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Launching of U. S. S. Maryland, America's Greatest Fighting Vessel
O nicer of Aiuncintltm Har Army
Surpltia la NckIIkUiIc.
WasiuncitoN, March 21.Tho canning
Industry wan advised to-day by counsel
for its national association that rcportu
concerning existing army surplus stocks
of canned vegetables had been "greatly
A report from tho War Department
showing that 175,000 cases of tomatoes
and 3G,000 cases of peas, nil on hand,
would bo placed on sale In April, was
sent to the trade along with tho an
nouncement by counsel that this amount
wns so small "as to havo no serious ef
fect upon tho market for canned goods
to bo" produced this yenr."
Pearb and Q)lamoias
ofRare Quality
Jlnmor, Tnthos nnd Donuncla
ton Used in Trying to Tush
John Off Entire Earth.
Tolls Mnrquctto Clnl) Me Ts Off j
To-tlny to Eight for Dry
Nehrnskn Del rentes.
Not only Is prohibition horp, but It Is
hero to May. Furthermore, William
Jennings Hrynn, turned CO Just threo
dayu dro, looks forward corfldcntly to
teeliiB the day when It push last
kaloon oft the faeo of the earth.
This was the essence of an address
delivered by Mr. Uryan yesterday after
roon beforo tho Martiuctto Club In the
crand ballroom of tho Waldorf-Astoria
It as a speech In which Mr. llryan
personally and solitarily surrounded al
cohol In nil its synonyms, Including the
iniuh discussed light wines and beers,
rid remorselessly crushed It to death
lie attacked It simultaneously from all
;Wnts of tho oratorical compass and in
ringing words and In lowered voice, with
'imior and with pathos, and by sheer
dtnunclatlon sought to sweep It from
man's reach forever.
"I want thoso. whoso efforts brought
prohibition atrout to know that the coun
try vUP never go back," ho wild. "I
vunt thoso who oppose It to know that
thi ir efforts aro futile. Tho saloon Is
as drad In tne United States as Mavery.
It has been my great pleasuro to &oe
lew all tho churches In the country aro
niiitslng their forces In the light. Wo
row have the conscience of the nation
,Miied and It will not turn back."
Total abstlnenco was a point raised
strongly by Mr. Hryati In speaking of
tl.f enforcement of tho law. Moderate
in inkers received no sympathy from
J. mi. und ho quoted scientists on tho
etct of a single glass of beer, an effect
whii-h lingered for thirty hours, ho
ViciTS of Personal Lllu'rlr-
On the subject of personal liberty tho
BKiiker was brief.
"When a man tells me I am Inter
fering with his personal liberty In clos
ing a saloon my answer Is that when
I Ffo a man or woman beating a child
I Interfere, and When I see a man or
voman cursing an unborn child by
drinking, then as a patriotic action I
Mr. Bryan ndmltted that ten years
npo, when he started out on his cam
ja.cn against alcohol, ho had no Idea
lbnt his own State, much less that this
inuntry, would be dry at this tlmv. He
now felt entirely contldent. however,
that re would witness the day when
th re would not be a saloon under any
When I entered the fight against
alcohol ten years ago I made an nd
ilr."!, not for national or State prohi
bition, but for county option," he said.
"Tin Hnuor men had so terror. zed tho
city of Omaha, where I first spoke,
that although I was- a candidate for !
I'tu'diMit three times I eou'd not find
AIHI'LANK photographs of tho launching of tho Maryland, most powerful
and speediest supcrdreadnought yet constructed for tho United States
Navy, reached this city last night from Norfolk, Va. Tho Maryland
was launched on Saturday at Newport News shipyard, and shot out Into
tho James Itlver for nlmost half a mile beforo tho tuga could halt her. Ono
of tho tugs, a big seagoing craft, shown besldo tho Maryland In tho abovo
nhotoirranh. reveals tho hUDcrdrcadnought's slzo by comparison.
Tho Maryland will mount the first sixteen inch turret guns ever placed
on a battleship. They will be placod In four batteries. Tho vossel will bo
electrically driven. Her full load displacement Is 33.100 tons, her length 021
feet, and her beam. 07 feet. When launched she was 75 per cent, completed.
a single prominent Democrat to Intro
duco me. I had to hire the hall my
self. I put my hat and coat on a chair
and then addressed the chair. My sub
ject was, 'Tho Democratic Purty Shall
Not Die of Delirium Tremens.
"To-morrow I am going buck to Ne
braska to fight to represent Nobranka
in tho national convention, and tho
only reason there Is a fight Is that I
am for prohibition."
Ho praised Republican and Demo
cratic parties alike for their attitude
In regard to prohibition, pointing out
that Its adoption had been, non
partisan. Money for the Wet I.uu.ver.i.
"As long as tho booze fund holds out
thero will be wet lawyers, for I know
something nbout lawyers," Dryan said.
"Hut It looks ns If tho wet lawyers
would make more money towing the
dead body of John Ilnrleycorn out of
the stream than they would If they
rescued him alive."
.Mr. Bryan reild little about the Presi
dential situation, but asserted that not
only will thero be no beer or wine
planks In the Democratic and Repub
lican platforms but that those advo
cating such planks will bo lucky If tho
subject Is left out entirely.
"Wo must see that no ono is elected
who Is pledged In ndvnnco to violate
his oath of office," ho said.
Miss Virginia I'"utrel!o of the Hippo
drome, daughter of Jacques Kutrelle,
tho writer, King several selections.
In tho mornlns Mr Rrun declared
at tho Grace Methodist Episcopal
Church that the world to-day needs a
whole-hearted. whole-minded and
whole-souled belief In (iod. He said
the growth of atheism and agnosticism
was due to religious training being
overlooked in the schools and univer
sities. He denounced the Darwinian
theory, which, he said, was not sup
ported by any evidence In God's uni
verse, but which was sapping faith In
In clon'ng he expressed the opinion
that Anuilca would In time be a part
of a leaguo of nations because of our
Chrldtinn teaching and understanding.
"What difference does It make what
p.uty Mini compared to the peace of
the world?" he diked.
Expected to Move That Assem
bly Call Anti-Saloon Man
I!eforo Uiir.
Sptctal to Tar. StiN A.s'D Sew Yoiik IltnAt.n
Ai.iiant, March 21. Tho prohibition
fight In tho Legislature has become
further Involved as a result of William
H. Anderson's repeated attacks on the
war veterans In tho Assembly and tho
demand made by Col. Hansom H. Gll
lett, Republican, that tho head of the
Anti-Saloon League bo called beforo the
har of the house for explanation.
Tho assaults on Col. Glllctt's patriot
ism havo aroused moro bitterness than
any other development in tho liquor
tight Even thoso members who are In
favor of rejecting tho beer bill are
insisting that something bo done to
curb Anderson. They are now demand
ing to know whether Speaker Sweet
sides with Anderson or whether ho will
stand with those in the Assembly who
aro demanding that Anderson be
Mr. Sweet has had his own troubles
with Anderson and tho Iatter's league
In his political battles In his district,
but in the right here for strict enforco.
mcnt and against the moderate dunk
bills ho has been force-.! Into the posi
tion of cooperating with Andcwn.
Quick to take advantage of the oppor
tunity, Anderson Is trying to convince
his following that in reality It Is he
who Is running the Assembly.
The Speaker never has approved In
any way Anderson's assaults on mem
bers of the Assembly. Those who have
been a-nalled now aio Insisting that the
Assembly, Including tho Speaker, stand
up and bo counted. Col. Glllett la ex
pected to make formal motion In the
Assembly to-morrow night demanding
that Anderson bo called before tho bar
to answer for his statements reflecting
on the soldiers.
Another Important question tho
Speaker will' be called on to decide this
week Is whether he will force a party
caucus to kill tho beer bill and forco
through the Thompson meamirc IndJrH
ing tho Volstead act. Anderson Is i'o
mandlng tho caucus and threatening the
Republican party with ruin If It does
not obey. Many of the Republicans, in
cluding the veterans nnd younger mem
bers, have declared their opposition to
the caucus. If they bolt It is regarded
as doubtful whether the Speaker can
control the house on the liquor Ipsiio,
Tho Republican leaders In the At
sembly aro trying to keep tho Socialist
and liquor issues separated and aro
having their hands full.
As Matter of Political Sanita
tion, He, Adds.
William H. Anderson, in an address
In a Newburgh church, nnnounced yes
terday that he is starting out to "save
New York city from lierst;f. After re
viewing tho stand of up-Stato counties
on prohibition enforcement, Mr. Ander
son said:
"If It were possiblo for New York
city to drlbblo to liell through a beer
funnel without dragging anybody vise
down tliero are pleiitv of people who
would say, 'Let her go!'"
Instead of excommunicating tho me
tropolis, however, Mr. Anderson favored
evangelism to boost out liquor. "The
entire State, tho nation and even the
worldwide movement for social better
ment are tied up with New York city,"
he said. "Therefore, It Is necessary for
us to save the city from herself. Just as
a matter of political sanitation, regard
less of vhethcr sho has tho Intelligence
to know sho needs It or tho moral senso
to desire It.
"New York newspapers havo charged
that the Autl-Saloon Leaguo has set the
up-Stato portion of tho commonwealth
against New York city. On ono point
wo ndmlt It. When New York city, un
der the leadership of newspapers that
have neither conscience nor moral bias
and only provincial intelligence that
stops with tho eastern bank of the Jlud
bon, sets herself against tho conscience
of tho nation we consider it an act of
good, citizenship to set tho rest of the
Stato against New York city In that
Wood Suggests Use
Bombs by Police.
Baltimore, March 21. The jso by
police of gas bombs In instance:! such
as developed last Friday morning, when
a lono negro, barricaded in a cellar,
held at bay 200 policemen for three
hours, has been suggested by Dr. Robert
W. Wood of Johns Hopkins University
"I (should favor a lachrymatory gad,
commonly called 'tear gas,' that would
temporarily blind the person sought by
the police, spoiling his shooting aim nnd
making him helpless," Dr. Wood said.
"Such a fas could havo been rrojected
Into tho cellar by tho simple act of
"A plentiful mipply of gas grenades
ought to be avallablo to the police forco
at comparatively s-mall coot. However,
It should bo borne In mind that the gas
mart for war purposes was Intended to
Inflict heavy casualties, while a gas suit
able for use by a police forco ought not
to indict permanent Injury, but merely
disable temporarily.
"A sneezing gas would bo effective 1n
police work. A squeezing gn mixed with
s. chloroform gat also should be good,
for the former would disclose the crim
inal's location and tho chloroform gas
would render him temporarily helpless."
The Store is closed at 5 P. M. daily
I. Alfauut & do.
Thirty-fourth Street Thkty-Hiffth Street
An Extraordinary SSlk Sal
for today (Monday) will offer
1, Yards of
AllSIl!k Crepe de Chine
(40 inches wide)
at the remarkably flow price of
$2o6 per yard
(Sale on the First Floor)
Electric Iron
From S3. 50
Electric Clothes Washer
From $125
Electric Chafing Dish
From 17.50
Electric Toaster
From 4.50
Ironing for a family of moderate size
adds only 70 cents to your monthly
electric li?ht bill
Electric Vibrator
From $7.50
An average family can have its cloth
ing washed for 1 5 cents a month
3 cents an hour for use
Twelve slices of toast made
for I cent
Electric Heating Pad
From $4.50
Electric Grill
From io
One hour of comfort for
one-half cent
A fraction of a cent is the cost for
applying the Vibrator, with
its invigorating results
Electric Vacuum Cleaner
From $38
Little Electric Servants in the Home
On Display at Our District Offices
1 (
These appliances, long recognized as efficient factors in the electrically
equipped home, may be secured from electrical contractors, shops and
agents located in almost every district throughout the city. They are also
on exhibition and in operation at our several Show Rooms
The New York Edison Company
zAt Your Service
District Offices where Electrical Appliances of all kinds are on display for the convenience of the public
424 Broadway- near Canal St 151 East 86th Stbet'n Lexington & 3rd Avcs
10 Irving Place corner 15th St 15 East 125th St near 5th Ave
124 West 42d St between B'way & 6th Ave 362 East 149th St near Courtlandt Ave
One can cook two or three things at
once and for 3 cents an hour in
electricity consumed
Electric Immersion Heater
From $4.50
3 cents foran hour's heating of liquids
by using this simple little device
Electric Dish Washer
From $125
555 Tremont Ave corner Monterey Ave
Night and Emergency Call : Watkins 3000
'Open Until Midnight
Cost to operate 1 cent an hour
Fifth Avenue Week
April Fifth to Tenth, IQ30 Exhibits of Art in Commerce
For a family of medium size all dishes
can be wahH and dried for not
more han 50 cents a
month for electricitv

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