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Young Sculptors
Give Their Second
Exhibition of Art
ork Is More Ambitious Tliau
ist Ytiiw, lint Soino
Aviint Hnrd.
Tic ' tf'.'onil exhibition" of tiio Young
f, j ptorn' Society Is being held at (lor-lia-ti
and posslblv thcro l.i It gain tills
iar in q'.ii.iil'. but becaiiM of the, cor
t..n gain In sobriety, It Ik Impossible to
In- furo of It.
1,-mt J'''"- 't wan remarked tlial tltenti
young sculptors were hard, not lu the
i-incc that Nlctschc u?e.l tho word, who
(oi.tmlUM ferocious hardness, but In
tlii opposite unfeeling hardness that
romca from unthinking. Now whatever
one may think of ferociousness In gen-
em! It rannot bo achieved unfeelingly, j
end for tho young nrtlst Just Martins
out I', life no greater danger can be
ron-ehed than a system that throttles j
tli feeling An artist, espuoUllj a 1
oung artlM. had better bo ferociously
b.iil than mechanically calm. .
The g.iln In Hobrlcty Is noticed In tho 1
diminution of cheap theme?, such as 1
;,-)'. tan nancers evidently studied In
modern cabarets, which are happily
few The figures are generally of thu 1
ita'ucite older, and the coolness In the '
fxc'ition of them Is due, pronely, to
the ileilre to make saleable pUces,
James Novelll contributes n bronze
tors" that hat been modelled freely and
fiastieally: the fountain group by Ma
r'ui Az-I is cute, but the figures are
ji ,,t too crushed together : Anthony d
vHn, 'sci'h portrait of James- Van do
VtnxHRpI is solidly constructed, hut
Titn mui'h surface Interest; and the
"S'ong of the Sea," a fountain group by
j .sef M Lorkowtkl, Is clever.
The Consignment Arts, Inc , whl-h is
f. methli g new In the way of art Instl
t it .-ns. has arranged an Imposing exhl
j, on n the Gainsborough Studios that
l.-'ude.i rare tapestries and other hang
1 gs. furniture, carvings, old china,
b-unzes and various art objects. The
s'iiopnere of the renaissance Is lent
t.. -v many splendid pieces In the ex
h bt..n th.it are from the estate of the
lute 11 Ephraim Bcngulat, the noted
ci.n',0 seur.
Two txmii XIV. tapestried of unusual,
chapter portray the Interpretation of
X'buibadnetzar'o dream, by Daniel, and
t'-e ru'tllmetit or it AnotJier pair 01
t!ic5t-fs. of Flemish weave, show Nero
pe'fenittng the early Christians, and
M U another tapestry, the rarest of all,
coiner from the Vatican, and Is thought
t- have been woven from a cartoon by
There are many treasures of Spanish
-t Among them Is a great throne dlas
hanging used by Philip II.: a canopy
tued n religious processions and made
ou' cf s-lver, and a toreador's costume
10 heavily embroidered with sliver that
It con-pares in weight with armor.
New York.
Mr. and Mrs, Ilobert Abercromble
Lovett ate receiving congratulations 011
tho birth of 11 daughter 11 few days ago
at their home In Cambridge, Mass. The
child ts tho tlrrt grandchild of Mr. Hob-
ert fl, Lovett, head of the Union Pai'Illc.
Mr. Belasco in
Paris After a
London Welcome
Ammnnn, Charlen Knowlton, 13. II.
Annan, Phoebe M. I.amer. Edward It,
Armstrong.JanieH S. Lowden, Jiimiw M.
Blaphnm. Charles Mnrkoe. Jumcs W.
Ilolwell, Jennie Martens, iidwnrd
Hooth. William Mortimer, Itlchnrd A
DroHimn. Angela M. Murray, Surah V.
isrown, Harry McOrnne,
and Mrs. Ixivelt. She will bo named Knrlisll Mil IlilirCl'S OiVO DillUCV Iluhlcr, Augustus W.MeKVunn', John S.
Kvilyu for her mother, who Is it daugh
ter of Mr, and Mr. James llrown of
New York.
Mr. ami Mrs, Churlen Sherman Ilalght )
will give a dinner lo-nlght for their j
datishter, .Ml' Alice Augusta .Halglit.
and Mr. Basil It. Elmer of Ithaca, N. V.
nnil I'rffc Ilini to Take
, Thcntro Thoiv.
Vecoiding.to 11 private cable despatch
who will 1m murrlfd to-morrow after- received hero fiom Paris David Belasco
noon In St. .lnmes's Church. Madison
avenue und Seventy-flrft street. The
guests will Include members
bridal party.
of the
The bride and her father, Mr. Harry Payne Whitney, leaving the Whitney home, 871 Fifth avenue, for
the church. With them are Guila and Alice Szechenyi, two of Mrs. Tower's little flower girls.
TIlOllSfllHl (ilK'Sts at Wedding r,'' wl,n 'h vlinn.-el floor was trans-iV. Aldrlch. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Whit
, formed into a foimal garden of pink ridge. Mrs. Oliver Iselln, Mrs. Eugeni
ot Daugliter of Mr. and Mrs
II. P. Whitney.
Amerlenuit In I'arls.
Sya. rcrreeponJrvrt to Tnn SrN iVD Xsw
Yhsk HeraU.
April 3. Americans roistered
In the office of The Svn and Nbw York
Uerm.D are .
Adler. William. New YorK.
.krr ' If , llloomfie'd.
Brptdenhafh. R. A., New York.
Cotton, Marcel, Chlcsgo.
i'uu id, J H , Toledo
FitzAtmmons, C. S., H- n'dyn
M irhai: I.aae. Hiookyn.
Myers, Heary. Kobe, Japan. ;
T..- nr K.. UrooKlyn.
Rosen. Mr. and Mri. Leon, New Yorlt1
m uni. Isaac M.. Urookllnc. Mass.
TK tr-ion. R. A.. Portland.
Wright. Mr. and Mrs. C, New York..
, ramble.- roses, with a ontral plot just
large enough to accommodate the clergy
j nan und the wedding party. More than
1 15 000 Easter lilies were used in carry
I Inc out that unique wediilnu decoration.
. , , , , , ... 1 Messrs. Francis Uroohs. Bernard S.
mld decorations, that were unique j Mrei (1 nyt uver ,se,n
and with a brldnl party that was un- 1 William A. l'arker. t:. Ilowland Shaw,
tike that customarily rclected by a Philip Wharton, William H. Chatfleld. H
M..- i.'i,, !,... -)itn.v iri.ir Carey Morgan, Charus 1:. 1
" ! Ilensy Ft. John Smith. J. K. Howard,
1 aaugntcr or itr. anu Airs, narry i-.wio , wnam v Harron. Jr., Charts r.
Whitney anil granldaughter of Mrs. j choate. M, Thomas II. Krothtngham,
' Vr.nderb!lt and the late William C. Whit
S. Key no I. .Mrs. Dewees W. Dilworth.
Mrs. Charles It. Haldwln, Dr. and Mrs.
Walter H. James, Miss Helen James,
Miss Constance Jennings, Mrs. Charles
A. Child, ills. Henry I'alrlleld Oslinrn.
Mrs. Frederick Pearson. Mr. and Mrs. !
btverley tlogert. Jlr. and Mrs. Henry
11. H. Hlpley. Mrs. H. Caslmii- de ltham.
Dr. and Mrn. Norman C Hitman. Mr.
odman, I JnJ M"- George 15. p0t. Miss Hurr'ette
a. 1 -os 1. .miss narnel Littleton. Mr. and
Mrs. orge H. Post. Jr. : Mrs. Henry
1". Davison, Miss Alice T. Davison, Miss
IV. and Mrs. Montgomery 11. Steal il
started on Sunday for Hath, Me. On
April 20 Mrs. Slcard will christen the
torpedo boat destroyer tho Slcard at
the Until Iron Works, The vessel Is to
hi named after the Into Admiral Mont
gomery Slcard, the father of Dr. Slcard.
l.lcut. Wentwoith t'ruger Hacon and
Mis. Hacon will arrive from l'rance
early this week by tho Mauretanla.
They will pass 11 few days at the Hltz
Carltou before going to their countiy
homo at Mlllbrook.
Miss Harriet McCool;, youngest daueh-
ter of Mrs. John J. McCook. will be mar
ried lo Mr. Jackson Herr Hoyd of Har
rlsburg, Pa., this afternoon at the home
ot her uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles It. Alexander.
The man-luge of Miss Mnrgaiet
Knapp, daughter of Mrs. Kdward S.
Knapp, to Dr. I.ee Holllater Ferguson
will lake place on .May 20. In St. James's
Mr and Mrs. .lolin E. Coul!n. who
have been passing the winter at the
heme of Mrs. Cowdln's mother, Mrs.
Danford Henry Knowlton. will go to
day to their country houin! In Tuxedo.
Miss Katherine E. Force, who has
been South for most of tho winter, has
Joined her mother, Mrs. William H,
Force, at the St. Regis Hotel.
Mme. Domlclo da (.lama will start for
Europe on Saturday and Join her hus
band, the Ambassador of Urazl!, In
Mr and Mrs. Sklddy von Stade
wl'.l return from Aiken, S. C, to-day to
Westbury, U I.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. King are at the
Rltz-Carlton, after passing tho winter at
Palm Ueach.
Lady Levcson-Gower gave a dance
last night at the Hltz-Carlton.
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Howell of At
lanta, da., are at the Hotel Astor.
Mrs. .Sherman Flint will gtve a lunch
eon to-day.
arrived them wsieninv from London.
hr., 1.. 1... 1 . " 1 .I-... tr,- 1 Hughes, Helen
..... .v iic inn jjarucu w-iurai ''" ; Hunter William
Cooper. Kdward Newman, Ettle. V. K.
i CouzetiH, Sarah M. Kites, Chaj-les E.
I Drootf, I'hnrles K Potnroy. Annie T
Evans, Thomas II, iullty. John V.
j Fai rell, William H. Held, Helen MiieK.
. Franck, Haruch Iteltmeyer. Emllle
Orabfeldur. Samuel Kyan, Nclllti
Hagcrty, ('. A. Seymour. C. A.
Illcks, .Vllllam C Shnrkey, Irene M.
Home, Kdward W. Sloat, Orson W.
Smith, LoulHu N.
Inslee, Anna
Johnson, William
Kellogg, Doris A.
irr mirii, iiiumiu . . T,,,, . ii
WIlllaniK. William II ""J- ouuiirnij, oil nuu-, .wrn
KNOWLTON. At Eat fJmhge. N. l)
April 9. 1920. Kltzabeth Huffman,
wlfo of William Hunt Knowltoiyi
Mineral service at her homo. -Dti
North 22d st Wednesday, April 21,
j at 2 P. M.
jLAMEH. At Dumont. N. J,. April ?
, Edward It., husband of Catherine-
rt. jjwner, in ins istu year, rn
neral services at his Intei residence,
at Lexington nv Dumott, N J , on
Wednesday at 2:20 P. M.
LOWDEN. James Moiton I.owdcn, at '
Hempstead, N. Y on Sunday, April
IS, 1920, beloved husband of Amy
Arms, Services at the Church of
TransfUruratlnn, I East 29th nt,( ou.u
Wednesday, April 21, 1?20, nt 12m
Woolf, Albert H.
In Meniori.ini.
the Kngllah productions and conferring
with English managers.
English producers gave a dinner for
.Mr, Helasco in London Saturday night t
In 11 united effort to Induce him to take . 0eckBri nernhard Walker. Carrie S
a theatre of his own In London. Mr. May. Fannie 'Velchman, Anna
llelasco withheld his decision, but the
spirit of cordiality expressed by all
present delighted him. The dinner was
tho climax- of a scries of welcomed ex
tended to him every night last week In
the form of dinners an.d theatro parties
by authors nnd manageis.
AMMANN. Charles, on Suturday, April
'17, In his EOth year. Funeral from
his late residence, Central u. and
Tuekahoe road, Yonkcrs, N. Y.,
Wednesday. April 21. 2 P. M. In
terment Woodlawn.
.VNNAN. On April 18, at Martha Wash
Injiton Hotel, 29 East 29tli st.,
IM.iebo M. Annan, in her 76th year.
Interment at Liberty Corner, N. J,
Discovered Uses of Sea Water !
as Disinfectant.
Franclj It Atmleton. Jr.. Philip Hoyer. , 'J.,MC ." '"ry, -Mr. wiiuam Ayrault
1 . .... .. . ...... ' iiuzan . .Mrs. J. Arcnib-iii Mm-, m i L
ney, w munled esterday in St. Bar-- ; "7' ,, Barhari Murray. Mr. Frederick HarrN
tholomew's aiurch by the Rev. Dr. ','e(1 the largest number of ushers a i fiVn, ",l'('w'n u,u' Mrs. Iiwrence Towns-
AI?o Mrs. Arthur Iselln. Mr. and Mrs.
Lrtlghton lMrKJ, the rector, to Mr. Uou- bride ami bridegroom have had at a
crick Tower, ton of Mr and Mrs. ,ew York wedding In recent ytar. Mr.
Charlemagne Tower
More than a thousand
Social rvotrn.
York and Philadelphia attended tho
ceremony and many of them went later
to tho reception In Mr. and Mis. Whit
ney's hune. J.71 Fifth avenue.
Mr. Tower and his bride will pass
..11 ...... , rurs iscuuiiiK 111 reveiii jcai-. "" I Va!tr F Mamml Ma Willi..., i
FZZ110'' h'. -V- l-t. Jr.: Miss Anna Sa,ls.
James Lwls Quickenbusn. Jr.. part of their honeymoon In travel
through tho West In a prlv?te car. meir
no t which the:, ha.e not arrangeu a
dellnite It'.nerarj". may take them to the
. . ,r ... ,,,.,,.,1.1.. Tnn..n..M :lnl,
ter f Mr and Mrs Arthur Phelps Jack
i, n nf jsn Riverside Drive, will ba mar
i'i"i o-nr. irrow night, gave his bachelor
d. ner last night In the liiltmore. Hottl
H.i s-it ts included Messrs PiimiiiT
I'.i-edii-t. Herbert Ogrien, Harold Taylor,
V.'on Potter and Layton Heath. To
right Mr and Mrs. James L. Quacken
Mi pirents, will give a dinner and
dan. e lr their home, 262 Riverside Drive,
for the members of the bridal party.
U th Commodore Hotel to-night will
take Ti'.mc the annual ball, rilled Fete
Onoi tor the Association for the
li' nd I
The llrldr'n Altenilant.
The b-lde"s attendantj were member)
of her family circle. Mls.i Harbara
Whitnej, her sister, was the maid of
honot, who followed the ushers to the
altar She wore a dres of turquol-e
b'ue n.Ton with a picture hat to match.
The llnwer glrl were her cousins, (iulla
Pacific coast Thev alro have not de- I AIU-e and Gladys Szchenyi. the small
.-iilrd definitely -.i tneir futun. r-sl-1 daughters of Count and Coutites-' Iasslo
der.ee. Mr. and Mrs. Whitney esjjoet j Szeehenyi. and Heatne Mrniitnt. aaugn
in Imi-h tioni fne a nan of the rummer 1 ter of Mrs. Wlllard D. Straight. Each
at their country places on long Island ' wore a wh'.te lace frock embroidered
and In Newport. ' '!lh Rlt P'nk roses.
I ' The brld's rostumn or white satin
I Trrcn of Hatter Lille. was ultra modish with Ibj s'aort skirt.
Mrs. Whitney designed the decorations 1"" than ankle length. A ye 1 of rose
. .1 .1 .. -v. Li. . X. T,nnva.i i.lea ' P nt ace was tltted about the head.
terva a a right and left of the imp of , of a .;mbrol(1(irw, ln cryatal. Tht,r()
;tn0cnurcr retweMe uui .u.,-. , u, liu.e ovff
1 ten feet i ch composeil ot Kaster ll.Ies , ' .,., j ,,..,
upon a green background, so pl.xced r.s was fasUn(lJ a ,a ue of
s' not to obstruct the vl-w of the altar. ' . ,,.
JIis Jla-ie Ks-.e'.le MeLiughlln. daughter. From the entrance the formal -r1" j qU(t was of in., of the valley and white
While- Home.
Miss Maigaret Wilson, who has been
with the President and Mrs. Wilson at
the White House for a short time, has
started for New Yoik.
Mr. and Mrs. William Miller Collier
gave a "dinner last night for the Russian
Ambassador and Mme. Hakhmeteff and
the Italian Ambassador and Haroness
Romano Avezzana. Other guests wore
the Secretary of the Interior, Mr. John
Harton Payne: the Minister of the
Ketherlands and Mme. Cremer and Mr.
Marc Peter, Minister of Switzerland.
C.uests have assembled from several
cities for the marriage of Miss Nancy
j Miss Louise Sands, Mrs. Paul D. Cra-
vath. Mr. and Mrs. 'looilhuc Livingston,
Mrs. Slueart Duncan. Mrs. Lewis Stuv.
visaut Chanler, Capt, Francesco Mario I Lane, daughter of Mr and -Mrs. Frank-
'.itinidabassl. Mr. II. H. Vreeland, Alts.
William Post, Mis. E. Henry Harrlmiin.
Mrs. Howard Cushlng, Mr. and Mrs.
John 13. Cowdln. Mr. anil Sidney Web
str Fish, .Mrs. John Sanfnrd, Miss Jane
f-anford, .Mrs. 11. C. Portet, Mrs. J. Kor
ien Hnrtlmati. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pot
ter Russell, Mr. and Mrs. Ogden 11.
Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick
Courtland Penfleld, Mrs. Otto H. Kahn
and Ml.-s Muuil E, Kahn.
Albeit Edward Woolf, the chemist
whoso discoveries of the uses of perox
ide of hydrogen and decomposed sea
water as uismrevtantH made him known
Internationally, died yerterday in Ills
home In the Hotel Clarldge. He was
sincKen wun Heart disease several days
ago and failed to Mirvlve the attack.
He was 7t years old.
no in mis city, air. Woolf was
a son of the late Edward Woolf, foun
der of Jutti. the Hist Illustrated comic
newtvaper published In the I.'nited
States. He was educated In the College
of the City of New York. He brought
out peroxide of hydrogen first as u
bleach for gray and black ostrich
feathers. Later he demonstrated Its
use as an rmtlseptliv He next gave
thu medical profession tho benefit of his
discoveries In connection with the usage
ot sea water, decomposed by electricity.
In sanitation. Hla method was adopted
bp tli United States Government In
combating the yellow fever epidemic
111 Luua.
Muie recently, Mr. Woolf discovered
the treatment of refuse so that It might
De ronaereu harmless as a disease car
rier and so used for filling in waste
Dr. Woolf was head of the Woolf La
boratories ut C" Park place. He leaves
two sons, Samuel J., the artist, nnd
Edgar Allen, a playwright.
hours Illness, James Simmons
Armstrong, son of Col. Henry Beck
man Armstrong and' Mary Draygon
.Simmons. Funeral services will be
held nt his residence on Tuesday,
April 2C. nt 3 o'clock.
Un K. Lane, to Mr. Philip C. Kauff.
maun, which will take place to-day in
St John's Church. Mr. and Mrs
Thomas Ewlng of New York are guests
of their son-in-law nnd daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Newbold Noyes. Mr. nnd
Mrs. Lane have with them hLs slstc-,
Mrs. M. A. Anderson of California.
Mrs. Marshall Field gave a luncheon
yesterday for Mrs. Frank O. Lowden,
wife of Gov. Lowden of Illinois. Gov.
and Mrs. I.owden arrived on Sunday, to
stay with Senator and Mrs. Medill Mc-
,,, ... , ,, iLormicK. anu last night Senator Me-
Miss Oertrude Hoffmann was an i- Cormlck had a dinner for the Governor.
Mr. Uuud to Wed Mix .Mt-Laashllu
lr. Pose .f Lima Church April
e' Mr Juries F McLaughlin. S69 West formed a vista of green ana wnne. , h, . , h cjrrl.d , uraver book
li.-. . ...... . , . .. . 1 ...... tl.tt fanlllfe tons'. . .
jo.-, .-mi. wi.i ue nvirneci m -ir. icwrvi ..un. ..- .... - nounu m gold
Hiro.il Rudd of New lork and
CI. ago
Mrs Edward W. Slmms will attend
IV- M.s-e- and Mr Franklin Mclaughlin
ril b ti- man for his brother,
eyclrpaetlia of dancing and audcvills
trtcks it the Palace yesterday, being
abl ntlipntlv In llliiutmfii 4nt.
of arlety ntt at a moment's notice. Sho
did classical nnd Interpretative dancing,
Impersonated Rroadway star, walloped
trap drums, f-ang and wound up by
being ,1 whole day at Coney Island all
ny liereeir. The audience seemed to feel
,ot the trees formed an almost contlnu- , addition lo Mr. and Mrs. Charle- tlie' didn't need hot dogs to enable them
ous line of formal tree top?. : Inagne Tower and Mr. and Mrs. Charle- t0 appreciate this to the full.
The eye followed the vista to a larger ; ma(fne Tower. Jr.. other guests from M'83 Laura Plerpont and her com
trec of lilies and leaves above the altar rhtil,Iejphft nciuucl Mr. and Mrs. EarPP-1" Played in "The Guiding Star," a
ivih Its circular top and flat base set i,,, M.ja imiia T,.n-r Pntn.-im sketch which was written by Edcar At.
M. s M. Liugh'in was active, in wail 'above the reredos. The altar tree was Mr. and Mrs. John Irwin Rrlght:, Mr. and 'n Woolf. and gave Miss Plerpont a
"'i en, M'. Rudd was a Lieutenant In I the central point of an impressionism. Mr5 Aifre(j futnam. Mr. and Mrs. , ''anro 10 play four types of modern
I" Wrnnl- rlnrrlolr (- llorhert 11:ir. WOmatl V.'ltllOUt fctrnln til- her nlalmlhtl.
Petersen. Mr.,1'- '-ew LiocKstader gave his latest
th . ,a-..n service There will bs no, wedding det-oratlon. mere was ires Kran). (jarrck. Mr.
-D on ..wing to the death of Miss Me-1 formality in the groves of palms ar.a , r)ek Mr Jame, D.
I. y r's mo'her
Keter Id'eH nr either s'de of the chan-
At the American Art Galleries
Madison Square South, New York
and continuing until date of
The Widely Known and Remarkable Collection
Together with a Few Landscapes and
Historical Subjects
Frank Bulkeley Smith
of This Week. April 22 and 23, at 8:30 o'clock
In the Grand Ball Room of
Fifth Avenue, 58th to 59th St.
.ml.ilon 10 Ihe Plu bj rid, whlfh my tr bid n of lb nnw.)
The Sale Will Be Conducted by Mr. THOMAS E. KIRBY
ind hit Militants. MB. OTTO BEn.NET and MB. U. H. PAIIUE
ot lb
Madlion 8j. South. Entrance O E. 33d Street. New Terfc.
Thi llnal week of the seanon at the
Metropolitan Opera House hvgan last
nlglit with n performance of Gounofl's
'Taunt." The worlt was conitucteil by
h Frenchman. Albert 'Wolrf. but the en
tire cast was American. Kor that rea
cmi It may l.e put on lecord. It wa a.
follows: Mlitt Kurrar. Marguerite ; .Mme.
Ilownnl, Marthc; -Miss Mary Kills, fiic-b-:l;
Orvllle Harrold, ratal; riarenci.
M'liHehlll. Mephialophelvi; Thomrs
Chalmers. I'n-rnlin, and Ijuls d'Aneln,
The p-rl'nmiai'ie contained -oine con-
Ulildle. Mm. Theodoslus Stevens. Dr. . an Marguerite, Kran?. and La Sallo. and I Icuoas merits. Miss l-arrar's .lir-
and Mrs. Joseph Letdy, Mrs George , C,1M Xelaon. prima donna, who gave I "'fr,,c " 'a'Har, but doubtless most
Uoker. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keluo C.is-of hcr soprano voice freely and wns,of ln au1lenc "let for the first time
satt. Mr. and Mrs. I.. Harrison Dulle.! cven "'S"1 ' B've more. the elegant and sardonic llen.l of Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ledyard Hecksoher, .Mrs. i ' " ,, "i "W'ran ot excep-
Alexander Van Itcnsfelaer and Mrs. .JLTSS SPINNEY RRAH5 ''Hrpnri ; tlonall.'fino R-, nwl, dramatic slsnlfl.
John It. Fell. Represpntatlve and Mrs. muaua j cance. He nnd the other two principal
Nicholas Injrwortll. Mrs. Geor? How-, . ... .... mrn lcn ln frem-n text ninth bettii
ard and Miss .Margaret Perln came from I "IZZ .J . , ... u ",.e 10 Bet
' Washington. I on sPaU1", h Its Kurlpldes
4asningTon. 'yesterday when MLss Dorothea Spinney
1. uiuir-i uuit n . . iruu ic xjreeti urainaiisia .Medea nt
nnd Mrs Jam AIIn the Oovprnor nf mono'.OKUe ; Solly Ward and comnanv
Penn5ylvanla and Mrs .Sprout Mr. and . astel by Marbn Murray, appeared In
Mrs. T Hldk-eway Kellly. Mrs. Craig. 'Rabies." Other acts were by Gulran
The Congressional Club helj a ie
ception last nlBht for Gen. I'ershins.
Win Prominent Flirnr.. I..
nnil Wire Iniluolry.
William II. F.irrell. nresld..nt n 11,
Bridgeport Screw Coinnany. Ilrliinmrt
Conn., died Sunday night at his homo In
fcounu iiench, Conn., after an illn.-sM of
thieo we. kx. Ho was S.". years old. Ho
Is eiOvived bv his wife. 1 ?mmi mil..
Farrcll, and one Hon. lialph G. Farrcll.
general manager of tho Hridgeport com
pany. .ir. Karrell waH n brotluT nf
James A. Farrcll. president of the United
States Steel Corporation.
Mr. Farrell was wldelj known in the
steel and wire Industry. He built the
Union Steel Company's plant at Donor.-.,
Pa.; Dominion Wire Company's nlant
at Montreal, Canada, of which he was
president, and the Hridgeport screw
plant, one of the largest of Its kind In
the country. He was an enthusiastic
yachtsman and was owner ot the Mys
tery, winner of the Astor cup. He was
.1 member of the New York, Larchmont.
New Rochello and N'orwalk Yacht clubs;
member of the American Iron and Steel
Institute, India House, linglneers" Club
and Railroad Club of New York : and
Seaside, Algonquin and Ulaek RoJt clubs
of Hridgeport.
Fi-rdlnand Thlerlot, whose death wan
announced yesterday from San Fran
cisco, was a son of the late Mr. and Mrs.
Ferdinand Melly Thlerlot, both members
of an old French family of New York,
whose home for many years was Net
tancourt, a charming country tesldence
in Scotland road, (range. N. J. His
mother died at Saranac LaKc. N. Y . I.c-t I
Mr. Thlerlot was 3S years old' Me
mairied .Miss Kathleen de Young of San
Francisco. H Is survived by his wife.
Charles H. Thlerlot, a brother, and Mm
Harold N. Klngsland. a sister, of New
York a.nd Miss L Celeste Thlerlot of
major 1;. iii:.mi mm:. t
Kpfcitf' lo Tim Sl vti Nrn York HtnilLi.
lUr.TVoKti. Conn.. April 19. Major 1;. I
J Henry Hyde, one of the moift prominent 1
lawyers or onnocttcut. died hie yestci
day following two weeks Illnc.-'S. He
was born in Stafford in IS IS. His
father, Kphriam Hyde, was a I.Ieuten-
BISI'KAM.-April 1!), 1920, nt his resi
dence, Washington, D. ('., Charles
llb.'iham, sou of the late Charles
nnd Mnrgaret Chetwood Hlfpham of
Mount Holly, N. .1. Funeral at
Mount Holly.
BOLWKLU At Upper Mo'ntclalr. N. J.,
Monday, April 19, 1920, Jennie Hot
well. Services nt her late home,
209 Hellevlew av., Wednesday af
ternoon, April 21, at 3 Ms.
nooTH. William Hooth, horn August
15. 1S33. died April 19. 1920; for
many years dealer In mahogany and
venders under firm name of William
Hooth & Brother, Washington and
Deforoases Ktg , New iorl. l'u
nernl Wednesday, April 21, 2 :S0
P. M fr.'in his late residence. 33
Communlpaw av., Jersey City.
Mndly omit flowers.
HltOSNAN. April 19, 1920. at her rei
dence, 140 West "Ith St., Angela M
daughter of the late John and Catli
;rne Rronnan. Requiem macs at
the Church of the Mowed Sacra
ment, Tlst st. and Broadway, 10
A. M. Wednesday, April 21.
BROWN'. April IS, Hp-iry Brown, age
37. Funeral services Chiijiol Ste
phen Merrltt Burial and Crema
tion Co., 101 Sth hv, corner 18th, st.,
Wednesday, 2 o'clock.
BL'HLER. Augustus W., in filth year,
at Gloucester, Mas.. April IS. Fu
neral services and Interment at
Gloucester Wednesday.
COOI'KR. At llempsteid, N. Y , April
19. 1920, Kdward Cooper. Funeral
HH-vtoe (it his late residence, C."
Washington st.. Hempstead, N. Y.,
Thursday, April 22, at 3 P. M.
COUZ.'JNS. On Monday, April 19, 1520,
.arali .M. Cuiuens. ln her S.ith year.
Funeral service at the Home for In-
urablets, lS3d st and 3d av.. on
Wednesday morning, 11 o'clock.
DliOSTi:. Charles F.. on Monday. April
19. ln his 09th year, at his residence,
28 South Mountain nv.. Montclalr,
N. J. Services will be private. It Is
requested that 110 llowrs be sent.
EVANS. Thomas H., of the firm Shef.
held Farms Slawson Decker Co
very suddenly. Body will lie In
ftato at the home of his brother, S3
Chester place. Yonkers, N. Y. Ser
vices at Phllmont, N. Y upon ar
rlral of train leaving New York
4 A. M. Kastern standard time.
FAl:i!V;i,U William II. at his resi
dence. Sound Beach, Conn., on
A-iri! IS, beloved nusband of Kmnn
Ollie Farrell, father of Ralph G.
Farrell und brother of James A.
Farrell and Kllzabeth A. Farrell.
Funeral service St. Catharine's
Church, Riverside, Conn., Thurs
day, April 22, nt 10 A. M. (New
York time). Interment at New
Haven, Conn.
FRANCIC Baruch, Apri: 19, 1920, be
loved husband of the late Pauline
Franck. Funeral from his late
residence. 402 Balnbrldge St., Brook
lyn, on Wednesday, April 21, nt
"10 A.M.
GRABFKLDKR. Samuel Grabfelder. at
Atlantic City. N. J., in his T3th
jear. Dft eased Is survived by his
widow, Delhv a brother, Morris
Grabfelder, and a sister. Ffabette
I.oewsteln. Services at his late home,
li4 South States a v., Atlantic City.
Monday evening. April 19, Dr
riteher officiating. Interment at .1
P. M., Tuesday, April 20, at Salem
Fields, Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, Dr.
Kulow officiating. Denver. I.ouls-
il'e and Philadelphia papers please
18, Jame W. Markoe. M. 1).. in the
3Sth year ot his age. Funeral prl
vate. Admission by card onbj .
MARTRNS. Kdward, win of (he late1
' Gerald Martini, at Stamford, Conn,.u
April 17, 1920, after lingering UN '
noss. Residence, Mount Vernon, N
Y. Interment Woodlawn Cemetery."
New York city, at convenience ot'l
MORTI.MKR. On April IS, 1920, Rich-'
ard A., son of tho late John .Martin
and Mury Croiler Mortimer, In his
79th year. Funeral will bo held
Wednesday, 11 A. M.. 239 West ,
MURRAY. Sarah V., beloved wife of
V. C. Murray, on Sunday morning,
April IS, 1920. Funeral services at
her late residence, 83 Pulaski St., ,
Brooklyn, Tuesday evening at S -.d"
o'ebek. '
McGRANK. Suddenly on April 19. be-"
loved husband of Annie Burke. Fu
nei nl from Ms lato residence, 233S
t'ntvcrfdty av., on Thumluy, 9 A,'
JL ; thence to Church of St. John'
KvariKeltst. where a solemn requiem
mass nlll be offered for repoye of
his houl. Lexington av sub Way,
Jerome a v. branch, Fordhnm load
McKENNA. On April '19, at his res)."
dence, 130 West 91st St., John S.
beloved husband of Teresa V Me..
Kenna., Funeral from his late resi
dence on Wednesday. April 21. n
10 A. M. ; thence to the Churc h '
St. Gregory the Great. West 90th
st. Interment Calvar
NEWMAN At Yonkers, N. V.. on Mon
day, April. 19. Ettle V. Spear, wife 1
of Howard Newman and daurbtrt ,
of the- late Henry and Mary Spear.
Funeral service at Iit late resl-i'
dence, 201 North Broadway, Yon- ,1
kers, Wednesday afternoon. April
21, at 3 o'clock.
NILKS. Charles K April IS. beloved '
husband of Alice B. Funeral st-
vice on Wednesday. April 21, at 3 ,
P. M.. at hit late residence, 240t'i
t., west of W.ildo nv.. in Fieldstone";
Park, Rlverdale (subway to 212d '
St. and Van Coithtndt Park). Wor
.shipful Master nnd inemoer of
.M.liiliou 1Odge. No. 100, F and A
M. ; of Palestine Comuiamlery, No."
IS, Knights Tenvlar; Mecca Tern-,,
p'e, members of Accounting fl.cl
ctles and members of the West Sld"
illuli resp.vtfully invited. Intcx-n
ment at Wcodlawn. I'hlluilelpl "t
and Boston papers please copy.
POMROI. Annie T, 011 Sunday, pr
IS. beloved wife nf Henry K Pom-"'
roy and daughter of Alexander,
Jliwelej. Funeral from her late'
residence. US East 40th M. or,
Tiieortay. A'prll 20. at 10 A !, 1
Kindly emit flowers.
QLII.TY. On Sunday. April IS, IJ.'O.
after a short lllnef.s. at his letl
dence, 2120 University nv., John F
beloved husband of Mary I". and dc ''
voted father of Theresa, Margucrete,,,
Joseph and Rev. William X., S. .1 '
Funeral Wednesday, April 21 9
A. M. ; thenco to Church of St Ig
natius Loyila, 84th st. and Parl.
av , whore u fo'.enm requiem mass
will bo offered t 10 A. M. for the"
repose of his soul. Interment Cat
vary Cemetery. 4 Automobile cor- .
lege. v;
KKID. Apiil IS. 1520. Helen Ma tva '
beloved wife of George G. Reid.
Relatives and friends invited to at
tend services at the Steuben Me' ,
lltt parlor.:. 18th St. and Stn ,n
Tuefday, April 20. S P. M.
REITMEYER. Jimille, mi pill
Services The Funeral Church (Fran I.
K. Campbell), Broadway. OOlU --i
Tueiday, 2 P. M. x"
RYAN'.-On Saturday. April IT. Nellie
beloved daughter of Nora Lower
and the late James Ryan, of Com,- ;
ty Mayo, Ireland. Funeral from
the residence of hcr sister, Mrc
James Cunningham, 21S West '
lltth, on Tuesday, at 9:30 . M ,
thence to the Church of St. Thomas
the Apostle, where a solemn mass
of requiem will be offered for tho
resposc of her soul.
SEYMOUR.-On Saturduy, April IT 1 i
ollne Amelia Seymour, beloved wife
of William Henry Seymour nnd.
d-iughtnrof thn late Capt. Samuel anil t
Caroline Morris Ogden Rose. Fu-'
nernl services nt lier Int.; residence.
420 Clermont av., Brooklyn, on Tucs
day. April 20. nt 2 P. M.
irIIARKE V Irene M., btloved daugh
ter of Dr. Thomas F and Mary M
Shirkey, on April 17, 1920, at her""
residence. 31G4 Decatur St.. Bronx .
I-Mneral mass April 21. 1920. at 10 r
A. M.. at the Church of St. Brandan,
207th st. and Terry av . Bronx
than liic ircnchmen sometimes do The
.vholc p'orformancc mofd with tinoolh-
iitus and spirit.
Mrs. Whitney, wearing a dress of Le" Llle Tl.eatre Her reading
cream colored cloth with front and back . 'h vk?m colorful -a"4 "''"3"1
panels of henna and black and ln a!wlthaV'I rpel'"g
black and lienr.a straw hat. was taken bv '.
her son to a front tew, where she iwtt " vm'" Movee. 1 eric Courtland Penfleld and former Ani
with her mother. Mrs. Vanderbllt. Op-1 "What's ln a Name" was slilfte.i , I liafRador and Mrs. Maurice F. Egan V- '- , ', ?, , stt,;lms,hI
por lie was Mrs. Tower, whose dress wai' the Lyric Theatre last night. Its place ' an(1 Mrs- "oratlo NVIdon Slater were J' rix wlJlo re urnin
member of the Stite Commission on I'nl
form Legislation. He was a member of
Tim rn.ooU nf Mr 1n,l ,..1 , ' ' ' '""'"B l"e "nilj am
t ti;.Vi7. , , w ' r 1 '1U1""" ; -Navi' Cluu f -New York c ty.
Li. Baylies In box 53 were Countem 1
Matuschka and Mr. and Mr. James F. j roilXKLU'tf A. HACnnTV.
D. Iinler. 1
' Former Ambassador and Mrs. Fred-' t'0rnt!,lu!' A- Hagerty. treasurer of j
eric Courtland Penfleld and fYrme tll-' exporting house of H. P. Finley & 1
Co.. Inc.. died aboard the steamship
nt--Governor of Connecticut. Jlajor' HAGLRfi . -.Solemn requiem mass for
llv.io !,. ti-oo .. nmn..a. i,. i i I the if-pose of the sou! nf CnrnelliK
as clerk of the Connecticut House and1 "agert. wno died anil was sloAT. suddenly, on Monday, at Tat-'
Senate, aand as Hartford prosecutor and' huried at sea on Friday. April 10. . ter.on. April 19. Orson Wright Sioai.,
of lavender
embroidered satin and
I at Maxlno Elliott's .being taken by I wlth "Nlr3' A
j Lionel Barrymnre fn "The Utter of the I Mrs- r"ch
,vutln B. Fletcher in box 32. fn '.", t0,SU'" r,W. .H1f Udi'
Mr. Chauncey.M. Depew. whose friend-) Ia" which was movl from the Crl-
ship with the bride's family goes back
through four generations, and Mrs. De
pew were r;elved at the door of the
church by the bride's father. They were
given seats near the front of the church,
( and near them sat Mr. and Mrj. Payne
tacuzene-Speransky and .Mr. and Mrj.
Arthur Wlll-
llnmninirp .nle for Iloipitnl.
A rnmm.ifre s:ite trill 1.M hA.i .n
West Thlrty-seventh street next Thurs- "a'eo,m
.lav .i r, in , - - .. 1 Mine. Domlclo da G.xun. miro Afo.io
... r . .iv.i. ... until 1 ior np f . . ' - --....-
V". , JC. . ,;'a,,. V n,.lnAy,...J,lr er Social Service of tho New York : Infirm- I""e ,ne I' wnoh Consul-Gcneral,
Zir T wZ !ari; a"U Children. It Is re- J?nJ
I MrsT Cornellu., f VanderWrr. Bss Oraco ' ',UeSte" ""tt C'th"lg bft sf'',
vanderbllt. .Miss Dorothy Paget. Mr. -v..!.. r v .-,
Reginald C. Vanderbllt and his daughter.: of MU "nd "ramn'
Mis? Cathleen Vanlerbllt: Countess' A. II. Woods has ergaged Tailor
I Szechenyi. Miv. Ciia'les T. Barnev, ' Holmes to be the star In a new play by'
grandaunt of the. bride; Mrs. Elliott F. 1 Samuel Shlpman and Perclval Wilde
Shepf.rd. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Van-, called 'To-morrow's Price." Miss Clara
derbllt. Mrs. George W. Vanderbllt. Mls.j.loel has 'been engaged for the chief
Cornelia Vanderbllt. Mrs. William Doug- feminine role In Wlllard Mack new
las Sloane. Mrs. Hamilton McK. Twom- play "Poker Ranch."
! My. Mr?. William Seward Webb. Mr. and Charles B. Dillingham will bring the
I Mrs. Frederic N. Watrifs. Mr. and Mrs. musical comedy "The Girl Frnm 1 L i'f.
made from Richard Harding Davis's
story, nie Dictator." to the Globe The
ar.1 ambrills guests in box rll.., "".enb.v x'.r Xl n.!
and Mr, Cen V vP ,f " 'm UUU to titom.llne poisoning. He Is
mnK. ,UIL. mmlva by a daughter. Mrs. Joseph A.
Mrs William Douglas Moane's guests Moral.. of rjj Park place. Brooklyn, with !
we-e Prince nnd Princess Michael Cm. 1. iu-...t 1
1920. will be offered nt 9 A. M.
Thuuday, April 22, ut St. Teresa's j
church. Sterling place and Clas- '
con av., Brooklyn. Relatives and :
friends are Invited to attend.
HICKS. Suddenly, ln New York city.'j
Saturday. April 17. 1920, the Rev.
..iiuam o.Manu hicks, nusaunu. , ,n.IT -n lnniUv Anrll in nl l,r ,..
residence, Morrlstown,, N. J.. Loillsi
Norwood, wife of the late Lewis
Bayard Smith. Funeral private
VI! IS ' VALBN. Saturday. Arrll 17
Richard Ver Valen. Funeral ser-
heloveil husband of Sirah 1UHi
and father of Stn.iley and Benjamin''
Sloat. Funeral scrvhen will oe he1'!
at his late residence. Patterson N..1(
V , at 2 P. M.. standard time
Wednesday. April 21 Kindly omit '
flowers. ,
. lirimri m A'Ulurr ueilll.
Special lo Tiik Srx ixti Kkw Youn Hibjlu i
PorT Jkrvs. N. Y.. April 19. Janiis'
lams were with .Mr. and .Mrs. Fih., it "ennet. latner or William h. Uennet.
(jary. ' '.former Representative lit Congress from!
Mrs. J. Russell Solev was will, ire -cw lorK- Q,e' al ms nomc ncr
Mrs. Henry A. C. Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Ross Proctor's guests
In box 20 were Mr. and Mrs. George E.
Fahys and Miss Voulettl Proctor.
nf Margaret Hughes and son of the
late William Clei eland and Emily
Oe Forest Hicks. Funeral service
:-t St. Agnew's Chupcl. West 92d st .
mar Columbus avenue, on Tuesday.
prll 20. at 10 o'clock. The clergy j
are Invited, anil plenso bring vest
ments It Is kindly requested that '
110 flowers be sent. Interment at
Summit. 'N. J.
'IIORNK. On Sunda. April IS. 1920,-'
Edward W.. husband of Helena C. '
Home. In his 76th year. Services i
at his lite home, 126 North 18th St.. !
Jiut Orange, N. J.. Wednesday. '
April 21, nt 1 :30 P. M. Interment I
Evirgreent Cemetery, Brooklyn.
at the ngc of 7S years. Mr. Bennet HfGHErf.-On Sunday. April IS. at .1. George Lo
was prominent ns .1 newspa.per man and J olen3 ,.-a0 x y 1M eldest I WILLIAMS. Wlllhi
civic worker. He had served ono term daughter of Charles Evars and An-1 evpert. Quart
as supenlsor here,
nnd three Hons.
He leaves his wife
Courflandt D. Barnes, Mr. and Mrs. H.
P. Bingham, Mr Ashbel II. Barnev, Mr.
James W. Barney. Mrs. William atre on May 3. "Apple Blossoms" will be
K. Vanderbllt, Jr., the Misses Muriel and
Consuelo Vanderbllt and Mr. Harold S.
Also Mr. and Mrr. Dave Itennen Mor
ris. Mr. and Mrs. James A. Burden. Mrs.
William A. JI. Burden, lilts Ruth Van
derbllt Twombly. Mr. and Mr . Vander
bllt Webb. .Mrs. Ernesto Fabbri. Mr. and
Mrs. James ' Cameron Clark. Mr. and
Mrs. William E. Shepherd. Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Harrah. Mr. and Mrs. John
Henry Hammond, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm
Douglas Sloane. Mr. and Mrs. RalphPui
Itzcr, Mr. and Mrs. James Watson Webb
and Mr. and Mrs. William Seward
Webb. Jr.
Others who nt tended the ccr"iony
were Mrs. Stanford White. Mrs. Henry
A. C. Taylor, Miss Marguerite Captrton.
Miss SIary Hoyt Wiborg, Mrs. Charles
II. Alexander. Ml and Mr. Wlnlhro?
heard there for the last time on the n
ceding Saturday night.
Edward Vroom has arranged with tho
Selwyn Theatre management for another
series of matinees beginning next Octo
ber of "Cyrano de Bergernc," "The Mer
chant of Venice," "The Taming of the
Shrew," "The Devil's Holiday," "Riche
lieu," "Hamlet." "A Night In Old Paris,"
"Much Ado About Nothing," and "For
the Colors."
Al Jolson. having finally laid "Slnbad"
to rest, will make his first and only ap
pear nee hern this season at both the
Century and Winter Garden concerts on
Sunday night, after which he will start
for Honolulu.
The Lambs nlll have an Intimate gam
bol on next Sunday night In the Globo
Theatre Members mi like ;ucst
hi' fourth 1
Frederic Warren gave
ballad concert yesterday in Aeolian j
Hall. To this artist "ballad" means all !
the various styles of songs set to music j
which contain stories of love or nature 1
Hit long programme contained many
interesting selections nnd deserved to
be heard by a larger audience. Miss
Dixie Howell, soprano, with a lovelv
voice and style, sang modern French. 1
Italian and American songs: George !
iielmnerr. tenor, gave with fine intel
ligence a group of Koscak Ynmadu's
sor.gs In Japanese, repeating one, and
adding another In English; Harry And
erton played two groups of plnno solos,
in which his technic was better than
his tone. 3nd Miss Loralne Wyman.
merzo contralto, sang with delightful
charm, among other numbers a dialogue
song. "Corbleu Marion." from Nor
mandy, arranged by De Slvey; an Irish
ballad, "The Lowlands of Holland." ar
ranged by Hughes, and as an encoro
one of tho "Lonesome Tunes" called
"The Vlg'it'ncilf "
HARRIS. To Mr. and Mrs. leuan j
Harris of Geneva, N. V., a son, oa '
April IS. 1920. 1
Julius LIvcrnois of South Bridge,
Mass., announce
their daughter. Ruth
William P. Collins of Springfield.
Ma.s.. at t!io Hotel t. Regis. 4 P.
M.. Saturday. April 17. Reception
followed. After a brief hone) moon
fnlrette nrittf U.tul.Aa .1... Gi. '
. .... . , (, Ml.-, Ill .lit ...II,,
year of her Hge. Funeral private.
Please omit flowers.
HUNTER. On April 17, 1920. William,
Lciovea nusuand of Etlle G. Mill,
In his 60th year. Relatives nnd
friends, also members of Eucl d i
Lodge. No. 130, F. and A. JI.. Ma- I
sonic Club Association and New j
York Caledonian Club are invited :
to attend funeral services on Tucs- i
dar, April 20, at S P. M.. nt hit j
late residence. 13S 13th sL. Hcbaken. I
vices nt his late residence. 17S Dean
st.. Brooklyn. Tuerday, at s 1. M.
Gramercy Iodgc. C37, F. and .V
JI Brethren : You are lierebv sunir
moned to attend the funeral cere
monies of our late brother. Richard
Ver Valen. which will le held nt his '
l-ite residence. 17S Dean si . Brook
lvn, N. Y.. on Tuetda.i evening
April 20, at S o'clock. "'
Harry B. Petr, Master
.1. George Lotz, Secretary.
m H, C7, marina
Quartermaster's Depart
ment, of pneumonia. Funeral 1 ,
o'clock Saturday, from late resi
dence. 102 Grand st. Jersey City
Philadelphia papers oleaee copy.
WOOLF. Albert Edward, devoted Iiuk- '
band of the late Rosamond Wlmpf -
helmcr and beloved father of Sam-
uel J. and Edgar Allen Woolf on
April 19, 1920. Fune.ral stri.-tly
private. Please omit flowerr PhU-
adclphla papers please copy
of South Bridge. ... I
the marriage 0f 1 'Nrf'-1''K f,uIdenl'' 0,1 S'onuay, April
iuth Elltabeth. to1 J. 520. at S7 Bay 32,1 St.. Brook-1
lyn. N. Y.. Anna Inslee. wife .-.f
George P. Inslee and daughter of
Hecar and Anna Schwerdtfeger.
Scvlce and Interment private.
Mr. and Mra Collins will make their ! JOHNSON. Suddenly, on April IS.
residence at the Hotel Erldgway. ) William, beloled husband of Anna
Springfield. Mas. j . I. JolMison. Funeral private.
ROSS TREA'DWAY. On Jlonday. i KELLCxlG. On Jlcnday. A.irll 19. 1920.
April 19. 1920, by the Rev. Dr. I Doris Anita, age I months 19 days,
Frederick Brown llarrl?. at Grace J
JI. E. Church. New York city, liar
ence Ballard Treadway. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. William Marten Bal
lard of New York, to Mr Irving
P.os- c N'et-arU. N j.
daughter Carll I., and .Sarah Kel
Ictrg (neo De Long). Funeral
vleen 2:30 P. M. Tunday. April 20.
1S20. Ht All Souls' Church. -esn
.nd Dltmasavs. Brooklyn lntr-lre-ni
I DECKER - In lovlnz memcrv n, mr.
dear hu'band and our beloved father,
Binhnnl Decker, who passed away
April 19. 1014. Gone, but never
-MAY. In memory ot my dear, beloved'
wife. Fannie Jlay, departed from,
this life April 20, 191S.
WALKER. In lovlrr memorr of Carrl '
Sper Walker, who died April 20,
WE1CHJ1AN. In memory of wy dear
wife and our beloved mother. Anna
Wei-l'tnan, who denat- td from thi-

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