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Ctinnh Tppni Phillips 7 nnrl Dnrlaprs Win Prnm RmDps j4 7 Vlfhiln Vsmb Plm Tiffin CI rim in Rp
I - - ' - - - - - " - 5 ww I tthV Ji vf Kf 1 vwu M I vriu Jk WW -wv " -
Giants in Their First Victory of the Season
It Drives Home Two Ituns and
Phillies Arc' Bcnten in
Stubborn Game.
At ITis .Host in l'inclics and
Pitches Team Out of
Dangerous Situations.
It wasn't easy for the Ohints yester-
day when they put over their first vlf. j
tory of tho season, but they did it In a
'well played game, ns have been all the i
gaincn they havo been in ro far. They '
beat thn I'hlllle.", who wuro Ktubbom op
ponent', 2 to , In a game In which men '
frequently cither passed out trying to 1
xcoro or wero left at third. .Hverythlnc
was stubbornly contented, and most ot
the tuoicn and counter moves' well done.
Hoss Young, who hadn't made a hit
up to yesterday, made two and batted in
a run with each or them, His re
crudesconce, therefore, wan exceedingly
useful, for It suting tho Giants Into the.
victory column. Thero was an much
dlfferenco In the pitching of Jesse
Uarnes yesterday and last Wednesday
as Uetween day and night. Ho pitched
admirably yesterday and best In a
pinch, and his battlnif had almost as
much to do wltlu New York s two runs
oh Young's. It had as much to do, in
fact, for It was closely associated with
Tho Giants won with five hits Cecil
Causey would have shut them out but
for tho hitting of Young and Barnes.
Their nttack was well conceived and
, rarrled out, for they made a little go
far. Once they distilled one run from
two hits and once one run from ono
hit You couldn't capitalize a slim bat
ting output against errorless fielding
. better than that.
' Ilnrnes Outnilrlaed Couifj-,
j Causey didn't pitch as well .is Rimes
Idld, although fewer hits were made off
him. One reason for this was that
George Kelly had two liners snared, one
!by Jack Miller, In a manner impinging
on the sensational. It was n smoKlng
drive and was Juggled In midair before
Miller made sure of it. Other timed the
Giants hit hard into double plays, car
ried out swiftly and slickly by the
jkmootu cooperative society of Bancroft
juiid J. Miller.
Causey didn't pitch as well as Barnes
did because he wasn't as effective when
Iji'jpn wero on bases, but the former
iiant did a lot of good work with men
i.'i In every Inning but one, one or
- ore Giants reached tlrst, and three
i s Causey passed the llrht man up,
li isn't good business and Is not
i i ied with salvos of approval from
best constituted managers.
Young knocked home a run In the
i J. after Uarnes had singled and gone
second on Burn's grounder to Paul
i t Causey's fondness for walking the
5 st man up cost the Quakers the game.
' 'tarted Mike Miguel Gonzales on the
J . to . run in the fifth Inning. After
I like Miguel had walked Barnes sacrl
j vj and Young made his second timely
t. His first was to right, his second to
, f l'ep which he is when he hits
1 lis a catholic taste in gardens. The
j'.i.l went past Bancroft too fast for
j i i ll that shortstop, who is close to the
f st In the business, to head It off and
IVep Mike Miguel tfrom scoring.
In the sixth two bases on balls and a
two bagger earned the Giants nothing.
They happened with two out. With
Kauff on first. Frisch hit beyond Stengel.
Mathewson held Kauff at third, maklnc
Tin return- suddenly. For this Matty
itas unjustly ridden by tho know it alls
in tho stands. The ball was ilelded
c,ulckly and Kauff would havo run Into
u sure out had ho gone in. Frl.sch had
() hustle to get back to second, and the
(inly poor work In the play waa his
turning second without having his
jiead up.
Fans Itoo and Hiss Carl Mays
in Record Partisan Recep
tion in Boston.
Doable Piny for Phillies.
The Phillies stajed back for a double
play and It happened Just that was
Kelly to the keystone Miller, Miller to
Bancroft to I'aulette. In the seventh a
triple and two singles netted but ono
run for tho Phillies. Williams opened
with ti'e triple. Barnes struck Stengel
put with a bailling assortment and using
all he had.
Ls Borveau singled over Fletcher and
pcBrcd Williams. Jack Miller singled to
right, putting Le Borveau on third and
taking second himself on Young's fum
ble I'aulette sorched to Fletcher, who
threw l.e Hon-, old chap, out at the
plato. Lo Borv so far neglected t play
the game as to go in standing up. The
throw- was high nnd a slide probably
would have meant a run. If looks tail
punish he got his from Gavvy Cravath,
Boston, April lr. Tlia New York
Yankees, as the guests In tho celebra
tion of Patriots Day at Fenway Park
to-day, were too polite to boat the 1
host In his own house. They went toj
the extreme of losing both morning and
.afternoon games. Weak pitching, poor
base running and weird fielding gave
the Red Sox the games by score of ti
to 0 and 8 to 3.
Carl Mays was trolted out In the
afternoon contest and never In the his
tory of the oldest fan has n pitcher re
ceived puch a partisan reception. Mays
waa booed nnd hooted, and when finally
he was knocked out of the box he left
for tho showers amid hisses nnd derisive
shouts. Mays was hit hard, but tho
defense behind him tumbled like a house
of cards, and it was not altogether
Jiis fault that the game went against
him. Mogridge likewise had poor sup
port In the morning game.
When base hits began to ring out in
me niiernoon, the Yankees began an
aerial ascension and it was Just a case
with the Rod Sox of sitting tight and
letting the Yankees beat themselves.
Duffy Lewis, Babe Ruth. Sammy Vlck
anu uotiby .Meuscl contributed errors,
while In the morning Harry Hooper al
most succeeded In stealing "Truck" Han
nah s mask. Hooper stole everything
else and ho might Just as well have fin
ished the Job in good style. McOraw,
Shore and Collns acted as relief pitchers.
The Red Sox played llko men in
spired. Walte Hoyt hurled like a cham
pion In the morning and In the after
noon "Bullet Joe" Bush, pitching his
first game of the year, signalized his re
turn to the box by holding the Yankees
down in fine style. Ho was backed up
superbly In spite of errors by McNally
and Scott, aand deserved the full meed of
credit accorded lilm by tlio fans. Mike
Menoskey fielded brilliantly.
A triple by Scott and singles by Wal
ter and McN'ally, with a force play and
a doublo steal, gave tho Sox two runs
In the third .inning of the morning game.
In the sixth Hooper, McNally and Me
noskey all singled. Then Lewis muffed
a fly by Mclnnls and Scott hit safely,
scoring four runs.
In the afternoon game every Red Sox
hit everything and the game became a
rout. Ruth batted well, getting three
hits in eight times up In the two games.
The scores:
Boston Shortstop Devotes Day
to Assisting Dodgers to
Victory, 4 to 2.
Ross Young, stealing second in the fifth inning. Jess Barnes, who
pitched the Giants to victory.
Hits by Vaughn and Flack
End the Game.
Vielt.rf . ..
Ruth.cf.. .
4 0 1 1 0 1 Hoowr.rf . 31 ft a .1
20 0 4 0I.McNa'!y.a. 415 1 10
300 11 lOl.MciKwUy.lf. m 0 o 0
40 3 1 4 0!Iim&yx.f. 411 1 0)
400 1 Melnn:s.:b. 400 17 00
St. Lous, Mo., April 19. (.National)
fit. Louis used five pitchers In an at
tempt to stop Chicago this afternoon,
finally losing, 9 to C. in the tnelfth In
ning when, with two -out and two on
base, Vaughn singled, scoring I'askert,
and Flack doubled to deep centre, count
ing Deal and Vaughn.
Hornsby made the. first home run of
tho season here in the second Inning,
driving the ball Into the right field
pavilion. In the seventh Inning ho hit
to the edge of tho pavilion on the right,
and when the baji bounded back to
Flack Hornsby waa caught going to
third. The St. Louis players pro
tested, claiming that the baJl had landed
In the peats and bounded out. Umpire
Kmslle called on Klem. who decided that
tho ball had not cleared the railing. The
score :
ab r h o a el
Flitfk.rf.... i 11 b l 0 Smitli.cf
How Batsmen of Local
Ball Clubs Are Hitting
(IncluJe jumps plijetl Sunday, Apill 18.)
kelly . . .
Stau ...
KletcbH .
Kauff ...
Dwjle ....
It;n ....
Raraei . .
Wlnte r . .
Kicking ..
Hnbbell . .
Citnsales .
Smith ....
O. A. II. It. II. IB. 311 II It.P r.
1 O 4 1 0 0 . 444
a I.' 1 . 0 1 0 .417
i 7i o a 0 1 O .400
'-' ,-l O 1 O II O .."KM
i .1 t o o o .ar.i
3 13 1 4O0O .307
a it l ,". o o o ..7.-,
i 7 0 1 0 0 () .14.1
3 11) I 111) II .100
1 0 0 0 0 0 0 .ouu
1 0 0 0 O 0 0 .000
2 0 0 0 0 0 0 .000
1 0 0 0 II II 0 .0il
1 1 0 0 0 0 0 .000
'2 1 0 0 0 0 0 .OtVI
'i 10 oooo .ono
1 l o o n it o .(vi
2 a o o ii o ii ,(yi
1 4 II 0 I) 0 II .000
3 Vi 0 0 0 0 0 .(00
Stolen bast rtlwh. MeCartj-.
Pratt .
Rath .
Menl . ..
Hol'oher.as US 2 4 01
ll?rzo.-.:lj. . ill i 6 0
Bnrber.lb . 501 II 00
iMKert.ci. 4 1 : 4 oo
De&Ub 4 20 3 2 01
ab r h o a e t I'pcklapatigb
i uitirn ,
'rlbrslf . 101 1 01Janrrln.il.
H'cote.rf.cf tli 4 0 0
Slock. lb.... 400 0 SI
llornabj-.Sb. 4 13 I 6 0
Kotirnicr.lb 4 1014 0 3
-Mdlfnrj.U. 6 03 1 0 0
Kob'lson.lf 300 0 oonrmom.e
f0 1 0 C'TOhoeff r.c. 4 11 4 11
61:0 I O'Schuon.D.
Jacolf.p . .
'Laran .. .
Vies i o
Simiktr .... 1 j
Qnlna 1 2
Ituel 2 ;
Metro baiM Nuur.
o. A.n. it. ii.
1 1
A.n. it. ii. :n. sB.n.n.r r.
a o o o .uii
4 111 .o71
2 0 0 0 . 250
2 0 o II .222
2 0 0 0 .222
1 0 II 0 .12.1
I 0 0 0 .111
OOOO .wo
0 0 O II ,OUO
0 0 0 0 .000
KIMuff ..
Klliott . . .
0 00 0 0 0
0 00 0 00
201 0 10
402 : oo
00 0 0 0 0 Olron .1
2 00 0 1 0 YVhut :i
1 1 0 0 0 0 KoaHclur ... 3
1 ii' . i
Total! ... .47 61436 IS 3 ! Cai!nr""" i
I'AttM for SiuliU lu the itith Inning. Strtn 3
CMchro.... 41 0 00010000 3-0 -Nell .1
St. l,oul... 01000500000 0-0 Jonnitoa .... .1
Two base blt-rick, Hornibr. Three le ?.Tae,"
Iitt-riacl. ILxne nins-IIornsbr. Hcalbrote. !i"a
M!oI-n toif-I)fol, llollohr-, llornitby. Sac
abrhOifl jb r h o a e Wlfie lilt-UrL4.r. PUoli. llnllnr-hT. ll(ri.ir.
Mamaux .
.M.ihirt . .
I Mlljui .
v.,iJ 1 MarnuarJ
II. 3B.II.I!.PC.
0 0 0 1.000
r. :i
3-' ,1
Take it from Wnlter Jliiranvllle, w horn
they call tho Jtabblt, those who changed
tho rules of baseball last February did
not lo far enough. The Itabbit yester
day afternoon, at Ebbcts Field, came out
nauootea for amendments which would
provide handles for all grounders and a
I gyroscope for every official ball in order
that It might not go wild In tranolt.
Maranvllle Issued this pronunclamento
nfter ho had committed four errors.
which stood out in bold relief among the
leasons for a Brooklyn victory over Bos
ton by a score of 4 to 2.
. Maranvllle's contribution to tho error
column exceeded hla offcrclngs In other
directions. He mado threo of thoso
, things which in the parlance of tho dia
mond are known as boots, and throw In
, a wild hoavo for good measure. Tho
wild throw gnve the Dodgers substantial
assistance In an outburst which netted
them threa runs In the second Inning,
and, as matters turned out, put the
gamo on Ice.
The Itabblt's first boot came In the
Innocuous third, but In the sixth he came
to the fore with two more, mlsplnys on
ground balls nnd helped the Dodgers
put over their fourth counter. It W3s a
wild afternoon for Maranvllle, and the
Kbbets Field regulars lost no opportunity
to guy Mm and give him tho well known
raspberry. ,
If It had not been for the Maranvllle
errors the game would havo been more
or less of a pitchers' battle, wth Hur
lelgli Orhnes battling for the homo folks
and Dana Kiillngim, who still suffers
from the memories of a season with the
ultra-modren Athletics, working for the
Stalling? outfit. Kach pitcher nllowcd
eight hits, and Flllingim managed to
keep his yield a bit better scattered than
did Grimes. The Dodgers were able to
put two hits together only In tho third,
but tho Braves turned that little trick
twice, in the second and sixth, in which
they collected their runs.
A good part of the battle was fousht
along spltball Hue, for Grimes and FII
llnglm are certified deliverers ot the
damp delivery. In addition to throwing
a wicked ball at times. Grimes took the
leading role In the assault In his rival's
offerings and got himself threo hits a
single, double and triple. Unly the
double counted In tho scoring.
Outside of Johnston's single tho first
Inning was nothing to write about. But
In tho second Hades bells rang for both
pitchers. The Braves organized trouble
for Grimes with the first man up. Cruise
smashing a single to left. Holke sacri
ficed him nlong nnd he went to third on
a wild pitch. Boeckel sent a fiy to
Meyers, after which Mann Rlnglcd to
right and scored Crule. O'Neill was an
easy out to end the inning.
Brooklyn opened on Filllnglm In the
second without much ado, Myers start
ing the round with a resounding double
to right Konetchy tried to sacrifice,
but O'Neill elected to attempt to land
Myers at third. He did nothing of the
sort Ward then slapped a smart one
at Maranvllle. who thiew the ball far
over Holke's heau, scoring Myers and
sending Konetchy to third and Ward
to stcond. Miller singled to centre,
scoring Koney and Ward.
In tho sixth Maranvllle booted
Konetchy's bounder to start with. Ward
sacrificed. Miller decided to try Ma
ranvllle and he succeeded In making
the Babbit fumble that one too. Grimes
delivered a double to right which scored
The Braves got .one in the sixth when
Vardon May 'Pass Up'
the Big Golf Meets
LETTER, has been received by
the secretary of tho 1 G. A.
from Harry Vardon calculated
to ciuso considerable, perturbation In
tho realm of golf, being to the effect
that the six times winner of tho
British open championship, with his
travelling companion, Edward Ray,
may not nrrlve In this country In
time to participate In tho play for
the championship of tho Professional
Golfers Association.
It Is clear that If Vardon nnd Ray
aro not coming for the V, G. A. title
meet the wonderful Reason with all
Ita International competition of
which golfers have been talking for
months Is knocked Into a cocked hat,
inasmuch as tho V', O, A, champion
ship Is to bo held tho week following
tho national open and two weeks
nfter tho Western open,
Moreover, as tho last of these
three events la scheduled for the
third week of August lltHo oppor
tunity will be left for tho English
pair to do other than tako part In a
few exhibition matches.
Will Allow But Ono Grew to
Enter flowing
American rnwlmr men will no doubtbe
' nrnrlrt rn loirn Hint the Belgian Olym
pic Committee will permit the entry of
only one crew or Individual In tho row
ing events to be held at Antwerp next
August. For tho pust monlli or so n
u-n limvul lli.il tlin Ilelirlans would per
mit the nomination of two crews, one of
which could bo scratched at the last mo
mcnt, and a request to that effect was
sent to Belgium, but a letter of denial
' was received yesterday by the American
Olympic Committee. Tho excuse given
was that the trartlc demands upon tho
Belgian waterways during the rceon-
i structlon period are, at this Juncture, ex-
ircmeiy heavy, ana tnai it is impouMiuio
to secure tho consent of the Government
vntfrwavn nnlli nrll Ia tnr an extension
Holke tripled to centra and trotted homo I 0f the two days racing already1 allotted,
on Boecltcl's double to right. In tho j To allow more than one crew or sculler
n nth Layrs, who beat the Giants as a . from country woua necessitate ad
Pltcher tho other day, Btartcd what 'dltlonal heats and the unavoidable ex
looltcd llko a rally when ho singled aHltfnBlon of tho reKaUn over a period of
a pinch hitter for O'Neill. But the tlme beyond tho mlt durlnif the
rally died aborning, for Olson threw 1 rui-inn r-ni -hnii h oinnwl for the
Olympic regattta. Tho necesilty of trans
porting building supplies with regularity
Is Imperative and the Belgian Olympic
Committee has explained that even the
two days closing of the canal was a big
concession on tho part of the Govern
ment. The dates of the Olympic rowing
events are August 27 and 29 and the
entries close on July C. The national
regatta hero will practically bo the
American tryouts, and as It will not bo
held until moro than two weeks after
the closing dato In Belgium the Bltui
tlon will put the National Association
of Amateur Oarsmen In an awkward po
sition. The only way out of the dilemma
for tho rowing authorities hero and the
AmerlcanlOlympic Committee Is to enter
all the prospective crowB of the national
regatta In Belgium and then at the last
moment scratch all but the best candi
dates. A similar position presents Itself
to the track nnd field team and that la
tho way they propose to remedy the
out tho next threo Braves. The score.
ah r h n a c
Mar-TillcM 5 0 1 : 2 4l01ion.2b...
ncK.:u 4 0 12 1
l'owell.cf.. 40 0 o ooi
Crulie.rf... 4 1 2 2 0 0
Holke.lb.. . 2 1 1 7 0 01
Boeekf 1.3b. 4 01 4 JO
.nann.li.... 4 0 1 2 0 0
ab r n o a e
. 600 2 60
Milfhfll.rf COO 0 00
Johmton.Jb 3 01 0 4 0
ivtieat.ii..,. 4 03 0 0 0
Myrrs.cf.... 411 2 00
KonVJur.lb. 4 i 0 Is 11
Ward.aa 3 10 0 10
O'Nflll.c. 20 0 6 1 lMlllcr,c 401 2 10
Kllllrurim.p 3 0 0 0 4 O.Grimcs.p.... 5 03 1 7 0
JMyr 101 o oo - ,
IFord 1 00 0 00 Totals ....3J4 827 3)1
Totali....35 2 J2419 3
Rjtted for O'.NVtll In 111 ninth Innlni?
tltatted for Filllnglm In the ninth lnnlnr.
Boston 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0-:
Brreniklrn 0 3 I) 0 0 1 0 0 04
ro naae blti-Mnrnnvllie, Holke, Bwckcl,
.uxors, uriuifs u'). stoifa Me I'icK. Wlicnt
SaiTifk-i-IIolke, TVarii. Grimes. Left or
uuiw-iioiion. :i; lirooklm, 10. Iiac on
Mlli-Off Filllnglm, 1 (Johnlon): off Grlmei,
2 (O'.SVlll and Ii-k). Struck out-By Filllnglm.
1 (Ward); br Grlmj. 3 (Powkel, I'owMI and
FllJIniiml. Wild Dltrlif-(lrlniMi. 2. L'mnlren
Harrison and O'Day Time of game 1 hour
ana ci minutes.
nnsoi,UTi: vvv nvmi i- may.
Bristol, U. I., April 19. Definite an
nouncemcnt was made to-night that tho
sloop Resolute, candidate for tho Amer
lea's Cup defence, would bo launched
some time In the first week of May. It
has been estimated that the tides would
be high enough to be suitable on either
May 3 or 4.
Boston, April 19. Joo Steelier de
feated Jim I.omlos In a wrestling bout
here to-night, making the single fall
in 1 hour 5S minutes 43 becomK with
a body scissors and body leverage.
fiovnu.von signs iiii.l.
TrtE.VTOV, April ID. Gov. Iilwards
this afternoon signed the Barrett bill
legalizing tho playing of amateur games
of baseball on Sunday In county parks
In both Essitx and Hudson counties.
Midpletowk, Conn , April 19. Emil
S. Llston has resigned as AVesleyan Uni
versity baseball coach, It was announced
to-night. He will complete the school
ear. when he nill be succeeded by J. M.
Martin, formerly of Oberlln College.
mviuiiT nixh vicTonious.
Tte Dwight School's baseball team
yesterday opened Its season, at Van Cort
landt rarfc by trouncing the Ethical Cul
ture Schcol nine by IS to T.
Ureal: Even With lloaton A. C. mt
UlvcraiCe Triipi.
itnxitBiDB, ariuss., April is- nw
York and Boston trap' shooters wero
busy nt tho Boston Atllletlo Association
trnpi to-day nt an nil day shoot at
which moro than 120 men from the
eastern section were In competition,
Thero wero two team matches between
the Boston A. C, anil tho New York A.
C, these rivals breaking even. The Bon
ton first team beat tne New York A. C.
first, 1,363 to 1,358, but tho New York
ers hnd ft much easier time In tho soc.
ond team match, which they won, 1,190
to 1,225, li. Wells of New York w0a
the class C shoot. Tho team scores:
Team Hoot, II. A. vs. New Vurk A. 1
Jl, .. Imiii 0. Hunter, 113; J. (''ark uj;
R. fitaphu, HIS W. W. rulrmm. 141: I, it,
Durii, J.'W; J. U Swmt, 134; J- R. iu-i. na,
r O, Wllliauit, IX.'; V, A. Kill, 130, IV4
Smith, J2i. T..UII. 1.503.
Xw York A, r. Team- T,. V. CiirtU. Hlj
fl. If. Martlet. 130: A. Itaioer. 1M. It K
Prwtti, J, II. IawU, 135; 0. I'. Uoixnan,
133; X. W'qMj, 1S.i; 'J'. IwreDfe, 13.1 v. A,
linker, iki; t, u unrni, j.- iwsi. i..,i
rVrtmd Tetim New lfc A. C.-F I'lina,
132; II. II. Kulcbt, 1S2; W. I. Il(iuii!t, 130;
(j. lf-t:utrfn. W. WlkBvjctli. 12a. It
S. Verel, 32S; H. Grunnpll, 12H; V.. Mori.-. 1A:
,r. McVoy. 127; II. fcloane, I'-T Total, 1 2tio.
Hn-oiti II. A. Toara II. Allyn. 127s II t,
Ilojilen. 127; W. D. Mnrbfrr, IM; V. F Mi
122: 3. 15. Lrneh. 120: 8. Ailaiiw It. 1' W.
Htorkbride, 118; A. J. Ilradett, 117. Total,
'otl'er New York IrvtlrMinl wore w II,
V. CW. 127: A. ItoInruI, 120; J Ilramli-n.
berg-. 121; I-. Wore, 124: W. r, 0.'dni, 1221;
A. W, Currte. 120; A. II. Oilwfll. 11R; W.
IMrtmilr, 11.1; 1. Hrrrlng, U4; J. Ilawtrty,
103; r. iw, .
.Meusei.so.. soil 30Foter,Jb. .. 30 0 1 6O1
lTail..-n... AUU .1 3U.Krnt,r 111 2.1
Haorah.o . 301 1 0 liWaiten.e... 201 4 10
jioinoer.p sou 0 4oiiort,p ... 300 0 SO
McGran.p. 10 0 0 0 Ot
. 1 Total" .. .50 6 8 27 160
Totals. ..ZOO 1 24 18 3
.NfW lork 0 0 0 0 0
Roiton 0 0 2 0 0
0 0 0- O-O
4 0 0 i-fl
Two tax hlt Vlck, Ituth. Three bale hit
Scott. Stolen baie-IIoorer HI. Mc.N'allr. Sacrl.
(- Plpp- PonWe iilaTPecklnpjuyh. Pratt
Jtalph Miller tapped to Barnes and lefi jMSfete.'Sf XFitt
uarnes 3 lino work tided the Giants nalli-Off MojtUip,
Deal. Stock. Iioublf iilars Stock,
.n.l l.A,mlB,. l.nwln fr..nl.w nl V.u.ml.-
Li-ft m Chlcom. 11: St. Uiula. 12. i'"5e"
off (3i.Iwln. 2: off Mr.' 3:, off Jacobs. 2. I Stolen baiei-Ward, Krotir, Cadore.
tilts Off Solinpp. 1 In no Innlnta (nont out In I LOCAL CLIMBS' RATTIXG IlFXOItO.
flin; off Godwin. non In 2-3 innlni; (2 out I G. A.n. It. II. 21). 3IMI.It.ii.IJ.rr.
In firttl; off May. 4 ia 5 1-3 lnninsa in.me out I DrtUpn".! 3 97 2.1 34 4 113 .217
in seventh); off Tuero, 3 in no Innlni (none Yankfu.. 2 Cft ,1 17 1 1 1 0 .2411
out in seventh'- orr jacoin, 1 in a mntngi.
Hit bj riltchH- lij Gulln (Klllefer); 6
Vaarhn (Founiiir). Stnwk out lly Vaughn, S;
JiT May, 2- kf Jarotu, 2. raasl ball
Clemens. l.ing pltchef-Jarobi. Umpire
Klein luid i;ra.,iiv Time of time 2 boun and
43 mlnutca.
81 4 22
J 0
II IU by Xiiiininnkrr nnd O'.Velll
Defeat Detroit br " to (I.
5; Buton.
1; off MrGrai
liases on 1
1; off
Gbnrrlty'a Doable With
Filled Trovp Perry's Undoing.
Philadelphia, Aprif 19 (American)
Sandy Itrmk 'l"rlnce Jamaica Hay Goirrnom Vt'lUcti Nw
(The Horseshoe) Day iCiruntPi IMaml l'olnt Jxindon
.M. I'M. AM. I' Nr. A.M. I'M. AM I'M. A.M. I'M. A.M. I'.M
S3B 9.011 8 41 IM)". 1121 ' 'I CI2 1 1 an III 10 10 29
!-27 !M fl.12 0..1fl 10 12 10 1.1 Oil 10 10 12 12 12.43 1101 11.20
1022 ir. lll 10-27 10:51 10-07 10.31 10.3.1 10..V1 1.(12 137 11-.17
11-21 11-46 11-20 lt-.M 120 113 11:-V IM 2 34 12 18 12:fl
12 23 12 2S 12.32 101 12-4 3 2:53 3 41 1:10 1 J3
The time Riven In the abo e table is Eastern itandard time, l'or da light savin time add
0 r.c ho-.:r.
April 20
April 21
April 22.
April 23
April 24.
Sunday a lilt Flounder I)a.
The flshlnc boats on the Pound on Sun
day found plenty of flounders ot San.il
Point. Martlnlcock Point, 0itT Hay and
other points and tho catches of WS
flounders were large Indeed, despite the
fact that tho wind wan decidedly agalnit
the flihlnir. The boats wero all well pi
tronlied and many nnulera were taken out.
Flounder flahlnn In the Sound haa been
best on the recedlne tide. The fish bit
Sunday all the nay down to low water
slack and again on the youne II00J. Thero
aro plenty of flounders at Hart's Island,
but the tidal rueh Is alft there and heavy
leads arc necessary to hold bottom. If you
should strike in here on high or low water
slack you will experience a few minutes
of ravenously blline flih. Tli average
catch was about thirty on Sunday, aj
aealnst forty on Thursday all nice slied
Jokes e
will skedaddle before the fun
Good I'UliIne at Selenteen Futhoms.
Capl. John Xtlcnaels of fheepsheid Bay
ran his boat to the Seventeen Kathom
nank )csterdav and his passengers boated
quite a numlHT of fish. Th p 10I. first
prlie was won by P. Olfen, with a 25
pound pollock. Olsen also had ono cod.
two bU:kf,sh and quite a number of cun
ners. The second prlac vaa token by
John I- ox, who had three cod. two
blackfish and a lot cunners. Every
panenirer had a bit; lot of cunners. The
catches of cod anil bl.icktlsh follow 1;
Lleman, 2 cod, 4 blackfish. D Hand, 3
cod. 2 blackfish: Gus Noil, 5 co.1, . Uck
Rsh; Henry Bopp, 4 cod. 1 blackljh M
Lopard. 2 cod. 2 blackSsh; O. II A5 le
coi, 2 blackfish; Tony Plav.de. 2 cod' 4
fium.,.-.,,- Lriui. ..iiconei.H Ooalrl
One of the Eprightllest plays In a
Iniiir time was made by Fletcher on
William-. 'Williams Is fleet and Fletcher
Juggled his Krounder. But his recovery
and throw were nu-'o with such speed
that the ball beat th- tlvinc Williams.
'They gave two hit-! to the Brooklyn
on .Sunday on pround balls stralcht to
.Maranvil'.o." paid Oorge StallinBS yes
terday. "Neither was a hard play for
tho Itabbit, and to our way of thinking
thev wero nothtlnc but errors. That
kind ordinarily are play for Maranvllle."
Flayers who have opposed the Giants
thjs season make the criticism that tho
Folo tram isn't playing with the spirit
expected and does not make the stlf
ficht necessary for a team to pull up
from behind.
Georco Kelly went out for the relay
when Williams tripled. Kelly has a
powerful arm, and Cravath halted W'.ll
lams at third when he took in the situa
I'itcliprs have their gloves off a large
part of tho time this year. They most
do that, or get Into trouble with the
new rules, when they want to rub the
The Yankees are stumbling along. It
appears that no department Is being par
ticularly well taken caro of. and that
takes Jn everybody from manager to
bat boy.
It'a as much Iroublo as ever for Slim
Lo'e to win, and for the moment the
trouble has extended to the whole Tiger
team. The Yanks aren't so much, but
they've won one game.
Men who've shopped
around a bit, never growl!
In many cases our prices
are even less man tney rc
asking elsewhere for Qual
ity not nearly so good.
We are our own manu
facturers. We buy our
woolens direct from the
mills. Wp hase sflltno-
price on actual cost at
time of manufacture and
take (and want) only our
normal trading profit.
Pays to know your dealer.
Spring suits. Spring
Hats. Shoes.
Luggage. Livery
mg Goods.
Rogers Peet Company
Maranvllle's four errors esterday
wero matched in the opening gtvme last
season, when I'eckinpauRh of the Yan
kees was of great assistance to the Red
at 13 th St.
at Warren
at 34th St.
Fifth Ave.
at 41st St
Stock rnnslsM of IS Standard icakes, as
Ajax, Goodrich, Flrestoun. Republic, etc.
All slies, NKW, Orlfrtaal Tires, not rebuilt.
same condition prevanto at
Point and Feafora. ueporis
Cleveland. Ohio. Anrll 19 (Ameri.
can) Cleveland defeated Detroit to
flnaea day, 7 to
on,! rvwiii'. ,i,ihl Viinnmntor Tt-hr, Canarsie and tlergen Beacn.
the third first baseman used
At Wreck I.eau ine nounuers uii m 1 " iuh iu do reported, was
.wl rnn.l m.ifl.es were rjroucni in. 1 -i .
of pnod
but a ground hit to Fletcher nml n.l. :.' I1' . 1 -."""'"ss-. s 51!?'
vanced on btengcls out. Kel v making 1 MotiHiTm rmnirmnnnii Mrnri
a. dllHcult catch of McCarthy's short, T'oe of came-1 hour and mlnutei. I Gharrlty's scratch double, with the Cleveland, doubled with the baws filled
Jow and vicious throw. Then Le l.or- NEW YORK (A 1 1 BOSTON (A 1 j bases filled, In the fourth inning to-day. in the seventh, tying the score. Tho
yeau and Jack Miller fanned. Hotter I ,.- 'blJ?5iu ab r h 0 a proved disastrous to Terry nnd Wash- koto;
done :i,2,rick',h.: 321 j :o tcNai r.l-b' to i li lnclon dercal'd ladeiphia . to 0 in . m?rR0IT ... Cleveland in
i.rn.io wo Mienosay.it. 510 6 oo fc,4- ui" "i"s , c ncico.
Huth.cr.. . 4 0 1 tf oe'HemlrjTc.cr. 3:1 3 00
Lewis. If... 4 0 1 0 ll.McInnls.lb . 3 1 ! 10 10
) 6, winning In the ninth In- ca-tches came also from Jamaica Bay
Xunamaker's single and steal points such as (loose Cre'k, the Itaunt,
. . .1 rnn-Dta rtlertfen HeaCll.
men than they would have
Same, the way Barnes weaved oer tho
hooK ant tno nop. The score:
ibrboae' abrhoae
Ilaneroft.as 401 4 40iRurn.lf .. . 300 " 00
Willlami.of 4 13 3 OOlVouiir.rf. 4 0 - 0 0 1
Stenjel.rf 4 01 2 10 Fletcher.is. 4 0 0 3 30
Len'vcou.lf 403 0 00IDoyle,:b 3013 i
J. illllerb 40 1 3 4 0'KauK.cf. .. !00 2 0 0
Pauletre.lb 30 0 9 2 0IPrtsh4l. -a. a
R.Miller.:b 300 1 SOIKeilr.ib... . 300 10 0 0 1 Totals... Ml '2411:1
TraeorJ 300 1 0 0H!onzale.c. 110 1 tV Batted for Mays in the elehth lnnlnr.
Wnebt'ne 100 0 0 0 MrCarty.c.. 1 00 4 10 New Vork 1 0 n 1 0 0 0 0 1
IMinrow.c. uuv u uv
Causey.p. . 20 0 1 0 0;
f.Meusel.... 1 00 0 0 0
How It Iok to on Old Timer.
Hooka, tackle and bait will be dearer
Beer will be scarce.
Sea bass are on their way, but are a
long way oft yt somewhere In tho
vicinity of Capo Horn, according to experts.
All tne lUni. in liie n-inrra mi. an wim
Washixotov ia.) 1 pitinnr.r.piirA (A i Ri
h w. . .. flK h 1. n . ! Vmlnv ?h .
0? .it:"" .ii ? . is ::. : S. 1 Junge.in... 61210 1 0 witt.ei 500 z 0
Pratt.Sb ... 400 1 :0'Scotl.H 312 J 01 1 Mtlsn.lf ... CIS 1 0 0 Strunk.rf.. . 401 0 0
?uel.e 401 7 0Dev ne.c.... 31 0 7 0 0 Rico.cf. . . . BOS 6 OOC.Walktr.lf 301 2 0
Sb- - ?2? : noh,;",on,ib 12 ? IS l we lld In the tropic
f,C. 40 1 4 0 1 Jam'oon.lb, 20 1 t 00 I, ,, rav.rt I0
Fishing Taekle and Bait
Dealers who do not ell lire bitt hare ih
jrordi "tackle only" or "no bait" folIowiJJ
their nimes I.lit appears TueiJayi, Tau?
dari and Ratnnlari. - '
4haM...n,hl. 1. 11.1. it., . ...
.k.vuMi,? h. . jinu. ST. Jc inth. T-tl
Mayi.p.. . :00 0 CO Buth.p 4 00 0 19
Shore.p.. . 000 0 0 0
O'Doul.... 100 0 0 0 Totals . 13 515
CoUlni.p... 0 0 0 0 0 0
Smlth.p.... 0 00 0 0 0!
Totals.. .2217 24 13 01
Totals ,
Hoth.rf 6 1 1
Shannon.Sb 4 1 1
O'Neill.ss.. 412
S.Harns.tb 411
Gharrlty.c. 311 1 10
Schacht.p.. SOI 0 10'
Totals .. 3S7H" lit-
Batted for Trajeaaw la the eighth lnnlnr and
Hied out.
tPatted for Causey In the elibth
fouled out.
Philadelphia .
New York....
,00000010 0-1
00101000 x-2 1
Runs batted ia-By L BorTeau, 1: by Tounjr, 2. ,
Two luse hlt-Frlsch. Three Me hit Williams.
Sacrifice hit Hames. Stolen base Youne-. Left
on bales Phlladelobla. -4: New York. B. Pint
bsie on error I'hlladelnlili. 1. First tale on
lolls Off Causey, B; off Smith, 1. Struck out
ttj causey, 1; dj iiarnei,
.inner, Jinwroir and I
Canwy. S In 7 lnnlnr
loninz- earnea runs un causey, 2; on names,
1 Losinr pitcher Causey. Umpires Hart a 3d
McCormick. Tlmo of rame 3 hours.
311 0 jo; Boston 0 1 0 0 0 1 2 4 x-8
I Two hose hits Plpp. Lew!. McNally. Stolen
II 2 5 27 i: 2 lase Deslne. Sacrifices M'lnnls, Devise.
Ift on base New York, 12: I'-oston, 7. Bases
11 oaus uu uuiu, 9i uu .-uajs. j; on more, n.,- n rti- .w- .....u innt.
3 In nTlnniw "(done onil: off Oolilni. 1 In" 1 1 ,liatrrt Mr ,wnmel ,n nlnm ,nnmt'
lnnln Till hT nlteher Ilr Pllsh IVhH Klmclr I WlShllUrtOn 0 0 0 S 0 O 1 1 07
aoin; and :ont-By Slirs. 5; by Bush. B. Wild pitches- I Phlladelpbli 00000000 0-0
. Slajs, 1; Bash. 1. Wbrnlni pltcber-Bnh. Two bue hlts-flharrllr, Rice. Stolen bases
icr pia-ner .usjs. i mpires jionany anu i Jtuan (-'), liotn. sacrlllces s. llarrli. ouar
I'ooaollr. Time of came 2 boon and CO 1 tltT. Double nlsr Dunn nd Orlffln. Left
minute i m lasev-Wiilncton. phlladelphli, 10. I (frx-iker).
ab r h o a el ab r h o a e
Rtih,l.... C32 1 .1!Graney,lf.. 60 2 5 0 0
Yourar.2b.. 4111 70rharnui.is 4 00 3 4 2
" ,. 1,i"" ?. S .. ..'" T7a ; ijiflshlns: stations Has rone mouiay. wnicn . uauaiinn. s: secomi ar , near 115th it
n Verh !f. . T. 0 1 i 0 0 Wood rr 110 1 nflt.. i wi... na rtf ... in. I anim.nn tnVr. TT1 w t.... -i
x ,v.7.:i .ii.A ; k"i,i i -,u ;.r" ..'.v.-:-..-." ." -.Mji."-
u iieiun u.iu s v t. in ' i.Afuin-i ,au. . pi. u u-'i.u.iA ,n ,.,ii.,r the mil nulls Tor everi-
i w v ui ii.iii.iu... w .w iv .-iiiurit-ii.n. .vv
3 i o iuran.2b. .. 4 01 4 lOUones.
. jivrai.ii... hi i'f ntanMe.c.. igi im jam son, id. zvi u oo , i... an.i ravert to
Z ZZT"-.. - - - - vriui,Mi,..k'.. v . . u.a i . w - - - - " i linn u-n,im If ionic
IXX V I? i'u.p.... v ov-uieiii.c.... i a i v ,,i,r returnlnc from a day
100 0 00 larstead. 100 0 O0iBaJby,p.... 4 0 3 1 20 h,s"r0i. ln 0e hand and baK In the other
Tota!...3S6s,25131' Totals. ...M 7 11 27 133 ' jj0, e7
-une out wnen winrutuj run was scored. i We could say ouite some
Don't Malt! Buy Now! Sue .Money!
A VUlt to our store will convince you.
We have the laruwt stwk at
I xi west Prices Obtainable Anywhere.
N. Y. Ulstrlbiitors for "KOKOMO" Tires.
E. J. WILLIS CO., 85 Chambers St.
Nearirwar. Kt 22e-rs. Tel. Worth 3S24.
Van Tassel! & Kearney
(KstublMicI 1X67)
126-128 East 13th St.
To-dav. Tu?v.av, April ZO
T.,il.!,AI'K wim. cojtrmsK a .hkt
coNio"on"M,rEKTY or 1),FFK",:NT
IllDULEY, Auctioneer
Authorized Exchange Dealers
Glidden Motor and Supply Co.,
233 Ve8t 58th St.
One door Hast of Broadway
Perry, p
B Harrts.D..
100 0 211
100 0 04 ,
101 0 01'
i.rciier, m. r.. un st. lei. Jiurrar Hill u-v
is cost so mucn ma-ier. iajn. jut. iei.743.1 Cort.RInai '
a we could pluck Alpheii.. :1 Wist lau, t. Ta"ioBTa:, !
ancient fashions. lnroy. Tlios. J.. J Jol.u ,t. Tackle V-?y-
o see a deep sea , " 5 'u - ' '- IKtli st l-
on the fen ;1 ' naai tru s;. "sn i
t?lll .tlt-V An nlMint nt imn.
nliron!, latwt nw.le'. 40 a. p. Mercedes .UIA, Iateit model,
i unrfjiwine. vy ireM.-r i. , aiMi a , pas- . nwi iieaiey s
sender louncs mwy iroin rierce Arrow
chii-sis; all lu eiwllent coailltloa. no dealers. 'UNMAN,
On b n-en at owter! prlTate rararv, 102
Uait 4oih t.. between t and 12 A. M.
t"iu? ; :
I U,',L , ""'' UHHlel. nerer ued i!a
' sneelal ITe.l.v J , , . , . .....
Arrow if 10: price S.I1. Address l.'I'WAliD
o'lCtr. s state s! . New V "-k
to the
0 00 0 10 i D'el lor Oldham in the ninth lnnlnr. 'prospects for Un. but not wlshlnc to be
Tlnrr. M It fn t?1 11..7 Lh.
I'lTcra, S. II. Co . 1J Cortlandi it. f Ha,.
Dltkei, 401 W. .Vltfi st. i A, Dorr. V.roi , 'i .
Until. John. tZi W. 4.M t. t.i i '!??: .T'l
00401000 J-S!a
Totals J3027131 Clevelind 0 0 0 1 0 0 I 0 1-7 ;
Two bate hits Ktarase. Hfl'.man, Jamlson.
Nunamiker, O'Neill. Stolen bases Bush,
Nuaimalter Sacnflies Younr. Shorton. Left ,'
on Inses-Detrolt, 7: Clereland. 12. liases on I A,
balls-Off Oldham. 7: off Bacby. 3. Hits
Or! Oldham. 9 ln S lnnlnrs: oft Dauis,
1-J nnlrvr. II t by nltcher By Oldham
Htruck out Br Oldham. 4: ttr
Hasei on wns-Oft Sohacht. 2; off Perry, a. , Barby. L wild pitch Oldham. Losinr ptclicr
target for ovsrrlre eirgs or uns.emiy Knri.teraS .
Dally eiceyt Monday anil Friday,
4 A. .1. fiuflUOT.
caiea foot of Ocean
Ave., riheepiliead Bay.
mis . '.
Dntll. John, 42S W. 4M it. Tel. Lonricre'Mt
I whi, II., 52 Fir.t av. Tel. SM Orchard m!i
r.lldenbfrr. fill Sth ar., 155th n. Morn'li?
i, oram. .imstcrc.aai ar icjis .. -.""
Oroi., 2357 3d nr.. nr. 13 it. Sec. hand iIJ '
Oros.. Jth ar. and 34th st. Second hJSl JJf
Ilirsch. U. COS Arnsfdm ar.. M.Si h'V..Uci'-
T! n..V. ... , r I' 4.... - -13 ,, ... . n,A I r. T.T . .. . n .. . .
i , ,i. .unit iei. and.rl.ll. J . ul l Ji'ii .'hiiii.l,; M'l-t lAl.
.T5ffe.13.14 msfdmsr. Ta He ra , ' j? I BODY; 1IKC1I VNICAU.Y PERFFXT
i'.1'.!3'??3''1 lr.'-y " Tel n,i kkU' n' 1'IIONE COLl Mill's 490.
Klffe. 11. II. Co., 523 Krojdwar. TaVv'e . U 1
'Jlochrnf. T . ST
Kirtlar.d's. $6 Chamlrs it. tW. "i! oaV-
Almost new: rack body: cab. Ac.
Kelly caterpillar tires. nAP.OAIN.
Phone UKNTLEY. Murray Hltl 32.
LIBERTY 19H tounn; m per.'eot conuition:
-S0' Paint and tires; JJKi. DAKKI.N St
Li'j!?- Murray Hill 6H
MAXWKI.I, tourlnr, late model: tven nw,l xrjj
little, good as new; $.',2S. 102 M -.f 4'h it.
lararus. Sol, :to K. istli (
' IIlr-Off Perry, 10 lo 4, lanlDjri: off B. Harrli. Dauas UmDire-Hildebrand and Evani.
a In H Inntnas: off lt.vnme!- 1 In 2 lnnlnrs.
At New Haien Yale. 0; New HaTen IE. L.l,.". j atruck out-By Scliacht. 1; by Perry, i; by
At Mrnnitiwa, .nuo. u. ia), v. Knmmei, l. wim pitcn uoramei. i.oing
spniwiieid, llf; I nUcher Perry. Umpire-Dlnneen and Nallln.
I Tlmo of fame 1 hour awl 41 mlautea.
rncie of ram 2 noun and 3 mlnutei.
antette (2). Hlls-Off ! Syracuef. . (1. M.l.
; off Smllb, none In 1 !
National and American League Records.
AUXILIARY Uv,P C'll". 4'14.."IxT: alrcr.it
Sptcial to The Sex asd Krw Yonc HcniLn.
Ciiicaoo, April 19. Mrs. Itlchan
Marquard, known on the stage as Bios-
I new: four crcle. 3rt h. p. Standard motor:
1 sonnd and seaworthy; complete eqnlpment:
thoroughly oicrhsuled and painted; price
J2 40. no I"'. Plaa S1CO. rocm 207.
At Atlanta It. If. E.
Atlanta 3 8 1
New Orleans A 9 1
Batteries SusTta, Boone and llliglns;
Walker and Debcrry.
At Nashville It. If. H
Nashville 0 3 3
.Memphis 0 0 1 .
Batteries Stewart, Dedd and Jonnard:
Ooodbred and Meyeri.
At Blrmlnsham It. If. E.
lilrmlneham 1 fi 0
Mohtle 0 4 2
Stir York. If phlUdelphl. 1.
nrooklrn. 4! Boston. 2.
Chlcaro 0; St. IxkiIs, C (12 lnnlnrs)
The ClneUinatl-Mttaborf rame was post
poned on account of net itroundi.
Boston. 6: New York. 0 (A. 31.).
Boston. 8 New York. 3 (I. M.l.
TYsshbtrton, 7) Pbllailelphla. 0.
Cleveland, 1; Detroit. .
The Chlraro-St.-Lools run mil post
poned on account of rain.
.l 0 niivsan leavei Hudson Park Docls,
Nfi3 H fffiOn -Nw nochelle. da.ly and
i- UDU I IgUUII SuI)jay. 9 A. M.. for floun-
somfieeley. to-lay filed In the Suprerr , drIrhaCapt. FRANK BAUMANN. Daly" Xi. V, b''"
Court here a suit for divorce atralnst i IIT: Lvs. Wreck Lead for floun-' vhnNich 4 Son. :mi2 ?.l Ar ""'dway.
I her husband, Known nmon? 6aKeuan ni.iJwi.wii. ders. daily except Mon. ft lira note. k.
! fana as Rubs Marquard. She bares her FrL. : 12 train. Brlngworms. Herman,
Hudson Terminal. Orar.d Central Va LVS- UVtr uPbo!'"': r, n ry excellent
Orllry, R. Co.. 7 Chambers at .V0 M,btlu eo.n!1,l;nVl:",,,'ttlJ:M:er5r- v,'f 0'
ratterson. Oottfrled, Half " 0 i ' lre. F. E. McFADDEN. !S Oarft.td r,
Beif. J II.. 3M Tnlrd ar. Tide bookV " ' Dtr""- Mlih- .
IlSrwH,Vw;,Tl.?nh.t' Tk'b,. - COLE tUht M seven ps.scorer tontlnr: ,1.
, ' 1 POIIDS We hare orer 1011 titerf r.M,.
on. i
i action on the irround of desertion.
flatteries Morris and Peten: Hald and
At Chattanooga R. If. E.
rhattanooara .. 4 1 1
IJttle Rock 2 8 3
Batterlei Marshall and Neldirkorn;
Kr.or.ljon and Brottem.
nianti ts. PhllfldelpliU To-day. 3:30 P. SI..
Polo Ods. Adm. 75c and 11.10. Inci. tax S.de.
Brcoklyn vi. Boston, J:30 P. M. Air.
Plttsliurf ...
Cincinnati. ..
St. Loula
New l'ork....
riayed. IVon, Iist.
Cleveland.. ...
St. Lonls
rhlladelpliia. .
Waihlnrlnn.. .
New York
Flared. Won. Loit.
Philadelphia, In New lork.
Bolton ln Brooklyn.
riUibnrr In Cincinnati.
Cblcaio In St. Ioula
New York In Boston.
iVaahlnxton in Philadelphia
Detroit In Cleveland.
ft. Louis In Chlraro.
rv.vri Iv'n Inell 1 1 11 1 n ..Iai r.f
r tr sii T' lof ,-it,.1oI niinh.r TABMS,
to tha San Francisco club of the Taclflc I
Coast League was announced to-night
by Manager Hughey Jennings of the
Detroit American League club.
leavea Murray'. Wreck
Tues.,Wed., Thur. 6.43
relsillt. tvflnltheil IlXe new. some Wn'h
, . lime Ai.iiie .pill. .tlH. .i.-.a.. . ......
i ii'e bks. ' , , Tir . V. . r' Fonli.
Asraham 4 Strau. I nltcn st. Tactle enlr
1. '
Morris Anti. Co.. antborlied Ford debT ?4
i 11,-dford av . llrooilyn, cor. Parkilde. Pbooe
At Worcester Holy Crosi, 3; Brown. 2,
At Easton, Pa. Lafayette, 2; Tufts. 1.
At Trenton Princeton, i; Laurence,
vllle. :.
At Charlottesville. West Ya.-IIoward, 2;
.Virginia, 2 (0 innlttfa darkness).
, Sunday 6.0S and 9.05 Conzcn. A., SC2 llrani it. Tel. 20IS ..."'7' 1 '
a Brine worma. Fare 2i. M. Murray. Poerlng & Co.. MSI Ulierty av . near ScheiiA- ' POHD, late model suburban, rrod n new- de.
, COD AND BLACK. SUNDAY. 7. KJ' p.." wVcVoff.7'r7.-ri,L,.,b ' "Z "
I n IRH "nr. a. m.. exc. iion., , i.int 143.1 Fulion i 7-n n.i J. .V 1 1 U IU tnicit. late model, suitable for nw
m.J.K.Ilfl ffeffSHis.""- !S K'a'r'lr . , furniture buslne,,; Vvl a,' Jew;""
Kummer. II ,173d R wsy. Pilya. Tacile i n,,,
VELOCITY iL'mtiWVcwt MI,S?S'SV":- r?U.I) ",ra""reI"'- "nunt.hl rim,.
ieave. Bheep.head Bay dally 'ISUeX. ' WvtaflflX .7"4IH,,: Sb
Sunday. 7. Capt. M. OSBOR.N. iinri,,.in. X u. ill Ilroajway. Tackle ,mij' minat.
vt nviiii, r. i.n.fi iiuu.uii . a i il. .o , Ai!iiirr. ao. i.jlkii,, .1. iei :ii vror viiiii i:ii I line 11.0 .tii
truisniKR leAVei
Rochelle, every day except Mon. and W14,
9 A St.. for flounders. Xitlrg halt.
let niTvnEIt FISllINCi 10 A. M. DAILY.
VaeH A . 1757 Fallen St.. neirf av- nl,. -. 1,. a .
xrnaa,. in xi.ii.uhi r. iei, an st.r lax. I00.1 tirei; very reiiomole. KIIFAIF.lt. Phoiw.
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err truck, s tct ett
orerbialed: mechinlrallr ncrfeif
OVERLAND tourlnr car. re-'fe.-belosrln
to totiarci nr.r.f -
rainteii: nil inipnireinec'i 1 r . -fl:ed
quick buyer Jl.Vl. Sc j n 'j ,
ulal Oarate. 144th at. and It.-a -
Yf tlL4-'s'I) ruaalwat, late model, rood as ztf,
Wiii. 1S3H Andiibnn.
i;r?li"",!0Rd- a" models "lie, . - nil
mi.LY.VOVr:RIAND. In,-.. Il'w.r icil Vi aji
PACKARD. S-25 sedan, spern, n ,.a'.T
ger Judkln body, and of the la'es' -ductlon;
Immediate dellvrrv mav c nit
write or wire V. E. McFADDEN. il Oif
field av.. Detroit. Mich.
HLO, late 1017 tour cylinder tottrir; recotlf
ovetiaoled; two new cord ibs.-s; tiM T'I)
plume VanderMlt 3323.
SEVEN passeturer cars to rentl7 seia (f
by the year round: ears practlcallr ue Fer
rertleulars write to ISTONE'S A Fit I I'lKBT,
White Mountalus. Twin Mountain!, N 11
STUDK1IAKER roadster, late 1013. 1 1 !
perfect condition. II. VOCKKI. Ke il
doni road. Richmond Hill. 735 Hi -anion I IHj1
STI.TZ, d paseerjrer; excellent eoc-l on
cently orerhaaU-,1. new top, ' 'irtuniM
shock abeorbers. extra tires; offer mi "t
nnUVFOiU). 4S West S4th rt. I'h.ne li
Minneapolis. St Milwaukee, 0.
'l ol',er rsmes tfiei1.
I iflMIRAI !' Sheepshead n,8un. WOW. '"", " '''.?'". 1IAYN
-- r - : . I Vnfcrinrr. MrrtU ar. TV. 4 ITS-TV n'wiiv ..
, America iv.xi- j: sssszt r- 3
R C IIINIiY DaUy. exaept Mon. Pri.
'IU V L.UlLI, gAiM. Sunday. 7 A.M.
Wmti.Mlle. 411 Ulh St.. West New To;k, N.J.
E3. seVUl nawnrer Imtnnr M. I....
painted and overhauled, in nerfect con.ii.
."-an pe seen Brooklyn Oarar-. n Con
t. Telephone Murray Hill tm
HUDSON ilv. 40; Al enndltion: r.t- MiteTV"
vrV.tiS'VOL0ARAHK- Clarendon' rJ and
iH 20th it. Phow Orcbird fXH.
STUTZ car. 1U. -3to model bear.U
ster: perfect condition: must sa.- fl to"
rlw"T itore. 147 v. A. Khinelinf
STtrrz lfllO. 7 pnofr: excelest ...nitoa.
Telepholne Pee km an 3iVl. ,
WALTERS truck, four wheel dr'r- ?''"
ear. three to five torn; take tral1 'nlltirj
tvadl 13 to IS tons' .-aS an nl.lf.irm '!' -I
aides; rrrfevt condition: sire ietn-ntntt
ijij loniers. rAlvso.V A CO . r.s JJZ
V.VNli;i -Small car
TIN, U Fia'Vi.h
for $-.'i"
. n-i.-'k-ri-
1J Hi ton tru.-:
Columbus 557J.
For Hire.
;. day cc' tr nt'

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