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1 S"V w TT" WW i '
Mr I
Miss Nancy Lane Definitely Decides on April 20 for
Her Marriage to Mr. Philip Kauffman
Army and Navy Ball Easter Monday.
Vabhinoto.v, D. G. March 27.
Washington acoins to 1)0 preparing for
n sort of hop, skip nnd Jump over Holy
Week Into tho gayetlcs of tha Easter
iranon centring InrRely nbout brides
nnd dances. Moat of tho Easter wed-
flings wero referred to lost week, with
tho exception of Mlot Nancy Lane's,
and thoro was Ilttlo to bo learned
About that becnuBQ rho nnd her mother
vers lingering In New York over their
trnusscauliiff nnd Mr. J.ano wuh out
, West on business. Even .Mr. I'hlllp
Kauffman, Miss Lane's fiance, was
nwy nnd there wemed to bo no ono
In Washington to speak with authority
rbout the wedding: In which all Wash
ington Id most Interested. However,
Mrs. Lane nnd Miss Lnno returned
home Saturday night. It appears that
Mr. Kauffman nlbo was In New York
nnd hnd a very sllsht operation on
Ills throat. At least that was tho ex
planation of Mth. Kauffman's absence
1'rom sonio of her accustomed hauntB,
that "alio had Bono up to bo with
J'hll." Thoy'ro both back now. Mr.
Lanq will probably not return for
two or three weeks.
April 20, tho date originally selected
tentatively, has been definitely de
cided upon for the weddlm?. It Is to
bo as small nnd simple as tho Lnne
family can keep It an afternoon wed
ding at old St. .lohn's, with tho Itev.
Itoland Cotton Smith onicUtlng. The
rcremony will be followfd by a Very
mnall reception at the hous.) for rel
atives nnd most Intimate frlemln. Tho
bridal party does not seem to be fully
made up ( t. MIsa Frances Hnmpfon,
who was Miss Lane's seliool chum be
fore she Mme out and has been re
garded ns her closest friend among1 the
ilebutantes, will bo her maid of honor.
JJut the question of brldunnnlils re
mains undecided. It Is said they are
waiting: to Fee whether ono of tho
California girl friends Is going to bo
nblo to get hero for tho event. If sho
oomes there will bo two bridesmaids.
If not, there -will bo none Just tho
maid of honor.
As to the masculine end of the party
well, thcro are several Kauffman
boys who will probably flguro In It,
but until Mr. Kauffman gets around
there probably will be no definite In
formation as to the men of the party.
Mrs. Lnno came back suffering from
a slight attack of tonsllitls and a strong
opinion of "tho New York climate,"
Everything seemed to go wrong up there.
They had a succession of blizzards and
i terms, wjilch made the streets Im
passable and shopping Impossible and
they finally decided that they didn't have
. , ., . . -
iw uu uinr iu jm in ,m;w iotk, mere
wero perfectly good shops In Washing
ton. It Is easy to predict a gay fort
night for that young couple between
Easter and their wedding day. nlthougn
us yet about tho only party definitely
announced 'Is one which Miss Frances
JIampson Is giving at tho Chevy Chase
Club on April IT.
Wedding: In Cnnnl Zone
Perhaps the next most Interesting of
Easter weddings will take place Easter
Wednesday, April 7, down tn the Canal
Zone that of Miss Katherlne Harding,
daughter of Col. Chester Harding, Gov
ernor of tho Canal Zone, and a cousin
of Miss Margaret Harding, and Capt.
William Riley Deeble, Jr.. both well
known In Washington. Quito a few of
their Washington friends will be there.
In fact there will be quite a few, for
the I'rlnco of Wales's passing through
tho Canal en route to Australia will
take a number there, especially of the
diplomatic circle, to participate In tho
festivities Incident to his visit, and they
will attend tho Hardlng-IJceble wedding
while they nra there,
Senorlti Ramona E. Lefevre, sister
of the Ch3rgo d'Affalres from Panama,
ban gone to the Canal Zone to bo the
guest of President and Mme. Porras
during tho festivities surrounding tho
Visit of the Prlnco of Wales. President
Porras was representing his country In
the United States when elected to the
Presidency and tho Lefevres were on
Intimate terms with htm nnd Scnom
Porras, both personally nnd officially.
Moreover they are the nephew and nleco
of Dr. Manuel Amador, the first Presi
dent of Panama.
From the British Embassy the Mili
tary Attache and the Honorable Mrs.
Andrew Thome, and the Naval Attache
nnd Mrs. Geoffrey Ulake, have gono to
Panama to accompany tho Prince's party
through tho canal. And It was under
stood that Gen. Pershing might go and
act as honorary attache for the two
days Into which many social events
will be crowded. Of these the most
brilliant undoubtedly will be tho dinner
and reception which the President and
Mme. Porras will give In the "old pal
ace." It will be followed by a dance,
nnd there will be the display of fire
works which always Is a feature of
Latin American festivities.
It Is curious how little difference Lent
makes even among tho Latin Americans
and the strongly Roman Catholic diplo
matists when It comes to official func
tions. The French Ambassador and
Mme. Jusserand gave a dinner this week
for tho Belgian Ambassador and Baron
ess do Carticr de Marchicnne, and wero
themselves guests of the Russian Am
bassador and Mme. Bakhmctcff. The
Chilean Ambassador and Mme. do
Mathlou are entertaining to-night for the
new Brazilian Ambassador, Senor Au
gusto Cochrane de Alcncar.
v Naturally the Cabinet circle belns
mostly Presbyterians, Methodists or
Baptists pay itill less attention to Lent.
Mrs. Edwin Meredith held the last of her
receptions on Wednesday. Her daugh
ter, Mrs. Frederick Owen Pohen, re-i
celved with her. Mrs. Newton D. Baker
and Mrs. Edward It. Alexander received
Informally on the same day os usual.
.Tuesday was little Peggy Bako's birth
day and Instead of having a party nt
home sho had It a luncheon for eight
little classmates at the Montessorl
School where sho goes. It Is the way
tho school prcfera to have birthdays
Her elder sister, Miss Betty Baker, Is
to have as her guests through tho Easter
holidays the Misses Alice and Katherlne
Stockwell. daughters of Mr. and Mrs.
John Stockwell of Cleveland.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Mitchell Palmer have
gone to Atlantic City and a luncheon
which Mrs. Meredith gave to-day for
Mrs. Franklin K. Lane about completed
tho Cabinet women's social activities for
the week and makes ono realize what a
sadly depleted Cabinet circle It Is.
The Y. W. C. A. Drive.
Mre. Robert Lansing has been busy
with the Y. W. C. A. drive. She Is chair
man of finance of the campaign com
mittee, which organized a drive this
week to raise J35.0CO that they need to
complete their budget for the year
,..M.t,helVvorU,;rj In ,I,e drIvo aro Sirs.
llllah Hamilton Bayly, president of tho
I Is rict Y. W. C. A. ; Mr.,. JoIm c, jtts
chairman of Its permanent finance com
Elttee : Mrs. Wallaco nndcllfte. captain
general of the teams for tho drive, and
Mrs. Seldcn Spencer, wife of tho Senator
from Missouri. Mrs. Spencrs Inst season
j " lJtIl1.LCnitCn mh c,a- whlc he
Llklns. This year sho did It again by
request Tho demand for admission,
howler, was so great that a private
housa was not large cnnn.h L. .I:
class ha met at the Wnshlngton Club.
.Mrs. Bpencer Is a candldato for Chan-Mln-General
of the D, A. R., to succeed
Miss Tierce, whoso term expires, alone
with other national ofllcors elected with
tho present I'resldcnt-Qeneral, Mr,
deorgo Thaoher Guernsey, with this
year's congress. The annual congress
of the D. A. It. always Is held In tho
weok In which April Vi, tho unnlversary
of Lexington, falln. Ten years ngo
Wnshlnston would hno been Bcothlmi
with n. a. n. nolltlos by now. This
yea? thero la scarcely a ripple to Indi
cate t int a D. A. It. c ection IS imminent.
Mrs. r.iiernsov and her board havo
served for threo years tho flret national
hn:in! tn bo elected for a threo years'
term. A new Presldont-Qenoral will be
elected this year, merely aa a sort of
routine matter, with no unnecessary fuss,
In fact, it Is said that there Is to be only
ono ticket presented, and that will be
headed by Mrs. Walter Minor of Con
necticut. It is on that ticket that Mrs.
Snenccr will run ns Chnplnln-General.
Times 'ertalnly havo changed !
Another of the nctlvo workers in tne
Y. W. C. A. campaign Is Mrs. W. E.
Humphrey, wlfo of a former Iteprcscnta-
tlve from Seattle, louring tills urive sno
has been running a Congressional team,
canvassing tho Capitol and making her
husband's former associates "produce"
All other team captains wero warned It
they found a Congressman or Senntor on
their list to cross him off, and go around
him. He wa3 "being dealt with otlicr-
wlse." Mrs. Humphrey Is such a notaulo
"co-gctter." that members of cither
house who nro quite determined not to
chip In nru taking to the woods ns the
only wny to be suro of escaping.
A nice, fr endly nolo Inclosing u nice
friendly check hns como from Mrs. Wll-
eon nt the White House. Cabinet mem
bers and other officials have been fairly
generous, either peraonully or vica
riously through their wives. Ono of the
encouraging features of the present drive
has been tho way tho big business men
havo contributed double, triple and
oven quadruple what they have given In
previous years on the specific ground
that as considerable employers of girls
and women they know Just how valuable
tho Y. W.'s work Is, to their emp)oees.
and consequently to them. Rome of them
havo even contributed befoie they wero
Army nml .Nnry I.cnune Unit.
As for tho dances there are several
particularly Interesting ones in slRht.
Thero Is tho Army and Navy League
ball, which has been an annual Easter
Monday event, except that it used to call
Itself merely the Navy League, being
given by an organization of naval offi
cers' wives and daughters which looks
after tho comfort and the wants of the
nii..i t .i
..l...,lll IIIL.I W lUU ItUi; UIHI lilll HI
pendents. But since the war It has com
blned with a similar organization of
army womm. and It Is now tho Army
and Navy Leaguo that gives the ball ami
Is giving It on Wednesday of Easter
week Instead of Monday.
Mrs. Wilson has allowed her name to
head the list of patronesses, and there
is some speculation and een a little
hope that the President may make his
reentry Into official society by appear
ing. If only for a few minutes, nt that
event for the benefit of the enlisted men
and their families In both branrhes of
tho service. Formerly It was given In
the sail loft at tho navv yard, which
was picturesque, but rather uncomfort
able. This year, however. It Is to be at
tho Wlllard, and possibly the fact that
the Robert E. Lee Chapter of tho V. D,
C. had preempted the Wlllard for Easter
Monday night for their Hlxlo ball, had
something to do with tho army nnd navy
ii.ni celng deferred until Wednesday
More probably, however, tho fact that
tho last of the Junior League's smart
little dances Is to be held that night too,
nnd so much competition would not help
r.ny of them, made the Army and Navy
Leaguo decide that "Wednesday would do
.hem Just as well ar Monday.
Mrs. Wilon aho leads the list of
patronesses for tho Dlxlo ball, but It Is
perfectly understood that she doesn't go
to evening fecial events without tho
President, and thero Is little likelihood
or ins choosing a "sectional" party for
nis reappearance on tho social scene.
Then thcro Is the American Pen
Women's Leaguo ball on April 14, for
which Mrs. Francob Berger Moran Is
loaning her Massachusetts avenue resi
dence. Mrs. Moran Is herself a member
of tho American Pen Women. It was
Mrs. Moran's house that Lord and Lady
Reading occupied for several months
after his arrival hero as Ambassador,
while they wero having the British Em
bassy put In order for them, and which
was later occupied by Sir Richard nnd
Lady Crawford and others of tho very
large British Embassy staff. It 13 a
handsome house, full of beautiful things,
and It should make an Ideal setting for
such a carnival as the Pen Women's
League annual ball.
Finally, during the latter part of April
thero Is to be the Russian ball for the
benefit of tho Russian relief organiza
tion of which Princess Cantacuzene,
who was Miss Julia Dent Grant, Is the
head. The dance Is to be given In the
former Imperial Russian embassy build
ing In Sixteenth street, originally built
for Mrs. George Pullman's private resi
dence and bought by the Rusilnn Gov
ernment seven or eight years ago.
How tho Idea takes one back to trie
Russian ball of last yoar given In
January a year ngo, with Mrs. Fcssen
den Mcserve and Mrs. James McDonald
as Its prime movers a wonderfully bril
liant nnd successful event. But poor
Mrs. Meserve nnd Mrs. McDonald wero
put to It to keep the peace with Mrs.
George Bakhmeteft announcing positive
ly that she would have nothing what
ever to do with It If the Boris Bakhmo
teffs wero going to be recognized in any
way as tho official representatives of
Russia, or If they were even allowed
to buy a box for the occasion. Fortu
nately the Boris Bakhmeteffs are peace
loving individuals who were not In
cllnod to quarrel with their predeces
sors wlio In fact were nblo to under
stand their state of mind, and wished
nothing so little as to cause any em
barrassment. However, because of this little mis
understanding, the Immediate Adminis
tration circle seemed to feel that It had
better stay away, and some of tho diplo
matists wero a bit dubious about it
Still It was a brilliant and plcturesquo
"Women nt Pence Trcnty Debate.
Since the peace treaty ha3 been re
jected by the Senate a number of well
known women who are by way of being
Interested In public affairs do not quite
know whnt to do with themselves now
that there Is no more treaty debate to
listen to. Ever so many of them found
that "such a nice suitable Lenten di
version," and wero quite regular about
It. Notably there was Mrs. Nicholas
Longworth", and, until sho left Wash
ington, Mrs. Mcdlll McCormlck. Mrs.
Longworth went down to tho Capitol
day after day. and settled herself In
tho Senators' family gallery atwuys In
the same scat. Just back of that of the
President's family. She'd take oft her
furs and her wraps, and her gloves nnd
her hnt, and pile them all neatly on an
adjoining seat ond prepare to mako a
day of It. She sat for hours llko a
graven Image, listening Intently sonio
days. Then ngaln she had a. smile of
grcctlni; or a Ilttlo low toned comment
for friends who happened to be within
reach. She wore always a simple Ilttlo
black frock, with the round neck and
tho very ugly short sleeves that are
smnrt at present.
Mrs. Longworth saw tho treaty
through to the bitter end. and she must
feel a certain sympathy now for Othello
sans occupation, unless the Is substi
tuting tho naval Inquiry for the peace
treaty. Thcro are so many things going
on at the Capitol this winter to attract
tho womon who have or make time
for public affairs. But sometlmos It
does seem as If Washington never bo
foro had been such u bewildering merry-go-round
ns It Is now.
Mrs, Thomas F, Walsh and Mrs. John
Allan Dougherty nro back from New
York, whero they havo boon for tho
Inst couple of months, Mrs. Walsh Is
Inaugurating a now drlvo for tho cast
off garments of her friends old cloves,
hosiery, anything that tho spring pack
ing throws Into tho waste heap to be
reconstructed for those unreconstructed
Old World sufferers. Sho had meant to
do her salvago work for tho benefit of
mo destitute or this country hereafter,
but sho has had bo many letters telling
her of the desperato need over there
that sho feels that she must still stand
by and do what sho can to relievo It.
Mmo. Gcorgo Bnkhmeteff. who took
over a large consignment of garments
mado In Mrs. Wnlsh's workroom here,
writes so gratefully of tho Joy those
wiings nave Drought to tho Russian ref
ugees who aro thronging I'nrla that Mrs.
Walsh feels that she'll have to keep on
doing what sho can for "thoso poor Rus
sians," and when the near Eufit com
mittee gets In n particularly harrowing
appeal, "those poor Armenians," or It It
Is Mme. Groultch wtio tells of the dis
tress, "thoso poor Serbians."
This reminds me of tho story of Mrs.
George Barnett and tho Postmaster-General.
I cannot vouch for It, for I was
not there. But Mrs. Barnett Is a woman
of considerable spirit and 11 pretty wit,
so It Bounds probable. Anyhow, this Is
tho way they tell it. Mrs. Barnett hap
pened to bo nt a dinner whero Mr. Burle
son allowed himself to criticise tho Amer
ican womun during the war for dressing
up In uniform and getting her picture In
the paper. Sc., Instead of staying home
and minding her babies. Mrs. Harnett,
who wore a tunning uniform herself on
occasion nnd looked very well in It
her babies aro nil grown up, however
is said to have exhibited signs of restlve
ness, and finally broko out with: "I'm
afraid, Mr. Postmaster-General, you un
derstand, ths American female as little
as tho American mall!" Which may not
have been polite, but certainly was ef
St. Augustine, Fla., March 2". Tho
searon here gives promise of being pro
longed far Into April. Trayol from the
North and South Is still henvy and both
the Alcazar and the Ponce de Leon
hotels continue to bo well filled with so
journers. A largo number of yachts aro at
anchor In tho bay with their owners
aboard, Including the Getaway, with Mr.
and Mrs. Charles M. Swift of Ferris
burg, N. Ym who have returned from
Cuba ; the houseboat Maryann with
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Johnson of End
icott, N. Y., and their guests Mr. nnd
Mrs. A. L. Rlnsey of Buffalo, and Mr.
William H. Hecnx of Rlnghnmton, N. Y.
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for some tlmo, while Mr. ana Mrs. Hugh
L. w 11 oughby, Jr., aro dovotinir tneir
duyfl playing golf. Instead of coins to
Cuba, as they Intended, Prince ond
Princess Albert Radilwlll of Poland,
who are SDondlnn tho winter In Wash
Incton, camo to tho Ponce do Leon Borne
days ago and aro hero for an Indefinite
Gen. Walter N. P. Darrow and Mrs.
Darrow have aa their cuest at MIramar
hla sister, Mrs. 1L. Darrow Benl of Bos
ton and her soiih, the Messrs. Willie P,
and W. Howland Deal, who nro here for
the Easter vacation.
Arrivals at tho Hotel Alcazar In
cludo Mr, and MrB, Thomas S. Hartman,
Mrs. John C. Welwood, Mr. and Mrs,
John H. Randall. Mr. and Mrs. William
C. Mills, Mrs. Henry B. Fnwcett and
Mrs. William E. Reed of New York, At
tho Ponco do Leon nre Mr. and Mrs.
Lawrence W. Churchill, Mr. and Mrs.
Thomas F. Patterson, Mr. and Mrs,
Georco H. Townsend. Mr. and Mrs. Will
iam H. Parsons of New York.
UMOROL'S toys aro tho de
mand of tho hour," snld a
Fifth nvenuo toy dealer.
"Comedy is tho Ueynnto and tho toy
maker who can mnko tho funniest hits
Is suro tn sell the most toys. Borne
how tho world gets tlio Idea that the
children want humor. It has to he ad
mitted that to a superficial mind chil
dren nro fond of fun. It Is the super
ficial mind that rules in any markets
whero fads or fancies nre tho main
"Toys nre fads with children, who
laugh nt all toys. When a child makes
r drawing It Is crude and looks funny.
As a matter of fact the child's control
ling motivo is reality, not caricature
or humor. When a child sits on a
chair with n plate In his lap and pre
tends to be an automobllo ho Is hav
ing a merry tlmo nnd so Is the grown
up who looks on at tho performance.
All the time the child's main idea is to
simulate the automobile. To the grown
up It looks like a comic hit.
"One customer of ours fully illus
trates why the world is so full of
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tity of wooden horses with square legs
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"'You must have a great many
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" 'Children, nothing,' growled tho
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Fun in crulsln? on the Glorious Hudson
Hlver; swlmmlnc, hiking, flshlnsr, field
athletics; all sports.
Every convenience, comfort nnd safeguard.
Good sportsmanship, good 'chow," irood
times. At the foot of the Cataklll Moun
tains. S300 covers every expense. Bo&klet.
Boys Naval Academy '
Doom 801. H65 Broadway. N. Y. (47nd St . )
Brooklyn, 218. 220 Llrlnxstou Street.
By the Berlitz Method Students learn
not only to read stnd write, but es
pecially to understand and to speak
the foreign languages.
Till AL LESSON'S Fnr.!:.
Spanish. Portuguese, Trenoh
German, Italian, English, etc.
.ipaniin cnonnana.
FltKNCil summer school, conducted by
native French tencher. will onen In Far
Ilockaway. Conversailon. grammar, klndcr-
Knrien: all teacning in rrencn only. Chil
dren and ndults. Further Information from
Mademoiselle A LIKilK, Osslnlng School. K. Y.
Our "Logical Method" make languages essay
12th year at 3IS tth Atc. (SM M.)
rn i micu
All 1 3 II method at Trunera Studios, IJ0
uroaoway, us west Mth et
"Phone Cortlandt 5M.
LANd'AOE llueclnl Knmotij gehsol.
Refined atmosphere, day, evening classes.
Individual Instruction. 5 Columbus Circle.
Teacher of Slnslng. Scientific, natural
tone production, Sight Singing. Phonst'c
diction. Interpretation, concert, opera.
Studios: 111 West 71th street.
T Lcilniton
ff s new .rw.r
fit fillpooValUiy
' the Author of
"The New Map of Aula," etc.
There are trem:ndoui possible advantages
for ourselves as well as for France in the new
intimacy between the two nations. Mr.
Gibbons, the distinguished American publicist
and authority on mternational affairs, who his
just returned to this country after many years'
residence in Paris, in this book presents the sub
ject with his usual vigor brilliance and ac
curacy. ('Trance and Onnel" I1 pulillihrd by
The Century Co., 31:1 1'iiurtli Mi-iiue, New
tnrk t'lty. unit It sub! nt all bonkMorrs
for SI. AO.)
he Wor
llcyrrood Brnun says: "It is n
rousing nntl exciting talc of intrigue
and vast estates ami ficrcptinn nnd
discovery, repentance and true love,
worth nt least ten of the novels of
similar theme? which appear each
season." ,V. '. Tribune. S1.75
Send for a Hit of Merrick's nocels.
E.P. BUTTON & CO., 6815th Ave., N. Y.
By H. C. Bailey, author of "The Highway-man,"
"The Gamesters," etc. Now ready, $2.00
This thrilling story of a spy in the French secret service at the time
of the Napoleonic wars is as dashing end daring a tale of adventure as heart
could wish; Nelson and Napoleon both figure in its pages, through which
runs n love-stcry as sweet and wayward as the heroine herself.
E. P. DUTTON & CO., G81 Fifth Avenue, New York
"IN 'The Marbeck Inn Harold Brighouse makes his Man
Chester as vivid as ever Arnold Bennett made the Five
Towns. The suggestion of Bennett comes because Brighouse's
hero, Sam Branstone, is first cousin to Bennett's Demy. You
can believe that Sam did all the things credited to him, whereas
many of Denry's audacious adventures bear the mark ot having
been invented just for the sake of making the story readable.
Mr. Brighouse stands almost unrivaled in his power to .por
tray the ways and thoughts of the working people of Man
chester. He sees them accurately, but with a keen sense of
humor which makes his character portraits delicious; witness
Anne, the mother of Sam, quite as vivid as Ervine's Jane
Clr'gg, and even more masterly. She is one of the characters
of fiction who richly deserve to live." Brooklyn Daily Eagle.
Price, $1.75 net, at all booksellers.
Little, Brovra & Co., Pmibl5shers, Boston, M&ss.
Special Clearance Sale
Bargain Tables at 50c, 75c & $1
The most interesting "picking" for the
book-lover to be found in the Greater City.
Come In and Browse Around
42 Broadway and 55 New St.
"The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." "The Shadow of the
Cathedral," "Blood and Sand," "La Bodega," etc.
A thrilling drama of subtle (omplation, of dishonor, and of snlpnrlidly
achieved reparation; with (background, glowing with the beauty,' warmth
and color of the sea; nothing in recent fiction approaches it.
Obtainable at any bookstore, or may be ordered direct from
E. P. BUTTON & CO., 681 Fifth Ave., New York
"An interesting
l.mvid. colorful,
Ku well written," says
Jl the iV. r. unica m
and adds, "It shows an excep
tional degree of acquaintance
on the part of the author with
the manners, customs and ideas
of China. . . . Much pic
turesque and fascinuting detail.
. . . Well done and con
vincing." If you like thrilling
mystery read this intensely in
teresting novel of n wealthy
Chinese mandarin nnd a brave
American woman. Net, $1.75
A modern story of a woman's
passionate struggle for fame and
position, taking for heroine 11
well-nigh nameless Greek girl
who burst like a human meteor
on London society. The story
of her spectacular career is
honestly interesting from first
page to last. Net, 91.7.5
STOKES, Publisher
is worth your while, ac
cording to Gene Strat-ton-Porter.
31 Union Square West New Yor.'t
J FOR, 1Q 19
cAn tlnfhologyofiheTtwVeae
! Cditcd by &1lixdLJXceymbatig
! Hoards Net 8?.OU
Henry Malkan, Inc.
The Bookshop in the
Heart of Wall Street
There's a Girl in
Uneasy Street You'll Want
to Read About
There's Mystery in Uneasy Street; there's Love;
there's Money $200,000 of it, without an owner.
There are New York cafes and hotels and homes;
and millionaires and gamblers, and two men you
will like and the girl.
She's a real New York girl a Hnd which New York makei.
"She glinced up at him. The upward glance, jo close were her
eye, had the effect on Daird almost of physical contact. Sophb
ticated a were those eyes, they held youth b them. What It
was about her that conquered him, Baird could not tell. He had
met a girl who would not look upon home ai th: be-all and end
all of existence, but would treat home as a man treats it a girl
who possessed as much individuality as a man and who would not
permit that individuality to be submerged beneath marriage."
The Romance of Unromantic New Yorkers in Broadway hotels,
at jazz parties, and in the company of chorus girls ex-convicts,
and millionaires, colors this great mystery arory.
The Great Broadway Mystery
Illustrated by Jamrt Mentgtmtry flatt PRICE $1.75
twpolitan Book poration
The Mechanism of Exchange
J. A. Todd. Net $3.75
This book can be profitably studied by everyone who hu to do with
either sale or purchase of foreign goods. The factors which con
trol foreign exchanges are dearly explained and enable the business
man to carefully judge the direction and extent of their trend.
J3j Hekbert Trench. Nef $2.00
"One of the surprising events of the English dramarie year has been
Mr. Trench's play 'Napoleon'. Like Mr. Drinkwatcr's 'Abraham
Lincoln' it has been successfully performed as well as read and
emerging from the propaganda drama of the Shavian School it
becomes a work of art and characterization, of spirit and passion."
Modern China
By S. G. Chenc. Net $3.25
A valuable and timely volume throwing a clear light on the chief
problems of modern China with constructive suggestions for their
solution. The discussion is notably tree from political bias and
deserves the close attention of all interested in Chinese matters.
Effects of the War on Money, Credit
& Banking in France 6s the United States
By B. M. Anderson, Jr. Net $1.00
The average man is not only unfamiliar with the intricacies of na
tional and international banking and credit but finds it difficult to
co-ordinate the scraps of information which appear in the daily papers.
Yet only in a thorough understanding of the radical changes which
have taken place can future problems be adequately met.
oft all bookseller: or from the publisher:
Oxford UvrviEsrrYPnESS . , 33 West 32 nd strcf
fmtn'can 'Branch VSj
1 Now in its SEVENTH Large Printing 1
is a thoroughly good story with an
ingenious plot and a series of exciting epi
sodes that recall Arthur Conan Doyle of
the days when he was writing about Sher
lock Holmes. To anyone desiring light en
tertainment the novel may be enthusiasti
cally recommended." Heywood Broun in
The New York Tribune.
The Best Story Oppenheim Ever Wrote!
A Book of the Hundred Thousand Class
$1.75 net. At All Booksellers i
LITTLE, BROWN & CO., Publishers, Boston, Mass. f
AI Bookstores, $2.09
Red Terror
The Sinn Fein-Bolshevist Movement
ftwttcn? E!,r0Wtih of thc society wI,ic,. under the control of an anarchist
t tt wtateTi a .wfaltby international revolutionary orSaniza-
Fein ntovrncnt without a fu
c n m ,"a hk through an'J boohlorc or direct from
P- PUTTON & CO., 681 Fifth Avenue, New YorK
New York Cltv
it and smile
and reen
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