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She Tolls of Visits to Jlond-
houso nnd of JI18 Taking
Ilcr Home.
Coroner Asserts It Was Acci
dent and Ho Was Hobbcd
When Sonsoloss.
Inquiry into the death of dcortre 11
iWeavor, vice-president of tho Itomlni;
Mb Typewriter Company, wlio was final
ly Injured wbon his automobile was
Wrecked early Sunday morning on
White Plains road, near Brouxvllle, re
vealed yesterday that up to nn hour
boforo the crash he' trs In the cjmv
pany of a stenographer, Mlas Helen
Meier, an employee of the Blwanoy doU
Club. Miss Meier, a resident of Bronx
yllle, was jjuealjonecl at Dronxyllle by
Coroner Qeorjro Jfinglo, and tier answew
practically enilod tlie.lhvestluatlon Into
Wi death, i ' ' ' ,'1
Coroner Ewjle'e theory, as he ex
plained It last night, Is that Mr. Weav
er's diath wnsi purely the' result of nn
accident that tffreA .out of hU litnbtllty
tq control tho blir dan Tho flnulrtit of
the manufacturer's 'pocltotbook half a
mllo away from tho scene of the wreck
Indlcatne, tho CoroneV declared, that he
wiu robbed while unt6nicIou;
rtllsa Meier, who.io hoiim Is In nronx
vlilr, wns found jterday nfltrnoon
nftor It ' had bean rumored through
Westchester county that Mr. "Weaver-
was seen In the compnny of a young
woman several haura before the acci
dent. She told without hesitancy about
meetlnir Mr, Woavfr Knturrtny afternoon,
They had dinner at tho Slwnnoy Oolf
Club Saturday nluht. At 9 o'clock they
loft to go to a rcmlhou'o In tho lioston
Post road. They remained thcro two
iours. durlnp which tlrno Mr. Weaver,
.uvordltiK to her statement, liad several
Later they went to another road
houMi, on the boundary line between
Bronxvjtfo and TonKers. Hero Mr.
Weaver had more drinks, she said. She
liitliled the drank nothing. It waa 1
o'clock when they got Into the nutbmo.
bllo and drove away from tho road
house. Mr. Weaver was at tho wheel
of tho rrih chine. She said that he drove
to her Home and left her there about
1:30 o'clock.
Coroner Enule believes' the Weaver au.
tomablle was In a slight collision before
the young woman was taken home. Hbl
theory Is based on the finding of a
fipllntor of bark on ono of the wheels.
It was learned yesterday that Mr.
Weaver cashed a check for $30 early In
the evening-, and a tobuUlton of the
sums ho spent In the various rosdhouses
Indicated he should have had about JB
left when tho acldent occurred. This
money was found In a pocket of his
trouus. But whoeve took his wjitch and
chain and pocketbook evidently under
took to strip the automobile, (according
to Coroner Bnglo and the police. The
Krctse cups had been removed from
runny of tm hearings anil one of the
nhgoi! mlpRlng when the. wreck, was
first Inspected.
The autopsy performed yesterday by
Dr. Oliver L. AUBtln of Tuokahoa
sliuwotl Mr. Weaver's death was caused
by n fracture of the skull. Ho nlso suf
fered InMirrml Injuries and frneturfs
of tho left arm an,l Its. Coroner KnRlo
announced last nlsht' thnt his Investiga
tion will proceed to-Juy. '
Partners of Chinese and Oth-,
irs at 4 Cents a Head,
Pour of ten girls who were arresjtd
Saturday night in Tlilrd avenue dance
hall admitted yesterday In Women'
Court that they had run away from
homer Ethel O'Neill, a policewoman, at-,
tached to the Mart of Deputy Pollco Com
mlslsoner O'Qrady, said the girls, whose
ages rango from IS to 20, wero,cmploye4
as Instructors, and that they were danc
ing with Chinese and men of ithcr na
tionalities. The girls testified that they
received four- cents from each ten cent
danco ticket purchased, and said that
they could not discriminate.
The four who admitted they had run
away from lionlo were Irene I,eln or
1523 First avenue, May Phillips, 88 Clin
ton street, nnd Kntherine Bell and Ileal
rice Loft, both of 330'Flfth street, Jersey
City, Virginia Blaplnn of 238 Went
Twenty-second stroet, another of tho ten.
asserted she was the wife ot ono of tho
proprietors of tho danco hall; Mnglo
trato Norrls ndjourncd the case until to
day and committed the girls to tho Flor
ence crittcnton Home In SfiOO ball each
ONLY t&ngs of acknowladged worth caiji' acquire and
retak die prwti f lW&p. The world is not dis
posWtopcte&irmjIk 'si quick to emulate success.
Consider die tezmt flwikad changes in the design and con
struction of motor awf. Thin recall which car it was that
first tttrajucMl totte striking ad van
Cole Ctmtiom Strike New Note
The lew lwlWyiMi high Adewrfefoed a tke apoatorefthepro.
etmi; die saotce eenwi at tfaa nmp, the est rape m motor car design as well a
vakne4 ?f; rka ta uxlkifmt turn a baler m mscksmeal achievtment, the
to stern facte fctrame the ommimg (jik cfrm-fifGHT is seasons ahead
chajrts tMtor car dttimm.
... J , ... Iu prWflD " betag refortified again and
Att t, g ainmg bfluerk c6n-
cacro-tomiT. f tmm t esecckc over the works of its
Aerotype rctipO wji its sew(snt cooteaapaswiea, who nave accepted Cole
15,000 aB&a m kiwsjttowNalAof actam as the ones to which they,
power; to maim aaad adimmte; m tWftlvTs, wooM baild.
iocteateei guA&fyi axtotnyim nc6 ac
adevmea tuU mis tt&gt t mthmmrv " m tommk$bipifibeCteo4en
hvetlmdMiaM$&b BMWT jm tfet feelkg f prkk Jq the
. , pfjiMaii of a tfcitsg whose worth is a
, :77rr fm &za th to
mm Mf iifi w -i. - m- m
; " 1 v." mmms. fesw 9
1804 Broadway, New York,, Tel.. Circle 510
At -59th Street
1 1 Bi 1 1 1 ir-
aSapiC 1 1 1 1 1 1 nrttafif
' ' 11
11 It? til
Thbre's a Touch Of-Tomorbow In All Colb Dobs today
1 15 ' Crolon Utriiv Co
rwoa-on-uuuion n y . . . . CrotoD Oitstv
"itwa inp. . A. H. P.Jotor s1m cv
MUlrton . , . N. Y. DutCfifMAutoWdfiumihr
hJmprton n.y. .... vht Ar Bbclf
Mt. Vernon
Vhlt Mitas
Yonlcrj. . .
natatury .
N. Y. . . Howard K. luixt
m' i? A W wf Motor CarOS
X- Q a- AutomobUe Hales Co.
N.Y. . . . Thorn St Thorn; Inc.
rJV ' ' l$!'tt Osnwo. Inc.
Cuua.,. . . Water bury Unlet Co.
It reached vour eves-
id it reach your HEART?
You ve seen the Interchurch kdvertisbg. In newspapers.
In magazines.
You know that 30 great denominations are cooperating in
a world plan to make each church and each denomination render
bigger, broader service for all mankind. You know something
of tine needs that must be met
more and better hosoitals
n, more and better Christian schools
r : more doctors abroad
; V more teachers abroad
a living wage for ministers
;; , Americanization
meeting the rural problem ,
an expanding Drosrram in our American cities
H . m W W TT ' 1
t v an adequate program of Evangelism for the
whole world,
to make the spirit of Jesus dominant in our
national and world problem and program
You ve read of this it reached your eyes, but hasnt reached
your heart? .
Millions of members of our churches have already re
sponded. Generously! The response is growing every day
every hour. But hundreds of thousands who are not connected
with the churches, but are friendly to the Evangelistic and Phil
anthropic program of the churches, have not been reached
hence, this direct appeal.
, If you have not been asked to give your share to this, God
work, for mankind, give now and -give from your heart.
NOW! '
Give now. Don't wait longer for a canvasser to call. You
need send no payment now your promise will be sufficient.
Please fill out the pledge below. Give the maximum amount ,
according to your ability to give or as you have been prospered
this has meant thus far amounts ranging from many hundreds
"or thousands per month down to $50 a month, $25 a month,
$5 a month, $ 1 a month--even the smallest amount will help
carry on ttie great work of the Kingdom of God just that much
further. Write your address plainly and mail the pledge below
The fettWcatiM ! tUt aitertkeaeat it Bade tatsible tkesga tie cer&tia 31 J-rniMlnHiffii
Tear off and Mail TODAY
In recoffiitim of the goodness of God, I want to assist i)i making possible -the
enlargement of tho missionary, benevolent, educational and philanthropic wbrk of th
rf And I hereby agree to give, for one year only, May 15th. 120-May 16th, 1921,
the sum of $ v. . which I promise to pay in
monthly installments, beginning May 15th, 1920.
quarterly .Instal ments, beginning May 16th, 1920. ' J 1 'i
payment m full by check herewith.
(Indicate by croM-mark which method ofpayment-you select.) ,'
-' ' . - '' "? ' ' f
. Mo ma ......... :'- .
. ..-......., . . , '..;. m . ..............
.-., .......
Street Address
city state :.;v.v,
Send pledge or make, out check to
. 's '
' ' . r
GEORGE MFOWLES, Trea.urer, 45 Weat 18th Street, NwiYork tlty : !&
r . , .... . , - - s : i 1 ,-, ""-v
4 '
, . -
i . r
V.'vJL.ZtLz "
s, v'
"imwpf I i-rr i f -i - ' i i it im - "

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