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MicocU Proposal Will He-
fujnlrc Separate Action on
men iteflervnuont
Additional Ilcptiblicnns Go on
Record ns Opposed to Demo
cratic Overtures.
ttttftl to Tut 8cx d Nsw Taw niiuo,
Wasiiimgtok, Feb, H. Whert th
German pace treaty comm More the
Bemte Monday discussion wilt start ni
completely Mir as when It was Inau-
eurated with the flnt submission of me
This !i the result of the proposal sub.
milled by Senator Hitchcock (Neb.),
actlnc Democratic leader, looking to ft
new reservation to Article X. There
was the poaslblllty that a new series
or mervatlons en Wos might be laid
before the Senate and consider! under
a single vote, but the Hitchcock pro
posal roado It appirent that the matter
would iro back to lt first stales.
Every reservation will have to be con
sidered separately; It will be open to
cmendmcnu and substitutes. The en
tire list will require to txi sons throusti
In this way. for the Hitchcock reserva
tions are Impossible of acceptance by
the antl-Admlnlstratlon forces.
Much attention was irfven to-day to
the effect of the Lanslnit-Wllson corre-
Jndence In connection with the re
ment of the Secretary of State. On
h sides the effort was made to pro
e an appearance of advantage by
loion of the retirement of Mr. Lan
cing, but on the whola It produced no
Jesuit. Nobody was willing to admit
that the Senate's final vote would be In
ruenced by the quarrel within the
lYesldentlal household.
To-day's situation demonstrated how
complete Is tho reliance of the Demo
cratic party on the President's leader
ship. Not since the treaty fight opened
had there been a time when Democrats'
wero less willing to state for publica
tion their feelings about a situation. It
Is Impossible to separate the Lansing
Wilson correspondence from the con-
clderatlon of the league and treaty
Ituatlon, but In a general way It can
be said the outlook for ratification of
Iho treaty was Impaired by the publi
cation of the correspondence given out
At the State Department last night.
That the Hitchcock alternative reser
vations proposed yesterday might pro
vide a key to the situation was shown
to be fallacious to-day when eight Re
publican Senators announced they would
not support tliem. These were Messrs.
McCormlck and Sherman (III.). New
and Watson (Ind.), Cummins and Ken
yon (Iowa), Spencer (Mo.) and Hard
ing (Ohio). These added to Die sis who
declared themselves yesterday as op-
Peace Council of Ten
Has Had Hard Knock
i.'4f Dtwich it Ta Sen a N
yon ntuLB.
'v time of the peace confer
ence who composed tha orljrlnai
Council of Ton, made up of
chiefs of statcj end their foreign
ministers, are:
Italy Orlando, forcea Into re
tirement by his Parliament: Son.
nino, Foreign Minister, fell with
Orlando. , ,
France Clcmenceau, defeated
for President; Pinchon, Foreign
Minister, enforced retirement.
United States Wilfon, health
impaired and in bitter contro
versy with Senate; I.aniine, Sec
retary of State, compelled by
President to resign.
'calle4 either by the league or by neu-
irai nation.
A commission composed of member
of the council nominated by President
IUlfour was Instructed to summon the
fttate chiefly concerned to this confer
ence. The place of meeting was not an
nounced, but It Is expected that It will
bo either Oineva, the present headquar
tersof the League of Nations, or Amite r-
IKwed to such reservations Messrs. CaI-
der and Wartsworth (N. v.), Sutherland
(W. Va.). Uall (Del.). Dllllrgharn (Vt.)
and Krellnghuysn-(N. J.) made a total
of fourteen Itepi'bllcana nbiolutely op
poird to the Hitchcock programme.
These, added to the. fourteen Irrecon
cllablen, made a total of twenty-five.
Five more would make thirty-three,
which la the number necessary to defeat
ratification. With more than twenty
Democrats from whom to procure these
five votes It was conceded to-day that
ratification on the basis of the Hitch
cock programme was Impossible.
Senator Lodge (Mass.), the repub
lican leader, asked Senator Colt (It I.)
to-day to nee the mild reservation Re
publicans and learn their attitude toward
the Hitchcock pronorals. Later Senator
Colt reported that none except possibly
Senator McNary (Ore.) would vote for
Senator Hitchcock and McKellar
(Tenn.), on behalf of the Democrats,
also talked with the mild reservatlonlsts
to-day and were told that tbe latter
would not vote for either of the Hitch
cock reservations. This was stated as
broadly and frankly a pomlble.
Senator McCumber (N, D. ), the real
leader or the mild reservation Republi
can!, said to-day-that he would support
either of the Hitchcock formulas of the
Article X. reservation and asked Sen
ator Colt to do the same. The latter
definitely rofused to do so.
Meeting Probably in Geneva
or Amsterdam.
Sptcial Calte, Copyright, IKO. by Tat 8c
A!tD New Yosk IIesaLd.
London, Feb. H. The League of Na
tions announced yesterday Its decision
to call an International financial con
ference nt the earliest possible moment
"with a, view to studying the financial
crista and looking for the means of
remedying or mitigating the dangerous
consequences arising from It"
Arthur J. Balfour, president of the
league, announced It had been thought
proper to follow the suggestion of Aus
ten Chamberlain, Chancellor of the Ex
chequer, In his letter of February 12
saying that Great Britain would partici
pate In such a conference if It were
3itf cSfcaay (Shobf OriinaUmA
Final Clearance Sale
Entire Remaining Stock
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to Closing the Fur Depart
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The Modes for Spring
in Women's and Misses1
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preparation of the memorial proposing
an international congress.
Dntch May Join Leasne.
Tim lUour, Feb. n (delayed).
Blight opposition developed to Holland's
entrance Into the League of Nations
hen dlscuaslon of the question was
opened tMa afternoon tn the Parliament.
too speaker proposed a tentative reser
vation to um erred uuu it any otner
nation entered the league under more
favorable drcurmvtancea (such aa the
United States) Holland should enjoy
the name privileges. The subject will
sw-egfi JkATB
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LtxiKOTOW, Ky. Teh. UK epecUl
Grand Jury was empanelleld to-day to
tavUraU the mob rtota Jut Monday
m ovCtr of Brig. 1 en. p. C Marahall
V, B. Army, Military uovemor vi
lrtjton. Circuit Judge Kerr delivered
the charge. The Jury la made up of
farmers and leadltue business men.
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fir Stout Women
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. HI
The Varying "Moods and Manners of the Mode in Women s and Misses'- '1"
, Spring Apparel Afford Widest Latitude for Individual Expression
Lend to these Bonwit Teller & Co. Fashion Achievements
A Cosmopolitan Tone and the Finesse of Distinction
Translated in terms of youthful simplicity, restrained elegance and distinguished dignity, these ver-, ,;
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chine and meteor.
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patterns, bead embroi
dery, tufted lace, net and
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mal evening gowns
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sions of the fine
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o .
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To an already large collection, new
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pecially emphasized.
For Women and Misses
The complementary hat for
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the particular function. For the
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tyn hats, with stitchery and em
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The more formal fashions are
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Others hats are of leg
horn and various
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as novelty materials
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private workrooms
of the
Teller 8c
Co. Shop.
of m,-? 1 11
;. . .... .....i. ...... I , I

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