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la Likely to Be Injected Into'
Hcpnlilican State Conven
tion This Week.
Dr. Butler and Gen. Wood Will
Sot Seek Instructed Dele
gates to Chicago.
I '
Because o( th ibarp dlvlilon amom
JUpuillcan 'woratn ovtr Cnltel States
Hkelr the c.vtiW I Irjwtwl Int
the State conization In Carter " 1 '
,en Thurftr ad Friday.
Althoush Mli Minr Cam?" Hr tte
Inflexible oppopt of tw Puiton r
nomination, hai W he "",w make
bo Crtt either sr-rent hl nrlecUsn
as one of th iUlsatt-at-laiT or to
It chosen her.'eif. It U more than proba
ble that iwne of th women dtlecatta
Hill ralie the liw
. If. as resrt4. Elihu Hoot .has- de
cided that be will not atpt a rnom
tnatlon for one of th "Bit Four." It
will leave one of the plaeti cpn for a
cntet In rvch a case ne of the
rjpporteri of Mls Hay "Kt'y to ue-
eest her name. '
How shsrply th lines arv dran on
Senator Wads of th nas shown at t'e
forum of the Wwr.o .-'tate Exu' j
Committee at the National ttepubtt -n
Club yesterday afternoon. On of the
somen asked Schuir a.'tycr whthtr
It was the duty of a- failed States
Senator to ttptettul himself or his
State ?-Ir Myr. a forrn'r Aatem-blj-man.
ern"! by reji:ns that the
point at iemit W wv the candi
date's record oa c;:;r matters and
that record had been pleailnj to the
"Is Senator Wadjworth record pleas
Ins; to the men or to the woroenl"
asked another woman ladUrinntly. Then
women f.san-U juir.p all over the
room with attack on or In d.-ferxe
of the Senator. Ftaa.ly llr Arthur
L. Uverraorc, presldlcc. declared tbt
discussion mui: tad.
There Is to be no attempt to Instruct
the New York delerates to the Ch!
cajo convention for Or. .Nicholas .Mur
ray Butler for President. Justice John
It. Dav!. bU cam pale" manar. said
Dr. ButUr alari had been an Advo
cate of unlnstru'tcJ delegations, and
his vies on that question had not
been changed.
Representative Norman J. Gould re
iterated that no attempt would be made
Jo "tew up" any delegates for Jlajor-Gen-
Leonard Wood.
Democrat! View Him as Real
Presidential Entry.
Sfte'M to Tnr aca sd New yo nrtits
WASHtNCTOV, Feb. K. In the opinion
cf Democratic politicians he?e l-Jay
the le'tcr of Vice-President Marshall df
fiiiinK Md political principles afld Cray
Ing inr a return of the pr!y to thi? bed
rock of JcffersonlanLim. means the
serious entry, ef the Itidlanan a a can
didate for Lb 4 J'rnlilntlHl nomination.
Between Uie lines of the letter 10 Sec
retary Hoffman of the Demofrqtlc, Na
tional Committee, the Democrats sole tjow
that the Vice-President, tired of lf
effacement. has determined to assert
himself as the proponent of a restora
tion of the older principle of Democracy
and as nrjch.a bono fide candidate.
It hasibeen erident to close friends' of
the Vice-President that the course
pursued by iho Administration In many
aspects durinc the war and Immediately '
prior thereto uas hl.hiy distasteful to
him. The Vice-President, from the chair
In the Senate, has viewed with dismay
the crumbling of the Senate Democracy
and the process has been painful for him
to wltnees.
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Pt7 17 IiteiastloLjl rdn Sm.
Miss Gladys Fraer of Evanston,
111., aged 17, is attending victory
convention in Chicago.
Continual from Pint Page.
dUtrlet Is Mrs. Raymond Brown of
New York city.
Mrs. Helen H. Gardener, of 'Washing
ton announced that th? I.'nited States
Gortrnment has r-coKnlfM the leadhs'
part played by the National Woman
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her first koH watch, the last purs she
uwJ. and the round mahosany "table
.upon which the Womin's Bill of R:hts
waa written at the first suffrage conren
tion. in lit!.
Fond Man TS Fourth In (I. O. I'.
Vote and First In Democratic.
Daniel Wlllard, former president of
the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, has
declared himself in favor of the nomi
nation of Itajor-Gen. Wood for I'thA
dtnL In a letter made publlr yester
day at Wood hcadqqoarters his reason
was slvtn as the similarity between
the General and the late Col. Roosevelt,
Other Indorsements were from William
J. Henderson, the music critic and
Archibald Rogers of the Dutiheas County
Defence Council.
The Wood manatrs made public the
result of a (mil published bythe St. Iaul
I'loner Pre. It was taken amonc
legislator, editor and politicians In
Mlnneeotx It showed pn the Republi
can side. Wo'id. ;oi; lyiwdeti, 53: John
son. 4?; Hoover. II; Taft, !J; Hughes.
20: Frarler of North Dakota. 3; Hard
ing. Polndexttr. Uoethals, Kellogg, Root,
Capper, one each.
On the Democratic side the result was:
Hoover, 15. Wilson, 21 i; Bryan. 15:
Palmer. 10; McAdoo, S; Edwards, J.
Gerard, 3; Cox, 3; Owen, i.
Fertilizer Plant Ournrd. '
CllESTEkTowv, Md., Feb. 16 The
Peerless Fertilizer Company works here
were destroyed by flre of undetermined
origin last night, entailing a iosa of
J2Q0.O0O. covered by insurance.
44 E. 14th St.
47 Cortlandt St.
r- . ...... IWTtwiMl. t.i.w atot rt..fi-.,jei. janniii nuT.-.mre-r ,tm, .m..,..iSm ' gaa
VfliiMfinn Tlnnril Ttef nses Them
in Cases of Absent Teachers
and Pupils- '
3Inch 3Iootcd Question 'ow Up
io Board of Superintend
ents for Action.
Efforts on the part of the Christian
Science Church to obtain from the
Board r,f Education official reoojmltlon
of certificates issued by practitioners
aa excuses' for the absence through III
r.ess of teachers or pupils wno are
members of the church have met with
faifure. The petition of the Christian
Scle-tlits was referred by the Board
to Mrs. Isaac' Franklin Russell, the
only lawyer In Its membership, for In
vestl ration. Mrs. Rusaell reported ad
versely and the Board of Education
has turned the matter over to the Botrd
of Superintendents with authority to
act as It deems best.
As a reeult of thla move It Is certain
that the certificate of Christian Sci
ence practitioner will not be recog
n.zed as valid excuses for atin'.-e
through llles by the public school
authorities here. The Board of Super-l.-tendenta
repeatedly In the past has
refused such rt-cognllion. It Is fully
expected that some teacher whose cer
tificate Is rejected by the Hoard win
bring a test suit in the courts ana,
until such a suit has been tried "-d
A . . .t t ak. nl -..- fir .K n .("..
decided. th final word on the contro
versy which i txavtVK oountrywia
Interest in educational circles will not
have been uttered.
Previous Case Recalled.
V.Tven the ca wae argued before
the Board of Education the Christian
S-ientlste were represented by Al&ert
F Gilmore. As evidence that Me
church of which he Is a memter had
been "legalized" In New York State,
he cited the Medical Practice act ot
1507. ahirh says that "this act shall
not be construed to affect the practice
of the religious tenets of any church."
Mr. Gilmore arguM that the exemp
tion which he said legalized the practice
of Christian Science was recognized by
agreement between the church and offi
cials of the State Medical Association as
adequate. He cited the case of the Peo
ple vs. Cole, which resulted from the
arret! on complaint of the New York
Medical focety of a Christian Science
practitioner, accused of practlFing medi
cine illegally. The Court of Appeals
ru'ed In Cole's favor
Mr. Ollmore alio cited the case of the
Pe-jple tg. Vogelgwar.g, a spiritualist, in
deciding which the court said : "The law
exacts no license for healing by prayer,
by the power cf religion, but one who
heals by other agencies must have the
training of the expert." Statements by
life and accident Insurance companies
that they recognized .rlstlan Science
practitioners also were presented by Mr.
. In her Investigation of the petition
Mrs. Itussjfll consulted W. A. Purring
ton. an attorney of i: Wail street, and
her conclusions w er supported by him.
Mrs. nnssrlPa Itulllis.
"It Is perfectly clear." said Mrs. Ru
sell. in her report to the Board of Edu
cation, "that a Christian Scientist Is not
a 'physician' in th common underi-tand-Inc
of the H-ord. It seems to me equally
clear trmt he is not a 'physician' wit!l!n
the meaning of the statute, but only a
layman allowed to practice his so-called
religious tenet- under the exception of
the statute.
"He is. not a regularly 'licenced phy
slclan,' who alone In mentioned In the
orm of certificate that we Issue to our
teachers for excuse of ahrence with pay.
With Harold MacGrath to spin
it, readers will find this intricate
web of mystery .-1 hard orw to un-
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i 1 ' '
The Health Department Xota not accept
death certificate from Christian Scien
tist, because they are not regularly
licensed phrslclana.
. m ..v ivr uKUKIirll in
Iwhfch the Helentista AnZi nn .f.t
certified by a physician whUh the gdtn-
1 tlau do not recocnlae. Their absent
atainl Jat as eood x present
.treatment, and the natlent doesn-t need
to leave school to feel its full rct-
Therefore, would It not be absurd to
accept a Christian Science certificate
that a teacher was suffering from 'error
of mortal mind,' unless. Indeed. It were
such error as to require the. attention
of an alienist? Moreover, If the Health
Department will not accept the certifi
cates f these people why should the
Education Department do sor ' 1
Refuses .to Join States Op
posing Rhode Island Fight.
n&ovtwxcz. R. L, Feb. It. Gov. Per
chral V Clement of Vermont has -sent
a letter to Gov. Carl E. MllllVen of
Maine In reply to a request for Vermont
to join Maine and other States In op
posing Rhode Inland's tight acatnst the
Federal prohibition amendment. In whldi
he not only refuse to accept the Invi
tation but expresses the hope that Rhode
Island will bo successful In overturnlns
the amendment.
"Since 1: Vermont hoc voted against
prohibition whenever the question has
been before the people of the State."
wiys Gov. Clement's letter. "The Antl-Sa-loon
League secured a majority of the
Legislature (1SIS for the eighteenth
amendment to the Federal Constitution,
but I do not feel warranted In placing
Vermont in oppositicn to the Constitution
of Rh(le Island. On th other hand. I
hope that Rhode Island will be successful
In lur efforts to free the United States
from the operation of the eighteenth
amendment, which Is. I believe, opposed
hv PL lftrZA malnrftv nf fh nmil nf the
country, and, unless declared unconstitu-
... . . .
uo.Tai by me supreme court, must lnev-
itably bring trouble to us all."
In an Interview to-night In Boston sup
plementing the letter. Gov. Clement de
clared that the prohibition amendment
was "put on the statute books by as cor
i upl methods as hare eve." been used in
Ie,:slatlon In the United States."
To Hecome rodefendanta With V.S.
in Ilhodr Island Suit.
Boston, Ke. IS. A majority of the
States which ratified the prohibition
amendment will join In aon to uphold
Its constutionallty. Gov. Carl E.
Mlliiken of Maine, said to-day. The
course' of action has been decided upon,
he raid, but the details of the plan and
the names of the States which wi'l sup
jort it will twt be announced for several
Governor Milliken's statement wis
made after bis arrival here from New
York, where he had conferred ,wltit
Charles K. Hu?hes, who will be coun
sel in the proposed action. Prior to
this conference it was paid that the
plan under consideration was to have
Maine, wltn other States, become a de
fendant Jointly with the United States
in the suit of Ithode Island now pending
In the Supreme Court to have the
Eighteenth Amendment declared un
constitutional. It was understood that Governor
Mlliiken took with him to New Torn
correspondence on the subject with
thlrty-thre' Governors, only one ot
whom agreed with the position or
Rhode Island. .
Itcpnrt in I.rllncton Itloti.
Leiikotos. Ky.. Keb. IS. The cor
oner's Intuest Into the mob riots of last
Monday to-day found J M. Rosters, U.
M. Klnc, J. H. Kthrington. James Ala?
wnzale and John Thomas "killed by
shotH tired by State mlllti fOllowirsr
orders and ty other unknown persons."
Omens of Prosperity
for you
i,f.'., .-r
rtf .J ?l s4 4tai f 1
Speaker Calls Him "World's
3Iost Exalted Instigator
of Social Bevolt."
Bcmark Tinally Is "Wiped
From Hecords of Federation
Discussion of fled Peril.
It was an otherwise perfectly har
monious and ladylike conference on the
menace of Bolshevism, Communism and
I W. W.-lsm, held under the auspices
of the National Civic Federation In the
Hotel Astor (esterday. in which Henry
A. Wise Wood said at the close of the
first address of the session:,
"Your problem toes from the lower
East aide to the White House, where sits
the world's most exalted Instleator of
social revolt, the patron of these people
andthe patron cf unrest."
Judge Alton H. Parker, president of
the Federation, was In the chair at the
time. Other attendants included Sam
uel Gompers, Dr. Talcott Williams,
Rabbi Joseph Silverman -md Ralph M.
Easley. chairman of the Federation's
Executive Council.
For some rea ton Mr Wood's rhetorical
assault upon President Wllmn pawd
without rebuke or dissenting voice. .It
was even applauded. Nobody had done
anything about It when the conference
was adjourned for luncheon.
Objrrta to Statement.
During that Interval, however, some
of the officers of the federation noted
the sentence In the official stenographic
record of tlie uroceedlnes. In typed
characters It did not look pretty. So,
when the afternoon session was called
lo order oy ir. tasaey. bamuei oom-
Ders afterward taking the chair. Rabbi
Silverman arose and rad"Mr. Wood's
words as quoted. Then he said :
"I desire to take decidjd Usue with
this statement and to express my dis
agreement with both Its points. First,
the Socialist movement does not take its
rise from the loner East Side, and, sec
ond, it does not frad its climax in tiie
White House. We should not by our
silence seem to sanction any tuch-etate-mer.t.
"I have too much respect for our
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directly wlUi the revolutionary Soe"1,1
tendencies of to-day. Nor do we wun
to stipnatlte.any section of our city,
nprth. south, east or west, as the. io
callty where these pernldous doculnes
are bred. We must go to ths mder
ground world If wo wish to find wo
seed germs of Bolshevism. It was in
tyrannous rule of the Tsars that gave
Wrth to these fortes. We must not per
mlt any words to go forth from this con
ference that can place a stigma upon
the Civic Federation."
Wiped From Ilecords.
Dr. Williams said every person In ths
morning conference had felt shockeu
when he heard the words Just quoted.
f)e Willi. m. mnved that they O CX-
pucged from the ottlcUl record of the
proceedings. In -seconding me n"i
Timothy Healy. president of the Inter
national Brotherhood of Stationary
Firemen, praised President Wilson as a
man who had done much to alleviate tne
condition of the p.r and to better the
prospects of the wage earner. The vote
to expunge the sentence from the min
utes was unanimous.
Mr. Wood, before he had got as far
as the east side and the White Hottse.
had declared that sixty per cent, of offi
cial Washington were socialists and that
the country had not property handled
radicalism' from Its Inception. Trotxxy.
the speaker said, when be was on Ma
way from New Tcrk to Russia by way
of Canada, had been held up by the
Canadian Government, -but had suc
ceeded In making his way out of the
Dominion through the earnest solicita
tion of the American Department of
T V. O'Connor, president of the In
ternational Loneshoremen's Union, de
clared that the only way to combat the
"Reds" successfully Is by "treating 'm
rough." "It's ths only way we handled
that element down on the waterfront In
the longshoremen's strike." he said.
Those men are In the unions only to
disrupt : they demand the impossible and
then insist upon strikes to get It,"
Speaking of the unseating of the So
cialist Assemblymen In Albany Mr
O'Connor said: "I glory In Speaker
Sweet's nerve, and I hope he goes
through with it I've had a rough time
of It myself, either to forgive or to
Denounces SoelatUni.
RaUil Silverman contended that the
sociilists should not have a recognized
piace, with other political parties. "So
clall'n, he saia, "is a conspiracy 10
! overimiow the covcmmenL The men
I engaged In It are traitors. The stand
we should take Is that Socialists are not
American citizens in any true sense of
the word. They are rats burrowing
underneath tmd trying to undermine the
In the opinion of John L. TIMsI' v.
Assistant Superintendent of Schools, bet
ter pay. and hence better teachers in
the schools offered the best weapon to
oppose Bolshevism. He declared that
th present make-up of the teaching pro
& 37 Street
Co ' ' v 4
Generating Station
West 201st Street
and Harlem River
District Offices and
Show Rooms e
89th Street'and Broadway;
146th Street and Broadway
fessttn In the colleges and sehoolf Indi
cates that the strongest personalities are
on "the other aide of the question
Dr. Williams predicted that socialism
could make. Utile headway In this coun
try, as I,W,WJ of the afmfitn families
In the United States owned real estate
end would oppose any doctrine that
threatened their property rights, t-nanes
A. Boston, representing ths; American
Bar Association In the conference, also
believed tha United States to be In no
immediate danger.
i"r. Gorapers disagreed with Mr.
O'Connor about the Assemblymen.
"Speaker Sweet, by his attitude." said
Mr. Gorapers, "has made Socialists out
of non-Socialists." If the suspended As
semblymen had been guilty of treason
or sedition they should be convicted In
the courts and then they would not be
eligible to sit in the Legislature. "In
this matter," he said. "I agree with
Charles E. Hughes without the dotting
of an I or the crowing of a t"
The American Federation of Labor,
Mr. Campers said, had favored a more
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sf Th'e Ronald P
strict llmitatb of Immigration but that
a rtomblnatloo of captains of Industry
wltb the shlpplcsr Interests, aided by
bribery cd , corruption, had defuiej
such lerlaiatftV in (he interest of chto
foreign ttbo.
Resolutions were adopted pledging the
conference to support all orginlntloni
combating radical propaganda. On th
committee on resolutions were Ccnde a
Fallen, chairman , Rabbi Silverman, Mrs.
Sara Conboy, Interna tlo.-.al secretary,
treasurer United - TexUle Workers or
America; Monet Stttro, Mrs. Cofrn van
Rensselaer, Herbert Ban"', Jaxes p
Holland, president New York Bute Fed.
eratlon of Labor; John L. TUdiley, a,
sistant saperinteodt-nt of schools . Mont,
gomery Schuyler. Cyrus Adler of I'h.ia!
delphla and Dr. Talcott WlilUms.
Jn the confereace were represented th
Automobile Club of America, the Mer.
ciiants Association, American Bar Ao-
ration, the Farmers Cooperative I'n . p
I New York CJty Federation of Wctr.n s
Clubs, the American legion anl ti.e
Daughters of the American Revo.uUvn.
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