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Giants Make It Seven Straight at Expense of the Cardinals . and Leave the Cellar Cubs Defeat the Dodgers
Doak, M endows mill KIitIo
JjuiiiIiiiI'iI in Turn. hilt'
Amlcrxm Is TiulM.
IS l!V SCO UK Or' ! TO :i
ST. Loris, May IT Nothing to it now
but to rim tin- i !! r over l.o'ti K.ilntnlty
Amort to-tnin mv ji ft.M in.' 'ii unit then tit
light ngaln-l tl. i I'M sirles with Hi"
llravos. Tin il'.mlH ..unlit In I"1 ill
swords' iiii.nl' Willi the badeis h Hi'1
tlmo thev If nil tlin Mull '"I Al :ii lf
Ihcy inn tit. iln the I'.'i'i' the l''1''
letting since tae.v left I heir own fiini.ly
circle. Ilvor.i w bote I It- go t'T.v fall
IlkB b Inn nf li'ld;. Ii'alns lulit mid
devastation In tln'tr v.nko St lnuW wan
no exception.
The tnoiiil CnnhniiK preening them
selves over an run split with the de
parted Dodgers, weie in:t.1 to look like
nn also r.m nl a i'.tnimiihy o'ntuhiko !
fore they wot through with tli.-lr Ilrtt on II
from Now York at Itnblsun I'leld In-il.iy.
The score. !' I" 3. doesn't tx-tiln In Illus
trate the difference In class a port raj. t-il
to the nlijrct satisfaction nf nuuinifiil
St. I.milH fainlom.
Seven straight victories De (liantH
now have mug up mi this plea-mo Jiimt
throuali tli" middle Wist, ami each
camping gintind appears more seductive
than Its predecessor.
McGraw turned loose I'li'il Anderson,
hlii Federal League capture nf the moist
delivery, against the Cardinals to-day.
HIm faith In thin tooitllt it Mf t h.ivf hci-n
srent Iml.-cl, for Miller llui-glns took
no pains to hide the fact that Doak, one
of his v.'teian and most tellable ton
ierF, wan nliotit to hurl. Ilesldos. It will
he remenibeieil from time lint emurlal
that St. liuts alwayti hai pioved the
Itraveyard of every Mant spurt through
the Went.
Anderson Pilches Well.
Anderson more than Justified the faith
of his command! r. lie delivered a mas
terful K.itue, though such wu not nec
essary. A pitcher with an eight run
lead Is not expected to take undue lib
ertles with his arm tliee dav s. Ander
son had the Cauls li.indi'UITeil and rug
tied nil the way Hut for a had break
or two that let In a run for St lnili
In the sixth he would have scored a
shutout St Loiil" wan allowed to run
wild for Us two runs of the ninth.
Doak was not the only alleged star
of Html-, who tasted the the of the
new fll.ihl real. No pitcher over wn
lamlxisted harder thin wa .Meadows,
the spectacled tn.-er, the few Moments
he tarrii'il In the third Innlni. The
Giants cot tiled soaking Steele hy the
end of the fourth and tlni .after do
voted chief attention to getting the
thing over with before il.tlk. Doak took
tilmsclf out of the name at the begin
ning of the Hi. id limine after he had
warmed up for thN round. Kvidently he
felt his arm slipping. Me hadn't been
iteady at any time.
Meadows sot ltohnrtwn on a foul Th"
next four batters knocked him from the
Hobby Heseher. former lllant. broke
all galloping records chasing extra base
hits the first half of the came. Ills won
derful catch took an estra has? knork
off Hums In the opener, ltobertsou then
walked, to ln forced by Doyle. Larry
stole second. Kauff scratched a lilt over
Doak, and he, too, stole semnd without
a throw. Snyder threw out Fletcher, 'n
the second Merkle was safe on I'orhnn's
bad throw. Hi- stole after McKechnle
tiled out. Itiulden hit In the mil. Audi r
son Kicrltli nl, but I'orhati's line stop and
throw tool, a hit off Hums.
The first run looked bit. even before
Doak null HnbettMin In tln third, tlr
to fate Meadows, fouli d to Snyder. Th'ii
bedlam broke loose. Toy! duubled lo
right and KauPf walked. They executed
a double sle-il. I-'leldier tripled to b'f
centre, wlide Mcilr.iw threw double
hack lllps In the thlnl Inse coarhlnc box.
Merkla hit a home run to rlaht i'rntr.
That endivl Meadows MelJeehnie
greeted Steele, a Miuthpaw, u Hi a triple
to left, lie was out by an ryelash try
ing to score on a short i.asseil ball.
Anderson fanned for the third out after
Harlilen walked.
filfint Keep After Steele.
The Giants kept after Steele through
tho fourth until they had the game
safely clinched. Uetzel'a error gave
Davy Robertson a life with one out.
Doyle doubled to left and Kauff tripled
to the same garden. Fletcher's long My
tallied Uenny with the third run nf thli
Th Giants scored thereafter only In
tho seventh, on this occasion through
Anderson's single, Jtobcrtson's double
and Doyle's nacrlfleo fly. There wan ab
solutely no occasion to ildc a freo horse
to death.
The first hit off Anderson came with
one out In the third, when iinyder's shot
bounded falsely nr Merkle's shln.
Hmlth also got a scratch hit In tills
round when Murklo failed to rover his
oat; on a bunt to the box. Anderson
bolted the tlnor by Milking out Hetzel.
Wilson got the tlrst legltlmato hit off
Anderson starting the fifth, lie couldn't
reach second, Anderson .struck out five
batters In an in iny limines.
Starting the Blxth Meiklo again hulled
In on Anderson's territory and Snillh
heat a hunt when llm tlrst baseman
tagged Wh pitcher Instead of Hie run
ner. Rutler, hitting for Hetzel, elnnled.
Hescher drew a pass, filling the hav
with none out. Smith spoiled the shut
out, n llnmshy forced Hescher to Doyle,
unassisted, though It did look to every
one except Hyron that the (Hants should
have had credit for a double play.
Andet.mn lilt Miller In the ninth.
Miller was allowed to Meal KCinnd and
third without protest Corhan walked
f fter Wilson lllrd to KairVf Me pilfered
reeruul without a throw. Hith runnels
tallied on HintteniH short single to
Hums, (ieoruli) contenting himself with
holding Hie hit lo one base rather than
ti to cut nlT a iicgl,;lblu run at thu
plate 'I he score:
NKW YIIIH! iN l.i ST l.dflS i.V ,i
.1)1 r h n a e ;ih r Ii p a e
nmiinir "I .1 ii milh el .'.13 i n (l
Poti'-iiM.lf t I 1 H 0 0 I.':h I'lin 3 o.
i)nle. 1) I - .' f. Oi HiuJr il n no
"Mllll.el i . . II 1 llixllir.il . 0 0 3 flfl
Kiel, l.ei . II .' Iiillnrn.lij. il I fi ii j i
Jrliie Ii . i mi 'Illll-r Hi . I I n -I on
JleK'nie "h ti il I ii I ii WiNi n.rf lilt I ad
"iriilell . ii ' I 'i Coi'lljll .ill II I
lloiilllc 'Oil ii (i li fu ill r e lO'l : '11
Anili'isoti i i I 1 ii :. ii llrottrm e :iii l .1 i i
limili i . (i ii ii i t o
Tol.ils '..Till Mi'.nliiMii.ti 'rm ij 0 0
lr i le.p r ii I t oo
i.on.ilr. I i ' ii o o
Toed... , .it s i is
n.iltrd Inr Merit in Hip ihiiiIi iiiiiiii?
Mr York o i a n A A ft. t
fcl Iim 0 A n i) o n o .:i
Kltst iMe mi rrrori New YfirU, 3 liH
on bnse New York. 't Nl lniu, t. Home
rim-MrrUle Three bus., tuts Kleleher Me
iffenille, Kllllll Two luisi. lilts Doyle .'.
Itobertunn Kirl bane on bull (Iff Amur,
son. I; nil K-i.ik, I: oil Miadnwa. I; oft
Steele, 1 Slrmk out lly Aiiirmi r by
Hlrele, 4 Sacrifice hit-Aur1eiHOii Sniiiflce
flle-FletihiT. lluj. le Stolen luso. )nvle
2: KsutY. 2; irrlde, Ilnrn., Itariiten, Mniiiwhj,
Miller, 3; Corhan Double nl.i.v Klelclirr and
Mrrkl. Umpirn In i lilcl tiulsley Pirld urn
ptre Byrnn, Tlnif 'i hours and 6 nilniilc.
all Tll-llm. J:JD i. M S' V. n,.rl.
rana va. Detroit. I'oio (lrnuti.ii. Adm. tar
Two Homers and Four Doubles Finish PfefTer Apple
ton and Mails Follow Him Packard Keeps
Dodgers' Hits Scattered.
I'llii'Ai.i.. Mi) IT. Tlie Cubs were full
nf vim to-day and defeated the Dodgers,
7 to 'i. Tlio right garden wall came In
for (unmixed attention, the t'ubs plaltig
it straight, place unit show almost up to
I lit' llnlsh of Hn contest. This made It
iiccef sary for Manager Hohlnson lo trot
three hurlers to the mound. I'feffer
faded at the end of the fifth, Appletim
lated two Innings mid Malls stuck It out
In the last one
There weie six potent reasons for the
exit of I'feffer - two home inns nnd four
doubles. There might have been others,
'up thee were enough, The home inns
and two of t no doubles raine In the third
Inn tig and Were good for three runs.
Thete was one on base when Sciiulte
made a ciiiull smash, but Williams ha I
to "lot ar.'Ulul unp.iccd. The double b
Zimmerman, "which followed I'y's clout,
unikeil Into nn out, s Heinle figured
that his captain's ininmlaxion entitled
Iilm to steil home after he had been
shunted lo third on n unseed ball
Catcher Miller treated him ns one of
the l. ink and nailed him.
AH told, the Cubs were good for eleven
cafe clouts, which totalled twenty-two
bases, Of thee Schlllte got two III addi
tion to ll pair of walks, whlih gave him
a batting ncraco of 1 nOn. Williams
preempted n similar average with a
homer, a double nnd two singles In four
t.mrs up. The going being good, liene
Packard, who hurled a masterly game
for the Hrultis, homed In with another
Results of Yesterday's
Big Leagues and
Venterda'" ltelill.
SI I.nuK T, I'llll.lilelphl.l. I
WanlllnRtnn. , Detroit, 4
In New York -rteil.in.l, wit iirnun .
in lln.ton i 'hU'iiKi"-, rain.
DF.TAII.KK STAMIIM1 til' TIIK ( I. t ill.
.1: 5 i
!l;'::- e z
i.i'i - 7:.
1 ! S T .1 III II
3 i 4 . .'3 l 11
0 3 4 . : 4 t.'l I'.'
: : 3 ..is i:i "Ti
: D .. 4 3 3 in III
1 : o 4 . s i? in
3 : : i .'tit in
3 1 i 1 I tl III
e 12 13 it it it ti ln;l '
Cli eland
Watlii listen
Ne York.
St. I-oui. .
Oim.i loot
Tu-duj' Xrlirilule.
Iietrolt In New York.
St l.nul In Hnnton
flit, ikh In l'lil!iiil.lphi.i
i'Ieltind tn Va-hliiKton
Picli H Wild nnd Toronto
l.i'iifs Win by Score of
to :t.
eilrrditt'i. KrmlN.
Ti i. ,ii N'ruarlt. .1
Iln ilir.ti r I'rnriilenir. rain
lluff.ilo Hiehninnd, r.iln
Mnntieal-lliltlniorp, rain
SlnndlllE .if the ( lnl
W I, PC . W I,
Neuarl. . II : W7 Montreal 'i
I'.ii-Illlinild II r. l ltn-heler 5 11
llniideliiv 10 I. C7IHllffa1o . 4 It
lUltlniore It .CK'Tnrnntn 3 It
4i n
Tii .Ir' M'brdiilr
NwarU in Mnntrftal
Hlilininnd in Toroutn
lriivi(iein-. In fliiffnln
Iljllinmre In Kochenter
Tiikhnto. Ont May 17 Aftir two
f.ilsc 8t.irt.s Toronto nnd Nfwarlt
opened the local m-apon Ibis afternoon
nnd th locals bea' tho leaders hy .i
h.'nre nf Ti tn 3.
rich pitched for th visitors nnd In
addition to belnK IId was touched up
freely In plnchr". In the fifth the locals
Blithered four rural nn four slnslen and
thro walks. Their nth. r run was tal
lied In the fourth on n wall; and two
Shocker pitched n steady enme fur the
I.enfs. allowing only five scatter"! hits,
lied Murray, late (llant, performed
favorably In the field, allhnuBh he did
not set a hit. The Intensely cold
weather Kept the attendance down to
:,nnn. The score :
lib r Ii p a e ab r h n a e
Cable 'h 4ft - 7 .Tr'eiale.:b 211 4 31
rallabaii.cf 4111 0 0 linihurn.ni 411 3 3 1
Mlllmlf sons oi lliiri-h.lf.... 1 10 o 00
witter.ri - i " " I -i in .13 i .ii1' -
Zim'nian.Sh 1 1 0 'i
Iiuriilii.lh IflSto
. ' 1 , .1 ,.1 1 .mi 1 11 . . 'i 1 " .1
iviiiiiiam.er : 0 1 00
I 0 1
I .10
Mi Kie.e.
I 1
r. :o
Trout. Sh
Miocker. p.
10 1 1
2 10 0
300 0
00 0
0 0'
Totals, . 17 ft 131
Totals .,131S:i ID' ,
Halted for Pieh In the ninth Innlnr-
Newark 01 00 02 (10 0-3
Toronto oooitooon-ii
Tun bus.- lilt (Iraham SaiTlflce tilts Hir-nitiik-liutn,
SlineUer .sinlen ba-es Cabin.
Vflmut Double play liiirmi. Mirtin and
iMirin Struck out lly IVh. 3: by Jfhocker.
1 Kint ba." on balls-Off Pieh. ! off
Mimiicr S 1'ft on lne Newark. 9,
Toronto, Kirst tiase on errors- Newark, 1
Will pttibes Shocker, '.' I'mtilre In fhtef.
llaiuhlHie. Field umpire Freeman Time
i I10111 s
I'lloliliiK tionil. Imt llrrnri Help to1
Swell loliils, '
A.vn'APiii.ih, May I" --The Naval!
Acinb iny defeated rSrorgetnwn this
iiftoriinoii b n score nf ft lo I. Hlodgett
had the edge on Kell), though both
pitched riioiI hall,
i:nurn etiti'ted Into tlie inakiuR of all
the runs, but sharper wmk on the bises
and guild sacrifice hltllng weie 1 1 r f.ic
tors In the victory. HccoIvIiir oiio of
Hlinlgell'H fast ones on IiIk lower arm,
McCarthy of the vlsltora iitlrfi! with a
fnii tui'iil bone In thn fourth Inning, The
scorn by Innings:
it. h r.
eienrgeirtwn ..lnofiononn i a
N.i'uil Aikdi.tnv o o 2 ij o u il - .1 .1 2
lUtti rl.'- Kelly 11 n, Haciir. HIinlKi'lt
ninl Coniioll I'niplriH II. 1 n hihI HiikIios
Dnnilrr llllliiolnls O'l.rnr).
IltM'l'At.o, May IT Johnny Dundee of
New York to-night shaded Johnny I
O'lrf-aty of Seattle In their ten round '
bout, iiirordltiR to exports nt tho rliiR
side (i'l-ary was two pounds homier
than llin Italian, who weighed 1 .10. Dun
dee's leapfrog rtiinls had (Tlx-ary puis
itlcd during most of th Un rounds.
Both fought cleverly,
a slngte In three time up.
The Dodgers also were busy Willi the
stick", hitting safely In oery Inning
Duly once, however, did two blngles
com" together, and a double play neu
tralized this effort. It call be tlguted
from this that they raked Packard for
leu hlt, but had not nn error Inserted
Itself In the flrt liming and n has" on
balls In the sixth they never would hao
scored. The score
lib r ti P a el nli r h n n e
Mrr.e it I n nosehultr.lf . Si: ! 'i
Diuhert.th IAI 5 ii 0 Klnrk.rt .. ton .1 AO
JnMl-tit'l.rf 3 0 I t A AWUIlHtns ef. 414 4 A A
Wheal.ir . 4A t I A,7.lm'rni.in..lh I 0 I A to
Mnwre) 31' 310 : f,0 s.iler.ltj . 3 A A ) An
t'tillis.:b 40 1 2 t O.M'l'srthy.:!) : 0 0 3 to
(I'.Miim.M. .tot : 4 0 Archer c. .too t to
Mlller.e . .401 ii SAMullUAtl." 4A1 4 41
I'tet.Vr.p :ot 0 :i iMekardp.. 3:.1 I 31
Slrllkfl . . 10 0 A A Oi -
Apiiletun.il AAA t ii A Total. . K 7 II Ii ?
lielr . e A a o 0
MalKp. aoo 0 OA
Total . V. : tA:t lit I
'Hatted for I'feffer In lh sith Inntni
tll.itlnl for Apiiletou In the rlthth i nnl n.
Ilrnoklyn . .. .. IAAaOIAAo:
Chleato .. ..1030:otOJ-7
Two lm hlt Packard 2. 7.lnimrnian. Will
lam-, . hulls Home runs Sehulle. Wllllain
Hotihle pinv I'atkard and Saler Sacrifiii hit"
Danliert. Wheat, Klack 3 Stolen buses
Schulte. Wllllaiiin, Saier Kirst ba-e on lull.
Off I'.ukaril. I: off I'feffer. 3: off Appleton '
t; off Mails. I Struik out -lly Apntelon. t
liv I'feffer. I f'rd bill Miller t'mmrr In
hlef O'Day Field umpire Kaon limet
huur a ml 4t minutes
Games in the Two
Standing of the Clubs
i rftterdar'n ltet.tltt.
nrk, v. St I.miK 3
i .if:. i, ", lirnoklyn,
Ili.ii.il ; rin.-liin.itl, I
In PltlrburR --PhliuileiphU.
IKTAII.i:i sTAMIIMi 4)1' 1 1ll: t I.l'llo.
I I ' '
Chirico, .
SI l.mi.
I - l
I New York...,
lG3rne lost.
Tiwla; HrtiiMlnIi.
Vrk in st !.oul
Mr Hiki n In i'U ak
Utiftiin In I'lnrinmti
1 1 1 nIHphl.i In I'l'.tubui t:
l)er llrllrtr llnrprr nml Holds
Tlerrn Well Knouith In 'lirrk.
Wapiiinoton, May 1 7 Washington
made a clean swei-ii of the Detroit series
by wlnnliiK to-daj Ranie, 6 to I, South
paw Harper w.ih Itnlnclble until th
eishth Inning, when he weakened nnd
save way to Aer. The TlRers cot to
Ajers for three runs In this lunliiB and
one In the ninth.
lubuc wan not lilt hard bj the home
le.un. but the feVnntors made oery blow
inunt. .lame", who lelleved Dubuc In
the ol c lit li. was reached for three sln
Klen and a double. The Hcore :
HKTROIT lA 1,1 Hlirli p a e
ab r h p a e WASHINGTON i. ), .
Until" Mil 4 3 1 Mort.m.th . 4 1: I 10
Vitt.sb. f.t: 1 .1 11 Pfiirr.lli. 411 ; 00
CnMi.ef I I : .1 1 0 Mil in.ef 4tl .1 0 0
Veadi If iiJD J 1 ) llnlid.ail.rf I'll 1 0 11
Kivmiach nun 0 (1 0 .lii.lce.ih 4 1 1 n 11 I
i llarier,lf 11 11 0 1 0 -tint.lti.lf. too 4 : e
D.nltoii.lf . 100 n no iirnry.e. 3 11 7 ;o
Ifeilman.rf 3 " 1 0 0 iHMi'Hnile..i. 40: .1 10
lliirni.lb. 4H111 0'i llarper.p... .100 0 : 1,
Yniini.it 4 n 1 0 1 11 Ajrrj p. ofl 0 00
ianaie.L'. 401 f. 2 0' --
tltalier. .. mo 0 00 Total . KOrill
Dubiii'.p. : 1 1 0 6 0
.lamen.p. ooo 0 0 0i
Crawford lot 0 00
Totl...S.1 4 11 74 15 !i
Hatted for Veaeh in the seventh lnnlne.
titan for Stallage In the ninth Inning
Hinted for James In the ninth Inning
Hetroit 0 a a 0 0 0 0 3 1-1
Waihlngton 0 0 0 1 0 7 1 v x . f,
Knrned run Washington, 4; Detroit. 1
l-irtt bat- on errors Wnsliingttin. 1; D'-iroit,
I Irf'tt on ba.ewWa.hiinton, f: Detroit, 10,
Kirst hue on balls-Off llartrr. 4; ntf Ajers.
1: off liiibue. 4 Hits-Off Harper. C In seren
nnd tun-thlrdi Innincs; off Ayers. f. in one
ond on.-lhird innings; off Ilulme. 5 in seien
Innings; off .tallies. 4 in one inning ttrti'k
out lly Harper. ': by Ayers. '.; hv Dubiie. 3;
hv James. I Three bie hits- Milan. Mor
ran. imbue Two ba.e hits Judse. Vltt
Stolen, bise Morgan Double plav 1utiu.,
Hush and Ilurn. Wild plteli llarirr I'm.
Hire in chief Kvans Kield umpire Hildv
brand. Time J hours and 10 minutes.
I'offpy Holds C'olleixlHna tn Three
lilts In Seven liinlilK linnie.
Wkst Point. N Y May 17- The
Army downed Lafayette to-day. I to It,
In an abbreviated game, Coffey, the
Army pitcher, while a bit wild at times,
held the Collegians to three safe blows.
Itrown was pounded hard 111 the third,
(lerhardt nnd Mitchell both doubting and
Hrlnglmm ramming 0110 to centre for 11
triple. These blows, coupled with a wild
heave hy Myers, I. afo; otto's backstop,
put tho cadets In the lead.
Ill Ingham's shoestring catch off Hunt's
bat In short centre In thn seventh frame
was a feature, The gaum was called til
the end of the seventh tn .permit the vis
llors to catch n train. The score:
H If 1:.
I.afete , 0100050 . 1 ,1 (
Army, . n ) o I ll i , j :
ll.itter!e. Hrntrn nml Myers, Cnffey nml
Mi.Vill I'niplris -I'lillum and Murliul,
1'ii. lllr Coast League Results,
Hun rranelsen, it, Los Annreles, r,
(iiikliiiii, 7. Vernon. 0.
Portland, 12: Suit Lake, 10
Vlrilnla league Hesults
Neupnrt News, s , Petersburg, 2
Itneky .Mount, 4 Norfolk. 3
I'lirtstnoiilb. ; Hopewell, 3; I'nrteiumitl,,
R; llnpeucll. 5, second game.
Western league Results,
ties Moines, fl, Dmtver. 6,
l.lnrnln, 10; Topekll, ft.
HI .Insepli, 3. Sinm City, J.
IVIrhlta, 7; ( llnulia, C,
New York Slate League llesulta,
tvilkesbfirre, , lllmlra, 4.
All other games, rain,
Teiaa league Results.
(lalieslnn, 5: lliillas, 1.
Ilinisiiiti, 2: Furl Wurtb, I.
Hi4iiiinlit VViii'O Hit tn
Man Aiitniitn.lireveiiort -Ttsln.
SiiiiIIi Atlanlli' Lrngiie Results,
Columbus, r., Ciihrlestiiii,
Macon. C; (,'uliiiiitilu, t,
Jacksnnvllla, 7; .Mnnlg arnarr, 2.
Aufiuta, S; Albany, 4,
perfect record, getting w a.
Dreyfuss Not Trying
To Sell His Pirates
dent Bnrncy Drcyfusa of the
Pittsburj? Pirntcs denied to-niri.it.
tho Btory that the team was for
sale. "The story is news t me,"
aid he, "and is not true. I never
have offered the Pittsburi? club
for sale to anyono and no one
ever made nn offer to me for it at
nny time. Furthermore, the Pitts
liurr; club is not for sale." Drey
fuss owns over 80 per cent, of the
Knjrjrotl Fipldiiiff mid Poor
ISase Itti tiniiitr Oiiuso I'rinrr
ton's Downfall.
I'ntNCEToK, N .T., Mav 17 I'rlnce
'on's baseball nine went down to defeat
iiere this, afternoon at the 1-cinds of
Dartmouth by a 3 to 1 score In n frame
hh'h was featured by poor bae run
rnu and raKRed flchllnR on the part of
.' Timers.
AltlioiiKh the I'rlncetnn team secured
1. no hits to the visitors' three, It failed
in dike aihantaKe of them nnd lost sev
ital f.plendld opportunities to score
thrnusli inrelcsis bnse running.
IiriKRs's homer In the seventh wa.s the
'illy tlilntr that sned the Tluers from .1
"l.utout ' The l'rlnceton shortstnp camtht
'he ball sifJirely and drove It far out
mto left over the Dartmouth tlelder'i.
lead for a cumvletn circuit of the bat.es.
Hi the ninth, when the TlKcr had men
11 spcnrvl :init ibl.,1 with onlv one out.
t lnohid as thoiiKh the ttame would I
.tlier be broken up or tied, but Will-1
.,iiii, who was pitcMnK for the (.teen ,
ti'.uii, proed eipiul to the occasion and
retired the side before any fcorltiR iu ,
done, 1
A Coach Clark Is haul pressed for
pitch) r at present and Is savins Link 1
10 wtrU aKalnst Ilarvatd Saturday,!
11 nil. a sophomore, nan allowed lo pitch
, lit!-: varsity itame. Although the s-.
turn Slithered only three hits off his de
n. he tt.ui extremely wild and al-'
ie. eight men to walk. 1
Tn make matters worse the TlRors I
i.i.J" four errors behind him, all of
;.l. h canto at Inopportune times. The,
iiM 1 tins ni.idn by Dartmouth In the
1',-xt InnliiK were due to errors nnd slow
thinking on the patt of the TlBers Will
lain siorid In Hie seventh on 11 wild
pitch h Dowd The score.
ul tlitut, at r h n a e
o.bnrnlf 3D') n 11 11 Ie.lf . 4 0 1 0 i 1
llee.eif 401 : 0 orribbott.rf. 40 : 0 on
.Mlirphjr.e 411 .'. 7 0 Hojt.cf . . 401 1 00
I'une.ib 3 1" lOl'lieating .. a 0 0 0 00
TlnelVr... 1 0 ii 7 1 l,Diigg... . 411 ; 3 1
t:-,telinr3b 3 0 1 1 7 0 loltla..e . 4 0 1 3 to
(ilioul.rf 100 : oOi-M'tiiiv.iti 401 n 0 1
'VrUint.b 4 0 0 1 SOlRoth'MeOb ID I 1
'Aillianisp ; 1 0 0 ooil.io.b Jut ; 41
- DonU.P 3 0 1 0 3 0
Totals 7 J 3 77 SI
Total. . 34 1 9 77 70 4
Itan for Hoyt In the ninth Inning.
Princeton .0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0-t
Dartmouth 7 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 03
Mfilen bases MttrphT. l'aine. O'llonnell,
Itee. Two Inse hps Dos.il and Dougta.
Double plajs-Hothen.iihlo mul Scull). K
kehne and l'aine struck out lly Doud,
l; tiy Williams, 4 First bas on balls On
Dnwd. sacrifice hits-o. borne. ; Sac
rltlii' fly Murphv Hume run llrigt". I'.i-.cl
ball Douglas Wild pitch -1os.d I 'nun re In
chief Cnnatian Field umpire Moclidale '
Tune- 2 hours and S mlnutei
Tlii'T llrfent lli'da tn first (inmr
of Serleis bj . ciire of 7 In I.
CiNriNNATl. Ohio, May 17 -Hostoti
opened a four ciimc series here thin
afternoon b battlni; Tom y out of tho
bo l-'our hits, a base on lulls, hit
batsman and 11 sacrifice scored the runs
for the UniM's In the first InnlnR The
llnal score was 7 to 1 Dale telleed
Toney In the second after the first two
men ill) had sltiRled. Hushes held the
Hods safe throughout, The e-core .
ah r h 11 a el ab r Ii p a e
Mar'vllle.es d J : ; 10 (5rnh.."h .. 3 1 0 3 7 0
Kvers.'.h . 312 0 1 O'Neale.cf., . 4 0 2 1 1 0
Collin. If. 4 1 2 3 0 1 Horxog.et,, 401 1 4;
Wllliolt.rf f 0 2 3 OOChase.lh..,. 4 0 0 11 0 0
HonVliy.lb 4 10 0 OlOrlffith.rf 401 1 00
Smtth.Sb 3112 1 oiKlllifer.lf .400 : 00
I'nniplnn.cf 2 0 0 .1 0 0Tlllilen.7h, 2 0 0 4 4(1
linmly.e 4 0 2 s AO'Wmgn.e 300 I 30
Hughes, p 401 0 1 OiToney.p , non n on
'Dale p.
300 0 30
Totals .34 7 12 27 4 1
Totals ...n 1 4 1; j
c 1 0 0 0 0 0 n 1
Cincinnati. ., ooooonOl o-i
Three has hit Neale. Two base hit
Mnlth SiTiflie Inl. Coinplon. Kiers Stolen
b.is,s Comiiton. H'llhoit. Double play Her
roir. Uniileli ami Chase lilt hy pitcher -lly
Toney iKnnetihvl Struck out -Ht Dale, l:
In Hiitln s. i Flr.l base o'i bull.- Off Toney,
1. off Dale. 3. off lhuhe. 2 I'mplre in
ililrf Mem Field umpire-Km.lie. Time-1
hour and Tti nillilili's
I'ntbers and Their' Sons In Train
t'p nn .bine -III. ,
The father nnd son tournament, nrlg- '
innlly Hi lii'iluled to bo hold nt the Sleepy '
Hollow Country Club, Sciirbiiroiigh-on'-I
Hudson, on Juno 10, was postponed yes
terday by the Metropolitan (Jnif Assooln-'
linn to Juno 2d, It was found that
many of the preparatory schools and '
coiiegea wouiii not close In time to let
the young men participate with their
fatheis at ns early a date ns thn one
tlrst chosen. The event will be a two
ball handicap affair, father and mn
playing ns partners.
Momher.1 of any polf rlub in the Mot
rnpolitan district having sons who play
golf ate eligible for the tournament null
entry blanks may bo got from Albeit
ll, Aihforth, secretary of thn committee,
1 Hast Thirty-third street, or Frank
Pi i'sbrev, i hail man nf tho committee,
ir.fi Fourth avenue.
Last year's father and son tourna
ment proved one of the most popular
events of the season. Thorn were HI"
fathers playing with their sons as part
ners, Tho entry list this year probably
will be much larger.
Ili Inl.ea Host Score In State
Chniiiploiialilii nt I.iinsdnle.
I.anspai.k, Pa., May 17. Contestants
In tho preliminary events of the niiniial
shoot of the Pennsylvania Statn .Sports
men's Association, which begun to-day nt
tho traps of the Uinsdalo dun Club,
were handli-iipped by u high wind, which
hcnt the targets Hying nt difficult angles,
Tho opening event was at 100 targets,
H. II, Woidon of Hiiiiisburg was high
gun, with li.l breaks.
Thorn wrto live oilier scores of 00 or
better as follows: William Wolslens
loft of Philadelphia, 02; Neath Apgar,
professional, ?2 : J. ,M Hawkins, profes
sional, !M , H, V.. Ilii.ikwallor, Philadel
phia, l , II, Schllcter, Allcntmvn, ;m,
Six chaniplnnalilps will be doiido.! dur
ing the present tournay, which will con
tlnue untfl Balurdny.
Heavy Hitting: Mid Errors la
tnrrs of Woid flnino
Won by 13 to 6.
Itiiacv, N, T May IT. Cornell, with
Hill Itussell In the box, defeated Mlchl
Kn here to-day In a weird name, 13 to
il, In which errels. and heavy hltllnp; were
tho feature. The. Cornell batters
knocked three Michigan pitchers off tho
mound. The visitors touched up litis
cell for six hits. Valentine and Hudd,
two Cornell outfielders, Here the heavy
hitters, the former KeltttiK four hltH out
of file tlmea up and lludd three out of
four trips to the plate.
Cornell started scnrlnK In the first,
when Hudd hit safely and came In on
Clary's safe bunt, l'rom then 011 Cor
nell scored In every InnlnR until the
elRhth, when Andrus retired the side In
order. MlrhlRati took ndvaiitaRe of sev
eral errors by Shortstop Kckley In the
fifth IiiiiIiir nnd with a brace of two
base hits scored four runs.
In the third InnltiK. with two out,
O'Contiell nnd Kcklcy rapped three base
hits lo right Held. The score.
ab r h ti a r ab r h p a e
Niemann. rf .",10 0 OOinmtd.rf 4 3 3 3 0 0
Waltf r'se.n 4 10 3 IMcllMUb... Ill 231
l.abaitle.lf r. 0 0 1 no'clary.e 501 1 70
llranitell cf 1 3 : 1 0 O Cnnnell.cf 4 17 3 011
Caswell.7ti I. no 3 I I Keklcy.ss.,. 511 ; sr.
Thum.ll.3b 50 1 1 00 Valentlne.lt. 5 4 4 0 00
Dunne c . 4113 4 1 .iuters.2b ., 3 ! 3 I 7 1
Neiwll.lb 7 11 n 4 1 Suturby.lb. 3 0 7 11 Hi
Miller p . 1 00 0 1 l,lluell.p.. 311 1 70
Itnbblns.p.. 00000 0 -
Ohlmac'r.p 110 t 3 1 Totals 31 13 77 U 7
Aixlrtis.p. . . 0 00 1 OO!
Iteehm . 000 0 0 01
illrniliu.lh 1 0 0 0 00;
Totals t T 14 J7 H'
Hatted for Nenell In the elthth Inning.
Michigan 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 1 I- 6
Cornell 115 1113 0 x-13
Two base hits Newell. Itrandell. Mellen
Three lu.e hln-lVCmm-11. Kcklcy. SBcrltli-e
lilts Mellen .1. Clary, haulers, Suttertiy I
Mnlen iMsrs Mi-ll-n O'Contiell, Clary, Nie
maim Struck out Hv Miller, l: by HusscM I
1. by otilmacher 1 First base on balls Off I
Ohlmacher. 3; off Andrus, 1; off Hussu, ;
Double plays - Dunne and Andrus, Hraiuleil
aim waiterliouse lilt ny puener nailer,
house. Kikley. Ohlmacher. Wild pitch -Andrus
Pas.pit ball Miller Umpire Dr Kllnn
nf Rochester Time 7 hours and 30 minutes.
Si, I.ools Trnm Iln Is Crimrll Out of
lint nml Win by 7 in I.
Plitl.AiitiLritit, May 17 St. Iiuls
finally checked Its lninR streak to-day t
by lakitiR the final same fiuni the Ath
lefcs by a 7 to 4 score. Crow ell was,
batted out of the box In the second In-1
nliiR and Shoehan, who succeeded him fori
font Innings, alo was touched up rather
lively by the Ilrnwns.
Davenport, except In the sixth InnlnR.
kept the ten hits made off him well
scattered. The score:
ST t.Ol'l (A I, I ' I'HII.A lA I.
ab r ll i n e ah r h 11 a e
Mintton.lf fi 1 7 2 0 0 Witt .. . :, 0 0 f. 2 '1
.lnbn.on.es 3 11 1 2 4 0 iehang.e f 1 I 5 e, 0
si.lir.lb . .1211 OOSirunk.cf .. 413 t 011
Miller rf 3 0 0 n 0 0 M.-lniii. lb 11 'HI 10
I'rntt .'b, S 1 11 2 f. n t.ajoie.:b 4 0 2 2 4 t
Marsans.cf 3 3 2 0 OOWabhrf.. 311 I 00,
Austin 3b .. 4 .12 2 10 I'li'il lb . . 4 0 2 2 2 1;
Hartley..- . ml 4 1 0,siellta'ier.lf 3 0 1 0 01 1
Dai cnp't.p 3 1 1 0 8 0 Crouell, n ..000 0 00
- Sheetian.p 2no 0 6"
Totals 31 7 11 27 17 0 Thomti-on too 0 ,
'Ilressler.p 1 0 0 0 0 0
! Totals :.: 4 10 ;? 15 3 I
Halted for Sheehan In the siith Inning I
st Louis 0 3 2 t n n 1 0 n7
l'htlaiiilplna.. 0 1 0 0 0 3 0 0 0-4,
Hits Off Crowe!!, 5 in two tunings: off Shee
ban 4 in four innings; off Hre.sirr. 2 tn three
timings Karned rune Philadelphia, 4; St
l.ouis f. Two base tilts l.ajoie. Hartley Mis.
tin Three has tut John. on Sni-nttie tuts -Johnson.
Austin Stolen haes Walsti 2 IVk
4, si.ler lft on b. ees-Philadelphia 7: St
l.ouis 5 struck out -lly Crowe!!, 1. by sliie
ban. 3: by Davenport. 5 Double pjays 1, hang
and I.alnie 2 First bass on errors -St Louis
3 First base on ball" Off Crowell 1 ott
Dnenport 3, otf Sheehan. 2. nrf Hrc.sler. 2
Hit by pitcher Hy Hresslerl Ilaienpnrti Wild
Ptlch's-Crowell. Sheehan I'mpiro in chief-- '
11 Lnuglitin Field umpire Chill Time -2
hours and 6 minutes
I'nniiilrfra .lory Dntr nml Will
I Start nt (larden I'll -. i
About ISO entries have been received 1
I for the Invitation tournament of the
Harden City Oolf Club which boRlns
II this morning with an elRhteen hole quali
fying round. Max Marston, who won a
year ago when Walter J, Travis do-1
, faulted In the midst of a storm, com
pleted his term of Jury duty yesterday i
and w ill play this mornliiR with I'red I
I Horreshnff. Dp to yesterday afternoon I
i Marston did not know whether or not
he could play at Harden City, but at
j the last minute found that he would be
, able to do so.
I Others of prominence who will be In
tho big field are Walter J. Travis, Henry
' .1 Topping. Iteglnald M. I.ewls and
I John M. Ward. The tournev will be
one of the biggest of the year.
l.sfnyrtlr Athletes Win,
n.8TON, Pn., May 17. Lafayette
romped away with the Ihlgh track
team on March Field this afternoon by
the score of "0 to 33. The Kastonlans
took the lead nt the start of the meet
and were never headed, Ilechlol was
the star of tho meet. Ho won 1.1
points, tnklng first place In the hundred
yard dash, the 220 yard dash and the
polo vault,
(irrrn Candidates llol dSrrinmair,
Hanovkr, N. H May 17. Coach Cav
nnaugli of the Dartmouth football team
has Included scrimmages In his spring
training programme. The squad works
out three times a week, rtcrlmmage has
liei'ii found necessary hy 4.1m Oreen coach,
as It will snve him much troublo when
ho picks the men for positions next
Wrestlers Go to
Court, Evade Mat
tho United .States District
Court is confronted with the task
of determintnp; who is tho wrcst
linp; chnmpton of the world. He
liegnn the job yesterdny li" issu
ini a temporary injunction rc-,
.strainini; Hohcrt Frederick, bet
tor known as Kd "HtrnnR.er"
Lewis, from clniminp; tho honors
for himself, or from Nprcadinp;
the Btory that ho defeated Alex
Abcrir in tho recent wrcstline;
toiirntiment at tho Manhattan
Opera House. The injunction is
to remain in effect until ho has
decided ultimately upon tho mer
its of tho equity suit brought by
AborK HRainst "StranKler" Lewis
nnd his manafror, William San
dow. Aberpr in his suit claims
that he is the world's champion,
haviiii; demonstrated that fact in
the matches at tho Manhattan
Opera House.
By W 1 1,1,1AM n, II.W.VA.
The Yanks will have to wait tttitll they
visit Cleveland next month heforo win
nltiR a iramo from the American LeaRitej
leaders. The. Clevelandcrs pulled out of
hero yesterday as soon ns they heard
that tho gnmo at tho Polo Clrounds had
been postponed. Why nny club, faction,
party, society, troupe or Individual should
hurry away from New Yorlt, alias
Klyidum, to ro to WashltiRton or any
where, else Is a surpasslnR mystery, but
human beltiRS sometimes arc moved by
stratisro Itnpuuies.
However, bo that as It may, with the
Cleveland club went tho best otitllehl In
the American League. Ills nntno Is
Speaker. Still tho Detroit, who nro
ptayltiR brmehall several Rradcs below
tho Rame set forth by the Clevclands and
who will meet the Yanks this afternoon,
have a r I cell t talented outfield, one. which
will do Its best to prolotiR tho .'11111111
which tho Yanks arc cxpcrleticltiR.
o I'rlll About Indians.
There weren't nny frills about the
K.ime played hy the Clevclands hero, ami
eubJeclliiR the team to Individual
analysis, It Is not ns stronR ns nevcr.il
teams behind It In the race or us stronc
potentially. The Ohio team Is hustllnc
to the Inst man, playlntt toRother to Rood
Iiurpose, with each man tryltiR his beit
nil the time. It does not look to be a
combination of nn fireat poKslblfltlos or
capabilities ns the Itod Sox, WnshltiK
tons. While Sox, Yanks or Detrolts. It
Is a pluRRltiR, trylnR team, with two
IiIkIi class outfielders In (iraney and
Speaker, otic IiIrIi clasji Infleliler In
Turner except Chapman, the time nf
whoso retutti Is doubtful an eillclent
lot of pitchers, but no more so than
half a dozen rival rlubs have, nnd a
uttirily. Intelligent, but not brilliant
catcher In O'Neill. Kven after (.oeltiR
them trim the Yanks twice It can ho
truthfully said that If they continue to
stick In first place It will be a IiIr sur
prise. The best baseball played bv anv
American League club In New York this
.car has been played by the Washing
tons, whoso Infield Is better than the
Cleveland Infield, Jut ns the Now York
infield !p better. Yet when the Yan
kees were In Hostoti last week tiny
plaed as clever and smart a game as
any blp league team Ins played this
5 ear. It was much superior to their
showing ngalnst Chicago and Cleveland
Ilolli (Jllhooley nnd .Magee hit better In
llcston than they have hero. Magee rocs
to centre Hold to-day and will May there
until Mnlsel returns, permanently prob
ably If he tlnds that lie bats better
without the left field sun to bother him.
IV it fun I'luht nt -in.
As to the age of the Kentucky Hose.
bud. w ho engaged In a ring bout In
SelioUstle Klents To-tiny
Stujiesint is Commercial st Coinmer-
Cj I'lel.l
Hu-hlrk i Jamaica at Hiishnlek.
Kordtisin l'r-p is. Cathedral College at
I'niy Prep i. .Manhattan at Lincoln
ftoail Courts
Hos lllBh ii Adelpht Academy at
A.lelphl Klel.l
llraMiius Hall defeated New I'trecht
. cterilay at the Parade Crniinds by a
'com of 2 to I All the scoring was
done in the t-eicnth. Krrors paved the
wav for the llatbush nvenit" school's
pair. A hit, liowexer, brought the two
li eu home. D.vl on for Krasmus wns ;n
tine fonn, striking out more than a
dozen. The score .
it ii i:
Prasiniis Ital! n M ! 0 5 I ;
New i trecht o o ii n n o t o n 1 :
Hitterles Uailson ami Harasch, .he.i
and mlth.
The annunl Intergrnde baseball tour
nament nt Ha .lorn District High School
bosun estorilay. The 3A grade de
feated tho 2A willow wli'lders at Me
C.irron Park by n ecnr? of I ft to S. The
,'SA students clinched the tamo In the
fourth when they scored seven runs.
The score;
trails 3A 2107 x 10
tirade 2. 1 4 .1 0 0 R
Hitterlesxiandel and Wetntieln, 11
Jackson. Inselbuch and W. Jackson
.Vet grounds caused a postponement
yesterday of nearly all scholastic sport.
lr, the majority of the cases the events
scheduled will bo crossed off the school
schedules. Tlie Coinmerlcal-Stuyvesant
game will be plajed to-day at the for-1
tner's Ittnoklyn field Illclimond Hill and
Poly Prep will decide their contest Sat
urday. Poly was originally scheduled I
t.i plav St Paul's School of Oarden I
Cltj on Saturday, hut the latter has
cancelled tho panic The dual track meet
between Stuyvetant and rtryant sohed
tiled for yesterday nt Astnria Field hns
been cancelled,
ICnstern District High School will be
well represented at the high schools
novice games on Saturday nt the lirnok
lyn P. S. A. I., field. It has entered
HnrthoU, S. Freedman and M. Meyer
lr the 100 yn.-l dash, Hartholr In the
220, Inselbuch and I, Iloseu In the 4 40,
Inselbuch and J. Wolf In the half mile.
Prlnsky, running high Jump, nnd M.
Meyer In the 120 yard high hurdles.
The Marcy avenue school iiImi has en
tered teams In the ion and 120 pound
lelav races for tho city championship.
(hi the 100 pound team the men will bo
Perlman, ( nlvaccl, MeCabe and Smith
nnd In the 120 pound class Vltolo,
Strolowitz, Carlln nnd rreedman.
The Intersection baseball tournament
nt Toivnsend Harris Hall Is under way
Three games have been pla.vod, Class
Hi defeated class 1C, 2fi to 1 ; class r,K
won from class ic, !) in 7, and class fi.
trounced class (lit, 24 to ."1. ,
The dual track meet between St I
John's Prep and Knit-inns Hall, which
was to have taken place Tuesday at the
St John's field, will bo hold on June 1
Halt caused a postponement.
l'liTTHlvivvN, Pa., May 17. The Hill
School won from the Conway Hall nine
to-day by a score of 1 to 0. It was 11 I
pitcher's duel. Neville of Conway al
lowed only three hits, while Dale, his
opponent, nllowed four. The score :
Conwav Hall, , (InftHOnftnA '0 " 'ji
Hill School .. 11 1 I 11 0 I 1 . 1 3 3'
lliittertes Neville and Armstrong, D.ilo ,
and Cochran,
PntNcrroN, N, ,T .May 17 PrJticelnn I
T'rep proved superior In the Princeton
freshmen this afternoon, when the school
bojs defeated the university youngsters
HIKK (ilnnONM t, TKI "Kill" I.
Hoi oftlre now open
Telephoue Mad, Nq. 0190
Philadelphia recently, guesses have had
li 1 tit nil tho way from 45 to 63, but In
nil probability thn latter Is much nearer
tho mark. Putting up a Rood fight at 46
Is a performance, of nolo and Is llnger
ln much longer In the arena than most
lighters linger.
When l-'ltzslmmoni mndo his last ring
nppcaranco ho win 52 ears old, but ho
was far from tho Kltxslmnions of his
prime and boxe.1 a six round no decision
contest In WIlllatiiKport, Pa., .with on ad
versary named .Sweeney, Old Ocorge
(lodfrey, however, was still a milling
Rood fighter nt 42 yenrs old. This negro,
Old Chocolate, as ho win called, retained
his llglitltiR liior and keenness far be
yond tho point reached by tho averaRe
pugilist. He was tough medicine all
through his sixteen flRhtUig yeans. Ho
knocked out .toe Ijmnon when lis was
39 years old, It took ,!o Choynskl fifteen
rounds to beat him In the same year,
nnd ho won a fight from Hilly Woods
In ISO."., nt which time ho was 42,
The Whllo Sox, so the news .wail
flashed from the front to Chicago, are
in for 11 shnkeup ttnlesn they take a
braco rlRht soon. Wabbly ns tho White
Sox tire, thn Yanks could use Kddle Col
line, .Tim Scott, Happy Felsch and liny
Schnlk In case they find themselves
homeless nfter the thtentetied upheaval.
inch Is Kninr.
The score In a ChlcaRo papfr of the
gnmo. In which the (Hants mnuled the
Culm 3 to 2 has Doolan catchltiR Pcrrltt.
lf this Is meant for the eminent actor
nti.l backstop Chailes Dooln It Is ns
Btlevloiis as rcforrrliiR to Jnhn Drew ns
John drew.
A peculiar accident Is repotted from
the ChlcaRo-lllltmls track meet. Paul
llussell. captain of tho Maroon team.
spiked Himself In the hand while In the
air making a broad jump. As he doubled
l.lu l.... I.. I.I.. n-ln1 flln1.t !. .l.-w
r...vn X. ............ .h. ,,. .,
his hand across tho spikes. Twelve
s.ltche, weto required for the resultant , hJt;wM,;Vr;c,;rc,l iVth bale -um";r". '
Capt, Ilerrlgan's safe bunt stutr-d
s... .7 7. scoring for Kordham In the first .
bl.-h n Hie Olftf 1 Mc(!lnn was safe on nn ef .r Vi ,
noTON May IT Johnny Dundee nf ilouble scorcil two runs. Datir ) 1
New York was awarded the decision oxerS"d cored Vivlann. D.nn ,, ' 1
Matt Well, of F.nKland at the end of visiting twlrler v.irrie.l in ,
ilielr tel round bout. jaround tho mlOznt'l:. In p , .
Which compels the conclusion that him off tho bag Calm lb 1 iv - . ,
the decision wns awarded lo Johnny Uamlcn rv:ej homo.
Dundee also. ) Kordham was quiet unt : 1 . . r,
1 session, whei .".I Ointi dioe 0.1 . - 1
The TMe tennis team has not h-.nJ nd stole scotiil ViMano rrn.t , , .
Ibeaateti this season. The Kit plajen
have defeated Wesleyni, Williams, Penn
' Hint Cirnoll. .mil nor i.bo.i.l nf Mteht-
gan when rain stopped the matches.
Mike Tirady, the golf pro, visited the
Wollaston course and twice made the
pond hole In 3. Three for a poifd Is
nothing. Wo do It habitually at the
AnKcy pond one off the tee, two to
II,. ,l r.f .1,. .,n,l ,l 1 1,-,,.. l, .!,
. pond.
.... . -.n- ...... ...... ....vi i.nu m
by n score of 4 to 2, The feiture of
the pin. was t lie pitching of Ward for
Prep. He uruck out a dozen freshmen.
The school boys, stole four bases on
l'reck, the Tiger catcher. The score :
Princeton Pr'.b. .. ooonoonn : ;
Princeton 1'rep . 1' 0 1 0 0 1 o n
HiiUrrles runnel, Saiuce und l'reck.
Vt Brd Hnd l'. Inlcb
rnnrh It lor Shifts Janlnr Crew, bat
l.rts Itmnlnra Alone.
The threatened shakeup In th Co
lum'.i.a varsity crew because of the un
expected poor showing It) the race for
the Childs cup i.isi Salurdav failed to
m.itotnlizo when the squid t enow oil Its
training on the Hudson yesterdav Coie'i
lileo took his vengeance out on the
Junior varsity, which really had nothing
to do with the defeat Ho took Fred
Condert out of No L and placed li m nt
stroke in tlio th'-d boat A .lauss. a
member of last oar's Mrst varsitv, took
llooven's scat at No. A. Ilooven went UP
to No, 4 nnd Itiirghard, who had oc
ui'Ied that berth, took Coudert's seat nt
.No. 2.
Coach Rice sent the three crews out
for a three mile row. It Is evident that
he does not think the crew can be Im
proved with a shakeup and with onlv a
month before the Poughkeepsle regatta
ho will do his best to weld tctgetber a
formidable four mile eight. Capt. I3r.it
ton will bo kept at stroke. The crew
showed ns 111 effects from the race, not
exhibiting even symptoms of the alibi
I-nrdham to Wrat Point hy Boat.
The Fordham A. A. has chartered the
steamer firand Heptiblle for the annual
exclusion of the. baseball management
to West Point on Saturday. Manager
Lay O'Contiell expects to have 2.000
looters ncooniivniiy n. .am ,, TOJ
! ordham that last year checked the win
nlng etreak of Cadet Ncylaml. the Army
twlrler, after he had won sixteen con
sccutlvo games. It Walsh opposed Ney
land In this game,
llervnrd nnd Holy Oosa Idle.
Ca m RnttutK, Mass, May 17 ftnln Pre-
vented the Hnrviird-lloly Cross i,.,
gamo to-day. It will be played to-mor-
Amerlcan Association Results.
Tnleilo, 3, St Paul. 2
I.oulsillle. :, Kansas city, 4,
liiilbiiiHpnlls, 2. .Milwaukee. B.
( ohimbus at Mlnneupnlls, rain.
Southern League Iteiiilla,
Memphis, 11. HlrmlnKhain, 0
l.Htlo Hock, 7. Atlanta, .1
Nashville, 4, Mobile.
.lining,,0''"""' ' --tt-noPM.
5 (11
Opening of the Racing Season
and Four Other Star Events, Beginning at 2,'iO P.M.
I'JVn ;,,n",1'lanl ritntlon. .'lard Ml and 7lh Ave., and also riatbiish Ave tlro.n.'iti j
iVt'e'r? K.sV !l'n,,V.",sf!;:7.,.cVmrrMio Vr'acnoVhy t'rnuey N,Mr""" "
Grand Stand $3. Ladies $1.50
Collins of Fordlinm Kohls Visi
tors After O110 Timlin;
Whllo Mates Win.
A wet field did not Intcrfer with bj..
ball nt Fordham yesterday nnd the city
College nlno received Its ntinu.il de.Vu
on tho Maroon illamond. The scors a.
6 to 2. The visitors Rot both ther mm
In tho first Innltnr whllo the ! rdhatn
team was trlnR to get used to the ,(
ball, .'"ordham then cut loose nn1 ev
hlbltcd tho brand of ball It hope, to offer
against the Army on Saturday, nM
C. C. N. Y.'! hopes for nnolher run .l:ej
Bob Collins, who starred on the .ir?
nine last year, was on the mound ?v
Kordham. His showing cmp-ed .,,
comment and speculation legam ng n
reason why hn sat on too bet :i -o ', 1 .
this year. This was Coll.t-s s i- ,'
pearanco of the sencon nnd lie m 1 im
the occasion by fanning a d zcn s 1, I
nnd holding them to a lone n 1 it
mound work was heady and t.r. n, . ,
applause, as he allowed only 11 1 t,r.
on the bftsen during the lonten
Jnck llertlRan, the Mnrooii laptii
whty headed the C. ('. N. Y. 'em, .
years ngo, had much sport Jm'.
former teammates dttrltiR t ie (,, T'
1 contest was tho tlret R.ime t -
1 'nlcn Krilhatn d.d not offend ,
, . ,
-,h ,Pf. 11 'R , "-f ".1
1 "", JImI-V r...crlll.e
If" "' iT'"'., n" ."
, -- 11..- .,e 1 1
,. ... (,,,,,- tt,., I
t:ltt M-eak and slashed 11"
! r?.,'"' Jcl;,, .-N'" '", "
iiiiiii'K, wainico iroc
sncrltlce lly of the season. Lu
lling Into the fielder's han.is 0:1
track In cctitie field. Tho n or
ab r h p a e ai, ,
f.o'ihal.rf Slo u It-r-isan 1
Tinsley.-s,. .10 0 1 6 Oi .Meti-ru
ll l 'C'C' " rt '"' 1 " VV1'"' '
4 Oil
? (i
3 i )
.;'"'- .J' " . . Z !'"'" "
nu!igiT,u, III) , 0 O Hall.Ih
Iramr.:h. 200 s ei vmi.i, i.
.Marcus.Sh. ;fto n 1 (11 OCon'ell.lf
(.olds th, lb 200 3 CO Shankrv rf
Suffln.lb... 100 1 no
Cairns.p.... 3 00 0 0 : Culllns.p,
. o o
Totals ... :s 2 1 Fi 93' Totals .."Siij.: i'
''.NY ; 0 0 n n 0 ii . '
1-orilh.nn ( 0 0 v e 0 A . x-
, ,7W,. ','" "'-'"latin. I).mil.o Three 1- .,
tilZiVvli,20' tS:','.Ni'e hlts-Tiii.loy, ,y .1
thai, (.oltt;-r. Dimico, yi.Oimi I'irM 1 ...
on error-Konlh-ini IIt F,,r, ,'
he."'?-'. aJ"' "".dvnlth. siniili out lit 1
" .v....., . linen l:airii 'nn,
Mr. Hush.
Time 1 hour an I 00 nnnu'-.
Commission Xnmcs Him
Mike to Outweigh Toil In
Ton rounds To-nifhf.
When Mike nibbons ended a br.e' ,
slon of gymnasium exercises at the Se
Polo A. A. yesterday afternoon he
weli within the IS.', pound limit 11
which he must weigh at fi o'cln-k
evening. Articles of agreement f .r
bout with Ted Kid I.ewls In Mad -Square
(Jnrden to-night call for ho' 1
get on the scales nt that time. I.e
will tip the beam at seven pounds
and will still weigh IIS when he v
the ring. Between fi o'clock and r
time Mike expects to put 011 nt e
three pounds, so he will be about a .
pounder In nctlon, giving him a m.rj
of an even ten over the Ilngllsiini.vi
Lewis Is the under dog, not so .
because of the difference in avnn!,,
as for the greater prestige liibbi" -gained
through a longer ting
which contains successful tesiilt'-- ,11:
a greater number of will know
Mike, however, though rated gi"
as tho best man of his mzo niiv.i
has been something nf an in .11 1
here. Ho is remember.., I 'i, ins !.
the knockout victory over Cihfor 1
McAllister and tit his wiir't In tame
hlbltlons with labile Mciloor'v
Packey McK.irland.
If tilbbons attains either extre"
night well, anyhow, admirers o' 1
base their hopes largely on tho f,
the Kid flits about the ring ' '
nnd therefore may not give M
chance to get set,
The rival boxers, falling t 1
upon a referee, nsked tho bnx'rg
jtnlsslnn to name 0110 vcstonln
Hrown was chosen.
Matches were made yeterdiv '.
sparring partners of Kul l.ew
Anderson will face ltill Hie
Syracuse on May '.',' and .loo w .
bov Harry !ierco ai 1M0 r
Sporting Club on May "0
ti nr.

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