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,iMiil l .Millie liotli to (lie
itorliiii mill l.ovci of
I'm i ii t i til s.
1 1 . r 1 1 ll 1 1 1 1 1 I paintings vveie
.i publh vh'w .vesienlay ill llio
of th" Amoileali
.i.it'itv. In sales
,rt .M"i'lii.nii
Wllloll ncglli
, i, tin' li.illiiixiii or tin' PLma
H,,'.l Vlthough m.iliy Klf.it Kuropean
.Aiiif "'i' icprcsentcil It Is safe; In .n y
the chief Interest 111 the (''1110111111
i i.i
,,u i.p iii th.- HiHiHTK.il '-r imp Amcilcan
tr. ,.f it I
Tl,,. i, not entirely because certain
. . . '
inftl..!"-. 'Ml 'I" III.IKPIOCI., I WllCllt , , ,
.Tirnrt or
nun llvder 'iti'l Want, vvhu lmVB
l.onif'l t.i'ge 1 rt tcccnt uutctlons. hip
fll lc'IC"elltcll I'l't bci'llUSC thcie It
a umiU' gioup tiiclttilcil of early Amcil
can i"i t r.i it liy Thomas Sully, Wash
met mi Atl-tnii, Charles W. IVhIp, Sam
uel I. Waldo, 0. I". A. Ilralry, Copley
an.l ll'-nj iiinti West. The appearances
u fu, h vvotks, which in.iKo the double
apjivl ti "hp hltorlati an well us the
art 1 vei -'"p t.i re.
TV t.irlurt Sully portrait. 1"0", Is of
Jean Ib'gg. "It" for ii time an actor
nJ l.i ft became known as a keepir of
a pjM' house. It Is an Interesting ex-
i.itlc f ""I ti"' best pcilod. Hup of tone
tli n ,n ixeciltlon, Another called
.,n.i bears the InscrlpMoii of the
jii -i ili.it It was painted from hla
daujhtpr Kos.ille. The ItenJ.imln West
, it.v,i ' romantlp work which he ex
hit 'ed a tlip Itoyal Aeadeiny; It por
ti r - tie in'irvicw of Tplem.ii-hus with
Call jit't and excited the written 101.1.
ira'i' f"'m Horace Walpole. "All kooiI
but ihe ttces" For once Horace was
m:"'T,nr 11
Tup p'TtMlt of a man by Samuel 1.. ,
Ma' J" i- a thnrmiuhly sound achieve- James S. Uilscoll of New Itochclle.
n-.fit th- liriiwiin; .-ui". ami ureal llvell- K.ulur llioune In n luler nddies.H :ifpr
nf. the expression. Waldo u.c one u,e ,nm,r ,M,,,. nf ,. rk nf . rtt
; li,.ij.imiu Vf ptipllH. A Picture .atinn.il fnlerslt of Ireland mid told
tut li.i peculiar Interest Is of ashlni;. of ,,e nstonishment of a member of the
i'" a' ,.MV.""1.. T'Tv'.-'1 "vi-,!i, .ylfl,l'""-v "f I'ldverslty of Mlrhlcan
T t- P Ui.ssl er In 1 M.t, V ash lis- 11101 )pnrnt . from ,.t,,t.r ri)Ullo
k, ,hon ated on the lawn ne. r a ; ,,,,, , rIe admitted freely
ilrr. Vafti:tiBlon cnnaKed III needlework ..... nr IlU ,,,,. ,
An excellent portrait of William M.
Ewts ' tiv liiistman Johnson, who was
. - . ..f . . i,m.ir.f it. .r linu it..rv.,n 1M....P
Ol'ler rt;ts and thoe of tile present.
Ai liiiitinort this picture Is direct and
Lr ti.e , h.ir.i' teuzatlon and s-rlous
fx' tu "f the woik aililltiic to Its illntilty.
Illrii'ii Tiinclilliinu Cnnviiaea.
Sl't al attentlPti will he directed to
T.i' l.tm in l thit sale. a all of the
cuci .inv.iS'S by lit 111 are interestltiK
a il ..ne exhibit hi ait at Its beet.
TTP .He 1 iv 11 of hih pictures with the
I' T'le lute Hrlilte." both Rood,
bjt :-. "lie that has the place of honor
In t iipP'i K.ilUry Is especially charm
Ire ! show a small foot bridte with
an aw .111! and It has been painted w'.th '
n i-'er'- i,iv and slmpllc.t.v.
T Ite.ich at S'Ui.im"" Is a more dllll
cj ',Mp. t a td picture really con-:
two theme", the blue mm Mcak- .
suif upon the bea h ami the
in.i.tiE upon the hill 011 the .
H .'h are held easily, however, '
1 dp 'oratlv e scheme There l a
.f s'mbie l,iuise.iie by Twathtmiui
I .is.i a liei'oiatlve panel In which a
Il"l. - rl sits on the portlro of the fa
mm re deuce at Cos l'"b am d tlowers
1 1 .Hires by Albert P. Itydir are
d' f t ip pei Hilar sUKnet.nn th.U lie
a. .own how to nno. P.oth cm-
1a ne from the collection of Alex-
' Morten. One called Hunter's
R.-- ,..s a horse whose t.der has
,- -Tir-j. -,.,1 and situ beneath the Kloom
f f ' w.tli his doss. The sky spaces
.. jKii the trefti make an ad-
r. loiKii. The "SniUBKler'N Cave"
t ' r s one of his simplified can-la-
il. 1 0r.1t 've and broad In manner,
ai 1 i w ith mystery,
t tl same clasn of Imaelnatlve art
i 1 ltder are placed Hlakelook and
Art .- i Iiavlet. Seven Hlakelocks am
I" . 1 ' 11 the present collection. Some
-' .in 'linotillBhts and all have the
ttin- . sie- brllltancv in,the sk.v. 1 no
11 !'n rs aiivas' S reeall the early da
e' - . n.-r when lie was attractlnc
: Niw York to the littlp cellar Kiillery
t' Mi Se: . w.ih canvases that sieined
II-.P K.vritltiKS of poems by lllake.
T. hIoip KoblnsonstrenKthenstheiihow
it.c of Die Amerlran ImpresolonlKtu In the
ml.nle.s with five palnthiKs, ivmonK
lnh H his charming "White Itarn,"
1 a winter scene, called "An Anrieut
Jlojfe ' There ate live characteristic
m kk .j Itobeit Iteid, five by Chlldo
IU--11.1. a still life h Wllllani .M. Chase
"I two IlKUie pieces bj T. W. Dew Ins.
s'i ha; the "Society of The Ten" will be
i..ill interested In the auction.
venue In I till".
life li Chase Is not a fish
mi ai. an amienient of pots and
e l.,j'Mishi d metals of which
. 1. d,.n-i with ureal skill fin
' H.issam h picture!!, although
1 11 I Miii aheailv ranks as a his
: ni'e for it shows Fifth avenue
' - xth street loolilni: soutli, and
it trees drooplni; over the slde-
'.ere are those ti.-es now' New
- 'i.iw alt
il v forgotten Hie K.ir-
: .' Luke's Hospital, then lovaten
i'.v.h of decoi ati e power Is
Mi'tms 'Waterfall," In which a
" tills tile foiegiouud The plc
.1 ime Mi Nelll Whistler is a tiny
1 .i'nig an inn with a few washes
- few loin hes are delicate and
n.. an. ng The little J FMurpliy
i" i V 1 lent In quality, and there
" p.'tiiii'H by the late William
finest l.awson'a landscape Is
most colorful in Hie collection.
V'ci ricini to lound nut this ex--'i'i
i l'ig of native ait. are i leorge
t it. in llu, Itruce Clime Itobeit
'. iri- II l!"gert and Middleton
i i t
- i. .oies are given up to deenrn
1 ,inf, in which the men look
" " the frames in armor, rurf Mini
i 'id the women am regal In
and old lace There mi; court
'V Hie Spanish artlstn, Cocllo,
nd Vel.isiucz, smiling happy Uiik
"iri n by Sir William licc-hey, an
" Of Itacvlllls." bv Itllbens. ufler
p.i .
In . .
M I,
I -i.
" s
j' T tun canvas In the National (lal-
Tiatming sir Joshua HcynoId: a
1.. Iv .
I"' liy Morct. Claude Monet's
I "I son-in-law, and many works of
'" "tM. qualities that easily clana Into
' 'annus oliler schools.
I'lrsl kesnlon of Colleelion
persal llrlllKB 2,OI:i,
The tale f an Interesting collection of
JJiient.il art, IncludliiK that of the, late
vapt llerry of San KriinclHco, began yea
Wnlay n the Anderson flallerles.
AinfrrtR tlie prices were these: No. S3,
ti npplii green vase of the .IIiik period,
lf' I'. Chapniim for tll'O; No. B7, a gourd
'napeil vase In apple Kreen glaae, to Urn
nie buyer for J'JOi No. 51. n sang-de-"Uf
vase, In II, J, Popping foi 00 ; No.
n Uittlo khapel vauo In snnir.de
''" 'if. to .1. A. Kimball tor MO. and No.
:v pair of celadon bowls, to C. V.
Miller for 0.
The total for the session was ;,09S,
he tain continues to-day.
'iiIIiit IJi'dwiic, S. .1., Noted
(.ivtk Si'holnr, (litest nt
Mi'ti'opolitim Club.
hi: si'kaks koii iiii.i.ani
itnrs, bankers,
others high In
v ,n Inns
tMt;in assembled at the Mciropolltan i
1M..1. in pi,.,. ,. , ,,
tend n dinner which whi ti i i u -; i it among
rluli fimctliiiiK in ili.it the guest uf honor
wn ii Jpii t prlrt, the Itov. Father
Henry J llrovviic. s. .1.. iinifr "Mil III
c.rrck tlip new National rmvpri.lt of
Irplanil, ulio Is hprp to slud American
"lMlimlt of teaching thp classics.
Tile hosts lit llin dinner In liniinr
-,.-, ti" ... ,, ,
I-at net Ilrovvne m V. Itnorko
lames Hmiip. Justice .Mart In .1.
kengh, Jolin Cjiilnn anil .tolin i. Hyatt,
president of the Anaconda Cupper Com
pany Allhouah there wn a pteponderatire
of Irish hlnnil among the thlrtv or itinro
KiiPMK invited to meet the distinguished
llrltlsh educator Father lliowtic w.m
horn in Ciul.imt and took tils mastci's
degree at oxford, hut for many years
past has I veil and vvotked In Ireland
niPii descended from uuny nationalities
" or various religions were In at
tendance. Among the guest weie HnlntiriilgA
Colby. l-'r.itieiM I". (i.irvan. .1. I C CI.iiKp,
JumiIpc Vl.-tor HowlltiB. Itohert H.
l'owlliic, l.awrpnrp dndkln, Col. Itnhprt
Templp llmnipt, Wdllatn Temple ICmtiipt.
Dr. John It nnlej, Slate I'ointiilHuloiiKr
of lMucallnti . Prof. VV. II. (iooilyeur of
the HrooklMi Ini-tltiitc, .lo-pph P. ilraep,
II. t". Ide. I'ledpilrk ,t,inie.i Hippr, Mar
tin T. Manton. ltenj.iniln liiimip, ('
Kelley, Shane l.tjlie, William H.
Outhrle, .1. II. Yeati.. the Itev ,tneih A.
Multy. S J., president of l-'oulti.im I'nl
vemlty ; Mori!.iii ,1 o Itrleii. .1 i Walch,
t'onde I'nlleii, the Kev John .1. Wv tine,
S. J., Alfred J. T.illev. Jnnne Luke tl
! StalllctOII. I lie Itev iViriw.lln. ! irf... .1
of Whlppanv . N. J., mid the Ilev. Hi.
I Hirers nnd admitted to memliprshlp in
j the national unlverMtv ' senate, the snv-
.appointment to the chairs of the linker
, sit.v. even the highest
I "I have been for eni a home ruler,"
I said Father lliowne after savlm: thai
I he. 1111 KiiKlislimaii I10111. hoped liii
."claim to "peak befoie uu Irish audl
I ern e on an Irish siiliject" would not
be considered Impertinent, "fine of the
"Irotis'est reasons for home rule to mv
mind is thai It will strengthen the posi
tion of Klilainl ns po"MS"iir of 11 woihl
wide emplie nyhow, vou me all luie
aifrerd thai Ireland might to be anil
must be lestoted to her position annum'
1 the nations of the earth.
"lieiitli men. a nation which hn" eon
tiol of Its own higher eduiallon, I mean
not ineielv. In science but such matter"
,as hlslorv. philo"ophy, morals and rell
I kIoii, is not, cannot be. In n state of na
tional enslavement: and I have said that
, home rule In the political order must
iloKlmllv and even necessarily follow
liicatloiial home rule such as we have
jln the Natmral L'nix crsit of Iteland"
I In vipw of leicnt mlBlitv bappenliiRs
I in Dulilin and the pieseme at tile din
1 net of mam peiions ttecpl Interpsted
j in Irish alfairs Father lltowue said
that "the present moment mav nppear
'hanllv ptopltioii" for n i.ilni leview of
, ai adenilcnl mallei ". especialh as to
jwhat refund" Dublin " Neverihcli s the
1 honor Kuest of tlm evenltiK avolilcd mill
1 taiy matter" nnd touched upon thlncs
political onlj where the had to do ill-
rectly xv 1 1 It the work of Irish edueatlon
.as it Is pronresslni; at the National I'nl
I verslty.
: "The sili'ie"" of mi Insli imiversitv,"
I he said, "I" h no means a iiuestion In
, whit h there can he anv coutlict between
j the Interests of HiiKlanrt ami Ireland.
I And I deslie 10 urue slrotujly that In
the setlUment whlcli has been mailo of
iii.IvpisiIv 'luesllou on lines acippt-
able to Catholic lieland we hive an
impoitiiut liistalniPnt of home rule We
have in tact, alieadv am thniuch it
what I nil Intellectual home rule"
The foue that makes America Kie.it,
said Father Hrowne. I" her crpat body
of educated, and therefore self-reliant,
young men; and it Is that kind of joutut
men his university Is worklnc to turn
out that they, too, may make for Krln's
Vlrvv lit .New York llnrbnr HrliiKn
ffU.IOII nt Conclildlliu M'kiIiih.
An old view of New York fet died
t'.Miiu In the cale of print" at the Ameii.
inn Alt Association last nlKlit. This
was the "Dudlo Park View of New
Yoik Harbor in 1S29." b Tliomni
Thompson. It was n colored lithoKraph,
No. '.'.'il A In the catalogue, nnd the pin
chaser wa" Max Williams
An auualint In odor by Itoberlson and
Jukes, No. SPI, "New S'otk From llo.
buck Feirv House, jsnn," sold to It
Fririenberi,-, who nl"o cave 1 12T.T.0 for
No II. D !. Cameron h etciiiiic. -.vu
Astra." A Swann, nvent, paid lf,0 for
No. 23, Hone's etching of "Piccadilly
Circus," which was lesold, and for
No. is. Watson's mezzotint of Sir Hlrh
iii d Pearson. It. II. Carle bought No.
n mezzotint of Washington b IM
ward Savage, and c .1 Sullivan paid
IHfi for No ITS, a mezzotint by J. Wat
son of Sir Jeffery Amheisl.
The total frr the evening was Jfi,
3r,r. SO. making n grand total of 10,
1 r,.r, for tlie collection,
Mnilcnta ' Waalilimlnii I'lilleitea
lleeelved nt Willie House.
Wabhinoton, May 1 The Pnsldent
and Mrs. Wilson gave a nceptlon at
the While House this afternoon In honor
of "SO youiib' vvotyen from the semi
tunics and women's college of the na
tional capital.
The icciiitlun was unlike the more,
formal occasions at the While House.
Instead of the usual tremendous crush
the line moved slowly through the cor
ridors, up tl" stairway and Into the
Kast Itoom,
Home of the young women were ills-
raised to stray from the line to examine
III,, Clir OS H OOK H"' ...nei.. i
ihev were lull I led had, by inembeiH of
the ichool fiicultbi, who wcie acting ns
Will Altrnil I'rlnretou Cluh Meet
Inara In l.'hleaK" and lelrolt.
PrinckT'iN, N. J.. May 4.- President
John 'Irler lllbben left Princeton to-day
for a tour of tlie inlildle West. He
will spend Ihe greater part of his tlmo
In Detroit nnd Chicago.
In nnlrolt he will speak several times
nnd attend tho annual dinner of ths
Trlncelnn Cluh of Michigan. He will
also attend the business, meeting of tho
Princeton clubs of the Went and South
west In Chicago.
I'i'iMiiiiinit .Men mid Woiucii
Will l!i nt Hi't'i'ption
Nct Week.
Tlie ('until niinlverf-.tiy of the open
Ins of the Miriam Osliorn Memorial
Home ai ll.irrlon, V.teheter county,
will he celebrated with a recep.
tion, to be he,i from .1 to T. oclocl.
nevt '.', ilnefl.iv nfternnon Theie will I
lie an .'labornte inuicil prosramme,
iIiii.t.i; which tea "ill b" svivil. The
home shell, im ae,l KriitlewotiK n m
iieeil) rlrciiiiKtiiiicrTi. (inly Ki'tillewoinen
who are tesl.lcnn of either New York
in Wentchmter county anil have teen
residents for trn yearn are eliclhle. The
m iimrml hom , of which .loh.i V Stet
llni; Is president, Ik S'J.'i feet lotiK, ai'il Is
Minuted III the centie of a plot of about
tw, nty-four acic.i on the old Itoiton
post road In the villaK" of I5e. This
plot is Mirrotinded h a pilv.ite pnrlt
of about ninety acres, to which the
elderly ladbs living in the home have
frc" iiecess Some of those who will
b Knots at the reieptlon next Wednes
day are
Mr. and' Mis KranU A. ande rllp. ,
Mr and Mrs James M Heck, Mr. and
Mis Chautne M I ), pew, .Mr and Mis
William ItneUefeller, Mr and Mrs John
A. Uarver, Mr. ami Mrs. Vrauols Hyde,
Mr. and Mrs. W tl. Itookefell -e, Mr.
and Mm. W '. S. Thorne. Alexander 11.
Webb, Jr.. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Thome.
Mr and Mi. Samuel Thorne, Jr., James
O llloss, Moses Taylor. Mrs. Cortland
Heits. (ifoige II. Church, Mr nnd Mrs.
Itohert II Llvlnctnn, Charles K.
McCulloh, tlm Misses SacUrtt, Miss Kl.z
nbeth Jordan, Mi and Mrs. S. C. Lit
tleton. Mr. nnd Mr. Mnrcells C. Par
sons, Mr. and Mis. J Hhhop Putnam,
Iir. and Mrs. Krimst M. P use,
Mr and Mn.. Itlchaid P. Walnwrlght,
Mi and Mrs Arthur W Talent t. Mr and ,
Mis 1' l lske, Mr anil .Mrs u iimtm
pell. Mr and Mrs. Coinellus V. Sewill,
Mr. and Mis Ib-Ktmlil I Sherman. I'r
and Mrs. P W Walker. Mr. and Mrs.
. 7. " ;:.:.
Mrs (ieorKo l. K.nroii, Mr .mil Mrs.
II. L. llotchklss, Mr. and Mrs II. I.
Hotchklss. Jr. Mr. and Mrs ileoige ll.
Cornwall, Hr. and Mm Arthur S. Cor
win. Mis Hald S Cowle. and Mr. mid
Mis. William Creightoti Pn-t
l"ii.i Mr aii.l Mrs Ui.ll.im f
Inn "iiliihur Springs. V.i
l.nrrnliie- Jlrs S VV Skinner,
null. Dr and Mrs II K Weir.
N'h sa u
1'rtnie (lsnrgs- IU b.iril K Sioltti I'rovl-
rlonre. It I . J"" I'll I. inc. Newport
.S'I'U s, V 11
Wouitsiick- Mr. an.l Mr .1 I' 11 ne,
Sprltistlrlil. Mas' Mr and Vli II
Mnwre). Itiiiland. VI
MeAlpln- Vlr anil Vlrs bihii T Sliel
iln'rl lliirfnln, it V IIhII, !) Moines, la ,
Crosby Miller, lllehniond, Vs
Vaii'lerl'IH -Mr and Vlrs It llaldwln,
Chluiso; Mr 'in'' .Nlr" .V- T. It.imsileil.
Marry T. Ilamsdell. lliittiil"
Wablorf-Astoria--Mrs. II Crnwlnnl
Ulnck. 1'hlrngn. II.
vlr ami Mrs tv
A. Ilesiln, l)a)lnn oliln
T .Senna, lloeliester
N. Y.
llltiuore .M r "nil .Mrs PI Wnahtuun
Kinvllle, Hudson,
N Y . Mr ami Mrs Sum
ner H, Iii)'.
I'lttiburu. II W. lirllllili.
ix trnlt
Wnll oil Mr, H'I .Mr r II ll.ilon,
l.oiiibui. unt . -Mrs.
nni : Mr and Mrs
Suillli. lltliw,
C'artar. Ill.ilri.
town, N. J.
vtiinhiiltsii Mr. and Mrs It '1 Clmnh,
vieriileii, Conn . Mr ami Mrs.
KiiiVle. Sberliio'iHe, Quel.ee. II
tin. Syracuse,
A Me
Km uk.
Ki,uk.i!..-.rl:rr -f :) Mr. it
Orunt. li'i'i""
.iml Mis M
ler. Akron
Mr .mil Mrs
W. A
f). trntt
Mi.iiuiii Mr and Mrs. r I Ilk II John
.Mr ""'I Mrs, Flank II
ivanrliro. Mr ami Mrs
,'in. Hsu Vranclicn, Mr ami Mrs c, .
Mia w
llostini: Ml and Mrs IMwIn Duffey.
'..rllMtlll. N. 1
Hrnadway Orntral .1. duttnian. I'ltu.
iir' .1. W. Cannn, Prnvldenre, II I i E
V Aapmwell. I'awlmkel. It. I ; K. V
(turtle!!. Atnlietst. Man.
ClarbU" A Shoemaker, Chatla-
ni.iB.l. Tenn.. Mllt'Ul Work, PI le-
n Hi J ! Ilnffmaii. Norfolk, Va , Wll
," puiih'iiii. Cleveland,
Sallln in day by Itw lliiltrri Fruit ateam
ahlp Suaola Inr porta at h Caribbean.
Nr. and Mrt. 8. T. T. 1; Curler.
Shaw. W. II. arrenwnod.
n II. Spencer, Mrt. Annie Taylor. .
Mn Juin Stewart,
Dead or alive.
Iteeiler Vlosl llrirrllim
Wnti mi VII lloiiii'l
Ili-i Iteeder of llastltm, N
lb 11 1! Iteeiler. load of the
. M'll lf
Itti.nn1t.i Ami linti u-ti a iiitiioil t!i fllfitt
. i
ilesei-vlnir Muilent In th- enir clas ofl''illll ( tirMir.'lt ioll l!i'ul'i;illli.i';
foluiiiliia Colli tte ,stei..iv b Ins c.las-iiiati-1
and recelvl the award of the
Alumni Association pi lite of 1.V Iteeiler
:s also an .ff. tr In the student Y M
. A, and p!aed end on the vaisity
football team last fall.
The. liolk.r prlro lonfened on the
member of the Ktaduatltu: class deemed
by Ills mates the mot wuithy of ills
tliirtlon lvaiie o' H' holarshlp, pirtlol
patlon in student a tivltli'S and preejul
lien.'.. In athlet.c port was awnriled to
Iti.bort V. Walt, .ipt.t.ii of the varsltj
baseball Irani Watt l fiom Il.imburK.
N .1 . and is a im-mlur of the SIkiiih Nu
f i a t r m I ltenler Is a member of
'" i
Delta The tn
lluford KiniiMin was I'ecinl jeim.i
nent piesl'leiil of the elas of l'.M and
A. S Crnne and ll !" Oberender were
named vice-presidents A H Conlln
will be permanent sc-retarv and Vincent
I, Jones, treasurer
j Mr. and Mrs 11 S.unei t Appleton
I have snne to their eountrv place in
' M.isifhusett., where the will paw thu
suniniei .
Mr." Lewis 'iouvcrueui Murls nil:
nlv e a ihe it.insant th.s afteinoon
1 home. 1 nl ., Park avenue, for members
of the Junior Colonial names Society. ,
Mr and Mts Itrailiev. .M.iitlu and their
nephew, the Vlscomte I'fliiialon, son of
the Kail and Countess of Craven, ate
nt the Itllz-Caillon for a brief visit
Vor the betieilt of tlie Vassal' endow
ment fund I'Mltli W'Mine M.it'hlsou will
clve dramatic Inteiptetatlons of scenes
from Shnkc-v'Hre at the Cosmopolitan
Cluh on Monday afternoon.
Miss lluth Leavcrafl, daiiKliter of Mr.
and Mrs. Kitberl It I.eacr.ift. will tie I
married to Uoodwln Wilson on Mav 11
nt the home of her parents In New
Hochclli Mhs Mirjoile Le.ijernft. the
hrlde's sister, w 111 be
he i maid of honor
The fltst of ii series of three supper
. dnm.es wus held last night at the Coterie
jClllb, 40 Wesl V!ft -eighth stieet The
patronesses were M s. Philip li.' lltrtb'lt,
Vrederlo V. Care. Mis. James
llyrne, Mrs. Can A. de licrsdorfT, Mis.,
Walter IHimrnsCh, Mrs Vrnest It, Adee.
Mrs, 11. tigden Chlsolm, Mrs. IMward It.
Stettlimih and Mrs. Ivlward S. Ivnapp.
A number of the debutantes of the win
ter were present
Meuibeia of the Dobhs Plm n : Alumn.e
Society will give a dramatic entertain
ment In the Plata hallioom this evening
for the benefit of the Masters School
Pay Nurser. The plas to be presented
urn Tennyson's "The Valcon," "Iletween
the Soup and the S.ivor," by liertrude
Jennings, and "Overtones," by Alice (,ir
stenlierg. Alliums those who will take
part ure the Misses Katharine Lous,
Amy Itradish Johnson, Lois Smith, Hoeu
llml Win si, Knth T.i Kir, Madge Uunnelt,
Pho'be Hand. ill and Constance de Lanoy
Dancing will follow the entei lalnment,
Mre. Udwln T. Holmes gave n dinner
last night at her home, 43 West Vlfty
seventh street, for those who will form
the bridal party at the wedding of her
daughter. Miss Mildred Holmes, to lleni
S. Dura ml on Tuesday In St. Thomas's
Chinch, The guests vveie Mrs Vrederlo
Todd of Youngstown, Ohio, who will be
the matron of honor, nnd the hi Idee
maids, the .Misses Helen Adams, V.llza
belli Wilson, Helen llggleston and Helen
KIcKert, Kdwlli T. Holmes, Jr., who will
act us best man, and the usheis, John
V. Houvler 3d, Hoy A. Vlod Jones,
William H. McKluney, John It. Hiecn.
Nathaniel 1". C. Mutter nnd Dun.ild
Mr. and Mis, Henry Itldder of 128
West Seventy-first street have annoii'iied
the engagement of their daughter, Miss
Itaebel Itlddrf. to I'Mwnrd Kelly Han
Ion of this city, formerly of llaltlmore.
Mr. Ilanlon wus gradualeil from Loyola
Collegi, llaltlmore, and later from the
lliirvatd law school, No date has been
set for the wedding,
Mrs, Richard Watson llllder of 24
C.ranicrcy Park announces the engage
ment of her daughter, Dorothea de Kay
(Uliler, to Dallas D, L. Mcllrew, son of
the Ilev, Dr. and Mrs. lleoren II, Mr.
(hew of Silver Spring, Mil, Owing to
llltii'HR In the fnmlly Ihe wedding, which
will be at Mrs. (Illrter'n residence on
May 19, will he attended by the mem
bers nf the Immediate families only.
$25,000,000 CAPITAL
With the
A id t.f Wnll
The YltHKrHplt ompaiiy of Amtrca,
It wis announced last nlplit. In n-
Pleted nlatis for the formation "f a new
Vltanraph cumpany with an authorized ,
capital stock of I in uuo.nnu pn-fi rred .
nnd $l.n""'inf tojiuiioTi loaUITic a J'-5,-niio.no'i
corporation J Siu.irl Itliu klon
ail'l Albeit I'l filllllll aie to be assocl-1
ated with ll
... new C"inp.t!i In the sime
with the former concern.
lenp.tcit as
A number "f Inlliientlal Wall Sn.ct In
terests are s-ild t" have leiil tb" llnan
clal aid necessary for the enlai Kf meiit
of the enterprise
"We have no plans that look to u
consolidation such as has In en discussed
i In theatrical circles," saiii a statement
Issued last nlKlil. "v e can see no nrt
v untune In merging a Loire luimbcr of
plctuie pioducers This icori:.ii.U.illon
enables us to ear-v to slice. -ss p'odue
tlons more artistic and more ambitious
than have Net In en Known to the pic.
tiii-e world '
All of the st.its and cei art" wir.i r'
it li'rMV ,, , i-Dixirn ate to be retained
in the new. with the addition of many
more. It was .ud The I em sMiiiiatlou
was looked on in thcaiilcal clicbs a
beliic In line with the geneial policy of
retieiiclunent In process nmoiu; many
large prodticlni; coinpaliles, notably the
recent amalgamation of the l.asky. Va
liums Plucrr and Triangle companies.
Ileeomes Ihe llrlile of Leslie I,.
('onsnllo . Tliralrlcnl Vlooiiger.
i Mis. Henry It ll.irns, wid .vv ..f tlm
theattlcal manager, who went down
with the Tltnnlc four yeats ago. has been
I married to Leslie L. Consoll", fornieily
assistant manager of the t larldge Holer
and now a theatrical tnanagi'i with
olllces 111 the Vlllton Tlleitre llulldlllg 1
Tlie marriage took place two days- ago
In (incnwlch, Conn, and the bridal
couple are now on a wedding tour In
New Hampshire ',
Sine the deitb of her ilrt husband !
Mrs. Harris has In en active m theatrical
producing work tn ii'oel:itloii with her'
father-in-law. William Harris, and Will
lam Harris. Jr. who compose the tlrm I
called the estate of 11 II. Harris The
piesetlt phy under the min.igemenl of'
the firm Is "A Woman of No Impoitance":
at the vullon Then tie. In which Maigaret
Aimlin and noinrooK iiiinti are appear
ing. Ml, Con-olloy was Miss Irene Wal
lach of Washington. Il C She comes of
a theatriiat inuiiiv
Meiniider KIiik.
Mls Maude filadys King, daughlei of
Mis. Joseph It Watklns of Winona,
Miss, and Huranil Charles Alevamlei,
Jr, a son of Mri luiraiid Cliailis Alex
ander of Ithaca, N Y., vveie married
Wednisday night at the home of the
bride's biother, c l.eroy King of IIS.'i
Park avenue Dr Worth M. Tlppv of
the Madison Avenue Methodist Church
perfonned the reieiunny. Mr nnd Mrs.
Alexander will leave Imnudlalely for
Honolulu on a honeymoon trip. They
will live at 11. IS Park avenue nfter
July I.
all ii ll llele her.
NtiWAitK, May 4 Mlssi Mary Watts
llelchet. daughter of Mr, and Mis.
Zachnrlnh Helcher of I If, Mount Pleas
ant avenue, was married to Chniles Ash
mini of 50 .'.l.liistr.i, .-.yrnii. t'.le Mriei.
noon In I? nice Church The Itev.
Charles L. Humph doi formed tin cere
inony. assisted by lllshop Lines Miss
Louise Hushmore was maid of Iioikt and
ZacharUih Helcher. Jr, best man Aftir
a wedding trip the couple will live nt
Var Hills, N. .1
Mlaa Watrrhur) lo Wril VI a. 87,
(IRKKNWII'II, Ceilll., May ''hi. WP1.
ding of Miss Fny Watcibury, daughter
of Mr and Mrs, Tliomas Wuterhury, lor
merly of (Ireenwlch bin now of New
York city, to Murray Cloodlei JenliluH
of New York will take plu-o at tlm W'est
Pink Presbyterian Church, New York, (in
Saturday aftmioon. May 27. ul 4 o'clock.
A reception will follow the ceremony
at llretton 1 Intl.
nt Otto II. Knlin's Din
Aft fur Hanrs Own
A slpp lowanl the establishment nf an
endowed national Stuikcpcnrlnn theatre
was taken at n dinner given last night
at Shoir.v'i hv Olio II. ICalili to the mem
beis of the Major's Shakespeiu Ian Ter
centenary Conimlllee. Resolutions In-
tioituicd h e.x-t'nlteil .Slates District j
Attoitiey James M. Heck calling for the i
'permanent union of I lie Major's commit-(
tee and the present .New link City
shakeieaie Tercenlenai y Committee
wete passed unanimously by the as
sembled diners Mi. Knhn, us chairman
of Mnor Mltchel'M committee, v. as em
pouetcd to nppolnt a louunittee to re
port al a Joint meeting of the two mili
um tees to be called shoitlv
The resolution and the discussion of
all endowed playhouse milled to the In
trtest of a brilliant nlfalr, utletuled by
nenrb -'Oo prominent men and women,
who had gathered as Mr Kalin'n gueHts
to discuss the production of Peicy Mho
kaie's ni:isiue to be pel formed III the
stadium of the Colli ce of the City of
New York on Mav I.I
It Is uudirslooil thai one nf the first
steps to be taken will be the establish
mcntJJof a fund to fuilher the elforl" ol
what was termed tin' "community spirit
of the theatre "
tlllliillli me .-ji.-ji rei - pi: jiunukiu'
I'PhoTiTiis. ThwxiolM Itollsseall. Perev
Maek.iM', Arth li Farwell, Appleton Mor-I
gati. Wlllliuu K Hohu, Hverard M
Thonias nnd Miss Marv Poller HeagU i
All of them divided their leinarks be
tween praise of Mr Knhn and his tie-
I voted work for the caue of art In
America, the bulnes of the tercentenary 1
I I "iiiniltt' e ami the production of the j
I Coiumunltv Masipie. I
After the dinner several Interesting i
'features were Introduced In the way of
cxh.hlllnn dame.4 taken from the masiiue '
liteiludes and Hip showing of costumes)
ror me TlKis'iU" on nvi.iir tuouei"
Some of tjiofp unending were Jacob
ll Sell iff. I"i.ic N Siligrnan, W Forbps
.Morgan. Ji i tul D ( ravatli. Oswald
ii.itrison Ylllanl, Frederic C Howe.
Lotus I'r.iermyei. Charlc" Dana itlb-.
son. Mr. and Mi.". Philip M l.vdlg.
Vd'ilph l'wlsohn. IMwIn Markham,
Morils Hlli'iuit, Itabtil Joseph Silver
titan, Dr Sldtic) i:. Mezes. Hetity Mos
kowltz. Col. N d Arilen Flood, Thomas
Whittle, .VPs II Falrtleld Osboin.
Laura S
: Itol'i-ri II
I' K-i:i:.
. I l i.e
, I null
Kiulil Malum.
Pulitzer. ileiirBe
ami Percy It.
I I'llleeolli Vtioli ersnri of tin- 'Jl.'tll
' . VI, Vlnss mi Hiinillll,
Tie nfi' eiili nnniv ersai v of tlm in
stitiit.on of !'. :' 3n A M mass fur
i ii"ws''.ii tr men and nlKhl woikers will
' l. celebi.ited Stiudny at 2 .Ju A M. at
i .so And'ew s Itoni.iij I'a'liol c Chinch Hi
i 1 ''lane stet
i The niil'lc for the occasion will !
j i t the dticctloti of Prof, Joseph
i II tti-'er, the rcctll.ir orcati'st A ilouble
lllll'et. i"t,s.B of Miss IMna Kill-
son, Miss Luelln (iaffney. Miss Maria
Itoilenstnb, soptauns; Mrs. .1 Kuebler
nnd Mrs .1 Corconi.ii. cnutinltns; J, .!.
'Walsh iiinl i' I' Tullar. tenors, and K
P M"tli' and l.io de llleraisills. bassos.
t.'Uetlw r with lis M Xoller. Iliillst, and
M i ss M Ita - .- lull. viol. ni'. wfl con
stitute th- choir
Th.- senium will be pienclieil bv the
KikIii Itiv. Ilihliop M. J. Cm ley of
Kim inn, the iiuijfsi ISNiuip n this
..'Unti No Hckeis are reiiulnd, tiut
tl.e IsnU "f I'H I Lurch Will he !("
sirved for men
KlullM-slv I'rlenlls lllisene lllrlll
da ill lluinini't Hour, I.
Ljirn.v-s.v f .,-in's of William labs
I "rev K.IVe .
I'isi night o'i
Until birthday
limn to him .it .Sherr s
the i"'(aloi. of bis tlf
i i utsts said there was
no sUnlflcatii e t" the dmnei and the
spo-hes were i.l i'omplinieiit,ir ones
ad'bi'sseii to the guest of houor
Siene of tho-ie pn etlt wele Shel
wi"d Vldrlcb, Charles w p.aker.
ileoige V Itakci. Ir . ChaM.s os
"Valn, T I.. Chailbourne. Ji , Thomas
Cochran. A A Coiev. .Ir . Alan Corev.
II P li.uison. William It lii.son, A
c Dlnkev. P A S Vranklln. Joseph
llev, J W ll.uriman. John I-' Har
ris, II o I la v emev i r Jr. Joseph Mo
la'.in. Jolin It. Morron, Sew, ml Pro
ser. Samuel V Prior. John I. liep
logic. Pcr-.v P.is-kefeller. II II l!oger.
I 'hail. "II Sabln. V It Slettlnliis, James
A Sllllman Charles A Stone, W K
Vamlerhllt Jr. K A Vanderllp. Harry
Pavne Whltnev, Pavne Whitney and A
II Wiggin
llenerll for .cua1i)a.
A special pel foi malice will be given
al the llipiioiliomi' on the evening of
Suiidav, May It. for the benetll of the
new shoes' suniniei camp on Slnten
Island Theic will be a leeord number
of slat atii.i'ilous on the ptogrnmme.
Tin. belietlt Is being given under the
auspbes ol the new spnpet s of ihe city
in cooperation villi the theatrical man
agers Nevipoil
I ollnue for VI ra, lloivoi il.
Ie lll'.ls .V i:idildge have rinted for
Ihe estate of Nathaniel Thayer tlie cot
Inge on the coiner of llellevue Mini
Wheatland nveniies. Newport, to Mrs.
Iiulaii) 1 1 1 i l.iinl for the coming senson!
Public Iti'iirlnu uu the II. II. T.
The Public Scnlie Commission de-
ilded M'slenla.v lo have a public bearing
befoie the Whole I III ll nil s ,, , n on May IT,
to inquire Into tlm Milllclcnr.v of' (he
eiiull'inent of ihe -in face lines of ihe
Ii It I' system I'lion the result of ibis
hearing will depend the Issuaii'e of .10
order leiiulring tie comnanv to moii.le
uddltloual cais.
Plais nnil l'lners.
.vi ,1s is r
uppr.it In
I'.iall.u 1 1
Is hnw sIkiis'I ,1
intitl'oi pillars
"fi ' run
, erslon
Th" annual meeilmr nf the Arlm, I'unil
"f Amelle.l will lie held .It Ihe 1 1 utlssiri
The. ill e 1 uesd.it. .
The leillh ierf.i m.lll' e
Crusoe, ,li i, is Ktvsll
1'iuiilin lust utght
I'riink .Vb-lnivre will 1 1,
coiae'lv next season uni r i
"f ('buries IMIIInuhHUl
' Wlntei
l"Mi In a new
be iiiannifoiiirnt
Mnrv hhtiw will present her plavlet
The III, kev lllril" al the Hrphruill
Tlu.iire Hr, iik'vn. next week
It, 'lie Storey, fntiuerlv (it 'I'liln Chin"
iiml Die tlliii'lriitue, has nuned a inn
Irari in appeur Inr a llinlte.l lime in
Kellh villlilev I le
The Mndlsiin siimtre I'i.ivith ptesented
Hall Ciitne's ji'ii' "The chrtsijiiri ' lust
li Ik 111 at Hie p.iiH'c Theatre. Third avenue
il ml Tllll v llrsl slieet
M ntUnn Mpiare ( i.i r len's mnt ton picture
eapnalilon "Id open tn tunrrew Kf tern, inn
wfih a p.ir.ole ol leailliig screen favorites
The sbiiw. ivhleb Is millet the aupl es of
the Mntlnn Plenire Hoard "f Trade, nlll
coiilliuie for a w, ek
Th" Mist perfnrtnailre of ' V ll,l
Name ' "lib Marls Trinpen hs been posi
pnt.ed until M.iv IS, nhen It will he given
hi lbs Mavlne r.llhitt Theatre "('nine to
llolieuila" will clo" lt engagement Ht tha
.vtanlne Ullloit nn Saturday night, Muy is
"Last Important Painting Sale of the Season"
The American Art Galleries
.Msillton Square South
An important
Valuable Paintings
By American and Foreign Masters
of the Old and Modern Schools
Including a Remarkable Group of
Portraits by Early American Artists
The Property of
Mrs. Benjamin Thaw
Mr. Alexander Morton.
Mr. P. H. McMahon, Mm. J. M. Carlisle.
The Estate of the l.atc Mr. Gertrude Cowrlin
By Order of Mr. John E. Cowdin, Executor.
It Glhrr Prifle Ounen ai Specifically itated on lite Catilo;up ol S!e.
Included are Important Examples by
Twachtman 111 Examples' Hasnnni (6 Examples Davisn fi
Examples Dlakclock i7 Examples i Ryder. A. P. 2 Examples,
Reicl t5 Examples) Crane i I'.xaniplesi Uogcrt 4 Exampl'ia
Keitn ,2Exmples' -Ringer 4 I'.x a tuples) Robinson, T. (5 Exam
ples. Inness, Murphy, Ciiiihc, Church, !. S., Oewrv. Dewintr 1 -Examples,
-Jones. H. 0., Lutlirop, Lawson, Kost, Knl)ht, U. K.,
Martin, H. D.,Ochtman, McCord, Rcbn, P. K. M., Rix, Whistler.
Reynolds Marquand Collection!, Beecliy, Gninsboroueh. Lnw
rence, Lely, Turner iMarqtiand Collection!, Opie, Rubens, Velas
quez, Teniers, Mais, Poussin, Mytens, Mignard, Mozu, Lebrun,
I.arKilliere, Landseer, Kncller, Isabey, Fortuny, Crome, Courbut,
Cocllo, Bonheur, Rosa; Wilson, Zucchero, Veronese, Da Vinci,
Van Orley, Van Ruysdael, Van Mieris, Van Goyen, Van do Volde.
in nr. sot. i) vt i Mtr.si tut i i.ii I'ltm.K sit.i:
In the Grand Ball Room of the Plaza
Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings of Next Week
May 9th and Kith at 8:15 o'clock
lilmttdoii b isrd fo lie bsd lire f the Mun.iBr'.
and concluding on Thursday Evening Next, May 11
At The American Art Galleries
'.'llluilisliil Calsluitu inallril no leirlat of St.
the Sale wilt he inoilurlril
anil tils iixtitsnl,
Maillxill Sl. Soillll, Dlllmilir I', i:. 'Mil Sllrrt, .Nrn 1 ork
I'or r Vilmlrnl nf llelilali
lite, in ue of Stl.
.-..(I'll I ahlr lKP'llch to Till, s
iMkis- Mav I -Lord Jo wi
Admiral of the I'leet In 'si,
I. "id Mav was hoi u at iltiieva in
I'l.'". the fourth s.'ti of the eighth Mat-
Uls of Tweidd.lle He vntvieil th"
navy In l3:i and saw servlie in the
Chinese war In I Mi; a the age of IV
He also setved before Sehasloisil He
was a member of P.ullameut tor V'!cU
Iro'n 1V.7 to l.",ii He uni, commodore
of the I?ast India station from lMil to
1 stj Later be ajMtn -erved 'n the
House of ('ominous, beciiniiiK a Lord
of the Admiralty In l'lil and servliur n
that cai'.oltv several Ittues.
Lord John manic! In lSTfi tlie ounK
est daughter of N. (1. Lamlieit of I ieii
hum t'ourt. Mucks. I'roin lvTT to tST!i
lie comti'.auiltd the Channel squadron.
He look po-sessi.m of and adinlllls
lercd the I'lOMT'inieTit of C ;.rts In v7
II" Liti i 'oiniiiande.l ih .Mediteiianenn
st it Ion for thrre yi. r Prom 1"'T to
lsvs he was ..mull. null i In chief at
Uevonport He ret'ted after llft -eight
vears s, rv 'c In I s ;i 7
Hi'i'i'iil Iteeordi'r of Linden
iillisll Idea In Ilia Oltlcc.
Kt.izvur.Til. N. J, Mav t --Henry
lluudy, JO cuis old, Itecorder for Lin
den borough until a few wicks ago, dlej
early th.s morning, in his real estate
office on Wood aviiule Death was due
to heart nsease
"J'.nigC llund, as hi was popularly
called, was Inn u In Jirsey Cltv. and was
for ItfUen eal'M Justice if the pe.lie In
that citv After serving as Itecoider at
l.lndcn i"i .ilmoM u car he lesigueii
because III" i "inpensatlnn of Jl"'i .1
year wail not sufflcltut for his livelihood,
He Is survived by one son, I I'M belt
Htindy of Ji rsey Cltv
l ra. I.lpvle Ciiiimi,
Mrs 1,1z',. Convv.i', one of the old
est actresses on the Am. n.in stage.
idled vcMerilay ,n Milwaukee, Wis, ac
tiling to a teb'Ktapli mi'eHge rcrelved
by hei daiighbr, Mrs lb 11 Hendricks of
lt.i)slde, 1. I She was 7o years old.
Mis Coiiw.iv - death, which was caused
liy iheumatistii, ocuinil at the h"inc "f
her daiighlii. Mis. William ilray, w hose
liusband Is m mnger ol the Cl'NMal Thea
tre, M.lwaukie She had been '11 . vei.il
tiioutb'- lle.' tilly she cebbiated her
tlftv-tltsi aimiversaiy as an acttes
VI ra. I'retli'rli'liii lluber.
PaTiiiison, N J , Mav 4 - Mrs
erlcka lluber, "tie of the oldest n
of this . ty and for tltl.v-twi
n member of St Itonlface'
sulctits v cars
Catholic Churih. which she helped or
ganize died late ln.t night In her b.'ine,
101 Cclwin stuet, after a piotr.ictid Ill
ness, aged M vcaie. She is sutvlved I"
a daughti r and I w o sons
Vrlbur I,. Miner,
Arthui L. Sojiei- of 21 Keii,ngt"ii
avenue, .! rscj t"lt . il.ed vest, nla.v In
the Herman Hospital, Maiibaltan, after
a four months lllpes" II" was for many
yearn associated wllh the tirni of Will
lam Opciihym & Scos and piomlnent In
club life In .leisev Citv. His .v 1. w ,11 d
sun sin vie him
Major Wllllani I', lll.lvvell.
Pi tisripi i', Cup
William P lliilw.ll.
n.erlv MaJ'ii of ihe
Infanliv. is dead at
llnglv M ij.'t llulvv
master of KilliugU
Mai I -Major
tc vtais l,. fio.
Third Cnniiivtlctit
his him.' In K II
II bad been post
tweive ,Ve its ..
was son "f ( It'll Itidwcll. who was post
m.istei of Norwich mativ iais
Vlrs. Vnr Iteiirdoii.
Pissvii', N. J. Ma.v I --Mis Maty
lUapliu., wife of licnnls Ileardon and
(lor fnit.v eais a resident of Passaic,
died to-d.iv al her home, 1 s Autumn
stteet, of heart disease She leavin her
husband and one sen
Cardinal Archbishop nf l.vons,
Pvliis, Mav 4 -Hector Ireiurtis Seym,
Cardinal Archbishop nf I. vims, died to
day at Hie age of lit He was created
Catdlnal two .veals ago
I liderhlll
IUi'KKNSrK, N I. Mnv 4--Wiih.ini
I'nilci h'll Light, a New Yie k an hltc t.
whose feature woik was suburban it"
di m i s, ded al Ills home .11 llivei lldge
this moinlng. agul f4 cnis
VI ra. .lob 11 (Hbsoo,
Kl.lzviiKTII. N' I . Mav I Mi.-
tllbson, "s veaie old, widow of .biim r, 1
son of 4IT laisl .1 . 1 , v sinei u,e,i
Lint inglil following an illi,r. ,,'
eral months, Mrs. (iibfwin Is survived
collection of
Mr. Charles Heeri,
Mr. I III1VI vs I
into itiTot t, r
l Iwo do ik lei VI
'i d M-s M ,r Stunt t
"te ltari.lt
Mis. Vona VI, oelitil I bel.
Oiivm.,., N .1 . Ma . I M. viin.i M.
Si hull ne r. Wife of Vle.le'l'k C ScllUl-
tints, nu list Diange b"te priprletor,
lis il suddenly l ist nulit at hi r home, Al
Walnut stieet South, Last Orange Sh'i
was Ml veals Old. S'ie also liavc.i a
I ii nl I nu Is It.-fuse in ii ii il I I nliin
With V n mi I. oil Id.
IL'MK. May 4 A cunm ss on "f i
dm. lis appi.iiiied to c"-dei tlie i-i
i -
of I omte II ni de Vste'.l.iue foi the ,, .
iiulmelit of Ills m.iruag. to An i, i . . . 1
now Huohess ie Taliej rand. na'"i'd
down n ileci-ion to-day upliolillug iht
validity of lb,, inatrl.ise The app" il
was ill., m Januar.v of this year.
Tlie 'U 'ic- ,!.- Talb" .mil. me .
mil datiglit.r .it th. lat. Jit i;. ,
was mau led at the Ii utie of her bro.
Heorge J. 'build, in this city c ,
Paul Hi nest Itontf.ue de Cisti-P -. .
I M.ll.h I. I -tlf.. by Auhi.,Hli',, , r
i , an The evil icrimonv was n 1 1 i.n. I
li Silpllllle Court .lllslu.. lie-.lge I
' Andrew s
Th" Countess obt.i'mil a , ivl d" n
I of divorce anil obt lined the guard' -
ship of her I'lilllren Iv i "ast, llane s
.ilH'ial was dismissed and tl.e tlt'.il ib
I ri e . w as entered on .lu.y IC, i'i"..
The i.'onntess married the Imc llel s
' de Tallc) rand-Perlgoid. I'limv ,i s ig.in,
'and the Couite dc Castellan b.gan suit
toi til" annulment of the r Pb ous ceu-
emi'tiv b t u- I tot i Tribunal
The tribunal Icunl, I down a de.
. tton on liccmib.ir 1'. It'll. In fuor
I of annulmeiit. i sj March 1, l!13. Ihrra
I was a second deeisiou, th s time npp"
ling ii'imilm.nt In ac oi dan. e wi'li is
lode of the Itota Tribunal, as laid d own
Hem diet N I V , in bis "1 vi Misej ti.n.e
constiiiitinn. no atii'Uli.ien' sin i'i i'i
tmally decidtd b-fot. two ...in lar de.
c'sions. fivorabl.' or ii'if.i. rabl... iina
I" i n I, an le, i. vv i
Vooou Worl.lnu W'oioeo llelienraei
j for Pel f"i oiiin,... Ti- nun Nlubt.
Nea'.y 4"" vmng working women,
mimbets .r M -.s Am.e Mrga"s Vaci
t' I n'l .""letv. Iled iIhoimKcs up
,01 '-luires 1' 1,1, Sh.ikesp. -iii iii eii
I last uig.it and 1,1 Id a d!es r he iimI of
I the fhaki p .1 nun incus at the Seven'v
first I teg iiie 111 A 1 inory.
It ha- bieii the 1 ustoin of the iea 1 mi
I i, 11. 1 So. ictv lo have a circus in the
eptii.g "! evei) ar for the benellt of
the iiinil T 's e.ir It is to in. H Shikc..
s" ' J ie. ... I as fie eii'or'ii'n-
11,, nt his I,.. piess aceiit fie tep.ir' -si
-t ik. 1' up,'!1 hirsctf t' sav ti.it
tile I ir. Us 's (.nil u. ',,
thrill hi: -ei s.it.on vv Ii b ,t
evervbodv s while o See
The erl"!lll.l!,'e W II be
m'.riow l.lgl,' Tneli lie
c," ' p rsons ip tie 1 '
them ate to go l.aretni,'
a iaj! Ii.ij,
vv M be worth
pt es,.ntt., to-
' he nearly
:i t 'I some of
M ss M.ltv
I'lcl.fo'd w ,1 In tbe'e .it- .lulitl
.maim; i
Asiiiii s iii;i,ciii:it - i
I, at i.rai'e Chutcli ;
I In- ll'.v. ''Iiaiic I.
I" Ills Ulght Ilev
Marv Watts lli.ihe-.
"a Thiii'."d l
' IVfllk , . i
'1'lll'Pll, 1X,
L.lu ,l I' I I
and Vlr
Villi mini
'A' hHtiah alrlehrr "
I'. i
Dl KM.
Cill.i lS." I 4vin,t K
I'.inet ii Till. I'l l.lt vi.
. 1 1 Wei 1 , mi til's
11 I'tmill'C. Hl,..dltlU 1
lUIll'ltll hertllfler
I'viMllltnY Miv a. 11 Hi.,
daughter. Mrs 1 h u s s
VII , .m. M is. . list" 1 11 r
if Tlteod'ite fli.laivicU i'
merl. "f St'ii'k'"! Ige. VI
, Iglitv -sevi nth v. ar
in I Ju.
(Jl IMIV.-
hi s 1 r 111 ' '"1
a' S SI M..I .
Ai tits i'ldi'ii
4 Weal Uf' -
tri" t,
1 In. 1,1' . il.i . :,
Onlllh). M v, I,,,.,
(.'uliihv. In hla e!;h' .
pi HI, (leorge .
t..in,l "f Maiy (1
llfill )eir
Ktiner.ll feti be nn I'rl'lay. Muy v. .it
Ins U'e I'slileti.e. at ; 1' VI. In'e-.
11 e t.i it com enlri'ce of the fami v,
I' -use otlll' filiweri
.-urill! "Ill I'hursla. , M.iv (, Ills Ar.
ear 1 ,s pe- h'lsl'inl "? Si.sin It.isl
1 1 1
resl,en( -
V.iv t s ' V vi Inter.
' "in enlene of fatnl r. PhtU
I'a,, papeia please coriy,
il pliu,
t 'is
'All' f !.-, r.s V.i-i- -','

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