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Stffciety and Its Interests
Winter Resorts Feminine
Fashions Art Reviews.
NEW YORK, SUNDAY, MARCH 14, 1920. i, nso. tv n$ am-ntnu oorpowMon.
Toffeant of Anciont Trance
Intcrrnpta the Quiotudo
of lent
Amateur Saleswomen Hival
Work of Professionals
for Charity.
( Representing Ancient France at the Balf of the Fine Arts, Given by the Society of Beaux Arts Architects.
f T r ITU" the exception of the brief
A resplto of Ml-Carcme, when
' all society appeared In gor
geous array at the Pageant of Ancient
Franco, thero has been nothing In the
way of gayety to mark the doings of
the fashtonablo world, and even the
costume ball waa given for a worthy
object, that of aldinar deserving stu
dents of architecture, painting and
rculpturo who ahall bo designated by
the Beaux Arts Architects Bode'.,
under whose auspices the ball waa
given. With Lent more than half
vpent, there seems to be no. desire to
undertake great entertainments, and
thpse announced for the coming week
will bo j?lven for the purpose of rais
ing funds for charitable and philan
thropic institutions of this city and
The Metropolitan Opera la holding
lta own so far as the attendance of
society Is concerned, and with few ex
ceptions thoso who have not been
drawn to Uio mild climates of the
tropics are suro to be seen In their
boxes frequently in tho courso of tho
Announcements of Easter weddings
ro not so numerous as in some years.
Faster falling on April 4, but later in
tl'o month thero will be many to
Society's Saleswomen.
ka.it week women of prominence In
society were to the foro In an endeavor
tn raise funds for the social service bu
reaus of Bellevuo and Allied Hospitals,
find they wcro apt and competent sales
women In one of the great emporiums
of the city. There will be given to the
fund 10 per cent, of their sales.
Wearing simple black frocks, with only
red badges on tho sleeves to distinguish
them from the regular employees, these
women of society became salesladies and
sold hats nnd gowns and other apparel
at :imbeU last week. Their Invasion
of the shopping district took many vis
itors to tho store, and twmo of those
vlio went from curiosity only were so
charmed by tho gracious young "sales
women" that In many Instances mere
looking over things led to Inquiries, then
try-ons and finally to purchase.
Mrs. Joseph B. Trucsdale. head of the
rales committee, and her assistants un
riarstood all the curves and angles of
hats so well that a mere glance at a
would-be purchaser enaoled them to
know at just what tilt the chateau
would bs becoming to madame. They
would slip on wraps and coats and show
these off with the grace of professional
raannlklns, to It was not to b wondered
at that their pencils and pads were In
constant use and that thn 10 per cent
wblh their charitable efforts will add
to the treasuries of the hospitals took
quite a bit of figuring up each night.
Miss Ruth Morgan, president of the
Colony i.'ltib. was among the amateur
salesladies, which Included as well Mrs.
Arthur Scott Burden, .Mrs. J. W. Fuller
Potter. Mrs. J. Howland Auchlncloss,
Sirs. Walter Mallory. Mrs. Charles Llnd
le.v. Mrs. Marshall J. Dodge, Mrs. Ro
land Ttedmond. Sirs. Clarence Chew Bur
ger, Sllro Betty Collaniore, Mrs. Clar
ence Woolley, Mrs. William II. Hodge,
Mrs. John H. Prentice, Mrs. Edwin C.
Hoyt. MrB. Joseph Stransky. Mrs. Ver
non Stiles and Mrs. George Huntington.
3Ir. Tlffonr Suecrufnl.
Mrs. Belmont Tiffany, who did splen
did work overseas and recruiting here
during the early stages of the war.
made many sales, for so convincing
were her arguments that the hat or gar
ment under discussion by a would-be
purchaser was simply so fascinating on
t-er that Mrs. West End Mrs. Park Ave
nue or Mrs. Fifth Avenue did not leave
the establishment until she had ordered
the becoming treasure and had her ad
dress properly entered on Mrs. Tiffany's
Mrs. Vanderbllt Webb was equally
successful In her efforts; so was Miss
Ruth Vanderbllt Twombly, a granddaugh
ter of the late. "William II. Vanderbllt
Mrs. Joseph B. Thomas, who was Miss
Clara Fargo, and one of the most grace
ful dancers on the amateur stage, was
kept busy onterlng sales In her book,
and Miss Ruth Draper, Mrs. William A.
Bourn, Miss Helen Gould, Miss Marlon
Tiffany, one of the attractive grand
daughters of the late Thcodoro A. Havc
mever; Miss Genevieve ClenJcrrm, Mrs.
William II. Hodge, Mrs. Herbert L.
M.lls. M- George Thompson, Mrs. Wal
ter Tlope, Mrs. George Huntington and
Miss Harriet McKlndley made records
that would qualify them any day as
saleswomen if they over felt m Inclined.
Mrs Hdward a. J. MiVt. ;ar, Mrs
Beverly Duer, Mrs. John Sargent, Mrs.
Chester O. Burden, Mrs. Phillips B.
Thompson. Miss Hester and Miss Mar
caret Emmet, Miss Sophie Duer, Miss
Margaret B. Trimble, Miss Elizabeth
Enos, Miss Constance Fahys. Mlso Julia
Shearer, Miss Katherlne Knapp, Miss
Jeanne Gound. Miss Nina M. Ryan and
Miss Margherita dl Vecchl,- with their
trim little Mack silk aprons, were the
fot fascinating clerks Imaginable and
did a wonderful buslness'on Tuesday.
Mrs. Charles H. Sabln. Mrs. A. Stew
art Walker, Mrs. John Keith, Mrs Rita
T-fllg. Mrs Charles Dana Gibson, Mrs.
Rem Bliss Hunt, Mrs. Henry Ives Cobb,
Mrs. Nicholas Blddle, Mrs. Richard Bill
ing?, Mrs. Llnzee Blagdcn. Mrs. W. T.
Carrington, Mrs. George C. Clark. Jr.:
Mrs. Alexander Butler Duncan, Mrs. J.
s Ferguson and Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish,
were also In the list of the week's
volunteer "saleswomen." Others were
Mrs. Frank U Polk, wife of the acting
secretary of State; Mrs. Courtlandt
N'leoll. Mrs O. Hermann Klnnlcutt, Miss
Helen R. Sloan, Mrs. diaries II. Smith,
Mrs. George Whitney, daughter of the
late Robert Bacon, one-time United States
Ambassador to France; Mrs. C. Grant
i.a Parse, Mrs. Lewis Stuyvesant Chan
ler. Miss loulse T. Caldwell, Mrs. W.
Eourko Cockran. Sirs. Frederick M. Ives,
Mrs. Giff nrd Plnchot agreat-granddaugh-ter
of Peter Cooper, philanthropist I Mrs.
Alfred Seton, Mrs. William H. Tew. Mrs.
Alexander Lambert. Mrs. George W.
kln, Mrs. William P. Draper, Mrs.
Amory G. Hodges, Mrs. Egerton L. Wln
hrop, Mrs. Bayard Dominlck. Mrs. K
"eter Hoguct and Mrs. William F. Shee
han. Praised by Shoppers.
Many were the comments of wonder, of
surprise, on he part of purchasers at
the expert manner in which the society
-omi.n accomplished their sales and the
iiorough businesslike way In which they
Whv," said one of the Interested vls
I' rs who made many purchases, "these
inc'e'y saleswomen arc almost as much
t home behind the counter as id their
own drawing rooms. One would imagine
they had been selling hats and frocks all
their lives."
Not "aU their Urea." trot most f them
VAv Av 7a U M At7a 7a vavAvVVA'AV AvA"aV aWAa 7a IyVav 7a v va ' 7AT Jk
have had much experience In selling, for
bazaars and fairs and rummage sales for
their charities have made them all ex
perts and some even, served their "ap
prenticeship' with the Children of Loving
?ervice, an organlzntlon of tho young
women of society which for years has
held a sale every spring at the residence
of Mrs. Charles B. Alexander, 4 West
Flfty-elchth htrect. for the benefit of
children of the poor. Behind gayly deco
rated stalls In Mrs. Alexander's ballroom
they sold flowers and candles, garden
hath, fancy articles, books, toys and art
nMr.lMiid tn tViA finfla nf tlielr mnHierw
hnvii nf their npe were also nressed into
service to tie up bundle, make change
and otherwise assist generally In the
success of the fair.
All nf Mrs. Alexander's own dauehters
served from time to time behind tho
counters In her drawing room, Mrs. Wln
throp W. Aldrlrh, who was Miss Harriet
Alexander, anu wnose nusoanu is a son
of the late Senator Aldrich of Rhode
Tl.n nnH n hrnflier nf Mrs. John D.
Rockefeller. Jr.; Mrs. Arnold Whltridge.
who was Miss Janetta Alexander, and
who was married to a grandson of Mat
thew Arnold, ana .miss .vinry crocKer
Other Training Schools.
Cnm. nf th vminir women who
worked for charity at the great store
last week have neipea iroin year io
vear mflUe the. sales of Earden craft
and novelties for charity at the home
of Mm. W. W. Hoppln a success, and
also contributed tneir services ai
bazaars, 3uch as that which Mrs. Cad
walader Jones holds each spring at
her houso In East Eleventh street In
aid of Inmatos of tho almshouse on
Blackwell's Island and other city Insti
tutions. Mrs. Robert S. Brewster en
lists the cooperation of her friends al
nm rw.rv Tear for a sale for one of
her pet charities, and so successful was
the eiale of worn clothes, ball gowna
from Paris, street costumes, hats and
f... n-McVi fr "Wlntliron W. Aldrl.h
and her friends conducted In ft building
In Eaflt I'ifty-fjvcntn street, near .-viaai-son
avenue, several seasons ago, mat the
servlcea of the police had to be called
i tn nne.11 thn enthusiasm of the
would-be purchasers. "Whlto Elephant"
sales and hat sales have also done their
share In making expert sale women of
some of the leaders of the fashlonablo
set, whoso buslnessllKe ways, aaaeo. io
.11.. c-inA onrt rharm of manner, have
made them so expert that their servlcea
could command almost any price in
many of the large tfltabllshments. Tnke
Mrs. George II. Huntington and Miss
Bertha Stockwell, for Instance, 'meir
united record on Monday was $1,266.
Opening of Flower Show.
A feature of this week will be the
opening to-morrow afternoon of tho tea
garden, which will be carried on In con
junction with the International Flower
Show to be hold In tlie uranu centra
Palace for a week. It will be under
lm nuarilrea of the Al led Loyalty
i.enriift. Presiding at the tea to-morrow
will be Sirs. Charles A. Chllds and Mre.
Price Post.
Thn enrrten liaa been artistically ar
ranged by Messrs. Warren and Wetmore
and It will represont the Interior of a
Vmi-a tent of the tvna used by NaDolcon
during his campaigns In the East The
open spaces will be massed witn greens
and palms and the aides will be of tho
colors of the Allies.
Among the young women who will
serve as waitresses In tho garden are
Misses Carlotta Havemeyer. Sylvia R.
Illllhousc, Gladys Llvermore. Margaret
Monell, Augusta SIcCagg, Melissa Tulllc,
Mary Osgood Field. Sylvia Lord Sey
mour, Katherlne Van Ingen. Janet
Croil Helen L. Johnson, Renee Carhart,
Elise Everett. Margaret Wallace, Meien
'I'chniewlnd. Fanny Billings, Margaret
'"Ji"it. Elsie Parsons, .Minnie jticnarus,
L Hun Remsen and Betty Jackson. Other
hostesses of the week will bo Mrs. Wal
ter Eyro Iambcrt. Mrs. Lcland Eggle
ston Cofer. Mrs. Romolo TrltonJ and
Sirs. T. J. Oakley Rhlnclander.
Jlore elaborate than the afternoon tea
will be the Dance of the Flowers which
will be held In tho tia garden next Fri
day night The proceeds of this dance
will be devoted to the Navy Club and It
U expected that aU the young women
Mr. Oliver b Jennings
and Miss Constance
who attend will wear a costume sugges
tive of some flower and this will give an
opportunity for originality. It has been
suggested that none but simple costumes
be worn, and for those who have not tho
time to arrange something new there
will be on sale at tiie entrance of the tea
garden artificial flowers that can bo
combined with a conventional ball
Tickets for the dance at J 3 each may
be obtained of Mrs. Charles H. Dltson
at her home, 13 East Thirty-seventh
street, or at the Grand Central Talace.
Dates of Weddings Set;
TERBURY, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. William Hampton
Watcrbury of 105 West Fifty-fifth
street, will bo married to-morrow in tho
chantry of St Thoma.' Church to
Mr. Acheson James Harden. Her sis
ter, Mrs. Murray G. Jenkins, will bo
her matron of honor and she will be
attended also by Mrs. Ellhu Washburn
Fowler and Miss Dorothea Harden,
sisters of the bridegroom, and Miss
Slargaret Chamberlalne. The best
man will be Mr. Ross Harden and
Messrs. Ellhu W. Fowler, Murray G.
Jenkins, Lathrop Hoyt, Stanley R.
Smith, William Black, Prank West
and Kenneth Woolson will be the
ushers. Tho ceremony will bo fol
lowed by a reception In tho Hotel St.
Mrs. Francos Cooper Kline of 49
East Fifty-second street will bo mar
ried to-morrow to Mr. Carl J. Schmid
lapp, vice-president of .the Chaso Na
tional Bank. Tho wedding will tako
placo at the home of Sir. and Mrs.
Henry Evans, 998 Fifth avenue. Mrs.
Kllno la a daughter of the lato Mr.
and Mrs. Oliver G. Cooper of Mon
tana. She has made her homo In 'his
city several years. Mr. Schmldlapp
Is tho son of Mr. Jacob G. Schmidlapp
and comes from Cincinnati. Ho was
graduated from Cornell Unlvcrstty in
190S and belongs to the University, the
Metropolitan, tho Bankers, tho Ards
ley and the Knollwood Country clubs.
One of the brides of Easter Monday,
April 5, will be Miss Esther Denny,
daughter of Col. and Mrs. Thomas
Denny, whose marriage to Dr. D. Glen
Smith, son of Mr. and Sirs. Frank Smith
of Schenectady, N. Y., will be quietly
celebrated at tho homo of her parents.
22 East Sixty-second street Col. and
Sirs. Denny are Identified also with
Tuxedo Park, where they have u villa.
During tho war Miss Denny worked with
the Y. St. C, A. canteen. Dr. Smith
resigned his position at Johns Hopkins
Unlvorslty at the outbreak of tho war
and ho w.as commissioned a Captain In
the Medical Corps, U. S. A,
Mr. Charles D. Orth. Jr., of this city
will marry Miss Katharine Estelle
Stamm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alex
ander Carson Stamm, on Saturday next
In Harrlsburg, Pa, The wedding will
take place In Grace Methodist Episcopal
Church at noon and several relatives
and friends from New York will be
present. Miss Stamm's bridal attend
ants will Include her sisters. Sirs. George
Comyns Thomas, Jr., and Miss Maude
Stamm ; Miss Kathryn Knight stepsister
of the bridegroom i Misses Almeda Her
man. Mary Crelghton. Mary Mitchell,
Slargaret Ward, Noellne and Slarlon
Sir. Orth will have as best man Sir.
William J). Blckham and as ushers
Slcssrs. Truman P. Handy, Lloyd Rich
ards and Samuel D. Bell of New York;
Sir. DoWitt C. Jones, Jr., of Elizabeth;
Mr. Malcolm B. Lowe- of Tenafly and
Mr. Richard EL Robinson of Harrlsburg,
all classmates at Princeton: his step
brother, Mr. William Knight Jr.. of
New York, wh0s4.enraera.ent with Miss
Miss Marion Tiffany
The commltteo for the flower ball In
cludes Mmcs. J. De Koven Bowcn.
Langdon Gcer, Oscar E. Stevens. Edwin
Booth Grossman, Edward SIcVlckar,
Richard S. Emmet, John R. Drexel, Jr. ;
J. Gibson Maupln, Caslmlr Dc Rham, J.
Lenon Banks. Jr. : It B. Van Rensse
laer and James B. Taylor. Jr. ; Misses
Lilian Endlcott, Agpcs O'Gorman. Mnr
gareUJIarnlUojiEVA McAdoo, Mario La
Slatche, Rosalie Bloodgood, Adricnne
Istdln, Margaret , and Hester Emmet
Rita Bokcr and Madeleine Townscnd.
Mi-". Oron Root. Sirs. Charles E.
Slartha B. Reynolds has Just been an
nounced, and Sir. Henry W. Banks 3d of
New York.
After a short wedding trip Mr. and
Mrs. Orth will live at 30 East Sixtieth
One of the interesting engagements an
nounced recently was that of Sllss Kath
erlne E. Steward, elder daughter of Mr.
ami Sirs. Campbell Steward of Grass
lands, Goshen. N. Y and this city to
Sir. Hallett Johnson of the American
diplomatic service. Sllss Steward's fam
ily has been Identified with tho social
life of New York and Newport many
years. Her maternal grandfather, Gil
bert Livingston Beeckman, lived years
ago In Newport, where his son. Sir. R,
Livingston Beeckman, now Governor of
Rhode Island, passed his boyhood and
early days at school. Her mother was
Sllss Slargaret Beeckman and she Is a
niece of Sirs. Louis L. Lorlllard, who
lives the greater part of the year In New
port Other aunts are Sirs.' William
Pratt Lyman of Boston and Mrs. Amos
Tuck French of this city and Tuxedo
Mr. Johnson was graduated from Will
lams College. He has been attached as
secretary to the American Embassy In
London and held simitar positions In
Chile and Turkey. At present he Is at
tached to the State Department In Wash
ington. One of his brothers, Sir. Tristam
Johnson, married a daughter of Prof.
Franklin H. Glddlngs of Columbia Uni
versity. Tho marriage will take place In
Goshen early In May.
Mrs. Roswell Sillier of WW Park avenue
announced last week the engagement of
her daughter. Miss Dorothy Sillier, to
Sir. William Harold Stewart of Webster,
Slass., now living in this city. Sliss Stil
ler, who was Introduced to society a
year ago, waa graduated from Sllss
Porter's School In Karmlngton, Conn.,
and became a member of tho Junior
League. Her father, the late Roswell
Stiller, was at one time president of the
Chicago, Stllwaukee and St Paul Rail
road Company.' Mr. Roswell Sillier, her
elder brother, married Sllss Slargaret
Carnegie, only daughter of the late An
drew Camegle. Mr. Stewart was gradu
Society's Weekly Calendar
MOSTUY-Weddlng of Miss Starguerlto F. Waterbury. daughter of Mr and
Sirs. William Hampton Waterbury. and Mr. Acheson J. Harden; chantry
of St. Thomas's Church. 3:30 P. M. . , ... . , ...
Wedding of Sirs, Frances Cooper Kline, daughter of the late Sir.
and Sirs. Oliver G. Cooper of Montana, and Sir. Carl J. Schmidlapp; home
of Mr. and Sirs. Henry Evans, 098 Fifth avenue
Opening of tea room under nuspices of Allied Loyalty League; Grand
Central Palace.
TUESDAY Concert under patronage of prominent women for benefit of
Babies Dairies Association; ballroom of Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, 3:30 P. M.
Sleeting o' sewing classes at homes of Sirs. Stephen C. Clark, Mrs.
Charles S. Biirel. nnd Sirs. Drexel Dahlgren.
WEDNESDAY Sir. and Sirs. Charles H. Sherrlll's dinner; Rltz-Carlton Hotel.
THURSDAY Sleeting of Thursday Evening Club, With Mrs. Charles H.
Senff, 10 East Soventy-nlnth street.
Sleeting of sewing class for benefit of New York Nursery and Child s
Hospital, with Sirs. Simeon B. Chapln. 930 Fifth avenue. 11 A. SI.
Danco for benefit of Bluo Rldgo Industrial School; Vanderbllt Hotel,
Concert for benefit New York Home for Homeless Boys; Rltz-Carlton
Hotel. 8 P. SI.
Last of Schola Cantorum's mitslcales; home of Mr. Adolph Lewlsohn,
881 Fifth avenue. 3 P. .SI.
FRIDAY Sir. and Sirs. Felix SL Warburg. 1109 Fifth avenue: a dinner.
Flower ball for benefit of Navy Club; Grand Central Palace.
Wedding of Sllss Katharine Estelle Stamm, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Alexander Carson Stamm, and Mr. Charles D. Orth, Jr.; Grace
Methodist Episcopal Church. Harrlsburg. Pa,
Mitchell and Mrs. A. Stewart Walker,
who are actively Interestf d in the Babies'
Dairies Association, have organized a
concert for the benefit of that organiza
tion to be held on Tuesday afternoon In
the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, when the
soloist and only artist will be Sir. Fritz
Krelsler. who has donated his services.
HI,.. rlilolaa, 'litil. am In Knma nf (Via
crowded districts of New York, furnish
proper food for Infants, for whlcli is
charged a nominal sum If the clrcumr
stances of the mother permit otherwise
It Is glvn.
Recent Engagements Are
ated from Dartmouth College In 131S and
during the war he served as an Ensign
In the United States Naval Reserve. The
marriage will take place early next au
A ROMANTIC echo of the war
runs througn the news of tho
week's engagements, for not
only did some of tho young women
who figure in it do their bit, both here
and overseas, !;ut in many cases their
fiances also distinguished themselves
by their service for their country and
the Allies.
Tho engagement of Miss Margaret
FarJeon io Mr. George Rowe Is for
mally announced by her parents, Mr.
and Mrs, Harry Russell Farjeon, of
Osslnlng on Hudson. Mr. Rowo served
with tho Twenty-seventh Division
overseas. He received the Distin
guished .Service Cross,, and was deco
rated by the Prince of "Wales. Ho Is
tho son of Mr. and Mrs. William
Henry Rowe.
Two war workers have Just become
engaged, Miss Anne Alicia Hester
Richardson and Dr. Lawrence Kins
man McCafforty. Sho is tho daughter
of Dr. and Mrs. Madeley Richardson
of 490 Riverside Drive, who made the
announcement and during the war
she served with tho Red Cross Motor
Corps for. a year. . Dr. McCa'fferty,
who lives at 170 West Fifty-ninth
street, served in the Sledlcal Depart
ment of the .army in this country as
a lieutenant Ho was graduated from
Mrs. Reginald b rives
Mr. Krelsler's programme is:
Ooncertn, F. minor. .. Mendelrtoha
(a) Cbaniien Looli Xlll.'et Panne,
Iiuts Cenperin
(bt Vsrlntlons on I thomt by Cnrelll....Tartlnl
(c) Hymn to tBf Sun, from "Cot n'Or,"
(I) Ttmbourln CMnoii Kttlil.r
(1 Nobody knows de trmiMn I'rt een fNeiro
spiritual). Arr. by Clarenca Camaron white
fb) Moment musical ehwrt
CI tlypsy i-THiaile Cbarlea II. Valdfi
(d) Tnu old Vienna raises.... Krelaler
. I.lfbeglleil.
(e) Caprice Viecuols Krelsler
Johns Hopkins, and Is tho son of Dr.
Lawrcnco McCafferty of Columbus,
The engagement of Sllss Elizabeth
Marshall, daughter of former State
Senator Henry Slarshall, to Sir. Ken
neth F. Clark Is announced. Sllss Slar
Miall was graduated In 1914 from Wells
Collego and served in France with the
Y. SI. C. A., 'Where she was attached to
Uie 130th Field Artillery, Thirty-fifth
Division. Sir. Clark, uho Is tho son of
Sir. nnd Sirs. Frederick F. Clark, of
White Plains, served as an officer In
the navy during the war. He now is
practising Jaw In this city. He was
graduated from Dartmouth College in
1511 and in 1911 from Columbia Law
Sirs. Charles Edward Jaramtllo, for
merly of Guatemala and now of 80
Eighth avenue, Brooklyn, has an
nounced the engagement of her daugh
ter. Sliss Slartha Carmen Jaramlllo, to
Air. Arthur Irvine Bover. Jr.. who was
an officer In tho Royal Air Forces dur
ing the war. He is tie on or Mr. anu
Sirs. Arthur I. Boycr of this city.
Announcement was made by Sir. and
Sirs. Walter L. Ollphant of Stontclalr,
N. J., of the engagement of their
daughter. Sllss Nellie Gladys Ollphant.
to Capt. Perry Kay Sillier. During the
war he served for eighteen months In
France with tho Engineer Corps, A. E.
F. He was graduated from the Uni
versity of Slichlgan and belongs to the
American Society of Civil Engineers.
Mr. nnd Sirs. Harry Grant Dart of 2SS
East Eightieth street, announce tho en
gagement of their daughtor, Sllss Doro
thy Dart, to Drj Wilbur Randall
Schoonmaker. Miss Dart was gradu
ated In 1915 from the Rrearlcy School
and during tho war did relief work at
Flower Hospital, where she mot her
fiance, Ho is the son of Sir. Edward
T. Schoonmaker, of South Orange, N., J.
Her father Is the well known Illustrator
nnd cartoonist
Mr. and Sirs. Frederick II. Pouch of
547 East Twenty-first street Brooklyn,
have made tormal announcement of tlve
engagement of tholr daughter, Sllsa Janet
Pouch, to Sir, Donald Cameron Alford.
She Is a granddaughter of tho late Alfred
J. Pouch. Sllss Pouch was graduated with
the class of 1919 from Packer Collcglato
Institute. Her fiance, who Is tho son
of Sir. William Madison Alford, was
graduated In 1914 from Adelphl Acad
emy. Ho served during tho war In the
air servlco with Uie Fighting Observers
Detachment of the A. & F. with the
rank of Lieutenant. When ho enlisted
and Joined the Aviation Corps he was a
sophomore at Princeton nnd was as
signed to the U. S. School of Slllltary
Aeronautics at that university. After
he was graduated ho trained at Camp
Dick, Dallas, Tex.: at -Mount Clemens,
Sllch., and Garden City before going
At a tea given by Sirs. D. SL Fer
nandes last week at her homes on Bev
erly road, Kew Gardens. L. I., she an
nounced the engagement of her daughter,
Miss Slargaret Stlnson Fernandes, to
Sir. Robert W. Smith. He Is the son
of Sir. and Sirs. Charles V. Smith of
121 West 118th street.
Dr. and Mrs Joel Davis Sladden of
Osslnlng, N. Y., announce the engage
ment of their daughter, Sllss Florence
U Sladden, to Mr. John SfcSIlllan Ham
ilton of this city. He is the ton of Mr.
Among the many who have taken
boxes and scots are Mmcs, Andrew
Fletcher, D. Henry Harrlman, Joeeph
Howland Hunt, Charles aiathor Jlar
N'elll, George L. Nichols, Harold I,
Pratt, M. Ryle Strange, John T. Pratt,
Frank A. Vanderllp, Vanderbllt Webb,
Walter Scott Roberts, Carl! Tucker,
Arthur Ryle, Dean Sage, Charles H.
Senff, George C, Smith, If. Stuyvesant
Dudley, Donn Barber, George F, Baker,
Jr., William E. Coe, Charles H. Coster,
Paul D. Cravath, John Henry Ham
mond, S, Crlmmlns Jennings, Adrian
Isellu, Charles Dana Gibson, Lydlg
Hoyt, Hamilton Fish, Harry llarkness
Flagler, Adolf Ladeaburg, F. Ash ton
De Pcystcr. William A. Perry. Joseph
Pulitzer, William Q. Rockefeller and
Henry Huddlenton Rogers.
Sirs. Charleo E. Mitchell, 333 Fifth
avenue, has scats and a few boxes si 111
for sale,
Help for Homeless Uoy,
A concert for one of the city's de
serving Institutions, the New York Home
for Homeless Boys, will ho given on
next Thursday night In the ballroom of
the Rltz-Carlton Hotel under tho aus
pices of the ladles' auxiliary of the
home among whose officers ore Sirs.
Philip A. S. Franklin and Sirs. James
B. Taylor. Sir. George Gordon Battle
will speak on behalf of the homo and
there will bo music by the Let Quartet.
The soloist will be Sllss Harriet Van
Emden, soprano. Tlcketfl may be ob
tained from members of the auxiliary,
among whom are SImcs. Hugh D. Au
chlncloss, Paul D. Cravath, George
Rath bone Dyer, Nicholas Roosevelt,
W. Ross Proctor. .1. .MarkHam .Marshall,
William B. Franklin. S. Oakley Van der
Poel, George Gordon Battle, Clarenc
C. Chapman, William Floyd-Jones,
Chnrles D. Halsey and William R. K.
Aa In years past thero will be a
dance for the benefit of the Blue Rldire
Industrial School of Dyke, Green county,
Va., under the auspices of women who
can claim birth In Southern Stale.
The coming dance will be given on
Thursday night In the Delia Robbla
room of the Vanderbllt and the ticket
liavo bcon put at $2.60 each.
Among thoso who are acting as
patronesses are Mrs. Stuart G. Glbboney,
who la chairman of the dance com
mltteo; Sfmes. Lewis Colt Albro, Win
throp Cowdln, J, Herbert Claiborne,
Charles Dana Gibson, W. Lanier Wash
ington, icwla Nixon, W. Glbtn McAdoo,
Buchanan Schley, George Ethrldge,
August Rust-Oppenhelm, Walton . H.
Marshall, H. Murray La Mont, James
Brown Potter, Theodore H. Price, John
E. Berwlnd, W. Wllloughby Sharp and
St. George Brooke Tucker.
Tickets may be ordered of Sirs. Gra
ham It R. Holly of 3 West Eighth
Under the auspices of the auxiliary
commltteo of the New York Clinic for
Speech Defects a rummage sale will be
held on Thursday and Friday of this
week at 841 Third avenue. Articles
for sale are requested and will be re
ceived on Wednesday. Among the mem
bers of tho auxiliary are Mmes. Samuel
C. Van Dusen, E. Howard Martin, Will
iam B. Chase, G. Van Santvoord Camp,
Ixmls Livingston Seaman, Ralph John
Ron, Augusts P. Montant, Albert Bigs
low Paine and Dudley Cooper.
and Mrs. John B. Hamilton of Rochester,
N. Y.
Mrs. George Rouzer of Hutton Park,
West Orange, N. J., has announced the
engagement of her daughter, Sllss Leo
nora George Rouzer, to Mr. William
Stocker Clough of this city.
Sllss Hazel Ogden Messlnger, daugh
ter of Sir. and Sirs. Charles Henry Sle.
alnger of No, 31 South Oxford street,
Brooklyn, will tie married on Slarch 27
to Mr. Ernest Cavalli Blglow, son of the
late Mr. Charles W. Blglow and Sirs.
Blglow of. 219 West Eightieth street.
The wedding will take place In the First
Presbyterian Church, on Henry Btreet
near Clark, at 8:30 o'clock, and will be
followed by a reception for relatives
and Intimate friends at the home of the
bride's parents. Sllss Slesslnger will
have a matron of honor, Sirs. Jamea
Percy Smith, ana four bridesmaid?, SIIes
Anna Graham Blglow of New York, Sllss
Amy Ketchammaln of Brooklyn, Sllss
Maud Cooper Christian of East Orange
and Sllss June Ewlng of Decatur. HI.
Edgar A Fitter will be the best man.
The ushers will be Stessrs. Lemuel C.
Blglow of Cranford, N. J.; James How
ard Morris, Russell G. Slorrla and Wal
ter J. Nichols of New York, James Percy
Smith and Henry Martyn Slesslnger of
Brooklyn. Sllss Slesslnger during the
war served with the American Red Cross
In Franre as a hospital hut worker. Sir.
Blglow Joined the Red Cross in Franc
in 1917 and served as treasurer.
One of the brides of the week will be
Sllss Dorothy Eleanor Meigs, daughter
of Sir. and Sirs. Charts Hardy Steigs.
She will be married to Dr. Robert Stunzl.
a son of Mr. and Sirs. Robert Stunzi
Sprungll of Zurich. Switzerland, on Sat
urday at tho home of her parents In
Forest Hills, Garden City. Sllss Slelgs
was graduated from Vassar and Dr.
Stunzl from the University of Lausanne,
Sllss Slelgs will be attended by Sllss
Ruth Goss of this city as maid of honor
and Sllss Ida Meigs and Miss Beatrice
Slelgs. her sisters, as bridesmaids. Sirs.
Theodore Kenyon of Summit, N. J.; Mrs.
Embree de Ralsones of Flushing, L. I.
Mrs. Slatthow P. Gaffney of this city,
Sirs. Bumham Ball of Plalnfleld, Sirs.
William W. Tronch of Schenectady. Sirs.
Charles Burrago of Slllford, Conn.; Slisa
Natalie Gregory of Brooklyn and Sllss
Anna Splesman of Philadelphia will be
the ribbon bearers. Dr. Stunzl and his
bride will go to Japan, where they ex
pect to remain three years.
Saturday, April 17, Is the date selected
by Miss Beatrice Woodruff, daughter of
Sir. and Mrs. John S. Woodruff of this
city, for her marriage to Sir. J. H. G.
Mills, Jr., son of Sir. and Mrs. J. 11. G.
Slllls of Englewood, N. J. The wedding
will take placo in the, Church of the
Epiphany and the ceremony will bo fol
lowed by a small reception at the Hotel
Miss AH?o May Bradley, daughter of
Sirs. A. M. Bradley of Washington, waa
married to Lieut Alan H. 8. Synge,
recently of the R. A, F., on Slarch C. In
the Church of the Beloved Disciple. The
bride Is a granddaughter of the late Sir.
and Sirs. John Dtran of Trenton N. J.
Lieut Synge la the son of Col. Robert
Follott Synge, Highland Lttfhl Iiifttnlry,
and grandson of Gen. W. J. Stuart of
Buncrana Castle, County Donegal, Ire
land. His mother Is the English actres,
Charlotte Granville, who Is now appsir
Inr with Jn CowL ,

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