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Local Racing Begins To-day
Local Racing Season Will Ik'
Kin With Mcnttnjr nt
Hewlett Park.
Th local racing Beason will be inhered
In this afternoon nt Hewlett Hay Park.
Ji. I., with the opening pension of the two
day nprlng meeting of the Hockaway
Hunting Clul). The afternoon's sport
also will mark the beginning of the mini
teur racing season In HiIh country mid
the initial outdoor nodal function of the
rear In the metropolitan dlntrlct.
These facts alone, arc rUlTlclent to nt- ,.,.,,,. ,,,, ,, show WU B1
tract a record breaking crowd of specta
tors to the. course, but because of the 1'eatnrr of Carnival,
high class list of entries and the ln-j The anmml carnlvnl which mark
creased Interest In thoroughbred racing ,hc opening of the New York Speedway
arrangements have been made to take ., ,(c heM tlllM aflcrnoon starting nt
cars of a big attendance. .1:30. It will ! featured bv n parade
The tntratico to the course lias oeen ic-
arranged to do away with congestion
upon the arrival of the rains and inure
space has been provided Tor sructiitors.
lonf the homestretch and n tho pad-
dock. Besides the regular trahis a special
will leave tne i-ennsyivnnm .erm n il i
2 o clock, connecting at .lainalca with the
train which leaves hlatbusli at 1 iob.
The race will start at 3 o'elo,!;.
A total of 10 enti les ha been re-'
celved for this afternoon's and next Sat-'
tirdaT'a races, establishing a new maik1
tor the opening meeting of thp season.
On to-day's card there arc six races, em
bracing steeplechases over the brush
course, races for hunters over post and
ratio and two events for runners on the
flat. Although each of the races has Its
quota of star entries, special Interest
cutrea upon the flout h shore Plate,, a
rmos of about a mile, because of the entry
of Cloud In that event. Last season
Cloud made an enviable record for him
sett try winning a number of sprints at
tho various hunt meets, carrying top
Among the entrants arc many promi
nent persons and a goodly number of
the leading gentlemen riders wlll wear
silks. To-day s entries:
Pint Hare Tho Albro farm din about '
half a mile nn the 11 at Culvert. !,
"tresk, 15; Toreador, ISO; uvrryonda, lii); ;
eond ; llare-The Kk) .Mp. fer 1
hunters; about thren mil's nnd Imtf orr
Best and rnlls--Nln.i. Hi. ll.inco, UT;
Uk)acn, it,,, uoiti l licm'r, I iie i.nnu
16": Tore.idor. 17:. Ml- Mcutoui,
Third Karv-llonlett Plate, lundleap
steeplechase, about tuu mtti and h liutf--M'tb
Carter. lt. l. .1. Miunnun, 1t4. Hold
leiier, 147, Jim Huntou, Kattauta,
HTi Coureur de Hols. 117.
Fourth Itace -youlll fchiire Plate; .tepte.
chase; about one mile cinml. 1M; Marrel
Unas. tr. Tea. Star. 134. Kadbild. III.
Amaru, lu7; Deroter. l.'.l; Attn.i. lit
Fifth Itact 'edarliurst I'up: handlinp
ateapifcnaro: ntout two miles urn w yvi-
; Nenuphar. 143. incr.-er. 133. It.,tilil tegular undergraduate manager since
ibr. MS; Chcrrv Malmt,. I5i Fashion H'I4, rece'ved Its full quota of admlnls-
Sfi',J,Jo,i K!'i,'J-n,5f.:!.,L'n"ii-l'.-,,!l; ,r"" ""leers yesterday, when it was
I. 13J? lluriravr. T:o. ute-.te .".f Hryn ' nnnounced that W. F. Walker, a senior.
Mawr. Ms. Abdnn. 145 Uttn Kioto. 133
main nar. , ni- im.n; h.m,i bi, iur-
iWV,?,n,...Vh.nuTir.ll-i r ;rr; , V",: 1
Jim Hanson. 150; Pay Ple-ile. I4J. i
lr nars-Puras: maiden thrrrar.nM,:
sir furlonzi:
Yaea 107' Auto rtslle 107
Ethel Mr 107 Hob's Ot.-a P'T
f'iffiU&""KQlw IS
Artellt ?... ?!:::: Wljoht, W P Klein . !?i
Polly Connolly I07!combey . II.'
Second Hare-Purse: two year oldt: rllhc:
four and a halt turlonis:
reefi o iidn iu, nitime Mnnes,. . ns
lOJ.May W
Aunt I.lr li:i ' , , tuiia.i.si,.n io-ii,iy was the line of the Hush Terminal Railroad.
Third Rare-pur.-: four-year-old. and up-1 al1' d " 1.a!".n,"m ''' tlln. WII1I.iiiim froni which there Is direct rail connec
ward: six furloni. management. ord c.inie to Capt. Lamb tlon.
I.urtlle B f. lOO Iloral Ilenort . . .. 110 i of Columbia that the courts were In vcrv I
Fstl'orn :07'Mr Ca-idy 112,
Dlmltrt W Dr. Carmen
Solar Star 1101
Fourth Hair Inland Hotel llaisllcat
tbrce-year-olds and upward; one milu and ,
seventy yard; 1
Raincoat 100 One Slei t0
Water Witch 10: Lady Ilotba 1'jC
tirumpy 1041 '
Fifth naee-Sellln; two year-olds; four audi
a half furlonra; , .
V1!; 1A;'?.;"'k w'-m, '
JJttle Spider 10: I eant i Pi
Lady 5flehlai 103 Ho Ted.lj II" I
The Duke 1j Caililla.- . . 11 J .
Msrn H.oe-iiiree.jear-onis aim npivaru; 1
nurae: aix furloucs;
Morriatown I07'oiin ....
Santo 107 Knrfhase
Tokay -. 10'J Mon-ietir Pern
Seventh Baie-Selline: three-year old, and
upward; one mile and seventy yards;
cotnmaurelta .... if, i.a.iy Mexican
Kly Home l7'H(idy Howdy
Mabel Dulweber... UO'Harwond
Hard Uall llOiintunn
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Flrat Race-Kour-year-olds and upward; sen
lm; six furlonxi:
Lucky (jporgc lUi'.Te.se Jr Ill
Meenciiit ma i-onencrin
Orotund lOli Deduction
Lady Lyndon 110 Little Enjland.
Scrapper 115,-Tener
Vlley 110 Mary Warren...
Maxim's Choice.... llj'Proioiroras ....
. ii;
. II"
loo.iiuy o l.unt...
W.I'Pord Mai
Pharoah ..
Second Race-Four-year-olds and upaard;
treplechaae; handicap: about two miles;
Handrunnlnr KS.Ttie Elenhani 140
Frtjolee 14 Idle Michael . . 15?
Golden Vale 1M;
Tlilrd Raco-'-Tw 0-year-old maidens, four and
a half furlon:s:
Judte WiiiffieJd..,. IKilRiverdale 113
Klnc Fisher 115 Radiant Flower . . 115
Grind Jury n5.Marblehcad ... 115
Fourth Tlnee, .Three-year olds and upward:
tho Susquehanna Handicap; one mile and .ev
enly yards t
Klnr Neptune lOS.SIr Edgar ... Ii;
Slumber II I9il Wooden shoe,.. . a
Fifth Race Four i ear olds and upward,
aelllnx: oue mil and seventy Tards:
Luther 115'llnrr.v Lauder..
Mr. Mack llllTamerlane
Partner m O'sullivau
Peacock n2!l.lttle Mngland ..
Sixth Raeo Three ear olds; scllln;
and a half furlongs:
Semper Stalwart, .. lOii'Shraimel .. .
Good Counsel llo Kevin w
Tt Lsl 0n,Mnlly O . . ,
Klnr Tuscan 110,'ijaleswinthe ....
1 or,
Seventh RaceFour-v car olds and upward
aeiurur; ona mue ann seveinv )arus;
SeorpTl lOOlA.k Ma
Devilfish lOCl'Carluvcroc'k
Shepherdeai tr9 Alston
Balfron 105 Supreme
Monocaey lot Nupu-r
southern uoia iTi'.irn.c ,ir
Aprlaa MIMenln park....
Oalntboroufh ,, ,, 103Thc Hump
Apprentice allowance claimed
ArerlaTaT Avenue Alhlcllr ririiiimla
Wlll Be firenllF Improved.
PAMS.Tf. pe1 t 'Hmho (Mly
Club purchased to-duy the nthli tlr; Held
In AycrlKK avenue, between the llrle
rallToad and tlm Itlver iond, from the
Ifescrmun nnd Parker estate, nnd the
AycrlRK eatte, owners. The Held Is im
feet wide and 450 and 40 feed lom,-. it
will be enclosed, the dliiiiiiinil icniailc,
tennis courts constructed nnd nn n.h
letla track laid out.
Tflw I'.isfca'.u t'lty Club's bnspbali
team will play on th KroiimN eacli Siit
urday afternoon nnd the Passulc lilith
Ocbool bwioball and footbull elevenn dur
lnf the week. The ntands wlll he re
paired and n new rlubhounn creeled. In
the winter the arounds will be flooded
for alutlng.
.ua: ?lrd w "Pneer is piesldent of
the atuk and Tr. rimei.. .1
Miairman ot the rniumltlee which wu
siiiv oi me purchase.
Football Men Have
Worst Class Mark
Conch Snnford's football
team did poorer work scholnstl
cnlly than any of the other Rut
gers athletes, while the gymnasts
stood highest in their studies for
the first term of this year, accord
ing to averages compiled by Dean
lievier. The pigskin chasers
scored over 350 points on the
gridiron last full, but their class
room average was only 69. 5,
whereas the gymnasts got 77.1
per cent. The swimming team had
74.4 per cent, and the basketball
squad had 72.5. The glee club
beat out the athletes with n rec
ord of 7IS.!). The average of the
entire student body was 73.3.
;l con!lMnK
of evHlt!) , ,rn ctl!yt,,. whilt p..oln.
Nc , be one of ,,, mo(l pcvular
0Vfnl, , thQ gll0,v u I10V1i,y ciiiss
op,M ,0 a varctlMI of decorated rigs,
As carnlva, wlll be ,ho nr8t offC!nl
gathering of owners and drivers of
,u h.irns fcor!M ls expectc,i ,ha, ,
thro ., rc(,orll croW(, thp
prrTrcre Trt PWTflTW nmPVS
TU&i.& IV iMJVUi aLUtMO,
Professional Cyclists Slay Compete
at Velodrome.
An Injunction to prevent six bicycle
riders from riding nt tho Newark
Velodrome to-morrow was refused yes
terday by Vlce-Chanccllor John Griffin
in Jersey City. The application was
made by John A. Matthews of Newark,
vice-president of the Federation of
American Cyclists, nnd was a move In a
tight between the Cycle Racing Associa
tion of Newark which controls the
Velodrome, nnd an association of about
thirty professional riders of Newark.
The iietition contains nn affidavit of
i Harry l'ollak that tho six riders, Harry
Kaiser. I.loyd Thomas, Eddie .Madden,
M.irtln Ityan, Wll'ii.im llantey and
fjjorge Cameron, signed n contmct to
rM" fr him In Ityuokbn on H tract of
crnuml he le.iseil fur $l!i,sno. for which
he bus p:ild Jl'.riMO, Th- matter will
cmie before. Vice-Chancellor CrllTin in
Newark on May '..
. w-. VVUw. .
W. I Walker, n Senior, 4'hinM-n
llnrprr In Itlrrrl Trnnle.
The Coliimlil.i crew, which has not had
had hi en appointed to tho lost. Walker ,
wa? iiMiiiueu assisiani manager lo i i
K- '""'n I" ' f-' "f W"''n the I
latter icft college It. tfriffen. track
ii'niiiiKvr, .ie .iii"Pinieu isniMir.iry m.in-1
nger of the crew while the squad was at ;
IVughkeepsle last spring. Since then 1
UWH nil uuiergr.l.lll.lle glll.le.
' f. Harper was appointed manager
of tennis, a Mst which also has been
i.,..t i.,...,,,k,. ,,f ,, rlB,.,nir,n r-t
M-wigcr .Mccracken. A. Tl.conib was I
named assistant manager of tennis.
t'olunililn Tennl Mnleh Off. I
i up irnnis in.i.rn neiween wiiiiiim"
and tolumliia winch was scheduled to he
poor condition, rain haliiir wiishrd them
- ii.' wn. i.ama sum tnat tno match proba
ntl, Id' vvlll be played within the next two
n-t Itacc- Kor three-) ear-nlds; ..uinr.
I furloni Huiulllailon, 102 dlalli, J5
" nd :.0. won. Quick. 107 lAnd.rsonl
f. ;) .! ti. ..evoiid. Castara, 107 (J. Me.
Tacxari i. 13.20, third. Time. tits. Mar-
cari t .Melse. l arltun c, , ,sung of Valley,
.-lonri. -nf oihi .-.awn .u.n ran
.-econd Itact - Tor three. ytar-olds and
trrt'tinward: s.-l Inc. one mile mi,t Meveot,
vards. Luther. 113 I I'.irrlnnton I, , :.70
and 12. CO. won: Ida Clnlre, 109 llio!hl.
,u ano K.c.inii; ask 101
(ll.tl I, 13.40. third. Tllllc, 1.17 .'-5. (iood
Wood, Hull! flrlikliind nnd Tamerlane
uUo run.
Third ftace for three. jear-nlds and un
it-., u.u ..u .. mm lurioiiKs;
"'IVIley. lot, i Parrlnirtonl, 14.50. 15,10 mid
II, Iirsi, litrilek.. 111., lAnd'-riolll, 16.30,
15 second, lla.llc. 100 iMi-Cahey). 13.50,
third. Time. l;0v 3.5. Scottish Knlicht.
: l Counsel, .Mi-i-llcka. Ilddlo T. and
Cht.terton nlho ran,
I'ourth Hue For three.) ear-olds and
upward; scIIIiir; one mile and n sixteenth;
Southern Cold, 107 (.schamerhnrn), $8.ii,
III. lo and 15.20, won; Hoyal Meteor. 117
U McTisirartl, 4.10 and I2.S0. second:
LiMlso Iravers, 10.' (.Mountain). 13.30,
uiiiu. nine, oij itutju-a uroiner.
pen, Napier Kneolet nnd Devil Fh alo
Fifth Itare--Thrc"-)ear-nlds nnd ut.
ward, sed'nK; siv furlonife' .tm.te nr.
(Uojlol, St 4.10. l'.,30 nnd 41,70, wnn; l.K
Jtele Nolr. 115 (lluxtnnl, 17 10 and It. 50,
second; Trend, Pit: t(lravm), 17 30. third.
Time, 1:13 1-5. linen Smyth. Filly lirlplilu,
Precision, 1,1 fn, IMIth Ule.l und lllomlale
also inn.
Sixth Itae,. For three. nr. olds and up-I
ward, e cllliik" . live and on--haif furluiiKs.
Martin Caxca. 10S i Alldeli-oni, $9,30, ft ;o, 1
..vu, oi . loravuie, ititi iiiaui, :t io,
s.'ioiiil. King VVertli. 121 illuxton) : so.
thlid, Tim.-. 1 :0b. Hrlahou, Uridines,
link.- of Uurid.ir and Ur It. T. Swurenwcr
also ran
Seventh Itaee or three- ear oi.ls and
iltnvard. selllm;, one mile and a slxtei.tith
tilneli Ho. It.' iSliiiiiliit.-t.ri, 17.(0, Jl.J'i
ami 13 1", won. Prtdn Johnson, 107 i.l
Mi'TaittS Jrt I 112 511 and 16.50. secon.lf
I Mtiatitl, 102 l A nil cr.on l, 11.(0, third.
linn. 1:50. Juliet, riylns; .vit. Alston.
Yblet and Delia .Mack also ran
l'lr.l Ilaee Kir fnrlonp.. IT. In.. t.-.n..u
1 97 (l-olll, I0D.50. i:i.70 nnd H.HO, won,'
U.iiiilu I'lltter lllll lsl,IIHn.-i f. wn -..i
13. jo, ei-oud, C.urln urine. 10H iilarnrrl,
1,1 .1", inini lion, 1 : 1 v ,t . 1 neurit),
llnrle Mlle, .Mev, Marl" Jay. Inet H.v
ami Old I'liarlts aleo .an.
Seminl Hare l-'our furlongs; Satin, 112
IMi-TaKk-artl, 11.10, 13.50 and 12.1)0. won:
107lseet Helen, 112 (Hooktrl. 110.10 and
11,70, second; Lynetti, 112 (like), t:s.'.'0,
inir.i. nine, i-o, vcrmnin, .Mahel 11.,
Mllbrey. Seylla. Queen llrranl, Sunnash,
llosiiw-od. Ucticvo Mc aud Trio also ran.
Third Itnce -Sl furlouKs- Father ltlly,
112 IConperl, ll.l'.O, 13.30 and 12 HO won;
Hilly due, it: (.loiitKi, U'.kn nnd 12.50,
serond; Stout Henri, 110 (Mottl, 13 liO,
third Time, 1:17 1-5. Illarnej, IIIkIi
Ilorso, liroikticld, lloseniarlon and llnw.
thorn also ran.
Fourth Huco ne mile and scventv
yards: Dodge, 112 i.Murphy), 12.60, 12 20
nnd 12.10. won. Mile, tone. 106 (Mutt).
13. 19, ?2.S0. se-ond; ails rcllc-.v. 558 ItSar
neri. I3.".0. third Time. 1 :40 4.3. Pol
roin i and Jack u'Dowd also ran,
Fifth Hate Three. year-olds Hd up.
wardi ptire li'.oo. ! furloints I'oKtllght,
103 ( ( ". n r ur r l . 125, I13.C0 and 15 50, won;
lieu Quince, tni; (Jonesl, 461 nnd Till 20,
ml, Whltn Crown, ion (Hunt) 111 vo,
third. Time. I r 1 7 3-5. Ilrooks. Slerth,
Nine llorlu. lluflakcr. Ilulosy and Fleurn
also rif
SlMh llaie For two. cHr-onls: finr and
a half fiirlnuise- A'orullllit Kn, 101 (Moll).
1 1 il. 40. (5,20 ii nd $2.70. won; .Mid way. Hi;
(M. (iarnerl. II nnd 12.50. second: I'mni,
Coli-innn. ion ((I. rjarner), 12.30, third.
Time, 0:5S I 5. Ilvelyn V FrlKerlo, F. C.
Cole and Pwlft Fox also tan.
Seventh Hace Selllna: for three.) ear.
olds and up! oue mile and seventy yards
Mirpisstni;, 112 (Kcileria), 13. flu, 3,40 and
11 w-oiii rtrneilli Una. 112 (Triihan) $.", on
und 3 30, second; Lvnn, 100 (Cooper).
13.10. third. Time, 1:53 1-3. IV. IV. Clark!
lluudrearv, Industry, Choctaw, (lold Color,
Idchls, Harold, Tlllelinn and Lypla also
'i.iviniJton entry,
omiAi.i'tf .Uvi. vrA.yi.al-i;. .V.'tUJ. yu,'.
jUsi.. .'..: !.,.--. i'?' hi . 4AeA HI-
Demand Only for Vacant Prop
erty $350,000 Dwelling
to Go Up Near Carnegie.
There whs little demand for any class
of property yesterday. Had It not been
fur the purchase of several vacant par
cels by builders and adjoining owners
the day vvould have been the dullest
In real estate for some time. Several
building operations were filed. One was
the dwelling which Charles MacXellt wlll
build on the site, on the north side of
Ninety-first street, diagonally across
from the Carnegie residence, which he
liought shortly before the now year from
Sir. Curncgle. The house Is to cost him
1350,000. Another inrprove-ment of In
terest Is the altering of a Hudson street
dwelling Into bachelor apartments. The
suburbs continue to lead the local mar
Hrown have nold for the Title Guaran
tee mid Trust Company, n plot, 15x34,
on the east tilde of Webster avenue
179. 16 feet south of Clun Hill road, to
an Investor who wlll Improve the
KAST 176TH STREET The 17th
Street, Jerome Avenue Company has
purchased from Martin H. Cohen the
block front on the xouth side of 171th1
street, between Jcrumc and Townsend I
avenues, a vlot 20ri,10xl94.fix200,
which will be Improved with live story
apartment houses,
EAST 26TH STHEET The Hanford
Healty Company has sold 314 East
Twentf-slxtli street, a four story tene
ment, on lot 25x98.9, to Jamee J, Moo
ney, who owns 316 nnd 318, adjoining,
and now controls a plot of 75 feet
7TII STREET I. J. Phillips A Co.
have sold to an Investor 38 Sev
enth street, a six story tenement
on lot 14.xl0.10. between Hall place
and Second avenue.
ixvESTong Birr tr tunaa.
K. T. Newman has sold the six family
brick flat on lot 25x100 at 169 Fifteenth
street, near Fifth avenue, for Marguerite
Deyo to, an lnestor.
The large plot at the corner of Ridge
lioulevard and Eighty-second strec'..
covering half of the block, has been sold
by Frank II. Malone, as broker, to a
FMtbush builder, who will Improve the
plot with modern apartments.
The Kulkley & Horton Company and
.t:ime H. Flher have sold 139 Ocean I
l'arkway. a three story detached dwell-
t Si pip. Husiuu, tor mo (.iiesivr urug
Company to a client for occupancy,
Howard C. Pyle & Co. have sold 836
t'nlon street, near Eighth avenue, a three
story brotttwlone dwelling, for Anna T
liogue: 21 Schermcrluini street, near ,
Moyt, a three story and hatenu
tone house, for M. W. Iennls
,,lt lOO.NlrtO on tho west .ld
iond street, near L'e Kalb av
atement brown- I
a vacant
Ide of Hay-
nvnnue. to a
,.!ient. who la tn rect a factory bulldtnr:
r,t Hancock street for T. I.. Howuen, a
four story browiistono dwelll.v.-.
The Melster Hullders have sold n two
ml a liair story sttl.vo and liollow tile
dw.-lllt nt 1139 n-venty-flfth street, Hay
Ridge, for occtyiancy
Howard C. Pyle A Co. have soLl the
Wk bounded by: llrst and Second ave-
Korty-thlrd and ! orty-fourth
streets, containing slxty-slx lots, to the
American Can Company of New York
for Irving T. Hush. The property Is
located dlrecllv upposlte the Hush Ter-
tnlnal docks and warehouses and on
WIIM.tX nt'YH I,. I. CITV leDTS.
fleorge K. Clay haa sold for William T.
I luy Kill" two Iota nn the rust side of
ls-wiiht street, north of Newtown Tnrn
plko road. Ieinc Island City, to Mrs.
Annie V Murthii.
ri.i MiiNfi nwm.i.i.Nti nrrr.it,
The Iliillernn Heal i:tute Agency has
sold for Miss Hose C'nrriiher the eight
room lesidence on plot fUxl24 at 212
I-'ranklln place, between Howno und Par
foiiH nvetiueH, Klusliltia;, It. I., to dipt.
John J. Sheridan.
It. L. Kllby has sold to (leorife W.
Jones of HrooUlyn 11 la rue Dutch Colo
nial hotiso on the corner of Cnxton nve.
nue and Hilthind street. AddlslelRh, St.
Albans, I,. I, Tho pint Is SOxlOO and
tins been nicely Inndscnped. It Is near
the new .St. Albnns golf rouree.
The Meloter Hullders have hold a plot
SftxtOO on Hcach Korty-thlrd street, half
way house stntion, Kdicemere, I,, t., to
A. Stiultmuller, who will build four bun
galows on the plot.
Hecltscher A tie Saulleaj have sold for
Jnnies I. Knot to Senvey llattelle n plot
of nhout an acre ndjolnlng his recent
purchase nt Kye, N, V,
Passaic, J., April 28. The Taka.
inlno laboratory, Incorporated, a J.uia-
peso llrm inanuf.icturlni; medicinal rheml
call', linn purchased through Charles !'
II. Johnson of this rlty an old fnotory In
Mndcllno uvtMiur, Clifton; formerly occu-
pled by the Ahuvka ovelty Conipnny,
toKother with four acres of ground nd
JolnlnB the realldtnK, House will be
elected on tills around for the employees
of the company, whose present factory
In West 173d street. New Tork, la In
Ml't'll M(KVT4 I.Alll TIIAD1NO.
Kdward C o'Nell has sold n new
ehltiKle rebldenco of i-even rooms and two
baths on Aubrey road, in t'tiiicr Mont
clulr, to lliittln 8. Taylor; k new Colo-
ii 1 til rcbldenco at 117 r-algemont road
lo Kdward I.iina;enb:ieh of New York,
and 119 Kdgemnnt road to Rinll II. Flck
inner of Yonkers ; Mr, O'Nell also pur
clmsed Rno feet of laud on ("lordonliunt
avenue, nenr the Park street station. In
Monlclalr, and will Immediately erect
four residences, lo rost about 18,000
eiich. These transactions were effected
bv the Slmpson-Merrltt Company of
Hnintiel A. McReath, president of the
iliilenn-SiKiial Till Comimny, Is tli pur
clinser of the five htory upnrtment house
lit IM5 Hast ISIst street sold on ThUM
day by llurton Thompson A Co. for
Frederick Hrown, who takes In exchnntce
a rii-ldcnce at Franklin, Pa.
$350,000 EAST SIDE HOME.
(', M. Ma.Nelll I'lle Plana for
nnrlllnsT .Vear Carnrajlr'a,
On Dm north side of Nlnety.flrst
street, llh.s feet west of Madison ave
nue, coverlnB 13 to 17, n five story tire-
proof ilwelllnR will be built for Charles
M. MucS'eill. It will ho of Colonial do
sign, with a facade of limestone and
marble ornamented with four rataalve
Corinthian columns extending from the
second to the third itorlos and a balua-
?rHiA-J'4'l-: -c-.letlTe,
trade at the fourth story. The entire
plot wlll not be occupied by the dwell
ing, a space on one side being left for
use as a garden. Tho entrance will be
through large grilled Iron doors and
extending through a long corridor to an
arcade to the entrance lobby which will
lead to a massive circular staircase.
In the basement will be a wine cellar
and dining room facing tho garden.
The nrst floor will contain a dining room
and a reception room. On the second
floor wlll be a large library, writing
room, salon and a conservatory. The
owner' bedrooms will occupy the third
floor, while the fourth floor will be given
over to guests' rooms, nnd servants'
quarters on the fifth floor, The build
ing wlll have a frontage of 39 fret and
a depth of 100.8 feet. Frederick Ster
ner Is the architect nnd he has esti
mated tho cost at $340,000. The elte
Is diagonally opposite the Carnegie
dwelling. Mr. MacNelll bought tho
property from Mr. Carnegie several
months ago.
The three story dwelling house at the
northeast corner of Hudson street and
Fourteenth street Is to be made over for
use a a bachelor apartment bouse for
Conron nrothers as owners. Jnmes 8,
Maher Is the architect and has esti
mated the cost nt $.10,000.
VI. AT Brif.niMo IS TI1K nntwrx.
The northern corner of Grand Con
courso and 193d street will be Improved
with two five story flats, Dxl00 and 85x
100, by the 173d Street Healty Company,
Aaron Miller president. Tho cost wlll
be 120,0(in. according to the Kreymborg
Architectural Company, which filed the
plans enterday. Two five story houses.
t3xS7.fi each, are planned by Samuel
Onrry for the oast side of ltcr avenue
3. feet north of l:.'d street. William
Korme, architect, estimates the cost nt
At the northwest corner of Davidson
avenue and Fordham road, plot G.10x
H7.S. a moving picture thentro will ho
elected by the Crestun Holding Company,
Irving Judls, at a cost of Jlw.OuO. (iron-
enberg AV- l.euchtag made the plnns.
madison av. nt'ii.nrxn bvildrr
A general contract for the construction
of an eleven story building for Ater
crumble A Fitch nt the northwest corner
of Madison avenue and Forty-fifth street
has been awarded to the I'lttsburg
Building Company erf New Tork nnd
PltUsburg. etarrett A Van Vleck. archi
tects, designed this building, which wlll
cost about 1(00,000.
I.ara-e aBd Small Firms Iteire
Quarters In Nrsr Sections.
H. I.. Moxley A Co. have leased the
sixth floor at 127 Madison avenue to
Arthur Schoenbrun A Allen Lapldus. and
the first loft at 79 Chambers street to the
Alpha Lamp, tllnss and Hrass Company.
William F. Fuerst has leased to llenrv
I.lvlns"ton nnd Joseph Heutsclt space on
the second floor of 32S to 332 Seventh
Ewlng. Hacon A Hcnrv have leaseil
space on tin- fourth floor In the Arehl
tectur.il Ituildlng to the HruMon Auto
matic Electric Lighting and Power Com
pany for four years nnd seven months.
The Charles F Noyes Comnanv lia
leased portion of the third floor of the
Fralikel Ilulldlng. 45 John street, for
live years to C. It. Younir A Co. ! nortlnn
of the lghth floor at 27 nnd 29 Pine
street to W F Hums Export Company,
and for the Remington Typewriter Com-
pany space on the nineteenth floor nt 291
Broadway to Harry S. Horwltz.
llastlpe A Co. have leased space at
112 East Nineteenth street to 1). Prop.
ler. (ommerrlal designer, and Parker
P.. Simmons A Co.. publishers.
Marston A Co. line leased offices at
315 Fifth nenue to the (ireat Western
Hallway of England. William Thomas
Cullln. Henry Gasman and Samuel
Greenhcrger. and the store at 253 West
Nineteenth ttreet to Van Dyke Film Pro.
ductlon Corporation.
Ames A Co. have rented the store and
basement nt 3lrt West Fifty-second street
to nern.ini Kunge, grocery: store and
. ... . r.v i
uasemem ni jo3 v est Tlilrty-nlntlt street
up .innii i anion ror commercial storage
purposes, and the three upper floors In
said premises to A. tie Uo for a term
of .vears. and the ground floor store nt
3t.h West Fiftieth street to the Spring
field Auto Hepalr Company.
The Cross A- Hrown Company has
leased .it lSxS Hroadvvay the store and
basement to tho Oarland Automobile
Company for a term of years; at It! to
'.'I West Sixty-first strict Miuro on the
fifth floor to Kenton Harman A Co.; nt
11 WeM Thirty-seventh street the third
floor to Maurice K. Welnsteln ; In Strand
Theatre Hulldlng space to Harris A
l.cwls, und In the (iodfrey Hulldlng,
Seventh nvenue nnd Forty-nlr.th street.
space on the fifth floor to Feaster Cor
poration anil space on tho tenth floor to
Hurry llrosxmann.
Scherlck A Mendel have leased In the
bulldlliK nt 44 and 46 Hast Twenty
fifth street the eleventh floor to An.ithan
A Co., manufacturers of neckwear, nnd
tho twelfth floor to Lawrence Manufac
turing Company, manufacturers of silk
nets, nnd the top floor of the bulldlnc
at 39 Pnlnn Square to the Arthe-lvy-
Heniarci company.
Hastlne ft Co. have leaaed the store
and basement nt 13 ttst Eleventh street
to Jo-epli Helchliiu-h. cabinet maker, and
at 111 K'.it Tvventy-clghth street (.pace
to .m .xi, .cnuiman, cioaxs and suits.
Thomas .1. O'ltollly has leased the store
;il 2S31 Hro.idwny to T. fjooper.
The Uouglas P.oblnsoii, Charles S.
Hrown Company has leased for a long
term for tho estate of Eugene Hoffman
13," East Twenty-first street, n live story
building, nn plot :7x9S.!. The Number
One Thirty-five East Twenty-first Htreet
Healty company win reconstruct It Into
a five story elevator studio apartment
house, with kitchenette apartments. The
building wlll be ready for occupancy
next October,
.m:w nnM por i i. city.
William I'. Hloodgood A Co. hnve
len.'-etl the four story factory build
ing nt the northeast corner of Ver
non and Nott avenues, Long Island City,
to tho Organic Salt and Acid Conipnny.
This property was sold labt week by
the samo brokers.
Herbert A, Sherman baa rented for
Mrs, M. .1. lliitmiiond her house and
grounds on Post road and North street,
Ke, N. Y for the season to W, A.
Fish A Marvin and Mrs. Oerrlt Smith
hnve rented for Minor 1. Itnutlnll the
Chimneys, at Tokencke, to Mrs. J. Wall
Finn. The property consists of n largo
Colonial dwelling nnd several acres of
land. It has been rented for a term
William CJreer of Manhattan bus
leased through (1. I,, dllsey A Co, for
tin) coming sciihon the Underbill placu
nt OyMer Hny, I.. I,
John F. Scott, with Pell ti Tlbblts, has
rented for Harold W, Huck tils country
seat In tho Hewlett Hny property nt Hew
lett, T,. I., It, Nathaniel 74. net-del,, v itx
president of the Piessed Steel Car Coin
pony. The Lewis II. May Company has leased
nt Fdge.inere, I,. I., for leoulse De Mott
cottiigc on Cedar nvenue to F. lMvlcl ;
for S. & I,. Construction Conviany cot
tngo on Hniilman nvenun tn Slg Welt
iw i-; lor Kdtcmt'in Healty Company on
tho llonli'vaid lo M. Sciiatr,
Ai.nANT, April IS. The following
rcnlty I'oinpanleH were Incorporated to
ilny ;
The Presto Realty Corporation. Man
t in I tn ii . capital, $6,00(1, dlrmlors, Oliver
C. Moore, Frederick V, Moore and Ray.
tnond M, Moore.
The rJIxth leasehold, Manhattan, capi
tal, is.OQO; director!, Frank J, Fclbel,
Edgar M. Souza and Arnold J. Broch.
Tho Harry Hall Healty Company,
Troy; capital, $10,000: directors, Harry
Hall, Frank F, Pulver and Chester
Pohlln Offerings Yesterday In Mm
battaa, The Bronx and Brooklyn.
lly Joseph P. Tiny.
hhoadway, t.ia, , e s:th t. :r
84, I sly bids H O Bents and others,
cxis, ngt Park Mlg Co t at; due, 111,.
m.GI; taxes, He, 11,725; to the plain
tm iid.004
.11 ,v, ism, TV I, 25.11 n S9tn st, 25x79,
it sty tntnt nnd sirs M A Howard art
n et si: due. in. 337. 32:
taxes, &c
May 12.
11,377.9$; adjourned
lly Joseph P. Day.
Fl.S'DLAY AV. s e cor 16th at. IS.ixlOO.
t lly flat; also Teller av, a w cor l6th
st, 31.1x100. 5 ty nit Aetna Accident
and Liability Co act Manhattan Island
Healty Co et ill; due, 1102.2711.9;; to the
plaintiff 1103.000
31 AV. 2497, , 7S. n 13th st. 24.f.x
.4, 3 aty frame tntnt -City Ileal Kstate
Co agt Jos l.lnilsntlial nnd alio; due,
M.tOsS.t; taxea, Ac, I3S.35; to the plain
tiff 11,000
at Tin: mtooKt.YS' hkai, estatb
By W. J. McPhllllamy Co.
UTH ST. W. e s. 340 n Av H, 40x10011
I. Newton agt Otto Slngrr, Inc. et at.
to the plaintiff 1:00
4S1) MT, K. e s, 07.8 n Av J. 40x100 It I.
Newton agt Otto Singer, tnc, et at; to
tho plaintiff IS00
WASHINGTON AV, t a. 11.7 n St Mark'i
av, J0l0l.9x Irref J lllow et al agt C
KlelnfeUler et al; to O Josaplitr et
nt , H.f.JO
lots :i7 to :jo, i.ik 7::s; lots 4: to 4:9.
bite 7::4, lota 463 to 467. I'lk 7C 43 . lot,
;.7o to H3. i,iu ;:h. lots ci: to iv.
blk 7:4Ci: Ilalley agt V I. Splncold tt
al, to II T Uehrang for II. "uo over u
mtg of ie,:so.
With tianis and ddr of lender's at
torney.) IIIIOOMP. PT. 4. sec West Itmay. SOI.
!u I0NS4 3, o, t :o, mi:.- Walter I'
rermrton ei a, to 1 lias i; ixaorn
littc. T ! Co. 17C Il-av. lil.OO)
WEST END AV, ti cor Wth st, 100.
100. Apl :3. Hit West End Conatn Co
tn Sunil Horcliardt. 34 W ICth st; ntty.
Petor Xuckcr. 47, Ilnay ISO.000
t4TII ST. 130-S W. p s. 4:5 w th ar, M
P9.?, Juna 1, 1915 Nason Realty Co, Inc.
to Jacob Itsaenthal, 1193 7th av; ntty,
T O Co, 17! Ilway l:.!00
10TII AV. 101.10. . a. 21.3 s 17th at. 40(
100; ISth at, 344-C W. a s. :7.C th av.
S7.CXS1.3. Oct r. 1912 Thos Keahon et
nt to Martin tlraney at Pearl River,
N Yj atty. lly A Vendt, Nassau
IITII ST, 4: W, a a, It w tth av. :ixiS.,
Jan 20. 1916 Itlvoll Raalty Co to (leoril
atina O Mllbank, 107 K 9th at: atty.
T O Co. 176 Hway I5S.000
IITII ST, a a. 129 tth av. 41x91.9. Mar
4. 19U turn to Irving savings lnstn,
IIS Chambers at: attys, Dayo A 14. Ill
Ilway 190.000
ll.'.TII ST. 221 E. n a, 210.6 3.1 av, 16.6
100 11. Apl 29, 1 90S Jos Krelnlk to Hen
rietta Klbel; atty. Jacob J Aronson, 33
Nasiau at 17,000
10TII AV, n a. 74. t n !2d at. :4.tx7.'iX
Irret, Mar 31. Ill: John 1'lanly to Emi
grant Industrial Savings Hank. St Cham
bers st; atty, Wm C Orr, SI Chambsrs
t 17,000
74TH ST. 129 W, n s. SSO w Col av, 0
102.2, July II. 1913 (luy B Radford to
Warwick SaUna-a Hank of Warwick. N
V. attys, Ilutcher, T 4 T, 1 Madl.on
av 915.001
7IT1I ST. 131 W, n s, S0 it Col av. :0
102.:. M.ir 5. 19U -Chaa N Dod to
Mowerv .-alns Hank, i:s Bowery; itty.
T (J Co, 176 Ilway 115.000
3D AV. 12C.4. and tlth st. 149-55 E. leaar,
chattel-, 4r. Per 15. 1904 Patk J
O'Kerrfa and ano to Bernard T Kearns,
atty, Siml N'swmark, :61 Unay. .118,000
:U AV 11-17. :d n Annie Schulman to
Wah I.al. 65 Av A, 10 rs from May 1,
I'.'IO; atty, Walter II lirtrftn, 2 Il.ctor
.1 1900 and 11,020
21) AV. 2390. tr and pt b Albert A
Ktrrh et al to Julius C Aronatamm,
:0k5 I.r av. 5 )r from May 1, 191C;
ittty. Max Mayer. 403 Ix av I4S0
3t AV, US. str and pt b louts ! Kro
II k. exr, to Adolpli A Ertlch. 341 E
JOih st. yra from May 1.
ll 1660 to i;2sj
lH'txilN ST. 166, str and i'bas II
llohde el nl to Ja- nU Hlumenthit!, 56ii
Hudson at. 3 yra from May 1. 1916.1740
AV H, ;33. n e c 15th t. itore Iula
Scliworer, lnr. to Ita)mond Kondlu and
ano. 253 Av II. 5 yrs from May 1. 1916;
atty, P.bllns Brewing Co. 740 St. aann'a
hv 11,020
3D AV, 1MO, itore and b Ttllle Marcus
to Harry l.o enthal. 179 E 105th st, 5
r troui May 1. lli atty, Benjamin
Mwartr. i: iiway ,.
swartr. iv; iiay.
i a V A. 1 4TS. str noor anil b Jullua Koih
i.T to Alfonso Schiller. 147 Av A. 5
vm from May 1. 1916; atty. lly U Lelst.
.01 II sstll st I9'0 to 11,020
lis av, 2421. atr floor and b Celcatln
Simon to Max Ooldberr anJ ano, 235
i; 12lth st, 7 yrs from May 1,
1H6; alt). Natkan D Levy. 2 Itep
tor at . . 1900 nd l0
115T1I ST, 127 W, all Hattle K Archer
to lsldor lioldsteln. 127 V llllh .'1. 5
Srs from May 1. 1914 11.5"0
PAiiKWAV. 1911: crotona
t.i.uav mo. r.l.emere nl. 915: Daly
n v. 1S9I, 4 houses IMmund Francis
lllty Co to Abr Workln and ano, 1(3
W ttOth st. 3 yrs from May 1. 191!
nttys, llelsa A It, 35 Nassau st . 133. 00
i.l a. rr.NDENS.
70TH ST. 105 U-John W Sterling at
James A Frame, Sr. et al, forectoauro
of mtc- ntty, J A c.arver.
SOTII .T, a s, US e Amsterdam av,
1.2x102 2 Lira A Abraham agt FMIth
A Hawk, action to appoint committee-.
A-c. atty, C W Walton.
1'liltSVTll ST, e s, 100 a Houston st,
2ox100. rorsyth st. e s. 125 s Houston
at, 2.5xlO0, and 49th St. s s. 175 vv 1st
av. 25x100.5 - Flor i 11 Kaufman agt lly
C illascr et al. action to declare two
deeds void, Ac, ntty, II J Heee...
231 ST, 120 W--Bowery Savings Bank
agt Ixilv 1" Cooper et al, foreclosure of
mtg, utt). Cadwalader . W A T
HAST HNI' AV, w- s. 102,2 a HA st, 25.it
S4 Margaret I. V Shepard agt Wolf
Hen lly t. et al, foreclosure of mtg;
LHNii'x'' AV," "w cor 141d at, 40x100;
t'th nv. s e eor 51st st, 25.5x100:2 actions
- Katherln" Schwari agt Jacob WVnner
et al, foreclosure of two mtgs, atts,
Klfers A- A. . .
CHNTUAl. PAIHC W, 141 Frances T
Hreese et al at Max K U Helch et ul.
fnriTlosure of mtg; att, Harrison, 11
A- llyi d
127TH ST. n s, 300 e 7th av. 25x99.11 -Ceo
o Mcrr, exr, agt Hlljabeth Milder
et al, fortcloBUre of mtg; ntt, L Wen.
del Jr.
C2D ST, 503 W- -Jo.eph M I. Striker act
.1 (leu Merlens et nl, action to recover
one. fourth part, utt). o M Richardson.
!"T1I sr. a r. 203 e 2d uV, lfi.gxI00.il
'Carl M Owen agt Anialle Cidlll et at,
foreclosure of mtg. attjs, Frueauff, It A
14IST ST. s s. 400 7th nv. 5x9.tl.
nellons Herman Savings Hunk tn the
city .v v n gt rr-iik seiuniiit et nl.
rorecolsiire or : nitgi. attys, Anient!
2ST1I ST. 5I3 and MS W AhraJiam 1
Werner ngt 513 W 29th St Co. laic, et
nl, foreclosure of mtg; att), Kurzinan,
1J4TII ST. s i. J9.fi e Alexander av. 21x100
1 3 a tli m. a a. 110. : a Alexander av. 21x
100- Solomon S Marx agt II M Weill
Co ,-t al (foreclosure, or mortgage!, ultys,
tlerllner A' vvouson
AltTIII'lt AV, o s. 300 s lth st, 25iil 9
llenrv .vi l'onham. us trustt h. avt Piln
lllt lia Alliablle et III I foreclosure, uf
inorts.-ig") I utis. Cary I'nrroll.
LOTS C13. II4, 104 and 05. map of I..I
conla I'ark 'harlotte II Kt'llng. a
trustee, agt William L Phelan et al
(foreclosure of mortgage); utty, W II
ItltATH AV. vv s. 112.3 11 Huh Ttiruen.
259t!.tl 'Marian C Smith agt Charles w
Slurft'- et at (foreclosure of mortgage);
attv. W C French
SOUTIIllltN HlU'LKVAUt). e s. 125 s 149th
st. .,11x100- -Theodore .1 1'habol al
Thomas .1 Peiirtiian el al (foreclosure of
mortgage); ally, xi .1 ruiiiviin.
ft It ANT AV. e s. 157.7 11 105lll si. 25vl00
I'hnrles 'oiler ngt Annlo Proehaska
Iforeclosiire ot mortgage! , utt)a, Tlmme
Ai Knociike
IlltiiNX aiiH'LllVAHD. n e cor Allerlon
av .tin XX37K.I 'Illchard N SMIil agt
August xioepiia ei ai iparution suit);
attv. 11 F llurniim.
.11) AV. e s. 5n s 172d st, 42x100 Jennls
K" stlnfel. ns eitrx nnd truster, him
Wenduvi'r.Hronx Co et ul (foreclosure
or mortgage) i atty, r I na-ncr.
5HTII ST. I!l W- Philip Hnlotln .tat ,ln.
sepii Heiger. owner ami contractor
.Inini J Clancy A- Co. contractor liso
SOUTH ST. 272 tn 377 Herman lliirwlu
agt .Mary uergli, iar corrugulcd llax
i o and sur iiox ana i,umoer cn, owners
Aaron P.Ira, contractor 1375
Hi vi;iiHim; iiiuvu. .uu Morris Hold,
stein agt Chesterfield Itealty Cornn
owner and contractor 13.907. i
SO ST. 1 and Is W Kastern Fire Proof
Sash and Door Co agt organizers Invest,
lug Co, owner; I Slngtr, contractor.. 1170
1TII AV, n w cor 42d St. 100.4x151 Chas
A rieoghecan at al agt rtlalta Thtatr
i;orpn, owner; uusrwaiu iron woraj.
contractor , fuo
(With name nnd address of lender and
attorney. If attorney's name is omitted
address party of nrst part.)
(South of Fourteenth at.)
WEST nWAV, 3tl, s e cur Broom" t
(499), S4. 1x20,10 -Walter P Pendleton it
si to Otto I. Arps, 999A Lafayette ay,
Bklyn. Apr 27) atty, T O Co. 176 Broad-
way 'loo
Kaat Side.
(Eaat of Fifth av, between Fourteenth
and 110th ats.l
17TH ST. S19 K. n . 412 w 1st af, 26x,
10C Pletro Alvlnu to the Hannah Lav
anburg Home, 319 E 17th at, mtg 12:.
000, Apr 27i atty. T O Co, 176 Broad
way tior)
26TII ST, 314 E. s s. 225 e 2d nv, 259J 9 -Hanford
Itealty Corp to Jas J Mooney,
Jr, 313-5 l; 27th tt, Apr 14. atty, T 11 Co.
176 Ilway 1100
SD AV, 400. w s, 21 4x120- Ella I. Haw
kins tn Arthur O Chase, lolC E Water
at, Syracuse, N V. mtg 114.000, Apr
26; atty, Howard A Nperry, 55 Liberty
tt II
Meat Side.
(Weat of Fifth a. between fourteenth I
and 110th sis.) I
22D ST. n a, 243.8 .1 sill av, II. 3x9S. fi
tly I. floodwln to Uah Josephsnn, 1 009 1
Kelly st, Bronx, q c, Apr 15, ntt), T (1 1
.... t'a 1, Una'
(Manhattan Island, north of 110th st.)
HIT)! ST. 213-5 W. n s. 200 w 7tll nv,
SOxloo.il Cli.ia P Itoblnson, rcf. to I' S
Trut Co. trii.tee. 45 Wall st, fore
closure, Apr :6, 16, Apr 27. utty, vn
soit M 1'oell. 7 Wall st 150,000
112TH ST. 119 E. n a. 215 e Park hv, 2o
100.11 Mnrgt J Itedinond to I'rank J
Itedmond, 119 E 112th st, b nnd a, Apr
25. atty, Jas M Dohohuv, 257 lly..l!
I13TII ST. . 130 w 7th av, 50x100.1 1
Ilnvvnrd D .M.iieorir" In Anna Crawford
of .Moodus, tinn, mtg 165. ton. Apr .1
ntty. Ilnj ' Itibmiii, l')0 llwav. II
11STII ST. 112 W, s a. 145 e 7tll MS, illx
100.11--Merit lilt V Co to Adelheld .1
IT.lIU, 512 W 122d st, mtg 17,500, Apt
27. ally. T Co 1100
4lll .11. tlj-t,.! V. . n s, sun.', v itnay,.
10ix9n.ll Elli A Wllrox to Apartment
lenities Corpn. 503 5th nv. mU I le.' 1
500, Apl 27; atty, T 1 Co Jiooi
WADSWtlllTII AV. n e r H'Jth st, 17!'
to s moth st N 100 dertle A lioraiun
to N'odsworlh Asu'-lstes. liir. 66 V lth
st. tillk- 155.000. Apl 27 atty T !
Co 110
(Iloroueh of The Ilronx ) 1
GAHPIELI) ST. w a. 330 11 Col nv. S5x I
100 l'etr HtUllipf to Oeo V SlUllipf.
1733 (larnsld ft, intr 11,900. Apl ... II
174TII ST. ti e, 150 r ' Vanderbllt av.
16. Sxl0 Martha I. Woodman to Ann
Hanssler. 1934 Webster av. mt 12.500.
Apl 26 110O
COUHTLANDT AV. a. 104.5 n 14tll st.
11.7x100 lly Helch, axr, Salomon or
Solomon Helch to Satnl E Jarobs, 27 W
5th at, q a and a I, Apl 25; atty, L T A
t Co.... r ii
1TSTII ST. 226 W. a a, 40 w Cedar av. 2ox
9S Wm Uoldstona to Mary K Lowery.
226 W lTtth at. mtg- 11.700, Apl 25; atty,
I. T A T Co 1100
KELLY ST. 744. a s. 273 n 156th at. 25x
100 Anna Cloldbera; to C!eo Maet'ullouRh
Miller and ano, tru, Morrtstonn N J.
Apl 4, rerecorded from Apl 6, attys.
Miller. K I. & T. 40 Hay . .. 1100
JEItOME AV. a e o 176th st. - x20'i to
Townaend v Martin H Cohn tn 17Clh
St and Jerome Av Co. Ine, 57 Chamber
t. Apl 1, attys. Alexander, U A T, 91
Chambers st.
HIST ST, 11 s. 207.9 e Morris av, 37 6x117
Mary Cohen to Meyer Cohen. COS W
13Mh et. Jan 26, atty, II I Stein. 170
Ilway . ..Itoo
LOTS 91 to 97. map Tr.uk es'ale lly
Itahnnenfeld to Park 1 1 1 1 1 fon.tr Co.
79 Crotoni Park No, Apl iC, utty, I. T
MATILDA ST, 11 e eor K.i.ulh av. 100
58, lot 37, map So WaahlnKtunvllle -Kiit
JI, wlf.. Danl C Moynlhun. to KltiRel-y
ContractlliB Co. 237 E 163d St. Apl 27.
attv. T it Co U
PI'LTON" T, sea. lot 21. map So Wah-Ingtonvlii.-Same
to Chas J SI b.rbauer
4K( HP h.irdson av, nils t:,500, Apl 7
atty. T i! Co It
VALENTINE AV. - s. 201 6 s Central h
toxioi iix.ui: l r.',, i ; ii,i?m 1
ill.' V, ViSf., iovli Vi Tn.. i lire'
i 1V-L1 Vi'V1," A.l' !" ',f.C
Hobt Ankele. ElM N'alentlno n. iniir
17.500. Aid 27; attys. Ilrown r t"
."nuthworth. trus, to ltoo liodfrei. .'3i'
inT. iv'. i'v '-',".,'.''' J ';,.",.-'., I New Jersey. a4 about one-half lornier price. bath, block from private bathlrc n
JVinolo.,..;tiM. .1 i .i All of the abflie properties are within a I -ol boatli.K nn l the b.-r t ' e
vino Tf , vi. .J, .f i ,,ni , n i '.. I "tit fare xoiie and within thirty minute ot butmaloiv ts tlnlnhe.l In lutt s" t,.---
'nta Son iiti' T i i-' iiii'ii -Manhattan. These properties must be sold ,Med wnll,. beamed celti,Kf ,
,11 . ... v v .. . . ... ,, . HUHKiy lo flu-.' iur I'u-n-J ui iw oeurootns viin pain 1 lO lern K t
111, man N i Cath 1'rol- 1 redk A iAn. ui.. n..i.ia,,t l.f the limtliina ......... .,
,:'.e?," jU' Apl .".',' att,':.T ','. It.''''' , prlies Menal inducements In ixnitractors and p a buh -lni
ST. s a. 150 s e w ashtnirton nv 2 -x I Dlttlders who wlll piinhase a ronsiderabl I
...V i.iiu- ii I..U1K hihi ano to i rieu
Uurschau 4V 17 160th st. a t. a I. Mur
V: HIIV. Uscar II, lllek. nv I'irle ltnu II
SIILHMAN AV. e s. Ill n ld st, (3
iui,:t King. 1 contracting Co to Kate
M Moynlh.ui, Wlerand pi. mtg 13.000
Anl 27. attv. T it Co .lino
LOTS 35a. Ji, 37a, 3Sa. 39i and 40a. map
i r?,.., in,e .11. ue i.ttni - .11 0) - I
nthan, to Klng.ley Contracting Co, 237
L 103d .t. Anl 2V. attv. T t: t' It
MAIIMION AV. w s. 12 3 ti 17Mh st. S', 1
siis.i i-arkniii cunstn Co, Inc. to lly
llanenfeld. 133 11 143.1 st. mt ICO.OOu,
Apt 2,; atty, T C, Co jtuu
(With name and addns. of lender and
lenders attorney )
(South. of Fourteenth t. )
SOFTH ST, 112, n vv a, is 4x74..'xI6.
. .. API 7, 3 yrs or sooner. 5 p c from Hotels .New .Montuotitii aim r..o e. i
Kath C Mead et al to American Mtgesus,x, Spring Lake, N. .1 lte-ital
i o, in Cedar at. att).. 11 a. (ti ftdir
St . . . I. .'.On
Jll'.MVUl. M, 131, tl S, 26.1X1G0--P it
P M. Apl 24, due and Int as per bond 1 I
Julia Thorn to Title liuar A Trust Co. , Wim.UW)lti4 11. except pt from Hum
17 llw iv iiA.nni, ' side av. Anr 27. 3 yrs, due, Ac, a, par.
WRST IlItOAliWAY. 3(1. s e cor llroome
l 11.' J. 111. A.V. Itf, API 3 3 rs. 5 II C
Otto I. Arps to Christina Kruse. 21(3
Orand av. Uronx. attv. T ll C0..II0.001I
Kast Mile,
(Kast of Fifth nv. between Fourteenth
and 110th sts.)
25TH ST. 311 ll. s, 225 e 2d av. 25x01 ?.
P .M. Apl 27, 1 )r, 5 p c Jas J .Moouey,
Jr, to llmlgrant Iudust Mwlngs Hank,
51 Chambers et, ntt), ll A 1: J oiior-
ni.lll. 51 CIlHItlbtTH Hi. I'.
I.I'.XINiiTON AV. t.65, e a, so.l n 55th st:
.-vxav. indiv int, a t, pr mtgs Jl.lA.O. Ai;
. and int a. pe'r bond-Hlehard 'p
to Marie ilarlleld. 20 1; voth st;
T O Co 12 000
rUAfig: iKicVooV,"? "h".
ed from nieio. 1912 due"ocV
.11. e Mltihell pi. att, Jesse Well.
.......... s,0U
... woo nnti nil an per OOO'l II lenil r.I 1-
Eaton to Marls liarllelJ. 20 17 'jOth
'.111. 1 Ll .
3l AV
110. rr
ger et
60 Ilway
West Side.
(West of Fifth av. between Fourteenth
nu i mill sis, i
10TII AV. 419. w- s. 74.1 ll 33d st, 24 x75
iiuKit a rianiy to i-.iuigraill Itldusl .Sjv
Iiibb Hank, 51 Chtmbers st. Aid 2, 3
vrs, 5 p c. atty, W M c orr. 51 Cham
bers St t- AA
50TII ST. 215 W, n s, 127.S e Mh av'. 33. i
ivu.ii jonn Latiniieer to Lawyers Mtg
Co, 59 Liberty st, Apl 27. due und Int
ns rier bond attv. T tl t'o tn nn,i
74TI1 .-r, 129-131 W, n s. 3H0 w Columbus
av. 40.2xtn2.2--Kiiy II Itadford to t'nlon
Dime Savings Hank. 7ul nth av. Ai
due and tut as per bond; atta, Ilutcher.
wi:st i:ni) a v.
.' '"". uoj
c 49lh st, ino
Consln Co to .Saiiil
100 Weil i;nd
llorchordt. 315 w Hilli ft. pr mtg
Apt 27, 2 )rc, b p c: ntty, lly s Marshall.
27 Ct d tr st ilpl.O'io
tolST M 77 W. II s, 100 e Columbus
25x100 11 Henry W Hulling in Franklin
Savings Hank. 036 sth av. Apt 2v 3 vrs.
r P cp att), Wlli.on M Powell. 7 Walt
. 1111,000
7T1I A. n e c Cathedral Pkway. 70.1 lx
100- -Old Constn Co. lnc, to U-on
Tiiebmaiin. 1990 Tth av. pr mlg 115:..
000. Apl 21. due net 2V. 1917. G p .'
atty, Louts .Mallhellu, 302 llw ny . . i;,0')0
i.ManliHtan Island, north of 110th it I
II ,T11 ST, 2J1 l;, ll s, 210, tl o 3d nv. 10 i
10ii.ll. Apl 2. .", vrs. 51, p t .Inseph
Krelulk to N V Tltlii Ins Co, 136 llriiinl
wi.y 41.250
13STII ST. lile-2l W, ii a. 20.ii vv llwav.
IOSx99.lt. pr mtg 1101.000, Apt 27. dun
Aug 25. tolil, s p e Apiirtment lliiultlf.
Corpn lo 11 mul, 1 11 .Muctlonald, at West
iMitiptnn Ht-iicli, L I; ntt), T il
l'o . . 13.501)
WAPSWllllTII AV. n s. tills ft Itinti, ,i
110 o li a IkOlli t x 10". pr tutg sub to
ektetlt of 155,000 hi pr mtg lllll. Uu", Apl
27. 5 )rs ii p c -Wadsvv orth Associate'.,
lnc, to licrlle A liorinan, 22 .Madi.ou
av , ntty T il C 120. Doo
SAMi: PJtol'llllTV, pr mtg - . Apl 27.
due and Int us per bond - Wudswrirlh
Assni Intt's, lnc, to Mnnhaltau Mlg Co.
200 Hwav atty. T ll Co. . . r,o,ooo
WADSWOHTII AV, e s. HO s pjoih st.
69.7x100. pr mtg -, Apl 27. due nnd
tr.t us per bond Wadsworth Arsaclatc:,
Inc. to Manhattan Mtg Co, 200 Hwnv,
ntty, T li Co fSO.iiiio
HAMH PltOPIlltTV, pr mtg sub tn extent
of 150.000 In pr mtg, Apl 27, 5 vis, 0,
p c -Wodsworth Associate, In,., to
ilertle , I i ur ill nn. ssii .Madison av. attv.
T li Co 115,000
WADSWOHTII AV, s n tur 190lli t. Mi
loo, pr mtg, Apl 27. duo and In! ns per
bond Witdsworth Associates, In,., to
Miinhatt.ui Mtg Co, 200 Ilway. utlv, 'I'
' Co , 60,00i)
SA.M11 PltOPIlllTV. pr mtg fUO.ooo, Apl
27 Wadswortli Associates, ne, to
liertta A Uorman, 22i Madison nv: attv.
T ll Co 120,000
(Borough of The llrnnx,)
HAIlKF.il AV, wr a, extends from tJnlon to
roisTi'ian. x . 10 ,ew orotis 1'arlt;
also Darker nv, w s, extends from llrlrtge
... f "i'"'., --' i" nroux i ra. pr mlg
, Apr !!, IBIS, A p c Jerry Altlerl Co
tn Patk Mullln. Hampton. N T; attv, L
T I T (!. lt)0 Hwy ,, 120 000
vai.ie.MTivie iv . on '. 'Ali'.'rV'VV
-, ",.. v.enirai av,
For Sale at Woodmere, L. I.
' 4.
iiatEi fStUKltKlitKiSriisS''i- '
BlaC' - MjaaBTMaaaaaaaaaaBalaaaB aLB taLaBBPSrH
MaPk LalfaVaaaaaBlaaBaaVjlKaHalHliraa
One of the finest Winter and Summer Homes near
New York; about 6!4 acrei, on high ground, overlooking
the links of the Woodmere Club and Woodmere Inlet.
Grounds Are Beautifully Laid Out.
This is an opportunity to purchase a fine home,
perfect in every way, at an attractive figure.
For Information npply to J. II. BURTON, Cetlarhurst, L I
Phone 3000 Far Kockaway.
Home I Open for Inspection Each
Saturday and Sunday, or by Appointment.
J'n ,,KllH Kr.At. KSTATB run
' ' '"
Easy Terms
1'lltST MtlKTllAHE Or .'"
WIUIt'NDM lllll II V IIH1 r nr. I .
4S Mill, on I).. I.. A W ll.lt EI.SU.
.ler the H.Mtn Is I'ald
$34.04 Monthly
I'av) Intrrnt. 'tie.. Insurance and
A fine, well built, livable house of II
rooms and :i liaths, with beamed eell
lns and wall pain-lied In hard wrsxl.
Two Inme i'len llreplares. All city
Attractive baftalna offered by rianUIni D-
nartment State of New York to bullderm. in-
veatora and proipecitre homeseekera A larta
number of vacant lota at Uraywood. Mora,
"ere. Leonta. Kldgefleld. and Teaneck. Naw
Jersey, at one half of former owrers' prlcei
Jersey, at one half of former owrers" prlcei
Aiao a larre nuniir oi two lamuy noutea at
liepanmem ann are onerci ai re-i ,pnn
mimiw.r or iota Kor runner artl uiars ad
dress KenJ D llalfht. special Petnily hupl
of Hanks, ear Uatiktnr Uept , l Broadway,
New York City
Coiner lot, large piazza, upper porch, new
house, garage, six bedroom, two baths.
e!..elet. llffht. hardwood Itoors. tvery
1 modern convenience un'y .port dlstanee
Por details addrt'ss 11.
Itroalway, N. V
T-T. I
bond Hobt Ankele to Liwyrrs T A I
!"" ""' -,. '
SAMF. PltOPIlltTV -Same o I'aullne I.
JI irllnha. li v -I'ln.st. pr mig t".'.".",
v -.'r .in.. 11 v 1 lull-,. 41. ti c: attv
t e 1 T .'.. ti'.n "ll,. ... ..Il.tillO
I Cui'ltTLANlir AV, sec 14lith st, liir. tlx I
plei 14th St Market, liu-, to Columbia
Tr Co, nn llw.1), same itt y. .tlo.ono
A.MIiNMKNT 4F M4IKT4l.4iKsi.
3D AV. PIP-IMvvUi A Klv to II R Trust
Wall st .
"an AV. ITU.-. Same to ..ttue II
54TII ST. 1117 W Same Ul ealne II
! u'iTuWaV,
Tl"' li"'ir Tru,it M r. S .T"J"l! ?!
UMST .r, m W S.une lo same.... 17.000
I STi R 41,1 w .mm-' Ter, lti.liU
i n, s. vv an si. .ui)s, i-icwurv .x .-,
i;iai.V. l"iir Same to same
I ttitu ei -
-Mary .1 -andtrs. c.lr. to .Mary .1 Minders,
7 Cedar pi. venders, v, anj. i r
Tr.iulman. I.'I'J Nas. iu st tin (""'
4s.ni ST. 1117 W Irving P New comb to
Mabel I. Dennett. Ul i mlltlge st. Itrook
line. Mas-; atl). ltollllis A It. I'.'.' Nas-
-ail st M
4STI1 ST, 317 W Mabel I. llenllelt to
I.Xt lllltlKf iru.l L J. .1 IIIK ,i, ii.'-io'i.
Ma... .itty a. 11"! In. & ll, ll'J Na.sau t .11
HAST HltllADWAV. Ill", and Dlvlslun al,
UU und li'lij -i-ii.is i..tn,er. irusicr, io
citizens S.-i.si Hink, 5H Hovvery. ittlf.
Inn A Ilrall, 141 ltnny.. . . IIil.ooO
Til nr. 14ii North Itlver r-avg- Hank
lit tiit-einvli h avg" Hank, "111 lith av:
attys. H A S, 411 I'ed.tr st . .1271,0111)
CLINTON SI". S.-IO Coin I. i hange Hank
to rr.inklln savgs Hank. ti..u Mil av.
ally, llraui M I'owtll, 7 Wall ,t..Msnoil
2t'Tlt f'W ) ' ' W Vlitl- la St. in 'o i ii
lr,tl Trusl Co, 54 Wall H. all
lilt of 1150,000. ,ittt. .Inline. I. A It, I.l
Wall II It
3D AV, 1x52 Pa Ik Kb r.i in to Unpen Fer
guou .V Sons. 110 M inh.ittau av, att)s.
Stoddard .1 M, 12S Ilway II
3D AV. 152- Hubert Pirguson A Sons to
Alir 51 I (.i inn it n n . 170 IV 71th st. .ittvs.
Stnd.lard A M. I2S lllv.iy .. 1100
LI'.MNiiTuV AV, CO.. N V Title Ins t'o
to Honkers T-nst Co, trUKtc', 10 Wall
si all). S 1 llib' Ins Co, 135 llroad
wn) .. 11 1, on')
SOt'TII M" s. 1 ii Slurmtu av. lOOx
100 l,Ul'IVI. I. LlWilli-c to ,1.1, oh
le'vy and ano, Its- Lexington uv att.v.
Allii-tt'lli A I.. 12 s I tvv v llll.Oi'O
M AND AT r N A, 11.', anil 1 b St. .'5
U Ninth Hlvir Sivlng. Hank to ilcr
ntau SavlngH Hiuk. 1 .', 1 4th av att
Alll.'lld A A. tl'l Nassau st 125,000
li'Vrll ST. li I'l 'I llralid lllvtl nnd
t'oni'oiir.e t't-iiliii Mtg t'o to Sarah
H.nnlll. IJO W ISKlh M. attv. F 111,,. 1, I
1 5n NiiK-au st . . , . il. oho
llHWAltll-l AV w s. I.. I 10 map M ton
1 1 i.nu t . ad lliurv riardtr in M.n 51
It Dal.). I.",j:. Ziii'Ka av . attv. p ...,. 1
Inc. J2I5 i" t . In -.1.1 in ll, oil
CllllAlt ST. w s, Imi Ouster, I ,vlno 1
Trunk Pelt rson l, ,l:uob Mi'luiui .1 1
Smith, any, I, W Seven 119 llnud 1
wn) . . . . ... I. ',0101
and Mnlernlt) to l,.iiv)trs Mtg Co, ,'i
Lit. rtv .1 ft ."CJ
WASHINC, rilN M vv s. put lot lilt imp
I 1 1 1 1, 11 1 ... 1 1 Mabel A Milne lo lit liar
di r. 292 Willie nv; alt). P li.ui, Inc. 2JI",
Westchester av . 11,000 ,
25IST ,sT and i-pusten DidvII road lllla 1
Wfh'tiil'eri; to Marie c Ivrosei . altv ii
L-ing. .lr ... una
...... . . . 1 a
I p.. . MNcii4.ri:u, 1
L ! Maiden Ijllle. J
Tel. I.VM -4-ir4. r
In (T
nouses foi in summer t
l e I
13111 ST. I'. I ll -llo.pllal .mil Hoti.e f -Itesl
lor I'linsilllipllv es to I'll'o li A- T liitiiriiivi.
Co. 17il llw nv ,.n APAHrMLMsi
ICI'Tll ST, ',011 1 I'. Unidrun K pu...
a''l.'",v".'. I."?-.?."
iltouct'ster, a. attys Waul. W .V- il l"i
llvi'hangt. pi ; ,
:'A.MIIIti:i.I.i:Nil A V. -.MP'! -slime to amV
siillie address- attv s mm t,
eiime aniiress, att). same n
H5T1I ST. 4ti W-.Max Itubln act (Iro W
Van Slyck et nl, Apl 13, l'jK, .. , mo
UsTII ST, l to 37 W--Wolf Cnhn agt
Matilda 11 Mlnck et , rib 14
19H1 122.25
135TII ST. 10 and J W Wolf Colin agt
Hitelle U Winston et al, Feb ll, 191,55
"yj11' ltHTTI' ' v H t.
Motor Out Today
or tahe a train from the
Pennsylvania Station to
wat Nrtk.
35 Minutes by Klpre.s Train,
M Trains a liar
Aatomohlles Meet slf Train,
020. 10:20. MMO A. M.. and IV 20. 1.20
220. 3 30 and 4 20 P. M
:in, 10:10, Uiio A. M. and 12.22. I.
3'37. 3 38 and 4.:w P M.
Extra Saturday Train ,
1 no and 1-41 P M
Our plan for hultdlti and rnndne
your home will Is- fcent fin riij-,t
lirfcrrt-htlas firoltR (So.
Tel. 600 t.reeiey 1 vte.t :i it Ii i.
Ilcuutlful plot of four lots riv;bt en rk.
water, restrleted loeatlty gut- r n,
water, sldewnlks, Al , 10 mlnni-'f lr ,
rliy, will dispose of con-ldenibly ie tti
their value for ush It bouxnt a' on .
IIAI.D, box 155 Sun, '
Bungalow, $1,325 Complete,
with a beautiful llut of irroim . - , -
i trees. 4c., near station and Muiid. a ,t
danre of bmitliiK, bathlnir nn I e.h
' tiiuaes n Meal summi r and a ' ear ii ,
biinisa ow well
veranda, easy t
.bush ave., llrool
ouiii, ruoinv .'n iiit
terms, c. JUNES. ' , r
.bush ave., llrookl)ti.
complete, ,,n e,.y le-.M.
.Ml .1 II
sve., jirooKiyr
I'ltKIll'OItT WVTITIl I'ltOS -butig.XiowH
und hoiiseM, 13.000 up. nU
Ing lots on ltniidali Hay nnd Woi dcle'
low- prices, easy t-rms. enil for pa- .
JOHN J ItANIlAl.l. CO., Freeju.r
Geo. R. Read & Co.
for thirt jt-ars li.ie
made? a sptvi.ilt of
the care and niannpc
niciit of property, it
salt and rental, and 'I
procuniiK of inorif
on Pond and inortRHKo
30 Nassau Street
3 East 35th Street
HKON.X HKAI. I'.M'ATi: 11)11 Mil
At Woodlaw n Heights. .oiy . li-i sr '
must sell; bargain. .McArdu 3 I .1
A.- 2 CAM HOL'SL', good io ,n
or will exchang for sni.i r
urban lots. lltVINH, 1C0 Hroi ..
tagSVvVFl 1.7, m!'"'1 '"'i 'l
f. OW.Sl.lt, Itoom o.'. i .
, .
N, , volley Itoad In bean' r '
I Chester Co.; !i it. nnd .Hp '
hatidsumuly decorated, near
H. u ni.,i lioston and w i
' und 2 trolley Hues, worth
0; key next door CILIlllli
2 Hector St., N V PI one It
. -
REAL KSTATK 1 4)11 s, :tl I x.
, ,
I ,
Ideal Home Near the Sound.
12 rooms. 3 bulbs, b ' i' '
sewer, vvtrr and e,e -i
porches; 30 mlntitt" it ri
nve . 3 minutes lo station p- '
strlcte.l bathing baeh go. i ' '
cn,h. Iiilance can )" iirraii-e
THE ONLT 6AFF. way fsr a v'jtssl
man tn buy a country horns t r
lalnd by
40 Wit 3rd St Phon Msa t-i till
TO I.KT l'OK Ill'MSKSS pt nror
I'll Costlandl st , Bft I'liun h - 1 '
Dry at. Knllre Churcli si bti. h ' ' -
l)ey to Cortlxuot sts Itentxl, 111
than other ofllce bulldlnc of c
ilown town. Sll pasMMurr and
1 levator. Senlco of Hi" IiUIiim
W, H. DI M 4.V 4Kent
Itoom 107. 'relephone ,'.'lt
1, or is. 1011 vm
630 Fifth Avenue
28.Sx 121 ft.
PI'I T HI VOI It llX llllllM It
I I I- I I I.MS1H"
. ' T.v .... .... v 1
We h,V e. a. raJlli. ,!t
, 'M severa iillra.lin
liiiiisekeeplug apiirliiirul I" 1 '
,Vr,""VMi'!',,,m.f"rir''1" fr'""
I 'all. lull pari It lllaf llll rcillli-l
II Altllls a Al l,ll AN IM
Mil I"
Tel, Murray lllll ill.
,'i.p 1 1 nn s'"'-
133D ST IT" U Wolf t olM '
Caffey et al, Feb II, i9 t
23 1ST ST, e cor Hway
Hchall agt John illllnrt e
1915 .
a; . ."'i.' . ills -- t "1 it I-"- r- "

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