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'I'tiHi i3UL -iiVlJ lViu.
I . Vv , -.
Expt'iM b'urniiiliei Information
Tii ii Kvcrj Motorlsl Should
LaFayette Touring Car After 10,000 Miles
Note W ith Care.
,i decision or th gusreme
of Tennestee one nf the counties
i ighl an Injunction against
company to prohibit it from
i iMi ton truokloada ovtr the
ounty, Thi ground of the
' :is th furl Hint the roads
ily l een macadamised nnd that
i work W'iim done It wiih not In
in that iriaiis of over ii."'
ii Id have to be supported, For
. it vma contended, serious
".is lulus done to the county
the great inns of tii taxpayers,
in held, however, that thli post
iutii not be auftatnad In view of
i fled i inht to um the publl
Ml . . "" :.'
Fred Titus Becomes Sales Man
ager and Starts the Ball
Low centre of gravity and low overall height are largely responsible for th beautiful road appearance
the vafloua counties of of D. McCall White's new design. The actual road s.jeed of the car has not been announced, but those who
ii'i our.sf. ii mere wi n n.rr t t , . i r- .1 j if a.' 'I
! -i i r nu the duo mce nave been venturesome enough to joust with LaFayetto cars in the vicinity of Indianapolis, where it is man-
t . txilntM It would lie i-oiiii'"-
!.' sistature'to require heavy
, irrled over one of the pther
rys, but where only one romi
ufnetured, will vouch for at least eighty miles per hour,
supplies indicate that cars will be available in June.
Reports on plant equipment and the concentration ot
tween two point not even the
rc hai the power to prohibit I
iraffic. I
. a recent declilon of the
iurt of Tenaessee it may be
tvhetlier the adtantagei ao
: the joint pun huso of an
:ire not offiet by the dlsad-
cideni to Joipt ownerahlp,
; i tills declilon, where u
i stati r o n n tar Jointly,
... expenses, Including the
10 i hnuffeur, the dieter may
le for on iu' ildent due to the
of the rhauffeur when he is
cur from the garage to the
'..i of business tO tulie th
i Another liupor-
i mi nee lyn.
IJiiri') Mlll.o
linn factory
in line with their factory represents-1
tlon of ov. r twenty-one different con
cerns supplying pruts, the Jos. f. Gorey
& Co. have been appointed distribu
tors of Borg & Beck clutches nnd will
maintain u complete line of p uis of all
models at 354 West Fiftieth street
ESxperti m o and push have brought the
Jos, C, Uorey & Co. to a point where it'
ontl lite
Necessary ror
Delivery Date,
' is one of the largest motor car repair
parts companies in the united States,
handling only exclusive products, which
are made md bul ked by the manufac
turer's .guarantee. The company now
occupies a four story and basement
bii i building with u total floor space
of 11,260 square fact
.r. c, Gorey first became acquainted
with automobiles as an errand boy with
the I mobile Company of America In
1902, and In 1810 he formed the present
company, with headquarters at 858 West
Fifty-eighth street Increase nf busi-
' repairman for labor and
. in connection Ith
t in automobile are empha
. ent decision of the Court of
Maryland. In this mse it
general rule .f law to
h a repairman loses his
par's with the ear after
:..s work upon it haa no ap
a COM in which, upon the
nf the owner, the raoalrman
ir to an imholstere r to be "ess forced the Arm to take
, vers, the car betrij In i:it west Fiftieth street In
,,!,,.,.,., hr.i....v unit year, nnoriiy uierwaru me
h.' rc
j bn ught hack to the gar
in asurements are made,
'ne case It is pointed out
n of the repairman Is su-
rlghtS of the seller of the
c indltlonal contract of sale
latter, under which title to
rved by him.
liter i
principle of .law that
mini has been reduced
artles will not be per-
ral proof of yondltions
the terms of the writ-
. was applied to a con
e sale of an automobile
usl handed down by the
I ils of Maryland. In this
w i a suit by n dealer on
n to over the pur nasi pros . Machine
. m iker of the note contend- , Machlm
. had an agreement with the
reby lie was to deliver to the
leltli im nt of the note a i er
car and a stipulated amount
His explanation of the note
his was rien skmply to bind
etl n t . inline: unavoidable de
,i iivi ry Jy him of the used
th agreement thusj set up
ii and contradicted the un
(vi tten hreenv nt to pay.
. . . ed le. the note, th
the same
( ompany
removed to its present location and built
up an extensive business of supplying
and handling new i arts and giving ex
pert service to agent.-, dealers, garages
und repair shops.
Tie.' company has been handling the
following i roducta for the past five years
in line with others andi also pro) as -to
represent every motor car parts
manufacturer in the United States:
Brown-lilpe Chapln Company, Brown
Llpe Gear Company, Hartford Auto
Parts Company, Blood Brothers Ma
chine Company, Covert Gear Company,
Durston Gear Company, Warner Gear
Company, Golden, Belknap v Swarts
Motor Company, Timken-Detrolt Axle
Company, Morse Chain Company,
Sptcer Manufacturing Company, Acme
Universal Joint Company, Lniversal
Company, Detroit Gear and
Company, Mechanics .Machine
Company, Rutenber .Motor Company,
Bearings Companj of America (Sterling
joints), Foni-ciarK .company (spring
""n account of the sllaht touch of
spring during the past week people bo
gnn to come to our showroom with a lot
of Interest in cars, which tin seemed to
think they could get promptly," says
J, it. liuiett of the lluiitt Motor (
Company, Chandler six distributers
Broadway and Sixty-second street. "Wo
had to tell them frankly thai they
would have to wait some time for da
liveries. Th. y seemed surprised, despite'
ihi fact that the leading dealers for
months have been sounding warnings
ft am time to time about a shortage "f
. ears and the Hi" ssity fif gut Mm; :-
t'i ra in early.
"Some of our callers admitted they
had rend about the necessity of Betting
crdera In early, but bad counted on In
creased production, which seemed to he
peneral at the automobile centres, to
tak care of the situation when warmer
Weather cam". The trouble with these
people is that they did not consider at
the war th. factories had to ko far be
yond that point because of tho thous
nnds of new buyers In the Held. But
the first touch of sprinsr and the sudden
return of B keen desire for ' the ear
brought them fp.ee to fuco with the
acute situation.
"Fortunately we are still in a position
to accept a few orders that will assure
the delivery of n Chandler within B ren
sonable tune. How long this situation
will last wo canine, say."
Device Proves
it II.. ..o to
all the unprecedented demand for cars
Of the Chandler type and the Inability
of Iho factor!. . s to meet it promptly.
They forgot that In addition to getting
buck to a normal production following
The simplicity of the latest Packard
engineering achievement, the fuellier,
the new invention which attains perfect
combustion of inferior grades Of gaso
lene, has attracted particular attention.
It Is about the simplest Invention any
body ever saw to accomplish such far
reaching results. It consists essentially
of a pipe, a chamber and a standard
spark plug. It weighs less than two
it works automatically there are no
m" int.- purts. no adjustments to make.
The surprising thing about it is that It
Is so simple, that it Is hard to under
stand why no one thought of It before.
Handy One Ton Ford
it this pf
Id not tlv.
bolts'. Salisbury Axle Company, Kins-
ler-Bennett Company (Universal Joints),
Perua Auto Pints Company (axles),
Link Belt Company and New" Process
liear- Corporation.
The Jos. c. Gorey & Co. are qualified
to furnish parts, Service and repairs on
any of the above units and would be
pleased to furnish any Information rela-
the install.!'.;
titled nnd that the miner
voa liable in accordance
T1 1
Idlty of a chattel mortgage, or
contract of sale covering an
., Is dependent upon the suf
desi r ption of the car In
in a very recent case
w i !' r!bed in a mort-
. i ihalmers six cylinder
. uri I eld that this descrlp-
sufficient to make possible
f Ltlon of the car Intended
the mortgage and that
eason tho Instrument was not
products pertaining
and Care of all
motor car and
Here is a Ford one ton truck chassis with an eight foot panel body.
This is one of the models offered by Albert Hirst, Inc., of 200S Broadway.
Roi s of the dangers and risks Incl
lent to th towing of a car In the pub
streets are shown in a decision of
ylvanla Superior Court. From
ts pf this ease it appears that
n waited on the curb of u
tn f : n truck to pass and then pro
ross the street He Was
i by a sagging tow rope which
)i e truck With another car,
ch 'the ; i deetrlan did not see.
ildent o curred on a dark night
' . nee b. t.ve. n the truck and
ir v. . . v.... being towed was
il would not have, been InJ-
oi legally negligent to have
. : : paxsj between the two
i i tn en proceeding under
ntlng ovit Jurt what act
i . m t he part of tho drivers
are ild be held to lie reepoii-
the rourt df-elded
lict In favor of the Injured
. I not be disturbed. Tin
Is I it a liKht from either
of t ... ti uck or the fro:.t of the
was being towed should have
i m "! the tow rope, so us
dl sivii of the Supreme
ia an Btt4 mpt w as made
ink liable for breach of
t e sale of a car under
State Of fa t : The car
1 sold By the cashier of
i represented to the pur
bank had an Interest in
i loaned to the ourchaser
: i rids the money with
for the car. The cashier
warranties as to the
car and undertood that
.. i be n sponsible for corn-warranties.
I 1 '
On l.infl. on f lie
or tn the nlr. thr
nllh i arhuri'lor l
ifsjuall'i found ji ti
pari Ihr rri nril
making rqulpmrnt.
i - iivij ii :
Inrlli nf tigthrinrr phmn
illlad I ront.
I. n . i nclioh t irikat nnd
1 Frrnch tankn.
tin I i --nf ii Ranatlll lank,
i II 'Ti Miitora,
I ran A i ila lie
M (
; 'i n Palma'fl ri rd
' J klna Pa krd "tM."
lai i .ii l - rrani DiillnrnCnl
Irrliil r h i Plana.
Til UMd b :
mi than hall f mi RuMPMn
iniOtilla Iil.ltllll.il life: ..
ii., i than on hundred InaffH
.hi m.ikiTt of pmaangaf and
1 nmnir ar.
'll i lined Htirrrvf-r PaWT,
- t Milium riml tCl l.i rll 1 1 y
innrni kaJ
liaa sou What a rnlth ( ar
r ran for mir ar or
rsrhanga pranailtlon naakan
snii-i n nun Kuaraniaad or
MPIT i s 1 1 MOM. INT.,
till Ave. tur. iltli St.
Buy Your New
Car Today
EVEN with their tremen
dous production, Stude
baker will not be able to
produce enough cars this
year to meet the unprece
dented demand.
Our warning is to order
now and be reasonably
sure of delivery for spring.
The Studebaker Corporation of Arperica
(.renter New ..;k gslesroonw:
Broadway at 56th Street, Manhattan:
1291 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
319-223 West 77th Street
"J tut Off Broadway"
" This is a Studebaker Year
As an indication that plans for a
in' v scale business In Renault products
In this country are rapidly maturing
there Is much of Interest In the an
nouncement Jur,t made by Ueorgo 11.
Warner, general manager of the Renault
fac tory branch here, that Fred J. Titus
haa Joined his staff as salesmanager.
Titus Is 1 fete, .,1 )n the automotive busi
ness In this country and has long been
Identified In a prominent way with the
marketing of high grade automobiles.
The poBt-wnr line of Renault products
Is probably the most complete In thin
country, Including several models each
of passenger cars, motor trucks, jaar
tors. airplanes anI aviation mornm.
marine motors, stationary engine sets,
electrical automotive equipment, 4c. It
thus nrrords a wide scope for the ripe
experience and rare ahllltv which Kred
Titus brings to his new connection.
Tltu will he remembered as an Idol
of tho fans In the heyday of blcyrlo
racing, when he long held championship
laurels. Ills fame waa International at
the time when bicycle racing was a
spoil ranking with golf and polo of to
day. He was the flrst American to
win the world's hour record, which he
attached In I :!. and he has since shown
the same sustained endurance in busi
ness. Among his competitors In those
racing days were such men. now prom
inent in the automotive industry, as
Albert Chumplon, Herbert Ulthens, Ar
thur lainisden and Henrv Ford.
Titus first entered the bicycle busi
ness, having a large establishment on
Ilroadway. His automobile career be
gan In 1303, when he was Harry Haupt s
right hum! man In introducing and mar
keting the once famous Thomas Flyer
in the New York territory. Later be
was special representative, established
the business In Canada ami was sales
manager In New York of the Alco,
made by the American Looontotlva
(.'ompany, when that car was enjoying
no little popularity among high grade
automobiles. Since then he has been
identified with the Owen Magnetic, hav
ing resigned recently the position of
sales manager and secretary.
Fred Titus ia already at home at the
Renault headquarters on Fifth avenue,
where a fine line of Imported coach work
is now being shown on the arl us
Renault post-war chassis models. With
tho present long delays in securing cus
tom bodleH In this country, these Im
portations embody the added advantage
of immediate deliveries.
Kartoiers Kurrec to Tarn to Motor
It has been pointed out by Theodore B,
W. Zumsteln, sales manager of the ilary
Motor Tsuck Corporation of Gary. Ind.,
who has been In New York cooperating
with the Eastern distributers of the
Usry trucks, that before the advent of
automobiles 78 per cent, of America's
population resided In the country und
22 per cent. In the city. To-day Ihese
figures are reversed and nnturallv the
farmer under this changed situation
muft turn to machinery, such as trac
tors, motor trucks, Ac, to produce the
lequlred output.
To meet this situation the Oar? Motor
Tiuck Corporation will complete exten
sions during the year 1UJU which will
enable them to produce motor trucks to
the value of 111,000,000, In Ktl they
ulll build In Chicago a twenty acre
plant, anil they will then make I belt
present plant at Qary, Ind., an auxiliary
to the Chicago plant, and It Is their ex-
pressed hope that 60, 000 trucks, worth
1 1 00, 000, QUO, will bo turned out tie 11.
The Kastern distributers tor the O irv
Motor Truck Corporation are the lielhar
Auto Corporation, 080 to &S-I JaekiOB
uvenue. Tho llronx, New York city.
Delivered Fond lleicularl) to Sci
prnl Menrliy Tonus.
In tho recent hllisard that tied UQ
all Now York, shut dpwn trolley lines,
railroads, ferryboats and what not, me
I, "tor truck was the only nx uns of con
veyance above ground that kepi 1, . n
the channels of communication.
A conspicuous Instance Is the ex
perience of tlm Motor Haulage Com
pany, well known local opeialors of a
fleet of llfty-one live ton motor trucks.
These trucks kept on the Job nf mak
Irfg 1I1 liveries In New York. New Jersey,
l.ong Island and Connecticut of food
supplies and other dally nee.esslt lea and
did not be a day.
At a dsnionstratlon of the ability of
the motor truck to argue with a bill.
ItSrd ami live to tell the tale this Com
I i ii' experience in a shining exam; le.
lucid, ntally, this fleet is equipped with
(ioodrleh tires.
sa 1 jaw - jgjgtgapi
idhl and
A CAR of merit, embodying flexibility, speed and en
durance together with ease both in operation and
maintenance, thereby making possible the joy of
motoring with Milady at the wheel. 'Ready for Immediate
Delivery! That means you get a car and not a promise.
An up to the minute car easily worth $2,009.
1495M Delivered
Bell Car Distributing Co., Inc.
Dealers: Write for available territory.
He knew lie wsj taking a rhance
but he wai only to be ?one a few min-'
uten. When he rame out sgiin his
car was CONE!
Had he taken the lira pit. precaution
tn have KARLOK fitted to his car, such
a thin) could not huv,- liappened.
With thil unique device on your
itrering column, you arc absolutely
protected, Your tar ran neither be
steered nor lowed. Automatic and
trouble-prool Approved by the Insur
ance Underwriter, which means you
are rebated b of your theft premium '
when you attach KARLOK.
Take oii
KARLOK 'sells
on mIji 1 lets 1"
Is enormous. Write
manufacturer for
lilieraj ll " i' 1 1
231 Halsey St., Newark, N. J
Whofotate lti.-,trib(tlrn
American Sales & Service Co.
iiiTn Broadway. New York
lie Kruilv Ann, Supply Co.,
Mi Keilfnnl (venue, lirioklwi.
KjDoble, WatMtei Co.,
OH Mtuilliello Vvi'i , Jesse) t.U.
111. II. Webster A n . inc.,
17" Hsrrttnr Ive., mte Plains, v v.
1 iilnii 1 eunt) HuU k Co..
-.1 Hestllelil ,-.. Elisabeth, v J.
Hest in the Longman
MANY motorists think
that the outer casing
holds the air. But it doesnt!
It holds the tube which holds
the air. And the qu-ality of
the tube spells the value of
the tire in service.
The safest economy is to
equip with Goodrich Red
Inner Tubes in the first place.
the $.F. Goodrich Rubber Company, Jlhron, Ohio
Makers of the Silvertown Cord Tire

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