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I 1
22, 1920. : 7
General Himself Must Decide
Between Procter and
Continued from Pint Pape.
j disposition to turn to Lowden as th
I man on whom these forcM can unite.
1 The more Wood and Johnson are
wakened by their fight In the primary
' States the more chance Lowden will
r, . itoti Ilave Ther 0,80 nn undercurrent of
CAUSL dlreudslon of Knox, who probably will
look better to the Johnson forces than
' anybody else from the regular orsanlxa-
tton. Johnson Is gong to be a power In
iffliriliilirv nf Vnroliin VUrht. tIon' Johnson Is going 10 on a power in
ITIOUCaDllltJ 01 JJOlllllg' JMJTHt tho convent0n( but ho cannot be nom-
in Xativc Son States' Is
sue in Dispute.
F-ank H. Hitchcock and Col. William
Cooper Procter, national directing heads
of Major-Oen. IiConard Wood's ram
p.ilcn for the Republican Presidential
nomination, have clashed over the man
ner In Allien the campaign should be con
ducted to such an extent that the ques
tion of supremacy of command awt;ts
the decision of Gen. Wood himself, ac
cording to authentic Information avail
able yesterday. Rumors that all was not
Other expressions of Senators were;
Pomerene fOhlo), Democrat: "I do
not sco anything decisive In either the
Nebraska or Oeorgla primary. As I
sonse the situation from this distance,
the contest In. Nebraska resolved Itself
Into a personal fight between Mr. Bryan
and Senator Hitchcock. I do not be
lieve the results Indicate anything as
to the nominee or the platform. In
Oeorgla I am advised that the contost
there was also largely a personal one.
Whatever the sentiment may be In
those two States. It must bo borno In
n.lnd that they are only two out of
forty-eight. I do not think that the
contests thus far have cleared the at
mosphere as to candidates or as to'
Issues. Misinformation Is that In nearly
all of the States tho dominant sentiment
Is to have the delegates go unlnstructed
r.fll at the top of the Wood organisation
ad been current for more than a week. , mocc aYnepTbUcan
.'Kluai verillCTUluu fume ycDiciuuy in mo
fhape of an Informal ndmlsslon.nt Wood
headquarters In tho Imperial Hotel that
there appears to have been a "lack of
contact or coordination" between Mr.
Hitchcock and Col. Procter.
conventions. Never since I have been a
voter has theltuatlon been so confusing
In both parties as It Is now."
Chamberlain (Oro.). Democrat: 'It
doesn't Btrlke me that the result In Ne
braska, an between Senator Hitchcock
Both Col. Procter and Mr. Hitchcock and Mr. Bryan, la of any particular slg-
. . . 1 I . . ' nlRnnn. X ( . .1 . 1.
refused to discuss the situation yester
day nor would any one else In tho Wood
camp stand sponsor for an explanation.
It was made fairly clear, however ihat
the question of who Is going to run the
practical end of Gen. wood's campaign
would bo settled before the end of the
present week.
Tho rather unfavorable results of the
Wood campaign In the middle West, par
ticularly in Illinois and Michigan, are
said to have precipitated the showdown.
.Mr. Hitchcock la known to have been
averse to carrying the fight into States
whero there were favorite son cam
paigns. In this view he was opposed by
Col. Procter. At any rate, tho Wood
people have carried their fight to favor
ite son States with more or Icsb discour
aging results. Wood failed to do a great
deal In Illinois, a favorite .son State.
Michigan, though not a favorite son
State, apparently added nothing to the
comfort of headquarters when It failed
to yield anything. There aro known to
be those connected with Wood head
quarters who think that a practical po
litician In full charge of the campaign
would be an arrangement superior to a
dual control system. Also there ap
parently Is a desire to find who. If any
one, is to blame for the meagre showing
In the middle West.
Col. Proctor, said yesterday that he
would be glad to talk to reporters ex
cept for the fact that his time wns lim
ited by an Important engagement. He
added that he will give out a statement
to-day. immediately after which he In
ipmls to denart for the West. Whethel
this trip is for the purpose of conferring
nlth Gen. Wood he did not Indicate.
Gen. Wood la campaigning to-day In
Ohio, another favorite son State.
Though Mr. Hitchcock would not dis
cuss the matter, a friend who asked him
about the reported rupture quoted him
as saying that he had been working as
hard as he could for Wood and that he
expected to continue to do so.
Last night Wood headquarters made
public the following tefcgram from
ChlUlcothc. Ohio, where Gen. Wood
f poke yesterday :
"Gen. Wood said to reporters here to
day: 'The report of the withdrawal of
Mr. Hitchcock from the Wood campaign
is, so far as I know, entirely incorrect.' '
Further than the foregoing there was
no definite Indication bf which of his
lieutenants Gen. Wood may choose to
put In supreme command, or that he will
let either go from his organization.
Col. Procter was one of the first men
to become prominently Identified with
the Wood boom. He was made chair
man of the Leonard Wood League, which
worked up the sentiment for the Gener
als candidacy, nnd later became chair
man of the Wood campaign committee.
He holds both posts to-day.
The services of Mr. Hitoheock, also
n anient Wood-supporter from the first,
but perhaps not so conspicuous in Wood
activities as Col. Procter, were comman
deered roon after the campaign machin
ery had been assembled nnd set In mo
tion. The relationship of Mr. Hitch
cock to Col. Procter has been defined
by persons closely nfllllatcd with tho
campaign organization as "consulting
ertrineer in things political and to keep
Col. Procter Informed."
This Is the second big rapture In the
Wood organization, the , first, some
months ago, having resulted In an under
standing between John T. Ilng and Cdl.
Procter, whereby the former severed his
connection with the Wood campaign
The Wood forces are planning n dally
speaking campaign In New Jersey from
r.ov until the primary next Tuesday.
Wood's headquarters yesterday called at
tention to an editorial In the Chicago
Unionist, a labor union organ, for his
stand against the efforts of radical ele
ments to gain control of the unions.
Only Tito Names on G. O. P. Pri
mary Ballots In Vermont.
Bcrlis'gto.v, Vt., April II The names
of Gen. Leonard Wood and William
Grant Webster of New York will be the
only ones printed on the ballet In the
Presidential preference primary In this
State May 18. They are the only Re
publican candidates for whom petitions
have been filed and' who have given
assent to the use of their names.
No Democratic candidates will appear
On fllA Ivillnt A .tLlnv. wan
Henry Ford a short time ago, but his
atsent. which was necessary to make
'him a formal candidate, was not re
ceived by the Secretary of State.
Under the law the Presidential prefer
ence, as expressed at the primary, does
not bind national convention delegates
In any way.
Tor o Third Term Amendment.
Washington, April 21. Presidential
third terms would be prohibited under
resolution, Introduced to-day by Rep
resentative Humphreys, Democrat, Mis
ippl. proposing a constitutional
imendmcnt limiting: the tenure of anjf
person as President to two terms.
fenrrr lawyer In Senate Itace.
Denver. April 21. Rice W. Means,
lawyer nnd former overseas soldier,
announced to-day his candidacy for the
Hepubllcan nomination for United States
Fire Record.
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known ,..... Trillins
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tomobile truck. Sbuppttworth
Kelltit ,. ..Unknown
front of SlJ Wuhingtoii t. :
ixrir & i;0. Trinint;
3d av and 47h it.: automo
bile truck. Henr Pott Trldliijr
- m Water .;, Micha! Bren-
. r.on . Trifling
1053 E. UJd t.; 11. Craig.. Unknown
r m
t "A
nlficnncc. No, It doesn't mean that
there will be a wet plank In the San
Francisco platform. It was a feud be
tween two leaders, and one of them
happened to be friendly to light wines
and beer."
Senator Moses (N. II.), Southern man
ager for Gen. Wood: "I've only to say
that, despite the fact that he didn't get
the votes of all tho Johnsons there,
Illram Johnson carried Nebraska."
Bryan Among First Four for
Delegate at Large.
Omaha, April 21. Senator Hiram W.
Johnson continued tn the lead for the
Republican Preslaentlal preference as
votes of the Tuesaa primary were
slowly received to-day by newspapers
tabulating the returns. William J. Bryan
had gained enough votes tn the day's
count to place htm among the first four
candidates for delegate at large to the
San Francisco convention.
With less than ne-half of the 1,819
precincts In the State reporting- Senator
Johnson had a good lead over' Oen.,
Leonard Wood, his nearest competitor,
with Oen. John J. Pershing third.
In the Bryan-Hitchcock race for dele
gates at large Bryan not only managed
to get within the coveted four on the
votes counted but found one of his
running mates there with him,
Democratlo leaders o-nlght said the
uncompleted returns Indicated that former-
Gov. Morehead was a winner In the
Gubernatorial race by probably, the
largest plurality of any candidate on
the ballot Republicans also predicted
the nomination of Gov. McKelvle.
The Incomplete- figures showed that
Senator Hltchock, seeking the Presiden
tial Indorsement, was leading his op
ponent, Robert Ross, by almost three
votes to one.
A contest has developed between Ar
thur Mullen and W. H. Thompson for
Democratlo national committeeman, tho
figures being too Incomplete to Indi
cate who was chosen. ,
Tho Republican vote, for President
from 850 precincts gave Johnson. 34,
418; Wood, 25,773 i Perilling,, 16,676;
Ross, V23.
Jn the Democratic Presidential race
816 precincts gave Hitchcock 17,146
Ross, 5,941.
For Governor on the Republican
ticket 796 precincts showed:
McKelvle, 1,899 ; McMullcn, 16,205 ;
I'ollard, 10.009; Hall, 5,936 ; McLaugh
lin, 6,631 ; Mathewson, 2,860.
For Democratic Governor 832 pre
cincts gave: Shumway, 1,535 ; Jackson,
3,660 ; Clark, 5,924 ; Taylor, 2,762 ;
Morehead, 14,915.
From 840 precincts the vote for
Democratlo delegate at large showed:
Kevllle (Hitchcock), 22.774 ; Stmllen
berger (Hitchcock), 22,704 ; Bryan
(Bryan), 18,823 ; Stephens (Bryan),
WftSO; Bcnre (Bryan), 18,614; Thomas
(Bryan), 17.579; Neble (Hitchcock),
16,796; McHoney (Hitchcock), 16,428.
The vote for Democratlo National
Committeeman from 784 precincts was:
Thompson, 16,897 ; Mullen, 17,484.
For Republican National Committee
man 804 precincts gave: Howell, 33,
33?; McCloud, 28,892.
Ontario Deer Safe In Lakes.
Toronto, Ont., April 21. Killing deer
In lakes In Ontario Province has been
made unlawful by nn amendment to the
flsh nnd gamo act passed to-day by
tho Legislature.
Announces His Candidacy on
American Party Platform
Tfitrix, Tex., April 21. James E.
Ferguson, former Governor of Texas,
announced to-day his candidacy tor
President on the platform of the Ameri
can parti", organized at Fort Worth,
Tex., last August by a faction of the
Texas Democratlo party.
In his announcement Mr. Ferguson
expressed .opposition to, the League of
Nations, national woman' suffrage, na
tional prohibition and, compulsory mili
tary training. Ho. decldred In favof of
light wines and beer until the "national
prohibition amendment Is repealed,"
promised recognition of the principle of
trades unionism? nnd pledged himself, If
elected, to want full pardon to Eugene
V. Debs, Socialist lender under convic
tion for alleged conspiracy to obstruct
the draft.
On denouncing .compulsory military
training, ho declared: "We need an army
to tnka tho corn field far more than an
army to take tho battlefield."
Hoke Smith in Rear inUn
official Returns.
Atlanta, April 21. Complete unpf
ficlnl returns from all the 153 counties
In Georgia that held primaries yester
day, as received hero to-ntght by the
Atlanta Constitution, gave Attorney
General Palmer 140 votes In the State
Democratic Convention ; Thomas E. Wat
son 132, and Senator Hoke Smith 110.
Two counties did not hold primaries
and their total of four votes, It was
stated, will go to the candidate with the
largest county unit vote. Official returns
may Change the "rultB, as contests In
several counties w?vo decidedly close.
There are 386 votes In the convention.
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