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22 THE SUN AND JNiiW luxuv nJiittAJju, xnuivoA, .w v, (
Giants Run Bases Until Nearly Exhausted in Winning From Rocky hunt, 20-2
Knnff mid Sicking Also Mnko
Circuit Drives in Oaino With
Hocky Mount.
First Injury of Consequence to
' New Yorks f Ininis Snyder
as Its Victim.
ii r n.winii.
RtrrM lo Tur "ri "n Vnnrr IT'n.fn.
Itocuv Morr.T N. C. April 7. Thn.
wnn a rurt nf c'lrnlv-il dny for the
(Slants. For lhi first time In n Ions
while they were not forced to look nt
the faces of the lied Pov. This n-imlto
was duo t u uVllrhtful lllt'e by-pln In
the Ml'i'ilul" of the cehbrnled "three
weeks In th- Flick"" The llhnts came
on to Rocky Mount to combine forces
Tilth tho recruits, who hvl been work
Ins hern for n fortnight M-lth the Roi-hra.
ter c'ub of th Intcrmtlonal Lcngut,
wlill the H-1 o n-ent m Iti'elgh to
play tlm I'.'i""'o to-m The tour will
lio resumed '' a cm In Norfolk 'u
morrow Tb-n U n ' ' Pa. a"d home
The nMlvcs '"" "I'-n rei"lcd wl'h
two gnnv c both lm"ed to seven In
nines. On of tl ' in between tho
OlnntH' se'nnd toim Hoeliostrr, wis j
a real oimtert, nnil resulted In a victory
fYir the N'nw York rent' le.s bv a s-coro of
3 to 1. Tho other tiff.'ilr was not exactly V
ii ball bmp, though It was phyed with
bats mul halls and thn men run to and
from rcfmbtlon haws. In this bis
laugh the (".lints," regulars lmrnthoned
their way to a s"ore of 20 to 2 over the
Hocky Mount cli'b of th" Virginia-Carolina
Lengw. The locals art' mnnaged
hy A' lirldwell, once shortstop of( the
Giants. 1
It was a End prink to p'nv on TJrldwrtl,
tmt tho CJhntn ttist rou'd not kclp past
ing the bill to nil parts of the lot.
lirldwell started with throe left hander
In a row. and thov wore lambasted Just
nh (Uleltly ns thov ime to tho mound.
Tho New Yorks collected a total of
nineteen hits, tvh'ch Inrli.ded two home
runs by Cirnrire Kel'v homers bv Kouff
nnd Sicking a"d triples bv Young and
Fletcher Mere bse Mts cot vorv little
plav. The f!l"n'.s not tired running
round tho well worn piths, nnd the
spectators grow dore around tho ribs I
from hnw-naw'nir es tne nome iieiucr.s
flashed hither nnd thither like a flock of
files over a sugar bowl, only It was no
ewect Job.
The prize hit of the dnv was Kelly's
first home run. with ono on. In the
fourth Inrlng. Hess fed Kellv one nbout
waist high, and the lankv f'rst base
man not only lifted the ball nut of the
park, but sent It over the roofs of sev
eral houses back of the Int. Tf Hie ball
had been hit harder U wou'd have gone
clean out of the State. Kelly hns not
been punishing the bill very severely
of late In the series with the UeU -Sox,
nnd the clout cirri? I all the pentup fury
of his many dlsipnn'ntnierts.
Douglas went the full seven Innings for
the 'Giants, and. of course, never "as
forced to extend himself. No other
Giant regular has k-one more tho.r six
Innings. In the preliminary came Win
ters went the full seven Inn'ngs for the
Giants' rookies, nnd allowed seven hits,
A jjaes and a three base hit by Statz
andean Infield out rave the recruits two
runs and the same In the sixth. Clifford
and' Acosta held the rookies to three
The "netm
New York-Rums. If : Kautf. cf : Young,
rf. : F'eicher, s S'Knir. : Dit, !b ;
Stati. cf. aim If' "rl'Ci, 3b.: Kelly, lb.:
McCnrty, e ; DourUs. p.
nockr Mon"' (Veon. at. ; Srerber. rt.:
CharJot, lb ; Kel'er. .ti Gremm. n : Kftspr.
If.: Smith, cf. rhlolm. e: Hathwole.
JIarcns, L03Ch. Hcsj ami snjraer, p
n. h. k
New York 6 9 5 6 0 0 J-M 19 1
IloHtr Mount. ... 009001117 C
Home run-Kflly J. Rieklnir. Knn" Three
base hlti-fneHier Yoirc Pletehe-. Two b-M
hltp Kailff. Hetfher. Kr-eh Ke'Iir. M'Cvty.
Smith. Struck ou'-Hr Dom'a. 3 nases on
bit's Ily Doiu-las. 1; by IIei"hwole. 1: br
Marcus, 1. Umpires -Messrs Klstn and ureii-
"New York Jlonlilei-llowei. 11 : K'nsf'la,
rf.: Ktatr, cf : Kmc lb : W"l!e 'b Sick
IiiK, ss.: Annstmne. Sb : wmtlli. e Winters. P.
noehmter iln'ernallnnan Sn"irs. si :
Jlathew. If: Ko!y. ct Lo-it. 3h i: nodrl.
miez. lb.; llolbhmi. b ; Rrennan. rf.: Munn.
c; Clffonl and Acosta, p.
New York 0 1 0 0 0 5 x-S 4 2
ItooliMter 0 0 1 0 0 0 O-l I S
Horn run--Rlfllnx. Tliree bare hll MM.
Two bJM hlt-Steklnr K'ruck mit-Hy win
ters, : by Acosta, 1. I'mplres-Messrs. Kreii
nan and 'Kkm.
Catcher Snyder Injned.
Tho first Injurv of anv con'eo;uence
that has struck tho (Hants this sprlnp
claimed Frank Pnwler for Its victim yes
terdav In the came with the Hod Sox at
Wlnston-Palem. At f lr-t It was thought
that Snvder had only snllt a flncer but
It devclopel today that be luul frac
tured a small bone. He will not be able
to work behind the bat for about two
weeks. However, the club Is well forti
fied In that department, us It has Lou
McCarthy, Uarl. Smith and .Mike Gon
zales. John fcGraw to-day received rather
an nmuslni; lelejrram from one of the
recruits who not ro lonpr aco was Bent
to a mlnoor league rlub. Meflraw de
clined to name the ulayer or tho club,
but amonc thoe with the Giants the
Identity of the man Is not hard to Kuess.
Ho wired as follows: "If you will p"ay
mo J 100 a month above salary offered
by this club I will play hero and guar
antee to lead league. This Is possible
becauso of certain conditions which ex
ist hero and which I am explaining In a
letter." McGrnw said that he would
tako the plajcr at his word He added
that for sheer chek and unmitigated
confidence tho plaer easily won tho
Brown Derby.
John Mc( raw to-day celebrated his
birthday, his forty-seventh. He was the
recipient of a baketfull of tctefrrams
from his friends. To-night he was given
a dinner by Arthur Irwin. A cood timo
was had by all. At this writing, some
Btlll ara having It. others nro havlncr It I
Btill, aand still others rlcht from th'.- still.
jiTiri-n iiiai'iitii .
OTHLn ll.VSI.lt AI.l. R.1MK.S. '
. .
,nrn 7 r.h n 1 ,nn
' -
Cincinnati Na'lomls
Washington Americans ... .
... 1. .
i i 1
Ualtorles Iteulher, Rlne iin.l Allen;
Curium, Gill, Cour ney nnd I'lelnh k.
SHItEVnponT, La., April 7. Exhibition.
Plttsbure Nationals 10 9 0
fihreveport, Texas Leacue 1 it 4
llalttrleii Cooper, Hamilton and Le;
Gleason. Ilnno u" ' Rust.
LOUISVILLE. Ky.. April 7 Exhibition
It. II. E.
Philadelphia Nationnlp 9 12 1
Louisville Association 2 3 2
Ilatterlts Itlxey nnd Wheat; Tlncup.
Graham, Ditnhim, Meyer nnd Kocher.
NEW ORLEANS. April 7. Exhibition.
It. II. E. I
Cleveland Americans 2 2 2 1
New Orleans Southern 0 3 2
Uatterles Uhle and Thomas; Walker,
tlndsey. Dradshaw and Dcberry.
At Ralelsh. exhibition II II. E.
Ilos'.on Amtrlram 9 15 1
Jjuffalo Internationals 1 5 11
Hatterlri Junes end Walters Rogers.
(lordon, Hellmnn. Mjnnlng and I!"i g lurh.
Chicago, April 7. "Zeb" Terry, In
fielder of tho rittsbttrg Nat'otials, to
day was purchased by the Chicago Na.
Scenes in Columbia-N. Y. U, Game on
(' tt u,J4 J l.i) II. Mil i i . IgC ' " "' '
mm i fc I K'.-. X. "KSHt I . . ' . .
New Jersey to Have SiV 4 m ' rs' 'eanor ' ass 1
Twelve Round Bouts k 'hkfm Ifll ! to Be Fencing Judge .
T KENTON. N. J., April 7. Tho
Senate to-d.iy passed the bill
extending the limit for pro
fessional boxing buuts in New Jersey
from eight to Uvelvo lounds. Senator
Simpson of Hudson county, In advo
cating the measure, vald that boxing
as conducted In New Jersey Is a good,
clean sport, and had proved very
popular. It was necessary, he said,
to extend the number of rounds, In
order that bo;lin; c'ubs In New Jer
sey might more neatly meet the com
petition of other States
The vote on the Mil was 11 to
nothing It was reo ntly p.issed In
the House, and It Is expected that It
will be signed by the Governor.
New York Collegians Stage
Rally in S:xth Inning.
Spfdal la Tnr. Rvs a.su Nt:vr Ydbk Hcbaui.
Villa Nova, I 'a., A ril 7. The Ford
hum University baseball team defeated
the Villa Nova Pine hero to-day in a
poorly played game by the score of S
to 6. The weather conditions were more
suitable for football than for baseball.
A high wind blew' across the field
throughout the contest and rendered
fielding very difficult. As a result nu
merous errors were made by both
The New Yorkers ftared a rally In
the sixth round nrd took the lead by
one, run. Fay and Start v nlked ard
Donovan singled, fllllr- the bases. Finn
was safe on Hyrne's error and Fay
scored. McLotighlln then slnslcd to loft,
scoring Start and Dopovan. Halloran
was hit and the bases n"aln were
loaded. Buckley followed with a blngle
to left nnd Halloran followed Mcl.ough- !
Iln over the plate with the tleing tally. ,
nuckley then pi't his team in the lead
by completing the clrmlt when Hyrpo
nllowed Fay's grounder to filter through
his hands.
McLotighlln. Uk Fo-rlham first base- .
man, who got a dot ble and thr o singles t
In six trips to the plaf, was the star ot ;
Mio contest. I
hc score: I
ah r h o a e nb r h o a e
VcL'lin.lb. (!( I 1 n.PoWnson.cf til 1 0 0
Ifa'.loran.rf 5 1 5 0 0 "P'rin-n .. 5?: 1 31
Keouyh.lf.. 4 0 0 1 on 'fcochinlb. n 1 1 ;
nukley.cf. Sit 2 0 ll'VnnHn.lf. . 402 1 11
Letevre,3b. 401 2 irtrrne!b .. 50 1 3 2 1
Fajr.:b 41 1 1 2 : Yirt'kr rf-p. 5 1 2 0 10
"t?rt.ss 4113 1 lK'"DnH,c. 5 2 3 14 0 0,
Donovan.c. 3 2 2 8 1 fxvi lb... 40 1 5 0 0
Flnn,p 300 0 1 ll'!!vfei"'V p.. 2 00 0 0 0
Waleri.p... 2 0 1 2 0 n''"-oiln 2b. . 100 1 10-
l""-nn'Iy rf.. 20' 1 00'
Totals...40 g 13 27 10 'Herstler. . 1 00 0 0 0
I Toi'. .42 S 14 27 1 0 5
Batted for Neville in the ninth lnnlnir.
Fordhnm 0 0 0 0 1 6 0 0 1
Vl'la Nova 1 2 1 1 1 0 0 0 0
First ba on ermrs Fnrrlham 4: Villa
Nova, 3 Two ba. hits Byrne, Hninrun I. '
McLoushlln. Thee
h'Mefilmairt' !
F'lo'en bsm-H P..hln.-,n Pt'Tiiri rM.,n!.ia
lylevre 3 Ix-ft on bie-P dham. 12; Villi 1
Nova. 11 Double p'.iy.-F"n. Lcfevro ami!
-McLourhlln : ' Cronin and Bnie. Has-a on'
balls Off Sweeney. 1
off Yaduiky
Finn, ! off Waters. 1. Strtirk utit-ny linn
a; dv waters. 4; by swefney
7- In- YulnsltV
l Hit by pltche:
pitcher By Yrrtuiky. 2 (Lefevre,
Psesed In". Donovsn. 3. Hits'
Off Finn, I In S Inninrs- oft Wat en. S in 4
Innlnn: off Sweeney. 7 in 1-3 tnnlnirs; off
Yodunky, S in 2 '-3 Innlnn. Umpire Mr
Grlfllth. Time of janie 2 hours and 50
Pltche Well,
Poor Support.
but IIn
Special t) Tnr Sen ami New York Herald.
Washington. Anrll 7. Boston Col
lego defeated Catholic University. 5 to 0,
on Kiillan Field to-day. The game
early developed Into a pitching duel
between Kelly and Jackson. Tho Catho
lle h.ur'ler suffered from poor support.
Boston Colltge'rt only earned run was
scored In the seventh Inning. Tho
score :
ob r h n a el ab r h o a e
Bollo.rf.... 4 0 0 0 OOT.irriran.lf. 401 0 00
301 fl onillond.s.... . 400 2 30
I "'?.. 300 I 1 0Domnsey.cf. 3 1 1 o-oo
'Lueey.lf... 400 1 ' 0 fVRejan.e .421 6 10
Dunn.Ib. . 3 0 1 12 0 "H'if.-iVh 3 20 17 0 0J
Hebcrre.-"b 2 0 0 1 2 lf-rfn-.i ;b. .101 2 - fi
rorflfi.2h... 1 0 il 1 1 i'lf.slev "b Jdl n ftl
. - : . r . ' -
n en
Uorwin.e .. joo 9 lO'ii'rt.lrn.rf.
300 0 00!
300 0 00
jkkwii.p .. 100 n 2 0iKeliy,p
Cifim, mi 1 irj
V."":0"" ! " '. ' ' 1
Dalian!.. . 000 0 0 01 Total!.... 31 5 6 27 80
Totili....27'l"27 9 31
Batted for Foran In th fifth Innlnr.
Catholic 00000000 0-0
"7Ion 0 1 0 1 0 3-4
wph.0Me Sl-
rer Two base hit -r..merford. Struck out-
Pr Jackson. 7; by Kel'y. 5 Bases on bal's-
Off Jackson,
3: off Kelly, 3 Hita-Off Jaek-
son. 6: oft Ke'ly.
wild pitch-Kelly.,
Pasi-eil ball O'Regan
colli; r;n iiaskhall games,
At Philadelphia
faiettr. 1.
-Pennsylvania, 4; La-
At Chariotteavlil
glnla, 0.
-Amherst. I; Vlr-
At South Field. N"w Vnrb TnlnmMi
lorn university, I.
! At Washington Hnhtnn. 5
Catholic. 0.
At (Ir.ensboro. N.
C. Ynle. 5; North
uarouna, 3.
At Vlllansva, Fordham.
nova, 6.
At Annapolis, Md Navy.
6: I'enn
mmr, 3
At Hlacksburg. V.i Vlrclnla Polvterh.
jliic Institute, ; Trlalty, t.
i. Delaney, N. Y. li stealing
third as Smith jumps to catch h;&h
throw. 2. Meaney fins' ng th;
pamc in the b-x for C- umbia. 3.
Delaney pitching for N. Y. U.
Different Mc.lt cs of
Shells for Harvard
Spteial lo The Si n and Ng Yhk IIi.iiald.
CAM Kill D ;K, Mars. April 7.
Three drTe-ent m ike ; of she'ls
wl'l he ti.ken to Av ipalls for
th Harvard crew races with the Naval
Academy. The boats will leave within
ten days, and will b" fol owed by the
crews Monday evening. April ID.
The varsity will u' a new boat,
one constructed by Davy, the local
bul'der. The second crew will use an
Knglish craft, one bu'lt by Hough
While. The freshmen will race the
plehes in a Ward craft.
Coach Haines, after havln Kane,
No. 2. and Duncan. No. 4. exchange
position1 be'leves that he has struck
a wlnnlr.fr varsity comb'natlon. He
Is not sure that the present boating
will stand for the Academy race.
v :
AVenther llnther More I'-npltloon
for 1'notbnll Than for Ilnseliall.
"pfcial to Tun Srs A.vn New York IlEntt.D,
I'Hlt.Ar.ELl'lUA, la.. April 7 Penn
tishored in the 1920 busrba.l season
here this afternoon bv hmnbflnir the
Laiayettrt nine, 4 to 1. Tin: day was
more propiuniis ior looinnu man ior
baseball, but more than CO'i dyed In the
wool fans sat huddled in the stands as
the teams went through the nine in
nings. The score:
an n o a e
Pete ra.lf 4 1 0 0 0 Wells.Cb. .
Shrive.-.. s. . 4 0 3 1 1IW.iIbaeh.lf
Sirauief.... 4 1 1 1 Olllerlw.sx ..
Warwlek.e . 3 1 6 1 Olt'hll'on.lb. .
M.'NJoloUb 30 3 5 0 rr.rt. ..
Yatrs.lb. ... 4 210 1 Il"eevei 3h...
Hariey.rf... 30 2 OOlltauier.rf...
Myers.Sli 20 0 1 lB-ail!iaw,e
ab h o a e
! , x ,
4 0 2 20
ion oo
3 2 0 sol
31 1 00
31 4 20
sneney.p.... 30 2 4 0 Mover.p..
30 1 SOI
'Sesman 00 0 OO
Totals.... 30 5 27 14 31 I
I Totals. . 32 7 21 14 2 .
Ran for Chilton In the ninth Inniny.
renn 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1 x-4
Lafayette 00001000 0-1
Two b&e lilt Reeves. Sicr flc-. hit Mc
Nlrhol. Doub'e plays MfNn hoi and Yjtca:
Warwick and McNhhol Bases on balla Oft
-Moyer, 1 struck out Ily Shetley. 4; by'
Mnnr 3 lilt liv nlleh,l hill-llv ShITr
1 (Reeves). Wild piteh-.Moyer Pissed ball-I
Messrs. Rudolph anil Wagner
Wins Princeton Club Cham
pionship After Close Match.
In a match that required more than
two hours and the limit of five games
. for decision Dr. H. R Mixsell wop the
'WniS-'stiuash tennis championship of the
r.rln"t0" FMl yzy. He defeated
iaroiu ioncy oy a startling rally In tno
last few hands after his onnonent. lead-
Inir 1111. wns tvlthln n nf vIp.
lory Comn(r from oelilnil. IJr. Mixsell
won three points In a row. "set' the
game at 14 all nnd triumphed finally I
! at 17 16, tho result hinging on the final
point. The score was: 15 11. 15 12, .
io is. 1315 and 17 is. '
i)r. Mixsell a severe hitting and his
speed ns n "gutter" earned him the first
two games of the match. Mr. Tobey.
however, had the more versatile attack
and the edce In the mattf r of skill, and
In the third nnd fourth games anil part
of the fifth showed to advantage over
hla opponent The match was one of
the fiiRtest played on tho Yale Club
courts this season. J
South Field
Sptctal ia Tim Si-N and New Yoiik IIubaid.
OSTON, Mass., April 7. Mrs.
K'eanor Daldwln Cass of
Medford has been Invited to
be one of the Judges at tho National
Amateur Fencing League's annual
meet, to be held at the Hotel Astor,
New York city, the latter part of this
Mrs. Cass Is the first woman to be
come officially connected with the
executive department of the Fencing
League She is a fencing expert of
International reputation. With the
opening of tho war Mrs. Cass de
serted the ath'etlc field for a business
"Iff. and Is now manager of tho
women's department In a Boston
banking Institution.
Fielding in Midseason Style,
Middies Score, 6 to 5.
Fptrial In Till! Srs AM) Sr.vt Ycuuc llirnAU).
ANMAroLtB, Md , App!l 7. Flaying in
almost . freezing weather, the Naval
e.tdemy won at baseball here this
afternoon from Pennsylvania State by 6
to 5. It was the same wore by which
the midshipmen defeated Princeton last
Saturday, and the game was very sim
ilar. After the Navy had secured a good
lead tlw visitors evened matters, only to
have the local players win by a slnglo
tally In the llnal Inning.
Vlth tho score S to 1 at the beginning
of the eighth. Oalnes p.issod two, which,
with Mutlan s single, filled the bAses. L.
N. Baker went to the mound and passed
three, and Kelly passed unother. forcing
In four runs.
ab r li o a e
ab r h o a rl
Merkle.Ib . 3 0 0 2 0 IIMIlner.ss.... 3 0 1 3 2 0
Knrh.M . . 3 0 0 0 J 0 V no 2b 510 1 50
Mullun cf.. 311 3 0 OIHoile.ef .. . 5 1 1 1 10
I'lrey.lh . . 5 0 2 6 0 o'ilumiih'ii.lb 2 2 1 9 0 1
Halnr s.lf . .5 2 2 2 1 ONtubbs rf . 4 1 1 1 1 0
Llshtner.rt 310 1 0 0 hswtlnirvlf 3 0 1 3 2 0
naubltti.rb 3 1 0 3 0 2 H I) Jl rr."b. 3 00 1 2 0
Tl'bnush.c . 2 00 7 1 l'rinuyhloy.c 411 7 0 0
Hunter.p.. 30 0 I 3 llOa'ncj.p .. 301 1 20
LN.Dikfr.p 000 0 0 0
Totals.. .Mai'IS i SiKetly.p 1 00 0 0 0
I Totals 33 6 T'27 15 1
To out when wlnnlnK run was scored.
renn State 01000004 05
Navy 0 3 2 0 0 0 0 0 1-
Two bane hit MUDDi. H.uei on oaus uu
Hunter. C; off Gaines, 7: oft L. N Baker, 3;
off Kelly. 2 Wl d pltchc-ltunter 2. Balk
Hunter. Struck out Br Hunter, 4: by
Calnoa. 3 Doub'e plays Hilnes and Mrrklr:
tlmore. Time of tame-2 heura and 20
minutes j
All Tlckcln Sold for Opening fiarac
Iletiveen Cnbn nnd Itcda.
Special to Tnr. Sr.v and New YonK HKBW.n.
Cincinnati, Ohio. April 7. Lines of
worry are creasing the countenance of
Judge Wll'lntn H. Lueders, for upon him
has devolved the difficult task of ob
taining a seat at the opening ball game
here next Wednesday, between the Cubs
and world's champion Reds, for John P.
Rockefeller, Jr., but not a seat can be
All appeals are listened to, but are
answered In the negative. Mr. Rocke
feller will be here next Wednesday with
a group of dlstinmilshcd churchmen In
the interests of the Interchurch world
Tnirn HfiQ nnne.lled to hl nolltical
friends. President Herrmann of the ball
club and personal friends, but as yet has
not been able to Induce any of them to
I,art wlth the coveted tickets.
IKJrJ roVs.
vfStottl IDI I Al ITIA1
i;ast zitii sr.. u..i.muto if a.
Consisting of
Both Fresh and Seasoned
with the usual varied list ot complete bust. I
ness outfits, wagons, harness, &c. t
25 Goats from one of the
large stock farms up the State.
Special at 12 o'clock.
n l 1 e 1IT it
l.ar 0.311 01 VY PSfPm nnrHPS
" " """"
This is a mixed load of good ser-
viceable animals, weighing from
i 200 to 1,600 lbs., young and oil
wnrranted workers. '
wnrranlea worKers.
u noonHaturda'"' ,0W "ubJect to trla!
PMo ney "back thenar animal proves othei
than as represented.
Sale-lleautlfni pir ot well mannered
uMAni!.""' C" U Mea " Ul m
Plnycr Hurt Knco in Sliding
and Is Sent to New York
to Recover.
With Score Tied in Ninth
Mitchell's Hit to Tipp
Decides Game.
Chester. S. C, April 7. The Yankees
lost another ball nliycr 1 1 day. I'helr
Infield was further Depleted when Aaron
Ward, the regular second baseman since
Fewstcr was hurt was sent homo for
treatment. Ward hurt his knee yester
day making a hook slldo Into second
base, the same slldo which spiked C.
Ward of the Ilrooklyns In tho hand. The
knee swelled almost doublo last night
nnd developed water, and Ward left this
afternoon to see the club doctor In New
York. It Is hoped ho wl'l be a'l right
for Saturday's game In Brook'yn.
The Ilrooklyns woll stocked with
Mlb'tlf't w nt i' vlr 'uti with th
Yankees to-day. The former won, 6 to
ft. miking 'is'it gimes out of elevci
for them Wheat was out with a bruised
thumb, Ward was out with a spiked
hand i'tui .IMinston had iron" down to
meet his family. Two of the substitutes,
Taylor and Mitchell, were prominent In
the overthrow of the Yankees by the
Dodgers, who in tho last three days
liae made twenty-two runs.
Huth's heedless baso running helped
boat the YankH to-day, nnd yet without
his hitting they wou'd havo been lost
n the shuffle. The outfielders were In
weeds up to their knees ; they were per-
-optlbly rcspectab'e weeds, However, ana
besides, the playing of the Yanke-s late-
ily has been thorough')' In keeping with
the high gnss circuit.
1 Thn weather was an improvement
over yesterday's, but the same old chilly
wind wua racketing around tne corners.
However, afler what they've been
, through In the way of heatless sleepers,
dllllcuity in totting water aim pimr svi
vice generally from the railroad they
trnnlzlnir. the nlavers are ready
I for anyhlng, and they are still a bit
better handled than cattle would be.
Jack Qulnn kept the ball on the plate
and set down two on strikes In the tlrst
Inning, Sml'Ji walked Pivkinpaugh in
the New York half nnd I'lpp, with char
acterlstlc Yankee Ineptitude, struck out
Huth thought so well of that feat ths'
he followed pult. He was the third
Yank of the Inning to be fanned by
Ah early as tho second Inning the
Yankees began their dally feat of crack
ing. Myers singled nnd Qulnn wabbled.
Ho walked Koney, but struck out the
next man. Vlck misjudged a drive by
Hilrd and It sailed over his Ivory head
for two bases. Two runs .scored on It,
and another s.xred on 'i Its bv Kniegor
and Smith and slow fielding by Meuscl.
, fourth run was forced in by ijuinn,
.k. r.n.n r, rl 1 1,. 1 1 lv O flVIT. foT
disheartened Yankt; haven't
shown enough lighting ability to over
come a sizable lead.
The Ilrooklyns were steeped In luck.
Lewis md Vlck drove hotly to Halrd
and Olson lesrectlvely, only to be re
tired by rabbit's foot stops. The Dodg
ers were excelling In both luck nnd
Tho Illustrious Ruth snatched a two
bagger to right In the fourth, and, with
notiodv out. tried to score on a liner to
right by Lewis. He took a long chance,
when cuch chance was foolhardy. He
wan thrown out easily, Mcusel fanned
and Pratt hit warily toYUi-oti. A double
and a slnglo before anybody wns out,
vet no score. The frailty of the Yankees
in pinches, not to mention other times,
Is enough tn m-'ke the onge's weep.
Things brightened a bit for the Yanks
In the fifth. Kip Collins, the Texas
broncho buster, waited It out nnd
I walked, then followed a raid on Smith's
r,,i. virU Perk nnd Pint)
southpaw BerMce. "JicK. 1 cck nnd . ipp
singled nnd Huth tripled far over Nelss
head. With four runs In and the score
te( Ruth was caught In a run up when
ritnm Fnteger 'and Kuth
muffed a toss from Krueger, and Ruth
returned to third In safety. Myers, sta
tioned far out, caught .Mcusers exces
sively long fly. Ruth scoring. There
Ksih'v Hook lrinces.i Jamaica Day Governors v Illets
(The Hotseshcc) nay (Canarsle) Island
A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. A.M. I'M,
..10 51 11:08 10:50 11 1.1 1130 11 M 11 '11 1122
. 113(1 lt:M 1141 11:. IS IS 21 12'.'"S 1151
12 27 12 03 12,32 12 4.5 1 12 12 (VI 12-
IS 4(1 12.1 1251 12S 131 2.0S 12'5U 151
1 4.1 2 24 1 4S 2 4,1 2 .H 3 01 2 0J 3 05
InHI ft .
April 0. .
April 10 .
I April 11 .
April l-s
The time given In U10 above table Li Eastern
r re hour
Net Cash 1 ricca
Cord Casings.
30T.1 K
aa xa
1Mb tread, 6
Mat Or 'rt.C. O. D.
Goodyear SQCondTiresfExclusfaeU
583 MADISON AVE. '.: N.Y.C.
(at 57 la btrcet)
MR. GEORGE WATSON of Teaneck, N. J., will Sell
22 High Class Saddle Horses 22
Several Show Horses
Well broken' and the best of manners. Followed by other Consignors.
That our mailing list may tc kept up to date, those wishing catalogues,
please send name and address to
WM. DURLAND , 5 WEST 66th Street
Phone Columbus 9100
CowrUM, 1820, by the
BvtcM to Ths Bun
OCKV MOUNT, N. C. April 7.
to-muni ...
ounKStcrs who hud been axon
tho clnss necessary or
l.lh fn n
ilayers for disposal ana seni huvhi u. ........ - . T, ccncrni
international League, which Is managed by Art ) u r Invln. Tbo general
imiief lii that tho Itoclicflter leum m
. . .
. .. . . . - nnt if IH .1
w ieuiur im. '"" ,).. hnvo i,t.ei, sent to that club nro gomu wun Kleld In a snowstorm, ana tho "sensible-
aiants and that -those h J o Utc ni Thcy lPm fttur wns Rt M fppeinr
strings nttached. Tour of tI,L cv". lda K'ny brother of throughout. Despite this, however,
are Jim Ourton, left bander; Harry nurfc lid I 'fotf , j, tho big crowd wan on hand nnd Htayod
tho first baseman of tho Giants, and Vlrg Iiarnes, brother of Jtsse, uio wafl r amJ
Now Vork Ditcher. The others are Klnsella mid Bowcn, outnoIdcM. and h ln(Jlvl(lual honor3 wcnt
...... n.M,..r White, bitchera Snover and McQuadc, In- , rieinnev. New York's crack pitcher
n i. itatiq lor e and Armstrong and Outfielder Leo King will nccom-
fielders Bates, Hone anu h, . f ,,,- ftir thn cames
pany tho Clan to Nw r "'"l", 8UrprSO( n8 SOmo he d sway for three rounds and was
with Yale. Tho going of King ni fi"'t be halved out of the National succeeded by Dutch Koenlg for an equal
time ago It was understood that he could 1 no be l on to th . wn n innings. "Cy" Meany pitched
for tho West Virginian, wno cumu u w...... ,
tho llrates
Tho seven men sent on to Rochester will bo of great help to Irwin, na
most of them are just a little abort of major loaguo calibre. Bowcn might
rf hriSTo some T nf the major league teams right now. The Ued Sox
bo of help to some ot ine major a. h McOraw.
made nn offer for him some timo ng but it was t tm r tun n Jcu"v-
Klnsella Is a son of tho former scout of the G an U and w as In Little KocK
In tho Southern Association lost season. White Is ti former Catholic Ui I-
verslty lad, who had been expected to remain with the unnta to take tno
place of Al Il.ilrd. White's going will leave McGraw with only ono sub-
tltuto Inllelder l'jdle Kicking, llnrton came from Tu's It. Kelly from
ho Coast Midwinter League nnd Virgil Barnes, from Wichita, from which
.ub ho u.h purchased by New York.
Boxing Iteforms In Jersey.
Aa a result of tho apparent certainty of boxing legislation in this State,
Vow Jersev and Pcnnsylvniila havo b,'un to clean house with amazing In-
.e JL'B: ..., ,, ,,.in nr ih omnium- mil.
r . ,
.tistry. .7.1-rT: m . " h n.
sauce anil lias iruiouuteu uu mnniuiiitm u ..."
crease of rounds frdm eight to twelve.
Tho Director of Public Safety in Philadelphia has had several bouts
stopped In which tho men were 111 lhatched, and thero Is a general movement
of the conditions prevailing as to contests.
Before tho start of the tlrst bout In Camden recently commissioner Jonn
S Smith instructed Heferee Krtlo and later advised Uefereo Brcnnan, "If
licy do not light chase them from the ring." None of tho boxers was chased,
Tho promoters of neighboring cities realize that If twelvo round bouts
to a decision became lawful In Now York State It would mean a paucity of
gato receipts at their clubs.
As a matter of fact CO per cent, of those who attend the bouts In Newark
and Jersey City are from Greater New York, and with rival clubs In this,
.i... .v. Tr.n,. nniMia would 1i!ivo in hp vprv attractlvo In order to ECt anv'
,;u ",u . "
patronage irnm mis sine 01 inc uuuwni
fn.- thn snnrt thnt tho .lersevmen anu
was no chance for Huth to blunder on
the bases this time.
Mitchell took Myers's place and
tripled over Until In the eighth. Huth
was slow picking the ball out ot the
weeds. Mitchell tied the scoto on Hood's
fly to Vlek, ttio first time In four tries
that Hood failed to strike out. Vlck
had only an ordinary throw to the plate,
but was fifteen feet wide of it.
Taylor's single, Cadore's sacrifice and
a wild pitch put Taylor on third In the
ninth with only ono out. Peck made a
nice play on Nela's grounder nnd
tl,r,,n- him nut this nfter Olson bad
walked. A walk by Kllduff niled tho I
bases, and Mitchell's hit to PIpp, which
the latter knocked down, sent in the
winning run.
ab r h o a ' ab r h o a e
300 1 6 0Vlek.rf
5 11 2 01
4 11 1 20
5 1 2 10 0 0
1 1 : 1 oo
4 'I J 2 0 0
3 00 0 10
4 0 1 .1 3 1
4 0 1 S 10
1 00 0 1 1
2 10 0 40
Neln rf.
.. 4 0 0 2 1 OlPeek n
Kl lllU.2b . . 300 2 Of PlPP.lb
Mitchell el 2 12 1 0 01
KVIehy.lb 4 1 0 9 0 0
Hnod.'f.. .. 3 00 0 0 01
Ptrd.3b .. 4 1 2 0 3 1
f rueier.e.. 3 1 2 5 0 1
1115 OOiColliiis,))....
3 a 1 o no
Cadere.p.... 0 0 0 0 2 0 Totals... .36 5 10 ?7 12 0
Totals... 33 6 27 11 2
Ilrook'jn 0 4
0 0 0 0 0 1 1-
Jew York o v v u u v v v
00005000 0 r.
Buns batted In-By Hood 1. Balrd 2. Kil-
duff 1, Mltrhe'l 1, Smith 1. Peek 1. Kuth 2.
!Tel. l- J-eKn ti:M"nr,!U,SI,V.K
York 7 Two ba-e hlt Balnl. Ruth Three
biite hlts-.Milrhe'l Huth Sacrifice hits-
Olnon, t'adore. Sacrifice files Hood. Metisel
Ilifo. on balls-Off Qulnn. 3; off Collins. 2;
off Smith, 2. Strurk out By Qulnn. 5: by
Colllts. 2: by Smith. 4: lit Cadore. 4. Wild
pltrh-Cn'llns Hits-Oft Quinn, 6 In 4 In
nlnrs: off Collins. 3 In f. inninirs; off Smith, I
8 In S Innings; off Cadore. 2 In 4 lnnlnys.
Umpires Mesr. Dlnneen nnd O'Day. Time
ot same I hour and 50 mlnutrs.
Pivv.it urst, N. C, April 7. Algardl,
entered by Robert Tay or oi II
won the annu;
Plnehurst to-day
tho two mile
Melos followed
six furlong flat
by H H Swoope of Madera, Pa, I
i :15 1-5.
Point Ixin'hin
A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M.
1 St 2 25 12 11 12 19
2 3.1 ,1 07 1 01 1 3D
.1 IS 3 51 1 51 2 ,15
4 -lit 4 4 2 60 3 32
5:0.1 5 12 3 4H 4 25
standard time.
Kor daylight savins time add
All enthcr Tread
F brie Casings. Tubes.
al Fpring steep'echase at 7 a. M. ;,,;' ' """'; auteit tiurcna.r. app y uronx ci
by ha'f a length over DDICTIT I A I AM) IIMCKnsn. I "-.;' - ...i I -Z. .
course. Little Horn nnd I lUOVlLLil '"v .'ot of Ocean i.',?. '" """"' ;Z?i,M VZ.
In the order named. The c.u 7 Vn'' motorani 'exterior In perfect condition: csr
went to Wasseon. owned ! " 1"- . hai b.n ,rT little uwd; tl.l'OO. Phone New
1.1.15 2.10
20.S0 lrt.70 2.(10
20.05 1H-70 2.M
21.00 3.70
37.70 2I.IW 3.PO
1S.70 20.?O 4.05
' 0.J5 20.78 4.20
2.45 23.3.1 4.vp
J3.A S4.40 JI.1U
14.70 S.1.50 5.20
I5.H5 37.10 5.40
4U.00 37.70 S.ai
53.05 41.10 0.03
55.00 43.00 0.40
58.30 40.20 0.70
riain tread, 10 less.
Subjec' t Inspection
hono nnn 39W
-Dodgers Defeat Yankees, 65
aun-IIeraia Corporation.
and Nw Y" IImaid,
- Jol.n McQraw, manager of tho Giants,
hla tnK of rclcaslnB aomo of the
. . . .
ou " ana u, w
ttio NailOTlu waKuu, "
,,,, )n ,,, noeheHter club of the
. , . ii u ii furm for I 11 H
laCl llUll nulivn.ti in
... rMnnta flirt W! upr mum iruiii
.. .
unci, n in a b
uuaKers nave nwaKencu.
A. E. Ranney's Hcok
Empties Log Cabin
Spi-rlil lo Tub Stn and New York lUnAiD.
INEIintST. N. C, April 7.
The log cabin In the wood3
near the tenth fairway on
the champlonrhlp course ut Plno
hurst Is tenantloss !o-day. Yester
day Major A. Elliot Itanncy of the
Greenwich Country Club hooked his
drive In tho general dliectlon of the
cabin. Ills mighty recovery shot,
shot Into the open door, caroming
off one wall after another, scared
tho plccnnlnies Into a fit. rattled
around tho room like u dice In a
glgnntlc dice box, bounced off tlv
woo'.ly crnnlum .of tho lnd of th"
family without hurting the ba'l In
the least, knocked two dlshi off
tho table and made Its exit through
the back door. Itanncy reached the
green easily on his next shot. This
nijrnlng the family moved out.
The baseball
season was to have
opened at Stevens Tech yesterday after
noon, but Manhattan College, with
which the llrst game was scheduled,
cancelled the game about two hours
before the time at which It waa to have
. , ...
L'miled nuntber of Cane Cod dories.
7) ft 6 In. by 5 ft 10 In. suitable for In-
o-ini or omioani motor; J7S each; a' orders
subject to prior sale. C c GAL hit UTI I A
WN, INC., W West tt.. New York city.
AM ll.llv . ..... tllliwiuiici run.iuuu. iur n.t;, . cr viii-ji
' ii t. n fi r nm ........... , I . .. . V. -..
ves Hudson Park DnrJc
ew Hochellc, dally and
iday. 9 A. M.. for n.im.
(1 e rs. Hrlng b alt. Ca p t . F H A NKI 1 A U M A N N.
m.UiKlSSl frm' Sh'epaneail aiy.'
"""""" Capt. LOUiS HARM3.
VbLt'CI. Y
leaves Sheepshead Ua dally, 7 30 A. M.
Sunday. 7 Cj.pt. M. OSHORN. '
PlDAlnA Thura. Sun.. 8 00 A. M,
U llftLUA 'eaves Martin's Dock, Sheep,.
miinuun henll ,Uy Ca pt. p. .martin.
AM' RICA HK.,S.01' 15 '"atiiTmiS;
rtlTI invrt s A. M. dally. Dunn s Dock
Sheepshead Hay Qtpt JOHN MICIIAKK
KLONIIIKi: leavei Hudson I'ark New
Hoi he He, every dny except Mon and Wed
j9A M . for flounders Hrlnjr bait.
. WA NTED CI oied cabin boat. 2S-30 feet more,
lwVlwlford tm,i0- Vhoao WALSIL
, Fishing Tackle and Bait
Dealers who do not sell live bait hT .v.
ords "tarLle only" or "no hd." V,m-?!
their nsmea List appears Tuesdayi tw.
Itaumann, 22iJ Second av , near llith ,t
llammann, John. 371 V. 123th st
llecber. 342 V. 34th at. Tel. Murray Hll) K2J.
it. J1'""
Ilavct-a, S. II. Co,, 831 Ilroadwny
..... h, ... ... v.u., w s-uruanut
Dltkes. 4(11 . JOth st. tA Dorr pron 1 t.i
Dutll. John. 423 W 42d st. Tel LonSe-jT '
uiiaentetx. a:i 8th v.. U5th st Mom'sd Sots
Oordon 2127 Amsterdam ar.. 165th st No b.U-C-oss,
27 Jd av.. nr lis .t. See hand taek i' '
Cross. 8th ar. and 31th st. Rernml i.l
Hlrseh. L.. 600 Amsfdm av.. M-SOth st. t.i '
Hoehgraf. T , 307 17. 34th st Tel. eVi'n.I'i
Jaffe, 13.14 Xmst'dm av.
Tackle and half r..
Kellerman.3030 3d av..lSfl St. Tel.Mcl lrnil n.i
k rtiann s. S6 t hambers st Tackle only
I azarus so . 216 E. 59th st v. i,.i,
Metropolitan IMw. Co., Clinrch and Veser ...
Ilulson Terminal. (Irand Central. No'b.ii
Ok-Hry. It Co.. 79 Chambers st No bit
Pafersim. (iottfrlen, Hunter, 170 Ful t v k.i.
Ke f. J H . 309 Third av. Tide books "
'telnTOld, 121 Hth av . enr. 10th st Tklc'.t- b.tf
lio.enbaiim. L'6ft E. lJSth st. 3d ar. "I," t,.f''
? horerllnsr. Daly & Cales. 302-4 nroidww
Umllofe E Co . 112 I'ulton at. kieVnh
Wali.C .170 1st av..nr loth 'triT r-h TMbka'
Aiiranam & Straus. Fulton t. Taekl. nnt.
Kingston, 1401 Felti.n st. 7"0 Il-dfnrd; Iten'slr,
Kraeuter, 277 flrahatn ar Halt 4 taekie tI?'
U ITls. A . 1757 Fulton st . Reld ar. tt T 1.;.'.
Fehaaf. If. Flstliish ar. Tel. W19 terllir
Feebler. I".. 2J1 W'ekoff nr. Tel. 1917 Fve-green
lote. 849 nushlrig ar Tel 4tl Stacg.'
Sntting. L.27J1 Al'antiear. Tel M7i East N.V
oehringer. 12ij Mrrtle ar Te 1173-W Il'ifltk.
MTT (V TnTtrw
,.. tm, jit i. . TOWN.
Vyrot,Mlke. 411 12th t. West New tort. N.J.
(e Alpheus. 27 West 12JU, st. TaS ,r"
( unrnv. Thn. f n. T..i. iw . r" "l.
tv,:...' c ' 1Bt'e only
......... .i ,,. v.... m ... iatn s
Dareica, S. II. Co.. Ill Tist i?,i .
tonien. A.. 532 (Irand St. Tel. 3015 Stair
IK-erlns A Co.. Ml Liberty ar., uear Sehenrlt
Epstein. L. A. Ills Ilroalway eor DeKais ?,
Johnson. P., 253 Wyrkoff av 8S? r- " .
l umnxT. il. ,1,. "i ii-way, Iiklyn. Tselcle n.i. T V , : . inmirii,. j
L.eser. Frederi k. Co. Full", s i -. .ki.? ' .."I1 l f,ir" ,c' 'ondltlon; ; chain dtlje sr.J
.Marsters. .1. I'.. 5J Conrt s! Tel -i 5Ci"" iH1",,1"1": bargain for nulek buyer. Imiu.rs
MlrhieUoil I. II.'ll 1 ,127Ut'e.!ford ar. Taeklo'JnW 5-'-?3 ,t" ,,wrt- N' J' l'5uae M,rl",
y!o": Ki Wyekorf"aTai-?e7v,T'Vf.k!: wn.L f acrl fl loss on conliSiToTSSr OVU-
Morninfrsido Team Scores All
Its Runs in Ono Inning
and Wins by i to 1.
Columbia broke the Ice In more ways
than ono yesterday nftcrnoon when It
( g trounclnff
tne wew YorK universiiy nine oy u score
fV. . . KAnn nn L' ..... I.
in i lo 4u; i,.iiui '""HUH
Andy CoakIcy 8trted three plichers
tnr n,e Tii,.n nnd white. Tommv Farreii
olU Beven mPn nm, BaVfl two oases on
balls, besides yielding two hits. Koenlg
was inclined to bo wild and although ho
passed no more batsmen than walked
when Farroll was on tho mound ho was
unsteady, and New York scored Its only
rnn .hcn he was ,n command. Meany
when up ,ho bwkn
,in(, wa8 Bret,ted warmly ,n hls flrst
roun(J wn?lli nfter he had stiuok out two
melli Ncw york filled the bage. Ho
estrlcated hlmFclf, however, and In tho
eighth and ninth Innings the bases wcro
'"iielancy's superb pitching and Baker's
steady work at first base for N Y. l
'were features. In addition Delaney
; made a splendid hit to left.
Columbia got Into the scoring column
I In the third, when Farrcll walked.
- . .
Houlahan's hit to left put him on sec.
ond, and both men ndvanccd on a sac.
rlllco by Schnaars. Ackerman walked,
lining tho bags, and when Delaney hit
Hauck Farrell wns forced home. Good,
man was an easy ouL Houlahan ocorcd
on a wnu jmcn. vnen n.rni muiira
Smith's Texas leaguer Ackerman and
i scored. )n
w,nhemor doubieli. He went from sec
i ond t0 tll0 p;at0 on Draffen's out at
; Tho score :
coi.U.MMa. I
ab r h o a
Llss.Ib (01 0 20
irmnley.rf. 4 0 0 1 0 1
laker.lb ... 50 1U 10
W'lietmer.lf 5 1 2 0 0 0
'iraffcn.i..... 4 0 0 6 JO
irouiaium.if 4 1 2 2 01
ScJinaars.lb 301 I 01
, Acnernian.L nn;
IUuik.:b... 2 11 2 10
t.oo ma i,rf 4 00 1 0 0
4 00 0 0 0 iJaily cf 2 00 0 0 0
3 00 2 0 0 Ueltney.p... 301 1 4 0
Wrch'ler.si 4 00 0 S A 1'ram.ss... . 3 00 4 1 1
Fmrell.ti... 01 0 0 0 ljI10iUi.in.3b. . 02 1 3 9
I'oenlK.p... 0' 0 0 10 '
Meany, p.. . 20 1 0 10! Totals... 3117 2113 2
Totals. 21 4 6 57 10 SI
Nw York Unh-eralty 00010000 0-1
Columbia 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 x-l
Two base hits Hnlman. Weinhelmer. Sao
r He ' S'h-airs llmni ey Ift on baM
Columbia, 7; Ne.w York 1'nlvcrslty, 8 Ftrt
b-fie on errors-Co'umh'a 2: New York Uni
versity. 2 Earned runs- Columbia-. 1; New
York I'mvcrslty. 1. Hits- On rairell. 2 In
3 Innlnn: iff Koenl;. 1 In I tn iocs; on
Meany. ' in 3 limlnjs. Struci out Ily Kar
roll. 7; by Kocnlr. 1; by Meany 3, by De
lprev. 0. Bases on ba'ls Of Karrell. t; oil
Kocnlir. 2; off Meany. 1: off Delaney, 4. Wild
pit ihes -F'arrell. 1; Delaney. 1. Hit by nltcher
Ily Delaney 1 (llau(k 2 Umpire -Mr
Co'-nolly Time ot sann Z hours and 5 mln
u tea
, ,m ton United. 5 ton G. M. C, 2 ton Mack,
. ton ti M, i'., ivi ton Autocar, ty, ton ne
public. A'l trucks reoullt In our plant anil
I't JarVeon A v., Bronx, N. Y. Melrose M
CADILLAC 1915 landau'et. be onirtnir to es
tato of Abraham Schwab: excei'ent condi
Hon: merhanlcn'ily Al; a barralu you shou "'
t,ee licfore buylnir elsewhere. Write T. SAIl
TOP.l Ml West 51st st. Telephone Coluni
bus-3S5t. between 1 -.10 and 2:30 P. M.
CADILLAC 57 Imperial limousine, peeli
leather upholstery; car In very excellei
condition: Imnvdlnte delivery. Wrlto or
wire, F. K McFADDEN. 24 Garfield a
I Detroit. Ml.-h
. V 7.. .. T,
CHANDLER chummy. 101!. practically row
' mTli "res' many eJtlraj- "0:s- Schuyler
lioehell" 3S71
1)1 i.M.lNH. 31 ton, late model, rack tiody. ifr-
feet eimditlon, for sale, rent or cichange for
toiirl.ig enr. Hrant .1.144.
DON1C.AN Sc NIELSEN body. HxilixS; Al.
cost J1.200; sell for i00. I'bono Melrose-
FORD Suburban, late model, dcmountab.e
rims, many extras; used very little; JIM.
Phono 1536 Audubon.
FORD, Hudford. late model, with fine van
body; (rood as new; bargain. 102 We-t
IHth nt
FRVNKMN 11 tourlni; 11,700 miles, oier
hauled, Teh phone I'flliam gosfl V. ,
TlCDSON sedan, 1!17. tnrslel J; perfect me"
rliaulcally; almost new; Sllvertown cord tins;
drlreu by owner only. 1.V1 East Kilth it.
' ''hone Harlem ITm,
HUDSON sedan, 1917, cord tlrei: perfect
throughout: bargain; II, 3M. 122 West Kd.
I M'ARMON. special suburban. 1517 com
I o'etely overhauled, repainted and reuphob
atered, wire wheels JESSE CHANT ROE.
attorney, 128 Broadwsy, Rector 7IM.
OLD9M0111LK for sale, seven pasarnger tour
car, 1517 model: fast running condl
no reasonable offer refused. LOWS SCH
fast running conulllnn;
NER, l C'nremont Parkway. Tremont
Hecondltloned all midcls. Opin e. n nits
' l.Vf- 111" Pl.iNII, Inc.. ll'wny ilA Mill -'
OVERLAND Country Club, late model, many
extras; good as new; 1600. 102 West Kltb
OVERLAND touting, late model; good as
new ; SI25. I'hone 1536 Audubon.
PACKARD, 3-25 sedan, special alt passen
ger Judkln body, nnd of tho latest pf
duction; Immediate delivery may be hau
Wrlte or wire H. McFADDEN, 21 Ojr-
fleld av.. Detroit. Mich.
STL'TZ. late 1916 model, Hearcat speedster;
perfect condition; must sacnflce. Apply
Grocery Store, 1171 av. A. Phone 6700 Rhine
lander TAXI. Chevrolet, late model;
paid up lilts
1500. 101 West
burj clocK; lino condition;
' Superb noils Royco automobile. 40 W) h p .
lato 1316, two spare wheels, limousine Louy.
C. V. A. lighting, fitted trunks, all ar
sories; perfect condition or no sile. prUs
Mountain ar . Monte! Ir. N, J.
MO used motor trucks lor
export; all cites, all make:
TRUCKS I any condition; entire sur
WANTED.! pms trucks bought for cash
Mr. CASSIN. telephone
- Hammels ;!:;.
VIM commercial, late model, fine par.el
body; good na new; 1425. 10.' West IHth t
W Wi'l ED Seien passenger era .es.it Null f'
l.U Inch Cadillac chassis: Amesliury tjpv !"
ferred; state price and rond-lbm. aNj w'i.p
N.ly ran be Inspected. CADILLVC. 1W .
ni-rniu. i ilium SI.
'2L-!nerunK. Uorl.andt 2230.
1111 1 llurriy breugham. In giml rojdlt ,n
"''"me l.-tf.' 1'Hr.i
l. 'Jl Ford lomme'rela I; bargain FORT II M
FjwMUnillton I'nriway.
l'"or,! rural-cut; neier nse.1, bir.-s r.
S3,u "' l'n 'Jamllton I'atkwc-
iasi tnreo iniiueo. f n"i enuviv

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