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uu o-cfi status $operjt?.
i nii liifn
At 6 o'Clock
Roof Garden Restaurant
Charles Frohman Company
Announces Nana for Com
inp Theatrical Season.
Granville Barker Now Work
injr on "The Wrecker' No
Copyright Protection.
Oniety Hosrins To-dny With
Tree in 'Mnrhrth' Clmnffcs
at Movie Houses.
Successful Writer Mnrried to
0. K. McKinncy Bnby
Born Saturday.
Maude Adam will appear next sea
son In a new pl' hy Wr James M.
Urrla. Antltlrd "A Khs. for Cinderella."
Her ert'.tgement will begin at the Em
plre Theatre shortly before Chrlstmaa.
That was th mol Interesting an
nouncement contained In the annual
itstemrnt of the Charles Krohman com
pany concerning plans for the coming
theatrical season as Issued yesterday.
Purlrg the last season Mlaa Adams
tits been playlnir In a series of her old
fUr.'Ie successes "The Little Minister,"
"Peter ran." "Quality Btreel." Ac. Her
tmir will clone, on July 1 and Mia will
u'aa vacation until October, when
The Utile Minister" will be revived for
t short engagement out of town.
Other Krohman plans Include the ap
rMrance of Kthel ltarrymore In a new
r!ay hy Hubert Jlonry Davit, which will
M glxen Its first performance In Amer
ica On Ha reception here will depend
Its rrodu.-tlon In Ixndon and Part.
Mis Harrymore will be aeen In a dual
vVlll'am Gillette la temporsrllx to de
tert play-' f ''la own writing and will
plav a season of twenty weeks, six of
which will be In New Torlt. Ilia vehicle
In by a prominent Hngllsh author, whoae
name haa not been disclosed. Otla
Bkhner haa a play written for him hy
Froth Tarklngton. It la a comedy on
an American theme. Blanche Hatea will
open her season enrly In October In a.
pUy by William Somerset Maugham.
Bv arrangement with Selwyn Co.
Ann Mimlo'k will he seen at the Lyceum
Theatre earlv In August In "Please Help
ETil'v," a comedy hy II. M. I tar wood,
which Is Just at present a part of the
Imdon theatrical aeaaon. Margaret
Ati'Iln. who, as recently announced, cornea
under the management of Charles Froh
man once more, will open the Hmplre
Ticatre In "Caroline," by W, Somerset
Maugham, although her engagement
tie-e will be preceded by n return of
'Sybil.' with Julia Sanderson. Joseph
CiMhorn and Donald Hrlan.
Following .Ml Anglln'a engagement
Cyril Maude will return In a new play,
ir.d after tli.it M.itide Adams will le
in In "A Kiss for Cinderella." Then
will come M- Gillette.
Tlie Charles Krohman companv will
!m carry out two projects with David
rV.aseo. one of which will Include the
prffentatln!i of another all star revival
of a well known play brought up to date
br Mr Helasco.
Among Uie plas which have been de
livered for next season are "Our Bet
ters,' by W Somerset Maugham, a
serious play by Henry Arthur Jones and
a comedy by Nlccodcml and Morton
called "Kemnant." Also new pieces by
Wward Sheldon. Augustus Thomas and
Harry James Smith and a musical com
ecy bv H U, Smith. Victor Jacob!,
R'nr.old Wolf and Channlng Pollock.
Westher Fnirnrnmmnnllr Wlnsrera
In fin Inftnnra,
twer rf music heard yeeterdav the
Sfrd 'f a series of conctrts under
I'j'P'ces nf the Park Department at the
Mvll n lentral Park, whit nt th. a..-,.
t'trs tie New Vork Community Chorus
"r'nM to the public th iloors of the
"n . union Mien School audi
L"fjUm' "',', 'everal hundred assem
bd t s:nK to the accomp.iinmenl of an
jrchfJtra led hy Harry II Hankhart.
It wa, nrlKin.illy Intended to have the
Ommunfty slnpers clve their songfest
t the Mall also, hut unfavorable
wither conditions forced them to go In
oir at th last moment.
K-ank Kaltenborn am! hl orchestra
ordered a varied musical programme
In Central Park and In Kplto of the In-cVrrei-t
weither many were on hand.
Thn or he-itral concerts have been
rrsrtf pn..lble throunh the generosity of
ClVan N'rfiimbiirs The next one will
b he'd nri Sunday, June
In hltrh school auditorium the
fenrniinlty Choru sane old songs. The
""Tfar it inn's object Is tri pave the way
fr s" t'in rirslre to sing for the pure
Jfv nt r ne'ne. recardleps of their ex
f'V Vriwlffjge of music
Wlllppnn the nmmer nt Kchonner
Mead, rnr Hnr llnrbetr.
R lUimon. Me. June 11. Mrs .1
re-pout Morgan. Sr. has leased from
"ve ' .Iscnupa of Boston his cottago
at Si "lonner Head for the Hummer. This
f 'he ,,mt cntt.ige Mrs. Morgan had
immer and It l helng put Into
rt nm tnr her coining.
The ot'age Is a long, low, ramhllng
"on. ' nue nn s narrow neck of land
Jiiu out Into the bay, about four
fl' 'mm Bar Harbor and Is near
rmr.riv purchase by her late bus
tnd jneral years ago and given before
! dMh to his daughter, Mrs. Herbert
I. Ki'tpr'f e,
nlnn llnlrivrln.
B: x, j, ,, Mr,
uars B lulrlwin nf Newark and John
Cm m" assistant postmaster of
.Vertc h r ncrc married vrsterday In
the peonage of the Hlnton Avenue
'rhjtenan church here bv the Rev.
JOMph Kolson .Miss ltHe Stein
Newark wax bridesmaid and Assem
blyman Stymoiir V Gilbert of llloom
r.ed acted as best man. The couplo
-H I ve nt nionrnflclrt,
Mr and Mrs Henry Scaring of Clare
" M avenue, Mi.ntclalr. N. J., have an-noun'-ei
th. engagement of their daugh
Jr. Miss I.uella Kllzabeth Fearing, to
"r. Wilier Parks llllhh. son of Mr. and
Mrs 'rack R Hllss, also of Montclalr
Mr and Mrs. W. C, Parniley of 1S1
'ofpir avenue, Montclalr. have an
r.numed the engagement of their daugh
lr . Mnrjnrln Parmley, to William Lenta
er H.iltiinnrc Mr. Lent will he gradu
ated from Harvard Law School this
M and Mrs Theodore W flore of
Auhiirndale, Mhhm., have announced the
'"easement of their daughter, Dorothy
It.rharilh fiore, to Daniel W llowells
i ITS Summit avenue. Montclalr.
Mrs, Augustine J, Mulligan of Mont
"mry Mret, Hloomfteld. N. J., haa an
niun( the engagement of her daugh
'r Miss illadys Hughes, daughter of
J'je Ute .Iwcph Hughes, an artist, to
'Juries itorchert of New Hrunswlck,
tifc.nM1. KHerdnv hy the American liner
'itia.jrjpnM irom Liverpool:
r anil Mi. John B Mr. nd Mrs. Arthur
A'hMon Mrs. vv; Y. Hubhell
Jill ii T lloidulllet. Mrs Kred J. O, Knou
7, " M Huriulrie ton
Mr and Mrl (j uttuow Otbnrne.
tr .loan ii rmrhsni Mr.'snd Mrs. Kdward
i",.in minium n Thnmm
f Jsirt.i.Nsiili,, Heni-T H Wellcome,
t airlrt..Saiilir lir. II. jr. W. Warden
Otorr H. Crocker. Jr,
Oranvllte Barker Is working Industri
ously on a dramatic, version of "The
Wrecker." although the success of
Treasure Island" haa Just proved that
there can be no means of controlling
the rlfhti to these plays. The copyrights
on the novels of Stevenson have expired
and there Is no way of preventing any
playwright who deslrea from making
adaptations of the novels. It Is of
course the great success of Jules BcJcert
Goodman's adaptation of "Treasure
Island" which has turned the thoughts
nf the dramatists Just now to the works
of Stevenson as dramatic material.
Of course Mr. Hopkins can protect the
drama which he uses, but there must In
evitably be close resemblances between
all versions of the story. It was not
until Mr. Ooodman and Mr. Hopkins had
succeeded In arranging a successful ver
sion of the piece that the thoughts of
managers turned toward a book that had
yielded but one moderately successful
play, though It had been thought of for
years. Elmer Vance used to act a ver
sion of 'Treasure Island" In the cheaper
theatres and the piece haa been produced
as a picture play.
Mr. Hopkins, who spent so much time
and money on 'Treasure Island," Is hav
ing the experience of others who before
hln time tried to make the Stevenson
plays their exclusive property. Richard
Mansfield was never able to protect "The
Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr.
Hyde." A version of the novel was put
or In London when It was heard that he
Intended to act In It there. There Is no
protection, according to the authorities,
for any of the plays made from the
novels of Stevenson. So It Is probable
that hy the time the next theatre season
opens there will be numerous versions of
the play (loath. g about the stock the
tres In addition to travelling companies
other than those Mr. Hopkins may send
An example of the way In which
actors may carry things too far unless
they have a stage manager or some
authority over them was shown on
Saturday night at the Hippodrome. Will
iam Collier, after he and (leorge Cohan
had dellshted the audience with an old
fashioned "sidewalk conversation." came
on the stagt alone to auction off n signed
programme. He said Daniel Krohman
had requested him to do so for the
Actors Fund, for which the benefit was
Very amusingly Mr. Collier brought
the bids up to j;no, and to the applause
nf the audience retired, t'hauncey ON
cott wa the successful bidder and
through his generosity the Actors Fund
benefited to the extent of his bid. Up
to that point the auction had passed off
successfully and there was every sign
of satisfaction on the part of the audi
erce, which had been amused by Mr.
Cplller and had seen a generous act
No, that was not enough. Immediately
nfter he retired Mr. Collier appeared
hgaln before the curtain bearing another
programme which he said also had been
signed by the members of the company.
With difficulty he succeeded In getting
tin for the second programme. Mr. Col
lier w isely abandoned the attempt to raise
any more, since the audience nmi int a
Interest In blm ami what he was doing
and the whole effort to sell the second
programme went cold. And one of the
amusing Incidents of the evening had
been turned Into a tlasco.
Al Jol'nn closed his long and success
ful engagement at the Winter !nrrien
on Saturday night and yesterday started
for the West. He will take n vacation,
although his friends are trying to per
suade him to devote a little time to
learning a few new tricks In order that
thev may welcome him back with greater
cordiality than ever In the autumn
"Robinson Crusoe, Jr ." will be played all
next season on the mad.
Theatrea outside of this city will pie
sent n novelty next season In the tes
toratlon nf the so-called popular price
idais which have been out of the field
now for cever.ll years. It was In these J
theatres over the country that the melo
dramas flourished until the advent of
the cinemas proved how much ea'ler It
was to show a thriller on the screen
than u was to attempt anything nf the
kind by means of the spoken drama. So
these theatres at which melodramas and
New York successes of several years
standing were presented at cheip prices
gradually surrendered to the moving pic
tures Hut arrangemftits have hern made to
send a number of these companies
through the country on a route of forty
weeks Such a long season has made
it possible to get some good plays and
popular actors and there Is every Indi
cation of success for the new attempt to
revive an old policy of theatricals which
hail been driven out of existence by the
moving pictures. It Is not without Its
eloquonre that these theatres are this
year available because there Is less In
terest In the moving pictures than there
was when they were strong enough to
put the cheaper companies Into a sec
ondary place.
Ignace Jan Paderewskl has ,-hmgrd
hln mind about returning to Switzer
land for the summer and will start
with Mme. Padeiewskl for California on
I'rleda Ilenipel, who has made her
plans to spend the summer in (lermany,
expected to sail next week hy way of
Sweden. She will remain In this coun
try, however, and take a house In the
Tasquale Amato, who will pas tne
summer at Lake Placid, having se
lected the Adirondack Instead of l.ons
Island, where he passeit last summer,
will have the opportunity this year to
come Into comparlaon with Maurice Re-
naud In one or his rnmoun character
izations. This Is the monk Alhaniel In
"Thais." which ho will sing when tier
aldlne Karrar sings In Massenet's opera.
Virginia Hammond, who acted with
R. II. Hothern In Ills performances of
"If I Were King," has abandoned the
spoken drama for the camera and will
be with the Vltagraph Company.
Itohe Melville, who made u fortune
acting In "S1h HopkltiH" and retired to
live In her beautiful home on Lake
Oeorge, la now mnklng a second fortune
In putting this amusing character on the
films. Khe has been In Jacksonville all
winter and has Just returned to New
York on her way to her country place.
Madge Kennedy, who haa been the
heroine of "Fair and Warmer'1 since It
began and Is especially adapted by her
demure and Innocent manner to play the
leadlnK roles In pliiuant farces, will re
turn to the management of William A.
Ilrady, She will make her next appear
ance In "All Night Long," by Philip
Rtudlo pictures taken under the strong
light necessary to create them have al
ready done much to Injure the ejes of
the unfortunate actnrn who must pns In
them. It Is said that Charles; Itlchman
nan ucwu itne .,,,tr own iuhiim a.
long course of treatment necessary. Hid
has been almost blinded and has found
long course of treatment necessary, and
"I have not coveted
its responsibilities."
and stubborn attack of blindness from
the same cause The a'lv- are com
pelled to play In a Ida ne nib nim The
number of nciilM is said to have In
creiised twofold during the last iwoj
years In lis Angeles. The most fa- ,
motis oculists from all parts, of the ,
country are said to have been attracted
there by the large rewards possible .
Lew I'leldH has revived with great
success "Step This Wa)." which tled i
to be "The tllrl llehlnd the Counter.'- ,
and the play will probably run nil sum
mer at the Shuhert. Hut tin all nf the ,
movies, hi. itlng calcium and all, N Ir- ,
resistible when the glow of the calcium ,
takes on a golden hue So Lew will iose .
rnr some more pictures along wnn .ioe,,w,,, . .. in.i,.. v,.., .v,
Weher This time they will pose for (
the World Film.
Ciraitnalea March, In Itnlii for Hnr-r-Almirenfr
Wkht Point. June II The haeialiiu-' vv '"'ksnn was the soloist nf the
reate sermon to the graduating cIbsh nf I ,,wnl"E- singing a group of Shake
t'nlted States army cadet was delivered! 'pearhin songs.
In the cadet chapel this morning The Mr "I'd Jnlin Hakln and
class of Mfi, esortdl by a tattnllon oflMl" Maskln of New Vork have arrived
cadets, marched to the birr church on 1 for the suinmer
Chmwl lllll tlirnucb i doHiinour nf r.iln. I N,r- '"'d Mrs H Stebhlns of
The Itev II Perc) Sliver, H I . chap-1
lain of the Mllltarv Academy delivered
th address. Cadets Moes, 'lfi. Sohaf-
fer, MS. and Place. 'v, ang solos, An,
organ recital took place at 4 oclock and
a dress parade nt K. ' "'"'U'" ""'""' " ronnerly commander nf th. Twentj -"ec.
This evening the rain held off long s..son. I ()ni Corps of Knglneers, N C. N V.
enough for a band concert hy tlin Mr and Mrs. i II Sq iier have a an ! ,Vcre held v esienl.iv In the ,irmry at
ncadenfy band on the lawn In front of over Sunday guet Mrs, Lhtrles S'lUler lfiSlh ,r., a, ,..ort Washington ave-
the superintendent's qiiarler. Heunlnu "f New nrk. . u . . 'title. Chaplains Cohden and Fell cnn-
rilrners weiv held In the armv mess to. Mr and Mrs. H i.nthrle l.avo , ,,U,P( t. hHn ,.ou
night for the classes of '7. 'M. !)!. 'n i"ine,l the all summer colony at the I A, ,nr l)n)ln (1i ,vrr1)) , (.nM(t,t
and 11 More "old grads" arrival to. Imlce. Othrrs are Mr. and Mrs. , wa placed on n caisson furnished bv th..
day. those registering at nluninl head- Host .Miss Hest. Miss M, ( oleman Mr. .xrmipfy x)l0 corlege was
quarters numbering more than a linn-, and Mrs. i ieorue II. storm, , Mr. ninl Mrs. fnrnrle lo t noti street and Soventh nve-
dred, V"1'.'.1:?'. 'K'"'-.. ""J i. C "t!:1 ",",r" ,llf"" " '"' dlsh.md.sl and
Major-ilen. Hugh 1.. Scott. Chief nf De Witt. Mrs. I-rance A. H.H'knian. Mrs. . ft Ino,ln, .letnchment from the First
Staff, f H. A., arrived here Hils aftei-, Frank Black. Mr. rtti.l I Mr. (!. T Hill. I FpM Arinw,- cl.s as an escort to the
noon. He as met at the station hy (in , Jr . Mr. and Mrs. H. W if eln, It, .Mr. jvMnFyhs(l itailroad Terminal The
escort of cavalry, but ihe customary , mid Mrs I S. r,insend Mr. and Mrs. )li)v wn( ,., ,rlln to a rlington,
sahile was dispensed with until to-mor-,.1. . Hcnnlng. Mr anl Alls r. r. lloot. V for nrrrmPnt n.,p National feme,
tow Col John Middle. Corp of Kn-1 Miss II. II. on Made and Miss Alice l.. . ,rrj. A nut , , VniM S)M
glne-rs. the new supemtcndeni of the i-ol.Mimn. all of .Nowork .. engineers' station at Washington will
academy, who will take command on' Mrs '. '.Iim ''"'f1" "K; pay the la-t honors at the burial
...u. i cnm In to-dav to attend lh re-U' inipbell nf New ork will spend the
July 1. o
union dinner for the class of 'M
V . .
Oenerals nrrlvmg tn-nay inciuuen niso,
K L. B. Davis, 'fill; IS. S. Umlfrey, '67 r
K. H. Crowder, Judge Advocate Ueneral,
ciass'of 'SI, nnd Frank Mclntyre. chief
of bureau of Insular affairs, class of 'Kn.
Other prominent alumni arriving vvciii
Tillman. '!', Payne, 'fir. . AndrewH, '7J ; j
Bacon, 7fi ; Pravo. i Martin, s.. :
Carson, 'ST.; Straub. "S7 i Pierce, 91:
Scherer. 911 lime. "i'iou, i ,
...i,.v ni Wllllford. '(hi, nnd Kutx. Ml.
A review for den. Scott and the as
slstant chief of staff, C.c.i. Tasker II.
Bliss, who Is also here, will b held to
morrow afternoon.
Commencement of .lew Isli Tlii-nl.m-Icnl
emlnar at eollnn Hull.
Commencement excicises of the Jew -
Ish Theological hemiuary toiiK pii'i'-m s-
terdav at Aeolian Hall, Seven giaduiites
r.eetv'ed diplomat.. On each of thn seven
receiven iiiM.iin..e. .. ..
wsh also ennferred the degree of barb -
elor of Hrls. The) were Louis Fein-
t,' ii1 Maracheck. Sanuud S.ichs,
berg. Joseph Man r r h 'l ' f' ' 'a
MnrrlH Teller, Herman Llssai er, Jnscpli
H. Margolles ami .lacon .vieuucisonn,
ThtiB far the Hcmlimry has provided
ahoiit 100 rabbis for American Judaism.
Twenty-five young men anil women
were graduated i.h teachers of Hebrew
In the aynagosue schools.
Dr. Cyrus Adler, actlnpr president of
the seminary, spoke hopefully In his
report of the progress nuuln In view of
the death nf the Itev, Pr, Solomon
Rcherhter, the president, itnd Ihe lack
of a permanent leader. Louie Felnherg
was valedictorian and addresses were
made hy Judge Meyer Sulzberger nf
Philadelphia, Solomon M. Stroock. the
I TTv, IT, o DrUmDWHE Ol .VIontreAl ntUl
e,.l t M Kanlan laeoh ll Hetties
Bev. Dr. Abramowllz of Montreal and
its powers, nor do I permit myself to shrink from
Ml'. .l.'H'lvMHt Sink's at Slllltlliy
Kveniner Concert Sum
mer Colony firows.
Hn u.ri ikp l.opoE, N. V. June II.-
nt .Innr innro l,v. .-!v.n . t th.
hsh Mr V JheH nrnsncr , of enter" I
Hit the While House have Iwen thor
oughly disetiued by the men of large In
teiestM snipping at the lodue Hut to
night the guests gathered. In the foyer
for the Sunday evening concert Pr.
ni.i. tr...- i. ..
aterti.wn. N ., who are on a motor-
"'C trip, nie breaking the journey wlthl
a eek'. stay at Hrlarcllff
Mrs. (.eorse 1 Halrtwln or i hlcago
"'i ht ku-m. .i.s ,i . '"'"''r"r'"
I month of June at Hrlarcllff Lodge.
i x, VtLn.. Mil,!....,., hi.
.Mr, aim .-ue.
their guest Mr. Meldrum h sister, Miss
Meldrum of Houston, Tex
. u M Thnmv.en. Memphis; Mr.
x,r, Colgate llnyt. oter Ist
nn,morrvv j innnis. nurislo, w. J,
i;,pn, i iiickk", n. i. iiiui'in. '
Mal.'sllr .Mr hii.i .nr., i. , i .mi, i.a
rrnsse, VVis.i Mr. and Mrs, It. li ll.lll. SI.
llreslln Mr sml Mrs F I. Hiilil.ir.l,
Alhnnv. It llolle. Prov hlenee; It, M Hnr
ei, H'lHton.
Viiiulerhllt Pr. Itsnul Fernsndes. llrnTll,
Invld l'ottr, llesion, Mrs llunld .Vein.
tnall, Chl'MK"
nrelliiii llii'l Mr mill Mrs J II Im-li-l,
The llngne, Hnllsnrl, Mr K. Penny nn.l
f.lnill). lain. Inn
Maiilialtnn Mr M Vlr 'litmle it.
1 Ani,ir., iieiroli '
name-. I.nnlvllle, Mr mil Mrs i' I
,.,(Bn. I ! rtv.m. Ilnnim, rhi.rls.
i n liei4tltli. Ceheneciadv. Mr and Mrs
i VV T. llliMke. Itrldsepnn, I'.uni,
, Knp iorhi'krr - K II Suinple. Albsny;
, VrK";, Mr. t , tnkle.' Cmihrlrlge,
( BM1 , mi- and Mrs M A I'arnet. nnsinu.
1 Mc.VlpIn- 1 .1 Marlnnre, Atlanta. Mr
' ami Mr.. Henry llalues. Wlliiilnglnn Del j
Mr ,, Mr. '.,, Mnngle, ,t,mg-
,tn, vB
In vt Vork To-day,
Dliillinnd Jilhllee
Fnrdhmn PnH erlty.
Dinner tn Prcahv lerlan
loe Huvny, evrtiliir
Park concert, nrranged hy Music League,
Central Park Mall, P. M.
f'oiuinencenieiit eerelsa, llrsiillns Acad
emy, at Plaia lintel, 4 p M
lleneilt perfnrnianee fnr Union tlnspltnl
of Thn Bronx, Bronx Opera Home, eve.
C'ntiiinenrMnenl eisrries, Parker rol
leglate Institute, Inralemon near I'nurt
Mrellng, New Tnrk Prrshylery, ? p M.,
street, iironmyn, s r .m
I'llnrrnt nf the Publisher l Held
nt Ilia I. air lliiine,
WssiltM.TOS-. June 11 -The funeial
ol John It. Mclean, the publisher, took
filace to. da) at Friendship, his late hiimo
near this tit) The Kpiscopal burial
service was ie.nl by the Itev Roland
Cnttnn-Sinlth, rectnr of St. John's
Church, where Mr Atclcan had a pew
tor mans )earn
Among those attending the funeral
were Kdward 11 Mclean, the only son.
ami his wife. Mix Heorge Dewej, sis
ter of Mr Mclean; Admiral Pewe'y. Mr.
anii Mis Krederl.k HiiKher. a nephew.
ami tils wife Chief Justice, and Mrs
"''l1:!"1 '. MV ""
.. '.''.ii". .mis ' lirisune liwcn auri tne
Spanish AinbaesArinr aiul Mine filano
After the burial servlre the cortege
went to Hock Creek t'emeter), hero the
body n tdsced In a vault which a.
readv contains t'ie bodies nf Mrs Mc
Lean and other members of the Alcl.ean
family. There were no honorary fill
br arere.
xllnnlll t.nnrA l.eartcr will
nnrleil In vrtlnnlnn. Vn.
Military funeral services fur Hrevet
ltilg-(len Walter nrvaut I lotclililn
Ploys and Plnyera,
Thomas H Inre and A H W'no.t e.ive
fnr t.'hlfiig.i t" dsy to uiske arrangementi.
for the stiov. leg of "t'lvlllxailon ' ,,t the
(Jrsnrt flpers llnuse there In the latter p,at
of r hi s nionih
N'lim I'avne and Je Nleinejsr will pre.
enl a thin, lug nov.lty at the Pal.o-e to.
day This they lll tske n ln.hin In a
few weeks tn he a feature of a new reue
at the I'nll-eilm
The tlrst performance nf "The Tonirs nt
l!it" will he given this evening nt th
New Amntri. 1111 lliestre ll will he the
tenth annlversiir) of ihe flrel proluitlnn nt
Ihe "Pnllles" hy Flo '.efeit, Jr
VVhm ileorge While ami Lucille i-h.(.
nsgli ofter their new itiiiii'e tit tlie I'ahi e
The.tle next lli'il tlie. w I'l use n Bilge
setting designed bv Joseph t'rhnn the nrst
he has pilnte.l for vaudeville use
The PtiHiid fsshlon levlew, n illsp'nv nf
tnentv gmvns en li.e lllitnnlKllls. will l,e a
feature nt Ihe prngl h niine ill the Strand
Thewlre, beginning In ill), three ilnien a
dav thirmithniit the week st ; (5. Jus and
Martha lle.ln
,,,, Km ,,
Bt tn, Anis,i p
nicturrs nr hi
fimpk. of cake
I d,,,.
Martha lle.tuun of "The H'H.ni.T.ina"
spen.i toinuiriiw iltternoon
llHVlmr selling autoerantted
herself and giving
e which he hniini in gloss
Aa one of the special features nf A inert
rnn .Irani i )enr planned In the Krauix
urrumliic ii inatliirr nf V-enei frr f,
or nve hltnrlr ploys marking tlie grnwih
of AmrrlcMti pin) w riling l.n.l produ. lug
first night ieut tn.nuirruw for tin. t.tliulc
aol.Mers fund will he u rept r sentatlv e nf
the Bald Bead ("lull of America, of whlrh
fongressniun P. Duvls O.ikey of Harllord
Is president, To preserve Hie 1 1 it i hou
ored custom nf hnvlug hnld heads In the
first row Ihe club Intends tn hid fnr a
film k of front row aMits
The New Vork branch nf the I'hlnese
Nationalist League will give a dinner In
hnnnr ef Italph VV Ince at the Port Vrihur
(.restaurant, I'hln.itnan, In. night Mr Inre
Ii supermini a plav called "Ihe Dragon
I an, neinuni si-rnrs ill uiq i mnrfts
Million of IHI Aninng the other
an, oepicuni st-enm m ina i ninrse revo-
nther giieata
:inoto plsy.
As the feature motion picture play
la at the height of Its popularity, another
playhouse Is to be given over to the
movies. This Is the Oalety Theatre,
which will begin to-day to show Sir
Herbert Tree's film production of
"Macbeth." Performances wilt be given
twice dally.
Marguerite Clark, who Is popular
wherever she appears on the screen, Is
at the Strand Theatre this week In "8llks
and Satins," In which she plays the
part of n young lady of the present age
and then one nf past centurlcp. Charles
Chaplin pictures have again been In
corporated In the Strand programme and
"The Fireman" will be exhlhlted to
dav and throughout the rest of the
William S Hart Is to be seen at the
nialto Theatre In "The Apostle of Ven
geance." a thrilling drama from the
Kentucky blue grass region The usual
Incidental musical programme Is an at
tractive part of the entertainment.
"The Making of Marldalna" Is the
tltln of the picture on view at the Broad
way Theatre And ITdna (Joodrlch Is the
central tlgiire around which the play
revolves, The scene are laid In Italy i
and develop many strong situations. A
Charlie Chaplin comedy la another fea
ture of the bill
Jose Collins Is the star of "A Woman's
Honor," which William Fox Is show
ing at the Academy of Mnele. The
lorale Is partly In ttalv and partly In
this rnmnrv Saba Raleigh and Arthur
Ponabhon support Mls Collins,
Of thoso picture plays which continue
to be exhibited without a change nrc i
"How Britain Prepared," at the I.vceum
Thratre "(Hot la's Rnmame." a' the
lilohe Theatre, and "The Fall of a Na
tion." nt the Liberty Theatre,
Third . V, I'nstor Within Week to
lie- Honored ! Pope.
The Itev. JMwIn M Sweene), who has
been pastor of the Itoman Catholic
Church of the Asc. nslon, injth stret
between Uroadway and Amsterdam ave
nue, since January, H'"l. has been
mule a monslgnor bv Pope Henedlct.
Tills makes the third pastor of a New
York church to be raised to the dignity
of a monslgnor within a week. The
two others are Father Chldwick and
Father Penm
Father Sweeney now is privileged to
wear the purple robes and will assume
the title of the cr Heveretid Monslgnor.
Through his elevation he also becomes
a member of the Pope's household, with
the title nf Domestic I'remt
Mgr. Sweeney Is at the head nf one
of the wealthiest and most Influential
parishes In the city, the boundaries of
which extend from Itlverslde Drive to
Central Park West. He became the pas
tor on the death of the late Itev. Nich
olas rtelnhart.
Since his Installation he has built
cr., of the r.r.rt chur.-h rdlfljci cn the
West side. He also built the .rectory.
Hrsldes that, through his unceaelng ef
forts one of the most up to date paro
ch'al schools In the diocese was built
at a cost of $12."i non,
Mgr Sweenev was onla.t.c! with a
distinguished .lass at St Joseph Semi
nary. Trov. In June 175 Hie i lass,
males Hi, Hnle.1 Mgr l.avelle nf St Pat
r. k'.. the Itev p !,. MeCo'ry, pvstor
t St Catherine nf -,eno;i, and the
Itev M. .1. llenrv of the .Mission of Oitr
l.adv of the Ilos.iry His tlrst assign
ment was as assistant to Dr Mi 111) nn
at St Stephen's lie once was .lean of
deter and Sullivan counties
Opened at Itntvnytnn, Conn,, In
Honor of (lie Itev. W, H, French.
The French Demonstration Farm at
Hnwnvton. Conn, was deillcal.d yester
day afternoon The farm Is run n a
seiiil-phllaiithroptr bus's The children
admitted tn it nie taught scieniMlc farm
ing. It , s In memor) of the Hev Will
iam r.lennev French and its motto Is.
"Mav the spirits of tae departed loved
ones live again through the living"
At Ihe servl e marking the openlrc
meinbeis of the Suns of th.- Itevdutlun
raised a meniotlil tlag to I, nut William
i7enuc . one "f the charter members of
the nribr of the Clnc'nnatl. Flag
were also raised to the departed mem
bers of the Woman Suffrage Partv,
members of the Sigma Alpha llpsllon
and memb. rs of the dramatic profession.
M. mori.il gatd. ti plots wore dedicated
to. Tln liiv Wllll.ini (.ilenney French,
the Itev Louis French, the llight Ilev.
Alt vatuler Mack-ty. Smith, the Itev Cor-
In Hum It Smith, Iteijamln Talbot Hah
bltt. It. hi. v. i McDulllc Habbltt. Ida Jo.
seph'ne Rilibltt Hyde, V'dmund Cecil
lhde, Clara Mathewson Hyde. Sir
Thomas llniatlo Mrdregor Mcileorge,
Sir llohirt Leslie and manv others who
were personal friends of Mri Klsle Fal
conie Ft en h
Written WorUa lle.ii.en I heil lo the
I cnliir) Vs.oclallon,
The will ..f U i Ham Walton, writer,
artist, .rrii- aid translator, who m be.
Moved to have committed suic'.le when
he found himself without sulllcl.nt In
come to maintain his standing among
his. urti-t friends, was lltr.l leeontly lor
Walton lived in a Hinllo at .Ififl West
Twentv second street Ills body was
washed up oti the beach ut Hockaway
on Nnvi'mhor Ll Ian. Not until No.
vemlier L'i was his identity established,
through the finding nf a letter In h!
pocket which had been nverbinki'd when
Ihe police H, 'inched hlsj clothing.
Ills written works he bequeathed tn
the Century Association of New Vork
ilty They Include several Illustrated
subscription voluiuiis published by
irnrgi nirrlenr rnilinleiphla, "A Ills
lory of Sculpture." "M.vthnlogy. "The
Army and Navy of the I'iiltrd Stalls.," j The enteiiamment ..nnnitttoc bus at
two vnlnnien on the Pails export- : langi-il an enticing pmgiamnie to keep
lions of tsx'i and lPOii and m on Hie in,, uikinists here ilunng the car'.) siim-I'hli-iign
exvosltlon of IV'.iH ale luuoiig ' niei In spito of tl.o iiiclcm. nt w.athcr
these The sum nf 'lim is siven toe a luge niininei- reinaiin'd over.
rehljiiiiiiK the vvoiks A iiumlu r of,
iiimiiis ii. i n io ii iiiiniors, vviin n no
traiiMlatisl. are nlm beiiueathed in Ihe
asenrnii ion
As cvccuinrH no named fairnll Hick-
wilh, an artist, nnd A W I'.illlsiiui, Jr.
They nr.. to sell his studio property
and pay all transfer or lnhct Itatice taxes
on tlie hciucsts he made In his mint.
Mr Itobeit Put mm of Norway, Pa., and
i M's enroll lle.'kvvllh. Mrs Purvis Is
. ,, M,-,.ve the tcsldiio of his esinte if
iiiniillis iifler the debts have been
vim rlimo Broker Hied Poor,
Frlie Podsstis ihe marriage broker. I'l,l' touinaiiuints was held on the links
who was thought to be the possessor of ' under the supervision of Mrs. J. K.
n large forlune when he died last Jan- j 1 '.ivie A large entry of young ladies
nary left an estate of only flftd. nr. , came out In spite of the lalny weather
cording to n Sunogntc's order lllod In , Mrs Harry Se-dgwlck itave a luncheon
Brooklyn Wlufleld S Mansfield of if. 'at the club. entcitalnlliK a part) of nx
I'ourt Street. Brnnkljn. who says he Is. teen Among others who euiertiilned
one nf the largest creditors of Ihe de. were Mrs. Lee Dclaflehl, A M Post
ceased, seeks to be made administrator
Mrs. Olenn Ford McKlnney, known
before her marriage as Jean Wehster,
author and playwright, died yesterday
In the Slonne Hospital nt Amsterdam
avenue and Fifty-ninth street following
the hlrth of a daughter on Saturday.
The child survived.
Mrs. McKlnney was a Vassar gradu
ate In the class of 'fl. She married Mr.
McKlnney, who Is a lawyer, In Wash
I ,gton, Conn., on September 7, 191..
She was known widely for writing the
story "Daddy Long-Kegs," which was
afterward put Into play form and acted
at the Oalety Theatre two years ago
with much success by Ruth Chattertnn.
It- the past season Miss Chatterton
starred In the piece with Henry Miller.
Following "Daddy I.ong-I.egs" there
appeared a scipier to It called "Deaf
l;nemy," which rnn In magaxlne form
Mrs. McKlnney was nlso the author of
".Int Patty "The Four Pools Mvs
tery," "Much Ado About Peter" and
other slot lee, She was a member of
Mrs. Glenn Ford McKinney,
Formerly Miss Jean Webster, author
of "Darlrly l,ong-I.ogt." Ac.
the Cormopolltnji Club, Womnn's Cnl
verslty Club nn.l the Pen mid Hrush
Club nf New Vork.
Her wedding in the qualm little New
Ihigland village of Washington last
fall was all eve t of Interest Manv
her college fiieuds living theie were
present and gave her a rer,pt,n
Mrs McKlnnev was born In New Vork.
She s sin i id M 'ici hutl.tti1 and her
mother. Mrs. Charles L. Wtls-ter Mr.
McKlntiey lived at l;'s West Flftv-nlnth
street No arrangements have yet been
made for the funeral.
Well Knnnn llealrtetit nf Tuxedo
Dies nt (irrenvvleli. Conn.
fiRrRNwirtt, Conn June 11 John
ilordon Fellows of Tuxedo. N V. died
at the home of his cousin F.llzs P
Cronkhlle, on North street here early i
to-day after hrief illness. He was In
his fifty. seventh ye.r
Mr Fellows was born n New Vork'
r'ty. the nn nf Mr and Mr George A
Fellows lit fither was a prominent
merchant In the cltv dining the evrly'
'sfts Me was graduated from Harvard,
Crllege. class of '.' He mver engaged
In any a. tive business, lie was i mem-'
her of t'ie New Vork Vacht Club and
the Ivnli'ke'hoi ker. Tuxedo. 1'nlon and
llactuet clubs, lie was a bachelor and,
no mar relatives survive ilm.
The funeial wld be held at St. Bar-!
Ihnlniew's Church on Wednesday nmrn-1
Ihk at 11 o'clock Interment will h 1
made :n Cireen-Wood Cemetery. Brook-j
Vilolph II. I'.lihlnn.
Adnlph H Lbhing picj,ldc:ii "f 'he
Cermanla Boat Club, died on Saturday
night In his hn-rie, oi Wver stieet Ho.
boketi He was , onmvted with Ihe
Stand.!' ri I'll Comvan) In New Vork for
thirty ears. being in the Custom House
oetwrttrem Mr Lbhing was a life
member of the Hohnken leiilk.e of F.Iks
He belonged also to ihe Six o'clock Club
and the Boval Arianum Mr. Khbing is
hinviveil In Ills wife, who was former y
Miss Leila Connetlv of .New Voil, j
Peter lillr,
Sva Ci.trr, N V. June ll -I'etet i
Kllcy 71 years old, is dead in his lmm
here as the result of a i ompllcatlon of
diseases He was a produce merchant
of Washington Market until he retlied,
about live vears ago Mr Kllcy was
horn In New York el'v and lived most
of his time In Brooklyn until about
eight years ago lie was a number of
Hiram Ixwlire, F nnd A M of New
Vork. Ills wife, a son and a daugh
ter, survive.
First Large Informal Ounce .ilven,
nt the I lull. I
Tf.xi.no Pahk. N V June II
Tuxedo horse sh .w . ..i nil i marked
the beginning of a gav season, w hi. h will
' , nntlnue until after I iiilenendence Dav
The first luige infoinuil dame ..f the
siiisi'iv vviih nepi a"' nigni at tne cium
, and was large) atlciidcl. ThciC vvei'Cj
(ivel .on illliner guests ncioie ine nance
lucre who alwi mimeroiui house parties,
j Mi's Simuel Spencer who his lieen In
Wnshlngioii, artlved at her Tuxedo
i home tor the summer nnd Mr- W II
' I' ling has Ktrlve
nt l...e vltl.. .... UV
1 Wall Lake road
Mr nnd Mrs
Smith. Mr and Mrs J F Harris, Dr
nnd Mrs K. L. Ke.ves nnd, Mi and Mrs.
I'l'eslnn Davie nie n'so here for a short
I. me
' Mr. and Mis David Wagstaff had a
llatge lions, part) at their villa and Ihe
.second of n scries of ladles' coif medal
Ml'rriell, Le Grand Cunnon and Mrs.
aSriBi ...
f g.H
H'.- QslglglglglglglglgH
gsgsF gsgsgsgsgsgsgsgsH
HaiiiiH i
y1?? s'f?k -
Wns Former President nf Now
Jersey State Medical
Dr Frank D. Oray, one of the leading
surgeons of New Jersey and president
of the State Medical Society In 1!1K.
who shot himself In the right temple
last Tuesday In his home at R2 Madison
avenue. Jersey City, d!ri yesterday at
Christ Hospital. He was unconscious
for nearly forty-eight hours after the
shooting and from then until Saturday
morning was rational most of the time.
He again lapsed Into a coma, which
lasted to the end, His three cloaeat
friends, Pr. flordon K. Dickinson, Dr
Donald Miner and Dr flenrge 1" Mr
Laughlln. one nf whom was wl'h Dr
Oray constantly, made heroic error's to
save his life
Dr ilray was Rfl years old and had
befti a resident of Jersey Cltv since
lSx'.1. when he entered the City Hospital
as an Interne. After completing his
course he associated himself with Dr
11. A Watson, a noted surgeon of that
time, and later succeeded to Dr Wat
son's practice. He spent two years In
llurope In the early 'f"'s advancing him
self In surgery He was for a number
of years head consulting surgeon at the
North Hudson Hospital In Wrehawken.
In 1 s Dr. flray married Catherine
Atkinson, a daughter nf the nev John
Atkinson, who was then pastor of the
West Side M. V. Church In Jersey City
They had no children For the last two
years Mrs. Uray has been In a sana
torium because of a mental d ?order
Two months ago Pr Orav suffered
an attack of appendicitis He whs np
eratod upon aftir Insisting that onlv
local anesthetics be ited He returned
home two weeks ago and rcsumisl hH
prartlco against the advice of his friends.
Because he was not as strong as be
fore the operation nnd unable tn per
form his duties as well as previously
he became des-iondenl It preyed upon
his mind so that while In his bedroom
last Tuesday, after refusing to heed thn.
advice of Dr. Miner that he takn a long
vacation. Dr Oray got his revolver and
shot himself In the right temple Dr.
Miner was downstairs at the tlm at
tending to A pstlent.
Wllbnr Lincoln flnrrmns,
Wl'hnr Lincoln Doretnns foe nr!y
thirty years with the Standard oil
Cnmpam at IS Broadway, died yester
day at Ills home, '11 Washington ave
nun, Hrooklvn, following an operation.
He was horn In Hrooklvn tn ISrtH and
t. nflfor manv vears was 'erretiry of th
oll-lal hoard of the Hanson Place Meth
odist Lplscopal Church He leaves
a wife. h's mother, sister and
four brothers. Frank V Pot emus
of Duluth. Hirry W Pirm'i of
Poremns A. Morse Advertising Agency
Andrew .1 Poremn. Jr. vice,
president nf the rieneral OH Companv,
Inc., and A Theodore Poremns, assist
ant secretarv of the Stntidnrd Oil Corn
pan) of New Vork.
MeKINNKV To Mr and Mrr t Font
MrKlnpev nee Jfan vxKf.r s
daughter, Jnre to. JH
TVCOr.HAMTLTOy On Fvf.rl! j.n,
10. in, vt Pt I,!ik' Ch.p-1. ,ter
llnrten. N V h- 'h Rleht Rev
rhlllp M Rhtne1an1r. BUhop of
Penr.tvlvsnla. Helen )I"rirvr Hmh"r
nf Mr and Mrs Wllltvm Pte-nen Hm
I ton. to Arthur Wnndi
CH APM .X Suddenly, on Jure pit,
John Ourtt Chrm", In his seventy,
fourth fr
Kuneral "rvlce his t reHsnce.
19a l.exlngmn av enue Prnnk'vn Mon
dsy. .June II at 2 P M Interment
at onvenlenfe of fsmllv
nortKMl'." - Tittered Into life Te-n en
Sundnv. .Inns t. tst, wilfur Lin
coln Pnremua .enve huhtnd nf n
Ln'.u Peremue
rurerlll service it hp s.e t.iin.e
vin tV'SFhlngton a.erue Prooki.n,
Tuf'dsy. P M Inieroien' p-lvate
tVedn-sdaV at C,rnne1
tlL'PLET.- On .lime 10 t!t .' her h -l"
!M Wltlnw urest. Prc-k i .i e .
CifZlnv PlKk-vt7. '1fe nf ',-e VV.1
!m It Pudle,. M P. 'n h- . si- .
h rd vear.
Itinera errv . w;i pe i- - t ,,n .
I'h ir. h. e.-.-ner ot Or. e a !
H.k elreel. Brnok v e r.,. 7 .e ; ,
Line IS. 191. vt J o'. n-k . e if.sr
noon It l reo,ueiei the' no e,.,,,
he sent.
llHRINU Al llnhoUr.. N ' u it
urdav. .tune in, l)l. x ! j. n ll r-i.
Fillier.il service vt h's a- ' e
0 ltlv-r street 1lotk VI, i4l
erenlnr at t n'elo, k I' .
da) at 10 A VI . 'hen's i .
xnd Paul's I'huieh i-
vsr Cemetery
' I'F.I. LOW'S - tin "sturdsv !.'
IJreehWtrll. nun , VVIISli, '.,.'1
ef the late l,enrie V Ke'.u.
flflv seventh vent- of h'1- ti C
funeral servlres iv i'l ,e h d i V
,av inoriilnc. . Imie It M r
SI Ilartholeinew s rp'ir 1,
avenue and fnrt v-fni.rl h -l-e,
reoiif-'.'il thai nv fnufa l .e-
1 M. kssK.V Jean vveh.ie
if '
yv.r I VIeK.'inev. n.,
nl .s, ork
1 !
runsrn! private 1'le.se nii l
M I C 1 1 A K I . -Suddenlv nt his 'eidei. e.
If. Hetklev nvenu orange .s .1, on
I Sunda) June II. nis, Os. ar Ml harl
ii"-'"'o ir.r
I Puneral private at cnnvenlenee of f.mtiiv
TBIinV .M Hnilevvnnrt, N 1 tune i
Isli Louise Vander.oort 1err in 1
slvt) sixth jear. vrlfe of thi
William O Teiry.
Funeral private Please runt' " v
VOOUHMl - Max Vogrhh. ifi a
lllneis, In the sixty. fifth vs.. ' i,,.
l-Niueral from hie lute ran i n I.
ll'verslde Drive, en Tnefla tie
nl I o rlo.'lc
0rle M Ollchrlst.
C. A. Finite.
y i&.sMKM ytw avawM
ls' 1, s n ttrvmuUtYtHUm

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