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Fair and warmer to-day; to-Tnorrow fair,
southerly winds.
Highest temperature yesterday, 6a; lowest, 51.
Detailed" weather, mall anil marine rporta on pafic 15.
NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 6, 1916. t'opnrbjnf.iriis.bi the nun Muting and rubushtnp AuocMio,,
scotts PLAN
InshK II Is Said. Thai l
S. Troops Musi nuii
r.i P.vso. Tex . May Sudden Inter
vention nf Carranza has caused a hltoh
in bonier ncRotlatlorm rcvardhiR the
bandit campalKit In .Mexico, arcordltiK to
Information received to-nlRht from an
PI'.ipn:ly tellable source.
'Sen ('.trr.itiita. the Infuimant raid, ha;
r!'tfcii to unify the ameemeilt tTtvtci
b' Urns. Scott anil Obrccim. The Kirs:
ea.cr insists. It Is mill, that Umi nine
f.m jlheic tn IiIh instructions and ursi
iln Immediate withdrawal of the Amer.
ra troops. lAiUing that he Is to Induce
Hit meinan Uovcrutnent to at least IK
a .'ate fur their withdrawal.
1 arMlizi I- rept, sen'vd as hcim; ver
mil 'h pjo-ed to npptoiim: .111) asi ce
ntal wh,.n Kciiw to lend I'lhelal .Mcxi
cin sa n llun to the Amciiiau f.tmpaliiu
In Mexico hy I I I k 1 1 1 c cnc-pcratlon and
eien a partial ue of th.' lallroad.
Many mi ssaires ale known to have
been 1 .. h.ili-i cl to-day between Cn
iat,.:a and his Miiitstci of War The
f ! that Hen. UbrcKnii to-day toti
H.intl) iatied thv postponement of what
vis to hae been the tlnal culifcrrnce
vth Hen Sunt ir.iv color to tlie te.
; ir'" that lien Cariatua had failed
10 see the fotce of the argument nlilch
On Ohroson was presenting why the
convention fhonld he latltied
I'enr a I"n I lure.
Thl save rUe to.nljht to the appre
hension that the whok conference mlnlit
rft lit In utter failure on the eve of
fk-iiiii; what pionilsed to be a most
a . -f u tnr.v ns'eeinent.
laeiit -Col Mieh'.e. aid to lien s'colt.
vi- '. I l!eii ijljie.-im In Ins iitiv.tt.- car i
in luarez at H1 0.; till uiornin: and
' r a few minute. in the car entered
ii - automobile, and letuin.d to the
Kl I'isii side Ucii. Scott said that he ,
hart .-.'!:rd ticn. i.iOieKoii to set a time tor
t'i' -iel mcttlnc. one of (ibreKon
i' If -aid n third conference iiiIeIU hi
ll i .-nioriow.
le., ubiepnn indicaied rsleida. thai
r.. ii. i.i en. ire. I .i i'.oe the whole
r , ,.i alt. nam was m readiness to
' . Ik has leieued man) of lu
r'li. e - durum the lat twenty-four
I ' s anil map points hue lifen ib- i
i i'-e I Tn-ila) Is a sreat holiday in
V- .ml Hen. DbrcKou and hi" ulll-
. r- .,i -.- led it. ' in ' ( Inco He .viiio,
"i!.. .i ..uiraKeous Mexican
.'t Zar.ic.is.i, Willi
il.r. ...! ilir- Mowee of
.Mexican army, i
the .Maximilian i
l.-tn at I'llehla and eettleii once mr nn
; -e!c ..I ions ila.m of the house nf
. ir i to iretie an empiie In this west-
nn v. ..i Id.
senilis l.oi'llli' 1 1 In
1 1 , 'iiillna place has heen dlscov
fi. . i Amei ii.au scouts and I'nlted
K 'loops now are cIosuiK In upon
f i .nibt h.Hder 'soniewlieie in .Mexico.''
T was the ..ubstaii' of a des-I-
i sent by i!en IVrsh'iiK t lien.
I r -- in at III Pam this afternoon.
'If; rershlnc, II iv. stated, had tele
rrs: lud that he had Villa located and
i' .ii 'ie fpertcd to close tn on the ban
i t 'n m.-diatcly. Tlie nifssase did not
n - wnere Villa liad.l.een fnuud, but
'i it..l i 'n t American" had found him
1 neii'-aiis would c.i U ii re him, If the
. .1 t Is aiiRlit.
Tn- me-aKe was sept from San An-
t win re lien, rershlnc had none
fr hi N'ainliilipa to Inspect the troops
' make a new dfctrlhutlon of the
V Mepboite message fiom Collinihus
nil "nt tlnrtv t'airanza customs ku.ii ds
,' . i..,l 1,1 A m.,'ii!. .. motor sonoll Irani
1.1 I . .,i,.n. ,ii,. .,,iol, ,,r tlislthe
ron. tn.,i..v an.l i.iileied ihe com-
' .i a to emove Anierlean IliKS tlylnc
i... ears Tlie .Mexican, who had
i lehratinc "Cln.o de Main," In
' I ilieni tint ihe Amerteaii llacs
ill ii.it be allowed on Mexican soil
V' r'i itliin wa paid to Ihe deniand
ar I .. trouble iisullcd.
Vrerlcans were murdered hj
I -i- between Ho-aiiii and Mazitlan,
e,.ti iiriaiifi alio .ii.i r. i l i.i n. ,
f .1' ! .11
merleiu mlnliii man who I
llie Ivider this inoinim! re
He did not know their names.
il.e tnet leans were -inrklliR
i i interior when the bandits
' . nlibed tllClll. looted thell 1
-I then shot all of t If in
also repuited that two ,
'.rni-. .1 Melcher and Wheeler
s nf Mazitlan, had been titled
,n. I n fifin pens for refultiK to'
' irnnza . 'trreiiej . The Vnieii-1
i Ilia- when these lines were
i Cap-aura I'llirfln') thev were
.. I ,lvei Insisted upon b) the
i in .
tit Hit 11 While I nrriinlatn '
Iluiil V Ilia. j
, ..t,s M r ,"". -T:edipoltlon ,
net Iran forces In Mexico, fnl-1
i ne. ,r, I of nlllt.ny watchful
looked foi Imnierllatelv after
. 1 ,.i .ii'-i teceived here that Uen.
' i. . . is fniinalli applnved the ten.
itpec. limit rea -tit-il al Ihe hnriler
'.is hetlMcii Hen. Scott Hill Hen
1 ' n
i ' . j- , i;,n s,vntt ua teieived wonl
'' ,inl Wilsons appiov.il. he has
I 'ini'i me mrUier In Wiislniiaton,
' nifeiees did mil uieel to-
" ' ai-unird that Hlirexm, Is still
( rnlfpiirr-if on "IA I'ttfir
nt xi,i. in'umi: nkh viiiik i iintiim,
' " Iiik vi,t ,tii. Siiuili ii pstf t ii I. In,.
' ' ' .- i . Vni V ntj, I ...n . vt lt
' m.-i ! in i 1,,, I, it, all in.. I sit. I.mil
1 1. nh luni;!-), imituli .itieiii -.Irfi.
Orders in Council Msi, He
Altered. Sn.vs Lord
Holier! Cecil.
iMiizK cocirr Fi:i:r.s
. 1'iihlt lifKiief, lo T11 ic Si.
London, .May 5. Lord ltobeit Cecil
.Minister of Itlockade, announced to-day
that t;reat Hritain h.-ix made four im- j
, TErZ J f . - Li !
a prize court ha granted appeal to '
ihe mmr. nf the swedi-h learner ,
..mora, se zed la.t dune and Ijtvr
(ulKltiond hy the Itrltlfh (Smerninent.
loaether with her carco of copper. Sev
eral hlo.-Uadins: oidet may N- ahan
doned as a lesith of tlil action. Lord
Itohert. Indicated.
sinppoiH to and fr.-m neutral countrie" :
.. .11 , ......... i .1. i.Huiimjj .i.i...iiiirti. .
u-.-u,.. i
will he placed In a fep,rate mall b:.B ,
.....1 ...III l.u ... r.i.ioie.l iilllinu! ilet.1V .'mil
proceed on the ship r.n which they wete sidered but one instance ot a deliberate method ot indiscrim
oriKinaiiy mailed. ' jnatc destruction of vessels of all sorts, nationalities and des-
because her carco. aiihouKh destined for i Government must emphatically repudiate the assertion.
Herman-., had nei.r been deiaereij q'jle German Government, however, thinks it of little
,hTh.,.t. Herman, ...,d Au.trian. nvuil to enter into details in the present stage of ; affairs, more
ukn from the American steamship particularly as the Government ot the United States omitted
chum. ti" oideiod to be released m-; 0 substantiate tlie assertion by reference to concrete facts,
mediately The (Sovcniiuent admit that Ti, f;rn,,m Gnvornment will oiilv state that it has imnosed
inhc'easei's correct I ami ,hat "'. ..wn ,
information was wtonc J
I n tlli r Orders III I iiiim-ll.
...i,. . I.,n nf liu. nller.it'oe In tile
iiriler ,n Coun. l, Uml Hubert said I
-ihese aitenition iii! not aiT.u the l
aclual inetliod of hlo-ksule. but it iv
a iiuetron whether it is worth while to
court laws.-
.1 caiKO in
co or oiiiioii was eizi-o o me
I Hritih a vear ami fioai th" steamship ,
or me pnz.. com i. He -.oeu in.ii me .,r
Office Mil'iht i phui. .tlim ih!e cari;o, nn
April the Judicial Committee of the
ilv Council pennllted an appeal from
tlie prize cum t oriler
As a lesuit of tin- dec: on h the
Jud '.al Coininttee representatives or
Amer..an owner of can.-ne in the prue
eomt e.xprestld the belief that the liov
ernmeiit would not reli on unlets, in
Council, but upon tlie iteceptted pilniiples
of International law In presl hit cases in
the prize eomt.
Two liav aftej ih. appeal wi pel
m'.ited In t if "amo-a case the ire..
dent of tile pi mo loiltt. at the npstiln
OI llie l,l-e in me .nil'-iri'i . , i. oi-itu,
Joseph w. i-iirdi.e.i. said that "n iniKht
he found that the riant iloctr.ne now
was that Orrlei In Council winch iuo
jiosed to altei Intel n.it.oisil uiw were in
valid, ill which cai-e the court would
have to proceed w.thoiit the assistance
of any Uiders in Council."
1 lllileh Wtrnmer lteleneil,
i In the case of the Dutch stea U'lnp
Alwlna, the Crown broticht forwanl evl
dence that when she was seized off l-'al-'
mouth she was on tier way hack to port
after an attempt to supply coal lo the
' Hernial! eruiseis In the I'arlnV. The ie
' sel actually dlposed of her carso o'
I coal to a lirltlsh linn afier the Herman
Heel had been defeated off the l-'all;land
The prize court derided that iillhoueh
she had carried contraband and had
I fate papei, as she had not delivered
coal to the enem, sue was rree
from liability
announcing the (lovermnent s de-
ci!on lo release the Aiiitrlaus and !er-
man eizel on tlie Cblna loru iioneri
said that he wished It understood that
tin was. treated as a particular case
and was not tn be considered a precedent
"We are not irotnir. to ay that every
enemv tiavflllnK on a neutral ship will
...,l... t... ,,, title " lie :ibl. "The snecl.ll
, i.n , -
clrctim'timi es In eac'i cae must be eon
siilered. In the iouie of time the I niteri
States will he formally untitled and fur
i. 'shed with evidence of the eonpiracy
In which hnse seized wire concerned."
Tlie Minister announced also that nn
nirioiis reinonstrances had reached him
nnaliit the delay of shipping; papeis
1,a ,-eiisnmllltl or Ills mall. riS.
.. 1.1..I. .....nr.. ,1.1 nr., be 11,1. I
cause ot i.oiiii i.uhi"1 ,,' ... ....-I
biadeil, iuce their paper had been taken (
and had not been transmitted on the I
sinie hlp. He proposed mat in oruer
to avoid. such delays slilpplUK papers lie
pl.ired In a sepirale ban, which would I
.lien accotnpany the ship to Its destlna-
.i.... s-..,..P lt. lit. uiil, I tills hair wolllil
be opeiied lo see that It lontnlned nenii- fZh'Ii MAN AMERICAN
. . . ... 'HI.. t.,r..l.,, .r,''
me suippiiii: pnin-is. '
audi of the plan will be left to the
ti,,. (r.,,an and Atistrlans, who wer.i
w ite, bv Ureal flrltaln for alleced
complicity III a plot to tli up a
lilt Ion In India, were taken off the China
bv the l',rltlh auxlllaiy cruiser Lauren,
tic on I'ebtuar) 1!'. The vessel was on
brr wa) from ShaiiKhal to San l-'ran-.ico.
Tlie Teutons were Irroutul fm
The Ameiic-iii nnverniueni poinieu out
that the Herman and AuMrinns would
have been conipelleil to transiup nt Mo,
pa ii 1; i to le.n h their destiuntloii and I
thev inlKhl have been nrresled while In
Ilea, I "VVIIIT I IM I. II (illllMVM III
I'llH IftKLAMI?" I') .billies K Mcllulre
Ihe nun.' thnrly ami prieilcs' l...k .f Hn.
h"iir The i. line ami lenieily nf the Irbh
teinti.in VVnlfe TiinsCiinilimiv. Piilihshe, s
: vvet i:na nt., .New jiirn. rnic ii
BERLIN (via wireless to Sayville, L. 1.), May 5. Following it the
text of the note of the German Government in reply to the American
note respecting submarine warfare, delivered yesterday to Ambassador
Gerard by Foreign Secretary von Jagow:
' Tlie undersigned, on behalf of the Imperial German
uovernment. has the honor to present to his hxcelleney l ie
, Ambassador to the United States, Mr. James W. Gerard, the!
!nbmC,,r! war.wn!11 2'
duct ot Geiman submarine uartaie.
The German Government handed over to the proper
naval authorities for further investigation evidence concern-
mg the Sussex as communicated by the Government of the
United States. Judging by the results that investigation hith-
erto yielded, the German Government is alive to the possi-
jbility that the ship mentioned in tlie note of April 1U as tor-
i.v.uvi. f viviiiK.M i'uuiiiiiiMn.
The German Government
munications on the matter until
which are of decisive importance for establishing the fact,
of the ease. Should it turn
wrong in assuming the vessel to
'Government will not fail to draw the consequences resulting i
! (tlntiifv.l1 1
til villi
Repudiates Sussex Assertions.
In connection Willi tile
. f i 1 1 a i cl...-.
meiu t)l llie Llliieii oiaies niaoe a series o. Muieiiieius, iiik
....... ... ,, ;..;,,.,, '
III llli:il IS llli; limci WIIFII
far reaching restraints upon the use of the subniarine.weapon
solely in consideration of neutrals' interests in spite of the fact
(that these restrictions are necessarily of advantage to Ger-
llliiii., uiiciiuts.
o such consideration has
Great Britain it nil Mel Allies.
German submarine forces
conduct tlie submarine warfare
... . .. , ,
principles Ol isil, eillClI anil ut'Mruciioii ill inerciiaill VCSSC1S
recognized by international law. the sole exception being the
conf.tuci oi wariaic aganisi
freight ships encountered in the war .one surrounding Great
Britain. With regard to these no assurances ever have been
,ivnn to the ( lOvenimeiu ot the
" .... . . .. ,, ,
ance was contained in the declaration ot r ebruary h, l.)l(5.
A Question of
The German Government
these orders were given and
Errors actually occurred.
. I 11
be avoided aitogeincr, aim allowances must oe muue in llie
(ieriiinn American Tress Culls
fur Action Auainsl
Crcat liritiiin.
IM'.M A .N lM'.ll l
j In the pres. of the country ths
I prevallltiK i-dltnrlal opinion Is thai Orr-
: mnny'i reply
has substantially
I'resldent Wilson's deniand.
That portion of the Herlln docu
ment which criticise. this tlnvern
nient's course with recatd to the lirlt
lsh "blockade" Is warmly iiplilted In
the Herman American newspapers.
Hope Is eNpressed lint this "dls
rrimlnatlon" will cease and that PrrM.
dent WIKon will proci rd energetically
against Hreat Hiltaln.
It sreniH to be the ueneral view of
. .
the countr.v t new.spapers that there
Hi,,mi(j )P no severance nf dlplomallo
view of Merlin's, new
t.iiiiil.7.elliiiiir--Thii Uerinan reply to
President Wilson'i latf.it suhmarlnr '
note had thoroiiKht.v dlsappulnted the
piophetH who preilieien nun nui
tlerllll 1
Uoveriinienl Intendeil to dran the con
troversy further alone
The lioln I devoid nf all lit tempts
at evasion mid hidden phrases, and ill- I
tackles Ihe iile.tloii at Issue In
all MS I'sseuiiai pinion lino uiaiiea a
clear prescutatlon of tlie situation
As a matter nf fact the Ueiiuan Unv
eminent In this way pioieeds from the
humanity standpoint nf President Wil
son In fact, ll declares Itself fully
wllllnc to iici eile lo Hie President s de
mand b) mahliiK known new inttiic
tliius Klvrn In the subm.ii Ine riiiuiu.in
tins In which It Inif nrdeied Ihat all
enemy incixhaiilnieii, outsld nnd wllhln
i i. . v. i ...n. ...v.
begs to reserve further com-
certain points are ascertained
out that the commander
be a man-of-war, the German
case ol llie Sussex, liu; uovern-j
i : e i i ...... ..i it. ..1
ill.lt 11I1.11IVIII 1.- I II UC .iril
ever been shown neutrals bv
have had. in fact, orders to
in accordance with general
. .. ,
enemy iraue carried on enemv
L lilted States. No such iis.mii-.
Good Faith.
cannot admit any doubt that
are executed in good faith,
They can in no kind of warfare -
, ...
the ilea ibsiRiiated as war zone, must
be tieale.l In acioidan.-e with the prm
i iples of iiiteniatlon.il law whi. h. wele
III loice belole tlie olltbleal. ol the war. I
t'Mcpt iii iae of vi.n-l that attempt'
In escape or leslsi visit and eaich
This com tssion i mail,, without an.v
clause. and ipialltlcatloii whatsoever
Ml Hie nlliiM li.iliil tl... nolo asu-t is,
bouelei. Ihat litem lllltalll inlist be
l'"'V ailed Upon to obi IVe the ptlnclples
of intei na'loual law in tne same manner
in which licnnany Is ready lo ohsetve
I Ihese tub:.
Ciesldent llop can nfoice th. . lie
lios.es. r the jiower, and he knows It.
Tin. iiuc.sllon temalns whethci he i
wlllum to use his powei In the Interest
of huniault) In all directions President I
, W lison in-il.i) has an oppnrlunlt) of In-
. i ah ill, ible scope Will he make use off
.New Inrlirr llrrolil--III Its last anal),
M. Uenn.iii.i-s leply n sldent Wlb
s,.n "i.lllmaluin " Is an appeal In the
fairness of the Ameiiian people. Hot -
many lelds to the American view re -
spectinn siilnii.il uie There are no ion -
illllnns attached to Ihe assurance that
lb" Mibmai Inn war will be conducted
' alonn the lines lierelofoio Mxed by In-
t,.iiii,n,,n.il bi-
However, mil- Hovenimeut Is t e- lueetlnt; the proposals of Piesldeul Wll- I a dexterous rejoinder It will mol- certain poinia .oveied in the mile.' Ihe const nntmn win h tne ebcrs of
minded that Heimany's adversaries also , son It was not to be expected that slio bf) the public mind of Heniianv mid t The note, ii i po uted out. is ...i worded I " "fn " t-'ahinet. beiaiise ,,f tpu. phi, A
have broken the law of nalions. What I would slop the I boat win fare Cnles i ininldle the public mind of the Cnlted n t,, leave miiiv dli.im.llli- loopholes '"' V"" "u'er ls ,,ut Hcnnatu I niak
shall be done with them? Shall they President Wilson has made up his mind I Slates. I f,. '( lovernnieni 1 1 I n "B l'n"1 p,,""" advance In tin
enjoy liiiuiiinlty while the weapon with I l' break such an event will not occur "I I Is pitched In a lone o siieerlnc as i .,,,,. , ,,, ' i.t-. .n.nli.- l. ,..'. .'i l'"pn hrinulni! the ibs concession
. which Ihelr llhKal pr.n tlces wem foiiKht
Is lorn from Ueriuaii hand-.' No; the
si iise for fair mid mst deallnit which ,
lias always illslinKiusiieu tne Ameilcan
people, will not toleraln illsi-rltilin.it loll.
We ale eeilaln that all Illegal practices
will have to ston Pleshlellt Wilson
I has been rather lenient wllh Cnulainl,
inllcli mole so than the eitcimiHt.iiii.e
juiif, ,
'llie iiirrH.nl vineiir !tiiiii a.
"nsiiruin iriiu.1 - ausiice is nil tier
man) s Mine. i inn uuu'ii vc are )ei
pernillted to slain mid write Such In
deed has been our opinion and our belief
frnni Iho Inception nf the submarine
Issue Nnw, that we carefully and
llioimhlfiilly considered llin laid nolo of
Herman), our belief becnines llrmer mid
our faith deeper, tint us 1 lunnarlaiis in
s.vnipalh.v with them, hul as Impartial,
1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ij in M iii I mid I iitlt InvInK Ameil
cans. "If Piesident Wilson, not cariiiK for
the sentiments and Interests of the two
peoples' M'leis dlploiuatli relation and
brim; iilmnl the almost Inevitable ca
lu ii i ll y of war, he would commit a ninm
fatal offence acahiM huniaiilty ami
iiKulutl mankind thn wi perpetrated
conduct of nnVJll Wnl'ftll'O against nil Clicmy resorting to
kinds of 1'USeS, whctllCl' permissible or illicit.
But apart from the possibility of errors, naval warfare,
just like land warfare, implies unavoidable dangers for neu
tral persons and goods entering the lighting zone. Kveti in
cases where naval action is confined to ordinary forms of
cruis(l,. WHrfHI.e neutniJ persons Jllul Roods repeatedly come1
, . )
T,,u Gc"n,in Gnvernmenl h 'epeutedly and explicitly
pointed out the dangers from mines, as they have led to the
loss of numerous snips. The German Government made sev-
eral ,,i.0posu (o the 'Government of the United States in
0.cjer to miuce u, thl, mjmum ft,r American travellers
aml .r(,(uls lh! jt.i,,.,.,.,,, dunirers of naval warfare. Unfortu-I
nately, the Government of the
ac,cpt lht. proposul8. niu it
uiu uiiiieu hiatus wtiuiti nave
' the greater part of the accidents that American citizens have
met with meantime. The German Government still stands by
its oiler to come to an agreement along these lines
As the German Government has repeatedly declared, it
cannot dispene with the use
the conduct of warfare against
Government, however, has now decided to make further
i ... tttl W .1 .1 .1 14 i ,1 1 I I, t- ... .il m .. 1 1. j.l lmi1i.ii.iii.i le.n.l'.i i.n i t
i. wuv.v.-r'iwi., c,if iiii uic iiiv.
tlie interests of neutrals. In reaching this decision the Ger
Trtan Government is actuated by considerations which are
aoove me level oi tne disputed
ca- j
t 'W.lll.lll' t.llll- Illl'l i it. I null' II "1
l lie German Government attaches no less importance to:, ,,,,.,. Ult1 ,i. u,.:., ,,i principles m
the sacred principles of humanity than the Government ofthelwsit ami .-ianh tim-Miu-d hy inter
United States. It again takes fully into account that both mamnm .a." ami these unlet-, m-
Giiviirnniiiiils flip inn iiv votns. h;iv I'linniu'iil ml in (Invnloiiiiiir eoiUnu to the mte. ate m effect now.
international law in conformity with these principles, the
ultimate object of which has always been to confine warfare
on sea ami land to the armed forces of the belligerents and
to safeguard as far as noss
horrors-of war. But although these considerations are of great Mni.v a vitwunc iieiman.v i.uicts
weight they alone would not under the present circumstances! - ;ii,,.AlI,"T,','i.'" ''""'""L..,,,,,,
. 1 1 The l'lilted Mates, it is e.xpl lined.
have determined the attitude of the German Government. i nu know iuw to deal with this threat
in .ilKU'ni. In -tlio .illlinol iw tlio r.oi'nl-nninnl .vf ilin TTnitorl sl nllhl II he pill llltll execution. Ill tile
Slaks 0)) behalf ()f thc pacred
international law the German
..... .. i....:. .1...,
inui i' vviin an i:iiiiMii."M in. ii ii i i iiuu mi.- vii.-iiii.iii uuuin-
ment, but tlie British Government, which, by ignoring all the
accepted rules of international law, extended this terrible war
to the lives and property of non-combatants, having no regard
whatever for the interests and rights of neutrals and non
combatants, which through this method of warfare have been
ciioi-oli- ini'm-iwl in unit", ilot'un.... .nfniiwl tin. illoir.il ,.mi A ll i-t
' ', ., ,. , . . i .' . . i ..
ot British warlare. while fighting a bitter struggle tor na-
tional existence, Germany had to resort to the hard but effec-
.. i r
tive weapon ot submarine warfare.
As matters stand the German Government cannot but
reiterate its regrets that the sentiments of humanity which
the Government of the United States extends with such fervor
to the unhappy victims of submarine warfare were not ex -
tended with the same warmth of feeling to the many millions
0f women and children who.
Cmifiu f I on
bv CiiKtatid when t prepated and set in
motion the world loutllet
"The immensity of the it line whnh
Mil. It action would Involve will, we be
lieve delei- 1'rcsulcnt 'llon from llli
ileitakliu: it and thus tax 111 eons.-leiice
With tile tell Ible coil'citlelu es '
l.eriiiiiii linette I I'iilla.lf Iplila I The
I al.su ei makes ll
i Cellli.lliv ha lie
lir.ir and plain tliai
l.led to Ho to ativ
lepulll to prevent a bleali with the
I I tilled Slate The Herman liovei n-
inent has kIvui proof that It is honetb
IstrtvliiK lo keen Peace with Ihe Culled
' Mates and to pit serve till couutrv s
1 friends of man) ve.-trs standlnc. even
I when Hits must beat the . ot of cei tain
i war measures to which the Herman
Hovel ninciil believes Itself entitled on
aivount of lis opisuieiits' violations of!
the law- of liiininnltv '
i! or. .11.. i,. .
i " -... .j i- in.- in i o
eni spirit of Urn-many The Ueinian
. llmperor and his people do not wan-
war with the Cited States They full)
' appreciate the friendship nf till conn-
it' - ), which has stood the tet nf man)
i .vears.
, "The Hetinan note I n siroiiK dooii -
i menl and will ko down In history a a
I masterpiece nf diplomatic coinmunlca.
I lion Uermanv has mine nretii far in
it ne acis reasonaniy lie will ,-iKlce to the
pi eseiit Uermaii pi oposal "
Wi'.lllilie I'n.t (St, laiuM "Pinm
liou-partisau standpolnl the Ueiiuan ie
ply makes a deep impression n a sin.
I'i'ii' delre for peace The decision for
war or peace lie In the hands nf Piesl
dent Wilson."
The Ainerlkii ISI. nulo "The Prcl
drnt l-.aa failed In his effort to put the
iiuestlon of a bleak of diplomatic rela
tions up lo Hcrmany, and the ,uelion
tests w llh Wilson "
l-"nlowliii: hip the editorial views of
newspapers thrniiRlinnt the cniinirv; '
Ihr (iliilte " Uermany teply to the
lulled Slates is shreivd In lis concilia
Hon, keen In lis ariiunieiils ami cleu-ilv
VHRite In Us conclusions. It was rvl-
United States decided not to1 wwiiMn...v .m.., ...ti,o.ikH Py
accepted, the Government oi4,',",ll vv,1,," ,H r,,"ul v,nK 'r'l.tl-'ci"
ueen uisu unitiinu in iiuvuiiii.ik
of submarines as a weapon in
enemy trade. The German
iiivfiir u niollliilinc ivui iiui; to
of Humanity.
non-combatants against the'
principlos of humanity jmd
Government must rejieat once
. i, - r-
according to the avowed inten-
Sri liu 'iiye
The World" Calls lleply Ar
roiiiit. Insolent anil liisiill
i in" I'or No Itaruaiii.
dei.tli wnlte-i io avelt an Immediate
I sevei ance of diplomatic relation be
tw een the two nations .Mali) of the
j sentences weie for Herman i-ruisinnn-
11. hi The concessions are such thai we
are hardly Justified In handliin Count
on llernstoiff Ids papets We have
'... ..... .......
ii-k.ii ...lis. mi ii oi.... .ii ina i we inrcn
I.'.ikI.ii.iI to lift her food 'blockade' of
Hennany We shall conduct our forelim
affairs with Ureal ttrllaln w Itliout die -
latlon from Potsdam "
Ihe I raii.rrli'l "The answer of the
.Heiman Uoveriniient lo Die latist de -
1 maud of the Hoi ernment of the I'nlted
I States for an Immediate abaiidoiuneni of
II pteseiit methods of waifaie acalnsi
i,.isetic.-i- mi, I fieleln ..jrpiim, .........1.
I lo satisfy the Hermans, and couched
'terms so clevet as lo mlshad inanv
Aiiieilcans Willi the exscplinn of the
cotnliidlni! paianraph. the rcjolndei was
willlen for 'home consumption' ami may
he dismissed as a slump speech
lated by domestic necessltv.
'Ihe Herald--While Heiiuany's icplv,
lo President Wilson's ultimatum con
tains much that I Irrllfillnp and inoie,
that Is ll i ilil a lit. Us ceueial i ffect as
disclosed in lis cnncludiuc pledse. con- (
slillltc.s a illtlnct coiiipllance will) Ihe.
Ameilcan demands and so proves a tri
umph for the President s course
After hniK and patient itfnils lie has !
apparently IuiiiikIii Herman) In an ',
aurcemeiit mi what Inrernatlonal law
plainly ilii i . .', and so can only ask.
her In perforin with fidelity what s-lio
now promises. Iii these circumstance
! Ihe President would have no occasion
for wltliilrawliiB Ambassador Hrrard, or
lotheiwise severlnn relations with the
lueinian Hovernment
I In securiiiK" m much that Is suhsian-
live he can aftord In overlook the an
jlio.vmr; aspects nf the miles phliiseoliiK) ,
Co ii f i ii i., tin iVrrriiKf I'apr.
Germany Insists Britain Shall Abandon Block
ade and Asks Wilson to Urge Eng
land to Agree.
I President and Cabinet Go Over Forecast of Note for
. . tJ ..
1 wo Hours Consensus Is 1 hat Berlin Has
! Gained Time in Controversy.
. . ,i,.,ri. ,..,.. indUatloni to
(;(.,u u.iy to tin;
Allieiunn noli- will avelt the datlB'T "f
in Immediate diplomatic: htfaU.
Tin- mill Inl ti-M of tin- tioimaii nolo
ile.nhcd 'lie Stale iei.ntment to-
The lieiiiiau note, thoimli uii.-utih-fiittoty
on seiei.il points, appatcntly
ai et.- ihe l'rienlen.'s Imic dvinjnd
that lletmany immedlJtely deflate
nod el! ft i an abandonment of pif-ent
lll-tllo.ll Of Mlbtll.ll'll.e w.iiiare.
lieitiian ihin.irine
I "- " l" " l' r
The fact that l!erman hy ililplli-i-i
tn .u tiileatens to withdraw the order."
, utile the rn.Ud States oliialns con-
l.r-.-lon trmn Urent Krlt.iin lelative to
the blockade w no; tecnded neces-
I "7"i-mYi.i 7ea"tCteii"
iot.u-ii eimmatni. ami tiii is the oh-
tpi' for "huh the I'n-lilent. ha heen
MI (V lllf
ll t i.l
t I. Oil ' ll.lt
thl i;.'lices.'
' .11 Iv to pi i did w ii h . ei -tile
I'lesiileiit wilt accept 1
am on it. fin- value, Inn ,
-lloiub point that wav.
Tie l'ie..eiit reielved the lletlilali to
Jilx . a i abled from Heilin. J1IM hctore
the Cai. iHt iiieMIni;. He icad ii to hi
advisel ami il.e Clblllel
lllsi-lleii It
fur in-alls two houi
Tn. unfavorable-im .-n-n made by
:- -'n "'"i-- ' ,!"' ineiiimnary
patts of the note was otfet hv the out-
,. f , nI,.ts , , lllliu;m,. ,.,.
nurai.t. whi. u .u.iicati. the pei-itic
; rt.made'" ''mbieiMood
that t .. i-n-meni f,.'i tinu much of
' J.1;;.' Y,',mT!K-ouU
wa -h"' ,Ku.u'anTees.'',not"hevoid.
hat lnlelesteil th" I'le-ldent
Ureal. eelil Vlerled.
I'ollowintf the Cabinet meelini; thele
weie turtlur iiidii-ationi that an im
mediate bte.ik was not imminent.
Secret.ity l.an-in-js.ini:
j I cannot discii the note in any
wa.v in this tune."
Inn he added later that certain in
finities i on. ei iiinu the note probably ;
would be made of tile Uel'tnail tinvt't'll- '
' merit. Tin w.i leuaided a an ad
' luls-lon thit the note had at b-at
sel veil the piifpose of rcopemnn dlplo
III. 111. lieKotl.ltlolls between the two
Uovertiments, although Pi t'sidei.t Wil
1 son had made it clear tint in case ihe
, Herman tepiy did tint meet hi. de
mands he would not emor into any
I fin ther discussion
' other C linnet olliici lellected tt.
V.i w thai the tensioji had rela.xed .
Posttnasti r-nenera! Mm li son wmild
I not dlciiss ihe matter spivillcall) , but f
! .said lie was colnt; oil a IKhlm; trip as '
soon a he could cei awav from the
I White House
' Tin y left the , iiri espondentri to
! draw their own loncliislons i hie IiIkIi
otllclal made the positive statement
that the Administration would accept I
the l term-in promise and let the de-
' V f lopinenl nf -.be filluie decide the'
' n.ine of tins Hot eminent
. ""' . . ". ' ' . "
i flfa w t lelr OW 11 lOllc IIS oils Uie ll K 1
" , h Ma i id,, the t oslti v t ei en
, , ' . , , 1 ,
I "," ,1'f' """""l "'-' accept
' 'h'fm .n I'lonili-.' and let the de-
' v e lopnienl nf '.bo future- decide the
' nan e of ih.s Hot eminent
, v I.eme. I.iiniilinlea.
Thcie . weiei mm h doubt mi
In'; , , , .
""t"" ''ullm i.nioos i.cs
"I 'h0 . olitrovci . . It Is iimilitrul if i
all) one here itidetands precisely
. w h H Merlin's attitude is nn several of'
tin vital iiuestlon involved I'm- this!
leasou alone the Piesident. it Is said,
will not feel at liberty to paps Judj:
tuent on it until he has closely studied '
the ollicinl ti'M
Aiiparcntly the Ueiiuan iio.ltim on:
the v dill fiolnl at Issue the silspen-!
snn in' aliamloniiicnt uf Illegal sub. '
marine warfaie i-ould be summed up
in a broid seiise In this manner:
'(lermiiny his Hiispended its illegal
silbin.irine' vvarfari' in the hope that
the 1'iilti'd Stat.-. will now in'slht upon
ilient liillaln abamloiilni; its lllcual i
blockade " I
llerctofoie Herman)' ha nffircd to,
1 1 1 i.i tul i ii It.- ill.'sTtl Mibtii.iiiiie iipera
tlons siiiiiiltiinenusly with an abandon.
ineiit of the blockade hv Hreat llrllaln.
Now Hcrmany apparently has made'
the llisl move- n a ennecsslnn to the !
1'nltrd Stales wllh.iut walllni; fori
teat Hnt.iln to ait. Th.-. u im e.
lilalllia), aiie.iiN to teile.i'iit a dulllllto
loncpFfloii nnil .xomothlliK more than
lo.iin.iri.i ,.er allied to do lie
foie. Tim main Veil. nice of the. United
Stutt'H timet ntnent In itf hellcf that
let many haw met the I'lefldent's de
mands In contained in tin- orders U
N.led by tlie Impeil.il t iovernment to
Its Miilitii.it Im- loinm.inilef.i. Thesu
oldei.s Btale;
In ticcoiil.iiice with tin- general
plinclples of Wslt and j-eiilch and
the iIcMructlon of luendlalil vessels
lecoKillzeil hy liileiniliuii.il law. siitr.
Vessels both within mid without the
u l ea ilecl.ueil ,i naval war zone shall
not be miiiI. without warnlns and
I "Ithmil savum human lives unlet.'
tne iiii aitemptt to eseape or offer
The older.- appeal detinue enough,
but olllclals altc.ulv ,.p a possibility
that the.v ma be sivi-n a dilfereiit In
tel pietation at-coi dinu- to whether or
not an aimed tm-i t-li.i at iu:iii is re-K.-iidid
a. a 'merchant vessel." Thr
flllteil State has tl.it 1 taken tln
stand tint tin l tne pt ,mivi- and lcsal
' desl
nation nf a men h. unman nrmeiJ
for ibtiMiie tlerm.uiv has declareil
tti.it the Imperial liovernini nt repards
in nnd iiieivliaiitineii in ihe lirliish
irvli.e .is Hiixillari wailu for tin
leasou that the lltitMi Ailmlralty ha
onlered them to attaik -iihiiiaiiiic..
it now develop that Secretary l.an
slns mad., public tip, American memo
randum deflidnu' lie status of atlivd
mei-i.ii.-int men for the p, ,-ltii-Jf
mectlnt; s..j d, ,F.llt,
pill pose
as Hi
l hi l nlted State f.o.
aw tile pos
chl.v t'lat l.'.-imany would l. dl-li.'s.'d
to exclude Hntl
.ship.i fiom tin- i
p'ai cahli-
'h ariip
ati itnri
I meiih.int
of ordinary
In o
OU nn Viine.l ship,,
"insult savs: - i is
ii.-ce.s. v f ...Illnerent vv.it hlp to
diteilliiue the sUU r,r ,,,,,,
inerchatit vessel ,,f m.mv eiiiniin
tefsl on the hmh seas, sine tip. right.
oi life and piopem of belligerent ami
lleutlals on I'.'ilt.l ll.e irs.M'1 ma v '.
illipailnl if its st.it .is i. ttl.it of a
ciiemy warship.
I Ii- ileteiininauon
Jiti-r lliut (est u, ,,,,
' w.n like i bar.
i-ne iiiioo tit-.
. -...ii. in mi mil upon i. inclusive cvl.kn. e
a pii'.sumptlon b,,r.e,i V
plesetl. e of all at Itlatllent nil a tiler.
-hani Vl-sel of a,, ,,,. j, , M(f.
licletit leas,,,, f,. ., , ilu,,Mlt ,n .
, ciaie it to be a waLslup ,,n, ptoceed to
I i'.ici wiuiout ifs.n-,1 t th,,
j of the peisotis on 1 rd "
ne I'tii-r livr IIU, hui.
llie i,e.ti,., h., 1, otllciaN aie ,,-k
..I. ...-I1IKIII ,s. "11,,, t,.ni,,1M.
io i.,i iieiiniiiuii ,,r ,,,s (
maintain tli.i: .. ,,a. n,
tin k arnied nieri liaiH w
ieriiiany ftll.
rmht to nt
"s'li in tl;
vv.iiihl atta, i
-same m inn. i t hat sh
1 '"v -uiswi r. i: (.x
I ll.l- 'l IOHl "I !'.,, Jl
b. Ulipetial H..V. rum. in
"llie fr. Ill
vml this
iii-rt-, lines mruier d
further ipnrliiiil.v fr
lriilnii nml
i. ,
iiernn in en.
iieaviir in iinpr.., s ilcpnlni on ii...
I lllteil Mute l.oiernnienl
JiiHuwiur sme.j h) t x t' ' u,e oltf
and Ihe iii.iiuii" i, in, ,, ,, u,rs ,0
....... . niiiiii nnet s ale
I', tlie lllll" I ..i, ;i ,
man) doe ii.ti an.,!
Vele.l tliat U. ' -
.1,11 r .
llie orders Hermain iate th,,t it
i.a.ly to do us utmost ,,, cohIIiih op.
r "" "in ior tne i,.st ,,f
ii4,,.n,.n i in, iiKiiuna f.nces of t' ,
helliRei-eiits, thereby also liisunin: fi,.
houi or uie sias
i -rirs I int.,, , . i .
i n. ,i J ,. . . i "'""
' '"' l -'""l t" -'. levotuu- at-
enth n to suhniari, p,.rton i1Ka.nt
men naiitmeti ir i.reat ISi It.iin rclln-
', "'""J ,np bl.icnade Then the Hernia n
- ih i i" "!'"' Hnvern-
. ' s""1f'1 " thl Idea, notltles the
. .. """" tne I mteij State
' ' , navtn inr,.,,, iliUl,
lollow iiik oi de
'lived tin
""' "mam. v leweil
ii this licnt
oinciai aie pot Incllnt.l t
believe Ihat
me viermaii liov ei mil, tit will make
issue oi ine m ine, mere i.i n, mr.,.
I Ion 111 cirr.vliit; nui Uu
there Is nothln definite
aicorilliiK to nfti ml
i" orders
to show
Orders In iiliniiuloi,
A mnrr rt!.-..-itilrtu. f.-.it.u. ,i i
III reference to the older., to llie mi.
marines Is .he st iteiinni tint the ;.
man nihiuailne .luniii.indcis liave l e ,
operatlni; ui'der Ihem nh' alntu, i
eeptiiu in the .im-, of f , cUhtct . i.trr,
Iiik enemy trade n the w.n nne
I'or example, the time sal... "the Her
man Mihtnailne force hue hid In fac
orders in cumin I Ihe submarine warfuto
in accnidauce with ihe uemral piUxu.
pics of search and lit and -he ilctrui'
thill of inerchatit vessel, 1 1 . oitulzed In
lliternatlnn.il liw. the excciiimn
beinr. the .ondiiei of w.n fate against
eneinv tiade tinned on em mv frclRhi
t-hlp encountei I'd -n the war yotio "it,
rnuudlm; Uieat Urn m, '
The inipress'iin i is iia' icraph '-is
left on olllclals line Is ..aid to he in ! .
factor, (let ma id's new orrtit. tt t

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