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k. " I - t m
, 4. . ' tfSB SfrN HEW TORHSKAIiDMDY,; lOft IfrgQt '
, l " S I.,, ,1 ' P - -TA m4m , ...n.-.i ..linn.-. .Mi.wfc.nn
1 ii i. n.i i 1 , , i .iii. ., , ,, l-Li, -J -r. ... . JTT. 'iii. ii ' ' r 1 ', 1 "' ' 1 . . ., iTT i i -I. M ii.i. -i i .
' 1 ' ' I. . - 1 . I' - I. a. f W W TV NVT
AL1MS 9 If
Takes Scratch Vv'm in? New
York A. 0. CompatitW at
Travers Island.
B. L. Spotts and H. I). Knight
Next in Line With 95
Just as It bgan to look, as though an
other pliootort would have to tako place
to dctf rmino me winnvr ui uio uuu nun
Jitc v. (i. Allen forged to the front ot
tie Held ot New York A. C -members at
Island yesterday and settled the
nuestlon of supremacy by cracking all. M
but three of his 100 blncrocks. This M
Itft him with a marptn ot two cioys
over n. U Spotts and Jl B. JCnlaht, ,
who toppled 95 each almost a Mia out
tel of the day's competition.
Spotts looked to bo well on the way to
fq'iallinff Martin JfcYoy's record of lO'O
iralr.ht made the previous, week when
lip ran off his flrat ;two strings jof 251
without missing once, hi tho "third,
string, however, th veteran. Wt lour ot
the "birds" get away from him, while
tn hla last Quarter century he fanned
once. Spotta's- glorious 'opening- was. In.j
strotiB contrast to the general run. of uio
shooting: for of thirteen straights; made
during the afternoon tio-'feW than nine
of (hem came In the last 25.
ft B. Sloan and H, U Kennedy each
shattered -19 of the last 60 blucrochs.
auii.for thtlr good work received legs on
the Buermeyrr trophy. Legs were also
riven to all thoso with S5 In the tour
tiament, Dyronell, president and 'iron,
cup events. Tho shootoff for tho;. high.
handicap prize was held over, and tllero
tiere no specials, for tho reason that
thateam which la to shoot the first leg
of the triangular match with the Boston-
A A at Boston had to hurry awajr to
catch a train. The scores :
. " Cud
Same Tour:Bjml.Pre.i.Lyon.ScrHcap
I: B. Debarher.S 23 18 G 23 6 25 11 29 St
T H. I.iwr'nc.O S 0 :t OM 0 ii S30S3
I). I Bradley. .015 0 54 0 13 0 33 SS 0 92
' L. Spntt...0 25 0 23 0 21 0 2 5 0 K
J I. Bristol ...3 25 4 25 3 23 3 25- 1S9-U-1W
It D. Knlfrht ..1 21 1 25 0 23 '1 25 95 100
K. B. Sloan.. ..0 23 0 21 9 21 0 23 83 3100
Si W. Petfr..,2U 2 25 2 2 2 23 34 -02
II E. Pur11..4 25 3 21 4 24 3 21 79-1595
O; GlIfhrlM.. .5 32 5 23 ( 24 5 35 74 34 95
A.U Burns. ..0 22 0 24 -0 21 23 S 0-83
K D. And'rw. .0 22 '0 25 0 19 0 25 91 0- 91
C, V. Dwktr.,.5,20 5 22 5 24 , 5 21 65-23 CO
A. Rowland... .0 !3 1 25 0 24 4 25 91 93
SI Webb 2 19 3 25 3 20 S 25 94 P-100
Ji, P. Bfiuiett..O 22 0 23 0 21 0 23 91 6 M
If) GraY, Jr. .2 20 0 21 1 19 2 22 78-10 86
r j. Branf..,.: 2S z m zzi ss 92
'Urges Spcahcr Sweet to Excifc
Himself in Behalf of
Walker Bill.
H. MoVoy. Jr.,0 20 0 11 0 21 0 25 53039
K S. Smith.... 1 23 1 23 0 21 0 20 S3 6 91
C. II Dennis..0 24 I 25 ( 25 ( 25 73 tS-100
IV. II D'Uintr.2 21 3 24 3 25- 3 24 33 11 94
C. II Martin.. .0 21 0 24 0 23 0 25 93 0 33
Jf. Nub 3 24 2 25 3 23 2 23 3312 95
H. I. Kennedy.O 19 2 24 2 25 2 25 PO 3 OT
Million 3 22 3 23 2 20 3 33 7515 90
W W. Pe'tly..2 25 2 25 2 24 2 24 32 3100
A E. Ath'rtn.lSl 0 23 1 24 1 23 JJ ( 9J
K. B. die 1 24 0 22 1 23 21 34 3 94
A F. Rice 0 19 0 20 til 0 22 77077
D. T Earl 0 20 0 21 0 2! 0 24 90030
E B. O.ilne,..0 2J 0 23 0 19 0 24 85 0 S3
F. W. Pinch.. ..4 24 325 3 21 3 23 35 15100
0. II. S'ndrlnd.7 33 7 25 7 31 T 25 76-25 93
i C. TIor....3 2$ 4 25 3 15 4 21 7510- 86
I. OoUcht 0 21 0 14 0 23 0 24 91091
IT. G. Allen... .1 25 1 25 1 25 , 24 97 6-100
F. M Iloblitt..! 23 4 25 4 23 4 35 83 15 95
J S. IU;'rt7-..C 19 5 20 5 23 5 25 (324 37
W. Bauer 22 2 24 3 21 1 21 Sir-8 89
'Striifht, run.
Kakrs llish Score of 80 at Lnrch-
wout Yneltt Clab Trnpn.
C. J. WInnlngcr won the high scratch
prlre at the traps of the Larchmont
Yacht Club yesterday with a card of
!9 out of a possible 100 targets. Win
uuigcr shoots with an 8 handicap and
his win over scratch and low handicap
men was considered quite some shoot
ing. No less than ten nlmrods tied
for the high handicap prize. At the end
of the flrat shoot-off 8. O. Duffey, A.
Hathaway and L. C Dalley were again
tied. On the second 25 "bird" shoot
off the flrst named won by 23 to 22
targets. The scores:
Ci Duffey (. rs
A. I)e Cordover ;
C A KncW 7i
1 Prrrln $3
. B. Alley M
A. Hithaway 6
2- f Kn'3ht n
I. C. DUley
i- w. Fitirerald 83
Winninter 89
r. A. Moore 6
J. M, Ilojn 53
w b. shOTt.::::.:::
i i?'nVnl" 6"
ii. andervoer , 5
' Hep. Total.
Tho United Statps is senrlinp 'some of its lendintr nlnvers' to comnottf in the British women's Rolf chnnv
nionshlr. vhrch is to be rich! over1 tho links at NcwcnKtlu. Cnuntv Down. Ireland, noxt month. In the
irrouD of four above is one former holder of tho American national title Mrs. Clarenco H. Vonderbeck of
Ehiladelphia, and' two runners, up, Miss Marion Hollins of Wes'tbrook, L. I., present, holder of the women B
lucuiuuiiiiiii ciuiiiiuiuii&iiiu. uiiu niiEib luiiuicu uuvcii.v ui ruiiauuiviuu, xa it wiwu iu ..u mm
York Herald" vpstard.ivt tlin nartv. which nlso includes Miss Ilcsumun(Tfiherwood. champion of the St.
GeoTjre'a Golf and Country Club of Stony Brook, L. I., sailed on Saturday on the -White Star liner Baltic.
Left to right: Miss Hollin3, Mrs. Vanderbeck, Miss Caverly, Miss Shcnvood.
Worlds Record for
Miss Bleibtrey
HoNoCoLtf, Afirll 18. Kthelda
Ulelbtrey mnde. what was said to he
a world's record for fifty yards back
stroke when Bhe swam tho distance
In 30 seconds flat at the Hawaiian
centennial swimming meet hero last
night She also broke the Hawaiian
record Jn swimming 440 yards In
6 minutes 21 seconds.
Slovcnieut Directed Atrntnst Rac-
liifr at Uoirle and Hane de Grace.
Special la Tits i.nu Neir Tonic Uiiiid.
Washinctox, April IS. A crusade to
prevent turf exchange betting has been
Inaugurated by the Methodist Kpiscopal
Church of Washington. In the IforM
Digest, a circular pamphlet Issued regu
larly by this church organization in the
Interest of prohibition, mi attack Is made
on race track betting and a movement
Is started to secure petitions to Con
gress for the passage of the bills pend
ing In Congress "to prevent nullification,
of the State antl-gamblins laws by pro
hibiting the sending of" race gambling
odds and bets from or into any State,
Territory, district or possession of the
U a -
HAVIIE BI3 (JllACIS, April 17. -Went her, rain l trncte slow.
Of) FIItST RACE The Harford Junior Pur. For fo-jur-oldii. Four furlongs. Purae,
31.200. Post, 2:48. Oft 2:49. Time. 49 2-5. Winner, b. e by Oltr-Xora Langhorn.
Owner, V. J. SALMON. Trainer, U. Wajrland. Start gvod. Won easily.
KnoiTalent OdiM.
H i Tin. Joclwy. 8t. PI. Slu
llli 1 lilt k'el.Ar 81.20 7-5 4-5
4K 2' Coltllettt U t 59-M U-W
l'Vi 3V: 3H SrbutUEi.Tr 13-2
5v 5 4 Myera M-t
3 3 5 Trailer 17-10
7(5 Itoilriruea 23-1
8 7 7 Swart 34-1
9 8 8 Carey
4 9 9 Haailc til
4- 5
5- l-15-1
Ibdcx. Horse. Wt.
Bodaaiiy 107
57 I'tjerng no
yup'n or Tr'nipa lto
Dora W lOi
surer Springs. 113
Hat Stuff 109
Blarney Stone.. 171
Uun Asramont. 113
Dnnpcrati . . tin
Bodanilcy broke tlowly, bnt tnored op itonly on ouuldn, rounding far turn and. finished
nil! of run. Ho boro orer to Iniido latr fixtrvnth and fsrrleU yneen of Trumpa otct with
him. Pueras broko very slowly. She cloewl, wltb a ruea tbroujli hounatretdi. Qiieeu
Of TrumiM Uddl un. riwlnir Stlrpr Snrin In in Btnnlioii. TbcT both tlrwl. Donejan
pulled uj) lame. Un ws Jojnped on and cut down.
frratched-Tnnnlte. Uodcline, Lillian.
Owner 1. W J Snlmnn- - nrni litshlaf 3. E. Olirian: 4. Xrvada Stock Farm: 5,
J. W. Bean; , It. l'arr; 7 L. W. Uarfh; 8. A. IL Dsa: 9. J. IT. L. Boas.
1 nn SBCOJO) KACE-For three-jear-olda and unward. Bellinir. Five and a hall Jur-
lnnri 1iru i va nn.t nit 3:23. Time. 1:05 3-3. Wlnnea-.
Onueri J. W. BE-IN. Trai.i ?. M. C. Kelly.
loaii. lmrae 31.300.
Hweep-Jano Coban.
Won hftniMlv."
Index. Horse. Wt. PP. li U H
(72) Peuelone ........ 103 ( 2 IVi 1
Ttny-vLlnif .... 115 7 1 2 2
(71) Cobalt Law 113 5 3 t'i V
Back Bay ill 1 7 3 3
On Sir 11( 3 4 4 5
Har. JL Steven lit 4 G 7 7
Walter Slack.... 113 3 6 5 (
!.. 3. by
Start rood.
H Fin. Jockry.
1 IK Burke
2 2'HMycra
3 3' Fletcher
4 4 Mountain ...
5 t )teCabe
6 Kdsay
7,7 Manran 57-1
St. PI. Sh.
3-5 7-20 M0
44-5 13-19 2-6
21-4 1-1 14
8-1 5-2 11
5M li-l -l
1-1 3-1 4-1
571 1S-1 M
far turn, but had to bn ihakrn an iome. it emf to atall oB Tlnr-a-Unar. Latter came
Drain and finished with a determined effort. Cobalt La beiran alowly. Qua Seheer
eased up when he tired. Back Bay will probaWy Improve o tnij race.
Rninhti g.Mtin XMnn Tf.Bninm Pa.ii lTannv.f,A.r.irhr- Sarklvr Ma.
United States ana interstftta tratisporta-1 '' 17DOV neen -jane.
1 " i rcrt- I, tit J.-7n; i . Liam7, -S -I. i . r-um
u. neir; a, w. ik ouver: 7, J. C Maye.
f)1 THIRD 11ACB The Aero Purer. Fer four-yearolds and upward. Six fuilanri.
xvi Purse, 11.300. Pot, 3J. Of, 3:50. Tlm 1:14 2-1. Winner, b. t., . by Garry
Htrrmann. Owner and trsiaer. W. C CLAXUY. start good. Won drivlns.,
Index. IT.ime. Wt. PP. M H H " ria- Jockey. St. PL
Pickwick e. 114 3 5 2- 2l 2 'W Myeri 17-5 1.30
"Motor Cod...... 131 2 2 1 l-.i 14 3 Saralr 3-10 120
War Pennant... HI t I 3 3 8- 3"i Kelaay
-You Need 104 C 3 4 4 4 4 Ponce 231. t-J
Daydue 1D4 5 1 fl 5 5 5 Weulcr M-l 30-1
Tranalnte nil 1 5 6 6 McAtea - M l ..
tlon of gambling machines and devices."
HAnvAiti) VAn'siTV cnEWS.
Cambridge, Mass.. April IS. The
makeup of the Harvard varsity craw
which will race the Navy at Annapolis
next Saturday was announced to-night
as follows: Capt. w. Davjs, bow;
F. B. Lothrop. No. 2 ; J. A. Burden, No.
3 ; L. D. JfcCags, No. 4 ; It M. Sedg
wick, No. 5 ; L-'Terdy, No. S : S. Damon,
No. 7: M. E. Olmstea, stroKe; s.
Wllllamsr coxswain. The average welaht
of th crew, excluding the coxswain, la
179 pounds. The varsity, second and
freshman crews will leave to-morrow
night for Annapolis, where they will
hold practice races during tho week.
lothrop of Second Etgbt Will Rotr
Aealnit Annapolla.
ffnal to Tnt Scv axd New Yosk Ribald.
CAitBRiDGB, Mass., April lS-WllUsun
-.-..-, uwen oi the Harvard crew, an
rd t0"n,frht the makeup, of tho
.y.CTew,whI:h 'o' Wpbosilha first
val Academy eight next Saturday In) a
mue race on the Severn. Frank
f c llM second lfht,who filled In
w? U.ncan No--2f" varsity.
nen the latter suffered from bolls, will
fjraaln with the regulars. Duncan, who
"Ported Saturday, being placed' In the
jncy made by Damon's promotion.
Is the only change noted. The
"Ting order and weights of the varsity
as follows: ,
Bow. Capt. Wendell Davis. 156 pounds;
Tir?13 U lothrop. 1S1 pounds:. 3.
mes Ilunien, 184 pounds; 4, Lewis Mc
SK. 161 pounds; 5, Robert Sedgwick.
Ill rUm,s ; 6l Lawrence Terry, lis
Jlv 'J' Sherman Damon, 165 pounds;
Wroke, Tea Olmstead, 178 pounds.
J"' yiclda an average of 179 3-8
iwunu, a man Frank Tviman, y,,
X3waln, weighs 120 pounds.
VoW Sjp- Repairers to 33
Score in Soccer Cup Game. '
National League' and Metropolitan'
wifruo soccer players clashed at Grand
tl 0va1, Astorla. yesterday when
:",m fepre-entlng Morse Dry Dock
the Aitorla Football Cluh met la
v'7 round of the Southern Newj
Hi ...l.ate Football Association's cup l
-'"uiion. After ninety minutes of,
' i,;a"a exciting play honora wore ovenH
i;:Jr scor Rt 3 to 3. which win!
--late a replay on the- Morse
am!??.. ,at Ulmer Park noxt Sunday.
tl,ne each Bld0 lia(l wred twice,
'i lineup;
irth?U (:)- MOUSE D (3).
a,"fhlm Coal ..." xe,te
. Left bark .""""'" .nld
night half .....McPberaon I
Uttlk UWBri
Left halt ....... Baatland
Outjlde right Kerahaw
Inalda right Maekte
. . Cntro Rourke
Inalda left ....MeLoughlla
Oulatda lit T Ui.rlimi.hl.
'iu -"wmui. iiaeamen, Hnaw.
Jora. U01 : "0"rke, Page. Kerhaw,:
itrB V n ck- B14' OzotA Frost. Aa
A treat to In store for the bowling fans
of this city. Connie Lewis of Bridgeport,
Conn., duck pin champion or that, stater
A. A, McCarthy and "Fido" O'Brien of
Hartford, Phil Splnclla of New Tork
city, M. VT. Marsh of West Newton, Pa.;
H. T. Be,ck of Baltimore, Md., and other
stars arc to meet In the Interstate duck
in championships at tho White Elephant
Bowling Academy. Judging from tho
way In which entries for the champion
ships. Which close on the 30th Inst., have
been received, all records win be uroKen.
4, North Shore Stable; 5. F.
MVem innu ptritwh i,a..ir ntf thA fast early Dace and waited unfit rounding- turn into
homestretch before raorlnj un. OatlMted tlrln Motor Cop In the loat Xorlong. Motor
Cop ahowed a lot of apeed. bnt atopprf In lt alxteenth. May have been abort War
Pennant was not peraevered with, when he tired, ftace will probably Improve turn.
Tranalate looke.1 big.
Seratched-Fort Bll. Bang Herod. O'good. TJnele'a Lawle. louise .
Owner-L W. O. Claney: J- K. L. Hots: 3, J. K. L. Itoaa: 4, O. Peteraoni 5, E. T.
Ifiekeraon; 6. II. Mnrahalt S
109 FODR17I RACE The Edgeworid Pane. For tnree-year-olda and upward. One
mUe. Purse HS.M0. Toat. 4:H. Off. 4:13. Time. 1:U. Winner, b. h., 5. by TTant-raal-Cerenx
Owner, J. K. I BOSS. Trainer, H. O. Bedwcll. Start good for all
but Sagamore. Won easily.
rU.I J.rn. vuufi
Index. Horse. WL PP.
IVmtfac ... lift 5
II Bullet P'f... ft 7
57' Clean Goca. 110 5
Dnke John,. 107- 3
Ed Stone.... 1M 2
War Mrrch'e 1M 1
Sjgamore.... 33 4
Flrat Race Maiden two-year old flllirts: four
Index. Wt.
Fernwood ...,i!14
- Aroer. Maid... 114
Vie 114
Buperwoman .111
raiiacr ..in
Woodroee ....Ut
Recornl Race Two-jcar-olds
Index. Wt.
Inoendie Ill
J OulHnan,, 114
35 Fading Star... .114
5 Lady Orantte.,111
33 Moon Glow 114
2 Intrigant ....HI
aelllnrt fottr
Index. Wt
Tlge : W
(4 14 ami or Face.in
Blarney StoneJM
K Mach. Ounner.m
J Hunter's FnUW
Index. Wt.
93 Oh Tea 10
(54) Annt peda..'..ll
tl Reprof 139
SS tOeorge Boree..MT
tCouple GeorgB Bore and Mary Brb a O.
Peterson entry.
Third Ract Three-year-olds and upward;
ct units;; six Xurlonga:
Index. Wt. Index. Wt,
Kin? Worth.. . 114 ' Mar. Holliaa...M5
Circulate .115 Co Be Mime 101
Orderly 112 Mary Fltzhugb M
El Mahdi, 113 87' Taraacon 103
KeweaA 112 93 On!co 105
1M Uack Bay 112 'Hubahdar 107
Tho Pauphln..ll Helen Atkln.,.105
-i Antique U5 93 Char. Dummy. 1
Alio- eligible: , .
2 Bedlana 1101 Mls Horner.... K
Danlora 35 Nancy Ann.. ..95
Fourth Race Three-year-old Allies ; the
Vogue Parte: fire and a halt furtongs:
Index. Wt.llndex. Wt.
(tea Queen 101
1 Virginia I. ,,.14
CO AUiran lil
?ra.. .
. . .
Jb)r. . .
m His Choice .. Its
55' Lady Brum 'i. v
M Rubldlnm .... 104
-HrA Orer II. 10
Filth Kace mree-year-oias ana upwara;
the Bel Air Handicap: tlx furlongs:
Index. Wt.1 Index. Wt.
Hlr Barton... 1331 101 ' Tranalate 101
M) lUlly ICeUr..., U2 51 War Maak 1M
Ko)C Jtonla.r 1111 tt TlcWlJh 93
Couple Sir Barton and Billy Kelly as J.
K. L. losa entry.
Sixth Hace four-year-olds and upward;
one mile and a eixtcentn:
u i: i: Fin Joekere. ilt. PI. Ik.
5 ji 2 2 p l flande - JT-M 1-5 129
4 1 1 1 2 2 ColllletU 2-1 S-IO 1-23
g 4iW 4' 3 3 3 Zoeller 3M 7-5 1-20
3 3 3 4 4 4 Eelaay 4M t-1 4-1
2 5 5 5 5 5 Obert 93-1 33-1 11
1 7 7 7 6 5 Cannody , TO-1 15-1 5-1
7 5 6 5 7 7 Stewart 1W-1 30.1 W-l
Tunlfan. In hand flrat half, but- mored Un stonily, rounding far tare waa lnrllned to
bear in at flniah or he would hava won farther 08. Bullet Proof well In hand flrat
half, but flattened out when the winner challenged. Ocao Gono ran an even race. War
Machine looked big. Kagsmare brolu aitfooted.
Overweight-DukB John. 1; War Machine-. 4. . .,.
Owner? 1, J. K. 1 Ro'W. 2, B. A. Cloptont 1 J. J. Farrell. Jr.; 4. E. T. ZoUlcBffcr;
t V W lf ,. e V r Wt 7 k IT. M&mmhl.
FIFTH HACK The Classic Handicap. or inreo-year-oias. oix runongs.
added. Poat, 4t. Off. 4:50. Time, I:l5J5. Winner, br. c, by Wrack Blazing
Star. Owner, RAD PABR. Trainer, W. Garth, gtart good. Won eaaily.
x.i4mvaiviifc wuua
S Fin. Jockeys. St.. Pi. Hi.
1 V Schottingcr -s-5 M0
2 2 Sande 5-4 MO
3 3 Zoeller, 41-3 s-J
4 4 Corey 611 M-l .
5 5 Kumroer -
1"4 1'
2"4 2'
3H, V
6 4
I 5
Index. Horse. Wt. PP. tt
Blaxea 126 4 1
'Faiaan Do re.... 110 2 2
(TO) IClnr'a Champ'n. 114 3 5
Gallagher 107 5 4
Hla Cooico ... Ui I 3
blazes. Qttlck to begin, held field safe for apeed and. raced In front nnder einjht
realralnr. won well in hand. Falaan Dor.- hard urged all way could never overtake leader.
King's Champion moved up etontly In stretch turn, faltered when final teat camo. Oallagher
was not iiersevered with. Ilia Choice ahowed speed for a half mile.
Overweight Faiaan Dore. 2.
Scratched Pan! Jone Blue Wrack,Donga Falrbanlu, Vlo Chairman, pullet Proof,
St. Allan. Mock Orange. Tattle. ..,, . ,
Ownert-l, H. Parr; 2, J. K. HomJ. j..MacMnua; 4. W. S. Murray; 5, J. K. L.
S-IXTH HAC- r or tnree-year-otua anil tipwaru. une) hhmj tou qtco4j jwu.
Claiming. Pnrw, t.20. Poet. 3n3. Off. s:it. -nme. i:ii ."inner.
Ch. JC-r 5. Dy .Marco t-eniua. uwixr, u. tvl tuanau, asihz, n. auun.
eod. won eieveny., v . ,
It t i rin. jocxry. m. .
3 2 li lBnrke 9-20 3-20 1-20
I 7 4" 4 2 Bodrlguea M 3-10 1
1 tf 11 j ) Sande 35-2 4-t -20
33334 Cannody il l 3-t 4-3
3 4 5 5 5 Swart 50-1 13-1 4-t
A 5 Mountain WO-1 - 30-1 15-1
5 5 7 7 7 Dawvn 53-1 10-1 4-1
geod. won eieveny. i
Index. Horae, Wt. PP. 8
(S3) Bolater Ill t
41' Tantalua ....1W -1-
W'hm'sF'ly 110 4
The Dtrt.. W 1
War Smoke 101
Jlajor Domo 110 7
lianx u-iMy i
-nni.t.p In tisn imtll irraiihtened out on backxtrvtrb. where he moved BP on oatstde.
eaau diaposed of Welshmanfa Folly rounding torn lato honjeitretrh, bnt had to be shaken
tra at end to atall off Taatalns. Latter cloied n Mg gap and finished fall of courage.
TVelihraan'B Folly, probably abort, ahowed early apeed bnt tired.
Ownere-1. O. W, Forman: 2, O. L. Ooodacre; J, J. K. L. Itosa; 1. J. Lnnuden; t. t.
W. Carth; Mr. C. K. Moore: 7, W. T. Press. .
f SKVEWTII KAV.r wr jour-ycar-aine ana onvuu. .ihiuiik. wjb nuia u.
teenth. Puree 51.290. Poet 5:45. on :n. lime. ii i.tanrr, a. mu or
nnb Kean uminoia. owner hioiojw, . oiiu.omii"-
Index. Wt.
Berlin 112
9i Plena ml
32 Mormon Eld.. Ill
Pirinr Line... Ill
Bar Coy ..... 1S3
'Sunny Hill..
IS" 'Doreaa i
83 'Verity
'Lord Herb't.
51 'Antoinette
. 103
, lfg
. 1
, 103
serenth Rate Four-year-olds and upward:
diiming; one mile and a furlong:
Index. Wt.llndex. Wt.
! Befogf , H3(7) 'Kilkenny .... 10S
W will lto m sw iw iiamnaon m
03) 'Oanltal City,
71 'solid Moclt... ia
'Letnater 105
'53 rapt. Hodge.. 10'
97 'Peerleaa One. 102
(77) Waterproof ,.. 103
u Almino 113
97 Paddy Dear.., 110
7 Great Oull.... 110
2 .Wand 105
(ill 'Indolence .... Ill
(IT) 'Austral 1M
Aiao euaioie;
53 Dalrote ....... 1K Bar Cor ...... 102
v Couple Btn Hampaon and Solid. TtocU at
Forman entry.
Apprentice allowance claimed.
Weather clpudy; trjck maddy,
Index. Horse. wt PP.
a Capital CltylM
Lucius .... 103
.25 Hl'r Kept'e iw
' Sky Pilot.. WT
U Yorkiat ... ICS
T. War Tax.. 110
(J.M.J!iner. 113
rmr 1T
rnttil cut nlned aleadilr from a
ainig. after monng no houj(
Ing War Tax into suniaisaian
1 Fin. Jockey. St.
S 3.r, 1H. Morril 23-3
3 W, 2' Bwtrlgoes :i7-10
1 1'liS4 Haynes HI
7 C 4 J. SitlepeU -t
4 5 MOTS 20-1
3 5 5 Mountain: i.4 -l
5 7 7 Botwelt 22-1
SIS Uanran 90-1
low bezlnnur and flniahed rolnr a Iron g.
entering bonetrrth. King Neptune tired .badly after rao
stT mot -Jlli(vi witn a ruaa.
Ownera-1. M. Smith; 2. n. n. Pwyr; 3. c. X. meman; 4. E. K. uryson; 5, a. B,
Thomas: 3, Mra. C. K. Moore: 7. H. F. Carman: l A. oascoyne.
For tho flrat- tlma In tho hlirtory ot
boxjDg. In this State a prominent- law
officer-hoc made an appeal 'to tlie LeB
Islaturo for tho passage' of a measure'
to ICoUzo' the snort. David H. Knott,
Sheriff of Now York county, has sent
a letter, to Speaker.' Sweet, of the As
sembly, urging him to use hla good of
fices' in an effort-to get the- Walker bill
out of tho Commltteo on Rules and as
sure Ho paiiaae. Tho Sheriff's com
munication la as follows:
"April 17. 1939.
"Hon Thaddeua C, Sweet; Chairman oi
tho rtulos Committee,, Assembly, Cham
ber. Albany, N. Y,
"My dear Assemblyman: I am wrltlnc
you to urgo the passage of Senator Jfta.
J. Walker's boxing bill (InL No. 93)
wltlch hoi' already parsed' tha Senate
and la now- before the Commltteo on
"I understand that this bill has. the
active support of tho Army, Navy and.
Civilian Board of' Boxing Control, as
well as tho New York Athletic Club and.
other bona- ftde clubs and associations
which thoroughly understand proper
bpxlng rules and regulations.
"As the Sheriff of New York county
and as a private citizen I want to take
this opportunity of assuring you. Uiat
this measure meets with- the- approval,
of the' majority of tho- peoplo of this ,
section of the Stato. Boxing, particu
larly elnco' the war, bos become- ono of
the recognized sports In this country;
and properly conducted and- under
proper supervision will prove, ai popu
lar and helpftilln .tho matter of aiding
young Americans t'p develop their phys
ical condition as many; oiner sports now
Indulged In and recognized.
"It seems to mo that the bill -referred
to above, Is entirely worthy- of your
support; which I hereby oslc.
"Aim I wish to assure, you that as
Sheriff of New York county I would be
the first to ask that the law be repealed
In case that It is not properly carried
out and If the persons Interested In the
sport of boxing should become guilty of
any act that would Indicate that they
should not be permitted to enjoy Its
provisions. Very truly yourn
Sheriff Knotf attitude truly reflects
the desire of a large proportion of tho
residents of New York county for box
ing under proper regulation, nnd unless
the members ot the Assembly are' blind
to tho wishes ofthe citizens of the- most
Important county In the State they will
give heed to the appeal.
Incidentally, the Influential men who
are behind the movement for clean box
ing In this State are determined to- as
certain tho Identity of the person or per
sons responsible for the sidetracking of
the Walker bill. An effort also will be
made to learn the motives of the oppo
nents of the bill, and It the measure Is
sacrificed on the altar of politics there
are likely to be some Interesting disclosures.
OSswiko, N. Y.. April 18. With the
crash of tho prison band Sing Slng prison
opened Its baseball reason here this af
ternoon while twelve hundred, prisoners
and a hundred vIsKorj rooted. The vis
iting nine was from the Metropolitan
Life Insuranco Cc-mpany of New York
city, and were beaten, S to 4, by the
prisoners. The lineup:
Sing Sine Green, rf; Lannlgaa. 2b; 8;x.
ton. 2b: Harff, lb: Cole, as; Perna,- c;
Tooney. If: Daugberty. ci: Bydnan. p.
Metropolitans Abbott, 2b: Sehrage. , II:
Kaetner. 3b; Qulnn. lb; Carry, e: McLnuthlm
and Ocba, te; Flichtr. cf; brown, rl; Kin-
"Run's were made a follows: For Slnr
Slng-IInrff, Cole. J; Perns, Tooney. Per
u c u u tnii i id n s i. urvj, aouoii. ui'iia. Drown,
Ct.EvgL.VNP, Ohio, April 18 One rec
ord waa said to have been bettered at
the Allegheny Mountain Division A. A.
U. swimming meet here last night, when
Ted Cann of .Detroit took ono-flfth of a
second .off the record tor thj ISO yard
dash. His time was 1 minute 28 3-5 sec
onds! Leo Handy, also otL Detroit, fin
ished second,, and Jack Love of Pitts
burr third. In the C20 yard rational
Junior event Leo Handy won In 2 min
ute 3 seconds.
CofiiiriObt.lMQ, 61 TAo Sun-JeroW Oonporollorii- ,
, ' Mk, DAWJEIi.
-rO moJoT'leoguO' club' lo. stronger than tho authority of Its manager.,
Ix The Jspehdlttiraof. ovehi halt, a million 'dollars for i Itur players will
avail; a team- HttlO'jinlfrss tho, manager latlmauaol- rfito comrnwil ot
tho. flUuatloTi' nod every- playur under, him' anili1cnJoy.th,t crcspoot ot hla
:team' both', no a. man and aoia. baseball oxecutlvo and'atr utegist, "Wo are
sorry to oay that thcso lines are written apropos of th' tu mtutlon among
thai Yankees, Miller Hugglns knows far moro baseba'H han any man on
his squad, yet eomo of his misguided playero taka ltunun llherneelvea to
attempt to dlctato matters of play and polloy List fnrsday fternoon
In Philadelphia Hugglns sent Sam Vlqk to i bat for JoclCi IQutnti. Vartoua;
diklurtierB.souKht to. aendUn. Frank. OIJoull Vlckt. finally 'ont to thj -plato,.
but tho Incident, creatod. at poon impression and Indicated the presence ot
an evlli Ittnuonce. Tho-Incident waa, nothing' new. It ctf mo up 'time and1
.... . . i j ii . . i. it. - ,
again laat flcason. bo. spirit: in oawtioi it, inrcaioncaMii oreuw. uio tmu.
4 tmn. e-nntinnn nf- Jnc.ksonvlllBi last: month; when oner division wancca
lil VI IUMI eMVwiu ' f "
tn ninv.Hwnnd.basei contranv to tho- appareht desire;' tttJHuggms, antrf
anotlier section, favorod Ward. It waa. Huggins'B lntenl -Ion to open 'tho;
season, with Ward,, but- InJurJoa suffered by that' player (fit )rced him to call
on Pratt,
It Hugglns Is going to make' a, auqeess, of' hK Job.llUils .year lio will,
hnv, tn ernd Cntflt tho tonUflwy tOi UlCtaiOi lot nim4 xan iiuy.- jjui.
themselvesi lm an unfavorable situation) whom they wont J, an a ..short strike
for a mattor. of 35i each wllll get. Into, absolutely, tm .ot40-,'r'" mey compii
Tin.riTin'i'.t nireadv difficult taskt with nuestlons W VtavoTttlsm and
Mnnlouslos, and, pettr- bickering. Col. Ituppcrt and. col., i vtuston -nave -not;
Biiarerl mnnnv lh tllolr-ondeavor, 10 give. rtOWi I0r u,,Wiu.r .. w
T.Mnin, Tho fnnH are behind, them. In their-eyory-baflObijlH vmove. at certain,
play era. prove i that Uielc preeonco, on. thei club- is lnlmlci)V -to the welfare of.
tho team: It wouldi bo beat to reap.1 mo not act- to uiei.n ifsuin unum.-
any damagoi IS' donoj, And 1C the reading Is, insufficient m: ioro arastic -acuon
should bo In: order.-
New York Weakened Through
I'iayer'e Injury, Loses
by '4f to 0,
Dave Drl3cotI will havo the honor of
starjnz tho first twelve round bout In
New Jersey next Friday night when
Willie Jackson meets Jack Lawter, a
shifty lightweight from the South In
the ring of the Arena A. C, Fourth
Regiment Armory, Jersey City.
Amurlea Mar-Not Soot Any- of .the Davis Cup W-tnU Play.x
Before-long-tho-International lawn tepnls( pot. Wll bo ,flt Jioboillng
point. From. an. American enthusiast's, point of., view thf), drawings, for tho
Davis, cupi competitlonr. Just announced,, moanr nothing mor e, than-.the taohddule'
which: the. Tankeo teamt will follow in it?., progrpss, iptp tl. ,io, chfaengouTid
with the Auatralnsiajis. America-, has. the national enthuiiilaBmifprsthO jgarae'
and the- playprs as. well; and; It will, be greatly- "dlsappouif ted.lf.ltKdoesftnot,
wm back, the, trophy; At the samo; time wo Xo, not Im -.lleve ithat iwo ttiro
(roimr, Intor this- affair with oyerconfidence,. Wo apprM )ato tnat tnotning
should be; talten for-granted in sport, particularly in a cori. ipetltion abroad, in
which thei factor of acclimation may play, a big role.
Aa the schedule stands South Africa, will meet, Holland in tho ;flrst
rnimd nnd the United States will Dlay France.. SouTt..Afrk Should Win
with; ease, but wo may get a, hard tueslo-from France, a rllifdh has twot, really
great players-, In Gobert-and Deougje. However, Engl id's veterana, 'ho'i
were- so easy for Australasia,, defeated France last, fall, dp wo may look for1
almllnr. n.,rn. Tn. tho, HPrnnil rnliml South. Africa Si Id uld not COCDCrlenCO.'
any difficulty In wlnnina over-Canada, which no. longoi, canNcal .an jPpwe!?,!
who h dead., and Schwengcrs, who has retired? frot n tcompetiwon. JXflv
American team should win over England with somethli l3.'to spare. sThenttft
will be-America against South, Africa, in the final; and America lagatnatUhrt
Australasians- for the cup. Tho schedule Is not a pa, ft Icularly 'happy tone,1
for we would, have liked ,lt a lot; better if; we wen, to,' i.neet .the Enpllsh 'In,
Uio ilnaL Tha arrangement- also Indicates, very, strc-r g ly that we are ,not
likely to-see any of th Davla-cup play in thla counti aJ Wo ore lllacly;toi
meet' Franco In France andi England, and? South Africa tut Wimbledon. Jncl'
dentally. playing in- Franco, would mean matche on ol ay couctST-tthe 'flFSt
in. tho hlstoryr of tho Davis, cup. event; I
Steelier; Again Proves That He Is Baslly tho Oifflatoat AVrcstlcr.
Joo Stecher took, more, tljan, threo hours to bea-JStrangler Lewis 'last'
Friday night but ho- finally accomplished his task o,y tif ;his moat formidable
rival in impressive- fashion and again, proved that hp 3 the greatest wrtostler
In the' world. Steelier) seemed Jusb a littlo. worn." Uy 4iis ,lotp .camrpalBn
throughout the country i Had he-been a llttlo freaheif the .bout joaver -would ;
hava approacbedithe three hour- mark; It was. a. clear i, t aciontific, hard bought,
bout, and. closed a season which will, go dpwn. into, rrestllng 'hlstpry .osthe4
cleanest which Now York, yet has seen., Thia may. s..)g nd a bit like Uamnrngj
the game wlthrfaint praise. But tho usa. of the aflJectlve ".clean" Jin ,an,y
connection with wrestling should bo regawed; as Hgp highest compliment.
With the. return of boxing in New York apparently once more postponed
the outlook for;' wrestling next, soason- sccmr brighter .than .ever.
1 jSJBKKtKBSSm ,ri j i
mm Bii : i'iM i m i 1 1
Ilobins Dry Dock of Brooklyn mndo a
ood start toward the annexation of the
Southern New York State soccer trophy
yesterday -by defeating tho New York
nwuuii uuu oy goals 10 v in me tnira
'round 'of the annual competition at' Todd
Tleld, the homo cround -of the shin re-
Jpalrers, thereby qualifying for tho semi-
nnais. New York, howover, mado a bad
start, giving a nonaltv In the first flvo
uninutes of play and. fifteen minute--
later, In lnlurv to Hunzlkcr. the Inside.
right, caused that player's retirement
and the visitors played out the rest ot
the game with only ten -men.
Itntlcan negotiated tho penalt kick
given against Kelly for handling, but the
Now Yorkors, shorthandod though they
wre. eet such a pace that the SobltiB dW
not scoro aaln until ono minute from
half time, when n corner kick by Shan
holt was headed In by Millar. Burnett,
New York's centre, who collided with
'Hunilker In midair, was out of the game
for two minutes, but resumed after hav-
-tag his -head bandaged.
Ton minutes from the restart the Rob
'Inn's forwards Indulged in lively crlss
cross play In front of Now York's goal,
and Itntlean finally banged the ball
'through. A well placed centre by Oar
SlUo on the right enabled Shanholt to
scoro tho fourth and last goal.
'The lineup:
Jloblna pry Dock ). NewTork(O). ,
Rinzuelll Goal .., Johnaen
Bobertaon..... Tllghttmck Gtlflllan
KMd ixiftbsck Kelly
lieardaworth... Right half Matthewe
Clarke Centrohalf Hell
uance Left half Ferguaon,
Otralde Outside right nietck
HlbOuIre Insldo riiht Hunzlkcr
iRatlcan , .. Centra Ilurnett
Mtl'.a; Inaldelett McDonald
'itunhon Outaldeleft Sweeney
ai-ueree iv. iray. t.ineamen u. mi
Wraon nnd R. O. Hallornn. Goals Ttatl-
nan 2, Millar. Shanholt, Ilobins Dry Dock.
Time Halves of 45 minutes.
iPHiLAPELPHiA, April 18. In a battle
between New York lightweights Willie
Jaekson, weighing 1351-4 pounds, de
feated Johnny Martin, 137 pounds, in
the wind up at the National A. A. last
ailght .in six rounds. Jackson dropped
Martin with a right in the fourth. Mar-
tin took a count of three and from that
time on did considerable holding. Tho
bout was almost stopped by the police
Ip the fifth round when Martin started
a Uck in Jackson's direction, hut Bis
aim was bad.
4 1,
JTZ It. .. X
II. ...
How many cutaways did
' you see at church yester
JLt you saw as many as we
$d, youf ve already made up
jour mina to nave one.
Soft, rich imported fab
rics; oxiford or black.
Separate striped trousers,
Silk Slats. Canes. Fine
nyec&wear. Patent leathers.
Mileage ?
you said it"
"There'smore hotiest-to-goodness
packed in every
gallon of Socony
Gasoline more pep,
punch and power
than in any gas I
v ever used."
At filling time look
for the red, white and
blue Socony Sign. .
"Every Gallon the Same
Busdriess suits. "Scotch
Mast" overcoats. "Com
pbsite" Derbies. "Solo"
jsocks. "Shire', collars.
-Luggfage. Liyery. Sport-
lug Goods.
. gealiUTtSlLnie Mark.
iRosRs Pter Company
$t Warren
at 34th St
Fifth Ave.
ad (he wtvtt P M CeGnt
js always a Kerce-Arrow.
On our floor there is always a
Fierce-Arrow ior the tn who
wants his car at once, and de
sires only the best in a motor
cjr who prefers not to pay its
first cost, and who has sut-
fipicnt. faith in our business
integrity to accept our guar
antee of mechanical excellence.
Used earSxckange

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