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v- - - m?-1 v-.'r-S sf. .ifcAj wfig'i ,iw'i;.vit o? Mtni VevTSg' r-ffii Tl , rte.
Detroit Tigers Find Caldwell's Curves Early and Win by Score of 4 to I Tufts Still Leads College Batters
Harry Coveleskle and Detroit
Oo to Six Straight With
Tholr Aid.
.Pnnorr, June 11, The Yankees
on this trip are playing 33 1-3 per
rent, bascbn'.l, one-third productive and
two-thirds non-productive, and that won't
get Uicm very far. To-day the Detroit
beat them to 1, They, the Ynnks, are
running Into Western focmcn when the
latter are In the thick of a winning
streak, and they aro prolonging those
winning streaks for tho Western foe
men. Tho Drowns went to tdx straight,
with the Yankees for opposition In the
last two games of tho nix, and the De
troit iiinilo It fix straight to-day.
Tho two Ynnkco defeats In Rt. Louis
were duo to chucklo headed base run
ning. Tho Knickerbocker boys didn't
get any chance to run bases to-day.
They wcro not on them often enough.
The high class pitching of Harry Cove
leskle was their undoing. They couldn't
hit It was tho real merchandise In
pitching tluit they couldn't lilt, but still
they couldn't hit.
llefore the Yunkees had their bearings
the Detrolts had Jammed home a safe
I-...I.. . I..,. 1.1.1.. ,.e Ulli.1 rililu-All
did tho business. Caldwell, neverthe-' Ar', Mucks, the mammoth WlnconVn
less, although ho Inflated his lorg losing , "cB"ht thrower. Is only at the boglnntng
11st. pitched well, lln was not effec-1 "f a spectacular career, according to
tlve enoURli In the first three Innings to , J"m Jon; w,h" coaches the lladgcr uth
i,i. i,. Tin.,. i,. frn.,, iitm mi letes. It It hard to see how a weight
did the best pitching he has .lono tills thrower's carter Is going to be spectacu
year. Them was more steam on his fast . Iar unless they hang Chinese lanterns on
ball. He pitched as If he was Hearing
his real form, and among his achieve
ments was the striking out of Cobb once
and preventing that mighty man from
getting n base hit or anything like it.
Ho had Tyrus the terrible quite tamed.
Vrneh it Terror for Yanks.
If Caldwell could hnvo drawn
Claws of Tiger Veach It would havo been
a close game. Veach pronged the offer
ings of tho h'llm server for three tingles
nnd drove In three or thoi domestic
runs. Again It would have been a closer I
game had Oedeon not wrestled a losing
IIOUI Willi J.USIl a lirumiili-l ... .'. ...o.
Inning. That maifcasanco lowerfd tho
drawbridge to one Detroit run. nnd It
Is possible that there wouldn't have
been any In that period If Hush had
been turned back, as ho would have
been by the acceptance of an eas .
There was an overflow crowd and
rround rules, hut the ground rules were ,
unnece.iry. for no ball was hit that
far. At the Tolo r.roundi It would have
been Just an ordinary attendance, not
filling the stands, but here people were
on the field. i
The Yanks developed a mania for ,
bunting, but those tactics did not flus
ter or reveal any weakness In the work
of Coveleskle. Not a bunt that was
not taken care of by Coveleskle or his
aids. Tho Yanks clung to this form of
attack persistently. If that Is a virtue,
but showed more stlcktoltlvcncsa than
skill at tho prodding process.
After Oedeon had cufTed Bush's
grounder In the first- Vttt singled. Cobb
sacrificed and Veach rushed two home
with a Flngle. Vltt singled In the third
and was safe nt second on a fielder's
cholco when Pecklnpnugh. with good In-
fntlons but defective Judgment, tossed
Cobb's grounder to the midway Instead
of making a play for the batter at first.
veach patten v lit nome, ioui wikiiik
third. Veach was collared stealing.
Cobb ellncliiL- tn third, although he
could have fenred on the play. Still this
unusual caution on tho nart of the Peach
didn't matter, as He'.lm.m thrust a
single to centre ami i- iieu mo eminent
How the VniiUrri "rnrffl.
. . i i
The Yanks made their run on an
Infield hit by Oedeon, l'lpp's out nt first
and a single to left by IVcklnpnuch.
Detroit friends nf Hugh High presented
a travelling bag to that unobtrusive
Ynnkeee, but there were no ba.e hits
In It. The K'oro;
new yohk 1 nr.TnoiT
ab r h p a e all r h p a
nHVI.r rf !lrt" 1 0 IV Till aVi 1 .1 1 rt
riDn.lb, .
Itlch.lf ...
1 IU 1 IM' V ITI.5I1 . ... 4 1 !J II I
4 11 : 4 1 CoMi ef .... i o i on!
4 0(1 .1 : e'Vraih.lf . . 4 03 0 0 0 I
4 0 111 0 f lleilmm.rf. 4 01 o on1
3 i 1 2 3 0 Ilurni.lb.... 4 (i 114 I'll!
30 0 s oo'Youni.Jb,. TO') .1 4 n I
soi c lOManazee. . 30 1 f, 101
,-. (i o o : c Curoletkle.ps oo i 4 o i
Total 311
:i is i
o o i' o e o ii'iv-11
Petrolt .." lOSOoeoo
Kirn banc on error-Detroit I-ft on b,i..
New vork r Deiioil. 1 First hire on bill.
Off Caldwell, l; nlf Coveleskle. I Mruek
Out Ilv CnldwiJI. C: bv Colele.kle. (, s.i(.ri.
lice hit Cobb liouhie pi iv ll.iker. Ib.leoti
ami ripii, Cnrele. kie llti.li unit Hum.
Karn-il run )fl Caldwell, 3; nil i.Vii.ikii..
1 Umpire in . hii'f--Ohlll Vield iimpiie--Dlncen,
Tiino 1 hour and X niinulei
Twelve Yachts Still In llnre at Tort
PoriT Waihsoton. L. I.. June 1 1
Twelve yachts of the Etar clam com -
neted in an intercluli race over tho
triangular course of tho I'ort Washing-
ton Yacht Club In Manhasset Hiy this
afternoon. Charles IJ. Hyde'H Hydrnj
wnn liv IIia cntn fnrlahlft mrirL- ii .if
nearly two mlnutci over (leorge Corry's
Little I)ii-,ier. Snake, owned and guided
hy Tracy II. L"wls, was third. SW of
the olhem followed closely behind, while
two of the yachts that started did not
tlnlsli, A light breeze north liv north
east was blowing across tho bay and
conip'iratlvel slow time was inailo on
the six mllo Journey. The nummary i
.STAItT, 315 COUllHll, ii .VIII, IIS
l.l ip.eil
1 l'J .LI
1 iil ilj
1 55 01
1 3.1
1 3i 40
i 40
1 37 41
Taeht "nd Owner II. M s
llwlra. riinrlrs i: llvle. ;, oi
Little flipper. ileoiK.. f.'orry Oil 3-
Snake, 'I'rurv II Lewi.. .1 O'l n.1
-vllalr, WI'll. A Sts.iiti.it ci . r. io ft't
Vete. (I V Lliler. Jr. 10 3T.
ll-inshre, , t-rtoii r. 10 40
Ye, I.' ll. Cnltl 5 It 40
Aumra, II A. Morgan ,...r, 13 IS
Neptune. VV II llrnklns f. II f.S
i ::i ss
Little ie.,r. Allan Walker DM not llnlah
Mini, .iiinor, .liner A
D'Hrien DPI not flnl.h,
"VVrlKbl Lends on 1'lllshlnit Links.
I'l.iy for the Kniernors' cup was con
tinue.) M-sierday nn the links of the
riusliiiig Country f'lub. IhiKene Wright
I'd with a mil of 14. 74 II Ken
worlhy was second, with SO -10, 7C.
Wr.ltrn U-.igiie llemilt,
OitMhii, ' 'loprhii, 3 (iirat name).
Onoiloi. i ropeki, r. leernnd name;
rjlle.l end of ihlricenih liiiilng on account
ef durl nets).
Si Joseph, 4 Llneotn, I.
lie. Moliie, 7. Wlthlta, S,
Deliver 7, floiu I'lty, 3
UAniaoN S.Q iAitni:s
Hot OfTIre S'or Open.
Tiltphon ilia. tin. im.
It Is nip and tuck hetween Simpson
and Murray in hurdle expertne.il, and
the reason the Missouri and California
delegates excol at timber topping is that
they have the loftiest tlmbor to practise
on. California has Its redwood and Mis.
sourl Its cottonwood.
When the Giants won their twelfth
consecutive victory the club owner, II.
N. Hempstead, gave the crowd twenty
live straw hats. Three weeks previously
he'd have given them twenty-live years.
Cricket games between Oxford and
Cambridge settle which hae the better
team, but Havard, Yale and Princeton
furnish the only championship series.
Discussions have their pros and cons,
hut In sports there are pros and ama
teurs. What billiards needs Is a tourney to
settle the best-sliowing-ngalnst-WIIUo
An article has been written on how
Connie Mack uses his brains. Connie
must have been submitting his cranium
to the X-rays.
Yale men don't mind the crew's using
flat slides so long as they don't tnduco
The Otants report a. peculiar case of
scoring In one of their gnmes In the
West. Ocorge Kelly went to hat for
somebody else and struck out, nnd the
next morning the papers gae him nn
me weignt or the tnrower flloj along
with It when It's thrown.
The wnrld's long feuds Include cats w
dogs, the Thirty Years War and the
L S. O. A. vs. Oulmet.
Charles Durborrow, Philadelphia's
long distance swimmer, already this
season has swum from Hlverton, N. J ,
to Ueverly. N. J., sixteen miles, In six
hours anil twenty minutes, and from
Hlverton to Chestnut street, Philadelphia,
twenty miles. In six hours and fifty-nine
, ; probably 'he could swim
fr(jm tne Atlllmlc u, . ,,aclc , ,,.
i weeks and six days If ho could climb
Niagara Kails, dodge the sand bars In
I the Missouri, negotiate the Colorado
I Hlver ahd eat, sleep and have his bath
In water en route.
Johnny O'lary, a Wewtern fighter,
expresses the hope that he will get one
Results of Yesterday's
Big Leagues and
No nam's scheduled, all tmms limine
the Kant.
nrTAn.Fn stamiisji ok tub ci.uk.
1 pLrjsjj
j 1
1 '
. ,
n in i'jvi
v:i, is ,iiii
vn 111 .vis
;o T:n
V3 V5 Ills
.ii "in' iih
si "v;1 1:1s
3 3
I New York...
irtiilailelnhia , I
i chicwo ,
11 J,
St I.otlii .
Damn loll.
3' 3
3 4' 3
'S "Ii
TodHj' SehedllU.
Chtraco In New York.
Ft. I,ou!i In llrooKI)n.
I'lltsburg In Philadelphia.
CI11cl11n.nl In lloston.
nente Athletics
American I.rntur
Ci.Evw.ANn, June 11-
ma5' " tW Btral5llt from A,ll,'tlc',
i-lthh afternoon by bitting Mers hard
i In the tlrst two innings. Six hits, two
of them doubles, and two bases on balls
netted tlm IoctiIh siv: runs. Tho score
was 7 to 2. Morton established a ilea
American League strikeout recoid by
w hilling thirteen Mackmen. The score;
ah r h ii a e ah r Ii p a e
vv ill,..
(.11 4 10 firaiiey.lf,.,
i ii 0 J J Turner Jb .
4 ii 1 o ft a Si erJier.cf
4 ) 1 2 2 Mnllh.rf. .
4 oo 10 0 1 ii.in.ll.lh..
4 0i) 1 oi Ilnnanl.Sh
4 01 1 OA Waniht.M .
4 Oil f. 3 1 O'N'eill.e..
I oi) n oft,.viorion.p..
0 II It II 0 l
41" " Oft
Pick :b....
i ., t.
i w: ';;:' i;
1 ;r.e
1 Jwl. o't
! NaticirLii.
.1212 01
401 I 0 0
. ..
loo o i ii Total
317 1157 5 1
l';'p'1l"u:r ,. ?, ?.n
,1,"; to" o oo,
loiai. il'-a.N. I
Ilan for Meiers In the ninth Innlnr
lt.-i!te,t for N'.ihnr. ill thn eighth Innlnr
I jiiaiicl for Muchan in tlie ninth iniiiui:
' Philadelphia. ooononoio
! Cleveland 3 I o 0 ft 1 i o j
P.. 1.... I.H-IWn.ll l...,.rll.. In. II,,...
nnl .stolen bases fip.aker, Wj.knff Duul.le
..l.w-ivot .ntt.l I.oioie First h.ise nn li.ill-
in. . , rf V.V.AF. . k.-,.,tl, nn, liu
Morton. 13: by Mrere, II by Nabnm, 3 Wild
piteh-Mnrliiii t'liiplrn In chief llllilehrami
Field umnlre-Coiiiiolly Tinic-l hour und
45 iniiiule.
Hostlers Take l".trn IniiliiK C.nntr.
MoVTRF.vt., Can., .lune 11.- Tlie Host
lers won the first same of the double
header at th M.t"oiineiive llfiiilinls,
rt tn f.. to-day. Tln giimo was nun In
tint lenlh, when Ilocheter bimclied four
llltH off Cadore. who had lellevcd the
giant (ioodhred. The lattir was taken
out to make room for n pinch hitter.
Darkness halted the second game, after
twelve Inning, with tho score 2 all.
'If.e score :
n. it. n
rtorhester .. .1 0 ft ft ft 0 0 3 0 1 fi It 1
Montreal. .. o 0 0 3 1 0 n 2 o o 6 10 I
llatlerles -KlikiiH) rr. ltllter end llalnj
(I ooi 1 1,1 oil, Colore it tut Wnlls
HIK'DNf) 11A.MI1.
It II. 11
rtorhe.ter. .. llftOftftftftOOO ft 3 II 3
Menll eul .... ft 0 0 II 0 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 2 f. S
llatlerles- lllller and Cnsi ) . Smith, i.'ol.
well and Wells,
Tenia licagiie lleeiilta.
neaujiiont, 9; Holla. 0,
Houston, jl , VV'ui n, r.
Man Antonio, 4, I'ort Worth, J,
fhl elrpot t. 7 l.nlve.lon, .1.
Kilty l(ii IUcuIU.
Owenpboro, 1, MadleonvtlU. a,
Other iiamre poiponed; rain,
nunonivN vs. si, inri io.d.,,
Ktbeta field, I. It r, il.Udv
more CTAi-b nl EVH 1 v Welsh. 1 Tn mvi '
"I boxed Freddy at Winnipeg, hut I was
only a kid then. I knocked him Hat on
his back In the first round, If 1 knew
then what I know now about boxing
I would have finished Welsh In that
first round."
If all the "If I knew thens" had known
then the champions never would have
progressed far enough to become cham
pions. In the new football coaching hoard at
Princeton nre Philip King, '03, and Har
old Ilailln, '15. They were graduated
twenty-two years apart. When one was
In the Yalo ago tho olicr was In tho
yell ago.
A newspaper cut of Worthington,
Dartmouth's champion broad Jumper,
presents him In such a peculiar attitude;
that If It wasn't for his athletic attire
you'd swear he was chasing n fly ball
or getting away from n Zeppelin.
Managers of fighters have too much
to say. They talk too much. They talk
moro-elther or.Uiy or per tlie pen
of managers put
Bti... i .1, .Z
together. Yet what they
Interesting or convincing
nccompiiencs no pun-.-.- inc o. .'
ono string tllsp.irnglng the nb.Ilty or
some, other manager's tighter or hinting
that lie s afraid to meet their man. That
h.., thev h-tv,. worn to a frn7.1e. It
makes no-Impression on a.i.vhody save
that It's tiresome. It do,n't etlmulato
Interest ; It dulls It.
Onco In a long while by way of con- ,,, . , ' ,l "'"s"
trast-tliei occurs a combination, such,"" " l;" nov taking and unle... It Is
at Moran-Dorgan. which believes In ! 10 nal"tlii the high standard set
doing, not talking: but most of the the liomo field It will
mniMKerH need a pidlock on tho tnw- ' ' ' i i ,Iarvari1 n,l(I Tl'rt!"
l writer with the kev thrown away, or a
muliler on tlie vocal or;ani.
A homing pigeon rac was "tageit
the other lay. All the world's a stage,
but that the first time the ethereal
has been r.irg In under tint cl.f'.fiea-
t on.
Of half a dn7en Cubin ball plavers who
have been with big league oluKs at one
tliim or nnother four now in with the
minors. They aro Arosta, tho outfielder,
with Minneapolis; Arason, the third
bisemnn, with Hlchtnond ; Almeida, the
third baseman, with Montreal, and Pal
mero, tho pitcher, with Inilsvllle.
(ionialcs of the Cardinal nnd Marians
of tho Hronna are ntlll under the big
tent. lit. Iouls, therefore, has a
monopoly of big league talent from tho
Peglnner" In the beginners' day shoots
to be held this month will be anybody
who up to May 1 had not shot nt J00
targets. That Is, ho can have shot at
4!"0. nnd be a beginner. At that rate.
unless ono has shut at at least D00, h
will not have a shot at all, and can
shoot at a mere 100 without ever hav.
lug had a gun tn his hands,
Games in the Two
Standing of the Clubs
Yetrrd.iy's Ite.ultA.
I. irnlt. I, Now York, 1
i'Mi'hi'u, 6; WitahlUKten
I'.eveUti.l, 7, I'lilla.lelphlK. :
la Kt. loul--IuAtuii, rj:n
nKT.i.r.i sr.MiNfi or inn ti.fn.
t ' -'
New York...
Waphlntlen .
St I-otit. ..
Qamri loil,..,
Jl I!) III! I
:i vii .in
i? i u
v 1 .A?!
?t ;a..in
2? ri i;j
'.Ml Jll I.T,
la sh .Tin
j' r.j .1 0'
l 4'1 i
u w si :
!3 53l;v:v is'j
To.iln.v'i Sehrdale.
New TorJt tn Detroit
VVtaehlnrtnn in chli-iico.
rtill.i.ieliihlo In r..e;unit.
Ilccion In St. l.oiilj.
nil MnUm r llrlp. White nx tit Hrnt !ena
llrcord. tors by inre of .-. tn O.
-The Indians Oiiicaoo, June 11 --The While pox
"hut nut tlm Senators to-day. winning
to ft.
lloeiuinr was kjioeke.l out u
tho alxth, when Chicago scored llirte
rui.H on five lilts .In lcs-pji hd In hitting
with three sinsessli.. doubles and Ness
got a triple aid two slnale.. all llgur
llig In the Einruis. Scott st.nt.,I the
same, but hot control In the sixth and
. '.u Giinrili,nl.,l I,.. 1.... rtll . , .
I . J .,,ir--vi.. AJflJ, WHO
all o iorf'eve iioihluis, was lilt hard, The
4 5 1 4 (i o J score :
.1 0 0 4 1 .) , ah r h p a el ah r h p a e
sio 1 j Moriran.rb i o I . o .1 CnMiii..rf 4 1 j on
!.' - '" " "" vveiver.in lis i
I .i , i n
' Kn.ler.rh . 3 n I I : n r. Hi
on ni".i i"l l ii i: l "llii.,:h 3 0 o '."l
I MdillH f . 3 0 0 1 0 o'.lu. k.on If
J.niue.'n.rf 1 I i Vi I., h.ef
lliilliienu rf 300 3 On s,.lnii
4 3 3 !) oo
4 13 1 0 0
4 0 1 .". 0 ,
4 0 t :i
3 0 1 J 3 0
; ii o n : o
3 0 0 ft 10
Miank..lf.. 3 0u ; 1 o Tt-i-v
iienrv.e. .
S 10 3 3 0IXisitl.lt..
M ellrnle,..
Ayrra.p .
300 r i.i'itu-Mii.p .
3 0 0 0 I 0'
loo ii out Totalt
.ii ;
1337 i:o
, I Total.
j; o i ji ii o
; ( Wa. illusion . .
o ft-o ,
Tnobi.elui. .1
Nes. IMIrk nut
Thlre li-... t(.
It,. s.... 1... .... ii
. ' 3 ; .' V " "ell, 3:
hv llivhlln. l.V An i, I
i tall Oil s. oli oil lln. hhiic, I saert.
I'e hlt -i: Ciilliin Shank. Double ploy .
'err v. to In. and Ne.. 1 ni.ir,. In chief - -
Kvans I'lelil umpire Nillin Tlin--I hour
und i'j niiiiuiis
rir.t n.t.e nti
I Ye.terihi)'. Ile.iill..
, Itiiehe-.ter. MoiiiiT.it, ', io imniit.
, IIik h.-Hirr. Montreil. '. i; lunliu., dirk
i tle.s
i ill Newark Pron.leiiie Ham
i StllliillllK of the Chili.,
I W 1. IT W I, V
1 Providence 34 li ori Itielimnnd .. !; ii f.in
I Nen-irk . vo iv r,s: nmraio... . in ii c;
, ll.lltlllinre. SO 10 Ml Toronto. . ., 11 IK 4Pl
I Montreal.. V.' 1' I"'1 IIik lie.ier .. IS il n;
'Itt.ililC. hidietlnle,
Prnvnlriiee in Newaik. two came
hilllinoie In lti liuioiul
Itoehe.trr III lllllt.-llo
Mlllltre.ll 11,1 Toionto
Atlantle League Ite.idl.,
I-istnn, tl. I'.i'. r.on, 1 lllr.t jtotne)
r.MHlon, 4, I'.ltiTMili, 4 isi'rioid a',iin,
dttrkliesa l
111 I'olUvllle. VHentOH n, l.itn.
New Ynrk tille la'UKli Ite.lill.
Ki-ranlon, v. Will's. h irte,
ciiiii, n, Tn.., :
A Hi. ti) . 2, llltnlra, 0.
aniilltern lettcne Ite.lill..
Llttls Peek, . 'Memphis. 4
Vet. Orient), ft Nn.hvlIlM, I
Moldle. k, I'hstlaiiooKii, I,
IIMMs TO-IIAY ttll'll Clllf'AdO.
"Alio. 3 10 I
r, ii, I'ulo urouua. Aum. doe,.
VJULUlllUlrt Dn lOlUDH
Loral Team flalns Almost as
Rapidly as It Slumped
Several Weeks Ago.
Pinal examinations and bad weather
confined to mnke the number of gnmes
plajcd by the college baseball teams fall
to a minimum last week. Incidentally
It marked nunc u drivji In the batting
iivciaiie of tbe Tufts nine, which fell ten
points to an averago nf ,312, Weslcynn
is next now with .300 nnd of the big
te.iliw Columbia, gaining nlmoxt as rapid
ly as It slumped several weeks ago,
luoed up to .Is I.
Dartmouth, the Army, Syracuse and
Harvard all mado nutwtantlal gains In
team hitting strci.ith. DcMplte an In-
,.r,.a.t. , Mttlns ,,uwer ,oweVer, liar
,.ir,, IoM , t ,,,, mo of ,he
' """' 1 1 cord of thiec games lost
lHvl ,,m, . ,...,.,, ,,.,..,
Thr'isigh the games idived list Krl.
,." , i,. ?. .' . 1 rl
; "l"1'1' ' n' '" " ' ' same
P xtU. ,n ,.h" -S,'w or'; !'" ere-
, '"' ,-; ' " Cni V'''"
" , . Ih" The Columbia nine.
I !', " ,m- . .i " " tl0Z" "f ,he ,",r1-
, miik
I. , ' , '""'"if" to snow tn way in
j .. .... ii.iin iMiine, witn i.elanil going at
i me 'inpreceueiited rate of .IG2 Itudd of
-nell Is batting (35 for ten gainen.
. N hepley, the new Yale lntlelder. Is the
ib.i;i.n.j ind of sev.ral se.waiw u New
1 1. iwn liecau.se tl M, hardest sanies on
' " mm ne iia natteil .flo Tn.
g.-s Including Thui.vde.'s gam.
leain i: in u II nil un w
Till t
Mracu-.. .. ..
IViin talr....
1'riinrinii . ...
orffelow ii. .
II r.J 7i-. lirl 11 "
17 ms in m i ;i 3is
1 .'.'J !v IS.) j 3..
U i f. it; ;, ji
1 ixt s 131 K 32
IV Ski I'd 1.V1 M 13
if i" " 1:1 s;
:v.i ui t:o p, 4
: err no i3 3;
11 41: i.i m.i it k
ro r.i in m
SI 9v 93 ISi l i
IV W2 M US 3! .11
i ::) 77 iro :3 i.i
: fii ?7 Kv i t
31 HI w) ;v. )-,
:i 7 ij 77 130 p. s
i SJi 7 vt ij ;t
11 1 :,i : . u
r. j:i ,v c? ii 11
i 031 t: 111 11 4
it",," rro '
Name. Tram. I'nt
i: f. :i ro s i
10 3 ii i
tt W. 4 14 3 i
i? -.'i .. ri
17 r 13 K f. t
l: r ii i4 : .
11 It, 10 31 i i
H 70 i: . u i,
'' P 7 II 1. ..
11 i II 21
it 7 !! ; i
c :: ir. o .
II M 14 11
1". f,7 i: M :
" -T-' 11 II .. 7
' t :r ,i
Jl ." ji : 4
17 4 16 i. :
It 41 II ii i i
17 41 IJ It 7
K r.i ir. ;s l v
ii :! i: i f.
t r.7 ii is j f
17 ( v t l .
M i 6 ir. : i
k i :i i i
' 10 7 13
1? M II IV 4 7
'! M It, 17 4 3
?t ?i i: o -
'7 17 f. 14 1 ;
15 M .V 11 3
10 K 11 1 4
m ?i :v 4 4
l"i 44 If. I 7
11 :i ii ; j v
II M A 1
ii t-2 i: is i .1
jn 71 is :i o r.
'4 41 Vl 11 .. f.
IS t-1 IJ 17 5 11
I 1 44 4 II 1 :
ii tj 7 ii : r.
VI on 17 Jl i 7
i f.l IV 1 S f.
M i it i ; .i
II f. 10 17 0 l
Ik C-. !f. 1 3 7
12 4i r. i: .. t
ii ii . i: i i
it .1.1 i i o i
r. .i 1" tr. l 7
II tn ii 7 i r.
I 11 10 II 1 V
ii si i: it i r.
ii r.7 io i 7 l
II M 14 o j
if, r v '.? o o
io fs i: u f. i
o ;i 7 soi
It r. T o j
vr n :i ? s
"f vo j o
13 O 3 11 0 0
! !' land. Tufi rl
Curnell '!.
shi'iley. V ile : I)
st.iffnrl Til Ms .ti
I irro'I 'run...
Mihim II in inl.ii
H I., t'olutnhi.t rf p
I.- r1. 11 't vrnij Ii
.Veh'trn l.ehuh .ti
lit. llM'tni'iuili l
liilMUer l ull- II p
' 1 Co! ,M
1 Inirh .
V e. 1 4 hi.-h rl
"0 l II W. .I.).!!! ,
II H1-. Il.iruir.l .
l:ilt IViin -l.ili :li
V in, tin. V ii.. i
lleeni.in. VVVil. j.,n
I.iw-dll Ve-le.in
Wall i'uiuniltia.;h
limslrldsp Am 11. n
I'.iiiji'. Iivrtniiiiilh lb
H. iwle. Ivlu.'h .lp..
Wl.-.l. .wnith II C If
t" rl,. Willi.tm....
liel -W, n.'ey.ili
Volli Tiilt. II.
s ilili.Irr.. TtlflN .
I .hiii.ion. I' S rf t
t Itniw n sj raeu.e rf
.1 .iotin-ioii Hrnw ii. rf
, Vii.l. r.on Til II. If
Itointt-nn l'rnn m lh
K"!lle Cornrli
vi, c irthv. (.eorge ef
1 ir, Ua. .Xrtnv n
I'a'iiHM Viirilli.ini Ih.
Ir'--. Prini.'ton .
Vl'irklh iler VVV.lryan
Vlu rn Svr.t. iw . .
1 II ill K"r.Ilnm ef ..
' lleil" ll.irv .iril.vh .
I r.htli.Ue Harvard ef
I Ii.iviil.dii "iron n.3b .
: iKSnrin Hirt ef
Wnilerh.ilier Ih .If
I Murr.iv Mrown..h
' He. ker WeIean
I. me I'ohinibia.c
rht-n'melh I'h .Ch
' vi.ii.ni svr.vtiv -h
Kifclilnirn lyhlrh...
l-or.t Columbia. cf
vi.-NViJ Vrniy e
lloiiell Columbia Ih.
he i Prlth'elon h .
mlii' lletir'rlni.u
I. f illne Vruu If
V! hler W'Mi ime.rf.e
.Ii Y-ili- lh
VI rt .re lvmi stm.m
VVher'inir IVnn i .
W llroiMi, Lafayette. p
Srlinln.tlr Kienl. To-day,
.VI lll.l.rb f
rnmineilee IIikIi f hool Kme at chool
Ceminerr. v D Witt Clinton tt Van
Corthuuli I'ark.
Frnnk Hlgglns bns been elected cap-
lain Of tlie I'.'l. noseiLin ir.m ...
- - , ..... . ... lln,'.
High School lie pi.i.vrd n (;ood game ar
third base throughout the season.
Hlgmund Testa will be captain nf the
j trnck team of Townsend Harris Hall
..i.e. Initios tho outdoor .season ho
j tweho points for Ills school In
dual and ivcii competition.
Charlie Mavo. who starteil at first base
. . .. . I I... Ii.i. ..I.... I., tlm npf.Hi.ti
l"l I III' ltni.MV.3t. . .v.
i ., i, ,,ih ,.:,s in., second
i,nl- 1 '"r . . . ..
bit-t hltti I' on the team. Iiart been clcclcjl
i ........... f tho t'Jl" team. His butting
' ,',,1I ' . ,
' avvrng" was .ull.
! Four DrrostT, Md., June 11.- The
' Tomo Si'liool nine won I'leven of Its thlr
' Ken games timing the season, lis most
noliiblo vh'tot,v w.m over 11111 School, li
tn I. Tot latins the pi epa in lory school
I . haiiiplonshlp of Miityiand by virtue of
Us ilclorim over li.illlinoro City College,
i to I ; l.ojol.i Colli lie, 8 to U, nnd 'the
iCiltniti Couilt 'School, 20 to 0. The
inn ih feals mUTi'ietl by Tome were nl
I he li.ituls of the Pennsylvania fieshmcn
j nnd I'llneeon Alumni of Maryland,
Cant, lln I. Felgln was the best hitler
on the lin.vfi High School nine this s.ii-
' son. In tliltteeii names he hll sufely llf.
i.eii out of lot ij. live rliani'iH for an
iiM iaKe of ,:i:i;i. LoienlK was n close
seioiul with .J.'.'t, with li. I'eiuln Ihlid
wltli ,:7J. In Holding ti. Fclglh, I tot h -Hem
and Young bad ficifrct recoitln.
Tliej iiivepleil only n few dunces, how
der NclMin Willi inn cliaiires and thren
) iiilHpl.iVH is considered the ie.il leailee
ul tho Marey avenue school Ills per
iclllliKn w.u. '"I. with I 1'Vlitln sr.'oul
with 1"1 Itai'nliofHky and nothsteln
enrlt won two gHines for Pojn HIkIi,
ivhll" Murray wae on the mound when II
i won Its other v li tnry.
Cratm'iB ilalltkcvrci! 107 points dur
Hoanicr and Borrow Amons:
Horses to Come Hero for
Opening Day.
After a brilliant opening racing on tha
metropolitan tracks waned lairt week
under the Influence of etormy weather,
whUflv kept many of the atar out of the
competition and materially affected the
crowds that Journeyed to Delmont I'ark
for the meeting of the Westchester Rac
ing Association. .Small fields have been
the rule, but In spite of the dearth of
raclnj: material owing to an epidemic
of coUKhlnir the sport has been excellent.
It Is believed, hem ever, that the brightest
era Is forthcoming, when eeveral of the
ureal racers which have been cam
palftned In Kentucky will measure strides
on the New Yuri; tracks.
Th Kreatem ef these are Andrew
Miller's Koamer and Harry Payne Whlt
ney'n llorrow, lolh of vvthlch are sched
uled o meet In tho Excelsior Handicap
that -v-lll bn tbe feature of the opening
of tho second section of the Metropolitan
Jockey Club meeting at Jamaica next
Thursday. Hoamer, though beaten In
the Kentucky Handicap, was by no
means disgraced, as ho carried tup
weight Into second position at the lln -
l.'h. In the llvceWor be Is rated as the
best Aimnenti th'iroUEhbred In training,
and H.mdieapper oburgli has aske.il
him to p., l up the te.ulyltig Impost of
IS1 pounds for the rjuto of n mile and
.i sixteenth llurruw, a consistent run
ner, Is htiidened with 116 pounds nnd
has to give two pounds to The Klnn,
winner of this ye.n's Metropolitan Han
Krl.ir Koeli, hv virtue of his victory In
the Itelmont Stakes on Saturday, will
have to pick up a penalty of five pounds,
which will make his weliiht 109 pounds
and place him at the head of the three-year-old
division Harry l'ayne Whit
tle)' Dominant Is another three-year-old
rated IiIrIi by the, bandlcapper. He
will have tn carry 1ft" pounds, one
pound moie than the weight allotted to
Spur t'.eorse Smith Is not listed tn
the Kxielslor, because of his engagement
... .... t n.A. ii.r.ii, im, nnnru.r
III inc .....im.... .......... .
cnod three.v ear-old that is missing 1 ''', ',',, " , " V' C v . ' 1 " f pmy
Star Hawk, the imported Kngllsh horse wo, drn ,rl,ub "J been Uio re
that will make 1,1s ,rst appearance In ! ''i" "LL " " "'I'" ?' "? r XVi
the K.ist In the Hnsiklyn Handicap a ' I ! fM km 1 1 v- i i Ci a ii PnCri am
in.. ..neiiiiiL- f.f v.nie.lnet 1,1 "" Hbl, w'eM it properly. II
Tr h ee- eVr o ds w,, favored by b,"e.v- ,,,at w"" Mr- Traww Plays l.s
. J"?., "r v ?rv. J l th consciousness of his be-1
landrla. Hoth are 1n at inn pounds and
lu.i.iri... i.um r in Bl ..... """.past experience with his lone- Ir.m nn.i
ju.t how good a racer uniil. Hackle Is
He was a colt of high quality when
purchase. l.y Mr Co- for llv.OOO with
the idea that he would win last year n
Futurity He went wrong shortly after
he left the Madden stable, nnd It has
taken considerable patience on the part
of Trainer Jerrv Carroll to bring him
back to the races nga.n. It to a de-
elded feather In i 'arroir- cap that when
be did appear at Helmont Tark last
week he Mirrailrna-led his Held and won
with all the earmark, of a sterling racer.
HI pounds. Theie are many new-coin-
ers in the entry list, and theie Is a good
I eintiiiri.i ii.ni ine ii junction or oeaiinir ,,. ,u.i.-i . uie iuciu.ii i.iri .
:, good field in the Ladies' Handicap, a ' 's "" "'1" the dtlv.-r "f. '," "e
race that Invariably b-Ings out the best ie other club I know one golfer w ho rf, i" h'
e .i, .in.. .ii..i,.. a. m... i,n,i cannot n ay the brassie b. cau.-e. he s.ivs.1 il"slral rn"ltlon nundee will al
a little liici which' enabled i.er to ,11.- M' that he ,s four fret when u n "l b" "ru'n "
e .. ih. ii.1t hi.. iu..ii ' wield ng tlie weanon and can't cet h s 'u . nnnn-. A real f.hlnnman
... ..... ..... .. nov in in- ..n,i.e)ni it- ...
chance that the vvii ner may spring from ,01 results.
horses that have not been prominent' -Mr H. K Taylor of (Ireat Itiltaln.
earlier In the season
The weir.hu for
the i:rclsior follow
Itnjnier . ..
The Finn. . ..
l I emboli ....
Trul hr Jurr
Allnmeur lmi)
siinil-r II
r.qii a
Kliim Kalrr
Hi). kin
Miarpthnoler .
soul Mnreh
1" T-In
1." Neville II ilmpl
Li liouhie Karte .
I. -CliurrMll ...
lt II..H Hock
'3 Wh.l- Hl.kle
II. liUtlllll
i'1 Itnherl llraillev
1'' I'-landrU
lllllii.il lliike
II" I'll.. 1 umpi
. 1"? 1UM . .
lvs .V.'lliev-nient
lv; iir..
p.: It.-mWk
tw'oil Knenli . ..
io su.r Pae
l.V Iiia Mltha
io; ini snt s-"liore,
I'V, Kasle
toi llnli.lav
1. 1'utieitn r.lrl
101 Poli'lena limp'
1. 1 In llvn Chant
' roiiurlle .
I lii.inuniil .
I i-.i,,rrllll Mmpi
li.irrv Sha
i Knur Hnek
TTlne Ilrnry
Hfliei olenl llmfo
'It P ntrly'. Choirs.
IVn.ilile. a.erue Ironi V t June "
ing the season lust clo.e.l, Hill I lolilllian
was the lcadlie; scorer, totaling "'j-ij
polnid, twice as many as his ne.irrht op
ponent. IWi'jih Vnorhces living OHlmrne,
who coaclied Hie Flnthush nthletrs, lias
teen reetsiiu'ed for nnother season.
Those who scored points for Fr.i.'inus
weie William Uoldman. IP-ii . Itatph
VoortiecH, 14";. William Whke, 14,
William Henry, ! ,loe Itiihetisteln, Ti ,
It. Frankeii, fij . .1 Rogers, f , N. Mash,
3". ; S. C.ellle. a . V. It.inl.er, 2 : V. tiled
hill, 2 . N. Mason, 2 . Homier, 1 ij , P
Johnson, 1 . N Selnver, 1 '3 ; J" (loebel,
I ; .1. l'errv, 1 , Jatlison, 1 , Hisiver, 'a ,
Hotting, ' : Law son, i.
The 3 A and 111 grnde teams of the
J.raeimis Hall High School will mret Sat
urday morning al the I'roieet Faik Fa-
tade fJrounds to decide the (.,-iiool chain-
plonsblp. In the Until series each nine
won a game, nectt.sllatlng n third
Cap!. Ttl.'ilr nf the He Witt Clinton
nine has claimed tho Manhattan cham -
plonslilp for tbe lied ami ninck. The
te.llll tlefei.le.t nil .tf Its l,u.;.l l.-nlu
i,..,tt.. t t ii...i r . . '
l" ""0-CI!'l .....III-, I. IO I i i-lllt-
vesanl, S to 4. ainl Commerce. 0- tn V
i 'ti ruiu ine season i union piayeit in ( .'i'i"o mon,. h . me im-u.-i- oi me inn
fourteen g.tniis iv Inning seven a 'ml lo.,'un of golfing shots ami ili.u ihe.v m e
nig Uie same number.
Alfred I5le, third baseman of
lliookLin prep nine, champions
, ,
Hrooklyn, led the team In batting, ar.
cording to t:!ie averages aiiiioiinceil by
tlm Hey I lush A llaynnr yesterday.
Hl.el hit safely twenty. one times out of
flft.v -nut- attempts for an average of
.412. Ht.el also led In the number nf
H'olen bases, pilfering eighteen. Cli.ull,.
Ma.vo, who ranked second In lllzcl wllh
the willow, led his, learn In fielding,
He aiitcpled sevenlj -seven chances with
out a mlsciie. Tlie record of lliu lliool,.
Itt Piep plavers at bat ami III the
Held follows:
t;i?el 3h ....
VIh.ui, lh . . .
Il.'lll it ....
Il.irrlson, e
n'lloiirke ,"h
llsunln p
IV-lMeffner rf
Weld'tn 'f
ii tin
f mien
Mayo, 1
niant), o
don, L
Hi... Illr.
4; ilannln
Nevertheless He Clings to It and Is Much Troubled
When It Is Lost, Although Another Club
Probably Would Be Just as Good.
In the prcquallfylng rounda of the
Metropolitan championship and In the
clubhouse chatter, when the matches
were In progress, It was common to
hear ono golfer after another say, "I
don't know what Is the matter with that
club. It was formerly the most favored
one In the bag and now tt plays mo
all aorta of tricks. There's no doubt
but I must get another mashle, mid iron
or driver," on tho case may have been.
The condition described above Is one
which comes to many golfers Just before
a big match, but It is common to all
golfers nt ntateil Intervals. This .-om-plcto
change from supreme conlldence
to distrust may often prove the meani
nf not qualifying In .1 big event or of
loxlng much of tho pleasure of the Kiituc,
anil It might bo well therefore to get
at the root of the evil In order that we
may forearm ourselves by being fore
warned, An unruly club, us Harold 1111
ton fc.ivs. In Just like a klcklttg mule;
you never know when It Is going to
kick nnd never know Die reason why It
docs kick.
It was Interesting to watch the golfers
aa they trooped down to the first too at
Na.ati In
the contest Just finished.
Oood, medium
nnd pour players were
i heard to murmur that they vvero "off"
1 on such and such a. club and that their
gamo would Improve If they had another
t golf weapon of some sort. The result
was tli.it the professional did a, driving
business because of the mental attitude
of lliu golfers mid hold pi i haps two
dozen clubs where In ordinary cliuum
stances a half iIohii would havo been
the. number. And ei to iiuote Mr. Hil-
7 : ' 11 f
The occasional Wild shot Is not 0 veiv
harmful, but the Ueling that the club
Is capable of the exce.es which have
been spoken of even If eier so seldom
has a demoralizing etfect upon the man
who has to wield It He will suffer from
tho evils of anticipation anticipation
that the club may commit ono of Its
grlevoua dns, and tho consequence Is
Ihnf 1... ...Ill . 1 .... i.
ti.t m ... N1 HIP dull Wlljli
any feeling of secunty ami will lo.e
stroke, after stroke. i
It has lung been a question In mv
,,.,,. -,
' J!'B.,"LV.Hf.,;?Ut.t.r. !,0.U.l n r'. 1 l,ro"
I r"'"'1',.1've. If woo,! w III Ket the ball
' t ..." "-- 'cn u aBrecu-u s
, " ave a cmi. in.ule
1 ? ' ' 'i", k"" im"" W'u IV" 'xtra .br'?!,M
,f",lotn h'ch wl permit the thundering
, b:,n,J ,ho rrou"'1 , '111' th" t
'.' . . U..n ino-i In ,n.tn niiml
111,1 "'"'' at critl.-.il moments made
'l",t1, Hrh "'T? f,!:'' ""d ,hN ,M,1,,,f
' ,",1,,s to , diminution of his swing's
1 PO"" " I" lack of c.nlldence In his
cas' drivers as drivers, or brassies
'Ih bras-les, and In the cae of thous.,ius
.i .
" "-r snots anil even where lie mes t lie
orner troin the lee he has unlv the best
' finalist In past amateur championships,
Us.'il tin ffupr I1i..n ,.. .i i,uif.,i It. tin.
t course of ,i si nif-tiiKil round fnf the title
toil "ii- .vear ami made, himself famous for
I'1: that deed inn u mis not the belief
'"-Jtlut he could Improve his k,iui.i li.v
cli.intiiiii; that tno.st valuable weapon.
tint the utter hopelessness of ton. u aid
i the m slel lolls hot
Willi h Is el el
pies -
lit that the I'oiill.l. nl le. l m.iv
run . in
,i twinkling of an
vv.ih a different
club. Yet the fa.t that the , lul. I new
JJ.nnd untried reacts mm h ngsunst mh-. "s
iy , v.oner.s inusi niwnjw iahe nn.i eons'iier:
s. 't.on when playing a round tli.it It i
"y possible to make a shot witu at v club
, , ' '.'Itli a wholly open mind, that is wit'i-.
.'i Hit feeling one wa.v or nnother of whnt
i the clnh has done and can tin
J ' If all the players In the i h inip-.vnshlp
1 match play at thn Metropolitan last week
i on the day when the match play brg.ni
'discovered that their favorite clubs wete
missing their games would go had s.v-
t ral strokes even If In place of the lost
clubs hail been put new ones as in-u-
like them as poslble. it is knowledge
of tho line shots winch have been played
winch gives success. Moreover if on the
other hand some on., took out of the bag
a club which mail.) a plater feci lucky
.when he iiiinle a good shot f doubt not
but the pht.ior would feel a bit h.ippi
I that the temptation to try Just one more
, spot wllh the risky weapon had been '
taken awav T" be museums of a .lull'
1 peculiarities Is the tlrst step towanl lilt -
niato failure, o If vnii have aov club!
In the bag nf this tpe, Mr llo'fcr. .mil
....,. ...... rriri.!, ., . , , .-, ,
away In a dark closet or sell thein for
a song. It will help your game und
lour Ilea if niiml on the links will I...
nearer the desired
The women's F.iiern i batiip.oiiMiip,
which came to a conclusion las week
al tho Hssotc Countv Club. M.iss.-ielot.
setts, where Mrs W A. liavlti of ling-
ilai-.d won the title. aiTotds Interesting
dit.i for the student of various soiling
st.vles and their v tniip.ir.it l o virtues on
the links, it can ne said at ih Mini
that the totality of uolf illsnhii c.l uns'
ihr highest of ativ such toui nainent and
Hie number of women scoimg umlcr ti.
' ii'nelles and tlie eontiity marl, was in-
i nicatlve of a sure nse in gulling piiiwe.ss.
I Lssev utility null coins,, al Man-
I Chester Is quite tllltlciilt as well as long
: und' the going was heavv at all limes
" liave, therefore
lerefore. In the nelghboi hood
of IWetltV Hi'
cores tinner Kill from a coin-
n-iriii.iv wt,...ii ii. .i.i .......rtu ti i...
' '' "' I-"..' ...... II"
women are taking ailv.iiilage of every
' mole .serious in their endeavors than the
men. I rather f.utc.v tli.it the wotnen
.1.. too ..
no.. !- i i r.i i ih.ii using man .
I the male golfers and that tills account I
. r. tlm It, ..tl ... i
" ' ' I'" !' J" III IJ
scores. ! our out of the live lessons'
which Hie professionals at many chilis
give are given to women, und it is ,i
common sight to see two or three of the
women out together practising the vari
ous shots
The victory of Mis (lav in and the1
recent win of Miss SVra Itaiiis.iy in I
the Massachusetts title event would seem
to Indicate that the duality of golf on
tl is side of 111." wilier Is llllli'll In.
ferior Io the game as shown hi their.
Hatting, ri.ldlnir ,
1 ItfWUK
" W- V.W.t"PlS)MATAQ
Brltlsh cousins. The reason Is much the
same as In the case of the imen. We
have In this country a few, a very few,
men and women golfers who can hold
their own with tho best of them, but
we could not muster fifty golfers from
the women's or the men's ranks who
would nt nil compare with tho game In
aggregate as put up by the llrltlshers.
Hut this Is only a present condition.
Ten years ago the ratio of good llrltlsh
players of both sexes to good American
golfers would perhaps have been fifty
to one at least. To-day the ratio Is
not over ten to one, and In another
decade It will not be over Ave to one
nnd twenty years from now there will
be no difference.
I rather fancy that .many will think
that 1 am milting off the time of equality
to an unwarranted degree, but this Im
provement goes by leaps and bounds, t
doubt very much If there has been much
of an Improvement except here and there
In the standard nf play as put up by
tho first ten In this country in the last
tlve or ten years, Few golfers to-day
play better than Mr, Travis did when
he was winning hi. championships here
and ubroaU, but Just now with the Infu
sion of new goltlug blood In the persons
of Philip Carter, Herron, Dyer, Whitney,
Owyer, Lewis, Marstnu, I.ndd and n few
others there may be a revival of quality
and an upward step.
A glance at the qualifiers In the
.Metropolitan last week phnws sixteen
veterans of the game and sixteen I of Dunwoodle and Mrs. ! e.tner -till
yougslers .r theiealmut. and the same leave the first tea at JO'.iO with Jl
Is true nil over the country, llolf Im-' Auchlncloss of 1'iplng llork
J pfovement Is a slow growth and the
I women with their attention to practice
lam going ahead faster and improving
much quicker than their brothers. Hut
I there Is room fur mure excellence on nil
siiirn nun ni vii.tiuiuunKiu. nine e are
;!1"1'11'11 Iu Mtev that we are In the
eneve thai we are in the
i ininK we are ni me prcs
cut time on the upward grade.
Hnrloni lilplitwfleht Will En
tor tho TJinrr n Favorite.
Oyct 1 1 it 1 In ii Opponent.
nenny Leonard and Johnny Dundee
... . .
at vanison nquare tiaroen. Leonard
rulee favorite as a result of his victory
over Hcotty Mpntflth's boxer In their
flret meeting nnd his decision over Cham-
pion l-reddie Welsh, Dundee, while
shaded by l-onard, put up a good fight
and one of the liveliest bouts wltncs-ed
In tho metropolitan district In years re.
suited. This Is promised to be dupll-
Leonard meets Welsh Friday evening
at Washington I'ark. Hrooklyn Il-ca use
of this he probably will not risk celling
i i . . . . "
i n r I'nuin nni iimtnn t em
,. .n ' " ', ,rry '1,",
A scareheaded circular Issued bv How. i ho1' ''"""'eau n Saturday,
ard Cnrr. manager of Kver Hammer who Lutrles for the tournament will re t.
outpnlntetl Freddie Welsh recently' de. 1 celv d by the golf committee nf the v.
scribes Hammer with these worts '"His I "i,mlH club, ll e, N. Y., of which f?ro-s
weight Is 13T. pound, at S o'clock' his'" r.arnes Is chairman, up to n"nr er
height Is f. feet .". Inches." It does' not I Wednesda) , June 14,
say what time of he day he Is six feet Kr , nrrn4 T1r.
1 Freddie Welsh declared yesterday that
r- tni.-iiii- m ne nreccnf w h.n i
"" "no .innnny nundee box at the
tlarden tn-nlght so as to have a bet-
e.r line on Leonard when h. meetn
V. , . . ,0lln,lnB Friday night over In
riraf Rare Almee T..
I.rat. HHerdale.
Second Itnre Wondward.
llnrK. Knlr Connt.
Third ItiireSehoolboy, Flag Day.
I, Ilv lleaien.,
l oitrlh liner Pnnnean, Armament.
Menlo Purl..
llfth Itare Cherry Malntte, Tr
hi'lo, I .i .under,
slvlh Hare Virile, Top rial, Chit
i5.","ThlT"0 -Tear r)I.t-
elllni, nte fur.
, . MH,m., T
, K.I il.irn.on io- K.itiirfn iirar
.Alone .it Lit I i Moonliciit.r .imp
. L.llll.llll I'M lln erdale
: .", ' ..iiii.-.iirii ,
Seentiil Pace-Three year-old and upward'
I one mill' ' "'
Vlrdll.'ltlitll . . . IO".,WnndwaM n
D'tcat. 'w'lijif iiorU ' J.s
l-.nr 1 oinit i;' ""
. '!7,,",,Jra5' iT?""' nM": '""!
l$!tn' "'rloncV,..,K'!1ns TO"'
M.ilm vi"Virnnu w "
t Lily Heaven. . .. . nr
Kourili Hace-Knur tear old and
.elliur: one mile mill 'a i,.ir.
. . 103
' I':11"1" niMenlo Park,
i Af"''e"l in-.
,1'ifth Uaee Vour .tear old. and npw.rd-ih
J imi'r.1""'11 ,",l,,e',ha.e llandleip: a'hou
; Duke nl Diiliilh UTTherrv Matnli.
i Hi-cnlwnnd IVPehein '.
ltl.js.mder . K3 Pooilisiu.
HUth Race Four Tear old. .nil iin.r.i.
nun weitiu handicap; one mile and a half nn
tlie flat
, . 4i.l V..... .,.., .
i.i sir,..!. ' v...T.
ion not
1 Chivalry
U7 M.irllan
apprentlee allowan-e elilmerl
tvVeltht include penally of s pound
I "t I M I I C I I.
MrlrflnoiitAn OTifiinnlnnvM. iJ
, , ....j,
Hr-Erin s This Mornlnc nt S
with a list of entries Just gnrt
over the 100 mark the seventeenth n.
nual championship tournament ef n,
Women's Metropolitan Onlf A.sncat,n.
will begin this morning on the UnU
the Haltusrol Ciolf Club and w.l! rip
through Friday. The victory nf the ,
York team In the Orlscom cup nut, ,
at lloston Inst week, and the fact tha
a Metropolitan entrant, Mrs WlMlan
A. flavin, won the Hastem t'.Me, it'
Increase the Interest In this week's'tou'.
ney and should make the 19111 iliat, .
plniishlp one of the most keemv (fl,
tested in the association's hMnrv
There Is not a woman golfer of prcm .
nenee In the metropolitan district wl.i
will not be seen at llaltusrol to-dai
the best known of the big field hir
Mrs. tiavlii. Mrs. Queiitln 1' Feilne',
the defending champion; Miss Munoi
llolllns. metropolitan champion in 1311
and ruiinerup for the national t, ! in
the same year, nnd Mls (leorglanna V
Illshop, who In the past lias heid both
the national nnd metropolitan t.ti
Mrs. dnvin nnd Miss llolllns will play
I together this morning, starlit g at in
, o'clock. Miss Hlshop will get away tn
minutes later with Mrs. M. It Trait
Klghteen Hole Hound.
On.y the eighteen hole quabfjm
round will be played to-day, the fire
par driving off at 9 :30 this morr"
, lind the Inst two at 111 Hie aner
nnnn. The first sixteen w qualify ft-
the championship and there prubabtv
will be four minor slxteens with bca'er.
eight classes In each division.
One round of match play will !e th
morning programme on each of the .ub
sequent days, bringing the semi-final or )
Thursday and the finals on J'r da?
Ail match rounds. Including th e 'are
plonhlp final, will be at eighteen bo! i
As usual a series of afternoon cor
tests has been arranged for every lar
but to-day, nnd these special evc t
will begin each day ns soon as "
match play Is over. There w ll be tn
approaching und putting competition o
morrow, an eighteen hole meda' rl"
handicap on Wednesday, women's four
somes on Thursday, and the time hon
ored mixed foursomes on Friday
Chief in the array of trophies In tv
clubhouse Is the new clinmplonslilp rui
It Is h copy of nn old cup ami J- !'
It Is n copv of nn old cup and a p-r-
...... t... .1. .innu Vf.lrn.
polltan uon Aa..cm-
To ii run in nil
t Apaifimli,
The golfers of the sterner e-x
! have their chance on the last three d"
' ' the week, when the Apawam i clu
, wl" m,lli ils '-' P"'P,J'a; ""j".. .
tournament. The course at llje i
favorite on- n 1th the "f'' "f
metropolitan district and a Dig ne.i
llu"'-v ,,.'ny., , . . .,.,, e h
, Apawninls st Icke J o Its custom of h
a thlny-slx hlWMt" "
, nf ThlirmiaV Will OO liovoicu j -
' ta-U of sortinK the entrnnta into nlxt?M
i ... ,..i1u im liarrr
, . . Twit rniltiHa '
mnirn win iuiim" !
.. .5 i,o h .eml.flnale nd final" fe
Ile.ivlnc both seml-flnale nd final"
'vJaturdav There also will be an cicht'e;
Hamilton K
Kerr will beln h
his titles to-d-iy i-m I
fence of ono of
' e . i,.
ox Hills fiolf Cluti !"
I is Connecticut
n nil Vv t- YnrL VI h
Club champion and needle.se to
is the latter crown which be defen i 'v
I week The -N. Y. A. C golfers t . '
Fov Hills for their annual tourrej a-
as Fox Hills always asks them te return
the next josr the custom of pi a ire
the Staten Island course is prerv
establislifd The tourney will las'
'da, beginning to-tiay and end T e-
Wednesdav A handicap for setv t
well ns a liandlcap oien to all tp.tr-
1 of the New York Athletic C'luh frr?"
of the pr;ranime.
(Snlfcre to In Philadelphia.
It s probable that eome inetrcpo "a"
olfers will go to Philadelphia rext ''ii
to play In the annual tournament
Lniiewood Hall cup, which w ill h e'.'
at the Huntingdon Valley Count
i . oi n oiKiioti t alley . .nun '
iday, Tueday and Weder. t
2o nntl 21. f.iitiles are " "1 ij
rs with haudlcn.'ie. of s n- s m
I.v nnt wooil Hall cun s - ' ' a
on Monday, Tueday and Wede
.nine in.
to golfers
The 1
clip givili In a member of 'Or 'A 1
family nnd mum be won tluee t n
the Hiitne golfer before It be. ..-le.
lot property As a reward for ca-l
lev however, do receives a replica ef t e t
j"' ct'fi. Tlie cup to be plae, for ne.' sm
, , will be the third Lynnewood ip i -,j
aim win De in competition fo-
time. The lrl cup was w !
years ago h H MeCtrlant . '
home club, one nf I'hll.idelpM:. s ! !-'
grdfeis. and the eeennd cup ".'.. "
lilted for the third time hv .Ir-'i '
m Trnvern last veat t Mi that .. ,'"
loo Max H. Mnrston of Iia!ttiM.v w -I
runner up
Tluee sUteens will nuaP'v 'I'"
Itigdon Valley next Mondiv ' .
'mill New Ynrk will he at,',
there on Monday. Tursil.n tn I I
day and get home In t me t " i
llllls touriiiiment, w bli tl be!t s i I '
day Fiitrlrs. for the Huntm.- in' v
totnnev will close on IVld.n ' ' '
week, June 1 S The club s l ,,i r
Porlflc Coa.t loKue Itesnlt.
Vernon t. , San rraneteen " tl .' t
'lll I'nilirt.cn, 7. Vein m 1
game i
s.lil I nje ,1 ,n. Vnc-I.. -
I.". Vnjtelr. Sa't Ink
IJlue i
Purl .mil '1 nk and I
Vlllll I
I Mil I s

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