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Junior League Picturesquely Revives
Old Songs in "Musical Milestones"
(Top)Right to Left Mrs. Philip Kip Rhinclandcr as a Hawaiian
eirl, and Miss Isabelle McPhcrson as Mandy. (Bottom) Mrs.
Elliot Schuyler Phillips as an Indian girt in "Musical Milestones,"
Society Applauds Annual Show
Produced by Aniatours
for Charity.
Members of tho Junior League gavs
delightful revival of old conga last
nieht at their first presentation of
"Musical Milestones, a "Quarter of a
Century of Song and Dance," In the
ballroom of the Waldorf-Astoria for
the benefit of the league's' welfare
vorfe. There was a largo and fashion
able audience prceoni, and a? the nature
Of the performance had been kep;
secret, keen Interest was taken In each
number of the programme. The tal
ented amateur tmtrcsaes of' society had
tarried on their preparations with a
secrecy worthy of David Bclasco. and
not until the premtero was much known
uboutthe new Junior show.
Net only wero most of the debutantes
et the. season employed in the produc
tion, but as well many of tho younp
married women- who .still keen, up then
membership In tho Junior League, and
as their .assistants In the different
turns there were tome of the young
dancing men of tho day, also members
of tho Amateur Comedy Club. MUs
Grace It. Henry had spent weeks In
preparation of tho entertainment and
she had searched throughout the
libraries of songs familiar to Broadway
from 1SJ5 up to date. The production
was a musical hodgo-podgc, with no
r.ttempt at a plot.
First In the prggrammo came the
song made famous In Its day by MIS3
Lottie Collins, "Ta-ra-ra Boom-dc-ay,"
sung by Miss Abblo Morrison and a
rhorus that Included Misses Lucy Bulk
ley. EIslo Morrill, Eleanor Fales Cow
nrd. Adelaide K'p Hhlnelander, Eleanor
Fiancke, Sylvia Lord Keymour, Gene
lcve Mangam and Virginia Stcrry,
who sang before a drop suggestive of
a Bowery scene. Then came "Tho Blde
valks of New York," with a lot of
trect urchins, who sang "East Side,
West Side, ,All Around tho Town," led
by Misses Adeline Hatch and Julia It.
Shanley. Tho chorus Included Misses
Marion Carroll, Melon La Fctra, Jant-t
Croll. Eleanor Landon, Betsy Flags,
Edyth McCoon, Ellse Hughes and
Mary Strange, Somo of the glrla were
Ui cased us street lads and with tho
lassies skipped rope as they sang and
'The Bowery" Snug With Chorus.
Mr. Henry Clapp Smith of tho Ama
teur Comedy Club made a hit In the old
song "The Bowery," nnd others who ac
companied him In ragged costumes were
Mrs. Howland S. Davlo. Mrs. J. Horton
JJams. Mrs. Herbert Mnynard, Jr., Mrs.
Armltage Whitman, iMIss Katharine
Davis, Dr. Armltago Whitman, Messrs.
Howland S. Davis, S. Horton IJams.
Herbert Maynard, Jr., Harold W. Gould,
Edmund P. Livingston. Arthur Town
sond and Robert It Livingston. This
number was followed by a sons: sugges
tive of Miss Edna May's "Fellow On"
number In "The Belle of New York."
sung by a bevy of. Salvation Army
lassies in regulation costume. The
chorus Included Mrs. Horace Hitchcock
3d, Misses Janet Jirowcr, Marlon Hoden
Pyl. Ruth Manlerre, Dorothy Leary,
Kuth Anderton and Isabel MacMIIUn.
Another old time song that met with
approval was "Daisy Bell and Her
Bicycle Built' for Two," with Mrs. Irvlnu
H. Pardee and Mr. Paul H. Bonner, who
led a chorus of bicyclists that Included
Mrs. Maynard C. Ivlson, Mrs. H. Ru
dolph Kunhardt, Jr., Mrs. Coleman Mc
Govern. Mrs. Leonard Wyeth Mls
Nathalie Slocum, Miss Caroline Wyeti..
Messrs. Henry M. Eyer, Maynard C.
Ivlson, Thomas C. Lord, Kenneth T.
Phillips, It. Sanford Saltus, Jr and.John
Another popular song, "Dolly G'rey."
was sung by Mrs. E. Roland Harrlman.
Misses Anna It Alexandre, Gretchen
Damrosch, Sylvia Holt, Violet King.
Curry Duke Mathews and Adelaide
Sedgwick, Messrs. Gerald H. Beal, Wal
dron P. Belknap, Jr., Robertson P. Cleve
land, Robert Crawford, Honry Sturgls
and Ten Eyck Wendoll, Jr.
"Florodora Sextet" nevlvcd.
Miss Helen Hoadley began tho second
part of the programme by singing "After
tho Ball," and this was followed by the
fnmstw "norodora S.Uoi." lira cos
tumes being faithfully copied from those
worn by tho original sextet, who set
Broadway talking nearly twenty years
ago. The double sextet Included Mtsses
Katharine Van Ingcn. Marie Lamarche,
Elizabeth Frank, Margaret Do Foreiit,
Alice Davison and Dorothy Clapp,
llessrs. W. Herbert Adams, J. Holmes
naly, r Herbert Maynard, Jr., Henry
Clapp Smith, Julian Thompson and
William John Warburton. ,
Therextet was followed by tho "Merry
Widow" waits, which mado a hit. It
wan danced by Mrs. S. HInman Bird
and Mr. Emerson MacMIIUn 3d, who
had been coached by Donald Brian. After
this lp rapid succession there was a
scene from "The Geisha." led by Miss
Frderlca Rhlnelandcr and Miss M.
Symphorosal)rl3ted. Another hit of the
evening was made by Mra. S. HInman
Bird, who sang a music hall favorite.
"Vlp-I-Addy-l-Ay." Another eons that
kept tho audlenco In good humor was
"In tho Good Old Summer Time." tlw
choniH led by Miss Beatrice Sturr and
Mr. Robertson L. Cleveland. Then Ml
Helen Hoadley and Mr. William John
Warburton In appropriate costume led a
election from "The Quaker Girl," and
"The Yama Yama Man," a la Bessie Me
Coy Davis,, was &ung and danced by
Misses Frances Ballard, Lucy Lord, Ade
line Hatch. Oenevleve Mangan, Dorothy
Leary, aiory Thbmas and Julia R. Shan
ley. After this followed songs more up to
date, "Over There," "Hindustan."
"Smiles," "Indlanola," "How Ya Gonna
Keep 'Em Down on tho Farm?" "Ha
waiian Moonlight," "Chong" and
"Mandy,:1 all of which were familiar to
the war camp Among those In "Indlan
ola," all of whom were dressed In Indian
costume, wero Mrs. Frank iWashburn.
Mrs. Elliott riilll!jv!, .Misses Elisabeth
Harrison, Alice Hall, Mary Hurd, Helen
Hess, Martha Keep, Gladys Llvermere,
Helen La Fetra and Helena Whltchouse.
The entertainment ended with a. song,
"Tho Silent Rhapsody," music and words
by Emerson MacMIIUn 3d and Miss
Girls of Society '
Play Ball Game
at Palm Beach
Sptcltl to The Scn kp new Tost Hroup.
Palm Bbach, Fla.. March 2. Some
thlng new In sports was Introduced this
afternoon when a team of girls, cap
talned by Miss Phyllis Walsh, Florida
tennis champion, played a baseball team
mado up of Now York and Philadelphia
men. Certain limitations were Im
posed to make the game an "even con
test. An Indoor baseball was used. The
men wero forced to throw underhand
tud bat left handed. Tho men won, 9
to 8, after a contest replete with humor
ous situations. Miss Walsh, Misses
Helen Bennett and Peggy Thayer
played real ball for the "Amazons" and
handled twenty-two of tho twenty
Bcvtn putouts' between ihem.
fielding features for tho "Lost Bat
talion" wero contributed by Messrs.
Bert Bell, Leonard- Thomas and James
The lineup:
Lost Battalion Messrs. Bert Bell.
Pitcher; Charles Schwartz, catcher;
Jamc3 Cromwell, first; Laurlo Fuller,
tveohd; Douglas Paige, shbrt; Robert
Cassatt, third; Leonard Thomas, lefts:
Russell Colt, centre : Ed Suttorl, right.
Amazons Miss Walsh, catcher and
Pitcher: Mlsa Helen Bennett, pitcher
and catcher; Qucntln Feltncr, second;
Gertrude Thret, second; Mra. Courland
Richardson, short: Miss Katharine
Force, short; Miss Constance Robert
ton, third :v Mrs. Isaac Schlycter, third ;
Mrs. H. P. Bingham. left; Mls3 Con
suelo Vanderbllt. left; Miss Belle
Baruch, centre; Miss Muriel Vander
bllt, ccntro; Mrs. John A. Rutherfurd.
rlshf. and Miss Madge Mulquccn, right
"The Blue Bird" will be snng Thurs
day afternoon of next week at the Mctro
polltan, Thomas Chalmers taking tho
role of tho dog "Tylo" for the first time.
In the cast also will bo Mmes. Delaunots
and Kills. Other operas next week will
"L'EllsIr d'Ambre," Monday, with
Mme. Barrlcntos and Mr. Caruso : "Par
sifal." Wednesday, with Mmes. Matze
naucr and Mr. Harroldt "La Forza, del
Dcstlno," Thursday, with Mmc. Pon-
nolle and Mr. Caruso; "Cartnen('' Fri
day, with Miss Farrar and Mr. Martl
nclll; "Cavallcrla Rustlcana" nnd "Le'
Coq d'Or." Saturday afternoon with tho
usual casts, and "Madama Butterfly"
Saturday evening, with Mme. Easton
and Mr. Martlnelll.
Belgian Soprnno Gtvca Itoeltnl.
Mme. Emma Van Do Zandc. a Bel
gian soprano, gave her first song re
cital here yesterday afternoon, In tho
Princess Theatre. Sho offered a pro
grammo of tasteful and much novel
selection comprising Flemish songs, old
rrencii songs ann modern Belgian and
i-rcncn lyrics. The Ficm sh nnd old
French songs sho explained beforo
singing. Mme. Van Do Zande's de
livery fell short of artistic standards.
Her voice 'has lost Its freshness and It
was poorly produced, but her interpre
tative power was noteworthy. Sho un
derstood tho sentiments underlying the
ic is ui ncr soncs. ana sue was able
by accent and rhrastng to communicate
this to her hearers.
Grace R. Henry, which was sung by Mrs.
Bird, Mr. MacMIIUn and tho entire cast.
Altogether it was a pleasing enter
tainment, recalling to tho mothers and
grandmothers of the debutanten wno
took part the musical hits of their own
day. The performance will bo repeated
to-night nnd to-morrojv night.
Amoftg those who snng In the "Ha
waiian Moonlight" song nnd who wore
tho typical costume of the Islands were
Mrs, Philip Kip Rhlnelander, Mrs. Regi
nald T. Towiifcnrt, Mrs. J. Murray
Mitchell, Jr., Misses Rita Bolter, Frances
Nott. Polly Dumrosch. Janet Croll.
.Marlon Cary Dlnnnorc, Grace Bristed
'and Hope Williams.
Miss Ipabellc Md'heraon was among
mo singers or ainnay," mo others being
the Misses Marian Carpenter, Betsy
FJngtj, Eleanor Fules Coward,' Vlctorlno
jiciiviiK, .ina ucarm, ucicnaugucn ana
Helen Dudgeon.
'Look Who's Here,1
Farce With Music,
Is Full of Action
.'J51,?,' book, hy Frank Maiidel; lyrics
Heln rd ,au"n: music by Sylvli
mJU'3 Saunders ator'tt It. Lynch
50" ...'.Miss Alicia .McCarthy
nV.'.W ';. M" il"y McCarthy
nnbfrt y. Jlolmos Cecil Lean
mond Furcell ...CliJ Mayfleld
Honca Bream '..(leorele Mack
Oorothj Chase Miss 8ylvla d Franklo
Daniel V. Chase John F. Morrissey
"Look Who's Here." a farce with
music, presented last night at tho Forty
fourth Street Theatre, although ostensi
bly frivolous, Is deserving of a serious
analysis. This for tho reason that after
a careful study of the somewhat garish
and highly colored cntehalnmcnt there
actually seemed to be In it. somewhere,
a scmblanco of revolution In musical
comedy. Whether for better or worse,
hoavon only knows.
After a rather usual first net, notablo
only for something subtlo startling In
the general demeanor and eyc-Mashlng
of Silas Clco Mayfleld, a. young woman
who seems to have tho hips of a chili
nnd tho mind of a Cleopatra, tho play
and players simply burstcd the accepted
tenets and restrictions of what has be
como known ns "bedroom farce," and
launched forth Into revelry Inconceiv
able. Yet such was tho loud Joviality
with which tho coverlets were kicked
about and the utter confidence with
which tjo players said anything they
wished tlt the "house" seemed willing
to commit Itself as Indorsing tho whold
amazing business. , '
In fact, after tho most cruelly bold
lino of all tho audlenco burat forth In
simple, whpla hearted laughter. .So
there you arc. Ours not to reason wily.
For ln3tanqo a corsot, tho slmplo ap
pearanco of which properly worn albeit
a bit carelessly laced,' made the musical
comedy "Flo Flo" a( fer years ago, was
In this musical come'dy tossed, not to say
twirled about as though It wero nothing
at nil. This took nlace In a bedroom
scene In which there wero duplicate bedsTI
The motif of the sceno was sounded by
the remarn or cecii Ican, tne chief
player, who when he found that tho
youngish woman, distracted with sur
prise, In the other bed was not hl3 own
wife, shouted with inmost hysterical
"You're In your right mind, but in the
wronar bed."
With such quips and, turns of gay-
ety thsjilay progressed, nnd the audi
ence, which Indeed Beemed unusually
Tespectablo for tho greater part, seemed
overjoyed, though somo wero Indignant.
alias nan ,l usi coacu uinUZ-I
inily. though In lust what direction Is'
nt oioor. flnr "Th B1'J Paradise." in
nc"' c'opr. filnm "Th Blu Paradls
which she nrst appeared with Mr. Lean.
Ho grinned and showed his clghty-two
.W JL" Brinn,nq
with him. There were somo excellent
singers who "had fairly good songs, but
they lacked the vigorous personality of
theso two.
ExcrvU the Misses Alicia and Mary
McCarthy, two grievous urchins, who
without doubt started In tho frleght
yard circuit in Omaha, knocked tho milk
bottles olt tho wlndowsllls In Tenth avc-
nue with their stuff nnd now havo I
crashed Into Broadway and mado a hit
Th. 1i..n M,tk..J 1, . . M. T
i'iriii.cu .i,. 1,1'tiu, was
a popular author of whom they said. "He
mado tho world blush nnd bored his
wife to deatlu" Silvio Heln wroto tho
music, Frank Mandel the book, Edward
Paulton tho lyrics.
' New YorU.
Mr, Cornelius Vanderbllt Whitney,
who haa been passing a few days at
tho home of hi parents, Mr. and Mre.
Harry Payno Whitney, while the latter
arnt Miami; Fla., has returned to Yale
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Wldener will
Eh a a dinner and theatre party to-night
Mr. and Mr. Forsyth Whites and
Miss Katherlne Wlckes will start to-day
for Talta Beach, Fla.
bdlsa Margaret Dorothy Kane, who
hun been passing a few days with her
parents, W. and Mrs. urenvnie Kane,
In Tuxedo Park, has returned to New
York apd in. at. the homo of Mr, and Mrs.
George v. Bauer, Jr.
Mr, and Mr. Robert Graves have re
turned from. Camden, 6, C.
Mr. and Mrs. Marlon Eppley have re
turned to Newport, R, l from New
Mlis Katherlne Locke will ive a talk
this morning on "The Near Bart Social
nnd Political" at tho house of Mrs,
Henry P. Davison, 630 Park avenue.
Mr. and Mrs. Cortlandt Field BIhop,
who wero to iavo started for. Palm
Beach yesterday,' have postponed their
Mr. and Mrs. William Fahnestock ar
rived yesterdoy at Palm Beach.
Mr.and Sirs. William Qreenough have
leased the Dresser cottage In Bellevue
Court for the summer. Mrs. Greenough's
mother. Mrs. Whitney Warren, also will
pass the season In Newport,
Mrs. Joseph Fraser of New York Is
with her sister, Mrs. Robert Grosvenor,
ot tho latter'a cottage In Champlln street,
Mrs. E. H. G; Slater will open her
villa, Hopedene, on May IS.
Messrs. Roger Tuokerman and Robert
p. Burr of New York have been the
guests of Mr. Theodoro P. Qrosvenor.
Mr. and Mrs. Sibley C. Smith are at
Kearsarge, White Mountains, for the
winter sports.
The Marquise do Brevlalre d'Alaln
court has been visiting Mr, and Mrs,
Langhorno B. Dick of Chestnut Hill
Mr. and Mrs, 0. Hamilton Colket will
co to Atlantic City to-morrow. Mr.
Colket has Just recovered from scarlet
Mrs. Edward Y. llartehorne of Haver-
ford win give a tea. to-morrow for sirs.
Raymond Brown of New York,
Mrs, Harry Clifton Adams and, her
daughter, Miss Evelyn Newbold Smith,
have gone to Cuba.
Mr. and Mrs. Morris I. Clothier of
Vlllanova will have a dinner party on
April 6 for their daughter, Miss Lydla
Miss Isabelle Wells gave a dinner and
dance at Rauscher's last night for tho
Beltlan Ambassador and Baroness do
Cartier de Marchlenne. The Italian Am
bassador and Baroness Romano Aver-.
tana wera among the guests.
Mrs. Lawrence Townsend has returned
to Washington from New York, whero
sho has been the truest ot Mrs. John
atrrfett. mo win return to New Yorlt
at the end of the week,
Gen. John J. PerhlnT will be the prin
cipal guest at a retention and dance to
be given by the Southern Society of
waemngton at tne winara March 13,
Mrs. Ellphalet Fraser Andrews will
give a buffet supper March 13 for Miss
Helen Taft and Miss Charlotte Harding.
Senator Pomerene gave an Informal
luncheon In the Senate restaurant yes
terday for Mr. W. P, Trimble of New
York, who with Mrs. Trimble Is at the
Wlllard. Mrs. Trimble was Mrs. POme-
reno's guest at luncheon following the
Tueeday meeting ot tho Ladles of the
Mrs. A. Mitchell Palmer and Mrs.
Easton ot Pennsylvania were guests at
luncheon yesterday of Sirs. Charlotte
Campbell, j
Brlg.-Gen. and Mrs. William Crozler
have left Washington for New York.
Mrsi A. J. Drexet Blddle ot Phlladel
phla Is at the New Wlllard.
Lleut.-Col. and Mrs. George A. Nugenf
gave a dinner last night for Mrs. Nu
gent'e Bister, Mrs. R. W. Forbes of New-
London, Conn.
Hot Springs, Va.
Mrs. J. Bertram LIpplncott and her
daughter: airs. Nicholas Blddle, arrived
at the Homestead yesterday from Phila
delphia. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. oll-
lerple from Pittsburg antf Mr. Henry L
Swords from Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis H. Lapham, Mr.
and Mrs. Roger D. Lapham, .Miss Edna
Lapham of New York: Mrs. Lewis O.
Stevenson of Princeton, N. J., and Mr.
Melville E. Ingalls of Now York have
returned home.
The Belgian Ambassador and Baroness
de Cartier de Marchlenne gave a dlnnev
In Washington last night for the French
Ambassador arid Mme. Juseerand.
The Ambassador ot Japan, Mr. Kljuro
Shldehara, Is In New York .to speak at a
dinner to be given for him by the Japa
nese Society and also at the Fifth Ave
nue Association's dinner.
Senor Don J. E. Lefevre, Charge
d'Affalres. ot Panama, gave a luncheon
at the Shoreham In Washington Monday
ior secretary Bauer, i
Weather at Winter Resort.
Temperaturo and atmospheric condi
tions at winter resorts at noon yesterday
were .reported as follows:
St. Augustine, Fla. 60 ; clear.
Onnpnd, Fla. 62 ; cleaK
Palm Beach, Fla. 18; clear.
Miami, Fla. b ; clear.
Aiken, 8. C 50 ; clear.
Russian Folk Sonars Heard.
, rrai-la TVIntib o ...
D?ne0 nrtunyZw to tSZ
eo?? not unknown Here In concert
who has appeared in opera tn many of
the Spanish countries where she often
sane the title role of "Carmen." gave a
Ing. With a fine, powerful voice she
was far more successful Jn a group of
folk songs ot the Ukraine, sung in Rus
sian, than sho was in Meyerbeer's air.
"Ah. Mon Flls," where Die style was not
finished nor the pitch always accurate.
A singer of temperament, sho Impkrted
i-nnA mimical feellnsr to her worfc r-
list Included a varlod group of modern
Russian art songs, sung in Russian, and ,
the late Reginald do Koven's "Norman
m ... r I. m r. , , . '
iranie aon&v uiea iuica auocna. wno
arranged one of the folk songs and hadt
her own song "Yohrzclt" in the final)
group, ployed tho'plano accompaniments. I
but alio failed to give the singer an ade- j
epjate support - v
Moellefs 'Sophie,1
New Sex Play, Is
Exceeding Broad
Based on Ufb of Famous Bo
phlo Arnoiijd Played by
Miss Emily Stevens,
nn5P-'CJ' WW TIIEATItE-80r III!.
Mrt, aiifmarrt...,.'. Mils Herjnrle IIolll
ikL.1'J"?,,,''ImI ...Miss lislsy VlTlen
Abb le Velseivm Oiwsf.l York
IlOSllle LftVflGUHr Ml.. T..n vAWMn.l.
viill 40 u"wi o. r. ng i
rltiWi A! " Clair MK-rii
iiii,ieC?iWB 0luck Hubert Wlle
y'JJ Hubbsrd Kllratrlrk
. lsf'ii, lloalt West, Tsui Alberton
'Sophie" Is the fanllllar tltlo of the
latest play by Philip Moeller, produced
at the Greenwich Village Theatre last
night. The work Is Itself familiar, so
the name .Is not out of Its key. Tht
three acts are taken from the private
1.1,' ver' Private life of the famous
fiOPhlo Arnould who played an Impor
tant part In tho chapter of musical his
tory that Inoludes the Introduction of
Gluck's operas lo tho world. Tho so
prono "created," as tho world of the
cabotln puts It, the heroine of "Iphlgenle
en Aullde." Tho scenes of the drama,
Indeed, cluster about this artuitio
achievement. But It is only the frou
frou of her stago life that one hears In
the play. It Is the heart of Mile. Sophie
.rather than the vocal cords which seem
to have been uncommonly efltclent even
for the professional beauties of that gal
lant era that Inspires the drama.
Mr, Moeller liai made a wise selection
of a new puppet from the past of French
history who could do Justice to the
Mooller Idiom. The singer, -who seems
to have been devoted to so much more
than her art, Is a picturesque and
alluring figure. How truly historical
this document does not appear, although
It Is said that the llfo of tho noted origi
nal might havo supplied Inspiration to
many playwrights. Mr. Moeller hos,
however, endowed her with many traits
traditionally associated with the operatic
A Day In Sopble'a Life.
She Is foun1 when the play begins In
her drawing room, which happens to be
In the palace of tho Austrian Ambas.
sador, and there she stays during tho
play, whlah is not so singular as It
sounds when one knows that she has
settled herself there for reasons of pot
Icy connected with the. first performance
of Cluck's pptra, She did not win tho
honor of singing the music of Its heroine
without a struggle which would have
been accounted unconventional to-day
Ir, operatic methods. But her eojourn in
the embassy is declared to be quite as
Innocent of evil as that famous version
of "La Dame aux Camellias," once popu.
lar in Boston, In which the two lovers
were vaguely referred to as engaged. It
Is when tho Ambassador Insists on a
Change In the arrangement that whnt
might under other circumstances be de'J
perinea ns tne "plot" pf the play bealni'
uui it is cucn a little plot that It
neither Interferes with the revelation
of Sophie's many Interests nor Mr.
Mocller's polished langunge. There is a
great deal of Mr. Moeller' language and
It Is all highly polished. It has. more
over, the merit of sounding very much
the same whoever may speak it.
Mis Steven a French Staffer.
It fell to Miss Emily Stevens to rein
carnate for this day the brilliant' favorite
of eighteenth century Paris. She can
deliver the Moeller dialogue with the
swiftness and point that rlv it rff
she can even make It or any other speech
incomprenensioio if necessary. " Tho
lupous ana aiiectations of the prima
donna are also well suited to her powers.
Luckily the slnglntr and sneaklne vnirn
are pot always similar, else It might
n aiuicuii to explain the mus -cal
fame of this heroine.
Mr. Moeller' latest play Is Inferior to
"i V?0.. '?ne?r works tha Preceded it.
hopnie Is by no means without dis
tinction. The Intrigue, however, is
trivial, too trivial to persuade tho.au-
mence into any sense of Illusion.. U all
wemea iiKo opera oourto until Adolf
Llnlt appeared; then It seemed well,
like something else. There Is less wit
mun usual in mo lines, which are highly
overecxuallzed and constantly roveal
how doggedly the author stalked the
double meaning.
. . p Heggle was a singular choice
ror the ardent lover. He acted llko a
man warning m nis sicen and conscious
only of the hope that tho play was
bound to end soon and that ho would
be well out of it then. As an Impudent
lackey Sidney Toler nearly burst with
the knowledge that ho had one ot tho
best parts in the play and was bound
to mako an Impression. This too obvious
certainty interfered with the impression
no micni nave maae, Hubert wllko
avo a graphic portrait of Oluck. Some
ay h8 will play Richard Wnener nnd
make a fortune. After all. a nroflle
helps at any age. Link exaggerated
grotesquely the role of the Austrian
Georgo C Tyler, who produced the
play, had supplied an exqulslto boudoir
In eighteenth century style, and Miss
Helen Dryden designed some beautiful
dresses ot that period. But Mr. Tyler
showed his managerial cenlus In select
ing the comparative seclusion of Green
wich village for the play.
Chamber Mnslc Society Presents
Interesting Programme.
The second concert or the New York
Chamber Music Society tcok nlace last
evening In Aeolian Hall. The programme
consisted of Emanuel Modi's suite In A
major for double quintet. Salnt-Saens's
caprice on Russian and Danish alra for
piano, flute, oboe and clarinet, and the
Brahma piano quartet In O minor. Eman
uel Moor Is a composer who exercises a
strange fascination upon chamber music
organizations, a fascination which docs
not often extend Itself to audiences.
The composition heard last evenlmr Is
written for string quintet and a wind
quintet, consisting of flute, oboe, clari
net, horn and Dassoon. it Is music of
the study, carefully wrought, balanced,
smooth, perfectly respectable and iren-
erally soporlfle. The capable artists en
gaged In Its performance did sot appear
to be thrilled by their task but man
fully persisted tin with the slow march
of time the end was reached and the
audlenco indulged in polite approval.
mere was more joy over the two other
compositions. Tho work of Salnt-Saens
Is by no means as familiar as that of
Brahms, but, llko all the creations of
the French master. It Is melodious and
pleasing. Both works were commenda-
bly played. .
Allan Glen, who served abroad during
the world war aa overseas secretary of
the Kntehts of Columbus, died of heart
disease last night In St. Luke's'Hpspltal.
He uvea at ss&a weuster avenue. The
Bronx. ,
PltiMOELPltlA, March 2. John .T.
O'Shea. editor of the CathoUa Standard
and Times, died to-day after an Illness
or several monins. He was 7S years old
and was said to be the dean of Catholic
editors In the United States.
Boai.v, March !. Karl von Martins.
noted chemist and founder of the Berlin
Aniline -Dye Work, la dead,
Wan Lontr Prominent In Society
aud Welfare Work.
Mls.i Amy C, aTownsend, daughter of
the late W. and Mrs. isaao Townsend;
died Monday night tit her apartment, at
670 Park avenue, flho suffered from
double pneumonia In November and
never fully recovered, but her death was
unexpected. ,
Phe was New York regent of the soci
ety that owns Wount Vernon, the home
of Washington : a member of the Colony
Clu! and of tho Socloty ot Colonial
Dafpea and was prominent In welfare
The family homo of tho Townsends for
many yeara was in Twenty. fifth street
near Fifth avenue, where tho Townsend
building now Btands. Mies Townsend
leaves a brother, Isaao Townsend, and
twr- sisters, Mrs. George Bend of New
York and Mr. Charles A, Sackett ot
Providence. The late Mrs. Buchanan
Wlt.throp was another slstsr. Mrs. Cost
landt Field Bishop and Mrs. Henry
Fletcher, wlfa of the recent Ambassador
to Mexico, aro nieces of Miss Townsend
and Henry Rogers Wlnthrop Is a nephew,
William J. McCurdy, vice-president
and general manager of the Manufac
turers' Iron and. Steel Company of New
Brunswick, N, J. died on Monday after
an Illness of several months, He was
53 years old. He was n director ot the
New Brunswick Flro Insurance Com
pany, and served five years as president
of the New Brunnwlck Board of Trade.
He was a member of the Colony, Union,
Railroad and Livingston clubs. During
tho war Mr. McCurdy served as chair
man of the horseshoe committee of tho
War Industries Bpard. He was married
In i88 to Miss Mary H. Farmer. He
In survived by his widow and by a son
und daughter.
Francis Sedgwick Bangs, lawyer, died
yesterday in his home, 161 West Seventy
third street. Ho was graduated from
Columbia University In 189) and for sov
cral years was a member of tho law
firm of Guthrie, Bangs & Van Snldcrcn.
He was a trustee of Columbia Univer
sity and a vestryman of Trinity Church.
He was a director in many corporations,
a trustee of the Bowery Savings Bank
and a member of the advisory committee
of tho National Underwriters of Now
SrniNOKiEtD, Mass-, March 2. Frank
P. Newklrk, member of the Board pf
Agriculture and since 1917 an appraiser
for the Federal Land Bank of Spring
field, died to-day In a local hotel, whore
ho made his winter home. Ho was
formerly president of the Three Coun
ties Agricultural Society, ,
Lonpon. March 2. The Times' an
nounces the sudden death at Stratford-on-Avon
of Arthur Henry Bullen.
Arthur Henrtf Bullen. who wag 63
years old, established In 1904 the Shake
snearii Pres at Btratford-on-Avon- His
publications have to do with the works
of the earlier English poets.
Lomdon, March 2. Announcement was
made to-day of tho death of James
Rowlands, Liberal member of the
House ot Commons for the Dartford
Division of Kenl. Ho was born n 18S1
In FInsbury. a part of London. He was
active In Parliament In promoting bills
for reform of the land laws ana was
honorary secretary of tho Land Law
Reform Association.
Oliltqary JVotex.
Funeral services wero held last night
for William Wallace Farmer, who was
for many years .president of A. D.
Farmer & Sons, tho oldest type foundry
1 f,l,.J Oi.lu II. ....
concern in uro uiuivu tnaio.
sixty-nine yeara old and lived at 2SS
Qulney street, Brooklyn.
,Adolph Henry Feeder, civil war vet
eran and for twenty-two yeara custodian
at tho Adama, street pollco court, In
Brooklyn, died on Sunday at his home,
371 Twelfth street.
funeral of Capt. C. K. Taylor.
Funeral services for Capt. Charles K.
Taylor, president of the Newark and
New York Towboat Company, were held
last night at his home In Belleville, N. J.
He died Sunday, while on a visit to Es
rex, Conn. He was 66 years old and
was widely known among pilots and
masters along the New York and New
Jersey waterways, where lie had spent
many years ot his life.
Adams, Henry A. Lewln, Anna.
Andrews, Mary C. L. Lewis. Josephine C.
Bangs, Francis S. Linton, Benjamin H.
Bates, Harold S. Llpfeld, Isaao
Brenauer, Gabriel. MervlnTT.D.
Burnett, Annie Moland. Isaac
Burrlll. Leonle Newton, Dorothy
Clacclo, Isidore Norton, Bridget
ConWy, Teresa. . Ogllvy, Naomi S, A
Crane. E. P. M. Richards, Mary F.
Day, Kate C. Riley, Lester H.
Deyo, George Rogers, Michael
Drlscoll, Michael Sallus, Mary S.
Drucker, Emma. Schlrmer, Edward
Dugro, Philip H. Schmlddcr, Julia
Eberlln, Frederick CScholz, Mrs. A. D.
Ferber, S.
Clmon. Leopold
Hansen, Christina
Harms, William F.
Hazelton, A.
Hecht, Simon.
Hess, Harlan P.
Hodge, Roberta V.
Jewett, Edward W.
Klernan. M. J Jr.
Klrby, David B.
Kissel, Frank P.
Levlnson, Louis
Smith, Stafford B.
Stern, Isidore
Tomes, Anna Z. .
Towssend, Amy C.
Van Coateel, Gerald
Ward, Joseph
Whtt!nr.John. .
Wilson. William J.
WItte, Catherine.
Young, William.
In Mcmormm.
BIJur, Alice M. Schumacher, V,.
Goodman, Emma F. ,
ADAMS. On March 1, 1320, at No. 1
Federal place. Mariners Harbor, N.
Y Henry A. Adams. In his 60th,
year. Funeral services at Hartford.
Conn., Thursday, March 1920. v
ANDREWS. On Tuesday, March 2, at
tno resiacnce or ner oaugnier, airs.
Gibson Fahnestock, Washington, D.
C, Mary Catherine Lee, daughter of
the lato Joslah Leo and widow ot R.
Snowden Andrews of Baltimore.
Md., In her 88th year. FuneraHier
vlccs at Emmanuel Church, Balti
more, Friday, March 6, at 3 o'clock.
Relntlvet, and friends Invited to at
tend. Interment private.
BANGS, At his residence. No. 1C1 West
,73d St.. on Tuesaay, jiarcn z, alter
a brief Illness, Francis Sedgwick
Bangs. Notice of f unerol hereafter.
BATES.T-Suddenly?iit Palm Beach, Fla.,
Harold Stanley Bates. Funeral ser
vices at 24 Summit 'fv Mount Ver
non, N. Y., Thursday, March t, at
2 P.M.
BRENAUER. Gabriel, on Feb. 29, hus
band of tho lato Emllle Brenauer,
beloved father of Joseph B. Bren
auer and dear brother of Sol J.
Batharach. Funeral from his lata
residence, 242 i3ast 53d bL. Wednes
day, March 3, at 10 A. M. Relatives,-
friends Congregation Rodeph
Bholom are respectfully Invited to
BURNETT. Oirttonday, March 1, 1920.
Annie, daughter of the late James
nnd Eliza Stono and wife of the
Rev. C. P. A. Burnett Mass ot
requiem at St. Ignatlui's Church,
STUa st. West End av., on Wednes
day, March 3, at 11 A. M. Inter
mentiTrlnlty Cemetery.
BUBRILL. On March 1, 1920, at the
residence of her parents, 16 East
31th St., Leonle, daughter of Mid
dleton S, nnd Emello Nellson Bur
rlll. Funeral oervlcei'-ln the Chan
try of 8t Thomas's .Church, 5th av.
and 59 d t, on Wednesday, March
3, at 11 A. M. Kindly omit flowers.
Interment private,
CIACCIO. On Sunday, Feb. 29, 1920,
Isldoro Clacclo, age (1 years, be
loved husband tt Maria Clacclo, at
Ms home,, 8122 12th av., Brooklyn,
Mi Y. Requiem mass at 10 A, M.
Wednesday, March 8, at fit Bo
salla's Church, 63d st anr. 14th av.
Interment at Holy Cros Cemetery.
CONLEY. On March 1, at her resldenco,
46 East 61st st. Teresa, wife of the
late John Conley. Funeral services
at Church ot St Jean Baptlste, 76th
st. and Lexington av.,' Thursday,
March 4, at 10 A. M. Intorment
private.' Please omit flowers,
PRANB. At Newborgh, W. Y Feb. 29.
1920, Elizabeth. P. Murray, wife ot
tho lato James M. Crane. Prlvato
funeral services will be held at her
lato residence, The Oakley, on
Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.
Interment Woodlawn Cemetery.
DAY. Suddenly, on March 1, 1920, at
her residence, 465 West End av.,
Kate C, widow ot Rev. William
Day of the Newark M. 13, Confer
ence and mother of Mrs. Henry
Winter Davis and Henry Cole Day.
Funeral services Wednesday at t
P. M., 45 West End av. Inter
ment private.
DEYQ. George, suddenly, on March 1.
- at his residence, Napanoch, N. T,
Funeral services at EUenvllle, N.Y..
on Thursday afternoon. March 4, at
2:30 o'clock.
DRISCOLI,. Michael, on March 2. In
09th year, at St. Lawrence Hospital,
father of Mary, Florence P. and
Dtnnla F. Drlscoll. Requiem at
Church of St. Rose of Lima, 163th
st near St. Nicholas av. Interment
DnUCKEIt.On Tuesday, March 2, 1920,
Emma, beloved wife of Frank
"Drucker and devoted mother of
Irving Drucker and daughter of
Fanny Diamond. Funeral services
will be held at her late residence,
657A De Graw st, Brooklyn, on
Thursday night, March 4, at 8
o'clock. Funeral private. -
DUGR.O. Philip Henry, on March 1,
1920, In his, 63th year. His frlonds
are Invited to pay their respects at
hla lato apartment In Hotel Savoy.
Funeral from Kt. Patrick's Cathe
dral o.i Friday, Msrch . 10:30
A M. Interment Lutheran Ceme.
. te.ry.
EBERLIN. Frederick C. In his 73th
year, on Monday. March 1. Services
The Funeral Church Campbell
Building), Broadway, 60th at,
Wednesday, March 3, at 11 A M.
Interment Mount Konalco Cemetery.
FEnBER. Solomon, beloved husband of
Amelia and father of JosoPh, Ray,
Gertrude and Edward, on Tuesday,
March 2, 1920. Funeral from his
late residence, 115 Avonue B, Thurs.
day, March 4, ot 1 P. M.
HANSEN. Christina, on .March I, Ser
vices "The Funeral Church" (Frank
E. Campbell), Broadway, CGth st,
Thursday 11 A. M.
HARMS. Suddenly. Feb. 28, 1920, Will
iam F. Harms, beloved son of
Charles F, and Margarita Harms,
nee Williamson. Funeral services'
at tho residence of Ills sister, Mrs.
Frank Stanton. 831 Castle Point
Terrace. Hobohen, N. J on Thurs
day, March 4, at 8 P. M. Funeral
at convenience of family. Inter
ment Flower Hill Cemetery.
HAZELTON. A., vice-president "of
Emery. Bells Compahy, aged 54,
died at his residence, 181 Central
Park West, from paralyele. Many
years Mr. '.Hazelton was leading
salesman Onyx hosiery on Pacific
coast, representing Lord & Taylor,
HECHT. Simon (Sam). In hla 65th
year, beloved husband of Fannie (nee
Bach), devoted father of Jacob 8.,
Byrdle, Gelbstcln and the late E
, telle Cohen, brother jt Jennie Heln,
Nathan and tho luro Jacob Hecht
Services at The Funeral Church,
Campbell Building, Broadway at
cum su, on inursaay, .narcn fri
P. M.
HESS. On March 1, 1920. at bis resi
dence, 340 West 86th st, Harlan
I'uge licss. Kuneral setvices on
Wednesday evening at 7:15 o'clock,
at St Matthew's Episcopal Church,
84th st, near Central Park West,
Interment Easton, Pa.
HODGE. Suddenly, at Plalnfleld, N. J
Feb. 29. 1920, Roberta Virginia,
wife of Raymond D. Hodge and
daughter ot John B. fini Roberta C.
Hamilton. Funeral services will
take place at tier lato residence,
1100 Evergreen av., 11 A M.,
Wednesday, March 3. Also funeral
services at the home ot her parents,
4915 Hazel av., Philadelphia, Pa.,
Thursday, March 4, 12 o'clock noon.
Interment family plot, West Laurel
Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pa.
Washington and' Virginia papers
please copy.
JEWETT. Edward Woolscy, suddenly,
on March 2, 1920, at Poughkeepsle.
N. Y., son of the lato Jacob B. and
Maria E. Jewett. Funeral services
nt tho home of his sisters, the
Misses Jewett. 107 South Hamilton
st. Poughkeepsle, N. on Thurs
day. March 4. at 3 r. M., on ar
rival of 1 o'clock train from New
KIERNAN. At hla residence, 576 East
15th st, Flatbush, Matthew J. Kler
nan, Jr., beloved husband ot Julia
Klernan, nee O'Brien, and son of
Matthew1. J. and Margaret Klernan,
nee Buckley. Funeral service at
.tho Church ot St Rose ot Lima,
Parkvllle av on Thursday. March
4, at 10 A. M. Interment Calvary.
KIRBY. David Barclay, suddenly,
March 2. Services at his late resi
dence. 601 West 176th st, Thurs
day, 2 o'clock.
KISSEL. Frank P.. beloved husband ot
Mlralda Kissel and son of Louis and
Paula Kissel, -on March 2. Services
Tho Funeral Church (Campbell
Building), Broadway at 66th st.
Thursday, March 4. at 10 A. M.
Paterson (N. J.) and Bethlehem
(Pa.) papers please copy.
LEVINSON. Louis, tn nts 73th year,
devoted father of Mrs, Ray Gold
stein, Millie Freedman, Michael J.,
Murry, Albert and Joseph Levlneon.
Funeral Wednesday morning, March
3, 10 o'clock, from his late resi
dence, 400 Manhattan av. Kindly
omit flowers.
LEWIN. On March 2. after a short Ill
less, Anna Lewln, (nee Hlrsch), be
loved wife of Leopold Lewln and de
voted mother of Louis Lcwtft and
Lena Krlegel. and devoted sister of
' Jacob und Louis Hlrsch, Rqse Stern
and Johannette WIesenfelder. Fu
neral on Thursday afternoon, 1 :30
o'clock, at Winter & Reich Funeral
Chapel, 127 West 116th st Please
pmlt (lowers.
LEWIS. On March 2. Josephine C.
LqwIs, beloved mother, of Aibrcy
and George V. Funornl services
Friday evening. March 5. 8 o'clock,
at her lato residence, 1134 Flndlay
ay., Bronx.
LINTON. Suddenly, March 1, at tho
residence of his daughter. Mrs.
Georgo H. Foster. Goshen. N. Y
Benjamin 11. I .In ton. In the 7tli
year of his life. Funeral private.
Cadis and Stoubjnvllle (Ohio) rai
papers please eopy
LIPFELD, Isaac on Feb.; 29, after a
lingering lllnosa. dearly beloved
husband ot Sarah (nee Besthoff)
and brother of Gerson, Abram and
Hannah, Funeral services at his
lato residence, 100 West 60th st,
on Wednesday, March 3, at 1 P. M.
Relatives, friends and members ol
Hoffman Lodge, 412, 1 and A. M..
' Mlddletown, N. Y.j IsmalllA Tem
ple. Ai A. O. N. M. . ot Buffalo,
and sisters of Hadaenah Lodge aro
Invited to attend. Mlddletown and
Newburgh (N. Y.) papers please
copy, Iladaassah sisters kindly tako
MEUVIN, Timothy Dwlght, of Mont
clalr, N. J suddonly, March 2.
at New Orleans, La. Funernl st
New Mllford, Conn., 2 P. M., March 6.
MOLAND. Isaac, ouddenly, of heart
failure, March 2. Lying In slat
Tho Funeral Church (Campbell '
Building), Broadway at Cfth et
Services Rt Thomas's Chantry, 53d
st und Cth av on Thuredny,. March
4, at 11 A. M. Ht Louis (Mo.) and
Chicago (III.) papers please copy.
NEWTON. March 1, Dorothy Newton.
Funeral Chapel Stephen Merrltt
Burial and Cremation Company, 161
8th av corner 18th st Wednesday,
10 o'clock.
NORTON Bridget, on March 2. beloved
wife of the Into John Norton. Fu
neral from her late residence, 313
East 40th st, on Thursday at 9i30
A. M.j thence to St. Gabriel's
Church, where a solemn requiem
mass will be offered for the repose
of her soul. Interment Calvary.
OQJLVY. Entered Into rest March 1,
1920, Naomi Swayno Aehby. Funeral,
private, from her late residence, 106
Waverly av., Brooklyn.
RICHARDS. Entered Into rest March
1, 1920, Mary F. Richards, nee
Schmoll, sister of tho lata Loub
, Schmoll. Services Wednesday gt
ternoon, -March 3, at- 2 o'clock, at
her Mate residence, 351 East 87th
st Relatives und friends Invited
to attend. Interment Lutheran
Cemetery. (
RILEY. Lester Howsrd, ot Larch
mont and Central Valley, beloved
husband of Elenor Proctor and
father of Etelka B. Piland, suddenly
of pneumonia, at 220 West 91th (&,
on March 1. Services The Funeral
Church (Campbell Building), Broad
way at 66th st Notice of dato later,
ROGER8 On March 3, Michael, be
loved husband of Margaret Rogers
(nee Cannon), son of Sarah and the
late Nell and brother of Frank oivl
the late Nell Rogers, Jr.; native ot
Drunmoyle, County Tyrone, Ireland.
Funeral from his lato residence, 3K
West 10th ft, Friday, March 5 nt
9:30 A. M., to St Bernard's Church,
West 14 th st. where a solemn nra-M
ot requiem will be celebrated, In
terment Calvary,
SALTU8. At Hartford. Conn., on Fri
day, Feb. 27, Mary Seaman Saltus.
eldest daughter ot Lloyd and Barah
Seaman Saltus of Morrlstown.N. J..
In the 17th year of her age. Fu
neral services will bo hold at the
chapel, Greenwood Cemetery, at 11
A. M Thursday, May;h 4.
SCHIRMER, At White Plains, N. T.
Monday, March 1, 1020, Edward
Schlrmer, aged 78 years. Funeral
services at Graco Episcopal Church.
White Plains, Thursday, March I,
at 2; 30 P. M.
SCHMIDDER. Suddenly, at Rock
Ledge, Fla., on Friday,, Feb, 27,
1920, Julia Schmldder. Funeral
services will bo hold at the rest
dence of her niece, Mrs. W. E. Van
Llew. at 80 Early st, Morrlstown,
N. J., on Wednesday, March 3,
1950, at l P. M. Train leaving
Hoboken, D L. & W, R, It, 2;30
' V. M. Interment Evergreen Ceme
tery, Morrlstown, N. J,
SCHOLZ. Mrs. Alfred D. Scholz, for
merly of Flushing, L. I., daughter of
the late William and Kato A. Bull,
passed away at her home, 10 Don
nlngton av., Woodhaven, L. L. on
Wednesday, Feb. 25. after a long
. and painful Illness. She Is survival
by her husband, three children, ttn
grandchildren and ono brother.
Flushing papera please copy.
SIMON. On Sunday. Feb. 29, 1930, hi
his 52d year, Leopold Simon, be
loved husband of Theresa Simon.
father of Arthur and brother ot
Henry, Isidore nnd Samuel Simon.
Relatives, friends and members ot
Fortitude Lodge No. 19, F. and A.
M. : Cheora-Ohof Scholcm and
Kings County Lodge respectfully
Invited to attend funeral from Mark
Levlngcr's chapel. 1202 Broadway,
Brooklyn, Tuesday, March 2, at 2
. P. M. Interment at Machpelah
Cemetery. '
SMITH. Dr. Stafford Baker, con of Ed ,
ward F. and the lato Harriet B,
Smith of Hynnnls. Massy on Sun
day. Feb. 29, 1920, In Washington,
D. C, of pneumonia. Funeral ser
vices In Boston, Mats.
STERN. Suddenly, In Montreal, Isidore,
ago 54, son of late Jacob and Emllle
Stern. Notice of funeral hereafter.
TOMES. On Sunday, Fob. 29, at her
residence, 349 West 85th st, Anna
Z. Tomes. Funerf.l services at the
Chapel of tho Intercession, Broad
way and 153th t. on Wednesday
morning. March 3, at 11 o'clock.
TOWSSEND. Amy Cornell, at her resi
dence, 570 Park av., on March 1.
Funeral services at Grace Church.
Broadway and 10th st. on Thurs
day, March 4, at 10 A. M.
VAN CASTEEI On March 2. 1320.
Gerald, beloved husband of Graco
Van Castcel. formerly associated
with New York District Attorney's
ofllcc, member of the Bar Associa
tion. Ncthorland and Republican
clubs. Interment Washington, D. C.
Washington papers plcaso copy.
WARD. Joseph, beloved husband of
Loulso F. and father of Marlon L.
Ward. Funeral services will bo held
on Wednesday, March 3, at 8 P. M,.
at his lato residence. 262 West 12th
et. Interment Greenwood.
WHITING. John, on Feb. 29. Services
Tho irunerai uiurai
Campbell), Broadway, 66th St..
Thursday, 12 M.
WILSON. Suddenly, on siarcn i, viu-
lam James wnson, uscu uo
the residence of his daughter, Mrs.
William T. Have, IOC East Lincoln
av.. Mount Vernon, i-uncrui ser
vices Wednesday, 'i o'clock.
WITTE. Catherine, at her residence,
166 West 121st it. on March 2, 1920.
Funeral service private.
YOUNG. Suddenly, at his residence.
1446 Bedford av.. Brooklyn, on Sun
day Feb. 29, William, husband of
Sadie Mason Young, formerly of
200 Halsey st Funeral services at
the Bedford Presbyterian Church.
Nottrand av., and D"n t
Brooklyn, on Wednesday ovcnlng at
8 o'clock. Remains can be viewed
at the Funeral Home. 396 Gates av
Wednesday, 5 to 7 P. M.
BIJUR. In loving memory of Alice
Maude BIJur, died In Swltrerland
March 3. 1917. Deeply mourned-
GOOWtAN.-An'VPrsar' ,on
Ahursday. March 4. st 8 A. M.. for
EWa Frances Goodman (nee Cur-
h.nV, at the Church ' the Sacred
Heart. West 6isi .
SCHUMACHER, Jn lovlpg .memory of
our denrlv beloved mother. Etisa--
:N beth Schumacher, died J.arcl 2.S
1301. tfi.

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