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Sennfoi' and Associates Un
pledged, but Favor Gover
nor for President.
Senator Walsh Urges Demo
crats to Vote Against Un
restricted Peace Treaty.
TtosTO.v, April 25. Xone of the cniull
due for ilelenntes nt Inrgo to the He
pulillrnu nml Uomncrntle national con
untlons will nppear on the ballot nt
tlio Massachusetts primaries on Tups
dny next as plerteeil to vote for any par
ticular trnyn for tlio Presidential nomina
tion. Tlioi Democratic candidates have
made no statements as to their Presi
dential preferences.
Four of the Republican candidates are
ninnlnjr as a croup, although under the
law they must bar voted for separately.
They aro Senator Henry Cabot Lodge,
Speaker Frederick H. Glllett of the
llmis.0 of Representatives, former Pena
n" W. Murray Crane and Kdward A.
Tl'iirstcn, former chairman of the Ite
l.iibltran State Committee. Although all
Hie unpledged, Snntor Lodge has nn
i.ounced that he will present the name
uf Gov. Calvin Coolldgo to the conven
tion If the Governor desires It.
The other-candidates for the four
I laces as Republican delegates at large
iiic former Gov. Samuel W. McCall, who
lias declared himself In favor of Herbert
Hoover; former Lieut.-Gov. Louis A.
Krothlngham, who Is for Leonard Wood,
with Hoover as second choice; Repre
tentative Alvan T. ruller, who Is for
Wood. Thomas XV. Lawson anil ltussel
A. Wood.
On the Democratic ticket the regular
date Is composed of Senator David I.
Walsh, Richard 11. Long, twleo Demo
iMtlc nominee for Governor; District
Attorney .Joseph C, Belletler and Daniel
i. Dohert. Former Representative
Joseph V. O'Connell. the only other can
didate, has made his campaign on his
declaration that ho will work for an
antl-prohlbltion plank In the San 1'ran
u.co platform.
There aje numerous contests ror ens
trlrt delegates In both parties.
Senator Walsh has appealed to the
Democratic voters to show by their
choice of delegates that they oppose un
qualified latlflcatlon of the peace treaty.
Nebraska Delegate at Large
Explains Situation.
tpenal it The Pun and Ntw Yoik llr.nu a
Fremont, Neb.. April 23. Dan V.
Stephens 01 Fremont, elected to the
Pemocratlc National Convention as a
delegate at large on the Bryan slate, will
sipport Senator Hitchcock for President,
as ir.stntcted by Nebraska Democrats, ho
deilnted to-day.
There lias never been any doubt
about .Mr. Hitchcock getting the vote of
the Nebraska delegation at ,San Fran
. ico. I will support .Mr. Hitchcock."
a 1 1 Mr. Stephens.
But Mr. Stephens will resist the at
tempt to commit the Democrats to a
light wine and beer programme. He
opposes Bryan's government ownership
nf railways plank, and stands with Presi
dent Wilson and Senator Hitchcock on
the treaty of peace.
'I am opposed to any form of govern
ment ownership of railways that has yet
been pioposed," he said.
sweat of tholr brows and with their
brains shall not bo required to pay as
heavy taxes as those who live In idle
ness and draw Incomes from safe In
vestments.'' "A distinction should be. made," said
he, "bctweon earned and unearned In
come," Ifo declared himself opposed to
all tax free bonds.
If after a two year period of private
ownership the railroads failed to func
tion properly, Sir. McAdoo said, he, would
favor reopening the railroad question.
He declared for a "fair trial" of tho new
railroad law, hut 'admitted It "cannot
sottlo tho railroad problem becauso It
does not reach fundamentals,"
Asserts Hitchcock Has No Of
ficial Capacity.
"You can say this that William C.
Procter Is tho chairman of Gen. Wood's
campaign committee, for the entire
United States." That was the statement
Col. Procter made In Chicago last night,
.after a long conference with Gon. Wood
on the controversy as to whether ho or
Frank St. Hitchcock ehall have supreme
control of tho practical sldo of the cam
paign. "Sir. Hitchcock bears no official ca
pacity on the committee." Col. Procter
added. "That Is how matters stand now.
.lust what might happen In the near
future none of ufl knows."
It appears, thorefore, that the con
troversy stlH stands without decision.
Another despatch from Chicago stated
(hat Sir. llllt-hrnpl; li:nl !ien . vnnf Ail
tlterrt SO tilflt I hflt h stlti mlfhf l,n rnr.
sented, but that he failed to arrive. Sir.
Hitchcock could not be found 'either In
Ills headquarttirs or his residence here
tasi night.
Although Gen. AVood refused to ills
cuss the reported lack of Harmony
among his campaign directors, n. tele
gram to the Wood Kastern headquarters
from tho Chicago headquarters yester
day quoted Gen. Wood as saying tha
story of a split Is without foundation
and the fabrication of enemies of his
candidacy. He was quoted also as say
ing he Is pleased with the manner In
which his campaign has been conducted
so far.
Five States tp Elect
Delegates To-morrow
TY-THREE delegates to tho
Republican national convention,
about one-seventh of the entiro
number, will bo elected to-morrow.
Ohio will elect 48 delegates at
n direct primary. Tho fight is
between Wood and Harding.
Massachusetts will elect 35 in
direct primaries. Tho fight is
between Wood and Coolidgc.
New Jorsey will elect 28 in a
direct and preferential primary.
The fight is between Wood and
Washington will elect 14 at a
State convention in Bollingham,
The contest is between Senator
Miles Poindexter nnd Wood.
Idaho will elect 8 at a State
convention at Coeur d'Alcno.
Tho test for control is between
Senator William E. Borah and
the Wood forces.
Continued from First Pope
McAdoo for Making Itlle In
vestors Pay a Higher Rate.
Wasiii.votox, April 25. Replying as
"A Private Citizen" to the questionnaire
lisued to all candidates for' Presidential
r.omlnatlons by the National Board of
Farm Organizations William G. JIcAdoo
outlined to-night his position on various
matters being agitated In the pre-con-xentlon
Present tax laws, Sir. JtcAdoo de
dated, should be simplified and the bur
den of taxation "redistributed so that
mo men who earn their incomes by the
53 CTS. ON $100 PAID TO
Higher Ratio in the Future
Because of Prohibition.
Special to Thk 81! N inii Nsh- -ok HtittD
Washington, April 25. It cost the
Government only about one-half of one
per cent, to collect all of Its Internal
revenue taxes during the fiscal year
Figures on the cost of collection of the
war. Income and other taxes were made
public by the Internal Revenue Bureau
to-day In answer to teports that a great
proportion of the taxes collected were
expended in the collection costs.
The actual rntlo. it is Kt.-.tr.i u r.i
cents on each $ 100. The ratio will In
crease this year, However, with prohi
bition enforcement greatly enlarging the
non-revenue producing activities of the
Revenue Bureau.
"Of the total collections for the fiscal
year 1919," the statement says, "J2.C00,
7S3.902.T0 were in Income and excess
profits taxes. The raUo of 53 cents ex
penditure for evety $100 collected in
cludes not only the cost of collection of
this sum, but of all other revenue Wl
of which, such as the child labor tax, Is
not expected to be commensurate with
the cost of administration as well as
the cost of operation of the many non
revenue functions the bureau is called
upon to perform. The actual ratio of
cost in the collection of the Income tax
Is less therefore than 33 cents for every
$100 collected, which relates to the cost
of the bureau's entire operations for the
Special Legislature Must Pro
vide for Revenues.
Special to Tns Sc.s" a.vd Nsit TfonK Iliuum.
Mobile. Ala., April 23. The Income
tax bill of Alabama has been declared
unconstitutional by the State Supreme
Court, according to a message from
Slontgomery. The law was declared un
constitutional by Circuit Judge B. Sf.
Sillier of the Fourth Alabama Circuit
Court, and It Is now upheld. It means
that thousands of dollars will bo taken
fiom the State Treasury.
According to rumor, Gov, Kllby will
have to call an extra session of the Ala.
bar.ia Legislature to provide new ma
chinery for collecting revenue.
son are the only contenders for the prcf
erence. Wood has a complete slato of
delegates pledged to hltn.
Senator Johnson has candidates for
two delegates at large and has asked his
supporters to vote for Senators Walter
K. Ldgo nnd Joseph S. Freyllnghuysen
who are running for the "Big Four'
Wjtbout pledge. Johnson has candidates
for district delegates In all except thtee
St the twelve Congress districts.
The two bis Issues In tho New Jersey
campaign have been prohibition and con
trol of the Republican State organiza
tlon. The AVood managers, who have
been playing him as an advocate of pro
hibition and the Eighteenth Amendment
in New Jersey have represented him as
having most liberal Ideas on the subject.
On the other hand there has been cir
culated the Information that Senator
Johnson voted for the Eighteenth
Amendment and nljo for the Volstead
enforcement act. Tho Wood managers
say they have not been responsible for
this, hut they were not nt all displeased
at the effect It has had In a State
which is strongly wet, as shown by
the election of a wet Governor, a Demo
crat, although the Republicans carried
the State Legislature.
The Wood managers at the Hotel Im
perial say they will rapture the entire
twenty-eight delegates In New Jersey.
The Johnson people say that their can
didate will surely carry the Presidential
preference vote, as he did In Stlchlgan.
Nebraska nnd North Dakota, and Hint
this will cany with It the votes of the
delegation In Chicago.
Advices from Washington are that the
Wood inopaganda has not gone well,
and that Senator Poindexter Is certain
of an indorsement at the State conven
tion. At headquarters heie It was stnted
last night that they would be satisfied
with second choice position.
They are confident enough at the
Wood headquarters to claim the eight
votes of Idaho, with the gentle proviso
that "if Borah wins all the delegates"
Wood will be second choice.
On Wednesday Arkansas elects thir
teen delegates at a Slate convention in
Little Rock. There are no claims there
for Wood. Advices there are that the
delegation may be split, olevctf for Gov.
lowden and two for Wood.
Prepares to Send Armies
Against Rebellious State
From All Sides.
Gens. Obrcgon and Hill, Who
Aro in Flight, Likely to Face
Drumhead Court-Martial.
Rll I lie Aitoctated Frett.
Mexico CiTT, April 23. The develop
ments of the last two weeks resulting
from the Sonora revolutionary activities
show that the central uovernmeni is im--
nnrlno in nnpimln the rebellious State
with a steel ring, meanwhile crushing
sporadic outbreaks in other pans oi me
republic with a strongihand,
hA seditious activities
In various sections of tho renubllo since
th nnrtliarn fifnfn lirnlin With the Lur-
ranza Administration, together with the
ri,iia nt dm tinvprnmpnt's military
1 ' . .1 v.. irn ta
measures, nas ueen irsueu " --
pnrtment officials, two weeKS nuer mo
min i,.nt Vifliu-n th OhresonlstaH and
II, n i,1mlnltrri!lnn nml Ih cited BH Droof
that the Government's oltlclal statement
characterizing the Sonora outoreaic as
Mnl, tnxit la u.ull fnlimtarl.
Thelotfc list of professions of adhesion
to tiie central Government rrom virtually
every State Executive and military
i.fi ,11 ..vpflnt ihnsH wh.i have openly
joined the Sonora revolutionists would
seem to Indicate that the repunite as a
whole Is solidly Mipporting the present
Asldo from the Sonora Stale govern
nunt, only two State executives havo
repudiated the present administration,
these being Gtn. Bnrlque Estrada. In
the State of Zacatecas, and rasqual
Ortiz Rublo, In the State of Sllchoacan.
Both of these executives, however, have
failed to attract any great following and
are being pursued by loyal forces.
IXrndn Cited for Treason.
The State Legislature In Zacatecas
has repudiated the attitude of Estrada
and cited him for treason, while the
Sllchoacan Legislature has unseated
Ortiz Rublo and named Piimo Serratila
Slercadm as his successor.
The situation In Slnalo.v Is considered
non-relative to the rebellious activities,
as Gen. Ramon Itttrbe, Governor of that
State, has ptotested his loyalty and la
using what forces are available to check
the Increasing Incursions of tho Sonora
troops Into Slnaloa until teenforcementi
tan reach hltn.
The present whereabouts of (Jen. Al
varo Obregon, the former War .Minister,
who Is slated for the Presidency of
Mexico by the Sonorn tebels, and Gen.
Benjamin Hill, his campaign leader. Is
uncertain, the official war office state
ments fulling to locate them.
The genetal belief Is tint both rebel
leaders, who left Mexico City two wreks
ago upon receipt of reliable advices that
Soiioih had lebelled, fled toward the
Pacific coast by way of Mlchoacan. Ap
paiently 'Gen. Hill remained behind
Obregon, for the purpose of leunltlng If
possible tli9 Fcatteied bands of Zapatis
tas In Slorelas. Nothing Is feared ftom
this scheme, as the Mexico City garil
fon numbers about ten thousand men.
The supposition that Obregon Is mov
ing toward Sonora bv way of Sllchoacan
and Guerrero is given support by 1 lie
fact that the Government or Orltz Rublo
left Jlorella, rasital of the State of
Sllchoacan, nt tho head of a small force
about tho time Obregon arrived In that
The crushing defeat Inflicted April 21
by Gen. Francisco Murgula's. troops
unon tlm rilinltlnus forces headed by
Qcn. Arnult Gomtz, which attacked tho
Tuxpam oil centre, eliminated mo oniy
danger to the central Government out
side of Sonora, according to the War
The arrival at Mexico city of Gen.
Slaycotte, expected within a few days,
It Is believed will clear up the nltuatlon
In tho State of Guerrero, where press
reports assert Slaycotte's troops followed
Col. Francisco Flgueroo, Governor of
that State. In rebellion.
Will JVot Delay Klectlon.
While the political situation has been
driven entirely Into tho background by
tho Sonora revolt the attitude assumed
by tho Presidential candidates has lie'n
the subject of congratulatory edltotlals
by tho newspapers supporting the Gov
ernment. Both Ignaclo Uonlllas, who
Is n native of Sonora, and Gen. Pablo
Gonzales havo denounced Sonora's ac
tion and reiterated their loyalty to the
constituted Government. Neither has an
nounced his withdrawal fiom tho Presi
dential race, but unconfirmed reports
after tho Oonzales-Cananza conference
wero to the effect that Gonzales was
abotit to accept tho portfolio of War
Minister or tike tho field at the head of
a Httong nrmy.
Apparently there will bo no postpone
ment of tho Presidential elections, set
for July. Tho Coahulla State Legisla
ture recently proposed to the Vera Cruz
LeKlslatuio that tho elections bo post
poned, but the latter has failed to take
nnr, i .iiiu r-nhreni. Secretary of tho
Treasury, haw been quoted as stating
that n postponement at tins time is in
advisable. What tly Government's plans are for
tho nilllliuy conquest of Sonora have not
been divulged, lien. .Manuel Dleguez at
present heads the forces destined for
Sonora under the direct orders of Presi
dent Carranza, who has been commander-in-chief
of the .Mexican forces
for more than a year. Gen. Cnndldo
Agullar, who has been recalled Into ac
tive service, Is at Vera Cruz organizing
a strong column.
While the belief Is that the Govern
ment will bring about the subjugation
of Sonora by forces advancing from
CftsaB Gi amies, Chihuahua, another
ntmy by way of Slnaloa, and by sen. by
way of Guayamas, uncertainly prevails
regarding the possibility of an nttack
fiom the noi tli.
The War Department, according to
tl,A mihllulipif .Qhtfi.mnnf Mtllt rnnQi.lf.r.4
Ohregon and his chief supporter. Gen.
iienjamin mil, as ueionging to ine mili
tary forci:s, which brings them within
tin. cf.nnn nt n ,1 pilntliARft and rniii'l.
martial charges of rebellion nnd treason
and makes the death sentence possible.
Seek to Shut Off Carranza
From United States.
Seniai lo Tilt Si-X ami Xiw Yor.K iUmi.K.
Washington, April 2.Y The cilsis of
the present attach upon the' Carranza
regime In Mexico Is expected to come
within a few dajs. Information received
In Washington shows that the rebel
fotces are planning a drive upon all the
border ports of entry between Slexico
and the Culled States, nnd If their idnns
are successful. Carranza will koon be
shut off from communication with this
country except by sea. The accomplish
ment of this plan will be of Importance
to the rebel forces, as it will give them
access to arms and munitions which
may be smuggled in and wilt ulso Rive
them absolute command of the customs
revenues and finance their movement,
Press despatches tell of Gen. Gonzales
' 8
ere was a time
when horse drawn con
veyances satisfied our,
requirements. But today
they don't any more than,
do unwired houses ' and
apartments that lack
electric service.
yor you house irsMn partial payments!
Phone Stuyvesaimj&fiffOr write for details
of how tee will finance such improvements
i l j i .I.-.:.. i
inruugii your ivcm cctii.u twtwuitv;.
?ht.Unitd EUefric
Light n Power do.
K X till
Sherman Creet
Generating Station
West 201sf Streef
and Harlem River
District Offices and
Show Rooms
?9th Street and Broadway
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making a drive nt Matamoras, nnd It Is
confidently expected this will bo fol
lowed by later developments alonp the
samo line, Tho ports of Agua Prlota,
NoRales and Naco are already In tho
hands of the rebel forces.
Tho gravity of this situation Is recoe
nlwd by the Carranza Government and
Is reRponslblo for tho vigorous jnoiests
mada by Carranza atplnit recognition
4y Washington of the. de facto Govern
ment In charge of the porta of entry al
ready captured, Tho United Ctatci will
ndhero to Its policy of r;cognlBlng whnt
over do facto Govermngnt Is In charge
of tho custom houses, so far as com
mercial dealings with the people r.crcss
tho border aro concerned.
H Is also reported In Washington that
Carranza Influence Is at work lit Guate
mala stirring up trouble for America by
ursine the successful revolutionary gov
ernment to execute Cabrera, the deposed
dictator. Tho argument advanced Is
that Cabrera was too friendly to Amer
ica and that Mexican Influence olwuld
now take the place of American advice.
Iah AxoEt.ES, April 25. The City of
Guaymas, .Sonora, on the Gulf nf CaJI
fornla, was captured April 12 without a
shot being nred, by 5,000 Sonora Statu
troops commanded by Gen. Angel Mores,
according to Capt. X. K. Jacobson of
the Gulf Mall steamship Nehalem, which
nnlved here to-day.
According to Capt. Jacobson the Car
ranza forces in Guaymas matin no at
tempt nt defence nnd the custom house,
railroads- and warehouses, containing
largo quantities of foodstuffs -were Im
mediately commandeered by the Sonora
Cnpt. Jacobson said Gen. Flore on
the afternoon of April 13 inaip up sev
eral tialnloads of troops and sent them
In the direction of Topolohampo, which
later nas said to have been captured.
Qrleniai Qearls
of tkeCJincsl Qstra and Quah&
Vnlted States warships have been sent
li several Mexican I'aclflc ports, Includ
ing Topolobampo.
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