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Cloudy and coldtr to-day j strong north
west winds; to-morrow fair.
HlBhe.t ttmptrature yeerdw, 5Ji lot, ,8.
D.I.IW ,.u, . J,, ,M (
The amalgamated SUN AND HEKALD
preserves the best traditions of each.
In combination these two newspapers
make a greater newspaper than either
has ever been on its own.
$100,000,000 IN
mi MTT.W VnPlT GArPTTPnAV 1T A TintT 1 0 100A
. I
I , f I
TWnr.AIIGHT I British Miner. Demand f WILSON WJNTS
(OcmrltMii. U. Hi T BtKtrtU Crfrttltm.)
Entered i second claw matter, Pott once, New Torn, N, T.
riunncial, liealty and La
hoi' Men to Join Mayor
in Conference.
3fono,v Lenders Offer to Aid
if Cooperation of Work
ers Is Assured.
Supreme Council Is
Assailed by Poincare
pARIS, March 12. Former
President Poincnre, in his
first political articlo in the Re
vue des Deux Mondes, sharply
criticises the stnncl of the Sit
promo Council with regard to the
ft08"1 situation, the Adriatic,
the Russian Soviet Government
nnd its attitude concerning: small
"nti"B- He expresses tho wish
tnat tho Supremo Council will
soon "sleep its last sleep."
Ho denounces Germany for her
n"emPt to procure n revision of
the Treaty of Versailles, and
nsks tho Anplo-Saxon friends of
trance, before being: moved to
Pj'y at Germany's fate, to look
at France's dovaRtnted regions
and agTce that, having paid with
our blood and our property for
victory and the freedom of na
tions, we have an inalienable and
imprescriptible right to recover
Thieves Jtob Two Jewelry
Stores as Crowds Are
Pushing: to Theatres.
Shoots Would-be Captor
After Smashing Window
and Getting $3,000 Loot.
British Miners Demand
An Increase of Wages
T.ONDON, March 12. Follow-
I ir.t.. i i . . . I-
nig ineir aeieat at yesterday
session of the Trades Union con
gress on tho question of direct
action, tho miners' federation to
day held n meeting at which it
was decided by an overwhelming
majority immediately to apply
for an advance in wages of three
shillings per shift for workers
more than sixteen years of age
and one shilling sixpence for
workers under sixteen years.
Sends Note Asking: Allies to
Defer Action Until He
Gives His Views.
Und Minded Clerk With Pep
per, but Rings They (lot
Arc Recovered.
OiTM'ers of Mirny Large Cor
porations Will Attend
Meeting on Mondny.
. s
Rip real estate and financial Inter
fMs have Joined hands vlth the city
Administration in a cooperative effort
1 1 en! vi the housing problem In a
r.ntl-nl way. This was the sipnlfl
canrc of the announcement yestorlay
rf Major Hylan'a decision to rail a
i . 'pi-pih on Monday of lc-ml'nr f trpi-o to vrm T.n-r.,--r . ' ot n cIc,rk 111 another store at Broad
ten. material m,n. of- ! U " 1 A U 1 "A h ' way and Forty-slxth street.
Vll Troops Confined to Bar
racks and Their Leaders Put
Under Arrest.
Believed That President
Will Name Member for Al
lied Mission of Inquiry.
Allies Fear Use of Force May
Excite General Hostility of
Mussulman World.
Anti-Saloonists Appeal to Leg
islative Leaders to Force
Service Men to Quit.
Holdup men stole Jewelry valu-d at tlcl V0U LuettwitZ, Captain
more than $5,000 last nlsht in the the-1 Pabst and Dr. TOll Kapp
atrorush hours after they had smashed! , T ,. , ,
the window of a Jewelry store at! AlllOUg Implicated.
Broadway and Thirty-seventh street, 1
' and had thrown pepper Into the eyes
alt v men, builders,
of title and Insurance enm-
i.s that loan money for constr.ic
i purposes and representatives of
r various labor unions comprising
Allied Building Trades Council j
t this meeting, it Is said, the enn-1
1 ' 'iiU
Unexpected Sentiment Up
State for Gillett Bill De
spite Efforts of League.
f el will be apprised of the willing-1
r..H on tho part of tho loaning m.!'"',v T"ScX, ? Ne T?" MK"lln
T .o put up $50,00,00 to tm.UrKJTtJZtoVloSS K
d.io.non for building purposes provl.led i scmblymon into lino nimlnst tho h',or
' fan secure certain pledges from
lihnr and the legislative' exemption of
ii "i-tgaiics from tiie State Income tax
u to the sum of $40,000. Before so
li; ahead with their part of the pro
jrr.unme the loaning companies, it is
said, also desire to be i-ssured of tho
resistance of tho savings banks.
A supplementary campaign for ra'.s-i-g
money by appealing o the oui-lic
i-mrltcdness of wealthy men wi'l also
be discussed, and Mayor Hylan will
f?e tho various employers ani labor
r'prcsentatlves present fo come to
gether in the name of common hu
manity and settle their differences.
Will Appeal to Labor.
n appeal will be made to the labor
r urescntattves present to swing their
r gnnizatlons Into line and enter Into
t- me fort of an agreement that will pre
vnt the making of demands for In
t'ra.d waccs for an entlre ycar. With
t .i this assurance, It will be pointed out,
t r imining companies are unable to flg
v - with any degree of certainty on the
Berlin. Marcl 12. The Gernwn
Government has discovered a revo'u
tlonary plot organized by a react. nn
ary clique, which also has been 'n
deavoring to corrupt the troop. The
public security foroe and tho Keich
wehr have been confined to barracks
In readiness for an emergency
The .FreiJirlt alleges that Gen. von
I.uottwltz, commander of the firn
Heiehswehr group, Is implicated In
the plot.
up to the window. j lht, al.rcn of c.apt nr. Von Kapp
Suddenly the man drew frnm his i and two other person?. Pabst was promi-
The first robbery occurred at 7:30
, o'clock, Just before the clerks of the
1 Schwartz Bros. Jewelry store at 1370
I Broadway, corner of Thlrty-seventli
j street, had begun to take the displays
j from the show windows. A man wear-
mg a black overcoat and a dark cap
drawn down over his eyes sauntered
Indications Are That Nanse'n,
Explorer, Will Bo Chair
man of Investigators.
His Work to Have Syria De
clared Independent State
Complicates Situation.
British Navy Estimates
Are Cut Nearly in Half
J.ONDON, March 12. Revised
naval estimates issued for
1920 and 1921 provide for the
expenditure of' 84,372,300, ns
against 157,528,800 for the
previous year.
The estimntes call for a total
personnel of 136,000 men, as
against 280,000 last year.
Lodge Offers Substitute
When Simmons-Watson
Draft Is Negatived.
Democratic Accessions More
Than Offset by Defect ion
Among llenublieaiis.
n- LAl'llEXCIl TIIM.S.
Staff Cortenpondtnt ol Tim Srs Avn Krw
Youk Heuai.p. Copynalit, 15C0, by The
Spn and S Youk Hr.iuiD,
Paris, March 12. Indications are
that Dr. Fritdjof Nansen, Norwegian
explorer and author of tho Russian
food relief plan of last spring, will be
selected as chairman of tho Allied
Kusslan Investigating Commission
whiMt is to lie appointed by the T.x
cutlve Council of the I cague of Na
' By Hit Attocmteit Prtn.
I Loxnov. M.nrel 1" Th ,-., ,.k r
w. - iiiu nini-i;!! ill
Earl Curzon, Secretary of State for
Foreign Affairs, on tho Turkish nrcb
lem, mado in the House of Lords y s
terday, and other olllclal and u (of
ficial statements on the subject arc
generally regarded as r"iowlng that
tho Near East tangle Is quite serious
and Is causing the authorities some
j anxiety an anxiety increased by com
! plications threatened i connection
! with Syria and Mesopotamia. The
! shadow of Indian and Moslem opinion
mis and the delivery tt tho i-rvnen dnrken the nmhien nn.i it i w,.
Foreign Offlce of a note from rr?M- ncved, intltiences the counsels of the
ilrnt WiNon asking the Allies to defnr A,PS more tlmlt ls aiways immodia'.--any
Itusslan trading plan until rrer-, . npparem,
lean views on the proposal were p-e-j T1)c m,gBrst,m that tho cmplny
'en ted constituted the oiitt;inding j of !or,. nc,llnRt ,h Turks mlr.h!
and wine bill. The Anti-Saloon Kensue ! Pocket a short iron bar, whi.-h ho
agents appealed to-day to the iT'ila- j thrust through the handle of me door
tlve leaders to use the party whi if and through the barred cite which1
necessary to compel a lineup urainst ,,Q , , a Ra P WWc"
the moderate measure to which the j h,ad becn swun- bac'!- This ockoa
war veterans are committed. They 1 tlle loor so tl,at n( ne could get our
had small success,
The Anderson forces again arc try
Ing to Invoke the party caucus, an In
strumentality which for years they
have denounced here before the drvy
got the upper hand in the Legislature.
While the soldiers are not a unit on
th liquor question they are agreed on ;
opposing tne Don ary bin
of the store, and while the clerks
nent as a member "f the stuff of Uio i features in the moves occurring lirrf ! excite cencril hostllltv in Hip Miiti'
fiuurtis (vrtir (iiviMuu, uu i.'rc
one of the founders of the l-'athtilnvil
stoned in bremen
tugged at the handle tho man smashed) Obliged to Flee Without Ac
the window with a brick, which he complishing Its Errand.
drew from his pocket
Carrie IJnr for II In .ol.
burglar hastily jammed
Paris, March 1!. The Entente mili
tary mission which went recently to
, Bremen on official business and was
,' . !..v,i. .i,i. .i j I aiiacKen oy a crown wnen ihuviiik uie
demanded ! Pocets with rings and watches and lo I ,.... V. n,i.... -tin.i.
v . ' iui u ioi or jewels into n small with the German officer there was
a caucus. That w-as made clear again black satchel that He carried, the entire : obliged ultimately to leave the city wlth-to-day.
They will confer toe-ether and hau helncr .fimt,. . . .n.i...i r
! wl n Jh0, legislative leaders, but will Schwartz to be worth between $2,000 nnd ' visit, according to ddvlccs from Ber
i ?,0t hJ, ,10Un,d Wtre tne unwllllnf ; 3'. Before the thief could quite
Republicans last year , clean out the window the shouts and ' T'e Entente officers were the object
The party leaders do not appar to struggles of the Imnrlsnner I of a fresh demonstration unon their de-
be ae willing to force a caucus this , the noise of the breaking glass had at- ' Parture, the leport states, a crowd gatli
jear as formerly It is possible they traded a crowd. erlng before their hotel, breaking the
mir mai me miuier oie comDineu wnn , it. turn.i n, ,,, .. .,
WAt -nl frnm Va. Vnrtr mtphl t . ...win auu urc A
ti.-uny in tne Kussmn prouiem , ,an W01.(I ls regarded as one n:.t
Tho l.'orfdqn Offlee refused to "ive ! cjmnot tafely le ignored. In m me
O'H I'lcidcnl Wilson's note, pre-1 quarters the feeling prevails 'hat
ferrlng that It be made p-iblK- in ! there ls danger if the Turk" :iv
Wnrhington. At the same tint For-1 Pressed they may Immediately be
elgn ome official, denied tint the I Jlncd b-v the Arabs. The Italian v-e
, , , , that it would bo dangerous to emuloy
ne contained any American plan in , BRal,lst t)p Tur,.g nrUl((h Mos,em ,nt,
connection with :ussla, but merely j othCr Moslem troops in the sen Ws of
tequested that the American views re- tho Allies is evidently 4ased on t leso
ceive consideration, thus- Implying fears.
ihnt .,.-1, vie -n,.l,i he nresentod Krcsh complications have been added to
to the allied Powers later on.
France ami Italy Oppose Dc
cision of Great Uriiain
and Greece.
Ability of Greek Force in Asia
Minor to Deal With Prob
lem Questioned.
10 Senators Against Ifatifica
tion Hitchcock Counts
M More.
r. vui-
ba. I.cd
uwnmsie ecn a ,iariy saiiienng. "Jne !.-... hastllv. h..f .1, U .' " :
0f v(tr,11 ncjJi ipil5-
: ire rlflsor imtn nnnti..
up-Ktate countv leaders to Instruct their : ;'":. "T . une ma" IMP
drs have appealed to some of tho strong !
Assemblymen not to participate In a
forward and tried to snatch the black
oap irom tne thief's arm. The bandit
revolt against the league programme, t Z. i . i , V . ' "e banIlt
mi, .i.... iu .i. mu. 'ducked and then fired, the hullet enr'nr-
i i i j. . J.. i.i.-'tne pedestrian's arm. The rrmrH fn
. .... . ... . .. I'""" , hool in,l .1,. .!.,... . . "
i 01 Duiiuing anu are uiereiorc unaoie j uiat the time has nrrlvwl for each man - " ": mriieu anu ran
t.. settle on any ratio for the extension to follow his own inclination and con-1 ''""S 'nto an emergency exit opening
! science. " at Fortieth'
The drys are understood to be m- , str.tct',
i poitunlng Meut.-Col. Theodore Roosevelt BenWmm Schwartz, a member of the
to lead a revolt among the service men. T Vi Y . J losses and barri-
Roosevelt has taken the position that
there should be no organized move
ment among the soldier lawmakers for
the reason that they might be open to
the charge of taking the American
Legion Into politics. Roosevelt has In
dicated to some of his associates his
belief that a majority of tho people
unquestionably are against the saloon
while perhaps not in favor of bona dry
Unexpected support Is being given to
the Gillett forces from the up-State dis-
f, and Trust Company. C. R. Jones ot l incas because or a provision in tne , n . nng wnicn was in the window and
' Home Title and Mortgage Cnmpanv i Colonel's bill pernltting the manufacture 1 priced at $575.
' !:ei stabUr. comptroller of tho Met- ' of light wines and other beverages on' "Let me see that one." he said, point
i P'llltan Life Insurance Company ; S. one's premises. This provision makes It ing to another ring, valued at J2,45u.
V Straim of P W. Straus (; Co., and lgal for fanners to make their cider : Anuseu-llz tnn this ring out of the
anu Italians anu j'oies to nave uieir winaow aixo. nnd the visitor examined
Homemade wines wlO'out violating tae them locetner. snrndmg considsrable
ties were compelled to send a strong
escort to accompany the mission to the
railway station.
prrlal (able Detpatrh to Till! Sex ND Nrw
Ynnit IUrjii.d. Copyright, 1JJ0. by The Scn
a d Nbw YonK Hrnti.n.
London-. March 12. Despite the as
sertion that a Greek force 30,000
strong is in Asia Minor, prepared to
undertake the task of dealing with
th" Turkish Nationalists under Musta
pha Ivcmal Pasha, the correspondent of
Tun siw hd New York Herald here
learns on reliable authority that the
Allied Supiemn Council is at logger
heads over this very question.
Great Britain and Greece, tho latter
being represented by her Premier,
Klcutherios Venlzelos, In al! the allied
council meetings dealing with the
Turkish problem, are agreed that the
time is vlpe to tackle the Turk not
only In Constantinople but in all Asia
Minor. In this, however, they are op
posed by both France and Italy.
At the same time Italy and France
think that the Greeks are incapable or
dealing with tho Turkish problem alone,
and in the event the British should aid
the Greeks, the French and Italians fear
...... T l!.f.t H, I tl. .......II I .1.. Tm.
Russian cooperative societies before ret. nl taKen seriousi ' nerr. "- i u.c .-.v. i...i
itussian cooiieraine societies nerore get- . i,.i,,.i-- pnt..i hoit t me 1 irm.M i, i...,i ir. o, r,m -
thv t Ameelran vleiv. 11,. iltu. .... . ' . I v (."ju.iv
tho situation by tho news that Prince
! Felsal, eon of the King or the- neajaz.
llenioni Ilnck of Note.
The note caused great interest here,
as further marking the President's de
sire to figure as a factor in European
affairs, and was legarded as an out-1
growtli of the dissatisfaction felt in '
was proclalmoii Kins of Syria. Prince
Fclsal bad displayed a strong inclina
tion to nlay his own hand ever since the
British Government mado a treaty with
him. He had also shown himself strong
for self-determination for hi? people.
The recent I'an-Sj rlnn Congress pro
claimed as one of the principal planks.
of its platform that Syria be an inde
i ' building loans. If tho labor question
n the other difficulties are settled sat
isfactorily, it ls said, the loaning com
Ijnirs are ready to Increase their loans
o" building enterprises from 10 to 15
r i cent.
The loaning Interests will be repre
sented at the conference by Clarence II.
Jvljey, president of the Title Guarantee
a nd Trust Company; Louis V. Bright of
t Lawyers Title and Trust Company,
l.iihard St. Hurd of the Lawyers Mort
age Company, C. II. Burdette of the
rv York Title and Mortgage Company,
i I'arsons of the United States Mort
ROBBED OF $420t000
Cracksmen Gag Watchmen in
Weightman Building.
Sptttal to Tim Scs avd New Tom; Heiui.p.
Philadelphia, March 12. Burglars
blew two safes In the Weightman Build
ing in Chestnut street early to-day and
escaped with bonds and securities valued
at M20.000, of which about J120.000
worth are negotiable. From the safe In
the oillce of the Ocean County Electric
Company, on the seventh floor, tho rob
bers stole $308,000 wortli of 6 per cent.
yM 4wn,la am frmn thn nfflfpfl nf tlle
when a man entered and asked to look ! Hydro Electric Finance Corporation they
obtained J 112.000 of tho company's 6
per cent, sold bonds.
The thieves went to a creat tml
caded his window. nni ih.n .. I
to Broadway and Forty-sixth street,
where his brother-in-law, Marcus Fcld
man. also conducts a Jewelry store, to
warn Feldman to watch out for the rob
bers. He did not get there until about
3 o clock, but when he did ho found
Albert Anusewltz. manager and clerk for
Feldman. blind and pacing the floor In
Anusewltz said that he was alone In
the Feldman store about s -sn nniut.
Washington at the decision taken by the
glass in the windows of the automobiles j Allied Supreme Council last December ! pendent state, v.-lth Prince Felsal on the
conveying the party and displaying so in connection with tradlnir with tho 1 throne. Hitherto tlv.it movement was
much hostility that the Herman autnori
iew.i. me .Miles, , ,h, ph,, lnvitlnc him to nay
following In connection with Russia vir-, another visit to Europe nnd confer with
tually a similar policy to what thev pur- i the Supreme Council. He va urged
sued In the Adriatic imbroglio. More ' to take no actlon llnt" tho Prcmc
icccntly. the Allied Supreme Council. ! Council passed upon his case. rii up
meetlng in London, readvocatcd their , shot ot the matter, it ls generally cm-
ceueu, appears iu uu iuu up- .mm
people intend to run their own affairs
Russian trading scheme and Russian
peucc with the Baltic States. nhhoUKh
still without having obtained the Amer
ican views.
While the Russian cooperatives' trad
ing plan Is Independent of the League of
Nations' investigation, the object of
which is to expose Russian conditions
before deciding on the question of rec
ognition of the Soviet, the Wilson note
received here to-day has convinced
diplomatists that the President would
accept tho Invitation which the council
will extend to-morrow to the United
Slates to nam.' a member of the Investi
gating commission.
The namo of Herbert Hoover ns the
American representative? ls on the lips
of every one here, where it is declnre.i
i that he would be the Ideal man for the
.twvf, Hiimiusu u is rc.ll sod t int i,
SUED FOR $50,000
real estate field will lie represented
MiWi men as Stephen II. Tyng, prcs-
r.- uf the Heal Hstate Board of New
W Robert K. Dowlinp, president if
' ,t Investing Company; Laurence
'!uir.-. former president of the Real
:ite Uoaid; Frank II. Tyler of Brook-
1 liarles K Noyes and Joseph P. Da v. ' ... , . .
-'.ns the builders invited are reprc-iAef. W. n. t recman Accuses
atives of Paterno Brothers. B, & Qr'y leader of Libel.
ig. Levy & Arnstein and E. A. Mac-
uisral nreslflpnt nf the Oit..nuKni.A ,
pr.ration, which has undertaken the , A,'!A?r N- Y - Mar.-h 12
, riinr of several hit- mn.lornto rll I the SoO.OOO criminal libel
i. ' riment houses In the Jackson Heights
iuu of Queens.
Hacked by Iteiilty Ilonrd.
e Ileal Estate Board ot New York,
' said on good authority, has placed
self squarely behind the plan to be pro
i jsfd at the Mayor's conference, al-
'lough It has taken no official action on
me matter as yet. Only last Tuesday, in
f.nt. the officials of the loaning com
lames who are expected to attend the
cui.ferenca Jjunfeyed to Albany as the
t..cj.ts of the board and laid their plan
fore Gov. Smith and the- Joint
"K siativo committee on taxation and
x-trenchment and Senator 'EoCkwdod's
t u nmittee on Housing.
I'he plan for the exemption of mort
fse, according to Edward P. Doyle
o Real Estate Board, who accom
, a ' icd the party to Albany, reoelved
e unqualified approval of the Governor
Papers in
suit to be
Uiought against William H. Anderson.
State superintendent of the Anti-Saloon
League, by the Rev. William 11. Free
man of Schoharie will be served to-mor
row on Mr,
llllie Comparing liiem nnil mmnrkln .l. U'.ll,,hii llnlWIn nn.l hnlln.l
about their beauty. In about five mln-! gagged and chloroformed him. alter
utes. though, another man entered the j which thev entered the Kayser and .ilt
store. He sctmcd to know the flr.-t cus- man Building, on the other side of t!he
getherr 3t 'he r'n83 t0" s'ructurc ln whlch the- flna,,-v b"w tl,e
Finally the man ., lm had entered the "xhe e.ti.t of the robbery did not be
0r.?. .'K: "otji of lliem In hla hand ! ' e known until late this afternoon.
'n.ru-L., ,t:,r ".antIs lnt as the police 'did not attach much slg-i
I.r; 7.7 wiinarawing them nincancp tu ,ha attack upon the night
,n, Mh. tl-n men J!l , ?a I nothing had beer, taken from the build-
and the two men ran from the store. j nR nhrdl hc wn9 employed. It was
nroailnay (roivds Chnie Thlerra. not until ono of the members of the firm
Anusewltz could not see, but he man- V" 11 o the
trouble to avoid interference from the i "'l?ht ll0t ,wrtnt ,0 undertake the post, i have cropped out in cooperation with t
PollcfanJ froni '-0 Vhcy 0Wf"R ,0 l"e CamPa'e" SlUmllon- . atl",a,.'?l3. lJHr?Z
Xriifrnl Xntlons fo Pnrfletpnfe.
came upon i . . Aen, a iukiu wau-ii- i
man In the Baker Bunding, door u
reu iu-inur- .,i , .i, ,,i , . . . . .
nderson In New York. This ",,,.r , " , " J ,,J . L... , " .i"? I amount stolen from the Ocean County
about $3,000 are neuotla-
remainlng bonds are said not
1U .uu ... . j ii' counter to the doorway, where he yel ed amounl slolen
announcement was made to-night by for the poI1(.e. Cro.dg nm'e e Company only
Assemblyman Louis A. Cuvllller, Demo- porton 0 0,,, and Jag h ble. The rem.
crat of New ork. who introduced the 5on! wno ha(- Been fa se Pr t0 have been
The preliminary conference to-day in-:
dli-ated that tho council ivlll name as '
members of the commlssloh certain mcr '
of neutral nations and thoe nations!
not represented in the league council
and who supposedly are Interested in
Russia. Dr. Nansen helny Included !
among these. If the great Powers have I
agreed by to-morrow on the names of
"ielr representatives, these will be an- I
.mmc-il clmiilrona,..!.. .l.i. ., '
and are bent UDOti self-determination.
The next move apparently is for the
British and French Governments or for
tho Supreme Council to decide what
shall bo the attitude toward the new
nominal kingdom and its King.
Among the day's reports was one that
a mandate had been given to France
over Cllicia, but this was unconfirmed,
It Is argued In some quarters that
Franco's hands are too full to under
take tills responsibility. Great Britain is
similarly regarded ruled out as a man
datory for tho same reason, and the
League of Nations is looked to na the
only hope for protecting Turkey's non
Moslem subjects. m
Reports are current that Bolshevist
activities directed agatnet the Allies
India. It Is said that ipecially trained
Bulsheuk propagandists have installed
France and Italy. Further, the French
and Italians believe that Greece, in the
event she were victorious over the
Turks, would demand more territory In
Asia Minor than France and Italy would
be disposed to give her Premier
A'enlzelos has declared that Greece is
asking no such additions.
Meanwhile the Young Turks have cap
tured the town of Marash, which com
mands the pass of the Amanus Moun
tains (Alma Dagh). This opens the
road for them to join hands with Prince
Faisal's Arab Nationalists. Thus the
danger of a Turco-Arab attack on the
French Is considered as very grave.
The difficulty of the situation Is
heightened by tho, French apposl to
Great Britain for troops ln the regions
where she Is threatened and by the fact
that Great Britain Is not only threat
ened In Mesopotamia but is an ally
of Prince Faisal. Also If the British
fight alongside the French, they will an
tagonize the Arabs, creating a fresh dan
ger tor tnsmseivcs in mum ii tne
British stand aside tho French may be
i driven out of Syria, with the result that
printing presnes at Afghanistan, where the Brtsi, (.ou"ui not then hold Pales-
pamphlets, written in ue .ernacuinr, j ne am- .,oul( fin( an independent Pan
wlth a view to undermining British au- , lanilc barrier between her and the
thorlty in India and stirring up trouble . Kajt
on the Afghan border, are being pro- ' '
In an editorial dealing with the speech ! INTOXICATED CARROT
of Earl Curzon the Liverpool Post says, j iniiccvriinT'
-It Is no use for Earl Curzon obliquely S)J 1Kb Ur rUJOI tUUl
to blame America. The peace congret.s
ounccd simultaneously with the names . u j"" LllHe Orders Britain Placarded
icsolution asking for an Investigation of
the Anti-Saloon League's activities.
The suit Is based on "statements made
by Mr. Anderson and circulated through
out the State regarding Sir. Freeman's
character." Mr. Cuvllller said.
William I). FInlay of New York is
attorney for Mr. Freeman, It was an
nounced, and he will request that the
action be tried in Schoharie county.
I . i i. I . ... I
- !-.tujtin was thoroughly discussed! new 'orners tlaa Munitions
.n Albany conferences and it was'- for Gang of Outlaws.
"i agreed that neither mortgage tax
otion nor anv other relief measures! .... n . c. , i w
- - . ,i,i. m i tiif i j . iiiiiiw n - .iiriuai. .ii in
: I be effective unless labor was wlll-
i lend its cooperation by abstaln
' oni demands for Increases and
i' teeing a full day's work for a full
12. Edward Filmore and Herman Sid
way, giving their address as New York
city, are being held by the Mexican
authorities at Hermosillo, according to a
I statement mado to-day by Roberto Car-
-n the party returned from Albany riito. thief of the northern zon of the
Hylan got in touch with Mr. carransar secret service,
and Invited him to the City Hall , According to Cariillo. the men were
oucusslon of tho rent situation. ' apprehended by the military last week
saw the Mayor yesterday. J in southern Sonera near the Chihuahua
Jti-.ng an end to a feud between state line, with two automobile loads of
ammunition, whioh they confessed had
been turned over to them on the. west
coast for delivery at a certain designated
spot on the State line, there to be turned
over to agents of an outlaw gang, said
to be prime movers in the new revolt
announced for May by tho .army of the
reorganized government of Mexican
Free Men.
Carrillo said Filmore and Sldway
were alleged draft evaders from the
United States.
nlng from the store set up shouts of
-nere tney are!" and "Stop, thief!"
One man ran across Broadway to the
Knights of Columbus hut in Times
Square, and after circling that with a
shouting crowd In pursuit turned Into
Forty-sixth street and raced toward
Sixth avenue
The crowd continued after him, and
under tho elevated structure in Sixth
avenue William E. Coylo of 31 West
Twenty-fifth street and Roswell Utter of
120 West Forty-sixth street got clone
enoush to strike at tho thief. Umh 1,1,
the fugitive at the same time and he I ployed here In several years,
dropped to the pavement. j -
Meanwhile tne other bandit had turned i Specialise- o sec apmn iyuib;.
certified and are worth
less.' All of the bonds taken from the
other concern, however, are nesfetiabie.
William S. Mears, president of the
Hydro Electric Company, said that in his
opinion the work must have been done
by men familiar with bonds and finan
cial affairs. Detectives working on the
casa believe that the Job was done by
expert cracksmen, especially that in the
office of the Hydro company. The cracks
men did not dynamite the safe, but
drilled It through and through with elec
tric drills until they had destroyed the
lock. This method has not been em
Madrid, March 12. King Alfonso has
postponed for four or five days his Jour
ncy to Bordeaux, where he Is going to
ret his daughter and take her back to
Tim Kin? lias suspended all mi.
.If il"r.r i'm- Thc ' dlences to receive Dr. Clsneros, tho ear
r'' inrl lh ATnvnr .ltlnr- helf tft the
' wiifii Mr. Doyle pinned the sobrl
.. of -Red Mike" on the city's Chief
'it u'lve The representative of the
-! Estate Board told the M'OC Hut
' 'nt problem could not bo solved by
W Tg profiteers In Jail and that only
( onlinved on Third Page.
,K;I food to build strensth Is found In
'Matr Joan's JItdlclnt. No ateohoL Aiv.
norm on xirvwiuwaj-, purnueu also Dy a
clamoring, shouting crowd. Patrolman
Willam Nevlna of the West Forty
seventh street station got a glimpse of
the bandit running through Forty-sev
enth street, and
bandit dived Into the B. R. T. aubwav
station, raced past the ticket agent and
started to drop on to tho tracks.
Nevlns seized the thief by the collar
and Jerked him to the platform Just as
a train ran Into the station.
The two men were taken back to the
Jewelry store, where Anusewltz Identified
them. They gave their names as Bartoia
ficola of 133 Alexander avenuo and Vin
cent de Marco at 501 East Fifteenth
Both denied any connection with the
robbery, but according to the police
Scola was seen to drop both of the stolen
rings to the floor of the Jewelry store
when being questioned. When searched
at the West Forty-seventh street sta
tion, the police say, pepper was found
In the overcoat pockets ot both.
..i tne neutral members. Also it will be
i.ni'.ounred that tho United States had
been Invited to name a representative
on thc commission.
The selection of Dr. Nansen as chair
man of the commission was advocated
here to-xlay as a move which would In
spire coimuence in the impartiality of
:he commission, with Indications that
other members of the mission would be
of the same character.
A member of the league council told
the correspondent of The Sun and Nek
York Herald here that It was honed
that Amerlci w.uld accept the council's
Invitation and name a member of the
commission, as participation In this. In
yestlgatlon did not Imply recognition of
the authority of the League of Nations
inasmuch ns the commission, when it Is
named, intended to act Independents
the secretary of the mission first apply.'
Insr to Moscow for permits to enter Rus
sin, the application being in the name
of tlie commlsslon and not ln that of ti,.
League of Nat'ons. 1 ,nt
There Is a sentiment here ...i... ....
delegation starting for Russia h.C"
ravelling conditions there Improve
May WlU be befre 'he mlJdl?
riilliilrlphln Snnday Eicnrslon M.reh 11
via New J.rsev Central. JJ.70; Itave v ",?
n 7:4-. Llh-rty St. 8:00 A. it. Ait
I vnnii hml cone home. America was
still represented on it. If tlieie Js any
fault It Indisputably lies at the door of
the peace congress, whose dllatorlncss,
indecision nnd internal rivalry have
given the Turk his Inevitable oppor
tunity. But that Is past, and it is now
for the peace congress to show the Turk
that It intends to be master of the sit
as Drink Warning.
Social to Tar Srv asp Nrw Youk Hr.n.un.
Washington, March 12. Prospects
for ratification of tho German peace
treaty went glimmering again to -lav
when an approximately complete
analysis of the Senate situation
showed that tho Simmons-Wa'son
substitute for the Lodge reservation
to Article X. could not command a
two-thirds vote. Another substitute
offered by Senator Lodge (Mass.), the
Republican leader, stirred up so much
i opposition that a like fato was seen
for it.
The new Lodge substitute pr.ibably
will to adopted as part of the rally
ing resolution Instead of the orlglna1
Lodge reservation. This can b- done
by a majority vote. But with thh
substitute Incorporated the ratlfica-tlonls-ts
still will bo unable to com
mand thc two-thirds vote necos-'ir.
to adopt the resolution f ratification
U the substitute wins over a fewDsm
ocrats to vote for ratification It Til)
drive away enough Republicans to
balance tho account.
Senate leaders at the day's end cl
eulated that thirty Republicans r.n 1
twenty Democrats would vote ?or tlr
Locljre substitute, which Is a tnodlfl
cation of the Simmons-Watson pro
posal. Forty-nine votes-trill Insure if
substitution. The new Lodge proposV
The United States assumes no ob
ligation to preserve th territorial
integrity or political Independence of
any other country by the use of its
military or naval forces, its re
sources or any form of economic dis
ci Imlnotlon, or to Interfere with con
troversies between nations, whether
members of thc league or not, nndei
tho provisions of Article X., or to
employ the military or naval forces
of the United States under any ar
ticle of the treaty for any purpose
unless In any particular case the
Congress, which under the Constitn
tlon has the sole power to declaie
war or authorize the employment of
the military or naval forces of the
United States, shall. In the exercise
of full liberty of action, by act or
Joint resolution, so provide.
Penrose Join Irreconcilable.
To-day's calculation of the situation
showed tho fourteen original "irrecon
cilable" Republicans plus Penrose
(Ps.) standing fast against ratification
with any reservations. With them
were counted four Democratic "irrccon-
cllables." Reed (Mo.), Shields. (Tenn.),
Walsh (Mass.) and Thomas (Col.). Sen
ator Gore (Okla.) was Included with
this group yestetdaj, but lo-day lie eal.l
he would support the Lodge substitute
and If it were adopted vote to ratify.
This makes nineteen "irrcconcilables
Thirty-three voles are necessary to in
sure defeat. If tho Administration Dem
ocrats who are against ratification with
the Lodge reservation programme be
cause they think It nullifies the treaty
can (ount fourteen, therefore, defeat 1
assured. Senators Hitchcock (Neb.),
the acting Democratic leader; Williams
(Miss.) and other Democrats asserted
that more than that number would be
counted. It was learned also that thc
Republicans who have put forward the
new proposal are convinced now that It
luml Cahtr Tltnatch to Tn SCN ISO ' I
York IWiui.u. ropjyntrlf. UK. oil Tat siw jviuuiui nuinruun lauiyini, sircnBin.
ind New Yosk lira all.. The discussion of the Lodge substitute
T.oN-r.n. March 12 After seelne the I developed
"Intoxicated carrot" of Sir Jagadls
Majority of House Committee
Opposed to Action Now.
S . M. it MVm Omce,2S0 Broidwi;.
EP.'M. ! former Herild Office, Herald
EuMnj, Herild Squirt.
P.M. it all other Branch Officii
(Location luted on Edtaria Pan).
5 P. M. SilurtliT at Main OfSci, Zi)
6 P. M. at former Herald Office, Htxa'd
Birildinf, Herald Squire.
5 P. M at all ether Branch Officei
(Lccatiotu luted j Editorial Pap).
Washington, March 12. A prelim
inary poll of the Ways and Means Com
mittee of thc House to-day showed that
thirteen of the twenty-five members are
against the enactment at this time of
any financial legislation to aid tho ex
service men because of the large expen
diture that would be needed. The asser
tions of Treasury officials that the rais
ing of this revenue, whether by the
Issuance of additional Government bonds
or increased taxation, would threaten
financial disaster swung several com
mittee members against the soldier
I bonus propositions as well as many
I other members of the House.
! Of the thirteen memoers of thc com
imlttee against the bonus programme
' eight are Democrats, including all but
two of the minority representation on
thc committee, while five are Repub
licans. Several of tho other ten Repub
licans are undecided.
Aa a result of the opposition against
the measure advocates of soldier aid
are now striving to force through a
compromise which would extend the ex
penditures necessary to carry out the
programme over several years. Such a
plan wan suggested to-day by Repre
sentative Nolan (Cat.), one of the labor
leaders of the House, He believed the
necessary revenue could be raised by a
1 per cent tax on gross tales.
Hose, distinguished Indian scientist, W.
E. ("Pussyfoot") Johnson, American
prohibition leader now in Europe, gave
hurried orders to English prohibitionists
to placard Great Britain with lurid
postern showing the "turnip's pangs," the
"Intoxication of the carrot" and the
"potato's death agonies," Sir Jagadls
told a London audience to-nlghl.
Sir Jagadls demonstrated his magnetic
crescograph, whereby the reaction of a
plant to every shock stimulus Is record
ed. For Instance, when treated with
alcohol a plant recorded a maudlin de
pression, followed by wild exultation.
Sir. Jagadls asserted that hN Instrument
recorded the growth of plants, and.
therefore, It Is now possible to ascertain
what agencies stimulate or retard plant
' growtli, and that it also Is possible to
control the world's foodstuffs.
A most Interesting feature of his ex
periment is tho possibility of future
control of sensation. By placing a
nerve under certain Influences, Sir Jaga
dls deduced tho possibility of arriving
at the message of pain which the human
nerve carries to the brain.
llnltlnRT nf V. S. Imports Sends It
to fl.7f From 7 Kroner.
CorsvHAGEN. March 12. The value of
the dollar within a week has dropped ! out sAcriftcin any effectiveness of the
more bitterness than has
marked the debate for a long time. W'hllo
thc discussion was In a fashion aim
less, because there Is no Intention of
getting an early vote, it nevertheless was
spirited and genuine, marked by sharp
passages between supporters and op
ponents of ratification. It was charged
by the latter that the compromise ef
forts are sustained by dishonest and
hypooritlcal arguments.
No vote on ratification Is expect
before the middle of next week and pe.
liaps still later. The managers are de
termined to have a full attendance, or
all Senators "paired," and are making
determined efforts to this end.
Nine Member Absent.
Opponents of ratification constitute a
majority of thc absentees nnd their col
leagues will keep the debate going until
they can be here. Senator Penrose will
be unable to come, it was said flnall
and Is not yet paired. Whether Senator
Fall (N. M.) can come Is doubtful, and
the samo is true of Senator Smith
(Ariz.). Senator Ua Follettc's (Wis.)
Illness Is such that his presence Is ur.
certain. Senators Harding (Ohio). Poln
dexter fWash.) and Johnson (Cal.)
wero absent on their Presidential cam
palgns and Senator McCumber (N. D. t
because of lllnc-s of his family. Senator
McCumber Is paired and wilt not come
all others will try to do so.
The Lodge substitute for the Article
X. reservation represents in Its sponsor's
view merely a shifting of terms wlth-
from 7 kroner to 5.7S krone
The Social Demokratfn attributes the
failure to the stopping of the Importa
tion of American luxuries.
and 8rtoj Qutvle Sprint Water at all
hotels and drug itorti. Boardwalk, Atlan
tic City. iefr.
original Ledge form Its authorship 1-
attrlbuted to Senators Lenroot (Wis.)
Kellogg (Minn.) and Lodge, the latr
making the nnal revision before It was
offerea. Later ln the day. Senator Walsh
(Mass.) told Senator Lodre that If It
was votes for ratincation he want'd, he
would have done as well to eland ty

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