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FEBRUARY 17, 1920.
jloro TIiniA Sovci Thousand
Tickets Sold for tho
Annual Event
Estimated Not ItccointS From
ho Entcrtainmonfc AV1U
Exceed .$25,000.
More persons than the ballroom and
adjoining corridors of the Hotel Astor
,ur v.oro intendod to hold crowded
tho3d spaces luat night at tho nineteenth
charity hall of tho. Now York Chapter
of the Knights of Columbus. The crowd
3 nothing unusual, it wan a fore
' c one conclusion. Every annual "Casey"
party Is a crush. For this wo moro
than seven thousand .tickets had Been
,i,i ami It waa estimated that more
than half that number was represented j
personally. . . .,
As the result of their nineteenth ball
tho Knights will be able, to extend
greatly thojr after war humane' projects,,
euch as maintaining free beds In the
hospitals, furnishing free vocational
mining In the schools of the Knights
and tcnaing tUDercuiar puuemo iu
sanitarium In Whitehaven, Fa. While
the directing committee had not checked
up its accounts last night, It was esti
mated that tho. net Income would be
moro than J2D,00J1.-
Tho busiest man among the members
of a resourceful directing committee was
Dr. William 1'. Laik'n, who directed the
oversea work of Casoy and was head
of the Invitation committee. But so well
was the scheme of tho big party or
ganized that ho and his aids, Messrs.
Edward A. Arnold, Joseph T, Toomcy.
Arthur J. W. Hilly, J. A. Carow, Albert
If, Lilly and Gerald Donovan. Mgr.
John J. Dunn, chancellor of the arch
diocese of Now York, and Dr. Harry P.
Swift, found time to enjoy the pro
gramme they hnd arranged for the
amusement of others, i
Two orchestras made the hotel rever
berate with music, military, patriotic,
and for dancing. The cadets from the
Clason Point Military Academy gave
an Inspiring drill In the ballroom. Occa
sionally the Police Department Glee
Club sang, and during the intervals
there was organ music. The fourth
degree color guards of the Knights
escorted the cadets to'the ballroom. So
It went on until midnight, When there
was supper. Afterward several imnareu
of the older folks went home, and then
the knlghta'and ladles got a 'fairly good
chance to dance and once started they
danced until daylight
Mgr. Lavello represented Archbishop
Hayes at the ball; remaining until the
end of the formal programme. Miss
Elisabeth Marbury waa chairman of a
Urge auxiliary committee that Included
Mrs. Donn Barber. Mrs. James Kidder,
Mrs. August Belmont, Mrs, James
Bryne, Mrs. Edward N. Breltung. Mrs.
W, Burke Cockran, Mrs. Henry Clews;
Mrs. Wlnthrop Chanler, Marchcse dl
Capelll, Mrs. Paul D. Cravath, Mrs.
James W. Corrlgan, Miss Mary Crtm
rains, Mrs. Alfred C. Chapln, Mrs. An
drew Dougherty, Mrs. John Beverly
Ducr, Mrs. Newbold Lo Roy Edgar, Mrs.
James W. Gerard, Mrs. Francis Burrall
Hoffman, Mrs. Otto II. Kahn, Mrs. I. C
Kaufman, Mrs. Bryan L. Kennelly, Mrs!
Adolf Ladenburg, Miss Kathcrine Mac
kay, Mrs. John Magee, Miss Anne Mor
gan, Baroness Emtio de Cartler do
Marchlennc Miss lsa Maxwell, Mrs.
Frederick Nellson, Commissioner Ellen
O'Grady, Mrs. Joseph J. O'Donohuc,
Jr.; Mrs. Francis Key Pendleton,
Mrs. Thomas F. Ityan, Mrs. Alfred E.
Smith. Mm Herbert Shlpm.w. Mrs.
Mortimer L. Schlff, Mrs. Joseph Slevln,
Jr.; Mrs. Henry V. Ta'tt, Mrs. Cabot
ward, Miss Maude wctmore and Mrs.
J. Walter AVood.
Miss Kahn Felicitated at Palm Beach
BfHBHBHHBkCrrBHMMI ......... - .
m II i i i i nil -,vmmMmm?mmt ammmim
D. S. O., M. C. ' 7
Krnrrn no 1111 Pl-n.
111 "TJIC UQt-
t Hughes' Comedy at
ino Elliottls - Miss
'cccltcr Leading: Woman.-
fono of Fpundcrs of Dry, Jones
& Co. and Wall Btrcot
Recently Acted as Advisor and
''Statistician for 'Wall
Street Firms.
Jlcr Engagement to Major
Marriott 3Iado Known
Is at Father's Villa.
Vaim Beach, Fla,, Feb. . wnile
the formal announcement of the en
gagement of Miss Maud 13.. Kahn,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto H.
Kahn, to Major John Charles Oakcs
Marriott. D. S, O.. M. or the stall
of the Military Attache ot the British
Embassy in Washington, was made
yesterday In New York, porsonal felici
tations were extended to her here.
Misb Kahn Is mistress of her father's
villa here, and will remain in this col
ony a few more weeks and then will
go to the Pacific coast for the re
mained of tho snrlns, Her friends her
are hoping they may have uio oppor
tunity of c6ngrntulatlng her British
fiance. She has mado no confessions as
to her wedding plans.
This was a. aay or arrivals largely
annual visitors. Mr. nnd Mrs. Craig
Blddlo reached here from Philadelphia to
pass several weeks at the Itoyal Poin-
ciana Hotel. Mr. Blddle comes each
season for the tennis tournament and
has one leg on tho present championship
From New York at the Boyal Poln
clana aro Mr. and Mrs. Wlllard S.
Brown and Mr. Vernon H. Brown, who
will remain two weeks. Mr. Wlllard S.
Brown Is vlco-presldent of the Sail Fish
Club of Florida. v
Mr. Wadsworth R. Lewis, Count de
Clalrmont, Mr. and Mrs. Noble McCon
nell. Mr. and Mrs. Frederic de Peyster
Foster, Mr. and Mrs, James H. Schoon-
maimer, the Misses Beatrice nn! Murlal
Mlsa Gwendolyn Brown weltered'
mo jview York contingent v
to-day at the Itoyal Polncf Messrs,
sMr. Morgan J. G. 0'Brle,a a C.
Lyttloton Fox, Ralph lhfw YoA
Warren. Jr., also came jfr.d party,
to Join Mr. Morgan J. O'fiays.
who have been here foriony licroj
Joining the theatrlfcciwyti and
irom New lork were B,co gejwyn
,tho Misses Rae aftd nre at the
anu jiiss Kay laure.
tioyai fomciana. ew York are
At tins Breakers M,d jjrs. Alex
Mr. Conde Nast andieverill weeks
ander J. HemphlHAhe same Iiotel
stay, From St. Lolt0n and Miss
are Mrs. Arthur Ojjr. and Mrs.
Frances U Garriiave been at the
William Thaw, 3d;0 chartered the
ureaKers a monjwo weeks' cruise
nouscooat Aieia
Schoonmaker, Mrs. M. T. Brown and among the Keys. .
Color and Action
' in Russian Isba
Led liy Serge Barowsky, Bary
tone, Company Opens Amer-
Tour Here.
The Russian Tsba company, brought
here by Serge Borowsky, barytone, ot
the Moscow opera, opened its American
tour in the Belmont Theatre last night,
giving a breath quite a resonant breath
of unforced peasant gayety ns It has
persisted from the days of Ivan the
Terrible. The only hint ot red obout
this bit of Russia was the scarlet shirts
and the ruddy rawhide boots of the men,
and they certainly weren't Bolshevik, for
they- kept in perfect order with the
haunting music. They were part of the
gorgeous color scheme of the perfor
mance. In which every time or Slavonic
costume was represented, flashing with
gem Incrustations and creating a chro
matic revolution with their prismatic
rlqtlngs. i
The Isba sets forth a Russian village
fete, depicting In three scenes the cele
biatlons Indulged in by the moujlk when
he isn't busy tilling the soli or supJ
pressing the wild eyed ones who would
liberate him. The first scene reveals
devoltonal exercises outside the church.
the second the festivities in a wealthy
Two worthy guests, at the ball were Feasant's home "lsba's properly mean-
ins uauiu 'ium ljiu uiiru u Elv
Mr. Jeremiah Covney, seventy-three
years old, of SCO West Twenty-second
street, the oldest war worker of the
Cateys, who was on the staff of Mr.
Michael S. Hogan, supervisor of war
activities, and Miss Blllle Crompton,
even years old, a toedancer, who en
tertained thousands of returned soldiers
after the war and who won a medal
Cor selling Liberty bonds to the value
of S,M,C00.
Miss C. M. Sawyer Married. to
Mr. Harold L. Mullins.
Jllss Carolyn Marguerite Sawyer of
Hudson Falls, N. Y (laughter of the late
n. J, Estjbourt Sawyer, U. S. A., and
Mrs. Sawyer, was married yesterday In
, je v-nurcn ut St. Mary the Virgin to Mr.
Harold L. Mullins of Yokohama. Japan.
The Rev. Dr. J. G. 11. Barry officiated.
The ceremony, which took place at noon,
was followed by a small reception at
the house of'Ir. and Mrs. Fntncls do
Lancey Robinson, 161 East Thirty-seventh
street. The bride was, attended by
Mrs. A. R. Teal.
The wedding was to have taken place
nve years ago, but arrangements were
interrupted by the war. Into which Air.
Mullins entered at once, serving Li the
British army In India. He 4s manager
of the Yokohama branch of tho Char
tered Banks of India, Australia and
China. Ho and his bride will start for
Japan on Thursday, and next year will
live In Rangoon, Burmah, where he will
1 Rationed.
Mix Helen Illckert Engaged.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. RicUcrt of
515 Park avenue, announce tho engage
ment of their daughter, Miss Helen
Blckert. to Mr. William Ford Oouldlhg.
wn of Mrs. William H. Cfouldlng
of- 40 Last Sixty-second street, pre
viously of Worcester. Mass. MIss HJck
rt, who attended Miss Spencc's school,
was In canteen 'and otner work. In the
Jar. Mr. Gouldlng was graduated from
ale University in 19H. In tho war
no was a lieutenant In the Army Air
rvice. serving with the Nlncty-thlrd
tlons of the American 5irV. Army, The
edding will take place in tho spring.
carnival, with even one growing as
hilarious on the steppes as though
Imbued, with Romany rye. Every type
is on handi Including the harmless
village half wit, who falls off benches
at odd moments. Through all the en
tertainment thrum the strains of the
balalaika orchestra, led by a player
whoso lustrous mustache makes him a
Russian Jesse James. The remarkable
concerted harmony of the chorus of
forty-live, led in nil variety of songs by-
Mr. Borowsky, make one wish the Rus
sioans could -pull together as well In
their government affairs.
In his solos Mr. Borowsky revealed a
flexible barytone voice of clarity and
power that set all hands applauding;.
The hit of the evening, was an eccentric
Hepak dance, done by a young man who
was represented on the programme by
three, stars, and who couldn't have re
ceived, louder approval If he'd been
Three Star Hennessy. Spontaneous ap
preciation , also crackled out for the
steps, performed by Miss Vera Zimeleva
and by Miss Nina Sergeeva and Mr.
Leontdoff, who did a humerdus dance
that might Inspire Charlie Chaplin.
It Is a Jolly, colorful production, re
freshing In its simplicity and novelty.
Any one can enjoy It without straining
his friendship for Russia.
New York, ( I
News that a son was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Nonnan Armour In Brussels on
February 9 has been received by. their
friends here. Mr. Armour, who is a son
of Mr. and Mrs. George A. Armour, of
Allison House, Princeton, Is second sec
retary of the American Embassy In
Brussels. Mrs. Armour, who was rrln
cess Myra Koudacheff, is the daughter of
Prince Koudacheff of Russia, 'v
Mrs. Richard Stevens and Miss Dor
othy Stevens are stopping at the St
Regis Hotel. Mr. and Mrs. James A.
Blair have closed their apartment In
that hotel, and have gone to Augusta,
Ga., for the remainder Of the winter.
Before the mid-winter oance on last
Saturday rilght in the Rlti-Corleton
Hotel Mrs. Arthur Ryle gave a dinner
for Miss A. Routh Ogdcn. The guests
Included Misses Olive Van '-R. Gawtry.
Sophie B. Duer, Emily Sloane Hammond.
Louise Vanderbllt Schlcffetin and Kath
crine Mackay; Messrs. Edward R. Stet-
tlnlus, Jr.: John M. Franklin, Grcen-
ough Townsend, James R. Sanderson.
Murray Taylor, Worthlngton Davis nnd
Van Rensselaer Halscy.
In St James's Church. Mofllsort ave
nue and Seventy-first street this after
noon Miss Helen A. Carrere, a daughter
of Mrs. L. Sidney Carrere, will be mar
ried to Mr. Frederick IC Barbour. A
small reception will be held in the St
Regis Hotel.
Comedy of"q ot Drfl-
matic, lotabl for
K.MCKEnnoCJIh c. Uncoln't noyel.
T.DIItD" comedy bv Runert -Hushea.
tin Oloaile j.John Drew
'ici Tlrn.rl.v j. Arthur Harry
rurannr William unguium.
MUIUDQ. ............... .OJUI1C? IMVtl
nald.... William Williams
rker Albert need
'ulllna . Wjllanl Bowman
rn Fay Craabv 11 In Janet llnecher
orallo TlDDett Mlaa nulh Flndlay
Tanlta Augvln,,..MUa Paulina Armltago
John Drew returned to tho metro
politan stage las night after keeping
out of the eye of his admiring public
for nearly two years., In "The Cat
Bird" ho came back, to bo sure, as an
old man, an old professor moreover;
btat he was not in theyfirst flush of
youth when New York had its last
look at him on the stage. He was
then the gay ord Quex,
There were points of resemblance be
tween this PInero worldling and the
Mr. Drew of dther days that the
spectators could not discern last night
in tho character ot Martin Gtoade. PI
nero's mature hero was as smartly
turned out as the bes dressed of the
youngsters. Mr. Drew In his youthful
Empire days never' bore more unmls
Edward Davs Jones, one of the
founders ot the WfJ Street Journal and
one of tho most picturesque characters
of the financial district, died yesterday
morning nt his home. 16 West Sixty
eighth street, ot hemorrhage ot tho
Apparently In the best of health, Mr.
Jones suffered a fainting spell Sunday
evening. Ho rallied quickly, however
and nothing moro was thought of, the
Illness unth early yesterday morning,
when Mrs. Jones was awakened by her.
husband gasping for breath. Healed
before a physician could arrive.
Mr; Jones was born in Worcester,
Mass., October 7, 1856, graduated from-
Worcester Academy nnd entered Brown
University with the class of 1878. After
three years at college he took a posi
tion with the Providence Joupvpl ns dra
matic critic, nnd lator became part
owner ot the newspaper. He sold out
lils Interest In that newspaper In 18S1
nnd came to New York to found with,
Charles H. Dow, another New Englander,
hi financial news concern ot Dow, Jones
takabla slcna of Bond Street. Yet last I & Co.
nlarlit ho had nn nnatiivntv hnrirv From his introduction to the financial
trousers m the first act and a coat that district and during his association with
comedy fromtxej by Miiaei raulltte
"Sfiavln... ,r Jot.,..,
I'helna Ami V ir. lt,M.f,i,1
J. Edward Wlriji";'.'. .J.mea Bradbury
vii. cam J,.,.. Charles Dow ClarK
rh!ns BabJ.,i,.Doufrtaa McPhrron
Iam!T Babjover Mitchell Harris
Saxon Kilns:
.....Oeorre Nevlll
....Dudley Clemen!
.Miss Clara Moores
...Mlas Lillian- Itotb
.Mlas Vivian Tobln
Proceeds of Jloritlur; Mastcale Ex
ceed 94,000.
A concert for the benefit of the New
York Diet Kitchen Association given
In the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel yesterday
morning yielded between $4,000 and
15.000. The artists were Miss Harlet
Von Emden, soprano; Edward John
son, tenor, ana AiDcrc spaluing, violinist
In the audience were Mrs. William
Curtis Dcmorcst. Mrs. Henry Vlllard,
Mrs. George Reese Satterlec. MI33 Loube
Barrows, Mrs. SethM. MiUIken, Miss
Mary L. Pruyn, Mrs. Maitlartd S.
Griggs, Mrs. Samuel II. Valentine, Mrs.
John Ames Mitchell, Mrs. Alfred Duano
Pell, .Miss Annie Burr Jennings, Mrs. A,
F. Lauterbach. Mrs. Walter J. Salmon.
Miss Mathlldo'PIHot Mrs. William P.
Trimble, MUs Katherlno W. Sewall,
.irs. vcaiejr tvnuuii uitu airs, ruiur
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. P. Richard
son will give a small dance to-night at
tho Colony Club. y
The Hon. Alfred Anson and Mrs.
Anson will give a dinner to-night for
seventeen guests.
Porto Rico.
returned to New York yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. J, Watson Webb1
turned yesterday from a few days
at Nehasane, In the Adlrondacks.
.... . r . Jtr
.nr. jonn uu .pais is convalescent
an operation. Ho and Mrs. du 1 xhe
pass the remainder of the wintr
Buckingham Hotel. f
. . . M ot
aiiss Josephine cotton, ai 1,000
Mr. ana Mrs. Joseph B. Crrilrriet
Park avenue, is visiting M,. Jr of
Lowdcn, daughter of the fJh,,at
iiunou anu iiirs. rranK u.
the Executive Mansion In
ill. miss cotton Is a mem
Junior League.
Major Leon
cnarles Ph
Gabriel Tin
Korxw Holt
Ruth Arm(,.
njrbara AijJ. .
presented last night in
Ml.. ThantM la nmA t
the Knl A. '
.. comedies that many now
. ,. s old fashioned. There are
wuatu.i , . ... a
aim rtf hivtti lntMa In
- as va. iiuiiitMi itiwiatt
ff'fds out a middle aged maker
WllICllj .III. I- . -o An f-nru.
of tojy jjeresford played this part
r,Vxy kindly humor.
w"3ibbed.the toymaker "Shavings"
Pc,7 litter of wood ahavlnffa about
S. Dwlght
Fnllrr Catlln
MLs Jessie Margaret Catllnr daujhterJ
-Mrs. Rufus Olmstead Catlln of 67
St- Paul's place, Flatbush, waa married
'st night to Mr. Randolph Fuller, eon
Mr. Charles H. Fuller, onco State
snator. and Mn. 'Puiur t,
y?rZ ok place In St Paul's Church,
brfi 0winc t0 mourning in the
tore8i y lnvltatlon were limited
11 V. 11 v,uo,s iiciiuB. Mile nev.
"r, Gardiner officiated.
clal and I'eraonn. Kote.
Ahta and S,rs- Samuel D, Levy had a
w 7 pa.rty Ia,t nlht 'ho Hotel As
wr for Mr. Adolph Lewlsohn. Other
TcEl wcrc Judse and Mrs.VIllIam H,
yidhamS Dr. Sidney E. Meze.. Presl
t of the College of the City? of New
JWt and Mrs. Mczesj ilr. Samuel J.
jord and Miss Rcckford and Mrs.
- Oreenleaf FrnnkeL
ui;.lv"!lam. D1.ck' of 7 2384 E'sh
Vul J 1 lrcct ,,a3 a cottage at
lWhoeach' -through the Plaia
-4lly Company and willoccupy It sootj
Americans 1b Paris.
Paws, Feb. 16, Americans registered
to-day at the office of The Sun and
The New York Herald are:
Fie.d, Gus, New York.
ICIlpatrick, Mr. and Mrs. E. J., .'ew
y shop. This whittling Polly-
rson was also singular In that
ajed4' nothing at all about money,
vising it to stuff up cracks in the
Really, he was rather a silly
1. and his quaintness was at times
one, as tven as good as actor as
Beresford will overdo when he gets
id "hick" makeup. Behind his odd
nmnitnir HttlA wnva there vra an
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Havemeyer. who,Miinr- shnrtnw nf mllm. ami hl
were guests of his mother, Mrs. Henrtposeg werc good and true. A queer
O. Havemeyer, started on Sunday M. hnt twrhniM the world ronld atamd
few moro like him.
Althnnirh thft nlav lit scantv In drn-
Mrs. Harnlltofr McK. Twombly. Wnntle materUl. the excellence of the
passed a few days In Washington, Deastlng elicits attention. There has been
some notably good casting this season;
therein the little comedy Is up to the
best standard. Of course, the outlines
of Miss Clara Moore's are so much better
than those of Cape Cod that you wonder
how she In the role of a young widow
ever got there. Every character was
'Well played.
For plof "Shavings" provides the
beautiful young widow, established as
neighbor to the toymaker, not with a
Personal past, but with a scapegrace
Brother, who turns up, gets a Job In
the village bank and gets into trouble
quick as scat (By the way, the Cape
Cod kitten strolled "out in front" last
night, hid among the skirts of the audi
enco and the property man whistled in
vain for it.) I Jciflf the man of wind
mills, makes a sacrifice in handling the
situation for the sake ot the fair widow.
Tho gentle old titter at whirling wings
gets the short end of tho sail, as has
been usually the case with him, but
he saves others from trouble.
Founded on the novel of the same
name by Joseph C Lincoln, "Shavings"
was dramatized by Misses Pauline
Phelps and Marlon short. A notable
librettist and a celebrated man of the
theatre are Bald to have given encour
agement here ana there. Henry W.
Savage Is the prodtger,
of 2
P. Brett,
?jf the
r 4.
Mrs. George Dallas
East Eighty-sixth street,
from Chicago, where she
ing ncr daughter. Airs.
Low. Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Willhla n'-nlfwiri
will go'to-day to Phlf guest? of her
1 dui masque, and WHowe.
mother, Mrs. Herbe
r Harrlm.m am
Mr. and Mrs. k. Earle E. Carlev
guests of Mr. aruBcllealre, Fla. On
at their cottagra night In hydro
Sunday they rf Mr. and Mrs. R.
airplane at s also arc at Bellealre.
Weather t Wlnter'Reiorts.
;nt nnd Mrs. Tliomns
The Vlciail leave -Washlneton for
R. MarsWFrlday or Saturdaj-, lo re
New YorAonday, A dinner will be
main uaurday for Mr. Marshall.
Mrs. Robert Lansing will
ucbruary 88 for Sea Breeze.
re they will pass three week.
Fla Mrs. Charles W. Valentine of
n. N. Y.. will accompany them.
d Mrs. Lansing havfc cancelled all
engagements of an official nature
.'III bo entertained by'a few of their
friends before satrtlng Soutlu J-
te the severance of hid connection
th official life, they will continue to
Temperatures and atmospheric comlhake their winter home in Washington.
tions at winter rcsoru ai noon .yesi
daywere reported as follows!
ST. AuaosnB, Fla. 59 ; clear.
Palu Beach, Fla. 8; clear.
AtKKN, 8. C. as; clear.
Miami, Fla. 67 : clear.
Hamilton, Bermuda 66 1 clou
Nassau, b. t 66 ; cloudy.
Ksm nnrlsinnii nr ikM V.tJ
The Sporting Widows coju bur
sented "There Was a Fotre last
lesque. In the Columbia no hes
night, -and the audlenccscstralned
Itnncy n giving way will, cccen
laughter. Similarly ALAncy about
trie comedian, had noAhelr enjoy
maklng himself foollslAllce Hector,
ment Charles Mar, It Smith Were
Miss June Leveay aiihd there wero
ttronc in his suppovlllo specialties
moro man enougn
to go round.
Hustcd of New York gave a dinner and
dance at the -New Wlllard Hotel last
Mr. Thomas Beaumont Hohlcr. once
counsellor of the British Embassy In
Washington, has been appointed British
High Commissioner at Budapest with
the rank of Minister.
Mr. John .Joyce JJroderlck. Commer
cial Secretary of tho British' Embassy,
and Mrs. Brodcrlck have started for
Flight Lieut. -T. C. Traill of the Brlt
lth Air Attache's staff Is in New York
from Washington, to remain several
Make Iltt at the Pnlnce -Other
Mlaa Eva Tanaruav'H artVar the Pal.
nee Theatre yesterday literally htji spec
tators in the, eyes. This restless young
woman, ."resistless as the torrential tide
that tosses tempestuously 'over the teem
ing top of Niagara" on the word of. a
press agent angled for applause with
a song called "Fishes," for which she
had nrraved herself In a flahlnir costume,
that would almost make a flounder Jump'
right out or tne water and into her
In the course of tho song Miss Tan
guar hurled candy fishes from this bas
ket at the audience, which scrambled for
a chanco to have these favors rattle oft
Its devoted heads. Hence the hlt(s)
made by the song. Even the blasa mu
sicians forgot their lifelong ennui and
rose as one man to grab. In fact, Miss
Tanguay, was" so certain the number
would strike home that as she heaved
confectldncry blessings tin "the patrons of
vaudeville she, warned them to take off
their glassesa if any one would need
glasses to see itiss Tanguayl
There wero., other entertainers there
Worthv of mention, but there U a ahnrf.
ageiof newsprint paper.
At the Riverside W1111"" Seaburys
"Frlvollcs": head tho bill, while Owen
McCiveney and Miss Emma Haljr, with
Jack W"ldron are counterpoises. At
Locw'n. American McConnelt and Slmn-
son. Lo Roy arid Dresdner are the chefs!
d'ecuvrc. 1 proctors Twenty-thlrd Street
has "At the Soda Fountain," Conway
and Fields and James Grady tmS com
pany, for its usainetays, :
made no preen co to fitting. This was
surely a new Mr. Drew. But It must
be cheerfully added, only In externals.
In all tho qualities that Won his tame
he was quite the same he had always
He Is, to bo sure, an old man In the
comedy thatTlupert Hughes has written.
But he Is not Cfnmipi, nor J. M. Barrie'a
professor, who had a love story. He
differs from both of them in being a
man of science. Comfortable In his
"vivarium," as he calls It, he studies
nature especially as nature appears in
pairs. Birds and Insects, plants, even less
comfortable creations, are his subjects.
In pondering Over their habits he is
enabled to forget a time when he was
also to be thought of as on,e of a pair.
This memory is different from his
studies, since it Is tinged wth sadness
and not actvely scientific.
The Return of the Lady.
There might always have been only
the delights of tle inquiring middle
years had not the particular lady come
Into sight again. Accident brings her
directly into, the life of her old time
'lover. Inevitably the course ot scientific
Investigation of the habits ot the birds
and insects at mating time Is inter
rupted. Then Rupert Hughes departs
from the merely whimsical phases of the
story to show the return of love between
her former admirer and the widow who
had taken another Instead of htm. Tho
pretty niece who so. Upsets her suitors
that she cannot rightly choose between
them herself and almost picks out the
wrong one figures In the more stirring
scenes of the play. If his skill in uniting
this young girl with the lover nature
designed for her had not been so great
as a result of study in his sunny gar
den, the professor might never have
secured happiness for himself by gain
ing the postponed bride of his youthful
longings. As It Is, he wins her, while
her niece Is the prfze of theover who
deserves her.
Over this not too engrossing intrigue
Mr. Hughes has spread an attractive
layer of vivacious talk, often witty, al
ways entertaining and more distin
guished from a literary standard than
the local stage often provides. The au
dience, which gave constant evidence of
its enjoyment, probably found the com
edy most entertaining when it was least
disturbed in the enjoyment of Mr.
Hu;hes's writing of the speeches. The
approach to dramatic interest was
rather an Interruption to the high degree
of skill perceptible in the other qualities
of the play. Arthur Hopkins had pro
vided capable actors for the important
tasks and his training was an "aid to the
effective delivery of the most success
ful fart of the new comedy. "
As Effective as Ever.
Mr. Drew as a comedian was as ef
fective as eyer. His methods bear well
the transference to heroes of another
age. He can still draw down his upper
Hp and, looking sagaciously at the au
dience, seem Irresistibly funny. His
complete control of his means as his
case and naturalness reveal it remains
as much a source of delight as ever
to all admirers ot the actor's art In
h's present and mellow humor he is
as eminent as ever.
Miss Janet Beecher, who shared most
of his scenes, won the aiidlencp by her
liumor, ner iacii 01 eeu-connuuiuiiesa
and tho freshness of her humorous
methods. She was "The Cat-Bird" of
the title.
Mr. Dow ho fought tor publicity of the
llnanctal statements of large corpora
tions. His financial bulletins grew In
tho course of time to be the founding
of the Wnll Street Journal.
Mr. Jones was attracted, to James R.
Krone at the time the latter was enjoy
ing his heyday In Wall street; then later,
after severing hls'conncctlon with Dow,
Jones & Co., became associated" with
John II. Davis & Co. as financial ad
visor and statistician. He had recently
served In a similar capacity with Tate
& Hays.
During tho last flvo years Mr. Jones
conducted a financial column in'$,the
Dailu Nctcp Record, In which his quick
nnalysis and keen Insight Into financial
affairs served a wldo circle. He was an
authority on railroad financing, had
travelled widely and knew many promi
nent railroad men. He also was nn In
timate friend ofthe late Cyrus Town
send Brady, with whom lie had planned
to spend his declining years as a near
neighbor. Mr. Brady's recent death Is
known to have been a great shock to
him. Mr. Jones is survived by his wife
and one son.
Miss Adella Belle Beard, writer of
children's stories, illustrator and con
tributor to many periodicals and sister
of Daniel Carter Beard, author and
Illustrator, died suddenly at her apart
ments In Queens Court, 171 tjnlon
street, Flushing, yesterday afternoon.
She had been ill only a day or so with
heart trouble. She was a daughter ot
the late James II. Beard, illustrator,
and was born In Palnesvllle, Ohio. Her
future was determined by tho literary
and artistic atmosphere of her home.
She began to write and draw when a
young girl. About" forty years ago she
came to New York city with her parents.
With her sister. Miss Llna Beard, she
organized the Girl Pioneers jot America.
She was a charter member of the Good
Citizens League of "Flushing. She Is
survived by her brother and sister.
nn. Francis c. rniXLirs.
PrrrsnuRO, Feb. 16. Dr. Francis C.
Phillips, widely known' as an expert on
chemistry, died at his home hero late to
day of pneumonia. In 1874 ho had
charge of tho chemistry department at
Delaware College, and In 1875 came to
the University of Pittsburg, where he.
was Professor of Chemistry ror rorty
years. He retired In 1915. He was a
pioneer in the chemistry of natural gas.
During the recent war lie cooperated
with the Gas Warfare Division of the
United States Arm'.
Tho Rev. Father Joseph A. Devans,
assistant pastor of St Michael's Roman
Catholic Church of Flushing, died of
jneumonla Sunday night In Brooklyn.
Ho' was born in Ireland thirty-five years
ElmIra, Feb. 16 Edward J. Toole, a
prominent local business man and for
twenty-seven years clerk of the race
course at the Syracuse State Fair, died
of pneumonia here to-day. life was B3
years old.
Albert Mayer," veteran of the
9 ClvH
SDanlsii-American wars, died yesterday
But when Jier scientific at his home. 18t Jefferson street. Pas-
lover called her that name, it was ' aic, N. J. He was seventy-seven years
meant as a' compliment, although 'she 0ia nnd came here from Germany In his
misunderstood. She had to be told how early childhood. He was a nephew of
far the bird was from the usual feline Dr. Julius Robert von Mayer, a famous
traits before she finally forgave. Mr. German physician. Mr. Mayer served
Drew maderhU explanations very amus- aS engineer of the Jackson in the civil
Ingly, and Miss Beecher was no more, "War when that vessel was commanded
by Captain uaier Aunuraw jurowery. jib
is survived by his wife, a brother and a
charming at any time during tho play
than when she forgave Win.
Mr. Hopkins gave the play' two at
tractive backgrounds painted by Lee
Slmonson. The silhouettes Visible on
the Dlazza of the summer hotel which
opened the second act was an original
bote in the unusual ana aurucuva sei-
Beblik. Feb. 16. Henrlette Gold-
schmldt champion ot the emancipation
- ...AM.n 4a Attn il Til IRAK abA Arpnn.
ting. But the lighting played mavoc ,zed thB General Association of German
with the looks of the actors as they Women. and In 1873 she founded the
came -under Its rays. Even such youth- flrst' high school for the training of
teachers In the kindergarten system. ,
fut beauty as Ruth Findlay's almost
lost Its uncommon quality, but there
was luckily In her case, enobgh to
spare. Then there was ner ciever per
formance of a sophisticated young
coquette to admire and explain the
pursuit ot her most determined lover",
very engagingly and expertly played
by Wllllam'Raymond,
It Is always a satisfaction to his
New York admirers to have Mr. Drew
on its stage. It Is a .source of genu
ine delight to have him in a comedy
so clever and fanciful as Mr. Hughes
has written and Mr. Hopkins so ably
Notes 'From the Theatres.
When Miss Bill(e Burke appears in a
revival ot "The School for Scandal" un
der the management of Florenz 2Iegfeld,
Jr- next spring William, Foversham
will play Charles Surface opposite her
Lady Teazle.
Bert Levcy.cartoonlst, now at the
Hippodrome, has been decorated with
the, gold badge ot a' captain of pollco
for his work for welfare activities In
the Police Department Inspector1 John
F Dwycr notified him of hfs appoint
ment and Major E. Tanenbaum delivered
the badge to him.
John. Charles Thomas's song recital In
Aeolian Hall.. postponed from yesterday,
will be given there on March 12.
Tickets will 'be. exchanged .on Monday.
Mr, Damon' Lyon, assisted by Mis?
Eileen Hamilton, will give her postponed
dramatic and .musical recital iu the
Criterion StuaJoa In Carnecle Hall" on
the night ot February 24. .
Julius Auerbach, for many years a
prominent commlssfon merchant, died In
Flower Hospital last' Saturday following
an operation. His home was at Sll West'
101st street He was born in Germany
In 1815 and cam to this country with
his. parents when a boy. Ho retired
from business ten years agd. He Is sur
vived by a niece, Mrs. Louts SUUlner.
Will Receive Passion Piny Crosses.
'At a meeting otitho executive commit
tee Of America's Passion Play, ."Veron
ica's Velt" to be held to-daj' atthe Met
ropolitan Club, Sixtieth street and Fifth
avenue, Passion Play crosses will be
presented to W. Bourko Cockran. chair
man for this year; Col. Louis D: Conley,
past chairman, and Justice Eugene A.
Phllbln. Similar crosses will be given
each year In the future to the chairman
for the current term. They will bo of
solid gold and engraved with the "Mir
acle Scene," from thfc play.
fnr, Contracts, Settled.
Judge Julus M, Mayer ot the United
States District jCourt' confirmed yester-"
day settlements whereby the. United
States will pay $3,3667318 and the
French Government $241,425 to the
Aetna Explosives Company because ot
the cancellation ot contracts for muni
tions. The settlements were' made and
submitted to the court by ex'-tiovl Benja
min B. Odell and former Judge George
C. Holt, receivers for the Aetna, com
pany, '
Waa Pretender to Throne-r-Recently
Married American.
FAms, Feb, 1?. - Prince Alcxnnder
Kurngeorgovltch, former protender to
tho Serbian throne nnd husband of 'tho
former Mrs. Huger Pratt of Clavclnnd,
Ohio, is dead at St Morltt, a despatch
to-day said. His wlffl was at his bed
sldo when he dlejd. The .body will be
cent to Paris for burlnl. x
Prince Alexander was a cousin ot
King Peter ot Serbia and at one time
was a claimant to 4ho throne ot Uiat
troubled Balkan country. With other
members of tho famous Karageogevltch
family he Jlvod In Paris for several
ycara During tho winter ot 191B he
went to London with a largo collection
of, Serbian war relics nnd war photo
graphs of the first Austrian Invasion and
made a public, plea for' assistance foe
that country. In the summer of 1918 he
married Mrs. Abigail Pankhurst Wright
Pratt of Cleveland arid New York, who
had lived for several years 'In France.
They mado a short visit to New York In
November ot that year.
Dr. William A. Myers, a nromlnont
physician of the Bushwlck section of
Brooklyn, died yesterday of heart dis
ease at his home, 48 Ashforth street. In
January, 1904, Dr. Myers fell vhllo at
tending a patient and. rtcclved an Injury
to his spine from which he never recov
ered. H6 was born In Brooklyn fifty
three years ago, and was graduated from
the New York University In 1885 and yie
iNCW xqrk university Aieuicai acnooi
In 1888, He was one of the founders ot
the Bushwlck Hospital.
Robert M. Lockwood, one of tho edi
tors of the Optical Journal and Review,
died yesterday at his home in North
Plalnfield, N. J, He was born In, New
York sixty-four years ago. At one time
he was connected with the Bell Tele
phone Company and In 1882, was sent to
Brazil to install a telephone system. ,Hc
leaves his wife and one son.
SI003. A daughter, Gloria Jane, to) Dr.
and Mrs. L S. Moos (nee Tlllla Sobet),
at 255 West 56th St., on Tuesday, Feb.
10, 1920.
Mra. Ferdinand Henri de Bermlngham
announce the marriage of their daugh
ter, Ella Dumont. to Mr, Gerald
Van Oaten Barry, by the Rev. Fred
erick II. Sill, lo. II. C at St. Joseph's
Chapel, Kent, Conn.. Feb. 14. 1920.
KASANIN YESKA. Mr. and Mrs. Joaeph
Yealca announce the marriage of their
daughter, Rotallad Harryet, to Mr.
MULLINS SAWrnn. Caroline Margue
rite Sawyer of Hudaon Fall1LN. Y to
Harold Lovel Mullins of the Chartered
Bank of India, Australia and China,
Rangoon, Burma, by the Rev. J, O, II.
Barry, I). D., at the Church ot St.
Mary the Virgin, on Monday, Feb. 16,
19J0. London (England) Times please
copy. 1
Albertson, Robert T., Jones, Edward D.,
Auerbach, Jullua. Jonea, Hoienla,
Babb, George W.. Kotner, Ludwlir,
Bailey, Howard P.. Kutner, Mary L.
Bayne, Bertha D. L., Lichtenberg, Ellra,
Beard, Adella II.. Little, John II.,
Bolmer, William, Lopez. Oeorglna.
Brasher, Martha M Mackle, Juliet
Burgeaa, Wayiand. MacVeagh. C, Jr.,
Burton, Auguata M., Mather. Susan P.,
Cadmus. Mary J Montel), Ella,
Cameron, John I., Moses. Esther.
Carawell, 8. OVJ.. McConnell. Arthur,
Crockett, Ilebecca, Rarp, William II.,
Darcy, Ellen L., Remaen. M. D.,
Dauenhauer. F. J Biggs. Leon C
Davenport. Henry B.. Rosenbaum, S.,
Bobble, Catherine F smith, Oerardus,
Dodge; Mary, Snider, Oeorganna,
Fredrlpki, Am-Br flpannaus," Otto,
Oarbat, Isaac J!., stonebridge, O. II.,
Hachemclster. K.. Takahashl. S..
usrvey, .uargarei, waters, -Adaie.
Weinberg, Kroll 31..
Woodruff, Qeorge L.,
Hunt, Frank,
Hurlburt, Lawrence,
Johnson, Helen II,,
In JJemorlam.
Hall, Thomai It. A.. Llchtenateln, J. II.,
Knight Lionel, Seullen, Joseph,
ALBERTSON. Robert Trafford. age 77. at
Nlvervllle. N. Y.. formerly of New York
city. Funeral servlces'Feb. 17. P. M.
Interment at convenience of family.
AUERBACH. Julius, Saturday. ?eb. 11,
In his 75th year, after a short Illness,
Julius Auerbach, devoted uncle ot Mm.
Louis Stettlner. Funeral services Uni
versal Funeral Chapel. 597 Lexington
av., Feb. 17, 1U A. M. Philadelphia
papers please copy.
BABB. Suddenly, on Sunday, Feb, IS,
1910, Oeorge Vv Babb. Funeral ser
vices at his late residence, sll Oar
field place, Brooklyn, Wednesday, the
18th lnst., at 3:30 P. M. Interment at
convenience of family.
BAILEY. Suddenly, at Mt. KIseo. N. Y.,
Friday, February 13, 19J0, Howard F.
Bailey, aged 61 years. Funeral from
' -his late residence. ML. Klsca, N. Y.,
Wednesday. February IS, 3 P. M. In
terment Oakwood Cemetery, ML. KIico,
N. Y.
BAYNE. Bertha Day Lockwood, bolbyed
Wire of E. Norman Bayne, suddenly, of
pneumonia, at her resldnnce, 9 Weat
ith at., Monday. Feb. 16, 1920. Notice
of funeral later. Baltimore and Wash
ington papers please copy.
BEARD. On Feb. IC, 1920. Adella Belle,
daushtor of the late James It. and
Mary C. Beard. Funeral services from RIGQS. Leon
the residence ot her brother. Daniel
Carter Beard. 87 Bowne av., Flushing,
N. V., on Wednesday, Feb. 18. at 3
1'. 11. Cincinnati papers please copy.
BOLMER. At Hackensack, N. J.. Feb U,
1920. Willlahi Bolmer. Funeral ser
vices at his) late residence, 7! Maple
av Hackensack, N. J.. Wednesday
evening, Feb. IS, t o'clock.
BRASHER. On Saturday. Feb. 11, 1920,
at her residence, SS 7th av., Brooklyn,
Martha M., wldowr of William Mars
ton Brasher. Funeral private.
BUROESS. Passed away at Ills home,
Trsmont, Wayiand Burgess, little son
ot Edwin Hsrles and Ruth Wayiand
Burgess, aged 19 months. Services at
the residence ot his grand parents,
Mr., and Mrs. Curtlss C Wayiand, 290
Westminster road, Flatbush Tuesday
afternoon, Feb. 17, at 2:30 o'clock.
BURTON. Augusta Mary, age 76, passed
away Sunday, Feb. IS, at the' home
of her son-in-law, Dr, Van Sleet, 91
Vista pi.. Mount Vernon, N. Y. De
ceased waa widow William A. Burton
ot SeneCa county. New York. Funeral
service Wednesday, 10:30 A. M.
CADMUS. At East Orange, N. J., Feb.
IS, 1920, Mary Jane, wife fit Irvln
Cadmus. Funeral services ar her lata
residence, 107 Washington St., on Tues
day, Fen. 17, at 3 P. M. Train .leaves
Hpbokett via. D L. & W. R. R., 1;S2
VI M for Brick Church Station.
CAMERON.-Iphn. L., on Feb. 9. Services
THe Funeral Church (Campbell Bldg.),
Broadway at 66th at, Wednssday, Feb.
13, at 3 P. M. ,
CARS WELL. Sidney T. J.. Feb. 14. Prl
vata funeral services Feb. 17. at 11
A. M. Intermlnt Woodlawn Cemetery.
The Manbattanvllle Alumnae Asia.
elation announces with deep sorrow
the death of Rebecca Crockett (nee
DODGE. Mary, died Feb, If. Interment
Washington, D. C
FREDRICKH. On Feb. IS. Anna'Ellla.
both Fredrlcks. beloved daughter ot
the lata George, and usn Kfodrtrk.
Funeral services jWednesday, Feb, 1
t Uli p. M.. Choreh of tho HeaVjnlr
Rest, 15th at. yind tth 11 v.. Naur lorxj
O Altn AT. lease" !., husband nf th 1st
Molly Qarbat, and father ot Alt ,not.
and Dr. A. U Oarbat. Funeral private,
from 71 East 91t St., Tuesday, Feb.
17, 10 A. M.
HACHEMKISTEn, Karollne, on Feb. U,
1930, beloved wife or the 1st Chris
tian Hachcmelstor. .In her ISth year.
Funeral services at hrr .late residence,
149 East 92d. an Tuesday, Fsd. 17,
S P, M, Interment .at convenience ot
HARVEY. Feb. IS. Margsret Harvey. Fu
neral from her late residence, 601 West
137th at., Wednesday. 9 :t0 A. II. llo
'nulem moss Annunciation Church 10
A. M,
HUNT. At Lake Waccabuc, N. Y.. on
Saturday afternoon, Feb. H, 1910. Frank
Hunt, In his '61th year. Funeral ser
vices at, his lato residence Tuesday
afternoon, Feb. 17, at 3:30 o'clock. Con
veyances will be In waiting nt Katonoh
en the arrival ot the I3;31 train.
HURLBURT. Of pneumonia on Sunday.,
Fob. 15, 1920.' at his residence The
Buckingham Hotel, New York city,
Iwrence Hurlburt, aged 76 years, be
loved husband-of Anna-IUOtoe Evrrlt).
Funeral private., pasadena (Cat.)
papers please copy,
JOHNSON. Helen Ullrich, Wife of Oeorga
Johnson, on Sunday, Feb. 15. In the
34 th year qf her age. Funeral ser
vices at her late residence, lit Ken
sington av. Jersey City,, Tuesday eve
ning at 8 0 clock. Interment at Green
wood Cemetery. .
JONES. Suddenly, Feb. i6. Edward Durls
Jones, beloved husband of B. Jeanette
Conkllng. at. his late residence, IS
West 68th it. Funeral servica at St.
Stephen'n Episcopal Church, 69th at.,
east ot Broadway, Wednesday at 4:30
P. M, Kindly omit flowers.
.J0NE3. Yonkera, N. Y., on Monday, Feb.
16, 19S0, Rosenla, widow of Lyman
M. Jones. In her 78th year. Funrst
services w)ll bo held at the horn's of
her niece, Mrs. John Balvey. Old Jer
ome av., Duowoodle Heights, Yonkers.
on Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 3:30 P. M.
Interment at convenience ot family,
Brooklyn Eagle please copy.
KOLNER. Ludwlg, suddenly, on Feb. 15,
In his 72d year, beloved father of Al
fred and Julius Kolner Funeral fron
Meyers's Funeral Parlor, 218 Lenox av.,
Tuesday, Feb. 17, ! P, M.
KUTNER Suddenly, on Monday, Feb. 16,
1920, Mary L. Kutner, In her S3d year,
beloved wife of Harry H. Kutner and
mother of Sarah F. McLaughlin, Al
bert L., Raymond II., Lllllah' M. and
Frederick E. Kutner and sister of
Spenoer E. .and Louis T. Leanard. Fu
neral service at her late residence,
2303 Hughes av., Bronx, on Wednes
day evening at S o'clock. Interment
Greenwood Cemetery.
LICHTENBERO, On Feb. 16. Ellra Llch
tenberg, relict of Mort, J. Llchtenber?
and beloved mother of Chester and
Hortense' C. Llchtenberg. Funeral cor
tege will start from 597 Lexington av.,
Wednesday at 11 A. M.. and services
will be held at Salem Fields' Chapel,
Wednesday, Feb' 18, at 12 noon. Wllkes
barre (Pa.) and Schenectady ypapers
pleat.o copy.
LITTLE. On Feb. 14. John II., beloved
husband of Elizabeth Little (nee
Whltton). Funeral from his late
residence, 336 Wet 19th street.
Wednesday, Feb. 18, at 9:45 A. M., to
Church of St. Francis Xavler, where
1 a solemn mass of requiem will be
celebrated. Interment Calvary.
Veterans of tira 7th Regiment. N. O.,
N, Y. Members are requested to at
tend the funeral services of John H,
Little (Third Company), at his lata
residence, 33C West 19th at..- New York
tlty, on Wednesday, Feb. II, at 9:15
A. M.
WILLARD C. FISK. President.
LITTLE. John II. iVeteran Association
3d Company, Seventh Regiment, mem
bers are requested to attend the fu
neral of our late comrade John H.
Little, from his late residence. 336
West 19th St., at 9:45 A. M. and thence
to Church of St. Francis Xavler.
HENRY DUNKAK, President,
LOPEZ. Georgina, on Feb. 11 Lying In
state Tho Funeral Church (Frank E.
Campbell), Broadway at 66tb t.
MACKIE.'-At Newburg, N. Y Saturday,
Feb. 14, 1920, Juliet W., daughter ot
the lato John F. and Juliet Wood
Mackle. Funeral services at the Inn on
Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock,'
MAC VEAOn. On Feb. 14. 1920, suddenly.
In Dublin, New Hampshire, Charles
MacVeagh, Junior, son of Charles and
Fanny MacVeagh ot New York city.
In his 24th year. Funeral private.
MATHER. On Sunday. Feb. IB, at St. Bar
nabai House, Susan P. Mather, aged 74
years, beloved Deaconesi In Charge.
(Funeral services at Grace Church Tues
. day morning, Feb. 17, at 10 o'cloclc
Interment private at Woodlawn.
MONTELL. At Montclalr, Ni J.. Feb. 16.
1920, Ella, wlfa of Stewart Montel), ot
pneumonia, at the homo' of her
daughter, Mrs. Ogden Brower, Jr., 16
Cedar av. Funeral service's will bo
held at above address Wednesday
' afternoon, 3:30 o'clock. .Lackawanna,
train leaves Hobokep nt 2:30 P. M.
MOSES. Sunday. Feb. IS, at Hotel Belle
clalre, Esther Moses, widow of M. II.
Moses. Funeral from Sateiu Fields
Chapel, Wednesday morning, Feb. 18,
at 11 o'ejock.
MCCONNELL. Arthur, on Feb. 14., Ser
vices The Funeral Ctiurch (Frank L.
Campbell), Broadway at Slxty-slxth
street, Tuesday, 1 P. M.
B API'. Sunday, Feb. 15, 1920, it is
residence. 123 Qak st-"3ersey. City,
William II., beloved husband ot Mar
garet Rapp. Qelatlves and friends,
also Bergen Lodge, No. 47, F. & A. M.,
are respectfully Invited to attend fu
neral services at tho Beren Congre-
gattonal Church, corner Boyd and Ber
nenyavs., Jersey City, on Tuesday, Feb.
17 ,t 8 P. M. Interment private.
REMSEN.' On Monday, Feb. 16. 1920, Mar
garet Delprat Remsen, wife of the
.late Robert G. Remsen and daughter
of the late John Charles and Sophia
Elisabeth Delprat. Funeral services
at Grece Church, Thursday, Feb. 19,
at 10:30 o'clock. It Is requested that
no flowers be sent.
orey, beloved Jiusoana
nr Julia E. Rlsrxs. at Los Anaeles,
Cal., Fab. fi. Lying In state at Tho
Funsral Church (Campbell Building),
Broadway at Goth at. Monday, Feb. 10.
Services Tuesday. Feb. 17. at 2 P. M.
ROSENBAUM. lgmund, on Monday, of
pneumonia. In his 76th year, beloved
husband of Jennie and devoted father
of Charlie, Irving, Elsie Hersbfeld nnd
late Clara Zucker. Funeral Wednes
day morning 10r30, from Temple Ro
deph Sholom, 63d st. and Lexington
av. Nashville and Chattanooga papers
please copy.
SMITH. Entered Into life eternal Feb. 1J.
1920, GerSrdu Smith' ot Schenectady,
N. Y., aged 62 ytarse. The order for
the burial ot the dead will be read at
the resldenoe, 512 Union at., Schenec
tady, N. Y.. on Wednesday afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock. .
SNIDER. Feb. 14, Oeorganna Snider,
Services Stephen Merrltt's Chapel, 223
8th av., near 2lst St., Tuesday, 8 P. M.
SPASNAUS. On' Feb. 15, 1920, Otto, be
loved husband ot Marie K. Spannaus
(nee Bortell). Funeral services at his
late rtsldencer 25 Saratoga av., Yon
tcers. Tuesday, Feb. 17, 8)30 P. M.
STONEBRIDOE. deorga H., suddenly,
Feb. 15. Services Wednesday evening
8 o'clock, at lata residence, 11 "Went
84th st I private. Members Puritan
Lodcc, No.' 339. F, & A. M.
TAKAHASHL S. TahaUashl, in New Tork
elty.NFeh, 15r formerly of Dogwood,
Greenville. Del. Services The Fu
neral ' Church (Campbell Bldg.).
Broadway at 66th st., Tuesday. Feb.
17, at 3 P. M. -Friends are Invited to
WATERS Addle, wlfa, of the late Will
iam Waters. Feb. 14, 1920, at the age
of 75. Services Wednesday afternoon,
Feb. 19. at is noon ai ner iaie resi
dence at Pier St., Vonkers. N. Y.
Patterson), wife ot Jossnh McGavIck n.i.iMnpnn tt.k is in t'mii u n'.in.
monla at her home in Welsh, West
DARCYEUen Louise, beloved wife of
Frederick uarcy, on 14, at Great
KlUa. S. I. Funeral Tuesday, Feb. 17.
at 3 P. M. (Philadelphia papers plea"
DAUENHAUER. On Sunday. Feb. IS,
1910, Frank J., son of the late Mary
and Frederick Dauenhauer, (.ga 47
veara. Relatives and friends ara ra.
apectfully Invited to attend the funeral,
on lDur.u.r, rvu. is, m v a. si., xrom
his late residence, 54 Stevans av Jer
sey city, tnence to at. t'aurs it. c.
Church, where a solemn high mast
will be offered." Interment Holy Name
Cemetery, Jersey City. Auto cortege.
DAVENPORT. -Suddenly, on Feb. 16,
1920, Henry B. Davenport, beloved
husband ot Flora Luskin Davenport, at
his residence, 600 Ocean "av., Brooklyn.
Notice of funeral later.
DOBBIE- Suddenly, on Saturday, Feb. 14,
at 'her residenco, 22S East' 49th st.,
Catherine Forsyth Dobhe, wife James
I N. Dobble,, In her 58th year. Funeral
services at the Unlterjal Funeral
Cbapel, S97 Lexington av., Tuesday,
Feb. 17,-1 P.-M, Interment Woodlawn.
berg, aged 52 years, beloved brother
of Mrs. Hugo Low and the late Alfred
M. Weinberg. Funeral from his late
rtsid.hCi. Hotel Jlanta. 31th it. and
Broadway, Wednesday morning, at to.
Funeral private. Kindly omit flowers.
WOODRUFF. On Sunday. Feb. 15, sud
denly of pneumonia, Georg Lane, son
of the lato ' Morris and Juliet Lane
Woodruff, at, his residence. 201 West
83th. In Ms 46th year. Funeral private.
HALL In cherished mejnory ot my dear
, husband. Thomas 11. A'. Hall, who de
parted this life. Feb, IS, 1910. . ,
KNIGHT, In memory of Lionel Knight,
who waa lost at sea Jan. 31. 1920, age
33 years. My beloved friend. Harriet
E. Merrill.
LICHTENSTEIN. In loving memory ot
our dear brother, Jacob It. Llchten
ateln. SCULLEN. An anniversary mars for
Joaeph Scullan. 3S3 10th av., will bo
offered at the Paullst Fathers Church.
S9tll st, and Columbus av.. Feb. 20. at
A'. M, Former members of Battery
E, '303d Field Artillery especially In
" 1
D '4

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