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BAN ON TRUCKING IS f War Machines That Fought Men Find Snow Difficult to Conquer
. v-
All Kinds of Hauling Will Bo
Permitted To-day Owing to
Hotter Conditions.
Trackless Do)' Largely Ob
served, Though Not to Ex
tent HylJin Desired. '
Truckless Monday was not so truck
lers an Mayor 'Wan wished, but never
theless ft propo'llon of Manhattan's
trucks and nxlcal kept off the street
yesterday Ih'ir 3l"l" " "my ot snow
shovellers more time to think about
mow and lew to think about d6dS!nff
Mingled with pie wagon, rrll trucks,
r.ewepaper vehicle, wbo ei-'o grocers'
vehicles, coal carts and the ever present
mow truck were quite u few taxlcabn.
MMenger vehicles and trucks carrying
unnecessarles In the morning. By after
noon most of thesa had, been halted and
more or less politely ordered back to
their garages or etables by traffic police
men. Some obeyed ; others pretended to.
jn the other boroughs, especially The
Bronx, the Mayor's mandate waa not
obeyed so generally, possibly because of
the smaller proportion of police In theso
In virtually every' case the order of
the police was outwardly respected, but
when It was not no summonm-s were
Issued, for the police seemed very much
In the dark about Just what a man
couid be accused of on the police Wet
ter for driving a flivver about the city
streets. They lectured the offenders
most severely, however, and shooed them
o:f In a direction different from the on
In which they were headed.
Taxt Scrvtcr Cut.
It was not possible to get a taxi from
anv of the bis companies yeitenliy
afternoon. So"ie companies announced
there would be taxi service tn-day.
however, when the ban against trucks
too Is lifted. The ban waa lifted at
r iliHght and to-day all kinds of trucn
iuT is permissible.
v:-'e automobiles were In use yes
tmlav for In police circles "trucklns"
ne 'i.'d In tho Mayor's order was va
r.o'isi.v interpreted, but the number of
auiut: oh'.l's was fewer than usual.
Fifth nvM.ue, closed yesterday from
Fom-fcord ctrcet to tho Washington
Ari tor !! trofflc. rapidly assumed Its
pre snowstorm smoothness yesterday un
Her the inanlcurlnK of many pick and
shovel men. The Important cross streets
and Broadway will be the next points
rf comentrntlon. The volunteer force
f.f vmlous transportation companies
working to clear South and West streets
lie'ow Fourteenth street had almost fin
.l,od their Job last night. These
thoroughfares will he In condition to
nrrv the heavy traffic of food and fuel
tmrhs which supply the city to-diy. and
the cmeruTwy workers will go thank
f.iily lack to th transportation busl-
nPHirry Ha-t. htad of the Bureau of
Fin ltimoval. announced yesterday
tin.- besides the emergency men on South
tin.l Wot streets, who are l-ss than a
thousand In number, the department has
I si o regulars and 9,213 extra men on
fie Job. whl'e the contractors have 2,204
n.i n and somp 1.013 (rucks. This means
th.it about 12,300 men are at work on
t.ie streets of Manhattan, The .Bronx
and Urtokly'n. as "Mr as'the department
1 ws, but Mr. Hart said that hundreds
of other men of companies and apart
n c-i.t houses were 'at work throughout
tin rlty rhovejllng row Into sewers and
ctnenvlsu getting the city In shape.
Criticism' by .Vlxun.
Vot much progress in the extension of
strtet car servlco was reported In Man
hattan, hut the companies had. many
men on the Job. Lewis Nixon, Public
Service Commissioner; Issued a state
ment In which he said that efforts to
tesume operations were hampered by
the burning out of sections of the chan
nel rail by shoit circuits. It was neces
siry to send to Washlncton for supplies
to replace the used up equipment. He
alM' criticised the .administration.
He said the trolley lines should have
the. necestary cqnwment to start sweep
ing when snow siirts, and pdded that
the city should be prepared to state
whether this is a part of the cost of
operation or whether the extra cost
should be borne by the taxpayers. Mr.
Nixon continued:
"The Street Cleaning Commissioner
Is evidently doing everything he can,
hut organization cannot be secured
after a snowfall. He seems to be' the.
lctim aim not the cause of existing
Brooklyn had 2.S00 shovellers. In
cluding many volunteers, at work with ,
iujuiu suu irucKS, ana me n. it. i. suc
ceeded in opening seve.ral more remote
street car sections. This borough, be
cause or iim overhead trolley system,
has not i.i:ered as much as Manhat
tan from the snow. Subway and ele
tattd seivice Is about normal.
Hundreds of persons visiting In New
York, who had expected to leave the
city yesterday, were forced to remain
pending the recession of Mayor Hylan's
order forbidding the use of trucks on
the streets. The visitors had packed
ihelr clothing In grips, suitcases and
tiuiika preparatory to sending them to
the railway stations. When the ordet
was issued for policemen to stop the
trucks the baggage was held up and
could not be sent to the stations.
Commission Decides to Invest
tigate Justice of Complaint.
Washincton; Feb. 9. rrotests of a
great number of bituminous operators
that they are incurring a loss under
the present maximum fixed prices and
the H per cent wage Increases to
miners led the coal strike settlement
commission to decide to-day on appoint
ment of a special committee to begin
the compilation of duta bearing on the
necessity for ft readjustment of these
prices In nil fields.
Announcing that the purpose of the
committee was rolely to facilitate con
sideration of the price question by the
commission. Chairman Robinson em
phasized that the commission was yet
entirely without authority to order any
readjustment of prices. Such author
ity, ho said, would he asked for only
If the commission finally concluded that
new price lovels wero necessary. Ap
pointment of the committee, however,
following the representation of current
losses by many operators was accepted
as a substantial Indication that tho
commission bclleveB a readjustment of
prices to the public must be Included
In Its final settlement. i
Personnel of the committee, upon
whl&h will be represented tho operators,
miners and the public, probably will be
announced to-morrow.
Machines That Drovo Back
Gormnns Cannot Clcnr
Ground in Contral Park.
Three Army Officers and Three
Soldiers Try in Vain to
Molt Deposit.
-r i
on his back took the machines off the
backs of tho soldiers who had machlnos
on their backs. Tho machines wcro then
held with their noztles trained upon an
expanso of snow which covored one ot
Central Park's greenswards. Thon tho
flamo throwing machines wero lighted.
One of them sputtered and quit cold.
Tho other sputtered a little also and
then emitted for eight continuous sec
onds a spout of black toko which as
discovered afterwards--slightly black
ened the snow at which It had been di
rected for about twenty square, feet of
Its expanse,
There was not any moro of tho ex
periment. Tho army officers climbed
b.-ck Into their cars and went away.
A-'.er a whllo the flamo men followed
their example. Then tho arltl mctlclan
did his sum In Arabia numerals. Then
the observer who claimed to have been
sent uptown by tho City Hall started
back In that direction to report t his
Chief that when It comes to sno re
moving these nrmy boys are well mean
ing but unconvincing, and the dear old
Street Cleaning Department, with Its
earnest tollers In white suits, the peo
ple's best reliance after all,
Con I Crlsl Here Ended.
Tho coal crisis has passed, Public Ser-
After nrmy (lame throwers had folded
up their flame throwing apparatus and
motored nway yesterday an arlthmetl-
rlnn ntvimnt flrriirfrl out that If the SnOW
in r,ntmi Park could be conserved In , vice Commissioner Lewis Nixon said yes-
an unmelted state for the duration of j ""lay. Harbor movements, owing to
.vn.im.ne n nrmv corns comoosed " .wanner weather, can again be de-
(tended upon nnd putting coal for public
.utilities at the head of the preference
list will avoid o recurrence of the
troubles caused by commandeering.
the experiment an army corps composed
exclusively of erudite specialists of a
grade .:ot lower than Lieutenant-Colonel
might, unless the squirrels became ob
streperous and massed their strength In
the path of science, contrlvo to burn
away all that snow lying upon a surfaco
not to exceed 400 square feet and not
deeper at any point than IVi feet, with
in 8,782,847,76J,1,B39,939.999,OI)9(000
years 21 hours 8' and 3-5 seconds.
Otherwiso the experiment of fighting
Mayor Hylan's snowstorm with army
flames was ft perfect success yesterday.
The park Is there to prove It.
As duly promised In the press, the ex
periment was conducted yesterday with
Col. W. K. WII6er In command of It,
Major William D. Clark second in com
mand of It, and Lieut Pierre Ft. Smith
third In command of It. The squad
commanded by all this power of com
mand consisted of three soldiers from
tho nrmy arsenal and laboratory at
Edgcwood, Md two of them with flame
throwlhg machines upon their backs and
the third there because ho was there.
After their arrival in army motor
cars an hour was permitted to pass
while a considerable crowd congregated
to watch tho experiment. Then the ex
periment was conducted like this:
Irst. the soldier who had no machine
Hnil No Part In -Crntrnlln Attack
ji Ilndlcnl Ifcndiiuurtem.
Montisano, Wash.. Feb. 9, The
American Legion to-day was oxonernted
of any part In the planning of an ai
Jeged plot to raid tho I. W. W. hall at
Centralla, by Attorney George V. Van
derveer, counsel for tha eleven I. W. W.
defendants' on trial here for thel? llvei
fpr the Ceritralla. Armistice Davjhoot.
ire.. ' y4
Viinde'rveer delivered the ofcnlni
jjiatement for tho defense before th
jiiuDuiuuuii iiuu uucri'u ujiy eviuence.
He charged the American Ltglon
members who might have participated
In what hp altqgcu, was a prearranged
affair were catspaws of commercial or
ganizations of Centralla. ,
Tiffany & Co.
Firm Avenue &37BStiu;et ,
Pearls Diamonds Jewelry
Silverware Stationery
I Exported to Announce Candi
dacy While In MlKiourl.
Iptciat to The Sex asd Nsw Tosk Hzaiin.
Montcomert Citt. Mo., Feb. 9. It
as stated to-day that Champ Clark,
mh.orlt.. leader of the House, will an
nounce himself as a candidate for the
intttd States Senate before ho returns
to Washington next Monday.
He begin his campaign In the Third
district to-ti.orrow to assist In the elec
tion of a Ctmocrat to fill the vacancy
caused by president Wilson appointing
Rei'icsenthtiv Alexander as Secretary
ot Coiiiniercii In his Cabinet
Prominent Women PInn Benefit
for Fonndllnir Institution.
Mrs. Frederic Nlelson. Mrs. Henry W.
Taft and Mrs. Charles James Welch are
an.oi.g the prominent women who are
ranging a mmmftge sale and auction
for tn benefit of the New Tork Found
ling Hospital.
The sale will be held In the h-spltal.
bast Sixty-eighth street, on Wednes.
and Thursday of thlsweek from 11
t, t(!.10 p- M- Contributions of ar
TOle, old or new, aro solicited.
You will like Listerine
S " 't
Lm,(H ' ' ' ' ' ' "
ifewii in ji iii
H i I nui'M'"'"M",','m"v' j i iii j j jfjff
J i
1 ...
Three Sizes
It is beneficial in warding off infection.
I WHO? 9 el
as . a spray or gargle, is an excellent
thing to use frequently at home in
the office everywhere.
"'.-.ii.--- .
Manufactured only by ' -jlaMBERT
T .
.... V;
' 3
HE Tailored Hat, The Sport Hat and The Sailor
'for Spring have presented many problems that
'have been worked out most charmingly by Knox.
Designed with a careful regard for the demands of women .
who favor the exclusiveness and traditional quality of, ..
Knox Hats. .
v rM
A tr t"
New models in women's sport coats that, have' been '
originated by Knox and produced in camel's' hair clothe
and Harris Tweeds of excellent weaving. j
Knox Sport Skirts forerunners of spring styles to be
both in making and materials. Plaited effects of wool
plaids and stripes, Crepe de Chines in brilliant shades
and Fan-ta-si silks in white, delicate shades and the vivid
colorings so much in vogue. '
COixesTocpecce OKjDes
A department which will give prompt and careful 1
attention to correspondence orders is at your disposal.
Quaint New Orleans
Visit that quaintest of cities in which Spain, France and America are so fascinatingly
blended, New Orleans that city famous for its Mardi Gras and more famous still for its old
world atmosphere of custom and heritage. Here you will get a passing glimpse of the oia
South; taste of culinary delights that smatter of the commingled art of three races; nnd a mm
of the history and romance of days that are gone. 1 .
New Orleans and the Gulf Coast Resorts afford all Sports and Pastimes. Winter Racing,
Duck Shooting. Hunting, Golf, Yachting, Fishing, Motoring.
Your trip will be incomplete without a visit to Mottle, Pensacola or other famous Gulf
Coast Resorts where interesting people from all over the country foregather for the winter
holiday under sunny skies in the welcoming Southland. ,.,
Attractive Winter Excursion Fares to Resorts in the South are offered b the United Sttt.s J?
SwFMMTschttalM. Service, M.ps or Booklet, "Florida and Southern Winter Resorts," .pplr to ct writ,
nearest Consolidated Ticket Office or
' United -Seated - Railroad 'Administration''
Trcve' Bnrciu
M6 Transpcrlatlcu il-jildlnR'
Travel Bureau
143 Liberty Street
New York
Travel Borean
602 Healey Building
Real -ObangeMabmaiade
. ; . ,.-i.t-.
- '. - ' .
i - I'M

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