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MfirtmAtt nnnTiiniim r-, t it .-- . . .
n n vvrnn m s i m A T IT T 7TT T S M f T T T a t T n n - T ir rin w i s e-rt ' "
akki vh a r r. a kjv ctvvmr, n r viluuk hka ad niun dv tdiud uio othtddad ad audd aaujtu ttud u cuin, mci,.m.
niiiuiuv ni vnmi . , jf UttlrtLIU LDrtlD niOOIrtrr flH Ilttil' UIDU VftHttUtt LlliL
(;r,(i Made I'p of tiermniis
uMrians, Polos, a Few
Irish and One Greek.
Cold Vifiunls. Knhill Hike'
Too Mueh for the
rotr WiirtiiAV, Culv Haven, N Y..
i-t :?--Ttie propos.il cf Mr. l'ohl to
rfru't a titrm.vri Attttricin regiment for
Mute may tuve been a urpri5o to Nv
l.rk .!!. but up In Uuff.xlo the National
GuirJ hA- Vttn ijutctly ors.intiiiiR fuch
in orfAr.lzal;on, anJ thl mornlns it
jwrcfccJ tnto camp. SCO viroiis.
Tie rcs.nifnt In question i the Slxtv.
f.fth i f Huflalo, atxl more than JO per
cj.it. el lt enlistej strength has Veen
irmn from the sons of Oernian Intim
prints !n that city. More than half the
tT.al- ler are Austro-Americaiui of the
r,rt ari seoor.J fenerations, the re:
tiinc IVes, with a handful of Irish aiJ
, r Orte't.
Tl.c et.t -e reslment. as Its commander
jrut gu.irJutn angel. Col. K. lutvoc'n. ile-.-Arcs,
in a living denial of the current
fh.irsts of hphen 1111 Kveti the Oer
- i- 1 fie Irish, the Austrian anJ
He lv.es. set alone in perfect harmony,
v I the w.- argument In the tent never
ray a ts the Atlantic Ocean.
C trpar.y K, which l cotnm.utile.1 by
J M. i! winner, is solwlly cf iter
mill b'oml, save for one man. 11c Is
i ilresK. ati.l the report Is that he was
rr.-ru.tei be. aust a man of his profes
...n Is it-valuable in the army he I a
Mrie K ithteen of the men are former
l nite I Stales army regulars.
Company 1. Capt. Ntlson T. tUrtett, Is
'm.st o'.:ilty Polish, ami the majority
. f the men have lorr,e arms in their own
vj:t-y or this. Klrst l.leut. Stanislas
,--eer. I a l'olt. Many of the men hae
roue to this count so recently that
he- knon only a few wonis of Kngllsh.
a .1 one of l.ieut. Sch.-en's task has
te- to translate the Kncllsh wonls of
P unur J tnto the more familiar Slavic
u.rfTue r. order that his mm mlcht un
triianl them.
Vrtrrnnti of Other Armies.
A la-ee number of the reclment's ofil
rfs are former otiicer In the Herman.
Austrian anl r.uslan armies. Two are
iterans i.f the recent Balkan wars. In
.ld:ti.',n to the who came this morn-i-R
ur.de- Col naUvck Son recruits were
!ft beh tJ n the Huffalo armory to
.ilt e-JJ.PTent.
Hrtc-Jni J.'hn U UM c.imetoCamp
t"hltn-a" durlrp the afterrivKn with his
staff Milir Harnt". chief of !aff , Major
TjnbnJci and Major Carlon. M-3or
.-'fe-s. the fourth racralHT, will come
Utfi Col. l.u.-as of the T erJ y .se.-ond
rjr.c'r.c.-s turned over command of the
amp immediately. The Colonel had
made careful preparation for a rlttlr.c
uceptloi for the Cieneral. Ineludlne a
-.iluts of eleven cur.s. but at tht last
j'e it was discovered that the Kirt
i- .id Artillery batteries concentrated
1 "e h. i nothltip but dummy shells. Tlu
i.rn: -y was potpoi td. Kor th. Iene.
K'.rt Chief Carrari.i it may be
added that the machine mm comtwnlcs
'. tV various rcpimtats liac no ma
chine .-r.s
The Tenth Iteciment marched to caim
'rim i;-een Haven about J I M , in-
lud t.s i'tmpanl 1 of Klushlne. t! of
Vonkers H of Mount Vernon and 1. of
W'h.te riair.s. The! four units liae
een serv.oe more recently than any
-htrs In the V'tutfd States prior to the
I' .rder iriubb-f. fur the er in dun
ihf tnke at HastiriE N Y. a few
rr.ont ac".
The reeiment cot a rather unkind re
ption. althouch this wa not tile fault
of Gen. Hddy or "nl. t.uc.i.-'. The m-w-omers
were alloted camp eround oei
he hill back of the mam road and
ttt-en they started to pitch the r tents j
a found that the s to cons tf d of
.i .arce assortment of jmi-nn iy liels
'"ol John Y Klein of Klu-hinc. com-
a-der of the reelment, set his boys to
work at once feannc out the weeds and
it thoucht none was poisoned The
rirlment Is the larsest that has come to
.imp. havlnc men. Many of the
. .mpanvs are out war strtnutn. Com
p t.y M has 1 S enlisted.
.Ml of the new men wtre broticht alonit
ntt-.e m s'raw hats and some in I'alm
Pf.i. h su ts but all enthusiastic. Major
0! -.rire t'hanler had written the boys ii
i .ir.-hinir son whH-h they saiiB all the
..y to i amp. I'att uf it ran like this :
Gnrss Wuhintton wu quite a mn.
T.'. ;jth-r ot ut ..!.
H t. i inooo mlnut men
A 1 re.ly hi call.
A . t.lnA.ln was our President
rirouirh niny troublous years.
It t : - a won the bait.es
u ti his c!-un.teer.
llu' r the r.jjrJ l neexie.l, t neMe,!.
' t. e.le .
The rmy oann.)t lick ""n all alnr.e
. r. of th tttes . hae to
e j thm do I'.
An 1 tl Tenth. th Tenth, -he Tenth wit.
.ta.1 them to It.
They had a (treat reccpt.on a-1 the
w.. t'i Heekman. especially from the
tr-State towns. Company K of Pouch
V. tp-ie tun es-Hrted to the station by
' !u: 'eer firemen, fraternal orcanlza
t "ns. .-panish war veterans and a few
rr r,r of 'CI. with horns ki nkinc,
ur !i bellf rinsing and ihecrlne every-
T'lert was a wedditiK to-nicht In the
f xty-r.in'h Iteciment. Private Michael
'ir.,t,t . f i nip my II. whose h mc is at
" M.i'l.-ot street, marrieil M Mary
Ah.ar-i ,f ; West Ninety-eichth street.
T t'-er lmff. reinmental chaiilam. per
f ' tiit. ii ceremony ami Prvate and
M'- J ,n (i Connor of lf'33 Caldwell
were best man and matron of
apt Anderson of iitnpiny V.
- . I t if Td (Uletly and inside of a
f 1 1 ii', t. post of the rec'ment was
l... iv. ,i, .if tl,,. tent. They insisted .n
k t ie ie. .)o, and some of them
In '. Mrs m'onnor for her, so the
ti r I I .nor bad to Pick up her
rt and Min at top speed to a walt-
' . m' .ti'oloie
l.u.i- f the Twenty-second Corps
rf t' t.' iers iilaivs to form one normal
t . t . f -a .ini inics out of his two
r. . in -a.d t.i-iiiKht. tli" two re
r t .iui. bciiic formed into an-
r utul r h .mtn.inil
- xtv-nfth Kiciitunt. although It
is ' r. ir.msf rm'ii into heavy artll
b n i in. fully einiipiied as Infantry
e; ..inl Ili.it the I T Inch cutis and
5 l ild hnwllzers wld arrive within
t few fl i -
S orderH were received to-day
r .i' .i t.. in. i. nc any of the units now
I fn- border. The Sxt -ninth,
' i. la- b"i n orilered to be read) to
" i -oi. i a' il has been mustered
' in ' ti it lne completed this cere
tr 1 iut Sunday, it was learned.
lieiiinliiiil' Hellef IVntiire to ne
III Nrn 1 ! ll rf.
v" .-ii OTn.v, .llltm 29. The confer
' "i i' on the Hay ri solution nu
' - j t"... l-Vdeial draft of tho Na
'' 'i lard for Mexican service wan
I'. i the Slum tu to-day without
bji i In Us filial form all relief
'or ci inlsmeti'M families: wero
'.r '...hi n... l.lll These will bo
! i n ei.uate measure Tho
ff i iv huch to the President for
T ' Il it also passed without objec
or ds'iate the urcent dellriency bill
I prlatinR approximately $27,000,000,
' of It lo meet the military rxinseH
Jf 'hi Mexican situation. The bill It
lit'j ready for the Prctidtnt'B bl;iiturc.
On ltotr.p SctENTK UtoivissT Train
No. 1. Skpalia, Mo., June I?. A diy
of intense heat, with eleven prostrations,
empty water tanks, unsatlsfylr.it rations
and a dtsorKatilxed running schedule,
marked the Seventh's advance into cen
tral Missouri to-day. With the ther
mometer at ii in the shade hours were
spent on rural sidings, beond contact
with ever) thins but the sun.
In the course of a hike at Mokane
to pive the reslment a shake out from
train cramp, eleven mm succumbed tem
porarily to the heat. The first battalion
and rart of the second, In charge of the
non-commissioned officers, started to Jo
double time up a slope, when Col.
Klske, foreseeing trouble, ordered tae
pace slowed down, but before the order
could I obeyed the eleven were over
come. The men are now quite recovered.
Major Kowler, the chief surgeon, reported
The breakfast stop at St Charles. Mo.. (
nj sKiiipea mroucn ine i.iuure m nit
railroad company to transmit the neces
sary orders, and so the otllcers had noth
ing to eat until Mokane was reaclud
at noon, while the men h.td the same
canned hash, beans and hard tack with
which they have been fed from the start.
Strike Camp at Van Cortland!
Turk and Kntrain for
Border at Yonkers.
Heady to Depart for To.n if Whole Kepiment Vote lt
He Can Only Find Two
liood Cooks.
Indorsement of rnivernl
Press the Button ilictalenii)
lime any speed anycorrec
tlon while t ping costs half.
Proven free on our otsnuork.
Ask (or the Bl'YFR'S GUIDK.
sun in in i vi'i't i ivii: ti .
Hi. lJls-r.) M I f llis'',vf
'pHK three black dot show the location of the towns of Pharr, Mo I
Allen and Mission, within ten miles of ench other, where the I
Kmpire State pinrdsmen will be stationed, I
' 1
Svn Anti.nio. Tex. June :? -The S. far Pie oidy additi nal troop or-
tnops of the New York National lJu.ird 'brtd to repo't to (ten Parker at
w.li be statlone.1 In the mo.t pleasant ' "JV!'' . .nV"01
. ... e . . ... K,,-v- three batteries of artillery and a
art of the lower Itio Cr.itide a.ley Is reitmetit of militia Infantry, origin un-
th.- statement from Hng.-tJeti Jame ktown. and two siege baitenes of the
larker. who said that Pharr. McAlten Vtftn Field Artillery, coming from Port
... .. on, oi nu- couniry iieiwecn Si. I. Okla.
rmplnln of the INsod.
The absence of cooklne arrangements
as provided for In the regulations has
iauj.ro .... in.- ....e ... y.- , ,Poe mree town. t the lte selected With the arrival of these tr on (ten
5"?.UESe-- L'rZl v ' " -nsare only five mile, apart. ' Park X S! a't.VeX.sIon:
of nil Vnd crackers tbev would un- V. .i . I. . vi:i.ie trom 1 exclusive of the. National C.uard. of ap-
dfubtetlv have .urfe7eJ mo severe?)- x' an'1 , ' ' the latter proxtm.tely i:P.0 men. Including the
' 'ffed more severei) A brigade (about .on men) will be Kulars along the border from Urowns-
frguttriehe.it. placed at ench town The New Yorkers. Mil,, to Homa
deWvat' Mokan 'on' top" 'o-N four hour 1 d;ff'tr'n" '""J" ,rrp' " 0,h,r 1 I 1 that the New York
Mei'tn ih'H Vlowed the Vt'nc of I $ the borvier. stationed In hills and , National C.uard will remain Intact un--no,
n nut.o' Terr iVaute T.x.x-i deserts, w-ill have camping places der Its own commander. Major-tteneral
nc Vhe t ,nk. we're rtnallv nil'd . I T"" ( rP-frult and orange o ityan. Uen Parker, however. s. far
vSLa-e but the-e w-at nw iter to e "f" ' 7tol,''- 'th several small , as known, will ulnue to have full
,M"arl-. -t,Ul hf-? wi ?' - 1,-1 , laVe affording bathing privileges ommand of the frontier
had when the men, broiling under the
sun. returnt-' from their hike nu! tney
did Induce the trainmen to turn the hose
on them.
Capt. J Weston Myers, reg. mental
'quartermaster, telegraphed from Terro
Haute to St Ixni'ei lat Ifv-M for the
M.ssouri, Kansas and Texas oitic ale to
arrange n breakfast stop at St. Charle
The ra'.lroi.l oiiVial promlse-l a famous
Missouri breakfast and then forgot to
rntlfy the engineer St Charles streaked
by Iri the cenernl landrcape.
Col. K!sk lo: touch for a time with
the second section. This had fallen four
hours behind at Terre Haute owing to a
hot tox at seme point west of Harris
burg. Hut that the regiment 1 still
ahead of the Seventy-first Is proved by
the fact that the H!g Kour put n pas
senger agent on the Seventh's Pennsyl
vania train at Terre Haute to meet the
llcrxhficld's Story Heard at Why It Happens That Jersey
Ureat (Jatlierin in Car- j Commuters Are Hiding in
negie Hall. i Mexican Conches.
IsJdor Hershfield. who cpened the
way by which communication was re-
Sevent) .first at St. Iu!s and take It 1 stored between JJews In the zone In Hus-
over the Missouri, Kansas and Texas to , . ,.,.,. uv ,hA
San Antonio.
The Spirit of Ihr Slates.
Cp to dale Indiana ha shown the Immigrant Aid Society at Carnegie Hal.
Commuting patriots from the Orange?
and other centres of culture along the
I.ackuw hnna road were standing on sta
tion platforms veslerda) morning dl
tf..ns. and the Cnlted States, made his cus-.ng Villa and the nclghtmrs' chickens
rvport to the Hebrew Sheltering and and other raMer wh.!e watting for the
. :5! or the .s: to roll in when suddenly
i ,1.... i...a -a.. ..a.. , v...i.a.a -. u -
ivreue:.. inn iri-i -,u ,,ir ..ic?,nh ..' 1.1.-, .iiNiii. hir.u aiiiu. iiLe, 111 niiuii
troop. The difference li.is been marke.1 were many Jewish leader here, ac
hy State l.nes. Ohio more or less . l.umed Mr Hershfield for his work.
An official t.uch was added by See
r iiry of C mmerce Wl'.son. who brought
fioni Washmgion the congratulations of
President Wilson for the results acvom-
rtolLl, but four miles over the Indiana
line nichmond met the Seventh with a (
bie demonstration. Terre Haute, close
y the lll'n.ils Hn... turned out S.ono at
l" 3ft at nieht to cheer Its. arrival Clear , , l, hed.
jcross the Stale the crossroads and v.l-
With no attempt at oratory, almost in
,aces h.v? clttsie-s f people waiting for a ionvers.itlnn.il tone, Mr. Hershfield de
the tra.n and rjuick io cheer It., il.il the work by which the (ierman
Illinois was traversed at night, but ' military guvernmt nt was induced to per
M ssourl has seemed less interested than n,,.. messagvs to k f rth after a ear
Ohio. i of silence. In doing this he paid high
Although Terre Haute appeared to be I ir.ijute to Ambassador Oerard and Con
i icer f r preparedness, its Ideas on the 1 M1 cieneral Iiy at llerlln and I'otisul
subject In some cpiarters were vague. 1 Ce.ienil llirnaiido I'e Soto at Wais4ivv
Ot'e youth m an olive drab officer' tini-1 for their aid.
form tApla.ned that lie was a Modem) Then he turned to a description of
V .oilmen f Ameri'-a and thit there , h0me of the things he saw w hen he was
were MVnno of them drilling in the ; u.miiiig that T.'.O.OOO of his corelislon-
.-.tate of Indiana. Asked about their
rlile practice, he said .
"Oh. we drill with axes. It' all the
Ff me."
The news that Carrania had backed
d.vvn to the extent of giving up the
American prisoners vva received with
much Interest by officer" and men. It
Is held to be p-obable, neverthelei-s, that
tsts were on the point of starvation.
thousands of thein exiled and wandering
and thousand more living In the shell
ruined remnants of their home, deprived
by the vicissitudes of war of ever)
chance to niake a living
was over, the I'tuted States, licked and
Carraiiza the champ of the continent.
One flash at the shlti). chipper looking
day coaches gave reason to leUeve. at
li.ist, that Mexico had got control of
the railroads over night. Kor along the
eaves if each day coach on the spot once
occupied by the name of Phoebe Snow's
l"l railroad the word l-tck.tw.inna had
even wa to an irwrlptlon that ran
"CossTlTlVioNAUsTAS t'K Mexico."
And le!ow the middle windows on the
idfi- of imcIi car .u pilnted In ullghtl)
smaller lett.r the single word "Pri
mer.!." w nu-li plainly indicated to lin
guist.,, commuters that here were "first
'ill'" car of the Mexican National
Ita.Ina) lines.
"Verv imply explaimxl,' laueheil C.en
era! Pasencer Agent Cullen of the
Phu'l-e Snow road )e-terd.iy vthen asked
in the Manhattan oilier of the I-icka-
wanna why Mevl-an railway cars were
scooting over the Jersey mettdows.
"Atsiut two months ago the I-irka
wanna xo.d thlny or forty of Its sub
Warsaw, he sa'id.' has been but little u?""Tehn 'l M",can ov
damaged bv the war, although II '", . ', . 'sovernrn em con
bridge an-destroyed and the Jewish IT' ,.!'' . ! A!'.' -'Wording t.
the regiment will remain on the bider quarter wrecked The. arrival of the , 'Z were ..
f. r four or five weeks, wnatever tne Austrian two day ahead of exi-vta- V, i , ..V . . -
turn of event-. tion prevented it pogrom of the Jtii.. 'V"1 ,lr"V ,h f '-onsUtucl-.-onstl.-i -
The baggage train has run Oar away 'w-hlch woul 1 have ex ceded any- 1 u"c , W " lo '"lnt "
ftcm the regiment. Starting behind the "rTthe past j Mutilsh inscrti'tlon on the cars which
ritond section nt Jersey (My, It over- y, mill of I-odz are ruined, he said, 0.'.'.';'l" .
I auled the tlr-l at Columbus, Ohio. .Th?l,m,"i!. u ?,ll, ,, If ., I.- ' . "Then, when wo gnt a sudden rail the
trailed this under the sime orders to
l-rtlanaiolls. then broke rlear away and
1 now leading the field for Texas Hut
then the baggage tram s in command
nt I. lent, tleorge H. Ilobertson. twice
vir.ner of the Vanderhilt t'up.
of the Mil.ttry Tr.i.n t g t'.fop VvsoclA
.i.e. t;. ! rsed '.t. vi"s.i to I ta
ra.ii.iig mail r Kiderai i, .
Kour troop of the Kits'. Squadron. Major-C.en. John K. OT.) an. command- Pi-ArrssfRa, June Zi. Afler drlv"ig
Kirst Cavalry, packed their tents at Van ng the New York division of mllltla, )cs-' the enemy ncros. the Canadian Urd.r
Cortlandt Park jesterday and In the , lerday announced the .election of hi wan and keeping open the line of communlca-
midst of cheering throngs went to the Mart which will accompany the d. vision I 'len between House Point and Ocdens- dot" llc-ii au. secrr. ) t. Ma
freight station at Yonkers. Tliere the) to Hrownsvllle. Tex. The exact time ofi I'urg the lllue for.-es of the camp of " ,r;'L.,V,7.,,!'',K' ,:oe
boarded the seven tourist sleepers and , lien. O'ltyan' departure could not be military instruction this afternoon went ,0 p.,,,,,,. j.,,.t',if the assw at ion. Tin
one Pullman that were to take them i stated )cstrrdy, but t was general.) j into camp one ml'e west of the village of four other tnimbero of t ie .:n i..ttee a"
v s ThtV'-
over the New York Central toward
The command, under Major Kdln Mc-
ler, conslsied of three troops from
thought that the commander with his
staff will leave for the border within a
day or two.
litcause of the number of Slate or-
llrookl)n and on from Staten Island, gaulialrons over and above the Kederal
The first three were Troop A, under tactical division for war the liovenunetit
Capt. H H, 1'oimlJson . K. under Capt.
H H. Sjencer. 1., under Capt. 18, K
Alpers. The other troop was K, under
Capu A. H. Piatt.
The men struck camp at 9 .30 and
with full equipment and supplies placed
In eight w agon.1 the) proceeded O
onker. SIS of them all told, by way f
Jerome and McUan avenues. They were
one to depart at P. M.. but It ws not
until after o'clock that the last car left
the )rd. The delay whs caused by th"
kslktnex of twenty-eight mules, whl, h
Had to tie tied p- the hind feet before
they could be pushed tnto the stock cars.
r.ient troops of the Klrst Cavalry and
Squadron V remained at the iiark, It
was expeited by the troopers that they
would leave by the end of the wee.
Battery It of the Klrst Artillery did not
move, and Hatlerles A and C had not
arrived last night, though they were
looked for to-da)
The men of the Second Artillery have
1 ttle hope of going within a month
Their lu.tct.oii was Is-heved to be due
primarily to the unfitness of a majority
of their hore.s. many of whc'i have suf
fered from an epidemic of gltruler. In
th last two days twenty-seven animal
r.av Peen shot, and about 1J0 were.
segregated yesterday, having been con-'
demned The epidemic was sard to have
has authorized the State lo keep up a
Champlaln. renting during the afternoon
The tied army left their camp a Null
to be si'.c-l I !v the fi st sere. -a its
o'clock this morning, and half an hour I SPANISH GOLD DREAMS LURE.
later the ltlue were marchid off tie'
field they had occupied during the night.! t'nllforiilnti seeks tlltlnlnit Hod lo
With his broken arm In a sling, the re-1 tllselo.,. Hurled rrraatirr.
suit cf an accident In yreierda) prob- p.,A,,l:s-... jullr :i v
staff much larger than the regulation I lent, Lieut. Sutherland marched at the he l ,iKo O rind a n ,il i d with
staff ail
Iirltv. eMail
ltutler ba Mnt ta "'ew Yo'k n the
Cross Into Canada. hope of locating the Ir.si-u-n -nt which
lie evixct (o Use In lilc search t r several
null! iaiiki.r man i.ie iinutrtiiv" i .- Ir ,-,v , . ,i,n ,,,
dotted to tact.o.tl divisions at war! head of his company of student soldiers which to continue tits w-.rK J ltutler
th The staff which will go to , during the entire afternoon Hlsrefusil !,f v"''1 J-' I " "I" s'rc't wrl renew hi
. r .,,r .v, . to remain at the base hospital It. Plait.- 't f-r butted treasure In the neighbor-
svll.e with t.en. oil) an Is com- , h ' f ,. j .;, 01l , Huntington
posed of the following officers
Major lMward Olmsted, formerly
I.ieutenant-Colonel, Division Adjutant.
Major Olmsted is a graduate of the
l.cavenworth school and wa at one
time a Captain in Squadron A.
Major Krankll'i Want, formerly
Lieutenant-Colonel on ttett Clty-in's
start ; has srtti twenty )ears service
lu the guard, sorvtrg In all grades of
the Coast Artille:-j. aid author of
"Coast Artillery," an authorized tet
book In the army and the guard.
Major Allen Heagati, llvtlon Ad
jutant : formerly !npcctor-t.ier.eral on
lien. O'ltvan s staff
Major I'orneluis Vanderbilt, Inspec
tor of the divis.cn . has been serving m
that capacity vc.th the grade of Lieu-teuan'.-Coljiiel.
MaJ-.'r James L. Ivincaid, Judge Ad
vocate of the division, has been serv
ing as L'eutenant-Ci'lone. and I chair
man of the Military Affair Committee
of the State Assvmbl)
Col. Henry S. Sternberger. Ouarter
master of the division, with Capt. J.
T. lAiree as his assistant. Col Stern-
come from diseased horse dewtltied
originally for the Italian (Jovernment. i berger has been serving as Chief
whlcii were allowed to mingle with the i wuartermasier or tne M.ue guani.
ether camp horse. before an Inspection
was made.
Yesterday the men were watching a
few of their number walk about In the
new canva uniform wh.ch they expect
to have served to the whole command In
few days The uniform 1 a neutral.
chalky brown and considered l.kely to
hold Its color better and be a better aid
to Invisibility than the former st.vle
Tweniy.five students from llatterle
P. E and K. Second Artillery, nore.1
over Spanish textbook last night while
listening t" Instruction from Theodor
Homero. a member of the regiment, who
was formerly teacher of Spanish at the
Hronx Y M. C A At o'oh.-k dark
l ess brought the hour's lesson ts an end.
Will Hnlld IS. Odd Tomh In Olde.t
Vlonnionlh I'riurler).
IIkh lttNK, N. J. June I?.--Thomas
N MrCurter, president of the Public
Cant. Ix'ree s as. statu general suit-
intendent of the 1'elnware and Hudson
Hallroad iVripany and Is a son of
President U'rer of the Delaware and
Hudson lines
Lieut -t "ol W S Terplorry. surgeon
of the division, the po-it'oti wh.ch he,
now rt-cuplrs. H.s assistants will bo
Majors Steers and Malonev
Capt. A.fred Wrndl. aid lo M.tjor
Clen. O'Kyan. Capt. Wendt wa for
merly Adjutant of the Kirst Cavalry
and later Captain of Troop 1. Two
other aid villi W selected from troops
of the division, on of whom will bo
Capt. Krederlc II. Humphrc.vs
The problem In tlie war game to-day I
.allot s of gold supposed
' ivo been
f'o early
"in"! on ri..i ri ,o.. iu, UK l,Ut led a ccnttir) ,f-o 1)
e- mm ffl UIOI1K llie IM.UHM..I. line l( t ls
V.',".rfn-.!llAnli1,.V!.,l!r:L',,U.!.7: ".:gbt tines have I .i, .Mined of It.e
"7' ' " ' n l treasure." sa'd Putter t discuss-
were forced to retreat across the line Into
Canada, and they were followed for some
rilsiance by the Hlues. Among the rooK
te who went upon Canadian territory
itic Ii s plat-s -At first I ,'a d no atten
tion to tu) ilir.itn but t y tctutued
ov.r a period of live )ears and when
was lthlnelander Vv ldo. ex-Commis- "r " ,n.',;, ''. 1 '" "r
l,,n.e e I'.dl.- n V.u- VneL ItlV eef tg.lt 1 tt alld Was to.d if tllO Carl)'
In all of the problems thus far the V'n.aids who btii.ed iru-i f lu the
rrx.kles have been successful aed tlu.v d-strut whete th.' old tu I n stands
are elated over their success However. ' "et't their and Mind ti e pla 'O to bo
the long "hike" which Is now drawing to r1v'u',,' 11,4 ,l!,f'm' Painted it right
a close Is lieglnnltig to tell upon tht men dfer.tit times-
and they are becviming moie Irritable l'utlcr w.ft on to describe, the old
each day. Klsh was -erved at the n.vn miller who was -urpoerd to have K-en
meal to-day. and some complained that murdered while g-ntd-t.c the treasure.
It was r.ot substantial enough for the for the old Sin (talrlel M. 01. and eild
arduous duty they an called upon to that several old S,ai. lords of S m Oabrlsl
perform. , hid recounted the ox.o.t e'reumstances to
When camp l broken to-morrow j lnnv tie mihii ii in !i dean
morning the rookie will tuin to the Tie t-ra'ire tntti'er savw a wealthy
south and begin the "hike" which on won in , ' U.s Argeles has offered to
Sunday morning will 1 ind them in their f.narce Ids or' If he will give her hitf
Hrmar.er.t camp here To-morrow night of tho tlt.d l'-it''r rrft-.s. d .o- I v.ivs she
the camp will be locatid near the village now tliii-.vteiji to l.tiy up nil the land
of Chary, and on Saturday night the , and conduct tier own seat cb
camp will be pitched near a little hamlet j ...
known as Ingrah.ini. whence they will
march the six mile Into Plattshurg early
on Sunday morntrg
Immediately ut-n their arrival the T , ,, ,,,,,,
work of turning back the C.ov.rnment 1 rn' 1 M,r
propert) riib s. blankets, lvnchos, cart
rldgt belts, canteens and haversacks
l'lir.inuli m.
SlV'K tS H l'1'
lleuls I'iiss,
im-e ;
; f,...
will begin ltefore nigtil the men w 111 ( f,k , (,rk ,..,,,,, n r , t tllrousn
naxf recrivru i.i,. i t ri.-i-w., , v.teM . lv ,ml ,,v ffx,. f, ,..
a--d have been discharged fnm the train. t , ...,. f s,, .,.omi,o, . i.rMgi St
inc reslment. ),.c , .t, mirked te ope" "r of the
,. . isn. 'a-' tra". foe trat'lc tl" tea- Tito ti.i
Many Heady o l.nll.l. N v,..,,,.,,,., .,, i.,. en
O'tlcer" of Major-'len O'Kyan s peace, A number have expresw-d their deter- Wa' a.-e and M'-u'.!
staff who are not mended in the new mlnation to enlist In the National C.uard o- e , r t. k.i "-".u'i "ie ts
wsr staff will bo assigned to various 'a soon as their term with the training bound t' r iiC' to w -, l'-evi-m
duties here in the State. The staff ot!l- reg'tneiits has expired, and those men t.i f,.. oi . g .' . I i u r Ii eiMi
' rs left at home will have work a plenty j w'l' Irnve here on Sunday night for the .(' were ii I t'i" . ,,- ,y
1 t do. it was said .it headquarters o. concentration camp, from which they ri'l f'ls v.ae
t.rday. hatidl.ng affairs in connection rsipe to be sert to the Mexican U-iler The r '.id t .'it'' t'e p. "i f ,fuy
with trvxvi's of the division, not Included , for rervlce. To nK'st of these men Citi).vi b-twmi i. 'if a- l Wi arc I
in Prtstdent W.lscn's call' lor mdltla-' jteeknMn Is the watchword n e -r ' -t a-I "e ,n en m; up
l men. 1 Tits evemng tne ir.rning recment or cie i- -n r i hk '.s e or an
Two might!!) itniiortant civ llun Job pi voted to bivonio a member a it whole, 'j , ! -r nc' t f I in!
Service Corporation of New Jersey has .,,' w'ar un wjrtf ,,
given a contract to erect a iwun K , j,,,.,,.,, ,ir. o'ltyan' staff
inauso,um in the old Ha nee emeterv-. I h ,' (.u -r,r(1(
in the Kumson road, near his estate , ra,,.leri( jed h id not been engaged up
The mausoleum will be of granite. 1 1 l, , ,, .,, Mfm,g.
o, in vtrrriv -t,ie oi Hrxiiiirciurr ,,,, 1H,U- ),.,,. been found Oen
Two heavy bronze d.x.r will gutrd the ,'Hall alM IM w r,Ml,v
entrance and there will be twelve crypts.
The cemetery Is said to te the o.det
in Monmouth county It wa original!)
a part of the Hance homestead Kor
several )ears the ground was looked
after by Mrs. Jul'a Drtimmond. who was
horn on the Hance homestead. The
money for the maintenance was con
tributed by members of the Hance
family Mr. McCarter became interested
and he volunteered t keep the cemetery
,n good condition if the use of a plot were
granted to him. The other plot owikis
agreed to this, and for several vears the
c metery ha been maintained at Mr
McCarter' expense.
Hear Car on Second erllon Side
SxvlprdPrlx nle Srrntrlird.
Ti-r.r.F. IlAVTg. Ind., June :? A rail
road nccldent, In which s 'me of the men
of the Seventy-first Infantr. N O. N. Y'.,
had an unusual escape from 'njury, de
layed the train which U-earrvlrig the
Second Hattalion. Major Hutchinson
commanding, for au hour at T o'clock
this morning.
A freight loconi'Mve sideutped the
second section, derailing the rear coach
and overturning a freight caboose be
hind it.
As only a slight Jolt occurred when
the locomotive struck the engineer of
to guardsmen's train did not stop until
the ears h. gan to drag off the rails. The
hospital corps hurried back immediately
wtlh stretchers, but found ttmn unnece.
sary as none of flic troops In the last
c.ir had len hurt.
The only man who fi l' the Impact wa
Private Crystal of Company K. who wit
on the platform of the ioa. h next to the
last He was thrown to the ground, but
suffered only a few trilling scralches
The coach wa placed b.o k on tho rear
truck ftom which It had been dislodged,
the caboose was dropped off and then
the train continued on Its way
Ciiniireliriil Troops; Off In nicalr
( ii in i la IVdernU'ed.
Camp Hoi.oo.Mn, Niantio, Conn. June
20. The State mobilization imp hero
w.ij Federalized to-dav when Major Kd
ward A- Phutlleworth of the leguhr
nrmv assumed command and (Jen Cieorge
M Cole, who had been In ommntnl, be.
came ihe Connecticut Slate agent Major
Hlcliard Conn of New Haven, aswlste I
bv n dozen retired Connecticut National
Uiiatd captain, (oiiliuiiei In cha-ge of
drilling the Lull rookies, who have tieci
fonned Into six war strength companies,
and lire rapidly Retting over the mis
rlilevntirnes which landed many In the
gunrd house. Koine are reported lo. night
ii having escaped from camp.
Troop A "f the Klfth Mllltla !ld
Artillery, commanded by Capt. Frank
K. Wolf of New Haven, with three oftl
rer mid 100 enlltited men, entrained for
Nng.il'', Ariz, at 6:1 to-night aflet
waiting In the hot sun with baggage
.packed and saddle bags loaded for elgtp
hours, while, it Mirvey hoard of threj
regular army officers from OovernorB
Island appraised the forty-two horsea the
troop took along us it nucleus:, ollici-.
to lio furnbhed by the Government at
the border.
and the m
was dynamited. It lace factories wero
detro)cd by lire rtlal) stock Is sutler
mg an epidemic of spotted typhus fever
In Wllna Jews me living In cellars, sub.
(ellar and caves. Of the 15.000 Jeus
of Jovno only t.noi remain. Lovlcz'
houses are damaged my shell
Sochazew s entirely wiped out.
other dav for coaches to take the old.i n
to llufralo and sem Hum south we go:
together the lst ,',vi he within tea. h
This left i shortage for the suburban
train.-. About the s.fne time the nits
for the Mexican fiov eminent came out
ot our shop in first c..i shape,
)esterduy we begun to use them tern
porarily on the suburban service In ad
The crying noea o ' j,,Cent New Jersey. And there you are.
money, s.im .xir. iiersniiriu. . a- .
Wk:"Xs them Me1 mSn'lsi LONGSHOREMEN MAY QUIT.
used In buying food from the Hermans. ,
Former Judge Leon Sanders presided , lliilstlns llnulnrers Also Invoke
at the meeting, xhl of Tnnnet Worker.
Fifteen thoiKand lotigslioremeu. nut of
ejitipathy, irniy Join the slrlke of the
arbor hoisting engineer which ha ham
pered transportation for two ilas. Ii
was announced last night by the Harbor
HnlMlng llngineers I'nioti. It was also
suited thnt delegate had been ent to
ie Cast Illver luntiel engineer to get
them lo Join ii general mmithi tie
Valentine , Co.. full pay. positions lo "' " "! .uguieers nenen.
...,,..i, ,,, I'l.-ucti ,it..siMitm e
In the strikers
uno of the rompaiilr have granted
The Stnten 1-lanil Chrte- of the s
'iiMMl Speelill Aid S'' letv met yester.l .
afternoon In the Winter Memorla' l.l'.i.i
si (ieerce. nil pltnned to eremitic i
eial .'.n.ses In Hed Cross work
AioHt 3.00ft persons attend. I the i
me 11. enient exeri-tse ot Clirtls Hlll soli
lit eietiin neiii ai curtis riei
HrlirMnn. The salutxtory was
board a train a id -t.-trt southward
t'ompnii) I of I'lushliiB. Un
Imln In VlnitliHitan
Pour companlcK of the Tenth llegl
tmnt of the New York rnllltja en
traliusl earl) vestenla) for Camp Whl
man. Compan.v I. preceded by the
Parental School Hand, left Flu-lung
with every our of the ISO jiair of
shoe on the soldiers shining from a
gratuitous hrushlng b John V.itlas. i
c.nek boo! black The) gvv. into the Niw
York Central cars In Manhattan
' Wh.ii the) leached Yonkets lliec
I were Joined h) I'oirpati) II. which had
'notored from ,V!ount Vrmon in "ii
' ch'tirc loaned by c't'ren.. and by Com
'1.1 Sen u.in ii, adding about r.no men. At Ta
dedvere l ; i . town 117 member. of Con
Company !.,
....In, vua l.lv.ln Vltrlih.Mi
n.et oh" lives at VVesierlelrh !: lioarileil llie ir.i-n
,s inonsan gate the i 1edl'-tor and (he Company I
lip .m.s were presented P)f s, Hon l-oiu . r
........... Sl..ln 1-,...- . ''" 11'"'-
,, ..... i g,,v ti..r ouillts to the siiardsm
In order Hi i' il' if
h.tv. un for r.s ilf- y
ltl7en - tr,ii"- g tr fs
Lnrkntvannn and l.eliltth Valley
Hallroad Anions Them.
Firms which announced yestrrd.i)
that they would pay employee serving
with the Nntlnnal riuard were
be held open.
Itemlngton Typewriter Company
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western;;"' """ pickcis were
Hallroad Company, leave or afsence to - " narnor Keeping
those employed by the company for.t) ear w '"-"" from working
or more, without impairing pension rec
otd. position to be held open, full pay for j T0 . v- CTPTKTnC WDrvp atti
the mouth of June, full pay thereafter to j LUAA &lKlKi,KS EXPECT AID.
married men, one-half to two-thirds pa) i
according I" those dependent on them b ' rederallon of l.nbor xUed In filvr
untii'irriid men. no p.ometit to .Meed l-'liiniicl.it .n,.r,
fidft it month. ,. . ,, .
llenrv 1, Dohertv & Co. of 0 Wall Th striking gaimeul workei are
slieet announced last night lis emplo.vees ooklng to the rnnfeieuie held e,lerda
who are member of the National C.uard i between Henjiimin Sclilesinger. presl
will be paid for three mouths and their ' "rm ,llf' 'imenl Workers Fnlon
iksIUoiis held for them until they re. "d Ihe executive inun.ll of the Ameil.
turn A pollcv to provide for their ,,f" ecernlloii of Labor In result In
fitnllie If their servlies are required siilwt.intl.il ilnanrlal nsslslaiice. Mr.
f'or n longer perl d will be announced Sclilesinger met the council and Samuel
lr ter ' i.nmperx In Washington.
'The Lehigh Valley Hillrond has About the same tlmo It was aiiiioiiiurd
granted leaves of absence to tiilllti.imeii neio that a new i-nniialgn I under war
with Ihe following pay provi-lnns Mar- J" '"'sc out of town shop to prevent
rled men full pay, unmarried nun sup- 'icjii m.iiiiif.iiiui,.S flnm niovlng their
porting relatives one-half t. full piy. business lo other centres. The slilke
ill other unmarried employees half pay . romnillie. ha arranged for hradqiuii.
no iiiiynieiita to exceed tlOO a month, 111 Manifold. Conn
Frniilh Avenue, cor :5th Ktret
Kl'lrlrtge ftreet, for. Itlvlngton St.
.seventh Ave, bet, Itlh and 49th SU.
Lexington Ave., ror, 1 Z4th Mrtet,
tlrsnd Streel. cor. Clinton Street,
Kt fd St., bet, Lexlnclon .V 3d Avei.
l.-itt Houston st., cor, Kt.et St,
rourtlsndt Ave., ior. Kith Strtil,
Smith St. ror l.l Ingslon Pt
(trahani Avenue, eor Dete(ii R
I'ltkln Avenue, ror. Ilockkway Are.
vv.n ci:nt. ciiAitunn on
rm i.uA.in iii.i-.xni vvriiiiot
3 two vi:i;ks fiiom dath
Unhampered by cofit. convention, or con
ditions, the builders of the Locomobile have
developed the fine motor vehicle to its highest
plane for 1917.
For superb engineering and hixurion? coach
work, the Locomobile excels. Such progress
can .obtain only in an ideal plant where qual
ity instead of quantity is the practice as well
as the policy.
Six Cylinder Models, $4600. upwards.
West Sixty-first Street, next to Broailuav
Store Open All Day To-morrow, tiatura'ai
We don't advocate
picking a suit with your eyes shut
out you can do it in
The Saks Suit
Selections at $20
and not go wrong!
r Wo were never stronger than
to-day at $20.
we arc
In some respects we wore never so
strong at $20, for in the- middle of the
season we are obviously more competent
to attune our models and our color
schemes to the pulse of popular choice.
Practice makes perfect, and to-day
the Saks assortments at $20 replen
ished as fast as depleted are n finely
adjusted to the popular demand in cut
and color that a man might pick a Saks
$20 suit with his eyes Ami and come
closer to satisfaction than he can with a
microscope in most $20 selections.
(Yes! and at any other pi ice . too! ' ')
Single Breasters Double lrea.stei
Pleated Back Models and N'orfolks.
tailored in a magnificent array of fine
fabrics, skeletonized till they're as light
as a feather, and saved from the com
monplace by the custom-tailored louche..'
of Saks' own workmanship and skill.
Other Good Suggestions:
White Flannel Coats and
Trousers, the rnais miicIc -!!)
breasted, or Norfolk
White and Striped i'lanne!
Trousers, the striped a- S;t.7,"i io .Sli
riety in many new deMii-.
Silk Coats and Troupers, m
plain single breaMcd ar . ...17. .')() to 528
new Norfolk model.
Rrn.rlu.v t itV 'slrret

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