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Piny to bo Gvcn for Building
Fund of Federation
ALTHOUGH Ml-Careme has come
and gone Lenten gayotlea a how
no sign of letting up, and the
! number of entertainments arranged
i for the Intervening daya before Easter
j will make the social calendar un-
j usually brilliant. In social club circles
a number of Interesting events arc be
ing planned and there will be no lack
of weddings, and In addition to these
entertainment for poat-Lcnten brides.
Written and presented by prominent
women of clubs under the auspices of
the board of directors of the New
Vork City Federation of Women's
Clubs, a clever little play in three
acta, entitled "One Woman's Hus
band," will be given at the Hotel Astor
on the afternoon of March 2! for the
benefit of the building fund of the
Federation Hotel.
Prominent members of the various
Clubs In tho federation will serve as
patronesses, others will be on the va
rious committees, and except at the
meetings or elections of tho federa
tion such an audience as will crowd
the ballroom for the event has rarely
born seen. Mrs. F. K. Bradner Is chair
man of tickets, which are selling at
12 and 3 each and may be had from
her at No. 350 West Twenty-first
Ym Harry Lilly Is president of the
federation, of which Mrs. Belle de Ri
vera was the founder and l honorary
president The ether officers include
Mrs It Percy Chittenden, Mrs. William
r Sporborg and Mrs. Louis Ralston,
first, second and third vice-presidents;
Mrs. Carroll L. Nichols, recording sec
retary ; Miss Genevieve K. B. Andrews,
corresponding secretary: Mrs. Henry G.
Hughes, traasurer; Mrs. Otto lUhn.
historian, and Mrs. May Barrett, chair
man of subscribing members. The di
rectors are Mrs. Austin Norman Palmer,
Borough of Manhattan; Mrs. V. H.
Sherman. Borough of Brooklyn : Mrs.
Clinton B. Smith, Borough of Queens;
Mrs Arthur Yetrnan, Boroujh of Rich
mond, and Mrs. James Brower Turk,
Borouch of Tho Bronx.
Rubinstein Club, Mr.". Wllllsm Rogers
Chapman president, will have Its fourth
sfternoon musicals of the season on
Saturday at the Waldorf-Astoria, The
programme will be. given by Miss Lilly
Meagher, soprano ; Edwin Johnson,
tenor, and Lester Donahue, pianist The
music will b followed by dancing. The
hostesses will include Mmes. Jesse W.
Hodden, D. de Dardenaa. Otto Mattef,
John II. Storer. Elizabeth Cornell, H. C.
Carter, T. W. Coles, G. B. Crawford, W.
Mliabaugh. Mary Duffy, Lutle H. Fech
helmer, A. Kltchelt, Joseph J. Ms4trath,
George Retchman, J. H. Rlker, W. H.
KHtrler. B. Valentine, W. H. Van Tassell,
W. II. Wittal and P. H. Zitelman
The ushers will be the Misses Helen
Csrter, Gladys Backus. Madeleine Clark,
Claudino Field, Katherlne Field. Ellza
Icih Fisher Margaret Fisher, Mar
guerite Husrhes. Dorothy Hughes, Bllth
Holch, M. B. Kltchelt. Ethel Langstroth.
and Helen Merryman. Mrs. Miller, sirs.
P D. Powers, the Misses P. F. Retzchner,
Amy Bchaefer. Salla Burin, Grace Bttn
ton, F. Storer, Eienor Verplller, C L
Veldrane, Doris Wlghtlng and Edith
Sorosls, generally known as The
Mother of Clubs," will celebrate Its fifty
second birthday to-morrow with a social
meeting and breakfast at the Waldorf
Astoria. "The Noble Uses of poetry"
will bo the subject of the day and will
bo presented by Miss May Riley Smith,
who will speak on that subject. A num
ber of club presidents and poets will be
the principal guests of Sorosls and con
tribute to the programme. Mrs. Edwin
Markham will give "A Word and a
Poem" : Lady Leonora Epeyer will talk
about "The Naturalist on a June Sun
day": Miss Anna Hempstead Branch
will talk about "Poetry at Chrlstodora
House"; Miss Angela Morgan will con
tribute a poem, "God Prays," and Miss
Louise Drlscoll also will recite. Miss
Nlnnlo Carey Stlne. contralto, and Miss
Marian Havlland, soprano, wilt sing.
At the last regular business meeting
of Sorosls there was an election of chair
men of committees and new members
were received Into the ctub. Tho chair
men elected were as follows: Miss
Helen Ferris, reception : Miss Estelle H.
Warner, education ; Miss Lydla B. Gray,
music; Miss Lydla J. Wood, philan
thropy: Miss Edith M. Johnson, house
and home : Miss M. Helen Hicks, litera
ture: Mies Emmellne Condlct science;
Miss Mary McKelvey, current events:
Miss Emma. F. Turtle, art, and Miss
Jessie E. Moffat, drama. The new
members admitted were 'Mrs. Thomas
Agnew. Mrs. William H. Laird and Mrs.
John Kehm. Mrs. John Lewis Chllds,
president of Sorosls, made her annual
On Wednesday and Thursday the di
rectors of the Victoria Home for Aged
British Men and Woman, Mrs. J. Elliot
Langstatf president, will hold a bazaar
In the Unitarian Parish House. Clinton
avenue. New Brighton. 8. I., which may
be reached by boats from South Ferry
to Pt George and from there by trolley
to Clinton avenue or by Rapid Transit
to Snug Harbor station. There will be a
musical programme In addition to the
usual bazaar features, which will Include
stalls for tho sale of flowers and fruits,
home made bread, cakes and candles,
children's clothing, fancy articles, sta
tionery, groceries, a twenty-five cent
table and a "Victoria Homo" table, en
tirely furnished and presided 6ver by
women from the home.
There will be a bridge room for cards,
open both afternoons and evenings, and
tea will be served from I until 6 o clock
and supper from S until 7:30 o'clock. Do
nations of articles for the fair may be
sent to Mrs. Fletcher, Sailors' Snug Har
bor, New Brighton, S. I., and money
contributions will be received by Mrs.
Henry Pikfl, 15) West End avenue.
On the calendar of the Young Women's
Christian Association the days between
March 22 and 29 will be "Woman's Prog
ress Week," under the auspices of the
association. It will be a notable one, for
the cooperation of various patriotic and
other societies has been promised to pay
a tribute then to some of the women who
have helped to mike history. Among
thosa to be honored are Martha Wash
ington, Susan B. Anthony, Joan of Arc,
Queen Victoria and Florenco Nightin
gale. Representatives of groups inter
ested in Colonial and Revolutionary
times met recently to complete plans for
the Martha Washington day. Mrs. Will
iam It. Stewart, president of the Patriotic
Women of America, was the temporary
chairman. She Is a member of the Co
lonial Dames, Daughters of the Ameri
can Revolution and similar organiza
tions. Some of those who are Interested In
the Martha Washington celebration In
clude Mr. Oliver B. Brldgman, S. A. It ;
Mr. Henry S. Klssam, president of the
Order of Founders and Patriots; Mr.
William G. Bates, commandant of the
Veteran Corps of Artillery; Justice
Francis K. Pendleton, vice-president of
the New York Society of the Cincinnati;
Mr. W. Lanier Washington, descendant
of General Washington; Mr. Walter B.
Tufts, of the Washington Continental
Guard ; Mrs. Hamilton It Fairfax, presi
dent Colonial Dames of the State of
New Vork; Miss Ruth Lawrence,
Daughters of the Cincinnati; Mrs. John
Francis Vawger and Mrs. Victor Fred
rlchson. Daughters of the American
Revolution; Mrs. J. F. Hemenway. Stnte
Regent Daughters of the Revolution,
and Mrs. Henry P. Davison, represent
ing the Young Women's Christian As
sociation. Mrs. A. M. Palmer, president of the
Rainy Day Club of America, will resume
her duties on Wednesday as chief ex
ecutive officer after her long and
serious Illness. There-will be a regular
business meeting of the. club at the
Hotel Astor, which it is hoped will be
attended by all the members of the or
ganization in order to welcome their
popular president.
Mrs. J. Seferen Ennls gave a recep
tion and bridge for the members of the
Rainy Day Club recently at her home,
165 West Seventy-ninth street. Those
who won prizes at the card games were
Mmes. Francis E. Hadley. Grace Ellin
wood, Carl Cronemeyer, L. F. Bardwell,
Robert Dale Johnston. David Lauferty,
William A. Geering, Frances H. Abra
hnll. Louis Ralston and James V. Ire
land. Miss Ella Louise Henderson,
Mmes. William J. Hurrell, Emma Jean
Hagan and J, C. de Winter.
The New Tork Theatre Club, Mrs
Belle de Rivera president, vill have its
At the recent meeting of the South
land Club, Mrs. Simon Baruch president
which was held at the waldorf-Astcrla,
the programme Included some 0. Henry
stories, a planologue by Miss Virginia
Powell, original poems by Miss Laura
Simmons, songs by Miss Marie Doyle and
Master Robert Wlnternitr and Spanish
dancing by Mrs. Duval Moss. Mr- Will
iam Tyroler was at the piano, Mrs. G.
T. Winternltx was chairman of the day.
At the last meeting of "Le Lyceum"
Soclete des Femmes de France, Mme.
Carlo Polifeme president, Miss Elisabeth
Marbury and Mme. Katherlne von Klcn
ncr were the guests of honor. Miss Mar
bury gave an Interesting description of
travelling In France last summer and
visiting the chapel which Marshal Foch
attended. Prof. d'Amour gave an ad
dress on "The Transfiguration of
France.'" It was announced at the meet
ing that the monument to Jeanne d'Arc
will reach this country soon. At the
club's meeting on the second Sunday In
May Mr. Gaston Llebert French Consul
GenerAl will preside. The Salon de
Causerie met at tho home of the presi
dent on Thursday. Members of the book
committee took part and there were
recitations and music.
Mrs. J. Hedges Crowell of IM4 Fifth
avenue, first vice-president of the Legis
lative League, entertained the members
of the league's board at the recent lun
cheon given by the Woman's Press Club,
The Chicago Woman's Club of New.
Tork, Mrs. Walter H. Gahagan presi
dent, had a specially Interesting meeting
on Monday at the Hotel Astor, a recital
by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene P. Arnold who
gave a programme of music and mono
logues. It was their last appearance be
fore smarting for their new home in Chi
tea. Mrs. Julian Heath gave a reception for
cago. The programme was followed by
the 500 members of the National Society
Patriotic Women of America recently at
her home, 327 West 101st street Mrs.
William R. Stewart, president of the or
ganization, received with the hostess be
tween the hours of 3 and 6 P. M.
During the afternoon Mr. Alfred E.
Henderson spoke on "Constructive
Americanism" and J. Henry Smythe,
LoYAtry League and the WomenIs
campaign committee of the.
Navy club, on the evening of
friday (march i9h)atth&
grand central palace.
photo bv waits scott Jmihm
Jr , of T. W. C. A. made an appeal for
the last week In March to be woman s
week, when the memories of such
world famous women as Dolly Madison,
Susan B. Anthony, Martha Washington,
Julia Ward Howe, Joan of Arc, Queen
Victoria and Florence Nightingale may
be given the deference due to them.
Mrs. William John Watson, who has
Just returned from many months over
seas, recited Henry van Dyke's "Ameri
ca for Me" and "The Land of Beginning
Again," by Booth Tarklngton.
Mrs. Homer Lee and the sister of the
hostess served tea and coffee, assisted
by Mrs. R. Gordon Walker, Miss Hobbs,
Miss Victoria Fields, Miss Mary Mcln-
tyre, Miss Stokes and Miss Drullard.
Phalo, Mrs. James McCullagh presi
dent, met at the home of Mrs. M. D.
Doane, 15 West Nlnety-flrst street, last
Monday, The subject for the day was
"Economics,'' which was handled by the
chairman, Dr. Marlon Arvtno I'oleman,
who spoke specially upon "Capital and
Labor," whllo to Mrs. Baylls fell the
task of giving her views on the "Food
Problem." and much Information was
gained by the interpretation given In
the paper by Mrs. Radtke, entitled 'The
New Idea in Domestic Service."
The annual breakfast of tho club, un
der the chairmanship of Mrs. Mary C.
Pickett will take place on Monday,
April 26.
Tho next meeting takes place to-mor
row at the home of Mrs. Alexander Mc-
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Fifth Avenue at 45th St.
Clean, 230 Riverside Drive, whe:. "Re
ligion'' will be the topic of the day.
The Theatre Club, Mrs. John H.
Parker president, held Its regular social
day last Tuesday afternoon at the Hotel
Astor. In the absence of the president,
who is III, Mrs. Helen Wells, first vice
president, presided. The chairman of
programme, Mrs. Walter Gahagan, pre
sented the following speakers: Mr. Au
gustusVTbomas, Dr. O. E. Lewis and the
Rev. Bruce Clark, while the chairman
of music, Mrs. Maurice Llchtman, ren
dered a most attractive musical pro
gramme with tho following artists : Olo.
vannina de Blasllis, pianist; Mme. Adele
Bliss, soprano, and Miss Milch, violinist.
Owing to the indisposition of the presi
dent It was decided to forego the an
nual breakfast of the club for this year.
Tho "Famous Mrs. Fair' will be dis
cussed at the regular study day of the
club next Tuesday afternoon at the
Hotel Astor.
The Society of New Tork State
Women held Its regular monthly meet
ing at Hotel Astor Monday with a pro
gramme arranged by Mrs. Austin Fine,
gan. There were piano selections by
Mme. Lazar Snsovcr, barytone solos by
N'omislo A. Rltia, and Mme. Winifred
Lugrin Fahey, Canadian soprano, was
heard in several operatic numbers.
Brandon Tynan, playwright and actor,
who also Is president of tho Actors
Guild, spoke on "Drama," and there was
a parliamentary talk by Mrs. Cora
Welle? Trow.
Dr. Frances W. Monell, the president,
Under the auspices of the Schola Can
torum the last of the series of lecture
muslcales will be given on Thursday af
ternoon at the residence of Mr. Adolph
Lewlsohn, S81 Fifth avenue. Tho pro
gramme will be an interesting cne.
Howard Brockway -will speak on fo'k
song and Miss Lorraine Wymim will
sing. The lecture musicals has been
given each month during the winter at
the homes of some of those specially In
terested In the work of the Kchola Oao.
torura, Mrs. Vincent Astor, Mrs. Arthur
Curtlsa James, Mrs. Otto H. Kahn and
Mrs. Wlllard V. Btraltht. Plana ara
uhder way for a similar series neat year,
as this season1 entertainments have teen
so well received. The committer on lec
tures la composed of Mrs. Wlntbrop
Chanler. Mrs. Newbold Le Roy Edgar,
Mrs. Reginald Flncke. Mrs. Otto It
Kahn. Miss Alice Preston, Mrs. Horatio
N. Slater. Mrs. J. Frederick Tama and
Miss Lucille Thornton.
The New York Mozart Sodetr. Mrs.
Noble McConnell president, will give Jti
second concert of the season on Tiles
day evening In the ballroom of the Hotel
Astor. The artist will be Miss Anna
FlUlu. soprano of the Chicago Opera
Company, and Louis Oraveure. barytone,
and they will bo assisted by the Choral
Society under the dlrecUon of Richard T.
Percy, and accompanied by Churlea
Gilbert Spross.
During the Intermission In the pro
gramme the president will hold a recep
tion. Dancing and supper will follow the
concert. The annual breakfast of the
society will take place on Saturday.
May 1, In tho ballroom of the Hotel
Astor. Instead of the "White and Gold
Breakfast" of former years, the affair
will be known this year as a "Spring
time Festival and Breakfast In Pastels.
AH the women must appear In light
colors. Mrs. Samuel Gardner Bstabrock
Is chairman of the breakfast Two or
chestras will play and there will be
dancing for prises. Mrs. MoConnall will
present her chairmen of committees
with souvenirs.
Under the chairmanship of Mra. will
lam M. Haradon and with Mra Benjamin
Adrlance, active honorary chairman, a
dinner and dance will be given on May T
at the Hotel Astor. The dinner wfll ba
limited to 800, and promises to be. a bril
liant event Forty rnueldana will play
and motion pictures taken two year ago
of the pageant and ball for the bensflt
of the East Side Clinic for Women and
Children will be shown.
The Portia Club, Mrs, Henry Araerman
president will celebrate Its nineteenth
birthday on Saturday with a luncheon
at the Hotel Astor. Mrr. David Burr
Luckey Is chairman of the luncheon com
mittee. Among those who will take part
in the programme will be tho Rev. L.
Forman, D. D. : Chancellor Elmer E.
Brown. New Vork University; Mr. Ju
lius Henry Cohen and Mr. Florello H. La
Guardia, President of the Board of Al
dermen. Miss Marie Sweet Baker, so
prano, and Miss Margaret Sumner, Im
personator, also will contribute to the
aftornoon's entertainment
A large audience filled tha banrrom of
the Plaza Hotel yesterday f- the fifth
afternoon reception, musicals anil dance
for the season of the Beethovrw Society.
Mme. Alda Tanlnl-Tagllavla president A
programme was given by Miaa Edith
Scott Magna, soprano; Miss Katherlne
Richards, contralto ; Miss Elsa Foerster,
soprano; Henry Miller, basso, and the
Beethoven Choral. Among the hostesses
and ushers were Mra Frank Murray
Tench. Mrs. John K. Papasalraakes, Mra
Carl Jungen, Miss Slla Louise Hender
son, Miss Grace Elllnwood. Mra De
Laney J. Smith. Mrs. M. Frank Dennis,
Mrs. Edward Hull Smith, Misses Mar
guerite Hauicnback. Marjorie Hastings,
Claire Vial, Mildred Wedekind, Morna
Roblson. Helen Parker and Inza Lee.
The first evening card party will be
held at the Plaza Hotel March 2?.
Electlo Club, Mrs. Albert Canfleld
Bage president gave two gala events
last week, a large auction bridge In the
East Room of the Waldorf-Astoria for
the benefit of tha club's phllanthroplo
fund and a luncheon In the Waldorf
apartment The bridge realized nearly
$200. Mrs. Charles G. Braxroar was
the hostess and donated some of the
prizes, ellver card trays and candles.
There also were matinee tickets for
"Buddies," donated by the Selwyns. On
the committee, of which Mrs. A. L. Er-
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Furs Placed in Cold Storage
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Bates for Securities and Valuable.
42nd Street, opp. Grand Central Terminal
(O Spring Opening
showing their complete collection of
exclusive and absolutely original
Models in
Exhibition daily Jrom 10 to
12 A. M. and 2 to 5 P. M.

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