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tf4ctal Dtipjlen to Tin Sex a.iD Si Vobk
WASHINGTON. Feb. :-;''"'
Chler Justice, Mr. Justice McKenna, Mr.
Justice. Holmi. Jlr. Justice Vty. Mr. J
tlca Pitney, Mr. Justice Hrandela and Mr.
Juitlce Clarke.
111. Charles I Henry, as o!o eecutor
under the Is.t l,l and testament of Ar
..... i-. t... .i,a..d annuitant.
v. thaL'nlti-u Stain. Appeal 'rum the
Salt of CUimi Jud-emen. unirmed.
Opinion by Mr Justico iioimrs,
with the onlnton of this lourt,
by Mr. Justice Holmes.
Tho Chief Justice announced the fol
lowing orders of the court:
ill. The Mountain Ftatee Telephone and
Telegraph Company el al. Pi'"'1" in
error, va. the City and county
vr. In error to the Supreme Court or
th. f!tat of Colorado. Per c urlam ko.
Dlarataaed for want of jurisdiction upon
,th authority of City of Phi
Pawsuaka Oil and Ga Company, .'SO U.
Ill; see City of Chlcano t. Dempey.
decided Nuvember 10, 11.
Orlclnal. Ex parte In the matter of J.
E. Brouaaard et al. petitioner.. Motion
lor leave to file petition for writ of man
damui herein d.nled.
EU. Edward White, v .. -iilslnr of Ini- I
mlf ration for the 1-ort of Nn FHnfWO,
petitioner, V Chin Pong. Motion to ad
vanee granted and iui la;n.i 'or ar
gument on Monday. Apn W net. after
the caie heretofore a'i:uned for th.it day.
S(. The City of Ne York, appellant.
v. the Consolidated ii.. Company oi .y
York et ' Matmn lo advance sranteu.
and cause assigni-d for argument on won
day, April U nest, after the uh here
tofore assigned for that day.
111. Fred S. Thompson, appellant, . Alev
ft. Nichols Ordered that this a be
placed on the sjmmary docket and as
lined for .Monday. March 1 neit.
Ml. Dalian Lab. r Temple Association et
L. 'appellant. C. M Cureton. Attorney.
General of the State of Teias. et al. Mo
tion for supersedeas. Ac. denied.
H. J, E. Droussard et al petitioners.
T. Walter J. Crawford, trustee fell on
for a writ of certiorari to the Lnlted
States Circuit Court of Appeals for the
Fifth Circuit denied.
111. The Continental Bank of New orK,
petitioner, v Kara P Prentice, trustee.
Ac. Petition for a writ of certiorari to the
United States Circuit Court of Appeali for
the Second Circuit denied. ., ..
IIS. iJJdan C Lauhter, petitioner.
the United State? of America Petition
for a writ of -ertlorarl to the United States
Circuit Court of Appeals for the Fifth
Circuit denied.
. Gulf and fhlp I.land R. R. Com
pany et al. plaintiffs In error, v l rl
Iloone. Robert Boon- et a!, .vc. "''t'tloa
for a rlt of cert.orarl to the Mipreme
Court of the Staf of IlLsKslppI denied.
170. A J I'artan t al.. pet ! loners. .
the United States of America. '
for a writ of certlurarl to the United Mate.
Circuit Court of. Appeals for the Ninth
Circuit denied. .
HI. The United States, appellant, v. the
Omaha Tribe, of Indians MotUn to re
mand to the Court of Claims for addi
tional findings submitted by Mr. fco.tcttor-
clalnl Davis f"r the appellant In support I
of th?m?tlon. and bJ Mr Charles II Mer-
-Hi. . Mr C J Kappler and Mr niram ,
Chas, for the Appellant In opposition
.r?t0.u. n t,ik nf Indians. aDrel-
l.; v the Cnrted Motion for
order on the C urt of Claims to
whole' coM 'to Vhl.'c- ur, .submitted j
IIT. Postal TMegraph Cable Company,
petitioner, v.. Bowman A Bull Company.
Petition for a writ of ertlorarl to the su
preme Court of the State of Illinois sub
mitted by Mr R. E I. Smith In behalf
of Mr. Jaob E Dlttus and Mr. Leonard
A. Bereinlak for th - petitioner and by M..
m... v n I. Jn. (ha ..KndmlPnt
uwin II. i ansrts i". ... .
. r,.t.i' Th. Commonwealth of I
Pennsylvania.' complainant, s. the State
ef West Virginia, and
. 11. Original The Stat; of Ohio com
plainant, vs. the Mate of W I' Cinla.
Motion for reference to n dappolntment o.
r special master submitted by Mr A
no Well in behalf of counsel for com-
Pl:n.aOrTginil. The Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, complainant, . the state
- n.ai Vir-irlnii n n 1
" il. Original The State of Ohio , c-
r ; ?a.n,;.Vl caaus-;. for hi ,P.
polntment of a con-.ml..loner and for
otter directions, submitted by Mr. t red J.
Blue In behalf of counsel for the defend-
B4,-!I. American te.l Foundries petl.
tloner. vs. James i v "'"iV'-U: 1, I
uf Patents. Motion ior i
Patent. Motion for 1 ave to me onr.
curiae and to make .
Tnt& Com-
Warell. petitioner vs
Tuii, Merman
James McNamara for the petitioner anu
,"ne.hr Reed!" r.
SSMburchr M I
rTckndfwti.lam f llal. for the petiuoner
ana by Frank Andr-w. tor in-
iT.-Mnna niitlnners. s.
((1, uuiierrps nr, ....... .. r
thej Insular Collector of .'ustoms. F't'tlon
for a writ of c-r-.lorarl to the !"UPem
tart of the Philippine is.a, submlt..d
bv David A Baer and S W urlrn,,
S. De-ltloner and by Dana T. Gallup,
iiwrenc" H HedrK-k and Charles Marvin
"".I? VrbashRallway Company, petl-tl?-'S
to thf Appellate Court for the Third Dls- j
tii.,. Illinois .ubm.t-d b i
V.. Jfv n Mck-ennev for the petitioner j
- . . ri I.. ij, irnrree tor me rc- i
iMndent. . , I
4. Sorfo.k-Southern Rallroan om- ,
nanv Detltioner, -. s. 31 n. ' -
- f r-rtlnrarl to the Ml-
Itna suniiii 't .r .i.ir ,
and Mr. W. B Rodman for the pe -IMon-r ;
msl The Malleable iron u"s. i
pany. petitioner. s rd fc. I-ee. ":.
mlnlstrator. Ac Pe'ltion for a
f Anneals' for th- Seventh Circuit
io iuii,u "'" - --: ;i
Submitted by M-pma, A panning anc
Vlon.r d bv Mr Haro- H. Hot. art and
Mr" "red L Chapp I for the respondent
fJnhert I- Fink. pt tloner. s. Ok
JlV WlndUGUsVSmpany. Petition
r a writ of certiorari to the United State,
Circuit Court of Jkpp for th. Eighth
Circuit submitted by Mr. E. N "Iggins
for the petitioner end by Mr. 'William il.
Matthews for the respondent.
V-7. Laforest I- Simmon... plaintiff In
,re"or vT. Joe Duart Motion to dismiss
.ulmltted b? Mr. David R. Radovsky for
the defendant In error in support of the
.i ,ad by Mr. Edward C. Stone for
SV Plal"' m error In opposition thereto.
Adjourned until .Monday, March . next.
'Vhay'caU for Monday. March 1. will
h aa follows: Nos 2sl. -Ilo. 3i0, 61-.
. ioi. i. s. ut- ;s: t,,nd
101) ana 111.
Southern District.
Ttelnre Learned Hand. J.-Room Ml. Post
Office Bulldinl. al 10 M A. M. Criminal
Tatrlck Hughes.
Patrick Hughes and
Peter ReM.
Eaatern Hotel Corp A
John Blttner
Tj.,- nalier.
Paul Lerpert and
John Bartoldu...
Pleading .
Charles Johnson.
Charles Johnson.
Before Knox. J.-Room M7. Po.t Office Build
ing, at ia: ja. u j
Standard Chem A M
Bingham Sec Co:
Cooper tRarltaa Chem
Bojlaa -.Dlrect-Genl
of RR.
Corp .Crucible Steel
McLaughlin :ComVlal
Ads.rtlsers Ass'n.
Napier -N Y C RR.
Chambers Crudble
Steel Co.
Chamber. :same.
llnjhes iHlr.es.
Before Mack. J Room 1. twelfth floor. Wool
worth Bldg At w:i
A. M. Admiralty
. -icsuar.
K'eYnanke Cham- i Fields :Steamboit
plain Trans to. nr hit.
Nat Ice A Coal Co: Jer-ey City Mock-
Mesick A M. ysras i-o.iug inoi
V Y A N J Trans Ouigley. (
Co :Tug Welch ,N YOAWBR:Tux
HcottlGrace A to. I J G Ro- 1
Before Mack. J -Room S. WooNorth Build-
int- .V". X.,1,'- Adm"'17 !
Samps Actl, Ac , or i,ape
eatum No 2;The
Comp Int Merc Ac.
Co SS iJdy of
Grace A Co:SS Lady
of Ga.pe.
Companla Mec Inter.
Ac SS Lady of
Taylor Dredg Co:Tui
Wilson -Tug George W
Howard .Western Ins
Polssant Lake Caam- I So Pac Co:S3 Hon-
claln Trans Co.
DeToe-.Lake Cham
plain Trana Co.
Caodette A C,:Lake
Chaaplaln Trans Co.
TVlJi. .L.V- Clia.
plsin Tram Co.
lit. Hrooks-.S anion Company, pemione.. ,
ts. Railroad Commission of Louisiana. On '
writ of certiorari HuP''r. ' linaw "TrU A V
of the mat. of Louisiana. Judimen
rerei.ed with cost, and An. Itidlttor Co .S3
in. fnrtli.r nroi.td no not inconsisin ,...
Ralph S. Moore, trustee. Ac. Petition ior
writ of certiorari to the United at-s Clr
CUU Court of Appeal, for the s'xth circuit
Cumlkow R A Co:
Fomy, tog Viking.
radflc Comru'l Co.SS
S Brusagaaril Acotta
A C,
h .im;TugJI Me-
MrGlrrrTur Fonurd.
IIoe:Ilsrknrss A
Kelly IlrosiTur
Juniata. . .
Miner :Lake Chsmplsln
Trana Co.
Rivkaway White 3 1 nil
Co Lackawanna
I.arie Nil 111.
lltUhe:Tu- Mary
.... . -
VT Itnin.r.ard iAcoata
A fo.
Mary Walcoti :Cunird
ss Co.
Weatem Ina Co.At
lantlo Tranipt C.
Oanrra Schooner Mal
colm llaxtcr. Jr
Dempwy.Tng Itrlt
tanla. Storjard .Prancr A
Canada SS Co
lllardl Fe.leral Line.
Caltrd Fruit Co.
Relcfcert Towlnt l.lns
Tii lllaatha.
IVtalt - rt I Rapid
Transit Co.
Tracy Tut Magnetic. I
Nitrite Producers 83
Co .Cans SS Line.
Actl, Ac. Theologoa :
Wllllami A Smith. I
Job A Co Huddleaton
Am Iladlator Co.SS
Standard Oil Co:SS
Western Ina Co:
Lorllllrd -SS I'arthlan.
Head :Corap Gen Trana
Clark .Pyne.
Culver SS Ilia do
Krle IIII I.Ihlfr
Inter Jlercli Marine:
Krle KB.
Price A Co.Ilarte,
Star A I. V Kit.
Mrrli A Co SS Ml-
tanzaa and liacs
I'enn IIP. J McWIll-
lam. Towlni I.lne.
Cunnett l"rp-r Hud-
M.ti Stoiie
IntPrnat HMe. Ac,
)' Motrtat i:i-
Herman A It SS
Hart A K Mfc Co:
SS Venll.
Crafinl A Co:I.lter-
pol, Prazll A Hirer
Plate Co.
Mi-CIIntlc Miir.hall
Conat Co:Munaon SS
Mnnon I.lne :Mc-
Cllntle Manhall
Cnmt Co
Mnoa SS Lady of
Van Itremen, A.cbe A
CO SS Lady of
Memel A Co-SS I-ldy
of Uatpe.
Meyer A Co:S3 Lady
Mayers :Uvalde As
phalt Par Co.
Rarlsto Cn.Schr
Perry Setaer.
GllderalceTC :Clark A
Lykei Bros:SS Morro
Sulil'rier :SS Hellg
Marphy SS Vol'da.
Duehe Schr Salisbury.
N Y A Cuba Mall SS
Co Steart Eng Co.
Alln .Wllllama A Sons.
Le IJgntera large
J..hn Iloyle.
Jahurg Bros :Comp
lien Trans.
Jelle. S Ij Drome.
I!nen Relchardt Co .
s Ij Urnnie.
llUiln. tVmp (ien
Owner. Tug Tlrrllne
Ownets Bane. Great
Uke. A Uke (icorxe
I' Marr font Co :Tty
Co.tello Tug. John E
Senecal .Tug Baker
Mid l.ineI Prod Co:
Schr A E Bollard
McAllister Lighterage
CorScow C F Sud-
Rice Tog Bulley.
Rice -Tug Bulley.
Flint :SS BJomefJord.
L V Trans Co Jeaa
Supreme Court.
B.fore Clarke. P. J.; Laughlln. Dowllng.
JItrrell and Phelbin
JJ. Court opens at
Schnati Schnati.
Matter of Adlrr
Utrange lat Rap Tr
Kue Fluran Foundry
Mfg Co.
Union Ferry Co:
lV"ple .Welnsteln.
Kaplan llorowlti.
In. Co of No Amer:
tl Robinson A Co.
2 P M.
Title Hoar A Trust
Co Pam.
Snare A Trlest Co:
Cits- of N V.
Matter of Mirjarct
Knelt -De Roade.
Goldman :Lan!(an
K Alls Ilhron.
R Altt:tne
McCat Croaln.
APPELLATE TERM Before Lehman. P.
j , Finch and Mullan. JJ. Cour t opens
at 10 A. M. Appala from Municipal
Cour: called at 10 A. M.
ungated motions at 10:15 A. M.
Bouton :Rfgnor Rlty i O Connor Ebllns
Brew Co,
Merrkle llrrne" Co :
Camp Supply Co.
Karprl .Karprl.
Daffy Amer Smoke
less P Corp.
Matter of R.en.
Hexter Day-tUder
Motor Corp
Smith Wist Side
I-aundrr Co.
Roano Caporxola.
Matter of City of X Y
Ve.t S!sth St.
Matter of City of N Y
(Rhlnelander As).
Matter of same.
Matter of .ame.
Parish Co Cooper.
Wltg J Aron A Co.
Farganl. :Maha.
Kutruloe Farganls.
am ame.
Ksta Zlrin.
Bruckner D Reercs
Matter of White.
Conol Engine Stop
Co Yu Ea Mfg
neagan Reagan.
Powers 'Power. 3,1.
Frankenstein :Po-
Same ame.
Peterson :Klrbr.
Halpertn Huhlitielle.
Kal"u Inb Co Heoltt
Pub Corp
Coerford iComerford.
Gturenbtiehler .Cast-
A I.lr.er Co.
Lakln - Rubin.
Dinkel.plel Hoffman.
Sherman: Yankee 11
Whelan :WI.
Matter of Hanley.
1'ilaun .Llbman Const
In. Co of state of
Penrr Park A P Co.
Pwhemln Foi.
Matter of Selma
Wal.t Co.
Kempston :Amer Mfg
Domanlo De Luce.
Smith .Spence Wire
Spwr Steinfleld.
Saraihn -Peple
Theatre Co.
PorS Taya.
City of N Y Gulnan.
Cam Rae.ick
STracui Smelting
'wks.W E Peck A
Vauihan Vanzhan.
Mnrar.o Mnrano.
Ml.hanlea Hiilo
City of N V Muller.
Blmberg :Teias Co.
Same ame. '
Same .same.
Same same.
Rosenthal - United
Trans Co.
Bo.entrg Parker
Sheet Metal Wks.
!thowlti .Randen-
BaPp.,l MlUlner.
Ftlumcnthal Weiler.
Cornlh Neituae For
warding Co
Wel. Button.
YaMoei,k.r .Rce.
Tabacbnlck :ll Waters
. ...
Pluam Ru.le
A Co.
Marcna Second At
Amne't Co.
Mangold William Far-
rell A Sun.
Kenny .lut Merc
Marine Co.
Faub Eleto Co.
De Graer umr.
reiTerus St liwrence
n. f Wabash
Land M Corp.
Same .ame
S.-hefT S.-herl.
Trotta Non-Column
i.urage Co
Abarno. Union Paint
W B Gallagher :Soutti
en Oil A Chem Co.
Goldman .Kelly-Clarke
G.irdon Steinberg.
Horan Spencer.
PART n.-Before Tlauek. J.
Court opens at
m ati ... 31 i:v Dane nuine.
PART III.-Before D-neh.nty. J. Jlotlons.
W,iHon,, inJ Co.
IlrgcnMgen :Uejen-
Julian Coleman.
Lodptrlck Schultz.
Rurhler :Bnchler.
Hervev :Ma'.hers.
Doty :I)oty.
Moran Moran.
Greenhau. :ireenhaus.
Lh :Illumenthsl.
Collin. Merchauts N'a-
tloral Bank.
Un-X-Lo Paper Box
Co .Levy.
Haren JankOTic.
leui-riuia.i j unci.
MlUPr of Seaman
Davie. :DavleS.
Preferml cauv:
tianer un look i-ro-
I doctlons Lo.
Bier Bier
Ecllpe Silk Wslst
Herbert Rudolph Wa-
lach Co.
PART IV. Before Conalan. J. Court opens
at 10:30 A. M.
PART V.-Before Guy. J. Court opens at
10-3) A. M.
PARTS VI.. VIT. and VIII -Not in session.
TRIAL TERM-PART II. -Before McAroy. J.
At TO A. M.
Special calendar:
Vernard :Youraveta
Home A Foreign
Trade Co.
Goldman .Goldlnger.
Sohall. Jr.Brettung.
Elisberg Hotel Const
River.u!e Cold Stor
age Co Natl Ice A
Coal Co.
Friedberg Bros:
Clare. Kelly.
Armour :L F Robert-
wn A Sons. Inc.
Waugh :Waujh Chem
Amer Cham Co. Van
Den Bergh.
Schiff Bro :Yonkers
Fur Dre.jing Co.
Turnure Breitung.
Slark .Maonic Life
Sandberg .McGarvey.
Royal Canva. Co
Lithauer Mfg- Co.
Lawyer Bernard.
PART HI. Before
Newburgtr. J. At 10
A. M Ca-es to be ent from this part to
Part. V. to XIII. inclusive for trial with
exception of Parts IV . IX. and X.
tniiiTan.Del Solar
Resnlck-.N Y Rys.
Kegerreu:Van Zlle.
Sternberg :Berger.
Kemllhor: Wynne.
Tobm:N Y Rys.
Murray :Martln-
Evans Co.
Fanlo. Economy Real
Property Co.
Horling: N Y Rys.
Boyme Barrett.
Urbanonsky. Hamll-
tonlan Corp.
Moore :N Y Rye.
Spreno:N Y" City
Int Ry.
York :3d Ave RR.
Fisher :Murray.
KhotlllanskyiC E
Weyand A Co
T .tr.;;r
I Drec.ko:Grabo.fca.
I Ro-enberg:Umon Ry.
i Tandhch :Stenger
Leider City of N Y.
j Neumann -Elkin..
' Fidu.n Ene RR.
t Ilel'm.miOppen
hetm. r.eranlilnt Ran Tr.
skelly.Int R X.
Elliot Haurer.
Gr - nblatt:Ciryl HIdg
Bynibard.N Y Cons
Tuo-nton ilmbert
Trans Co
De Linn. Norman
Steve-lore Co
Men' Furnishing
Gro.:N Y Ry..
TeediCircett Realty
Clifton :Lucky Star
J Callman Burke
L Callinan.same.
Every :Byrd.
G McNamara Plaug
man. D McNamara :same.
MacDuff .Oppen-
Nu.baum :Orton.
Grabel N Y Rys.
Exhibitors Trade Re-
tiw Inc Moner.
A Lasdistan.Cltr of
N Y.
Kealty corp.
Sehwarti:City k Sub j
Pepo:Dee HIdr Co.
Robinson :Ru.sky
Golos Pub Corp.
Handler Mlcb.eI.on
Hamelburter: R T
Subway Conil Co.
G Leavy 'Palmer.
?) Ijndunan:aamc.
Caaey:N Y Hippo
drome, Goldman ;Cantey.
Emanuel (ierard.
I Muytejianl A Hen-
I) Iaey:aame. I
j Kayhemofakxtiamt
Hrtfmaii:liiler II i
of N Y.
un iran.p to.
,r ii.w .
TtlflT IV Vnt in vulnn
iaiiT v rtefora IYndleton. J. toun opena
at to A. M. ,
K'-Se'for, Purro. J. Court open. ,
at 10 A. M. t
r..,,t- vii n.t. iVnl J. Court ocena ll
l Ani ' .. , , m, -. -
10 A. M.
PAllT VIII. Before Oaveian, J. Court opens
1 fl Ifl A. M.
jl'AHT lX.-Defore WaiTier, J. Court opens
' Kanai?3rk:Maai Bond A Ins Co.
IPAIIT X -He(ore Whltakcr. J. Court opena
A'KT ji nfore Mitchell. J. Court opena
V, , V v
viniirharen 'A!!en
i? rt xu l0 ore Erlanger, J. Court opena
ti to A 31
;U"ym -Before McCook, J. Court opens
at 10 A. M
-. .A 1 l
PAUT xlV.-noforf Oreenbaum, J.-At 10 A.
V Cw be aent from thla part to Parts
IX X., XV.. XVI., XVII. and XVIII. for
Day calendar-
IIerwlg:Be.iu-Slte Co.
Republic Bag A Paper
Co .Ash.
Fochflnternat'l Fil
tration Corp.
Jacobs .Wells.
J A Klrsch A Co:
smith :Donohne.
City ol N Y .S I Mid
land RR.
Klaw -Goodwin
F K Gro. A Son s B
Lery :Automoblle Ins
rorchand :Mlckelwstt.
Grant :C II McCarthy.
KarmlnskI:J P Derlne
A Co.
Scura Fidelity A
Casualty Co.
Urltan Broa A Zer-
koiver, !nc:Feldman.
P.rlgham :Clty of N Y
Union Trust Co, N :
U S Trust Co, N Y:
B Rook .Suffolk Co Trust
I 0
Mors'n:U S Intcrnat
Ilnwnun Autn to
Il.'na Srhsffer Tlnna:
Mfr t o.
Her-hon Illumonlhal.
Maiher ilrulr.
llrr.hnn Illiimenthat.
Marher limber
Wllkln.cn Bro A Co:
Amer Trading Co.
11 lla.ch A Co:Goetx.
Frailer Swift.
Coldterg Goldman.
J A Crowley Co- "
Lackawanna Steel
Fox Berg. . .
Henderson :B H Ladew
tVirurl'll :Bronx Ex
position. Inc.
Engine Co.
Wolf Keefc.
Call Balshsfer
Umlnger -Hoffman.
Butler Von Hagen.
Itnn. Bernstein
Rarltsn Chem Wks:
Khourl National
Surety Co.
Ohlbaum sime.
Crown Chandelier Co:
KIelnhau -Calkins.
Mitsui A Co ColomN).
Shepsrd U S Broker
age A Fjport Co.
Title Gnar A Surety
Co -Lowe
Eattlt Export Co
Lacas Latoratorles,
State Hank Lebalr.
Ran.ome Concrete
Mach Co G Leery
Cont Co.
P Hn.ner A Bros :
Tawll Rro. Inc
Quaker Wo..len Mills:
Knlrht M'nocal
Ital-ensteln Knrw-hsn.
Bergman O-nollte Co.
Vale Reord. Ino:
Rnbensteln:L Schepp
Warner Power.
Mor.e Wheeler.
Loiler Motor Co. It M
Wlnsn. Co.
N V Service Co-
Heral 1 Square HUel
Lion Rfewerr of
N Y City Roth.
Me.ker Ilro. Iron to:
Kelley A Kellcj.
Port Masonry ( n:
Fort Masonry Co:
Fort Mawnry Co:
City Real Eatate
lmpmT Co.
Fort Masonry Co:
City Real Estate
Improv Co.
Belllrk Goldstein. ,
Curtlss .Horson.
Blackburn -Partridge.
Carroll: Empire Trust
Co .
Illinois Certral RR:
Atlantic Fruit Co
Nat Navt'.i Bank of
N V Cltr of N .
Simon .BrownNorton
B Brown A Bros. Inc:
Peltopen .Ileecher.
Bondy Ilancr-'ft.
Packarl Mntor Car
Co. N Y.Ftnrku-
Head Tucker.
Pierson A l'o:Kltul A
Bladworth Illadworth.
Kannengle.ser - . "idler.
Larat-ert Trai.sp Co.
Inc Commercial
Altmark Shapl-o,
Whlttell HltchcH-k.
Bernard DulwifT.
Commercial Trust Co
of N Y Craran.
Landl. Chr1tman
Sarlng. Club Rawll.
Pioneer Braid Mfg
Co. Inc Krlm
Po.t Globe Indemnity
Pe Luml'r Tie A
Timber Vulcanlilng
Lund Iiuchhelm.
Brown Roral Ribbon
A Carbon Co.
Clare Bron
Kurxman :McKle.
PART XV -Before Lydon,
al pi A M
PART XVI -Before Sears
Court opens
Court opens
St '0 A M
PART XVII -Before Hendnck. J.
open. t 10 A M.
PART XVIII -Before Donnelly. J. Courl
opens at 10 A M
Surrogate Conrt.
CHAMBERS Before Cohalan. S. At 10:55
A M.
Motion cslendar:
Julius L Ro.enhlunt.
Henry S Jobnon.
Barter E Je.ter.
CnnstJtntln G M
William E John.oa.
Hsrrlet A Cnllen
James J McCal.
Catherine Sherlock.
Sophie Ilrnard.
flwsnl W Iondon.
ltenln H Weaver.
Jatez A lbxtwlck.
Jt A Bo.tilck.
Gorge s Walworth.
Sarah M Kl'her.
Margaret A Howard.
Mary GoMierg.
Nichols. W White.
Ellzabth Connell.
Kate Markowlti.
Ellen Mnrrav
Srdney J Freldln.
Anthonv Hugro.
Peter Betel
Itoi-ert B Rellly
Marms P Flack.
Harriet C Jose...
Ellia Mao.
HTts-rt F tt Michel
ham. Hsnorah I.arender.
I Ellen Bobbins.
Father Miles.
Enl Bill
Iuls C.relff.
LnHa I'ai-adI
I Betty Blumenthal.
I Parker C Chandler.
' Iiaiella Whit-.
Tlieidore I Mi Ciddon.
Rel-evo. E Forsyth.
I t . t- Vllv
Anna M Wolf.
E.tate of
Margaret Cortt
P.o.le Kocnzc'g.
William Ruppert.
Adoptlfln of
Alice Rosalind Hails.
1 Wills for probate
, Frederick T Cok.
1. I Harrv M Wendell.
Theresa Cloonan.
Jennie II Murphy.
Ilwlght S Spellman.
Jr.hn D Crimmln.
Holme. Crimmln..
Hanr.ah E Bsrne..
Marr J Swift.
William II 'ate..
Ellen Murra .
Jo.eph K JanT-ln.
ARrt E Ounther.
Patrick Ryan.
Isidore Hammer-n-l.lag
aterlne t. nnne-
Charle. l'.ek.
Harriet J Shaffer.
Samuel M Hlrvh.
I.lda L Richardson.
Henry A Latery.
Cohalan. S At 2 P. M. Case
. n Rosa E. .-'rng.
TRIAL TERM Before Foley. S. At 10:20
A. M.
No day calendar.
City Court.
F'tra. J.
Ileohr:Certllled Prod
uct. Co
Weler Soling.
Mayer. National
Surety Co.
Raruch:D G Dery,
Galowln -Goldberg.
Klfler Dorfman.
Rosenhlum Saterlof.
Hwang Wela.
Mtker.cr Callsher.
Same same.
Msxwell Motor Sales
Corp:Ancab Co.
Rohbins .Wolfson.
Same :.ame.
Hopewell Dress Co:
Chops k
Lerr.er Gordon.
Pollard .Hotel Des
Mfgrs A Eiport Al
liance -Matsnmura.
Ptvamlck Syma.
Frank -Greeley Sight
seeing Corp.
Burdow: Willing.
PART II. Before La Fetra. J. Court
opens at 10 A. M. Ex parte matters at
10:30 A. M.
TRIAL TERM PART I. Before Flnellte.
J. Cases to ba sent from this part to
Parts III., IV., V.. VI.. VII. and VIII.
for trial.
Loyal .-Neiss.
Rorhna Vaeger.
Bohrens .Glas.man.
Skoglund KalWelsch.
Margolles :Jacob.
Elsenberg Buchfuhver.
Morabitn same.
Rosenbluth :Fenster-
Edelsteln .Fifth Av
Coach Co.
Plro Panama Cloak.
Mlolla :.NolI.
Tlvrhler :Amer Rys Co j Kp.teln Bltlermm.
l)ucr :Carle.
in..-. .n.-B-n
Trager. Warner.
Same -ame.
Selling :Ovlda Co.
Coojier :Itothnian.
Same :same.
Hofmann -Winter
Realties, Inc.
V Masslas :WooIf.
Aetna Ins Co:
Ca'taldo -M At Ry.
Lincoln -F. 7.obel Co.
Rettlno :Black k
White A Town Taxll
Clare :Luna Amuse't
Stow - Ludlow.
Baiter :Freelmaa.
Lynch Standard Ice
Cream Co.
Oonstantaro. Westcott
Express Co.
Werthheiir.er Reltmsn.
' Oliver -Amer Wet
Wh T.nnH.r Cn I
WWeiko Kennemaker. :
Rosettl. Fifth Av
t oach Co.
Rosenberr 'Golodeti.
t'nzer Sacks,
ra.salc silk Co:
Tborman, Miller k
Xosabaani. Inc.
Meyer :B E Mfg Co.
Jacobs :IIedjes.
National City Bk of
Chtcaro :Cole k
Dixon. Ina
Same -same.
Hlrschhorn:Int Rap
Brush :Leirlsohn.
Ollverll :Iat Rap Tr.
Jacoby :same.
Iierkowita Black k
White A Town
Kata Grenberer.
Thaler Black White
A Town Tails,
lovieno -B1,h,iii.
Junes :CorIiei Macy
J Fltternisn Muldberg.
Berlin Salsnter.
; IW-rger Kalbach.
. Bennsa Ruppert.
' lysine ATerll Store
Burner Corp.
lunklei :Int Rap Tr.
! S tine .same
1 iw-ler Aner Ry
Aill-r:IIudon Coatln:
t .
Gollliers standard Oil
Phvita Rnthvhlld. I
Same same. I
; ltnor Liam. 1
Harris :Ranifoith.
.-lanjii-j .r.,t.
PART IL Short eaues.
Am Die k Tool W"n:l'niver Tool .A Die Wks.
J PART lit. Before Schmuck. J. Commercial
victory Clothinr Mfi . Same:same.
Moore Presa:D E Schwarti:Llpman.
Kenneity. Inc. Gros:Cohen Bros
Johnston :H M Ken- Mfg Co.
nedy, Jr k Co. Hopewell Dress Co:
O'Reilly :Rouen. Chopak.
R.suslnl.Per. PillllPi.AtUntlc Si
Centrsl Connimers pre, Inc.
Sluger Jlendelaon.
Hacnman N'otnlty Co!
M Weber A Co.
Meadows. Harrow.
Chailn:Sl John Bros
BrooksiPhlllp Rllter
Bloom :Abram Bloom
Mosr:York Cloak A
Suit Co.
J P Duffy Co:Inler-
stats Concretlnr Co,
Wilson .Cohle,
MorckiFortlrn Prod
ucts Co.
i .Mutchnlck Wllllami.
sonten :Se din.
SelonlekiLauer Mfi
K.nn.y W A
pH.,t Co
il '",,. ...
Ko.mi1 Poultry Co:
TyoDenr to,
PART IV -Before O'Dwyer. C. J
uix-na ai in j. m.
PART V.-Beforo Valente. J. Court opens
at 10 A M
PART VJ.-Before Wendell, J. Court opens
al io A. M.
PART VII -Befom Callahan, J, Court opens
at 10 A. M.
PART VIII -Before , J.
Supreme Court.
Dy Justice Finch
Lee :Smldt-John B. Pine.
Smldl: Willing-John B. line.
Matter of Cro.s Charles S. Whitman.
Ily Justice Platzek
Matter Left Button Co Samuel Mandelbaum,
Supreme Court.
SPECIAL TERM Before Tlerney, J. Court
cpens at 10 A. M. Ex parte matters. Mo
tion calendar.
Matter City of N Y.
Net A Way Co:
Marshall :Saward.
Bloom :Glttleman.
AmiiMment Co.
Va!lnky:So Boule
vard RIt
Matter of Phillips.
Brown same.
, Myers :Po!llna.
I East Rlrer Sav Inst:
1 1.ie.matm.
.Ka.t.Clty of N V.
Fanning :F:eming.
Brady :strub
Tirrner, J
Brlsach .Vo.-r
Adlon Kaufman.
Herman :Scanflffo.
' I Stock. Stoc'.t.
Ashland. Bunt.
TRIAL TERM Before Divls. J
WilltanisuVm Rly Ex Crandall :Dlamond
Co San Confeot Co.
Dlesterberg :W Ave Overton :Manno.
RR. McSherry:Egert.
Cohen. Inter R T. Rlchardon:N Y C
Rlcardi.Strueke. Inter R T.
La Barbera:Land- Klernan :same.
greb. Murphy .Green Auto
Kast .Union Ry. Van & Ex Co U).
Hlgfttis Kaufman Rehwert .Hlckey
Morris Co. Const Co
Schachnoiti:Rlt- Realla MoVdoo.
tar. MarkowltzCurlman.
Hunter:Berger (5). ' Same ame.
Earl.Gelsman. i Loopold.Brunor 12).
Highest numbir reached In resula: order
Surroirate'. Court.
CHAMBERS Before Schulz. 9. No day cal
endar TRIAL TERM Before Schulg. S. No day
TRIAL TEIUI-Part II Before- TIereer. J.
PART III -Itefore Glcgerlrh. J.-Cascs to be j
ent from Part I. for trial ,
County Court.
SPECIAL TERM-Befnre Glbbs. J.-Court
opens at !o A M. Ex parte matters. Mo-1
tion I
Rach:B'iie Ribbon Bcly Co. I
TRIAL TERM Glbbs. J.-No day calendar. j
supreme Court.
MEVT B-i-ess
SPECIAL TERM-PAST I Motions ueiore
Callaghan. J -At 10 A M. I
I.vngved Elvman Hngaii-IIogan. !
tm,n r I v v rtnitv Co- I
I K-.n Hirscbneld. tViti.bg Steam Laun-1
Ha.Tner HafTrer i'rr Co '
Clinton Trailing Corp: K'e cmlti
Rten Ryan
Schrritx ,bwartx.
He-. He...
Wiener Baldnln
Kuna Kunz.
lvv Levy.
William Ulrrer Brew
fry -Downing
GoMmsn Goldman.
Re he -LlHlw !g
I.nckmln -Ma.lln.kl.
Irnusn Herrnsn.
Ta.ilor Plcn.
lln-ei I.niwlg.
Me-er G-dd'mlth.
ir'iw Sarauw
lie . Utrei-ht Av
1 Feltner Cllntoa-Hed-I
e'en Co.
. I Felgenhaum Ruppert.
1 Weaver .Rice
' lie .Notrand.
1 Webb:Webh.
Iwe-l.y Rld:e
I Op-ratlog Co.
I Mir.-ulle S.egel.
ft'P F.rp.
Ex parte busines. at 1' A. M
pprrar tokm T,i,'!(-m.,.,T J.t
V, F . .7 TERM-For Trlals-Cropsey. J.-At
10 A. M
Goldberg E, k
Camplone Ei-kert.
Joniis. .Bochen.
Avlron Ke.ler.
Schenkeim -B'klyn
Union Coat Co.
Balir Mahoner
Kramer Shlndel.
.nrmnn :Sohnen et al.
Smith :Fnrst.
Iveron -Sheldon,
nnemsn Armor Con-
stnh-tlon Co.
Prlinuno :Prlin-
hrherr,.on I ehr .
Mart. .Engeltwrg.
Boro Operating Co
Flatbu.h I-alng Co.
The following cae.s if marked ready will be
naswl lor the cay -o cause win oe sei ,
down for a day upon the call.
Amer M A Foundry J Peteron :reteron.
Co:Dlxon. ' Iiughlln Boeramer-
Y'asuna Zk-arrelll.
Boanlman -Tompkins,
r.i Idsteln Funk.
fivalllni Cavalllro.
Berg i;n-.man.
Carev -Bond
Donato Donate.
Buna .Bunz.
Wer.rkunas :Wncku
nas. Aaron Radln Co:
Segal (3 ca.es) Eng.
Sk. .Pekarky.
Hlgb'.t number reachci on the regular '
a't fjsi ,
TRIAL TERM Part I Manning. J : Part IL. !
Facett. J . Part III., nark, J.; Tart IV.. ,
Caliper J . Pirt V Fabcr. J. : Part VIII .
Asptiiall. J.-At 10 A. M i
The name of counl to try the case must
I handed to the calendar clerk when the .
ca.e aocears on th re-erve calendar No
esse will tv held or paswl for engagement
of counsel whose name Is not so left with the
Calabria - Y Consul ; Sllcten Begins
rttt Candles A ano.
Pars. mo B H RIt. i Rapaglla.t'lty f N Y
Kent T"kajlan.
Brow n :irriiwn
Klplork -Carroll
Gt Wetrn Smelting
To Kohn A ano.
Fl.lier Habarkrr
U S Title Guar Co:
Rurke Naau RR.
Chen A ors .Qulnn.
Strong Merrill
Wllmon Rellly ,
Seitz Nan.au RR.
Cunningham :Huutlng
ton. New England Em Ins
Co -Norton.
Buchholz .Relraer.
t'owell .Coney I k B
Callaglisn Coney I k
Folev City of N Y.
Greenl'erg Nsau RR
Rupp Bro. Danlelson.
Tartrlck C.arrl.on, Ac.
liler.ncn Ksntor.
BIak Kuelllng.
Stein Peterson
Dily Dard..
O'Brien Corwith.
Dra.vr Calvert k ano
Rlovk .Robblnovltz.
Mitchell A ano:Can-
Menz:Markowltx Live
Poultry Co.
I.vneh Pollack.
Ellsworth. Ellsworth.
Holme's :city of x Y.
R T.
Tslrandeati Hoop.
Warren Gordon LUlit-
eraze ( o Jamison
et al.
McKee y.ulavf.
Peters RsLdon.
Travrr. City of X Y
Kmit-lv B ) Co A
Sub IIP.
I.mnehflll .Ken.uill
Osonon.ky Kosval.
I.y Illdennan.
Giaciara:Man Brldre
V Line.
Wanl. ljiiKherty:Bal-
i ikrlni.
I llrckcr .Richardson.
The following caua. If mi-ked ready,
wl'l be pased for the day. No cause will
be ;e. donn for a day upon this call.
Cohen :B Q Co k Snbl Wlarda k Co:Falklns-'
RR. ham I
Del Castillo :SUber-
Rrlzht Jenvn.
Scherdt X V Tele
phone Co.
llaierty :LaiarowltI.
RolcS:B Q Co A Sab
Whltestlne -.WelnrelcH
et si.
Nolan :B"klyn Union
Coal Co.
Pomanla Mason-FIan-
tar-MacArthur Bros.
Mahawj-e :Straa.
Welnsteln Interbor-
onzh R T.
Chester Acton.
Tolletsen Lalne.
Ilca-be. -Ieser A Co.
Callathan Bordens
forden.ed Milk Co.
Karoonakl Ellas Bwj
BiMener Schneider.
Patterson :Schneider A
First Pendetar.
Tnrker IH.ken.
Hller .O'lloarke Kns;l-
neerini Co.
Miller :.Vai. an RR.
Urine :B H RR.
Healy :Wheeler.
BametttX Y Consol
Vkinnellv 'Itlhh.
lTia -Levin et si.
Sprln;ste!nLocr k
McCahe City of N T. '
Barth PWrablna- Co.
Salomon -II. una A ano 1
Co.by Me..hkasr k
ster 11 klyn Lnlon ,
Gas lo. '
Morrl. Xaau RR.
Scheian. I. I Star 1
Pnb Co. j
Wallack .B Q Co t
i.otnieD v, 1 uoii.
Bloom.' Halrerln.
Selnfel. Kippelmsn :
Harding :Clty of X Y
sun KU.
Tosnte Bll Co.
I.ee.Swedl.h llo-pltal.
Kenney .Di-ch et al.
AUInJon Flske Bros
Robensteln Janowltz
A aso. '
Klein :Schmld.
Re-lnlnx Co.
Earan:Roes k ano.
Highest number reached on regular call,
Earrorate's Conrt.
CHAilBERS Wlngate. ?. Day calendar
at 10 A. M.
Wills, ef:
llermsn Rnloff.
Cattcrtr.c Sascr.
Jobs F Sctunadeke.
Allvrne I.vnn.
Charles Landman,
Hlisbeth SrhsaWs,
llLhr Schnablt.
Wine A Liquor Co;
Rubin :Cohn.
t -.1 k'lrsilt W -Ilatrsn.n-s. . " - ---- - - - - i,,,ii.1Iic ... Jva noil
Krapf :l.iebn.'.nn. Santorl-lioard of eTiu-l"-- Uroailway. opposite bt. Paurr . to 159 East Elhty-firrst street, a nine l
Sons line Co k ano. , cation. inumi, is i u cmarseu mm a i tnrj.- aparimeiu. jmjiu-;, Known as --- ;"- ,,,
V Y (-in.nl riR. l'f,hee:KnT Htm ri A Khnno.l ncltfittnn on the eastern en.l nf l,h. r-altnn cnnt.ilninp tn-pnl'.pv.n iwji wit w
tt Kurrniar. et al j ano. tne structure covering the plot at 20 ! Sp-,rtir.ents. renting for about $40,000.!' hr l-n!irlf.s. uiage i
Colonial Sand Co., 01en Ittta et al. , .i m rs,i, J ,., . .-, ono t 1 building 62 West Forty-
I roiiin. .jonnen ano. i : : . . . --,-.." - -.,
Louis Marks. Jeanelte Newman,
Accountings oft Mails K Hbeppard.
John II Kalhmcyer. Estates of:
Meyer Berkmsn, Oeorse t Mowbray.
John F Hocdtker. Lwlo Msreno.
Helen M Bishop. Contested will ef :
Edsisrd O Appellate. Ida Grossman.
County Court.
PART V. Dike. J. 'At W A. M., tltll
In re Bernstein,
Eastern THatrlet of New York.
Chatneld. J.-Court opens In Room 33, Post
Office nultdlng, Brookljn, at 10:30 A. M.
United Slates iJpseph
V Kllche.
Garvin, J.-Court opens In Room 311, Post
twice liuiiuing, urooaiyn, si m-
I, I Barge Co. Van
Iderstlne Co.
Home Insurance Co:
Van Iderstlne Co.
lhlbach.Stm tug
James Kay.
Aktleselikabet Chris
tlanssandiSS Iperla,
Aktleselskabet Chris
tlanassnd:Iperia Shipping Corp, Ltd
; p. M.
Ely:SS Cartaiens.
Mipreme Court.
TRIAL TERM Held In the County Court
House In Long Island City. .V i. Court
opena and calendar caueci in i ri i. ,
at 10 A. M. Before Mr. Juatlce Bene-1
'llct. . . ,u. '
It Is required that the name
A,,n.Al whn la In I TV fhfl CaSO
red that the name oi wi i
counsel who Is to try the case ue niea
with the Clerk In Part I. oeiore tne
calendar Is made up, otherwise no post
ponement for engagement of the counsel
will be granted. .
Not more than two causes In hlch the.
same trial counsel appears will be addeu
to tho ready ectlon of the day calendar.
Attention of tho bar In respectfully
called to Rules S, , I and 8, calendar
rules. Supreme Court, Queens County.
Zarembskl :Vlnre.
llettler. a. admr:
Il'klyn lit. RR Co,
Inrrlaey :IIetterich
ct al.
Same .ame.
Same -anu
Same :ame.
O.trove .Sheffield
Kami. Co, Inc.
Same :same.
Moran :IcMiillen . for
warding Co, Inc
el al.
Walker -Ruppert. Inc.
Ijittantlo, as admr;
Merer. Klem.
Nsthan :lIarrlon.
Callaghan:Nasau Elec
UR Co.
Sarre isame.
Caplan Mouquln
The following
causes. If nmrked rd.
ulll be paseed
for the day. No cause
nlll be set down for a day on this call.
Giordano. Blanchl &
Kase:Van Ie Venter
Pollcastro -JaRe.
H J Mullen Contract
ing Co :Clty of N Y.
Peace A ano :aame.
Markan -Levy.
Muller Urlgga.
Uolub Prlrate Auto
Rental Service, Inc.
Same same.
Greban Ebling Brew,
lug Co
linker :National
Pneumatic Co.
Homeyer : Yarcrhaum.
Broun :Johnson.
Stanton, as aduir:
Austin B'klyn HU
RR Co.
Same same.
Wllkenson. as admx:
Hlnes, Director-Gen
of Railroads.
Strong :Suydam.
Be Main, an Infant:
National Casket Co.
Holm Am Plumbing
Mfg Co. Inc.
Xenlek :same.
Hronn Blllerman A
H.ghest number reached on the general
calendar In regular order Is 1100.
avejstch ester county.
Supreme Court.
TRIAL TERM Day calendar. Part L.
Morschauser. J Part II. Jieeger. J:
Part III.. Young.' J Court convenes
and calendar . a lei at 913 A. M.
Jor.es Yenkers RR Co.
Jor.e. -Yonker. RR Co.
Bait Coleman.
Borgald ("stello.
Lln'kl Costello.
lmhof: Inter Tran.fer
Kuhen Ro.er.
Conn Chadderton.
Hoke .Welty.
Hike Welly
Crater's Warf.Valio
line O.l -'o.
A Line Co
5lmil,u Manielll.
Rittottl Swarenkl.
itir.-West Elec RR
xvhlte-I :Cohen.
Canrro:Van Taafel
Alellolbhertneyer A
Boklok Hartelt.
B,ley .Yonkers RR
The following causes must be answe.ea
reauy or maiked over :o another day:
Schmerkolt Fooler.
I WuestcntKi'fer Jlar
, ten.
, Metenon :Standard
Oil Co
Cooper :Daly Bros.
I Kolter Daly Ilro..
I Williams Baunian.
Ma.urrt Ccnolazlo.
Lc-IIt N Y C RR Co.
11 dy N Y C RR Co.
Wanl:VUlare of
LInabury:Clty of
Cro..:Mass Bonding &
ln Co.
Mdiorern -Bellman.
Halnei:Clty of Yonk
er. Kellr Cltr of Yonkers
Sm'th Umenneyer.
Tlchenor -Wright.
Von Siorch City of
Milling -Bowman.
KjTaiiaugh lloltnian.
Suilbury :Cor,tWM-ook
M'lls Corp.
Hanna Baker.
To-npklns:ll Altuian k
Axlen Haisht.
Charau.kas Ihigh
Valley Coal Co.
I'arey Carey
Seaman :ljrchmint
Nat Bank.
Highest number reatbed on csll lMt.
SPECIAL TERM Day calendar Pre.ent:
Th H()n vmUm P, rla.t, justice. Cojrt
onvenes and calendar calle-i at 10 A. M.
Hayes :Hsye. I Gustagno :InwI
Fennel -.Fennel. Dairy Co.
I Gldley :Brady.
The following caus must b answered
read or marked over to no lie- da :
Raker:Ani Cyanamld Marefc.g.ani .iiton
I -hnekler-Mi-Kennell
Baker: Am Cyanamld
llathur.1 O'li-nncll
Mii'kel :llyatt.
Farley :Gedney Farms
Kemlall estates:
Uvkwood :I-k wr.nl.
Also for the hearing of motions and ex
parte business.
Surrogate's Court.
Before Slater, S. At White Plain. Tu'.day.
Wills for probate:
Wetwter II Avery.
Athertlna C Knossel.
I Adele H Vulte.
John Feldhusen.
Henry I. l hurchtield.
Asa E Adaias.
Administrator's ac
counting .
William Uwtoa.
Charles Salerno
Compulsory account-
otto offenhauser.
jtMrphlne M Johnson,
Trust a.-onntlng :
Milllcent I. l'urdy.
David S Cowles.
Executor's account-
Joseph Barnch.
To die objections:
Anna W Glover.
To revoke letters:
rietro sciaalno. '
$4JS00,000 LOAN
To Finance Thirty-Two Story
Theatre in Fifth Avenue.
Or.e cf the largest loans on New York
tt rei estate rer ited recently wis
pa tl e-terJa;. o Hugnes Mam-ltcr president bought from the City In
moml t ortgase li.an brokers, i .ic loan. etlnT Company. Robert E. Dowling
whlih .nvoives 14.30o.000, U tor ten
years, at .".t. per cent per annum, and
is to oe securen o a nr?t niongHKe
on the thirty-two story office and the-
Ptre lunldins to be erected by August
MecKsclier. at me soumu ejt corner oian,i Eighty-sixth streets. The property
Fifth avenue and Flfty-i-eventh street
eMending through to and Including 3
to 9 West Fifty-sixth street. Plan for
the new building have Just been com
plete,! by Wan en & Wctmore. architects, i
Hughes & Hammond, in the last few
months, have placed mortgage loans as
gregating more than $13,000,000.
The National I'nrk Hill Obliterate
Two Fulton Street Landmarks!
acnition win nave nine stone, nna win
Include tne sue or tne old Moquln s
Fulton, and Ann street restaurant and
Brosnan's cafe, one of the old land-
i marks of Fulton street.
According to the plans filed by Donn
Barber, architect, tho cost of the Im
provement will be In the neighborhood
of $600,000.
1 1 nf fir. 'n n ki m.if nr p . prpv. : " - - " i w
SevTlM Krant. i T,a fis. ctnrv Vatlnttnl P.rL- HinV t. i.A,t fmm DtrtlAl Tl Tt.nn t re, -0. I i33fS3lun Ol Inc Kit
Anderson :.V V Herald' H. H. Heyman and Moses Rothsteln
0; , . jsold the five story apartment. 4lx90x
KramiX ro 1 ,0- at S72 rfnd ' Dlwn St.. for M. A.
vM.nUii.-n ir nr Kuh to Aaron Ginsberg and others.
E- A- Polak Realty Company and R.
'Weber sold for Alma Grebs to J. Scara
, '.'JO East Forty. eighth st . a three family
', .' , ,.t, . .
tinrry vanii aim i niup vtauenoerg
'purchased from the f'impson estate for
, imnrovement with a mralern nrsre n!n-
Iat southeast corner of Falle SL nd
1 Whltt&ck av . 150x100. Iltner, Brener
j A Iltner were the brokers.
, The c. R. M. Realty Company bought
I417 10 141 135lh 8t- and 448 antl
M10 r-asi nutn si., six tnree story dwell
ings, 17x100 each; also 439 to 481 East
141st sL, three three story dwellings.
The E. A. Polak Realty Company sold
tor I. Cohen to Harry Jackson. 743 East
132d St.. a five story flat. 30x100.
William Peters 4 Co. sold for Emll
N". Sorgenfrel the two story frame build
ing at 1833 Bror.xdalc avenuj to Joseph
Del Guldlce.
Many Business and flcsidciitial
Tropcrtics Chnnsc Owner
sliips Other Reports.
Frederick llrowti ptsrch.tel through
tho Oiarlca P. Noyea Company the
Oreenwlch HullJliiK. a ten story utruc
ture. 100x100, at the northwest corner of
Wfishlngton place- and (Ireene streut,
valued at 1750,000. NeROtlatloVia are
pending for a resale of the property to '
corporation which desires to occupy all
the available space when present leaaej
l'OMesslon of 100.000 square
feet will be available In February, 19-1.
" . . . !-i
Tne Law Department ot .ew im v....-
verslty now occupies three floors.
This Is the second large bulldins Mr.
Brown recently purchased In the vlcin-
Ity. Stoddard & Marls reprjsun.e'i ma
seller and Julius H. Ztcscr the buyer as
Corner In nrohdsTor fold.
. n,,,n,llnn atllrA It dOWntCWn
.u nt
r re dn lluild: a .orV
Mtructure nt 309 Broadway, -wrtr.wcst
comer of Duane street, -75x125. by the
Bro.idway.Juhn .Street Corporation
Klla. a. Cohen president. The teller
was Mary II. Hrandegee of Massachu
setts, and the deal was negotiated by
Wright Ilarclay and Horace S. Kly ."c
Mr. Cohen announced yesterday that
his company, after getting possession
May 1, contemplates Improvement's at a
probable cost of 150,000 In order to pro
vide attractive offices for lawyers who
are gradually being forced to vacate
their quarters further downtown. The
name will be changed to the Lawyers'
Building and Horace S. Ely & Co. will
continue as renting agents. The build
ing is a short distance from the pro
posed new court house site.
An Interestln-J phase of the sale was
the fact that the grandfather of Wright
Barclay suld the property to the 1-ang-dons
about eighty years ago as .t site
for a residence. Adolph and Henry
Bloch. attornt-yf. represented the buyer
and Cadwalader. Wlcke.sham & Taft the
Mldtovrn Loft In Destl,
Millard Veil resold for the Klarsmar
Realty Company. Inc.. to the Joffre
Realty Company, Ir.c, S. Kaplan presi
dent, the sesen story loft at 37 West
Twcnty-rlrst street. 25x5 S. renting for
$16,000 now, and held at J90.000.
Adda to Wrst Street Plot.
A. H. Bull & Co.. which recently pur
chased 33 to iO West st. through to 55
and r!0 Washington St.. yesterday added
to their holdings through the purchase
of 41 to -13 West St.. through to 62 to 66
Washington St.. about 75x1 SO Fron.
William D. Kllpatrick. Brown-Wheelock
ComiViny, Inc.. was the broker. The
buyer now controls about 25.000 square
feet and Intends to Improve the site.
. Many Dosrntosvn Sale.
William Barclay Parsons, who was
identified with the construction of the
city's subway system, has Joined the
army of downtown business home buy
ers. Mr. Parsons will rebuild for his
office forces the old tenement at 131
Water street, northeast corner of Pine
street. 21x13.10. which he purchased
from the Pine-Water Corporation. The
building is surrounded by the seven
story Traders Exchange Building. The
Hrown-Whcelock Company, Inc., was the
Ueorge R. Read & Co. sold for Ellas
A. Cohen a Ave story loft building, 19.10
xS3. at 100 Front street, between Wall
nreet and Gouverneur lane, to Frame
& i'o., for occupancy.
Max Marx purchased from the estate
of Maria T. Major, 43S Broome street.
Hdjoin ng the corner i.f Broadway, the
five ttory loft building, 30x115. Charles
F. Noyes Compan represented the pur
chaser and John C. Moore the seller.
William H. Whiting & Co. resold for
Frederick M. Perry the five story build
ing at 391 Broadway, between White
and Walker streets.
Duros Company sold 295 Pearl street,
between Beekman and Perry streets,, a
five story building. I7.Sx99xl00, to
Hiergosell & Son for occupancy.
Frederick Brown bought from Thomas
Newbold. 97 Park place, a live story
building. 3 1x77.6.x irregular.
W. K. Dean & Co. sold for J. Fred'
erick Ilernochan the five story and base
ment building at 30 and 31 West street
to i-'amuel Brody for 1100.000
Spear & Co. sold for the University
Place Realty Corporation the six story
and basement building at 13 to 19 Uni-
verslty place and 30 and 34 East Eighth
street, on a Sailors' Snug Harbor lease
hold. This building was occupied for
twenty-one years by Merck & Co., chem
ists. ("nllinibu. Avenue lllook tnld.
Winter Realties. Inc Benjamin Win-
president, through Bernard Smyth &
nS- tw0 !ix story apartments, "2j)4.4x
ioo. known as the Sterling and Carlvle
j and occupying the block east side of
Columbus avenue between Eighty-fifth
was held at $700,000 and Is part of a
large parcel acquired by the selling in
terests In 1903.
Apartment Houses Sold.
Daniel H. Jackson sold to H. B. James
two five story apartments at 3S52 to3S3S
Tenth avenue, near 207th street. 109.10.x
fnr flt dlln inrf htA nt
S'attery Construction company erected
the structure about eight years ago.
Tlie 254 Corporation, represented by
Arthvt E. Marsh, purchased from the
trustees of the estate of Moses Ehrenhelt
the ritratford. an eight story apartment
at 1070 Madison avenue, southwest
corner of EKhty-flrst street, 63x102.2.
Walter S. Dryfoos represented the
Porter & Co. sold for William M.
Purdy to the Vincent Valentine Con
tracting Company the four story tene
ment at 307 East 97th St., 25x100.
Litoni Realty Company. Max A.
Pchleslnsrer president, sold through !
Pease & El'iman 130 East S2d St., a four
sio 1 ai. iji.
F Polak Realty Company sold for'
v 'b. v Laird 1.SI6 tr. 1.S50 "d nv
- 7 -.- .- .
tni' n.vc ,"or "nnnts,
75x100, to
Israel .-.urivii
Ixiuis Block and Francis B. Roberts
sold 2.092 Madison av., a five story tene
ment house, -for the Lincoln Trust Com
pany. Oscar D. & Herbert V. Dike sold for
the Melrah Realty Company, Inc., 68
East 100th St., a five story apartment.
nnylnff on the Heights.
Jules Nehrlng, Inc., sold for Herman
H. Feldsteln to the Faro Realty Com
nanv Alcomac Court, a six story apart
ment, 100x35, at the northeast comer
5.0CO. Gilbert & Gilbert represented 1 V: , "''"y, . 'j
. the buyer and Goldsmith & Rosenthal .""IV 'Z n
TI13 sercr. ti. . jamw, vice presiaeni 1 - v,,yt , r, , . JJiem.
of Audubon av. and 173d st, housing
forty-two families, who pay nn nnnual
rental of ISS.00O. In part payment tho
buyer gave the six story elevator apart
ment howe, 75x100, Known a ll"
;l.ln I). .I ol .r,l1 West tilth SI't
containing thirty suites ami renting for
:0,000, Tho entire deal tnyolven
ninnnn TVi unu hrokerg sold f' '
centl'y to Faro Company three houses
uujolning us present purcnarr.
Hernartl Loudon and tleorge S. Ool'js
Matt Company fold for Morris Polsky
and IJenJamin, Oenen-on tho six story
apartment at the southeast corner of
niverslde Drive and H9th street,
Louis Hlo'k ft Co, sold for the V f Iss
Imleln Holding Corporation the poutn
west corner of Amsterdam avenue anil
ISSth street, a six story tenement.
Charles A. Dubolri sold for Abhlc W.,
llth M. and Fred H. Smith. Ihrough
Morris M. Haker, attorn.fy. to the lo
hawk Dress Company. Inc.. the five
story apartment house at CIS und 6.0
West 13th street.
Drnllima of One Opernfor.
I. Portman bought through b'potts &
Starr, Inc., the northeast corner of Mad
ison avenue and Klghty-seventh street,
a hIx story apartment, 30x113: also
from Alice It. Tompkins, through Na
sanowltz & Gelsler, 711 to 717 Vtest
ISSth street, two live story apartment
houses, 110x100, containing forty suites,
r.ntlne- for JJS.000 and held at 1180.000;
also from a Mr. Gross 194 to 170 West
UOth street, two Ave story apartment
houses, each SS.'xlOO. containing fifty
for 131.000 and held
at 1200,000. an! from a client of Spotts A
I Starr. Inc.
ihn southeast corner ui
, f" JVl
ry building, --xioo. new
DivrlUnn Market Active.
Douglas I Klllman ft Co. sold for
Harriet H. Smith, lepresented by J. F.
Sellz. 142 East Fifty-fifth stieet. a three
story dwelling. 16.8x100, to S. A. Reed,
who recently acquired 14 4 to U2, ad
Joining, through the same brokers, and
now controls a frontage of 91. S feet.
The Lloyd Wlnthrop Company sold
for the Margaret Strachan Home 103
and 103 West Twenty-seventh street, two
four story dwellings. They will be al
tered for the fur trade.
Pease & Elllman sold for Samuel
Sloane the four slory dwelling at 141
East Thirty-sixth street, 20xS2. The new
owner will occupy.
Tho Brown, Wheelock Company. Inc..
sold for John Qulnn the four story dwell
ing nt 12 East Sixty-seventh street, 27
X100 S, lo a buyer for otvupancy.
John F Mu'grew sold the three story
dwelling 136 Kist 71th street.
The Houghton Company and Leroy
Coventry sold for the Rosalie Hessleln
estate the three stor dwelling at 107
West SVventy-e.ghth street. 16 lOx
100,"-j. to the Merit Realty Company,
Mitii L. Osk president.
August F. Oroll sold the dwelling 145
East Forty-flfth street.
Pease & Elllman sold for A. Leo Ever
ett 632 Lexington avenue, adjoining the
f-outhwest corner of Fifty-fourth street.
1Sx70, a three story and basement dwell
ing, to a client of Stoddard & Mark ;
also for the Lltorn Realty Company,
Max A. Sch'eslner president. 130 East
Eighty-second . street. 23x100, a four
tory and basement apartment.
Vasa K. Bfacher sold the four story
dwelling. IS 6x100.5. at 130 West Seven
tieth sL. for the Clara M. Williams
estate, which owned 'the property since
1SS4, to Dr. E. L. Rounds.
Sale In Ilnrleni.
The Fischer Realty Company sold for
tne estate or s. syivester mo lour sioryi
. . . . . . 3
flats 34x100 at .9 and M Lst 103th
stree to L. Baker ; also for i, M Cohen
he hree s tory dure ng. -8J00. a
the three story dwelling U SxXOO. at
Chester D. Judls and Joseph Shapiro
bought from the Metropolis Securities
Corporation the seven story apartment,
60x105, at the northeast corner of Sev-
r nth avenue and 123d street. The struc-
ture contains twenty suites of seven and
.Ight rooms on a floor, rents for 132.000
and was held at 1200,000. Weld & Suy-
dam were the brokers.
Welss-Lemleln Holding Corporation
acquired the following properties through
Louis Block & Co. : From the New York
Life Insurance and Trust Company 57
to 61 West 124th street, two five story
Hats and a three story dwelling, 7Txl00,
i-nd the southwest corner of Second ive-
nue and Twenty-fourth street. 'four five
story flats. 75x100 ; also the two six
stury apartments, 75x93. at 4 to 8 Man-
liattan avenue; and 350 St. Nicholas
venue, a live story nit. trom tne Lin-
coin Trust Company.
Philip Meyrowltz bought from M
Uetzker the two adx story apartments, apartment, to John Olson: also 115 Ln
300x100. known as the St Helena and icoln place three story dwelling, for Dr.
St. Augusta, at 403 and 420 West 120th ,' p. p. Cavanagh.
street, facing Convent Park. The struc- j Shampan & Shampan. architects, have
tures contain eighty -apartments and had plans arproved for two five story
rent for $75,000. They were held nt ! apartments. 122x130. to be erected in the
630,000. David Mintz and Alexander north side of Eastern Parkway. 115 feet
Selkln were the btokers. i east of Albany avenue. Brooklyn, for the
Fitz Howe'l resold to the Leech Club. I Lincoln Place Realty Company . cost
a social organization, the three story $250,000.
dwelling, lot 19.6x100. at 121 West 131st ' B. F. Knowles Company sold 1SI
street. ! South Eighth street Brooklyn, a three
Howard Willets. Henry R Hoyt and I story and basement two famil) brlcx
Frank L. Hall, as trustees for J. Macy
i Willets of JOj'west 132d street, sold a
tUe storv triple apartment. 25x100. to
the Alcalde Realty Corporation. The
property adjoins the northwest corner ,
of Amsterdam avenue and 112d street.!
which i also owned by the sel'ers.
Goodwin fc Goodwin sold for the estate I
of William R. Beal to B. Rosner the four
story dwelling, 22x76. at 1 West 121st st.
other Mnnnnttnn aie.
According to an unconfirmed report
the Thoroughfare BuT.dlng. a four story
.,......, ,,..in th t,t,v-i- hmm,i.,i k.
f Broadway. Eighth avenue. Fifty-seventh
and Fifty-eighth streets, is reported to
have been sold to automobile interests
which plan the erection of a twenty-two
story building. Tho General Motors
Company has been mentioned as a
probable purchaser. . Tenants of the
building are said to have received notice
to vacate the premises, and if rumor Is
correct construction work on the new
Improvement will begin this spring.
Jacob Werthelm holds title to the prop-
1 eft'.
hoi btern was
for the estate
the five story
seventh street.
adjoining the Hotel Patterson, to Miss
Hilda A. Anderson, dressmaker.
Louis Steckler sold two five story
buildings at 152-151 West Forty-fourtn
street, 41x100, east of the Hotel Clar
Idge, at the northeast corner of Broad
way, to a client of David Lion. S.
Soracl was the broker in the transaction
and J. L. Berman. attorney, represented
tha purchaser.
Douglas li. Elllman & Co. sold for
Mrs, L. L. Benedict of Paris. France,
21x100.5. vacant, at -the northwest cor
ner of Madison avenue and Seventieth
oireei. e.a al .o.v-,.
uouis iecKier soia me two nve piory
! buildings, 41x100. at 152 and 154 Wejt
roriy-iourin ax., iiuuuk;i cwaci iu u
client of David Lion. J. I. Bermin rep-
-..(. H tH nurchar Th. nrnneetv
' ,'' " '
was held at $200,000
Vuea K. Bracrjr sold for the Robert
Iuls Stevenson School the four story
building. 17x102.2. at 226 West Seventy-
ninth St.. to Dr. William J. Whitney.
Roman-Callman Company sold for the
City Real Estate Company plot on east
side of Fifth avenue. 175 feet soth of
Washington avenue. Long Island City,
to the Queensboro Tool and Die Com-
pany, and have arranged financing for
the construction of a heavy brick ma-
I .k-n Ml.lnlnp SAAnO mnilnr tm
IIIIIC Biiufci i-v..w.....,fc ,v,vvu suM..
to be built on the plot.
Chn. .. i-.i n -1 n ,1 T mil. IT T An.
Apartment mid
Qther Lnrgc Properties
Lcnse'd in Kntirety.
N. A. Ilerwln & Co. leased
Schulte, Inc., the northweat
Broadway and ;;inety-nlmh s- .
US, owned by tho Mtlllgili,i
for twenty-one years. Th- i -Improved
with a feven st -, ...
50x100; also a one story taxr
Broadway frontai,'.- and 4c. . .
street. The wime lessee
through the same brokers, f
one years from Joseph M K
seven stores In the Edwin mar
the northeast corner of Un.
117th street, occupying a f- i, .
100 feet. The gross runtals .:
both leases approximates i
United Cigar Stores Comnanv '
from Fred II. Lemnlre the b i i ,
752 Broadway, southwest .
Flushlnsr avenue, Brooklyn
John F. James & Son Tie
this corner was occupied n a
Ilia l.emalre Brother for ,.
twenty years and during tha
visited by thousands of spc .
The location It at what was .m.
old cross roads of Wllllamsbue.- t
thoroughfares meeting at this
Johh V. James & Sons ius. j
I'nlted Cigar Stores t'o-niunv :
Sherman estate, the four tttnry .
at 173 Bowery, corner of lie .
street, 20x125, for a long tor i ,
aggregate rental of about .0- on
John F. James & Sons leased
Christian Bahr to the United
Stores Company, tho four story bus n.si
building, nt 441 and 413 Fifth an- v.
corner Ninth street, Brookhn T
corner Is a prominent transfer p t
and Is well known to thausards ro
visited the cafe which Mr. Ilv.r
ducted for about twenty years.
Other Ilccent Leases.
Charles F. Noyes Company leased foe
Alfred M. Rau floors in 45 to 31 L.pen
ard street to Abraham Springer T i.-o-dore
K. Flshel and Charles Bug'. a'
ground floor and basement to Itaa B .i
terman for five years , also sei ond f nr
In 519 Broadway to Shai'.o Teg-
Corporation for Mendel Presbergi r i "i
Douglas I.. Elllman A- Co . In , leased
apartments In 270 Park avenue, fi
nished, for Wlnthrop Ames to Ern.n
Brlttan; In 116 East Fifty-eighth sfrc t
to Mrs. B. O. Reeves; in 29 West For'
eighth street, with Stanley S. Woodi-y
f Co., to Mrs. Clio Arres. In 112 Ki-t
Seventy-fourth street to Mrs H Newe.l
Reynolds; in 27 East Sixty-fourth street,
with Plaza Realty Company, to Miss
Lillian A. Morse.
Douglas L. Elllman & Co.. Inc , leased
store in 27 East Sixty-fourth street
northwest corner Madison avenue, to
Mme. Pauline. Inc. ; also store in 5sl
Madison avenue for Halsey & Flint to
Mathey Bros., Inc. '
J. Levy leased for Irving Kempr.r
fcur five story tenements to Henry Te,
enstlen. ,Vaai K. Bracher leased apartments
for Dr. Arthur M. Jacobus In 131 West
Seventieth st. to Victor La Salle M-ss
Helen May. Mrs. Erna Riders and Miss
,, -.. . .
vHam ungerford In 121 Wen
Nathaniel Doyle Adele
Focaccl. Lillian HartJ. Edward Carpen-
, Morse. Anna MacAr.hur,
Rose Planet and F. Stralth-MI'ler
Baffa & Dixon sold for the Delaney
.state ta to 20 Hone St.. Brooklyn, a-1
(- j, Nugent 22 and 21. old dwe"-
inK5i 113x100. to the Allied Bunders
Corporation. Ins.. who will remove h
buildings and erect a one story garagv
covering the entire plot ; also sold for L.
Jasuly to M. Epstein, ihree family flat
20x100. at S76 Driggs av.
Berkshire Realty Company, Inc. pu--
chafed four four sto-y buildings at 797
to jo; Knickerbocker av., together w h
tw0 houses at 303 and 303 Eldert tt
Brooklyn. There are forty-eight apa't-
ments and seven stores renting for
$23,r)00. Meyer Ellenberger was the
Henry Pierson & Co.. Inc. so'd 11?
Garfield nlice. Brooklyn, an eight 'arn''v
t House. Zlxllla. tor A. oick.
I Mrs. O. G. Fattlborn sold to the Par-
iei ueauy i-oinimuj. unsuw
KtfaIt' Company, a slx-famliy
tenement 20x10..
H. Goldschmldt of Cedarhurst rented
for Mrs. Fallow house' at corner rof OjK
street and Leroy avenue to Albert Al-"-
ibers; for Lester Appel. house on uih.
street to Sidney O. E. Dryfoos. for M's.
Flaherty, house on Washington aymie
to Mrs. John I. Hart; for Mrs. j hari.s
Hicks, house on Summit avenue to
! Brandon; for M. P. Perkins house on
i i-aiayeue . uvuu.c.v, ---
Tho Robert E. Farley Organisation
sold for Ixroy Hutchins his home on
Chatterton Parkway. WliKe Plains, to
Arthur G. Hayden of ihe Bronx Park
way Commission.
Duross Company resold for William
Grant Brown to Eugene W. .WaterburT
the Boggs farm at Pcekskill, comprises
seventy-five acres.
Lewis H. May Company resold w
Morris Bieber the Kean propert at
Ostend place. Far Rockaway. U I 1
and a half story dwelling, to
illlam F. Kerrigan sold .or ' '
,... nmor rninmbus an1'
Henry avs .
pallsaaes i-arK. .- j . -
Arthur E. Smith.
The Fontainebleau. a six stor- a-ar'-ment,
100x100.11. at 1S51 Seventh a
is to be taken over by the 1S51 ".i1
Avenue Company, formed by T L W "
D. R. Ledman and S. R- Levenson. Tii
building was purchased a month ago oy
William Oppenhelm. ,
White-Goodman and George a Keaa.
jr. r-r. ..... tho hrnkpr. ln the -i!c '"r
Mrs. Eva B. Brow ning of the six sb nf (
storsj and loft building al 1 a a.,
st. to Morris Borsodl. .
ch.rin i Porln pnc-lneerirg crirl-
1 whose residence Is at 55a Par
, buyef of he Mrtf.en stnry ,,
rr- t
-t '
building at 640 Park av
COrner of Sixty-sixth st . sell
Dy Douglas I- Elllman A:
t, m c- Maver. Mr. Perin f
1. .i i.. in t ..a
uivupj- gut ui uir -
1 The Harlem Property Osw-
elation will meet Thursd.v- "
February 5, at 47 West 12Uh -"' i
; Frederick Fox & Co.. Inc.. sr . (
1 Holland Holding Cotupan t " 0 , e
Rroome Street Realty Comt "
houses at 229 to 233 West T':." "'l
.,im, ,h- buver "
, improve with a twelve story s.
loft building. f3
John J. Blehm has moved . ..
from 335 Seventh av. to 24o Wes
ty-fourth sL . ,
Brown-Wheelock Compar.yl''
the broker In the sale of 12. a'
T'--. T nM..frtI..tll . F F TO T J
a ncf, -.vw. -
1 ccntiy.
1 ' 1 K ,

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