in Testimony.
The either tinimu.il and tllrlletilt tnsk
of presenting by incline of evidence)
Inrccly from Hi"" muuthH of some of the
ilcfcml.ints. thctmclvea 11 picture of tho
Joseph 1. Mycri of 1IT9 Mnill.vm avc- manner In which, according tn tho ln
nue, one of the survivor? of tin' l.ul- cltctmcnt. I.lctit Hubert I'.iy, Walter K.
tonln ells.mter, said yesterday that l.M SclmU and P.nil l).ecchc, nil Herman rc
Decejnber he, vs offered J'.n.onn ly nlsrrvlsfs, worked on their plan lo blow
Herman prop.icandlHt tS start suit for u), tiuinltluii carrying ships of tho Allien
Mai hcKiin yesterday by John ( Knox,
Assistant 1'nlted States Ulstrlet Attor
ney, before .IiuIkp llowo In the federal
Criminal Court.
There were practically oi.ly two men
euitslde of the accused men thenu "'vc.-i
who had any Iden of the alleged eon
splrae'y until a short time, heore the
tho recovery of damages from the, (u
nard Line.
Myere's statement w.m nude nl n
merUtiR e half u hundred survivors, and
relative of victim on the torpedoed
nhlp who gathered .it 32 Liberty street
lo discus how I hey cn heat coops-rain
to push their claim iiKfinst the i learn
shin company mid the ilermiin f invent.
ment. Onilen ll. iiaminonii, vvno was .,rtest of i'ny imd Ills allesed accom
elected rhalrman of the committee, i ,,1.,.,,, These men are I'aul Slebs, n
weirx-ely had called the niectliie lo order (icrnian. and t I. WcIIIk, lith of whom
when Jbern rcipicMed that the Identify pnrtlclpat.sl In selling explosives, to Fay
of every person In the room he cst.ib-, ,,, Scholz. The detail of the aliened
llshed before proci cdllias were bemm. ,., !u,piriiey the alms of Riy utid his as
"I wan approached l.t December." ! sm. ,(,,.,, th,, part which cacti man played
he raid, "and offrrrj SM'.OOo ,. isnic ,.,,, rPnlly from Kay and Scholr. after
uniund to a certain way of thlnklm; i t tio 1 1- arrest
About this matter. The man who np-; Wettig. a jouiu; broker who cave In
PToached mo Is now under Federal In- r,,rniatlcm to Cupl. Martyn. the French
dlctment on another count. I want to I Nav.il Utarh". which led to the arrest of
know who 1 here." ,tlie men. Civc testimony brlnclnu out .1
After the meeting Mr Myer explained t.w p,,. r the story of the alleged
to reporters that the man who had tip- U),lp plot. It arratic-ment with the
preached him-he refused t dlvuk-e his p0co um, i-(lit.rnt nuthnrttln Wettl
name wan a laver from the middle, ., Wth r,,v nd Smola when thev
West. HciuM that this Individual asked ere arrested In October last In a wood
to act as his attorney In a suit npilnut )M Npw ,iorsev. lie related part of a
the Cutmrd company ' .rmversatlon he had with the men In a
nie said he would RU.irantec that I ,.,u (ll Weehawken. In that convei.
would get tJO.OrtO out of this suit. , ,oll Scholz was minted as having men-
seriei. ri n m i- riiK.bru Honed Max Mtellimi;. neihew of Hdward
"H m COniinKen lee. n rwil nrm t"J ' x itreltum;.
Amliassnilor to Protest in
Writinsr Against Interna
tional Law Violation.
far a to slen a contract by the terms
of which It was nureed that If 1 started
the suit 1 was to receive IKO.iinO, no
matter what verdict the court handed
down, and the lawjer was to set what
ever mlpht remain. In thn cent of the
court not awardlPK me anything I wus
to ret J 50.000 Just the Mine. For
months I have been trylne to ?ct that
contract back, but so far have been un
able to do so."
Tn the discussion at the meeting Mers
expressed It ajt his opinion that no I.ual
tanla Miniver could collot much. If
anything, from the f'unard Line.
Francis H. Klnnlcutt of the liw tirm
of Hunt, Hill & Hetis told those wo at
tended the meeting that Americans who
lost relatives on the l-usltanla had al
most a perfect case for the recovery of
damasrs acalnst the flerman r.o em
inent because of the clear breach of In
ternational law tint the torpedoing of
the ship Imolved. Ho said If the attor
neys of the claimants worked In concert
It would (treatly Increase their lnltuencc
with tile State Depirtment, through the
otency of which their sultH would be
Another meetlnc of the committee,
which Is composed of Charles Hose.
Henry A. Uruno and Orden H Ham
mond, has been called for Monday after
noon In rcom M5 of the Mutual l.lfe
Pulldlncr, at 32 Liberty street. Itefore
that time the various attornes are to
hold a conference, at which they will
arrange the brM course of action. The
result of this . onference will then be
submitted lo' the committee's ratltlra
tlun before union Ik taken.
as tho pfrson who furnished
Information about the. movement of mu
nition ships from New Ynrk hnrlsjr.
Trll of TllIU III frll.
"I was t.ilMriR with Schol In Jits cell
about V, o'clock In the tnornluK after the
arrests," said Wettlp, "and I pointed
out that they. Fay and ehnlz. both
.idmlttid they knew nothlnR about ships
ami that they mlcht, by placing bomb
at the rudders of the ship", kill Innocent
passengers. Thereupon Scholz nulckly
replied :
"'fh, but we kni-w Just exactly where
we were and what we wero dolnu. We
would reeehe Infor i.atlon from .Max Hrel
tuns .is to wnat ships leave the ImrNir
of New- York, ns to what they were
carrying, and the Wntbs wero to be at
t.iched unlj to those ships."
"Then," coiilllilled U'ettlR, "Fay spoko
up and told Seholi to keep his mouth
shut "
U'ettlK took up rhe testimony at prac
tically the point where Slibs, the Mrst
witness, Iffl off He told bow Slebs.
who had desk rixm In bis office, had
told him of receivlm; offers to sell chlo
rate or potash and trinitrotoluol, or
T. N. T." ; how his ?uplc'.on had been
aroused and how h had cone to the
I'reieh naval attache, Capt. Martyn.
how the lnlorT itlon was conveed to
the police Mi.d the secret senicc and
then of his visit with PetcctUe Jamei
J. Coy and Detective Sergeant Ueonre
1). I) irtilu to I'ertTi Amboy. There he
bouithl some 'T. N. T." and carried It
to the house In Union Hill, N. J occu
pied by Kay and Scholz,
"Siebi and I went back to the house
on Sunday, October Zi," said Wettljr,
sVholr. wa there and he told na he had
tested the T. N. TV nnd had found It
was no jrood. 1 explained that they
probably did not know how to use It.
Slebs demanded tho remainder of the
money for the explosive.
Bays Slebs Hot fail.
"Scholji left the room and returned,
He atparontly bad spoken to Kay. for
ho nked If 1 would ahow theJii how
to tisu tho vxploslvo and Mid they
would then pay the remaining money
due, Slolwi explained that Dr. Klonz'e
one of the defendants In the case, wiio
hius obtained a separate trial with
Hreltung and Uronkhorst had told him
to an to Fay for the money
After some tnoro conversation, Wet-
tlx explained, they met Kay In a drug
store, where he telephoned to Ir. Klenz-
lee home. He lelf the telephone K-oth
MiyrrUi nr. Klefzlo la not at home,
but here Is J 13," landing tho money to
Wettlc tlien told of n trip with Kay
and Scholr. to tho wood" on the l'all
sadiw, where he was showing them how
to explode tho "T, N. T" when the
secret eervlco men and the ollec
nwoopl down.
Wottrir ulm told of Kay's admission
alwut his efforts: to bribe, tho tsillce
men and of his betlnf that he soon
would bo relwfeil He told of the vari
ous articles. Including fue. metxniry
fapH and "lynamlte, found In Kaj'H room,
of false mustache, wigs ami tho like.
AH these article' were stacked up In a
corner of the court room. '
The trial will be resumed this morning.
Vote Against Comiiutaory
Training for Boys Over
Ifi Stands 19 to 17.
The Hoard of Education at I In meeting
tsterday made a formal disavowal of
the bill tecenlly pasted by the lics'sla
ture requiring compulsory military train
ing for boyu over 16. The bill, which
was Introduced by Senator Slater of
Westchester county, haa been passed by
both tho Awembly anil tho Senate and
now awaits Gov. Whitman's signature.
The action of the Hoard of llducatlon
In expressing Its dlsowroval of the
measure and Indorsing the course of Dr.
John 11. llnley, State Commissioner of
Hducatlon, who also disapproved, will
not affect thi status of tho bill, hut
may Influence the Gowrnor when he
consldira signing II.
The Welch bill, providing for physical
will take. In Ills note will bo that tho Instruction for all boys and girls be-
I n ted States (lovernment had no right , (h of am, ; undcr )n(!
uadr International law to arrest Vim. , ......... . j
luei. i member of the lhnbassy j.t.iff. . rHrrctlon of the Hoard of ItegentH and
land no right t. selre his naneri. Tho .the Den.irtment of Kdiicatlon. which also
mbassador will demand their return, ii, n..rnni.' Himniitire tn he.
nut win noi iiinercniiaia neiween om
Wasikwitov. April '.'6. Count von
ltertietorff, the Oermnn Ambassador, has
decided to mako a formal written do
mand on the State Department for the
return of the papers which agents of the
Department of Justice seized from Wolf
von Igel, attache of the German Em
bassy. The Ambassador's demand, or
note, as ho describes It, protesting
against violation of International law,
will precede action which tho Ambassa
dor expects the. Imperial Government to ,
take unless the mutter Is amicably ad- ,
The Ambassador received a message
to-day from John H, Stanehfleld of New
York, acting as counsel for tho German
I Kmbassy, arranging for a conference
here with a view to emphasizing the
German protect on behalf of Von Igel.
I ho position which the Ambassador
xssnelnte of Alleged Rnmh Mnker
Giles Srrr UrtnlU of IMnta.
Cain. Charles von Klelst, associate of
Pr. U alter T. Scheelo In the alleged
Plot to make Incendiary bombs for the
purpose of ilstrulng merchantmen car
rying supplies to tnc Kntentc Allies, was
called as h wltnes.s before the Federal
Grand Jury yesterday
Von Klelst and Ernst Pecker, an elec
trician on lHard thn North German
Llod steamship Frledrlch tier Grosse,
were both taken from the Tombs to the
Federal llulldlng. Daly Von Klelst went
before the Grand Jur. howeer, where
he Is said to have given new details of
the s hems In which Dr. fcVheele,
flnamed by Capt. von Ripen, Von Itlnte
len and Wolf von Igel, was supposed
to Iks engaged, llccker will testify to
day. As a result of the discovery of the
alleged bomb factory on the Frledrlch
der llrose the m-utrallt squad under
the direction of Pudley Field Malone,
Collector of the l'ort, made a thorough
search Tuesday and eterday of all
the German t.hlps lying In port.
WhKmnn I'Vgril tn ol tltoir
Wr 1 1' li a t e r 'I'll lining.
Auu.vt, April :c New York cltv
officials and representative appeared be
fore Gov. Whitman to-day to argue
ngaltist the Coffey hill which would per
mit Westchester municipalities to tap
New York clU's water supply wlthou
permission of the Suite Conservation
Ex-Judge Ingraham represented the
Slayor and the Corporation Counsel of
New York city He s'Ud that the Cats
kill aqueduct was built with tht money
or jew ork city and was the city s Jules Hols, messenger of the recon
property. and It followed that no attempt . ttruo,,.a France, which Is to come at the
x,4i uc t-uuiuriutucfd in um me inu
Julo Hois I'rirf.s That Hoom Uun Export Sn.vs $1,U7,000
He !ndo for Srliolnrs in
I. S. Factories.
Is Too Much to Pay for
Wireless Torpedo.
nuct for any purpose except that of
the citizen." of Nw York county
Othent to oppose the bill were ron
servatlon Commissioner George p. I'nitt.
Hdward P. Doyle, representing the Ileal
i.siaie ijoarn i Stewart nrowne, repre.
etui of the war, told mcmbern of the
executive committie of the 'New York
Chamber of Commerce jesterda) that
the I'nited States will then be able to do
more for Fiame than by lending or
sent the l'Mied Ileal Otute Owners : I giving money, M. Bols was the guest
of the committee and was siieaklng on
"liu.li:es richolaiship
i wi I ki that
Arthur 1- Walrath. teprewtitire tin.
.Mount vernon mr Company, and .1
II. Ksser, taxp'iver of Mount Vernon.
They sad that New York eltv' u'it..r ., .. . .....,i e... ,,,,,,.! lie
eupply would tie Insufficient In fifteen or j , ,mtlnued. "I now want to appeal to
twenty yeara without any further drains j tl(, ,-ry soutce of your own fortunes,
upon It. , not fnr"mv OWn sake -I am not young
The Westchester delegatalon argued I rn,)Ucbbut for the sake of our brothers
that the hill was carrying out the In- .i children of France, the France of
teniton of the i.iw, which permitted the ; ,, fllturo triat will become moru and
tajelng of Westchester's water supply for
New Yoik city, and did not contemplate
that the consent of the Conscroitlon
Commission would be necessary.
more tho friend of America
"J am Atkins for fAir joung French
men the hospitality of your offlccs. your
work and factories. Allow them as you
do the young Americans your sons to
learn the , great lessons their fathers,
grandfathers and ancestors are giving
them and have given them."
The French Government, he continued,
Is ready to Institute seholiirshlp- for
I. I..,u ......111 l.V Iltll
Washington. April :rt lleie u- n , ,.,, ,-.i,;,,v,..r'f Commerce nnd' Trade
Prodaorr Get; Miirr for All Form
Lee de Forest, radio expert, sent an
open letter yesterday to Swagar Sherley,
chairman of the fortltlcatlnns subcom
mittee of the House of Representatives,
protecting against the proposed appro
priation of SI, 187,000 for the purchase
of John Hnye Hammond Jr.'s wireless
controlled torpedo. I'hlllp J, Ttoosevelt
of the American Defence Society recently
am mote ambition , made a protest of the same sort
In his letter Dr. de Forest says In
pari :
"In my opinion nothing Is more prone
to excite erltlclfm and hostility to any
sane programme of national defence,
however Imperative, than such an at
tempt as that now before Congress to
pay John Hays Hammond, Jr., 750.
000 for the rights to un Invention pos
sessing to put It mildly, such hypotheti
cal value."
He says that the practicability and
utility of the Invention have never been
demonstrated "under conditions remotely
approximating what must obtain In war-
Admitting that Mr. Hammond
cl.il and unoitlclal papers, nor wilt he
Identify them.
According to the Ambassador, be
could not Identify them If he wished, as
Von Igel, secrttaiy to Capt von rnpen,
the withdrawn military attache, retried
to tho German War Department directly
and not to thn (ormaii Kmbabsy here.
Consequently, the Ambassador says, the
embassy does not assume responsibility
ffr the content of the documents, nor
could tlm Ambassador Identify them as
part of the equb.i'ry records.
The much ills. iised papers reached
the State Pepaitment to-day from the
Department of Justice. The .Statu De
partment promised to return them to
Count ion llemstorff last week, but there
has been some dffference of opinion be
tween the State Department and the Pe
lKirtmeut of Justice n" to whether any
ol tho documents oould legally Im re
tallied or whether only such pipers
should be returned as Count Mn Hern
storrf cued to Identify i.s embassy property.
Dnrliunnth tn Gle redll Tnnnril
Hesrrer In Thou- A Itrnill ntr.
IIanovkk. N. II. April If.. The f,i. .
ulty of Dartmouth College oted last
night to recommend to the board of
trustee that ctedlt toward a degree be
given to nun attending summer mili
tary i.imtis under the authority of the
War Department during the summer of
1011 The recommendation states.
"That the faculty recommend lo the
tru-tees of the college' that a credit of
three hours toward a degree be granted
tor attendance at the liatlsburg summer
ramp or any other similar camp under
the authority of the War Department
during the summer of IMS
"The i-ondltionH of such credit shall
be That tho student is enroied in the
rollrjje at the cloiie of the present eo.
Ifio ear, and Is ellvble to return at
the opening of the next college year;
that he stiall file with the dean on or
before July 1 a duplicate copy of his
enrollment blank: that he shall attend
the full live week." period at the canqi ;
that he shall secure from th" authori
ties of the. camp the certificate of com
petency and shall present the same to
the -Jean on or before October 1, 19 IS."
The measure applies to this summer
135,000 TO MARCH ON MAY 13.
I'reparrdnrss 1'arnele lo Inclnde
.Vallonal Guard,
Indications are that there will be
hbuiit 1 a.'.nOO person" In tho eitizens
piepan dness parade which will be held
111 tills e.ty on .May IS An extra :s;i,iimii
marchers were added je-stn day when the
New York and ttrookl.wi provisional di
vision of the National Guard was or
dered out for the dav by Major-Gen.
John F. ei'Hyan, and the executive mm
mittee of the parade voted to allow
women worker." to participate
It was salil at the committee meetlj.ir.
winch v.is held at the Yale lillb. Ih.it
this Is the tlm time the State militia j
has lieen called out for a private cere
mony of tHils sort. Tin: guard-men. win
iv 111 nmnler s.ooo, will enter the lino of
march at S P. M and will wind up the
Athough It was decided at tlie outset
that tho day should be given over only
to trade organization, of men who advo
cato preparedness It was found that
many women's associations were clamor
lnr to march. It was therefore voted
yesterday to give women employed In
the trades a place In the line, starting
at il o'clock, but no accommodations
will be given "Uffrace, social or similar
organization." of women.
Field Miinrrnvres Will Be Held
Nenr Wntertown From
.fuly 1 to 20.
come a law, vvni approved by the board.
This ii the tlrst discussion In which
th nirmhers of the board have taken
sides since the WHIcox adminlstratloti
came Into t"iwer which has not been
factional, ami when the final roll was
railed tho vote stood IS to 17 for dis
approving the bill.
Gen. Georg.) W. Wlngate led the do
bile In favor of the bill, and Thomas
Vt Churchill led thn opposition. Gen.
Wlngate told of the suddenness of the
civil war ami of young men going Into
battle wholly untralne.1. and compared
the period prior to IS0 with tho pros-
lent time.
lliriU .11 Oil. JMr-.' ,v. w.. -
country to pursue," he s.ili(. "One Is
to have a large- standing army -tipple-mente-d
h.v "Uch an armv of trained cit
izen" a- tills bill would cre-ate; the
either i-i to illann and await Inva-lon
and conquest This I." not militarism,
but the be"t way for this country to
avo.d humiliation"
Mi Churchill said one of the best
wavs to plunge, n country Into war was
to bre'.-d militarism, and asked that tho
Loard register Its ellsapproval of the
"The onlv thing for this lmdy to
do, -aid Mr Churchill, "is to go very
i slowlv and s'o that nothing objectionable
I creep- In. We must know what we are
I doing. I am for proparednes", but I
think this bill was passed in the last mad
ruh i' th" I-irlslatii' e to flnl."h Its
bulm-i and that It Is purely a iast
minute' measure.
"Thn bill, provides for only llnO.fmn
to carry em this military training all
over the State, and that Is not suf
ficient That much money cannot save
the nation, and after the many clerks
and Instructor" are paid, where I" tho
money .omlng frem to feed the Us and
pay i heir railroad fare to the training
e'amps" I believe In phvslcal training
for our lvs and girl- What we ne-d
Low I" more training hi low the nerk
ir.d le"s al"ive Thi next generation
All the National Guard organization?
of New York will engage In Held service
during the coming summer, nnd tho bulk
of the force will be on duty at line
Camp, Jefferson county, where the War
Department has a large tract of land
admirably adapted to Held manieuvtes
of evrry description.
Th ground will not only tidmlt of
manosuvres but the Held artillery can
also practise theiv with service charges
and the Infantry can use ball cartridge
If desired In Instruction In rlllo firing.
The nearest city to Pine Camp Is
Watertown. Major-Gen. John F. O'Kyan,
commanding the National Guard, will
mako hi" headquarters at Pine Camp
from Julv I to SO Inclusive, which Is
the time set for tho Meld service, and
thU will be divided Into two periods.
The elites for the various organizations
are' as follows :
Flrit lirtgade. Gen. Oeeirge It. Der,
composed of the' Seventh, Twelfth, Sixty
ninth and Seventy-llist Infantry, and
the Second Ilrigade, Gen. John G. Ivddy,
composed of the Fourteenth, Twenty
third and Forty-seventh Infantry, will
be In camp trom July 1 lo !' Inclusive'.
These two brigades will be reenftirced by
detachment, of the Quartermaster Corps,
Signil Corps, Knglnecrs and Armored
Motor Uattery nnd the entire First
Cavalr). First Field Artillery, First
Field Hospital and First and Second
Ambulation companle s.
The Third Urlgadc. Gen. James
I. Altmatt St do.
Wormieini's Sprlmig TaMor-mades
are mow in stock in an iirninniense variety,
The style, cut and finish of these Suits (r,.;
of which are made in New York) are invar5."
ably excellent; while, considering the quai'ty
off the materials used and the high standard':
off workmanship, the prices are decidedly
Ready-to-wear Suit Department (Third Floor)
liftt) Attttttte. Shin fork
Tells Intcrtmtional Peart; Ad
vocates Her Immigration
Stand Is Riht.
Wathlngton Bute Flower. Collected from
the foreit.
lOplmts. 4 to IV Inebe. , , ,. m..vo
114 plant!, poitpald ,.(l0
Order for nurserymen ilorhts, schools ul
homea. by express, not preptld, $:i.ou p.r KM.
Joel tthomaker, Nrlllt., tta.hlniton.
Olympic Nature Nurtery
G.vwKN ClTT, B. I., .Wirll : Ameri-
I.etn"r. rnmnosed .f the First. Second i can tclatlons with Japan and China wero
and Tenth Itcglnients. of Infantrv. and thn principal lopli'." of discussion at to
the Fourth Hrlgade, Gen W. Wilson ,(1V-,, y(voit of the: e-onfcrcncc of the
composed of the Third, Slxt.v -tilth and ' , ,,,, .w, rr.
Seventv.foutth infantry, will bo at line ! " otld Alliance of Churche for the Tro
Camp from July !' to SO lneliislv. With mot on ol International Trace at the
tb.-"e two brigades will he the Second liorib u Oil) Hotel.
I-1' Id Artillery, frpiielrnn A. Second t lent ....... ,,,.....,., rlmiu. organized the
Hospital and the Third and Fourth
Ambulance companies and detachments
from tho Quartermaster Corp". Signal
Corp" and the Armored Moteir Mattery.
American Council of tho Allane'o and
the Itev. Pudetlik I.ytu h, t. H., of New
York urged that a feind ol 100,000 be
Instruction." for the coast defence com- i raised for a world cliur.il conference
tmnd" will !! given at I ort H. G.
right. N. Y eiff New London, Conn.,
as follows. niEhtli Coast Artillery,
July to lit; Ninth Coast Artillery,
July H to 30, and Thirteenth Coast
Artillery. July SO to Auguit 14.
Tho Twenty-second Knglneer." will
have Instruction with regular army engi
neers at Helvolr Tract, Va , on a date to
be announced later.
A special camp for the machlno gun
units of the National Guard will be held
at Fort Ktli.in Allen. Vermont, under of.
tbers of the army frrni July v to '.'2.
Th.'re will be a school for olllcers and
non.commts-loned ottb'ers of Field Artil
lery at Tobjh.inn-i, l'a., under army In
structors from May 21 to June 1, and
also for medical olllcers. There will also
b school for olllcers of the First and
Second llrlgaile." at I'eeksl.lll, June t
to 2c
A. V. White lleniln Hamilton Clnti.
Alexander M. White, formerly trees-
iirer .if the It -publii an Mate committee.
wl'l want red Meled men and wennen 1 and Co! Mlihael J n.id's strong com-
nnd not too m.in overburdened with
gray matter. There 1" enough know!
eelgn Meired on the tiookjhole,"
'Hie roll call on the Welch bill re
suited In a vote of 23 to 12 In faveir
of Its tMHromlng n. law
p.tli. r for the pirtv leadership in the
F'r-t Assemblv dietrk't In Hrooklyn, ha."
been elected president of the Hamilton
rpib a" the succes or of Frank Lyman.
He vvftK ice-presldi nt lat yer.
after the war. He proposed eelso that
all Christian churches demand another
llagun cotiterence oh foon a veaco Ih
The Itev. Dr. Sldtp v I,. Gulb k, who
has bivii for twenty-fdx years a mis
sionary In Jupun and a piofessor In
Japane tinlvetnltle", eioke on "The
Church and the Oriental Problem."
"Thero Is a wide misunderstanding an
to what Japan asks," ho said of the
Immigration nuestlon. "She does not ale
free Immigration for her laborers. Sho
reiognlzes that any large entrance of
Japanese Into California would produce
economic and race difficulty. She it
ready to do whatever may be needful,
eonslstent with national honor and dig
nity, to save America embarrassment
In both lines."
The following were elected oltleers of
the council' Tho Itev. William P. Mer-
ill. A. M.. 1 1. R. pastor of the Hrlck
Presbyterian Chunh. president ; the Itev.
.bli'i I! .Fof eif New York, vice. presi
de! t ti.e itiv Frederick I.jndi and the
Itev Sidney I,. Gull 'k of New York,
retarh.-. and the IScv Geotge A. Plimp
ton of New York treasurer.
Henry M MacCracken. chancellor emer
ItU" of New York L'nlverslty, presided
at the morning, and the llev. James I..
Harlem of Hoston at the afternoon Sf
slon. The Itev. ltohert K, S'fcr, the Hi
Arthur J. Urovvn and the Itev. Frank M.
Mortn, an or .New lork, spoke this aft".
Speakers to-night at the ehti'eh Con
ference were Simeon K Italdve'n. et
Governor of Conmctlcu who prcs-dM
the Rev. Dr. William It Hull, prnf.
of history anil lMernatloii.il rrlino'i.
ship at Swarthmore Colbce, and Tilcfitt
Williams of the ('olum'na srhii) of
The conference will end to.morr"
MIm Mlnon nnd Thompson in n.
Aerial DanciTs Ml) II.
TangolniP"ln the air In biplanes Is t
latest development of sensational av
Hon, and New York Is to get the fin
demonstration of It when the aerial -
pare-dncss exhibition Is being held at 'h'
iiheepshead Hay Kpeniway on Mav
and 7. De U.oyd T lompsor. who ha
been bombarfllng cities at t.lcht a a
practical demonstration of Americas de
fencelestmess, ,s to be one of the sk
dancers. Miss Katherlne Stlnson. !
to bo the only woman aviator who lo'.
the loop. Ii to bo his partner.
The two tllem have been prj t!si-r
the aerial tango until, they claim, t1-'
can make their machine duplicate -
evolutions of the dance In perfect tlr
In addition Mis Stlnson will do s..
looping and upside down flying .mi
compete w ith Thompson In th h
dropping exhibitions
Thompson arrived In New Yo
terday morning and snt bis m.i
to the Plalntkld f.n lory for x i
It Is expected that Mijnr-Uen V
and his staff from Governors Isl.ir
view Uio aerial tango, as well as M.ivo
Mltchel and many city official
Htatemcnt on the col of living Usui.l ' u..-ji..i ... . i
liv ttta TV. r,.-t nf A -i.... 1 . ... - ' ' ' .
tn H" t 1 1 1' J"- "l ni ll IIHUIC
!nn.;!ron"atX gJouc' st'eT; '.Mass!, T. dS , BOOKKEEPER SEIZED AS THIEF,
1 no level or prices paid prndu(ei of tn r;lcte mid studv mMern conditions
the United .Sl.Het for meal animals ;iml tl,e imtlncn and economic method."
iii.j,, U.UH-, roii-t-ii Him cnicisensi iii-.wi,pi, w l h. , bm natlt til the future
mcrl.-aii c tles. They are to conic here I Forest polutn out that It was all under
per cent from Mirch l". itetumlng to France, thev would lie tho
ereascd 4.3
to April 1... In the same period ot the ln,.sengcrs and propagators of Amerl
past six jerx the average increase! hnti ,.., tltia iiint culture
becn SS per cent On April If, irhe
of these meat animal- averaged about
13,1 per com higher than a ear ago,
ti.l per cent, higher than two years ago
and 14,4 per cent, higher than the
nvurage of the past six .warn on
April 16.
Hog prices per K" pounds averaged
lo producers, of the United States J.2l
on April 15, compared with 1.4H a
a year ago, W.bO two year" ago and
J7.40 the averaga of the past six years.
Beef cattle per 100 pounds aver.igul
il.6ll, compared with !,",C i year ago,
JtJ.'JD two years ago and 5s the
average of tlm past s!. year"
fiheep per 100 pounds averaged '. CI.
compared with J5.C0 a year ago,
two year" ago und the average
of the past six years.
"J.alior lleiinrl me'iifs Mnleiocoi ln
illrliti'" n Gi'iirrnl l.nlli,
WAhltl.vriTov. pril "ei. The Depart-
t'liie'lnnnll Itoclor Savea PoUonert
iiliont" After -IK Hour..
Cincinnati. April 2fi. The long
ought Hiithlote for bichloride of nier
cuvv po'fronlng hai been discovered In
calcium sulphite. It In believed, by Dr.
J. H. Wilms, a prominent phy.slclan of
In a bulb tin lsued to-day City Health
Officer I.anillM calls ittention to the ant 1
dnli and t lh'' fact that Dr. Wilms
experimenting on animals, fouml that he
could save their lives even though forty
eight hours hud ehipsed from the time
the poison was administered.
almost Ideal peacetime condltleins.
F.ven If the wireless sfatlon controlling
the torpedo were placed ten mlh'.e back
frpm the shore It would he a target for
aeroplane attack, Dr. de Forest ayn, and
If nearer could bo destroyed by shell
from ships lie doubts tlm feasibility
of directing tho torpedo from an aero
plane, as tuggested by Mr. Hammond,
nnd ayn this feature of the programme
him not been teeted.
Tiera-el Prncllre Planned itt Fort
Hamilton and Wadairnrth.
Timid resident of South Hrooklyn,
Hay Kldgo und Staten Island havo been
urged not in becomo alarmed at the
sound of heavy tiring In the offing this
morning. It will be only tho regular
riclng warming up of the big guns of
i oris Hamilton and wadsworth.
I1..U,1..MU 1,1 Ik. ..I.. I ....
Dr. Laudls also s.h that the trent-1 ha1. ,)pfn ,.,.,, ;
Mil has ber mic'i sful In recent 1W1 .i,,.,.. .,, L...V, .... . ..
ment has been
bichloride cases. The letnedy Is given
gram for grain of the poison taken.
W I neon "In M-iiiilorlnt I'liiidldnti'
rrltlcUea WH"on.
ment of Labor has I iied a nutetnent
(howlng thai manufacturing Industrie"
In the Cnlteil States are i iieudum ecu, i
rrnllv from '-'0 t i i'.O pi t n iii mon-I Maiuson, Ir , April 20, --Malcolni f,
for wages Mian t' ey were a year ago ' .leffrls of Jaueevtllc. one of the most
Much of the increase Is ncroiinted tor prominent lawyers: of southern Wlscon
bv the inldltloniil number of men cm- j hn, was unanimously riosen at thn He
ployed, hut a eotHderahbi amount Is ,uiillc,i)i State convention hue to-day to
credited lo higher wages. nmke the tare against La Follette for
Tho Iron and steel industries lead United Slates Senator. Mr. Jeffrls in
vviin a ii u J per rem. increase, in tlie fpi.cch of acceptaiice iirr .1-led Li I'ol
oiii'oiiiv ' ' i ,iv;ci pain iiil'l ii '' ier
I open during the' target practice and lo
secure all nrlca-brac. A special three
gun signal about 9 A. M. will Indicate
that tho practice " about to begin.
Col. Hnmuel n. Allen, e'ommandant of
Fort Hamilton, will nupervleo the nrao
Tnehr Year Kmployre of Mount
"Glial llnapltnl Knnnit fihorl.
lir S. S. Goldwater. formerly Health
Commissioner and now superintendent of
Mount Slnal Hospital, caused last night
the arrest of Alexander K'auschner on
the charge of having stolen 5(ifl from thn
hOHpItnl. where Mauschner was formerly
a bookkeeper. It 1" alleged a shottago
of ll.nOO wa" discovered after Klausch-
ni'r left the employ of tho hospital on
April S.
Klauschner Is 31 years old. He wn
employee! at tho hospltnl for twelve ars
and rose to a salary of S2.T00 a jear.
He reskh'n nt 3340 Perry avenue, Tho
Ilronx. He wna arrested at the home of
his mother. 13R Ktst 114th street.
According to tho police, Sunt. Gold
water at n meeting of tho directors of
Mount Slnal on Tuesday appealed for
clemency for klauschner, but the dire.
tor" decided he -would have to be prose-
A children' fmicv dre ft for the
betirfll of "I.'Orphellnat de. ArniBe." mm
held nt the Curll. Lyceum, Ht, elsorae
yesterilay iifternnnn, The e hulrnun of the
nnniidtlca III churiee mm .Mrs. Arthur II
lice leer.
inn, increase m men employed The car
building and n pairing lndiistr Ih next,
vlth a SI pi r cii l wage Ineii'.-ise and a
'.14 per reni in, h-.-inl In men "innlo.veil
Cotton maniif ieliiilng Is the onll one o
the blKger Industries showing merely a
nominal wane lieu ruse
The number .if in. u mpiuved and
wat' iiKKri'gulei b.ni grown" steadlh
ujonth by uiniith I'mni I'lbrinirv to
,?r.e'' lai"1 ,uial uiimiint of vv.igea in
tirt-i OO.IVUWU iiom l to 7 per
i Thn i.'rpentrr und Julner Union, rep.
re.Piittmc more thun tliou.suml t.niiain
bile for his attitude on hie tnrllT jniP,rH(l workers linn celled a man meeting
nil iiiinj aiipinuini Ol'tl'lflijl II.i
nnd wiliein a policies. no crlll t eii
thee foreign and Mexican pollelc" a
hlftiiig and sliaiiiefui,
vioiilnnn Man to Aid .tlcComhi.
William F. McCotnbs, chairman of the
Ditmoeratlis National Committee, con
tinned je-strrday thn annniinccinent that
ho hail aplsillited .1. J truco Kleiner eif
Unite, Mon,, ,ia leinpoiary secretary of
the National Committee te auoeveee) tho
lato '.Thomaa J. Penes.
I wcktl. Mils nn the Tnttenvllle. Perth
Amboy feny re nn strike, They deinind
bii inrreusH In m from 195 In $iil n
innnih. The stiiten Inlteml luilwav rom
panv wlili li iiperalen the ferrv, han re.
plinrd the strikers with negriies.
The three dnys feutvul nt the City l"nrm
I'nlnny whs lonrhided elerdy wlien
Hleplieioe'H due. named lit lumnr of A,
e-.mlily mull S. V, Slephens. h nln.ervd.
A featurt of the duj who th awarding (.
rliea te th thr liunat meat preSdent
ta oar at tat wertuiry.
VevvnrW Mnnnfaeliirer" I'lnn Grral
lllaplnr of Product.
President Wilson has ncreiited an In
vitation to open Nrwnik'H exposition of
Newark's products, to be given by New
ark's in iiiiitiiclurers In the First Itegl
metit Arinoi y of Newark May 13 to June
3, Tim exposition will be one ot ttie
chief fealurcH of the city's 2J0tli anni
versary relebmtlon, which will rim from
May to October.
ThousiitidH of skilled men havn been
busy for month In the workshops of
Newark preparing the exhibits that will
go to make up ono of the, most com
plete expositions of the kind ever held
In this country, uccnrdlng to thn ud
In prntint iigaliist the proposed garbage vanco .iminiiiu'eiiient llver.v tiling inaJu
In ,N'ewrk will bo shown, fmni a wire
hairpin to n huge motor truck. Many
of the exhibit will show thn processes,
of manufacturing products
Morn than 2.10 exhibits, representing
133 distinct llncje of manufacture have
already contracted for tpace. The ar
mory htiH a floor nrra 6,000 square feel
Prrpnredne Debate Heard hy
I, OOII Person, MoMly Women.
Mayor Mltchel and O.wald Garrison
Vtllard de ,,itei the question of p.-epnred-t;es"
Ia"t n'ghl, the Mayor supporting
universal m-lltary nam 'ig and Mr. VII
laril arguing from the piclll-t viewpoint.
An audience of 1,000, composed almost
ent iely of women, attended the me tin;,
held under niisplce-.s of f-e Wonnns
Salt rage va.'ty n tlie A'.iden.y of Mu.sk,
l.atavette avenue, near Fulton Meet.
HrnoKlyn Judge UU'l.im H. Vailham.s
Mr Vlllard said hf did not believe In
fiacrltlelng millions of lives at the behest
of monarchs, especially sitae war Is the
be-t we ipo l tv Hints hive of keepl'eff
t iiotii . 've - 'l power He said b" t'.'Uuhl
:be f 0, una. nun tJ.knt of :. ru? ui i.d
be put tee a nobler u-e .atliig for the
phaiw and widow, of Lurop" than In
piepaing arms for me In some remote
onfllct Tint few met, in WaMi.tmton
would .nivocatc prrTMiodne? unless t'te.v
were cuiidld.iti for reelection w.. a
bel'ef eNpres-ed by Mr, Villo'd. The
JajKitieso situation, he s-.ild, vvas heing
made more acute by the "blather of
Jingoes on both sides 'of the Pacific."
In replying to Mr. Vlllard the Mavor
said that he considered the Integrity of
a nation more Important than the seiv
lt.fr of liven ! that If war per se were
wrong then the Revolution wa"e wrong
and that no nation should make Itself
dependent upon the good vvlP alone of
an other nation He expressed himself
as In favor of unlveisil mllltar.v train
Ireg In Amerlrei that we might maintain
our policies ami aiso heraiie It would
Imp ove the standard of manhood In thi"
counts v ,nv nation, he said, too seitlh
to prepare Itself Is unlikely to maintain
Its independence
Di Anna II iward Shaw supported the
contention" of Mr. Vllhird and ridded
that money 1" better ued for ednc.i
t, ci nl ends than for mllltaiy ttainlng,
Mraanre Will Nearly Iloeiblr .nm-
lier of t'ailel.
Wahiiinuton, April 2 The bill
practically doubling the number e'f cadets
at "est Point, ono of the minor pre
pareduess nieinures designed to supply
officer" for the Increase of the regular
a run anil training of tho militia, was
agreed upem by the llouso and Senate
conferee." to-day. The bills passed by
tlie two nouses rllttered little In essein
Hals, but the confeivnco rommlltee to!
lowed almost entirely the House bill.
The army hilt will be- taken up by the
ceinferees to-morrow It was predicted
to-day as a re-siilt of Informal rotifer
ftiwn between members of the committee
that as a compromise between the tlLtttrr
of 1 40,000 llxrel b the House and 'JSO.OOu
find by the Senate for the' tegular army
a reguler force of 170,000 men will If
agreed on.
It Is ilso expected tint the Federal
ireservo feature of the (mamherlaln bill
will b" miuilliioiil nud lii, 1 1 Uio House
will have Its way In concessions to the
National Guard In the wny eit Inrreaseel
pay for otlieerse and greater Induccnieuts
to the enlisted men to serve.
In view of tho great differences be.
tween the two measures, however, und
the nriny points nt Issue, It Is probablo
that It wilt be several weeks beforo an
agri-enieut Is reached.
Dinner to Cheer llrpuhHcaua.
The Republican Club of the Twonty
nlnth AHsemibly district, which will have
n dinner at Turrace Garden next Mon
day night. Intends to make It the occa
rilnn for Hounding a note of ohm-r Ui all
Itepubllcans for tho coming campaign.
William Itondy, president, will be. toast-
Why We Changed to Red Tires
And Why You Should. Too
Four years ago we tried red rubber as a tougher tire
material than gray rubber. Empires are the first and
only all red tires.
Empire Reds simply put it all over gray tires even
our own in service and satisfaction. So we switched
altogether to Reds, knowing that we can give you a tire
of greater mileage. But Empire prices are practically
the same as last year.
Other makers have caught the red
idea, too, and you can get all sorts of
combinations. But don't let color blind
you to service. We make Empire Reds
for wear that is the significance of
the color. They dress up your car, too,
but that is incidental.
Adjustments are made on the 5,000
mile basis.
You know that "Peerlew" Rrr) Inner Tubes cive
the most service, and we use the same quality of
tough red rubber in Empire Casings.
gteulrr than that of Madison Square . mauler und uprcchcs will be made by
Garden, and every available foot of Republican leudora and dclcgatea to the
wilt be tued. J national convention.
New York City Branch, 240 Weat 55th St
Newark Branch, 889 Broad St.
Brooklyn Agency, Farrell Auto Co., 1178 Bedford Ave.
Horn Office nd Fcctory, Trnton, N. J,
"If ift
it'a an

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