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' - I ...... ' MlU.1,1 I I I I . I I .I- .1 , -,), ,,. I I I, II
,msoN 'not crazy;
fretto'i's to Lansing llovcnl
President ns His "Old, True
Self," Editor's! Qi)iiiion.
3fnl as a Hornet Because Ho's
i Boon Universally SajiUpon,
Writer's View,'
Mtw analyzing' tho Wil.ionU.anilnsr
rorreapondence, together Willi etato-
infiita by Secretary Lane and William
(', Rodnclil bearing on tho President's
nctunl knowledge that Informal Cabinet
nipctings were being held while he wm
Incapacitated, CoL Oeorgo Hurviy con
iludrj In tho current Issue of narvey'a
H'eofcli that President Wilson has not
Bono crazy. Ha ndvlses persons who
jumped to that conclusion to put Hho
Jdooj out of their mlnda for, as the
Colonel Is convinced, "Mr. Wilson is
himself, his old eelf, his true self."
I After terming the letters to Lansing
tho "most insulting and Inferentlally
mrndaclous statement" ever signed by
n President of the United Stats, Col.
Harvey writes:
".No, Mr. Wilson Is not croiy; he Is
Juit mad, not as a hatter, but as a hor
net that han been sat upon; so mad
that "he can't bear It without stingmg.
And heaven knows ho has reason
enough to be. Think of Itl Only a
j car ago Woodrow Wilson, was not only
tho srreatcst man on earth, but the great
cut man that had ever been on earth or
nnywhero else, so far as wo know.
He had flxxed Immutably the
liasls of peace In Europe; holding the
prestlgo thus gained, ha had defiantly
Unorcu tlie expressed wish of Ms own
ountry and sailed away on a floating
palace to assume personal dlrectlonl of
tho affairs of tho whole world; he had
received a tumultuous welcome from
levnstated Franco na the dfspenser of
'no oounty or tho United States; he had
liccn catered to and fawned up,on In
1 n sl a ml as no ruler before him ; ho had
defied and Insulted the existing govern
ments of both countries' by threatening
to 'appeal' to their respective peoples If
his demands were not complied with;
he had swept across the continent In a
hlaze of glory, not only being acclaimed
l Messiah by the peasants of Italy but
tacitly accepting tho amaxlng designa
tion as his Just and proper due. , . .
Xow a FAllen Idol.
"Intoxicated by his success abroad, he
perceived little difficulty In repeating his
Huke of a success as having 'kept us
out of war,' and in crushing, by like de
lusive appeals, the hardly discernible
spirit of America under his own Iron
heol. One year almost to a day marked
inn climax or the glory of Woodrow Wil
son ono short year. And now ! .
"livery bubble burst. Hated by Vy
reviled In France, calmly Ignortf' by
JSigland and awaiting In his own coun
try a verdict. If ho should permit one
to be rendered of violent repudiation
puch na has never been recorded In. the
history of the Republic. No gracious
erecting of obsequious Premiers at the
White House, as had been planned, by
the Master of the League and future
President of the World. No league at all
for the United States unless thoroughly
Americanized, and perhaps not then!
No further control even of his own party,
which In caucus of the House of Repre
fentatlves contemptuously rejected his
military policy by a vote of 106 to 17!
None of his original Cabinet left except
Secretary Wilson, the delectable Daniels
IWakdowri In administration,' a partial
heakdown in' administration, a partial
breakdown in body and a complete break
down In all but the husks of authority
;iU absolutely irretrievable. Is it not
remarkable that he has not broken out
hpforo with something that would have
M?emed equally crazy? Quite likel
poor Lansing happened to be the first
suitable goat to appear. Anyhow, the
first letter was Indited oJlyf crafty, in
sinuating and utterly false In all Its
Implications : In a word, as we have re
marked, wholly normaL''
Col. Harvey writes lhat the evidence
proves absolutely that the President had
known for months of the unofficial Cabi
net meetings. He quoted Mr. Rtdfield as
saying that at the first meeting the mem
bra present sent word to Mr. wuson
through Dr. Grayson and received a
tuery from Mr. Wilson as to what busi
ness was on hand. The reply went back
that the Cabinet was considering Its
duty In view of his disability, and no
word of disapproval ever came from the
White House.
Wants a nnbber Stamp.
"A more childish, silly and disingenu
ous pretext for doing a discreditable
thing cannot be Imagined." Colenel Hsr
fy roaumes. "The whole business really
tesolvcd Itself to a specific request from
the Prtsident to the Secretary to 'givd
your present office up and afford mo an
opportunity to select some one wiose
mind would more willingly go along
nltli mine'; that Is to say, a mere run
mlnlitratlvo part of tho Government
must remsjn in the hands of a may ana
two gentlemen who have vet to he
designated by- tho people as regent of
tho Republic. This be your consolation:
Neurit ye must; but grin, ye need notl"
Part of Boston District Up
State la Shifted.
Seven New York counties have been
added to (no district In charge of James
8. Shevlin, Supervising. Federal Prohlbl
nuii ABcm. jur, .snevjiii vrua noiiucu
yesterday that' Westchester, Rockland,
Putnam, Orange, Dutchess. Ulster and
fjiilllvaii, which have been a part of tho
Boston district, from now on will he
watched by him In addition to Greater
New Yorld Long Island, Connecticut and
Rhode Island.
Mr. Shevlin for the present declines to
discuss tho decision handed down by
Judge Martin T. Manton of Urdoklyn
Wednesday, in which ho held that no
oiricors of the Government have 'a tight,
even In tho enforcement of tlw Rlgh-
teenui Amendment, to break Into a
man s placo of business or his home
without a search warrant.
The decision as published was fchowfi
to Assistant United States Attorney
Iceland IJ. Duer, who has handled many
of the prohibition cases here. He said
he believed prohibition agents have no
right to break Intn & Baloon or other
place without a warrant, but If they
llnd the door open and see a bartender
pouring out what they believe to be
whiskey for a customer they have the
right to search and seize.
Supreme Court Gets Opinions
ir Rhode Island Case.
"Walk Out" Bavins Itoliof
Tcriods nnd Domimfl Read-
justmont of Pay.
Trouble Results From Now
Operators Getting: Larger
AVngo Jump Than Old.
Washington, Feb. 19. Validity of
the Federal prohibition constitutional
nmondment wasdefended In a brief filed
to-day In the Supreme Court by Solicitor
Oeneral King In support of motions al
ready made by the Government for tho
dismissal of original proceedings nstl-Lne!r departments.
tuteu by iinodo Island to test the amend
ment and enjoin its enforcement. Argu
ments on the motion are expected to be
heard next month.
"TllC control nr lm nrnhlhlflnn nf (hi I
liquor traffic." the brief said, "Is now ( persuaded to return to their sta-
cuncoaeu 10 do a legitimate governmental
Strike clouds liovortyl ove,r the New
York Telephone Company yesterday
and resulted ln brief squaljs In wny
exchanges about the city. The wu
agement, however, expeots all wlfl be
radiant sunshine within a few days af
ter a slight wu7e adjustment has been
effected. ' '
The telephone girls have, no union,
but they have an "employees' represen
tation plan" which permlts'them to elect
thnlr representatives ami tako up with
the management' matters over which
dissatisfaction may arlnt. i
Tho delegates elected under this plan
started a fuss Itl the Cortlandt street
central offlco Wednesday, and yesterday
It had spread to such an extent that It
was described by the- publicity depart
ment of tho company as "general.'' The
direct cause appears to be that In
granting Increases of salary the .com
pany In some oases has raised now
girls i a week and others who have
been in the service for a longe'r period
only $1. The reason was that tho older
employees already were getting indre
than tlie new ones, and the company Is
having great difficulty In flndtns enougu
The effect of .yesterday's squalls was
not noticeable to patrons of tho, lines.
As far as could be learned last night
tlie,- girls were considerate enougn to
"strike'' In their relief' periods. Num.
bere of them congregated In their re
tiring rooms, held protest meetings and
then sent "ultimatums"- to the heads of
In many of the ex
changes they were quite Insistent that
their demands Tor a. readjustment of
wages bo acceded to before they again
don their headpieces.
After mwch talking, however, they
Our case-enclosed fruits, and overcoats
sustained no damage whatever in the blaze
ur nffMtfl last- wflr.
We are, however, including them in this ,
sale at the following sharp reductions
M.OO. .'
S3.0O..,.. ,,!..
At the unusual prices we have been offering this week, our
of furnishing are naturally-depleted.
If, however, your sixes are here It is very good opportunity to
Qo -thiers -Hgbercesh ers
Within Bights in liaising
Funds to Aid in Securing
Favorable legislation.
function., It caiuiot now be maintained
as a legal proposition that nuch govern
mental regulation or prohibition uncon
stltutionally Infringes the rights of the
individual. The right to- prohibit such
traffic was a part of the governmental
powers which the Stales had when they
rramea the constitution of tho United
States. It Is a part of tho powers which
the States at that time reserved to them,
selves, but It Is no moro sacred than
any power then reserved.
"Tho right of Congrcsa to- submit
amendments cannot depend upon
whether the proposed change Is slight
or grave. Kvery State In tho Union Is
a party to tho agreement that whatever
chance In the Constitution Is proposed
by Congress, ns prescribed, and Is
adopted by the Legislatures of three
fourths of their number, shall he thus
adjusted to be a popular and needed
"It Is Idlo In this case to suggest that
this power- of amendment might be used
to chingfe 'the form of the Government.
It simply transfers a power exercised
by the State Governments ,to berexer.
cised by the "Federal Government."
Dethleliem Shliibulldlnir Company
Gets. City of Mtnml.
Boston, Feb. 19. The steamship City
of Miami, which has been called a
"floating bar" because of her elaboraio
equipment for liquor sales In her pro
jected runs between Florida and, Cuba,
was returned to-day to tho possession
of the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Corpora,
tion by order of the Federal court.
The court ruled that tho Bethlehem
company had a Hen on the steamship
for the work done and was entitled to
hold her until the bill was paid.
Hons 'on the promise that an adjust
ment would bo arranged by next Tues
day. Here and there where It took a
Httlo time to arrange this armistice,
other girls were kept working at the
stations. It was stated at tho central
otllce that no station was abandoned.
In' the Madison Square exchange, where
In a letter to Dr. William I Ettlnger,
Superintendent of Schools, made public
yesterday, the Teachers Council, Board
of Education, stoutly upholds the right
f teachers to "raise funds to meet legit!
mate expenses Incurred in securing
legislation," nnd strongly resents a re
cent communication which Mayor Ilylan
Mnt to President Prall of the Board of
Education Inviting attention to the activ
ities of "school politicians" and the ex
istence of "Insubordination" within his
The report Is entitled "Tlie night of
TVachers to Form Organizations to Meet
Legitimate Kxpenees Incurred In Se:ur-
Temple, London, the minister, will de
liver on address on Washington.
At the Hunt's Point Presbyterian
Church the Rev. Basil Hall, pastor, will
unveil a bronze tablet to the twenty-four
heroes of the war, two of whom gavo
their lives.
The annual church service 'of tho Sous
of the American Revolution will be held
In the Church of the Divine Paternity, on
Sunday afternoon-.
n waiKoiu was seriously uireiueneu, a , .i.i.,... .. .. .,i nvj
party of girls merely ext. ruled their re- t7 anTr of th. Ti-
ner pwuos lor miren minuies. ,,,, fM,i . fh. A.H-ontairn at tho
Children of the Schools and the Com-
A statement Issued on behalf of the
company last night said: "The enure
vumtu ...ol u.Kui m.u. i .o n)Unty at Large," and declat
operating force has been adv sed that , the5innenabB1( right of any
the matter is now up for adjustment ntrlt)ute money or t0 Wt
and that tlie management has arranged
to confer with tho employees' represen
tatives at once with referenco'to It.
French Troops to Shoot All Who
Appear at Window.
Londo.v, Feb. 19, Martial law has
l-een proclaimed In the Sarre region, now
occupied by French troops and under
control of an allied .commission. In con
sequence of new disturbances, according'
to an Amsterdam despatch to the Ex
change Telegraph Company.
Gen. WlrbeL commanding the French
forces. Issued instructions to the Inhabi
tants of tho region not to show them
selves at the windows of their homes,
the despatch says, declaring that the
troops had been instructed, to shoot at
3lght all those doing so.
915,000 for Ilatband'a Death.
The city of' New York will pay Mrs.
Kate Harding or 6S8 Qulncy street.
Brooklyn, $15,000 for the loss of her hus-
' L'.i ta form: wllllmr to "band, William T. Harding. OrtFebru-
V,nm Mr -Wilson.. Instead nf ary 7, IS1T, Mr. warning, aiigniing irom
Secretary of State charged by the
Constitution and under his oath wlt?l
the performance of certain specific
"What he will do next, the good Lord
may know; we don't, and we doubt If
Mr. Wilson has the slightest suspicion.
The doctors have disagreed or lied about
his malady from the beginnings The
only person who had It right almost
from the start was Senator Moses, who
wrote to a constituent that he under
stood tlie ailment was a lesion of the
brain which liad inflicted paralysis of
the left side, including the arm and the
leg: and he was promptly Jeered at by
the doctors and sneered at by the Presi
dent himself. And yet, -If Dr. Hugh H.
Young of Johns Hopkins can be believed,
that was and Is the real ailment.
"Meanwhile Die famous mansion In
the avenue must continue as the White
T louse of Mysteries, and the actual ad
a street car, siummeu mm .u uytu
manhole down which snow was being
dumped at Greene and Washington
Dies From Automobile Injury,
Miss Hannah Dunston, 63, sister
John Dunston, proprietor of Jack's Res
taurant, 73 Sixth avenue, died last
night at Bellevue Hospital from In
juries received Wednesday when she
was run down by an automobile at
Broadway and Forty-first tetreet. Her
homo was at MB West Forty-third
Conrt Halted by Hearr Rata.
Stlvkstki, Ga.. Feb. 13. On account
of the continued heavy rains, Judge Eve
adjourned Worth Superior Court for
a week. All work has been practically
nt a standstill for the last two weeks
on account of rain.
Rev. Dr.Van De Water Leaves
St. Andrew's Pulpit.
Dr. George R. Van De Water,,has re
signed from St. Andrew's Episcopal
Church on account of a difference of
opinion. For the last few months dis
cussions have been going on among the
members of tho congregation. Oio fac
tion desired to merge St. Andrew's with
the Church of the Beloved Dlsclnle In
East Elghty-hlnth' street .and' to accoijiJ
yuan a Buie oi ins crmrnn properly An
other faction did not wish St Ardrew's
to be sold for flliO.OOQ, or the mjrger to
be made, and this side has prevailed.
The losing side felt that In a neigh
borhood where so few whites live it was
no longer possible to continue the work
with parishioners eo widely scattered.
By merging with tho Church of the Be
loved Disciple and selltnK the oroDertv
St. Andrew's would be perpetuated else
where and an equity of 175,000 cash
above the mortgage of $85,000 to bo used
for enlarKemen. of the Church' of the
Beloved Disciple would, have been effected.
The majority of the church officers
havo withdrawn. Including the senior
warden, Mr. Sage, and Dr. Marvin, war
den," together with the following vestry
men : Ronald K. Brown, C, A. Betteley,
waiter watKins, .uyman u. Garfield,
ilenry t. uodgo and Paul Coster. Dr.
Van De Water haa accepted the rector
ship of the Church of the Beloved Disciple.
Small Proportion of Children Are
I Property Nourished.
iMedlcal examination' of S7' children!
of Vienna atlhe Bchonbrunn kitchen)
uioimaiiiicu uy me American iteuei Au
mlnlsirntlon European Children's Fund
In Austria showed only thirty that were
normally nourished. All the remainder
were described as "poor." "very poor,"
"thin," "very- thin" and "very low."
Of 600 children selected at random It
was found that the breakfast of 40 per
cent,' was a cup of artificial black coffee,
40 pe- cent got a slice of black, bread
with the coffee, 10 per cent got some
vegetables, and 10 per cent got no
breakfast at all. At night 20 per cent
of these children went supperless to bed.
Eight per cent got no food at' all at
home, and lived entirely upon the single
dally meal dispersed at the kitchen.
The American Relief Committee for.
Sufferers In Austria, which Is cooperat
ing wtth the Hoover organisation, says
the need of relief In Vienna is still
vital and Immediate, although conditions
are Improving steadily1.
and declares that "It
teacher to
money or to devote as mucn
of his own time as he may see fit In
securing legislative action 'tavoraoie io
his professional Interests, . . . pro
vlded, however, that tlie time and the
money are expended In legitimate man
ner. 'Until the present time, as far aa we
know, this right has never been ques
tioned. Even when the teaching force,
was' divided on an Issue the right of
each and every faction to raise funds
nnd to campaign for Its cause was not
The report includes, that part of the
Mayors) correspondence with Mr. Prall
In which charges are made that funds
are being raised among.the teachers "on
the pretext that the money will bo neces
sary for 'preparation of- legal papers,
court fees, travelling expenses, postage,
printing,, circulating., campaigning tor
3jrl?,latlVo oftlcn. and that these, anil
many owier pcuyiu " -
must be provldtd with funds.' "
The Mayor further suggests that
"some action should be taken by the
Boarjl of Education to punish Insubordi
nation." Replying to these charges
lilt, council "regrets that the Mayor
i iilil not nlace this evidence before tne
properv authorities as an accusation-
.LflnlU Individuals in-
UBantob lAtwiH -----
stead of casting a cloud of suspicion
over' every member of the supervising
and teaching staff."
The Teachers Council further 'chal
lenges the statement that there Is no
discipline In the educational system.
The teachers 'are earnest loyal and de
voted to their work. This Is true de
spite the fact that, in view of the high
cost of living and their meagre salaries,
thvy 'are weighted down with worry and
discouragement. In the opinion of the
Teachers Council of discipline In tlie
educational system of this city has
never been, better than it la to-day."
Will nonor Their Service Mca,aa.
Washington's Birthday
An event to take place In the churches
on Washington's Birthday tho unveil
triif 6f tablets-' In honor -of -soldiers and
sailors who served their country" In .th1
World War. At the Church of tho Divine i
Paternity on Sunday morning, an honor'
tablet In the "Heroes' Corner" will be
dedicated to the fifty-nine men of that
church who served the colors.' Joseph
Fort Newton, D. JJ., late of the City
Arrests Made in Gang of
Bootleggers in Chicago.
Bpeeial la Tils Sun and Xiw Yoek Mould.
CniCAOO, Feb. 10. Federal officers
announced to-day the discovery of a
gang of bootleggers said to have dis
posed of more than $1,000,000 In con
traband booze within the last .
Jesse Bamett, deputy collector In In
ternal revenue under Odajor A. V. Dal
rymple. is a fugitive from Justice. A
warrant charges him with wholesale
frauds. Other Federal officials asserted
the discover of the plot promises the
most sensational disclosures cince Fed
eral prohibition went Into effect.
Some of the gan were arrested to
day. One Is nn' employee of tlie permit
department of the Internal Revenue
Seaplune Falls Into Bay.
Special to Tns Sc.v txo Xiw Yoke TImlw.
Mobile, Ala,, Feb. 19. Naval sea
plane S4-Z9, from the naval air station
ot Pensaco'a, turned turtle while fly
ing over Mobile Bay en route from this
city to the station and fell In the water,
a distance" of 300 feet. Pilot William
Lovejoy and Mechanic Walter Bums es.
caped unhurt Thhe disabled machine
was towed tq the beach.
Naval Hospital Partly Burned.
Charleston, S. C, Feb. 19. The
mes hall and galley of the Naval
Horpltal here were destroyed by Are
early to-day, but quick work on the
part of tho navy yard force and local
firo department saved the other build
in3. There were no casualties.
For Colds, Grip, or Influenza
nt as a PrrrnttlT, .take tA.TATtra
BROUO QUININE TabUts. Look for t JT,
CROVK'B Ifmtar on to box. iOc iar.
No bailing no coffeepot
No waste not harmful
Dissolves instantly-
Absolutely Pert QBtJjtrAIvajrs
Uniform HeaJAhil Delicioua
BmIIiI fnt
G. WmWnjton i
i Cnwsan, Ik.
Heating Specialty ,
Salesman Wanted.
Company manufactures a patented hot water heating
system adapted to apartment houses, hotels, hospitals,
office buildings, groups of buildings in fact buildings of any
size from largest to smallest.
It is not too much to sav Jhat where introduced this,
system is revolutionizing the Keating business.
A man with knowledge of the heating business and
now in touch with architects, heating engineers, heating
contractors and builders should find in this proposition an
opportunity to develop a business that will oring unusual
return?. Salary or commission. Replies treated confi
dentially. Frank Presbrey Company
1001 GWnut'Street, Philadelphia
To Gurs A Cml
In Onm Bmy
Be rare you get the Gennint
. Look for this signature
on the box.
TECLA is : the
name of the
discoverer of
Tecla Pearls, and
is not to bd con
founded with the
nomenclature' of
anonymity now
so prevalent in
imitation of Tecla
Anonymity, how
many crimes are
committed in thy
UUlUVfa, Wwcta
Put will ill task ms wltS Hd Curat, ttet
smut iccldtntil rutt&ii ef tht tdjntln mt
Will Last For Years
RiUll al (am prle u ctliart. Allala.
TRIMONT MFB. CO, 248 Cm! Si.
New York City
Eyes lired:
If your eyes are tired and over-
"srerked; if they itch, ache, barn or
smart, go to tny arog store ana gee
a bottle of Bon-Opto tablets. Drop
one tablet in a fouxsh of a slaas of
'water and use to bathe the eyes from
two to four times a nay. Yoa will
be surprised at the rest relief and
comfort Bon-Optq brings. ' .
NeUt Doctor ySor-OptoitrenrtlKni ejJ
tUht K is etVi tlm la mar lUinrn.
W bur dltmonli nd 'dlamand
iiwtlrr from titttct, Indlrfdual aad
Joseph Woodworth Weeks
. DUmtnd Dealer aad Cajh Bojrr. ,
r : a
New York Life Insurance Gi
(Incorporated under the laws of the State of New York)
JIG & 348 Broadway. New York, N. Y.
Tft tup. pm.Tr.v.wnT.nF.ns. 1 m
'..'"' "
Life Insurance has suddenly taken on a new importance. Everybody wantsit.
1 This indicated that the public has begun to understand the economic vaiuejof
the principle on which life insurance rests, and it also demonstrates the high regard
in which our life companies arc held. .
But do you realize:
1st. That for the mere privilege of rendering this economic service our life companies will be
taxed in 1920 (between the States and the Federal Government) upwards of $27,000,006?
2d. That Federal laws are purposely so framed that the use of life insurance to protect
estates is not encouraged. Immediately following death Federal Government exacts
heavy cash payments whatever the character of the estate. Without life insurance such1
payments are always difficult and sometimes impossible?
3d. That the proceeds of life insurance must under the Federal law be included is .the
decedent's estate and taxed accordingly unless payable to named beneficiaries; is thai
case such proceeds are exempt up to 940,000?
Just a" word about those queries:'
(1) A life insurance premium is essentially a tax, voluntarily levied, nrimarilv for the s?o
tection of the family but very directly for the benefit of the state. The irovernmeat,'i8 n
taxing life1 insurance, indulges in the barbarism of taxing a tax. It would be scarcely,.
more unsound for the government to tax its own income. g
(2) Death Duties can readily destroy a perfectly solvent estate unless cash can be raised
quickly. Life insurance can quickly provide cash, but the laws limitand hinder its use.
(3) The States also collect heavy death duties on insurance payable to estates. "
All these taxes are in addition to the $27,000,000 of taxes referred to. in the
first' query: they are economically unsound and silly. 'gs
I speak of them because with yoir present keen interest in life insurance it is 'jS
time that your representatives at Washington and in your State Capital heard t
from you. -
THE YEAR 1919. ' t .?
'i ,
For the New York Life 1919 was in many respects the greatest year in its
Our new business ($58,1,000,000) exceeded the new business in any previous
year by nearly $200,000,000. Our new business was written exclusively on.thetlj
lives of individuals who made application to the Company and does not include
any so-called Group insurance.
Our Mortality returned to normal figures, after the heavy mortality frbm&J
influenza in 1918, which extended through the first four months of 1919. jjf '
The Russian Soviet Government by decree made life insurance a government fjj
monopoly in Russia and, proceeded to liquidate; the business of all life insurance Ik
companies both domestic and foreign. Having by this decree assumed'our'Ha-rL
bilities the government took possession of our property in Russia, including bur u1
investments, which were chiefly railroad bonds guaranteed by the Russian Govern-j1
ment, and purchased with lponeys accumulated from premiums paid by Russian jjp
policy-holders. S
With tlie concurrence of the Superintendent of Insurance of the State of New
York, approved by the Convention of Insurance Commissioners of the various Hi
States, we have eliminated both Russian asseand Russian liabilities from our
statement for the year 1919. ' Ip g
There are no material complications elsewhere in our foreign business. -
The decrease in assets at the end of 1919, by comparison with assets at the
close of 1918, is due to the elimination of the Russian business and to the fact that- jf
in the assets at the close of 1918 there were about $22,000,000 which we had bor-1
rowed to purchase Liberty Bonds'. , A P
Taking account of these items, the assets in 1919 made a normal increase. jj
Safety funds increased during the year over $5,000,000. yt
On December 31 our investments in Liberty Bonds and Victory Notes 'cx?
(led $100,000,000. I
President c
r- V
Balance Sheet, January 11920
Real Estate $9,070,481.00
Loans on Mortgages .. 159,869,677.31
Loans on Policies 145,185,934.77
Loans on Collateral 159.0d0.00
Liberty Bonds and Victory Notes 100,605,626.80
'Government, State, Connty and
Municipal Konas ,. . i4,3b3,to4.wj
Railroad Bonds '.. 344,053,661.96
Miscellaneous Bonds and Stock. 8,339,274.69
Cash 20,501,542.64
Uncollected and Deferred Pre
miums 13,993,352.96
Interest and Rents due and'ac- '
crued....' : 11,849,389.88
Premiums reported to War Risk
Insurance Bureau trader Sd
diers' ami Saiforef Civil Relief
Act.. 30,523.44
Total $961,022,120.05
Policy Reserve S757.Mfi.M2.i
Other Policy LiabUitiea 24,398,333.521'
Premiums, Interest aid Rentals
prepaid :
Taxes, Salaries, Rentals, Ac-
- w
iwinvld f A U1 F0A mtt
vuunio, -- ,TO1HHV.9
Additional Reserves 6.072.ftS1.4r
Dividends payable in 1920 ...... 32,045,77&S$f
Reserve for Deferred Dividends.. 88,157,4,0&
Reserves, special er surplus funds 1
not Included abeve 43,897iM7,sH
Total tmmmdft
Paid PoHcy-hplders during t;hc year 1919 . , $116,174621.0(8
t -

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