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Pespfe Spectacular Rally Frank, T. Anderson Finally Loses Indoor Tennis Match to S. Howard Vosh
ptops Trunk 'I'. Anderson in
Tiiisl Set of Spectacular
Veteran's Generalship Over
einnes Youth's Speed and
Finally IMat'Oinents.
MOUI Mi, Ala., Mar
- clubs and a mod
ll- I1AMI5I.,
CopvrlOhl, 1030, by Ihv Uun.llerald Corporation.
Vlirclal to Tin: Hex im Nkw York Hsiumi.
March 29. As Index to tlio m-ftlH of tho contesting
(Hum for bringing out the weak spota the berloa be
tween tho tllanta and tlio Ued Sox already lias boon of Great value
to John McClruw and Kilwiird Harrow. Tho New Yorka huvo been gelling
sumo uo pitching from thulr veterans, and they have been fielding
hs well na could bo expected, but they Imvu not been battlnir and they have
lint been tut Intelligent h tlu'.v should havo been on tho bases, Tlio Ited Sox
havo shown weakness In pltchlne, they havo not been hlttlni; any too hard
and tluy havo Indicated that they could stand great Improvement In tlm out.
Held. Tho (Hants started out with a show of great batting strength In tho
tll'Kt threo irnmes wliulltu- im ulili ,.,.ll,nllrui tif etuliteeii IiIIh lit Wichita
Punk T. Anderson was tho first nf tlio i i.vhh. Then iiw.v ., c,i i..n ..,i i.w ...... i.. -me nwimr m their hmhlN
ii,niiii i, .Mtui; ..ill. ,.'..1. mil i i ' . .....,.ri
contmd.rs to go down to defeat In the ity to ),t. They got only six hllN against Murphy and Flaherty at Austin,
ti.ition.tt Indoor tennis championship at I and after tho guinti tho New Yorks confessed that they weni ashamed of
tii s. . nth ltciiiment Armwy yester-1 themselves. "Wo aro a linn lot of hltlcni when wo cannot slum a pitcher
do-. but ho made a thrilling light to j 1"t thai," said llomiy Kaulf In disgust. Murphy lmd nothing. Hu had no
I,. . . tub place In thu draw ami extended "'Kl" mi iiu nun no curves, yol llio lil.uus almost uroim tiioir uugim ujuik
hi uui. io nint. Aiiuu uueseii at san Antonio hud v troumesoimi spuier aim
held tho Olants to only font' hits. Hut on Friday at Houston Hoyt yielded
oply threo hits, Indicating tlmt the Cilants were going down Instead of up.
Tho CHunls' Melding very often baa been phenomenal, Fletcher has
heon plnylng the game of hn'!lfo and Frank Frlach baa been giving repeated
llHttcutlons of till flirt tlmt hu mnv 1m nvliM'li'il In he IIih m-entCHt third base-
man In the league this year. Nothing Ih loo hot for Frlscli to 1 tannic and his
arm Is a thing of Identity In Its operation. Kelly'H work at llrst base Is not
tho R'nsatlonul kind whloh nt times was Hushed by Hal Chime when he was
going well, but the lanky young man Is getting them Just tho name. Ho i.i
hitting and ho is right there with the best arm In tho circuit. Larry Doylo
Is going along ns strongly hh could bo expected. If he keeps up his present
gait he will hold his position beyond all uuestlon. Poylo Is getting them bel
ter on his right than ho did hud year, and ho got more than has uuotu of lilts
while tha club was hitting. Tho New York outileld is all that could bo wished
and tho ca.tchlng, of course, is the host in tho luugue. When the plnyere hit
thulr strides lu the batting tho Hed Sox will not bo In It, Kdwurd Harrow
has about decided that his outfield niutertu) will not do. Ho has Harry
Hooper, Mko Menosky and Tim Hendryx. Marsans has been returned to
tho Yankees. Hooper and Menosky aro left handed hitters. Hendryx is a
problem. Ho may tin and ho may not. There are somo with the Huston C.Mub
who hold thut It was a grave error to glvo a young outfielder lllio Hill Lamar
or this man of 32, who Is not very fast. Harrow is on the lookout for ono
or two new outfielders, He made an offer for Kmmoiis Howen of tho (Hants,
but McOraw placed a llguro on tho youngster which Harrow would not meet.
To-day Harrow Indicated that he was interested In Ping Hodie, and that If tho
Yankees aro willing to let him go he will take the veteran on.
Harrow seemed greatly interested in tho why iwul wherefore of Hodle'B
taking French leave at Jacksonville. JtQdle may be too slow for the Yankees,
but ho would make u good man for Harrow. On tho Now York Americans
tho outllelder Is a slow man among a lot of other slow ones. On tho Ued Sox
ho would be a slow man among somo spocd. There may bo some develop
ments In that case In tho nuar future.
The Ued Sox Infield luw been playing u great game. Mclnnls Is not yet
up to his standard. McNally Is going great guns at second base
and Scott Is tho same old Scott nt horttop. F-ddlu FoMcr, who
was obtained from Washington, Is putting up a lino game at third bow.
Oscar Yltt, who is holding out, surely picked a bail time to ask for more
money, for if ho came back he would have a hard time breaking into that in
Held. Harrow Is handicapped In the catching department by tho absence of
Wallia Schang, who Is not likely to play lull this year. Walters is doing all
tho cniching. Devlno, who came up from Pittsflelrt, injured an ankle tho
other day, but is expected to bo back In u few days to res'umo hla place as
first string backstop. He Is a peppery player and he seems to be able to hit.
Ool. William Lassllci' JJecomcs
n Member of E.veeulivo
S. Howard Voaliell, the champion of
1!M7 and 1918, right tip to the tins)
in .Ki' "f the match, Tho score was 6-3,
3 ii, 7-.'. and was marked by fio many
fr' t.i. ul.ir shots ntid such KrlppliiK In-
t. i.'-i ih.H nut a epcetator In the gaj
1. m L it his siitt until It was over.
It v.i. i. only the best matrli th.it has
1. ii mIu.miI thus far in tho tournament.
V" i' s Amleioii, after a slow stnrl,
. up. 'hniiKh with a brilliant rally that
p . ! 1 1 m tho second het by a convlne
1' e iii.ircin Then came the tiii.il ill
v,m m uf ii'uy, nml Voshell, by starting
t' . - i en Ins service and by breaking
t' I'.iiKh once, ran Into a lead of 4 to 1.
T'i wti'i iin was playing .coolly ami very
:i i,n .teiy and was batlllni? his opponent
h. . urn. with bis sharp breaking service
ir it the youngster's case looked hope
: ,i' that stag. Another two games
ni' divided en service, and the score
i t' -.
I n Mitu.itU'ti Instead of discouraging
Aii'l- r.-un only save him an opportunity
t ' li"W his lighting qualities and to
pr.'e. as he has In thu past, that ho Is
at M l.-t when haul prehse1. Hy a
nMri'ing effuit, during which ho stroked
h". li ami l'lared with great skill,
Amit'i'Snii stoiied Voshell In tho next
I4.1I1H wlnn tlio latter was within a
nmnt of ihe match, taking three points
m ,i row after Vofchcll led at 10-30.
Tr i' made the score 5 to 3. In the fol
1" i iik game the youth, .still playing at
tr i -iifiii, lu-oke throuch Voshell's sr
l. after the game had gono to deuce,
'I'li'i. points In succession gave the vet
i r. n what looked like an Insurmountable
lead in tho next game, for ho was again
"thin a t-troko of the match, with the
sm i lo-love in hla favor. Again An
dei -n bobbed up with a timely rally,
! id l.- the prettiest sort of placing both
n.ili drive and volli won the next five
pmiiK and the Feore was tied at 5-all.
Theyltully In Halted.
T'ie gallery rose at that point with a
rl i- r that resembled the enthusiastic
on'. nirst of a crowd of baseball fanatics.
It was tjreat work on the p.trt of the
joungster, and ho deserved the applause.
Jilting won three games In a row, It
n is too much to expect Anderson to
niimtain the rally Indefinitely against a
P'ater of Voshell's calibre. The title
turned jn the next game, when Voshell,
1I L'ng his cannon ball service with
groat accuracy, took tho lead again. Up
to that time each player had broken
t' i-i'tigh the other's service three times.
V .nhell mnde it four In his favor In the
next game, when he outmanoeuvred hli
oruonunt and ended q, match.
Throughout the mutch Vosholl played
w.th cool, unerring Judgment, mid most
ef tho errors charged aqalnbt him were
ihe to huirieil returns of Anderson's
fi ft shots. In mauomvrir.ff for poaltiSh
he was easily the more skilful of the
pair, and his returns, whenovor possi
b'e were placed at such sharp angles
ti.'t Anderson was forced far out of
eoint to meet them. Ho shaved tho tide
lines, too, with splendid Judgment of
ills' an -'. Hut the thing that bothered
And. rson most was the severe, ttvistlnff
cenn e that boomed into bis court at all
eng'e". Kxcept for one period In the
seronil Ket the youngster was unable to
return that service consistently. In Ihe
flr-t tct Voshell scored ltl points the
first four times he served and yielded his
fll-ponent only 3. ono of them on a
double fault. Throughout the match
Vi'.-h'dl teored 10 service aces, but a
great many of his other offerings were
barely returned to tho net by Andercon.
It was wall for Vosholl that bin play
! s so strong and so steady, for after
tie first set Anderson va placing In
ppee'acular style, either smashing the
ball to Voshell's 'feet too fast for the
vi-teran to get his racquet on the ball or
flrMng tho ball through tho smallest
of" ninsrs for a clean ace. The fact that
he stored 44 placements to Vashcll's 27
shows how successful his placing was.
In the matter of driving the ball out of
bounds there wax little to choose be
tween thu jalr, but Anderson netted the
bill 33 times, generally off service or on
at'enuiteil half volleya, while Voshell
i barged with only 14. The figures
Indicate clearly bow much steadier the
veteran's game waa.
Difficult to Find a Carpenller Adherent In New Orleans.
Whilo there Is somo question lis to whether Jack Dempsey ever would
ba permitted to defend his world heavyweight championship In this country,
the Dempsey-Carpentler affair is a warm topic in New Orleans Hstle circles.
There, whero tho champions of other days were wont tn defend their titles
to a referee's decision, where young James .1. Corbott knocked out John L,
Sullivan, whero Ocorgo IDlxon stopped Jack Skelly, whero hundreds of mem
orable battles with and without gloves wero fought, thero U a feeling that
Dempsey Is far too strong for tho Frenchman. New Orleans saw Dempsey
flatten Carl Morris with ono-punch, and it holds that Carpenller would be
little more of a problem for tho American tltlo holder. It Is difficult enough
to find a Carpentier adherent In any part of the country, but it is doubly hnrd
to find ono in New Orleans, though C5 per cent, of the population there is of
French or Italian descent.
A Perennial Illlllard ChampUm.
J. Howard Shoemaker, who retained tho national amateur pocket billiard
title in tho competition which closed at the Now York Athletic Club on Sat
urday night, is one of our few perennial champions. Shoemaker has been
tempted time and again to turn professional. Ho has defeated professional
champions. Rut he prefers to remain among slmon pures and play a flne
game for tho sake of tho gume.
I)eelloii Itrvcrmeil.
TN dull sky made conditions unfavor
ed.', but with the aid of artificial light the
play, rs found little to complain of. At
limes, however, the ball travelled ho
wif- y that the ofllcals had dlfliculty
f'll'uuin? ita flight and numerous de
l.nons were reversed nfter tho umpire
had questioned the fcpectators nearest
Ihe play in question. Voshell advanced
to the fourth round of the tournament
and hiH next, opponent Is Frederick Ck
rsierson. Frank's brother, who Is not
onidered quite as strong a tourna
ment player. If he gets past Fred An
derson suceewifully Vosholl will prob
.".'' meet Vincent Ulcharila. the youth
ful holder of the title, for a place in the
Srnii-fPia! round.
Ridiards made his first appearance In
the tournament yesterday after advanc
ing In the first two round through the
medium of a bye and a default, and de
feated Karl Jollffe,
The summary :
National Indoor Tennl rhamnlnnhhfn Sin.
Pen Third round-James I. Kninjr defeated
P A nrown. tt, .t-l, -:; (J. Carlton
jnatur defeated Charles A. Andorson. T-5.
-!: Wllfard HoUford defeated Abraham
Two of the Second Varsity
men are Promoted.
CaMWUPGE. Hans. fnrM. on r u
V. Illlam Haines startled JIarvard's row
ing camp to-day by dropping two varsity
stalwart and shifting two more members
of the first craft. The superiority of
tho second varsity crew has resulted In
Ueggie Jenney, the stroko, and Tom
1 ond, No. 7, being promoted to tho first
To mako way for the pair Sam Dun
ctn. a trapping tophomore, who' for
merly captained tho Kxeter crow, was
moved from stroke to four, and Law
renco Ter.y from seven to three. The
shirt caufced the demotion of Ted Olm
sted, a letter man, who rowed four
against Yale In June, and Jlmmle Hur
den, tho former being sent to stroke on
tho second crew and Burden taVlne-
, No. S.
I This shift reduces the 1S3 pounds
kvcikku oi mo crw to 177 pounds.
Dr. J. W. Wilce Will Teach
Football Coaching Art.
Dr. J. W. Wilce, who taught "Chick"
Harley how to play football during the
three years In which he starred on the
Ohio Stale eleven, will teach the art of
coaching football in a novel course In
sports to bo held nt Columbia Univer
sity during tho forthcoming summer.
Tho Ohio State roach will give sis weeks
Instruction In tho modern methods of
playing tho game. There will bo a ses
sion of lectures each week and also one
of practical demonstration. Coaches
and prospective coaches will enroll In
tha course which Is designed for thorn
especially, although football "experts"
will also be asked to take the course.
In nddltlon to football, track and field
athletics, baseball and wrestling and
boxing wilt also be taught. Harry I
Illllman, coach of tho Dartmouth Col
lego track and field team, will teach
aspirants for Jobs as track and field
coaches how to go about their work,
while baseball will be In tho hands of
Dr. C. (. Wardlaw of the Ward I aw I Haines would not say whether the
School of Plalnflold, N. J. In conncc- s,llft W0U'J 'old for the Naval Acadomv
tlon with baheball the class will be rncc on 11,0 Severn on April 24. It Is the
asked to study "critically the games c"ef of Harvard rowing enthusiasts,
played by the Yankees and lilants at ho)vever. that the makeup of the shell
tho Polo Grounds." This means. It was w" "ot bo ehanged. although thero Is a
pointed out, that tho class will spend Ixsiblllty of rearrangements when the
Ita afternoons watching tho games and ere"s try out the Annapolis course. The
Its mornings dissecting those of tho day , btllpf ls at. ino frow aH now boa'en '
before, "ear nieai tor me untiai race as It Is
, j possible to gel together at present.
SOLDIERS TO BOX TO-NIGHT, i Jft,! foliow?',.
To lomi.ete In wlyUcr.. Army Sfi 5- Sod',ck; Duncan
l ,J, Tsrry; S, Kane; bow, Capt. Davis;
Championships. i coxswain, Plergon.
The boxing championships ot the Hast- a,?cond Crew-Stroke. Olmsted ; 1,
crn Department of tho United States Pa"wn ; ,C'."?rrls: 5' "urde",
Army, from the bantamweight tahffii
Olmsted weighs 1S9 and Ttnnlen ir
whereas Jenney weighs less than 150
aim i-onit nnout 170,
tho heavyweight, will bo contested to
night In tho Sixty-ninth Heglment
Armory. Only members of Uncle Sam's
army are eligible. The seml-flnals will
talto place to-night and the finals to
morrow night.
.......... liui.iuii, uoriini xm udiii ---------
I afont Ui 4 ii. 7-1 J: Willinm M. fleorses C arnentler. heavvtvetrrlit nhnrn.
c t' ,7wie;,i,e,lAbral.iam ?V1,.or!' IF::- Pion of Europe, will be one of the referees.
j;,r VcJS: WWlI defeat The others who will act In this capacity
Ira"! T. Anderson, H-3, 3-H, 7-5; Vincent , are HIH Drown, Patsy Haley and Harry
n'mir!l3ii,l''f,''atc;i'rK.ttr! iolSe' - -,''! ! Stout. Thero will bo four Judges, two
limm Haru- defeated Arthur S, Crarlii, : lrnrn (). v-w Ynrlt A r nrl tu fm,
' ' :-!: Samuel II. McAllister on from '"L , , ? , ,! . from
J.ir.nel Lefkouitz by default: John I). Keyos 1 the Crescent A. C. Invitations to attend
un from Walter J. cussaint by default.
The ;oint score and stroke analysis of
the feature match follow :
II. Aoihell vs. V. T. .Vndfrson.
to'heil .
Vosholl ..
4 3 4 4 4:41 C 31-4
0 7 3 0 1 4 0 4 4-IJ-3
have been extended to Oen. John J.
Porshlng and Vice-President Thomas H,
ilercnfs V,
Nets', duw. Place. ServlcTifr wuie'" VUrern "Will Go on Soutlt-
1 K t. ' W .
VWjoU .12 14 10 4 5 l-:-1
Anlcrjon 54414423 4-JI-S
Xiils. Outs. Pise. Scrvlee.U.P.
lo'liell ; j j o
Al.ieraon .... 7 3 17 j n
Vo'hfll ... 43476063334 4-45-7
Atiuersou. t I : II I i I i 1 141-6
,. , Nt4. Outs. Place. Sen-icv.U.P.
ohell ... . G i: n s
Anderson .. .15 1J 30 1 j
. OjmM.I'oltvts. N. O. I. S. V F.
till .. 11 in.' 11 7 :T io
irson .. II VI 33 2; 41 i J
ern Trip.
Ithaca, N. Y, March 25. Sixteen
players havo been selected by John V.
Henry, coach of the Cornell baseball
squad, to make tho annual Southern trip
which will begin on Wednesday. The
squad, which will play five games while
away, ls composed of five pitchers, two
catchers, five Inflelders and four out
fielders. The Infield, composed of Mur
phy at flrxt, Spiers nt second. Howard
S. Appleby In One Cne
George Button won and lost yesterday
In his first day's exhibition billiard
matches In tho National Recreation of
Urooklyn. Sutton in the afternoon con
test won over Francis fl. Appleby, the
former Columbia University student,
300 to 118, but lost to Albert Cutler In
the night frame by 300 to 101. Sutton
win piay fcdgnr T. Appleby this after
noon. The scorea:
Snttorv-.O 0 .1 0 3 10S 0 N 0 1 40 5 TX n n
17 17r.l7T""' W' Wt 10S'
Total, US.
fuller I 11 18 1 17 1 137 3 10 0 0 II (5 5 10
Total, 300. Utah run. 157. Areracr. SO
Sutton -41 14 1 2 0 0 15 47 B 3 0 40 IT 4 0
Total, 104. High run, 47. Atersgc, 10 11.13,
K 10 0 2 27 S 10 31 7 3 0 0 1 2 1.
In order to encourage athletics among
National Guardsmen, tho Thirteenth
Post of American Legion has added a
100 yard dash, novice, closed tn v..
at short and Hunagura at third, has one 1 tionat Ouard regiments of New York
or two years varsity experience, while . State, to the list of events at their
Knswortli and Cross, In the outfield, games ih "the Thirteenth Iteelment Ar.
have played for two seasons. I mory to-morrow night,
In linn with Us nnnounced Intention of
assisting In every ponslblo way In tho
development of polo In tho nrmy the
Polo Association nt a meeting at, the
Downtown Club yesterday voted to give
the army tepre'sentatlon on tho rxcuiitlvu
committee fop tlm first lime. Col. Will
lam I.asslter, who has been prominent
In army polo activity for somo time, was
named as the army representative tn sit
with the committee in lis esecutlvu
At the same time the I'olo Asf o.'lullnn,
hi order to gi( as nimiy tcethm as hk.
slbn liiifcscntntiiii on tho oiiiirutivu
committee, divided hy vulu to Increase
the Membership 0f the committee from
nine to fifteen, and tho fellow lug new
committee was elected.
II. J. Herbert, chairman; William A.
Hazard, secretary tind treasurei; Harry
Payne Whitney, levcre,uix Milbiini, .1.
t'heever Cowdln, I.uiiln H. Slmldaid,
John '. Oroninii, llobert H. Strawbrldge,
W. Phmket Stewuii, W. Cameron
Forbes, Dudley P. linger. II. H. Tiilliutt,
Jr., I'renllss 1.. I'noiiliiy, t'arletun F.
Hiitiic mid i 'nl. William I.ussIUt.
The paining of the executive ciimmltlee
Is usually part of thu htulncss of the an
nua! meeting, uhkii mi held thin year
on Januar :U tin that ueentlon, how
ever, Hie delegates adjourned with a
great deal of buliii'ss uiifmifhed It
was thought that the matter f the an
nual schedule of tournaments, including
tlio nwaid of tlio luminal ihampiun-
Ten New York Boxers
Will Go to Boston
Ten New York boxers who will
represent tho Metropolitan Associa
tion In thu miilnnu! ehnmploushlp
tournament In Hostoiron Monday and
Tuesday, April & it ml 0. were selected
yesterday by tho championship com
mittee of the A. A. U. Seven won
titles in tho recent metropolitan
championship tournament. Follow
ing nro the suleutlons.
108 Pound Class A, J. Do Vito,
Paullst A. C.
llfi Pound Class W. Cohan, St.
Christopher's Club,
125 Pound CliiBi Sol Seeman,
Hrooklyp A. A.
85 Pound class Frank Cassldy,
Oziuiam Association.
145 Hound Class Sam Mossbcrg,
Pastime A. t, and Nick Florlo,
Paullst A. C.
175 Pound Class J. Hayes. Paullst
A. C, and J. Tomeschek, PuullstA. C.
Heavyweight Class William Sieng
ler, New York Pollen Club, and tl.
Munuf, Pastime A. C,
Wins Members Derby In 15th
Aimunl Moef Iiifv of Enfflisli
Seller Club.
ships, would be settled yesterday and
that tho annual handicaps would be
iciidy for announcement. U appears,
howeveri thut one or two dutea on tho
schedule nre Hi doubt and tho nssocia-
lion prefers to ham thu list complete be'
fore announcing It. The handicap
ratings aro ready and havo been gone
over carefully, but they tire now In the
hands of the printer and not bo lu
shupu for publication for another week
or two.
PiTTsiitiii, March 29. Kloven players
i. 'Ill null:,, mi the AliKii-li'iin lllvilinlu
hockey team which will sail from New
tii'k Atinl 7 fur AniMurp to talio part
in the Ohmpir ihamplnnshlps Atirll 20
to 30, according to an olllcial uniiounco-i
mei t hoe to-da.v
Pptclal t Tin. t" i ami New Yuuk tssi.ti.
Mkukorp, N. J , .Match 29. Field trial
funeiers and also those Interested In
bench show specimens worn out In force
hero to-day for the opening evont, the
Members' Dm by. at tlm fifteenth annual
Meld trials held by tho Kngllsh Setter
Club of America on the grounds of tho
FrlopdH of the Hunting Dog, The day
wus Just right for tho dogs tn show
their hunting Instinct, for birds wcrq
plentiful, uinl the inure than two mile
course literally ss armed with Mexican
quail, Imported pome time ago expressly
for tho annual trials.
Hccauso uf tho number of youngsters
lisleil to sla rL in the .Membera' Derby.
many of which nii'o bred in the purple,
quite a lot of speculation was created as
to tho winner of this much covuted
event, which Is almost as much prized
by the nmuibnr being fortunate, In own
ing tho winning dug as a winner In the
free for all. It remained, however, for
Frank Kelly of this city and Philadel
phia to ptil across the unexpected with
Ids Jersey Hiker, a youngster that wunt
about his task with the skill uf a vet
eran from Ihe southern circuit. Second
pluu wus aw in did to Kutli Hoaz, prop
erty of William .idgler, Jr., of New
York, and the third went to vio O'Crahu,
owned by J. Craig llulf of Philadelphia
and which Is a littlo brother to tho win
ning dog.
It was quite some battto for first
placn between Jersey Hiker and ltuth
Hoar. Until displayed splendid hunting
Fewater' Injuries
Aro Not Serious
Sptvlal (w Tim Siin sn Nutv YoitK
Hai.timoiuc, Mil,, March 29. Doc
tors found tu'iilght that thu Injuries
whloh William 1'ewsler, tho young In
Holder of the Yankees, are notbcrlous.
Fewstcr wur hit In tho head by Jeff
I'feftor ln 'Jliursday's Bams at
Jacksonville and was removed to
Johns Hopkins Hospital, liere. Dr, J.
H, Hlaek of Jacksonville, Fla., has
had churgu of tho case, uud a trained
nurso accoiniianled the Injured player
form In. tho tlrst series and both found
birds on their first time out. In tha
second series they also maintained their
good worki but tlm almost perfect show
ing of Jcrj-ey Hiker, which was ably
handled by Frank Itelly, thu veteran
fsd trlul fancier, resullod In that entry
being placid first.
.11 any Feature nt Wnniiiunker In
stitute (inmr.
The John Waniunakur Commercial In
stitute will hold its nimuttt Hthlctlo
games to-night at the Twenty-second
Ilealment Armory. A majority of tho
events will be reluys. It Is tho Inten
tion of Ihe managers to niulo tho event
what the Penn relays nro to Philadel
phia and tho Hobtou A. A. games to Uos
ton. Tho relay in outs to-nlsht will range
from u 22U yard ruco for girls to a med
ley at ono mile for the championship of
the Intersections! League. Among tho
star athletes who will compute on the
various teams In thu titular event uio
Homer linker. Jlmmle O'Hrlon, Andy
Craw, Frank Conway, Harry Wlgger,
Hallestalr ond Kelly.
Dr. Wlielaii, New Athletic Di
rector, Will Use Them to
Help Track Team.
CAMiminaK, Mass., March 25. Photo
graphs of star Yale and Princeton track
athletes of the uust aro to bo secured
for decoration of the new Harvwd track
room on Holdlurs' Fluid, This, la only
ono of the many Innovations which Dr.
Charles Wlielau, dlrcutor Of pinieHCfl,
will Inaugurate. These photographs w 1
bo hung nlongsldo thoso of former Har
vard captains.
Ono hundred and fifty men reporlt
for tho trark loam to-day, forty-five qf
whom aro freshmen. An order has beep
placed for a J2.BU0 motion picture equip
ment and films nre to be nwdo of (lie
iithirteti while In nvtimi, Theso will be
studied and compared by budding per
formers who will contrast the difference.
Threo mlriurs aro to hi bought, one
of them set on rollers nml used In con
Junction with practice to show form nd
another anchored at a certain spot witji
the same purpose in view. Ten ruuping
tables have been obtained, and the mm
will massage one another after proctlcv.
In addition, the truck room will have
a vlctrol.i, with the latest records, and a
uuenion box where t'uggi.stions or com-
plulptH will be icceUed
1.KWISTON, Mo.. Miinh 29. J. Oliver
Johnston, Irucl. roach at Worcester Acad
emy, has ncicpted the pniltlnp of track
roach at Hates College. Johnston waa A
member of the 1912 Olympic team " a
running high jumper
came throug
on clean-cut merit!
No premiums or pull!
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Winston-Salem, N. C.

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