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o "Wos Expc'ctcd to Throw
Light on DIsnppcnrnnco
of Booze.
Can'n ICIuiIiuh Cockhum. Known to
fame an tho commander of tho wjilftkcy
htp Yarmouth, fulled to muko his mIimI-
tiled opnearnnco nt tho ofrico of Denl
Slievlln, Frxlcral prohibition Accnt, In
me uumom jiauso yesterday, wncro lie
was expected to throw nomo llRht on the
mysterious disappearance!) from the
Yarmouth' $1,800,000 enrno.
It wns Iflnrni'il nt Mr. Hhcvlln's office,
hoivover, that officials of the Ulack Htur
Line, oprntlnir the Yarmouth, hnl ex
nred n dculro to movu tho fshlp from
her proncut xtatlcm off the Stntuo of
tlborty up tint North Hlver to went
122il atreet. They were Informed that
jtny ouch ,movo On .tho part of tho Yur-
mouth mist rcuuit in mo aeizuro oi ncr
All lias been qulot aboard the. Yar
mouth elnco the prohibition cuard was
pluced on her. Fifteen men from. Mr,
Hhevllti's forco worn nsa'cned to that
I Wonderful Band Instrument Display I
At National Music Show and Festival.
Mezzanine floor Booths 117, 118, 119, 120
(Display In choree of James F. Boyer)
Go'd and Jevyelled Band and
Orchestra Instruments
$15,000 Saxophone
$10,000 "Victor" Cornet
C. G. CONN, Ltd.,
Elkhart, Ind. 1
The world's largest and most 5
celebrated manufacturers. E
Largest stock of Ccm Tns ru-
ment3 outside of the Ekhart S
factory constantly on hand at S
New York Branch.
i New York Office and Display Rooms I
237 W. 47th St. Phone Bryant 7574.
duty )nt nlcht, desplto (lie fact that'
the 'secretary of tho ktoamshlp company
Bald Friday that the Ynrmouth was cx-i
pocted to clear this port nenlu this
morning. t
Whether '6hnrlea K. lluehrii Intends
to comply with tho request mailo of him
by (iOV. Mllliken of Maine to net as
chief counwl In tljo li-pal battlo to be
fought by the drys In upholding the
lilBhteenth Amendment Is Btlll' matter
for conjecture. Mr. Ilunhea (Inclined ;to
discuss tlio matter yesterday,
Antl-prolilbltlon forces Jinvo riold that
notion In certain Ktates ratifying the
amendment without submitting It to a
referendum wns Invalid mid Ithode IhI.
3ml Is muktn? tho Ibbuo of States'
It was learned yesterday that Stato
Dhoctor of Prohibition Chnrles V.I
O'Connor, of Alb;iny will arrive In tills.
city Monday or Tuetday nnd will hold a
oriferenco with city officials and mem-
m of tho local slnn to outllno tho
"impolgn to ho -watted In keenlnc New
tout uono dry.
Ono jnore still owner .surrendered' his
outfit nr Mr, She.vlln'H nlllce yesterday.
u was u. uibrlolit, Jr.. of 730 Iiroad-
way. JJrook'yil. JJo mi d be nurehiin.i
tho still, wjileh xyas of ono gallon site,
'rom n iJlnitliamym .concern.
Itlchard Clans, u saloonkeencr. nt 57.H
Third nvenuc, who wan jirrcstcd. Friday
chhrced with having Illegally In his pou
wsalijn ono gallon, of -whiskey and two
gallons of wine, wan arraigned before
United Stales Commissioner Hitchcock
vettcrdny. Kxnmlnatlon was waived and
lie was held In J500 lall for trial.
Lnnt nlfiht marked tho exnlrntfon of
the short tlmo licenses Issued by the
State Kxclso Commissioner on October 1.
but many saloons remained open, con
tinuing the sale of near bocr and other ,
poft drinks,
In Urooklyn yostcrday United Statea
Dutrlct Attorney Leioy M. IIoks held a
ccnfereiieo with other Federal olilclals.
Hp Is arrnturlnjc to rnoet representatives
pf wholesalu nnd retail druggists with a
view to llxlng a fair price for the sale of
liquor In case of slclttifss. Threo hun
dred certificates to sell liquor already
have been Issued to druggists and It Is
expected that 1,000 will apply for the
. X- ............. s i. " '
(lMormatio ' -v "" ' "" "
, Call ana ;cnuli with whool l x f
I n,latlDri vt ll hatrJ- II 4P&jtk.
I I Inc school. In tb. U. B. II t wyV
Association 7 hi
VVTlot.i Bid., N Vork Sf rrtMfH
Comptroller and His Wife
Arc Hosts to BOO.
Funeral of Daniel P. Jblbtiy.
1 Funeral services for Daniel V. Llbby,
veteran Staten Island newspaper man,
were held yesterday afternoon In his
home In tho, Baltimore Apartments,
Tompklnsvllle, the Rev James L. Fraser
of the First Presbyterian Church of Sta
pleton, otllclatlng. Mr. Llbby died sud
dinly on Thursday.
4Tla Interest Qf Brooklyn women In
polities was phown 'clonriy yesterday
afternoon, when more thnri 080 women
members of the licpubllcnn County
Committee of Kings county attended
a reception and tea given tn their
honor by IEugeno M. Travis, Stato Comp
troller, nnd Mrs. Travis In the Brook
lyn Cub. 131 ilemsen Htreet,
Women who are tho wives of election
district captains, and women who hold
exalted positions on Stato nnd national
Republican committees discussed with
great earnestness over tho teacups tho
probabilities of a Republican victory
nt the polls next autumn nnd what
steps they could tnko to aid In such a
In the receiving line with Mr. nnd
Mrs. Travis were George A. Glynn,
chairman of the Republican Stato Com
mittee; Jacob A. Livingston, Republi
can leader In Brooklyn, nnd Mrs. Liv
ingston; Mr. and Mrs. William Board
inaivMr. and Mrs. Alfred B. Vnes, Mrs.
Mary Garrett Hay, chnlrman of the
women's division of the Republican
State Committee; Mrs. Arthur L. Llv-
ermore, Mrs. William Ives, executlvo
secretary of ths women's division of
the Stato committee; Mrs. McDonald
Do Witt, member from Kings of the
Stato executive committee; Mrs. Albert
II. Gleason of tho State nnd national
Republican committees, and Mrs. Ruth
Lltt, representing Suffolk county.
Another ten is to bo given by Mr.
and Mrs. Travis nt their homo on Feb
ruary 9.
i,C-rC j
10 to 50a Reductions
TO those who wish NOW they could buy AT LAST YEAR'S PRICES heir's
another chance! SEIZE IT ! Come in Judge for yourself. BUY NOW !
ANOTHER SELECTION A very moderate f
suite of Post .Colonial Jriju either in matioga
handsomely figured biu'
Bed, Bureau 42 inches ,
Toilet Table 38 inchci .
handsome suite of seven p
size Bed with bow ftt, iV
robe 36" Inches wide, Vanity
Bench and Chair.
Regularly $630. bale Price
J t .i
Se38isictic 'wtJ
!"igned v
' icjue Ivo. f,,'i
'. at wiJe, v'hiiTo-
-. N,t faUe,
For Example
ThU charming tettn-plece luitc, cf modern English mUij.
-JtiltntJanJmaJtfar thoit uho desire (he Jurnishlnts of
their kdroom to he of excellent aualltu. tlmalt in treat
ment and moderate ml, tltficr In genuine mahogany, English hrotcn finish or In American ualnut,
uttn ttony trim, consisting o) )utl tlie titi, NtgM laiU; Bureau tj exceptional,
she, it being SI inches uldc. Vanity 48 indict iri andhandsomely f.ro:orlioned
Chifforoie, 40 inches telde. Chair and Bench. Regularly S 0. Sale Price
The same Suite, with Twin Beds. Regulnrlv $840. C r OT
Sale Price " t)Ot
FRENCH GRAY SUITE Beautiful suite of six
pieces, adaptation cf Louis XVI. in design, finidhed in
two-tone French gray cnemel, full si2e Bed with Bow
foot, Bureau 48 inches wide, Vanity 48 inches wide,
ChitTorobe, Bench and Chair. CCE
Regularly $6;5. Sale Price p3Ut)
IIEPPELWHITE SUITE-Exquisitc suite of eight
pieces, beautifully modeled, solid mahogany, Twin Beds
with foot of the old ladder back chair effect, large
Bureau 52 inches wide, Toilet Table of mostu'nusual ap
pointments, Chifforobc, Bench, Chair and tfJOQC
Rocker. Reg. $1180. Sale Price $030
QUEEN ANNE SUITE-;Exceptionally high quality
suite of seven pieces, either in handsomely figured crotch
mahogany or in fine old mellow-toned burl walnut. Twin
Beds with bow foot, very large Bureau 52 inches wide, an
adorable Vanity Toilet Tab'e, Chifforobc, (M OAA
Bench and Chair. Reg. $1656. Sale Price yltiUV
Living Room Suites An Enormous Selection and Wide Range of Prices
A VERY SPECIAL SUITE of three pieces,
full upholstered and a moderate price, large
Sofa 'with loose cushion teat, soft arms and
roll back, Arm Chair and Wing Chair Xo
match, covered in a' handsome tapestry of
splendid quality. dOCC
Reg. $465. Sale Price jOD
A CANE SUITE Very handsome arid lux
urious, three pieces, adaptation of Louis XV.,
in walnut, with soft upholstered down backs,
and loose down cushion seats, large Sofa, large
Ann Chair and Ladies' ArmChair, covered in a
very fine cut -elvet in two tone blue of ex
quisite design. f A rj
Meg. $942. Sale Price pftt)
UNUSUAL SUITE-Of especially high qual
ity. fu H upholstered, in walnut, delicately mod
eled in Italian motif, large Sofa, Love Seat
and Arm Chair, with loorc down cushion
scats and soft cushion effect banks, covered in
fine silk damask. (IfCOCf
Reg $1065. Sale Price $DO)
holstered suite, large downy Sofa and two
Chairswith loose down rushion seats, inner
down cushioned roll armband backs, covered
zn a cnoice selection ot tapestry cirri veiour
Reg. $9H8. Sale Price
beautifully cwved frame suite of highest
quality, consisting of large Sofa and two
Chairs, loose down cushion seats and cov
ered in an extremely fine silk damask of
exquisite design. (t'AAC?
Reg. $1450. Sale Prico
FINE ITALIAN SUITE In walnut, elab
orately carved base, full upholstered large Sofa,
Arm Chair, Wing Chair and large Bench,
reverible down cushion teats, "covered In n
beautiful frieze of exquisite dclen. fl OCF
Reg. $2500. Sale Price $ I ODD
Largest store of its kind in New York think of it two great floors, each a whole block square,
devoted to numberless styles f choice and livable furniture for every rcom, place or nook in the home.
Our Policy is to mae unusual ani suistintlal rtiudhns dwin our Fe ruiry Siles. This sale msjris a liberal
seeing to you ichether you need furnl.ure nou) or for several months h come. , ,
suites complete . .Sale Prices
$349 $21 50
Dining Room 10 and ofor. toccn
12 piece Suites. . .Sale PricesOO to $001
Living Room 9C(Kf J??C
suites complete pidtto$IOOD
Separate Pieces & Occasional Pieces
hundreds of them . . . $15o$965
For Example
This most luxurious suite of either two or three nieces,
Anne Motif, made for those uho desire to tcmllne leth comfort and
leautu in the liclni room liutlt tn Ordnr Mnnllrv rnm,n rl
1.... J t- .1.1,.. f . .,, " .. . .. ... '
ihij una tumfnuaui jtya. cijmy-f ijm menu long, mm toose rctersioie cumion seal, sojl pHow arms
end soft, deep spring hjck Arm chairs in the same fashion and comfort to match. Cocered In- a
chalet selection of fine tapestry in soft, rich tones. Sofa and one Arni Chair.
Regularly $525. Sa,c Prico
Same Suite with 2 Arm Chairs.
Regularly $715. Sale Price
Wjng Cl air, In tapestry.
Regularly $146. i Sale Price
Table in mahegany.
Regularly $87.
Cabinet in walnut.
Regularly $196.
Salo Price
Sale Prico
itiuiwuj aentwood Lhurs, world famous for 70 years. Imnitdiate delivery in any quantities.
1 Mmm Sc to
Thirty-fourth Street
Thirty-M$Sn Street
'.New. Of-if ioa-tioiniB for Spriini;
yo.niemi's Cqats amid Wraps
'new and rarely beaiuitifful
creations' have lately arrived from
Paris, the regal suunnptniousiniess of
which seems to indicate that the
"reign off ' gilt" ns to Ibe continued
through another season. The Ameri
can productions, however, are scarcely
less magnificent and, certainly, not
less appealing; even the simplest off
them having a charm which is quite
distinctively feminine. Not the least
distinguished feature off the new dis
play is the assemblage off outergar
ments for sports wear smart novelties
that would go far toward popularizing
the out-of-door life with even the most
indolent off womankind.
Asses' TaSiloredl Suits
Charmingly youthful ' models,
these, introducing the newest
effects in Eton jackets, box coats,
belted coats, and the extremely novel
three-piece affairs-, that will most di
rectly appeal to the demoiselle who con
fesses -to a distaste for the ubiquitous
blouse. The materials are as varied
as the styles, some very chic 'results
being obtained with silk duvetyn,
others with tricotine, serge and taffeta.
Embroideries and braided, designs are
prominent among the decorative fea
tures. Tile prices range from $48.00
to $275.00. v (Second Floor)
for to-morrow (Monday) will comprise
Several Tflnoiuisainid Yards of
Plata (FaecyTrkolette
36 inches wide, in an attractive variety
of the smart colors (with a generous
selection off all-white, all-black and
the ever popular navy blue)
at the extraordinarily low price of
$3,90 per-:
this being about one-half the price
generally quoted for this quality.'
(Silk Department, First Floor)
Special ' Valines
are now' being offered in a Sale off
t ,
Fmir trimmed Tailleaars
off the hagher class
at the greatly redtsced prices of
.$75.00 , to 265.1
(Third Floor)
mlbroDdered Woolem Fabrics
Duvetyns, velours and tricotines,
elaborately embroidered, will fea
ture prominently among the'fashion
able materials for Spring frocks and
tailleurs; wherefore they rank first
among the new and interesting tex
tiles now displayed in the Wool Dress ,
Fabrics Department. There are also
some highly effective embroidered
duvetyns 'that 'have been designed es
pecially for vestees and hats.
Other novel fabrics that. havea dis
tinction all their own are the pastel
tinted plaids and striped woolens, the
imported sports cheviots, and the
'smart veiour coatings. (First Floor)
Jmported Hosiery for Meira
That Fashion regards the needs off
the sterner sex with the same
kindly indulgence as those off the
gentler is clearly evidenced in the
new display of lisle half-hose just
received from France, the colors of
which 'must infallibly appeal to that
'-, - .esthetic sense with which the. man off
taste is so generously endowed .
There is also a recent importation
(from England and Scotland) of woolen
half-hose and golf hose, which will
'command the instant and interested
attention off every sportsman. '
(First Floor)
A Sixth Floor Sale of
Real Filet Laces
at phenomenally low prices
has been arranged for to-morrow (Monday)
This 'Special Satowill consist off a large
quantity off Imported rland-made Filet
Lace Edgings and Insertions (all fine
meshes), ranging in widths from'
to A4 inches, and priced at
95C., $1.35, 1.75-to -2o85 per yard
It is hardly necessary to state that
-merchandise of this kind is seldom
encountered at the prices quoted.
. . " " A MomidaySak:
- off' particular interest will consist of
Several Thousand Yarts of
Pffated' Cotton -Voiles
arranged In Dress Lengths
and variously and specially priced at
$2.40 tO 6,50 per length
' (Department on First Floor) .-.

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