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'jix'-iny r'-jyg.'Ui wnJ'ty sW.w
Order Is Issued to Move Camp To-day to Steep Hill
side Better Drainage Expected to Check Malaria
Hard Work for the Men.
Trowd Silenced at Signal
Front Cornclists In Honor
of War Victims.
Hnnkruit Merchant, Formerly
of Newark, Cuts Throat
In His Home.
Stokes and Scully Both Un
decided Whether They Will
Make the Bace.
On lh stroke of t o'clock last night
three cornMlstii stationed so they could
). heard clearly on each of the three
floors of the Ornnd Central Palace oc
cupied by the Allied Hazaar sounded
'Tar'." With the last note even the
miflllnr nolje mano by the feet of thou
mnda inovlnt; from booth to booth died
away. It was a silent tribute to Jlinse
nho have plven their lives to "heir
countries in me war ana 10 inose who
rave without a murmur sacrificed their
tins and husbands and are still left to
nefore the mlnute'H silence asked for
by the managers of the bazaar nns
quite up a baby wntled somewhere. In
the solemnly Impremlve silence the
sound seemed to many a cry of com
miseration for the destitute and slaugh
tered of war stricken Kurope.. To the
mind's ee of men and women In the
crowd sprang pictures of the armies of
b'eedlng feet on the march and of blood
drenched battlefields. They heard the
shriek of ehells and the cry of the
mounded. At the end of the minute the
cornetlsts played "Onward Christian
Soldiers" and the people Joined In the
hymn, singing with their souls in the
onr. forgetting nhere they nere so
completely thut It was not hard to
Imagine the bazaar was a church,
Kive minutes moro and the subduing
shadow cast over the visitors to the
bazaar by this solemn moment was for
gotten and merriment wns reigning su
preme around Margaret Mayo's theatre
booth, where huoIi sturs u Virginia
Darned, WHIJam Courtenay, Ivy Trout
man and others were doing "stunts'"
that kept the crowd In laughter, and
(purely Incidentally) garnering whole
Hocks of one, two, fhe and ten dollar
notes, not to mention silver coins, In
net which Just happened to be handy.
Yesterday wai Irish day at the bazaar
snd In the afternoon Lord Aberdeen
responded to a request to make a short
speech In the tea garden nn the mezzu
line floor. He told of the bravery of
the Irish soldiers at the front, referred
to the fact that his own sou was flttht
rg with the Gordon Highlanders, and
aid that the best way sympathizers of
the Allies In this country could ex
press their appreciation of their gal
lantry was by helping to make Just such
affairs as the bazaar a success.
It would be Impossible to enumerate
all the attractions at the bazaar yester
day. Hut It may be said that Aladdin
with his mngic lamp and Orpheus with
his lute never conjured up more sights
end sounds to delight the eye or charm
the ear than greeted visitor to the
(Irani Central l'alace. Nor was Mlin
nttlt his power of turning to gold all
that touched his hand moro successful
iian th managers of the entertainment
snd the workers who gave up their day
to tend booths and canvass the crowds.
One feature which added much to the
r--auty of the scene wns a bevy of girls
nhose faces put to scorn the roses they
carried and sold a thoy wound
through the "aisles between the buy
Particularly well patronized was the
booth of the "Socletc des liens ilo Let
tre." In charge of Mrs. Newbnld 1
Hoy Kdgar. There were displayed In
this booth autographed books and paint
ings by famous authors and artists, many
of which were sold at high figures.
Several beautiful pieces of art work
"r.Rln.illy purchased from the Morgan
(ollectlon bv Mr. Uuveen, have been put
n tale at the bazaar. These have been
added to take the place of those articles
'rim the Morgan collection obtained
rom Mr Ouxccn through Mrs. Charles
II Marshall which have already been
old. The ones put on sale for the
first time yesterday wer obtained
nrousn the Influence of Mrs. Cornelius
C Cuylcr.
J'l.ATTSHCitu, X, T June 11. No more
muddy streets and wet feet for the
rookies. Mnjor-Ocn. Wood come to the
rescue this morning and gave the order
for which they havo been hoping during
the last week of slush that pervades the
camp. The order was to move camp to
morrow morning to the site of last year,
where a steep hillside .inn light, sandy
soil prevent such uncomfortable con
ditions as the men have had to endure.
The present site of the camp Is a few
hundred yards south of where the
rookies of last year were encamped, but
It constitutes what Is practically the
only spot of clayey ground In the whola
town. There was a renson lor nn
lection, for next month there will bo
6,000 men In the Junior and senior camps
ml both the old and new sites will
i.,... ir. iw utilized, lite olllccrs In
charge figured that If the soddy ground
wero trodden much this month It would
bo useless for underfootlng later on.
They did not ngure on sm-n
w,i. nii.i fvn durlnr the rtlst few days
of bad weather they told themselves op
timistically that It could not last. It
has lasted, however, and nccoraing io
present Indications will lust longer.
I'lattsburg has had more rain this
mcr.th than the oldest Inhabitant can re
member having fallen during any simi
lar period in me pam,
port was made, but at thu hospital II
was admitted that he had a touch of
the dlscaso sufficient to keep him In bed
for probably two days. Twenty men
havo left the camp so far, unwilling to
Uhdergo the hardships and dampness
and fatigue.
The army surgeons deny that the
weather or tho mud has bred any dis
ease. When Major Murray was told of
(lallatln's case to-night he explained that
malaria takes from ten to twelvo days
to germinate and that If the young man
Is suffering from the dlseaso he must
have had tho germs In his system when
he arrived.
The Huston beans yesterday were an
other caasc of trouble ttiin morning.
Those fcrved to tho men of thu First
Huttnllun last nlglit hud something the
matter with them apparently, for 200
from companies A, II, C anil U reported
111 this morning and were found to have
slight attacks of ptomalno poisoning.
Th Kurgeoiw were kept busy dispensing
medlclno and on top of this the men
who had Mlgnllled their desire to take
the typhoid Inoculation nero called after
Howard Acton, a Washington news
jiapcr man and representative of the
.Military Training Camps Association,
was struck by an uutomobllc while crow
ing United States avenue In front of
camp this afternoon. He received only
a few bruises.
The rookies are trylix to find a white
hnpe among their tcntmatea. Private
Johnny llu)m of the machine gun troop,
Second Cavalry, beat "Hull" Johnson
last night In a bout at the post gym-
There were a number of rltl
.i., Katrr Murray, camp command
ant Issued Instructions for the change
to-day. The rookie, will have all their
duffle packed up before breakfast at
, .in n.nirrnw morning and at .3"
'In -.,11,. ii,i.tr nvramldal squad tents,
i n.isltim.
lood cots, mattiesses and such like on , jCI1 ,oldIerft there nnd Hayes Issued a
wagons from the quartermaster s de-, ri;lenge to them to-day to pick a
rartment and nine wun u tr ihamplon for him to meet. The regu-
equlpmcnt to the new, dry, Inv.tlng loca-1 Ura nav snthcreil a side bet of $250 to
ton , ! !'' on the jiioposed bout, but so far no
Major Murray Issued tho following , Iooke ,as volunteered for the fight.
statement relatHe to the changing of ,
the camp site. "While the health u he
?J, Uh"M it" was decided'to U. S. ORDERS 20 AEROPLANES.
Inclement weather. There Is nothing ; Urajei. an.ooo.onn for Fliers.
more depressing tor a "in,, ....... ...
continued rains such as we have had J
The Aero Club of America, has re-
.,. i,.t vi.fc The men have stood 1 eclved Information that orders for
the hard test remarkably well, but there twenty aeroplanes were placed by the
Is a limit, and we oon i wit. " war wrparuiieiu ouring ine lasi weeK.
placed where tho limit will be reached. This brings th totat for a month up
Then too, such weather as we have been to thirty machines. The recent order
having is not conducive to good sanl-1 ciiiis for eight Martin biplanes and
larv conditions. twelve Sloane-Pay biplanes. Six Mar-
"Tent pitching and building of camp . tin machines will be sent to the San
sites Is a pari of our curriculum, and i)?K0 school. Two Martin seaplanes
the work the men will have to do to- ,vm KO to the Philippine.
.,., full exactly In line with it s believed that wht-n the army
trirlr revular course of Instruction. They appropriation hill mmf before Uie
.viii iirt to move nt 7 o'clock, and win Housm on June 21 Congress will allow
all be In their new homes by noon. st least o,ooo,n(v( for aeronautics In the
The change meani wonc n'-ui iiniij unu oimun- i no sivru .mu nas
N'r.WAHK. June II. Oscar Michael cut
his throat when he was li the bath
room of his home, 15 Berkeley avenue.
Orange, this morntng and died within
a few minutes. A nurse who w at.
tending Mr. Michael's wife. Ill of rheu
matism, heard the body fall to the floor
nnd nroused Charles Michael, who hurst
the locked bathroom door and found
his brother lying on the floor with n
razor near by,
Mr. Michael was deod hei an am
bulance arrived. Dr. M. Herbeit Sim
mons, deputy county pnyslclan. viewed
the body and pronounced the case a
Mr. Michael, who was f.5 years old.
sacrificed his fortune nfter the rallure
of Oscar Michael A Co., it department
store firm of Newark. In April last year
and suffered a nervous breakdown. He
had been at Hatlle Creek. Mich., for
a time seeking to recuperate his shat
tered health.
Mr. Michael got a Job as errand boy
with the old llroad street firm of l o
ft Plaut In 1S75 at the age of 14.
Tr.cNTOtf. N. .1.. June 11. While for
mer Governor Stokes has been for sev
eral months undecided whether to go Into
the fight for the I'nlted Stales Senatorial
nomination In the Tlepubllcan primary.
Congressman Thomas J. Scully Is In the
same position with respect to the Demo
cratic nomination. Mr. Stokes has been
giving evasive answers to Inquiries con
cerning his Intentions, nnd one of his
cloest political friends and supporters
In south Jersey reported Inst week that
Murphy nnd Krellnghuysen have been
malting headway because the Republi
can hr.ve tired of waiting for Stokes to
llinl out what he wants to do.
His plans, as hi; has told some of his
ulvlsers, nre di-pendent on the result of
the Chicago convention and the manner
Ir which the nomination Is received.
"I made a s.icrlllor three years ago
when the Hepiiblli-ans needed a candi
date to oppose Fielder for Oovernor."
hi Is quoted as having said, "and I do
lint feel Inclined to make another quite
He rose rapidly. When I. Simon Plant. I s oon. If thr prospect for success
head of 1,. S. Plaut & Co.. died In 1S9
he made Mr. Michael a pnrtner of the
concern In Ills will, which left the re
mainder of his Interests to his widow
and sons. Mr. Michael was a directing
Influence In Plnut's until he retired on
February 1. 1912. II organized the
Michael firm, purchosefl the W. V.
Snyder store, at llroad ami Cedar
street", Newark, and openrd It on May
23, 1914. Hani limes, the continuance
of excavation on the Cedar street side
which hampered suine of the entrances
looks d iris 1 shall remain allent. You
l.i ow, I have not et publicly announced
that I was a candidate,"
For a week or two there have been
Intimations that a deal might be made
between Stokes and Franklin Murphy by
the terms of which Stokes would keep
out of the fight this year ami wait for
the expiration of Senator Hughes's teim
in l'Jls. Hut within a few days a report
has come from Chicago tint Hamilton
F Kean of 1'nlon county Intends to
make t try fur Hughes's seat Mini that
and other drawbacks forced the concern I '" would be likely to get the support of
to close In April. 191.1. Hant.ruj.tcy , Murphy's friends.
proceedings were Instituted and Mr. Inning the last session of the UkIs
Mlchael gave over all his possessions, -atuie and sln.-e Mr Kean has shown
Includlnv real estate holding, to aid unusual lnteiet In public affairs,
his creditors. The house one., occupied I 'I" h-'i never held public olllce or
by Mr. Michael was one of the show i taken un fuith. i intcieM In politic
places of Harrison street. Mast Orange, thun to ris-Ist his brother, the hate t mted
and this went with the rest of his
Jle was Identified with lleth Israel
Hospital and was a member of Indepen
dence Iid?e, No. fiSFtee Pons of Israel :
Kzeklel LoJge. 1. O. U. II. ; Hebrews Or
phan Asylum, nil of Newark, and the
.Mountain Hldge Count! y Club, West
Mr. Michael married Miss Sarah Stern
States Senator John Kean The report
that he has Senatorial aniir.it. uns
ti.akes a atlfactory explanation of his
HMdeti Interest In ltipubllcan politico.
CongreFwinan Scu.'y on Thursday Is
sued a t.;jenieiit detolnc thu' be had
le. hied not to h-rn:np a cwidiJaln for
the DrM.oii'.itl Senatiri.il nomlnaltpn
"li. i. o mpnner wiia-eer havo I swji
ii Mrnat-'d thr' 1 won d i. it. nier h
of Newburgh. V on June U. 'ix?n. ! PHtuniy ' ,e sn .' I v..'.i make I
She survives him, with three sor.. H"!i.
Jamln Itodney Michael. Herbert J.
Michael and ()car Mi hael, .lr
my posi'.o'i ali'oiutely I. noun upon iiy '
return f'oni !. ill irocrat.v iul. u:ii
'nnveiit'.cj' nnd at "-nt tlir- wi'! make
it perff'tlx .'-Mr whut I Hand f"r. The '
jtnne f r S" 1 i -:n rr t.-' I ho' exa-'I."
pport'ir.e i't .:c,it bu I want to
was a welcome step toward relief. It. sent letters to members of Congress. . lt knran tlu-t tlirt- is no truth
is a serious problem to move near y pointing out that to carry out Uie , k , ,......, I'" the i.p.n .it 1 .v. ,t ir.tend to
l ino men and their baggas. especially I modest provision of the Chamberlain- ,A ehptr of the rattlotlc So... of 1 ,.fom . i
IflZ irL "Vooklc. has ever b..n ,;ay army reorganize hi... signed by 'n," Vo.'Tnnln. "JV, Th.' pU' r y ' . f riangu'.a- ftch. !
through such an evolution before and I President Wilson but minus the neces-1 resident. between Marlf.-. V..- i . .'v
knows nothing or me " " - .' 'VL'-; ' ' " ,r'u'7 l i Th, Imleptn,.nr. Iv eel-hrstlon mm ' ' orr'lg the Komi . .ill- V:u,cr... who i
Ing and pitching camp. least J3,.no.nno ror aeroplanes alone. mitte of lll..nmrU n il-cl.l-.i in favor i hail been led to believe tint ti. iV..iur
Manv got the necessary training to- rhe bill provides for the organization of nf nr-oork. Innesd of bnl eonorris In .vlmlnlttati..r .ntlue-li wcu.d b
.lv Thev were the men who chanced , eight aero squadrons, which cannot be I the park, for July I ! thrown for Wes,-..t:' i;',ev . eai.e '
had'to Jive up their l,TwTn U i.Te".. "Vffire'A S? i a't'lkoleVln P "
I in.- .tir .-nm-i in ri i .'huh or on
Most of the others In camp were put to ,
work too. Spare equipment had to be ,
moved from the store tents In camp.
enr;r,ucksallaf.rnr,..w barely
,c. ' .u-iin before ines.
n chance iui - -
Ylr Committer Indorses ('am pa.
WaU-r llnrlon .Admnn. ttve.v.ar-uli
nn of Mr mid .XIr ttnl'tr II A.lstn. or
.IT Ailatns uv-ntl-. Ultzab-tb. ami .uriir.
The Tale enrolment committee nf the 'dropped il.a.l from heart ll...,e .-ai ,r.l
nlKht wiuie un nie wy iiome rtom a ihoir
srvrrsl on llospllnl 1. 1st.
..... . ...1
Whether or not it is irm- '"'" ""
.Military Training ('amps Asoclatlnn
w.',l ornd to-day to 20.000 Val, ln-n
'miliars Indorsing the training cimpo.
The pamphlet contain le"ero written
b.v President Aitluir T H.idley and
.l.ijor-!oit, Leonard Wwi, Members
, V. i.i. legation of the camp has af- of the committee Include Cerge T Adee,
desirable ick a, not.mttoT ll.mtiard. Kail II. IVhr. Chaun
,f.C , fact that several are ill There cey M. pepew. John II Hammond. Mor
li t cases of malaria III the post pan .1. O'Hrlrn. Jr.. Herbert Parsons,
arc elghi sr (.uUatn of - KilM Vein x, ,,, ,,, Ut,vry s,m,on
hospital. , v'. Vnrl iii W lllnni II T.ift t.,1 I'nrn-lt,,. V,..l.
., hiiiti. ..i... . w. ... ..... ...... . ...... ...
- hilt.
Ilut. KAV
f-i,.".. ill this morning.
No official rc
IMnaril Hezcso 'l'n veir ol, .nn af
John Ilegcm- of 11 Krle tre.t .ler..v
City, Ul-'l In III- l'y Ho.ptul v.'er.lui ,.f
Injuries rec-lveii when be nj. trviintiieii i,.
a hor.e Saiur.U evenliic He hii.1 ntlier
bovs uere nicliInK a i i.Im ,m tirh.hd a
br-werv vvacon and w.f niaiie t.j et nrf
Tt.u ltr,n. I.n' .11.1 uni
vvagon spprnachlng nnd wa run down ami i",M 1 "f ' omp'roiicr-inp, ami hi friend'
stepped on by m horse driven In Tonatrllano have pried IMitor i:ti.-e looee fr.,.
Fusell.i nf in Cllnion !r.,t n.u.ok-n ii boil t Jr. 000 vvorili nf , VT ..
I'u.elto locked up en n,.. riunt. if . .T"' of "Jvertlslns
inanlaii(!liter nn Ihe comriUIni bniinhi I Patronage vviuiii lie has been enjojln -by
the bo' father i for sevetal .vrar". "
he way. it i underlood that nincrou-.
oiiferen e are ii he held duilt'ir tb
pio.i"it wikV aid effnrls nnd. ti iron
n il nme of the f ict.onal illrfe, i, u
Vie.l of harmony ' ftru in r o-i
oUllty. Ml TO (ii'll. Dentils 1". I'll. Ins
b en cutting bai l. Into the I ii iuo. rati .
Vadershl'i, froni which he wao dl-vlared '
.1 ea- i.' two .lio by t.u.-njs T. ItU-- ',
ell. vvh" nlto president of the stat
Hoard of Afe. tmrnt and Taxation Cn).
Ins has Jut won out In Hie nlf cr.r I
Dead Member of Wrecked Vessel's
I'rrnr In II.
fr'ciat nhl netrteli In Tnz Sr
Tanvji. June 11. The steamship
C.ti of Pa-a srrlved here from San
Kranrisco to-day with a llfcbont con
taltilng a dead seaman from the ateam
hlp Hoanoke.
The steamship Itoanoke sank off the
fsllfornla coast May 9 while en route
fer Valparaiso with combue tlblcfl. The
rmi.e of her sinking was not learned.
Three Killors In an ojicn boat which also
"id th bodies of tlvo neamen wao
rirked up the following day. The re
mainder of the ciew Is believed to have
rrl.sheij. The captain's wife was on
b"9'd when the ship sank.
nsre Kollovrlns; Settlement Snr
prle nonronl.
lUckns-SACK. N. J June 11 Tlomeo
ft P.oncnnl, New Vork representative of
o'jth American newspapers, who owno
former J. Massey Hyan estate on the
r'alisadot at Alpine, has been ordered
lo appear before a Jury at Hackenxack
to.monow on an Indictment charging
nlm with technical assault and battery.
A few months ago, Konconl's automo
bile and a horse and carriage, owned
b.v Jarnh R. I.uther of Alpine, met ill
coll.lon I.uther suffered a fractured rib
nd other Injuries. For this Itonronl
mado full settlement. His Indictment
nd arrest came as a big surprise.
lionconl complains that ho wan sub
jected to unnecessarily harsh treatment
when h was taken to Sheriff Ilobert N.
Huth's ofllee. Despite the fact that
Mayor cjodfrey J. Mahler telephoned to
th Sheriff that he would hurry to the
Haekensaolt jail to furnish ball, Itonconl
ai placcl In accll.
slashes Herself With Curving Knife
In Ileslanrant Aftrr Ilrbnkc.
After being rebuked by her husband
for bumlne a natron's lamb ehon. Mrs.
Sadie Umber, 31 years old, slashed her
thront and left breaat with a carving
nif yesterday In the kitchen of their
restaurant tt 407 Sixth avenue.
Max, the husband, heard the woman'!
ertams and found her lvinr nn thu floor.
Ms summoned Dr. Christopher from th
Voik Hospital. The woman waa
"Ken to Hellevue HorjilUl In a critical
wnnition charged with attempted aul
Prefers Death to Uim Nssr.
flora Lsitbentraucht, 2S, of 444 Miller
'nu, Kait New York, was taken to
ln Kings County Hospital last night
Charred 'tt li limine nll.mnl.a ...l-l.le
h Inhtling Illuminating gas. Ths police
tnr irt a not ror ner parent say
lr sht hid decided to end her life he.
eui hr iintr was "growing bljer
uw Mmi." bto mm rcvr.
See The New
Stearns-Knight EIGHT
e ., i. "t ... ' .is
$2100 F. O. B. Cleveland
The first American Knight-Moiored Car was
a Stearns. This after that type of Motor had been
thoroughly proven by Daimler, Panhard, Minerva
and Mercedes.
all the practical and indispensable knowledge which
such exhaustive experience guarantees.
And now, the first Knight-Motored Eight is a
Stearns silent, powerful and so flexible that steep
hills become levels, and gear-changing is almost
Simplicity begets Economy and Stearns-Knight
Eight use fewer valve parts than arc necessary to
other types.
The Stearns-Knight Light Four at $1450.00,
F. O. B. Cleveland, has appealed most remarkably
to the motoring public since its price revision of
last Summer.
Originally priced at $1750.00, the reduction of
$300.00, with a strict maintenance of the same high
efficiency and quality, resulted in a demand which has
justified our purpose in making the new price, namely:
To be the first to offer a high-grade Knight
Motored Car at a popular price.
For A Brief Period We Can Promise
Immediate Deliveries
Broadway at 57th Street
WhoUsaU Diatrlbutor, Metropolitan Diatrictt
CHAS. E. RIESS 4t CO., Inc., 1690 Broadway, New York.
245 WIST 55TH SI'
1 ELIliVING that ihc interests of the factory
and King Car owners will best be served
by local sales and service departments,
under the supervision of factory execu
tives, we have formed the King Car
Corporation of New York, with sales rooms at
Broadway and 52nd Street, and a Service Depart
ment at 245 West 55th Street.
The prcscjit KING model wil' be continued
without substantial change, as the extraordinary
road ability of this car has met with widespread
approval from both dealers and public, and because
it is the policy of the King Motor Car Company
to make all announcements of new models and prices
in the early part of January a policy adopted to
protect dealers from the demoralizing effects of mid
year announcements and owners from the rapid
depreciation caused by such unseasonable changes.
7 -Passenger, 60'Horsc-powcr Touring Car SI 350
3'Passenger, 60-Horsc-powcr Roadster SI 350
Sedan, AU-tcealher Car... .SI900. Prices F.O.B. Detroit
M'MStKIt i:f(IKl.-l.
Maine Coast
The most enchanting and
varied sea-shore in America.
Marvellous beaches, wild headlands,
Mountains. Islands. Woods
Summer vacations of every kind at every price.
Great and small hotels, boarding houses, or camping
close to Nature. Sailing, bathing, every summer
Also unusual experiences
real deep-sea fishing, squidding,
life among the fishermen.
Send for Booklet
"Along New England Shore "
Vacation Bureau
',7' !ro:i!n?. I i . 1 .
New York, New Huren & Hartford R. R.
Boston it. Maine R. R. Maine Central R. R.
NEW JKKfiKV Atlantic Cltr.
I flf Aflrvfre Otmort..leatltV
mw Yoan booking otnea-jw tines aitt
niuileratr rntr for tho comfort, .ippoliitniput
tame ni inn inrgrni linin. ,.i tip .Ullr?
MifiiHt nrrUly; large, root o.inn'w rooms,
tc. llooklft, M. r. KAltl.F.V. Mr
I.Mdln lllfti Miid.rnl Dato Hotel,
Ikamavla VlrcltiUi uv., nrar lirni h.
HIDIITiani ri,rlly30H, Hpirl4li;up(t.'illyi
110 up rrklyi private builii. tt,vnior. x.
ttli.h pori'hM. ti' i rxiii'llenl tnMr
iiIiie illnncrs.1 lluoklet. J. I'. I'ol'i:.
in the
Th. Dtlilhlfiil
Sartag Rotart
of Ik F.ait
(!for rrd. twuuttful cnry nd s hlh
(! nnti-l. Vry tin thrPullr butli.
ml mftipE ilvpsrtmrnt. Ciooil numr.
CsrSff. NIountsin wslki ni) trsiU. Irv
nir IW hr. from 1'hlls, Kfilln H. R.
t lira, (rom N. Y Ont. of N. J. It. R.
N. V Ofilr:1 Fifth ATnn
AlwartnpaB. Howard M.WInl. Mgr.
.S.V ll.irllllir
Pine Grove Springs
Id'd 'u !orat?t im I'm Btlt
of .southrrn ,nr Uatn.hiire i
Th runiiur lloiu' of ,S'w Wirk rrt.r.
iti'4i,vo f.inil.lr l)p.p Jun .Jua ? Ilula
(!olf V.i"l nrnl 1,11111 .liortu llooklnc
nnu: lioil m. K!pln. N. :n.i Mf2nin
floor. If ilr.clty j,;oo Cvi.n.l'm No. .
I1KADI1LHV f. t't'Slll.N'u, Jlaiiu,r.
VISITIIItS to live Hoi,, h. N- lli.u,..lilr
Wii.iin h 1 1 .1 n.i I or 1,1 ii. 11,, at h
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K.inr .'iin.l it top in-.pt tutu liiiit.il
M;V VIIIIH lUlH-r'. I.lunil.
NK JKIf-KV i.ln( l.akr nritrli.
THE L0RAINE bscS?ri"ivY" ro5S '
and arm watrr batha; runnlnc nuttr lo I
rooma: aiavator: auperior taoia. utaucoa
tarly aaaion rataa. Coach at tralna
A. B. WAGNER. Prop. W. H. LAV TON. MT.
LMO&. MAba. Uptua .luuc IJ.
Sprintr Lake Beach, N. J.
An I'nesiclloil llotol Directly on 1 1
Hrmn Front
With Kvory Attrarllo'i r.i- tin
, ,, Hitinnior VWtor.
Daily Cntti'rti timl D4iii'r).
I'alm and To ltioiiinnrrl"''l'i thlV-m
Tonnl-i, iiH. Motorlnij, KIiIIiik. uiilu.
l.anrying, Htirf ll.ithlng.
Will Open Saturday, June 17.
t'n'lrr Maiiaxanirnl of
Frank F. Shut.
Fookintr Representathe,
Son iti.'p KciikU I'.uroimK
im .lini i ..ml I'.nuitrr. . fr i'iiwlbl
Sound and Ocean
rine ro.tiji tMt, tfnnl". utl imttinur
aimrt- lrihflr.i V' ralfc nur own
1 iv I; .4111 rcrtatilti HI t Ultchvn for
youuit hl tlft'tt, U.itPa f.'5 mt week
up. w th I'Mih. I3n up
jinU' .IniiH Hat
Wm. F fnsoH. A1r., $ W. 25th Si., N. Y.
Ni;U OltK i Htoklll MounlHttM.
lirnnnoU tililnatoo Turk lloii.r iitnl
(nttscr. Tamirratlllr, , V,
117 it a illrbl rtiu mljolnlnf in
tnru I'.irh ami aiiilt.tt.V for liotl or I'm
lint park aoi tntlnn piirpr
lluiulrr Mr IITT So rm
I.i1tnr ataklll n.ir
N V llffli' IHI B'
Pta lari Advt.unJai.

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