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presidential Booms Have Quick Reactions
on Society in the National Capital
0f PtosptdOvt Candidates
Modi EntotaM-CongresslcinaJ
Club's Reception.
ffASIT-GTON, P. C, January IL
j Boom' Doom! Nay. UtUa one,
urt no' ln '"f51'15 "rU but th0 cajM'
(a niklBC their quadrennial advance
,a wwhlnfton. KcpUvc, aoccpUvc
irde?tlve, they aro tralnlntr Oielr
cattatter Cna on the Capitol, on the
'.itf Hcuw. D 1,10 correspondents or
r.li d',vcted clt"-
'j.jlejj as the Huns, rearing neither
6Ir nor eM, neither men. nor women,
her are desttr.dlnc upon Washington; cn
, a'm ar(j taklns possesion, establish
'iMdquirUrs, whcnc the rattle of
,' thouiind typewriters reminds the war
v(ttn of the drumming of ma
v .( j-j.it ovtr the trenches. .s If Wash
jj. i,i not luve cnousli on Ita mind al-
th uinfr Vforo a I'rcUdenUal
i-rfsijn ,n whlneton Is enough to
Cc t!ir wiU of human Ulndncss in
...'r.ii' ind maltf f the most trusting
MMrncd Th0 wa' everybody
., i ,.Vitf.' r-pirUcd as a "poMlblllty,"
.-m-xocr ftcn remotely connected
' 7,w,-' Hirtcd ar.-l feted and tint
M j'r..J '-l'- mu -li of. and wined and
.ntrhiv- ' think I mean crape
bm "J-t 'Urt a Presidential boom
i audi 'i lff.ito undreamed of easo?
, ,. d-Krt ' u a thins to make the
nfcr two months the social
mve.- nn.l eauslitrs his lx;en
nine iieadih tnd one is. invited, as never
Z-i- to brtakfasta and luncheons, din
, and t.i;. iu lienor of-oh well. Mrs.
, V't-hfl' ra'mer. for lr.3tajicc; or Mrs.
. J" i.k,.,nB. Mrs. Herbert Hoover,
MiL'S I-oinrlcMer. Mrs. Howard,
r!d "in Warren HardlnE. Mrs.
,W Pomcrtm' or anv one of a doicn
Xrf whff husbands "misht possibly
. .n'vo know." For there are at least
tare of rossible candidates more or lefs
.TMienily cftablished in the capital:,
i the ouierr arc iiolmhs
rthrfcosys or a cck at a time.
'.Vhile the hti:b.inds arc busy in political
.nftrencei the wives are in the hands of
sr friends, belns made much of social-,
is poiflble tuture mistresses of the
fci Hoiisf . whom it is Just as well to be
,n jood terms hi th.
ctlTlty Anions; Diplomatics,
if it n-e-c r.ot for the disturbing influ
trt of the itUl distant campaign one
'iwld wy that tho diplomailsts were
no)d:n the etntre of the stage Just at
'w.t The biggest and most brilliant
my of tv neck was undoubtedly the
WMional Club's diplomatic reception
'u,t Tutidsv nleht. It was really an
ip.ctedly brilliant affair and brought
-otan astonwlilnsly smart, cosmopolitan'
mpai'v. roMiniy one oueiii. not i ub
mr.i'h'fd. but it's a fact that Washing
n ts not take Congress-as a social
ipo. iimn-with any undue seriousness.
' rari tae tjongressionais uy
. . i
Baronets do Cartier d Marchienne, wire of the Beljun Ambawiaor id
nlously" broken Into the Senate? Ono
Judges that Washington at least is los'
Ing no sleep over tnose cnarges; t,ui
her frock! It was one of the loveliest
seen this reason; a wonderful draped
model of raspberry and gold brocade
that brought out her lovely coloring
most fascinatingly. And Mrs. Kellogg
had on a particularly striking gown of
black satin with a bouffant drapery of
black tullo embroidered In silver ln a
grape design, the cluster of fruit being
formed of pearls.
Mrs. Lanolnc'n Continue.
last eight or ten .years been more or less
known to fame aa Mrs. Christian Hem
mlck was also greatly interested In that
Actors Memorial Fund benefit, and she.
too. is a good person to have pulling for
a cause, By the way, she is not
going to stay in Washington, now that she
has again taken possession of her staMy
house in Rhode Island avenue. To a wom
an who wrote her the other day inviting
her co-opcratlon In some matter that she
might reasonably be expected to bo in
terested, she replied, begging off on the
ground that she was very busy getting
ready to sail. She. expected to spend some
Mrs. Lansing wore a costume similar jtlme in Paris with her daughter and then
in color to Mme. Jusserand velvet In go on to Tunis, where she. had "a rendcz
one of those peacocky shades that onejvous in the Garden of Allah." Doeant
doesn't rightly know whether to call that sound alluring? And doesn't It sound
blue or green. But it was quite differ-1 exactly like Mrs. iicm-a-nemi-oarncyi
an lac ", I nntu. mlde: the skirt rather short and
? ' ,,i ,h. fnrmir ar rl cib e to ' rather full and trainless; tho bodice cut
t,W. 'he li-hMv orttvSof theiln a deep V filled in with chiffon of the
Uit.r-rther lightly, sor.ietj ot inci , ,u i.if -i nrminr ,h
elbow sleeves. She came in with the
Norwegian Minister and Mme. Bryn.
who had been giving a dinner for her
For Instance.
.ritalizfd sort accepting some of them
fw of. ritlicr than because of. their
''jtr s.-im.il connection
UdiM noting to Mrs. l rcacncK it. in-1 . a...,,,,... t -n,in which the Seere.;crmv.ll. l.v the way. were to have started
When She DCCamei . , . .,. ,n nttpnil. hotnrrl c,.iv. v.inliv Unit nrsumablv they
aS WllCi ",, . 1 1 . ,t. .n. ii.. . J -1 .. I. iim kna, nrttf f 1h
Mrs. Baker had one of the interesting
box parties at the benefit that afternoon.
She had with her Mrs. Carter Glass, Mrs.
Joshua Willis Alexander. Mrs. Edwin F.
Sweet. Mrs. Andre Brewster and Mrs.
Benedict Crowell. and her guest, Mrs.
Max MacMurray. f cw "VorK. Tne
fti'i roetal prfttlge
rthr rP.;,kcr-but it did add to that or lnf,uen2a ! JlacMurrays in Florida waters. They
.??r KV , . ...J, ,1... It was influenza which accounted for wcro to put ln a couple of weeks tshlng
v.rt'iclf.'a and notwithst-ndln. tne t . of th(J dlpiomatsts who dd not and swimming and sailing and generally
'csr.ssional Club, being largely run by i . ri.. n.aitv iinii..i...:.. .i .,,mmP nviHi it ihp
Mt who arc social leaders among the
'ongrtislonals. has given sonio very at
ractive parlies, and Tuesday night it
mitt o'ltdldItsclf. It gave a party for
diplomatists which will go down in
Mtil hlt'ory not only as one of the most
Tillunt of the winter, but as one which,
'thou;h not .-o large as some that the
TMtc House has given for the corps,
quite mtasures up to their standard of
iit;nifiH and graceful hospitality and was
such less stereotyped.
-Then it was firrt announced that the
oi nas planning such a function the
lateral comment was, "Why. If the dlplo
.ntlft a'l came the hostesses would have
'5 dt out on the curttfone. But. cheer
ip. thiy won't come!" But more of them
corps was out in force. Among those
that one recalls noticing were tho Ital
ian Ambassador and Baroness Bomano
Avezzana; the Russian Ambassador and
Mme. Boris Bakhmcoff: the Chilian
Ambassador and Pefiora de Mathicu: the
Japanese Ambassador. Mr. Shldehara;
the Belgion Ambassador and thf Bar
oness de Cartier de Marchianne; the
Calderons (Bolivians), the Hryns (N'or
weglans), the Rllzaldes (from Ecuador),
the Loubomlrskls (Poles and It's noth
ing like so easy as that to pronounce!);
Mr. and Mme. Groultch (Serbian), with
their guest. Lady Campbell; Mr. J. li.
Le FeVre. Chargf for Panama, and Jonk-
heer de Beaufort, nt tno .etnerianas
r.ppntlon. (You remember. Dr. Cremer.
me-ind most of the important ones ntlthe xetherl.md Minister, haa been teri-
rai-'nan nau seemtu ai an pronauie, i 0usly 111. so that his thrre rona were
ir.i more really important officials, and (iver' ncrc n nsreniber satisfying them
nnartest of the Congressional andsfjv(.s 0f ns rondltlon, and though he's
natoriaIs. and altogether one saw more!ajraost well now he and Mine. Cremer
Jood looktns people ar. met more of thearB not ycl ROlng out.)
:tr.portant recent additions to official andj jt was the first big evening party that
1'plomatie scciet" than there, had been mSroness Romano had attended and
my reason to ntptct. Oni went home dir.. there was a general desire to meet her.
"inctly glad one had taken tho trouble toj shP prt,ved an attractive addition to the
.''tones self Into the clothes and theDp0 -i,. Co'p?. rather younger than
one e.xpeeteu, anq wore a sman iironnn
gown of black tulle heavily embroidered
In gold, with a deep tunic on the skirt
showing a. wide trimming of the gold.
There was a bandeau of diamonds and
a diamond studded heart swunjt from
a slender platinum chain around the
neck. She had Just returned Monday
night from a visit to New torn and had
ith hr her vouns daughter.
Mme. Jules J. Jjsserand, wife of the ponna Yolanda Romano Avezzana, who
rncu Ambassador, and consequently i has bfen making a series oi vi?us in
'atikirg woman of the diplomatic and around New fork while her parents
irclt were getting settled ln Washington.
I U "ini; mu v- .
T.cod for the occasion
Only Tno In the "Line."
For one thing, there was not the
JJual interminable receiving line. The
line' consisted of Just two persons
each one delightfully representative
Mrs. Charles Ward, wife of ReDresenta-
'Ive Ward, of Debruce. N. Y., and presi
dnt of the Congressional Club, and
d'-M as the club has had, tnd she cer
ilnly does wear good looking clothes!
?'r gown that night was of black
vaal:h lace have you noticed that
aiih lace Is decidedly "in" again?
'id tull and .Jet Mrs. Ward Is rather
"dieted to black evening gowns she
w teveraJ, each one more aisflnctlve
bin the last And she wore diamond
".4 pearl ornaments, also, ae usual.
e wis a tplendld foil for lime. Jus
"rind, slender, erect French arlsto
"t to the tips of her American born
'iters In her gown of peacock green
"Mffon velvet with Iridescent trim
"hif. draped over a petticoat of cloth
'f joid. veiled in green tulle. Like
?r hostess, she wore pearls and dla
. a diamond necklace and a long
jfj. of pearls.
There were, of course, plenty of
"hers "assisting" each of the pre
chief executives of the club Mrs.
ntt- w. Roberts, Mrs. Duncan
"'"cher. Mrs. Atleo Pomerene.. Mrs.
florae.) Towner, members of the Enter
"lament Committee, of which Mrs.
'ouett Ehoiue is chairman; wives of
ll members of the Foreign Relations
omnitteo of the Senate and Foreign
y&lM Committee of tho House at
1 t as many as are members of the
''" Among them Mrs. Warren Hard
Mrs. George H. Moees. Mrs. Henry
rv 1 00d' JIr8- Frank Smith, Sirs. L. J.
'csinjon, Mrs. Edward E. Browne,
"rErnest R. Ackcrm3n. Mre. Frank
-.sciith. Mrs. Alanson B. Houghton
Mrs. J. Charles Linthicum. Then
Mrs were others Miss Mabel Board
5n. Mrs, Stephen B. EIRIns. Mrs.
'ranic B. Kellogg, Mrs. Charles S.
yiotnas. Mrs. John B. Kendrlck. Mrs.
2ary Alien Cooper. Mrs. Joseph S
fMlnshuvsen, Mrs. George P. McLean.
? Howard Sutherland. Mrs. MUea
'les, not because their husbands
any special conneetlon with the
J.-. J
-""Miiiu, out because they are
rnty good and useful "asslsters" n
'l occasions. One suspects also
the fact that thy are all rather
, "?.t0 300(1 and decorative attlro had
""thin to do with their being drafted
''the evening.
, :J Nwberry, for Instance wasn't
musing that she should have been
"smiling and cordial and era
'" and always the centre of a pleased
inr.p!.reel4t,v STonp, Just on the day
sator Newberry'ii trial was
Wins !a ilicldjan for having "Xelo-
Baroness de Cartier wan also, a al
ways, one of tho notable figures of the
evening, and. aa always, wore on of tn
most noHceauie gowns in uia room.
v n ? in wear the sort of clothes
that the Baroness de Cartier wears, but
sho does It admirably. This one was of
black chiffon velvet with a snort arapea
skirt and a bodlco drapery and sash of
flame colored satin, the top of the bodice
being of white tulle and Jet beads strung
on flame colored silk. She wore a scarf of
flame colored tulle, and for Jewels around
her throat a lovely string of pearls with
tastelled ends and a diamond studded
camb In her hair. It was an ultra modern
costume, and a piquant contrast to Mrs.
John B. Hendereon'8 of flowered taffeta,
made In rather quaint fashion, with pan
niers over the hips and tho twain hap
pened to be placed side by side at the
honor tble when It came to serving sup-
siapper is always a strong point at tho
Congressional Club parties. Their hos
pitalities certainly aro hospitable; they
are famous for their "good cats." For
most of the guests It wis a buffet supper
a continuous performance served on ft
table, eweet with spring flower.', with the
loveliest little fountain sending up ita
slender aigrette of water In the middle
and falling into a basin edged with pink
roses and snapdragons and narcissus. But
the chief guests were served at a table
in the alcove, whero during the earlier
part of the evening the hostesses had re
ceived. Also there was an orchestra mak
ing music throughout tho evening, and
there was informal dancing Just as soon
as tho first rush was over and there was
enough room for It to be practical.
For the Actors' Fund.
Another event of tho week In which so
ciety waa very generally Interested was
the Actors" Memorial Fund benefit on
Tuesday afternoon. There were to have
been four separate performances In aa
many theatres. But so many members of
tho casts were out of commission because
of the prevailing heavy colds and Influ
enza that only two of them were able 'to
function. Holders ot tickets for cither of
the others were notified that either one
of the two that was actually giving ita pro
gramme would accommodate them. Mrs.
Thomas F. Walsh hd interested herself
in the sale of the boxes, and, in fact, in
helping along the sale of tickets gen
erally, and ihe' a mighty good person to
have pulling for you when you are trying
to raise money.
Mrs. Alice Birnsy-ih who tss for ti:
n-inter resort. Mrs. Crowell waa decided
ly keen about it. expecting to have all
sorts ot a good time. Which doesn't
mean that the Assistant Secretary of War
was not equally so hut I didn't hap
pen to discuss the matter with him. They
had had the MacMurrays with them for
the better part of a week and had done
considerable entertaining for them.
Mrs. Baker rather called a halt this
week because of Mr. Baker's Illness. Not
that it was particularly serious, but that
It was so unusual for him to be ill at all
that the family regarded It as an event
Ho had a touch ot the "flu." was confined
to his bed for a couple of days and to
the house for a couple more. Mrs. Baker
says that It Is actually the first time In
the years that sho has known him that
he has been confined to his bed for a
single day by Illness and so far aa she
can find out the first time in his forty
eight years of life. Which is a pretty good
record for the "Sec. War." He was well
enough by Wednesday, however, for her
to have no hesitation about observing her
reception day informally, as imual. In fact
most of tho Cabinet at-home this week
were distinctly informal.
Cabinet Reception.
Mrs. Lansing w-as at home, but very,
perfunctorily, inasmuch ae Secretary
Lansing was equally with Secretary
Baker and the Attorney General.( Mr.
Palmer, having a touch of the "flu, and
tho Secretary of State has n6 such
nnrferftil health record as the wiry little
Secretary of W ar. In fact, no is tar irora
strong, and has seen snameiesaiy over
taxed in the last few years. They were
both to have been guests at a dinner that
Rerreta . and Mrs. Lane save for them
on Wednesday, but I fancy Mrs. Lansing
had to bear all the honors by herself, as
the Secretary waa scarcely well enough
to be out
Mrs. Lane did not attempt an "at-home"
In the afternoon. So far aa I know she
has not observed "CaBlnet Wednesday" at
all this season. She had planned a tea for
last Thursday for Governor McCartny, oi
Hawaii, and tho members of tho Hawaiian
delegation at present in Washington
seeking statehood for their island. But
so many of them were knocked out by
the prevailing influenza, although fortu
nately they were all 1'ght cases, that sha
postponed her tea until February 13.
There is considerable entertaining fcelng
done for this Hawaiian party. Governor
McCarthy is accompanied by his wife and
daughter, and as every American who
has gono to Honolulu in the last few
years haB been entertained most hosplt
ably by them, they aro naturally having
a gay time now that t-ey aro here. Judge
and Sirs. Sidney Ballou had a tea iot
them this afternoon, and Mrs. Lane
helped Mr. Ballou recetve.
The first two of Miss Nancy Lane' en
gagement parties come today, you know.
mm. Frank Kellogff. wife of Senator Kel
logg, of Minnesota, had a tea and dance
for her and Mr. Kaufmann this afternoon
at Rauscher's, and Mr. and Mrs. Adolph
Caspar Miller gave them a dinner, fol
lowed by another dance, tonight. It was
Miss Nancy's busy day. Secretary and
Mrs. Lane were the only "older" guests at
the dinner-nobody ever thinks of them as
bolder," only that's tho way Mrs. Lane put
Mrs. Burleson waa at home on Wednes
day, very informally. Mm. Daniels was
not, as she was out of town. She had
been down In North Carolina several daya
and did not return until Thursday. Mrs.
Palmer was not-oh no; not because of the
Attorney General's Illness: that waa slight
and she assured me on Wednesday morn
ing that he was very much, better. . but
"Just laziness. I guess." Perhaps the fact
that she wasTsxpectinE friends from home.
Mrs. L. J. Browne and her sister. Miss
Rauberiold. from Pennsylvania, who ar
rived that afternoon, to make her a little
visit. And I doubt whether she will ob
serve her Wednesday this coming week;
for she Is getting out cards for a rather
special reception on. next Friday after
noon for tho women of tho Supreme court
circle, and in fact "the Judiciary women"
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OVER SIX HUNDRED of these charming Blouses, secured for
this occasion at concessions that enable us to offer the most
amazing values of the season. All arc fashioned of Georgette
crepes of superior qualities; all arc models that embody the very
latest style ideas: all are finished with that care for detail that
marks the better kind of Blouses.
Described Are Five Fetching Blouses
Typical of the Many Included in the Collection
A foulard patterned Georgette crepe Blouse In navy bine and white; n
rmart frllted model. .
A Blip-over Blouse ln flesh or white, the round neck outlined with crystal
beads. '
A buttoned back Blouse In flesh or white, hemstitched flat collar and new
A Suit Bloutc, In dark colors; combinations of navy, brown or black with
' A hand-drawn Blonse, ln flesh or white, hemstitched flat collar and new
Among the other styles arc slip-on Blouses with the long shoul
ders extending into sleeves; side plaited yide sleeved Blouses;
slip-on Suit Blouses with contrasting puffings or plaited models
in dark colors.
Another Special Purchase
Voile Blouses
$3 and $4 Values at $1.95 and $2.95
Four Styles at $1.95 I Four Styles at $2.95,
Women's Winter Coats
i 92 High Class Gamients v
Formerly $85 to $135, at $59.50
CHOICE COLLECTION of models in every fine coating
fabric, in every color now in fashionable demand.
Fur Collared Cloth Coats
Plain Tailored Cloth Coats ,
Seal Fur Plush Coats ,
Black Silk Velour Coats
An extremely varied assortment, an these arc odd Coats, mostly
one of a style. Every size, 34 to 41, but not in all materials nor
in all models.
Second floor. Noi C. O. . M XnmtU. .V Credit. 1 1
Finely tucked white voile, in Val. lace
trimmed model with .round collar; or
Biyadcre tucked with Val. lace trimmed
Tuxedo collar, cuffe, and lace bow.
All Sizes, 1o .',6
Swecil Floor.
Fine quality voile in a pimple but
Tery' dainty model, with drawnwork
and hemstitching. Another quite tai
lored has tiny plaiting finishing tucked
collar and cults.
A Sale of $10.50 Silk Duvetyn
for $5 a Yard
THE VELVET DEPARTMENT offers a limited, quantity of
these beautiful textures, a part of tho purchase of other silks.
These are subject to slight "mill hurts " so trifling that they
are almost imperceptible. Most fashionable of all fabrics for cos
tumes, wraps and mijlinery, these arc in the favored shades of tan,
biscuit, pearl, Belgian blue, marine, navy, seal and African. None
sent C. O. D.
None reserved for mail or telephone orders. On sale in the
Velvet Department.
ftfoai floor, rttr.
Imported Lace Novelties Sale
Less Than Half Regular Prices
4 to 15 Inches Wiae : : $1.98 to $7.50 Yard
CERTAINLY a fortunate happening, for a spring season of.
much brilliance is predicted, and Laces, according to all re
ports, are to play a very large paft in the ornamentation of
gowns, wraps, blouses, vestecs and millinery.
This lot of beautiful Lace Novelties represents an importer's
clearance. Tart come from Faris, the balance from Lyons, France,
and they include some of the handsomest Laces ever designed.
In black, white and combinations of antique jrold, bright sold, cllver.
steel and pastel colorlnc?, A to 15 Inches wide, and offered for less than half
of the regular prices at $1.98 to $7.50 yard.
Real Laces at Remarkably Low Prices
neal Filet Edges, Vi to 8 inches -wide, 39c. to 45.50 a yard.
Ileal Filet Insertions, to 0 Inches wide, 49c to $4.50 a-yard.
Tleal Crochet Laces, Edccs a.nd Insertions, 49c. to $5.50 a yard.
Real Cluny Edges and Insertions, ' to 5 Inches wide. 25c. to $1.49 a.
A Fine Value Group of 'Imitation Laces
wide, 15c. to 49e. a yard.
Mita Floor. None fnl CO. D. S
(Cenllsatd B H"Sf Os-)
., v. ..... ,. , ......
rtrirti1fiiiifl,i ir

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