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Win Diners Here That Meas
ure Will Bo Much to Cor
rect Evils.
iPredicfs Much Good Through
Arrnnginp: I'"es in Strong
Competitive Groups.
Walker V. Illnes, formerly Commls
rlaner General of llallroads, was the
principal speaker lat evcnlns at the
thirteenth annual dinner of the New
Torlc Alumni Chapter of Sigma Chi,
which was held In the McAlpIn Hotel.
Areloslzlnff for dlscusslns to irious a
iubjeet on n fooIhI occasion, Mr. Illncs
iMnnly Indorsed tho new ltnllroad
Transportation act aa a plr.ee of lcslala
tlon much needed nml one that Is likely
to bo a low? way to correct many of the
evils that heset railway management
prior to 1917.
Diirltyr that phaso of Governmental
relation to tho roads preceding Federal
control In 1517 thero iv;ui much In
writable confusion. Timt Is rnnwMlnl to
a (treat extent, ho mild, by the direct
rate makluc rulo embodied In the new
atatuto Kuaranteclnp a 6'i per cent,
return on the valuation of the railroads
ea a wholo and the additional provision
permitting the fixing of rites hlprh
mouk1i to provido 'j of 1 per cent, for
Hi purpose of proparty hcttermontf.
"That, I think, is n ktoM Improvement
upon the old system." t.M Mr. lllnea.
"Under the old s-yHcm the Inter.stato
Commoroo Commission had to hear the.
odium Of flxtnc tJm sUmlanls and life
rates, and nltn of uppiyitiR tnem in
practice. Cjnsrtsa ncm- r.xcs the stand
ard and leaca the IntcrMate ("ommTce
commission to apply It.
"Another unfortunate phase of the old
system v.ia that It was contrary to tlie
law for the utronser companies to ac
quire tho weaker ones, whrrras the new
law rccoBiilres tmd p"rmlt the conpoll
dutlon of different railroad Interests un
der proper safeguards and reBUlatlun. It
distinctly rccOBUlre") the propriety of
proupins tho railroads Into a few strong
competitive aystcniH. which I think Is a
treat and litncflclal chanso of policy.
Wonlil Compel Coniolldaf Ion.
Tersonally, howovcr," Mr. nines
added. "I have frravo doubts whether
the iKNrt result!! can ho attained with
out providing for compulsory ronsolida
tlons, and the new law as yet does not
g-o fo far as that."
Tho sneaker also pointed out that
imdor the old system there wac no ef
fective way of dealing with laoor proh
Isrns and controversies between tho rail
road managements and their employee
'Tho new statute hai made important
progress In that respect," ho t-a'd. "It
signifies a de.nrc that the road shad
establish boards of adjustments -n
which the management and tho em
ployees 6hall ln equally roprcantcd.
We. found that while tlio roads wcro un
der Federal control suOi boards almost
always arrived at an amicable adjust
ment of tho points In controversy and
that their pcsslona sreatly Improved re
lations between the management and
the employees
"But the new transportation net cocs
further. It creates a laboar board to
Im composed of irtne members, three of
whom are to be named directly by tho
Mrtploycs, three by tho management and
three aa representation of tho public,
who are to bo designated by the Presi
dent with tho confirmation of tho Sen
ate. Tills laboar board la to lnvcutl
eato and to report upon labor contro
versies, wage probloms and other dif
ferences In Instances whero tho adjust
ment boards have fallel to agree.
"Tho act docfl not compel cither nlde
to abide by tho finding of tho labor
uoaro, nor ioc it prohibit striKos. ji
relies upon tho power of public, wentl
mcnt to enforce concurrence with Its
roooirtmcndiitlons. Hut I am very hope
ful that It will bo substantially Buccew
tid In bringing about greatly Improved
Predict Vast Improvement
"In nil respects I regard tho new
ftatuto as promising a vast Improve
ment over railroad conditions as they
existed under private management and
operation prior to 1017. and, in my opin
ion, It tends largely to inmne the
causes for pessimism concerning the fu
ture of our railroads that existed Ije
foro that time."
Jtr. lllirfa pointed out that unfortu
nato features of tho present railroad sit
uation, Inevitable ns a result of their
position before and during war time,
wcro ahortago ot matorlal and equip
ment and tho high prices ol l.rnor.
'Tho roads, now that they have been
returned to privato management," hu
said, "are confronted by a very bcrlous
situation. They must mako up for tho
shortage of tho Inst four years. They
are confronted by a very largo business,
together with very Inadequate facilities
nnd equipment. Thero is danger, there
fore, that the public mny lxcomo die
contented with tho workings ot tho new
law before It has had a fair opportunity
to becoiim familiar with its many good
points. My hopo Is that tho publlo mny
appreciato that unfortunate condition
that now exist arc tho result of forces
that were wholly beyond human con
trol." Other speakers wcrtrtcphen T. Math
er, Commissioner of N'ntlonul Parks, and
Hoy Chapman Andrews of tho Ameri
can Museum of Natural History, who
Illustrated with moving pictures his tour
through Mongolia, where ho spent threo
years collecting specimens ot wild life.
The toastmastcr was Dr. J. H. Claiborne.
Poll of College Professors 3 to
1 for General.
Section of PlntMlinnr Street Sinks
nnil Hurler Them.
Frrtal h Tub Stv D New Vouk Hrr.Mn.
I'iattsburo. N. V. March 27
Thomas D. Long and Thomas Rallaghan
were killed and George Wade and Hob
crt Mllletto seriously injured this after
noon when a largo section of one ot the
liinrlpal business streets sank under
ti.elr feet as thy v'n walking along
the udewalk. They were puv.lpitatf.l to
th bottom of a flume which furnished
water to tho mill of tho Lake Cham
plain Pulp and Paper Company. The two
men were burled under tons of paving
brick and cement walk.
It was not until four hours after the
aceldant that the hotly or iing
taken out 'That ot Gallaghan
in the bottom of the tlume.
Tho Leonard Wood campaign head
quarters Issued a stuterncnt yesterday
claiming ncvcnty-nlne delegates are
pledged to voto for Major-Gen. Wood at
tho Republican Rational Convention. Tho
statement added that Gen. Wood liaa
every reason to expect that 76 more of
tho 178 Republican delegates selected so
far will voto for him. Tho unlnstructed
delegates upon whom tho Wood forces
are counting are: Florida, 8; Ivcn
tucky, 20: Connecticut, H: Oklahoma,
18: Tenneitsee, 10. The Wood forces
thus claim a total of 15S votes,
They predicted yesterday that 32
morn will bo pledged during the coming
week, 20 from Kansas when tho State
convention meets there next' Thursday
and 12 from Mississippi at tho conven-
tlon there Friday. Thirty-eight dele
gates woro pledged to Wood last week,
says tho statement. n follows: North
Dakota, 10: South Dakota, in; Maine,
12: Now Mexico, 8.
A fn'll of college professors, th Wood
campaign conunittco said, niowh Gen.
Wood to bt their choice nearly 3 to 1.
Tbo result of tho poll was announced ns
follows : Wood, 310 ; Lowden, 107 ;
Johnson, 76; Butler, SI; Harding, It;
Polndoxtcr, 3.
A letter written by Gen. Wood to N.
J. Tlacholder, East Andovcr, N. Jt for
mer master of tho National Granso and
former Govornor of New Hampshire,
gave tho General's vlows upon tho far
mer and agricultural question IIo Bays
he stands for a practical fanner for
Secretary of Agriculture ; Improvement
of living, educational and social condi
tions In the. country; lower cost of dis
tribution of food products nnd against
larga holdings of farm lands for specula.
tivo purposed. '
Finds He Could Not Breed
Chickens in His Cabin.
Nobody stopped Follplano de Moraes,
a wealthy Urazlllan. when he brought
fifty rabbits of warranted birth and
breeding and 125 cocks and hens of
pedigrees much longer tlian their tall
feathers 'aboard tho Lamport and Holt
liner Tennyson.
Hut when officials of the line hoard
that In addition to all this Scnhor do
Moraos was busily engaged In fitting
up In lvls first class cabin nn Incubator
for some threo dowm prisie winning eggs
said officials drew tho line. They ex
plained to, tho Brazilian that hatching
eggs In a first class cabin was com
parable only to holding six cards In n
poker game For a moment It looked
as If Senhor do Moraes, rabblta, cocks,
hens and incubator and tho liner would
pajt at Hobokcn, but a compromise was
effected whcrVby tho Incubator was
moved to another less cherished part of
tho whip, Tho nenhor explained, that
ho hoped to havo nbout thirty-six addi
tions to his family party boforo ho
reached Itlo Janeiro. The liner sallod
amid a fanfare of crows and cackles.
IMHiitor for Hungary. '
Vir.v.VA, March 2". Admiral Horthy. i
Urgent of Hungary, plans tn issue a i
reclamation eumuusiiing a military
I'U'tntorHhlp over tho country, nrcordlng
In information received from Budapest
This stun, which Is expected soon, U
wild to bo Inspired by tn dllllcultles at
tending government tinder thu present
constitutional system. Gen. Koos, Mln
inter of War. Is to bo mado Chief Mili
tary Kxecutlve of Hungary, it la said.
Klllril mi U'nv 1,'ffnernl. UjV
IiooNK, lowi, March 27 Peter Tcter- f m'y
mi n.mimi:i nan shuck ann nine"
i. il. U m tn n lirtaf1!! In
a irnm wmio Hums v nv.v..
flowery for tho funeral of ins
brother, A. CLPetcrBonjWm)jiijj
' House
Hnti. Gowns, Waists,
Veils, Neckwear, Furs.
Black Hah lhal
are not Maurrifng.
375 Fifth Ace.
JBoston Copley Ra.W7Pmm7.
The Best in
at the Least in
Gordon &Dilworili
Real .
OR Easter functions, and
for Springtime occasions,
Maxon presents, in dcliaht-
ful no-two-alike profujion, indeicribably
charming Gowns, Suiti, Sport Costumes,
Coats, Wraps and Blouses of line texture
ami exquisite detail.
And the wme old Mtxon itory! 'Two
Unusual Costumes at the Ifou! Price of
One," because they are Exhibition Models.
$24 lo $198 here.
Much, much more elsewhere!
tMon Mdh.Gpwns.
J5S7 Broadway, Cbr 4S'hSt
m fiiht un Eltrater or flUtrwar.
"Diamond Dyes" Turn Faded,
Old Apparel Into New
Don't worry about perfect results.
Use "Diamond Dyc," guaranteed m
clvo a new rich, fadeless color to at
fabric, whothor It 1)0 wool, Bill:, lmei
cotton or mixed goods drcsw,
blouses, stockings, skirts, children
coats, feathers, draporlcH, coverings
Tho Direction Boole with each pack
hco tolls ho plainly how to dlaniot
dyo over nny color that you can n.
mako a mistake.
To match any material havo drut
gist show you "Diamond Dyo" Ol
Card. Ad v.
Is still
Isullnna Democrat Announces
Ilrcnnildem AVKhdraTral.
TvntANArous, March 27. Thomas
Taggart will be tho 'Democratic, randl
dnte for nomination for United States
Senator In Indiana.
Announcement that he had reconsid
ered his withdrawn! from tho raco was
mado to-day by tho Democratic StatQ
Committee, which met In special tea- ,
slon here. Mr. Taggart reentered tho I
contest only after he had been assured '
that sum nctlon was agreeablo to tho '
tentative, landidates under considera
tion. It was reported unofficially that
Thomas It. Marshall, Vlce-rresldent of
the United States, would be tho tem
porary chairman of the Democratic
State Convention May 18 and that Sam
uel M. Ralston, formerly Governor of
Indiana, would bo the permanent chairman.
The tremendous success accorded the initial showing of
has necessitated the addition of many new mod
els, typically French and very moderately priced.
73v West 47th Street
taart-fcffi). Have Arranged for Tomorrow, Monday
A Most Extraordinary Sale of
Capes, Wraps c& Wrap-Coats
An extensive collection of ultra-modish Capes, Wraps and Wrap-Coats
Ready-for-Service including exact reproductions and adaptations of
the latest Paris models, together with the very newest American
originations. At these exceedingly low prices, which
in many instances are about one-half their actual
value, these garments are unquestionably
the most phenomenal offerings
of the season.
38.00 58.00
Flint's Fine Furniture
Guaranteed .
Comprised are-straight-line, tiered and accordion-pleated types, with huge collars or deep
over-capes. Some are simple of line, devoid of trimmings others are delicately adorned. with
Silk stitching and still more are enriched with lavish embroideries.
Fashioned oi such soft, luxurious materials as Bolivia, Tricotine,
Duvetyne Velour, Duvet de Laine, Poiret Twill and Twill Serge
demands, particularly in these days of higher costs and all too often
lowered standards, that selections be made with more than usual
consideration of where the selections are made.
is vouched for. OUR EIGHTY YEARS OF SPECIALIZING is of ,
1 real significance to every purchaser and the guarantee that covers
every piece even to the most inexpensive removes all doubt as to IZZ
inner construction regardless of outer finish.
While refraining frcm the mention of "comparative" values, we may
point with special emphasis to the typical strength of Flint values as
shown in the three remarkable items heading the list of prices given
below on furniture for the Bedroom, Dinin? Room and Living Room.
In all three, artistic merit, superb designing and perfection of finish are
full justification for inviting comparison with what such modest prices
usually buy in these days of inflated costs.
t $368.
! 492.
of Colonial mahogany; ful'-size bed, bureau, chiffonier, toilet table,
bench, chair and rocker
Same pattern, with twin beds, bureau, gentleman's chifforobe,
vanity dressing table (centre mirror 50 inches long), bench, chair
and rocker ... . .
Both suites tre liberally proportioned, exquisitely designed
and are exceedingly low-priced in relation to their worth.
In mahogany, walnut, ivory and decorated enamels.
$281; $375, $484, $302, $553, $812.50, $616, $625, $718, $785, $803,
$1,000, $1,275. $1,350 $1,500, $l,7i5, $1,910, $1,942, $2,256.
William and Mary mahogany; sideboard, 4 ft. 6 in.: round dining )
table, china closet, serving table. 5 side chairs and 1 arm chair.
S415. $469, $495.50, $553, $652, $658, $768, $859. $965, $1,158,
$1,285, $1,445. $1,651, $2,064, $2,816, $3,025, $3,336, $3,996, $4,700.
Luxurious, amply proportioned sofa nnd arm chair, covered with C Q r ft
rich brown Jaspe; down-filled cushions, on deep spring edge seat. '?OOV
$165, $250, $350, $395, $462, $522, $600, $650, $670,
$700, $725, $775, $800, $1,120, $1,475, $1,500, $2,250.
if 5
made to special order for prompt
delivery from our N. Y. City factory.
Flint 6 Horner C? Inc-
aaa6West 36thSt.
Smart Tricotine Suit
Very Specially Priced
This unusually effective Blouse-Coat
Suit of fine Wool Tricotine features
triple horizontal folds on jacket and
smart Tuxedo collar, accentuated with
rows of Silk stitching. The snug
fitting shoulders and sleeves, criss
cross belt and ball button trimmings
are also worthy of mention.
Chic Tricotine Suit
Very Specially Priced
This simple belted Suit, deftly fash
ioned in Wool Tricotine, bases its
greatest appeal upon its very simplicity.
The trim jacket, with Tuxedo collar
and slashed sides, is refreshingly en
hanced by fine Silk embroidery. But
ton trimmings at sleeves and loose,
narrow belt, added to pockets in
jacket and skirt, make this a very
attractive model.
Emb'd Duvetyne Wrap
Very Specially Priced
Comely and highly engaging is this
elegant Duvetyne Wrap, with high
collar and effective embroidery trim
mings. , Kitten's Ear Dress
Very Specially Priced
Enchanting Dress of soft Kitten's Ear
Satin, exhibiting basque bodice, ter
minating in large bow at back, pannier
skirt with elastje-shirred bottom, and
exquisite side drapings of Silk Lace.
Short cuffed sleeves, round neck and
bottom of bodice are accentuated with
Silk embroidered Chinese motif.
Fifth Ave.
o 'ifif Lanvin t
I - Renrnrltirtinn 0
Beaded Taffeta Dress
Very Specially Priced
N ' 69.50
Unusually handsome Dress of soft
Taffeta, featuring Overskirt of Geor
gette with modjsh elastic-shirred bot
tom. The smart basque bodice which
terminates in a large bow at back is
attractively embroidered with contrast
ing color beads, as is also the Overskirt.
Peplum Serge Suit
Very Specially Priced
Fascinating Peplum model, executed
in fine Twill Serge, trimly tailored to
fit the fine lines of the slender Sil
houette. Wide, deep tiers in front and
back of skirt, contrasting-colored Cire
Ribbon sash, and braid-bound crescent
pockets in jacket and smart features.
Novel Tricotine Suit
Very Specially Priced
' 98.50
Unusually appealing is this novel Tri
cotine Suit, with its wide Tuxedo col
lar, smart throw scarf terminating in
large Silk tassel, and artistic Silk em
broidery stitching. Slashed sides on
jacket, shoe-string belt, and pockets
in jacket and skirt are smart details.
Silk Duvetyne Cape
Very Specially Priced
Luxurious triple-tier Cape of refined
simplicity. The smart over-collar and
flowing tie is of lustrous Satin to match
piping on tiers.
Eton Tricotine Dress
Very Specially Priced
Demure Eton dress, done in Wool
Tricotine, and exhibiting distended
hips and vestee of embroidered Geor
gette Crepe. The edges of the jacket
are handsomely braid bound and
trimmed with tiny Self buttons. A
wide sash of Satin at the waist lends
a deft Spanish touch.
mevtfBiTt &
Correct jfippard fofWomcn SDttissQS
At 37 th St.
i hi iiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin?. tm

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