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toad lo trcvot nt sammer. Address A.
C X, care flun-Hrld.
BUCK JACKET. Ulwn th and Eodl
rott Itotal; rfrd. Btboyitr 4 :T
W uil drlrer will return tWneJiUU
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VOL'M-Whlie sod brown tax. urrlar doe.
1W Kaat (HIS.
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nrpl relret potktbooj. eontUnmr 1
Imeraallnnal Railroad f Centra
rami. Mua rtturn aparta.... .
HKh St.
Dry Dock Company Begins Ac
tion on Account of Full- .
lished Statement.
Mt U Nw Tor. Harn asJ Hartfjrf
train Irarln Now llarrn it 10:11 A.
JCo. a, car 3). W,nl of.WO wid Jf "J
ltr to Annum JUnaarr'a cMce. Waldorf-
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!lT flrni.il I.Mtbfr OKkttbOOk. IIS. at
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t::.".n ir.V P&"' Will S.4f'..PK
awnmiinkata with Ettel uomeiie. w
rfa.apton pL, Ilrotkljn. Moner was held
In trual nd loaar will nave to mike food,
literal reward. ..
LOUT Ki:iroad ticket, ooJ oo S. V. C.
It. It. IL ? b.twe.0 'loJri?..i
White Ptafnr. beiontln to It. C H'f'"
K.ward ntter'd for return by Under to J T
IUOGIN", 103 Cut 125th at. TelephoM
iieriem zoo.
Loxt-Two tkla llm.lan iMr -rf Tborjder.
b. U. from 'A .1 ioa Pari it. to t
KM r, asd Tlrt r n.wirl and ;ntl?
rtcd. lUtnrn to ilra. II. O. IIAKKKB. ltd
Wr) End r. CoIbwUh
LOST Hurt, brown foi. between urana
Central and ild at tube: left In failcab
ilond.y, liberal regard. Mra. FIlCDEBIC
ItKoaH. :J7 Perk v., Patereon. .N. J.;
'ohono llll Paieron.
LOST A diamond bar pin Saturday, fob
ruary T. on :tb ar.. bttween Plaza Hotel
and the Tailored Women's Shop. -lb
r.i liberal reward If returned to Mra.
rranklln J. Burnham. Plia Hotel .
LOST Diamond and pearl nektic t In
platlnam at r.f.eeaweber'e S-aturdy
filjht, Kebruary H. finder kindly com
rnunlcato with I. Jonpfc. . itry U.
LtJST On Knickerbocker train Irom sloe
ton Saturday afternoon or taxi, lady a tan
aoedo bnd d; reward. Addreja t.
Ocean ar., FJatbuh; 'phone Platbuib
LOST Head bee rontalnlnir money, chanee
purre. etc.. between Bait 61t and 3'Jtn
ta., or at Comedy Club performance; re
werd. Telephone 3231 Bryant.
LOST-la taxlcab from PtnniylTinia Hotel,
io i r tinrfir. an EMenioal rrarer took.
Pleiae return to clerk. Ulh floor. Hotel
PeanyIranU. and receive reward.
Wants 81,000,000 From Man
son and 83,000,000 From
Publishers of Newspaper.
r.nTv.ii hint bar. IwlY.r-n !HIb-W!ti iti.
r roroer droj aiore. vnh. Droadwer, contain.
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mrrftn tmuttr. neirl and diamond ear.
rlnr between Utb and Park ar. end the St.
IterH. Reward If returned to Clarendon
Hotel. 17 Eart tlth. care office.
1 io- nia.k uti-i K.'.d bru-ded laz. Sua.
day ereslae. abitt ,i'c'ik. Irtn Wet
11th tt aad Acwam-a tatlon. ,Zd t- I.
rewerd. tt Weit TltU t Cnluatoi 4.310.
I).ST-Siiatiy aUbt, Utween tth and llRtb
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dlnser rln: liberal reward. KTVEIX, ivctract
department. Jcnn ananii.er.
LiT Diimond pin. Tborv-.ij nlrbt. betwern
l."lh and Broadway aad lUtb-ManhatUn a?.;
liural rewiM. Teifpnooe t aiceani imw.
LOUT I'ockitbook containing check pay
able to Marcaret Ounnlnc; payment
topped: reward. 21" Ilntnn v
I n-CT (lt btwf.n 34th end Utb.
nmadwiy eabwiy: reward. Mlu CELLV
ni'illl. VJi Madlwn ar.
COST Lady'a eold meah bar. I'enn sta
tion Concourae;ireward. J. V. FEEL, 10O
Tlroadwiy. Ption Rector ZIg.
lOifT-I'acxan of floret: liberal reward: no
rattrn aiked. Jf. KlI CHTEIt OLOVE
CI-EANIXfl. 1.VI Dan it. Iecatnr-Pl.
LOST . Bank book 2SS.til; payment
topped, pleaae return to Harlem Sar
in eaoana.
r l iHT . mn. I'W utwMi 1!olmiUl lieflt
and ftltb tt.. oa Broadway. II. .AHEAIt.''
lit tTfHWnr.ui nr. .K.wepi
IWI-ln ml. Mundey, from niltavife to Plaza
lintel, name .eeairi-.. nam. on iwaj; re
in.. r.Tam. arnier nuiinorr.
LOUT Diamond necklace, platinum chain:
yward a'moat aa much aa worth. Sllaa
Iry. ill weat IlSth. room tut.
LOST Diamond screw earrlnc. liith-lth
ar to lit Broadway; reward. Return
IS10 Broadway. Phone Audubon MM.
SATCItDAY, Feb. 14. diamond platinum bar
pin, DetwrTi Kin at, and tin ar. ann inn
at. and Amatcrdam ar. ; reward. W. STERN,
1 Macuton ar.
'z: reward for Kiilnm Kdak l.ft In motor 'J
paMenirer alltbticj at ZI Wett f.Tlh. Sunday
Ilctit, rrriruary r. ijimmucicaie rum'. III
TON k llAVIti. 115 Itrodr.
Counsel in Spang Case Fix
Her Legal Status.
A wltneM at the contest of the will
of lire. Iloia E. Spanir ppoke yesterday
o Mri. Jlalxl Cronie Ancher, the eta
tenant, an "the adopted daughter of
Mm. Spans." As the caiu has been on
trial for nevcral wet-kw without any
qi-cstlon havlntr hecn raised about this
rtoint, Surropato Cohalan lrwlntpd upon
n Immediate settlement of her relatlon-ahip
Henry W. Taft, counxel for the
. f?ecutors and proponents of Mm.
fipang's will, fald the contestant was
bom several years before the marriage
of Mr. and Mrs. Span, but that ho
had no intention of making an Issue of
thr matter. It was finally agreed that
the Jury should disregard the discussion
nr.d look upon .Mrs. Ancker an th
daughter of the teMatrix without rerpecf
t.- whether her mother had or had no
troben of her as an "adopted" child.
Under crow examination by Edgar T.
Hracket', counrel for the contestant.
Sirs. Elizabeth (Jannen said fhe couldn't
remember any of the "stories" Mrs.
firsng had told well enough to recite
one. She said they worn umuslng. but
not risque, and that she considered Mrs.
Bpang ladylike and rational.
The trial will be continued to-day.
Eludes Reporters on Way to
Chicago to Face Trial.
If Mrs. Hose 1'antor Stokes fled Chi
cago some time ago a fugitive from Jus
tice, no less did she fleo .Vew York yes
terday evening a fugitive from publicity.
It was one minute before leaving time
of the Uke Shorn Limited that she came
running across the waiting room of the
Grand Central Tirmlnal. preceded by her
iH'a! chaperon. .Mlsa Clara Olsen, mid
dashed through the gat,-, favoring aev
erol reporters who rousht statements
with a negative nod and a triumphantly
mischievous smile.
A charge egalnat Mrs Stoltes of being
a fugitive from justice as dismissed by
aiaglstrato Cobb in Tombs Court yos
tcrday morning upon k r signing a
yalvcr of extradition. She was then
turned over to Miss Clara Olsen. a Chi
cago police woman, who held a warrant
her arrest, arid cte Is returning to
Chicago to faco an Indictment of crim
inal anarchy returned ugalnst her by tho
too, County Grand Jury last December.
alio, clones husbnmt .1 rt ts,.i.
etokes", was with her in court and tho
utfendant appeared to have recovered
from her recent Illness. According to
alias Olsen Mrs. Stokes txpects to 'be
cble to give bond In Chicago and return
to Now lork by next Thursday.
Vfaccc Tom Damage Salt.
Coudert Brothers, counsel for to Uus
ilan Government, filed two suits ister
day In the Federal Dletrkt Court against
the Lehigh Valley Itallroad for 1.675,
fM2 n damages alleged to have resulted
from the xp!os!on on Hlack Tom Island
Jn 1916. Munitions worth 11,118,575 and
implies Forth J55C.lli5 consigned to the
then 'impertal-ltusslan Government" were
destroyed through the negligence of the
railroad, the sulta charged.
The Morse Dry ZxxM. and Hepalr
Company has begun suit In the Supreme
Court. Brooklyn, against rhlltp Maneon,
president of tho Pacific and Eastern
Steamship Company, at !0 Broadway,
for $1,000,000 damage, and against the
Star Publishing Company, publishers of
the New York American, tor IJ.000,006
damages, alleging libel In both caaea.
The allezcd libel arises out of utate
ments declared to have been made by
Mr. Manion In the New York American
on February 7 In connection with a suit
browht against the Slorse Dry Dock
and Reoalr Company by E. 1. Morse,
Jr., for services rendered. In that suit
Mr. Morse Is reported to have stated
that the Morse company "made net prof
Its of IlJ.000.000 between May, 1916,
and June, 191 S."
In the preeent u!t Mr. Manson Is
charged with having stated In the New
York American that "it was Impossible
for that repair yard to honestly earn
profits of even one-tenth of 123.000,000
during that period." It Is declared also
that he raid that If "they made 123,
000,000," the greatest part of that
money "was stolen from the taxpayers
with the connivance of tho Shipping
Thp.ua statements and other state
ments made are declared to be abso
lutely false and maliciously made, ser--ir.
of thn tuner In both actions was
made on the defendants yesterday and
an order for the civil arrest of Mr.
Manson was signed by Justice iteiDy.
Single Handed He Slew Two
Experiment in IS Schools in
Lower Manhattan.
The Board of Education will InaugU- pjpjj l'flpCr Found ill ItaillS
ta to-morrow In fifteen echooU of lower, r ' .
Manhattan a system of school lunches
similar to that operated until last June
by the Awnelatlon for Improving the
Condition of the Poor. Simple, Thole.
some dlahew will be served to the chil
dren at coat, the city paying the over
head expenses. The average lunch will
cost 10 cents, an Increase of four cents
over that charged by the charity organi
zation, because of the advanced cost of
It Is the flmt time the Board of Edu
cation has undertaken to serve lunchee
in the nchools, and the auccess of the
project, those directing It say, will de
pend entirely upon whethajr the children
are able to pay 10 cents.
Schools of lower Manhattan were se
lected for the experiment becau the
Department of Health has found that
from 20 to 70 per cent of the children In
that district are suffering from malnutri
tion. The schools In whlh the scheme
will be tried out are N'os. 1, 3, 17, 21, 38,
41. 147, 84, 20, 160, SI, 34, 95, 114 and
Same as Wrappers of In
fernal Machines.
Jersey Terrorists Also Linked
Iy Records With I. -W. W.
Malor Alden J. McMurtry. a mM
mannered, middle aged little man with
irnn rrav hair and a gentle voice, de
scribed in matter of fact tones to Coro
ner John J. Phelan. at Greenwich, yes'
terday how he had fought and slain (wo
gunmen In the wine cellar of Mrs. Eliza
(. Morris's summer cottage at Sound
Beach. Conn., early Sunday morning.
Major McMurtry"" right arm hung limply
at his side from the effects of a bullet
"I didn't shoot to kill until I saw they
mant to kill me if they could." he said.
"Addison Bacon and I saw two men In
the cellar with a lighted candle before
wc entered the houe. When we went
down the cellar stairs from the kitchen
the light was out Suddenly I heard the
click of an automatic pistol and
flashed my electric torch. There was a
man crouching and I shouted: 'State
police. Drop that gun!' He raised his
gun and we both fired at once. His bul
let clipped a button off my coat; mine
passed through his body.
"As he fell forward I heard a noise
behind me. I turned and saw another
man rtandlng behind a brick column
with an automatic pointed a tme.
started toward him, holding the torch nt
arm's length. He fired and missed me
and I shot at his legs. He shot again
and hit Bacon In the neck. Then
emptied my gun at him, ' firing at the
pistol flash. I jumped on him and
wrested his gun away. I beat him over
the head with It, and Bacon, who was
armed only with a nightstick, came up
behind me and beat him down."
The police' have found stolen property
worth thousands of dollars In the rooms
In Stamford occupied by tho two slain
men, who were Identified as John Moccio
and Anthony Forcnxo. About a dozen
burglaries have been traced to them.
Thaw Alone Can Relieve
Crave Situation.
It -took an expert handler of a pick
fifty-five minutes yesterday to remove
three and a half square yards of ice
from the rtrcet, according to Arnold B.
Macbtay, Street Cleaning Commissioner,
Mathematicians may figure out Just how
long It will take to get the city free at
thla rate, but ordinary people. Including
teamsters, commission merchants and
transit oftlclals, are praying for a thaw,
The cold wave that sent the mercury
down to 7 degrees yesterday mornlns".
and the piercing, unruly winds that ac
companied it, turned snow to Ico and
chilled the bodies and spirits of many of
the city's snow fighters to the quitting
One hopeful feature of the situation
was that the streets leading from the
Jersey ferries and many In the provision
district on tho lower west Side wero In
good condition.
women representing the Red Cross.
Home Service Section, Council of Jewish
women. National Civic Federation, Col
lege Settlement, Women's Municipal
League, Henry Street Settlement and
Y. V. C. A. yesterday afternoon at the
Women's City Club passed resolutions
Indorsing block parties to clear up snow
in a situation like the present.
E. J. WENDEIL LEFT $242,981.
Ilia Collection nf Theatrical Tlellcs
E. Jansen Wendell, who died In
France In August, 1917, while on a mis
sion for the American Union of Europe,
leu a net estate or ,242,351. A transfer
tax appraiser's report to this effect was
filed yesterday In the Hall of Record
His collcollon of theatrical rellca was
appraised by his friend. John Anderson,
Jr.. of the Anderson Galleries, as fol
lows: Photographs, 820,000. play bills,
$30,000 ; autographs and manuscripts.
J2P.O0O, theatrical portraits, $40,000:
daguerreotype. $4,000: drawings, $10,.
000; booVu;, $64,000, and pamphlets.
He left this collection to Harvard
University. The remainder of his estate
he distributed among relatives and
friends In small sums.
May Hid Patrons to Drlnkles Bars
Till February 20.
Midnight of February 29 was fixed
yesterday as the time limit on beer signs
that are exposed to tho gaze of tho now
protected public. By the first day of I
Reply of Extraordinary Body
Going to Governor.
Raymond F. Almlrall, foreman of the
extraordinary Grand Jury, said yester
day that the Jury would meet to-day In
his offlco, 12 East Forty-sixth street,
when a letter to Gov. Smith .would be
framed in compliance with the latter'a
demands beforo ho accedes to Mr. Al
mlrall'a request that Attomey-Oeneral
Newton be named to aid the Jury In In
quiring Into the conduct of District At
torney Swarm's office. Specific charges
will be made In the letter against three
members of the District Attorney's staff,
who will be named. Additional accusa
tions, supported by alleged facts, will
also be made.
Mr. Almlrall believes thu Governor
will assign Attorney-General Newton to
aid the Grand Jury after he receives the
specific charges which he has demanded
and the other alleged facts which the
members of the body believe should be
brought to his attention at this time.
While the witnesses who will be sum
moned before th Grand Jury ore as yet
known only to the members of that body.
If they have been determined upon at all.
It is likely that neveral members of
District Attorney Swann's start will be
among them. It is not believed, how
ever, that Assistant District Attorney
Alexander I. Rorke will figure In the
case, as Ills work has been confined for
some time to the suppression of radical
activities and propaganda, and several
members .of the Jury have expressed
themselves as greatly pleased with the
results of his efforts.
Director of Geological Survey
Finds Situation Precarious.
George O'ls Smith. Director of the
United States Geological Survey, told
fhe members of tho American Institute
of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers
at their 121st annual meeting yester.
day, In the Engineering Societies Build
Ing, that the United States Is facing a
rerlous shortage of oil. The situation.
he raid, was precarious.
"With only four months' supply of oil
In storage," said Mr. Smith, America
faces the prospect of having to seek oil
from other sources, which are now show
ing a tendency to exclude the United
Sstatc.i from purchasing In their fields.
Mr. Smith estimated, however, that
the undeveloped American supply would
fumlsh enough for about twenty years,
and he said there was enormous quan
tities of oil In the shale beds of Colo
rado, Wyoming and Utah. Latin Amer
ica, Great Britain, France and Tho
Netherlands, It was said, control the
principal potential sources of oil in tho
world, and all these countries have
adopted' policies tending to shut out
other nations.
Herbert Hoover, recently elected pres
Ident of the Institute, will speak at this
afternoon's meeting, and will give a
plan for coping with the (uel situation
in general, anu tne coal situation in par
tlcular. ;
Evidence tending to connect certain pf
the Pateraon anarchists who were ar
rested Sunday morning with tho mall
bomb plots of List year was uncovered
yesterday by Federal officers.
According to Frank R. Stone, spoclal
agent in charge of the New Jersey op
eratives of the Department of Justice, a
quantity of pink paper similar to that
used In wrapping the mall bombs was
found In the homo of one of the Terrorist-Individualists
Just arrested.
Mr. Stone directed that samples of
this paper be sent to Washington for
comparison with tho paper Ukcn from
the bomb that wrecked the home of Attorney-General
A. Mltchel Palmer, this
bomb having been unwrapped before It
exploded. Several letters believed to
have a bearing on the plot have been
taken by tho Government agents, and
copies of secret bulletins Issued by the
band at the time of the outrages have
been turned over to official Interpreters
for translation. A hunt for other mate
rials that might show a relationship of
the Patcrson band to the plot Is being
carried on by several of the New jersey
operatives. .
Seventeen of tho "Reds" taken in Pat
nrm iunt to Ellis Island yester'
day. Eleven were temporarily relcasted
on their own recognizance, ana one u
said to have escaped after nis arresi.
nrriflnlt re seeking a connection be
iwrrn the Terrorist-Individualists of Pat
erson and the I. W. W. An aiarm naa
been sent out for H F. Doree, former
TOiiinrielnhln. secretary of the I. . .i
who escaped the raiders.
He Bites With the Zest of
Sharp Drop in New Cases and
in Pneumonia.
A sharp decline In the number of new
cases of pneumonia and Influenza was
evident in the report Issued at the Health
Commissioners office for the forty-eight
hour period ending at 10 o'clock yester
day mornlns. According to these figures.
Sunday and Monday combined Influ
enza cases were 634, as compared with
907 for Saturday alone. The pneumonia
cases for the entire forty-eight hour pe
riod wero 276, contrasted with 423 re
ported Saturday.
Deaths from Influenza over Saturday
and Monday numbered 104. while the
pneumonia deaths for the same period
wero 187. The reports for Saturday
showed 11S deaths from influenza and
164 frpm pneumonia. The cases re
ported by boroughs for Sunday and
Monday are as follows:
Xew cases. Deaths.
Infill. Pneu. Influ. l"neo.
Manhattan T.l
Uront M
Brooklyn Hi
(Jneena U
Illcbmond 11
Total SJ4
Total Saturday .. S07
Total co rre. pond
ing day UU 2,112
Total to date,
Jan. 1. 193) 63.741
15.179 2.UI i.VA
Mrs. Hylan'a Health Makes
Trip Imperative.
Mayor Hylan yesterday announced
next Friday as tho date for his Palm
Beach trip, which was postponed last
Friday on account of the condition of
the streets and bad weather.
The Mayor said that, though he usually
takes a vacation this time of the year,
ho would not leave tho city's affairs,
especially the traction Investigation, this
year except for the fact that Mrs.
Hylan's health demands the trip. The
Mayor added that a rover F. Whalen,
Commissioner of Plants and Structures,
and Mrs. Whalen will accompany him
and 'Mrs. Hylan.
American rrtosaoltoes are pushing,
hardy little cusses, but heretofore In
thts climate they always have taken
winter as the off or vacation season, like
bears, millionaires, Cupid and palm leaf
fan manufacturers. But now evolution
ha done Its worst. Woodrow Court, nn
apartment house covering the entire
block on St. Nicholas avenue between
169th and 170th streetc, more or leas
proudly announcees the an year mo
S'ot even during the present cold snap,
when tho mercury Is huddling for
warmth In the bulb at tho bottom of the
tube, have the mosquitoes desisted from
eatlne the llfty-four tenants of the house
and their families. Even a shlvver seems
nn.ihin to nrevent them from maKinf
safe landing on somebody's arm or head.
Nor do they wear fur lined overcoats or
arctics. They bite with an tne zest oi
One explanation of the all year
hnaatlea Is that they have located
spring under the bulldlns; near the boiler
room where, like Dlxienna in some i.oao
nonular songs. It Is always summer.
Down at 198 Broadway Philip Meyro-
witz. lessee of the property, who lives at
Woodrow Court, spent a part of his time
womlering whether to enter the skeeters
a assets or liabilities on his books. He
knew they were annoying, but so few In
number as not to dUturb the tenants
seriously. On the other hand where else
will you find a landlord In New York
who keeps his building warm enough to
suit even mosquitoes?
Uses Hose as Rope to Rescue
Mother and Children.
Patrolman John A. McKay saved the
lives of Mrs. Helen Strafcllcr and her
ttwo children. Herman, aged 3, and
James. 5, at a fire on the second floor of
the five story tenement house at 405 East
Nineteenth street yesterday afternoon.
McKay arrived in time to see smoke pour
ing from the windows, and tenants shiv
ering with cold and terror, huddled on
the tire escapes. He directed them to
safety and then entered the burning
building. On the third floor he found
Sirs. Strafeller and tho two children. He
was about to lead them down the stairs
when tho stairway from the second to
the third floor collapsed.
Firemen who had arrived by this time.
however, ran a hose up through the
third story window, and at McKay's
direction played it out until It was long
enough to reach down the stairwell to
the second floor. Using the hose as a
rope the patrolman helped Mrs. Strafel
ler and the two children down to the
second floor, whenco they made their
way to the street On tho sidewalk Mc
Kay collapsed and was taken to Belle
vue Hospital, where Herman Strafeller
also was treated for shock.
In the midst of the excitement over
this rescue some one suddenly remem
bered that Mrs. Kate Connell. the aged
mother of tho Janltress, was In her
apartment, on the first floor. She was
carried out by Patrick Flanagan of 322
First avenue.
Police Sergeants Peter M. Duffy and
Jrjnes J. Phelan of the West Forty.
seventh Street Station were acquitted
Special Sessions yesterday on a
March all such signs must be out nf charge of oppression brought against
sight A representative of tho brewers . l,;cm by Thomas Healy, proprietor of
of tho city cillcd on James S. Sherlln,
supervising Federal prohibition agent to
obtain an extension of time for the
removal of the signs. He argued that
the storm had made It Impossible for the
work to be done as quickly as was
Since Remarried, She Seeks
Estate of $25,000,000.
The will of Harry S. Harkness, noted
amateur sportsman and heir of I. V.
Harkncss of tho Standard Oil Company,
Is to be contested by Mrs. Mario Moss
Marbcck Cowan. 'his first wife, on the
claim that a mutual will drawn up some
time bofore they separated give her his
entire estate unofficially estimated as
worth $33,000,000, It became known yes
terday through the discovery in the files
of the County Clerk's office of records
ehowjng that summonses have been
Mr. Harkness died of Influenza In his
home at 270 Park avenue on January 23,
1919. In a will drawn a few hours before
his death he left everything- he owned
to Mrs. Florence titeuber Gaines Dark
ness, his second wife. She, with John
W. MacMlller, Mr. Harkncss business
partner, was named as executrix of the
From Outerbridgo Horsey of the law
firm of Nlcoll. Anable, Fuller & Sullivan
It was learned last night that tho con
test has gone no further than the filing
of the summonses. Mr. Horsey said that
Mrs. Florence Harkness received service
In his office on January 21. hut that no
complaint had been filed.
PrtA. in lh ftervlnr nf thei nnnnre f
tho restaurant bearing his name at ! iinr,v riwtnred Mrs. Cawan filrri t. iiv.
Columbus avenue and Sixty-sixth street the executors of the will a claim to the
Justices Daniel F. Murphy. Arthur C.
Salmon and Clarence Edwards heard the
case a month ago, Justice Salmon dis
senting from the opinion handed down
entire estate.
Mrs. Marie M. M. Cowan Is the wife of
Kennelt Cowan of Kcnnett Cowan &
Co., bankers, 24 Broad street. Their
home Is at a West Elovedth street
Store Closes at S o'clock.
Weather today-Fair.
Droadway t Ninth Btm t, New York,
Formerly A. T. Stewart
wlio'ftrc obliged to work for us More daylight.
Tli is very morning one of them ran across the street to
leave something on the door-step and about breakfast time
along came another man to stop at the door with shoulders
loaded and hands full of things wc arc expecting.
Have a good word for these early risers
who come through storm and sunshine and who in the main must
carry their burdens and walk every step of the way.
The faithful Postman !
The daily ncvspaper carrier!
The parcels post service and the increased weight of the
enlarged morning newspapers have nearly doubled their work
without doubling their pay.
We owe much to the eoplc who are on duty all night, who
prepare for us our mail matter and who piint and deljver the
newspapers the first thing every morning.
If postmen and ncwspajcr carriers were paid by the hours,
as some mechanics arc, it would be only the fair thing.
If the nightwork of large buildings were cast up it would
lie a surprise to many.
In this Store alone there arc 91 watchmen, cleaners, clerks
and laborers fyusy large parts of the night getting ready fdr the
next day.
(Sisncd) A. M J
February 17, 1920. 9 f
LSmieinis, Late, dei Am'vflinig,
Are Lowpnced
We can't buy such linens to-day to sell at To-day's prices.
Tea or luncheon cloths, $3.75 and $6.50 each
Pure Irish linen satin damask, hemstitched; 185 size 34 x34
in., at 63.75; 100 size 45 x45 in., 80.50 each.
Satin damask tray cloths, $1
200 pure Irish linen, hemstitched, 18 x 27 in.
Tea or luncheon napkins, $6.75, $7.50 dozen
150 dozen, Irish linen, hemstitched, 14 x 14 in., 6.50 dozen.
100 dozen, Madeira hand embroidered and scalloped, 13 x 13
in., 87.50 dozen.
13piece luncheon sets, $6.75
40 sets Madeira, hand embroidered and scalloped, six
o-inch, six IO-inch domes and one 24-inch centerpiece.
Handkerchief cases, 65c
150, Madeira hand embroidered and scalloped; pure linen
Scaris, $1
400, pure Irish linen centers, trimmed with lace 5 in. wide,
18 X 30 in., 18 x 4a in. and 18 x 52 in. First floor, Old Building.
Sets of Modem
and Aotkpe
Decorative Plates
Sets of plates from Bassano, made with gay baskets
in color against a white ground, are in three sizes,
dinner-plates, soup plates, and bread-and-butter plates.
They may be had banded in blue or green, at $3G a
dozen, for soup and dinner plates, and $30 a dozen for
bread-and-butter plates. These are particularly nice
for use in the country house, where their informal charm
is very much in spirit.
White Bassano ware plates, pierced to look like old
lace; $24 a dozen.
Modern Wedgewood tea plates in dark green,
beautifully glazed, have a raised design of fig leaves;
$10 a dozen.
Old Strasbourg Plates
Decorated in brightly colored chinoiscrie on a
ground of white arc very attractive; $60 the set of six.
Old French faience plates, gay with flowers; set
of six, $10. Second Floor, Old Building.
Meals Cooked "By the Clock"
In a heatless and attractive kitchen
In the morning the meal can be prepared, nut in the own.
the clock set and when one comes home in the evening every
thinc is done just like magic. Come and sec actual working
of the household devices.
In the Wanamaker Efficiency Kitchen
AVestinghouse Automatic Electric Range $180.25
Western Electric Dishwasher when not in use may be used
as a kitchen table $90
Walker Electric Dishwasher will rapidly and thoroughly wash,
rinse and sterilize dishes rtT .. $143
Western Electric Washer put the clothes in the cylinder,
start the mo tor and let the washer do the hard work. '
With stationary wringer , $123
With swinging wringer $137.50
Apex Electric Washer, with swinging wringer. All metal except the
wringer. 1 he domes ana not soapy water are thrown back and forth till
steam and suds have removed every particle of dirt.
8 sheet capacity $160 5 sheet capacity
Seventh Gallery, New Building.
From Prance
Lisle thread socks
for men
$2.25 to $4.50 pair
A MAN'S socks.
Burlington Arcade
New building.
fs at half-price
All of our double faille cot
ton bunting flags known as
the best made quality; double
scam, strong canvas binding;
three seams; brass grommets;.
sewed stars.
Sizes 3x5 ft. to 8 x 12 ft.,
$2.25 to $5, according to size.
. . Ty Store
Third Gallery, New Bldg.
Tie1 New fosniONS
for Miss 14 to 20
Frocks of shimmering black taffetas; trimmed with
white organdie.
Tiie model illustrated is a charming example.
Last cable received from Paris says that red is the
favorite trimming of that great couiuricre, JEANNE
LANVIX. Wc have navy blue suits with gilets of red
kidskin, exquisitely embroidered.
Accordion pleated skirts are featured by both
LANVIN and JENNY. Ever so many of our new
frocks have these chic skirts some of them even at
$39.50 and $49.50. .
We arc sure you will enjoy seeing our collections of
New frocks at $59.50 to $165
New suite at $29.50 to $195
Second floor, Old Building. Tenth St. Side.
Furaitiuire Que
The Facts
The demand for good furniture is about fifty per
cent, greater than the production. Most manufac
turers of good furniture are sold ahead for the year-
ana are worrying about how-to get wood and veneers
and nails and glass and shellac with which to fill their
orders. . v
Costs, of course, are higher than were the costs
of the furniture now on our floors and in our ware
houses. More than a million dollars of good furniture
the Wanamaker kind is here, at reductions of 10 to 33
per cent., in the
February Fmir nit me Sale
Which has ,TEN more days to run)
Will you take advantage of the present
low prices on the large stocks of furniture
in the February Sale, to put your homes
in order?
If you vote NO, dismiss the subject from your
mind. ,
If you vote YES, then the obviously wise thing to
do is to BEGIN.
Take stock of your homes this evening.
See what you need ;iow?. Find out what you arc
going to need some time during the year.
Then come to the Furniture Galleries tomorrow,
and look over
the more than 100 dining-room suites from
$214.50 to $2,358.75
the more than 75 bedroom suites from $124.25
to $4,105
the hundreds of upholstered pieces, chairs, large I
and small tables, novelty furniture, and separate
pieces' for the bedroom and dining-room
EVERY PIECE of Wanamaker home furniture
in the Furniture Galleries (with warehouse reserves).
AM GOOD Furniture
and for sale, for ten days more, at
February reductions of 10 to 83 per cent.
Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Galleries, New Hide.
1 v'
4-ST.W,f.. r!: , .....

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