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IN $500,000 BARTER
Opiriilnrs ,'inil Did Kstntc the
lYiiiripiils Two llroiix
'I'liPiilroh Sold.
. fifteen properties In v.irl-.-
hi M.itiliultiui mid Itrnoi;
. ,. i in IMiO.nfli) were, bartered
a deal lii M. S. 1. Ilni'l.
v mil ('hc.ieniio llcalty 'ouip.'i.
. i-i'ly Iheorporiileil mill tinder
i i It 1 In- nam.- taken liy it writ
i-l.'it", Is the other part)' In
v parcelled liartor. The llmata
ill the St. iiiorKc h fit story
apart ncnt house nt the nortli
ii.ii 'if Lexington avenue anil
. -o sh'li etrcrt. on plot S".2.3S;
, live story thirty-six family
i it lit Slo nnil MS West islth
,.n plat Mix I in), between Auialer
1 Atltltll'OII HVcnilPH. Tim Slonx
t nc llt-alty Companies nil en
i-li two upper Manhattan prop.
...I rlcvrn ltruuklyii parcel.".
!, ilt.iti properties comprise D
i i -in t. ii five story double
of 'K 1 1, .itul -'.M Haul 127th
i i iite story nnil lmseiiunt tlivcll-
lit 17 2x1(1".
p.: I.e.- in Brooklyn taken by
,-nt.rs, me 1732 nnil 1327 l?.lt
e e
V i
hjv et-v
n '
1 a
f '
V -4.
T . it htti'Ct. two one family
d'.i' Ii 40x100; 17fi. 1770 mill
fsi K".it Tivcnt.t -second street, three
w , 'nil. 'louses, each lOxlOO. 210S
i I .lis ventie Q. two two family
Vp-i-ee. ea h I0lfl0; 231 fi Avenue J,
I i 4 tun ti house, 40lmi; fi22 uml ii!
I'.fi T'i rtj -fourth street, one family
dnf !!nc. each 271x100, and ten lots on
r : Islaml avenue.
HM s.-.TII M'lll'.KT l)Vi;i,l,l(i,
WKST SiTH STIIKKT Theodoie Ro-h-nald
has purchai-cd Irom Rudolph
A'bcn and otherh 32 Wot UlRhty
ffth p'leet. ii three ftory and liape
nutit dnelllnK on lot tti.Sxl02.2, be.
fttn West 17ml avenue and Rlver
'd! iJrtve .Mr. ltosenwald owns and
oeHipIes the residence at I."1 Ulvir
s de Drive, adJolnltiK the north vomer
I. lit .seventh street
Oft XP STRUCT -Charles Huermaim
A. C have sold for Toho llersel).
i ,17 llratnl strcvl, runnlne
t mil lo 31? Henry street, old build"
c ti itinc His on each utreet :o
( .i' t i t'tnncn.
W'sT i "I II STRKCT- John U. IVivttl
" Id for the estate of Char!"M
t,1. ii tlnee story ljueen Anne
ivr- '1 tie at IS West ld.'.lh street, neu
, t'.hi avenue, In Mrs. A
rv it; si;i,i,s mi; mkiwhoi sh.
M K'lili 1 Siptan Theatre prop,
r' a' t'l'i f 1321 IP'Ston road, i'S
If ! rut through to Clinton avenue. Just
n. c' liiJth stru t, has beu e"ld by
f S'ate Hanking Department It eon-
-' or i thtee, four and five stnry struc.
tu-f. vv th trect frontnpes of lol 5 feet
in I ii.' feet, repcctlvel . and nienstir
'tc ' ' .k ' ami Ho! feet on the southerly
1 I ty lines. The premNi s are mi.
I' Kae to an amusement company.
W"MA IH'Vx linoxv TIIKtTIti:. ;
'- ,nle rntol; boucht of Ray Hern- I
est block from on St. Ann's '
Ji b.-tw.ell ISsth .mil 13!tll streets.
!' vl'2 7. occupied as a "taxpayer," I
' M.nlns n thr it re and twcnt-two
ts held at f2"iO,nno in part pay-!
rr ' Irs. Krank Rave lift) -one lot on
k"T slrei t, between eyiirn and
Pi- -' .ets, Brooklyn, valued at inn.
(' ' Mr HcrnMeln has resold the Brook
tvi 'i-t to the I'elte Constrnctlon Com.
pirv which cave In exch.mce the four
h.- ;it r,C2. I'.fil, fir.G and 70 Hroad
iv, coiner of Bartlett street.
V".b-Ti:i! AVi:Nl'i: The Henry Mor
? '.iau i Jinpany has resold the plot,
lii", on the west side of Webster
v.iue, 12.' feel south of St. Paul's
tti ny -p.nST AVIJNt'K Clnlre J.
I" "'uw has boilBht 1020-1 Woody
rr. -t avemi'. three three story' dwell
! r on plot f.2.3xlOii, near 161th
''if nl resold 1022 to Nellie M.
me and 1M24 to Nora L. Crow-
W: in.' STRi:i:T llytnnn Addsteln
soil io l.ouls Kresner 76 to 80
Mvl -m streit, southeast corner of
C Ci ir.ii- street, u elx story building
r siurcj, on lot !S.llxl22x lr-np-.'i'
i r.s'ioiiH i.v iiRooivi.v.v.
M , -r
i U'.i.ujeiibin.v and tne Sumner
Keu.tv Compiny have sold tor '
- mm t the three stuty apart ,
4 "' Mimtier avnue to Patrick I
.'is an inve-tmeiit i
t'Vs Hi-id Realty Company has!
'no family brick dwelling out
"' --licet and Ridge lloulevard
V- ior i
Hl:. NN -is LO.Mi is. CITV. i
I". C iy lias sold a plot, 100x !
Mill s'reet. north of Hunters
wiiue, ur Mies .Mary W. Hnckuri 1
' I
egi "ii Tetuilnal and Realty Im
t Cnmpun.
- A llatr ngton has sold to an
toe Kenm-ly property at tho
orner of l.o.Mist st teet and
vol', long Island Cltj, IflOx
!- p. with two story brick and
- . -i.-e
I'HII.sr HILLS iiiivii; him mm.
si-' l-'ouudiillou Homes Company
i everal Inoie of tho tapestiy
es In th.- group of nine on
- line. Foret Hills I i.ii dens. be.
so'igood road mid Suniiner
" the purchaMTH are
4 Springer of Tut: St'N and
- M no, teacher In tho lie. Witt
l i Sohool, Manhattan. Mr
r i'lv rented his recent pur.
a ear to (iilmore Kinney of
unci ssiui mis i,, i, ri,i:i:.
' ' t." tic charles Van Noppen of
I'lLverslty, trannlator of
V'-irhls tnisterpleie. lias
' ' i- Martha Washington bungalow
- se. tion at Ilrlghtwatctrt,
it i, it Ml s U4MIK Miri-7.
In i n iii . old a properly
Park Wist lo Charles
! the lii iiiiiikioii Arms Com.
1 ' i-iojii ri ioIJoIiim .iinl l I ,
in . oiiie.-ilun uilh )r. Holer.
. a ho. ungs
'IM: N. .1. II i:i,l, ii sti.K.
i ml one ol tile line estate on
' 'I. of Mont. -lali. situ ited at
i- i .-. .irntr of MimIIhom aw-niin
i III si , el t. lis been sold by
I raj lor to loriiHT Mayor
II ii.-, The gioiiiuls iilo v.
I out with ornamental trees
' i v fionl and a ill) feet on
' ...Min and .".00 feel on Lincoln
!'' 1 1 sid nee. which Is n Ihrcn
1 ..id liuuto, contains luuricm
rooms, three Imlhroonm and u sol.irlnm. '
the propel ty has heeti held at $fi0,000.
r SI. Criuvley Ai Htoii, of Moiitclnlr were
the hrokeis. J
si'.i.i.h iiu:i:u 11 ii it i:s i iiii.mi
J I. We i i Inn, Hii, ,s residence, with!
iiitoen uvxen of laiwl. on Dunlin roml,
i'J"!".-" ,t" Co"" - H. T. Il.illey for
f i ti.St" a.
MLVt MM Til Oil t.Mli: Ullt'SI..
.1, liudil Smith nf South mtii.e lias
iiicIiiim tho fiiil-ditiicheil houses al
10 nnil 12 Itliriri place, South Draticr,
I rum lVntik iiniie of Now York.
hit ii mt. nn i'.M.i.Mi in vr.it.
Charhs II 'pHlii', .n'toi'.iiuimtKcr nf
"Trea-Ulf Island" In the Punch mid
.ludj Theatre, tins purchased the dwell.
Inc lit IS Kasl tAiity-nlnth Mtert, sale,
of which liy Ii.iiikI.ih I., r.llhn.in it Co.
una tep.ittvil leeeiilly. Mr. Hopkins will
KIM1 I llimae III lie Unlit till IH-M,
Mrrei .r mlnlMiii eniic.
The L'li.n liiiniit llulUIIni; t'orporalion
f'liurli'N Hr.t;.iii presliktit,' has tiled
platiK, through Neville ti HiiifKe. ari'hl
IccIh. fop the -inrti notion of a dx xtory
I tint hnu.se to nreoiniuodatn thirty-three
' fatnllli'tc. on th- muth fide of SMh
i-treet. :i"i feet enp.1 of Auduhon netme.
It w.111 have n frnntiiue of S7.U feet uml
a depth of ,v2.lii, mid haxo a facade of
hrluk llmcntung and trrra i-otla The
rout Ii.ih Iki-ii cKtliuatnl at J00.V0P.
, Plans hivNe l.ecn (lied hy Charles It.
Meyerw, Mrchlteet, for the Martha Ittilld
' hit? Corporation, Samuel Iapinan prel
dent, for tho ennMrnciton of a kI
Htory iipartmetit houe on tho northwest
eorner of llleve'ith nret and Vaerley
plmv. It will have a frontace of .'.i 7
teet on the former and 72 fiet on Ino
latter itreet. The cnt linn been esti
mated at J4VO0O.
I.UMii: FLATS Ktlll Al'lll IH AV.
The KreymbourR Archlteetural Com
pany has Hied plans for the const ruction
of ii live story Hat on the northwest
comer of Audubon avenue and r."th
street, bavlnn a frnntiiKn of 0 feet on
the nvenue and 96 feet on the street.
Tho cost has been estimated at JBO.nnn
Tho same architectural linn has tiled
plans for two live story flats lo bo built
on the north sldo of 190th street. 6ft
feet xvt of Audubon avenue, each hav
I li K n frulitiiKo of SO feet and a depth of
90 feet, and the total cost has been
estimated at Jlfitinoo. The .1. It. Tlnlld
ItiK Company. Jacob Retell pietldctit. Is
the cm tier,
moiu: iir. ai:m i: mmr..
lioldner (c lloldbern, architects for the i
Nevah Construction Company, Joseph I
Htlsa president, have tiled plans for the
construction of a Hve story apartment
house on the south side of 175th street,
9 feet east of Haven nvenue. It will
have n frontm:" of r.O feet and a depth
of 7s feet, and the cost has been sti
tnateil at $o,H00.
1 l'AHT.1li:T OV MSItlll.i: llll. I..
i in the east tide of Marble Hill ave
nue, 2SH.2 feet south of 22Sth street, a
I tlvc story apartment house K to be
' erected P in commodate twenty-one
' families. It will have n frontage of 10
feel and a depth of jo teet with a
i facade of brick; mid limestone. Mary A.
Klntieitan Is the owner Mnnre Land
I skdel are tho architects and have eMl
I maleTl the ost at J50,ioo.
i'L iior.xi: i'iiii r. ii. itr.t:i,i,.
Charles Rowland Russel! has com.
missioned Hunt Hunt, architects, to
prepare plans for a six Mory American
basement resldinee for the Int. -ii,tiin S,
at 111 Hast Seventy-third strot. ad
JolnlniT the dwellltiK erected liy Mr Rus
sell tor his own occupancy several ar.i
.iko. Mr. Russell boucht both sites In
IV 10,
I. ..i.ll 11 IM I I T PL .T.
The contract for tin em tarn of -i
seven "lory addition to the plant of the
N'atlounl ltlseult company, at IIS an 1
120 West Sixteenth street, has been
awarded to Cramp & Co
in,... iiw, f-i-insirtii'tlon of a one
story market to be erected on the north i
side of IK.th street, leei vvisi m
l-'ltth avenue and running through the
block to the south s'dn of 116th street,
have been tiled by Sass - Spt iugstcm as
architects for the Huuell Realty Com
pany, Morns Kulok president It wl.l
have a frontage of 'T fset ijn each street
and a total dtpth of 201. lu feet and the
cost has been estlmatid at J2.'i,000,
Two JS.iiOO dwellings are planned for
erection by C. O. Woodhouse, Jr., owner
and architect, on the east side of An
drews avenue, muth of lsld stieet. c
I. Jackson Company will erect a row of
one store stores on the noith side of
130th street, rust of Locust avenue, at n
cost of $10,0(10.
to iirii.n niio.v.v ciii hcii.
St. Anselm's Roman Catholic Church,
of which the Rev. llcruard Kevenlurster
Is pastor, lias aw.uded a general contract
ti Meliennott .V Hanigali for the isin
structlon of a church edifice nf.sllO on
tho west side of Ttnton avenue. u leei
south of I'-'"' street, at an estlmited
cost of 1100,000. Htist.iv H. .Slilnbach
dublgncil tho building.
m:w iiiiooitLW r Toav.
The Turner Construction Conipany has
been ii warded the general contract for
tho erection of .i sovtn story leenfoived
concrete factory Inillding IOOs:. lor ll-n
Pathn Freres. Phonograph Company, to
bo located on iSrand nvc.nue, between
Fiushlng and Park avenues.
v. .i. sniiVtiT. cour, hi vs.
PAhS.vtf, N. J May I. Tho Public,
Service Corporation of New Jersey has
purchased thn old fr.inin structuies and
realtv at 173 and 17a Main aveiiu.i and
awarded a contract to the lledden Con
stnietlon Company for the election of a
two story brick bull. ling with basement.
tf.xino feet, to est Kii.iiuo. on tne sue.
When the building la completed the cor
poration will move Its Passali! branch
others fiom IS" Main avenue. A re
markable grow tii In the business in inn
PnHsntc district lias made tho new struc
ture a necessity
Leasing Reports Inillcnle I onslder
Mltlc Mi I II Inn:.
Douglas Ili'loson, Chailes S. Ilrown
Coinpanv Im- 'scil for Homer Foot,
Jr. a s agent ' "S at 10 Hast Forty
third street i. be i venule Investing
coniii.ini, i-n ' .f the new lm Trust
llulldlng' now 1 ig erected at the south
east coiiki' of I .Hi avenue and Forlv
second sttcet is Vpace is lo be used
iiH the eiiglneen and M-ntlng ntlbes for
the nevv buildlt. r, also for a term of
years for the Mcerinutt Dairy Company
to tho United States Motor Car Com
pany tho one and loin stoiy stabln ut
nSJ lo 320 West Tlilrly-elKhth sliecl.
The building Is to In remodelled Into a
b'liragu from plans by John .1 Lawlnr.
S.iinii' I H Martin hat, leased for Ii I:
Volhanll th" liilllduig.s at 3o7 mid .ino
West Slt-Si'Vl-lllll Ht'eet pi Unbelt
I. urn' R ' Inc. li.-istern agent of the
Mel Motor Cai Ciniliall . who Will I.)
these buildings as a Kivb-e station,
Waller II- Parsons has leased the
third floor of ll liatt l-'oily-ttcond
street in fhnrle Kleld (IrlfTen & Co. i the
fourth Moor with Ashforth & Co. to the
liirney lleatet .Manufacturing Company
mil the fiont part of the llflh flmir lo
Iho i.'oniernni ('oinpin.v . This complete
the mitnl of the htilldllig.
The I up (ism I'mnpaiiy has leased pari
of the spventh loft lu the Wilson Itlilld-In-
riV7-!i Hudson slieel, to Louis
illclii Ihe storn and basement In 112
West Fifteenth street lo (leorgc llus".
William I". I'ucrsl has leased spare 111
!M I Vail street to (Juirglatia St. Whlt
comh and In I and il Color stieet to
IMiiiiiud (I Itai-r
J. K. .Moms has leased for Dr. Henry
Sloellct the threo dwellings at .133.35-3T
West I'tfty-seteuth street to Mrs. K. L.
l-'lelds for a term of years.
Ilasllia A- Co. have leased the second
llonr it lii.te. West Twentieth street to
I). K. Slcher .t- Co.. dealers In nnder
wear, ami space at 41 t'tilou Scpiare lo
fleorge lUcgot-s, cotton good.
SI. A: 1. llcsa havo leused Iho ninth
lloor tit 41 to .'.fl Hast Tlilrty-seooinl
t-treet, now In course of contriirllott, to
I .envy A; .lacnb. waists mid dresses;
fpnee nt .11(5 l-'lfth avenue to tho Vogue
Corset Company, space on the eighth
Hoar nt 1H lo ir.1 West Twenty-third
street to ,loef Schllng, ntid space on the
til 1 1 1 1 1 Hour In the same building to
(le.irgo 1'ndool.
The Cross X Ilrown Company lift
leased the ground lloor nt Sid and 317
West Krty-fcventh street tn the Adams-
Wllllatns .Manufacturing Corporation: In I
Strand Theatre lliilldlng space, to Will 1
intii Thomp'on and the United States i
Vaudeville StanaRers Assoclnllon. nt S2
West Thirty-ninth street, fourth floor to
ThiMihue Van Yorx . at 1140 to IMS
Hroadiv.ii. space on the twelfth lloor to
S Tlinourinn A Son, and t UT mid HI9
West l-1flletli street, neixitid lloor to
ClarK A Keiidrlck,
I'arstcin A. Llnneklli hive leased the
(list loft at TS3 Sixth avenue to Ihe Wnl
Sllu Tress; half the Ihlrd lloor at 133 to
137 Kast Slvtc-nlli street to the Parks
l-hivelope Ctitnpiiliy: at 'J4 and l'ast
Twenty-llrsi street space lo the Trlunon
Hand L'tubroldery, Charles Zwlnger and
Walker A- Co. ; at 3 to 7 West Twenty
ninth stru t to Henry W. Selbert, Henry
It .Marshall and IMw-ard V, Palline; at
7 1 Uroadway to the Perforated Pattern
Company, and at 320 Fifth nvenue lo
Arthur Cassot and Charles I, Block.
Tho laitoti II, Slaw son Company tin
leased space at 72!' lo 733 Seventh ave
nue to William P. Kunh.mi. a moving pie
turn concern, and to the Plimpton Kplc
Pictures otllces in tho Hurrell HullJIng,
171 Sladlson avenue.
nnxTir. rrrv nwF.Li.nvos.
WorthlnKtnn Whltehouse has leased
tho four story dwelling at 34 Kaet llfty
thlrd street for Mrs. Martin lUrun
Cooper to Miss Helen M. Paisley.
Werthelm .W Clear have leaseil the.
thiee stor.v and basemwit dwelling at
llo Rast Kifty-second street for George
NeNon to Peter IKiran fur a term of
The Houghton Company him rented
for the Patcrnn Construction Cortrpnny
the three story and basement dwelling
at 30S West Rnd avenuo to Charles II
Kuff Conner have leased tho dwell
Uig at l..r. Rast Seventy-eighth street
for Judge IC II. Cowing to Mrs. B. It
I'lir.r ni.vr; pun ni'MMr.n.
Thomas S. Iturke has eeil to teo
I.ewek of New York thn dwelling on the
corner of Rockland avenue and Crest
place. Park Hill. Yonkers; to Max Car
not the hou"e at 06 Rtllott avenue. Yon
kers. Peie .v l.'lllman rented furnished for
Sidney A. Hean his hoiiM, on King street,
Poit Chester, to Alexander J. Marcuee.
Tli Lewis , May Cqtrvany nan
leased lit Rockaway Park the Marrln
cottage on South Koventli avenue to
Chailes l"rledenlerg ; the I.lpman rot
tage on Columbus avenue to C .1. Con
lon at llelle Harlmr the Weinberg
ullage on Montaiik avenue In C
Kas'ei.huber itid the Connolly cotlnirii
on Oxford avenue to lir J. It. Holoclno.
iuioivr.it Am: piiisi i havuk.
Arthur V I'mn.-ls has been elected
vi e-preslilelit of the Houvlas Roblnsiu,
Charles S III own Cotnvan.v to nil a
v.ic.i'u-y i-aned hv the resignation of
Charles A. Cone. Mr. Francis ha? ber-n
conjiiitcd with the comjiany for eighteen
years. Francis K. Stevens has been
elected a director.
Public Offerings Vcsterdny In liin-
lintlnn. The llroiu nntl II rook I n.
Hy Joseph P Day.
Wt:T n.VH AV. 30t w r. 4 . 7llth tt.
M "Jxtoo, 7 iy Weptovtr apt house -c ft
vtlrlrk jind aim. er. set M H Overman
ft h1, due. $.1 04n AS; taxen. Ac, l.li:.0i
prlnr lilt Ilim.lMiil. to the plnln
tin I.'l oon over prb.r liens
tr..H s'T Hit W, u . I ."al e Anisisrilsm sv,
lOvtmil. .1 sty itnig i: .1 simlth sgt
.1 M Ulster et ill; itiir. I1S.07.". o.".; tsxes.
Ar. I2.".i 15." . tn the l.anyi-rs .Morls'lPe Co.
a pirly In Inlsrnt 112,000
ll Henry Ftrady.
0311 FT. S ir, W. n s 12.". w OntrKl Tsrk
VV'e.t. l.'.ovlOO..".. slv .". tty 11H--i:mma
l'flz'nninr and ano, rxri. art 1114
IIUllilInK Co el al; duo, 110.772 r.O Uxe.,
Ac. (.Mill? Ml, prior mtg I200.l10. In the
n'Hlntirr 274.s:is
I.IJtl ST. 214 V. . 142 s 7th nv, 1H
Hill, a slv dnlg- Mutllli Stlefel Kt
slai.in torrlH el i. dus. 1 1 1 .2r.n s ; tats.
Ac, 2.'.o; to the plaintiff I4,r,"0
H SainiKl Marx
LASIiii'.VI'K AV 11-10. Vnnkr. V V, 2fj
sly frame ilwlK, .',olnl; vol sate
Vttluira n
IS2I ST. 270 W. a s. 1.10 e tlh sv. HI J
fi 1 1, a tv dwlB - Albany f'ov Sailncs
tunk akI Morris Aronotn at al, itus, fii.
.",17. '12. taxei, Ac, lltl.'l.'i, to the Lutyers
Mnrlgare Co, a parly In Inienn .1,1,000
I AT .".20S TIIIltD AVIlNfi: I
Hy ,lntpli I' Day.
WAi-lltr.'CiTOS AV. w s, 177 2 s llnlset pi.
V. Mx'is s -.Jclni sVliroe.ler act Stephen
Mellrlie. due. ta.sMI 2,1; laxss, Ac,
121.-.70. to file plallitllT. II.H0O
Hy Jallleg J !Mtlovau,
IIOKI'MAN' ST, 23.17. w t. IIOSII n 14th St.
.17 .Itlil 0 -eaiiin uiarini hih an.n I'op-li.-lo
ef al, due, l)(17l 4ti, taxes, (,r,
Sloo; prior mtg lls.nnn, io ih plaln-
tlfT 121,000
Tly Jainia L. Ilrumle.
HANCOl'K ST. s s, 300 fl e lleilfnrd y,
20vl0n .teffersnn av. 102 and 101, a ,
in ft e lleilfnrd at. 40x100. Ilff"min av,
rnr Christopher st. :onnt.i5x Irrsicj
II- uf-lil.it! av. s e rnr Sackluan at. 200x
HQi Irng, Hi neiiian iiv, n o or l'oiiell
sf i?xIS liegeman Mv, s a ruir Powell
st IOk'iO, Neu Lota nv, a w eor "lirllo-plii-r
st. s. 1 1x31; Vleaiin nv, a w eor
I'iimiH si. 14x . Vienna nv, a e rnr
I'oweM sf. x'joo, Vienna a. a e rnr
.Tiir. I it JO" . Vienna av u e enr
I'lotell i :0Oxl'.'4i Irteg. Vlni hv,
n vi cor Powell al. s:"x64: Van Slnderen
nv v. s. 100 ft ii Vienna av, SOnHl !' V
S IN-lrson ih A D Palmer et al parrel
1. II H Schnifr for I3.MI0. prcel :, T R
Ausendf for ll, JSO' parral , K ttnrk-
innle fur f rl, T o panel 4, S Itiii-ltiimre
fur t.3'.'."i, pircel :., Wa'ter I'eterken fur
J 1 in p,ueel il, C K IvelloB for lljij
riarrit 7 ' 1 KsIIor fur KVs, parcel H
c K Hrllnir for 1100; parrel S. (' K K.
Ion fur Hum: pare I 10, c K Kelloir for
II, nan piinii 1 1, iv ueuop rnr isiiri,
pinel I.'. W c lifting for Il5i parcel 13,
C K K'ellog fur I'JJO.
CHOPSKV AV, w- s. Inlersee n w i-oi
?0tli ii V. !'0lll I' parcel lieir ut a nolnt
in hUli .i.mr line of (l.-aufn-t Hay at
inieisei- c i u 1 1 1 iiv, runa a w wsn.i x n
I -,S 3 N 11 e 117? I X a e IH o heg
lloino Life Ilia Co VI l 1 I, Warren et
al. lo fl .Inluisoii tor 120 000
Hi V .1 Mi Phllllainy Co,
(It A VlVOi.VH AV. w s, 170 ft n 2d pi, lt,
inn Hade Havings A- te-mn Co v w
I' .Vbsslli-r et nil tn tlio plulntln for
riKLAMIRIR PL. e a. 2Jii fl a rarrarnt r,x
nivloo-.lt llnherla vk 17 Juniea et al;
to inn piaiiiiin inr in,.mii
Hy N. Shuler
AM lb IV ST. e a, :S7.1I n Slitter l, 30x100
H sliefT is It Sinks et at. In tlie
plulntln tor M,.ii.v
liy W P rise
LOT iK hlk 1410 ee (lK ,1 ,r, is s
S niermon ct il, to th plaintiff for
1 1, (inn
vi?lTtfN'fl AV. e . hat Ocean Tarkuav
mid fonay laland av, lot 43 Tat Lien
Co ef V V l a nrlrhtnn fleai-h Estates
et lj t tna pimniiii lor ii.iiiO,
THE SUN, FRIDAY, MAY 5, 1916. 44 13 I
(With name and address of lender and
attorney, tf attorney's name la omitted
address party nf tlrst sirt )
Irtilllh of h'eilirleolilh st )
MUMIOK T. J"T. n . 2.1 e of .Istkann t.
J.'iSS Jnsephhie riie.isev tn .iiinlndnr
Co, Inc. It s. 5:o llwaj, nils $sl,nno,
May 4, atty, I'ranclt 11 tilie.ler), :t:o
ttw ay...,. tl.oii.i
WKST MT s e eor of lleabroa st, 43 V
s&i Deabrostfs at, a s. r e Wt st -i n.:t
44v0..144 (leslne Lngel to Annie II
finaoller Hint llelirletl i Vt 1 1, u l. Hi, liolli
st I5! Carroll t. Ilklyn. .i tola
tenants, Apr SS, iitty, U.uls ( Wills, M
llway. Ilklyn (Km
UltANli NT. 4;i. n a. ti Wlilett st, iiv
too Ahr Draw tn lli.slyn llechtflt, s.l
W 113th st. mtg I40.J.S0. Msy 2. attv-s,
Amend A. 115 Nassau st . , . J I
HHOAHWAY, i. s 101 1 s riprlliR si.
Si IMI9 lltSI HxtOS.IO, ll-aj-. It,, i s, ,
131 ii Prince st, runs iv loot aitnln n I
In a a Mercer t iv nt pnlni IS5 n of'
Prince st x n Sit e loot au.iln ion in
llnav s il tn lag; llway i.U
a i s, S.S n lloml st 21. 6 1.10 to i rm
loneMary It 11 lll.in m i-.iri.llii., -l'halpa,
her daughter at flats Mill farm I
MlJdklnwn. It 1, t tn pt, Mm- I sfv,
11-irae. s Hly. 21 Lit., r v . . . n ft 1
tlllOAIiWAV. f.Ui llwiii- and Mereer I
st, tf.0. Iln), dfc sdl, to Helen 1)1
Johnson, her daughter, 159 15 Rjiih st I
WAPIIlMiroN HT i:, w s. t:3 a
i narni.ii si, i-1 axzn-.i.in in e West St,
3ISt21Sx.il Hemmur II Cnok an.1 inn
tn N 1 Mate Itsaltv and Terminal Co.
42 lesxlngtnn mi, 'pill 21, atty, T 11
Co . . . IJ.T:
SA.MK I'lmPltllTV I.ll.le tt r,.i. el ..I
tielra, to N V st,,ie llenltv Iui Terminal
u. 452 LexltiKlnn Bl. April 2. utt).
T O r.) Ji.1 49S
fT MAIiK'M '. h: ei i SI. a s. 2r. e
2d etv, :si , nrlih e-l title fo u snip In
from. :'.t- niaia wife Mi v '.Ipser,
,.i .ir.'nn .siinnin iirpnaii iirtuse i-i.n
greKntleu. i; I". ;ii st, mtg KO.om).
Vnrll 1. attv. t.i lorries. 10 ".1 ui 11A.1
11TII S'T, 20J.!i VV, n s, (. r Wverl' p!.
.it'w- .ios ii I'lemenf tn Koguasso
Cement Mhlg i-n, u; lllserkfr si. mtg
1.1,500, My 2 all). W I: Cook, noi
llv . . , . .lion
14TII ST. SSI K. n s, 215 w 2d ill-, 2410S .1
- -dee W slniraon. ref. to Mvron 1 llnrg.
SSI W TTth t. fnrerl.is .Mar 20, IMS.
.May S. attja. !tentrlti. c A N lit
"way . ... un.UO
Last Mile.
rtat nf rtfth nv trst ween Fourier nth
and 110th i.i
:jr ST, tJO n. s a. US w- Sd i ,5xt!7 6
tn n a ::.l t. 115 11- l-'redk lUcn.-r to
.Ins Ii Ourroll. N V. f, part, mtg l'.2
r,ni) and a I, May 15, 1 V T . attvs. llrlKC
II A II. If Pine at 11
2&T1I ST. t t. 2.S s- ,J. nt 4 4xa -Predk
Wagner lo ,1ns Ii rarro I. NY 1 J
pt. nitg I3S.00O on whole. Kt. 10, lm
atts. Orlrgs, 11 ,1c II, 2 Pine st 1
SITU ST, II H. n s. 162.1 a Park av,
Jl.- Kith K PhfUli Pull! I.
I'hHin et al at lsreimnnt Mannr N' V.
mtg 152,000. Srpt 17. ltTj. all, Dul'ld
Keans. S31 Mad av 1101
3TII ST. Ill 17. a s. ITf, txlngtnti av.
20x" Ja l'unnett to Mnry 11 Schwab
nf Priarmi, Conn, May IS. 1(05; nttrs.
Srhenck A P. l William at 11.000
PA UK AV. Hit, w s. 67.11 a '9th st. 15.
xtl Helen S Marlatt and ano, trus, to
Arthur Jamrs, 2 park av, Apl 2,
atty, T l Co 170.7SO
I'AtlK AV. nee 70th 1 JSS "Vhna S
Hint to Cerrlh 11 Mll'lken. 1"! I. 70ih
!. Mm- 1; atty. T H Co 1100
LKXINOTON AV. n e c THh at S2t3 -Kaun
Iteaity Cnrpn tn Sioux lttty Corpn,
t Hrnad st. rite 175.000, ,p) 2, tiy
T fl Co 1100
Jl AV, 1I7. e s. ;5. n 102.1 St. 1(i
Hmmi t'nhsn to Saint Shepard. 151 3,1
av. mtg la.OeO Ap; 27, attj. I. T 'o !
I01T1I ST. Ul C s e. JOO w- Sd av. 25
100 1--I'ece'U anelll to Jr.o Paves!.
1722 Amst av. May t II
Weal Mile.
(Wnt ef llfth av. bctueen fourteenth
and HOtli sts.)
1ITII AV. e s, IJ1 .2,1 t. :V75-- Vredk.
VV Mass to Kredk Noire, ;s: llfh ai.
mte 110.000. Aur 2. sf-y. T (I Co 1100
IITII ST. .'"t . s s. 10" w tlh ai
loot, ,iete (iastierie to .tiary i sinun.
20 W Mlh t. May 1 atty. I. T Co 1100
I7T1I ST. J 24 V . s s. 271 w Couimbils a..
15X105 t ADr i.nneiineim in n.-irrv
Iopeld of Sai Aiitenl". Tst 1-5 pirt
Aur ll. Ull. attv. T C. C It""
SAMi; PHOPLHTV Harry Inpold to Mid
rey Heaetisteln. boo west L.n.1 av, l
part. Sent 11. 1911. atty T 1 1 I 110(1
SAMi; PltuPlinTY Sidney Hnsen.trln to
llenrv Klbert unit .mo. exre. no vv nun
St. 1 5 p.itt . 3'. 191.1 at. Tllln It
SA.MK PLOPKUTV Satin M P'"1U't and
alio, etrs. to I.elKli sturxes. .V VV
S7th st, all. continuation der. I, Mar to
atty. T O Co . 12. "On
S5TII ST. 121-ST VV n a, 2fi:. CiMiimbil.
at, 77x100, - II 11 O Watson to llenrv
.Mnrgenth.lll Co, 30 17 12. t -t. llltg 111. HO"
Ma 1. attv. T CS Co I'
I03l ST. 151 W, n s 3S0.7 e Alnsterdam
av. 31 Stteo.lltll 1x101-Servh-e li.a'lv
l'-v to tritne- l ioririte . . ..It I: 37th st. ire
.-7.i00. May S. tt T ! C 5 '
I ptllllll.
( Matil.Mtl.lli Irltlld. north of 110th a- I
11ITII si". ..31 VV. r. J20 fl e ..f 1 ,v
.0xl' 11 -Ar. Iill.a.d .Mi.I Cnok Ii. l.l.r'f
11 Cm.k et a!, ill VV llltli s t . Apr
attis. Thouiiis A ltiolghtO'i, 111 ll-vsid
i Til" AV'! w's. 2'. It ft n of ilTtli st .it
Luuis I'.v-I1uaU to llarrv Iti-ur. .3:
1,1 It .ii Hkin in c. J. I'O.i Apr .
tin. sirasi.ourKer .v S. 74 llway -nn
SAM!-. l'ltopi:iiTV- Harry Knker l.i So
mini Alter. 35 Mt .Morris PkW. mtg. I.
iOU, M 2. .itlV. MraalsiillKer A S, 71
Hw.iy II
120TII ST. n s. 2SS ft e of 2d av 20 ft
109 10 -le.irry Levliie to liutma ltfup
Co, Inc. 5"1 .'th av. mtg, 15. "on, Apr
2ii. atty, L T Co. II
MADISON AV. !,.( n( 121th st 2t
- Allfrt Ci Dt,5ser etr to Ltulll M
Inoter l!7 Mad nv, i! part, mi
IJ.O0O, May I. Htt. T Ct Co . .. 1.1000
MANHATTAN ST. 3. n , 11 10 ft Ir.on
ll s ISStll st al pt 193 fi Cul av. 7'tlOO
-Ai: i:oiellieln to Ha-ry Leopold of
San Antonio, Ti x. 1-i pt. Ails' 31 attv-
T il Co 1100
SAMIJ I'ltOI'lIllTV llarr Leopold I"
s'ldne lln.ensieln 500 Wee' Krd av,
1 5 111. Sept H. nil; a ty. T (I Cn lino
SAMi: I'ltllPr.llTV- Sidney Itn.ep.telii tn
Henry i:iberl and aim, us 11D vv 1 11 h
st. -i pi, on si, 1 J 1 j ulty, T C, Co. i
127TII ST. 25t W. n f. 40 I w 7th ai. 17 S
t09 11 V Hierlt Macy and ann, trus, to
Slolit Healtv Curptl, lis llrcint f Apl fi;
atlSS, llreenliallin, VV A i:, m Iteetnr
st tJ ono
1331) ST. 9 W. n s, 1 iJO w 5th nr. 2.-.t99 It
V I7verlt Maev and ann, trus, t,, slout
Itealty t'nrpll, lit llroid st. Apl 2' atty.
1. T Co . . j; Limn
HA M K I'ltOPmtTY and 127th st '.il VV.
n s. 40H I w 7th n, 1 7 2x9? 1 1 - Slum
Itealty Corpn to Fed Land Kealty I'nrpii.
35 Nas'ull s-., Vlav 1. alii L T Cn II
I54TII ST. 112 V. iSi :i SI Nl. Iio'as
al. SOtlJIl - Heather Itealty i'o o i p
National Seeurltle Civ, 2 Ureter si inlg
lltl.noo, Apl .1; atis, Itosinthal A- 11.
S Iteetnr st 1
1V3II ST. ,V",1 W. a s. ;7. e St Nl. Indue
nv. 18.9x10111 Mat M in. lie tn llarrl. t
niiun. 551 W j 43d mtg SU'.OOn, ,vpr
S4: atty, II Ilium. 5t,2 VV 150th st $i
UITH ST. s s. too w Amst al. 0x!
VVest 141th St Constr ( o to I'heienne
lllty Corp. t',t Hrnad st, mti; J7S.500.
Apr S4i ulty. L r 'n too
II rent.
( Hurnugli of 'Ihe llrnnt )
HUlillCS AV. w s, 125 s lt.1.1 t. SitiOll
liilstuve A Wnhlfjrt tn Ldllh Wnhlfart.
2261 Hughes hv, May 1, atty, Harry I
Stein. 170 Una) ,l
OLINVILLt: A V. e . 124.11 n ,Vdre iv
28.10x95.0 liluvlna Tenors to Llvlra
Sellltto, 3011 Olllilllln ay. mtfi Ll,:ut,
May .1, atty, Chaa I llallnck, 99.i 17 lnoli
st jmo
LOTS 111, ill it 111. map Trenmnt llelu-his
Knthurlua lines to l-'ru ik liass, 2V4s
Powell ay. nitg IS.enn, Atr ;'.. iittv
l-'mllk liliaa. 215 VVshtchepter ai . . ,M
SD ST. ii s, too Ai- D, r.Otms 1 il'nlon
pnrCi He mard Amster In Win II Schu
inaiher, ls L tlt st. nitg sno Mny .1,
ally, A A- C K Hall)-, 204'J Weatchrster
hv It
LAMPOHT AV. , 2fo w- Fort Schuyler
rd, 25x100 l,n union Itlty i'o in Frank
lia Inc. 2215 VVeetrhealer hv Irnrree.
linn dee.il. Apr 25, ally, l-'ranl. liass.
Inc. S21S tt'r mchesler nv
SD AV. 3105, w . 251100 Snlninon Dan
netitisrg lo Catiliiitr L A lilrardlii uii'l
nno, Washington av. .May 3; atti.
Aaron II Sehwiirr, 130 l-'ultnn at, ,. t
HA MB ritOl'UltTY- Ida (tlrardln tn Sol
iillinn Ualincnbtrg, 107 II 50lh si. May
3. attv, same. . . .11
PltDSPLCT AV, e s. 175 n lk3d il. 2it
104 Jeremiah D lton to Mary Ityan.
SSi'l Prnspeci av, A I t. utt, Joseph I
Herrv. S40 Webster av . . . II
TINTON AV. e s, 1 It: ll !52d st. .15 9X
ISI 5x5$. exits 1 Churlottc I) miner lo
Haiti" lioldatelli, I4t t: lilit st. mtg
135.250, !al I. nlt, Henin-tt K slrgtL
stsln. 99 Nassau st Ill
ST ANNS AV nee 134th st, 200.1 to
139th st x Ios.l0xl00i27,9xto0tr.'5 luy
lli-rurlelii to Anna II Frank. Mount
Pleasant N V mtg ftlo.ooo, MaV j;
allv T C, T Cn, 176 llway 1100
LAWHFS'f Ii VV, e s. 25 u Wrstrhesler
nv. S'.xliio .loliaun A Wolf tn Mathilda
Lein-liti nlnirg on Castle Hill ay, Apl 2
iittv. Kiunli liass. Ine, 2215 Wean hesti-r
av II
WALDO AV. n w c Livingston av, UStlill
tlOOtll.r. Dellineld folate to J J
ItlrhanlHou Lveth mid ami, May Is al t ,
lielulleld, H f A It. 27 Cedar t. II
1331) HT, 10.5 I.', a s. I H.kx 100 -Nat Ii ill
Kaplan to Aunt II Patterson. 29 Clark.
son iiv. Illvlin mtg 15,100. May S. allt,
Anna M Patterson. 59 Clarkstui ay i
Hlll-TMAN ST 2I''.9, w s 1 f, 'I7 lien
linldoill tn Louisa liaydoill. 1.97 Hoi
Had ai, mtg 12 500 May 1. attj, John
T Hnnlli, .71 llwnv . . 1 1 On
HI'llNSlDi: A. n s, at vy a Il.issfnrd pi.
123 It20tl0ii.5x.il 1 Win fl s. It mill I.)
Calvin Dean. Ill Pine st, Provlden.e,
ll I. infg IIS. fioo, Apr 20, ally, John T
llonlh. 21 niy .. I lllil
IIIICillKS AV SI75. s 50x47 11 Teresa
Camirdellt to llnslna lleselgno, 247"i
Hughes av. mlg lio.ooii, Urc In, 1915,
" -'-r.-J-j-J ssfjp lire a tuco rADCi a ct T?rr I I
For Sale at Woodmere, L. I.
kss 4 IHi iDVIubCRSR
One of the finest Winter and Summer Homes near
New York; about 6yZ acres, on high ground, overlooking
the links of the Woodmere Club and Woodmere Inlet.
Grounds Are Beautifully Laid Out.
This is an opportunity to purchase a fine home,
perfect in every way, at an attractive figure.
Tor Information apply to J. la. HllPPrt, M6 Fifth Ave. (Phono I2fi3
Bryniit ), or Woodincre, L.I. (Phono 3462 Wnodtncro), or your own broker.
House In Open for Inspection Each
Saturday and Sunday, or by Appuintntent.
Seaside Country Homes
'-' Minute from flroadwar
Mil- of Improved waterfront,
l ine Harbor. Ileachet and
Casino. City coonnlancei,
no aa-MwaraeJita-
We offer yon a home to
gethar with a waterfront In
tent men I that cannot be ttu.
plicated la Nw York City.
Terms ran be arrxnged 1 1
ult your convtniaQoa.
Wtit' or ihrmr or bnokltt.
flMtTII at ltl IIMONU, Inc.. akj Manaesrt
Howard CiliUt Detilopmant Company.
SI Charotwi St.. I'hona Worth .15.V. Now York
nf ? rooms bath nmr I.oruc Inland
Sou i ul l-rir npin l,rpUc, ltplnc porrh,
buthroom. r, wir, am nnA elc
trltit), 30 mln nl fr. frum 33rl M A 7tli
, l.nr fri-nt rl tjic t iWp wntr
.ir.hor.u;e, ftc llsft"0 'and, HUtiff rnn t-t
rtrrnriKil. A. A. faTlUMl VRO.V. 2J W
3th tL
llo-je of 12 rnome and 3 hatha vtlth every
inndrrn Improvement; 30 minutes out: 1
minute to Peach, htgh and healthy. 11,000
cash, halanre easy trrma. OWNI7II. box
10il Sup offl e
Plots of Varying Size at Reasonable
Prices and at Exceptionally Attrac
tive Terms to Home Builders.
ftg?mmit Estate
at SCARSDALE station
Overlooking llroni Parkway and wllhla
& minutes walk of station.
l or rrtiriiur Apply
M7 filh .. . T.
hiaradale ilirieea
hTATIllN PA Kit.
21 Liberty St. 489 Fifth At
STATI5N ISLAND acreage, 1200 uml up
ward, hunk ef tracts mailed free .1
t,'rr.lll.!NiIILKr: SD Broadway, Newyor
st'MMi'it iiFoiiiF.NfFH to u:r
OnTT.ivNi'T'isI.ANIi sot'NI). good bath
Ine. boating, tlih.nc Kulllng. mnlnrlng. 10
minute" from S'evi Vork flty. furnished for
summer. f tnn" to II Oon. on or near the
water PIMICV S. ADAMft Hot 11, Sound
llrach. t'onn.
PATKNTS se-.-ured. trde.niaj-lia rejlitered;
tirolci t tour iilc.is al VV.-ishnifiton ottlce for
tne hooks and lit ot intentions winird;
idll.e free P.irilAltH II OWEN. 111.' Owen
lllrt.' . Washiimtoii I), f New York ofnit.
VV'oolworth Hid? Phone -Hardly 7SM.
attl. Itotlna lleaclglin, SITS
Hughes I
Hft ll.VSAN I'L, bt,
llll. kl.es to VEnrs
din, linuliind, Apr
A 1.. Ti Wall st .
i. ".illOO -Allea 11 i
W Hertlerl. Lon
attvi. Illnomneld
Willi name and address of lander and
lender's attorney
iFouth of Fourteenth St.)
ST. a e cor Iiesbresaea st
Ilehrossea t, s
1 1 ii Hill. May I
West al. 0 ll
Ms or sooner. n c
Ai.olo 11 IMeeher et al to liestue Kngal.
S3 I! li'th sti "'ty. Louis (' Wilts, 4
llway. HkHn . . liO.CHi)
SA.MH Pltot'llltTV. May 1. 3 yra or sooner.
11 ii r same lo siime, atty. same. . 1 1 S.ftOD
MANHATTAN ST. 7. w , 117.6 II Houston
si. JS.-ttl., .MM)' ,1. s yrs. ' p i---.os ,
llsnenson to Ahr M Llehtteln. ID Henry I
st, attv, Harris Koppeliuan, 144 Hiving- I
Inn t I3,:3.V
s-e M.vltli'S PL. US, or Sth at. a s, 3SS a 3d v.
SUtSO.i;, with nil title Imd In frnnt. S5, i
Vti"ll 1, It yrs or aoonei, ape -llebreti-Vatl
orphan Home ('oiigrcgatio.t to
HUna Zlpaer. SOI W listh at. attjs.i
IVIin-r A Vlimss, 1(111 nay . ..11.000 1
t'lltKIINWICII ST. 7ii. n enr Hsthuna
st, SSXi(l. May . I M. f P c Jno It;
Vi.orlils to I'hm i: .leffersnn. ISI W ' Stli i
st: ally. Klchd K'llv. 311 Bway. .17.000
Mil VV 7.1. leasehold, April 14. demand,
il ti i Jno A l-'-irlav to Peter Hnelger i
llrenlnc t'n, 407 K iltth it; ulty, Jno
Hoeunlngel. 107 ii SSIh st 500
I'isl Side.
lEaat of I'lfth ai. heluern Fourteenth
and UOIh Hi.)
rvinu vv. ao. w a. f.7 11 "lh at, 11. x
M April Js. S 'i or looner, tntg an
ne'r bond Arthur U Jimes to llelan Hi
VlarUII and an", t"s, 131 1Mb at. I
W.tshlnKtnn, H '"i lt'. T U Co. .140,000 I
I plow II.
iMiinliattaii laland, norlh of l!th st I
1 1 M'H ST. ii s, Ion e 3d nv, 7oxlOO.IL
le.isehold Maj 1. i rs, !' p i Overturn)
111,1- i'o. Inc. to rhaa Fiinek lint ano,
1M7 ll.ilnhrldge av. Hronx; attya. Frea
IS MeKvcetv, HOSli ild nv 114,000
M I)l!")N AV, a a, 3.ti a 134th st, SOnlP,
i, ul'ali title, Mav I. due and mtg aa
per bend- -I.iiellu .VI Hiiysters to Wm It
Vllin, lit llnglewnnd I'llrts, N J a.lty.
p ll To 13,000
1 r 1 1 ST, 111 15, n . SIS e Park av, 3IS
'ii 11, ' I'l. May 3, due and mlg a per
Pond Mrv llei.irdlnl to Stephen Acnntn.
1 ivnnsi Ivanla hi, Itesrhiink, Slaten
Ishind. ai, T H Co I3.I0D
illorouth of The Bronx. 1
CAsTLl" HILL AV, n w e illnaon av, Ut
Int. -itttllle linglert tn .lolin .1 Huekley
and ano, F'H) 1'olut rd UcitoheU-i,
Two ne. specially priced,
firi'iiroof liiingnlows. il nsinn
and hath, conendo cellars every
modern Improvetiieiit.
S.'i.SUUeach. STKicash, halancn
as rent l-rloo hfirrly coven, cost
of construction.
40 mlnutea out: fretptent,
trains, i in ocean and hay Klnct
lavia-ll oil coast; ileeihtl In per-
Jietulty In proiierty owners.
.'.00 000 In permanent, nnn-as.
seasahle Improvementa. Tho last
aeanhore property within com.
miitlnn distanco olitalnahlo for
all-year homos.
UTrfta lo-tav tr ttriatlKt Information or
tftttr itlrphimr. (Irrflry 3741.
Mulle, IHelS4lhSI.,New Vork
Torest fiills Gardens
"A Forward MoTrmenl In
Suburban Developuent."
IA Mlnutea fron Penn. Station.
Ilouiea and llla Plota For hale.
47 Vt. 34lh Ut., etr Forest UlUl. I.. I.
fend for UookJet S.
Overlooking the Ocean.
flenutlful cottage, just finished Pullt for
all ear home; owner cannot oeeupi , ;
Urge renins, t.ath, open nreydaee in living
room, nil tha verv Itiest Improvuni ids ,
etertrlrlty gas. full ee Ur. hut uuter heat,
new model range tilth ettrii hoi water at-tai-hmetit
tn Kitchen, .itoindan- f of shrub
hery. price ILS'ia, tvorth Jit.Oi.n. respunslhli
rurty can take poser.roii ur flint iaih,
sialics very easy terms, 4( nilnutrs from
illy. C HHOWNK. 3ID C. 14th St. Stu
vesant lOli.
with line boue, ti tittis over ,ti hour oiitt
soil sull-tlde ior pou.try or vegt.inr; near
large tnwns. si-tioo.s. rhurrhes, et... i.-.'.n
rash, balm, a easy trrma. KAUM, Hot lu;
S in
hur.aln and t.nif-s u.ooo up, alst bunt
ing lots on llaliila- II O and Wooleleft Hay.
low r.rlr s. easy terms send for pa-tli-ularr,
JOHN J ftANIAi,L CO. Fri-etxirl, L. 1.
j oflcrwl hy
Banking Department State of New York
I to buHaer. imcMnr nnj irowtiM l.onii
I ekt-rt A Urrf numbtr o( .Uoud buiMiu;
I lulu at Grnlool, Morniifrf , Ionia. Uiiifft
i Meld nrM 'Ii-miU, Nfw JfTpfj. at onr-half
I Inrmr onfr' rriiT" Aln ,i I it,; mini In r nt
I two family hoiiM- UnHon llfiihi. nm
n 1 ani Pallt1r IMtK. Ni' Ji'tv. l about
oni half former iiru All of tli ,ibov- jirop.
trtlt ar within a 5 if tit fart 7nn mut witliin
.1 minutri ot Mantrttt in T'ir-e ironmr
must bj rlrstl nut quicUlr yiul ari nfffic!
at ml TflM rrii .'"I'ial tn.Juif nirnt
i to rontrnmrg ami ttuUlr Htio tll pi.rcrut5
a roiuldiTaM'' nuuitwr of Intr hibcrai urtn.
niit junr inn"-1
Beoj.D.Haieht.SpeclalDeputySuDt.of Banks
Cire of Ilanktrg- fn-pt , 1 llrot toij. N y.citj-,
A Wealth of Satisfaction
pntse.sen the man whose real etata
titlet are Insured The cost Is trlvti'
the, prutei-tlou Is iilisolute We specltl
Irs In Hsrgrn and !to Ulatid t'tuiiity
titles IVipe fui lli.uk K
North Jersey Title Insurance Co.,
IIACIvK.Na.Vi Ii. N j.
N. V Hep. liknn IC farver, 1 ll'ivjv
May J. due as per bond sttv, T : T
Co, 17 Ilwuy 3,S0ii
UAI.PO AV. n w Lltlnt.ton ,n. Vit'sit
lOOtlUS -d Vt Itleliiirdson l.tetli to Deld
fleld Lslate ;7 l e.l ir st, M.iy 3, due .in
prr bond attvs InlatVId 11. T X It "7
'edar st 17 000
ISATTLKSNAKt: HtliiOK ceturo tine ,j
land Adalalne Hul t Cvxll; IVlr-Ini i
Veltrl and alio to Mud,., utUrc i Loan
Assn ef Molt Haven, itt.i ,-, u, ,,r nlle
It.kSO. Apr 34. IlisttUa 6 .r cent; altj
lli-rbert lie. vis, Liberty st. . no.i
A Li:. ANDIC II AV. 131, e ,, 196xVlr. '
NetIL, Jllerhnlf to 'oip-g,, pnn Sut..,
Hunk, 3M 3d il V I'ollege Polio I.
Apr 57, due as per bond- ettv. I s
itauber, 140 ,N'uss4ll iri J7O0.I
LOT 103. map W r Hiincan- tvnitin
Miami tn CUudliH Marinucel, t( stock
ton st. IiklMi. prior mti.-, ..',e. ,r i
dua Apr 1. wis: r,'a per ,.,,; ,,,.,'
IISTll e-T, n ., in dlv line. Into st'tT-j
map Wakefield, being part lot nil, ,,,,
map. 37.6ttU .ilso 1 5 r t I In'lowlng.
Intiood av, e ., nK lot 111, in M
Schurck l-.at, a-su ll. his pi n w c In
wood av. Io0v3.'.. ale., Hrjiint si, s
i:3d st. 0t40 IvxHtno s-I-"rlederlck.l
ller.old tn .Vele fonte'lo, 313 II fc.Mli st
May 1, 3 s-ra, ii irr cent (given aa col"
.Vtl'A ,rltv 'or pij niini la, mi of
IM00M atiy, T O T "n, 17 Hro.id
.IKNNINiis'sTi 'j'lS, n ,' 44 7t70 llj' uJ?
Annie .1 Mulgreu ,. August r
fr?nli",..'n ''"himbiia av, prior mtg,
I1I.S00 Mav 3; due .is p.r tlon.li a ty
John M lluck. 371 llway f i.eno
Albany, May 4.- Tim following really
companies were Incorporated to-day,
Tlta H. n. lUlnva ltcj l.'stnte Torpor
atlon, Manhiittnn; capital, l.'."00n;
reetorf, willtnni H. I'otta, Henry 1
riarnes and Cotirllanrl 11. ll.irties-.
The Jersey estates, ,i corporatlo.i,
Manlmtlani enplt.il, $n.non; iilroctnrn,
Terence Kllzpntrlek, Thomas 1'. Ilur-is
uml Tlinoihy I'roiiln
The Onterport Ite.nty I'orpoMtlnn.
Manhattan : c.ipllal. f3n.nti(i; directors,
Kellx A, Jetil.ins, Nlcliola.t 15, Iveriun
nnil Joseph Dlehl r.ickentluil.
The rutihault Hullillng Corporation,
Manhntlnn, cnpllal, fin.nno; rllreeinrs,
Sarlle Klaunietihafl, I'hlllp A l" . rlltault .
Henry .' Ilonvltr. nml lienrmi W j. .'
The Vnlvernnl lloldlnc and Lenslm;
t'ompany, .iiannaii.in: capita, fin.non.
rllreclore, .antiifl Horowitz, ,1,-icoli
IJornwll. end n.ivld Tlnrnwltr.
M'alter T UjII, Manhattan, r.iplril
Steamship Arrivals and Departures Outgoing
Foreign Mails The Fire Record.
V ' . . 1
For erwtern New Ynrli, partly eloudy lo
Hat, wanner In Ihe Interior! ahniiera to
night or lii-innrrnve In north porllnn, fair
In south i moderate shifting winds.
For New Lngland. partly cloudy to-diy,
probably show-era on Ihe snutheatt "" i
to morrotv fain tnoilcrats shifting w-liids.
For New Jersey and eastern lVnusyl
vault, pnrtlv iioudv to-day; lo-tnotrow
f.ilr, innderata shlfHiiit iilnds.
For we. tern New Vork, partly cloudy
to dav and to-morrow; warmer to-day,
moiterite to fretli southwest winds.
Ni:w Vollli, May .'The dominating
weather liillueneea jesterday wars an area
of low pressure over thn upper Mississippi
Valley tul t'anada. moving Into tlie lak
regions attended by showery roiidlllons
There was an area of high pressure form
ing on lb nest tlulf eoaat and another on
the north Pacific coast The former was
causing muoli wanner weather In all tne
central and plain Stutsa and Ihe latter
colder weniher t b rn ii u bout th Northwest.
It wis glowing warmer In the lake regions,
middle Atlantis and Now England Mates,
where the weaiher waa fair., .
tn till rlty the div waa fair and
warmer, winds, fresh southerly, averiga
humidity, i.l per cent i barometer, eor.
ree'ed to read lo se level, at a A. M ,
S.. S P. M S9.DI
Tha temperiiture In Hill city yetterday,
as rsr-orded by tha ofTlrlal tliermomeur. It
shown In tha annexed table:
Win. Itlt.V I Win. Win
0.M.. .14 A.l'l el P. M.. .0'
IV M vj 4a BP. M.
df. M flu' ..0'l3.Mld,...S'
lllgbivt tamperaitira. TI. at 4:30 P. M.
I .os est temperature, .12", at 7.S0 A. M.
The IV lilts s-mr liner Celtic, sailing to
day for Liverpool, will take, mall, clos
ing at IS-..P) A M., for liurope. except
Herman). Austria. Hungary, Luxemburg,
Turkey, the Netherlands, llulgarla, Serbia.
Korwny, Sweden and Denmark; alio for
Africa. West Asia and Last Indies. Mall
for Spiln and rnrttik-al will bn taken only
when specially addressed.
The ltall.ni liner Dante Allghlerl. aalttng
to-day for item., will take mall, oloalng
at 10 A M , for Haiy, r.umanla and Oreeee.
The French liner Kspagni-. sailing to
mnrrow for flordenux, will take mall, dos
ing at noon, for Franr. tiuinanta. Hwltier
land, Hal), Ugypt, Oreere, Rrltlih India,
Hrlllsh Hast Africa, Slam. Malta, Gibral
tar. Ceylon, Strilta Settlements, Dutch
East lndl'-s, West Australia and Persia.
The Italian liner criteria, sailing Tues
day fur Genoa, will Inks malt, closing
at :0 A. M for Italy, Itumanla, Swltier
land and flrsece.
Tha Holland-America liner rtyndam,
sailing Monday for Falmouth and Rotter
dam, wl'i ttke moll, closing at 1:10 A. !.,
for ilr"at llrltaln Ireland, Ilelglnm, tha
Vi Hie. .jinls. Swlttenand, llusala and South
' . .
13 40
S ,Sa-
t la mars.
1.7 W S3d at.. Iena Vaughan..SI1ghl
MS K Hth st, Mr. Crutrher....lU
1LS 117 i:. S3dal. Pa4he Films
l.t Co Slight
West Cn.l av Sam Hell
Hlger None
3.V i:. TSUi at . John IV.Un,
owner . Sltght
It". Anistrrda.il av., Hurthley
Kttate 1100
-579 9th av t'nltrd t'ofTee
store Trifling
111 Cannon 1.. Philip STicr-
tn.in S2n
I'l Lenox av., ltael DuUn.,Trifllnc
"7 Ha'l nv. Ifeneel, S Htron-
sky Hllght
.;103 i: 9Jth st Sam Neu
man Trifling
:os W Sfh St.; LiskHrldee i
Zarr-itltes I80C
130 3d in.. Frank tledney. .. .Slight
-lit. W. l.tli st.. William de
Hello Slight
loin av and 11th tt.. auto.
.iKllie. Holler Trilling
lis IV. 63d al Trifling
-HIS K let l.ml nv Trifling
-34.- i:. I39t)i l . Jacob Cedor
bauni Trifling
II .Si
ll to
11 la
F M.
1 .',"
S 10-
s :.in-9:lt-
Nat Orders.
WASH I NO TON'. Mav 1 -ders
were I. sued to-d.i '
Lieut It 17 lnger-olt
rtnnttl to oil. nf i hlef
These nav y er-
frooi the
of t.tval
oper. atton
l.ii ut
nat lo
V Lamphlr. Irom the Clncln
bome and w-ilt order
J It M.inn. from the 11. 3 to home
for orders
Lieut W M tjulgley
from the A-7 to
home ior or.iera
Lieut V D. clMpitne. front the com
mud of the Preble to the San Diego
1 iui II V M Clure, from the com
mtnd of the Perry to command the Preble
Lieut T c Kink. ill. from proving
gr-und. Indian Head. Mti., to work!
hperry Oiresi-ope Company, llronklyn.
Lieut. ,f H llutter. from Washington
yard to proving ground, Indian llstd, M.l.
l.nslgli s ll user.
from th" A- to the
H 1
Loslg, I
tn -lie A-.'
I n.lcn P
tO t V
-g . ii
Stecher. from tha Mohlran
c Dai'l".
from the Mohican
from the Mnhlctn
t -he A-7
siirpion 11 A Tttrhmann to Naval Hes
pl i. Phtl idrlphln.
passed As.lst.int Surgeon L L. Pratt,
from N.iv-.il llospltiii, 1'lilladelphla. to the
Pussrd Aselsttut Surgeon W, A. Ang.
'iln from nival stitlon. I'lvlte, to ths
llrooklv ti
v-slt nit Surgeon M B Hidden, from
the I'alc.-i to the Abtrenda.
A-st. '.mi Surgeon T Wilson, from the
Monterey to naval hospital, Tokohimi.
Movement of Navml Veaaeli,
WAMIINCiTDN. May 4 Tlie Denver
has arrived at Topi-.lnli.impo, collier Jason
at Hampton Itnads, gunboal Milwaukee
at San Diego
The tank ship Aretllll'a has sailed from
Port Arthur, Te for Kev West; de
strnyer Jacob .tones from Key West for
tloHton, destr.vt Mafilonoucli from
Charleston for llMinptnu Iloa.lt, battleship
Ohio from Philadelphia for Hampton
lioids, cruiser Sacramento from Forts,
mouth, N II, for Hlngham. Mess.; acht
sylph ft oin Washington for Richmond,
and the battleship Wisconsin from Phila
delphia for Hampton lloads
I' S. Supreme Court Calendar.
YV'Abl!CC.TON' May 4 The day i all
ef thn Fnlted States supreno- Court for
to-morrow- Nes 313 land 3r3), 3',, 3&3,
Si)3. SSI. 374 37, 30. 313 and K
Court nf Appeal! Calendar.
ALBANY. Miy 4 The Court of Appeals
i-almdar for to-tnorrow;
uient. und 64
No. 33, on argil-
SI, 000 ; illreclnrt, Walter T. Hall, John
llreeii ami Henry ilanlner.
Croke, Anderrou - Sutiilerlanrt, Mnn
hattiin; i-apltiil. Sl.'nin ; directors, Almet
II. Latson. Jr., Uv.in L. Tiiinhlyn unci
Theoilnie 15. 1'iiiilh, Jr.
Tho TcrrcMnrlno Hulldlnir Corpori
tiou, Manhattan: capliul. tin.000; di
roctore, Jon Itelnhorii, AiiKUft IStratlis
and Jacoli .1 Kramer.
The Woodrnvv ItiilldltiK Corporation,
Manhattan : capital. h.0f : directors,
Mollie Itofenherc, Pavhl Ktoller UlUl
.Mailt Ice I 'all)
Fhelpa IIoldlnE Corporan, Manhat
tan; capital. $1,000, directors, Oacnr J.
fJcliuesiler, IlcBlnalil K. Isaacs, Abraham
U Menln.
$70,000 I'ulrt for Well Knotru
( onnectlcul Properly.
Ciukenvv ten. Conn., May t An
iioiincciiicpt vnn maJe hero to-day if
the sale of the old Lenox House, ut thn
Intersection of lircenvvlch avenue ntnl
Putnam nvenue, to Postmaster William
S. Me.my for about KO.nijO. The cor
ner la one of Ihe most valuable In 'lieen
with. II was at one llnio proposed far
a post ofllco site.
Tlie structure on Ihe propPrty viti-i
elected in Vj7 uml was ope of the
host Unoivn stopplns places of the old
.-msc i ii. uli louto almiK thn lli.-iuii ,.it
lu, d 11 was oivned liv the estate uf
.leihn ooihes ami fnt niaiiv .vcais the
hrwiHi-v w-aa operate! In the Morions,
a famous si i of hoii-1 on ii Tho piop
eit iiicliulos nboiit one anil a ipiat In
tel c."
United states c,,t d I loodetlij Survey
HtaniUrtl Time.
AMI ..M- pM
Hun rises ,.visnn Kot, .i).,.',,MfK)n ,etjin..1H
Bandyll'k. . M . nVt ov.Is.l .. . .Jj '; I lell oia..oVn
Arrlteil TUHftfinAY. m i
":Voord.".m' LA- M falmoulli, April M
Motor shin Ommh
3 F, M . Kirkwall,
...Ill .1
Ss I'll of f'oloaitvn
IO;io A. M , Cardiff.
April SI
April 19
4 K P. M , st Vincent, C. V ,
s yuehra. 10 r. A M ,
S Voll.ilre, lo a A M
Liverpool, April 31
Liverpool, April 31
, S.isn-i. Anrtl SO
Ss Lvsefjoiil, to. P. A M
.,.:.'""' Maria, is. io
April L9,
I' M i riltiifiloii,
Ss lirorge B Wangn. 11.31 I' ,M
day i Isiiliiegos, Abrll So
ss Aiit in,,,, 1...U . M cri.iohil, April 17
Si i-r.",kri,f' A M cii. April 57
S IjVaiifelliie, is:30 ! M . llermud.-i. Mat
St Ptoiriia. New orleHn, April S9
.s '.'"fnu. Jai ksoiivllls. .May I
S F.I rid. Halvesion. April
s Hantilinn, Norfolk. May "
Ss (apac, I hnrlerton, May I
AtiRivKn rnoM nkw yoiik
Ss Krl.llanlaflord. lit Hergsn
IT,'lr.lk.V,,, ' 'npenhagen
Ss e de lirs. i Marseilles
1 Panama. Irom CrMnb.il
ba Mexico, from Havana
Si New York, from Liverpool
Sail To liny
Mill I
10 or. A M
: I'M
10 LO A H
11 00 M
i: i M
13 on M
13 00 M
. . . ..ins,-
lellic. Ijierpool . t, ,i . M
Vnillefa. Constniinoa V S) A M
Datito Alishlerl. Naples. 10)AM
Croft on Hall. Barbadot. 7 iw A M
Oulana. Orenada I so A M
Ilonl f ace, Para ,,. , xooaM
slxaoiu, Jamaica 9 30 AM
Stephino, Newfoundland 13.10 PM
Camiruey, Santiago
Tiitimon, Ran Jnan
Htmllton, Norfolk
bail To-morrow.
Einasne. flordeaux 13 on M
Ptiermo. Naples ,
Miehlcm. Ixmdon
TeiMitorea. Havana. K) A M
llr wna. Han Juan. . . X 30 A M
finlnga, Havana X (0 A M
Cmiobal. Cristobal . II SO A M
Kringeiine, llermud.t.... io A M
ManrhloneaJ Jamaica... 9 SO A M
Furui. Rio Janeiro 13 00 M
Munarnar, Aniltla
Grayion. San Juan
Man Juao. Arroyo
Ienape. Jacksonville
City or St Louil. sa
vannah Anlllles. New Orleani
Madina. Oilveiton
Princess Anne, Norfolk
J oo p M
Ii i") M
l: eo M
11 (i A M
3 M P M
11 M A M
:; t m
13 00 M
13 M M
13 M M
3 M P M
12 M M
1 M P M
3 C5 1' M
Sail Mondax.
lljndam Rotterdam
Ntekene. lltyti
Tusi-atiu. Liverpool ....
I.ais'ii. trian. Jeondoii...,
Munwood, Vutinzas ...
Jefferson, Norfolk
) A M
4 'n A M
13 io l
13 ) M
sail Tuesday
Caaerta lie noa. TJ) A M
Pantioiii-i. Falmouth
l'atrla, Nttdes
Puns Fredenk llrudrik.
h n) p M
3 Ml P M
i: i) m
1 ' P M
City of Mexico. Cardrtua
City of Montgomery, St-
vannah .
Apache. Ja-ksouvllle.
Madison. Norlolk
Sail Wednesday
fiiKt di tienort Naples
Finltud. Ltierpool
lUltl" Liverpool
Phlladelphlau, London . .
Hindoo. Hull
Antonio Lope, I'adli ....
7.uila. La liiiajra
Ivermudl.-in. rtrrniuda ...
Santa Marta. Cristnbil
11-oteus. New Orleans.. .,
Iierwlnd. Arei-ilsi
Comal. iJalte.tnn
llanilllnn, Norlolk .
f Tfl
(v SO
l.'M M
13 00 M
1.' M M
13 l-i M
1 M P M
11 ("1 A M
13 MM
13 M. M
!.' M M
I i.v P M
S ') P M
1 3-1
i ri
9 is)
Viha ilc Tamative
st Stephen
Duca dl Ocnova
St Frsula
PtiIii l
Color ido
.l O-cidenle
City ol St Louil ...
..ttolterdam .
imiii-r i'u .
..M ar-i-iia s .,
,. Marsi-illet ..
. lira us
...Marseilles ...
...Liwrpool ..
.. Li Pallor .
.. Lliert.no! ..
,. Hull
. London
,. ii. no i
,..llath.ido ..
,..s.vn Juan....
.. fialveitnn
..Sataiinih ...
.Apr (
.Vir in
Mr P.
.Apr 13
..Apr tl
.Apr Is
Apr It
.Apr 1
.Apr 11
Apr 1 1
..Apr l
..Apr :t
..Apr 11
..Apr vi
. nr -.4
. pr -o
.Apr :)
.Apr Ti
.Apr 37
..Apr :
, Apr :i
May 3
Due To morrow
Vt rr?nt)ord .
Venell . .
Ststlldene ...
Calrnhill ....
tand.trd ....
r.lack Prince ..
. Perseu
. llO-deaUX
. .St Vimv-nt.C V.
. 'hleUll
..Havre . .
,.Ne- Orletnt.
. Net Orleans ..
.Apr 34
.Apr 34
Apr 33
.Apr '3
At r "I
Arr .1
.Apr 31
Apr s
Due Suiidtv
Itltltia ii lUlla.
1 Wleldrevlil ....
, Nir.Trti.1
liibr ili ir .. ..
Until r. mt
"stub"- .
. Turks Island
Cristobal ....
Jacktoiii ille .
Apr 33
Apr .
Apr ...
pr 3"
Apr "
.Apr "
At r ; I
, Apr ;i
Apr 3-)
Mv 1
.May I
Olaf .
Kl Valle
Dun Morel iv
lVn.-liurih .
..Herninda . ..
, -.an Juan
. Catbanen ..
sttaiuuh .
New Orletn
Apr 3'
Apr :
Mav s
. Mav -..May
. Mny 1
.May .'
Miy t
i .Vrd.iiw.in .
I Iierimidian
' V hi di r inn n
i Cny of Moiiunmrr,
. Minims
Due Tile
' Onrta
. Ocaino .
Metipan .
Mohawk .
Ll Norte .
La Falliee .
. liibr.iltir ....
Illo .1 melto .
Hav mt
.lacUsoui ills
. iialve-ton ,.
..Mobile .. .
. Apr 31
. Apr In
M.y !
.Mav t.-
May 1
.May s
lncomlns Vraaela Hy Wlreleat.
i Ss Finland Liverpool, l-.t nnlrs rail of
I Sandj lliiok at noon yesterday.
s .-.nno Donuiuo, is;, units south ct Suiivly
I Hook .11 7 P. M 9fetcril.iv
Carolina ban .liitn. 1..H1 miles south nt
San.lv Hook .it s P M
S Al ib.itna. Port Arthur. 113 milea north
ol Jupiter at noon
s Comet Port Arthur, nn'et north oi
Jiuuter at ""on
Si El Valle. (ialveslon. F.7 m'!e south ol
Jupiter al noon
Ss Cushlne. Ualbo,i, dSi mil's smnh f
bjudv Hook al tinou
s Ll biclo. liahiveton. 8 milt s rt of Tor
tusas at (l P. M
St Nurocs, ILilveston 11 miles ,et of
Tortuiai at S P M
M Apache. Jacksonville. 50 milfJ nurtll
St John's bar at 7 P M
ss Northwestern. Fort Arthur. '.T mil'"
northwest of Tortug.li at noon
SS Cl tl fi.i.ietOU. Li miles soilb O"
Sandv Hook at noon
s. ki Voric. iiilvrxlon, ,"o: nulri em r
(ialiestoti Imi nt noon
I ss Kl Ois-idente liilv-et'on. ?i7 m'.lei suit t
i of is.ititlt- Hook al noon.
' Ss 7.ullt. I.a liiiajra. 31. mlirs so-nh c
sandy lluuk at noon.
Pulli'i- ilfinnrlnl Jtervlrea.
The I'olh'e Department' tribute to
the niein.irv of the inemheia of the (oic
tv lie died lad eir will 1-e held ill tin
Me-, ropo' "ail I iper.i House Monday aflii
no,. .n I he I, The Pepiilmenl le.
. .lib ,n.,r po'ii 'e band wi'l supply th
inilsi i 'oiuinieaionrr Woods and lo
stall Mat -a Mt'i'iicl tind all the Ilea. I
of t'n- mi mi. .pal departments navn Ion.
inv iici

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