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MAY 2, 1916.
tlon of rdinliUMilnst n tnllltury modus
viveti.il iinurr wnicir we joti m wipttiK i
out the talk-ami hands may be nerom-1
pllshed lo IIki mutual beiieM of both
Governments, 'I htm far. It li authori
tatively stilled, tliell: ItUVe lll.il mi e.
changes oti t liu riucstlim of null u modus
Lala this rw-nliiK wlille awnllltu; tlm
receipt of lilt- further Instructions from
Washington iiwi. Seoti n. ttir Wnr
Department thiit tlnn-mm no foundation
for press reports sent mil ol III 1'itso t"
tha affect tltHl Mujor-Gen l'unsloti, hh 11
party to tlin cotilct elites. Iiuil assumed tin
aggrowlvi' nllltu.ie. uti the contrary.
Gen. Scott irpnitrit that tin- exchanges
no far have been entirely amicable In
tone. It Is believed here thai the ion
ferences mil be resumed to-morrow
c Indicates Thnl Anotlirr Merllnir
Wilt ttr I'linl,
Rb TMso, May I .The ntily statement
mad, either by Gen. Scott or Gen.
lUnton to-day wns given out thin after,
noon whin Geti, runston met the cor
respondent) .in.i said that he nml Gen.
ficott had ent a message to .1 Wnr
Department at S o'clock thla. morning In
repljr to a request fur amplification of
their report of Saturdays meeting with
Gen. Obrcgou.
"Until we hear further from thla ttiere
Will bo no more meeting?," Gen. Funston
44. "After we get Instruction then
Will bo but one more incetlmt and tliun
cur mission will be concluded"
The General, in answering another
a,uslloh. Indicated tli.it Ilia Amerlem
force at the front will not quit Mexico
t once.
"Gen. Funston, many of the news
paper men me lomtug b.uii t" the,
border from the front," the General was
"They arc making a great mistake,"
Mi hi replj. While l-'umtou w-dn talk
ing Gen. Hcolt entered the private car.
"Are Iho troops to remain?" the Gen
erals wnro neke.il. There wan no answer.
"When will the next conference be
That depend" upon our next reply
from Washington," said Gen. 1'unston.
Consul Gai-rla Optimistic.
"I have great confidence that the out
ame of the. nillltury e-onfrreitct In Kl
Paso nml Juarea and the exchange of
notes- between the capitals ot Gin two
republics will uvJ eatlefactorlly for
both nations," said Andres Garcia, the
Mexican Consul, when Itifnrinril that the
American itenerals al.l there ouM be
one more tnceting,
'Th' real prutilem and tMine nf con
Untloti has b.en Vlll.i, a tut It li. my
arnent belief rhnt he Ik den.l. Ceiiulnly
It would be unfair to .lleoue such ah
aitrdltlee at 'hrt-.ike hen It In utiMittle.1
Whether or not the bau.Hl le ile.id."
Oen. Meott and lien Kttii(.ton epenl
most all of luet night In the furmer'e
ear, apparently lu itlhcueMou. The lltfhin
burned In the prh.itc car tint II ." o'clock
Idle tnrniug, and the OeiieraU an. I
their al.lej. worked r.ntsntv. At five
o'clock Dm liener.ils rrllred to their
ataleru.jiM.- f,,r hm,
Several 11. .-xtine wer wtit from the
ear .lurltij.- th" night, ;iti.) hlii.-e no inn.
ference 11. 1.1 yeeterdtly It U be.
Ilete.1 thut the iienrul.s we're rejiortlng
,ini uf (he thlnl coiiununli'iite.1 to
them regarding t lie recent conduct of the
ConetltiitlniKill.-t Mitdler- toward Ameri
cana In Mexico, purtlctilarly the Incl
4enta rnported by W. s. Stuler, gvtierl
manager of thi Njllonal Mlnee mid
Hmeltera rorniMiiy, at Magistral, who
declared that l.e men li.nl been iJKintled
by the 1 'nrniiulftiis and two of them
tort'irtd t. such an extent that one Imd
Willi. Men Xee Sent.
George f C.uot.iers and .lu.ni llrtt
tlnghani remnlned clneete.i with "ien
lieott for a nii time e.-terday. Mining
men with Interfete In Mexico and who
fear for their properties him- ej..h had
long Interlvews with Gen. Scott. Mutiy
men who iiiuaeee.l wealth during th.
Vllllsta regime and were openly m hym
PHthy Willi Villa hae also been rec ve ,
n the ear.
Gen. I'crslilng H reported to be die
rouruged uw the situation, by an
American, who arrived In ti I'a-o from
headn.uurtets cauip to-day This Amerl
un said that Gen. IVrehlng tea red that
the troops would be on h red out of Me.
teo and Hated lh.it If this was .June It
Would I- an ev. .-lasting dlsgiace. The
American aim tepottrd that the greater
part of the ea.ilr, Inclinllng the com
tnands of Major Ti.tniiklns, Majot Drown
and Major llmze, were at the baeii at
Patevo, while Dodd's column was ex
pected to re.icli l'r.. l.leucla, ro'itlirat-t of
NHinl.tilu, on Saturday.
Major Kiuiit and his coinmaiid were
aald to ho at Niinilqulpu, v. lure th.
tlead. mart, rs ale located, and the addi
tional cavalry, which went to . Imi
bus Krlday, was reported mi Its w
to t'oloula imhlati
The American further said that the
entliuent al Men, Pershing's he.id.iiar
ters was divided regarding the report
that Villa was dead. He mentioned that
Jim Hat ker, foreman of the liahlcora
ranch, owned by the Hearst Interests,
had been at the Ni.mlnulpa hat-e Tours,
day night and had r.'iorted that Villa
wan In a critical condition, ... ling to
reports brought to llalilruia, th the
bandit's leg was badly swollen and hat
he was delirious
Major Tompkins has recommend, d 11
medal of honor for Lieut. James Ot ', as
result of th" I'urial action, '.n-ut
Ord remained with the, men cmerltn?
the retreat during (he attack by the
Mexicans and risked Ins life to nne
ome of the American wounded.
Otirffgnn fonfeeeiice Unit Peril
ling Advices J.'rmn President.
FpreiHl Caht' t4pmli-'t In Tilt Si v
Mr.xico Citv. Mav I Gee oiiregon
reports ofTlclaiU that Ins conf.t ttices at
SI Pdho with Gen Scott have been su.s
pendcl until the latter hears from Wash
Inglon fibiegou adds thut he found
Rcott was only authorized to treat on the
question of the American troops' cooper
ation with the Constltutlonall-is In pur
suing Villa, and he refund further con
ference utiles the Americans' retirement
was Included. This question Is being
taken up In Washing! mi
Aged rinshlng Woman llnrta Life,
Mrs. Itup.it Hvlcy, r,:, ears old.
was found dead It her home. .10 North
Twenty-thlid street, duelling, vestenlay
morning . 1th tlie gas Jets In her bedroom
turned on Sh. was '.. wife of Itupert
A. Uyley, n tailor at J4'J Fifth avenue.
Thuridiii.Msy 4 tnd 18
$13.50 $15 $16 ,7;:
prnporiloustn lutes fi
'orillnte It.
Iloll I Scticlc.1
rtoin inner
Itlnersrl. and detail- from " 'I'
ll.iy.t, lilvblmi I'aM'itai r Win
I'lnli Avenue Sen Vnrli
iTelephone, Ms.IImmi y, ,,,,,,
70001 nriifrer I Mot U'uit
Pennsylvania R. R.
m rr TLIT A
u r . M n iL .jlMXriliClISmlLJ
U M M i li fl i M n. I 1 s I M.
liordo.r Corre.spondent Reports That the American
Pursuers' Hands Are Tied and That the Mexi
cans Make Mockery of Our Troops.
Cltl.-fK, May J. A correNiondent of
tlm f.l eiiliitf A'ric.i who ha been at the
iron I with Gen. I'trshlng In Mexico
reached the border to-day and In nit
tinrenaorrd despatch s.nl lb" following
to his paper under an I'.l l'ao ilatc.
I'tatiolsco Villa I not found to-day,
whether he be alive or dead, because of
the xttltude of Carranza and the activity
of .irranza followers.
This Is the unanimous opinion of the
roiiiiuiiuillug otllcers of the United Mutes
.mil) now In Mexico who have bveti
dlrc.tlfiK the pursuit of the bandit. That
they are elucere and frutik In expressing
their belief Mnd that thorn la considerable
ground for It Is well known to th.e who
have been with the punltlvo expedition
throughout the campilgu.
Neither the activity of Villa nor the
valor of his otitUw followers haa pre
ente.l his capture or the. discovery of
his burlul place, according to officers of
the American army, I ibstaelca thrown lu
the way of the txpr.lltlon by the Car
ratu.i t!oertiineiit from the start and
the open hostility of Carr.inia soldlera
r sympathizers: whctieer tho trail be
eaine, warm are blamed for blocking the
The United Htates ha paid for eross.
Ing the Ixjrder In lives, hardships Bnd
money. For tho army up to now It has
been un extellenl practice tnan.euvre
So far as lialng a frie hand to conduct
the search on military lines Is concerned,
the army, tuvordlng to Its officers, has
been like a man In 11 free for all fgbt
who l allowed to strike at only one of
the c'astva opponents, while all tho rest
can rain blows on him which he cannot
Hanita Tied. It ta t4.
The orders from Washington, say those
who received them, tend more to show
"what not to do" than to give a free
hand to proceed as the situation war
rants. Currantu has had free rein and
his followers nre aware nf this and have
had no compunction In taking a shot or
throwing a slur at tlm American forces
whenever pleasure dictated. The "what
not to do" Instructions were that ihese
shots must not be returned. Soldiers
hale not learned th scriptural admoni
tion, now a principle f American
diplomacy, ot turning th lelt chek If
slapped on the right one
The understrappers of the Carrann
forces hao quickly absorbed the spirit
ot their leaders. With the assurance
of thine of little weight, they liae been
Ueker to express It. They ure Imbued
with the belief that the I'nlted States
will submit to any Insult. Imposition or
wound without striking back and hae
Inculcated It In the Ignorant peons, the
unlettered and unwashed peasantry of
the barefoot nation.
The venerable Colonel of one of th
cavalry columns who, straining his men
and horses to the utmost, was within
two .!as of the tltelng Villa forces
when hulled by the treacherous attack
of the Carraiua forces at l'.trrul, one
day received .1 dapper oung Captain In
his camp.
The visitor, Wearing a Currants uni
form, vauntfd long and much of the
valor and strength of the Mexican army.
II.- pictured the dire consequences to the
t'nlted States If It should presume to
disagree with or right Mexico. The
Colonel with the diplomacy given by
experience attempted tn upen the cap
tain's ejes to other possibilities.
"Hut the United States is stronger. Is
so much larger and has so many more
men," said the American ortlcer.
"So has China more men, but they will
not tight, We Mexicans are valiant,
very brave, t have courage," replied
me .Mexican captain.
He did no, go so far as to fin mi I In
-J.O0O.OOO for Aeronautics
imd SI. 700.000 for Projec
tile IMiuit Approved.
W.vsrttvnroN. May 1,--The House Na
val Committee by a close vote sustained
the Seeretar of the Navy to. day nml
1 ejected the advice of the naval experts
wno nave testified lefote. It by refusing
to Increase the amoilut to be provided
for aeronautics and by Inserting In the
pfinlliiK appropriation bill an Item of
ll.iOft.ofio for the construction of a pro
Jectlle plant
If the committee lineup as disclosed
to-day Is to ! maintained when the
iiuestlon of a building programme comes
up for consideration. Secretary Uanlela's
ricomuielidatioiis will be adopted and the
poselhilltv of a large naval increase will
then rest with th.i House itself There
Is a chance, however, that some members
of the committee will change their votes
on the .pK-etloti ,,f additional battleships.
Tho vote to-day was tak.ti on pro
tionile to liH icse the amount for aer .-
tiautics from ti'.oO'i.niHi to t:i,ooo..i0n or
o, Olio.OOO. The '.',000,000 appioprl.itlnti
wus ic, '..11111. ethic. I by Secretary Paulels.
The lieneral Hoard of the N'avy propose.!
jri,oiiii,.iiiii. and ('apt. Hrlstol, who Is tn
charge .,f naval aeronautics, stiggest.s
J 3,000,000.
The 13.000,000 proposal was rejected
by a vote of 9 to 10, the members voting
as follows :
For Holler, Pentisv Ivanla . Iloherts,
Massachusetts: Drowning. New Jersey,
Farr. Pennsylvanl 1 ; llrltten, Illinois,
Kelley, Michigan Stephens, California.
Itepuhllcalis Hue hatiati. Illinois, and
Hart, New Jersey. Hcinocral-
Against Padgett. Tennessee; Talbot,
Mar) land: Ketuplual, Louisiana lllnr
dan, New York; Trlbble, lieorgla;
Iletisloy, Missouri; lira.v, Indiana; Cal
laway. Texas; Connelly, Kansas, and
Oliver, Alabama, all Democrats
The proposal to Increase the amount
to $,",,000,01.10 received only a few votes,
The Insertion In tho bill of the Item
of fl.'on.oi'O fur a projectile plant maiks
a further application of the governmen
tal ownership policy to the Navy f
partnienf. It was ass. rted before the,
iiiniinlttee by Secretary Kanlels that tlm
navy hail toittid It impossible to obtain
from private manufacturers armor
piercing shells for the larger calibre
guns which cam.) up to the Department'!
sp. clllcatlotis,
I'Imms f.,i A. U loo S. l,.. I Cult f..
llnlslnu of I'nn.l.
i vMHriiutK Mas-, May I -linns for
a Harvard nvtallon school, sucgcstcil by
th. Hi. iv. ml Hying totps. call for the
noting oi a fun. I toi.illlnu !:iloini, ac
corning l" circulars mailed to-.j,v. Am
outlined the pioposisl school will be
iiioih lied along the Hues of Hie ',u
r- ..i.ol ... fuller ami will be capable of
i moing .'It" pupil, at one time ami
.if gr i. dialing loo set vice nvl.it. net
I" i'.i isliiiiii .sari .1.. ill. it'll a lulill of
s slv net. til, Hies Iiiiii.-i ll.i'l.i.lili ',
in t s.im aiigiiis ami olb. r i ipiliiui nl
iittl t.iiinln i, ixriiislve of I ' lit foi
im iivtalii'it li'I'l make Hie Mini Hllit,
... .0
T" n A A O
the faco of the Colonel bis opinion that
American, even thofo who wear the unl
fo' .,., are cowuiiIh and will not tight,
as the Colonel tills the Ineldent, but lie
left the Inference. Moreover, thla Is llf
opinion which not only orTlcis of th..
expedition, but civilian Americans fa
miliar with Mexican character say will"
be held by all Mexico uf the Amcrlonli
man should our troops be withdrawn In
the present circumstances. ;
Carranza, unable to govern or restore
order and safctv In Ida own rountvj, Is
dictating tn the Culled Slates.
The conditions In Chihuahua, where
our army Is operating, nr.. vastly dlffet-
ent from those other parts nf Mexico'
where the Carranza forces are stronger
and where they arc able to police the
country with reasonable elTectlven. si.
lu Justice to the Carranza Government
It might also be contended that tlie
have had a semblance of sway In C'J
northern Htalii for only a few- month.
Previously, It was the domain of Vllhi.
and thousand uf the Ignorant natives
there to-day recognize his name as the.
only symbol of military authority. !
The fact remains, however that all th.i
opposition to -iir es.iiition, 00 inoic
than one occasion costing American lives,
has er . either from Carranza soldiers
or a lawless element which the meagre
Carranza soldiery In the State so far
have been uniibl. to suppress or control
An "Inside" Mnry nf the Hald,
I out of the uticettaln y which has char
lacteriz.il the expedition with lied hands
and leet one Hotv whether all or part
truth only Washington can say looms
persl'tently from the veil of mystery.
It concerns the cause of Villa's appear
ance on the border preceding Iho Colum
bus massacre and Is told by tlmse with
the expedition as tending to show a vacil
lating policy which has prevailed In the
Mexican muddle from the first.
It It. well known that persons In the
I'nlted States Interested in exploiting
Villa as a picturesque or political char
acter knew of his expected arrival and
were lu Columbus several davs before
the raid waiting for him. The story Is
that thev were re.iHv In tv.v hi exoenses
1 . - " '
to Washington on the iirirtrietat'iuug that
I he would be, gtanted an audience there. I
I When Villa rea. lied the liordei It Is ald I
.the final word .ami thai h would not
he received. 1
This story continues that on March
the bandit chief started to lead his fob
lowers southward again The hungr)
horde mutinied and his a'ds accused
him or be'tig weak kneed He gave them
free hand and they attacge.l the town
Whether or not the prelude It correct,
It Is certain that Villa after that tuver
-topped running and has not carried out
any more threats to kilt Atr.er leans.
Whether the Carranza fotces can sup
press tl'- outlaws tu the State of Ch.
huahu.i Is a question. Whether Car
ranza can enforce discipline and stoj, the
looting of the countr.v side bv his own
officers and soldiers is the next, ques
tion. American army officers -'lve a ills
couraglng negstlve answer to thise ques
tions. They sa tb.it peace never can
come and prosperity cannot be restored
to the ravlshejl countr.v unless, our arm)
Is permitted to remain In and make 1
thorough Job of It At present thcjiUim.
are cleared if the thousands nf loreee
and eartle which one., toani.d there,
windmill, are broken and water hole
are dr, lertlle ileitis ate uncultivated
and the population ot entire towns have
vanished us if o(T the fac. of the earth.
b'amllie faces this poitlon of Mexico,
for the soil tillers mid the humblest of
the ni. retrains, except a few meek and
p-rsist, fhlpese, have ceased to labor
with th. prospect of continual eonilsci
tlon of the products of th. Ir toll awaiting
Ir. Terriberry Warns nf His
fttcr Sinn'liir to Tlmt in
the Spfinish Wnr.
Dr William H. Terrlburry. chief sur
geon uf the National (.Hard, Nr- York,
tltaws t lesson n .tuienroit ttitieiw
from the medical breakdown in fuels
Sams army In thu Spanish-American
"If we are to avoid a similar .llsvi.-ter
In our next war," he s.vj-s, "we must
begin now to train a personnel adequate
to the tasks of war. This means that
Congress must authorize a siirHclent
numhfi of mi. heal t.fllcers for the tegulai
lirtltt 'Thf itlrrM...n.i .,
Bv..n'.,nira ... ill e it (ill y
slates th.'t the inltiutiium Is seven ofllcet
1 In each 1.000 comhatantH
"As matters stand now there are not
I enough medical ottlcfrs of the army to
I perform the ordinary administrative and
jgarrlsuji duties. These scuntv numbers
prevent the (Ulcers front learnlti Iheil
niin..-iiif uuiies 01 me n,.,itar
sanitation of troeips und the cvac untloti
of the S'ck ami u,.i,,i,l,.,l
"The fan that the mulioal oftlcer ex
ists tor the purp.me i, Wrtr is ap
parently lost Mg.tt ot. and no oppor
tunity Is givm him to vrfect himself
In the actual occitp.itloji for which he
will be needed garrlaui duties and the
.'ate gf tlm sick. Including the ai lutes'
women and Iilt.tr n, an- too urgent
"It must not be forgotten that our
wars will be mainly fought bv the Na.
lional tiuard and the volunteers, These
forces win need training in tim,.b of
pence Tills distinction caifonlv be
given by nillceis ( the regular arniv.
and If we am to have only enough
medical otiicers of the arm.v for garrison
peace time ner.l while are there In
structors to come from""
Tell, at llarvnrfl Cluh I hat lie
Will II el urn In Pliillalmrii.
The Plattibiiigein past ami ptmjiec
tivo at Ihc Hatvar.l Club last night
bean) an earnest appeal for military pre
paii.lness hy ,njtir-iien. U-onartl
Wood and members ot his staff Major
-Mitehel, who antiounced that lie lias re
enlisted for Platlshurg; J'oll.-.i Cunmilh
slotier Arthur Woods, former A tuba twirl, ir
to I'lniiie Itobett llacon, who stnt'al that
he has enlisted for Foil t l.;t llmi pt en
(Mtivjinirut, were eotne of the oth. r
sjieakers, S.ctelai.v of War Newton
linker, wno was to navo spoken ut the
meeting, sent word that owing t i th,
liegollulioni. betw.en ohiegoii ,t, Scott,
lie eoiibl not leave tlie- Cnpltal
M.ijor-tien Wood utgtd that .vei
cltUen do Ills part Inward national pre
purediiesM by attending one ut the mill
tar ttaiuliig enmps
Csjit, llalstead Dntey of H.p. Wood's
staff, who was In charge of the Plaits
burg camp Inst summer Intin. In.'.tl his
s.icctsstir, Major l In rt II. H.iiidbolt,
who will be in coiiiminid I In I Ibis vrnr
Major llandholu said thai tin ciiioliiteui
for tin liullshurg ''..nil. was .'.,'.'. in and
lliii I ho exticcteil n iniieh laniec number
Miivoi- Mlt.inl, veli'inn of last vein's
t'l..',tlll,llif lit, said -tlmt lie Wus plallllllig
to go up to liiitlsburg In .I ul and t tut t
l.v bad ettllifd for another term
1 tMW 1
ill Unsurpassed M
NhH'iuhI Uiiiird Hogin Itp
lilUTillirvs f.'mipniirn in
Hciicli Wnr Slrriifxtli.
rrrv fathers startled
A salute of twenfy-one guns In City
Hall Park at noon yesterday elgnatlaed
tho opening of a campaign by the Na
tional Guard to rstse 3,nr.n men In thirty
days. They were only 3 Inch guns, hut
the shock nml report of them attracted
as much attention as would A bomb
dropped from an airship.
Just before noon a plstoon of thirty
men from Mattery D, Klrst Kleld Ar
tillery, N. G. N. V, ltt command of
I.leut. Geotge, II Gibbons, wheiled Into
the park Th" men were In I h.ikl and
the two Held ptece.s were dlawn by six
horses each.
Tho guns were run out qitlrkl.v In
front ot the City Hall and trained In the
general direction of the po-t office. As
the hands of the Clt.v Hall clock came
tna.ther over the noon hour the llrst
run let go.
Ma.vor Mitehel anil the Hoird of Es
timate were holding a hearing In the
Council Chamber ami as the concussion
f hoot, the building mere were gasps of
amazement from those In attendancu.
Iiefore they bail rwuv.Ml their breath
anothr report was beard, then another
and before the nttn snot nan oeen nr.-o
the Maor tleclir'tl
trl-f recess
Park Itow, whii h never gets tired of
running to see -ouietn'.ni:. urn rim ran
the (.tiardstneti Htfor- the salute was
half over mote or lets exclt.-.l citUelis
beait to pour out of the narrow streets.
They swarmed across the park and
banked themselves around the nimble
Kvirv onu seen.ed 10 b nirirlsnl at
the not.- a I ttnh g""i i" make
The concussion was suftlctent to rattle
th windows In n.arby sk acrapers and
to send sit -b Iremot along th" ground
us mad.- some folk rhlnk a dreadful
cabimltv was upon them. The salute
over, th' guardsmen hitched their horses,
bobbed into their places and wheeled
away t.s If rbev had never drwi" anj
tiling els.- ti. their llv.-
The camjiatgn to Increase inltstments
le to last .lililng May A committee, ol
tw.ntv-stx ottleere ai.d men represenls
various units of the sen-lee and the
plan l 10 bring nil of these units HP
to ttir strength Major It. I.. Foster
of the Twelfth Infatitr.v Is chairman, and
otll have beep opened at titvlsloti bead
n ..rters Vn.ch. r Miles, at 120 Hroa.l-
wav. with Col. W c. Hates, Scvnt -llrst '
Infantrv. In charge, bus been ojietno
to help i.lottg the business men's pre
pa redness parade on Mn 13.
ThroiiBhout th- month recruiting cen-
tre.s will b
oven at various points.
180.000 MEN FOR U. S. AHMY.
lenlallve Vgre. IIUIU is nr. urn
hy Congress Conferees.
Wasiii.mvhin May 1 -that an agree-
neiit on Hie ariu.v will he reaciieu was
b.li. ve.l to-iilgitl after all all da session
if the cin'ereti e V hisls for negotia
tion of .hrtcrcliccs IllW.ell tlie Senate
and Hols, was untiled.
Senate Clilllclees a-re.il to yield on,
th. piopo-cd standing army ol '-'.lo.ooO
men an.) to ac ept a pea..- strength of
ISII.OOU 111. II, pi Hided tne House would
accept the expansion sst.m of organiza
tion I'li'ler this svstctn the reglllar
arniv could be Increand In time of wr.
ill M"l' . ,
House conter.-s leittativel agree"! " "' T'
to this prois.sill.,,, upon which to base JuiHUt-getieral. llla Poe Ullson . lnspec
agree..,, i.ts 'as f. detail, ..rganUatlon of tots, M,s. Mary U Tucker anHMrs. I . S
units and other f. attires of the measure , JUI-.n aids Mrs. Jam. s M. hompsou,
.Mis. I. H Odeiihelui. r. Mrs, II II. tus-
Tnlal tUO.IIOII.HOO IVlim V,
sines Hostilities n-nan.
WAstrtM'To.N. May I Httropc's pur
chase ot war materials ill the I'liltetl
State, totalled $:ho,Ohii,ooh at the end
of the llrst twenty mouths of war
Figure, assembled to-al.iy In I tie
Ilureati of I'.neigti .unl Pomesti '..rn
metre show the h. aviesl month was
March lust, when more than tuii.ooo.imo
woith of munitions left A-inerlcin ports,
April totals h ive not I" ell compiled.
Admiral spends the liar
Ilia first,,
Wvsiiis'iiToN, Ma.v I. This was
"Dewey iln.v" and Secretary of the
Naw Daniels and oflleers of the ad
visory rotltnil paid Hied' respects lo the
Admiral anil expressed their good
wishes on this anniversary of his victory
at Manila Hay
Tlm Admiral spent the day at his desk
in the Naval Annex llulldlttg, und to
night attended I lie anniversary dinner
of the Mutiltu Hay Soiety whlrh was.
held at the Arni and Navy Club.
,1(1,1100 rres of lllllniore Katalrt
Sold In l.ov eriinient,
.v.s.tv'V'ti i v V C Mav 1 - Mrs Georje
V Vaiidrrblll has tuilher reduced the
site of Hie Hlltmoie i state left by her
late husband liy selling .10,000 acres to
the Culled Sla!c, Government to be
added m the Appalachian forest reserve.
The land sold I- III lliuilurr,uti and Trail
bsivanla counties. The roiisl.leratlou Is
MU let to have been ta an acre,
II Is hi s- of the Carr Lumber Company,
which has Hie contract for the limber on
this pan of the estate, will not bo dis
united by Hie rale, as the company has
all agleetiuiit whrl'ebv Hi" limber is to
I ul according lo . iovrriimetit con-
sei viitniii standards
c, D. lieadle, fitiemaii of tho Vander
bill eslnle, said to-da that other deeds
will soon he diawn, bringing the total
uiiioillit of land convrjeil to l.e Govern
ment up to fc o.oou acrea.
jMinerai water jj j
(iirls hi Khaki Start on Two
Worjfs Trt'ininjr for
QT'ARREIj over mirrors
Washington, May I At chevy
7hase, Md.. a few miles from the District
llrr, 60" young women are encamped to
night In a tent'd city, entering upon a
two weeks course of training to fit them
for service In possible warfare.
This preparedness camp Is known aa
the "National Service School" aiul Is be
ing conducted under the direction of tho
wives of several blub officers of the
army. Among those who have enlisted ',
are ynung society women of Washington,
New York and other cities
To-night -t lone policeman palrolle.l the
csmp an, I Its environs, lie I. one of two
men who will be admitted to H e vicinity
of tho .-.imp. otherwise, the officers will
b.i women.
President Wilson showed his ltiteret
III lilts jiirinicuii-ri- dikij, virivJUR
11 and delivering a epe.ch to the students.!
A lane crowd was on hand to cheer the
President and tr-e student body.
The i.m ouiig women have been or-
ganlred ,nto four cnmpnnle and twoj
batlallon. The imirortn ptecriled Is
a kiiakl coat, a khaki lint and n soldier's
hat A w'.tc skirt for Sunday also will
be tie. i;y and the regulations direct
that tbw garment must be eight Inches
Iroiti the ground.
Th- day's nork le, to begin al 6:30
lii flu- morning, and taps will be sounded
at ,30 P. M Setting up exerclaee.
.!... tutrli dell', leet. ire. n,l j e.u
hours of reerea Ion and entertMltttnent
will compromise the routine for each dj.v.
Wlierev. r possible this routine will be
carried nut In formation, the students
pr.eetitltig ihcto. es tn cou'iialiles atid
The ' nmp tleaitmr.
Tin re was more or less excitement li
ramp last tuglil and early this morn-
Ing, when the students looked over j president Wilson and Ses-ri tary Kitis.ng
the tent eipiltutient l'tve studi-ms have j irgurd the American Hole as reitdeemg
been aselgtie.l to each tent. There WdSth. elllcler.t ti". of Miom.it m.-s agaui-t
some complaint when tho students dls- (immetce carriers '.tnposs.ble i'n. plan
covered that five of them would have 1 intimation that tbr Prided State- w .11
10 eliari' one mirror. This was regarded , nr,t budge from this coin, ntlon Is ie
by mam as Impossible. innmur;i as re- ' g.ir.l.iJ ha parllculat H- ImpurUitit tu-n
vellle Is to be wjunded at g -30, the ; tn view of the authoritative talk of a
setting u), exercises being heduled for ! mutual understand. tig which emanates
It was suggested to the offleers that
this state of affairs ought to be reme-
, but the repl came that one mirror
would hiive to do tor al the occupants
In each tent, and as the sttidentr are, t uitcl States insist- on .1. finite ami tin- I
under military control they accepted this! equivocal agreement on the m in. point -mandate
without further complaint. , the abandonment of the illegal subm.i-'
Men friends of camp students quickly
t learned to-day that tho young women
were serious lu their training, One
i juuni oi.iti o.i euw a riiitieiti irienu
. I tltm.ie,! the lieilce .h.it s,t rr.n , ,l u fl,A
. h...rl,., ... ,,a.i,..
"sho.xsl" away by a girl ottlcer and
I sternly enjoined not to return. A pho-
tographer was among those ejected by
the joung otllcers lu lommand.
I'pon tho arrival the students wore
high he.i shins and (limy waists, only to
appear a few minute liter attired ill
liaa i-n'o ii-t .1 tt--, ill lull.. ti caiOl llierC
is David Kemp, the bugler who will wake
tin in up In the morning. Kemp Is rated
as a drummer lu the Murine Corps.
In the organization of the camp the
prlinipil olll.'.-rs selected ate iis follows.
I' r.,.,...l,. t.'lljl.,l. l.-tllA., I,..-. ...I
sell, Miss Mary H.iker ami Mrs. II. H
,lo Mrs, Dewey, wife of the Admiral
of thu Navy. Mrs. Hugh L. Scott, wife
of the Chief of -it tfr ' the Arm, and
Mrs. Cieorge Harnett, wife of the Com
mandant of the Marine Corps, wire
named as honorary e-oinmnndanls.
The Idea of the women's camp was
auggented and executed by Mrs. Scott
ami Mrs Harnett, Mrs Gibson Fahne
slock; Col. Charl. s Do.ven, IT S. M. C;
Mnjor tieorge P. Ahrene, l'. S A , re
tired . Pr. A. S. Fanntleroy, P. S. M C ,
Mrs George O Tolten and Pr. W. M.
New York is represented in the camp
by twenty-one women.
t.nnt Kli'hn'n Name l on ItrilUhl
Caanalty Met.
,vicnt r,i0V if-P'i'i't to Tun Mr-
laOSPON, May I, The llrlllsh I'lisualty
list Issued to-day Includea the riaines; of
lfird Hlfho, who matrled Lady Violet
Manners, and dipt Ixslin Cheap.-, the diplomats getninlly regit. led a cotn-
! famous polo pla.ver. nolh are reported i prtunlse as probable until a f.-. ilas ,.go,
missing. I when reports cnum trom tin ,i ,,tte. House
I Hint llm President vva unwilling even to
Cnpt Cheapo was repevrte.1 to t. .i.scus the silbinariii.t matli r Informally
. been wounded in the lighting .,i tlm with Oemiany thtiiugh Ambaasador
i Near ICrist on December HI. He Is well Gerard until Germany had ngn-iil, tein
, ktinnii in the I'uited Stales, hiiv lug been ! pniiirily at 1. im, to ut tl.-t' siibiuni nn
a member ot four siicceslvn challenging .ominandei'N to usise llleg.il attacks on
Hrltlsh polo leanm for the Interiiatlonul ronmierce curriers
cup at Meadoiv llr.k. Secrrl.uy Lansing made It clear ngnln
l.oM Kliiio Is the heir to Ilia F.arldoni . to-day that Mr Ger.itri has no Itintnie
ol Wrmvss und Maich, lie wan lsiru In'ii.ins to enter Into ii.wotialioi.N for mn
1X81. In loll he was, married to Ladv 1 romtiromlse nn the Ameilran deiuaiil
Violet Katharine Minuter", the daughter
of the DiiHo or Itutlatid.
frrrrtary aya Trip Itaa Herat a
Great Horreaa.
fftrtvl Cnblt ttiptci lo Tb ?es'
Havana, May I.- William (;. McAdoo.
f?r!any..',f.,'.'.,lr'',','Uy,t Mlia,l",:r -
... ,. . -iiti inu un qay.
Ho will sail at midnight on the battle
ship Tennessee for Jliimpton Itoads, and
will then proceed to Washington on tho
MtOtlower, Pre.iident Wilson's yacht.
He bald to-day that Hie conference at
liuenon Ayroa was moot aucvesufut.
WiUon IiiNists I. S. Will Not
Rt'rodp Olio Tncli on
fptcl-il Cnhlr tifrpntc fo Tin. Srs.
IIkm.i.v, vln London, May I, The fol
lowing oltlelul atateenetit m I sued hero
to-night ;
The k'aleer bade farewell to Am
bassador Gerard to-day on 'he I. ti
ter's departure for Berlin.
Tho newspapers for the most part
Mill refrain front comment on the sub
marine crisis. Georg Hernhard, In the
Vosslscar XtUunp, considers the situa
tion still grave and voices a warning
against too great optimism. I to declares
that the final decision ''depends solely"
on President Wilson.
"There would bo no greater mistake,"
he says, "than the expectation that the
American Congress inlghl reach a dlf
ft rent decision than the President. The
time for e..rcl ing Influence on the
American people and their representa
tives Is ptst It Is not doubted now thai
Congress stands behind President Wil
son. The German leaders who have
the task of framing the Geniun answer
must remember tins.
"We could understand any derision,
no matter whit It Is, under the self
understandable condition that It pre
aervts Gcrmanv's dlgnltv.'
"so coMPitoMish::-
Abandonment of Present ! nl marl tin
Methods, liiislnu'a Maud.
Wjvsm.suTo.v, May I While Hill
awaiting advices from Ambassador Ge
rard, the Stale Department reiterated
the assertion to-day that the l.'ittcd
States would not recede one Inch from
Its original demand, which practically
means thar Germany must abandon Ita
present method of nibmatlnc warfare
aealnst merchantmen. hecretaiy of
Hfr I-"nslng made it dear that no
coinproiult c mi the vital qiies-tlou of the
American note th.- Immediate ending of
tlm submarine menace fo the lives of
non-cumbjtatits-lll be a.-.-eiitnble
In response to it question, Mr. Lansing
said the Interpretation which th. United
States has placed on Its demajut that
fe ''I an
"immediately declare .ltd ef
abandotiment of Its pre -ent
methods of submarine warfare'' was
precisely as he bad ipatn .1 It the dav
after the President's note was sent.
Correspondent, are ttot authorised te
f(i.jo Se rt. iry l.ttistng's words In mak
ing this explanation, but It it permissible
to state that It leaves no loophole for
anything but a definite anal radical
change in licrm
, . ,
IsVgn w II1L 1 w 111
ii's submarine cjni
bring tboir operations
sou irely within th" recognized dltlatc-s
ot Intern.itlonat law.
Hither tiertnany mud oporate with her
submarines as any hcliui rent would
operate, with warciaft of any kind m
lnteti epl ng tiierch.ntl ,1'inli or he
must give up the use of (lio submarine
for thia kind of work
I'. s. .Vol In limine.
No secret is m ide of the fact that both
from Herlln
The del iv In repljltig to the uier '.in
note is ii iw ilt.irly ascribed to the fait
l..i . 2 r (i it I, v iles. ,. ties r,f lit,, tlm- .. -n...
. able compromise for the reason that Hi.
rlne campaign which C.erinanv r. wards
i es a weapon of vital linnortaiu
In its
of reprisal iigai.st Kngland.
in a uroati sense tin. siiuatioii is now
. .. ..I .. tt...t ,1., W-ill
... ,. ,,, ,. , .,
point at Issue, or w ill she risk severance
, of diplomatic relations and Its conse.
quence-s'.' After tho explanation at the
'State Department to-dav there app.ati
. to be no other alternative
I Optimism Wanes.
I Tettae. i-..,uir.e,t ttr,,,ne-k 'lh,e.
were many Indications to-tliy that the
President Is prepaid to lace the conse -qllcli.
'en am! sever diplomatl irlntious
euimuurllj, iines Germany un-ulo to
bis demands. The Pres'ilcnl's ntbliess to
the worm n of the National Sefv Ice School
at Chevy Chase was regarded us tig
nltlcanl In this connection
Diplomat here regard tlie fact that
liermanv apparcntlv Itellev. s that a coni
piomlsn will satisfy thu I nil. '.I Stalls us
the most Imminent danger It ie pointed
nut that no single item of new flum
Herlln. oltiela! or uriotll.i.il, ban hinted at
the w.llingness uf Germany lo make con
.fusions that would render lis sub
marine campaign against men hantm. ,.i
.lieffi . live.
In the mass, of pres reports from
Germany which have reached the State
Department inert' its much Unit is con
illialory, but nothing that indicates full
realization that the United States m
e sts upon the abandonment of present
methods ot submarine warfare lu Hi
broad sense which ptactically amounts
in eliminating Its danger lo non-coin-batiintfc.
Kipeet a Coinpeoiolse,
Fven Count von Htriistotff, the tier,
man Ambassador, Is tindrrst'.o.l to he,
lleve that the Piiltid Stales w.ruld le
tvllllng to discuss, the details, of (lie
present rriels, im H liiiti been dolls-- In tin
Ills cniitiil, lie In hilleviiig tut,
i rlM would be nv cried is said to Iji
based em this bell. I Itlsexplalncdlh.it
upon (lermany. inn Secielat does t t
credit I epulis tioin Herhn Hint ,Mi
Gerard sought the Inleivirvv vvilh the
Kaiser No such Instruction have In en
sent the Ambassador and action of tint,
kind on his own Initiative) would not
in t with thu sanction of Hie Govern
ment, II la explained.
The long Instructions which the Amer.
Iran Kmbassy al Herlln recelvi.l trom
Ihc HtHte Department, according In caM.
i despatches, were in reality the" l.lenll. al
Instructions which the State Depim
nient made public, last week fur the bi n
elll of nil concerned ueiliiing Ihc alti
tiltln of the Cnllrtl Slates on (lie italita
of armed shlph.
Ambass-atlor Oeiard hat, been Ml.plle.l
with this ttutenietit, which tho Govern-
metit here regards us Una! and not
open to discussion.
It Is expected that the submarine
Issue will bo discussed at length tit to
morrow's Cabinet meeting. In tho
meantime the only prospect for avertliu;
Hie danger of a diplomatic break Is be
lieved to be ilclililte and unequivocal
concession tn the American demand on
Ihc part of Germany,
Srr Amlinssnitor llelle-vra flrrrssny
Will Avoid rtrenU.
fpreinl Cnblt Dnpit'k tn Tire ?ts
Paris1. May I. Tho new American
Ambassador to ttumla, David It. Prancls.
nrrlvd lu Petrograd yestitday on a ship
living the American H.ir,
Tin: Tei'ipv learns from lli Pctrogrud
correspondent that the ftus-tan press
wurmly welcomes tho United Stales Am
bassador nml takes the opportunity to
nnphaslze that tho relations between
littssla and tho t'nlled States, which tie
fore the war were strained owing tu the
Itusslait Jcwh' passport queatlon arid the
commercial treaty controversy, Is now
becoming from day to day more cordial.
The fot.rse Onsitlr of Petrograd In
terviewed Mr. I'rancls on tho German
American crisis and quotes him as say
ing! "I urn persuaded thut Germany will
do everything potHble to avoid a diplo
matic rttpturo with the United States. Jt
is no Indifferent matter to Germany to
know on which side the public opinion of
our country will be found when peace
n. gotlatlous come
"Another question no less Important
...r i-i.-r.io is 1110 rate or in.i mil- 1
lions of vlllzenw of German origin whom
we have among us. These German-1
Americans, In case of a conflict between
the two nutlons, would have to quit the I
.ounlry uril wind up their bustii.s by I
which they have grown rich.
"That would evidently not be to thelt
.nleieats, nor would It be to the interest
ot the country of their origin. We have',
then, reason to believe that Germany
will yield to President Wilson's Juat
requirement. "
Iteferrlmj 10 tho spirit ot rtus-la In Its
relation w.th America, the Ambassador
Is quoted as SHtng:
"It would I... 11 great mistake to sup
pose tliat th Increased trade with
America Is of only u. temporary char
acter. To replace German products in
liussla, by im ana of home manufactures
will take a long time, during which It
would naturally l" better that the pro
ductlvlty of It ibslan agriculture should
he Increased 1
American agricultural
inaeliliieH than that It should remain at
the former low- level.
The ttitiiile ot tuc .;ermati f.ress Is
summe i ui. itv t ic 7 rem. as heit.L- con. t
tradlctory to thu ultra-radical Itevent-
low- gtoup, which oppicn the making of
tiny concessions whatsoever to the I nlte.l
It Is pointed nut as significant that
the Hrrliirr 7'.iof(hi(( anil tin; t"osef-c.e
.'ittin7 urg. that a nipttire wit'i the
t'tiil.il Slates mii.-t tm avoided, while the
lorisen .nlunp, the leading tlnanrlal
organ, also voles a conciliatory note.
The 7 1 nips quotes at length ftom TltK
Hvt.mni-, sir'Vs recent idltorlal dealing
with Amkiss.nlor C.erar.l's conference
with the Kaiser and the real questions
a', flake
I It of I.iicUiioit and the llrndiin
tmll thr Vrse-ls Destroyed.
Iaisikin, May 1. The British steam
ship City of, I.ucktiow, of tons, has
been sunk. She was owned In Olaegow
The HrltHh .te.nnsblp len,onhall
from P"itlaiul pril 7 and I.oulsbiirg.
.'. 1'., Apr'l II, for Itottenlam, has also
b.eti nit,', a, onllng t. a ! -pat ii t
Lloyd's. Th ctcw was saved.
No record of lh re.ent movements of
tie c.tv of I.ucktiow Is contained lu
shipping Journals.
The lleti.lotihnll was S,?nt tons gross,
she was air, f,.t long, 47 feet Is-am and
ft fe, t deep Th" vessel was built III
H'Ol and owned by the West Hartlepool
Steam Navigation Compati)
ennnillnn II us I tics. for Ciiiinret t.lnr.
specif t'nWe t.p'itf'i to Tar St s.
I..MHIN, May I - The 7wi.i lea ns
.oat the Ciinird Company has e-onipleled
leg. it i. it i tor the acquisition of the
ppit.g b on s , f the Canadian North-
' ' lt,ll"ll
Conserve your estate
Choose an efficient trustee
A wise course would be to appoint the Bankers
Trust Company as executor and trustee of
your estate. The Company's permanence is
assured; its experience in handling tru6t busi
ness is broad ; its very existence depends upon
the faithful performance of its duties; its
highly specialized service costs no more than
the service of an individual.
An officer will be glad
telephone 8900 Rector
I-- Khsoi-kcfs Ovfr $250,0ai,frO0
TF you are taking
the afternoon off
to go to the ball game,
get as much out of the
half holiday as you
can. Enjoy the fresh
spring air all the time
To the Polo Grounds
and back on top of a
Court Denies Injunction Whr-n
ColuniblH Professor Exe
cutes $20,000 Bond.
As the result of the filing tn the ,
preme Court yesterday of a bond tor
$20,000 by Prof, Michael t. Pupln of
Columbia University, who Is ferWan
i Consul-General In New York and rt
preme president of the Serbian Fe-dtrv
Hon Sloga, a national fraternal is
sura urn body, a special convention of
i body called by President Pupln to m
'in New York yesterday wa o.ble to hp
gin Its session. Justice Detehanty
reicte-d that the bond bo tiled a.s a con
dition denying an application for an In
Junction restraining tho convention fner
holding Its sessions.
The Injunction was applied for r- a
suit brought hy Oeorg Kovacevi.-h. a
member of the organisation, t.g.i'-'
Prof. Pupln and the, other grand o'
cere, on tlm ground that the . ill '
the special meeting was Irregula.
that slnco i.ich li.U-gate from a'' ' 'f
subordinate organisations w,.s intitli
to railway fare and II .lav. the -e
would aninunt to more tha i $1,1, nen
Jutlce. Delehnnty decided that vvh!
there Is u serious questlnn as to whethor
the call was regular, yet since mai.
the ilelegatc-i have a'ready arri ' a. -the
convention Is to lake actloi ilf-t
lines suegehted by the .Siiperlnren i- m ..
Insurance for tho benefit of tin onb
the Injunction should be vacated .!'
dllloti that Ibe $l'i',ono bond b. filed
In oppoilt.g tbr Injunction Prof Pur
said Hiat largeh thrmrs'i his efto'ts t
organization, whl h ha a membersli't
of more than lo.non. I out of debt an.
has. a surplus of f.vn.c'Ol.'. He said In
nltotiiptcd to jeslgn an suprevne pres
denr lasr fall bivause of uttacks on Ir
but received so many appeals to reni.ic
that lie agreed to do so on ..'oudlti.
that the organization have a fe.
meeting to "eliminate many featu
causing constant and Intense faotlot .,
Prof. Putdn said he believed more t
two-thirds of the members sent in e.
quests for the siseclal convention. !
cordancc with the bj-kiws. but .nbo
was possible that some of his . .
had sent in .spurious 11: ts of na .es
tho purp.
of making attacks on
convention later.
to confer with you, if yon
or call at 16 Wall Street.

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