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f1 !i-V ojV."' "WV " '
Fair Vfcdy and probably to-morrow:
northwest winds.
NEW YORK, FRIDAY, MAY 19, 1916. Copyright, mt, by the Sun Printing and Publishing Aociatton.
Highest tfti.jtjjly, 58; lowest, 44
Detailed wdM-tr, niaHUVMbrlhe reports un page li.
On Their Advice Will Hinge
Recall of Gen. Persh
ing's Force.
j . .
I inlerSianilS i
Starving People Will Hist
Against Carran.a.
Wmtts-GTOJf. Stay lS.-Fo.cshd..w-
tnr. It la Win!, a more definite de- .
Union respecting the length of time that
t vi.it.n.v. lrnntt tvltl i tMiift If i 1m
, n their furthe on.r-.tlon. I
Mexico and their furthei operation, i
p.ndlng a withdrawal, the State Depart- .
merit hss Issued orders to Amet loan
i. .. ,.i...u . i-hih..nh.i... !
nw.un, . ..w7 ... . - .
V... .i nitrnnpd V F-lmn.ili.
ini.i. ....nw. ,
entes and Monterey to repjrt to HI IMso
for a conference with t!en. KunMon.
The consuls and vice-consuls. Included ,
In the order are Marlon Letcher, at Chi- t
huahu; Thomas D. Edwards, at Juarez :
Vrederlck Slmplch, at Nosales, Homer
Coen, Tlce-consul at Durango: Gaston
frehmutz, at ARuacnllentes, and IMilllp -pi,,, senator found the lTc.,!deur
C Hannn. Conaul-Oeneral at Monteny. .secreinry, Josejih Patrick Tumulty, nnd
Atter the conference with Gen. Kuu- 'l"" ':a'e ,b;f"rV "" ',0 tl'at
... , , .. aticady It iiiIkIu be too late for the
ton, pne of the consuls, probably Mr. . fnlted State Government to accomplish
Letiher, will proceed to Washington to j anything In Lynch's behalf. If nrtlo'i
cenfer with officials of the State l)e-ieie delayed until the I 'resident i.-
tumed from the theatre, ho said, It .il
lrtntcnt. . mus-t ceitalnly would tie In vain. Sum-
It Is understood that ore of the lliln nionlliK n White House automobile. Mr
whleh army officials hope O Icain from
th. consuls, all of whom ale located In I
., ,.
nvii.irin ...v..-., -..v
information ronceinliiB Villa and his
whereabout. If ..live, It ..lo the,,-
..... .,
.Xre to obtain Information as to the
xtnt that the Carranza auth rlt.es are
. ak'.ns efforts to patrol the countr be-
o-.c where the American troops arc lo-
ited and piotect American citizens.
.rrnrslr tlatn Wnuto.l.
un . i ,.., i ,i,.. .,. -
. , be lied t at In tlr. way mote
, ,... Information can be ob alne.l
. jti lnrh to base th. future action -,f
American lorcvs uian u uen. i uu-
were to oonllnti. rn rely on liavlin;
:r leieai a , uic repori.s or in. consuls re-
'ed to him from WaHliltiKtoii. j
While It Is understood to be the In-
tuition of the Administration to with-I
iim the American troops as soon as ,
ine i arranza lorces navu asumei an
adniale Control some concern hns
been manifested here over the persistent
predictions coming out of Mexico that
. i soon as this Is done there will be n
tchi-rat uprising against nil foreigners
in northern .Mexico and a general revolt
aiMlnst the Carranza Government
The purpose in (irdeiltiK out- of the j
.m,uls to report to Washington after ,
c border ronfeience N to obtain as at-
- urate a summary as possible of tho
. rri"ralr and other coiidltlnns obtaining
iinughnut northern Mexico.
Kepnrts of growing unrest in that
iointr, owing to paralysis of Industry
ai t faimlnK and reports of typhus nnd
r epidemics, have created general
euiiieM In official circles here, and tho
f;-eliou Is being made thut another
ins of policy on the part of the
An.erlcan Government may be in tho
T'iat there i- an Increasing anil wide
spread discontent among the working-
-.ses Indicated In reports which
"Silied the Department to-day of strikes
en the part of railroad men mid tt-lnr-pl.er.s
at Pledras Ncgras, Guadalajara I
ud Asuascallentes, wlileh have served
i" ItIiic ahoui another esatloii in rail
road ttrvlce.
T'io discontent Is attributed in large
reports Indicate, to the worthless-,
'' or the Carranz-i currency, which tho
v. V..IIII.HAI CUIrlC,S, Wllll'l! Ill"
ae.i"of7iT r?qulrci1 to acf,,,,t 1,1
rnei t of their wages
llrx-iie of Americans.
Confirmation ot the fight between
Major Langhorne's detachment operated
" th advance column of the second
ni-t.itive expedition under Col. Sibley and
' portion of the Glenn .Springs raider-.
1 ' of the itf.v-cue by Langliornc of Jesse
D. met- and Monroe Payne, colored, the
"i American civilians captured by the
alders v Iloqiilllas, was received at tho
" s' Department to-day.
'n I'unston sent to the Department
despatch from Col. Sibley's liead
'CMrters at Los Anlmos, dated May,lt!,
"rilMug previous press reports of tho
r-semnt. It said in part:
detachment under Laiighorne In u
mail engagement wounded and cap
tced two bandits. Langliorne has
distributed his command In several
P 'ces on account of the scarcity of
" "r. Langhornn himself with u pnr
t in n' hi, c.jium.ind Is following in
r .mint of the bandits near Sierra
it ine.i and an engagement Is soon ex-
I" ted.
Mexican L'nibassy tn-niglit an
' ;'irn the receipt by Ambassador
''rs:n.i! Arr.clondo of a cablegram
li Mexico city stating that operations
"i h.eii started on the cJlistructlon of a
" i.ulway which will cross the States
Vncalan, Chlspas, Camp.che and Ta-"sV'-o
f, Atlantic to the Pacific
aboard. The embassy last Monday
oun-eil the organization of a J)ino,
" nnn rorpoiatlon to finance the oon-
'.enon ami control the new railway.
Opens w Srrtlfi...
I 'o.nlsht's statement It was de-
"I rhat the new mad will traverse
'e no t fertile section of tropical Mex
i rid will open to exploitation nnd de.
' 'vnient a region which heretofore has
"I even- facility for tho promotion
' nnrcla Industry. The new road
lou.h the Guatenialan horder.
Tie National Monetary ConimlKiloii,"
,li. statement also declared, "will shortly
lmlg.te regulations, to become effer
June 1. which will set forth the
ethry and liasls of settlement of obll
nil. ps contracted for payment In metal
' money before thn issuance of the
r-'ent paper currency which will be
" r to both debtors and creditor.
Offlees have been opened In the fed
' 1 'ipltal where claimants In proper-
'ntzed by the Constitutionalist gov
' 'Ti.p.t during the recent revolution
onay present their applications for re-
rosflitiied oi. fourth Fage.
President, at the Theatre,
Moves to Save Life of
Irish American.
Washincito.v, .May is, - In .li.im.itie
fashion President WIHon rnoveel to-night
tu save Ihe llf. nf ..it C.....I ...I
.iirin .lll 1-IC17.CII
"'"o H sentenced to be executed bv an
KtiKllnh firing squad In Dublin Ht elav-
I ltr!ltt tn.liinpniu-
The American l Jeremiah O L.vrich,
foiinerly of New Vork, who U accused
of complicity In (Ik recent Irish revolt.
tl lull K-en tried by conrt-in.irtl.il anil
foum, Kxmy ,,,, ev,l.utlun hiUl bC(.
nxed for 4 oVIock ,.tm,rrmv ImlPninir.
A Btftv , rxrcutou ,va ,, radically de-
...... e .. .. . .
' 1 rH!","'nl " """" a n r""U
ot r0,nintloii reKarilltiK thn case laid
1(.for,. i,, nj. senator O'Gormaii
s,rlMar o'Gorman acted on tie- en-
.. ....... ........ ....
iiram - j oi menus or ine KUtmovu Ir l
. . .t.i.. i.. M . . . I
e. t.lKlllll7.er ill .P1V flTK, lO-lllllt
when he wont to the White House to
appeal to the J'resldent to utilize the
llim-et of the I'nlted States In order to
obtain a areater assurance of Justice for
one of its cltl.ens, the I'restilent was at
the theatre with Sfr. Vllon.
I'realtlrul nt Tlleiilre.
Tumulty hastened to the theatre, wh'fri 1
V.'.t. VnM'M ,!titl"!s ..UL2U'i
il-'MI illlll illietj nun lu ill: u I
nl no;; IO, a com -rcnce.
.r, Tuimiliy's entry produced a l'ttle
turr- of excitement In the crmv'led
theatre, where the President ond hi.-.
(,eeretiry hail ,P,.n reooKnUed. Lennlnfe
oer the President's chair, Mr. Tumulty
I pre'cnteil Lynch's case as forcefully as
he- could. The President listened gravely,
' After l'ailt'K the fatts the Pn-sl-
I dent illtette.l Mr Tumulty to set lu
touch linmedlately with actlnK Secre-
' ! t State Polk and Inform him of
,..,,,,,,., w tnnt ne cable to
, orflc(1 w, a
despatch, asklmc that Lynch's ex-
,.,, ,,..,,,! tlt the I'nlted
i St.itrs-Luiild nke Inquiries as to the
,, . ,., ,,i, ,.,,.i . ,mlK1r.
ttmltv be affoided for relatives here to
uicscut new facts,
ti-i.rninn Kxplaii.s Anion.
Sen.ito" ii'Gorman, when apprised of
tho action of the President, said:
"I acted at the rcuuest of frleiula and
relatives of Lyne'i lu New- "York who
communicated with in this afternoon.
Of coursu the Information that sentence
hail been pronounced upon him for ex
ecution to-morrow morning made It
ncoesfHiy that the President act Inline
,alelv jt h. was to act at all. so I
hurried to take the matter up with offl
ci.ils at tile Whlto House.
"My Information as to the Lynch case
wns of a general char aeter only. The otlt
srandlhi! facts on which I formed the
Judgment that the I'nlted States might
properly intervene in his behalf were
that he was a citizen of the United
States anil that he had been sentenced
to death by a hastily conened court-
martial on foreign soil.
The manner of his sentence Is -n i
offensive to our American ideas or null-
clal procedure that I do not believe I
. I
',a'-iSei'eaitt Fiinnnii Y anderi j
x Across the Line and !
Slain bv f nrrniizistn'-.
III. I'.vsn, Mav 1 Seipeani Harrv
Furman, Macnlrie Gun Company. Twenty
third Intantiv was shot and killed this
morning bv C.irraiiza troopers Just after
he had crossed th" liit'-rnatloiHil bound
arc line Into Mexico, armul.
Sergeant l-'iiTinaii was on gu.nd dui.v.
At the soint where he crossed the line
iu r. at , in of Mexican territory op
the American side of the Itto Grande.
Onlv an Imaginary line marked by white
painted iron iinmuiiunts Indicates the
Over this line the Ameilcnii s,.,B,.aut
wulked with his illle on his should, r.
He had Hilv.inced Mime ' feet lli.o
Mexico along small settlement of
Hdnbe houkes when the Carranza
.1,,,. wire s-en to be tiring It Illlll He
did not reappear fiom among the Mex
ican houses ami his comrades ..ported
tho matter to their coninnindliis otTIci-.
Tlie Mexican troopem nimtleil lo Gen.
Gnvlra. and he notified Gen. Hell. Major
Moore and Cap:. Giuliani, Twentieth In
fantry, vveie designated lo investigate!
the affair.
Gen. Gavlia said that the A-nerlin
r-oldler fired upon the Carranza troopers
first and that they returned the lire
Truant Husband llrinoillia nl Va-
than Hal.- Wlalar l.a.'U of Pnydit.-ia.
The last meeting of Mr.s. Mary Kll.a
belh Soiiimer of Hi Journal Square-.
Jersey Cltv and her husband, Mux Sum
mer, ngiiliwt whom a reciuniiieudalloii
'or dlvorcn was filed yenlenlay by Ad
visory Master Cliarten llendrlclisnn of
Jersey City, was two years ugo In front
of the Nathan Hale statue- In City Hull
Park. New York.
"He told ine," .-Mrs. nommer resn
fled, "that lie dldn t expeci u come n.icii
to me because n- nan " n - kmi hi
Huston. I said, ini.l uneMii ansoive
you from your duty to support me.' Hn
turned to the statue nnd Mild; 'Nathan
Hale, vou said you legretted you hud
only oiie life In lvo for your country.
I've got It on yu. o'(' ,nl1"- 1 lve
real regict 1 luivei only ono salary to
give all the girls I'm capable of loving.'
He then walked away and I have rievir
seen him since."
The suit was not ilrfenled.
1'liotn i-opyrlglil by K. K, Foley.
Jeremiah C. Lynch.
N. V.
the Government of which he I n citizen
,-u..l permit It without protest."
State Department officials believe that
i1,1h.,,,,mi1' "Tt 'ZZLt'Ll.' boor
Hi""' will teach London befoie the hour
r.- T .nr. .v.niitnii. Tli.v nro
contldcnt that If the m-sace Is r
rt'lwd In time tlw desired stay of sen
tence will be Kranted.
Thl- postponement probably will b9
for an indefinite period. It l nntlcl
pated that the American Amhaiisador
at Iiiidun will be Inntructed to make
a personal exanilnatlon of the evidence
in the case and the manner In which
Lynch was broUKht to trial.
Hie l.rnitne Kukhrs I'lra tu
W .Illusion.
Nc n of tb. atrest and couit-ninrtlal
of .lereinlah C". Lynch, n naturalised
American citizen, stirred Irishmen and
Irish societies here to protest to Sec
tUr LaiiFlut: last night, aeklng that
Ftej--- be taken to obtain a stay of
, vi'i-ll! iilll
l.yi.eh w.ik prominent In Irish circles
li New York. He was president of the
Phll.i-Celtlc League, hlch organization
it a meeting last night protested to the
State Department. He aleo was head
of th New York Stat. Gaelic League
and was deeply Intereated In the spread
of the Gaelic tongue In this country.
Six years nan Lynch went to Ireland
as a repie.sent.it Ive of the Gaelic League
and In the Interests of the Kqultable
Life Assurance Society, of which he was
.in ag'nt. Previously he had lived In
America for fifteen years, being con
nected with tho firm of A. B. Farquhar
vi i'ii in the Cotton nxrhangx Building.
.tiiine Lee, paymaster at the Waldorf
As't'ita, Is one of his personal friends,
an .ire rnnny other Irish American em
ployees at the hotel. At their request
George C. Itoldt, proprietor of the hotel,
sent a telegram to Secretary Lansing
et.nlay af t.i noon, asking that efforts)
be made for a ft ay ponding an Inquiry.
( inn l-mnrllel Convict I.ytw'h
t.-tlvlty In Revolt.
London. Mny I '.Jeremiah C. Lynch
or .New t,orlc has been convicted by a
rnurt-martl.it of participation In the
Irish rebellion and condemned to be
executed at t o'clock to-morrow morn
The American Consul at Dublin wired
that Lvnch, who has been a resident of
Dublin for some time, had been found
Kiillty The embaesv had heard that
under the defence of the realm act Lynch
had been forbidden to leave the five
mile zone of Dublin lr Is possible under
this art to limit the
friendly aliens.
movements of
White (ini'bniio Plant Riirns.
lint Main Factories Kscape
i.. I.. ....I.. . k.,i .
i-. i.i.uiai nre hio,.e oul ..imih after
- o clock tins morning on Kan-en Island
in th
White sanitation plant which
ei- a ,,ni. ,.e ,v, .
i.v.. ..n. .t... .
1 c,l " Barr""fe'
iii.iiii w.i" still burning at S:3rt
A. .M T..c iimount of the damage was thoritatlvely explained, Is the chief tea-
unknown nt thai time. Flrehoats and1"0" wny th "m ,r'",de"t .'i1'0
the apparatus cm the Island were fight
ing tin- blaze
The New Voi-k Sanitary Utilization
Comnany takes Ihe largest part of the
garbage under Hie piesent system, but
Hie White concern, which formerly had
Hi- coiiti.iit tm nl) of It, still consumes
part These plants will be removed
by the new older establishing a munlcl -
pal pliiul on Stnten Island.
The- lilaze could be- seen fiom Coney
Island and the other beaches thereabout
anil attinrted it crowd of spectators,
Till- Island liiiu 1 firm Iniinliltiints
itu I land has l.r.nu Inhabitants.
Jamaica Hay was llchtiTl by Ihe flames, soon as werni.ii , i w iii.i..ns.ri.i.u n-. i
Then, was a ,1.000.000 lire In thy Intention scrupulously to conform to th? . I.urope.
v.... v .1 si..,i i-.ki-.. 1 ilemnnils of the Un ted States In t il"' mn.v be i
,.i 'i. inc.- i lesncct the Piesldent. It Is explained, I Ued lo
!i 1 1 ...il ftftn . i .. , I. !ii . will renllv fe-1 that the relations be. of the
' ' i."SS ...s- IUIIU..IIIK je.ll.l
IWIW UVX.JK. QtUltiLU 1.14 UUlt. I take some time for Germany lo demon---i:
. strate that Its Illegal submarine war-
lui nl mill (.Irani tlnynr lash
Over I'lve Carloads.
Gnur.n, Aih May IS. Five freight
cars have been ordered here to remove
th.. liquor confiscated yesterday by M, S.
H.iiikIiii. special agent of the Attorney
General. The raiding party resumed
woik to-day anil in one warehouse alone
found and confiscated $50,000 worth of
liquor. This, however, represented only
a portion of the day's work,
The lown Is still under martial law
and will remain so, said Capt. Di.IIhu
rlim)l commanding the National
; luianisnieii seni nere, until iiov, llender
son orders the soldiers away. The raid
lug forces under Special Agent Ilaiighn
have been increased to 10.1 men.
There Is local opposition to Knughn's
plan to remove the confiscated liquor.
A temporary Injunction waa Issued to
day restraining; htm from loading the
liquor on cars. The Mavnr has placed
guards at the buildings where liquor
has hcicn found with Instructions not to
permit its removal.
Told to Obey laws of Statcs
CninniiiKn for Peace
1m Seen.
Would Placate Nation, Then
Hope for Wilson to Act,
Is Relief.
Wasui.suto.V, May IS. Count von'
llernstorff, th. German Ambassador, to- j
day transmitted a statement to the .
State Department relative to lli con-
duct of Germans In the t'nitrd States, construction of battle cruisers In lieu of
Th. etatement, later made pu'iHe by th. 1 dreadnoughts, and adopted a naval In
German Ilnibassv. Is as follow 'crease programme to cost approximately
, ,. , ... ,..h h...
nrrorred nf late Orrmiin Ambassador
Hernttorff seat lntrm tlous to nil Ger
man ('omuls In the I'nlted Mates to
itrongljr Impre.t mi German rltUens
living- In their illstrlrts that It I. their
"' '"-""
amy rrupulnul) lo oiiey the laws or for roast defence.
Ihe NUlei In whlrli Ihey reside. Four scout cruisers
No communication on the part of the if.T, In-
united States Government has prompted (), fUej (,p,
this action nr.d so far as officials here, One ammunition ship
Genu's te:; ,iKK,.rrd..'" . lt . , u
to obviate any further causes of friction naval appropriation bill will carry ap
between Germany nnd the United States, proximately $240,000,000. Thl. Is more
Cuees of alleged German plots and law-. tllan hbo.ooo.oOO greater than the total
lessness which hae recently como he-1 Df last ye-.ir'H bill.
fore the American courts nr. regarded j Tm, abandonment of the dreadnought
here as no more numerous than they'a, tll0 v.R,.i nf the first line of the de
hae been for months past 1 ferice was the surprls of the commlt-
Ka.or.ble Impression. Ice's session. The building programme
1 ,. .iiithnr z.il was that of Chairman
Theie Is no doubt that AnibusMflor von 1
nernsiorff'a statement hns mado a I
favorable Impression In official circles ,
here, but official-, and diplomatists In I
Washington ore particularly Interested I
in mn munves wnica ii.nn now priramini ,
Germany openly lo take steps to rile-1
courage further li.trUues In th. United I
.-luncj. uirecieii nK.unst uerniuny s en.-1
mles. The consensus Is that Germany
Is making a bid for American friend
ship, even though the so-called German
spy system In the United States suffers
111 corueo.uenc., and the question diplo
mats now are asking Is. "What Is the
rtvison for this abrupt change of policy?" I
The answer, which comes from well In
formed circles, is that Gem-my has I
made this move In r.ursuance of , well
thought out campiign to placate the 1
l. lilted Mates nrst and then bend ever'
effort toward bringing about pence par
leys, with President Wilson as the prime
Day by day news Is lomlng to th
State Department from Hrrlln and Aus
tria that Germany now wants peace.
The Kaiser emphasized the desire for
an em. or rue war in nis recent talk
. . . , . . .....
with American Ambassador Gerard, and
Chancellor von Hethmunn-Ilollweg prior
to this Informed Mr. Gerard that the
Imperial Government thought the time
was approaching when President Wilson
might initiate a moe for pea. Count
von llernstorff here, acting under In
structions from his Government, has I
emphasized the willingness of Germany
" rr " "'" P"
ro ,ne pro.o.igeu arm useless struggle. -1 ,,, mntlon to ppend flilf
The .Moilie at eriluu. ' flclent money at one swoop to put the
campaign and that the imperial Gov- .... -..,.
ernn.enthadcou.itedonpeaceovertu.es 0,t am,U" '""'
before this. The German offensive at The live battle cruisers authorized by
Verdun Is reganled here as something the House committee are to cost $20,-
In the nature or a final onslaught for 4Un.r.31 each. Lacn vessel win carry
the purpose of Impressing Uh enemies ' ten 14 Inch guns.
and neutrals alike and at the same limn Seventeen coast defence sun
placing Germany In an advantageous marines will cost 512.325,000 and three
position for the end of the war. ile.t submarines S,fin,fino In addition.
Mr. Gerard's messages to the State. It Is estimated that tho four scout
Department on the desire of Germany I cruisers will cost jS,!tT2,noo each In
for pear, have been so numerous thai )
otmiais in wttsuiiigion are uiiuersioou Tn n-n ii'!iro)i win rom i,j.ii,vuu
to share the opinion thnt pcaie Is now i each, the hospital ship S2,j00,no0, the
becoming of prime impoit.uice to tier- fuel ship tl 3d 4.000 nnd the ammunition
many I i-lup 2.T13,00il
Hnth Cecil Sprlng-Itlce, the British J i",ialrmati Padgett said that the total
Ambassador, and M. Juisernnd. the - construction would amount to about
Fiench Ambassador, have Informed the , stijfi.nno.niMi, with an additional Jio,
tstate Department that their Govei n-' oOii.OOO for ammunition for the ships au
ments are unwilling to hear of peace at thortzod. The figures given above ire
the uresent time. They have translated I Inclusive of urmor and armament. The
German)', attitude Into admissions by,i
Germany that the tight grip of tho
blockade and the burden of the military
ttruggle are slowly but surely winning
Ihe war for- the Kntente,
They say that the whole campaign
which' the Hntente lias followed flnce
the lieglnnlng of the war lias had ns Its
nrlme obiect the gradual wearing dow
nf Germany. Now that they believe
. lley see signs en uieu.-r iii.ni nr,i.,i
.,v rard this as simply Indlc-.itlve of
I '.he' certain success uf the Kuteute cam-
hev see signs of uistreps rrmn iierisn
palm. Consequently, It is pointed out,
I President Wilson has found no encour-
r-resiueni n iwun
agement from Loudon or Parts to anv
n.m.ia.it foe meril.itlnn. This, it ' nil.
tary Lansing paid no attention to Ger-
nianv's hint for peace contained In t'.is.
recent German note. This also Is given Naviil Committee and included lu the
as the leasem why Mr Gerard, much i ),,., calls for an international con
to his surprise, finds his peace messages f,.,HIU.,. , discuss disarmament after the
from Herlln producing no excitement I'l 1 ,;,.,.., ar was described by Mr.
State Department circles. Kilchlii as a great stroke. This "rider"
IMedue May Pave Wa resolution was offered In the lonnnlttee
by Itepresentatlve Hensley. a "small
I'l.ini the Prcs dent s vlewnolnt the ,,, n.i ..-i. ......,,i, ,,.!,.
l Aiiibas'ador'H annouiiceinent to-day Is of
I possible far reaching Importance If it
Indicates that Germany will seriously
I follow Its pledge with regard to Lie .
abandonment of submurlne warfare, Asl
IW'eeil ine l" men iniieiiin sills e ninrii
r0Mt,bllP1, on rm ,in,,
i.,'.ll.. I...I. 1..., Il lu fA1l .I.... I ...III
I fare Is really abandoned,
Diplomats nere see ill ine appnreni
change of Oei ninny's attitude toward
the United States a victory for Count
von llernstorff.
Had the Imperial Government taken
his advice at tho beginning of Ihe wn
a warning to OerniHiis scrupulously to
obey the laws of the United States
would hnve been Issued coincident with
the first violations nf law by German
subjects, It Is pointed out, I'lnally, how
ever, the Imperial Goieriitnen! iiiIiiiIIm
that Germans have violated Ihe law and
warns them to discontinue Ihe practice,
Uormer Reier Leader nnd Man I'lre
llevolvers All Mithl,
Sptrtal Ca'ilr Dtupntrti ta Tnr Srv
CArKTOwN, via Ixmdon, May 1S, Gen,
Smuts and his staff recently were held
up by Hons near Kilimanjaro, German
Kant Africa. They were obliged lo sit
1n automobiles all nlgM firing revolvers
One Year Scheme Adopted,
With Cost Exceeding Thot
in 1915 by $190,000,000.
Xo Dreadnoughts to Ro Built
Disarmament Rider in
House Rill.
Wasiii.noton, May IS. The House
Committee on N'nval Affhira disregarded
to-day tho five year bulldlnfc programme
of Secretary Daniels, recommended the
The programme calls for the following
new vessels:
Five battle cruisers, each nlth a
speed of 33 knots.
Twenty submarines, of which three
wl( be of the neet tyl)e and seventeen
ti. ... it.. Cnmmlilpfi und
1Bj the support of the Democrats on tho
Hepubllcan members of the committee
made no attempt to get a larg-er number
-h elans of vessels, wnen ine Dni-
iotng In committee reached a point
wi,ere the Democrats were wllllns to
..uthorlze a specified number of vessels
the Republicans voted against all Demo
cratic motions and the bill os agreed to
will bo reported by a party vote.
I'lve Vear Plan Sat Discussed.
The five year building programme of
Secretory Daniels waa not discussed in
" committee. ' V " eUori o Dina of
a vote on the construction Plans of
' - IT fo thi
tee voted on construction for tho next
nsc.il year Just as though no compre
hensive scheme had been presented by
Secretary Daniels.
There was a conference of Democratic
members prior to the committee meet
ing. A working- agreement was reached
sunon th. "small navy and "Dig navy
i nmnrrau. uiiu uim u.itoii. .
.r,. . n hu1. fori
llll III" IH . .... L " " ' ---
ih hutldlnr of battleship. Huch "small
navy" members of the committee as
Tte-presentntives Callaway and Henalcy.
who have derided the battleship type of
n.ival vessels, are understood finally to
I have agreed to vote for five battle
cruisers and a limited numoer or sud-.,,-.i
Imps and auxiliary vessels.
I Itepresentattve Stephens of California.
i, H.mibllc.n member of the committee,
round figure-
construction authorized In the naval ap
propriation bill of last year amounted to
only 130,000,000.
Itepresent.itive Kltchlti, the Democratic
floor leader, announced this afternoon
that he was s.itlsiled with the nctlon of
the Naval Committee and would not op-
. .ina. tn. naval iiuug.t
The failure of the five vear building
programme nnd the refusal of the com
mim-p ,n .mu .'iiiiii,-, a..iu
..Mr. Kltchln, "Is s-.Ul.sfactnry to me nnd
, constitutes a victory against useless ex-
mittee to aurnorize nn naiiieanips, s.uci
I'll. llUarmameiit "II liter.'
ir.,i.in i.- r
i,.u!cshlp constiuctlon and an advocate
of auxiliary vessels. He said he would
M1,,,rt the proposal for live battle
,,,.u,- The resolution adonted liv the
a j,,j,t
-p was Itepifsei.tative llenslev's
ri.,0ulou which was Inserted lu the
laxu, .() ,Ilratl.in budget :
or as soon thereafter as It
lone, the President Is nutlior-
invite all great Governments
world to send representatives
i ion i min-i - " ...si. n,i..u nr rimiKm
, th the duty of suggesting an organ-
l. !,... .nil-1 nt lirlll.r.1!nn rw ...Law
body, lo which disputed questions lie
tweeii nations shall be referred for
adjudication and peaceful settlement
and to consider the question of dls
aimament nnd submit their recom
mendations to their respective Gov
ernments for approval ; thnt the Presi
dent Is hereby authorized to appoint
nine citizens nf the United States, wbo
shall be qualified for the mission by
eminence In the law and by devotion
to the cause of peace', lo lie represen
tatives of the I'nlted States In such
conference, that the President shall
t) the i-ninpeiieation of the said icpre
sentntlves and such other employees
ns may be needed Is hereby authorized j
and $100,000, or so much thereof as
may be needed is hereby appropriated
for that purpose and placed at his ills,
Chairman Padgett said the Democrats
of the committee reached the conclusion
that the American navy now h is a suf-
flclent number of dreadnoughts and
I tdmuM build cruisers.
1 Tho nvo year building piograiiinic
' rniiffittirif em Ornsef Pngre.
AYOR MITCHEL last niRht prepared a complete statement of wire
tapping by the Police Department, in order, as he stated earlier
in the day, to correct any misapprehension that people miijht feel
about espionage. The statement follows:
Througli a perloJ of persistent mla- In rlie thud plate, Ihe privacy ot such
representation and falsehood concern- telephone communications, when ob-
Iok the supervision of telephone wlrws talried by the police, has been pro-
by the Police Department, the Police totted in cery Instance, except where
Conuuwsloner and I have remained It has been communicated to duly
silent, because of the Importance of authorized agents of Rovemment for
the work of crime detection and crime the purpose of obtaining still further
prevention Involved, particularly b.- eildetue of the cotnmlsslon of the
cause this work has touched the In- crimen lu question,
tereats of the I'nlted Slates In the In- If tile Impression has been glen
teruationat relations of our Govern- that an Individual, by complalnlns to
rnent. the police Commissioner, can obtain
Wc hae expected that at a proper the supervision of the telephono wlro
tlmo thu opjKirtunlty would be offered of another Individual and then learn
to state fully the justification and the substance of conversations taken
necessity for what has been dono In
local crime detection. This oppor-
tunlty will come In the hearing of the
Thompson committee to-morrow, when
the Police t.'ommlMsloner will testify,
in the meantime tho public, should
understand the necessity for the prac-
tlte of supervising telephones by th.
police for the detection and preven
tion of crime.
Untlrely aside from the merits and communications, except when lined for
Justification of telephone supervision the purpOwe of obtaining further evl
for the purpose of detecting crime In deuce or In prosecutions.
Individual lr stances. I wish to correct
a general misapprehension which has
been studiously and Intentionally
created In the public mind. Tho lm-
presslon has been given that private
citizens are subject to eavesdropping
oer their telephones by the police at
the Instance of any one who may have
Influence enough- with tho Commis
sioner to get him to institute, super
vision. This Is utterly false and con
trary to the facts.
In the first place, no telephone wire
has been supervised during the term
of the present city administration, ex
cept upon substantial ground for be
lief by the Police Commissioner that a
crime ias either ben committed or Is
in contemplation aiul that evidence
thereof mny be obtained through the
supervision of the telephone. In the
second place, a record baa been m.ul.
Of each such supervision, the authority
for the same being given over the
signature ot the Police Commissioner,
Geortf Bernhard Asserts Office
Can Prove Futility of Relief
People Can He Starved.
c..,.l r,i,' )isinjtc lo Tsa .sv.
HerrriRiJAM, via Iindon. May IS. Th.
food regulation continues to be the
paramount topic of discussion In Ger-
many. .. """ ' "', d Vie "the . i -
potntment of a "food dictator hn- be-
ceime a necessity In connection with Gel-
many's foreign policy He eas'
The Anglo-Krenoh giandlloquent talk
.vniM order out of the chaos. He onl
can prove the futility of the hope m ou
economic ..olUpse by .lestroylng their
starvation chimera and .showing them
that tlis-N have lost me wiir.
U'corellng tu Information reaching
Holland the main object of the new J
JAnsl Minister will be U rult-e the block- '
...i. iieilln liv the ruial districts.
When the federated States foresaw
want they enacted expel t prohibition...
Mecklenburg, Oldenburg, HavnrU and
Saxony, feu InM.ime, passed lawe stcip
i.li siiuilbs lo Iter Uu t their evptnse.
Kven in Piusslii there are districts
w-bls h do not allow li. illn to have stocks.
..-rill, ac.otdlim to lepoit re.elved
here. Is iisstless under the boirott.
11 ' . . ... . .. TS I II. ..I
in U aimed at silencing the outcry In
lti.il o and other laig- e'ltles us well ns
i..,f .III .be less articulate populations in
Theiefoie tile creaiinn m n.u.i i.iium
among the lews articulate po
the ciuinti.v distiirts,
II Is believed that Hie appointment of
n Getietal to asslet the Food Minister
means that even the ,Ujipll. s of the nunc
will be curtailed.
H. lrrerlcl. and Wablow Me..-
" 1 ,
. loiieil fur "l-'i.oil lll.'taliir,
sii.ci.it e ithlt i.iiii In Tin. M
. v. m.... ii it-run ilesn.itchis
of a pi'Hsibb! military viciory is nun. uiiu..-. -urcst. tn..v mfs tueit rnaig, injuring finn made formal cnmplal-it to the
but their hop f defeating Genu m bv . and enduiisei lug p.c-sersby and dw elbt s rir Department that n-incrs had
starvation Is siliceie, and that atone sup- m ,. wooden houses. Un this aeroiril 1 ,.,, ,'' ', ,i T i J
Sms their courage: Hence It Is cleat ! ,),,, 1)f ,ll0 ,'.ln.,i Xoiih has t.-, " 1 i ,hP ntr "1'''"
il.nt C.ermanv needs a strong man to , auestil the substitution of less dangei . ' "liei- niifm.ssifiner Yt oocls nnlereel
received in llotteid.ini report that 1 lei r , li' "1''K ,v'"" """
von Wablow. I lber-l 'resident of the
piovlnce of Pomei aula, will he appointed SENTRY HOLDS UP CARDINAL,
l'ood Minister, A reconstruction of the)
Government In other wavs also is "':,.,, oK,e. for a., tff rn.it
ported to be under contemplation
The I'mnfcurfrr Zclfiin.er and ollmr "ler'ler,
newspapers believe that Finance Mints-
ler llelfferlch will be named for the new
oillce of "food dictator It is
that Dr Knlf, the I mperl .1 I olou al Mln-
Isler. will IK uaiiico .. . I......... i"s.
.'n ' .nea'r.i.ls a l,M
In Herlln Is that the supplies at present
i'llilw only half a poun ' weekly a bead.
The Herlln '....' -rr.rr "''".
Von-nlciiboHe l.lqulil siells Well II.
I. .Hide.. Snloiins,
.sorid Crtfte VflHltch to TlIK Sis
i.,.v,.s.iv Mav 19. The Dulfu .Hnll savsi
that the non-alcoholic beer recently np
., .i i.v I he Governnient lias neeii nur
on sale ill several Loudon saloons and :
has 'met with an astonishing demand!
dm lug thn Iiouib when the sale of
alcoholic drinks Is prohibited. One
saloon drew forty gallons of the new
beer before 11 o'clock this morning--
' io-d.tv was a hnt day,
j "The trouble Is." Ihe DdUj Hail adds,
I "that the beer won't Keep and the supply
n ust be msrte fiesh dally."
over that wire, that Impression Is
wholly misleading and false. No such
thing In possible. The Police Commls-
slaner has never nuthorlzrd nnd will
not authorize the supervision of n
telephone line unless h has satisfied
himself that there Is substantial re.fson
for believing thru evidence of crime
can bo obtained. WJieu ho does
authorize It ho protects the privacy of
We recognize the Inviolable right nt
individual citizens to individual privacy
in their telephone communications as
In other relations of life. K Is, how-
ever, absolutely essential to the pro-
lection of the community against the
commission of crime that the police
thouUl to this powerful weapon for
t-rlniis detection. It of course must
b. safeguarded against abuse, and it
ha- " n so safeguarded In every In
stance in 'he pr. lent city adinlnlitia-
The Importance of this o:i: and
the substantial results obtained In the
conviction of criminals, who would
otherwise have gone free, will be
pointed out by the Police Commis
sioner on the Hand to-monrow. Con
viction on lonvlctlnn has been ob
tained which would otherwise have
beet. Impossible. The Haff murderers,
as well as dozens of other rlmlnaLs
would still be nt large had the police
not used this means.
Minister K.vplains llisariiiin
of Police in Canal Zone
Chief Itcsigiis.
it't led to the eitllit-s of Seymour A;
. Seymour. A iletectiiiiluiiie. Was ln
ulf lniairl: lu Tsi sL , M.-ille-d In an adjoining niiu-e Access
Havana, ituv IS. Senor Morales, the "as obtained to the ntllcis nirn.selves
,.rat Mintftet Panama has ever sent to
,.uMi arrived here to-duy. When In -
. . ' . .! V,," v"' ' a "
"The police of my country use Ions
i.mge ntles, Sometimes at night, when
hunting intoxicated and disorderly Ainet
ai, s.iilois. Uke hunting deer In the
oils rifles
PaNamv. May IS The Chief of Police
o! Paniim.i has resigned bee .use lie r.m
sldeis himself insulted by the dbanulli.:
of his men, The alius were delivered to
the Aniei leans to-day.
I '.t mi m.i business nie"i will cable S. '
r'tary Lansing that Intervention m tlu
elections Is necessaiy u prevent bb.ol
shed, despite the American ..lllcl.ils' re.--
imineudiition to avoid intervention.
Coal ( oinpniiy tisUs llriaratto (or
llviTMlvr sil.lppll.u Hate,
Wabhinciton. May l - The ingest
1 clnlm for reparation eve,- piesented to
I the Intel state 'onmierce Commission
I was filed to-day by the Delaware, Uick-
nwatin.i and Western Coal Cuninny. It
Is fur 1s!'.7Tl, said to be for excessive
charges un shipments of anthracite from
i be Pennsylvania fields to points in New
I V..rl. New Jersey and othel States.
The petition states that the mumus
! sum after a . ompreht'iislve uivestlga
.oii deeded that the freight rales on
nnthi ... He w.ie excessive and onb-ied
lediic-tii.ns vv lib'1. became- effective on
a,. , ,11H c't.im toi iep.ir-.Uion
civets payments made at the excessive
rite for two veais prior to .Mav I.
, ,tllllf !,,,,, ,,, Tin sis
....., ,s Th, Tuu,
, ( w' ,,,,, oirrtlu.il
M , . whpn , M ,v(lM rturMilli;
diocesan tour on the ground that !
, . were not In order
, ..,
1 r uu ' . V,
to go to the i
fled, so the
nminatiiler sent an oltlcer lo examine
the papers. He was allowed to p-ooeed.
A high German olllclnl later visited tlie
prelate and apologized for the Incident.
I'arls A ....o.i.i.'rs ft. mm under Is ol
- 1 i;,,.,, Vo,....leil.
verrer I'ablr KruP'itih to Tnr i v
Putin. May IS.Tlie lepoit that Hen.
M.irch.in.l In dead Is untlii'
even been wouiiiled.
Despitelies Iroin the fu.in r.ae 11 iig
Paris on May I'l lutnouiirnl Hie deaili
nf Gen. .lean Itapilsle Mi.icti.ind lien.
Mnrrhiind was vvoipidril I" the lighting
In Champagne last September
Mitehel, Swann and "Woods
Dhclosc Details of Amaz
ing Intrigue.
Said to Have, Conspired
With Some One in the
Seymour Offices.
llevclations Forced After
Mayor Issues ritimatnm
to Thompson.
The e'lty administration Justifies the
tnppilig of the telephone wires that
lead Into the offices of Sc)inotir A
Seymour, lawyers, in the Cqultahle
lluilJI-'K', on the Ki-niiml that Police
Commissioner Arthur Woods received
Information from .1. P. Mors.in & Co.
that an employeo nf tin? Morgan firm
uiiil some one lu tho Seymour office,
had conspired tu furnish to munitions
manufacturers tho contents of secret
c.iUe messages and orders from the
I'rencli Minister of Finance. Alex
andre Hlbol.
Tho iletallR nf this iiitriJ-ie- were
dlscloseet last night to the Thompson
legislative committee following hour,
of conferences with Mayor Mltchel.
Commissioner Woods, District Attor-
, ti'-y sn-nuii und townnl evening
with Ptederick Seymour, who said he
knew- nothing at nil about tile hi-
leged i onnlvance of any one In his
Commissioner Woods will tell the
I story In an open se-ssion nf th. com
nillteo this morning
Copies nf Orders l iiinnl.
Tile s.st of It Is this:
Thiee montliM ago the- Mii-ya'i firm
liec.-ime i. vvnt n that some., mn. wns ob
tnltiltit: .sur reptltloun Infoiniatlon itbout
iniinltiiins orders from tip. French
Government a cletl; !n dir. firm's
empa.v was siispcrted. The Hums
Detrctive Asency was put t . work
to find 'In- leal;, and the li-ni". followed
thrniiii certain orders tha ind been
l mill papers weie found rmitniniiiE
1 exact copies ,,f c.ibli.gtvims (ind or-
I'1 nddre-sed to .1. P MorRnn Jt Co
iin.l signed In iit(. I'lcmb Minuter
of I Inanre
Af-tlniT nti the evideiici the Hum"
, detectives lunl gatliercil. ihe Morgan
tlie telephone wire lapped. A rlvsi
agency leve-aleil the activity of the
Hilt ns people arid the newspaper dis
cussion of the Seymour detectnphone
Incident followed. Thnt was n month
ago. Ilul it si. i linppened that the
publicity enme Just in time to "tip
ntf" the persons Involved en o.'
Uleni escaped nnd the police were pre
vented from obtaining over the tapped
telephone line the Information tl-ey
I . , Inferests Involved.
There !s another sides to the wire
tappliiK Incident ns It concerns the
Seymour c-use, however, thnt neither
tin' .Mayor nor the Police Commis
sioner would discuss, because, they
said. II Involves tlie Interests of the
United States Government. It was
the I'ldice f'cnnnilsslnnrr's second
reason fur ordering; the line tnpperl.
the Mnrguii Information being- the
first ri-.isori. And it Is understood that
ll i-otii'eiiis a shipment or supposed
intencb'il shipment nf munitions to
Mi'Vi'o which were bought under
preie.v nf being for the Allies.
The Information hs If nrte!n.i1l v
n the attention of the l'nllce rmmii.
' sinner and the Mayor bud startling ram.-
Itlcatlons. The alleged theft of cable-
grams and w ir orders received by the
Motgati film fiom Knirne and other n'
the tillieel nit'ons was of onlv inmor 'm
Ipottance beside these other pn.dhtlitie
'Ph. Mexican theory vvns but nun o"
.these l!e.ueniberliig n iiieviinis eimila-
'.i"', there was also the ....-slbl!lty tha
whalevei' fnfnrm.it ion mac have been
stolen from the sca ,'ieut of the A1H".
innv have lentied the hands of Germans-
engaged in preventing the manu
facture and sb iiin.'-n of arms end am
munition fiom ibis country to e.jerman.''
I living to the piemalure public dlseti..
sum of ine Se.vmour Incident a inonfi
ago, aiiorilli.g lo the theory of th
Ma voi and the Police Commis'lor-cr. s
great .Teal of evidence desired bv the
police lor use h) Ihe District Attorney tr
prosecuting the niiegeil inert, ir no f
us. in oilier mailers In which llio Peel
rnl e lovei ntiient vciih concerned, ceiilrt
live one in the Police Department, a"
: no' muu, m,. mi. c"- sun
j x t
Mi. Sw nun s i. Illci-
He has not j ti ic e hole hanntlve- the Police Ds
, piutiiiciu'.s Jiintc.ilioii for tapping the
. Se viiinin- wir.- was Hist told last eve.
ping lo tin Thompson committee by Dis.
i Micirne --vs.ii i. r"....- i-...is iinn u-
lig s.,.n,tl- 'Hlllll i-lin i.li'i i .I.llllllllis
liatlee. i.tllci.iU i.Mild not get together on
Hi. wire tapping subject for the teaeo.

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