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Itoii' tu'iliiyi lo-moNuw purity etotitly
mill warmer l iniuleriite northeast wUltirJ.
IliglieM (rinptmluft, yi lawent, j below,
., n.. itlllH H")H Will 1e foUnll Oil lilt fill I II Mil I
The amalgamated SUN AND HERALD
preserves the best traditions of each.
In combination they cover a wide field
and make a greater newspaper than
either has ever been on its own.
$ In (irratrr New Turli.
2 i:ihre 10 Cm In.
nolo i
I 'on in II
tin ii ii
lli'l'lhl's III He
h Tli mils of Rov
luti in (ci'i'iiinuy.
IWuinliip Follows Flying1
of Fins on 1 lie Oily
, 'if lli'iilsh (Jovern
iin 1 hii hi Kx-Knisor
ni, i t i "troiiJy.
I'rlni'i' Huppi''"
iirllciiiliiii. .
Mni'lit'ii .
Dnko of
lit .Marslml
'.u.nti- Them.
Warship Waiting- in ay to
Carry Prfsonci's to
h ' 'Van t. ai .Vmr
h llinii.fi,'
'.. Mil rtttklt Tttrirtll
' .11 Neither the throats
no i Government to retdgii,
mn MirmtK rtf Itnlihevlst rls
I ii wiiuiliin will deter the Al-
e i i.i.'li move in extradite and to
vr firriiinn who were responsible
nr tiumii.iM war crimes, It wis uu
ilmrimi ' il stated here to-duy.
The "eml-nlltrlfil statement issued
wm-ii iirnjliiR that tllero had boon
.iv ru'MKH' In the list of Germans
. h wif 'urged with war crimps
rM i nprtiMiry in order to
..ut an i .'.I for ull time to reports tlmt
. Uir hid changed their mind
. ii i. rrtnlii war lenders of
. 'i ,11.
"' , u i li regarded as mi Indion
.(in i r iho reply of tho Council of
AmUunrtdors to the last German note
tlirn It meel.4 un MnndilV. I
lluuliln (inmr la Chantrd,
rtmih opinion has been much per
t -w.f iiv (ha lenientalmost Indlffer-
attitude of Great Brltcln to-.
v s ii .i iiginp tho cx-Knlcr to trial
r .V nfiixftl of the Dntcli Govern
'o it livnr lilm to the Allies.
Government's Raid May Menu
Tts Asstiinptton of Local
XrW Cn.'e M.;v7if, to The Sr am Nut
Y-inif llrnAi.n.
fopDilflii, W. nil ilgktu rtterrid.
nrnujf, ,lan. m. "It's lllppal: I'll
het Ihp rastlP will coino to tear It
down." wild one Dubltner to another
yr.ter'Jay while the Rlnn i Keln flag
flew over the City Hall In defiance of
Dublin Castle.
"And they'll not." replied the sve
ond. "They'll not notice It for a week
and then they'll deliberate, and by the
time they have douo that they'll be
used to It."
But the Castle did neither of these
things. It turned out troops at 4
o'clock (his morninir and nided and
tirrested everv rilnn Keln ollklal found
at Jiontp In bed In Dublin. Limerick,
Thurles mid elsewhere In the ptov
liice. The prisoner ure belnjr Kath
ered In Dublin for transportation to
England, and llrltish warships already
are In Dublin Hay awaiting them.
IflrMt Motr 'of (iovernmrut.
i t " 'J - '
This l tho first move, of, tho Govern
ment Ip the camjJalgn to defeat Sinn
Keln control of the local boards fol
lowinat tlie Uellsnco of the Government
In Dublin and ehewhere yestcnl'iy. It
wss taken because (he autliorltles are
ooalldent" thai a Sinn Keln outbreak and
n hmen now clwise that the'""1 rebellion is impoft-iblo now. al-
'i ii'' iilaylnc a double came In
UK! i' punlMilns the Hermans who
fii-nihtp.i crimes dtirlnc the wir.
... (hp harse wa made that the
mmi viclded to CJerma.t threutB of
'Hi.l'HHii hecaiiM they believed that
ttk , i,jlnptis interet.s might be hurt.
tbousli tt mluht not i later.
It l hoped further" that quick action'
will forestall a crisis pending the dis
cussion of the home rulo bill in Parlia
ment two weeks Iiuce. It Is admitted
that (hese tactics may bo described as
provocative of Ireland, but It Is Insisted
that this Is better than the bankruptcy
nn.l .11 1 . ...I. I -.1. . t. 1 ..: .w, ......
The t'tni. h nmlntuln that the treat) j of ,hc H,nn Fcn Ioca, councs wng drlv.
. . arrli d out lo tlui letter, and J K (he municipalities.
f ' ie Allies slm- weakness nod The step taken by the Government
Cif r mans to shield those j may oc tne preluile lo the general as
. .. . i,nro.t in. iinvinir sumption of local authority by Dublin
A Personal Word to Our Readers
I have deep concern about this first issue of the amalgamated SUN and HERALD. I
t'hould have liked to make.it a thoroughly representative number, but with the confusion
of bringing two great newspaper forces together it has been impossible.
Moreover we have been literally overwhelmed with advertising- so much more of it
Mian we had counted upon that our mechanicaldepartments are strained to the breaking point.
Naturally I am very happy over this splendid manifestation of generous cooperation on the
part of our representative advertisers.
With less advertising we should have had room for more reading, but as It is we shall
have more reading than most of you will care to wade through if you feel on this point at,
all as I do.
With zero weather and the influenza to contend with this has been an especially trying
time to undertake the prodigious work of consolidating these two great newspapers. But
we made the plunge and here is the result not all I had hoped for, but a lot better than the
.suspense of inaction.
We have an amalgamated paper now to work on, to improve, to polish and perfect. To
this task we shall give the best there is in us. And in this purpose I want to tell you of the
line loyalty of both THE SUN and THE HERALD newspaper forces and to tell you too of
their enthusiastic cooperation with me in bringing about this union. It is their hope and my
hope that in the amalgamated SUN and HERALD we shall give you in due time a thoroughly-
worthwhile newspaper a newspaper of wide scope and sound purposes.
I ireje
Daughter ; of 3Jt. and Mrs.
- JoscplhWidoncr Wcul in
Celebrated German Financier arid
Bank SaAys America Js Guardedf by Atlantic Now
but Her Turn Will Cofak'Later
It. W. W. Mtinbers Charged
ctor of Deutsche! l-Vfai Plot to Overthrow
j V. S. Government.
Gets First Glimpse in Many
Months of Current Events
of Country.
Young Jltnt
Ifi -Eiglite.tju a"m)! r1
Soi Qfr1ir. iiiiil Mrs. Joseph r;
Leidy of Philadelphia.
i. ip
v.. . rimos the treaty of
' . i m well be tuin up
.... i . ni here does not at
.lire In brliiRliis (lie
K I .. i'i-owii 1'rlnce to trial.
.. n i.iiinu its efforts on ex-
.1 i ..r..i lo'insinc before a com-
"i.i "i 'iiun.il those Generals nnd sub
i.urns ttii.. i-pread terror and de
"aimn i mi iKhout northern Krance
i iU'.n uin .mil In all occupied terri-
The rl.m w.s ftown nben Alderman
land, was' cIi-,hi Major Imrlne the ! tc Itter A. R. Wldener,. once
Investlturo a republican sonir in the ! luad of Phi adelphla's traction Inter-
Speciol Detpat 'h to Tna Sex xxa New Voitt
I'liiuitCLPi.u, Jan. 31. To the great
surprise of society. It became known
hero to-day that JIIss Josephine Pan-
court Widen .-r known to her friends .
as "Kill" d 'tighter of Mr. and Sirs.
Joyeph H. V idener and granddaughter
nu -
.1 .
if t.he nermann who heail
1 . rimes which It is
nniltted were published
I Im
i, n
Ii. ,M.
Hun .
" ...
' gallery of the municipal chamber, across
a narrow court from where the bullets
(lew In the Uaster rebellion, was plainly
audible thiouphout the castle.
Ilriitilillenii t'neoni prom III our.
' Tho Incident Is ylRnlflcant of the un
compromising attitude of the republi
cans. They ndmlt frankly that they
now have no hope of recognition from
the Kngllsh Government, following tho
refiftL'il et llir. rtritluh Inhnr rlplmtlnn
Die tlrst time. Nothlnc .., aEree tuf' IpIkIi senaratlon. and the
.1 - -lure the iirinl.-tiee has jedamtio,, of jr. Asqulth that home
i" ,'nl as was this list .f , rulc aon(. )s uosslble.
n the newspapers -ere Ateanwhlle the orBanlzation of the re
mt of (ierinan atrot .tlcs . PuMi-an forces Is proreedlnB rapidly on
(he' basis of (he money which is pour
WIiii rr llpiiinudeil. i Mr.' In from the domestic loan and from
. 1 America. The result wll be that when
,lrml the" list: bill comes m, iarament will find
It iiv refill of llavarla. J,hnrRe,l . that ,,, 80Uth of ire,an,,,s as wen or.
.rug women nnd gir.s from ,Ml, as ,,,atcr wag ,n mi
" . ui ifd by his army Into Ger-!
i.f Wurttemburs, com-
K'turtlt Army, clmrsed
. -if i nutans at .Vamur
iv J -j. ,. lommandini; the
. n-il r lib IuivIhk put to
. Sends and with having
..ni-. .it .Verchot.
I: h.ireed wild inven-
Ardeunes and
Belfast, Jan. 31. An unparalleled
scone for this city followed the election
yesterday by a vole of 20 to 13 of Al
derman O'Doherty is Derry's first Na
tionalist Mayor. The audience cheered
and waved Mass and handkerchiefs nnd
shouted up to 'he opposition, "Derry
I has stiricmlc! ed I We will make you
1 chew v pod !"
i tp Aruenne ami While the Mayor vas lielns installed
.hi ihos. I l(. crowd anK "God Save Ireland."
i.it von Mackeiuen, charged j Mayor O'Doherty In his address de
.ii emllariwn and klllluM In ciared that fiius. If they were of an In
sulting character, would not be permit
ted to fly from the Derry Guildhall' in
the future. He added that a long and
painful chapter In the history of the
country had been closed.
A Sinn Kelner was elected Slayor of
tfllgo He said no British delegation
would be 'received by him during his
yi ar of offlcif.
. 1. 1 -ie i. . imrgod with com-
' ' n inler "f Hdllh Cavell anJ
i .1 Mie i apelle, charRrd with
i He high sean and with sub-
i ',i'e i-ontrary to the laws of
viinlrrt I. iiiniiK I'liein.
' . ' . Sai Jere, ilir.tsul with
n v n.i'iila 4iid Syria,
"it .iiri-iI with hnvlng l-
'.in irnvM to tske no
...i eharged Mh pll
. 'i 'tig miNMernl IDS notw
. . Ii umI with liuviiig
' - i tvilmna In I'arlon.
liwrei. liuiKnl with
is at I'mnn .Mnxdrbum.
--. otmti:,l iih cruelty
' 'tup ItMlileben
' 'I. enmity to prlr-oners.
' It .. low. charged wiih. the
' ' ' rsebiit nnd with put
' ' ' " eiviibin.
11 ii'ueffel, charged wii;,'
iimnaiMler Valtntlner
1 rmnei, clurged Willi
i.tiiers w.re rharxed
Hniisti prHoners at
ests, had been married to carter uan
dolph Leldy, son of Dr. and Mrs. Jo
seph Leidy of 13ia Locust street and
grandson of the late Dr. Joseph Leldy,
who wa3 one of the foremost surgeons
in tho Unitul States. Tho marriage
took place to-day In Knoxvllle, Tenn.
Dr. Josep l Leldy, father of the
young man. was unwilling to go Into
details about tho wedding. He said he
did no' know whether the engagement
of the youtl f ul couple had been an
nounced anc that he waa unable to
say whether any members of either
family had amended the ceremony.
The young ride' and bridegroom are
both. In their 'ens. Last spring, when
Mr. Wldener in New York and Mrs.
Wldcncr In Ljnox, Mass.. were Issuing
denials that their daughter had been
tahen to Lenox and put under close
watch to chick the development of a
supposed love affair, Mr. Wldener de
clared his daighter was only 13 years
old and (Mrs. IVIdener said she was "not
yet 1" " The bridegroom Is 18 years old.
The bride is helrcis to one of the
wealthiest estates In this city. Her
parents' home is Lynnewood Hall, Elklns
Park. Last spring they took her to
Lenox, where, so It was said, she could
find n climate more favorable to her
rrolrntnnl I.nymen Onther.
I'lTTSiiL'r.o, Jan. 31. -The Nitional
Laymen's conferem e (o consider the
tfliole tusk of the I'rotestunt churches
of North America at home and abroad
was organised here to-day with eome
two hundred delegates present from all
pirts of the country.
" "
Downtown League Lauds
"The Sun and Herald"
ftht,1 114
ed hero that tho
"' Tlrplt d'rfs not
so reason for thin
iT.cls.1 source.
. xiMaut'.,' .''""'T J l'!Mfnll.B.
, SBiinnf
Th. flr..nl.l.. Wkli.
" ViivtHii. Booking
n"HE Downtown League, repre
Renting nearly n thousand
businoss houaca, tenders its
felicitations and well wishes in
the advent of THE SUN -AND
HERALD, and believes that tho
combinatior. of great circulation,
superior joutnal'sm and the wcl
fnre of its readers makes this r.n
cpocli without parallel.
Tho writer has been a student
and patron of THE SUN end the
Herald for over thirty-five yearn
and knows the value of each.
President Downtown League.
Agree in Principle, but Want
Mori' Information.
VMie, Jan. 31. The directors of thjb
Central Unlo i of Russian Cooperative
Soclctlei at, Moscow have sent k favor
able reply to 'he proposal that commer
cial relations between Russia and the
i:utent be oi ened up through these so
cieties, to a 1 Tilted extent, according to
the newspapers to-day.
The reply, J' Is stated, accepts In prin
ciple tho Su remo Council's offer of
January 16, ts only request being for
supplementar Information.
Called to the Colors to Meet
BoUhrvik Advance.
WarsW, fan, 30 (delayed). The
Polish army classes of 1900 aniMSOl
have been cabed to the colors.
A report frt m Warsaw published Jan
uary S5 by tt PollUktn of Copenhagen
stated that tho Polish Cabinet had.
signed a. mob lltatlon order, taking this
aetteft fetouuifat tfee BeUuvlfc advaaee.
IttRi.iN', Jon. ao (Delayed); Tiie gfooinlesa fctiUcwuettTof
future wa's given to The Slt? asd New Xonu.lIeiMLD 'jMlay
vou Gwlnncr, Germany's most prominent financier, ifyiltyX'CMr.of. tho Deutsclio
Bank and ouo of the promoters of the Bagdad ruUjvay scheme, .which
helped to precipitate the war. He referred to Nekton's theory of gravi
tation nnd compared the decline In the price of the murk to the same law.
"Why has the mark declined practically to zero?" I asked hint.
"BewniM' of the law which Xcwton discovered 300 years ago that
n IhiiI.v falfs with greater acceleration the nearer It comes to the ground,"
he said.
"Another rwicon Is that your President wits nut able to say at Vev-
j Millies, 'We have a contract with the German, nnd iiiiIom we can keepj
this contract, we must retire; for without redeeming our pledge clvlliza-
;iou cannot he rebuilt.'
"The fires of Bolshevism now arc ready to incinerate Poland. They
will sweep all Europe. Bight now, you in America are, perhaps, safely
guarded by the Atlantic, but you will have your duy with tbeaBolshevlkl
Calls Poles Rabble Too Feeble to Resist.
"Who is going to hold off the Bolshevikl In Europe?" he asked. The
Poles? That rabble? The Poles have not been capable of organized effort
for years for centuries. Here In Germany It Is proverbial. When there
arc three men in a discussion nnd all of them try to talk at the same time
it Is called a 'Polish llelchstag.'
"The Poles led hy a music lunster Ignace Jan Pndercwfkl
amassed & national debt Hi astronomical proportions like the German debt.
Two huudred millions of marks, isn't it? And they had no part of the
Russian debt nor any Indemnity to pay.
"The Polish fabric will be torn until there will be nothing left of it.
"There is no government to replace the present German Government.
Tho' Right wing is incapable of taking charge and tho Left stands for
Bolshevism. What else can come but civil war? And all thls-is because
your President, with his knowledge of Europe and geography, was 'con
tent to make on the continent a Balkan peninsula.
"Frank Vnnderllp of Now York city sokc thetruth In his ueok on
what was happening in Europe, tilthoiigh he had not been in the Central
Empires nor In ltissla. An Englishman, Mr. Keync, 'saw It coming and
retired from a position with the peace mission.
"If a man tears your coat do you knock him down and beat him to
within an Inch of his life?
derfonflfcM CS .ynm .inryr-ji,acii
by Arthur! " Bond FixC(t-nU$,0d(U.
President Does Some Walking,
but Passes Most of Time
in Wheel Clinir.
paf Despatch to Tug Sc.n and Nkw Yobk.
Washington, Jan. 31. President Wil
son got Ids first Rllmpso In many
months of what Is going on In tho out
side world In a news way when motion
Pictures of current events were shown
to-day at the White House. Tho pic
tures were of general subjects, being
the ordinary news weekly pictures
thrown on the screen throughout the
Motion pictures recently have been
mo of tho President's diversions; and
they have been shown througha pro
jector rigged up In the Whlto House.
Several motion picture plays have
been given, but this Is tho first time
that current events have been (dis
played. Mr. Wilson Is able to walk uround
tho White House n little, but most of
the time he passes In his wheel chair.
His Improvement 111, health ds said to
continue slowly. Inquiry at the White
House developed the fact that as yet
thero Is-no plan for tho President to go
away from Washington to hurry along
his recuperation. It still lsl believed,
however, that before many weeks he
will go to some Southern resort where
he can have quiet and rest and at the
BJimo- time be nble to ehjoy the 'opfin
Assertion That Two-thirds,
Vote Is Necessary to
Bring It Up. , (V
Subject to Unlimited tk-' '
bate if Again Presented
to Open Chamber.
Hitchcock Will Ask Actioit
n-i. 1 n n .1.11 ..-" J
May Move Earlier. 1
Social betpateli to Tn Sis axd New Yobk
Chicago, Jon. 3t. Thirty-seven
members of the I. W. W. and other
radical organizations are named In In
dictments returned secretly to-day by
the special Grand Jury which has been
investigating the activities of radicals
In Chicago.
Tho true bills were returned before
I Chief
Say Germans Will Fight Rather Than Starve.
"Here we sit in a room none too warm. If coal be too expensive to
bo purchased In unlimited quantities .by the wealthy, how must It be with
the middle class? A few years ago they enjoyed comfort and plenty on
incomes ranging from six to twelve thousand marks. How do they exist
now? What does tho official who has a few hundred marks a month, do
when he goes to buy n shirt and finds that it costs a hundred and eighty
marks? He goes without the shirt. -
"To-day the streets In Berlin .are filled with men In uniform because
It Is the only. clothing they possess. When these uniforms ore worn out
what .will these, men do what will happen?
"They will stop you and me in the street and take our clothing and
our shoes."
Herr von Gwinner spoke of the effects of poverty Jn Oermnay on tho
public health.
"The infant mortality In Berlin has Increased 50 per cent, becauso
babies, when born, are wrapped in paper, there being no clothing for them.
Only wealthy Germans can afford linen to-day. ' .
t "Men do not die of starvation without a fight. They will fight. Do
not lie deceived by the gayety you sec herb. During the French devolution
they danced every night, and so they are dancing here.
"All this is because we Germans allowed ourselves to be badly governed
end our bad govcrpmenb made one great error. It (ltd not tell Russia
that we would do nothing to obstruct her work in achieving her nsplru
iom In connection with Conslantlnople. Had that, one word been spoken
Ihc mobilization pt Russia would have been against Turkey not against us."
Herr von Gwinner was asked if he did not think that the problem
could be solved through a foreign loan.
"Whatever negotiations lilfherfo have been begun showed not only
Justice Crowe. Prominent
among tho leaders charged with con
spiracy to overthrow tho Government
under the new State law are William
Haywood, former secretary of the I.
W. W. organization, and Tom White
head, who served In Haywood's office
while "Big Bllt" was In the Federal
Flvo piembers of the executive com
mittee Othe I. W. W. are among the
men Indicted. They are George Speed,
have'"8 chairman; Henry Bradley. George
Bradley, l-red Nelson anu unaries u.
Koecoe T. Sims, one of those Indicted
and who Is said to be the leader of tho
negro I. W. W.s and radicals, Is a Jan
itor In the City Halt.
The bond of each man was fixed at
$5,000. Haywood and Vladimir Lossleft
already arc on appeal bonds from the
Federal penitentiary at Fort Leaven
woith. Speed has completed one term
In that Institution.
Tho serving of papers against the
I. W. W.s brings the total of Indict
ments against radicals that the present
Grand Jury has Issued up to 160.
Previously the Jury had caused the ar
rest of eighty-five members of the
Populist party and thirty-eight of the
Communist Labor party.
Stato'a Attorney Hoyne announced
that John Ballan, a member of tho na
tional executive board of the Communist
Labor party, warrants for whose arrest
were Issued both In Chicago and In Bos
ton, entered a plea of guilty in Boston,
. . i . mu- c... Mi
where ha was arrested. Tho State will
await lhe outcome of the Boston caso
t.cfoio attempting to extradite Ballan to
Prof. Krnst Kreund of tho department
of law in the University of Chicago nnd
Mrs. Clara M, Schcvlll, said to bo tho
wife of n professor of foreign languages
In the university, signed tho bond of
Joseph Shaflr,. who was -secretary of a
branch of flic Communist party in the
district surrounding tho University of
Soviet Troops to Advance if
Terms Are Refused.
Vienna, Jdn. 31. Despatches from
Bucharest statn that the Bolsh,cvlkl ars
waiting r.t the frontier to offer peace
terms to Rumania.
If the terms Are refused, the advicos
say, tho Soviet troops will advance.
Malady Is Less Virulent Than
Epidemic in 1918.
Special Dctpalch to The Sex and Nsit Yonr
Washington, Jan. 31. Telegraphic
reports of health condltjons throughout
the United States received by the. Public
Health Service to-day Indicate a slight
Increase in the number of influenza cases
over yesterday. At the same time tho
oflicials are encouraged by the general
report from all sections that the charac
ter of tho malady is less virulent than
that encountered In ISIS by many de
grees. That it Is the samo disease as that
which dealt death from one' end of the
United States to tho other In 1918. but
In n vastly modified form, Is the opinion
of the specialists of the Tubllo Health
Service, who point to the suddenness of
Its development and tho remarkable area
covered within a few days which marked
thi sweep of "flu" two years ago.. The
Public Health Service' has received re
poits from the Paclflo Northwest coln
cldently with reports from Florida,
Rhode Island, New York, Michigan and
California, which incline them to this
diagnosis of tlyi revived plague.
Big Drop in Short Time-
Rise Is Expected To-day. ,
Yesterday was s'ew York city's coldest
day of the winter and the first January
31 In tho history of tho Weather Bureau
that tho mercury reached two degrees
below zero here. Tho . temperature
allowed other freakish features besides,
Thero was a-variation of 2it degrees
between midnight Thursday and lo
o'clock last night In which tho ther
mometers wavered everywhere between
24 abovo and tho record low mark.
With Whlto River, Ont., reporting IS
degrees below, thero was nothing for
New York to get chesty about. t
Tho rapid fall was brought about by
n, cold wave that centred first over the
lake region, but when it began tts south
ward trip It was Joined by a second
from tho vicinity of the Hudson Bay
At 1 o'clock yesterday morning a
temperature of H degrees abovo zero
was recorded. .n hour later It wis 20,
nnd tho next, hour saw another drop of;
4 degrees to 1C. The fall continued
steadily ' to 0 o'clock yesterday morn
ing,, when It was only two degrees above
zero. At 10 o'clock the mercury went
to 4 ; at 1 It dropped to 1 nnd continued
rising until -4 o'clock In the afternoon,
when It h't three degrees. At 7 o'clock
last night It went to two below.
There was an Inclination to rise shown
then and at 10 o'clock one degree above
was registered. Tho forecast for to-day
lncludcd a hint that warmer weather l
The Carlibid Sprsdel Salt
Is the best nturl ullno aperient pre-i-riW
v phTtlc.VriJ a'.l ovsr tn worn.
W le for booklet la tho Curliban Product
ifljtn'.l, J WW Ol., .-tliworft. ait.
Dcmocrntlc View of (he President.
At a dinner of tho Cleveland De
mocracy last r.lght at the Hotel Astor.
W. Bourke Cochran, talking ot llie
Lcaruo of Nations, said that President
Wilson had been "walking backwards''
since hl last visit to Kurope, that he
had been a "rubo among International
con men" nnd, that It was tho duty of
the Democratic party "to save him froni
Profit nrodiielnK real estate Is on sale In
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WAsiltxc'roN, Jan. 31. Tho who!"
peace treaty contest in tho Senate !
In a state of suspense and uncertainty.
One reason for this Is tho peculiar
parliamentary situation respecting Ii
turning on some of this Senato rules.
Early In to-day's session of tho Sene
ate Senator Walsh (Mon.) arose, and
with tho explanation that ho spoke In
behalf of Senator Hitchcock (Neb.), ,
who 'was out of town, served notice
that on Tuesday, February 10, Senator
Hitchcock would move to take up tln
treaty for" tho Senate's consideration,
thus carrying out the programme
adopted when tho efforts to procure u
compromise failed yesterday.
The announcement occasioned in
discussion or Inquiry, ed. far as con
cerned proceedings ou the floor. Ali
day long conferences and cloakroom'
discussions of the situation wero In
jirpgress. The most Impressive of the
re-ports circulated waB that long be
fore February io a move will hav -bte'n
made on behalf of tho Republlcaiv
leadership to take up the treat and
that It probably will prevail.
Thus AVoiiId Preserve Control. "
Whllq scveia Senators, intimated tha
this coureo might Jic adopted, Scuato.t.
Lodge (Maes,), Republican leader, wou-(
not discuss the suggestion further tna.':
to iaj- tfjat .o.f 'ctAirsc. If- vas ofie of- ISf'
things thai might happen and to Inti
mate that' .If tlw treaty wjia.,haauBhty()
.nrall, tt would' be''wIffiout any oojee
' tlons.
Senators lvhaomjeatured that a Rc
publican move Would bo made to take "rj
up the treaty before February 10 pointed
out that by this plan tho nepubllcait.
leadership would keep tho initiative in
Its own hands, Instead of suneiitlerini'
It to tho acting Democratic leader. ien;
irtor Hitchcock. It was explained tln
alllrmatlvo control of' the siiuatio
might prove of th"? greatest imcorla -as
n mnl'or o Martvcl' and i.trm
incntnry tactics.
Manugcrs on both tides Ihc party alsl.
are busy studying nnd chatting the In
teresting parliamentary situation. At
tho bottom of their considerations lies
always tho question : "Can a simple ma
jority of the Senate take up the treaty
or does If require a suspension. of..the
rules nnd therefore a two-thlrda vote?''
And along with this tho corollary in
quiry :
"If the treaty Is brought, back before
tho Senate does It come with the cloture
rulo of last session, under which It wa
voted on, still attached to It and rot
ci nlng Its future consideration T"
Subject to n It ill lug.
A to tho first, Republican leaders art)
positive that parliamentary regularity
arid decent adherence to the rules dt
mand a two-thirds vote totalte up the"
treaty. But It ts admitted If the Vice
President shall rule to the contrary, and
If then his ruling shall bo sustained by
a majority of the Senato, the rulta ran-.
not stand against that decision. Thi
Senate Is a law unto Itself.
Jn iho cloilng hours of last secession
the Senato three tlmo3 overruled the
Vice-President, nnd tbJ3 committed
Itself to the very position that would
inalio a two-thirds voto neeessnry to
resume consideration of tho treaty.
Several Senators who at that time voted
to overrule the Vice-President wou l
have to reverse themselves squareiy
now. In the view of the parliamentary
sharps. If they should undertake to
get the treaty up with a mere majority
In the view of the parliamentary
purists there are Just three ways
to get tho treaty onco more before the
Senate. One is for Pr-sldent Wilson
to withdraw It, and then resubmit It.
That would start tho wholo proceeding
again de novo. Another Is for the
Senate to give unanimous consent to
tnko It up. Tho third Is by n two
thirds vote to suspend rulo 13 dealing
with reconsideration and then take l:
up. Onco taken up It would bo In or
der for the Democrats to offer a new
resolution of ratification with the reser
vations they aro willing to accept and
press for a vote on these.
Itullnir n to Clotnrc.
As to tho other query, namely whether
tho treaty, if It comes back before tha
Senate, must como with tho old ctoture
rulo appended to It; there seemed llttla
uncertainty after tho proceedings of last
session had been studle'd carefully. At
the time the cloture rule wds adopted
limiting each Scnntor to a single hour
of speaking and requiring that when,
tho debate under this limitation had
worn ltsch out votes should be taken on
all pending proposltlon-t and on rati
Station, Senator Lodge asked mot
specifically when cloture rule would
te.ife to control.
Tho Vlce-Preldnt they held that thi
cloture rule would end whenever tha
treutv ohonM h" disposed of It could
ha ilispod ot by ratification, or by
recommitment to the Foreign Relations
Committee, or by sending It back to tho
I t
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