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'CM for$lt3,017.48, Plus 6 Per Cent Interest, Is on the Way to Gladden Hearts of Third Place Yankees
(Their Shoro of World's Scries :
Monoy, Plus Interest, Duo
i in Day or So.
(President Hoydler Confident;
National Commission Official
Will Bo Named ly Then. 1
A check for JI3,0l7,4,,plu 6 per cent.
Interest, is duo at Yankee headquarters
in a day or two. John Heydler and
jjjn Johnson, composing the present I
one man missing National Commission, ,
sjrrtd before they left Chlcagp to pay ,
that held In escrow money over to tho
finite players Mght away and Garry
Herrmann, late chairman, was to send a j
CCCCK 10 1,01. uuppen, iiuinvu nmijiian.,
n soon as lie returned to Cincinnati. .
The Interest la from the time when
the others who Bhared In tho world's
terles prize money recolvcd their share,
to that tho American Leaguo quarrel
which forced tho Yankee playus to
wait has been well lined with Hvcr.
fffcty might have pnt that money In
ffdtoiw or some other sort of living and
triey might not have drawn any Interest
from it.
Those who get ft share each In tho
cut are Hugglns, RuoJ. Hannah, Hoff
raan. Shawkey, Shore. Mays, Nelson,
fmallwood, Thormahlen, Mogrldge,
O'Dgul, Pirp. PraTf, Peck, Baker, Ward,
Jiewja, Fewster, Bodlo, Vide, Wlckland,
O'Connor, the coach ; Woods, the trainer,
nd Schenk. club house man, with Roth
and McManus, the road secretaries, each
to receive a half share. The full shares
are approximately f 530 each.
Boy Sprint Wonder
Seen in Australia
AUSTRALIA lias (in out and out
hoy wonder for tho sprints,
and If the athletic reports
from .the land of , the kangaroo provo
to ho rellablo, tho new aspirant for
fame la bound to stnrtlo tho universe.
Ills name la P. 3, Heath. In the
Australasian ln,tcrscliolnstlo cham.
plonshlps recently lie- succeeded In
covering the 100 ynrds n10 seconds,
roully wonderful tlmofor a school
boy. The style In which tho youngster
scored hlsvlctory was moat striking.
At sixty ynrds ho had tho field so
well In hand that ho dropped Ills
arms and won easily by moro than
three yards, nnd a few of thoso who
had watches that registered "tenths"
'of a second claimed that Heath
showed belter than "ovens" for tho
Aa to the method of getting over
tho cround, U is said that the youth
ful kangaroo leaves nothing to be de
sired. He la a powerfully built chap
and strides long and low, thcroby
losing very little enorey reaching for
tno ttrlclo.
According to the sporting ex
changes from the "land down below,"
Heath, already Is assured a place on
tho Australian team which will com
pote In the Olympic games In Bel
gium next August. He belongs to
the samo family aa "'Hod" W. Heath,
a Davis cup lawn tennis player,
Declares Cochran Holds Bona
Fido Contract With French
, Boxer.
Strnnglcr Lewis Disciplined
for Brooking Engagement
to Wrestle.
resident Heydler of the National
Leawe Is confident the new chairman
ef the National Commission, tho selec
tion of which has been a long, lingering
jrorets, will take place within two
weeks. He and Ban Johnson will get
together and decide, Thero will be no
deadlock and dragging along Indefinitely
Jn the matter, he says. Sir. Heydler
gave oat this statement yesterday :
'The publication of the' list of names
presented by tho special committee rep
resenting the American and. National
leagues Is to bo regretted. All of these
gentlemen are now occupying lilgh sta
tion in their respective places of publlo
or private affairs. Not one of them, to
m knowledge. Is a candidate for the
rosltlon of chairman of tho National
Commission. The publication, there
fore, has not only been extremely em
barrassing to the gentlemen named, but
i!so has handicapped Mr. Johnson and'
myself In broaching the subject and In
the making of our choice. I hope, how
ever, mai announcement or tile nn-
Hakes Most of His Opponents
Quit in Tryputs at 13th
Andy Crew, tho little distance run
ner of tho Brooklyn A. A., scored
hollow victory In tho two mile run In
Iho Metropolitan try outs for national
Junior indoor championships at the
Thirteenth RcKiment. Brooklyn, last
'night. Fourteen youngsters were en
tcred to compote against him, but only
flvo went to tho post, and tney might
lust na well have remained on tho
side lines. Craw outclassed them, and
before half tho distance had been coy.
ered all but A. Hulsebosch liad quit.
To win the raco Craw was not com
pelled to extend himself at any stags
of the Journey. Ho allowed Hulse
bosch to set the pace for a tew Japs
whlln ho ambled alone at his heels. At
the end of the first half milo Craw went
to tho front and tbo race was. as gooa
as over. Without doing his best ho
stepped along In front while Hulseboscn
was doing his mightiest to remain wuiv
In striklne distance. Aa the. bell aa
r.ounced the final lap Hulseboscn
chairman's name may be mado wlthiii -printed, but npt so with Craw. He
the next fortnight"
Add managers who have managed Jn
both major leagues: Griffith, White Box,
Yankees, Reds and Washington!, and
Chance, Cubs and Yankees.
When Bugeno McCann. scout and nd
tlsor of the Cincinnati Reds and a man
Mho had something to do with their
success last year, heard yesterday that
tho New York National eague club had
offered Ilclnio Zimmerman and another
player for Dutch Ruethcr, tho pitcher,
he asked this question:
"Who Is the other player? Cleorge
Burns or Ross Young? If It's one of
them maybe there's something In the
trade and we might be able to use
Benny Kauff. I don't see where we
could use Zimmerman, and I don't see
what use NcGrawhas for another left
handed pitcher." ?
Judge McQuadq of-the Giants didn't
know anything" of. tho alleged offer.
Work cme from Cincinnati that Ruc
ther was not to be traded.
Charles Stoncham of the Giants was
to have arrived front Chicago yesterday,
end a conference between the respective
owners of the two New York clubs re
garding futile prices at the Polo
Grounds was to have, been held, hut
Etoneham's train was ten hours late.
There'll be a meeting to-day. If It can
be arranged.
was aula to retain mo ieua wuuuut
exerting .hmlself. , A hundred yards
from the linlsh tho Brooklyn A. A. lad
displayed a spurt which carried him
home a dozen lengths In front. At the
end he was not taking a long breath.
So well did he run that experts pre
dicted ho would win tho national Jun
ior title at Buffalo on February .1
I). Do Witt of Rutgers College led
home a big Held In tho 300 yard dash. K.
((corgi of tho Now York A. C. was sec
tnd. and A. Rothschild of tho Kings
County' A. A. third.
W. D. Braunstetn of N . York Unl
vesitv ran a 'real good rai e In the 600
yard run. Tho armory was too cold
for real fast running, but ha went form
and defeated a big field and covered tho
distance In tho eaod time of 1 :1S 4-5.
Braunsteln laid off the pace until a
hundred yards from home. At that point
ho Bprinted to tho front and, in tho best'
finish of the night, passed tt)e juages two
yards In front of A- H. Dolder. unat
tached, who came n with a rnch In the
last twenty yards ana nipped 3 Branger
of tho St. Christopher tuo -r place
P. W. Conway of the Mornhifislde A.
C. won the B0 yard dash and A. p. Rob
erts of the New York A. C. led home
his opponents in tho 70 yard hurdle race.
Tho summaries :
3.000 Yanl Una Woo ly llP7 Wteger, Tool-
1st A. C; T. B. renfieiJ, Jr.. Princeton Unl
tenuity, r.ooil; A. U. UoUer, unattached,
uiirc. jiiae, aus. u-i.
-11 ViM Hurtle narpVWon bl A, P. Kotwits.
New York A. C; W. JE. Masscj, Jr., Princeton
Unircrslir. Voili II. It. Itojer, Iliitgots (Jym.
Harry Frazee. of th,o Red So was In
Boston yesterday on legal business, a
business which has como to be quite
utensivn In hnsnhalL Tho Sunerlnr i tia.inm. thIM. Tlmo. li 1-5 tcioDfls.
Une want mmi vj wivchutj,, n.-
,!ice A. C: JI, Ijupiton. Mornlngolile A. C,
pe-'uml; I. Ikr-kln, Auiericau Waivers' Aatwla.
Hon. tblnl. 'flaw, 7:10 1-3.
(Y) van! won nj r. u. iunj, rwiz,
Ccurt Issued a temporary order restraln-
elate, from ' disposing of any of Uieir
tock In i the club or drawing dividends
en thfir holdings. Eajco and WaW,
according to Joo Irfinnln, formef owner
ot tho Red Scut, have failed to pay a
nolo for t2G,000, due November 1, and
Khen In connection with th6lr purchase
ef tho club.
Tho official dimensions of the diamond
for hoys under sixteen years old, as
O. K-'d by the major 'leagues rulee
eorcmlttee Is as follows: pistaiico be
tween bases, 8? f,eet; home plate to sec
end basi, 115 feet l 'lrich,w; home
Plate to pitching rubber, 50 feet. Tho
j$clai ball la to bo not moro than 8
lnchti In circumference and Is not to
tlh niore than IV, ounces, ljut that
on't keep th? little chaps from playing
wh a full sized ball If they havo tho
desire and the price.
Metropolitan League fiefs Permis
sion to Ilrnw yp Schedule.
Nov that tho JletropollUn Tennis
"aguo has firmly esta,blihe.d t?elf, the
national association Is perfectly willing
ro have that organization draw up all of
cpen tournament dates for (he local
, u was learned at tho Pfllce of
'no United States Lawn Tennis Asspcla
on yesterday that the Jletropolltan
ue will hold a meeting very soon at
Jfjleh delegates of the clubs lr( the dls
w i will submit, applications for open
events. Thn nnnA..,i
iisied and wherever tournaments conflict 5
a VOt will hft f !rr.n .if j.-.rtT.i ...1.:..!. ?
to get the preference.
. ?ef ,ho ,eaSno has adjusted Ita
Mftedule satisfactorily It will bo siibmlt
ta wo executive committee of tho
.".?al association for approval. ' This
lit i 5fi .been ft"9 ft" mny
,ii uwiricis -wnero ciubs navo or
gaaizM locally. It was not until a sea.
on or Jwo ago, howe.ver, that cluba In
e New York rtl.trlt
- " - ' . . v-v. w a,,- . .
e5t to form a league of their own.
1. 1 . t
.n kite UATTEIIY WOItKa:
Ta., Feb.
lipids A. 0.; B. WeJlr, St. Chrtotonr Club,
wcond: II, PfHltjeT, Mohawk A. t! third,
1 one, 7 swoaJ. , ,
Tn Side Kan -Won by A. Crow. Brookljn
A, A.: A. Hulebob. lullt A. wcond;
Oi r third. Ttm, OM 3-S.
SrtO Yant I)ah-Won hy P. De Witt, Uqtser,
CoVtgf, It. Ooorgl, Sew otk A. C, jwood;
A. ltothschlld, pings County A. C Iblrd.
ooo' Yard nan-Won by W. I). prannnleln,
NVw york'UnHewlty: K. Italestler. hn rtt ot
8t Antony, ne-ood:K Uranuer. St. Chrlito
Vlr C!l', ihlrd- Ttnif, 1:18 1.
Kunnlii Illsh Juni(-A. AUroract. Morning,
suit, A. C. ft ft q , la.: "sra IJrupe. lUitgjnt
Coleie, D ft. 7',i In.. ct)iid: J). J. SMfertb,
KuwYork University, 5 ft. la., third.
Lomdok. Feb. 10. Results of foofball
games played Saturday were :
bank O; Celtic S, Albion Howew OJ Dumbar.
i 'jiih.rniMi.,! 6: Kalklrk 3. Hamilton
Atadtmy 3: lftrS 2, Dundee li Kilmar
nock 1. Third iark O: Morton 0, Hanger
2? MotbeFweirfi iW Si rrtjek.2. Ayr
United 2; Queens Parle 3, Aberdeen 0; at,
Jtllrren 3. Haiti) Hovers 2. .
Northern Union Harrow 11. Wldnra 5;
llrHmley 25, York 12; Bradford O, KeUbtoy
:i: UrOUSniOn nanKera x.ou n, bwibivh
12, UcBsburv 0; Wnltcnold Trinity's, Hall
fax r.: St. Helens Bcrcat!on 13, Rochdato
Hornets 3; Hull 8. Oldham 10: Hunalet 0.
ley ti, St. Helens 3.
Rusby Unlnn Oxford University 2T.
United Service? 10 ! JjOngon Hcottun ?s.
wmh 8. awansea 7; London Welsh 0.
NorthamptSfl 0: Hlackheatli 13 Old Loy-
slans 11: Harlequin n. Array n: uossiyn
FarlC l. UamnriUKC univBrouy oi .uuncnes
ter 0. Moseley 3: Birkenhead Park 33,
Hn.idlnclv O: Carrtllt 0, Glouceater 0; Bristol
?8. Cheltenham 3.
Association Amateur Cup Third roundt
Hwlnton 0, Iystonetona 3; Dulftlch Hamlet
B. Bishop Auckland 1: N'unhead 0, IJromlcy
3: uournemouin ttui w, ut"tu
li Tufnell I'arlc 1, Iiridon tiaWoniane u;
tangley Park 3, 0.avesden Hospital i:
MUfonl 2, Northern Nomads 2.
Scottish Cup Second round Italth Rov
er 1, East Stirling 1.
With ten promoters In remoto parts
of tho world cabling offers of huge sums
tor a Dempsey-Carpcntler twut. and
two of them claiming to havo secured tho
pugilistic prize, tlio" roped square match
of tho century assuredly has reached an
acute stage. In all tho confusion of
claims and counter claims, tho ono fact
that stands out in bold relief Is that
Charles B. Cochran, tho London pro
moter, Is the only one who can prodtico
a contract signed by Carpentlcr nnd his
manager, DeBcainps, This has been ad
mitted by the French boxer.
The latest incident Is tho declaration
by William Fo.- of this city that Car.
render has cabled an acceptance of his
offer, and that a representative of Jir.
Fox now Is on the way to Paris to got
tho French champions signature.
This announcement has brought from
William A. Brady, who Is tho rcpresonta'
tivo of Cocnran, a sharp denial of the
claim put forth In behalf of Fox. Brady
writes as follows:
I obscrvo that Mr, Fox makes the
statement that the contract between Mr,
Cochran and Mr. Carpentler becomes
null and void on February 15.
Permit me to Inform Mr. Fox that I
havo In my possession tho contract be
twecn Cochran" and Carpentler. and !
feel that as Mr. Cochran on the eve of
his departure for Europe stated that
would represent him In thin country In
nil matters concerning Dempsey and
Carpentler, that' Mr. Fox might have
taken the trouble to ascertain whether
tho contract between Cochran nnd Car.
iicntlcr ended on February 15. The con.
tract will show that Carpentler is bound
to Cochran for a year longer and there
Is no possibility of Carpentler engaging
In a bout with Dcropeey except under
arrangement with C. B. Cochran.
Therefore I should like to know by
what right Mr. Fox or anybody else In
the United States declares that no con-
tract exists between Cochran and Car
Will Show Coutrnct.
I should be most pleased, at the earli
est possible moment, to exhibit,. If It
becomes necessary, to Messrs. tox.
Kearns, Rlekard, tho International
Sporting Glub, the Jersey Boxing Com
mission, or any of the gentlemen who
are proposing to pass legislation for tho
resumption ot boxing contests in me
State of New 'York, a copy of the bona
fido contract between C. B. Cochran and
Qecrgea Carpentler duly countersigned
by his manager, which can be upheld In
any court n England, Franco or Amer
ica. A contest wltli Pempsey cannot do
held before February 15, 1931, unless
by the consent or under arrangement
with C. B. Cochran.
From now on. as representative of,
Mr. Cochran. 1 proposo that these pro
moters who are making statements not
based on fact about the Frenchman's
contrart with Cochran shall come out In
the open and show their- hands.
Mr. Cochran has deposited J2&.000
with ffnortltt!; TAte in London to guar
antee his contract with Caywntler and
on a later date this "year he will deposit
an additional sum as assurance that the
contract shall be lived up to.
As far as Dempsey Is concerned I
havo represented Mr. Cochran In all his
dealings with Kearns, and I am In re-1
celpt of a telegram from Kearns from
.03 Angeles stating that he will see me
at the earliest possible moment and dis
cuss tho proposition of Dempsey sign
Ing with Cochran.
Copyright, 1920, by The tiun-JIerali Corporation.
0 the Judiciary Committee of the Jieto York State fienafeflit open let'
ter Gentlemen:
To-day you will hold a hcarins on tho Walker bill, which would
localize publlo professional boxlnj; exhibitions. Tho tiaUent feature of tho
bill provide for fifteen rounds, to a decision, by a referee, with tho oasis tanco
of two Judge-, salaried commission of 'three, men land a licensing com.
tnltteo. 'Without question tho mast important feature of tho mil aoes noi
show Jn tho wordltiB thereof. It is' essential that you reallzo that tho "Wallccr
moosuro has tho backing of thp Army, Navy and Civilian Board of Boxliur
Control and its allied organization, tho International Sporting Club. It la
deslrablo and necoasary that you approclato that tho board and tho club are
not bodlea composed of professional promoters and managers, whoso main
intent in hnvin u flnAnrdni. Tho board and Its allied organisation uro
composed of aomo of the best known sportsmen In tho country leaders In
all walks of lifefinanciers, generals, admirals, college presidents, af8-"
amateurs in tho true senso of that word, inasmuch as theyjiro lovers of box
ing and not professional parasites of tno sport.
Theso men ask that you aPDrovo the bill as It is, and particularly that
you approve the feature which provides for a licensins committee. If tho
Boxing Board Is permitted to havo an advisory word in the appointment of
tho licensing committee it is ready to assume responsibility with the commis
sion for the conduct of tho' sport. This, na wo tako it, would prccludo the re-
lval of scandals which lulled boxing In tho Ilorton and Frawley law aays.
Tho Walker bill merits your approval for divers reasons. In tho first
nlaeo It la essential that hoxlnir return as a legalized snort. Aside from tho
worth of tho sport as a builder of tho body and tho faculties the fact remains
that there is in he mm a certain virilo enthusiasm which must nnd an out
let. And boxin provides a splendid medium for giving vent to that enthu
siasm. Thoso who protest against boxing too often confound it with prize
llL'htlng because they know no better, prize lighting nas gone ami nuver
will return. Boxing, as you all know, has become highly specialized entertainment.
While the bill Drovidcs for fifteen rounds all bouts would not bo sched.
uled for that limit. Only contests between leaders and in which titles aro
involved would Ibo billed for fifteen rounds! and In order that there may bo
a real contest fend a fair basis for a decision thero should bo fifteen rounds.
As for decisions, it has been agreed that they aro absolutely necessary for
the welfare of tho BDort and thoso who pay their way in
Wo havo one suggestion. You might recommend that tho bill bo pas3eti
with a local ontlon rider similar to that on tho Sunday baseball law. This
would glvo boxing to communities which want it and would not forco it on
communities which do not desire to have tho professional sport conducted
In their midst by a minority of tho citizens. j
Trading Pot May Soon Begin to Bubble.
Now that tho American League war la over, tho rules havo been changed,
tho prices raised and other things done, mijor leaguo baseball is making a
belated return to the winter normal. The trade pot is trying hard to noil,
but with John McGraw in Cuba, for ono thing, there is no real action. Tho
fact that there are so few high class players and' that clubs are looking to
buy men and not to trade them Is another factor which is making this winter
the rankest ot rank failures in trading history,
Yesterday's little morsel ot which baseball writers were eager to grab
was a note to the effect that Dutch uuether, tho Cincinnati pitcher, was to
he traded to the Giants for Zimmerman and another pitcher or an .outfielder.
The Giants could use Ruethcr, but they already havo two first cl'iss left
handers. A3 for Zimmerman, he could not displace anybody now in the
Ueds' Infield. He might bo held In reserve, particularly as first aid to Jake
Daubert's bad legs. In- a utility role Zlmroerrrua might provo a valuable
player for Pat Moran. With Schrclbcr, Jimmy Smith and Sherry Magee gono
the Reds need an experienced mrfn to Jump into a posslblo breach. How-
over, wo do not think that tho trade will bo made unless McGraw has some
other deal for an inileldcr in which he could use Ruethcr. John is a great
hand at that sort of tiling;
With uuether to bolster up Its depleted pitching forces Boston might
he persuaded to give up Maranville. Marnnvllle's release to tho Giants, wo
are Informed, would be followed by the resignation of StalHngs as manager.
Perhaps that Is what G. W Grant and his associates are angling for.
Tied for.Icad'in Class B Ama
teur Cuamplonsuip
standwo) or Tina playeus.
Name. W. J U.R.
Charles -p. Matthews..
Julian Rlc
Joseph neardalojr. ..... S
nvaney u. Brunei ?
. r. Jioaianiman....
Tt T Btolnbuxler...... 0
Elder .bjszlio, Jiow Here, WrcsUed the Great Gams.
The arrival of Stanislaus Zbyszko brought to theso shores a wrestler who.
rom experience, knows of the prowess of tho Great Gama. the Hindu whoso
praises were sung In this column by an English correspondent soma days
ago. It dovcloped yesterday that some ten years ago, when tho eldcnZbyszko
and -Gama were at their' best, they met on tho mat in London. ' jFor four
hours and fifteen minutes they struggled and neither was able to gain a fall.
The referee finally called tho bout a draw. Only a short tlrao before that
Gama met Dr. B. F. Roller In London and the American was forced to retire
with two broken ribs aflcr about twenty minutes of tussling.
Wlitle it Is conceded that the Great Gama was a great wrestler about a
decade ago, and that he still may be a remarkable performer, It is doubted
whether he would make a worthy match for either Steelier or Lewis. George
Sandow, who manages Lewis, said that thero was talk of bringing Gama to
(his country twenty years ogo. The Hindu must bo close to the fifty year-
mark far past tho nge of champions in any virile sport Sq it looks as If
Stecher, after all, is tho undisputed champion of the world.
Tho question of age develops the fact that Stanislaus Zbyszko himself
is not exactly a youngster. He is perhaps 42. Stanislaus is not likely to
wait long for a match as Lewis stands ready to talio him on.
Julian Rice, tho former Columbta Uni
versity student) and Charles P. Mat
thews were victorious yesterday in the
National Association of Amateur Billiard
Players' clau B J 8.2 balkllno champion
Ship tournament' in the Brooklyn Billiard
Academy. Hlca defeated Sydney M.
Brussol, winner of tho recent class C
title. In tha evening game, 00 -to 56,
while Matthews disposed of Mcrrltt P.
MeMnnlman In tho afternoon contest.
200 to' 114. Tho victories of Rico and
Matthews place the two contestants tn
a tie for tho leadership In the standing.
Both have won three straight games.
In disposing of Brnasel Rice ran out
with an unfinished run of 34, which la
only threp points short o the high run
record made by Joseph Beardsley. Rico
required inly twenty-six Innings to de
feat his opponent Taking the lead In
the third frame, nrhei no made a run of
19, Rice hold Uio honor position until
the end. He averaged 7 18-2?, which is
the highest thus far.
In the afternoon match Matthews had
as easy a time with his opponent as did
Rice In the night game. Matthews' elim
inated MManirnnn In thirty-four innings
and returned a high run of 32. At tho
completion of the first thirteen sessions
Matthews led his rlTal by 88 to 44. It
was McManlman'o third straight defeat
Tho scores:
Charlea P. Matthews O. I. 0, 23. 0, 1 3.
0, 0, 0, 4, IS, 11, 2, 1, 0. 3. 12, 0. 4, I. 0. 0. 0,
2. 14. O, 2, 28, 1 4. 1, 2, 0, li. Total, 200;
Mull runs, 32. 28 and 23; average, 311-31.
Mprrltl .P. MeMnnlman 3. O. 0. 8. 0. O. 0.
4, 3, 0, 22 2. 2, 8, 11. 2. 0, 0, 1. .5. 0. 0. 8,
r, 1, 21, u. , a. l, i, I. Total, in; ni
mn, 22, SI nu U average,
Julian Itlcc O. 1, 10 8. 2.
2. 10, 0, 28. 2. 4. 25. 10. 0. 2. 10. 5. 4, 1. 0,
34. Total. 200; high runs 34, 2S und 2.1;
average, ? ll-:r.. ,
Sydnev It. Brunei 4, 0. 1, 8. 0. 8. 17, 0.
0. 0. 3, 7, 1, 0, 1, 2. 1 0, 8. 2, 1. 8, 0. 1, O.
Total. SO; high runa, 17, 8 and 7; averaze.
2 G-25.
i, 1. .n. o, u. s,
otal. 114; high
3 15-33.
1. 1. 2, 12. 1.
Crew Men nnd Bascliall Candi
dates Will Bo Out in Greater
Forco Than Ever. ,
Tho Alumni Association of Brooklyn
College of Crown. Heights will stage an
amateur boxing" tournament on March 2.
Boxers. anxious to compete In this tour
nament aro requested to get in touch
With B. Levine of tho Amateur .Athletic
New Haven", Conn., Feb. 16. Two
hundred husky men who have passed
some of their letsure time in the Yale
gymnasium In the last two months have
begun the season a regular candidates
for two of the university's major pport
organizations tho crew and tho base
ball tram, Tho official call for candi
dates to report was musc to tho care
of the oarsmen and iho. ball tossers..
crew men and diamond athletes will
be out In greater numbers than ever
before. Last year Yale did the unex
pected In. both brandies of snort bv
defeating Harvard on the Thames and
both Harvard and Princeton at base
ball. The3o victories have gono a long
way toward creating tho old Talo fight
ing spirit for positions In tho shell ar)d
on uio uu.il leiu.
Under tho direction of Capt Churchill
Peters crew candidates to-day , began
their early season paces. They are
expected to be rid of their hody and
musclo stiffness when Guy Nlckalls
takes hold as coach on March 1, on
which date, weather permitting, they
will do their first outdoor rowing on
the Housatonlc River at Derby.
wickaiis comes toy new Haven nfter
an absence of throb years because, of
the war. He succeds Prof. Mather A.
abbott formerly of the Yale faculty.
who resigned from the university at
December to' assume tho head master
ship of Lawrence Shool. Abbott built
up a system qulto his own. His success
was married. He was assistant coach
under Nlckalls when the latter was
called to England, and therefore there-
was a little something of the Nlckalls
system In Ma coaching.
Nlckalls will nnd many experienced
oarsmen on hand when he resumes work.
Early Indications aro that Yale will
have feven a better eight than last year's.
Announcement ot tho booking ef Co
lumbia for a. Henley distance race with
Yale on tho Derby course has created
a great deal of Interest. Columbia de
feated Yale on tho harbor tho last time
tho two craws met. and as the race on
April 24 with til? Morningsldo men will
be the only home event moro than ordi
nary interest and Importance attaches to
the race.
Attempt to lengthen tho Derby course
will not be mado this year according to
the Yale rowing authorities. Thero arc
two bends in tho short course and to
lengthen It with two aUdlttonnl bends
would not be to tho best advantago of
Uio oarsmen. Tho courso could bo
straightened out In time, but the Work
will not bo, tackled this year. Ip the
courso of a year or two It may bo thKt
four mile races will bp rowed on tho
Housatonlc. Yale's training will be dc-
vlded between tho Housatonlo Rlvor and
tho harbor.
Under the, direction of "Billy" Laudcrj
tho old Giant third baseman, and Capt
"Tom" Sawycr'a hundred candidates for
the baseball ttam will report to-morrow
In the cage. They will liave six weeks
of Indoor training before the Easter trip.
Bear the burden of Win
ter lightly!
Wear a smart "Scotch
Mist." ;
Warmt hW i t h o u t-
weight. Rainproof, too.
Our Composite Derby
conforms without "con
forming" 'flexible where
it touches the head.
Light weight and very
Shire collars are pure
Jinqn wfyere the wear
corres. ;
Uncommon styles.
'RttiUttrti Trademark,
feoGERs Peet Company
at 34th St
at 13th St. ,
Broadway j
af Wan en
Fifth Ayef
When William l'oxs offer was
brought to tho attention of Jack Kearna,
manager Of Dempsey, at Los Angeles
esteraay lie made tnis comment :
"Fox made an offer to Dempsey somo
time ago to put on the bout with a
purhe of 1650,000. We gave no consld.
eratlon to this because there was no as
surance that Carpentler would accept
and we had been informed the French.
man was under contract with another
promoter. Other offers were left un
noticed for the same reason. If Des-
camps, Carpentler's manager has ac
cepted an offer from Fox I presume Car
pentler is rree to flgnt. Dempsey can
get In shape for a battle on July 4 or In
sixty days If necessary."
Ed Lewis Hurred in Ohio.
The Youngstown (Ohio) Boxlns and
Wrestling Commission yesterday took
action barring "Strangler' Lewis, Chica
go wrestler, from appeal-Jng In contests
tnerc, ronowing presentation or a for
mal protest by Alex Thomas, wrestling
promoter, charging Lewis with falluro to
nppcar for a scheduled bout last week.
The commission also drafted a letter
10 all municipal boxing commissions in
Ohio asking their cooperation m barring
Lewis from' appearing In Ohio. Lewis's
pon-appearanco was his second offence.
He had signed articles to appear twenty-
tour noura hi advance or the hour for
last week's exhibition. The match was
called, off when ho sent a substitute.
Nevr Yorker Falls to Stop Quaker
Sptciat to Tnz Su asd Vsw Ygnic Hiaito.
PtjiJ.ADEi.PiUA, Feb. 16. Willie Jack
son, the'cw York lightweight failed tp
finish Jack Russo In the final bout at thp
16. Twenty-five Q'ympla A. A. to-nlght Jackson tried
. Gaston,
Wtery candidates beiran. Indoor has. Ihls utmost to land
J1! practice here thU afternoon nt but Russo boxed cleverly and often gav
jjWimte CoIl(jg. lp (he eqtiad were Jackson more than ho received. Jack- the rfo. 2 course py Emmet French of
in jih.-ubii,, Mvycr. Aiernyi'"11
.Too Fox, a Brooklyn welter. Is hlchly
regarded, and la said to carry a heavy
punch. He will need Jt to-nlght when
he meets Steve Lutzo of H.izloton, Pa.,
In the ring of the Rayonno A. A: La,tzo
Is a rough person and very rugged.
Bombardier Wells recently won an
other fight, stopping Harry Reeva hj the
fourth round. Now, as a result of the
victory Wells will bo matched with some
good man and take a familiar nap.
Johnny Basham, wejter champion of
England, has lust arranged for much
trouble Jn the shape of a match with Kid
Lewis. Tho former welter champion of
the world should, make short work of
Easham. The bout wiH take pjaca at
tne AiDcrt uau in aoout tnrco weeks.
After watching Jimmy Wilde train,
Joe Lynch, Pal Moore, Jack Sharkey and
Johnny Rosner, all of whom have met
the Briton In tho ring, admitted that he
was a great fighter. It may have been
they were trying to cheer up Mickey
itusneu, wio boxes vuue jn me Arena
A. C, Jersey City, next Thursday night
FArdham on Georgetown Football Schedule. I
In the Georgetown football schedule for next fall wo note that October 1
23 is fllkd by Fordham. Whether this means that Fordham is coming back '
to the gridirpn remains to bo seen, for on the subiect of football Fordham
has' been mum theso many months. Frank Gargan's engagement by New
York University to coach the eleven does not mako tho Fordham outlook.1
jjiusuuMiig. uw uvuui oinciuj -vora oij ine matierf
A. V,
It Will Be a National
Indoor Event.
Entry blanks hee been sent out for
the national Indoor championships of the
Amateur Athletic Union, which will be
decided In tho Twenty-second Regiment
Armory hero on Saturday, March 13
This year, in view of the sending of a
tug or war team 10 tne uiympic games,
the officials have added that event to the
programme. It will be for teams of five
men each, and cleats will bo allowed.
Tha track, contests in the regular
championship programmo aro 60 .yards
dash and 70 yardrf hurdues, 300, 600,
1,000 yards, one milo and two mile runs
and a two mile relay race for teams of
four men. Tho field events will bo' tho
standing high and broad Jumps, running
high Jump and sixteen pound snot put.
PsoatA, 111., Feb 16 Headquarters
for the American .wwllng Congress,
which opens hete early In March, wcro
transferred from Milwaukee td Peoria
to-day. Entries close February 19.
Thero was every Indication to-day that
tho tournament would attract more Uian
800 five-men teams, a new A. B. C.
Special to Tub Sr d New Youk Hkrai.d,
Cambrwos. siass., eo. 16. har
vard's varsity baseball candidates as
sembled at the Union to-hlght The
squad was addressed by Capt Bobby
Emmons, Jack Slattery, the new varsity
coach, and Dr, J3. H- Nichols ot the
graduates' advisory committee. -rn
battery men will report for work at Sol.
dters' Field to-morrow.
Sfttial to Tns 8cs asd Nsw York Unuu.
PisfBHupsT, N. C, Feb.. 16. A match
In which there was considerable Inter
est was played here this afternoon on
flnnrotl Tftissn tilnt An thn ornni? ' Vmmirntnwn and fThnrlfiK Mnthoraata
'olllnlcs, and thre? catohers fromlfoded the sccop.d round. Bupo hoppet (professionals, against F. S. Danforth of
2m uaa, mppe, Fehr and .up, da?eq, ami lumpen at jscuson, mt
b was ici to pis corner.
t Russo was aggressive to the sixth
round, but In a mlxup near tho close
Jackson staggered Russo with a right
to the jaw.
Graduate Manager Qeoraa AA!
aenii h""!""" ia suit upen. several
wicants are being considered, hut
" r nona has been accosted.
North Fork and Sam Graham of Green
wich, amateurs. The amateurs started
f up, halved 7 and lost 11 holes, giving
the match to the professionals 6 up.
The best ba)l of tho winners was
33, 37n?70,
30x3.. $8.90
32x4 , $15.65
34x4 ,,416.75
35x4 ,.23.50
37x5 ,,.$27.75
38x7 Cord $57.y-Q
Other sizes proportional.
Cords, 10 additional.
Scpd for complete price list.
General Office: 1679 Broadway
1U Second Ave. Jf. V. City
9M4 Webtitr Are, fi. V. .City
MI VUtbath Ave.
First Race Will Be Sailed on the
North Hhrowfbnry.
Special to Tnn Sc.v a&d Nsw Yost Ribaid.
Lo.no Branch, N. J., Feb. 16. Tho
Long Branch Ice Boat and Yacht Club
to-nfght received word that the first race
for the third class ice yacht pennant
of America .between boats from tho
ortn Shrewsbury and Long Branch
clubs would bo sailed on Wednesday
over the North Shrewsbury course of
twenty mnes. Tnree race3 will bo sailed
in the aeries:
The Jack Frost and the Imp, challeng
ers, were sen nero iwo weess ago, but
tho race was postponed on account of
snow. The Daisy and the Say WJien
will defend tho title now held by tho
North Shrewsbury Oub. ' The Long
uranr.n viud win sail a race to,morrow
The Pittsburg Athletic Association of
that city will be represents by five
boxers in tha City Athletic Club's Inter
city amateur boxing tournament, which
Is to tako placo'ln the West Fifty-fourth
street clubhouse on February 21. John
Burko and ,Lrt Rooney, two of the
Smoky City club's loading boxers, aro
to compete, itooney will box Sam Mos.
berg of this city, while Gordon Munco
or the l'astuno a. c. win bo Burke's
opponent .,
To Fmrtify Ttw Sfrm
tern Against GmMm,
Grip mntl Influenza
Be sure you get the Genuine
Look fox tnls signature
ou the bos. 50o
A new Elegance of Line
Seen in this Chalmers
r"S a car very easy to look at; and there Va wealth of corh'
fort in those new type seat cushions of this Chalmers.
. Besides, this new elegance has in no way penalized roominess.
At the radiator the lines are high.. At the rear they are low.
From the cowhback the top line, of the coach is low, but
as you sit in the car you have a feeling this line is high.
Once in motion thjs position become6,cyen more alluring as
you cling to" the seat, .note the absence of sidesway, and feel
that the car is hugging the road closely. ,
Particularly is your enthusiasm stirred when you observe the
.ease of the engine's effort, its intense silence,'the quick response
when you turn loose the power stream."
. You tacitly pay a compliment to Hot Spot and RamVhorn,
for they have Hetcherized the raw gas,: utilised the last drop of
power that nature stored away.
And you admire a Chalmers the; more for it, for in addition
to its beauty of action, it is arrayed in new garments that are
refreshing to a degree. ? ,
Chalmers Motor Car Company
New York Branch, i8o8lJroadway,
Corner 59th St., New York City.
Phone Circle 5550 OPEN EVENINGS
BRONX BRANCH, 174th Street and Grand Concourse
Brooklyn Distributor laxwell.-Chalmers Sales Corporation
1410-14 Bedford Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Phone Prospect 8411

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