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fjrf. Snmnil nnil Third Rrgi
iiipiiIs Swell Number of Men
ill Hrekmnn lo R,.M.
rMP Wimtmin, r.nr.rv llAir.N, N. T.,
Jjr :--lov. Whitman p.il.1 the camp
fli-lne ilt to-ilH.v. Hp oume tinan
rcjiirfcl, .itiil until h" left prnotlrnlly no
i".f but . tw nffloi rx In I'omtiuind knew
s ldntlt And the qurrrcut part of
n.ia th.it lie i-.inic a the Ritot ami
IV .l.ttmiolillt- of Aiieiiililj ni.m
,'ii;tn I'Mi, the ni.m who lc, the
fit 10 h.ie the (ioirrnnr precnt
i lUiJifr? for his tilp to tlio l'.iminm
1 do Kpoitlon.
iv Whltm.in and Mr. Klh iirrhrrl
t S p xk In the afternoon, li.ivlriK
r id tin- trip after the departure of
i .f Seienth and Sevent tlrrt riRliiiftita
f .im New York The (iovernor hpraii)?
Ml r the oar In front of headquarter.
lTir were- many orflecr and men in
u uomily, but no one revocnlzed hlni
mi John A. Jamlaon, division ccnrral
-atiasir of the New Votk Telephone
. inpany and a perional friend. Mr.
.'attljon, nhu was Innpri'tlnit newly in
valltd wires, ran toward the tent to
inform the camp ofTlcetn, but he ai too
The finvernor of the Slate came up
bh!nd Col. Arthur K. Tmvnwrml and
' h!m a hearty ulap on the xhnulder
, way of creptlne. Til- iiMslst.itit 1 1 -
-i n'larleiiiiaxliT hIimoM dropP1''!
'nm surprise nnil Just then Col. lMuard
Van l Lucas of the Twenty. hpcoihI
l.r ptiferi rode up on Topsy. his new
.are Adjt.-Oen. txiuli W, Ptoteobury,
! a dlxtnnt part of the ramp, heard the
en nd hastily gathered his staff
bH him nml rame on the run. Col.
("'ley of the Slxty-nlnth wa summoned
ti hiMe by m.-sseiiBer and In n few
m mlis all the offb'ers were expostulat-
c to the snillliiB (inventor that they
-'"Uld have had warnliiK In order that
firtlrn reoeptlon might be prepared.
.r.ni Mm I mlrr Cnnvn.
Ooi Whitman went with them
itrnujli the camp streets. Razed at the
In ones of the Sixty-ninth ami the
iti'inm, and at :30 o'clock, when
'I i-t ISfKiment came In from HIiik
i j "inn. he went to the station at
,'fn llnxen and watched them detrain.
nil- officers' great relief the l'lrst
I i band Molly? and the martial
u made eome nipnai'h to an ap
t";r'.ite ceremony. The linenior had
i ei at the officers' mess and at S
f I .'k cut Into Assemblyman Klsh's
n i blue iic.iln with fol. I.ucas and
jried for Albany. Ho gave out no
Utement beyund expressing his delight
it the oldlfrly appearance of the camp
ml Its occupants,
Tk camp Is a busy place to-night
'h ,r.ni men under canvas. Three up
."a'e infantry regiments, the 1'lrst of
I ch.itnton, Thlid of Itochesler and
i ' Second, which has Is-en hiking In
ii l'ntU'hkeepsle for the last two days,
. ' ie 1 i amp Ihtp to-day. So did the
Keiiri Ambulance Company of Sra
t 'he newest organization In the
Na u k guard and the largest ambu-
coiup.iuy In the United States.
B:net Thursday there will be 10,00
u pi' hi"c, fur It was announced to
mrit 'hat the Sity-t1ftli Iteglment (rom
li-filo and the Tenth from Albany will
irrl lo-mor-ow or the next day.
0'ie of the big events of the tl.ij '.
"Jf life canif when the Seventy-first,
r -oute to the border, passed through
jghkecp!e at I. M.. on Its way to
"alo. Col. William ii. llatcs's boys
Mil Just as tint Hirst Kcglment, un
' C. II. Hitchcock, begiui to de
i e Hor fifteen minutes, until the
i-v.!ii -rlrst resumed Its Journey, there
.re about 3,000 husky youngsters
! with all thnlr lung power. The
s let lcsxse a cheer for their down
' iinnoles, who had be,iten them In
t" g iway to the Isirder, a chwr that
er..eiaiei across thy Hudsou anil
ed tiack again from the mountains
"I'i'l The Seventy-tlrst answered as
n"i and plleil out of their cars In a
"tllrert u Mrxlcu.'
T'ri they went to the water faucets
tn wash off (he dust of travelling and
' f-in some mysterious source,
- n an prcsluced a chunk of chalk
"') helped lu write a gieat while sign
'he side of the cars that read "Direct
' Mexico." livery other available space,
idotvs anil all, was filled with cirica-
ir-i of Villa. Carranz.i and Mexican
Company I of Middletonn led the
't Ii fantry Into camp. It was re
"uitnl to full w-ar Mrength with every
"i Hilly equipped. Capt II. 1.. Sleed
"un neut to Sew Vork jeslerday. It
""'t i-anl, and performed some magic
the arsenal building by which he
yh'Jiiad a complete supply of every
' i"B for hli men. There were sixty
' rulis In the ranks and many more
N'l lo l. turned away when the com
I any re.nhed Us muximum stiength.
Th first comers really were the men
'he Second, who Mulshed their three
'" h.ke fnm i'oughkeepsle about !'
M. The regiment Is icerulted practdl-
-Y to H.ir hlrength and the men have
"i turrit lent rial work on the iu.nl to
naki, them hardened.
Ti Third Iteglment. Iieaibiuailcrs at
'ii.enr, arrived with Col. K. S. Jeli
' iga toon after lunch time, fully en
tied and bringing Its tookles along. Hut
iooKita were a nondescrljit lot. In
J T.iiaii I,, fop Instance. Ihere were
, '" squaiM who trailed along abso
''' Mr of equipmcm. One recruit
hid in a Palm He.ich suit and an
' " r I 'i ute Hred l.andon, a man of
nan, strode along carrjlng
'.ed iiajonct In Ins right hand and
h"l suck over his left arm. They con
' ' i"d all he hud, but he was satisfied.
Ixe got this bayonet to tight with,
' rot this sack lo sleep on and Inside
i aek I've got a intss kit to eat
,r"m What more do I need? I tried
m in the Spanish war eighteen
Vfars ago, but my brother telephoned to
recruiting office that I 'was under
n .Nobody is going to etop me this
Ilrinus Motor Track.
Company 1 brought along a handsome
motr,r truck as an addition to lla sup
' 'ram, the gift of the employees of
'he Morrow Manufacturing Company of
I'.lniir.t, forty of whose 3,700 workora are
enllMed in the company.
The Hourth Ambulance Company of
"'rjcusti came In later with eighty-five
"'n. the. normal strength of such
uim being about sixty-live.
"loee iralnloads of MassachUHetta
''I Connecticut troopH went by on the
c ''Ural Nexv Kngland during the after
ii"on nnd nere clieercd iih long lis they
"rre xxlihln hearing, The four troops
"' 'h"! Hirst Cai'iilry now here received
''Mtrs to-day to report at Van Cort
I'mlt Park. It la uuderidnod that tho
park Is to be made tho cavalry con
"nlratlon point, aa the men will have
letter facilities there and will not In
ttrf.r. s. jth the foot "oldlers.
The SUly-ulnlh took tho dual oath lo
I1. but Ihere were thirty nho xvere ex
"""I, They am married men whoae era
rimers will no nothing toward providing
their families and Col, Conley sent
'l"m home to Join Ihe depot unit at the
imory, .
f'pt. 3. O. Hog-arty of Company I,
nnvott manhal of th Hlxty-nlnth. hsa
i''uxtd himself u ucceaeor to Carrfe
t'onttnued from Mrnt Vagr.
had been sent to the rear and evoiy man,
Including the leader, wan afoot. Alter
nately lying flat on their bellleji and then
Using to inaiHCuxre, they fouhl des
perately. The little hand withdrew until dpt.
Morey. wearing Cnpt. Iloyd's hat and
bleeding In the left shoulder, found him
self with seven men behind an adobe
xx all near a dry water hole offering pro
tection from bullets, hut not from the
Three hundred yaids to the south were
the Carranzlstas, some mounted and
some afoot, tiring mid yelling as they
advanced, emboldened by the Americans'
"When t got behind thp wall." re
Mimed Capt. Morey In H matter of fact
xvny, "I told the men I purposed to stay
there. Those who xxlshed to go I told
to go."
Hour men. Including- one who xvas
wounded, elected to make a try for es
ape oinl Capt, Morey tells me he saw
them aceml a hill thai Mrctchid axvay
to the north.
"I never saw men act so strangely." i
said ("apt. Morey. "They did not run
or seem lo exert themselves In any xvny
They simply moved away uphill as If
dized and by doing so probably savtd
us. We xx ho remained behind th xvall
noticed Cairanzlsta horsemen riding out
to flank them. It xvas apimrent that sonic
of the Carranzlstas had seen us take
refuge behind the xx till and, noting four
tiling to escape, went In pursuit, leaving
us unmolested,"
With the enemy beating the country
on all sides Capt. Morey and three
black Hoopers lay In that hole behind
the wall all that longest day of the
ear. waterless. Night came and with
It a drop In temperature. I'ndnr the slur
the xx'oundtd officer and men started
trailing west In the llrst relay of the
M'xenly-llve utile Journey lo our line.
Ton Wmli to Walk.
Capt Morey was so weak he could
walk only 30i yards or so nt each
stretch, and as the night xxore on he
decided It xxas humanly Impossible for
him to go further. Ho first requested
the men to leave him and xxhen they
refused he ordtred them to leave him.
"I reasoned," he said, "that they
could go on and 1 couldn't, so 1 made
them go." i
The three negroes obeyed the order
and the wounded Capt, Morey wound
Nation. The Captain learned that a eer- I
: tain tent near camp xvas selling in addl
1 thm lo "near beer" and similar stuff a
liquid !! per rem. alcohol whose pass-
xxord was "nhlie label." He gut Ihlrty
' eight men together and xxhen the xlslt
to the lent xxas over the roiiccsslr.it man
did not have an unbroken bottle of the
tluld In his plnre.
The Sixty-ninth rccelxed orders to-day
to be ready to entrain, but no dellnlle 1
dale xvas set. The Pioneer ttattalion. 1
Tnenty-second Knginecrs. Is still under '
canvas, and so arc the Hirst Hleld Hos
pital and Hirst Ambulance Company,
which had expected to depart to.1l.1y. j
I Nothing Is knonn of the plans for
j them, but It Is ruinoird they are to start
I Wednesday or Thursday, xxhen lien.
'('Uy.ni Is expected to moxe headquar
' ters to the border.
, Col. I.ncni Telia of KnglncerV Work
I at fix tup.
I Camp Whitman. Oiikkv Havkn, N v..
j.lune 2". Col. H. W, Van C I.ucas, com-
mantling the Tnenty-second Hnglneeis,
to-night gave out a statement In u tilth
, be outlined the work be ami his men
liaxe done toward giving the Slate
mobilization eamp an adequate siipplx
of water The method of drilling xxclls,
which at first xcas accepted, has been
abandoned b the Colonel III favor of
.another system xxhlch Involves piping
xxater from Hlshklll I'reek to huge dis
tributing tanks at the lamp.
"I came here lo get a xxater eupptt for
1 lti.100 men ready bv July n. Hv Thurs
day next I expect to have an adequate
'and absolutely xxbolesoinc suppl ready
for S.'.nno men. I nlll haxe beaten Hip
time by ten days and provided for n
force more than 'in per cent greater," be
j "The original plan lo obtain water
f 1 0111 drilled xx ells is leaslble but sloxv.
jit 1 mild haxe been an nmplished bj .lulx
. ?, but I considered the present emergency
I so great lhat 1 decided lo make a radical
' change."
New Vork to Have Six Itnsc '
Hospital 1'nits .Member
ship Ciiiupiiiiriis On. i
lied Cross leaders estimate that xxhen
present plans are perfected the organl-
valtnn fun ttllce e:ire nf iHIXnrin k,.t.ll..MU
in the Held. Two hospitals in this city
I applied yesterdaj lo form base liospltal
I units, to add to the four already formed
here. Kdward A. Morre, director of the
I Atlantic Division of the lied Cios. re
ported on Ills return .xesterday from lluf.
falo. Itochesler and Syracuse, that cam
paigns for membership and nnr pre
paredness xvere well under way In thne
"These cities and flushing are nil
organizing base lin.ptal units," be said,
"and are undertaking lo finance them
and staff them from their onn hospitals,
Only accredited purses, with three ears'
hospital training, are allow cd to so as
Kcd Cross nurses, but noin.ii of all
classes ale showing the greatest neslie
to help all the.x ran,
"Classes are being formed everywhere
to make ami fnrwaul equipment, nml
llrst aid classes for the nun-professional
personnel of the units, In July wo shall
launch a membership campaign from
which we expect to enroll '.'fi.QOO in the
smaller cities. Philadelphia Is expect
ing to add 50,000 members."
The Military llellef H.xceutlvo and
membership campaign committer- xvlll
meet at the Hotel Manhattan lids after
noon to dlscusa the format'nn of ambti-,
lr.nce corps to transport the woundtd,
The Government Is pnutlcally without
any of the light motor ambulances which I
have proved so efT-ctlxo on lUi.vpean
battlefields. In fact, the machines pie.
sented to the New t'.irk Nailon.il fiuard
by Mrs. Cornelius Vinilcrbllt are the
only ones available. i
Will Join Hirst Aid Ulnae nf the'
lint (.'rose, 1
Chicago, June 27. Mrs. J, Ogdeni
Armour, wife of the packer, declared lo. ,
day her Intention of Joining a lleil Crops,
"first aid" class In piepaiatlDii for any1
possible need there may lie for her hci.1
vices In case of war wllh Mexico.
Her daughter. Lolllla, was a member,
of a class in "first aid" which a number I
of society women look last xvlnler at HI,
Joseph's Hospital. j
Canlrr to Re KHmdllert,
Robert William (Jimler, alias llobert
II, Herrlrk, who waa arrested Monday
night at the request of the Philadelphia
pollco for the alleged passing a worth
less check for $100, waa arraigned yes
terday In the Tomtw police court before
Magistrate Nolan and held until to
morrow without ball lo await extradition
to Pennsylvania.
the bandage about his shoulder a best
tie could and lay down In the desert
to sleep.
The atars wei i Mill shining, lint dawn
way touching the sky when he axxoke a
lltle strengthened. Alone, he forced
h nise f to his reet and staggered In tho
direction In tela,,!. i. 11......1.. 1... .....
Santo Iiomlngo ranch, eight miles front f
J arrlzal, the point whcie the command!
bivouacked the night before the tight.'
He travelled tompassless, having given 1
lis compass to the men xxhu left him,'
also a lelegrat to his xxife and a des-i
patch tu lien. Pershing.
Aliout 4:3n In th. morning he leached
1 ra,'." ,l"Uw "ml t"u"'1 11 deserted.
7' :Mct-,,,M, I'"' manager, bad lied, am
had the Chinese cook. Throning hlin-l
seir face downward In a mudhole near'
t in ranch limine, ,0 mnmded officer
rinsed his par-bed month and drank
sparingly, Itevlved a ,,ttle, lie staggeied
Into the deserted building, where, as If.
by 11 miracle, hn found beersteak. some
coffee In a pot mid corn bread As he ate
..v K..MK-U rircngiii ami spirits.
rinil Vltr Slrnuulera.
Near the ranch lie found five troopers
or the Tenth Cavalry, stragglers from
the confuse' light (lathering them
together, be. prepared to inarch. Thev
seatched the ranch kitchen and found
Jerked beef and stoned It in their
pockets; those xvho had canteens niled
them and Capt. Mniey carried xxater 111
an old baking ponder tin.
"I had learned my lesson." he said,
"and determined ncxer to be without,
xxater ngaln."
Afler washing his wound and stoning
fome of the dried beef In his first aid kit,
Capt. Morey and his men set out. head
ing for the ranch at San l.ul. thirty
five miles an ay. When ten miles had
been accomplished In feverish relays by
moonlight they encountered McCabe with
a mule team near a windmill,
All piled Inln tho xiagou and rode to
the San I.uls ranch, where they arrlxen
Saturday at midnight. Joining with Capt.
Hoxvze'a squadron of the Kleventh
Cavalry, sent out by flen. Pershing.
With the squadron was a motor truck
train, and In a truck Capt. Morey and
his men headed for headquarters. When
thirty-live miles from the main camp,
(en. Pershing's aid. I.leut. James Collins,
nlth four automobiles, met the trucks,
nnd Capt. Morey was transferred to the
smoother riding car, which reached litre
at dusk.
He Mnes Penee Meetinjr to
Albuquerque When Town
Shows Hostility.
Kt. Paso, June IT Arbitration of the
Hnlted Stales nnd Mexican dispute nlll
not be. dlecusscd at VA Paso by the
peace commission now assembling heie.
Hr. Pavld Starr Jordan, Ihe first to ar
rive for the meeting, found the. senti
ment so unfriendly here toward such a
proHltlon that he announced this af
ternoon his plan to leave to-night for
Albuquerque, N. M., nhere th' meetings
would be held.
The dootor gave a his reason for
changing the meeting place that It
xxmilil be cooler at Albuquerque, nhere.
the altitude Is somen hat higher than
at r.l Paso.
"Ill Pasoans might haxe made It toil
xxarm for the peace commission If It'
had staved hcie,' asnertnl Major Tom'
l.ca to-nlghl, I
Ma.xnr I.e.i and Fome of bis friends I
had a hard time lai-t night, It became
known to-il.i. lo prevent certain KI
Papuans from forcing the doctor to leaxe
toxxn. A meeting xxas In Id In a local
bank, al xxhlch It was decided to send,
a committee to ask him to leave. If he i
refused jie xxas to be told to pack bis '
grip and go with the committee lo the I
train. Major lca Inard of the meeting,!
and wlille expressing open sympathy'
nlth the idea prevailed upon tho.e prcs-I
em not to carry It out.
I.ale ihN oftel ihmxii, after announcing
that the meetings xxould be adjourned
lo .Mhuqueiqlie, lir. Jordan said the
mietiugs might be transferird to San
Antonio, where the same reaon could
not actuate the nioxement.
Addicting Ihe ('diversity Club to
day. Or Jordan "aid .
"I am oisisiil to Mexican Interxen
tlou If there Is any nay out of It. TV
l 'lilted St.itts seems not to haxe been
able to see any way out and I don't
see any oilier xxax. We could see a way
out of II If the people xxere educated
ami the lenders could recognize the best
Interests of their people.
"If ne do intervene it should be for
the welfare of the Mexican people, for
the starved, fox the good of tuitions and
(or humanity In general."
He denied that la' said "that the anni
hilation of den. lVihlng's entile com
mand by Mexican forces xxould imi Jus
tify Interx enllon."
Nrixnrk "Xlnrrlime" nnoiiiiremriil
II n lie I ntereslliiK (luestliiii,
Xkxvahk, sS. J, June 27 Can a sol
dier fighting for this country In Mexico
many by proxy." It Is doubted by the
autlioiltics here Hun Mich a wedding
would have any legal lilndliw effect,
Announcement xxas made to-dux of the
"m.it-rLii,." of MIsM Pthel SIa.oamI
daughter of Mr and Mis, II. C. Kergent, '
fin Peck avenue, and l.ouls liansemer,
110 Cential avenue, Mr. Kergent said
tin- couple had been ft lends for years,
but no engagement exlstcjl until last
xxck, xxhtii tlir Hirst Regiment was called
to riea (ill I. ,
llatiM'mcr la company clerk of the reg
Imeiit, which left for the Mcxlcati bonier
to-day, and us' no plans for a "weddliK
had been made, It was decided to have
a marriage li proxy, ..Mr. Ilaimrmer's
patents died several jcars ago, He ex
itcsed the wish lhat If he dies In battle
his ilaucrr bu considered lie hla lesal
Suriogate Stlckel doubtel whether un
der the law a xveddlng by proxy xxould
be recognized In Nen Jersey. He ex
plained thai a license xxould have lo he
obtained In the itwular manner, ami lhat
the (-i.ii'tlos must stand together in the
actual ceremony. City Clerk Archibald
said no marriage license by proxy could
be Issued under thr laxv, xxhlch demands
that thr contracting parlies appear per-
Cirri. In Pnhllr Service Commission
lllsrhnrurd h Pnniilmoa Vote.
Joseph Hraiiilon, a clerk employed by
tho Piihlln Sen Ice Commission, xxas dis
charged esletday afler a hearing upon
Ihe charge that lie had been convicted of
disoi tin I) coii.luct In a Magistrate's
'lite charge made Ii) Sergeant Hyan,
a redlining cdlirr in The Bronx, ivis
that Brandon had Insulted the ring,
llrandon dented (his at (he healing yes
terday, but the five CotninUulotirra voted
unanimously to sustain hla auspenalon
and rollowed thlH by discharging him
fiotn lite employ of the cominlenlon.
Amerlenn Union Aprnlnsl. Mili
tarism Sny.s Curriznl Inei
ilent. Jn Innuffielent.
Wabiiis-otov, June 27. The American
I'liinn Against Militarism issued (o-nlght
n statement, which said In part :
"We are on the point of war, If war
comes the American peoplt. and the other
nations of the world will sit In Judgment
and render a verdict as to the right and
Justice of the cause. Hxery American
who Is patriotic In the highest senst feels
lhat (o go to war without a Just caue
which will bear the critical Judgment of
future generations would be an Irrepara
ble Injury to the nation. Is there a Just
cause for war 7
"It Is coiicedid by the State Depart
ment that up to the Carrlzal engagement
between American and Mexican troop.1
nothing had happened that amounts to
a substantial cnuse for war. As we un
derstand it there la lltlU conlllct of oplti
Ion in regard to this. If we go to war
now It will be understood al home and
abroad that It la because of the shooting
of Capt. Iloyd's troopers by Mexican sol
diers under (Jen. Gomez outside the town
of Carrlxal at about 4 .30 A. M. on
June 20.
"('apt. Morey. wounded and under the
belief that he would not reach the border
alive, has given a clear, cool and dualled
account of this engagement. This report
xvas evidently written with deliberation.
It bears the marks of thoughtful accu
racy and Capt. Morey took pains to put
It Into army code.
Qaotea From More?' Jlrport.
"Vou will note that Capt. Murey saya
that Capt. Hoyd was under the Imprea
slon that the Mexicans would run If llred
on and that the Americans then 'formed
for attack' and advanced upon the Mexi
cans and that thereupon the Mexican
troops opened fire. If this Is true and
It seems Impossible to doubt It we sub
mit that the Carrlxal episode does not
constitute a Just cause for war.
"It has been stated that the Carrlxal
engagement was a mere incident, mid
that Carratixa's refusal to allow Amer
ican troops to proceed further Into
Mexico was In Itself a cause of war.
History will not Justify this nation In
going to xvar becaue a neighboring re
public would not allow our troopi to en
ter Its territory In pursuit of a band of
outlaws and demanded that these troops
should not march further Into it terri
tory after the baud of outlaws had been
scattered and many of them killed.
"The fact that Mexico Is a small na
tion, turn by recent revolution and now
undergoing a period of reconstruction,
made It a matter of national honor fiat
we should scrupulously reseet Its right".
Wr believe that If this nation should
iiioor to go to war rather than accept
the offer of mediation made by the Latin
American republics nnd accepted by
Mexico It nlll be a blot upon American
Committee I. raxes to Present Iteso
lutlon to WlUon.
Mr. Amos IMnchnt. Alfred .1 lliiltnii
of tile Central federated Hiiion and
Prof H A Overstrec' of City College
left for Washington on the 12:3a train
this morning Income) to President Wil
son a resolution asking for the with
draxxal of troops from Mexico and that
I lie dllllcultles lietween this countr.x and
the Carranza (Jovernmeiit be settled b
arbitration or mediation. The departure
of the trio was the result of a meeting
of the Joint Committee on Arbitration
with Mexico, held last night under the
auspices of the civic Club at the lintel
l.r Marquis. IS i:at Thlrty-tlrl street.
Thr resolution asks that the i roups
be withdrawn "In accordance wtth the
treaty of IM and In order lhat the
treaties of Cic 1'iitted States shall not
be 1 11 run I Into 'scraps of paper.' "
Allan I.. Kiiisoii. Socialist candidate
fur President, in a speech ileilxered it
thr mrttlng. said President Wilson has
his e)e on the main political chance and
it- now- Irving to back out of Mexim
"without getting rotten egged b) the
llepubllcans" and to saxe his politic il
Lincoln Steffens said that Viuei leans
bioiiuht about war In Mexico hi helping
lo unseal "the Prophet I liar." and put
ting llurrta In power, ami therefore the
I'nlteil States Is not In a position to
Intervene, Senor llossero, xxlm is lec
turing in this country as a n present,!
live of the ("arraiua Administration, also
Among the hundred or more at the
meeting were Mrs. J. Uii.irdiiian (lum
inal!, Hrederlck C Howe, Cr.xst.il Cast
man, Henrietta I toil man and A m .
I'lnchot. ilrl Pickpocket Xent lo Prison.
Voiik, Pa., June -' 7. Judge Kosc sen
tenced IMI'.li Jack-snn, ix ho pleaded
guilt) to a clr.n go of being a pickpocket,
to .1 term of from two to thru- .xe.ns
In the Kastern penitentiary She ad
mitted robbing sex rial Vork pedestrians.
The Liberty Has Only
About 2,000 Depositors
Yet with deposits of 60,000,000, it ranks as
one of New York's large banking institutions.
The standing of our depositors and their
loyalty through years of mutually profitable
growing.up together is the foundation of our
present strength.
Their comparatively small number enables our
officers to devote to each client the personal
thought and interest to which he is entitled.
Both our staff and our facilities have recently
been enlarged so that we are now prepared
to extend the same quality of personal, interested
service to a somewhat larger circle of clients.
You are invited to make a personal investi
gation of our facilities.
in the Equitable Building
120 Broadway, at Cedar St.
'iiiiiiniiTiiiiHiiiMiimii mi ,
Pliittsbiire; Troopers in Field
Work Win Praise of
V. S. Offieers.
I'l.ATTsnt'mi, J.une 27. After a march
of eleven mites. In the course of which
they drove thr "enemy" back to their
base aftei a sharp "light," the Hlue
unity, xxhlch was made up of tho train
ing regiment, went Into camp about
noon to-day on a rldgr near the little
rnnilet of Sclota. The rapidity with
which Ihe troopeis erected their shelter
tents xvae praised by the regular army
officers who nro xxith the camp of mill
taiy Instruction.
Ilevellle was sounded nt o'clock this
morning and xxithln half an hour there
xvas not a dog tent standing and the
siiu.nl corporals, had men busily engaged
In policing or cleaning the company
streets of .straw and paper, llrcakfasl
tall was sounded at 6 and then came
the preparations to miixn lo Ihr norlh
in the direction of the "enemy."
In the xxar game which la being played
this week by the student soldiers bos
tllltles aro etipiiosed to hale been de
clared between thr Unl army of the
North and tho Hluo army of the South.
At the opening of hostilities the lllur
army Is supposed to bo In Albany atul
lo liax-e entrained for Platlsburg. Arriv
ing at tho latter placo they begin their
march townrd the Canadian lino to stop
the Invailera and prevent them from
selling the line of railroads running
along the northern boundary or the
t'nder Vn In Cnrl) Morn.
At 7 o'clock thr morning the llluo
lorecs were ordered under motion by
Major Murray. The flrat and third
battalions formed the main body of the
lllur army, the, second battalion tho
right wing. They had received Infor
mation from their scouts that the enemy
bad been seen on tho edge of the xxtssls
on a knoll about three-iiiarters of a
imie north of West Chazy.
As the main body of thn llluo army
came up tho enemy, made up of two
troops nf the Second Cavalry, retteatnl
III the direction of Sclota A brisk light
opened at tho foot of the knoll, down
which the Itnla xxcie ruling, under com
mand of Capt. Ilier. The battalion of
tlir llluc. under ('apt. Stexxart. held the
tentie of the line and xca supported on
I thr left by the battalion under Capt.
The ground oxer which the Hoops
fought Is very lotigli and sexcr.il of thr
i.ix'.ilry horses fell, xxh le a number of
I Inf.intr.x mi u turned the lr ankles and for
ii time were out of the lighting. The
1 tir-Iil artillery of the Hlue army took a
Hisltion, iiinltr Capt. Mastillir, near
tlie approaih to the bill oxer xxhlch the
Iteils had retreated and from their po
sition threw their file Into the unseen
enemy on the opposite Mde of the hill.
Ihe Toe ftoiii the big guns continuing
J for in.it ly half an bout.
tlnarilril on the I'lnnU.
Pu-Ir.g Ihe entire fight the second
n-ittallnii of Ihe training regiment held
'he right wing of the (Hue army to
' prevent a Hank movement on thr pan
of the lieds.
Thr tntlir command teaihed thr sdr
of Camp Sclota before a hea) thunder
shower Tile storm lastrd hut a few
minutes and otter it had pas-ed tin
men line, I up for then no, mil iv meal
-beef stew, boiled potatois. peas, bread.
Jell) and coffee
Thr afternoon ixn nnr of rest and
tlir doctoring of feet About fort) of
i tlir memhci of thr training regiment re-
totted at tlir hospital tent xxhen etck
'.ill wa Milimlril In the evening theie
xvas an olllcers' conference and a talk
to the turn on the war problem which
had been enacted during the forenoon
sell of Phil unlnl Wife of
llrmlier. n I'nstor.
Xt.xv Haxks. Conn. June L'7 In 'lir
Superior Court heir to-day C.ranxl'tr
Hampton Triplet!, a l.iw.ier of llin.nl-
wax and Horty-seconil slieet New Vork,
X..IS .selltelli f ll liy Jlldgr 11 II I ! ,1 ge to
( not les than tour years atnl not nunc
i than ten years for assaulting ! Is Mstei
I In-law. Mrs (x.irothy A Triplet! of Nexv
l i ik. wife of thr Hex John IMwitt Trip-
bit. a Congregational clctg) man of Mid
i illebtirx . N. J.
I It was charged at tlir ti i.il th it Ti 'pint
'etitnrd inln conspiracy with J. Wilson
Shaw, ("rank Campbell and Thomas .1.
i liniiahue to i nmproml-e .Mrs. Trlpbit at
the Harile Hotel In this city to scenic
ewiltnci! for his hiuthei in a d.xotce
I'onnhuP. Campbell and Shaw air
under arrest pending serious charges in
connection xxitli the cise
Just beftn r sentence was imposed Mrs
John K Triplet!, mother of the laxx.xri
made a feixent appeal for her son
iiiiiiiiiuiiniiiiiiliiimi u nr
Dr. Kmerson Kvpecls Kpi
ileinic lo his! All Sum
mer Kleven Dentil-.
The epidemic: of Infantile paralysis In
South llrooklyn Is steadily Increasing.
Thern are now' I S3 pnsKlxr rasps on
record at tho Department of Health nnd
eleven hnvp died. The disease Is Invad
ing the Parkvllte section of Hay Hlilge.
The first case from the ttrowtisxillr sec
tion xvas reported .xesterday. All of the
patients ale under S years of age.
Pr. Haven Imierson, Health Commis
sioner, denied yesterday that he would
older the schools closed for the last few
da.xs of Ihe trim, as most of the vie
Huh arr iitnlrr school agr,
"This rpldemlc undoubtedly will last
all summer," said Pr. Hmcrsnit. "The
great epidemic, of 1007, which claimed
'.'eifin cases In Hie city, lasted from June
until October. Thus far, as In thn 1007
rpldemlc, the death rale has bren low
during I PIS there wrre only thirteen
deaths fioni tlie dlseaso In the entire
"I'liforlunately llltlr or no progies
has been made In studying the causes
of the disease since 1007. We know'
practically no more about how It is
spread than we did then. The common
theory mux' Is that there are carriers,
Just as there arr In typhoid Tlir only
xxay to determine this Is lo find Ihr
carrier and Isolate him Then, after
Inking culture. It Is nrcessaty to In
ortilatc monkeys with the gene The
dllllcttlty litre, of course, he in finding
Ihe carrier.
"Th" Health department ha done all
it could to cooprratn with thn physicians
in checking the spread of tlir epidemic,
hut unfortunately at first mail) of the
cases xvere not reported to physicians
It Is thr duty of parrnls to tall in a
pli)slclau to treat nil ailing children al
this lime. I'alluiii to diagnose the early
cases Is responsible for thn rapid spread
of the disease, and parents rather than
ph.islclans arr to blame."
Cities tre Plannlna to Issue reiirl
tlee Mere.
tprrml Vtlhfr llnwtch fnTlIK M X
I.ONPOV. .(nnr L'S. Thr Pmhi I'rlr.
;,iiii ii; that It understands (ha!
Iteclnabl McKeniia. Chancellor of thr
l.xiheuuer, has accepted an important
ii'iietiilineut to the finance bill designed
to enable muiibipalltles like lmdou,
l.netpiHil, Manchester and Hirnilnghain
to raise money by the issue of securities
in the Hnltisl States.
Such securities, although held hj
people resident 111 llnglnnd, xvlll be frrr
from taxation. This Is a nrw departuie
It will benefit the local authorltlrs and
help to steady the late of exthatigr with
the Hnlted States,
A Home
Is No Better
Than Its Kitchen
THE same principle ap
plies as in that of a
chain which is no
stronger than its weakest link." The kitchen must be in
keeping with all other parts of the home.
Garbage must not accumulate. A GAS INCINERATOR
burns every bit of garbage, leaving only a fine ash. Uses very
little gas.
Hot water is an essential. It cannot be dispensed with. Cleanli
ness and health demand an unfailing supply of hot water. A
GAS WATER. HEATER supplies as much hot water as you
need at any hour of the day or night.
Sold on Easy Installments
Where coal is used there must be dust, ashes and the bother
of kindlings, and the fire must burn all day and all night. That
means discomfort.
Ask to see the "PEERLESS JUNIOR" Gas Range which we rent
for $2.50 a year, or the larger "PEERLESS CABINET" Gas Range
which rents for $6 a year. Other types of Gas Ranges for
Hotels, Restaurants, etc.
Prompt attention will be given if you will write, telephone or call nt one of these
Gas Offices ;
No. 157 Hester Street
Tel. (anal HOO
No. 130 E. 15th Street
Ttl. btuyvetunt 4900
No. 140 E. 15th Street
J'f. Muynrtant 40.10
No. 142 East 15th Street
Ttl. Sluyvrtunt 1309
"The Right Way is the Gas Way"
Consolidated Gas Company of New York
Little (iirl Killed White
Wntclilnjr Hrotlier Two
Hit, b.v Stray Mullets.
War fever apparently struck New Vork
in earnest yesterday. People all over the
city were getting out their flrearnfr to
put them In shape, and as a result
eight shooting cases were reported lo
Hip poller during tho day. Of the eight
four were In The llronx.
Mrs, Anna llruck, who has a market
garden at Hutchinson street, near Hus
ton Post road, xvas shot nnd dangerously
xvouiidrd by III. hard Pertes, 4. years old,
who had been employed by her, and
Perlcs then tutned the gun on himself.
Ilntli are In Ihe Hordhatii Hospital III a
critical condition.
CiissIp l.udulg. Hi xears old, of lli.1t
Lowell street, Thr llronx, while watching
her brother (amis, IB years old. clean
bis .22 eallbtr rlllr, was shot nlirti lie
pointed the sun at her mid pulled the
trigger, not knowing It xvns loaded, Tho
little girl died later in Lincoln Hospital,
mid Ihr boy xxas locked up III thn Simp
son slrcet slatlon, charged with Juvenile
Two prrsons In The llrotix xxere shot
(nun an unknown sourer xxtillr walking
about In their apartments In Hoe axetiun
last evening, Alxin Wiicbmaii, 16, of
1 0:111, was passing by 1111 open window
when a bullet entered his leg. Shortly
nllerward Mrs. Lucy 111 ley al 1014, while
standing In her dining room, rrcelvrd a
bullet In her side. Their condition Is
not serious.
About in P. M. James Slatiery, 22
years old, a laborer, living at M22 Hirst
avenue, asked for treatment at Hlower
Hospital, saying lie had been shot. The
police xxetr untitled, ami found on inves
tigation that In- had iittinipt.il to inter
fere with 1111 Italian xxlm had struck two
boys In Kitty-ninth street, near Hirst
nx'etiue. Afler an altetcalloti he jiurrucd
the man Into a hallway, nhere the Hal
Ian pulled nut a revolvtxr and shot lilm
through tho breast, Slattery will ic
1 oxei
John It. Hiltts, of Plalnllcid, N. J.,
employed as a clerk by thr (Juarnnty
Trust Company, xvn clranliu; a revolver
In a back romn of the company's offlees
xxiie.n the wtnpon xviih accidentally dls
eharned, wounding him slightly in the
left Irg. Hrllts was taken to the Vol
unteer Hospital,
Ituasell It.itmn. 2.1, of I.nrlllard
place, a stone cutlet, xxas walking In
1S7I sheet near I'elmoiil avenilr, xxhen
lir xvas shot In thp right hand by a boy
standing in an alleyway The boy ee.
ca.-ied. Ilantio went home afler hiving
Ids hind tteatcd.
n llrltlah People Must snpil)
,II(MI,(HMI n llixj.
lxNtviv, June 27 Sir George Paish
Ihe financial expert, said to. day lhat
No. 112 W. 42d Street
Ttl. Itrymnt t34$
No. 2084 Third Avenue
Ttl. Hmrltm SIHS
No. 281 Lenox Avenue
Ttl, Mmrnlngtidt ItO
No. 173 Hunter Avenue
Long Island City
Ttl. .Hlovim 10
CCO. B. CORTELYOU, Preiident
Niagara Falls
On nle June 30 to July 3
Good on ill trains, including
Only through car sercke-day
and night to Niagara Falls
Seven Broadway ticket offices
30 Flatbusli Ave, llrooklyn
211 Market St., Newark
measures must be taken by the Govern
ment and people of (lie it lllillllll In
order to srcuie $ J.'.iion.iiiiu a day for the
laming on of tlir xxar
"Hive million dollars a day" hn sild.
"can be created by sell ng abrnnl our
securities and the taxation proposed b)
the Chancellor of the llMiiequer xxould
glxr roughly $7,5(Ki,0nn' a day, xvhllo wr
could find out nf tho nxltiga of th"
ptople about $7,tiUi,niia, mi therr xxould
remain about t'JH',i"" a day. To llml
that Is thr problem before inr countr.x
"It may br found llrst by rieryboiix
being extraordinarily economical and
giving tlir money xvbl ll tbry xxould
othrrnlsr spend to thn Government It
Is doubtful win (her we colli I get JS.flO'i,
0(ni In that xv.i).
"Ono thing lhat Is needed Is for tho
t loll people, espe. tail), In borrow some
thing llkr l.r.iin.iinii noii in order Ilia!
Ibey may lend thl- m I ie Government for
the financing of tlie win ."
Hill I or n He Will 11 1 n Popu
lar Periodical.
1iNPov. June 'J7 Hraii' s W HlrI,
editor of the .'i oino ixi. ini-atnoed to
day thai be will l. 'lie fi t.n Ii s position
in August.
He xxlll rd.t a mo r popular ierlodl-
al. be said, win.- , w P g.xc bin ;i larger
political field and a frctr f.-opo.
No. 32 West 125th Street
Trl. Ilnrlrm 3.1.13
No. 1909 Amsterdam Ave.
Tel. Audubon V'f9
Courtlandt Av. & 148th St.
Ttl. Httrote moo
No. 1815 Webster Avenua
Tel. Trtmant IO
$1 1
x x

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