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not to iHTinlt the t'trftltlng force to
tnovc iiny further cant, couth or weM
Reports t the Adjutiint-doneriil of
the army stated that the I tnli Held ar
tillery wan to entrain to-day for Novate.
Arlr.. j that tlio Hint squadron of I't.ih
rovnlry wotmlrt Milralti .time ! mi'l
tlio second squadinu mi July :i The
Nebraska SlKtial Corps eomp.in.v ni
mustered In to-d.iy ii k will hi four com
panies of tlio Montaiui Infahtr), tot.tltlm;
7! men.
The OriKon Tlilnl Itatlatloii of In
fantry will entrain for the border June
Ilf; the Sironil I:. ittiilioti June ."..i ami
llic First I'att.ilion .iii'l headquarters
July I Tlie Ohkoii I hitter) of Kiel.)
Artillery, lit linn will leave for the
bonier June -H, ami .1 troop uf Oregon
cavalry, miniberhi,: 100 men, will en
train the, sanie day.
The Slate Di p.irtiui'it lmi been ad
vised that American Consul I 'I, Hide 1;
(luy.int left Protficso lo-din for New
Orleans, and that Consul William II.
Davis at tSuadntajai a was en route for
the bonier. Till bavca renialtiliiit .is
the American consular representatives
In Mexico only ihe followinc.
Hpelal Itcptt sctitatlve.M .l.uncs I.tnu
Ttodxers anil Cliailes Parker at Mexico
rlty, William Canada at Vera Cru and
l'"rcd it. Sawd.iy at llnsenarta It Is
cstlniatert at the State I icp.11 Unent lh.it
In the last ten rtavs 1.000 Americans have
left Mexico, Icivliif: only nliout l.OOn, of
which "Oil axe In Mexico city .mil Un
rest ut Tampli'o and Vera I'ruz All
Americans it eluded Curium left Sat
urday on tin' f'eaiii" Harold for Now
Orleans. A resirt from Frontern. states
that ten Ainerleatm have refused pos.
tlvely to leave.
Gen. Cnlles Heporls li riir
ranz.'i Tim I They Were
Shot ly V:t(iieros.
Sptctil Cnhtt H'Titr to Tnr St" I
Mexico Citt, June 27 dm. fall", '
Commander of troop in the state of
Honors, reports from AttKUa. Prleta the '
Killing of A. r Dlckoti and J. T
II. ukes. Americans, in a tight on Cleti
rca Frla ranch near Arlzpe, with Mexi
can vaqueros who, he said, prntoied
against Americans trespalnc and cut
ting barbed w're fences and kiMlns
teera I
The Americans with Morton Hatiden, '
another American, tired on the vaqueros, ,
Martins the tight den Callcs sa)s
Uanden fled, but was .-upturn! and ad-1
mltted that the Americans tired first, but
claims he did not lire (Jn. Calles I
denies orduring the execution of llanden,
but 8a) k he later brounht bin. to Naco.
tarl for a trial
Alejandro Partl'.lo Hell, the new swin
ish MlnlMer. irr'ved to-night from Vera
Cut. He Is authorized by Kinc Alfonso
to cooperate with Ambassador Ui.itio In
Washington to avert .1 war with the
United States, according to the 1-ellef of
Mme officials and members of the local
Bpnnlsh colon l'adl'.lo Is being ac
corded great honors high officials hav
ing gone to Vera Cruz to receive him
High school and professional hcJiooI
tudenta held a great meeting to-night
otTcring their services In the event of
war with the t'nlted States. This was
the .only demonstration for two ilays,
The press teems with cchortatlors to
Mexicans to forget domettlc grievances
and repel the invaders, and the street
ecmeri are plentifully placarded to the
name effect.
nit adorlans In Street nemonstrn
tlon Afrlnlm Mralro.
Ban Salvapor, June IT. After a
meeting to-night, which was addressed
by Jose Colarto, the Mexican Journalist,
defending Mexico's attitude In the con
trover' with the t'nlted States, a public
manlfevtatloii took place In the street?
Thousands acclaimed Mexico, and sev
eral prominent s.ilvadlreans spoke in
favor of the Mexicans.
Santiauo, June 27. The Chilean tiov
ernment. It Is understood, has acknowl
edged with satisfaction the optimism of
rtie. Brazilian Chancellery as to the con
troversy between the Uu ted States and
Mexico. The prevailing opinion Is that
drhlle Ik ready to offer her good offices
avert war In official quarters the
Idea U steadfastly '.ic I tht the dim
oulty between the t j countries will be
composed, ltrazll will answer to-d.iy as
to what steps sVe believes should be
The Depositors
who have in the aggregate more than
$240,000,000 on deposit with this
Company include
Individuals Banks Corporations
Estates Institutions Governments
They include the man or the woman
who has a deposit of $1,000, or some
other moderate amount, and the great
corporation or the wealthy individual
with a much larger deposit all re
ceiving the same cordial courtesy and
attentive service which characterize
this Company's relations with cus
tomers. Interest is paid on balances.
Our officers will be t;lnd to talk over
with you any banking or trust matters
ou may have in mind. Telephone
8W0 Rector or call at 16 Wall Street.
Bankers Trust
g"1"""'1" ''Illl'illlllllllllllllllililllliliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini iimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiminiititttiiii
IfHt'iiM' nf AiTffifod MpxiViiii
Civili'iiii iiml iiiftinrr uf
Kiiilinrsn" on Snjijilit's.
Washington, Jure 17 Kllseo Arre
ilondo, the Mexican Ambassador Desig
nate, addressed two communications to
tlio State Department this afternoon, one
demanding the reeae of certain Mexl-
an clUllalis attested mi the Nmlcr by
civilian authorities and thu other re
questing relief from an embargo placed
by American customs authorities on the
shipment of foodstuffs and other mcr
chandlse. Into Mexico.
The communications. It was said at I
t.ie Mexican Umbass), wero not based on
any Instructions from Mexico city and I
were not to be regarded as a part of Car
ranza's reply to the Atmrlcan demand I
for the release of the American troopers
captured In the C'arrlzal engagement and
taken to Chihuahua. I
Concerning the Mexican civilians ar-
nsted on this side of the bolder the Am
bassador advises the State Department .
that the Mexican Consul at San Fran
cisco notified him to-day that at Red-
ding. Cal., one group of fifteen Mexicans
was arrested last week and another of 1
fourt.en on June 21 by the local authori
ties of that town without cause,
Th AmtiaMador' further states that
J M. Oonzalco. agent of the Treasury
of the State of Sotiora, Mexico, was
arrested without cause yesterday at
Tucson. Ariz The communication on
this subject clos's with a statement that
as far ms the embassy U advised the
Mexicans are ntlll being detained.
The Ambassador has wired the Con- .
Mill at San Franclco and Tucon direct '
log them to Inquire whether the arretts
were made on the responsibility of the
local authorities at Hecbllng and lucson, 1
or were ordered by Washington.
Regarding the action of the customs ,
officials In holding up shipments, the
second communication to the Department 1
observes that despite the fact that the '
embassy has received from the American I
Government no formal notice of a gen- '
eral embargo, Mexican consular officers
In the United State have reported the
holdup of all kindi of merchandise
destined for Mexico
The communication sets forth that the
Mexican Consul at New Orleans te '
ported to-day that the custom author
ities there were detaining the Norwe.
g'an steamship Frieda with a cargo of
corn and mellcinc consigned to Pro- ,
U'eso In the State of Yucatan, Mexico
Laredo, Texas, It Is said, has shut doti
on all exports Into Mexico. Hnd it
Dotula, Ariz, the customs authorities
arc detaining wagon trucks whh h tame
over from the Mexican !1e from Asua
l'rleta for foodstuffs. I
The note exprfwses confidence that
such action by the local authorities l
rot the result of any orders from Wash
'11. ton and that the customs olUelJ'.s arn
acting entirely n the'.r own r'sivnl
t'lli'), due to conditions now obtain. ng
with rerpect to th Mtmtlcm rxletli.g
between the two Ooernment. In re
queuing that the shipments be released
the communication calls attention to the
fact that the MeMc.in Ciovvrnment t not
renrictins exnoits Into the t;nlted state
If such practice continues, the Ambis
sador advises Mr. Lantlng. it will i.atu
i,ill tend to aggravate the situation
The communications did not reach t'i"
State Department before eluding time
and probably will be delivered there to
morrow Officials who were Men to-night pro
fessed to have no knowledge of the ar
rests. As stated In The Srv this
morning, the decision to hold up ship
ments of foodstuffs and other mrchan
dle, hs well as shipments of arms nnd
ammunition, though Informal, as de
termined upon pending the next mov.;
on Carranzj's part
Itadlos to llcrlln Svvnoip Millions.
Wlreles messages to be sent from the
I Sawlll" and Tuckerton stations were
1 refused )e-terd.iy because of the 'O'i
' gcstlon of business. The Western L'nlon
Telegraph Company announced that
static conditions In flerlln have Inter
fered with the transmission of mes
sages and that service had to be sus.
pended to allow the operators to cat'h
up. The conditions may last two or
threo days.
Hopl.v Dcmiinds Now
Hrinir Drafted, Mexico
City Reitorts.
ecit! Cable Pf patch In Till tsts
Mexico ctrr, June 27. Carrnnza con
continues to hopo that the efforts of the
Latin American republics to bring about
mediation In the t'nlted States-Mexico
crisis will succeed.
Foreign Seorttary Agullsr to-day nt
a second message to the: Latin American
republics, In which ho said :
"It looks an If the American Ooveni
ment, without Justifiable and political
reasons for declaring war upon Mexico,
wish to make It Intvttablo by using Inci
dents that ate bringing us close to war.
"Mexico should ntn or succumb with
dignity, but before she does she Is will
Ing to demonstrate to the other countries
of the American continent that th. atti
tude followed by the t'nlted States It,
that of attempting to seek a pretext for
Drafting Heply to 1'. S.
The reply of Carrnnza to the latist
note from the t'nlted States ts being
drafted to-day It Is expected that Mex
Ico will assert her right to retnln the
Carrlzal prisoners and stati that her po
sltlon In regard to the matters brought
up In the American note was, clearly de.
tlned In previous communications to the
t'nlted States Government
In an earlier message to Ambassador
Arredondo. the Mexican representative,
at Washington, Carranza urged him to
get In touch with the diplomatic rtpre
sentatlves of the A 15 C Powers and
ask them to spare no efforts to preserve
This Is In line with the Interchange of
messages between Mexico and Costa
lilca, Salvador, Honduras. Nicaragua,
Panama. Cuba, Haytl. Porto Klco. Co
lombia, Venezuela. Ecuador. Peru,
Brazil. Veneiucb. Paraguay, Uragiiav
Chile and Argentina. To them the "First
chief recently sent the following mis
sage "The American Government has or.'
dered a sudden concentration of Its armv
along our frontier, with manifest hos
tility trying to Involve us In a war whtcn
neither the Mexican Government nor
People have provoked.
War r-eems Inevitable although unjust
and ill matched, for both the Govern
ment and people of Mexico are de
termined to defend their sovereignty and
absolute independence, even at the cost
of the blood of their sons and the de.
strurtion of their riches
Ptenl in xmrrlrna.
"This Government relieves and thus
fa'thfu'h affirms that the conduct of
the An.enciii Government ,f,(,, nf), );lr
111 'iilze wit., its pr.'t. .stations nf friend
ship for l.atln American republics, ,md
'l it its ui:JitMiil.il,le proceeding ' with
Mexico aff 1 other sitter repuli.ics and
tend to hreak the ponds which by .1
oioi.Mim'y of meal", or gin and Interests
)H'u''l aid do unite fie-ii In cloe ho'i.
d.iritv n. and hereafter"
S'.rne of 1 ,. repuMi t whMi t-:s
note waJ riit replied, depl.-irln the sit
uation and offering f 1 1. ,,1'y tnedlvlnn.
I Carratuu's message to Arredondo li
I rects him to thank the WashltiKton rep
resentatives of these republic, "assuring
them the Mexican Government and peo
pie ate I, vers of pe.i'-e, and convinced
that peace Is the ,,nlv way of attaining
liberty Ht:d true greatness they will pnt
spare their rfforti- to pre, rve 'peace e.
. . n,'n i-ir-riMii;; n inVOlVCS UeiOgtl-
tioiw from our dignity and sovereignty."
"plrltr.l lllscossio,, f xteilcnn
'rlsls In House of Itrpntles.
rtfo nr Jivr rn, June ;',' . There was
a FVirltvd dlse'i-sloti of the American.
.Mexican situati..!' in the House of
Deputies which gave fjvsh Impetus to
th- interim with wh ch Unizll follow
ing the development.-.
An opposition li.putv made a blttep
attack upon the I'nlted States )n the
course of the debate. He began It by
saying that it was uMnnithing to hltii
that the Culled state should refuse to
accept the explanation of Mexico while
prompt;)- aricptmg i Senium epUfiat:ons
111 rtgard to undersea tlgh'ing
He said that ijertu inv Is still conduct.
Ing Its subm.ir.ne campilgn In violation
of the ilerman promise to Washington
and that the I'nlted States s not pro
testing; that he hoped Hrazll woultl
maintain her tr.-oi;t:nnu !v .1, n.iii.
principle of sovereignty f,f all counttles
without regard to the economic or mili
tary streng'h of any nation
P'puty Souzn e Pilva. speaking for'
the Cnveriireent nniuvr. l,dd. .1...
II- defended the policy ot ltrazll, saying
that the country st.indH firmly for the
solidarity mid fr.itenilty of the American
Ueputy Fouza e Dantas declared lirazll
lias taken no position n the present
Mexican crisis, but, like all Americans,
li vvairhlng the situation In the hope that
a peaceful solution Is at hand.
On i- simper Protests Aunlnst
lie "Vnnbce Agurrsslnn,''
Sp'cial Cable liopalch to Tnr. fit
H vvaNa, Cuba, June 27 Orestis 1-Vr.
rara's newf-paper, (7 llrrnliln, says edi
torially to-day
"All the peoplea of America ought to
protest iih one man, ullh i iiba leading,
against the Yankee aggression. It Is
preferable thnt chaos shouhl reign In
Mexico rather than that the Northern
Coln?sus. t-hould satiate her imperial
greed by the absorption of Mexbo,
"This markj the beginning of tlio end.
It would he j mortal blow to tho Inde
pendence of Latin American countries.
Cuba's exiMenee H greatly Imperilled,
"Wo must i udemn the American ex
panslonlst polky which (a unsettling the
niulllhrliim of the New World."
Tho .Vncl'iu fiercely abuses Secretary
of State DvHvernine for irithholdlng from
publication Minister AgulI.ir'H nolo to the
l.atln republics accuslns the Tiiitcd
fitates of perfidy.
The general feeling In Cuba, which Is
the closest t.ntln American State to the
United Slates, nnd the most Indebted,
suggests the absurdity of l.atln Ameri
can mediation In any question regaid
Ing the elation of the I'niteil Slates
with her (ominon enemy, tho Latins.
I'rnnkford Arm-mil to Tnrn Out Ufl,.
onil.OIII) llmuiiU fur innll Amu.
Pltll..Mn:i.l'ltlA. June L'7 Orders for
S0,0on,ono rounds of small arms ammu
nition were received at the l'rankford
arsenil this morning. In be made at once
and shipped to the linvcrnment nrtcnul
at San Antonio, Tex,
Win It will be stiii led to-morrow nnd
the hlpiiiciit will probably be comploted
within two weeks, Tho normal output
of Ihe ai'M'nal l Ift,ow) lounds of small
arm ammunition a day.
Effort art being made to enlro th
I tore of xpirt mtcbanlea.
Your cozy balcony looks directly on
the beach. A step and ou are in the
surf. The t.ine of the mm and breath of
the pines is in the air. The lioardwalk is
ablaze with the most interesting and
unique resort life of the continent.
There is no place like it. Always open.
Bored, run-down or just tired -remember
the homelike
nlv three hours rroru New ork
tvniu for illustrated ruMer
MsUe roservsllon
Cottfnined from f'ir,f Pagr.
huahua," raid 1. G. Hawkln. Jr., one,
of the party. "Practically all the able
bodied civilians will take part If there
Is k conflict between the two countries.
It Is conservatively estimated that there
are now 50,000 troops mobilized In dif
ferent parts of Chihuahua
"The bitter feeling toward Americans
Is undercurrent, though It has pot grown
to be dangerous. The conditions at Par
ral and vicinity are not very good. We
lived on canned goods for quite a while.
Then any kind of food tiecame ar.
We left on account of the tenseness of
the situation, but the company con
sidered there was no very great danger,
as preparations were made t'j operate
the mlnen continuously."
Two Americans employed nt the Par
"il mires have become naturaliied Mexl
cat citizens so that they might stay in
the town with eafety, ac ording to the
statement of one of the refugees Hoth
men have Mexican wives and families.
Thy are V A. Scott and Leslie Webb.
"Wo .iw' the twenty-three prisoners,
negro sel lers of the Tenth Cavalry, and
Lem Splllsbury, scout in the Cairtx.il
.tight. Ii Jill at Chihuahua city." H.gby
s.ii-i I hey were helng given good tr-at-iii.!.'
Wh.Ie ,n the .it) vve did not h'-ar
at y rill".'rs to the .flV. t thil'te Atlletl
talis wt.iiLI V -iio- It V apptfeut that
Ccti. Trevlno is lcep ng ordr In the
. :ty In the lirt' way he cJti. '
Nine Urge drav loads of flour were
exported to Juarez this morning It Is
illesed the flour Is for the Catrmza
ttoope ! was held up at the br.dge bv
i-tom officials trom last night until
tlus mottling for Inetructlons from
WHAh'ngtun, cutoms men considering
t'.io "h pment as . "ti'raban-! Washing
ton, however, allowed It to be ibared.
American preparations for military
service in Mexico and protection nf the
border continued to-day (len Hell w.ih
advised of the coming of two ni"'n bit
terns of the 4 7 field howltztrs from
fort S'lt, also of the tarttig n th
Mnesachusetts, New Jersey and other
mllltla foi this point
Gen. llell busied hltnlf with ron-fe-ences
with railroad men who have
formerly done service In Mexl. o, with
seeute iicrpisintei with Mt ai ten- 'rrv
and vv railroad officials relat ve to
t.ie movement of troops, jn'o Kl Pai-o.
lien f!"ll also conferred w.'.lt ,.s in'b
tary surgeons and consulted a number of
local doctors. Among other th'.m:. die
cussed were irrangements for military
hospitals. Tentative plans are under
way to take over a new private hospital
Jut completed for use a. a hase operat
'n! hospital.
ATTACK OF 15,000
lMitniiPil fn TlnM Hisbep. Ariz..
lint1 American lircaxt works
Scared Thorn.
Sas- Avrosto, Te.. Jun 17. Bat-
terles A. H and C. Third Held Artillery,
which have been a' Kort Sam Houston
about nine years, left to-nlsht for Kag'.e
Pass. They carried full equipment,
twelve fieil guns, horses and other ma
terial rt was stated that the threatened at
tack of l.'.,000 Mexican at Naco las
night was Intended for a raid on Dlsbee,
Ariz Hishcn Is an Important mining
town a few miles northeast of Naco, and
fighting there rrobably would have
caused extensive damase The Mexlciur
had boarded a troop train ready to
make a dash to the American side, nut
this was blocked by the Americans
erecting breastworks and taking other
precaution:, against an attack.
lieenforcements reported as having
been hurried to Naco consist of the
twelve companies of tho Twenty-second
Infantry at Pnugln.
A larFe body of Carranzlstas Is re
ported to be a point opposite Nog.iU'e,
Ariz. Steps to prevent them raiding
American territory have been taken,
Two batteries of the Fifth Klel.i Ar
tillery at Kort Sill, Oklahonii, have been
01 dered to Krowiisville and two to 111
Puso. One battery of the regiment has
been at the latter point mint time,
l'ield Hospital Company Six and llos.
pltal Company Six of Fort Uthan Allen.
Virginia, arrived here to-day, They will
be tent elsi . icto when need arises.
Department Quartermaster otllclals
have le.isnl tOO.OuO square feet of lloor
spneo In San Antonio for Morlng mili
ar) (.uppllc.i to be used by the Mg army
rr arty to assemble In Texas. Thu oftlceti!
wlh to obtain considerable more room.
V. S. Troops in Pursuit of
Hnnil Nonr TIncliitti, X. M.,
Mny dross thn Lino.
i 'oi.t'M ni'K, N, M., June 27. A raid
Into American tM i.nd an attempted
American raid en Mexican soli featured
the border excitement lo-day. The
Mexican raid Into American teirltoiy
occuned near Hachlta, N M Inst night
when William Parker, owner of ranch
thirty-live miles southwest of Hachlta,
and bis wife vveie murdered. The
bodies- of both weie found by mnii
hands this morning at the house on I lie
American cavalry haa started in pur
unit of the initrdereru, and if necessary
will crosB the border. At the time of the
murder the handllM ran off approximately
twenty-five hojtes, which military offi
cials believe will assist them In finding
tho trail. Parkei'a ranch was visited
revei.il riuyti ago by Mexican bandits ami
number of honsex and cattle wera run
A troop of cavalry followed their trail
t Ch Um but Mfr not ctom tb border.
Continued from First Page.
we're, not uaklng any more, and that's
enough of that."
For the sake of tlmso who like their
Itineraries straight let It be said that
the Seventh marched out of Its. armory
at Slxty-slxth street and Park avenue
at H ISO o'clock yesterday morning,
marched over to tho Sixth avenue ele
vated, past the Governor of New York
and uncountable other persons who
wcten't ashamed to be teeu blinking In
what the police would call u suspicious
manner, rode In elevated trains down to
f J rand street, boarded the ferryboat
Ciilcago at Uesbrosses street at to.lt.
started for Jersey City at lu:lfi, got
tnere at to.zs and were ready to entrain
at 10:30
t 10:30. aii tins according to
X i 1 'V 'rss
special train tdarted rolling at 1 ;27
I m and the second section at 1 :I5.
In the three hour Interval, while Col,
l's was waiting to see thut every man
had ii whole seat to himself, as It vv.im to
b" his lounge, dining room and bedroom
t ir live days anil nights, and wis ins .;.
ng finally that two more earn 1 put on
ti effect thin dlstr.butloti, and vvhilo
the tailroad ollicialH were waiting, ac
cording to the ottlela! statement, for tho
regimen' to finish loading Its supply
trains that were to trail the troops,
the dim train shed was the scene of
every sort of thing that could p.. diiy
happen when young men In new uni
forms wtre leaving their home town with
nobody knows what aheid of them.
Lverythltig except heroics and hysteria.
!nnrdsmrn fine nm Tlipy Cii,
h. ye, plenty of tundkerchlefs were
useful, but there was no waMIng, noth
ing to make any one suspect that mother
and dad and the children -and the git Is
weren't able to show the Vationa.
Guard of New York that there are
others besides soldiers who know pa
triotic self-control. As the llrst train
lumbered away with the guardsmen
waving from the windows end singing'
tin army' new anthem :
it s a long, lnnc wv te t'l Ct.rr.nn,
H it Ihiii nhr we'll ( 1 "
Itr'g -Clen Oanlel F. Appleton Col,
t i,iti to the Seventh for twenty-sexen
years - himself quite moist about
the eyes.
"They're fine bo)n," he said, "and
God bless 'em."
Which wis the Seventh's beFt vale,
diet TV.
When the regiment marched briskly
out of Its armory at 9 :2" o'clock Lex
ington avenue and the side streets were
lined with spectators, but not cr .wde.l.
Immediately It bee Hue at parent that
'iet of the Sevuith' men are named
HI There r hellos I"r lb-h ami
pete and Jimmy, old bc, but mostly
't was "Good. by. HI" U' M. Car-he.
the hast, drummer, his rmme tsr. i II..
For him It was a mull voke from th
sidewalk call. or, 'Daddy, there go-
mv daddy "
Col. Flsk, his start and the screaming
bugles of the regiment's enlisted band
swung Into .sty-evepth street Flag
lets were waving In th" hands of th '
dren on halron'.ej, and tire recap's of
a big buildirg on 'he Lexington avenue
corner the Institution f..r the Improve!
Instruction of the I'eif end Mute
At about the s.cre spot a gnv ha t 1
wotnan g"t thrnuph the line- t.etween
whlrli the marchers went, singled o.n
two voung men of the res incut n I
walk"d beside them She staved vil'i
the column all the way to th" elevate I
station, e-he was Mr. Mary Ueinane .t
!-. fTini-irtn ave'iu. and lt,e -Mir.i
men wi'h whom she mi robed were hei
two sont
From Sixty-seventh street the ,-ev
enth turned down Flf'.'i avenue In front
of the old Central Park Arsenal at MXt) -third
street Gov. Whitman. hS bat otT.
b'.ood In an automoh.l- w.'h his military
aid, Cap! I.erlllald Speiv . r, rcviewini:
the troops as the States .-oinmaniUr i
It. chief At the Fiftv -tunth street plazi
there w is much waving trom liathic.ce.lj
guests of the Savov and 'he N'etherlan.l .
hotels. Ai far as the plaza the flock of)
relatives who had followed and escorted
the m.lltlM kept the pace, faintly re- ,
seinbllng 'he troop of solda.leran who will
be see., trailing th- Mexican rn lee, if ,
the New Yorkers set that far Hut at ,
the ,,lazx thev begun falling lk and
turning tor home ,,r tc vm acio.-s town j
as to ret ov. r the river to the ta.lroa.l
station tu time for more farewells. t
special elevated trams on the sixth)
avenue l'ne took the Seventh down to
Gran.l htreet There it romped down tho
stairs, and the companies formed for the;
iiMri h to the ferry.
I'llests Pn mi of Water.
While they were w itt'ng prlefts of
P Alpheru'K Chtinh passed 'i
water It wis weio-i. cons leng tint i
the morning was warm and that ea h
man carried the hlii'.f ring weight of
blinke' and poncho rolls, haversack
rifle, sixty rounds of ammunition and
trenching toots, to say nothing of that ,
sultry flannel uniform, i
Loudest of any along the way up to
that point was the crowd along Canal
street, the route to the ferry Just as ,
noisy was the greeting to fie Seventh as 1
.t wheeled Into Wet street ur.d ap-1
preached the ferrv house Police lines ,
went all to pieces This city seemed
nhnut to cobble up the Si-vent -., but Cot
Flsk Mrodo right ahead. He didn't say
a word, but to right and left of him th"
crowd fell bick and the regiment, with
out losing a step, mar' bed idoarrt the (
ferryboat Chicago, while Col Vander.
lilt, referring to his watch, noted the
time and the numbers In hl book
Then- oiiKht to be a pirtlculnrly good
movie fllm nf the departure of the reg.
nient from Manhattan, for there was one
operator who stood on th" mof of th"
ferry house as the Chicago bounced trom
her 'slip and he picture that he got was
of 1,300 sreeu brown bats tossn.,- and
1,300 faces grinning right Into the noz-
zle of the cameia. j
On the way over Col Flsk nld that ,
evtry man was completely equipped and ,
that no one bad been left behind cr .
crpt recruits of tho past tvvent)-four '
hoina. Among the ntllceta was one
vacant place that of regimental art
Juti'it. That Is left open I'.r an oltlcer
of too regular aimy. an old ft lend of Col
Flsk. who will serve with the Seventh )
If the War Department rivis the word. I
dntltera fsity Parting; tinod-bjs.
It vv.is "Tlpperary" from the b.itul
when the regiment swarmed into the
Pcnnt-ylvanla station, and double quick i
time for the rear ran..s on the upper
deck of the bout In the concourse were
apparently gathered Just a" many god
speeders uh hart surrounded the armory
two hourt. before
It was plainly mothers' day on the
New Jersey shore Hut for mnie time
after the regiment marched down the
walks between the tracks and hailed
heslde the four trains of forty-nine cars
that were waiting there no ununUormed I
persons goi iiiiouKo iu- H...e- n n i
mutter of fact, orders were to kct p all
hut th" sol. Iii'l s oiu in in" uaincnt.i
' until that pesky ma' ter of a seat for
i even man was r.rttlcrl. Rut against a
sleBe of mothers and fnthers and brides
'and children the gatcmeti did not resist
I long They Just turned the other wuy
end pifsently the Seventh nnd Its faml-
lici were all mixed up and Col Flsk him-
,cif had a haul ilni" gettmif tiirougn the
The "singing conipati)" of the Seventh
Is undeniably Company F Those of Its
men who hHd agreed with their rela
tives that i;ood-bvs said nt home are
hcally tho best after all stood outside
their car and with solemn faces enter
tained the others with Iholr harmony
llxccnt for that Carranza song their
offerings were strictly Hentlmental, There
was one, for Instance, In which "the
wtldwood" and "little girl" were fre
quently mentioned In minor key, endlnf,
"And I'll hay good .by to you." A mo
ment later It was.
"I'm through with all flirtation,
(lood-by, girls, good-by girts, good-by alrls,
I'm through."
Not forgetting "The Soldier's. Fare
well": "t so where duty calls me
Farewell, farewell, my own tru leve."
Nor "Merrily We Koll Along," nor the
Tlpperary aong that all the companies
caught up.
"Farewell, dar old Ilroadway,
Hello, Mexico ,
It's a long, long way tn l C'arranzi,
Itilt that', tho way we'll go "
nudvTlches .Molilllred,
Now ono of tho four trains later to
' tlo i LT ,, a wo ; S- h
" h 'mi standing
vvaon't a man who didn't have a whole
seat to hlmelf Major Falls was saying
to two orderlies
"Hustle nut and buy alt tho Hand
wlche.s In sight "
He had Just learned that in tho ab
sence of cook cart It would be live tlajn
on cold rations for tho Seventh. From
the rn lb oad rijslaurant, and all the eat
ing place nnd Btorea In lower Jersey
City contributions for the hungry Seventh
began to pour. If the relatives of the
men couldn't get a messenger they went
out themseve and returned with sand
wiches, i-oda pop, cigarettes, sweet
chocolate, pies, bananas, to be munchi-d
on the spot or tucked away against the
tlve more or les.1 chcerltss days Just
About 11 o'clock tho privates were or
dered Into their cars. That made gym
tias'i s mvessary If a )oung woman was
to be lifted up to the windows bv two
outstretched arms, as inanv voung
women were, and kissed In a rather .-oi.-spiciious
way, which no one seemed to
n :nd. Hut presently the men were al
lowed to leave the cars again, and that
was the signal for another of the many
periods of handsliaklng nnd kissing and
"Html" instructions to "tell m.." this
oi that and to remember about the key
.Hid more intimate suggenions which
are none of the public's bus.ness.
Vetrrana fee Heoinietit Off.
A draughtsman went around and
chalked on each car the number of lt.s
company as a directory for those who
were having trouble rinding their friends
in th" crowd. Ono of the ten straw
hatted veterans of tlie rf-cl.nfnt who had
marched down from the armory Just
behind the band with umbrellas over
their shoulders, r'fl" fashion, appeared
with a lot of postal cards and handed
them to the young .soldiers Ice civatn
was being eaten both from pjper boxen
jnd plate Whin ah the immediate
eatables were consumed the vv.ilt be
came tedious except for thoe who.
Ilk" n young member of K I'ompany,
hat on the steps of bis ..r with an
arm around a rose of th" rosebud gar
den of girls and for th" tune blng
didn't care h rip whether b" ever got
Carranza or rot
eventually It developed that 'wo more
cars were reeded An offhir of the
Seventh without blaming anvbody. said
that apparently It bed been lnt ..led to
place officer" ami privates in th
car. which Is forbidden bv arm) recti- of the Seventh w,i am .in g t
laMon, and that no provls'on hud been tlve v tl.it. .i'tln.,u- it w.i- i lic w.t)
mad" for the tm new spiper cot i espond- to get Carranza. that wai, the route
ents authorized to k. cusp my the rtrl-' Among the women who saw the S.v
ment Ilven'iiallv th" two . ars w. re o.. er.th KegliiK'nt otf vesterduy were sev
tallied Just before 1 o clock the men , eiel w'bii had worn vverl lings i.rc- t .
j.lled into their cars to sta, while a onlv a ftw houts. Anions' th' gii'i--volunteer
cheer leader ner the gate men who vver tn.irr.ert n tl , , vi f
mounted the sbou'ders "f hs tintes ami rtcp inure vvcte tl ll.irrv I tf - ,
Broadway Limited
V. New Yerk Z.45EC
Ar. Chle.io - .45
Th .Sit Car Rout
atk. m. " '
INOAIMtaa sL It a"
n iwmijaraiJiy
wiTn all liquors
got the three. chers for the Seventh
that be called for,
"Is there a full seat to every man""
said Col. Fik to Major Falls ut I M
"There In."
"Sound assembly," raid tho Colonel to
the band leader,
Applrtnti Pert With Ilia "Hovs."
The biiglis raised their clear voices
und th" steel rafters of thu arched train
shed seemed to quiver. Just then Col.
Flsk caught sight of the blue serged
flguio of Gen. Appleton standing a few
fet away The General'M e)ea were
fixed on the lines of heads that bobbed
from the windows down th" four lines
of cars.
"Han, come down with us, won't you"
Col Flsk was do.ng his best to speak
gruffly and not succeeding very well
Gen. Appleton, without a word, stepped
up abreast of bis successor In command
of the Seventh Col Flsk vcai at It's
right hand, Lieut. -Col McLean, whose
hair la also gray, at bis left. The color
bearers stepped Into their places with
the blue silk flag uf the Seventh and
th" Hag of the I'nlted States The t:itT
fell In behind their Colonel. The Colo
nel said "March." the fifes and drums
swung Into "The Hrlllsh Ornridlers"
and the men who lead the Seventh strode
with set faces between the trains, the
lines of cheering New Yorkers and a
reverberating "Hooray" from th men
who leaned from tho windows of the
day coaches At the steps of his i ar
the Colonel stopped at the request of
photographers and mad" G"t Appleton
stand with him for a flash. Igb'. From
the band. "Tho Girl I I.ert Uehlnd M"
Just before the musicians; broke ranks
and took their places In the car vvnh
the war correspondents' In a compan)
car Harv.itd men of the Seventh wctv
whistling "Our Director "
The flrst section, wit'. Col. rut; and
his statf In two forward i.ci.'ies, moved
at I .01, but returned on an rhei tr,ni
to p.vk up the test of a train of tw.
tv.f .ur cats. As this thm and th
one following It puffed out of the shd
Int.. t'ie sunlight the stiitv.n echoed th
crestest cheer of all ft. 1 1 1 th- 1, ft !..
hliiils. the guardsmen, b oklns b. k f, i
the last time, stnrtid singing as.i'.r
i and the last the Jer-ev waterf'PT h'.ird
This modern Mercury the winged-foot
messenger which makes the daily run
between New York and Chicago in
20 hours, exemplifies Pennsylvania
Railroad standards.
All-steel from row-cateher to observation
plallbrm; running on the strongest steel
rails ever made and over a smooth,
substantial, rock-ballasted track that
is thoroughly inspected twice every
day; protected all the way, day and
night, by the most approved signalling
Bystem, and driven by enginemen
whose, records are 00.0 perfect,
the Broadway Limited- the triumph
of modern transportation typifies the
achievements of tho
The Standard Railroad
Westchester, Hdward Hanker f .,
Island and C'lfton Sd.w b -Darrln
of -Manhattan
Arthur Hrnmley ,,f i;:i, t
title. The Hi-.q, x, ii i.
married next fn to i, - .
ii teacher In the pub'i, h (
Mn-et and U.ilnbrldge avi .. v
hrard that the legl'iimi w Cil.r ,
tho border they s"t th iii ( ,.,
and tho ceremony win p. f . ,
week ago yestetdav Tl
In the !'eiinslvni..,i m,'
Cltv yesterdav of ,i n t l. , '
en th who was to have i e. t, , . , '
.--unHiiy wnue on a t'ir.. I ,
ugh, but was Mimiiioi' ,,,
nrmory with bis com H-1
there tihtti th r, .
Friend who knew the . a. , f
man who unln'entlonallv i. ,s .
Hrownsviile i bnchr'...r w . .
him awa)
It was mmorert hs th. r. ,-.
lenvlr.g that after a t ,r' ,
Hto'.vtisville It won'. I l e t
atnn, so that the rig firs r.
ould be tM'isferK . V, ,
itticers of the reglm.-n' si-"
i'.ca what the War L. -
d . with them nfter t' c
vl lie.
Will Wnli'h liver I'linillle.,
Uef'T" the reg ttic t
Jesterduy tnorning I'h' ,p I '
t .rmerlv of lx comp v w
Ciij'talM and ,iske. th,' , i
or e.i h family that t '
in getting along In th" . !. . r. ..
breadwinner He sa.d i .. ,
It that such families rt 1
Dave Williams, i.n at .-'
has served the Sev.M! i ,.
Itor f..r thirty-seve.,
to Col Flsk ,,nd sfi. I i
before the teglm.-tlt we." ;(., I , ,
"Good-bv, Ixuuni l. ' h' i
yoil folks Will ije "i .1. i .
Up the Tenth .ir.i I
right "
TOWNS chkf.i: Si;) F Mil
Itrulniriit Vlnl.i's Hun Ulilioiif sln,
to llnrrlslitir,
IlAllt.lStltitll, Pa. Jul 7 in. h ..
He.iibiuarter" train ) Ih-'ir
th- Sev-nth Itrglm-nt '.
rar-, jm'.led into ti.f
c i loi k to-tilght, after pra t .
Inti-rrupted run from .!'.- v . t. v , t
hour stoji was made he
The first se,.tion cofiit.. i
at rt his staff, the n"i-c. , -r ...
Staff, field musicians. he.-i .'. .
vupply companies; the l-'r-- He,
composed at ptesent of ( .,.( i . v i
C and D . C,mpani 1' ,i ' '
Second Hattalion, and ov - .'
Hospital Co.ps Tli-
twnt)-fnur urn, ..ir',." .
and II of tr,e .l.r.ll n,"
p.'iile- J. K. L a:. d M a
It.itta.ioii, on... half t!,. il ;
ai o the niHchlne gun ' r ; .
In the next car to t'.e ,(.: ,-.
F'sk and his etu.T oth -lf
bei' McLean, F".-' I T ,c
l e-pird. Acting l: ,"-!! AI' M-t
J Weston, tjuarterm is'-r .!'r p
liiiti William IC M i r i M - . : i
P l'ovvier and Capt Tl.: . : j.
of th" Meilical i"i.rp- 1 . : ,
Jetties V. Scbujler It - he. t ',!
I' Witt Clinton Falls ,i 1 t . A
rid with the ...inpiiv . :!, vi
b-.tt.lllotls The leg IV t i 1 .t,;
ceded the l.cadquai' .-..'
' id
1 "
f ' .ir
: pr.
,r.ier tram Mote that 1' 1 c x-l
s x'.y horses will be dent f :cl ..n
till another tram to-m'-r- w
The tilp from Je:ey r t. "t s
b.ug was tnlivcne'l '.v '.. mi' -
varying In jiroporfion t'. t i" .;- '
r t"W ! th-ough wh! 'i :!, t-i ' ,
L, Cblearo - It '"It
Ar. New YnrU 9 suv.
of the. World

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