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F . Contimni from Pricedlng Page.
Inrer mi chairman, wera Mn, John
Jordon and Mrs. Charles Otten. The
Club maintains a room at the City Fed
ration Hotel for Girls. The luncheon
and regular fortnightly meeting of
Eclectlo on Wednesday brought out a
large attendance of the club's members.
Mrs. Douglas Robinson read an original
Eoem, "Sagamore," in honor of her
rother, the late Col Theodora Hoose
velt The Rev. Dr. Nathan A. Beagle
spoke on "Women In Citizenship," and
Dr. Edwin Lelbfreed read a number of
nis own poems, umer guests of honor
who BDollfl WPrA Mm r.
rrfslrtent of the State Federation of
ivoiiiciiB iuob; miss Mary Uarrctt
nay, juiss Kllsaboth ilnrbury, Mrs.
jiciijaiiun i mice nna jiiss jsvelyn Gold
smith of ths Fox Hills Hospital for Sol
The artists who contributed to the
programme were Miss Bertha Lansing
Rodgers, contralto, and Norman Jollffo,
barytone. They were nccompanled by
Max iteming, sirs. George V. Blark
burne was chairman of the day; Mrs
Darwin W. Truss, rhnirmnn nf Inn
and Mrs. Louis Henry Matthjsx, chair
man of reception. Other chairmen who
assisted In making tho entertainment a
success inciuuen Mmes, unaries J I. urlr
fin, Adolphus Ragan, Thollef S. B. N.
Nielsen and Charles Ci. TlrnTtnnr
Eclectlo will have Its next card party
on March 23 at tho residence of Mrs.
mcnara noanques, 133 west Seventy
fifth street
The Daughters of Indiana, Miss Mary
Oarrstt Hay president, will have their
March meeting to-morrow nt the Hotel
McAIpln. Mr. Bird S. Coler, Commis
sioner of Charities and Correction, will
peak. Mrs. Martinua Andersen Is
chairman of the day.
Ths Society at Rllnols Women in New
Tork. Mrs. Thomas Slacfc president, will
have Its next meeting at the Hotel Astor
on Tnursday. Music will be the feature
of the day and Mrs. M. W. Oldham will
have charge of the progamme. To thfe
Miss Louise Stalllngs will contribute a
group of songs by Mrs. Constance Hcr
reschoff, who will be at tho plana Mrs.
Oldham will read a paper on the "Early
Pioneer Days In Illinois" and a review
of the convention of tho New York City
Federation of Women's Clubs will be
given by Mrs. H. W. Oldstcad. Mrs.
Blaoa wlu speak on current events.
Ths Manhattan Matinee Club. Mrs.
Jessie Emerson Moffat president, which
supports a FVench orphan and two
American girls, will hold Its luncheons.
business meetings and dances In the fu
ture at the Waldorf-Astoria. A large
theatre party to see Clifton Crawford In
'My Lady Friends" at the Comedy The
atre was held last Tuesday. Mrs. Lowell
Mason was hostess; Next Wednesday,
March 17, the club will see "Monsieur
Beauoalrer at the New Amsterdam The
atre, following a luncheon at the Wal
dorf-Astorla, Mrs. H. C Clark Is the
chairman of arrangements. New mem
bers Include Mmes. Edward B. Williams,
Jacob Berry. William Spring, E. D. Tier
tier, MasumI Esaki, W. M. Croiler, It. S.
Hastings and O. M. B. Ltnd.
Theorla, Mrs. G-eorge Harold Wood
president, will give a rose bridge and
dance In the ballroom of the Plaza Ho
tel on April 17. Plans for the enter
tainments were discussed on Wednes
day at a business meeting which pre
ceded the club's monthly luncheon In the
Old Dominion rooms at Murray's. At
ths close of the luncheon the orchestra
played a medley of patriotic and popular
songs, In which thoso present Joined.
There were about 250 members and
their guests, who later attended tho
matinee performance of "The Acquittal."
Mrs. Wood made a brief address at tho
luncheon and Introduced the guests of
honor, Miss Nanco O'Nell and Miss Rita
Welman, author of "The Acquittal."
Mrs. Marie Burroughs Livingston re
cited. The club will have a special
luncheon for members only on March 24
and afterward attend the performance
of "Monsieur Beaucairc," 1
Under the patronage of the auxiliary
committee of the New Tork Clinic for
Speech Defects a rummage sale will be
hold on Thursday and Friday at 641
Third avenue for the benefit of the
clinic The doors will open at in
o'clock. Articles of every description
will be gratefully received on Wcdnes-
day. Mrs. Samuel C. Van Dusen Is
chairman of the auxiliary committee.
Mrs. -William B. Chase, secretary and
Mrs. John E. Mackenty, treasurer.
Associated with them aro Mrs. Smith
Thompson. Mrs. Charles M. Connfelt,
Mmes. S. McCullagh, C. D. Russell. R.
Deganer, Charles McKay, Dudley Coop
er, Harmon Smith, M. A. Spencer, Will
lam P. Howe, G. Van Santvoord Camp,
Grace Hartley Jenkins, Auguste P. Mon
tant, Ralph H. Graves, James Bowen,
E. Howard Martin. E. Osborn Smith.
Louis Livingston Seaman, Albert Blge
low Paine, Ralph Johnson, Miss Edith
O'Connor and Mrs. Slocum,
The University Forum of America will
have a St Patrick eve celebration on
Tuesday night at its headquarters, 203
iv.er fvJInfttv.fhlr RfrApt. Tho nrwri-
dent Dr. Alexander dimming, will talk
on 'Sf -Patrick thn Crusader." and
will ha Trili nrlrpn and fa-ora
During the evening a Virginia reel will
be danced. Mr. Robert M. Fulton will
be the chairman and Miss Katharine A
Lovell hostess. The olub had a dance
last week, when the guest of honor, Mr.
Royal Dixon, made an address. Mia
Eleanor F. Phillips was the hostess.
The club's calendar for the balance of
ttia season Includes an Informal dance
on March 23, a cotillon at the Hotel des
Artistes on March 30, another Informal
dance on April 6 at ths club's head
quarters, where thero will bo dances on
April IS and 30, and a military ball on
April 27 at tha Hotel dee Artistes.
tfte club aro on tha committee of ar
rangement, of which Mr. John Thomas
Egan la chairman. They Include Misses
juun urewmer, isabelle Jennlnjis, May
urannon, Florence uucKley, Clare Con
way, Louise Jacob, Ann B. Keegan,
timire Lovasseur. Minna Iusrarid. Anto
nette Mardrus, Kathcrlne McCall, May
Murphy, Elisabeth Murphy, Marjorle
t'enncramer, Katherlne O'Donohoe, Fay
winsion ana Marie saphore. Mrs. Har
riot Levaasour, Mrs. Norah McCall and
Mrs. Bernard L. O'Donnell.
Also Messrs. J, Murray Ambrose, John
A, Blake, Joseph L. Beha, Carroll Brew
ster, Pierce Davtes, John F. Brosnan,
John E. Donnelly. F, E. Fonseca. W. J.
Flnan, John P. Egan, Kennetn B. Fox,
Paul T, Kammerer, Roger J. Helsler,
Robert Kunzlmer, Frank A. McHugh,
Peter J. McGovern, Jr., F. Raymond Mc
Donald, John A. McCall. William F.
McManus, George E. Morrlssey. Frank
O'Brien, Joseph A. McLaughlin, Warner
C. Pyne, Thomaa E. Rudden, William E,
Slattery, James Smith, Jr., Thaddous
Ughetta and Chester A. Williams. Ths
president of the club Is Ambroso McCon
nelL John H. Keegan, Frank E. Ede-
bohls, Dr. James Moran and Frank Cole
man, Jr., are the vice-presidents. Will
iam E. La Plants Is the secretary; Dan
iel A. Cuulllnan treasurer and the chap
lain is" the Rev. Dr. A. N. Arclbal,
S. P. M.
Tho Women's Motor Corp of Amer
ica, which did such excellent service
during tha war under the direction of
CoL Helen R. Bastedo, will give a dance
at the Rltz-Carlton on April 15. CoL
Bastedo hopes to raise at least 32,000
through the entertainment This will be
preceded by a reception to tho members
of the theatrical profession. The
Women's Motor Corps and tho stage
have been closely allied slnos tho for
mer's organization.
Under tho patronage of Mrs. B. Hln-
man Bird, Mrs. William B. Dlnsmore,
Mrs. Stuart Duncan, Mrs. George C.
Kobbe. Mrs. Clarence O. Campbell, Mrs.
Frederick Osborn. Mrs. Richard Trimble,
Mrs. Herbert Shlpman, Mrs. Otis Skinner.
Miss Elsa Maxwell and Mrs. Mary Ray
mond Bhipman Andrews a children's
hour of song and story was given yes
terday morning by Miss Nancy Van
Kirk at the Plaza Hotel. She came here
by Invitation from those Interested In
the establishment on a permanent basis
In this city of a children s theatre.
Miss Van Kirk divided her entertain
ment Into two groups of songs and sto
ries, those of Colonial days and others
in which Dutch nursery rhymes and
stories figured, as well as tho songs
which were popular in this part of the
world when New Tork was eettled by
the Dutch. It is planned to make the
playhouse for the children as Interesting
and novel and entertaining as the places
of amusement devoted to their elders,
and If Miss Van Kirk's plans are
successful the scheme will become na
tional in scope and theatres will be ar
ranged In all the large cities which will
The James Henry Parker Chapter,
United Daughters of the Confederacy,
Mrs, Charles Goldsboro president will
havo Its annual President's Day enter
tainment to-morrow afternoon nt the
Hotel Astor. Mrs. Douglas Robinson
and Mrs. Herbert Corey will be tho
RDeakers. The miAst of hnnor will In
clude Mrs. Harry Lilly, president of th1
City Federation of Women's Clubs: Miss
Helen Varlck Boswell, Mrs. James
Henry Parker, Mrs. Ralph Trautman.
Mrs. Walter Comly and Mrs. Herbert
The Dramatic Art Society, Alfred E.
Henderson president will havo Its first
social evening on Thursday at tho Hotel
Aator. The subject for discussion will
bo "The Modern Quiet Method of Han
dling Dramatic Situations." This will
bo In line with tho object of the new
society. Miss Allco Mcrtens, contralto,
will sing a group of songs, accompanied
by Raymond Vlckcrs. Mrs. Florence
Foster Jenkins will be chairman of
music. Mr. Henderson will read "A
Well Remembered Voice," by James M.
Rarrle. Guest cards may be obtained
from the secretary, room 1140, Aeolian
A bridge party was given recently at
the Hotel Marseilles for the benefit of
the Porto Rican earthquake relief fund.
The Marquette dob will have a St
TaijieX celebration. It will bo on the
evanln of March 17 and will bo held
la tho ballroom of tho Plaza HoteL The
minstrel performance by one hundred
boyi of the Cathedral College, under
the 'direction of the Rev. John J. M.
McQuinn, which Is being given through
out the city, will be the chief feature
of tho entertainment and will be fol
lowed by a dance Fifty members of
of which Mrs. Clarence E. Ferguson Is
secretary. It was arranged by Mmes.
James MacManus, M. E. Oliver, Forrest
Spann Figsby and Clarence B. Ferguson.
It will be Mills College Day at the
National California Club on Tuesday at
the Waldorf-Astoria, and Mills College :
Alumnw, of which Ml&s Katherlne Scud-1
der Is president will furnish the pro-1
gramme. j
The officers of the organization are 1
Sirs. Thomas J. Vivian, president; Mrs.
Henry L. Harrison. Mrs. Milton V.
.Snyder, Mrs. G. Upton Hallett, vice-1
presidents; Mrs. George E. uoruon, re
cording secretary; Mrs. Louis W. Butler,
corresponding secretary; Miss Margaret
E. McCann, treasurer, and Mrs. Bert
Munday, recorder. The directors are J
Mrs. Angler B. Hobbs. Mrs. George
Severn, Mrs. Russell Bassett Mrs.
Louis C. Smlthgall. Mrs. Wolsey W. Col
line Mrs. .). T. Odeli and Mrs. William
T. Martin.
The meeting held Thursday at Hotel
Gregorian by the Congress of States So
cieties was In charge of the Wisconsin
Women's Society, with Mrs. Charles J.
Pearson, chairman; ths Daughters of
Indiana, Mrs. William C. Cauble, chair
man, and the Daughters of New Jer
sey, Mrs. Emma Kip Edwards, chair
man. Mrs. Pearson, for Wisconsin, pre
sented Kenneth McGowan, director of
the Drama League, who gave a twenty
fHe minute talk on "The Organized
Muslo and recitations also were on the
programme, 'which began at three
The regular meeting of tho New Tork
Browning Society was held Wednesday
at Waldorf-Astoria, the business session
called at two o'clock by the president,
Mrs. John Holley Clark. At twenty min
utes to three there was an unusual pro
gramma with Mrs. Olcott Payne of Phil
adelphia, the chairman, who. after ap-
Beautiful, Guaranteed: lgggprsgajj
On Convenient Terms
TRolls of Player Ifnslc f A beautiful
Player Bench. IDellvery to your home.
for dtll of this (Kit salt, u wtll
si fleUiU of our QMd pUso btnilni.
Kims,,, arrM?
' sn
proprlaU preliminary remarks, rttA "By
the Fireside." Two other poems for dis
cussion were "Any Wife to Any Hus
band" and "James Lee's Wife," Mr.
William Griffith, poet and editor, spoke
on "The Marriage of Poets." Tho after
noon closed with a discussion from the
floor, each speaker being allowed two
Tho Now Tork Legislative Xaue,
Mrs. Thomaa Slack president held Its
March meeting on Thursday at the Wal
dorf-Astoria. There was a large at
tendance and ths following new mem
bera were received In the league: Mrs
Martin T. Ford, Mrs. Henry M. Olm
sted, Mrs. Ella O'Gorman Stanton, Mrs,
Carlos A. Borum, Mrs. C L. White, Jr.,
Mr. John I rettlt Mrs. W. L. Mahon,
Miss A,' J. McGuIro and Mrs. Emma
The league president arranged on open
forum, taking up many bills now pend
Ing at Albany and In Congress. Among
thoso who spoke from the floor were
Mrs. Janetto Boynton on bill 69, antl-
vivisection; Mrs. K. A. Guilford, repeal
of capital punishment; Mrs. Lillian Sire,
for daylight saving bill; Mrs. John Jo
seph, MacDonald, favoring the farmers,
spoke against the daylight saving bill;
Mrs. Josephine Smart, against breaking
down civil service laws In policewoman's
bill; Mrs. Nellie B." Van Bllngerland. for
civil service; Mrs. W. B. Hale, bill for
placing iiooseveirs meaauion on two cent
coins; Mrs. Julia Goldzler. on welfare
and Industrial bills.
The league president Mrs, Slack, rave
an Interesting explanation of the five
Presidential disability fallUs now before
Congress. She also spoke of the rent
profiteering bills, tenement laws, teach
ers' Increase In pay, victory hall, etc.
Mrs. E. A. Alspaugh reviewed the New
Tork City Federation of Women's Clubs
convention. Mr. J. J. Malloy, confl
denttal clerk nt Sing Sing under Ave
successive wardens, gave an Instructive
ltoture regarding his "Work with Dis
charged Prisoners."
Bench, Cover, 12 Player Rolls
and Cartage Included
Including 12 Player Rolls, Bench,
Cover and Cartage
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Tailored Suits, $59.50
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SO EXTREMELY SMART are tho spring tailleura that wo have
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Though but three are pictured, there are at least a dozen models from
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The braid bound model introduces novel pockets inset in smart
fashion in the belted coat.
The Tuxedo collar model has a waistcoat of fancy silk and wool vesting and
Is finished with cord braid.
The embroidered model Is qulto elaborate with braiding and has long Tuxedo
rovers, fastened with link buttons. s
Suits of marked distinction, every one in the collection, and intro
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Second floor.
Georgette Crepe Blouses
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Quito the smartest of spring models, these, in tho suit shades navy,
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many dainty flesh and white Blouses in tho collection.
Models with new stylo features; waist-deep collars, square collars,
Tuxedo and shawl collars; others collarless with youthful round necks;
some Bhort and three-quarter sleeves; vest effects, yoke effects, over-blouse
effects, slip-on effects, with elaborations of hand-embroidery in Bilk, chenille,
wool, beads, gilt thread. Tucks and hemstitching add to their Bmartnesi.
Supplementing the special purchase are a number of models taken
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, effects; mainly navy blue, taupe, green and black.
Never Were Better Blouse Values Offered
"How Often Have I
Wished for This!"
HAS THE WISH, on your part, really asserted
itself? Have you reached the point where
there is an earnest, sincere desire to have a
Baby Grand Piano? If so, there is something here,
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Many Homes Have Waited
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The Milton
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The Loeser Guarantee
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Come and Hear
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Examine it criticallyt from case to action. Take
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YOU are the purchaser, it is for YOU to be pleased,
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Frederick Loeser & Co.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.
Dear Sirs: Kindly send me full information about the
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a piano to exchange. No obliga
tion is implied.
None sent C. O. D.
None reserved for mall or telephone orders.
Second Floor.
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Men's Overcoats
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$4.98 Fruit Dishes, $3.98
$4.98 Ten-Inch Vases, $3.98
$8.98 Apple Bowls, $5;98
$7.98 Ice Cream Trays, $5.98
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