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Mexican Gmbassy to-day In a, telegram
from Fortdtm Mlnlater Agullar, stating
that tlio men slioulj reach Jntlrei aliout
noon. Klleeo Arredondo, Ambassador
designate, thereupon lentil tha follow
log statement:
"I have lcn confident from tlia first
ht tha American soldiers would ! rv
leascil. From tlio time of their capture,
tmtll arrangem ntn were made tu free
them there. xvaa no time, any other Inten
tion on tho part of tha da facto Govern
ment or lt military olllcUIa.
"Tha attltudo of tho 1'lrtrt Chief
nUadmstly has. been one of friendship
toward thu United States, prompted only
by u deslro to avoid conflict and pro
mote the welfare nf both governments.
"In tho situation that exist" It should
borno In mind that It has nut been
brought about by liny net which could
be attributed cither to tho Oovemment
or the Mexican people, but duo entirely
to thu predetermined intention of an Ir
responsible criminal.''
Pat Into (.uarri House, I.rvy
come Violent.
Confinement In the guard limine of the
Korty-sex-enth Kcglme?it In Ilrookl)u
yesterday unbalanced the mind of Hen
Jam In Lovy, 21 years old, of 95 Select
street llu became ho violent Hint lm
was transferred to the observation ward
of tho Kings. County Hospital. Levy
enlisted u week ngo and xvas assigned
to Company K, On Wednesday night
he exhibited symptoms of u deranged
mind. After lie hail attacked Home of
Ills superiors, ho wan put In the guard
During tho night Levy complained of
the heat. In the morning ho became I
violent. When tlio door was opened to
let him out, he attacked half a dozen
of tho militiamen. It xxa-: necessary to
bind him with n sheet.
tTlftli CinfL! fnr Tliinlnn 'P.. ,1 ,. 1
-Patersmi Cadets Siii)liinl
Recreant Hand.
t'Astp nttprn. 5ea Girt, N. J., .rune
19. It Is expected that the mobilisation
camp will b derertcd by Saturday morn
ing. The Klfth lleglment klept under I
dog tents to-night, prepared to entrain '
to-morrow morning for the Methan bol
der. The lVitrth lleglment will pack
up Its belongings to-morrow and get
ready to moc South on Saturday with
two batteries of Held artillery and a
signal mrpj. Hen. Kdwlti V. Illne and
his stair witl e,te wfth the Klfth, which
Is scheduled to triMl over the I'ennsyl
vanla linen ami. th Kourth will go via
the New .lcrey Central.
The deflation of the Klfth Jteglment
Band Is the talk of the camp. If not of
the whole State. With the cM'tptton of
two muslelans. the band refused to take i
the oath of l ederal service, unices rated
to get J3J a month. hereupon the
I'aterson Cadet Hand volunteered and
enlisted at the Klfth Itcglmetit's armory
The new band arrived at Camp Kielder
to-night. The organization reeelved a
greit send off In Patetson, while the old
band Is the mot unpopular body of men
In the State
Col. Van Walravcn of the Klfth Regi
ment refsu'd to-day to permit fourteen
members of the old band who retuseit to
take the oath Neslerday to take It to
day William A Mertz, tb iirman of the
music committee of thn I'aterson Clt
I'ark Commlnsion. cancelled a contra t
which the old band bad to furnish music
at public concerts durlni: the summer
Tito old band Is scheduled lo lead the
preparednees parade on Jui I
Col, Arthur I.. Steele of the Kourth
neglment was tntlred last nluht because
It was thought he was too cloe tu tlm
tore limit for active service, I.leut.-Col
Oeorge T VI- k. r-, assistant prosecutor
of llinUon niirii. succeeded him. and
Major Henry Lohmstin, Jr., was ap
pointed tu I. lent -Col VI. Kers's place.
Carrlrnl lctlin In Have Wnnmls)
Trentfil In III I'nsn.
T!t, I'As". TiA . .lune
after the .nrlx.il of the pttsoncrn to-da
from Clilhii.i'iua c.ipt Lewis More ,
secotHl otltcer or me .xinci i.-nti coiiiiii.tnii
In the Carrlzul light, reached Kl 1'aso to
haxe his wounds treated hem. He was
JoHnul Imre b Ins wife, who had been
slaying in Au-t in lie did not an to tho
hospital, but i ief took rooms at a down -
town hotel
Capt. M..rc s tlrst inquiry on alight-
Ing from the train which brought htm
rrom l-onrnnus. wnere lie nan nreii rrnv
by automobile 'iy (leu. I'emhli s. w.ts
what news then. n,i rrom ins n'li ix no
had been made piisoners. When told
that they were In Juinz and would
hooii be on the American side lie ex
pressed great pleasure.
"It would not be proper," be said in
response In inquiries, "for me to talk
further of the tight at C.trrlzal. I have
made in) olll ial teport to Ch-ii. 1'ershlng
nnd the np'Ui has b.eii glxen tn thu
"I was not set. I,. i- nillcir Capt. Iloyd
wiis in cumin mil and conducted the
negotiations with He Mexican ollliers.
J xvas not ju t sent at the conferences I
rttnaliied beltinil in comm.inil of tho
troops, and c-ipt IJoyd, accoiiipaiiled by
Bplllibilr.i , the guide and Interpreter,
parleyed wlt'i tin Mexican iiiinnmnilsr.
"I do know that Capt. Iloyd told nie
twice that tin- Mexicins hud told him
In come fnewa-.l a ! as u any 'Ina-s they
ordered I en to stop after giving hlin
permission to nmxe The second time
1iey ordernl bun m stop he efn..eil to
fttop, Thn battle follnwid '
!th Mil
for Ciinii
fne llnrtler.
'1st linn
At the Slxt) -ninth It.-glnient armory
yesterday fort)-lixn recruits tollsteil,
making a total of sexenty-tlve tu two
iky. Inirlng the afternoon Capt. .1, W.
Klines, thn recruiting oftl-r, sent the
oarller rookies parading about thn ntigh
fsorhood wilb baiiin-r- .nlxiblng others to
"Join our 1 1 tell Itegitnent." Tlm recruits
will start for Camp Whitman lo-day In
charge of I.U-ut Itaym-e
Cujit, )' I' Sinoeder, rncrultltig
officer at the Hul -tlrst, said tho nuiii
her of nexv men lor the past week had
been brought Ui tn 300 yesterday. They
warn scheduled tn Ic-avn to-day for
Jlrownsxille, where they would Join the
rest of the leglment.
"WiiH MliireM-il lor .! Iiik Trade
I'eiteratlini- l.ll.c War.
Fl'finl tnhu l)iitrK In Tim Six
Amstekua ji, x..t London, Juno L'n. -s
The Itrlmr 1 uui hlntl, whlcu iimji
peared to-day. outlined a statenpiiti
wlibii the p.iin i w-1 i . impelled tn print,
naylng thai i- li,n ln;en tuspi-nileil In
vonsl-iueni u of ai ailulr. htnti. )ut
tho tradliu: f . l rut'.ons -.Mnild l,,n thn
war to contitue in !e!1n,tt y ., r, d e)
that they might nap protlts. The mi.
thorltles described this a, H tirnnu
breach of tne internal pi ace.
The Tuii.tfii'f slalis tl -xt 'he editor
nt Vomer? l his bi mi cnuqieii, , ,, sl,.n
.n undertuk.rig to mi o n,Jt ..,,10
formlty of patrtotic nthii(ii,,, hwll
not bo diHturbii The Sis,'.i.m c, .
tral Comm i-n ..n, i.rotiv,t,., ,,, n M,
parlal Chan elior iigi n-l tilt- 1 upoiiitiot)
of melt deiiiii da upon tin- ptcss
U. S. Troops Hurried to Presidio From Alpine to Protect
Americans Mexican Force Made Up of
Many of Villa's Followers.
Ku I'.xso, June 29. Heports reached
here to-night that the Mexican sol
diers of the OJInngit garrison were firing;
across the border Into the American
town of I'rcsldlo.
United Slatca ttoops from Alpine were
rush to I'rcsldlo to protect the town.
Tho OJInaga. garrison Is strong and
Is made up of many Vllllstas. They
haxe. recently threatened to make at
tacks, on tho American aide.
It la morn than eighty miles, from
Alpine to I'rcsldlo and reenforcements
will be unable to reach there before to
morrow A report from Urn. Pershing1 army
by way of Columbus, IiIh New Mexico
base, stated that the American punitive
expedition wax being menaced by thou
sands of farrunza. soldiers The report
nivouhted for thn large number of troop
trains that havo Is-rn moving north out
of t a. rlty of Chlnti.ihua and discharg
ing their freight along the line north.
This leihjrl saH that 10,000 Car.
ranal-tn cavalry haxe been mobilized at
, HusHllns. on the Mexico Northwestern ;
, U'.PHu at Villa Ahuinada, 2,000 at Our
' man. C.n Calles of Sonora Is moving
llatgc bodies of troops toward the So
I nora-nilhuahila border.
I Itejiorts as to the mobilization of
i Mexican troops In Sonora Indicated
.......... i.j.i..... ,
mat inn concemr..,...., e. ...ua.riii.
was not Pto.-e.Mlng so rst ly " "7.
supposed and that the 8,000 men north
of Jlermoslllo 11 wiek ago had not ma
terl.tlly increased Tlilrty-nlne cars or
ai t tilery han airled at Magdalena
within the fcv days.
the Irfenmltig of the tension between the
Mexican and American Oovornmenw,
lien. Hell took up with Consul Garcia the
I tiutier of recoerln the bodies of the
Americans elaln at the Carrlzal tight for
I removal to the I 'tilted States.
! The l)dles of the other American sol-
tilers who have died from wounds In
I action or from dlsea since the Ameri
can expeditionary forces have entered
Cxlco were brought to Columbus list
nieht and will be forwarded at once to
The lctlnis are
l!l'..l AMIS M M.ltlll.I
frejM, -I lit r i
ix'iii i '.iv'ri. aiMeii in lurrm iiiacn
TIII'iinottK H.MIt.UV uioi ir truck driver.
Kll'nl nv .wi. in . ivuun ner i.i
U 11,1.1AM II IIAV1. private. Kleentli
ll.ltt.i:i II KMITII. diiniwny P. r.n-a-nei-rs
II M UtKMIirilV. i-orporal inschltie un
ireap A. 1 rnili i h . .r
r:iiWAHn Mt.ttmt.t,. prit. l ifth
t- . t
WIM.M Kl.l.l.V. private. I'oillpHiiy M,
l ourtn tn:ntr
Jn return for their surrender of the
otm-ials to-day Intimated that the
,.,,,,, SutHi uvermnrIll hi,ui,t return
to Carranza all arms, especially machine
iiiiiik mitiir.-il frnin the VdllHt.ls elnce
the American army entered Mexi .
This w itild Include the guns found by
tlie American forces In raxes and caches
In ths Sierra Madres.
No formal request was mail" for their
leliirn. but Consul viarcla received a
message from lien. Trevlno at Chihuahua
ity su?se:lt!S that t'ich a:i oi'ti'l
be coiiMilcieil hy his Cmvernment as un
net fr friendship on the part f th
t'rltiil Statei.
Tim tlrst mllllla troops will teach Kl
I'.imi tu-nwht The strictest .'ensorshlp
I- being maintained by thu military au
thorities over the movements nf thc-e
Coiitisiiiif from Urn l'in
about eight miles away, where we heard
I troin Mexican cowbojs that thoro was a
If,,!.., uf Cananza aoldlers lit C.ttrlzal,
. toppi.il Ltfore ri-achliig t.artizal and
i , (,uyil w,.nl furu.,r, for ,, 1drey
;w, thu Mexican commander. i
( - .,, j .jju Morc's trooti. We'
( ,.,.,. ti.u-it a coueldeiable distance
t,u the patleys were going on and I
,j0 n,n yuw what took place nor who
, nre,i tl(1 nrti ))llt bU,,eny there
I trig us If from both our Hues and
tlu Mexican lines at th same time,
(. .(,r,y p.is.eri among us and told
, (l, , t.,,rrfu ,,t, ,)llr eliots, to take
good aim and make exet shut count
"Wi; had no cover H e were In mi old
wagon road that h.nl lieeii washed out
anil worn down about six Inches, and this
Is all the shelter we had. There was not
even .ntv I. rush uli.il ttrnilit nhf.lt lis
We used our bayiimts and mess kits to
dig In the hard ri.nl to make better shel -
.... ...... ....... h..
ter when w had time for .
All our men kept tiring straight
ahead of un until we mw a command of
.Me.v it .in- Hank us The) c.tug' t lis with
a 1 1 1 1 ei i nre arm we tiaii in get nui.
lilt What I was l iiht -
aid, "I aln t Pghtln'
ing them fur. 1 i
you . I've dune quit
I'miubt (her I, out.
"Thev mad me u prNoner and began
to search me They took my inoiiex-, my
clothes ami a ring and then they fought
oxer the stuff Th x tied me with a
mpe and took me with the oilier prison
ers to Villa Ahuinada and then to Chi
huahua. Tin y tied all the prisoners with
ropes and took us south In a cattle car.
"Thev batiibififil our wounds after we
reached Ahlllluiil.i and lln-.v gaxe us
water that ulghl Thev also gaxe us
some or nie ami! toon uiey xvnn eaiiug.
si'ime tn tne .Mexicans at Aiiumaiia tnrexv
roekfi at us and cursed ts hiiiI some
said they would hang us
"This also Imppentd xxhen we reached
Chihuahua. The olllcers and our gustds,
however treated Us faiily well. They
did not kick or abuse us and they gave
us food nnd xvaler Aside from taking
our clothes which tlm Lord knows they
needed badly enough, they did not hurt
I m.
William H lilbsou tllsagrees w lib Har
ris about their tieatment
We spent nunc awful hours In that
Jail at Chihuahua with Utile food and
no medical attention." s lid llihson "The
place xvas not clean and we sonu became
tllthy with lice. All our hats wero taken,
mo-t of our clothes and most of our
shoes. I bandaged a had wound In Fred
Williams's aim and thnt is nil thn unill
cal attention hn got while we wer in
Jail The guai ds nltin told Us we were
to he execuietl.
"I was with Capt llo)d, the American
commander, m the tight at Carrlzul when
he was shot. He pointed to the Mexican
nun liliin gun tipciatiirs and told us to
concentrate our Pro and get Iheni first
nf all. I killed the txvo machine opera
tors I saiv them fall nxer. When Capt
Knvil xvas shot he went to thn Irrigation
ditch for water for his wound, then he
went nn to the front and was killed The.
machine gun operators were about
thlrtv.flxe Mints nwnv Itoni us
"When wn were made prisoners, I had
t(nn In gold and they look It from tne,"
I, other Alexandt-i .innlhi r of the
mrroes, xxoiiiulid n the urni, said
"le-rn SpllUbury, the Mormon guide,
"A spent biiir.t hit me ill the arm and Irldge a crowd followed th.'in and "" ,, ' . ,, Inl , ttl,( wo uld
my rille was knocked out of my hand. I Mexican- wein behind them xthen '.' . ..,,
Hi Irew my revnlxer and tlrd until they reached the budge , much larger ' ,,..' t i,,1N,. ltt. trxlng to
m.iiw mouuled Mexicans came riding ""wd of Ain.-ru.ins greeted the prls- ' f ' emplnymeni 'lor all
lurlously down at us I ran. The Mexl-' -ners on the American end of the br dge. f ' 1 ,u's lll.l1l.,,t:,1 uork flulll
cans came foiward cursing and on-! Southern town thuugl It Is. l-.l l'aso ' 1 , 'V. p, , In catch Villa. It
shouted and asked nil what I was llBht.,'n "ot l.e-itate to show its welcome to I 1 Tm i ui I s it- Uii Anier-
train and tallroad oftielal.- arc not per
mitted to give out anything In reference
to their movement
Two armored motor trucks, the first
put Into the bonier service of the United
States, reached Kl I'aeo to-day for ser
vice, either hero or with (len. I'crshlng
or any other expeditionary commander
who may liae occasion to need them In
Mexico. It Is said these are tho tlrst of
a large number of such war engines to
no ordered t lit.) noruer. rnc truous
arn bullet scat ml where Ihev weru tested
are bullet scat red where they wero tented
hh to their etllclcncy and then rushed to
the border without being repainted.
The trucks aro cohered with steel
seven-sixteenths of un Inch thick and
ate equipped with revolving machine gun
turrets. These armored trucks are con
sidered the most formidable equipment
of thn border brigade, aside from the
"four point sevens," and thn trucks were
Immediately equipped with machine guns
and assigned to duty with the brlgad
They are being kept at Fort Itllss
under a heaxy guard and with pa-oleim
and oil supplied so that they may be
rushed to any point on the border that
they may be needed. In addition t lie
two armored trucks whoo wheels are
solid and the bodies painted a battleship
gray, there were received at the fort
twenty-sex'eii motor trucks for transport
ing men and -implies for the brigade.
Americans are not the only people on
the border scenting war Many Chinese
In Juarez and other towns In that neigh
nnrnooo nave wired inu unine
borhood have wired thu Chinee Am-
bJ a(,or , Washington asking hltll to
urge President Wll,on to allow Chinese
rd(nts 0, ll0rlherll M(.xco to croM
Into the United States under bond. They
fear massacre at the hands of VlllU'a
lieutenants, who ure now In command
of Csrranrs forces along the border
Will furnish Bond.
The Chinese announce that they will
furn'sh bund, and agree to return to
ernn'ent'", X tf.ur" !
?.0.Y"',".,.',n.t ,., .e.""i':,fi..1i' 'J'-0 ,K !
the past week. Chinese residents report. ,
..j' ,. M ......... I
Blltl siuvs illiru u.i nun nwupt-n lOUl I I
i r .-v,i.v. nireartv
tiaen itsvhini in thn Culled States at i
vi'Vt.L' 5 e ' Sri ion '-n
are being detained by the Tutted Ptites
Immlcr.itlon otttcials at that point.
All Americans remaining ii. .mcmc
an to be glen pnemptory orders to
come out at once, according to Informa
tion In consular 'lrclr to-day, and
..i.. ..mui..iu t..... t...n
iliierii..ill VTJHn.ir uiiiviain n.
empowered to send the destitute to
friends or relative III the Knlted State.
Consul Simplch at Nooales Ihstled trans
portal ion to-d i.v to a number of such
, American".
American m.tlerial m being confi-
' rated In Sonora for the manufacture of
arm for Use against the Americans In
the extnt of war Information aa re-
celxed hern to-ila at tlio rntips ioag'
orflces that ti.UOO f 1 1 1 of three lIKh
pipe, the property or the .Mnetezum.v
Copper Company .it Na -nzarl, has been
seized by the Mexican authorities, who
have utilized It In the manufacture of
html grenades, designed to throw at the
advancing American If they approach
too iluMly
Kteitiit.i.i In, turns of Minora have ent
a miesi tiger to the I'nlted iaten com
ma! dtr oi" Cie Arizont bordtr offerinj
their ninli-M in tight tor the Americans
if war Is declared against Mexico. There
are something over 200 of thene. Indians
In colony In Sonora, ISO miles south of
Pougl.ts, Ariz.
- "
, ... t . . i i. .
i!"'.'. ... ' !.": ,. a nr.'.1, .", .' I
",u "r"' " r, ....
arm lie said, i see nine .Meicars
oxer ome. It Is more Important to
sei iiieiii. ais, n- ..-.oouim
1 ..... .1 ..i
Kred Williams said h- . scaped ro n
tue oauie to a iiou-e - mi a .....r
... . iii .. .'.'Vr,':.
. ,lM. .nuiri i,.,i iiir ... t'.o. ,i ..... i, ...
headquarter, lor more ttnop and tu tell
them he was wounded and be thought
Ctpt Ho. was killed, s.ltd Willlutr.S
"1 Murte.l, bui the Mtxlcatu saw inn
and the) i based me several m!le, rlring
at me .itnl i.v.r'ook me My horse was
not as fresh ae the horses the Mexicans
were r- lug
tieutg. .1 i 'lapmiiti said .
"Ti e Me.v.aiin were 30U in number
and the li.nl suod positions Tluy w.re
behind ilitchej, uud brush and on the roof
of tue house- ,n c.tirltl The flipped
around 'is wh.lv Capt Hnyd was lulklng
with th loimiuiiiKf and when they
opened the they had Us surrounded.
.Ion I olellllltl haul lie ulill tnlir coin-
r.nlen escaped trom the battlefield in the
hope of mulling then' way to Kl l'aso
anil that they hid out nil dax
'he fight tlie started walking
iilglil, on!) to walk Into Villa Ahuinada,
where their comrades, xvere heiriir held
..... ... .. . .
' oleman and tlnee lomtatles wcie ar-
l lested. .lolm M Cna,iniati, one of b'-
, tlx.', .-aught a fie glit tra'n l.uiiiul limth.
1 but was detect..! just bc-fore reaching
Juari. and sent bin li south a prlroner
As the prisoners were marched tlnoiigli
u'1 rueeip m jiiairt in me niiriiiiiiiuii.ii
i"'" "W lie-nine tu snow us weicinne un
the troopers Mai.) men pushed forward I
, lo shake the bands of In- grinning, half
.lad soldic-M i.h ih. y steppeil ,,ff the I
American end of the brld?e and stood
about wnitlmr for an olti. et- to tell t belli
what to do next
"Wn had heef nnd bread, nil nf it wc
could en I, but it wiim mighty m' eating
nt that." eaM oiin of Ihe Irooner.-. re
ferring lo III- canlUii), as he ex ml ,i
sandwich stand near the Imiiilgiatioii
station An Aii.eilcan in the crowd In-
xesliil In the entire supply of snndwlihes I
and gaxe Un- troopers thi-ir first Amerl-
Gin Hire inr more iniin ten nays
We Mm' xx .11 fall Into thetn heans mil
at Fote llllhn to-night." said one of thn
negroes as lie munched his sandwich,
liet a Full .Xlenl.
lien. Hell g.nc orders to prep ire, the
troopers a genuine meal of steak,
potatoes, bread, coffee ami pie "dive
them nil they can eat," was the admoni
tion of the ilrueral to the quartermaster
ll rtlcer.
l.etu Splllsliury, the interpreter, whom
Hen. Trevuio quoted its blaming the
Americans, said .
"I cannot say who fired the tlrst shot
whether our men or the Mexicans
bui I know after the tiring coniinenced
thn Mexicans piaclicall) Mirr mnnled us
"After xve were uiaile prisoners xxe
wciu taken tu Villa Ahumadli, xxheic
we were hound ami gagged ami stoned
and curaed Wi wem also stoned and
an attempt was made in mob us xshen
wn reached Chihuahua, hut the Carranzn
officer protected u.. They did not force
us to do any mutual labor whlln xve
wern hi Id prisoners
"The, only harsh treatment they
offered me was whip they thought In
tlm Clilliu ihua periiteptlnr) that I was
ii Texas Mexican Sonic of thetn talked
if hanging mo until Ihey ill-coxererl
tint I was a white man, Then Ihey
told tne they would not harm me They
were partlculail) ulux lo ilm negro
t-rl-uncrs "
Aslied If he had coiiseiiled to the slate
ment itivrn out In Chihuahua illy hy
1'ieu, Trexiuo as coming finm hltn. Spills
bury said that lie had
"Aro ou going in stick by If" he was
"I nm," he ild, firmly.
Siillslury Insists That. Mie
Americans Were o Blame
for the Clash.
Wahhinoton, June 29, Ellseo Arre
dondo, the Mexican Ambassador Desig
nate, made public to-day a telegram lie
lma received containing tho text of tho
message sent by Oeu. Trevlno to farranza
transmitting to him the signed statement
of Ijcmuel A, Hplllbbury, Interpreter of
the American forces who were engaged In
the f'arrlzal fight, Tho purport or rSpllla
bury'a declaration Is to show that the
American forces wero to blame for the
It Is set forth In Hplllsbury's statement
that Capt. IJoyd hnd his own orders to
occupy Villa AhumatU and proceeded
to attempt to carry thetn out deaplto
the warning of Oen. Uomez. Hplllsbury's
testimony Is In dlrert contradiction with
statements made by the American troop,
crs who were on the spot.
It iilid slums Indications of bring
biassed and partisan against the American-,
for Splllsbuty oiunteers the Infor
mation himself that he bad tried to get
away from the American troops, but was
not permuted to do so by Ueu. l'ershlng
and feared to try and escape. He adds
In the statement that he has "many
more Mexican frltnds than American
Minnies I'
. Dlttcrra.
The telegram made publb
dondo Is as follows
"I have the honor to Inform oti that
en this occasion of the Carrlzal Incident,
as on otliero that have taken place, It
appears that subordinate officers of the
American torcen urn tu blame on account
of their Imprudence for what has hap
pened, I bcllco It of lmportaneo to
" ' UU.,.,
s'ened by tho Interprnter of the American
''n wlnrh took part in the engage.
;,'", " C arrUal and was made
..,, i.i . c. .111-1.. IM.fli, A
My name Is Lemuel A bpllUburj and
1 '"nc 'ntrpreter for (.en. Per-
''- H tltH.,. entered Mexico.
I uai without employment and stone
broki. through tn work going on round
1 oatson. near which place I lue, I
(p.ak k' fil Sp.in!h. having been rained
"I left fiisas ilratidts Sunday morn
I'll; lie inirr errirr ut uwiii. i.i'iii. i ncio
. ..,,, ,.hmi.i t...i ...i.v.
iiris i-,- .-ii i , -oi 'iiii , II mm, uuiiiH iii.
it.i all of tin- lenth i avatrv. and Capt,
Hoitl viil a niee-eiiger Into C.trrlzal
Vvstyrdav inoriiing to Jefe iiolltH'o, say
ing he was on a t eaceful mission and
, asking ptrmlsslon to pass hrough to
Villa Ahum. ida and for him to advise the
military authorities
' "Men (Ioiikj sent out l.leut.-Col
Itiva." with an escort of eight men lo
tell us that lie had orders to stop us
there until he heard further
" Capt Itnyd sa d In had heard vf a
I ibbery mi S.n.t i Domingo and the pres
ent, e of bandits there and wunt'd to rim
tin. in do mi. alii t.i ri capture a deserter
who hud got aw. i lllvits stld he be
' Hexed that them xer no bandits In
'llii' place and that tl-.ry would have to
M.a u.ct t.icl dau ilvwi
sUcd fur Ciinferrncc.
After flit site)- talk hu rttired Oack
town and iieii. Uotne. siit a nsite
...-king th
AuirrnaiiA tu cotpe into the
town for a voufircnce. dipt, fioyd did
Hot like the Idea and said so, aheieupon
, lien Gomez called pcte.jnally and re
' pealed Ills orders that thr could nut
iU miough. that M Urunwm from
jjrtt, 'iv.ivtn.t V.IMN thiit If tht! Aiuerl
tan. in-mM 'ittack wuuM folluw.
' '1- ...t lf....l l.,lt.ltUJl (ill 111- XX.IW
.iware of the orders, but bis own o
vure to get through to Villa Ahuinada
anJ )M fj u ,.()mf.I r.
h r,(wtJtl mW ,hjt Alner,
bans ...iv.niccd he would lire at ome
on them
'".apt. Moid thin said "Ml right.''
but I think he thought that Urn. c.omvz
w.is only trjlng t. rompl with his
m ilet a froni his superior and would not
" Hen lioincz bad retlied tn his men
x ho w.'te In, e l up mi the nutso pt the
town, when c.ipt llnjd gaxc the order
t. advatii c
'Mi rtl i tic i- the hrlng commence
and our men started dtop. Capt
Ho)d and Lieut. Adair were killed at.d
Cap'.. More) was wounded in the shoul
der, but I flunk he got away. The men
who xv .re holding our horses tied with
the lot and we wen; surrounded and
hud to surrender
" i aw thu bodies ot Uoyd and Adulr,
..iu.. ..t , ,...ur....k tlilwiiieh tliern
! might Imvo bmii mote than these, I do
I in ,i liu.ui linu InllllV Ml kli'.llih Utlfl
killed outside ot Hell llomcz I con
sider that tlm cutiie fault of the light
,wi,i.e in. 1 1 inn .'nine ui
. .0....h tj ,i1(, merlfaiis
i ,.,o, xry courieous In his
ib lien, liomcz
his insistence that
, ,,,.,..1,. ,,tcd out that
. .. ,lht i,e h.y.tl m Ida superior ollhcrs
. . ( , ., ,,lt,v ,,t,rhBted to ad-
' , , ,cfr, Capt.
. i,,...i
- uml lie i. u '
' 'r.'1 V,Vre Urlv t" "-ul
'',i,lh ,',.. ',,! ,
''Mi" I biivo trlt d .
auen trouble with
peatcdl) lo get
i way. Iiet.tusn I luxe many more .xiexi-
I can friend. Hum .Miiericin in;. -, uui
iii-ll. I'vrslilug xx until not let Pic go. and
I I was atnibl lo try to escape and return
'to tu) .eople's ranch, heir Cams
l lir.indes, fm' fear tln-v might punish
! "";
",T . -mrmo
I mrrlcniis tuM Trinipir f
nscnlliin of rrnpert Serious.
WASllt.NilToN. Jlllm i'!' Appioxi
niately '.',000 muio Allic-ricatib have
taken tcfugc aho.ird American wicrsliip
lu .Mexican walur-, according to ni-jith
rtielv.d at tho Naxy iJeparlmciil to
day. The majority are leaving for the
L'nltid Slutrs on the Ml ft axalhihle ships
but nilurs appaii-iilly wish to remain
n boat il I lio warships ill the hopo that
thing will quiet down and penult them
lo I .-till it l'i ttn-lr occiiijthiiis in Mex
ico Unc thousand Americans are in rotilc
for ilnlvcstoii from Taniph-o, 77.1 on
hoard the lJlxli- and J.-'i on the oil tanker
W'yile. Iteports from the Tamplco ills,
tiki to-day state that tlinu-iiinls of dol
lars woith of Anicilc.in .properl), In
cluding movable slock, horses und cows
haxe bten confiscated by Ibc Mt-xlcui
authorities Tint exleuslxti oil piopertl.-s
In T.ilirplco. 11 Is pointed out, make II n
nialter ol particular concern tn the
American ilox eriiiiit-nt tn see to It thai
some semblance of order is maintained
there, cfpctially as lliitlsli and other for
eign Interests tue Involved and aio tc.
I) Ing upon l lie Pulled States for pro
At Vera t.'nu the battleship Nebraska
now- has 111 additional American refu
gees aboard after having transferred
euxeral litiiidrt.il to the Ward liner Mon
terey. Thu transport Hancock xvus due
at Vera Cruz to-day to take other Amer
icans off the Nebraska,
The I'nlted States gunboat Wheeling
lit l.'arilltiM cpoiied foillteen morn Atner
Ic.iiis tilioaiil, while at liunymas ?n!) nre
ibo'trd Ihn liexn and the (Under The
cruiser Colonnln at Manzuulllo has taket
Blxl)scvcil inure Aintrlcaiis aboard,
I,, tlilnli llirt Uer. ntllX
War Dennrtmcnl Points to
lieHhons of Otibfl, PatiHina,
Wabiunoton', June 29. The War De
partment outlined to-day the systematic
tueaiurea which have been taken to care
for the health of tho American troops
who go to the Mexican border. Pre
cautions have been taken to eliminate
the mistakes made during 'he Spanish
war and assurance Is glx-en that there
will be no recurrence of the unsanitary
conditions or outbreaks of preventable
diseases which occurred than.
'Since that time great el rides have
been made In the matter of sanitary edu
cation and training," according to the
statement made public by the Army
Medical Department. "And the line nf
the army upon which rests, the obliga
tion of carrying out tho sanitary reeom
tnenditlone of the medical department
Is far better Informed of the dangers
of diseases nd the necessity and means
of prex'entlng them.
To thla end the medical department
has carried on u eyetematle course of
training of line officer In the service
schools and has brought out education
tu hygiene among the line and medical
officers; of the National Oiiard In several
states. Slnoe the Spanish xvar all medi
cal officers of the regular army haxe
bsen given systematic Instruction In
hygiene and sanitation at the nrmy
medical school, with the result that In
the mobilization camps Hi Texas the
rate of Inefficiency from diseases of
troops In the held has been usually less
than for similar treops In garrison
l.eaasina In Cuba and t final.
"During the period ulnco the Spanish
tir the energies of the annv medical
denartment have been largely devoted tn
disease prexentlon on a x-.iet ec.ue, ami
most gratifying results haxe heen at-
titlned by thn mvtstlgiition Into the
cause nr disease anil pract,,.ii sani-
tatlmi applied by nrmy medical of-
fleets In Cuba, I'.inania an l the I'hlllp-
nines haxe set the standard ror the
world In repct in die.in tirevrutlon.
"In tlm appllcatliin in tlue general
measures to Its-at camps and command-
tho first step hi be.ti the appointment
of a regular medical officer to haxe
Miperxisory charge of ssictatioti anu
mustering In As mmu ii- tnesr miiuia
troops oecoiiir 1 1 1 1 v i .-m.es i.,,,,,,,. .
ny neing nm-icrrn m ,. irsui... yj
medical officer Is formally assigned thorn
as --.inltsry Inspector Where large
groups nre. together tl'ld serxlce regula
tions leipilrn that the medical officer
detailed as sanitary Inspector shall be
rxperleticeit In -neb mattets
"With lespect to typhoid fever, which
was the great siillro of sicklies- In tin
camps of the Spanish wa', til's dlseaso
noxc g Xes relallvel) i.ttie enncern a
reeult of the efTnctlxc proteetixr inocii -
lallnlin ..nrkvil out ' th. ..rn.y medical
dopcrament and s)etem.itlca11) carried
out on all r. gular troops tn. enlist
ment. Will till- prolealxc inm Ulnllon
of course go other mcaure talculated
to protwt against not only tpbnld but
I'lllel diseases as veil
titl-t phnlil Inociitiilliins.
"While ntitl-Dphold IlloCulHtloli
nut ben iruulred of the militia, ever)
enori nns or en iii.oie i.i-.ik n "
the past through thn piotectl-m ot
. l , . ,.K
KamiJiiuii- .... . -""','." '.
una proceuurr. ,x- s.,..,, u,.v "
mii.lere.l int.. tlm serx as . m en
lations, extending oxer a period of twrntvIC '
(U)s. The aboxe 'neH-ure- are so eirec
tixe that In the camp nf U.ooo at Texas
City for neurlv two )nis not sltigK
case of typlkmd tlexcloped
"One' of the disease- whl-h l as gixe'i
the armies of nurnpe Rre.i . iniiein due.
ing the pr.sent war has 'men tvnhti
fexer, which raged pa? "h iil.n l lit Serbia
with gnat violence This disease is ept
ileiutc i. Mexico and 'lie mist serious
widi spread t-pnletn.. e haxe occurred their
during tin- past tn )i.u It - n..i
known that the disease Is triinsiettte I )
he bite nf it tioitv louse mid ilia' bx ihe
ixoldance .it these nfrensttc iar,isftf. ihe I
ll-e.lse will lull II. cl-f I
"infective jirexeiitive measures iin Imli
t leal i II I n,ss of f.triiii and ilestriicttuti oT
'tlsei't pal',iltes nn clollllllg and bed
ding als. i MXoiil tii.v of an unclean civd
population. Should there he occupancy
ot .Mexican terrltnrx a few cases might
be tlcxilopeii as a result of the soldiers
ruining In contact with i xermlhoiis civil
population, but no outbreak of an)
sree of seriousness I- expected
"Some mobilization camps in the
l ulled Stales arc lit malailal zones We
'now, ot course, thai mal.irl.i I trans
mitted by the innsqulto. Hack soldier
Is provided with a mMiiltii bai and
unlets require thai Ii -hall he used i
Should troop- go tu Mexico initial i,t xxlll
i.iobably haxe to In- guirded agaln-t 1
il most pnltit.-i be'ow an elevation nf
:.ian feet
(amtiMlwn saln-l File.
"Willie hlllallpoX is ran "l til" I nited
Stales, It is cuumion m Mexico, xx tilth
has a xt-r.x large pilimtlxe and uuxac
ciliated population I. very soldier I
vaccinated Immeiliatcl) mi .iiltsttneiit
and rcvaccltiated ur often as may he
imccssary to Insure protecllim.
"A special campaign iigab sx flics, by
destruction of breeding plan mid food
muturlal and by trapping, puNoiillig and
otherwise dcilroliig the adult tiles will
be rlgotously carried out In txery i.unp.
"The men xvbo art. mustered tu from
the State Hoop art- carefully i-Yititimtd
physically and all weaklings uml otheis1
unfit for serxlce nr. weeded out nr.'
tins prohibit the bringing nf sck men
Into camp. If sicklies- dexelop- they
nie piomplly irmuvcd limn .heir otg.ui
iz.itlons ami taken In charge hy hiispi
tal establishments Coniaghills cases
and others of serious nature an tiaus
ferretl to clxll or mllltarv hospitals out
side the camp urea for Ireatnieiii
Supplies Are tileqtinir.
"Since the Spanish war ihe medical
department has created a large number
of organizations known as ambuUn.e
companies and field hospitals to tellexe
combatant organizations of the sick and
wounded, Them am now about tw'ctit).
night umbulauce companies und thirty
live held hospitals under the medical tin.
partment of the army with the it-nulais
and volunteers,
"As to supplies, perhaps the medical
department la tho best equipped of any
part of tho military service. Taking the
lesson of the Spanish war to heait, It
has accumulated up to the present time
a reserve of supplies lor use in the Held
butllclent to provide for the needs for
about thirteen Infantry divisions, or In
round numbers u quarter of a million ei(
"The medical department has also
with wli forethought, organized a medi
cal reserve corps of Ihe ablest physicians
ill civil life lo form a medical seciiiul
line In case of emergency. They now
amount to about S.tuin In number nnd
arc proving of the gtenlest serine n
mobilization camps, where a large num
ber have been ordered for duty."
f"Th World's B$t Table Watw" V
$28,975,000 NEEDED
A pro Club of America .Sub
mils a Plan lo Hie (5overn
menl Officials.
mtu' i i. i mrMii cii.ini c,
1 r"' 'i JA I llf. niJIUlHi
W'AsttlM.ToN. June -A cnmmlttte
of the Aero Club of America, headed
by Alan R. Ifiwley, president, and
Itenry W'oodhous-, goxetnor, xli-lleil
Washington to-day on behalf nf aerial
Tho committee ami Itcpresentatlve
Oeorgr Murray llulbert of New Yurie
held conferences with Administration of-
nclais at trie Xliltn Mouse, the War
and .S'axy liepartmen'H and with
Sei ru -
t.try Tumulty, .Senator 'lenrge U Cham
berlain, chairman of thn .Sniatn nni
mlttec on Military Affairs; Secretary of
War Haker, Hrlgadler-c.'en (leorge. V,
Scrlx-en, Chief SignM Officer, iiti.l Col
fieorge O. M'tuler, in charge nf army
aeronautics. They also nut Scci clary
At the ntpiest of Secretary linker,
tlm committee submitted to the War
I'epartment the following plan for aerial
preparedness, totalling is,07fi,00 .
"Kvery consideration of thn country's
safety demands that steps be taken Im
mediately to organize an aerial service
s follows
nrn in rim rmuiia oivisious nine
neen caiien nut i nny naxe no ai ionaii-,
I tic iiUlpincnt utilslde ot tlm few- aero
i loaiies suiineu ny iiuoiic siiiiscriiiious
it is provpii d in tlm organization tables
of 1914 that eath mllttla dlxislon should I
' nave un aero sipiatiron. i.itcn miuuii-
j ton cost for organization, equipment ami i
I maiuteuauce lor one ) ear si."' i , man-
Ing a total of I'.'.fiiiii.nOn
Hi-Biiiiir xrm) liriiinnit.
"Secoii.1. I'or thn lour icgutar
fnM 0, e lin)) ir(, rmlreil fnllr .,,,.
,( fa,ia,tIon, !1K proxldetl for by the or
conization tables The rust of organ a
tlon. equipment and malntf tiam e of each
squadioii fni one year Is Xinn nao, ma(.
Ing a total ol f S.Smt.Oim
"Third F"r the three coast artlllity
districts there should be six tiero squad
tons. In llurnpi linn' are allowed three
aeioplanc-. for c.t, h Latter), en .t to
ulwax- have ctlr teailv fot air setxfee.
XX.. Ii.it,. s. v..tit .1 lo torts., uitli ..n
average ol Ihten bitterle tn each fort, ,
1 r 3-( nutlerlec m all To allaw only
: ucm situsiiroit- lor mullet service
1 jH , .t wt,. x,.rv itnlmuiii The
: ,.., (lf ,,rgani.atoti eniilpmeiil and
,.,nt,pltne,. of ,, i, ro squ ntron fm otm 1
Jllir u f ,.i.i.t 1 1. ,,,tl i. 4 nn fitnx. I
....0, n, .nm .ixiators ale needed
i.imiedlalely and past i xierlencr anil l!il-J
ropean practice haxe shown that only
i ne-third of the lii-ii trained fne axlatlon '
u-uallv nlialil) lor miiuar) servo e, in
. , .. ,.,..,.
p. 1 lilt" .1"" n 111 O II I- lie,-, i. 1, i, .,,,, III. I r
file, be In' -essary to train '.o"t men To
,i.. .,.
r .-rC ."r
c.s-,tty to allnw
itnl one
n.rxe for .x.ry f.-nr nun
. . . .. .,..,,,, in train
iramlug until
If I Hy-giving mgredienU which prevent thetn (torn becoming Imitlc oi i II
j j j P'ou - vhich preMrve their velvely sottm-u indtfiruiely. , I
llilllllin; i' llll AuciKhn TuUi are rtj becam: tint pi-rnieVi n.a(' !- I
ImiIuIIII llUl thim is; but rtd In Itttlf l no iltn e tipirli'ilij fot i
WWW ,4' u a"Du,J.Rd" m will u the ",M.c!n i.i .'
1W 1 Uty.R,i? ( '
VfflMtfA 2nd: Michelin Tube are not nrsfi!y piecn of uta'g'it tubin; witli (' ' 1
'.'W, iheii endixemented.but are fotmed on a ting mandiello cxicilv llie jl
ri) 'k' ' " 'n,'e ' lns t,('" a"d eontcijuenily fit i jljj j
Michelin Red Inner Tube:, Give the Utmost livonomy .n .Stiii.fc-i;oJ
For Sale By All Dealers
' I
f rps. Training aeroplanes cote an aver
age, of 17.500 each, making a total for
training machines of j,UOO,.175.
"b-lflh. To train and keep In train
ing between 800 and 600 men will re-
.tiilpn tn uulutlmi MC.hrmls. nr nnn school '
' for every thirty atudentu, the time ro-1
' quired to train each In military aero-1
naiitli being hetween three ani six
months. To cKtahllKh these sxmools, i
u.ht-h iim tn tin tinrtlv schools for train- ,
Inir nnd tmrtlc nchnols for craduatlnir
will cost about IfiOn.Oflft tor each nchoot,
J or a total of I0.000.00n.
'.Sixth. Whereaa dirigible and kite
' or observation balloons aro badly ticoded
and nro Invaluable for certain purposes
' It la necessary to take Mops to provide
j thfint. It Is recommende.1 that 2,000.0ni) '
be nlloxved for this purrose to remain t
. available until spent.
'ncvciith, For a motor competition,
testing of automatic stabilizers nnd other
dexicea and aeroplane promising to de
velop Inherent or automatic stability In
aeroplanes, for a "safety competition"
and other similar development Intended
to Increase the safety, case of operation
and uvfulnesi of aeroplanes, It Is rec
ommended that Ihe sum of Jl.000,000
be matin available
"In this repott Mr. Itawley Mated
that the above totals i:8.'J7."i.OUO. Tills
..i.,, u .nhmlttcd with the most sincere
1 hopo that It '"111 bl
Vlven promot con
sideration, Tho member, of the execu
tive committee of tho Aero Club of
Amcilca mrlvr1 at those figures after
thorough consideration of the aeronau
tical needs of this country nnd the plans
other countrleH have made for permanent
adoption. In other words, this plan
provides only for the aeronautical equip
ment necessary for the country to defend
lltelf if attacked by any one of th ellrst
or second class Towers.
"Tlm committee believes that every
consideration of the wifely of this conn
tty demands that steps be promptly
taken to carry this plan Into effect."
Mm. .Innie- I,, flrersc llrmtnlrs 11
Iteil Cross neirl.
sot utAMlo.v, V. Y June VJ.
llirougli the iforts of Mrs. Jumtti I..
Hrreen and her friends a Red Cross
sorleiv l being formed htie to collect
fuinls and supplies to be sent to the sol
dlers who go to Mi vlco. Mis Hrei-n
I- set ding out an appe tl to vcr famiv
In Sniit.iamptoii.
A fled Cross outre has been i-tab-llshed
at tbo old Foster house In Main
Ireel Mr. tieorge Harton French la
acting as temporary chairman un-l is te-
vrivii-M s , i ..,,...
Purlng the absence nf Thomas- U.irbct, 1
xvbo Is an officer In the Twelfth Ilegl
men!, the local military company will
be !u charge of lllcliard Troiuhly. The
company Is about to be Incorporated a
a member of tho National Itlde Aseocla-
i tloll
Tln Southampton l.lfles will give
an txhlbltlon on the Meadow club
ground- In thn morn'nir of July I An
lj;-etlrt.i of t'ir rnn,.miy .fill pe Ijepl
and the company will L tinenteil with
a Hag by tbe xionien ol the town iipn
setite.1 by the pillowing coinui'tlee
Mrs Sydney S Hree-e, Mrs Hub.tt P
ItlttSC. M'Hi JOMplt.llc Sill. in-, Jl.ss
Hazel Hurling and Miss Clara Weeks
tin)- Hurl li- Tn ( iinnnit Wert.
Mot'ST Vkrnon, N. V.. June l".i -Will-lam
Sh.np. 1,i tears old. sup of .Mr and
Mrs, Archie Sharp, South ICIghth axenm
and Fourth strc. t. xvas shot In tlm leg
to-day bv a paper xx.nl fmm it toy can
non hole was torn nearly through hi
leg Tlm boy had rlmd the cannon inst
Fourth ol July a d thought It was t it
h aded
'- ' I
Red Inner Tubes
Uyo woiU-xvide repuUlion lot durability fot the folloxxuig reion.: V
lit: Michfjin Red-Rubber Tub are compounded of certain quel- 1
Non-Mlliliir.v Itorciiiirli FTft
ploycos Actpi' In I'tiii.n,,
Vjicnllons If Xppt
"win .
A request by ISnrougl, 1-. . . ,
5ieletday for an expri .
a to Hie best ivny to tn. 1 1
caused by the absence e, j
tnllltury duly brought f
ployim of thn Horotigh . r ,
uiianlmous agreement to v..
without extra pay and, if n.
forego vacations In ottler to i
eril.en of mini
called t .
' This arrangement will Imf
to continue nil the actlxius.
ough without lllllni; main i
Cles (aU'eil hy the nlint,
Itefore it croxwl of lfi.oni) re
friends the Ninth Cots'
ttmetered In last night tn i'f
II' West l'"'Uirteenth ttr . -'
J. llyrne mlmlnlsteri d l , . ,
glance to IT. officers anil t.l'.'i .
After this reremonv t'n r. .
through a drill nrst par i . i
thn ilreenwich Village s.
Oen. Stotesbtiry recent- t, nt ...
llyrne to recruit two new
bring bis command up to a ,
Willi li Is twelxe cotiipun s
each. Klexen cotnt'.m,', ate .
plete snd thire are inme tint,
cants to choose trrnn t., .
luetic John b'ord ' i
Court, fnrnierlv a capta t
has written Col. llyrne Hi .t t
II l" lit Is culled nut he ui i i
lice l'ord has two lump
niclit, Capt. Martin I mi. I ,i
Michael Kord
I.1ellt.-C'ol. W. S Terrberr
general of the New Y"!'- o v
rtfrli I
i.isi iiikiii uiat on naq sun it ,.pi r
of thn Fnrfy-seventh ! 'a"tx' 'n
lytl ought to be conih nip- i 1 cj .
Its unsanitary cnnilMinp
'There are not in.;ti f ,
Sltlltl" lllltollg the 111, ! '1,1
-xentb. ' he salrl -n ...
teen csrn and they l.u. ,"
l.lted. 1 h.'ixu been quote. I .
the i rowdlng t the I.I
dtrt door t r.ated a Xi' irs,i .
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he . olntemneil.
"I c.t I.I uoth'rig 1 1 ,, , i ,
Were gelling Whit Wl .1 '
They didn't haxe enoiwii .
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same nlr sot thrmtt !
ti.issed on trom nm t
r,.,on,mP1wl , lh MrfJ
Ihnsn who h ill ilev. I.nie.l '
b sent lo T'eeksk.ll an I 1
Yesteid ty Col. l.rnet
t-llleil to let tile Mu-'i ' lie
nrdi r that Ihe I"!1. I - - .
a cleaning In battalion
proteedi'd to .Mcl'ni en I r
gliaidsitien Wi le .tllowed i .,
ilom for sevtial hnui-
X mot eiii.-nt i-.is im . --.
he tormi i- ollli er- ' i'
tan'?) t" t.irtii a il , a ,-t i
me i -n as t,i k- . l 'i-. t'i.
I. ' 'lit.- K d t a 111 I
p.. lie -, gnu III .t) nl g.l alio
I'sttlii-nt will he for one X.
about once a week.
When th. legitnt lit w.
it took about evi r '
II, but Majir tint ks i-
f.-rtner .illi ers, o. I - t -
W 'hie
Mot gin, .1 1 I
I- I'l-l' nod C- ' ' vx
,et Hi t K'
ad 'tt nn .

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