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Cloudy to-day; cooler; to-
warmer; soumwest vhvv ,.
Highest temperature yeitertfiy; twBk;.i
icumin vvcaiaicr, rnnii anil marine'l
NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 4, 1916. Copyrlohl, lDlfi.bj the Sun rrfnHitf- ami Publishing Association,
Carranza Forces to Occupy
Points as Americans
Net ire.
Cairaua Confers Willi Ad
visors and Is Expected
to Consent.
Details of Conference on
Border (Joes tq Wilson
Special Cable Hfpiteh In Tiir. Si's.
Iltiioi Oitv, May 3. Ocu. Obregon
r trltKrnplioJ Catrauza asking his
miction lo Ills agreement with Oetis.
Scott and Hum-ton, reached at II last
rsht, on the basis tli.it Hip American
furors iflitf from Mexico, the Coiwtltu
tlnnallsts occu;ilng the utr.ucfiic! i-olnts
the Americans evacuate tlieni, The)
Wi will press the campaign asaltiHt
Vi :1a with strong force.
Oarruitza has dofii stud) its. Dip nutter
thu afteilioon with 111' advlsem and It Is
bdmed lie will Miictlou the pinject
lit llislsl ( iirrnnrn I'nrers
I run I I till. mil. tin.
Ei Pvso. May ;!. On, (Sat Ira. mil-'
tar .nmniniider if Juarez, sent '
Mie tli i aftcrtioon to all his mrnni.itid
us In he lleM Info: tiling thorn that the
conference between (Jen Obregon nnd
f;ott was progressing in .1 manner at
Uf.i toiy to- the Constitutionalist cause
rd tint he believed he would be able 1
l:i .1 short time to atinoiince Its con-clJ-'.on
.11 an amicable mannel. satisfac
to") both Ooverumciits atul the people
ir . obrcgoii gave "ill the following
licit tn-iilgiil
" vs 11 result of the lonfei eiK'e V'fler
61.. w 11 lien. Scott, tin- nMnoi-phote
jkiv now completely cleared up. There 1
- a inn' .1 hotter feeling between Aineri
im .11. i Mexicans and all tension seems
van Jhnl.
' agreement ban not been leached,
tat vcr thing l.i pri.jrcslng favorably,
and I have the highest hopes that mut
ters will reach a successful culmination"
IlJalomero Almada. general ll-eat
:ei' the Oarrunza liuv rmncnt In
fir t'nitcd SUtcu, after a visit to (ien
U -e. . n Juarez to-ilay, said this
t'terii nin that "all difference between
1 Mcxans and th" Aineileans have
I'm leared tip." He asserted that
U'l' ubregoti told him to-day that he
lni never met a nun who was fa'rer '
tii.i Oe'i Scott. Ilo added
lien ul.rcgon filit me that he wis
tu ir icd to llml a man In polities -o '
liontst Hi- said there were Mime i'lf
fercnees between the Ainerleans and
Mexicans, 'nit when he cuino to the 'ir-
iifr and talked with (ien f ott they
wrrc soon dlsipated 1 talked with
li' o iieami fur two hours and he wns,
I'Misips tien. S ott most of the time."
Tin- aa the only olllclal admls'-'on
tfc.ird nj; the piores of negotiations
ttut m.iilc to-day (ien.- !-"o,i
f'd'.ed tii-nluht that he didn't set oft
e ast of his code mesaKes to Wash
t s'on an the lonference unlll .to-daj ,
t 'I -aid he would not be surprised If,
i'i" mi t eonfeience did not lake place
utHI !-nda
llnth (ieiiernln lleii.
'if 11 iibieaou. wlio leniained In eon-f-iti
e with (ien. Scott until c.nly this
rr.ni busied himself III Juarez eJ
ie,n siib.irdlnates and readlni: met
aiif. ,10m Mexi. 0 eltj, of which he re
(' eu scxci;,!, lioth (lenerals refued
t ' ' - 11 mi the eonfeience.
lev an and American mllltar Mini
! I'lorna n ollb'lals to-day appe'ired
1 ti.oie a- eafe than all) time "luce the
conferi ' er last Saturday Th tensity
of lie uiatlon has relaxed ery larvdy.
It u learned to-d i that while Mfe
i.rcenistit between (Jens. S of ml fit)
tfse f.r the American troops lo rennlt
' Mex.i, witnout piotest fioni the de
Uii; ii',ernm"iit for the time belrs
as ei 'ered Into, it was mutually as'enl
Ii.t ,f tn,. de facto (iovernmcnt "mahes
r"C"l .n us eaiiinalKii acilnst th
' le duration of the Ainerlenn
r'i -'.ii will be short
b s ii ilerstood that Hen Scott vhtu
f .i.-iii'il that as soon us the Carran
f,n is ei, vim ed the 'Americans of theli
arnestnvsM and of their ability to cany
'a 'a r pmmlsis. the neiesslly for the
Ann ...i, Hoops In Mexico would end.
v n-istetiie was made by lien Scott
"id' ne .Mexicans giant the us of tho '
m " 0 This will not be done Tills
i leeasl iii these despatches sev-
"a s ago
1 " v M-ason nould gieatly hum-
I" i i.a wholly cilpple the motor truck
- ' the III 111) 111 Mexico.
Iet of tureemeiit Sent,
I' . oiiieveil to-iiighl that belli Hie
' "i' a ami American tioveriimeniH
la e me ii,,. ful text of the tentative
.rc,, ,t reai'heil h) (iens Scott and
'"'"K ' la. t night. Hen. Ohregon Is
know i., hme sent lencth) lode ines
nice i., tiia (iovtrnnieiit dining the day
""I 'in, Sioll ailinitted doing the same.
Obregon teulved several ines-
"ire 'miiii Mexico, but it was denied
''Kin tliat he Im 1 1 reielveil aiiv ap
ll"val from the Kt Chief of his lie
"'in llnwever, theie Is little doubt
oi.ii he iigieeinent will bn aiceptable nt
''1 " ''I slme Obregon Is declared
"tn. e i,e(i nmifl radical than his chief
'" ,nmm e that Hie American
fr'es , g.. out of Mexho and was
"u n "lhiird by strong pirssurc from
i a anc others
Co Pri aping's romtiiunli a I ion with
'oMii.;rd on ''ifA Pnni.
Wilson and Lansing Expect Satisfactory Answer
Promise of Temporary Abandonment of Submarine
Attacks Expected to Lead to Understanding.
tptemt Cable linpatrh to Tiir Scs
MDItl.l.N, i Anilrrdinn. .May .1.
The "l.nknlnnrlitrr" ny It l rxprrtnl
that the reply In the American note will
he Imndfil to Anitiaailor (irratil to
morrow aftrrnoon.
Special rahle leimlcl, lo Tills
llKtit.t.v, via Amsterdam. Ma 3. Am
basador (ieratd arrived In llerlln at
i o'clock eterday eenluit, iiecoulitic
to the Urrlincr TaiicUatt. The paper
adds that the Anilias-ailoi's mrh.il wiih
kept secret. Ktlend who met Mr. Ur
rard aUed him ;
"What new, are you brliiKitnr ux?"
The Ainb,i.adof atiMwered, smllltm :
"I am biitiKiiiK only jllence. I may
not ay auythltiK,"
The Tiiyrblnlt ciiee the belief that
there l still hope for a friendly ter
mination of the cnntnneisy with the
l.'nlted State..
it In understood that the (ieratan
reply to the Amiric.in note ha been
drafted. It will not be despatched
to Washington Immediately, how
ever, 119 It Is probable, that minor
chnnK'S will he made after a tclec.aphlo
communication of the views of the rjrr
man officials hac been exchanged be
tween Herllu nnd the general military
It Is said that (iermany's attitude will
be stand In utimlsMkablo IniiBuaKC. The
.ipeel!1c orders of the Herman Admiralty
to submarine commanders v lit be quoted
and much other Inforinatii n wilt be con
tained tu tin note. It is said
It is not permitted to forecast the
tenor of the (ieiman repl. When the
note will be sent to Washington Is not j
know 1. j
While at the general headquatte!" Mr.
Ciernrd and Joseph ". drew, seciet.iry of 1
the embassy, wile guests at the r-sl-1
uence of (.'hancellor on IJethm.inn-lloll-weg,
but nient much of their time In
the open air, as thilr bronzed facet
showed. 1
The (ieiman headquarters n in a'
tow n In northern Kranie. anil the Am-j
ba.ador and the secretary found time,
in addition to the conference with the'
tiirm.in officials, to Insi'eu the method 1
of distribution of food supplied b. !
Amc.lcan organizations to the I'Viiili'
jinpu'.atlon Also they paid a xlsll to
the Herman trcmdies
A special Haiti from ltrus"ls btought
membe' of the Amerlcnu I'omm'sslon '
for Itellef In lielgium to the Herman
hcadqun tet to "re tl'e American Am
bttssador l.usilanln Innlvrrimr),
Next Sunda). the anniversary of the! The tenor of these censored despatches I
sinking of the l.usitanla. It Is expected jegarded here as hopeful, the tnti- ,
will witness the tlnal declFion of the matlon being that Herlln will sallsf.v ',
question, "War or peace between He--itlo American demands
uati) and the United State?" The vital point in the stand of the ,
This statement Is made on the strenul 1 t'nlted Stat-s Is that Herman) s so-,
of nifonvM'.lun the full nature of which
the correspondent l not permitted to di.s. j
c'ose. It Is made, howevei, upon ah-
..olutely reliable authority. I
This does not mean that Oeriii.ni s
COST HIM $9,750,000
Oil hands He ("Save to Milliken, ;
AY ho Financed His Defence,
r.rinir a Fortune.
Drnvkii, May 3 John T Milliken.
Colorado wealth) mine owner, now a
resident of St. Louis, who advanced the
funds to defend Albert T. Patrick, con
victed of the murder of William Marsh
It lee, who was pardoned a few ears
ago and came to Colorado, has been re
paid many fold by the once life convict.
Oil lands in Oklahoma with which
Patrick repaid Mr. Milliken have been
sold by the latter to the Sinclair Oil and
Keflrilng Company for ja.aflO.OnO In cash
and f'J.1ft.nu of the company's stock
According to Attorney l.eonldas K
Hill of Denver, who sued Milliken In the
IVileial Court here last year for an ac
line of the money furnished for
Patrick's defence, the deal Involved IV
III' 1 1 acres or UKianoma
resulted from an original
oil land and
Investment of
John T Milliken Is a brother-in-law
of Albeit T. Patilck. He tluanced the
twelve ear tight for the freedom of
the lavvver who had been convicted of
the murder of William M. Illee. Hov.
John A, Dlx pardoned Patrick. Milliken
admitted that he spent over tlfiO.ono in
he course of his efforts to free the
lawyer. Milliken Is a manufacturing
chemist and mine owner.
Iteslilents of sun I'rKiiciseo
Pro in II) nili in.
The Holland-America steamship llyn
dam, which was nineteen days getting
hero from Rotterdam because she was
held up thteo days at Kirkwall and tocdi
the long course around Scotland to
avoid mines and submarines, had her
forvvaiil compartments remodelled so
that she would have a good chance lo
lloat should she repeat her experience In
January of smashing Into a mlno off
the, Lngllsh coast.
She was ready to sail two weeks he
fore she finally not away from her homo
port, hut was held up by a strike of
seamen, who demanded higher wages
for "initio lisks," The line gave them
XZ per eeni more money than they had
n" netting. All of her mall, except
the American Kiubassy bag, was taken
otf by the Itiltlsli and landed at Kirk-
junta ve Kisnsz, nn Austrian, wn-i
. . .. . . 1 11... I 4 ...A..... .,
"v." . 1 i Ji C i.,.. i.e., v"
e,.i.eoso. .... . . . ."' """'
'Klrkwal'l UU Twite V, I I Zr"
r ,a and P'llllllie weA perinlHeil to
prnlU"" aV HahnomrMrHnOe;;n.de
Kvelln and her daughter. Anne Mane
they were
residents or Man I'rancisoo,
. . .. .
Nobody aboard the ship knew anything
about them.
tOr. tha of all Imi atopptrtd bottle.
answer lo 1'iesldeiit Wilson's "last
word" on the submatltie question may
not be despatched to Washington to
morrow or l'lhlay and that It may not
be published In both countrbs before
Sunday. What It niennx Is that witiiln
four days the crisis between tierm.in
and America will be dellnltely ended or
will haw dciiloped Into 11 diplomatic
bt(.il( ami possibly war.
It was hinted here by n high foieign
ollhial this afternoon that If Sunday
should have been fixed fui the day of.
climax which he would neither deny nor' William T Wheeler, 61 ve,u old, ec-.otitlnu-lt
was done at the suggestion of ' , lMMm. ,lf tl, -,()rt Jcrtern
the American 1 io-1 nineiit Suih a siii,-1 ... . . ,
gesllon. however. If It wan made, could i 1'lpc,rU' LlKl11 ( 'P-t'' of Tort JefTM
have been iiosslble only lifter Washington , son, !.. I, committed suicide yesterday
had tieeit privately Informed by Ambas
sador (ienird that the' Cciinan answer
would be satisfactory.
has al- j
d until :
I'n turi'r With I .
The viry fact that (lermany
lowed her answer to be delavi
now. whet, mi. feediiKsthat stlned the
American people four ila.vs less than a
ear ngo are only too apt to be revived
to rt-Jouhled strength, Incllcaten to close
observers that the Herman 1 iovernment I
li about to meet the American demands. '
Otherwise. It is argued, I'tesldent Wll-,
son s request for a leply "now and im-;
mediate" would have been promptly "'tn paseii. 1 lie .iuk volts Kiiieit 111111
(implied with Instead of allowing two j Instantly.
wi el;s to elapse. j Dr. William II. (Illisou of Huntington,
Utile credence Is given In olllclal i the Coroner, said that tho electric light
ciiclei here to Washington ibsp itches t'lant was a menace to the v lllage. The
telling of a note of Impatience starting 1'tirlck family had brought suit for $50,
irom ttiero. It is known that tlKAmerl- "(H1 nnd the Itlatch family for tn".ft"".
can Amhasnilor has hem In . cftistant j Depressed by these troubles. Wheeler
touch with his (iovernment throughout ; told several friends that he did not wish
the t.me taken up by conference nnd i to live longer.
that he has received Instructions from Wheebi was unmarried and lived w Ith
Secretary Lansing In tepl.v to his rc-1 his niothir. .Mis Woodhull Wheeler,
port" ! Three brothels and a sister also survive
While the general snitlment in Herlln , hhn.
coMinuip to be' optimistic theie ha.s not j William HlaMi's death was caused
been the "lightest utile. al hint upon w hich j h his touching a live electric light wire
it may be logically based. Nothing Is I
'(liown Regarding the natuie of the Her
man iins'vver, vet everybirly believes that
it will icstilt In a final settlement of thi
controversy with America.
fiielnry I
WnOilim (on I'eels "mls
oolntlitn Will Hi- lleiielii'
W.vslHMiTON, Mav .1 -"Hevlved hope. I , Pl.,.ary- fr lighting Coroner
hut no undue optimism ' Hlbson after Investigating Mr I'uiick's
This 1 haractenzes rresideut Wilson's death s.'veiely ! itlets,H the cninp.inv
frame of mind on the submarine issu ' . vl1'""I, r- '- said charged that he
... hail been unable tn biiug the companv s
to.n.ght Meanwhile .-rrvtary l.ati-.tig ..Mi,i.iti.-tt up to the siamiai.l he de
,'iw.uts ollhial wold fium Ambas. lolor , sited.
Herard contlrming press despatches trom
I Herlln to the 1 ffect that Herman) will
lsue new lnstiilctlous to submarine I
. commandets and otherwise detlne its at,-
titude on future submarine waifaie,
I against merchantmen. t
called Illegal siibmai Ine warfare miHt
stop and stop now
Ollieial. hen foresee a possibllit that
C011K11 in; ni 77ifn 'nje
of Kv-Scmitor Rrackett
to Sue II 11 inn ii i t ji riii
Mr". IMith Hrnckett Stewart, a sister
of ex-.s.enator lldg.ir T Hraikett of
Saratoga, has caused a summons to be
seivcd on Misha Applebaum, president
of the Himianltarla Cult, In a civ'l
suit In which she demands pavuiem of
As the .summons does not make clear
why Mis. Slewait makes her demand,
, n the opinion of the priest of the Hn
iiiariltaria Cult, he retained Ueorge Hor
ilon llattle to look into the matter. Mr
Hattle has asked for a bill of parllcu
bus from Mrs, Stewart's attorney, Max
well l.ovlns of, 110'.' Stirling place,
Hiooklyn, but up to the ptesetit Mr.
l.ovlns has not sent the desired Informa
tion. Mr pplebaum said last night that
i b advice of his attorney he did not
propose "to dignify Mrs. Stewarts rase
either by denying or atllrrnlng lur de
mand." He went on lo say that after receiving
the hill of particulars from Mrs. Stew
art he would piesent his side of the
case If she wished to go to trial. Mean
while the Himianltarla Cult now has
IS, 300 members, having secured ll.iino
J In the last eight mouths, anil is llndlng
positions for an average of three per
sons a day.
i "As n matter of fact." said Mr Apple
baum, "Mr Hattle has done everything
to get the bill of particulars, but it has
not been supplied because Mrs. Stewart
Is III. I have noticed, however, that she
lias pot been too III to write me a cer-
Tnkenjtuln kind of letters Hut that will come
, out later. Personally I have too high a
regard for the Now x orlt conns tu try to
Irdluence public opinion one way or an
other "
.Mrs. Stewart's attorney said that the
hill of particulars would be sent to Mr.
Flattie as soon as he could llml lima tn
prepare It after Mrs. Stewart recoveied'to th
sutllcleiitly to supply the contents.
Mr. Iivins said that Mrs. Stewart hail
done n great deal for Mlsha Applebaum,.
having Introduced him to the Dixie So
i clety, the Twilight Club and the Press
I Club it ml also to Senator Thompson and
Lord and I.ady Aberdeen. ,
Italian FirMlenliiii Merely lie.
i lenitive, Sn Hume I'orelun Office,
,,., r.i,e l(wtet to Tnn Su.v.
Ilnvie. Mav ;l. Accorillllir to rennrls
I circulating hole, Austihilis mid nermann
lam sprtadliig nilsleadlriR repoits that
the Itallun fortlllcatloriH on the Swiss
'"l,fr "HM HUMplelon
Hwltwrluinl will tolerate an eve.,-
tua. ';;;:;j-1a;;;:'
I "' "n"r ,.,V,elLn ( Me .
1 .!.. t ia mr I'll on., a.e mere v .1...
.. . ..r. .,.. '..J.;...,' .
ICIISIVI ...' c,.nu,..e iMif et.i'iv it'll n
this sort, which, It says, are unfounded
and unjustltled, since the Italian (iov
ernnicni Is well aware that Switzerland
will not tolerate a violation of Its. nu.
trallty, which It Is fully able to defend.
W. T. Whrckr of Pop! .leffcr
son Co. Worriod Over I'urick
nnd Match Accidents.
Current in Klectcic I'lant That
Caused His Troubles Also
Finished Them.
morning. I
lie had worried over the killing of C. I
l-'red I'urlcli In thu bathroom of his 1
home last .In 1 111.11 y and thu death last
summer of William Itlatch, the husb ind
of Mrs. I Inn lot Stanton Itlatch. both '
,,.lvll . 1)H.U atlrl,ui0d to alleged ,
, , ., . . , .
' l'f,'-'tlM' aparatus of Ins company.
Choosing a time when no one was In
the power room of the plant, Wheeler ,
enteieil nnd placed fine hand upon each
of the two main rwltchcs, thus forming ,
a connection inrougn which ine 11111 cur- ,
In the :ud of his home It was al-
leged that the wire was not pioperly
Insulated and the company's equipment
was s.'verel.v erltlclsrd at the time.
When C f-'red I'uiltk, also a wealthy
man. was killed by touching an electric
fixture with bis hand when standing in
a metal bathtub peisous whose hoiis(
were wiled boamo worried and were
lUiiibtful whether It was safe for them
f to handle the sw itches and lights lest
I tlif. ultcM I'.irri1 .1 lili'liut ..iirrnul flt'ii.
li-.riintor eiiilttil of Chiirur of
I'lolllnu in Wrrek IIhiiU
i Ctttc.voo, Ma 1 3 -William l.orlmr
former I'niied states Sei ator. w .is found
not still) to-n.ght of cnibezz'etnrtit ,11. d
colspi-a. to w rei I; the l.a Salle tri-et
'Trust at'd Savm Hank. The Jur.v re
I tuiri'd its erdnt at midn.gh'. after
i seven bonis delil'iatiou ami after a
I trial lasting the weeks
(tooled lis Sll.vliilt lie W ill Not Seek
1 ltleleil Inn to imiti.
Washington drspn-h to tin tl'nrl.f
tli s in lining qii'iti- Senator irUorman
1 as sa)inc
"I have decided not to accept t.'e
nmltiatii n for reelecfon to the Senate
i WlHt, my tern i pires on March I, 1!1T,
I snail have completed an tin nterniited
pul'th s' rv ice of twentv-foui )ears,
I eightien .vears as Judge and six years as
.i Scnit'H Mv peison.il atTairs now re.
quire and should ri'eive rnv iindlvided
.it t. ntlotl '
$11.130.000 SUGAR "MELON.
firenl Western liltes II I u Dividend
to ll,ildirn nf ('fiimiMiii stneU.
Dt..svir. May 3 - The l.ugest "melon"
ever 'lit In the West bv a corporation
will be distributed in July by tin- (irc.it
Western Sugar Cnnipau) which will
then apportion among the holdt is of its
common slock the reiirilndcr of that
Issue now held In the tie.isury. approxi
mating $1 l"ii',, Oini in par value and now
worth about Hl.lU'.OOO.
The news, which conies from one of
I the prominent otlhero of the company,
explains the staitliug .nivalin's In H re.it
Western common, which sold .vestoiday
at J-'.'i". as cnmpaicd with JoL' less than
two )ear ago In addition to declaring
a stock dividend at tile July distribution
i the (Ireat Western became of Increased
learning power will luciease the cash
dividend rate to In percent
House nml Semite I nutrr Ten-
lull v el) turn' mi Vlensnre.
W.vsniNiiTos, Mav 3 - lieorganUatlori
and federalization of the National (iuard ,
as proposed by the House, whereby there I
would be created a mllltla reserve of ap.
proximately -ton, 000 men, was tentatively !
agreed to to-da) b the conferees on the,
army bill. The Senate s provisions for i
the National (luard were along the same !
line as those in the House hill, but would
provide for only 2a'i.ioo men
Some of the Senate amendments to i
the oilglnal hill respecting the militia
may be accepted to-morrow. Including,
the Wadswnrth amendment, which would'
icqiilrc enlisted olllcers and men to take
an oath to the Culled Stales s well
e Slnte.
Measure fur Cnlllnu Out All
Lllulbles Posses I'lrsl llendlnu.
venal lalile DtsifrA In Tiir. Six
Lonpon, May 3. The compulsion lull,
aminuuccil .vesleida) by Premier
Asqulth, was Introduced In the House of
Cnmuiniis lo-ilnv .
This bill, which becomes ilTectlve a
month after lis passage, authorizes the
nnvcriiuiciit to call to the colors nil
males eligible for seivlce. It piovldes.
however, for the estalillsninont of an I
army reserve for Industrial urn Ic. To
Mils reserve the Hov eminent may as-
sign ns many men ns Industrial cnndl-
lions, demand.
All men, whether m m led or single.
between th iiRes of IS and 41 are
The debate nn the bill piovcd that
the opposition lu Parliament Is ncgllgl-!
ble, Tlio hill passeii us first r-aillr4:
with general cruers. All
poiiu iiiiscii wan uiai pussioiy ir nu
will now accept compulsion An ap.
i.e... yviii or ii.ni.e ,u mr .s luiouiiusis
through John nedmond to this
(5cncral IJonrd Shows Congress j
Steps Necessary to Win
' Lost rinec Hack.
Ituildei's Assure Dcpiirt nient
Mjt Proofrainine Could Re
Slnrted nt Once.
W.vsiiinoton-, May 3 The (lencral
Hoard of the navy has explained to Con-I
gless how- thu t'nlted States navy might'
be brought to Its maximum point of eftl-1
cleney In the shortest possible time. The '
explanation accompanies data showinc
why the L'nitid States has fallen behind j
(lirm.iuy in naval strength within the
last few .vears and other Information ,
w hich the House .Vaval Committee do-
...... . 1
Itepiesentatlve Huller. lVhnsylvanla,
asked Secretary Panlels tn obtain the
Information from the (ieneral Hoard and
Secretary Daniels complied. The On-
eral Hoard's report was nude public to
Construction ould be begun Imme
diately on the luttle"hips, five battle
cruisers, nine scout cruisers, twenty-two 1
desttovers and an unlimited number of
submarines, according to the (Ieneral
Hoard. This statement Is based on b't-
ters from shipbuilding firms, with whom
the Navy Department has been in com
munication. '
The 1let1e1.1t llo.iiil extdalns, however, I
that certain measures would have to be
taken Immediate') to speed up this
building programme. The supply of hull
and tii'iiinnerv material, the maximum
output of armor and gun plants and the
amount of skilled labor available would
b all important factors, It Is txplalmd.
"Should Congriss pas a Ihw requiring
shipbuilding tlrms to disregard all other
central ts anil requiring ail nianufac-;
tureis to do the same the number or
ships that could be built ruld he greatly
iiicias'd, ' the lepott sas
l.nlior l.iivv-i Nreil Chnuttlim
"The time required to build ships coti.d
be shortened if the limitations of the
eight hour labor laws were removed and
als 1 If the Hov, ttitutnt wre willing to
p.i) the additional tost of having the'
ships built by labor working In shifts;
this, again, would depend on the amount
"t skilb-d labor ava'.ible and the cap.i-i
bilitles of the manufacturers of armor,
1:111. and material to make J liveries.
"The Heneral Hoard Is not able to f s-,
innate cost of ships bull; by men work-,
lug In shifts. A reliable shipbuilding
firm his stated that leduclng the time I
of building a certain class of ship by I
one-half Increases the cost 40 per cent. 1
and it Is reasonable to assume that the
Increased cost fur all classes of ships
would be approximately the same " 1
Tin' Heneral Hoard states that a capital,
ship . oald be completed lit thirty-two to.
th.it) -eight months arter signing con-
nun h l"" tun1
"Capital ship- can be launched in a taken to mean that tin; 'everal luindi.il
Mai after the la)ltig down of the keel i Irlshiin n who took part in the rcvol'i'b i
and the slips thus bdonie available for mav es.ape with even lighter se'itei.tv..
buildlm: other ships, the .eport s,)s ,..,, ni.t,s (lf lea.llng sp-
The Heneral Ho ml indorses the Idei
of autboiizing a large numb.- of ships , I,orlcI 8 "f l'" UM IMrllamentaiy pall)
at one time i In New York last night a cablegram was
In its referenci to the Herman navyLr. ,t, ji, j.;. ltidinond, M I'. winch
the board siates
' The t'nlted Statf s lost seeoml position I
in naval stiength because ,t did not biill.lt '" u,K'r,', l'ontl '" unK ''NCl'"'
hips and provide personnel to nr et theition of Dublin leaders with treatment In
r.ell known bulliling progiamme of tin j i'ter and South Africa, are icvolted ti
(oVrminvT 0C"U '" Stm,l!,h this sign of reve.slon to savage repies-
Wh lieroian) Went thrml. I l'10"' ' ....
"The Herman laws of lx?x and
with amendments In I'.ioii ami 191:
1'nhi i
down a detlnlte piogramme of building
ships, piovldlug the neciss.ir) peisonnej
and for teplaclng battleships after
iwinty ears In service"
A table Is provided to shniv how the
fighting stiingth of the Herman navy
lias Incieased. mi the basis of di'place.
ment the I'nlted States dropped behind
Hernia")' in It'll, the board lepnrts Con
sidering dlsplaci ineru of ships "built and
building,'' the Pulled States dropped be-'
htinl Hcrmany in 1 !:. Though nothing'
Is 'lellmtely known nf the Herman build
ing piograinni" since the war began the
board assumes that Heimaiiy Is employ
ing her full capacity
Conslde ring active personnel the I'nlted
State s has diopped from second place In i
IPOs to sixth place at the present time
This, It Is explained, Is due to expansion I
of the belligerent nations, I
stolen Hoods round I
Home, Police
ii elioeer'
Helix Nelme.ver, a distinguished look
tug man of tlfty, who was once a candi
date for Assemblyman on the Indepen
dence League ticket, was arrested last
night at Ills home, .10'; ICast 113d street.
The Hroux. on charges of violating th?
Sullivan law and lecelvlng stolen goods.
Detectives Wagner and Meyer found
III Nelmeyer's home a collection of pic
ture frames, dog collars, knives, forks
and spoons, Jewelry and other things
bearing the names of department stolen,
which they estimate are worth IJO.nuo
They say Nelme.ver has confessed i
eiliiilu.il record beginning In lx'!! and
that he Is now on ball on two shoplifting
The front loom of Nclmcvoi's hnine,
vvheie lie has lived foi thirteen .vears
'and Is held lu high esteem, was lilted
out ns a display loom, and It also cou
taimd a big safe, whli h vvas locked. Ne.
mover said be had lost the combination,
and the police think theie aie more valu
ables lu the safe, lu this mom wns a
loaded levolvei
1 At til Ht Nelme.ver denied that the dls-
I play In his salesroom was stolen, hut
made a partial
confession, tho police
'Ml v. when they slinvve.l
i from the mgiies' miller)
him u plclure
1 iiesldes his cnndldncv for Assemblv-
limn from the Thirty-second Assembly
'dlstilct south In The Hinnx in 1010 Nel
'mever served on last niuiilli's Hiaml
.luiv. ne is wen i.uowii nun inucii ie-
spected in llio lirnux.
-.,,. ..,. ...
Cabinet Converted tn Propo-ml In
.Move the Clneli Abend,
special Cable petiiatch to Tim Srx
Lonpon, May 3. The Dally Mail
that the Cab net has: l.een
Interestlhlk'lx,ried tn the proposition of moving the
. clock ahead In order to "nave davllght.
1 The adoption nf tho measure Is conslil-
i rTri practically certain and w 111 iiroh-
nhy hecome a fact on May 13.
I'lp'rldi In'erna!' 11.1I Kl'm .s-r 1 r
Peter H. Pearse.
Schoolmaster, Lecturer nnd P10
visioiinl V resident of the
"Irish Republic."
"Ba-se Bmtality," Says Robert E. Ford, of the "Irish
.World" "Atrocious Crime and Colossal Blun
der." Declares Justice Cohalan.
The speed) action of the Ihiglish au
thorities In tr.vlng and executing four
of the leadets of the Irish republic es
tenlay was a surprise to Irishmen n
this country xho, after the collapse of
the movement hoped seme way might
be found to save the lives of the leaders
The fact that the tht.ee other signer.
f lf. vrwUnwiu , ,.
1 lie ' wi'ie given only time cars w 'is
It was slgneir uy i.apt .-tepneu .ucrai-
presulent of the New York inimlcl-
pal council of the I'nlted Irish League.
The Irish papers here say the rv ot
is still lu progress tn the country dlsti Ictt,
of Ireland. The praise the valor and
tlghl ng spltlt of the libel forces anJ
say the attunpt to win Irish fr'?dnm
has been more sticcessfii1 than Lnglan I
admits. Thu papers print tlarmg fmrt
1 pace articles telling of victories
of th.'
revolting t ps
Says ftobert II. Ho id. iditor of
hhh Win 1,1
"Tin1 shooting of Pearse and his is
sociates will serve only to make the
war bi'tvv'icii Iteland and Liigland .note
bitter To shoot theiii down was a piece
of base biiitnlity and will no doubt
I cause lepilsais li) tile people o( inlaliH
Pearse. like Washington, tepieseuteil u
people throwing olT the yoke of Lugland.
Washington would have been shot like
Pearse had h" fallen Into the bands of
the Knglish "
Jeremiah A (1'l.rai), a piomituut
Irish leader of his couritr) men lu th.h
clt). said the men who slgntd the derla
latloii of the icpuhHc knew they were
signing their own death wall. int. Me
added .
sii)s llel.el-t sneeeeileil,
"These men knew their eifoits would
fall, hut tliey were not striving for im
mediate results They sought lo pl'uv
the cause of Ireland befoie the wor'd
like a thunderbolt, and they have suc
ceeded, The lluropean war was forirot
ten for one week and at its end Ine
world In Its desire to end war by ie
moving Its present causes will icmember
Ireland because the blood nf these in "i
and the sacrltheH of their gallant use -elates
will cry out "
Lugl.iliil his again shown heiself In
I her
true colors nml has commuted in
once an atioclotis .nine ami a tolossa.
blunder." decl.ned Justice Daniel H. Co.
hal. in. "Her minder ot I'eaise. Connolly,
Clark and Mac Dnruigh has adibd foui
names to the lung list of lush mat tyrs
,c rut placed four ailiUtlnn.il uatii' s amoiig
the Irish nnperlshables Tncy w.ie
guilty in llnglauil's e.v.s of the unpai
doitahle olfcrue of loving tl.r loiiuli')'
and the) have bravely gone to th.' death
I which the) welcomed for Ireland's sake
Hut l'ngland has reckoned li.nllv if ,
she thinks that such win I; on her part
will strike terroi into liish hearts. Hoi
every man tuns none lo neaiu man)
1 1 1 1 1 1 s . 1 1 1 1 1 si of otlieis will sluing up
HIT llllllllVV.' nirnnr- ......
do all that they may In older to bring
to an end her unholy reign of tr.iuny
and savagery. H.nlly beattn In her
sttuggle with tile Central Powers, she
dragged Irishmen down In order to glut
her savage hate upon them and thought
by their murder to frighten the 1 1 ir-ti
laiv Hut she forgets the past and
knows little ol the ran mcr which sin
l as tyrannized for so many centuries."
John P. .Mooie, national secretary of
the Hrlends of Irish Hreednin, said:
"Humanity must bo truly shocked,
and Lngbinil will he held to 'strict ac
countability' for It lynch law exnu
Hons. In the minds and hearts not
only of every man and woniun ot the
" '.
Thomas J. Clarke,
of the Men Who Sinned
I'lochtmiitioti of. j,he "Irish
Ir.-h rate, but of eveiy nue man and
woman of all races, this blood tlilistluess
of the Hngllsli (ioveinmuit will be ion.
"These executions they can properly
be . (:ied nuv-deis- prove that England
to-d.i) l the an-s ciuel Ihigl.md that
rust tover.d lis Ir.sh vi.tim. with pitch
before binning tlieni , that manacled Its
siibjeets in Ind.a who asp. red to free-I
dim to i annun mouths and blew tlieni
(to atoms. And ,t n the same l.'iigland
itliat to-da) is HMg her gnatest eu-I
, ui 10 m.ii w aim uesitoy cveiy nil-
man being of n itK,.y, M-xes and condl -
l lion. In Austria, Orimany and Hun-
gai) '
"L'ngland is doing all she can lo force
the people of Iiclarid to resmt again to
what (ilad-totie termed 'the wild Justice
of revenge'," said Joseph W. Havali, a
l.nv.ver. of :'3.t Hroadwa.v. 'It Is slmpl)
another e.xpei, ence that conv in. es Irish
men at li. .in., and abroad of tl.e futlllt)
of trusting io Lnglaud foi any measure
of Justice m io anv agitation carried on
in Lngl.ind or to the recreant Irish lead
rs who are now drawing tz.fliiii a var
salary from the llrltlsh Treasury The.
Hntlsh Hoveriiment did not execute the
leaders of the rebellion In South Africa
they did not execute Sn lalwaid Carson,
who swore that he and hi' I'Ister volun
teers would resist an act of parliament
Kivlng Inland home IU,., i,ut made him
a Cabinet otllcer , nor did tl.e) execute
Hi" police or military authorities who
were held lesponslhle bv a Coroner's
.tin) for the shooting and death of de
fenceless men and women m the meets
of Dublin b) i lie Scottish Horderers a
lew weeks prior lo the outbreak of the
lltliopean wai
"The men who aie tlKhtlng Pnaland's
battles I,, In inlet s and elsewhere are
i" it "le lepresetitative of Hie litsh race
than aie the tramps the rifraff. the Idle
.ind tin iinpio.lui live of the I'tnted
State. The) a,,, the s, mil of Iieland,
and tint moie than so.nnii ,,f t It 1 class
ate in llnglaiid's lighting ranks, the
ivcicant lleilm.inil s asseition lo the con-
ii. ii) nni withstanding. j
"If lhigland were coii.sistent she would '
have given the liishmen she executed In'
tin Toner of lindon the same deal she I
gave i iimoi, j n Campbell and other
1 Ister rebels . i eat lu her Cabinet"
, IIiiuImimI Musi ', I'eniill' for Lie.
i'lo. sM) "Cinelle inerlenii."
Iteland will avenge the e xei iition of
, the ton, fehel leaders veslciday in Hie
i Tower of London bv exei iitliig llrltlsh
jprlsoneie taken in anothei revolt, savs
(John Devoy, editot or the (,'ni lie .liiiei
con. In an editm ial in tho issue of the
1 paper out to-dav.
i "These men weie iiiiii.leicil. and lie
i land, betoie tins war is ovc i, will exact
ja heavy toil ha the huteheiv," the nil-
loilal savs llverv man of lliem.vv.iH
taken In aims. we. mug a unlloim, and
weio soblleis oi an Irish nnny That
iiiinv will be ie.iigaiil7e, as suteh us
I the sim will use lo-niotiow nml will
capliur inanv Hntlsh ...hlleis nml oifl
jeeis (ifi iieis vv dt, of i inn .(, he se-
luted to pav l he penaltv of I :nil.iii.ls
I ruthless muni
l ot
...si, orrue,,. , e!
Illlv hliiught befol
a . inn I ..ni... I .....
tiled and execlltei
That Is the law nt
llliglauil lias been
bv a llrmg siiua.l.
f... ....I. i . .
.... . .... ...... nn ii n. I lit
in l na.v o .no is Me, i.uiv llppioachlhg
anil she will pav Hie penaltv ot her
1 1 lilies.
"These gall. ml liishiiien weie miir-
iilereit nn me purpose hi Niiuong terror
Into liishmen. bill the alleinni ulll r.,ii
a , 1 1 hii.'II , II 1 1 i 1 1 1 i i ii s of 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 w I.
hi u-
tnlltv nnd snvngery have failed
snvngery have failed lu the
past The men she has hulcliered aie
the political saints nf Iieland in-dny
and their iiiiiiich ate honored bv the
whole people as are the saints of the
"The Irish l aie has nevei vet been
lerinrized. It Is always at its best when
lighting with ,ts hack to the wall against
desperate odds. These muiileiH will
arouse It lo a degree that will bode III
for lhigland, She could nnt have done
aii) thing more Injurious to her own n
teresls or mom leallv lomluilve to
Ireland's, That Is the lesson ot Irish
history which lhigland has never grasped
and never will be able tn learn."
Mi'ivii iniC i
earse, (. onuo -
' ' Mil in 1
ly. )IacI)oiiarh and
Clarke Ivvccuted.
Lord Lieutenant Likely to
Follow Kxample Set ly
flfV OF "iirxsr IS
Ca-eiiieii t's Trial tor Trea
' son Soon to Be Held
in honilon.
unul i ,il,!e fietimti.il In Tiik i
Ui.mion, May ,l Ivter II Pearse, the
piovlsional President of Ireland' : Jam i
Conr.olly, "CoinmariilaiH-Oc neial of tho
Iilsh Itepubllcan Arm", Thomas J,
'larko and Thomas Mail i.iiiagh, couit.
m irtlalled nnd onnvlctni of treason, wero
shot to death In the Tower of 1unloii to
day to pay the penalty for their attempt
to form an Tilsh republl.-.
i'remler Asqulth told Pal hament that
all four were slgnatoilts to th document
proclaiming the "Irish Hepuhllc." Tho
thiei other signatories. S. MauDlarmad,
i: i .Vaunt and Joseph plunkett, thn
Piilnc Min, sic r added, wele sent need to
tlltee )urs in pnoi 1 aue of xteuu-
atlng circumstances.
Hardly hail the last until of Premier
squ.ths nnnoun. c ment be. n spoken
wh.n Laurent,. Hilnnell. a Nationalist
and member for the Nottli Division of
Westm.ath. shouttil ! Inns, ;
A flutter of . xeUeineiit went thtollgll
the House a- Hinnell. fotest.illme v..
make a
Hltrcll, who was about to an
Ills losignatloti. conlunieil i..
personal statement, in the cnuue
of which
ne ereu noine ihnt he would
move a resolution
calling attention to
hi- snooiing or 'innocent
llumiish Hover mnent "
tileti by lh s
In a .-.II not fa. from t. .,.,,. f th.
execution sat s itoser Ca,e,ent. i
I,, Uie lower awaiting niai r,.
o. ine rule snots couhl he plainly
i heard by tin captive, who was tu tested -c
i few days hi fore the rebellion ioU ,.i
"toe- oueillliliug lo Iar-.l ..e,-
lierman auxill.uy on the li..sh
( nsemr ill's Trlii I rrmmrd.
The i,,,;,. r,.
trial of
Sir linger Casement vx til i.ih.j
London, on the ei, r
Place tu
O..I !... ' OIJ.ll
"' ,"-iuie ii ice iiifiLo s l,
that ll.irc.li iteaillng, ,ril
of l.ngland. will me.-iil.
lib f
"inpalgtr has been launcbe.l i..
'olellllk- to tile 1..,
purulent of th,. i,,,n ,,, ,.
Sir llucrr l'i,.n,.l . ..
,.f -c oi.crivr
fo, th" cause of ,,U M1Ml, .,,,
pressed nations The propagandists. ,t
s said, have picked f,. ,.,r ,.,,., ,.,,,''
tile Swiss press
Swiss newspapeis. ,,e despateh savs.
conil.ieiiting ,H, f s,r
descilbe 1,1m as "too upright i mak,. .
koo. conspirator iin, ,,, llllt, ,,, ,.
I revolutlonaiv leader"
Shortly aft..,. p,ei.,ei' Asqulth. in
opening this morning's s. .sion of Parl'a.
.. . .... .,..,1 aiiiioiince.l the fate of he
.-on iei.', leaoers, A 1 It'll -1 1 110
.se.ieiar:' im Ireland
his resignation
hamleil ,1,
l le line .s, , ln,t;4 1
t Itirrell explained lu. .,s KmB'
h s olll'e upon !,,,vg been assured th,:
the IllSlir lection ,.-,,1 L.c,ll quelled
.... . ,.., ,.,,urst. ,s ,
s un I he unanimity f Ireland i
s. ice.i vvas , u !,,,
I'U'lllon '
I In it'll In ie
till.lils . ;r.e.l.
lilestiug at . entail. .. ,,r i.,
t.signatioi, frarikh adunttid having
made a tale estlin.it.. of the Sim, ,,
movemeiii a, the po.nit ,,f ,n,.
turban.'es e.pe, i.illv p, ,hl. method..
in",l" " ine renei le.ule
'and the
"spcin 1) displaced b)
them and
nieir nil pes.'-
"IVoIll tile outl.le.ik of 11, .. ecu-
d Hlllell. " ,.ue Mkeli it t 1,.,
Ill) duty to lll.ltllt.lin unbrnL. . ,...!
Ulllllip.Hn, I. If pnsslhle, the posit,,,,, o
relaiid a. a whole to the co'iimoii foe.
In that hope and aim have been g.,1.
I.intly ..sMsted by John I.'. Hedmond. t
thought of nothing els,., ,. ,re, fr noth
itig else, wish for nothing else"
He, said he hoped that Ireland woul.l
"t be what inenibers ,,f the House had
said it would be. "the hrlght spot In
, , " "" "'-"I oi mo eountr) i
dlle necessity ' lie added ho klievV
j Helaud well enough to know that th,.r
. was nmWi which could give ciiiso f,'
gieat anxlel). The dllticiiltles. he con-
tinned, weie gieat. 'and the ice thin,
I but he had considered ,. his dntv tr.
.a,; oV .:u;op::"a,::tu r;f
iiiiii.un in iieland
. .
iniaiiiiiiiij Wlllllli Hie
bound irles of hei
I . .' ""-' "iiokmiT ruins .,C
' " tiiei,
was one sail
........ I.. ....
llc.llt. lh.lt ibis was not t.o
Irish r'belllon, and that new bonds at!
union might be lotged. that some meas
ure of good might cune out of thll
gieat ev il. '
H e I u ii n 1 1 on i ce n I e .1 .
I'leniiei Asquith In ace , .th g
IS -
iens lesiglllUlOIl salil he was sure
House nail Heard his slatemnit
without emotion ami svinpaihv ."
assured lllrrell that he possessed "in i
peculiar ilcKU'e the allectlnn of all U.4
colleagues. '
John Itedtii'ind took o, . as,,,,, to tell
the Douse tnat to him tin. teiolt hid
been "a misery and a lieai tbreak " It,
paying tribute tn Hindi Mi i:einiiii
said hn f. it that be h nucf had lu.
curred some of the hlntoe wh. li Hniei
was shouldering
Theie was line I, sp.-. .ilatnii I etc to,
night with icpard to Hie posnhle .,e.
cessor lo Augustine llitrcli In J'jj.
. 'it

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