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8 V
Outline of Nrvt SpitMin ut I ho
.Milriii(ili(nii Is An-
Subscribers to thf Metropolitan Opera
House vvole Informed yolerday Hint the
next fifiivon will begin mi November I J
and continue fur tont -tlin-o weeks.
They have until thr middle nf the month
tn mitlf) Hip iniiiiugomcnt nf their In
tchtlon to renew tlulr subscriptions fur
next )cur. The walling llt Is said to be
the largest ever Know it In tlio history of
the ln-J Ittitloti. .Many nf the present
ubs.-rlborn are eager to discover If
there Ik tn he a inoiith of llussluti h.illet.
I tut whether there l to he or tint, tho
ubscrlptlon will lie as large as usual.
Whether or not the Italic! Itusso will
Appear lit the Metropolitan Opera House
the il.inceiH ulll certainly he luck In
thlr. ronntry tiet )oiir. It is said that
Otto II Kiilm has taken over the tlnan
rlul i -r-xti--t llt 1 1 of the organisation, ho
that tho in.itnleiianee of the (roup- will
nut fall on the shoulders of Sorgo tp
Dl.ighllefT. The members of the company
who will he left hehlml when the Jlallet
Itusso fall" on the Dante Allghlerl to
day are lima l!cvaltes, Adolf Itolm and
Wasluv Nljin-ky Mortis (Scst N trying
to arrange a so.onlled "ulilrlwliul" tour
for the 1 1 -t (I, liner, hut hi unwilling
ness to iiipear twice a day Ii,ii so far
prevented any realization nf the Idea.
The tour of the company next year will
be under the management of the Metro
politan Concert Bureau.
Serge elo lilaghllolT will remain In
Europe for the summer and when
lie returns In the autumn will bring
back mine new ballets and daiucrr.
It Is probable that the troupe will
return to Lausanne for the "iimtncr
und do lis training theie. Mile. I.opn
kova nuil l.eonlde Masslne will be the
two prlneip.il dauiers of the company In
Spain. Whether he will leoolve his sal-
rj which I" still soaring among the
prima donna thousand is what ulll
determine the notion of XIJInky In thl
country. lie may not return to Kuropc,
since h" Is likely to he Interned. He
ptoenred his freedom only to come here.
Maria It.n I ionto 111 he among the
rmsctmers m the Panto Allghlerl to
day. Minnie Keener Is suing ti Capri
as usual to pa the stlminer. Ie Lue.i
will sail tin the same steamer, alone with
.MM. Mulctct.t and Ito-si. It ha. not
been settled as vet whether Signor Ca
ruso will said mi I. INpaune on Saturdav.
Ol inrio l'olacou tn.iy also sail on the
ante bo.it.
W. A. Hi'iirfy Will Select Four
J'rettiest (.iris nt Exhibi
tors l,etitic Exposition.
The question nf the cuii his wig worn
by .rnold Palv in his revival of "lleau
Bnimmcl" at the Colt Theatre has been
decided in faor of Ihe aetor. lie .says
It Is :i copy of .in existing isirtrait of
the beau. It K of isiuiso, entirely
different from the flu re of the laie
Jtlchard M.insileld. hut so lonir as It
Is authentic pivbihly Mr. I .!- will not
object to the fact that it makes him
look full In the face, short In the neck
and Is generally unbecoming.
When .lames Towers is seen In "Some
body's Luggage" It w.ll be his llrst ap
ponranoo In e.irs In a straight speaking
pnrt. lb: is said to have no songs.
Mmc. (laiieki's contract with the Met
ropolitan opera Company has still a ear
to run, so her admirers may count on
seeing her at the opera house next win
ter. Mine. Pest Inn will be there for
twenty appearances, and Mine. Kurt will
again sins the Wagmr toles. Whether
Mmc. Hempel is to icturn ulll be an
nounced later. She was very successful
In conrert during the present season.
Mmc. H.rrrlcntos will return for the
e-olorature roles and the levlval of Itlefs
"Le f'eclieur de I'erb s." whlcli was inm
lacd for her ton- season. Theie will be
an usual little change in the personnel -if '
the company.
In the long 1 1 t of benefits for the
At tors' Fund, for which efforts rime are
being made to rinse an endowment of
11,1100,0110. ptnhahl) the greatest will l.
the outdoor pcrformanc' of "Julius
ries.tr" at Ilolhwood. Cal on May 1!' ,
Financially. It should exceed even' the I
large aff.ilr to be held here at the Met
ropolitan I ipera House The Heachuood I
"sntural Theatre, m which the perform
Take It fiom the prcs agent, tile third
nniiuil exposition of the Inhibitors
Leagtio of America, which opened yes
terday at the (Irand Central Palace, Is
"one grand kaleidoscope of beautiful
motion picture actresses, matinee Idols,
wonderful decorations and unusual fen.
tures of dazzling Iridescence." and then
From the moment the doors opened
theie was a procession of would-be
Mary I'lckfords, rurl down their backs.
accompanied by their mothers, ami
would-be Francis X. HuslimiitiH, all
clamoring for a rhance to he the win
ner In Ihe amateur scenario contest
whlrlt was a feature of the tlrst day's,
session, and thus be picked to portray
the leading role In the production which
Is called "Ills Daughter's Sacrifice." It
was written by David Sclioolinor, who
won 1100 by so doing.
The opening was a grand success.
Three brass band. played In dlffrient
pails of the building. Scores of dec
orated booths presided over by every
one who Is anybody In the movies
attracted wide attention, to say nothing
of mati.v well known professionals of the
lllnis who were there In person. The
receipts fnr the day estimated at more
than $l,noo wont to the HrittMi. Ameri
can War Itollef Fund, which bad a
booth established vvher war pictures
weie shown flee and literature was dls-
trlbtiteil In large iuantltlcs. It wis In
charge of a committee headed by Major
Louis Livingston Seaman.
Not only were all the big film manu
facturing companion lepresented by at
tractive booths hut all sorts of manu
facturers of picture appliances from
patent ticket sellers to guaranteed reel
winders alo had ,i showing.
In the evening, while the excitement
was at its hlglust and a ball was ill
progress, word was passed around Hint
William A. Hrady will ! there on
Thursday night and pick out the four
most beautiful girls on the lloor and
give them a week's trout In Hie World
Film studios fiee of charge and em
ploy those who make good. So there
ulll be another big crowd on hand
Among the companies represented In
the exposition ate llssanav, Pat lie. Vlta
grapli. .Metro. World Film. Kqultahle.
Itolfe. Fnivusal. Fov, Mutual, Laky.
Famous liayeis and Triangle. The ex
hibits are constantly being added to.
The business of selecting the cast for I
the prize motion picture Is expected to
be completed tn-day ami the picture will
be Mimed on the premises. Prominent
maiiufai Hirers anil exhibitors will also
make spfeches against the, New York
State censorship law Just passed, and
theie will be other feattltes. Tho ex.
position lasts throughout the week,
One of the interesting events which
were inaugurated last night anil will be
continued was n tableau against state
.rii-orsilp entitled "Had Hill, the Cen
sor." showing .Miss Lvolvn ManstloM
.shackled with chains lx.ing ,m along
wnh a man with a whip it is an ap
peal to sign the petition protesting
against the signing 1 tiov Whitman of
the Chrlsiman-Whecler bill. It was
conceived ami executed bj the Paragon
Film Company,
Meliit.vie and Heath in "Man
From Montana' Return
A pa in to the Palnce.
Mi'Intyre and Heath, those Iwo In
imitable blackface comedians, returned
to New York yesterday from a long
vaudeville tour to appear nt the Palace
Theatre In another humorous sketch
called "The Man From Montntia." Nora
Hayes, who has been breaking all records
for extended stays at one theatre. Is still
a feature of the bill In chaiacter songs.
Others this week Include William Itcnk
und Frances White, newcomers to vaude
ville, In dances; Smith Austin and com
pany, the Frldowskl Singers and ("apt.
(Iruoer and Mile. Adcllntia.
Florence Nnwh in her latest playlet.
"Pnney's Particular Punch," has moved
to the Colonial Theatre after two suc
cessful weelvs further downtown. She
Is the attraction hern this week. Others
nn the bill are Arthur McWatlcru and
Or.icc Tyson, Ideal, lo fleers. Foster
Hall and Ford Wet In "Since the Days
of 'HI," Princess .1 no Quon Tnl, Henseo
and Unit. 1, Lew Price, the Oatidsmldts
and the Celleclalte Pros.
Van and Sohemk, Mr. Hnd Mrs. Hard-
nor Crane. Heine Da vies, Harris and
Manlon and Vera Sablna are the particu
lar attractions at the Alhamht.i Theatre
thin week In a "May festival" pro
gramme. Others include the sketch
"Petticoat"," Harry Clarke, Imhnff, Conn
nnd Coreene, Northlane ami Ward, Josle
O'Mrers and Leipzig.
The second edition of Dave M irlon's
"Around the World" biiileque Is .it the
Columbia Theatre. Hesldes Marlon him
self Hie company consists of tieorge
Hanks, Harney Pagan, Agues Heiihler,
Henrietta ftyron. Crank Schand. Itosie
Mack, lnex de Verdlcr, .1. lines IVItrlcil
and Alf Harrington. A I.Uvte audience
thoroughly enjoyed the first production
Inst night
I, on Tellctton nnd llllrlchsteln Take
Their I'lncc mi Mniic,
Lou Tellegen was able to relurji to
the stage of the Thlrl.v-lilntli Street The
atre last night In "A King of No
where." Armed with his trusty sword.
In- heh'.ii found his way through the
court of llrnry VII
Stengel's Homer Helps to Beat Giants Athletics Defeat Yankees
Xcw 0 ron nil Ilnle Gives Sten
srol Home Run With
Two on Rases.
They Are Unable to Overcome Three Run Lead and Are
Beaten, 4 to 2 Russell Twirls Good Ball
After First Session.
lesterda)' Retail!.
Philadelphia, 4, New York, .',
H-hliiKton, 1. Huston, 3.
(.leveiand, listrult, 0; tx lnnln. ruin.
In si. I.ouls Chicago, rain.
I cr.t'us.
New VorkT
.St. Louts
Oarnn lout
The Olants went on hlltlmr yesterday
and losing, They leathered twelve
hits off two ntielents, Hucker and Coomhs
of the llronklyns, hut didn't Bather
enough runs to win. The Hrooklyns
beat them, 8 to f, and were more suc
cessful In bunching hits they made ten
themselves than tho III etarred (Hants.
lilts concentrated more compactly by
the Dodgers and the fait that In the
thick of two rallies the (Hants ham
mered Into double plays were the lead
ing reasons why the Hrooklyns, with
two less safeties, won the game. One.
alien Jolt was .1 home run by Mtenifel.
It landed against the right field grand
stand nf lltu.-li Stadium and flew back,
and It was made with two men on
Two left handed pitchers took a hid
ing, line was Kntllln I'.ilmero of Cuba,
the other Napoleon Hucker of (leorgla.
The young and the old were both
pounded artistically hy the opposing afternoon
nailers, IfcUCIO'I e loiMUil- til .-iwn
curves and more slow curves for once
didn't fool the i Hants, and they com
pleted his ileiimlltlou In the third In
ning. The (Hants made errors behind both
l'ahiUTo and Sehalier. but these did no
harm. It whs the hits off I'.ilmero and
his presents which enabled the ilevlllsh
Dodgers to fatten their run total Pal
me ro grew wabbly In the fifth Inning
and was crowdid from the mound by
Ci toil
orl ,h Philadelphia,
Holon In Washington,
i hlcaga In at I.mi
Cleveland !n Detroit
in vi'.-inn ini.l love I Hube Sehalier. who pitched hi excellent
Federal (iovernment Frres
That the Court Enter
a Decree.
Hv!.ti.v!oi:k. .May 1 Assistant Tnlted
States Attorney-iiener.il Todd llled In
the I'nited States Court here to-day a
motion for a decree in tile American Cm
Company atitl-trut suit. The motion
sfeks to have the company declared a
combination in restraint of trade, to
have It dissolved ami to have the 1'ed
eral Trade I'oiuuilssloii work out the
dissolution plan.
The lourt. In a lecerit decision, said it
would suspend Issuance of a de, ree dUI
Ing good behavior of the company. This
Is in. satisfactory to the Hoverumeiit.
Mr Todd's motion asking the court to
nre will be given, lias a .seating capacity ! order the can company to submit Its dis
solution plan to the l ederal Trade Com
mission Is something new. If the rom
pdiy falls to ptcsent such a plan a re
ceivership is asked.
To piovent a defect such as has been
hinted was In the Standard Oil deciee,
.Mr. Todd asked that the American Can
Company owners' be fiijoined from hold
lug stock in more than one of tho com
panies. Mooie,. .1. It. Moore, Dan
iel IS, Held, I'red S. Wheeler. Henry V.
I'helps, I'rank Kiidolph, Hensselaer II.
Isman. liny A. Hurger, William T. (ira
Ii.iiii, Francis S. Mine, tieorge ". .Mo.
MlirtV. Joseph W llgden, Hay I,. Sko
lleld, William V. l'."glo, (leorge W. Cobb,
blank D. Throop. W. I' Diittou anil IM
inund C Converse should bo enjoined
hpeiilcallv from holding slock in more
than one company, Mr. Todd said
of .lO.nuci, so it Is expected the fund will
re enriched bv neatly IT.'i.iMirt,
It take.s a gieat deal to attract Sfl.000
persons to a Sliakesieartan play. o it
la Interesting in know what will attract
them tn the Soiiihem California hills.
The main atlraitfou seems to be the
ex 'ellence of the cat which will present
tho work a lompany which protnbly
would be linpiwsihlo to assemble at an'v
other time. Tlieodote Hobeiis will pav
the title role. William r.uniini will be
Jffirc .Ditoiij. Tvione Power, llrutu :
Frank Keeu.in, (Hsis; De Wolf Hop
per. Ciiieii , Douglas Fairbanks, )o
fnrlii Cm.Mir. Tull.v .Marshall. IHrlui
ffriifiin; Sar.ih Trti.ix. I'crlln, and Con
stance Crow lev, Copinmo
Mnnv pi rsons fioiu Now Vork and
the midrib' West are making arrange
ments lo attend. Mate Klaw. who Is in
the West on i business trip. Is dela In--his
homo coming In order to be present
.Mr. Tellegen s lecoletage Is still so
exp.in.sive as to siiggit-t that oven In
these spring nights the gcrnut of tonsilli
tis may still be linking about Hroadway
and that It is not too late to make
precautions neies.tr. The luteriuw-
slnus wire not marked by au of the
connubial dcmntudratlons which made
the ilrst in i pea ran ce of the actor In t Ills
pla so affecting.
l.eo Ditrlchsicln, who was ill as to
his o.vit. and not In the pectoral legions,
was a-ai Inviting the ladles he met
out to a little lunch at the t.ongacie
Theatre hist night. The hero of "The
Ureal l.nvcr" is himself again lissex
Dane has supplanted the tier Miss Sll
gieaves In the can"., and the plumpnts
of Hetty Calllsh, who lias supplanted
young Mls Hrooks, a.bls a touch of
verisimilitude to the performance, liven
young prima donnas, are likely to be
"The House of titna" xicnln Wel
comed nt II run a Opcrn House.
The Hrotix Opera House Is thl iveek
repenting "The House of (llass," which
has ojicc before this season appealed
to Its patron. Max Marvin's play was
so well liked that there w.i a latgu
audience to welcome It last night. The
suggestion that some wronger motive
than the ambition of the police otlber
might have led to his persecution of the
heroine was evidently not sC, important
as critics tliouht It to be. since tho
melodrami has proved thrllllrg to wpec
taturs for the entire scamu in tills
Frames Carson Is the third jierson to
act the heroine of "Daddy Iong-legs"
III Hnsikljn. Last night at the Mnn
tank Theatre she followed In the foot
step.s of Itutli Chattcrton and Heliee
Kelly as the unhappy Jmly Abbot, The
heroine of Jean VVcbster's novel Is u
sympathitlc and lovable .voiing woman,
which uia.v be by way of an explanation
for the fiot that all who intorpiet the
role aic sure of a ccraln share of sin
less, although it Is not In the least
to be denied that Misj-et. Chattcrton,
Kelly and Carson are a gifted ami ptctty
sl.vle. lie pitched better than Coombs,
who was gaffed severe!) In tho eighth
Inning and rescued by a double play.
Something bl.e that always happens to
snip (IT the (Hants' rallies before they
Injuie the otbc r side.
t.riiiinil Ilnle enforced.
About this home run of Stengels.
Last year balls which struck the front
of the upper boxes of the grand stand i
and caromed back Into the Meld were1
good only for what the batter could get. '
that Is lu the National League. In the!
American League they were ami still ure.
are home runs. Th.s .vear the National j
League ailnptol tne xmern'aii League
plan .MeiJr.iw .i)s Stengel s ilrlve hit
In the space tcferred to, anil now he is
going to ask that the giound rule In
vogue last e.ir be restored Stengel
polled up at second on the hit and vvas
waved in by H) run, who of course could
do nothing i so.
A tine catch bv lienny KaulT. on
which he doubled a runnel, bl.iuked the
P.ro..kliis In the irt timing Th
(Hants 'made a itin Hi their half on a
I single bv Hobertsnii, an error bv ison
I and a single by Fletcher, then essa.ve.l
what may have been wonderful Inside
, ball. With Knuff at thlld and Fletcher
' at second Merklc tried to bunt and
, fouled, and with two strikes on him
.and two still out, the same two and Just
I a much out as ever, he tried to bunt
again and bunted himself out and
ever) body else drawing salary on the
New York team out All attempt to lam
out an old fashioned single would have
been laughably conventional and primi
tive perhaps, but it would have 1 p a
more satisfactory mode of exit had It
IMtlt-APCMMllA, May 1. That sedate
and taciturn Connie Mack, who Is sup
posed to have one foot frozen In the
grave of the 19D, pennant race, dug his
way out of the pit m shlhe Park this
Hid showed tho alacrity lie
dlspla.ved In the old da.vs when he
was In charge of the Justly cele
brated hundred thousand dollar In
Held and a pennant trust. Just when
smiling Hill Donovan and his minions
saw an opportunity to climb a bit clos-r
to Han Johnson's pennant Corholluo
Mi'lHlltcuddy dropped a whlto elephant
on their heads and made them cpilckly
submerge. Philadelphia, the despised,
took a fall out of the aspiring Yankees
dually In their fourth trial. The score
was I to
There might have been another xer-
l slnn to this unpleasant topic if but there
are a family or If.s. To begin with, New
York got off on the wrong foot. It hut
so much ground at the pistol shot that
It could never offset the handicap, espe
cially as the veteran Hullet Joe Hush
thawed out 111 the blazing heat nf the
May day festiva, Marring that tlr.ct
lulling Alien Hus.ell. n rookie, pitched
ipiltc as well for Donovan as did Mullet
Joe for Cornelius, but that Inning meant
Ihe difference between success and fall-
for the neces.iry Mop. The Jolt Just
happened to hit the liullseye of his glove.
Hut sotno of tho Athletics' luck wa
made to order for tho Athletics by our
own Yankees. I,edlo Nnnamakcr fussed
two double steals with dire results. Tim
first, with Leslie on defence, enabled
tho octogenarian Larry Iajolo to steal
homo with a run. The second Leslie
was a base runner then took n clean
pilfer from Malsel'n day'a work. I-slle
was expugned on the lines for tho third
out when Hush rut Meyer's) throw a
pluy that was old when Larry IaJolo was
ymiriL". and that's ntut the oldest play
the modem mind can conceive of,
Witt opened Philadelphia's attack
with a clean wat to celitte Held and
Jumped to third when Pick bit through
Maker. W Itt carried over Comilo's. tlrst
run, while Uedeon ami Pipp weio
doubling Htnink with Pick, Jo., getting
the force, at second ilnslo handed. :.I.i.s.ol
mlsjud'tcd Oldrlng's skyrocket and it fell
safely for n base knock, Then the
genciatly reliable Itoger Peckliiiaiigh
fumbled -Nap Lajole'n easy roller. Stufy
vioiuius pumped a s tig e Into left tiebl
that scored Ohlring. Mrlnrils and Labile
(lulled a double steal for another run.
Stuffy also Ktolc third, but Thompson
wouhln t give lilm a chance to Meal home.
He, whiffed.
Pipp Krlcea In Mnn.
A couple of r.Mik errors by the liomi
Home Team Does Its Slinrc in
City Celebration by Reat
111'' Rochester.
Ve.terday'a Rratilta.
NVwailf, t; Koi holer. 4.
Providence, :; Hulfalo. I (eleven Innlnasi
llaltlniore. !j Toronto. 4
lllihnion.l, Montreal, 6
Mandlng of I be Clilhx.
-N.irl( .. 4 n l.neolllaltlmore
Providrncf .. , ft 1 (i' lliittnlo .
Klilimoiid. . 4 1 .wo itoehe'trr
Montreal.. . .1 3 Toronto.
To-dav's Schedule.
ftoche.ier In Newark
Miietreil in Hielnnoni
ilulf.ilo In Provilenre
Tnruiiio In Ilaliliaore.
W 1
. S 3
. t 4
.. n 4
., 0 4
NnwAtiK, May 1. It looked for a lit
tle whll.) to-day as If Newark's :.".0tlt
birthday would prove a Jonah for Fred
Tenuy'H team nnd shatter a link In Its
unbroken chain of victories. For flva
Innings Tommy Letch's Itochester Hus
tlers, who were making their first an.
I pearancn of the season here, held the
Newark players runless, while they had
tucked away four tallies to their own
credit. In the sixth chapter the Tenny
Itesi woko up and sewed up tho gam
hy putting four runs over the plate.
ihu final scoro was C to I
Walt Smallwood, who was on tin
May Shut Ball Park
Because of Strike
piTTSUURG, May 1. The
street car strike is threaten
injr Imselmll very Feriounly lure.
President Unrney Dreyfuss of the
Pirates nnnouneed to-niKht thai
unless there is a settlement of ihe
strike by to-morrow nijcht lie
would not open the triune at
Forbes Field on Wednesday,
when the Cubs nre scheduled to
appear here. He said the hVt
three frames nt least would IC
postponed, and if the jitnev litis
service is in (rood shape bv" Km.
urday they mitrht play the fotutli,
otherwise they would not.
Ruth's WiMness in Kihti,
Fills Rases: Henry Makes
Double, off l.eonnn!.
team cave the Vimt.-enu ii.- f. tir..i. in
the secniiit liinln., VV'lt L,ni,i n.. I
Gedeon and Plu. drove home the ,UI, i J1'0'""' ft'r tin-local team, pot away lo a
with a peachy double, to the flair. Peckln- ' !l fUrx- "n" ,lo'" H'e r-"t
IMiwh hit to left for another mil. Pick , i1.""'";: I!,,''ll' doubled and ocored on
Uiblded on Nunatnaker and P.uesell drew ;iJr,'i 'T.1"'"' M"uW,i 1,ut
a puss. Illllnc the bases with none out '"' .l1t ,,l,e ,,,al1 K-'t away and l'ar
nnd two counts alreadv In. It looked Li , '""'' tlTort "
like a cakevvalk to iMiiovan. Mlt I'.lt. '" V""." '" K'''
.Mal.-el tapped weakly In front of tho! i'.'" ' U":cr er', "" " ""'I' "'
..late and a' double May home ,,, ,1,m '''"J' ' ' ' ' r' ''V
suited. OllhoolevV.iffcrinswiu.il line 1 ''' V lpu'1 '"' ?n'1. ,H lollll
dtlve that Thomson captuted after a I J '?1 ,,y t,,c r""ite,i !n f"",lllcr
'Print. I ru" ,
That Was New Vorlts one Trent eli, ' """'. oppoSIIIC M11.1I1
Defence Pncir In I'lrat.
s one creot ebfioee
millet Joe was to few holes afterward.
Macee opened the third with a slncle
and raced to second on HakcrV lonir llv
to centre. Hut a little pop foul and
PIppV strll ut marooned turn at the
half way post. In the fourth Nuna
maker .ilowehe, ., ., ni;le between
the times that Peck and liussell whlrTed
He Rot to third on .Malsefs blow to rlchl.
but only to fuss up the double steal, as
told above There was but 01 ut
when Malsel -b it his second hit thronim
the bo In the seventh IntiltiB. Siriink
mail e a lucky stab of iHlhoolcy s wicked
line drive that should have been cood
for three bases at bast liouovaii sent
Slim (alilcell lo to tiineli Lo r..i itiiw.ai
Vounic Mr. Hussell ilnln'l have .1 great j In the ninth Hay kept up the pinch
"The Kear .Market" at the Ciimedy
Theatre lo end lis iuii on Saturday
nh:ht H'iiinliiL' Mnnila.v eveniio; it
will be lepl.oeil be the pen pa for
Marin Tempest. " l..nl)V .Name," w rll
ten bj i')ii llaieoiiii, aulhnr of ",
Pair of sill. Sloeklnus '
Jnslead of levivlue "The iln Hehlml
the ( 'oinitci , ' Lew I'lehH s to . M.,.M
mite nf
next season 111 .1 ncu musical comedy
called "Step This wav," which will havi
Its lnlll.it pci-fiii'inanco al Ihe Apolln
Theatic, M l.mti.- CM), on .Ma
"The fiirl I'lom llr.i.ll." ' a new
operetta b Hubert Inlerbel k mill HlK-
munil liomiiei, win nave lis llrst
roimance .11 tiie siiuhert Theatre. -S'ecv
Haven, 011 .Mu 1 1.
Cell Haudall lias been reenuaeed ,j
l-'lurenr. .levf.dd for his net production
of the Follies, which K''i Into ichcarsal
rrance. Alda ami Luca Hotta have
tieeti added 10 the pioirramnie for the
.Xcloih" 1'iinil benefit at the Metropolitan
Opeia House. Leopold Oodnwsky and
Fritz Ktebhr are also scheduled lo
The Urania Society will Institute an
xtra series of dollar matinees nf "The '
Tempest" at the Century Theatre a
week from to-day.
ersl if "Hip flip
" l likes Its iicnrniicc.
erslon of "Hip I 1 1 1 Hooray"
Jloorn) "
A now v
was llitroiliiccil 11 1 Ihe Hippodrome last
night. All Ihe principals of Hie company
had new soiius in which the eiisembln
Ijarllclpatcil, the com. rlians weio Klvcn
new opportunities to cieate laiiKliler, uml
even the Ice ballet, which has been one
of tho creatrsl nowlHcM of the season,
provided a new series of ue skate d.inc
ine and other realities.
In the toyland scene llfly new charac
tcrs were Inn minced and Snus.i and his
band were not foruolteu in the Keneral
chance, tor they appeared m bntilit, new
unlfortnK and pla.vcd selections not here,
toforn a part of the temiliir lllppoilimue
'nekiiiK I'nmpnii) Will lie
4 linnued.
Arraiisementsi for li e relln inclui; and
chance of control of Ihe Sul.bi rcer el
Sons Company weie , nuipleteil .vesier
day. Interim crilllcates for the ji;,,.
iion.iinn of new nisi moitaace bans
ilellveied to the baiikluc s.v iHllc-ite repie.
seated by tiie 1 luaranty Trust Coman.v,
llallcarlen Co, and William Salomon
& I'n. nf New Voik and the minnta Trust
and SavlUKS Hilik and the Continental
and Commercial Trust and Savlncs Hank
of Clilcaco.
po. 1 roiu me pniceeim r the lelllds liro-
- ' . ImI..,, 1.,. 1... .
......it ... m i.'-.n in,, i.t- jiii m.. ii-iiremeni
of thn company's debentures, aKcrecatlui;
J,u:ni,0no, which mature on Juno I. Part
of the balance will be used as working
capital and pari will be used to educe
the company's bills payable.
Simultaneously with the delivery of
the isinds a substantial majority of the
stock Hissed Int 1 the owneinli'lp of a
syndicate headed by Thomas IC, Wilson,
who a few weeks aco retired from the
presidency of the Mortis company to be
come the president of Sulzberger & Sons
I Company. The entire common stock of
nn- i-itniiao)- ir, -iniject lo a voting trUbt
of which the voting trustees are A, Hr
ton Hepburn, chairman of tho chaso
National Hank; Charles II. Habln. presl.
dent of Ihe (luaranty Trust Company of
New York; llatrv Hronnorof llallgarten
& Co., Kllsha Walker of William Salomon
& Co. and the new president, Thomas i;
The directors are arranging to change
the company's naine. "Wllsun" will take
the place of "SulbeittiT" III Hid new
in me.
The adininislrallv e heaihiuai lers of
the company are being transferred fPmi
New Vork to Chicago, where Mr. Wilson
resides, so that his company will bo
operated from Chicago, as. Is. the ca.sn
with Ihe oilier large packing cuicern,
The Messrs, Sulzberger have retired
fi'iin the lxi.ird of directors and from all
"H1ct.ll connection with the oomiMiiy.
tlielr places upon the board having Is-en
taken by representative of the new
o.vnciviilp In tho company,
"Ills llrlclNl Mubi" nt tllnnlle I Itv
Atlantic City. May l.- "llls Hridal
Night,'' a new farce comedy by Uuv
lenie llMni; and .Margaret Mayo, in
which tiie J lolly Sisters are featured,
opened here at the Apollo Theatre to
night under the ditectlon of ,. I. Woods
Liielle Watson. John Westley, Prank
Thomas, .les.sle Halph and Harry l.llford
are also In the cast.
I 0 Ion i'rual (icla Vlnrr llnnm.
The I'uloii Tnist (.'onipain of New
Vork has leased for n term of years
the banking Ilnol of the Century lllllld
log, 7J and Tl llroailvvay, ailjiiining thrv
compaii.v's main olllce in lis own build
ing al so llioadwac The new olllces
will be used bv the trust department
of the coiiipauv I lotirs will l. cut
lliioiich from the oillecs The entrance
will be as before, through the main of.
lice at sd Hio.hIwm.v
failed arid more productive had It suc
ceeded. Harlden thtow to second poorly, and
that hurt the (Hants. .Miller slncle, I
with one out In the third inning and
Hole second, Hariden throwing low, al
though with plentv of time. Had he
nailed Miller the Hrooklyns wouldn't
have scored, but as It w.i.s after Hucker
smith d and Meis tiled to Hums, who;
made a tli.e catch. iMtlbert bunted and '
Stengel hit fur four bases I'.ilmero
tiled his slow ball a good deal and the
Hl'i'okl) lis pisted It a good deal.
lilts by Hums, Hubertsou and Uoyl
lllled the bases with (Slants In the thin!
with none out Kauff's out at llrst
nioiiKin 111 ituiiis. r ,ec in 1 si n co aoiin-i
ston bioucht In Hobertsnii, but a smalt
double play corueied Iiovle. Johnston'
whipped for the plate, but up the Hue a
bit, and Miller returned the ball to thlld.
while Doyle was scudding for thai point
of vantage Theiefnre Po)le ellmi
deal of encouragement to buoy him. Tile
Yankees are supposed lo have an air
tight defence. It was tight enough in
the whole, but it happened to go iivvr.v
Just at the wnmg time. It spotted the
Mackmen to two of the three tallies that
fell wh!,o the battle w as ) olllig.otllerw se
tin')' might have pla)cd tl.l sundown.
Connie's tribe must be nurs.ng a bd
of ii.c.nfull) putfed hand.s this in Klit.
Mali) of Joe's iiu'oote were ruled back
at him and l'i supporting oast so
speedily that only tile saving grace of
lack of tantalizing dlnstloii kept the
New York blows from doubling their
size and ilimens! ,is, Home Hun lkiker
looks like a wood
statistics appended
farmer was culling the udl with hUs
trusty willow at a pace that he ban
seldom excelled. Many a day hence he
will get a cluster of blows with le.ss pro
pelling wer than lie showed tlr.s day.
Hatter Just about tore a foot off Hush
in the nr.-t inning Thompson, backed
tne Indians to a sine n b't
until the fifth inning, when they got two
more. In the slsth they went after him.
iMirgin and Schrior singled In tut 11.
Hgau foubsl to lloelkc, and Zaclier, bat
t.ng for Smallwood. lilt a lly to 1'arrell.
It began In look like another cipher,
but C.ibl.i Liuie Hiioiigli Willi a beaut)
to left, scoring Hurgln and breaking the
Ice for the Heillllen.
Callahan set the fans yelling when he
tripled to the right field fence, send
ing over svhrler and Cable. M.lau kept
up the good work with a single past
third. Moiing Leo with the tieing run.
Lea. li s catch of Wittor'H line dr.o
ended the rallv.
In the seventh .1 pass to lininv. Iiur-
Tineo ami Siiuiers
W.vsillNuToy, May 1. Tak ng adv is
go of Pitcher Ituth's w. Idiiess m
eighth lulling to-day. tho Senators lillei
the bases vvllh one out llenrt- grf.'-d
Leonard, tho lloston relief twlrtvi. w ti
a double, scoring three runs, pu.tlng de
Senators lu the load and eveiitua.lv w
llllig the game, .. to 3. To-day s v.
sendH Washington into first pi 1 1 h
Senators have won four game.-, i:i k
It was a battln between w,,ii,,n.
The Washington portslder. Harp, ,1
though b.iIHd harder rlmn Cut -a.
steadier and had grand sapport 1 -i
pinches, The score .
Hout-'r rf
J.uiviin lb
Lewi ef
nardiier rb
II.H1) li .
Aclien .c
Thnm.is.e .
Itlllll P ..
I.ron ilil.tt
jb 1 b ti a e
''' 1
.1 iV I
4 : 1
1 :
' i
J i'O
l 11 rt
Ml I
0 rti)
0 e A
" n Shrink- rf
' : 0 Kci-t.i (!
1 ce Milan . (
1 1 (" KmiiK-iu '.f
- llAi JudKi. 11,
t I" William, 'b
t S "l Mer.-.lll .ti
4 .' I lleerc.e
J (1 " Mellrnl
1 oo'll in 1 p
e e e
0 Oft! Tot. ib
li ,
L' v:t . 'rill.,.. i.i.i w.-i.. i..'., .1....1. . .
hitting recoid with a clean single to, right put tl. ,,V , rront. I,, tiie
11 1 . r.i , . . rlK"1" Ml'Ktes by Callahan and Zlmmv.
Hussell hail the Athletics piactica lly vein, a pa-s sand w l.-h.-l In, cave New arl
h-lidcuffe.1 after tin- first liming With 1 Its llnal run It . .11 .i,....-.. .i.iL.i
two out In the 11 rt 1 Strunk droppe
long lly over the right Held. Three fast
turned double pla.vs helped smooth Itus
sell's task, Joe 1 led,,, hi proving the pivot
In all of these. Mr Hu-sell lost, but
he will bear watching. The score.
all r h p a e
Mittsrl.ef . 1 mi.Witt .
t.'hno.ev.rf 4 oo 1 eft Pi. k.3h
ll.in If
I on
4 1 ft
en Indian In the vital V-.T-'-'i.- : i.1, ! ? ;'?Its
I below, but the Trappe j';,r.lu!;Vc I"! 4 l'i,l.
ntr the Is.. II with hlu l,i...ll ., 1 fi A t.'lt,.
3 ft. i Strunk rt .
0 on (U.lriii.-.lt..
3" Litioio :h
: 0 Melmiis lb
Trt Ulll ll.e
ver.-- ..
0 I''Uu-!l.li ..
i A l.i
lib r li ti
I 1 t II
(1 1
1 1 :
1 t
'. 1 I
.1 n t
! 3 ft e
3 i )
.1 "1
-u.-..-s,ne in, ami gave mm an average
of l.oiui for the da), as be drew passes
on his. other two tiles. The score:
' r n p a al .,i, r b p a
" I'.lble .(i . ;, ; ;1 ,,
11"- 0 ( all.ih.in,ef a t .1 i
.1.3 nnvti,,l,,.i 4 I ; .1
4 1 ; n lift Witter rt ten l
. 40 ill . e .mi m.iu 2b 1 1 1 n
i . tiiiiuiiin.in. it! v
'"I - J I "s.-tarie r.si. 31 J s
I ' t I aOlKc.ltl e ... I e n l
e 0 Sill.lllu'.t . ft n
n " I..H In r 1 nO ft 0 ft
: ft'KtuliMUU.p left n to
. up against the fer.ee, speareel 'rank's
long drive In the. third, but !.oe Magis
I was aide to Jog fnvn tlrst to m-ihihI afte r
the .-.itch. In the eighth Ii.n.ng Hakcr'a
t lerrltlc f.wa t upset Stuffy Mclnnn. Stuffy
couldn't have moved an Inch either way
Keepa -iio-Kf.r4
YVIIill.t nnd Wins,
v I n a I n u
In U.
Itll-ll.i. J0l 0 I''Uu-!l,p .. .1"! 0 10
..iiiiwe.I . .hi " 'hi
Totals. ,.ri 4 r; it 3
Tot -its ..;;tv4 Hi
Halted for ltueil 111 the ninth Inning
Neu Vork .rtSOftnftrtne
I'llll.lilrllilil.c. . 3 11 0 0 1 0 ft 1 i
Home run strunk Two b-e hit Pitui
Kir-i base on balls Oft Jluh. . nil Kuf-cll.
1 Mruek out M) Hush. ::; bv Hus-ell. ,
Molsn ba Hn la.ijnic M 1' I Dill , 1 Id til'l' 11 ii
- Hunli, Mr aii-l Mfinni; (inirnn ltnt Pipit;
tii)rnn. r.pi tiul PiH'miuiu-i : l"Uttui.uh.
Jfi!itn .inl 1iiii I'lniurf in -hif N.iii.n
1'irM uni:lrf linon T-nir of s.hih' l huur
;ni.l t. nUnulrt
He.lt t .,li
' P.l.llll If
" i Moan rf
1 lllleltee.lli .
" sum..,.
",1 .M.Alllc).--,:V
ll.lll.e. .
- ' lltliMlke t .
'"' Ja.uh-eii.
"l Ibll he II
iljlbiii-t ll 1 10
ill II
. . , - Total" . X 011.7 ;
'fnt.iN 4 n .1 ie '
II itt.-1 for llii nke ill the seventh limine
t Jilted for Ibr.-he m the ninth Inning
Mattel for Mii.illuoiM in the Mtth imiinr
itneiii-siir . : ft t 0
ft a ii I j
ft 4
In'- Milan tmrrni. lie, tie
V . ll I-.-.H-I1. sln.in. ,;.
tut lle.nti Tlae.. Im.,. hit
1 t oil lulls (lf
ii nil.-iiKe, i- nil ll.'rehe.
New arl
s lerltl.
stolen luse
Two bl-e
s'ucillwoa I
. sirii.'K out llv sm,i,. 1; bv Kiizin.inn.
: "m'.'""-,- ltcl.--ll.rche I
OH Miiallwimd. ;. i ,,t inm,ljr,; ,, Knz.
iii.inn 3 ill tluie imnius; oil lluenke. v in
"IV llllll... off ller. he. 3 . tun in ,l,.
r.i.-en lull, :.-n, H dl I'lrsl I, .... nn ...V...
Ift nil lt..sn. V..u ...
Pnipirr'reeman and IHtniP
T.it.el. . ".1 5'0 ;i I: '
lt.itl.sl fur Itutli in the tiintl'
Wa.hlnstnit . . .. ft 2 a ft e
Itotoii ) o ft 3 .
I'll on hae Washington. ;
lir( li.i-e em lulls oil ll.ii i."c.
i lilts Olf Itutli, :, It, rev. 'I ,
Inniit.-s, olf Iiconarl. t in n-r .a
lurinik-s sruil;ollt Itv ll.oi.er.
? Leiiiiaril. . Two h,-e 1 ,i.
.I.llllrill s.ierill.s. bit -JlllUe ll" III
Mnrsan Melinite an, .Indie: ! Ilr a.
aiid .Indie: ll.itr) .1 inv nn and v.'.ex,
tier .Oil Acnew, ILory .mil .l.oui n
pitelieil Kill II) ll.irnrr A.tn . ..t
lores Ciinunll) an I (Ien Tin. ' I
l ciilmiles
tied Knock Adeilos (lot of II, n In
s(, , , s,PIIu,, vn .
ClM'iNN VTI. May I - Cincinii.ii i d
Hal.e Adams ftn-i the mniind n t .
sit!i Inning to-d.n. It - j (l , ,,, ,
In the round and defeated p ti-l.nrg for
Hie s,.rd Miaigbt K,n,e ;j t,.
tilp!o by Neite atel i lit-, s m ,ii ,. ti
cored one ,ii the tir-t Sm.tlis ;,nii!i
Chase's two bagger. Smith's w.l.l throw
and Urllllth's single counted the tw
talllis- in the sith. .Miteh.il pit. I . i
good ball for the locals.
Tile iteds signed Joe Connolly, e. i.
fielder, and KnoUet, pitcher "f i
Huston llravi's. to-day. Tin. s. ore.
l l 1 rlll Ifli IN I..1 i ( I.NLINNA'I'l i.V t.
.Neve -trie.
lt.i. K -li r
bo. Tun,
If rn Win llleven
Yrstrnht)' Itrsiillft.
nrnnk'yn H. New Vork. J
Ho-ton. .'., I'ldl.idf'phU
C'lnrlnnaM. 3. I'ltistmrir. ft
In ChlciKO- .i Louis, r.nn
I)Ktaii.i:ii sr.tMiiMi iir thi: i.i'ii.
tin li her I lines 111 peel Work.
I !
fur Si
r.oii, iiiiii in
itrii cel.
At a s(ie.ia nieelliig of the Mock
ladders! of Swan . l-'lnch .vesleidnv the
propnsal lo Increase the ceplial slock of
the compaii) fiom J .'.imi.iiimi p, ( ,nini,iion
was approved. The stockholders have
tho right lo subscribe to the new slock
at par
Amendments to the certificate of In.
corporation were also adopted to mi
Just It to the enlarged activities; of thn
coiiipauv Stockholders of tecord on
May l."i may subscribe, to the new stock
mull August l
Myers thumped Pahiiem for a twol
bagger In the llfth, Ii.iubert walked. I
Stengel fiuccd .Myers, Johnston !
walked. Miiwrey singled. P.iltnero I
en.!! himself out nf the picture audi
Ciitshaw hi! Siiaucr for a slngle.l
The icsultant four inns made the test (
of the game a path of roses for tliej
mn'iiMj lis, aiiiiiiuo a iiisiliain nj
linbeilsoii. Kauff. I'letiiier and Mcrkle
in the eighth netted two runs for the
(Pauls li.iiiberl's expert batiilliug of a
haid hit liall from Ihi)Ic'm bat led to a
folce ami ilepllved Ihe I il lly of much (,f
It- sting, and young Mr Hunter ilnlslird
the lulling vvllh a lilt to Cutshaw for a
double play.
Hunter In his llrst full game in upper
circles plii)cd ciedll.ibty. He did his
wink at thlid ulciiy and made a base
bit, I leorge Hill lis made the best Hold
ing pl.t) Stengel hit far past him.
(lent go tine back at full speed, and with
the missile curving over his head caught
It in Ills left liiinil. Tiie score;
nil r h P a oi ah r h ri a e
ft";iiurn.lf . . 1 1 : ; no
ijltnb rtsnu.rf 5 2 3 n ft o
9t I. ruin ..
I c iiKiiiTiati ,
IN'ew Vnrk...,
it, a
oamea Inat I ;l cl si cl ;l ol
To iUi's sebrdille,
IlreAklcii In New erk
Philadelphia In llimlon
littfthurK In iineliiii.il i
IViii'i' I'iH't Allnw. Culls lo I'm1
lis Mnnv IMnvoi's. n '
Wis.li. Up Siixo.
I c y
liuilnu linme.
PiMvu.ivi-i:. ll I. .Ma j. ,!lIV Tut.
War . long elihe to left Held 'w, tllO
eievciith Inning of to-da)'s game broke
up a pitchers' battle between Hlllard
and Cooper. Ho scored Hehg from sec
ond has,. Mitb t!lP winning rim of
1" to 1 battle, the Uufialo club being mi
the short e nil. Cooper, who was a iiumii
1 her of the Cra.vs I.im vear, allowed but
sl hits and thrie of those were gathered
,. b) his former boss. Have Shean. The
J score;
an r h ti
.lolinst'n.lb 4ftir.
C.ireylf . 4ft: ,-.
Conir. If ofto it
H.erney.ef ft ft j
H.ili d I ft ii n
inn. h an rf i ft t
ev a. Her.. I ft I
3 0 I
. I
1 n o
1 nn
(I ft ft ft 0 ft
I OINeale If
.' 1 1 Kllllferef
ll 0 " til i.e lb
I oft itnfliih rf
n ft" (iioh lb
" " 0 Hi ?n. s.
" ( Louden .!
t ft "li like.,
" ( i Mm. li. ll n
1 .' 1
t . n Totals
ah r h ii
111 .
4 I il I
: ,. , i
3 ft ,i
:hil. n
li I
.11. 11 1 I II sui. Ill 1ITCI. I l.pf,,!,!,.,,,. n 1
man of the Chicago Cubs took issue with 1 l""-i!- o n
,.i Itttterle. nr
vt.trr) iiriroi.iuu iu-ua nil cue cil.llge
0 ft ft ft ft ft
0 1 ft ft (I ,1
!.iril lend e
It It i:
ft ft I i. :
0 0 nl J
I'e Cooprr and
: u '.'
or 1 11,1157 In IMarr
flellrll nf II7X, llli.',
The report of the PeniiHylvanla Steel
Company for the )ear elided Doivni
her 3, lui.-., shows a surplus of $2.
nin,!i:,7, as against a deficit of J(!7X,I!IJ
III the preceding year.
Total income for the year was
7fiI,!i2I. as compared with $l,3l),04 In
1914. Interest on the bonded Indebted
ness amounted to l,:!iil,l,". I, as against
$1,1 Hi, 45 5 ill tho preceding year, and
depreciation and other chaigrtc were
$l,4l!i.!U(i, as against $9n'.',nxr, tho pre
vious year.
Mnivvrll I'lnn Kiiccrrila,
About SO per cent, of the convertible
vvnirants. Issued last January, In pay
ment of the ll'i per cent, back divi
dends on .Maxwell first pnferred, have
been convened Into llrst preferred slock
al par, leaving only about $3.10,(100 out
standing. Most of this, it Is expected,
will be exchanged before the convertible
privilege expires, June 30 next. The
wiping out of Ihe accumulation nf divi
dends on the llrst prefened opens, the
way for the plncmg of the $o,:'7,7
ccboitd preferred on Us 6 per cent, bnais.
xi.r .,r
i II.CllTl.il
I Mellliel.rf ." 2 t
.Inhllstnn If 3 I il
Mnwrey.311, 4 I I
I'lilshiH ,:b in
ninill.m... 4 00
Mlller.e ..411
Ullekrr.li... Ill ft n I'llnniu e
I'lHllllbs.p. 30 0 0 1 0'Kolly
Total.. ..31 s 10 :t 1.1 llaoimtipr.li.
Itllmisli ...
i oftiiinji...:i,
4 l l,K,iulf,ef ..
1 0 0 Kloti In r.ss
: I VMerkle.ib
4 3 I Hunter, 3h .
fi :(ill.iriipn.c.
4 114
3 11 3
3 0 ! 1
4 0 111
4 0 2
5 0 1 'J
I ft o ;
l no o
20 0 o
l oo o
. . I Tiii.il.. ar. .1
-imiii'ii inr iiontn ill tne uiiitli innlnr
tllalted for Seliaurr In the ninth Iniiiui:
llrnokljll . 00404000 0 S
New Vnrk 10 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 ,'i
First base on error llrnokljii, 3 New
Vork, I, Uit on tune llrcuiklyii, Ij New
Vnrk. r. Virst base nn hall Olf I'ahurro, !:
olf Schauer, I: olf Coomb-. 1 Struck out lly
Piihiuiu, 2; by hchnuiT, 2: b Hucker, I: by
Cnnnili, 2 liniiie run Menirel Two bane
hits ,Mer, Knurr Sacrlfiiss lnl Duuberl
SdiTilleo Hies Mjers Kletehir. Siolru bane
Jiihiiitnu 2. Miller. Klrlcher Double nlin
.tiiliustiiu. Miller mid Mowrey; I'utNhaw, )ai.
bert and Olson; Knuff nnd linylp, I'ju.rd i.,
- Itiiridii Wild pilches P.iinirro, Srhaurr
lilts -tiff Palniern. S in four and two-third
imiinira; olf Sehuuer, 2 in four and ono tlurd
Inniiii; off IliieUrr, n in three iniilngn; oft
t'oonili. il in U liuiliiKii K.irned run. -Oft
Pdllllero. X I off Itlleker. 2j olf Ceintllb 2 I'm.
pire in chief- nyron, Field umpire -Quitlsy
lour j nuiir nun .m lilllllllP.,
La.trrn l.raiue llr.ult.
1'nrll.inil, llildKspiirt, .
I In rt font, G : I. win, 3,
Lawrence, 2, New London. 0,
Wnricaier. o, .sprlngileid, 2
American .W.nrlatlcin Rraiilla,
('obiiuhii, 11 Mlntii..ip,i. 1.
Milwaukee, i, Leiiil.v Hie, ,
SI. Paul at Toledo -rain.
Kaniai City ut Jadlanapollj rail
ItosTos, May I -At last the llrave.s
have triumphed over the Phillies, a
score of ,'i lo '.' giving them their llrst
victory over the pennant winners thin
)ear. Itinlolph had the heavy hitters
swinging wildly, while the Ilravos
iNiiinded Ma)er's curves lu timely fash
ion, The score:
PHII.A (N I.) i IIOslo.ViN ,i
ab r h p a e alt r h p a e
Sloek.Sh 10 1 1 3 0lMarniiT'e, til 2 .10
lljllernfl.sft 41" 2 30(Kver.;b .. .112 2 11
I'.iskert.of .ion o no Collin If .111 o oo
(innd.rf 4 0 0 I oovvnhmt.rf .111 0 oo
l.nderil.lb 300 111 0 I Knneliiy.lll 40 2 It 2 0
Whlttfd.lf 1110 O0Smilh.3ll . .100 0 1 0
Niehoff.'.'b. 3 0 0 2 Common of 3 on 3 00
IIllrll.c . , 00 0 2 0 0!tKUll'tnek IDA 0 00
Adani.e 3 00 r. 2 oNnmlr's.or 000 2 0 0
Miner, p.. 200 1 4 O'lloiiilv.o .1 n fi 00
Cooper. . too 0 Oft llmlolpli.p , .100 1 50
Kliey.p.... 0 0 0 0 0 n . -
- 1 Tolal . .'. V 27 1: 1
Total ... 31 2 4 24 II I1
Hailed fur Mayer III the seventh iiininr
tllalted fur (.'nniptim 111 Ihe oithth Innlni
Philadelphia . 1 n 0 0 0 1 11 0
llimtnii,. , , I I ft 0 .1 0 0 0 1 Fi
Two base hit Vtiuttod. Maramille. Knnet
eliy. .stolen li.ie (bind Saeritliv fly. I.ude.
ru. Duiihle plajn Ail.inn nnd Nleholf;
Mock mid I, imirii... Wi on base -I'luliulel
nhiii, 4; llnslon, .1 Firl haw 011 error
Philadelphia. 1; Itnitnn. I Kirn base on
bails Off Major, 3 off Kuoy, 1; olf nil
eiolph, I, struck out llr Mayer, d: hy Kner
I t bv ftii.loli.li. 5, linpire. -UiKior and
Kaaou, Tune I hour and 43 mlmm-n
Western Airlatlon llrsnll..
1 iklihoiu.i (itv. 3; Shornun, 2
Mu.keiKoe, 2i Fort Hinlth, I.
Italn elsewhere.
tlrilnla l.raaue Itrsull.
-S'orfolk. 3, Newport New., ?,
Portsmouth, 5: P'tersluirg, (,
llnpewetl, 5, Hooky Mount, 3.
rriwpeot Park Hatrhall.
P S Nn 41. 7. P (4. Nn 1.12. I.
P ! Nn HI. tlj p. h. No S9, 4
(HANTS TII.IIAV It ITU nu.w.u..,..
l40P.ll. PnlnHrnrmH. Vi .lV"";iVn
that he would have to diminish bis play
ing roster to nuct the ic.iiliemeuts of
the National la'a-iuc. lie declared that
it woe. lint iieceseaiy for llllll to do so.
'i havn ri'ielvcd mi wire fiom Presi
ib lit Tone r Insisting that I ledum tii.v
Ulster to the twent.v-one limit," saiil
W'e.-.iiuian, "It is in Hie peace agiec
merit that Phi Hall of the lirovviu. and
111) self bo pinniiiod to carry as mam-
men as wo choose uml use tbeiu at all)
time. That Is what' I Intend lo do. Then,
aie a few magnates, jicihaps, in the
league who have protested !igalii.-t my
tetahilng and using a- many pl.i)ci.s as
I pleasi, but that will not have aii.v
off i-ci on inc. 1 am abiding h.v the clans',,
that west Iiit-erlnl In the peace compact.
"The way I imdciMan.l ll is that the
Chicago club can c.ur.v llfly or a bundled
phi) eis, If t chouses, and pin) them all.
The lulci,-ietatlou lleriiii.iiui puts, on II
was spoken of befoio anil declared 1 r
lonoiivi.s. Then fore, no hen! will u Klvell
to what coincM from lincinnall. ll,,
probably is one of tho magnates who ob
ject to the Mhrmv after tho way
1 uiss iieai 1110 i.eos llele.
"Toner cvidoutl) does tint ins.M that
we reduce to the twenty-one limit and
undeiMaiids the iwieoinent the miiio as
Hall and I do. President Johnson Is not
making the Hrowns cut down to the
twenty-live limit, so theie must bo u mis.
take soiiiewbeio I am not wording,"
Cincinnati, May 1 According to
August llerriuaniuchalnniiii of the Na
tional Commission, the Chicago Cubs
must keep within the twenty-ono pl.tjer
limit, but may have as ni.iiiv nt'her
phDcrs on the Ineligible list as thev
wish, so they can take their time about
disposing of those not wanted, These
extras are not eligible for plav, lu his
IIIi'IiiiiiiimI Time It. Illnidea.
Hii'ilvioNp. 'a.. May 1 -Itlohmond
tlnnd Us hits to-day and beat .Montreal
bv a s.-ore of 7 to a Hunter Doodbri d,
e-lodger, was sent in in .111 attempt
tn sale the game. Inn without succ, s.s.
lln was greeted witli Iwo singles and a
triple In succession m n,,. sith The
score ;
.Monti. ,1
Ktlllleriei.- J,
ol,s, ru.lerton
I ft ft 3 ft ft
1 1 1 n n 11 11 n 3 1
- 1 1 n in il 1 r 1 . - and llein
cloodhrod nnd Ma, 1-1, -n
tlso Pick
The. Haiti.
Haiti Miuir. .Mil , .May 1
11101 hues 1 1. lined the offering of
throe T.iionln pltcheis to-ilav, and "won
the opening game of the series, 9 to I
Sixteen bits lu all weie collected off
L.vons, .Manning and Ivjeo. SK con
si cullve hits arid two bases on balls
gave the (iriole.s seven runs in the sixth
liming. The leafs bunched their hits off
Sherman In the sixth for a Cltl.lt let .,0
the runs. The score :
Kuahs -b
smith 'b.
Adam.. p.
Jacob- p.
TntM. Vt 11 . I 1 1 t
llllted lor ll.tru.-y iti the ei
bitted fm- Adam. ,n tin
Pittsliurj o e, a
C1n--.un.1i1 t 0
sjtr.ick mil llj Mit, hell. ; p,r.i
ball. -(.if V,i,..i . Tw 1, ,
iii.iu 1111,1 i n nine In.,
1. , 011. 1 .vil.iin. io,
4. no) lloiihl,. p.,. ,r,. 1 ,
toV"'.:, ,'.!," y iumdi Mil 'n ' -
'e?.",.'",' , ' mpires Kluti ,,, r
I line 1 hoar and 4.1 minute.
Milling,- )., ,nl Tigers lleforr llnln
Knlla irier n,P loninu.,
lU.TIloiT. May 1 T ,,, ;. 1 ,. . .,
to-day'M game in the (I'st 1 1 tg ,
tlic-y scored two inns ili-.u..
iiirner was pas.s,., ,( .
thim home w.th a 1.1..1.
CoVllosklo held the iigem I,, t vv
toted hits liming the the int.,
Weio plujei! hefoie rain iliterv, , ,
sc-ue .
(Ml ..V
all r ll p
. 1 1 I
tin 2
1 on ,1
- I t
2 ft ft S
"ft" 1
,'nft I
2 n ft t
. n t n
I. 1
HKIiSOl r v
ft Ii v lit s
1 1 Mm ol 'I,
ft 1 C0I1I1 , f
lie Ven h II
e I'r.tw f,,j , 1
!' ii llrilniaii .Ii
n li'll 11- in
"ft s ma.-,. ,
ve Hans..,,
' i- ii ij Tot.r.
ttnlllmer ntftft17ftftx
Toroiii ooonoinnn
llalterlrs Sheriilan and .VI, Avnv
MalinlliK, Uojr,, and Tumi
Secretary lledler of the National
Loiigun explained last night that the
( hlcago Cubs must il lo the regular list
of twenty-ono eligible players, but can
shift men from the Ineligible list t,, n.
active list and back again as ,,ri.,
iii.-.i 1v11.11 jiisi as 101115 as 11 mil,
iiiciisiuin stays so for m 1,
0111 c
it ten
South Atlantic LeuKiie lie. nil..
Charleslnn, U; .luekkiinvllle, I
I'nluml.la. 5; Augusta. 2.
.MoiiiKoinery, "1 Alhnri), .1
Miionn, 10: Onluinhii", (Ctdsd
elahlli Inning en renunt of dankne . 1
Hoiithfni League llr.ult.,
IllrinliiKliam, ,'1; Atlanta, I,
Nashville, 8, .Memphis. ;
.x nrlearue. 2: Mobile.
Polnllininil. , ai. iVZ w ""n, .Moh e. ft
I oioorounaa. Adm. lOc.-v-cfp, J Onttmnoog, n Wttu itoeka
North (nrollnii l.rauiie llr.nli.
(iinrlntir. o, ilreonshoro. ;
liurli.im, 7, .Vhele. I
V Inslnn-Slleni, 3, Italelgh. J
uliik's. d.irknis.i
Terns beanie lie. nils.
All gami- pnttpunod, rain
(Irani) 11
1 urlii-i ' h
S..lle- , f
sniilh rf
.ii.li! th
Hem ard .1,
VV.ilnhi s
O'Neill c
Tot il 10 ;
('level mil
('.illed -il the end of the nn 1 o
Iwo has,, im s, vlr ,,
,V"'.. ,' "rl.-kio. , 1 ,,
bill, till Il,i.. - ,( ,-,nrt, ,
nl.n. i.audil un.,..i,e,. ,,,1, ,
I ir-l li.i.e on ,.nr I lot , ,, 1
Lull" and 1 (ml Tim.- of k.r
i-eiiii x. sails, I oliimliln
Coliiinhl.iV 11' -t game wn
vain. 1 will be ida.ved , ),,
I'raiiklln I',. 1,1. -, ,
nine with I Mn Heel, tn the I,
,l lllako ,t .iglll stctehl e-.
(by eperlinonie,l wm, r,. ,,,1
Ihlul Imsii .veslerda), but ,1a, I
expected to play (be I,,,.- t,,., ,
and SjHitlkc are botp fr,.s 1, ,
nis is-.'p snaKy In s ,
I o-eln 1
H3 it,
Moslem l.ouiiiie lb
lies Molne., .1, tlinahn. .'
I.ln.oni '., Sioux C'.,
.loiepb. 3 Tuprka. T
Wli llil.l, ! Donvei 4
tig .1
U. S. rat, OK. IlllUiilii
America's Finest RYE
H.B.Kirk&Co. New York.N.Y,

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