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r '20 444. , THE SUN -AND NUiW lUKK HUKAUJ, TUJlibDAX, MAttun a, . .-v-
Tm m 1 111 1 1 - . i i . . t i "- 1
5-, '
CJIAIIUE ' "I'ali.' cflrarounlcata with
aellitf. E-rarrthlm undtritooil ami fonjimi,
JOHN KOB., ou ru required to rooiiDiiiilcale
with me. Mm. ;0IIN KUKN, ail ar. A,
ftrr tblr dale I am not mixwilMn
illy for ny drhta .Im-urrnl by r
r. Hlll. Herman, of WIS Wat IMd
Ynrk rltr. NAT IIHIIMAN.
pt noisily
niip, ira. nima. j
f.. Ntvr Vntk rllr.
, Cadlllat. 1018 totirluK, CT T PSO. llcmif
43.082! Inltlala A. II. I. on door; Ifft war
Ire Goodrtar cord, iilberH Royal rordi tiaa
3 tt InHfod of 3-1 gars nlolfji Ftiniary
2S. f):.10 I, M,, mi XKt ririmt ar.. Unburn.
Communicate with K, U. HOPWOOr), Kl John
t... New York city. TVIpphnnw Ilfflimnn BfMT.
roUND-Oolil watch. Vrbrnnry 2.1: Mnntlflra.
tloa. txpcoro. Kn. 10? Sun.lKral.l, IleraH
t'OllXD-Uuly'i golil bunting caw watrli. ttuu
day nlgnt. at l!fllh at. and Jlaillaon ar,
Call RhltiflaDilf.r-.17JS. tefow 11 A. M.
I08T D'tirtru 7ltli t. and ItroadHaj and
Chamber at. small trowu billfold. conlalulng
Vlwfcn 17." and I HO: nultabln reatd. C.
i.rien. 1.17 writ jmn it.
l.OHT-1'awi book No. 1-KMA. Otto Neumann, of
ttHh Chatham k i'henl Rational rtn'iik, 203
Kilt 57th at.. Now York. Payment utopucd.
I'leaioTciuni noog in iaoa.
LOST Klylne aqulrral nckplecc, Utli at.
entrance of Aator Hotel, nr III tuxhab, 3
A. .11 Monday, March 1. Ttewunl, return
ApTtmnt 7. eaiit. 717 Weal End av.
LOST lauded bair. Icrt Kunrtay In I'lilliiKin
car X2, out of rinchumt. or lu tJl from
IVnniylvanld Station to SXi Went 7Ut t.S
reward ror return. Thank you.
LOST lllack beaded baif, contalnlw: diamond
lorgnette, Mnrowo Theatre, Thursday eten
Ii8 Itelurn 67.Buat 64th for reward.
I)HT-aturday etenlns. kfurnb lintcclrt; taila
Carneile to Aeolian Hall, there, or l'lau
Hotel; reward, tun ramegie nan,
I'utrolmui. Tliii Bywio Cnrrips
Mrs. 3Inbol Lcc Tlftougli
Smoke and Flume.
Fire Starts in CWnr of Mott
Street Tenement Where
Bales Are Stored.
J)8T At Klelilinian'a Hatha, Monday after,
noon, two atone rlnir. Liberal reward If le-
ItirfiMt in Imiwirlnt Itntel (.luhlpr.
J)ST-Iond.v HflerlKXM), between Mltb" aud
OOtli t., twenty dollara. Itenard; ri'tura to
Xl ,- II. ...
ihi .ueiiiMfii ii,.
1.0ST-At nioorulnsdalea Kebruary 37. flber
lur neeapieee.. biwrui rewaru ii reiurncu
to 33 Kant flOtb Int. lihlnelander 39IT.
lltlH AKKKII. '.ll r.Ar I TV I II.
.1.DST Dlamoml wrist watch, on cal fide,
between 5th and 68th rta; rawanl 1560.
Apartment Hotel saToy.
LOST Wlat watch eet In illiimonda. belweeh
SO 111 and ill' ar. and OStfc ila.i lljeral re
ward. Room 314. Hotel Saiy.
liuai maii nne vm lerner, tu eiwij
no collar. Lsrico reward It returned to Hotel
Oieliea. Went 21d.
LOHT-Dlainond and iarl laralllere In Prlnco
Oeorse Hotel bt Friday, ltelurn t M. ZITK
GUM AN, rare Ainerlntn fc'hlrt Co., 11 Kail Mlh
I't. and receive reward.
LOST-Diamond, onyx, platinum bur pin; '.'S
rewan'. c. iMiuiiitnia av.
for return of a tdaek enamelled cigarette cafe,
with rose diamond iiioiiocrain, O. A. It., loat
tiunday erenlue. NMwceu Park a'. ,md ,V,t,t
ft. and itlt('arltoii. Iteturn to It LACK,
STAmt-ft P1IOST. .'.th t. and 4Sth t.
$1(10 IlF.WAItD
for tafkeP rnmnoeed of diamond, emeralds
end pearln, lot Friday afternn,in, on Slh at.
JtMuro to IlLAt'K, STAnit & FUOST, Dth ar.
and 48th ft. .
$2J reward for, return of black hephcr.l dog
called "Sliep," white front, white tall tip.
Un nurklnp" orer eye, around mouth, pom
and pa""! nilxKlng idnce February 1"i llcenne
34S01, Tletnrii to V.VJ Tltth kt., Hroukljnl lele
phone Itaj Itldge 114.
Poor Maine Crop and Rail
Embargo the Cause.
A potato famine, or at least a hort
,cgn that will sond the prlco soaring to
unprecedented IicIrIUk, was fortKhad
ntved by wholesale qnntallons hero yes
terday, ' Maine potatoes, chief source
of supply, have gone up 60 per cent
since u week ago.
The wholeisalo price for n 160 pound
bag of JIulne potatoes on Kebruary 21
wan V'S to 7.-: on February 37 It
was ft.M to $S and yesterday It touched
the record figure of $10 a bag on the
pltrs, with few potatoes to bo had ever
t that price.
'According! to Mrs. Louis U. Welz
miller, Deputy Commlsaloner of Mar
kets, the poor potato crop lust year,
coupled with railroad freight embar
goes caused by weather condtlons,
Is tho probable reason for tho situation.
She recommends rice, macaroni and
spaghetti as potato substitutes while
tho high prlco rules.
JSxcept potatoes, most food prices fell
yesterday. All grades and cuts of beef
dropped n cent a. pound, eggs were
down to C7 cents a dozen for the best
fresh grades, threo cents below Satur
day, and butter was down ono cent to
67 and 67V4 cents a pound. Tho National
Sugar Refining .Company announced a
icductlon of one cent a pound for gran
Vlatcd sugar to 14 cents. Other reflnerj
are selling at 15 and 16 cents.
Engineers of Two States Re
ject Coethals Type
The board ot consulting engineers for
tho New York and New Jersey Hudson
Xllver Tunnels Commissions put a definite
end yesterday to the argument between
tht champions of the Goethals 'type of
tunnel and the plans drawn up by Clif
ford M. Holland, the Joint commission's
chief engineer. With the exception of
Edward A. Byrne, the only member of
the 'board not present, tho consulting
engineers Indorsed the Jlollapd plan and
set forth through Mr. Holland their
At the wme time the New Jersey
Interstate Ilrldge- and Tunnel Commis
sion indorsed the Holland plan by vot
ing; It approval of Mr. Holland's reply
to Gen. George V. Gotehals's crtlclsm
of tho Holland tubes In favor of his own.
The New York. Ilrldge and Tunnel Com
mission meets to-day, and that It will
follow tlie lead of the New Jersey com
mission Is a foregone conclusion, as it
already has submitted the Holland plan
to the tT'Etsature with a letter setting
forth their reasons for accepting It.
Romances of the Army Reach Fru
ition pit Arrival Here.
Two romance; begun overseas led to
a double wedding ycttcrday In the office
of Michael J. Cruise, Deputy City Clerk.
The brides were released from Elllr
Island In tho custody, of the bridegrooms
and welfare workers who later wit
nessed tho double ceremony.
George 15. Graves, assistant' steward
at- tho Hotel Colllngwood, went to the
Island to meet his fiancee, Miss Eliza
beth Edgson, 23, whom he wooed In
Kngland while serving In the American
army. With him went Corporal Will
iam P. McMackin of the regular army,
who had conin from Fort !. . Hu:t!!,
Cheyenne, Wyo.. to meet Mile. Jcano'
Thurct of Bordeaux. There were no
chaplains to bo found and so the party
proceeded to the City Hall. '
Mabel Lee, the Oudcaslan widow of
tho lato Tom Lee, who, ns Mayor of
Chinatown, ruled Mott strcot for many
yenrs before his death, was carried
through smoko and llamo last night by
Patrolman Phil Byrne, Mrs. Leo was
arlocp In her flat nt 18 Mott street when
Ylng Chong. who conducts an Importing
business at 31, opened tho cellar door nt
IS with the view to looking over u foiv
bales of stuff that tho expressman had
delivered curly In the evening. Chong
uses the basement of 18 an a sturugo
place. 1
A volume of aiyld sinoko that made
Chong strangle for a ttecond or two Is
sued from the packed basement. Patrol
mun Byrno turned In the alarm. Abovo
the street tloor 18 Molt street Is u tene
ment. Hi Oriental grandeur the widow
of old Tom Lee has lived on Iho third
tloor for thirty ycari through long wars
and mysterious llrcs and not u few at
tempts by assassins upon tho life of
Chinatown's most autocratic Mayor,
Patrolman Collins and Detectives
Delaney and Caravclll, being In the
Bowery near Molt stroet on a bit of
official business, went to the ussistnnco
of Byrne, unci between them thoy car
ried, drugged and chased a dozen men
and women Chinese and otherwise
down the lire es-.-apo and Into the Joss
House at 20 Mott btrcot and Into Quon
On's American Kcelaurant at 16. Nono
was obliged to go to tho hospital- But
It remained tho honor of Patrolman
Byrne to nrouso tho slumbering Mrc.
Leo from her tapestried couch ari bid
her make haste to tho window that Iiq
might give her a hand or a wholo arm
If heed be.
Shu managed to get Into a fow skirts
and furs and entrust herself to tho
lender caro of Patrolman Byrne, w)m
hustled her over to Kink Hong Lan'
place, where e,ho revived sufficiently In
a few minutes, to teH tho reporters Just
what her sensations were.
"Not that nothing's new to mo who
han lived hero for these thirty years,"
she said. "This to-night! You ain't
seen nothing. 1 could tell you boys
things, I could.'1
Meannhllo Fire Chief Kcnlon and
much tiro apparatus arrived, for two
alarms were turned In. And the firemen
went Into the smoke belching windows
and doors. Krom some place within
there emerged about thirty more persona
who had refused to budge until tho lire
men entered and began cracking doors
with their axes. None of theso thirty
seemed any tho worse for the fire. There
were men and women and a few chil
dren both sexes and of two races. But
the'y were not excited ; simply very
weary looking and uninterested.
Tho flames seemed to be confined to
Ylns Chong's bales of this and that in
the basement. The preclso cause and
the monetary damage could not be ac
curately estimated even by Chong.
Aside from Bryne's gallant rescue of
Mmc Lec, the only real thrill was pre
cipitated by Police Capt. Bourke and
Klre Chief Kenlon, who became rather
torrid In their opinions about tho rela
tive value ot police and firemen at a
Chinatown Are.
War Department Order
Means End of Structure.
The War Department yesterday In a
communication ' to Acting Mayor Ia
Guardla gnvo tho city a year In which
to rcmovo two alternate piers of High'
Hrldga In tho Harlem Hlvtr that ob
struct navigation, The Acting Mayor
said the order means that the bridge,
which Is the oldest nt thoso connecting
Manhattan with adjoining territory and
Is most popular with pedestrians and
tourists bcrnuso ot Its beautiful our
round Inge, will bo demolished.
Tho order Is a product of efforts by
commercial Interests of Hurlcm and The
Bronx to mako tho Harlem Wver more
valuable as a transportation medium. A
pcclul commlttoo of tho Lcgjelaturo la
Investigating plans for widening the
High Bridge was opened for traffic In
1849, It was modelled after a bridge In
Hpaln that still U being used. Its pri
mary purpose was to carry tho pipe of
the old Croton nqticducf. No provision
was mado for vehicles because of the
grade of the approaches. Tho bridge Is
twenty-live feet wldo and hi supported
by fifteen graceful arches, The pillars
of Iho central arch are held to bo ob
structions because they prohibit tho pas
sage of vessels of nioro than 300 tons.
Municipal Aid Promised in
right on Profiteering.
Mm A, Koluoiischlag folates
to West Side Court His
His Honeymoon Car Stolen and
llccovered At Last Ho
' Has Bride.
Jersey City's personally conducted
March rent strike began yesterday with
about 800 occupants ot apartment houses
refusing to pay Increases In the monthly
rato demanded by their landlords. This
Is being done, as told In Tk.3 Sun and
Now York Herald Sunday, upon the ad
vice of the city government, which now
has the rent gougcr up a tree and pur
poses to stand under htm with a club
until ho comes down and surrenders.
James JA Gannon, Jr., Dlrrclor of Hev
enuo and Finance, Instructed all rent
rayers upon whom eyecsaivo demands
were made, effective March 1, to bring
their I'omDlalnts to him and meanwhile
to (WltW'liiercly the amount nf
Kebruary rental. He further told them
that If the landlord attempted dispossess
proceedings the city would foot the rtu
fendaut'ti hill. Gannon and clerks of tho
llnance and law departments havo in
vestigated thus far 300 of the 800 com
plaints filed.
"In 90 per cent, of the cases Investi
gated," Gannon said yestwl'.iy, "tho
landlord Is unquestionably prolltcerlng.
On top of several other advances within
tho last year and n half additional de
mands ranging from $3 to (15 a mouth
appear In tho notices for March. Tho
landlords have not been put to any such
extra expense as to justify this. Taxes
In Jersey City arc actually lower than
they were last year. ,
"It Is customary for the landlord or
his ngont to cali for the rent money on
the first day ot the month. It Is inter
esting to noto that nt many houses
where tho tenants are on strike this
call was not 'mado to-day. The land
lords knew that only tho amount of last
month's rent would bo offered to them,
and evidently they want to get legal 4d
vlco before accepting It."
Tho world reasonably Is filled with
men who have had no' difficulty In enter
ing tho marital condition. And la even
more filled, according to some author.
Itles, with those who, having entered It,
havo marvelled at a certain headstrong
quality In themselves for many years
afterward. But you may tako it from.
John A. Kolbenschlag, late lieutenant In
L'ncle Sam's flying service, that In tho
Interval between selecting one's bride
and departing with her on tho honey
moon a man may go up In the ulr u sur
prising number of times.
With Miss Anno. Maraneso clinging to
his arm ho appeared suddenly nt the bar
of tho West Hide Court yesterday and
Informed Magistrate Simpson, who occu
pied the woolsack, that he had como to
bo married. The court at that moment
was balancing tho scales, upon one of
those complicated Issues of' law and fact
which Hell's Kitchen brings so often to
thu notice of our Jurisprudence and was
about torreprlmand Mr. Kolhenschlng
when something In tho young man's
aspect tempered Justlco with mercy,
"State your case briefly," said
court, and Kolbenschlag did so.
Story of the Ilrldeirroom.
"Your Honor sees bofore you," ho said,
"a pair of lovers whoso path to conjugal
blessedness has been beBet with ono ex
asperating difficulty utter unothcr. Two
years agq wo were to have been married
)! tho ovo of my departuro for France.
Then the Government moved the evo. for
ward a day and a half, giving mo my
rotlec while my brido to bo was at a
funeral. I was compelled to board the
transport without even seeing her.
I In- MTi ljnsl ween wan ucinuuiutiru
VmlWtout getting married with all ,poBlblo
expedition. Tho llrst thing we did -oivlously
was to get a license. Wo
procured It last Saturday after riding
down to the Municipal Building In my
car. When we desccnuen again. k ine
sidewalk tho cur wo were to have gone
on our honeymoon In It had been
"An hour was lost while wo went to
Police Headquarters and reported the
theft of tho car. By then It seemed as
If all the Judues, magistrates and other
officials clothed with authority to per
form marriage coremonles had motored
out of town for the week end. At all
events we could not find ono,
"During the night some one telephoned
mo that this court sat on Sunday morn
Irgs and that we could bo married here.
But as 1 left my home to come here
a detective stopped mc and Informed
mo that my car had been recovered and
that I would have to go at once to the
Tombs Court to appear against tho man
who had stolen it. I went, first tele
phoning Miss Maranebe to meet me at
Broadway and Forty-second street In
an hour.
Lands in Canada Other En
trants Also Down Safe.
Flushing Folk Left to Hope
of Hylan's Buses.
Until tho New York and North Shore
Traction Company is allowed to charge
a 10 cent faro its trolley lines from
Flushing to Whltcstono and through
Douglaston to Little Neck will render no
more service. That ultimatum wnj)
leached yesterday afternoon by George
A. Stanley, president of tho company,
and went Into effect at midnight with
surprising suddenness.
Tjwtu Nlxnn. Ptihllc Ke.rvleo (!nmmls.
sloncr, hearing of thts suspension of these '
lines, nt pnee caueu a conference for n
o'clock to-day. Mr. Stanley, however,
says the situation Is up to Mayor Hylan
and that the promise of municipalises
should be fulfilled. The snowstorm was
the last straw and ice still blocks tho
"Mayor Hylan has said ho would send
buses to Flushing to tako caro of tho
people if wo shut down," said Mr. Stan
ley, ".now tei mm mane goo; tnai
Tho eight cent fare which tho Hudson
and Manhattan Railroad Company an
nounced for tho tunnel trip between
Manhattan and Jersey City and Hobokcn
stirred u,p Instant resentment In Jersey
City yesterday. Gov. Edwards co'iferred
with members of the Interstate Tunnel
Commission with the avowed Intention
of filing a protest with tho Interstate
Commerce Commission. Oren Boot,
president of tho Hudson and Manhattan
road, contends that even tho eight cent
fare would not earn anything r.n the
company's capital stock.
.-"me Starlha Washington Hotel, on-
crated exclusively for women, has been
subleased by George C. Brown, pro
DtJttor of the hotel for tho last ten
years, to Manser Brothers, who also op
erate tho Great Northern, Netherland
. and Endlcott hotels. The new manage
ment took charge yesterday.
Jfr. Brown will devoto his time to the
Park Avenue Hotel, of which he is pro
prfclor, and tho. Hargravo and Alajotrtlo
hotl'is. In which he Is interested.
Removed From Yearning
Eyes in This City.
Even tho name ot whiskey and Its
alcohol confederates disappeared from
yearning eyes In New York city yester
day In response to the order of James S.
Shevlln, Federal supervising prohibition
agent here, that signs advertising liquor
In any form bo removed or obliterated.
Eight prisoners wero bagged by the
forty prohibition agents who have been
raiding during the last weok In Bock
land, Orange; Dutrhess, Ulster, Sullivan,
Westchester nnd Putnam counties. Tho
only trouble met by the raiders was In
Nyack, where an exasperated Nyacker
dashed a pitcher ot wine In tho faco of
an agent during the "crashing" of a
den. The' eight prisoners will be ar
raigned In the United States District
Court. ,
Samuel M. Hitchcock, United States
Commissioner, yesterday held Thomas
E. Fitzgerald, an alleged saloonkeeper
of Sixth avenue and Forty-fourth street,
and Hugh Lecky. a suspected bartender.
In J 250 ball each for trial. According
to Harold Dobba and other Internal rev
enue' agents, whiskey was purchasable
at .the Fitzgerald saloon Friday night.
Moreover, they said, fifty gallons ot
whiskey and an outfit for rectifying raw
spirits wero' found In tho cellar.
rrlninry Flllnic Cloaca To-Day.
To-day is the last day for political
parties intending to hold primary
elections to file notices of such Inten
tions with tho Board of Elections.
Whore such notices are filed designat
ing petitions may bo filed from to-day
until March 3 for election of delegates
to tho national conventions and for
members of the State and county com
mittees for election to be held April 6.
No further word came yesterday to
the Bockaway naval air station concern
ing the nlno ofllocrB who floated north
ward In threo balloons from the station
through a blizzard Saturday afternoon
and Sunday morning In an unofficlai
tace. All arc known to havo mado sate
landings, however.
At the station yesterday It was stated
that the balloon commanded by Lieut.
A. It. Houghton, accompanied bv Lieut.
Stephen Farrcll and Ensign E. C. Hulett,
had apparently won, since It arrived at
Reaching, Quebec, Canada, while an
other, commanded by Ensign L. A.
Kloor, reached Orleans, Vt., and tho
third, under Lieut. Carpenter, touched
ground at Canaan, N. Y.
Lieut. Houghton was In the air about
twelve hours, while Lieut. Carpenter,
who apparently was out of both luck
and wind, stayed up twenty hours. En
sign Kloor's tlmo Ib not staled. Intense
rold prevailed over New England during
the flight.
New Lease Obtained. 'in La
fayette St. Headquarters.
Citizens whoso larders and pockot
books havo profited by the sale ot sur
plus army foodetuffs that has been held
for somo tlmo In tho old Astor Library
building at 435 Lafayette street, may
continue to profit for at least another
month, thanks to the kindness of the
new owners ot the building, the Hebrew
Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society.
Instead of ousting the tenants and oc
cupying the quarters on the first of the
month, as had been the society's Inten
tion, It was decided yesterday to leave
tho army In possession, at least until
April 1. Two reasons were given at the
society's headquarters, 229 East Broad
way the -public benefit derived by the
low cost of army 'foodstuffs outweighs
tho advantage of a month's earlier oc
cupancy of tho larger quarters, and the
additional tlmo will allow the society's
architect to prepare In greater detail the
plans for alteration Into a modern and
sanitary home for Immigrants.
Capt. Jaffray Peterson, who is In
charge ot the sales, said' his store would
continue as lively aa over, possibly until
April 15, with no dimunltlon In the
number of articles for sale.
Tammany Appeal to Democratic
and Itepnbllcan Clttb.
Letters calling on" the Democratic nnd
Republican clubs of the counties tit New
York city to designate three members
each to assist In tho Americanization
work planned by the Tammany Society
wero mailed yesterday by John IL Voor
hls, grand, sachem of the society.
Schools, clubs nnd halls will be used
by the Democratic organization In Us
campaign and leaflets and books also
will be sent out.
Three Yearn for f4 Theft.
An Indeterminate sentence of from six
months to threo years was imposed yes
terday on Jules Davis, 26, of 427 East
H8th strecL who was convicted of hay
ing Btolen a necklace and beaded bag
worth 143 when employed by Stern
Brothers' department 'store. Detectives
II In Ilrlde Walts In Vulit.
"By an error she went to Broadway
and Soventy-second street and waited
for me four hours while I for tho same
length of time awaited her at Times
snnare. When finally we met again
she had heard of some ono who would
marry us that evening. ou may
Imagine my delight. But upon going
to the man she knew I was unablo to
produce my marriage license, for I had
loat It. So, perforce, tho wedding was
all off for that day. To-day bright
and early 1 procured a duplicate license.
Here It Is and hero wo are as well."
As Kolbenschlag finished speaking
the court took him nnd .Miss Maraneso
to Its chambers and performed the
marriage ceremony.
"Now," said the bridegroom to the
bride, "we will get our car and go
But hero another detective popped up
and informed him that while he was
bolng married his enso had been ad
journed a week and that .the car, as a
morsel of evldenco In the case, would
have to remain In police custody unlit
after the trial day.
Ami so "Mr. and Mrs. Kolbenschlag
are spending their honeymoon In Brook
lyn In nil the peaco anu sociusiun unu
tranquillity that that Implies.
More and Longer Locals Also
to Be Put on by I. R. T.
Tho Investigation by Lewis Nixon..
Public Service Commissioner, Into tho
Interborough'a subway service fructified
vesterday In an order, effective March
10, for ten Instead of eight or six car
expresses throughout tho day and an In
crease In the number of local trains In
the West Side subway during rush hours.
Expresses In both subways will con
sist of ten car trains uniformly, the or
der specified, and tivo, additional locals
of six cars each are to be added to the
rush hour sorvlco in tho West Side sub
way. Hitherto Jerome avenue expresses
have had six cars between 10 A. M. and
4 P. M. The' order calls for tho ten car
trains on that as well as other lines.
East Side locals are also tovcarry ex
tra cars. Between 5:20 P. M. and mid
night they will hereafter have four In
stead of three cars. Altogether 600 more
cars than at present opemted will bo In
use as a, result of tho order.
"The World" Effectively Dlscaasca
All Allied Interest.
The rronsportoflon World, a "na
tional monthly of allied transportation
Interests," makes Its Initial bow with a
March number. The magazine, which
Is Issued by the Redfleld Publishing
Company, Inc., has sections devoted to
steam railroads, shipping, electric trac
tion, power trucking and is effectively j
In the first issue the railroad problem
is discussed Interestingly by Guy E.
Tripp, chairman of tho board of direc
tors of tho Westlnghouso Electric and
Manufacturing- Company, Theodore F.
Ash tells how the "Mitten Idea" has pre-,
ventr-d labor troubles, and there is an
article, on "Transportation and Finance"
by Walter U. Edge, United States Sen
ator from New Jersey.
Steamship Manchuria Lands 'Pas
sengers There.
The International Mercantile Marlnd
announced yesterday that It had leased
I In ll.mliiii.1, fn. It- A . 1
of the Storeii Mutual Protective Assocla- IIna 8teamshlps, Including tho passenger
uun iviu mo yiuonv.ca v. oitow oca-1 carriers -.longoua ana .isncnuria.
rlons, Frederic Kernochan, Joseph F. The Manchuria, which sailed hence on
Mos and John J, Frcschl. that ho ob- February 14 with 1,000 passengers,
taindd a position with the afore under I docked at tho new pier on Friday. Tho
an assumed name and previously had passengers went to their destinations in
been sent to the penitentiary for forgery . special (rains provided by the Oerman
and larceny, , CovernmcnL
Store Closes at 5:00 o'CIoclt.
Weather to-day Fair.
BWaaWiiir Tttttaiu. Stmt, Nt York,
Formerly (&. T. Stewirt.
YHie Sun is
It is 5:15 nnd the morning
star, a dmmond more brilliant
than any of Queen Victoria's
Jewels, has hidden itself in the
bosom of the sky.
A wide belt of carmine,
silky looking ribbon tics to
gether the sea and the shore
of green trees which have
been permanently wedlocked,
for centuries.,
While gazing at it all there
comes to mc the ancient
fable that follows:
The Story of the
perhaps almost forgotten.
Clytie was a wuter nymph
who loved the sun and wor
shipped him us a god. She
constantly gazed, at the ob
ject of her affections when
he rose in the mornings and
while he passed along on his
daily course. She hud no eyes
for any other object. At last
her limbs rooted and her face
became the sunflower which
turns on its stem so us always
to look ut the sun.
Even u flower can teach
us n lesson, and the daily life
of the Store, where many
conic, offers much of beauty
to see, hear and think about,
(J ' March 2, 1020.
BeautSffimfl Re&l
Filet Laces
at Lower Prices-
There's a charm about real
filet lace thut makes it of ull
perhaps the most desirable of
laces. There's such a multi
tude of uses to which it can
be put that so often "makes"
the costume.
So when we announce real
filet lace at specially low
prices it's an occasion for
getting a supply. We can
offer the lower prices because
of the good work of our buy
ing organization.
inches wide.. 05c yd.
1)4 inches wide.. $1.15 yd.
2 inches wide., $1.25 yd.
4 inches wide.. $3.25 yd.
One specially beautiful lacc.i.i
4J4 inches wide. For collar and
cuff sets, for niching, for flounces
or used with tucked net for waist,
it lends itself delightfully. Yard
At $4.05 is a lace that suggests
dainty summer' dresses. Or for
camisoles it's just the correct depth.
0 inches wide. Other widths lower
priced. Main floor. Old Building.
Presentation of the Authoritative
Spring Esiions' Miss 14O20
Every new and correct type of
Frocks, Suits, Coats and Sports Togs ....
When planning this collection, we had two ideals jftra.that the. Fashions
should be simple; always keeping in mind the simplicity followed by the greatest
of all designers of fashions for iAiJeuneFille, JEANNE LAN VIN; secondly,' that
the best of styles should be made to sell at moderate prices, as well as at the
higher prices. We think we have succeeded. , -
, In, this presentation one will And everything i : J
from severely tailored suits to three-piece costumes with
blouses of rich brocade; s ' '
from tailleur dresses of serge to matinee and tea frocks;
from dance ftocks of taffeta to dresses of exquisite lace;
from coats for motoring to wraps of the finest soft fwoolcns
and silks;
from riding habits to suits and skirts of the new sports silks
and woolens.
Scores and scores of models in fact this is the largest ind most compre
hensive collection of Fashions that we have ever presented for Miss .14 to 20.
Second floor. Old Building 'cuth street side,
There are more dinner sets in the' March Sale
of China than you will find in 'any
' other collection for sale.
All first quality.
All regular stocks.
All reduced in price for the
Annual March Sale.
And please note
Factory prices of most of
the sets in the sale have ad
vanced, since we bought them.
So that our regular prices are
less than we shall have to sell
re -orders for.
50 patterns of English
Porcelain Dinner Sets
100, 107 and 108 pieces;
bread and butter plates, three
meat platters, all important
pieces. And new border de
signs with gold.
$82.50, $35, $40.
Were $37.50 to $17.50.
American Porcelain V
Dinner Sets ' "
106 piece's; bread and but
ter plates, three meat dishes 4
all important pieces; newr
est designs and shapes from ,
the factories of highest stand
ing in the United States. . .
$15, $20, $32.50. T
Were $24 to $45.
42 patterns of French
China Pinner Sets .
100, 107 and 108 pieces;
bread and butter plates, three
meat platters all important
pieces; newest designs 'pnd
$35, $50, $05, $70, $80. '
JRoyal Doulton .
China Dinner Sets
108 pieces, $375, $475.
Were $550. and $075.
Nippon . China .
Dinner' Sets
r 107 pieces, $05, $67.50.
Were $85 and $00.
' Thousands of'Engli&h porcelain dinnerware pieces,
in .border designs and gold, first quality goods, at less
than half the, regular priCCS. Second Gallery, New Building.
1 fowin the Motor. Shop
A--.Delayed Shipment off
1 .
BrfltSslh Motor Coat
A roomy double-breasted Ulster.
In oxford gray and brown, '
There is no closed season for u Bro6l$Junds. ft
dominates town (juring the winter months'. It is
the perfect coat for cool evenings in tlie.moifntains
during the Summer. ':. . -.
We lake this opportunity to record in.the minds
of owners of cars that we have chauffeurs suits, top
. coats and puttees of the finest grade.
Burlington Arcade. Moor. New. Building. -
1 1 rtt 41 1 in ttnirh lna fat l1rnf-aatwt I t,. t -tl
... -v - tvannu. a ujivicca w cicvuvxi w w uciu 4iy u v. na larceny . I uoverniucni. 1 1 1111 1 1 11 1 , - . r I
ssra- w 1 mt 1 a t . 1 : :
- iPpina.alssssssssssM " . - r--- I . ,,,, , ;,. .

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