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Arsi Field-Weds; -f
Viscount Astor
Gives Her Away
jlr, Arthur Trco Marries in
London Widow of Henry
Marshall Field.
Iixdo, May 4. Mra. Nancy Perkins
n,ia widow of Henry Marshall Field of
Jhif'co.wamarrled to-dnytoMr, Arthur
nonaltl L!""bert Field Tree The bride,
i'ha Is a nleeo of Lady Afltor, was given
, '..y by Viscount Astor. Mr. Tree la a
. 'of I-i'ly "catty, wlfo of Admiral
Viscount Heatty, hy a former marriage.
m Tree Is one of many grand
rtildren of the Iato Col. Chlswell D.
,,'.,orn of Virginia, and alio la a
rltce of Mr Charles Dana Gibson, who
i.ulthhcr sister, Lady Aatori In London
ml attended the wedding, and 'of the
ti ,n Mrs. Itobert II. Brand of London
,m Washington and Mra. Paul Phlppa
II London. Sho waa Introduced to
!' l(7y n New York by Mrn. C-lbson In
iiis and was married to the late Henry
w li February 7, 1916, In tho New York
Tome of Mr. and Mrs. Gibson. Mr. Field
Sled In July of that year following an
Mr Tree Is a grandson of the late
Lambert we ui vimasu, i ..o
American Ambassador to Italy.
Wife Obtains Decree
France Is Report.
Mr Osden L. Mills yesterday declined
to dl'cuss news from Paris that his
tffo who is a daughter of Mrs. William
K Vandcrbllt. had obtained n divorce.
In' admitting the divorce Mra. Mills was
snoted as having aald: "I thought
(urybody knew about tti" Mr. Mills
iras asked about the matter nt the
headquarters of tho Republican County
Committee, of which he la treasurer.
I have nothing to say," ha said.
Mr. and Mrs. Mills had lived apart
for several months, and the eport of
their divorce did not surprise their ac
quaintances here. Mrs. Mills went
abroad some time ngq to Join Mr. and
Mrs. Vanderbllt at Chateau de Qucsnay,
Toulouse, their home In France,
Holden Stennlc.
Miss M. Alice Stenglc. daughter of
Mr Charles I. Stenglc, secretary of the
Municipal Civil Service Commission, was
mtrrled on Monday to Major Nelson
Miles Holilen, M. D., by Deputy City
Clerk Michael J. CruUe In the Municipal
Building. They will live at 63 Halsey
fireet. Brooklyn. The bride waa a stu
dent at Erasmus Hall and Girls High
School In Brooklyn. Dr. Holden, who
Jj a practising physician of Brooklyn,
I a yon of Dr. T. N. Holden of New
Tork and a nephew of Major-Gen. Nel
n A. Miles, retired. Ho Is the vice
president of tho Brooklyn Medlc.il So
ciety and Is connected as a specla'lst
u'th Hie Long Island College Hospital.
New York.
Miss Ann A. Thome,i daughter of Mr.
and Mra. Edwin Thorn of B68 Madison
avenue, will be married to Mr. Itobert
It. Tltua June 13 at her parents' country
house In Weal lallp, I I, The matron
of honor will be tho brlde'a alater, Mra.
Harry Kenraaga Knapp, Jr. Misses
Katharine Francis, HnriMetto Simmons,
Margaret W, Davison, Phyllis Batcheller,
Frances P. Isham and Dorothy Tltua
will be' bridesmaids. A breakfast will
Mlas Hetty D. ricrson, daughter of
Mr. and Mra. J, Fred Pleraon, Jr., and
Mr. Schuyler Livingston Parsons, whoso
mnrrlage takea place Saturday In tho
Church of the Heavenly neat, obtained
their marriage license yesterday, Tho
Rev. Herbert Shlpman, rector of tho
church, and the nov. William G. Thaj er
will perform tho ceremony.
Dr. nnd Mra. Norman B. Tltua have
returned from a trip around tho world
and nre nt COO Madison avenue. They
will start for France on tho Cedrlc next
week and will bo In Spain for part of
tho summer. Mra. Tltua waa Mlsa Helen
Anita De Witt, daughter of the late Mr,
and Mrs. William T. Do Witt.
In Morrtatown, N. J., on May 29, Mlsa
Myra Fraser, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Georgo C. Fraser, wilt be married to Mr.
Grlnncll Martin, eon of Mr. and Mrs.
Newell Martin of this city and Mllford,
Congratulations are being extended
to Mr. and Mrs. Francis Leggctt Whlt
rYtarsh upon the birth of a daughter at
thftlr home, 11 East Eighty-second
street. ' Mra. Whltmarsh Is a daughter
of Mra Horace Ingcraoll.
Mrs. Ward Douglas, daughter of Mrn.
Luther Kountze, and Mr. Williams Proud
flt Burden, whoso engagement waa an
nounced a few days ago, will be married
In Mrs. Kountze'a home, 5 East Fifty
seventh street, May 12.
Mr. and Mrs. Francesco P. FInocchlafo
of 44 West Sevcrty-sevcnth rtreet will
give a reception with muslo next Sat
urday. Mr. and Mrs. Macgrane Coxa of 160
West Fifty-ninth street have taken the
Mansion House in Hohokus, N. J. for
their courUry home.
Mrs. How,ard Carroll and her daugh
ter. Miss Caramal Carroll, will move to
their country house at Tarrytown, N. Y.,
next Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. George W. Chllds Drexel
of Philadelphia aro passing a few days
at the St. Itcgls.
Mrs. Hugh D. Auchlncloss will start
for Europe July 8 with Miss Annie B.
Jennings. They will pass the summer In
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frederick W. Vandcrbllt
will nass a part of the summer at their
new houso In Bari Harbor, Me.
Mlsa Katherlne Van Ingen haa Joined
hrr mother. Mra. Edward Van. Ingen, at
White Sulphur Springs.
:vk .... . ,.
Mlsa Evelyn Loow haa arrived from
Farmlngton, come to be one of the
bridesmaids at the wedding of her alater,
Mlea Barbara Loew, who Is to be mar
ried In St ThomaVa Church to-morrow
to Mr. Edwin M. Post, Jr.
The Ambassador of Great Britain and
Lady Geddes dined last night with Mrs.
Honry "p. Dlmock, who had thirty
gueata to meet them. For Lady Geddca
nnd Mra. H. Honry Harrlman of Now
York Mra. Marshall Field save a
luncheon yesterday.
Representative and Mra. Nlcholaa
Longworth started yesterday for Cin
cinnati for a brief stay.
Mr. and Mr. Ellhu Root arrived In
Washington yesterday and are at tho
New Wlllard.
Mra. Lnrz Andersen haa returned to
her Washington tesldenco from Weld,
her place nt Drookllne, Mass.
At Other Places.
Mr. and Mra. John Winn, who were
married laat month In Antwerp, Bel
glum, have arrived In Boston and are
guests of Mr. Wlnn'a mother, Mra. Agnes
H. Winn, BrooMlne. The bride waa Miss
Jeanno Francotse Burlandy, daughter
of Louis Joseph Burlandy of Llego. Mr,
Winn waa a captain of artillery on tho
ataft of Major-Gen. Henry T. Allon. now
commanding the American forces In
Germany. The couple expect to live In
New York.
Mr. Mnraden J. Perry of Providence,
who with Mrs. Perry has been occupy
ing an apartment In Tark avenue, New
York, since last autumn, Is critically 111
Mra. Julia French Geraghty and her
brothers, Messre. Stuyvesant Lcroy
French nnd Amos Tuck French of New
port, will pass tho summer In Europe.
Mrs. Ellsha Dyer haa opened Wny
alde, her villa In Newport, and will ar
rive for tho season to-morrow.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Fltzhugh White
house and Mrs. Forsythe Wicks of New
York are at the Mucnchlnger King, New
port. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Astor Brlsted
arrived ycaterday at lakeside In Lenox
from New York, and Mrs. Alexander
Sedgwick and Miss Christina D. Sedg
wick arrived In Stockbrldgo from Santa
Barbara, Cal.
France to Decorate Women Here.
Tho Junior Emergency Relief Society,
formerly the Junior War Relief So
ciety, will give a luncheon to-morrow at
tho Btltmore tc close Its sixth season.
After the lunch;on Mr. Maurice Case
nave of the Fren .h High Commission will
present to Mrs. Walter Eyre Lambert,
president of the organisation, and to
Miss Lucy Howe and Mrs. Markham
Marshall, who aro officers, the decora
tlona conferred on them by tho French
Government In recognition of work for
war relief. Mr. Gaston Llebert, the
French Consul-general : Capt H. Oloe
ter Armstrong, tho British Conaul-Gcn.
eral, and Rev. Dr. William T. Manning
will speaK
For everybody!
"Betty, Be Good"
Comes In and
Is All of That
Another Mnsicnl Comedy
Lands Flcaanntly on
, Broadway.
cal (tree, Muste by Hugo Rleatntelil.
Lyrlca by Harry' n. Bmlth. Adapted from
a French vnudevllle by Bcrlbi',
First llrlilenmald Mlas Oraco llallam
I'lrat Clueit i... Ml.i niaiys Elliott
Hcond duett Mlaa Loulie Iltrary
Page Mlaa France Oram
Homer Hliort Ilaymond Oawnld
I'liHUp teller Worthlnaton llomalna
MaggU Mlas Jeanattn Wllion
Ilemnlce ,,, 1 Mlas Thy Daly
Col. Rtarkweather Eddta Oanla
Mrs, Hlnrkwcotlii-r Mlaa Joale lntroptdl
Tom I'rlca , Irving Beahe
Amy Starkweather .... Mlaa Cleonla Hewitt
Sam Klrby , Frank Crumlt
Hetty Ut . Mlia Jnaephlne Wlilttell
Marlon Lov Mlaa Vlvtenne Oakland
Madame O'Toolo Mlaa Lucllla 'Manlon
Uuy , Itaymond Oawald
I'ercy reter Molt
Tha encore la frequently condomned,
but Inat night at the Casino It wria a
bleaslnp. The constant recalls at "Betty,
Be Good" i nablod the audience to be
come aaturated with Hugo Rlcaenfeld'a
musical setting to tho comedy, nnd It
was mualc that waa well worth bring
ing ono'a ears for. Moreover, tho en
cores kept the plot frob bollllng over too
In faot, It waa Rlesenfeld's acoro
which made tho wheels of this musical
show prenntcd by Stewart and Morri
eon go round, and caused tho audience
frequently to extend a helping hand
to It. It is amoothly wrought, excellent
ly orchestrated and full of bright
fanclea that not even tho musical de
tectives could indict for having been
In a previous play. Though other aum
mcr mifolcAl pieces have opened lately,
Dr. Hlsenfeld'a U the first original
sign that summer Is here, deaplto the
evidence of one's overcoat For his nre
the kind of melodies that one can listen
to on the hottest, drngglest days, when
one doesn't care what becomes of tho
comedians or their cold atorngo Jokca.
He left his duties managing the Rlvoll,
Hlalto.nnd Criterion to conduct the or
chestra. The piece haa the further advantage
of having a atory to tell, though thla
sometimes crowds Itself Into tho fore
ground and makes the principals stand
back and give it air. It la on familiar
ground that Harry B. Bmlth has accli
mated ft French vaudeville by Scribe,
after treating it liberally with lyrics
and the latest Jokes about bombs. Rus
sians and prohibition. His comedy pat
tor la not always-of the sure fire va
rlet, but It la written In Intelligible Eng
lish, at any rate. And it would have
appeared to better advantage If the
players, with first night nervousness,
hadn't rushed their comedy scenes so
faat they were left sparring for wind.
A chorus of exceptionally pretty girls
rendered his numbers with exceptional
vim and grace, ao that "Listen to My
Heart Beat" brougbt fond memories of
"Oh Boy" and others of the old mas
ters. Mlsa Josephine Whlttell aa Betty
looked handsome, danced earnestly and
sang "Keep the Love Lamp. Burning"
so effectively with Irving Beebo, the
suave hero.- that It seema destined to
pass Into the pianolas. Miss Georgia
Hewitt sang "Tell Mo, Dailsy" with a
well controlled voice and looked and
acted with the charm of a blond Con
stance Blnney. Eddie Garvle as a phi
landering father. Frank Crumlt. Miss
Joale Intropldl. Mrs. Vlvlenne Oakland
and Grant and Wing In a specialty
dance were othera who moved with
speed and precision, inspired by David
Bennett, who did the staging. By grare
of lta music "Betty, Be Good " doesn't
have to be. It Is good.
$3,000,000 Corporation to
Produce and Distribute.
Adolph Zuker, president of the Fa
mous Players-Lasky Corporation, an
nounced yesterday the formation of a
$3,000,000 corporation, modelled after
that organization, for the production and
distribution of motion pictures In India.
The new company Is td be known aa the
Indian Empire Famous, Playera-Laaky
Film Company, Ltd., and waa organized
'in conjunction with British and Indian
Frank Meyer, assistant secretory of
'the American company and Tarkington
Baker, prominent In film production,
will Btart soon for Bombay, where they
Hill build a studio and laboratory. Later
a. Btock company of American film play
ers will be sent to ,Indla to produce
Paramount pictures In Indian settings
with native associates.
Starts Next Tuesday Phila
delphia Season in Doubt.
Mr. Glullo Gattl-Casaxza, general
manager of tha Metropolitan Opera
Company, will start for Italy next Tues
day. Before his departure he will make
known hla prospectus for 1920-21. Mr.
William 3. Guard, preaa representative,
will accompany him to Italy. I
Announcement Is expected In a fnw
days aa to whether or not the Metro
polian Opera Company will continue to
give opera In Philadelphia next aeason.
Doubt waa thrown over Phlladelphla'a
regular Tuesday night performance
during the season of 1920-21 by the
recent purchase by Fred NIxon-NIrd-llnger
of the Metropolitan Opera Houte
In Philadelphia, In which Mr. Gattl
Casazza'8 forces have been singing.
Hears Yonng .Musical Artltta.
Artur Bodanzky yesterday gave the
final hearing In Carnegie Hall for the
discovery, of new orchestral music of
valuo by American composers and of
native born Instrumental soloists 'who
may make their debuta next aeaaon
with the National Symphony Orchestra
Four apeclal rehearsals of the orchestra
were devoted to the performance of
more than twenty compositions. One
afternoon and one forenoon were given
up to the hearing of promising young
pianists and violinists, one or more of
whom New York la practically certain
of hearing before the end of this year.
Miss Anna Case Starts for London.
I Mlsa Anna Case, American Concert
soprano, waa among the possengera
starting by tho St. Paul for London.
She will alng May 20 In Queena Hall,
London, with Charle8 Gilbert Spross,
composer-pianist, at me piano, air.
Spross haa been associated with Miss
.Case jn her American toura.
Vaudeville Artist' Benefit To-day.
Thla la national vaudeville artlata' day,
and In the theatrea all over thla country
and Canada the gross receipts of per.
formaseca tt!U bo given to their side and
, Insurance funds. So the vaudeville en
tertainers win be worKing entirely lor
their own benefit to-day.
Miss Mary Kennedy and Miss 'Eva
AGO," romantic comedy, by Arthur IUch
man. A Lamplighter John Oray
Sylvia Mlaa Margaret Moalor
Mary MlaatLeatta Miller
Rials Dover Mlaa Evtf Lo (lalllenuo
Sam Iloblniton Thomas Mitchell
Michael Dover Albert Recil
Mra. Dallnril Mlaa Kither Lyon
Uraula llallard Mlsa Drth Martin
Agnea Mlaa Mollle Adams
noiamond Olll Mlsa Mary Kennedy
Hilly DnllarU Sidney lllackmcr
Ilupvrt Hancock Gilbert Douglas
.Giving the glad hand to the young
playwright being one of the plcasantcst
duties of the commentator on theatrical
affairs, It becomes our task to salute
Arthur RIchman, hitherto unknown to
the fame of Longacro Square. He wrote
"Not So Long Ago." which tho Shuberts
presented last night at tha Booth Thea
tre. Mr. RIchman has. It appears, al
ready passed tnrough the process of be
ing "presented." This happened two
yeara ago, In Philadelphia, In connection
with a play called 'The Llttlo Belgian."
Evidently the young playwright, al
though "presented" then, was not .ac
cepted, since he waa not again heard of
until last night
There la a great deal to' be aald In
his favor. He was courageous enough
in tho first place to make his play
around tho Cinderella legend. Playa on
thla theme are always sure to Interest
the public, whether they bo of the char
acter that leads finally to a blaiso crowd
of supers watching a variety show In
the Royal Palace or to tissue paper fan
tasy In the latest manner of Barrle. Tho
new playwright haa shown even greater
wisdom In his choice of material, for he
has crossed the Cinderella theme with a
strain of "Romeo and Juliet." Who
could deny that, although playing safe,
ho waa also following a trail that had
led to tho heights?
Atmosphere of Old New York.
When the skeleton la familiar at sight
there Is only the device of draping the
Atmosphere, ns It were, decoratlvely
about the frame. Abandoning Verona,
Mr. RIchman placed his young lovers In
the New York of, say, forty years ago.
That period seems almost as old aa a
dramatic critic who talks about Mod
Jeska and "Miss Multon," but It Is really
not nearly bo remote as a critic of, say,
the golden age of Miss Blllle Burke
would have you believe. There Is, In
order to treat either of hla themes suc
cessfully, need of sentiment In the
author's manner. Mr. RIchman Is quite
sentimental enough without danger of
melting. He Is also humorous In the
more or less whimsical way of the play
wright who would put the characters
and the life of this city when Nlblo's
was Its favorite theatre and tho search
ers for the piquant In amusement went
to Tony' Poator1 on our stage to-day.
The Fate of Cinderella.
This time 'Cinderella Is ft seamstress.
In the house of a social climber, who may
have been the first of her kind, althqugh
wc doubt It. She is interested sentimentally-
In tho eon of this house. Her
.father, learning of her Infatuation for
the young man without learning also
that It Is Imaginary on tho girls part,
acta out to discover his Intentions. He
la n poor Inventor. The mother of the
youth, ambitious chiefly tor her children,
shudders at the thought of marriage
for her son with a sewing girl. Hero
crashes through the gcutlo action of the
play the Montaguo and Capulet motive.
But the prince contrives, to put the
slipper on tho right foot and the end Is
In happiness. If there 13 nothing revo
lutionary nor startling In Mr. Rich
mond's fiction there Is at least nothing
that Involves too much risk. It moves
languidly, but the feeling of the scenes
Is quaint and agreeable.
Tbe Work of the Actors.
Miss Eva Lo Gallienne played the ro
mantlo girl, who quoted the popular ro
mances of the time and lived her day
dreams 'in a happy haze of harmless
mendacity, Hera was qui to the moat
distinguished performance. She acted
with variety and charm, spoke her lines
with Intelligence and some evidence of
skilled control of voice. She had quite a
little deserved triumph, though never
foreshadowed by provlous achievements.
Mr. Blackmer aa the youthful lover itnve
to the part all the Importance that an
agreeable personality possesses and
played the serious scenes with sincerity.
But rich opportunities for comedy were
lost. With experience he should be a
most engaging young player.
G. H. Trader, Thomas Mitchell, as a
confident but rejected suitor; Miss Es
ther Lyon, as the ambitious mother:
Miss Mary Kennedy and Mlsa Beth
Martin .were admirable. Gilbert Doug
las gave a skilful portrayel of a young
man of fashion In those rcmbte days.
The three acta are richest In the charm
of youth and love. Fortunately tho at
tractive young persons selected by tho
Shuberts for tho play are able .to look
youth and charm as well as talk about
Pr fSBBBBHK tv . nt ii IjSBSJSssw
ftotea of the Theatres. .
John D. Williams will present at Max
Ine Elliott's Theatre next Wednesday
evening an American play. "All Soula'
Eve,'" by Anne Crawford Flexner, which
deals with spiritism. Lola Fisher and
Cyril Kelghtley will head the cast.
Following the end of the long en
gagement of the American Slngera at
the Park. Theatre that house will Btart
a supplemental season on Monday, May
17, with Chauncey Olcott in Rlda John
aon Young's Irish drama, "Macushla,"
under the direction of A. L. Erlanger.
Barnard Hlshln, London theatrical
manager and for the last two yeara
president of the English Touring Man
agers' Association, Is conferring with
Le Gallienne in "Not So Long Ago."
American producers hero with' a vlow to
exchanging English and American. plays.
The annual theatre party for the Hill
Top Cafnp, a Bummer homo for the deli
cate children of the Presbyterian Hos
pital district, will bo given next Friday
evening at the Knickerbocker for, "Shav
ings." Basil Broadhurst, son of George
Broadhurst, producer of "Tho Storm"
and "The Wonderful Thing," has won a
box awarded at the Lambs Club for the
Actors Equity Association benefit at the
Metropolitan Opera Houso next Sunday.
Joseph Weber engaged Uassard Short'
yesterday for "Honeydew," tho musical
comedy, with score by Efrem ZImbalist
and book by Joseph Herbert.
Adolph Klauber, through thejcourtesy
of Sam H. Harris, has engaged Grant
Mitchell for the leading comedy rolo In
"Scrambled "Wives.."
News reached New York yesterday of
the death In the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George B. Van Cleve, In Miami, Fla.,
of George Francis Griffin of Chicago,
Boston and New York. Death fol
lowed an, attncktfof apoplexy. Mr. Grif
fin returned Sunday night to Miami
from a cruise on board hla yacht and
waa the gueEt of Mr. and Mrs. Van
Cleve, who are rcsldentB of New York.
Mr. Griffin, who waa 33 years old.
Inherited a fortune and waa head of
tho Griffin Cartwheel Company of Chi
cago and Boston. He spent much time
In New York and was a member of the
Metropolitan, Catholic, Columbia Uni
versity and Lambs clubs of thla city.
He also was a member of the Chicago
and University clubs of Chicago. Ho
gave liberally to charities and waa
actively Interested In various phases of
welfare work during the war. He la
survived by two daughters and a son.
--rM: J'
Word of the death of Andre Lesourd,
Paris representative with Georges Ver
ley, of tho law firm of Evarts, Choate,
Sherman & Leon, 60 Wall street, waa
received here from Paris yesterday. M.
Lerourd was one of the beat known at
torneys of Paris, and during the early
part of the war served aa a lieutenant
In the French army. In 1916 ho became
legal adviser of the French Government
nt London,, remaining there until the
end of the war. He was awarded tho
British Military Cross. From 1900 to
1905 M. Lesourd waa In this country,
associated with Maurice Leon.
Jamca 'S. Barcus, Sr., died Monday
at the home of his brother, William B.
.Barcus, 26 North N'lnth street, New
ark. He was born In Indiana In 1863.
He studied law at Columbia University,
nnd returned to Indiana, where he en
tered politico. After serving a term In
the Indiana Senate he came to thla city
and entered the publishing field. He
was president of the Bureau of Na
tional Literature HI West Thirty
sixth street. He was a member of the
Union League, Rotary, Wykagyl and
New York Athletic clubs and of the
Masonic and Elks fraternities.
Charles Frederick Cofflnf- a member
of the New York Produce Exchange
and formerly a member of the Mont
clalr (N. J. Town Council, died Sunday
at his home In Montclalr, at tho age of
62. He served on the board of arbitra
tion of the Produce Exchange. Lost
month he was elected to the' nominating
committee to select a ticket of officers.
Mr. Coffin waaborn In Brooklyn and
educated In the schools there. Later he
was admitted to the bdr In New York
State. As a mark of respect for the
former official the Montclalr municipal
flags havo been ordered at 'half staff.
Isaac Hallam Jenncy, secretary of
Peter Ullsey & Co., real estate, dealers
,of 25 East Twenty-sixth street, died
Monday at his homo, SiO Seventh ave
nue. He waa born In 1871'ln tho. Ameri
can consulrr ita1der.ee at Bogota, Co
lombia, and waa graduated from Yale"
In 1892. He waa a member of Squadron
A and tho Yale Club. Ho. leaves hla
wlfo and a daughter.
Judge F. I.. Young's Father Dead.
Judge Frank L. Young of White
Plains received word yesterday of the
death of his father, Levi W. .Young, of
Union Springs, N. Y. Mr. Young died
Monday night, on hla' 85th birthday.
His wife died twelve years ago. Judge
Young went to Union Springs yesterday
and his court will be closed until Friday.
Vauitib, N. Y.. May 4. Mra. Martin
Glynn, mothef of former Governor Mar
tin H. Glynn Of Albany, died at her
home here to-night She had been a
resident of this village for more than
fifty yeara.
Obituary Notes.
Samuel Ebert Mills, civil war veteran,
died yesterday at the Mill homestead,
Greenwich, Conn. He was of the eighth
generation of the Mills family.
The Rev. Patrick J. Martin, former
chaplain of St. Clare's Academy, Mount
Hope, N. Y., died yesterday in White
STURM. To Mr. and Mrs. Ltx F.
Sturm (nee Adele Schulti), a boy.
May 3, 789 Weat End v.
jttl - 1 , , r-r IW
tin F, Feltncr of Bayahoro, L. I.,
announces the engagement of her
sister, Mrs. Lulu H. IIubbclL to Mr,
Howard Drummond of New York
MALCOM KOUES. On Thursday,
April 29, at St. Thomas's Church
Chantry, by Rev, Dr. Ernest M,
Htlrea, Dorothy Dudley Koues to
George I do Malcom, Jr.
Abernethy, C. IJ. 8.
Armatrong, W. F.
Baldwin, Anson
Barcus, Jnmos S.
Blllqvist, Ellen C.
Blschoff, J, Henry
Bliss, Howard 8.
Bogert, Georgo W.
Bonncll, George B.
Collin, Charles F.
Condron, Michael
Pe Mirmm, F. fl.
Doremus, Clarissa
Duko, Matthias
Forrls, T. M.
Jennoy, Isaac II.
Lesser, Israel
Martin, Patrick J.
Maxwell, William II.
Morrill. Horace E.
Meyers, William C.
Moran, Florcnco
Murray, Robert
Noe. William R.
Outcrbrldge, IL H.
Palmer, John
Price, William T.
O.Rothochtld, Josoph
Shute, J,ennlo M,
Stephany, Emtl
J.Thtimpson, E. A.
Tonettl. Francois M.
Wntson, Carolyn A.
Youngs, Addison I.
Fitzgerald, Daniel
Fornyth.C. E. M.
Freund, Rebecca
Gooscn, Katie
Hnrrlngton, A. W.
Hone, Charles R.
In Memorlaro.
Hulkley. Charlotte A. Newman. Joel
Keenan, Patrick
On May 4, nt her residence, Cor
nelia Burr Smith (Abcrnothy), In
the 81st year of her nge. Funeral
services at Greenwood Chapel
Thursday afternoon nt 2 o'clock.-
ARMSTRONG. William Fletcher, mid
denly, at Chicago, on Sunday, May
2, In tho 67th year of his ago. Fu
neral' services will be held at tho
chapel at Evergreen Cemetery, New
Haven, Conn., on Wednesday, May
5, at 2:30 P. M. Carriages will
moot train leaving New York at
11:30 A. M city time.
BALDWIN. At his home, 11 "Dudley
placo, Yonkers, May 3, Anson, hus
band of Marian Langford and son
of Elisabeth P. nnd the late Hall S.
Baldwin. Funeral service at St
John's Episcopal Church, Yonkers,
Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock.
Interment St. John's Cemetery.
BARCUS. At Newark, N. J on Mon
day, May 3, 1920, Senator James S.
Barcus. Funeral services at the
homo of hla brother, William Bar
cus, 26 North 9th St., jn Wednes
day afternoon, May 5, at 2 :30.
Members of Kano Lodge, No. 454,
F. & A. M., are Invited to attend.
Interment at tho convenience of
BILLQVIST. Tuesday morning, May
4, Ellen Campbell Sweetsor, wlfo of
C. Edward Blllqvist and daughter
of the late Frederic Swectser. Fu
neral services at 20 6th av. on
Thursday morning, May 6, at 10
BISCHOFF. On TueBday, May 4. 1920,
J. Honry Bischoff, In his 57th year,
beloved,father of John H. and Anna
A. Blschoff. Relatives and friends,
also members of United Brothers
Lodge, 356, F. & A. M. ; Attersber
ger Vereln, Huroon Club and Eighth
District Llquorers' Association are
respectfully Invited to attend the
funeral servIcA at hla late resi
dence, 82 Beach st. New York city,
on Thursday evening, May 6. 8 P.
M. Internment at Lutheran Ceme
tery. Automobile cortege.
BLISS. At Sa'ranac Lake. N. Y., Sun
day, May 2, 1920, the Rev. Howard
Sweetser Bliss, D, 73. LL. D., 'presi
dent of the Syrian Protestant Col
lege, Beirut, Syria, In his 60th yiiir.
Funeral at noon Wednesday, May
5, at Jaftrey. N. IL
BOGERT. Tuesday, May 4, 1920,
George W. Bogert, at hla residence,
Chatham, N. J. Notice of funeral
BONNELL. George Bertram, age 34,
son of Mrs. W. B. Royce of Mid
dletown, N. Y., result of automo
bile accident at Bombay, India, Frl
' day, April 30, 1920. Interment at
COFFIN. Charles Frederick, suddenly,
May '1. 1920, at his home, 57 Mel
rose place, Montclalr, N. J., hus
band of Alice Senn Coffin and son
of the late Lucy A. and Charlefl
Barker Coffln. Private funeral ser
vices were held at his late home
Monday, May 3.
CONDRON. On May 2, Michael Cbn
dron, beloved father of Mary, Will
iam -and Elizabeth. Funeral from
his late residence, 438 East 56th st,
on Wednesday, May 5, at 9:30 A.
M. ; thence to the Church of St
John the Evangelist East 65th at
Interment Calvary Cemetery.-
Db MUMM. Frances Scovllle, May8,
1920, In Paris, daughter of C, C. It
and Mary Lincoln Scovllle.
DOREMUS. On May 4, Clarissa Out
water, widow of Cornelius Doremus,
at Gedney Form Hotel. Funeral
services at the Central Presbyte
rian Church, Madison av. ftnd 57th
st, New York city, on Friday, May
7, at 11 A. M.
DUKE. Suddenly, on May 3, 1920,
Matthias Duke, age 93 years.
Friends are Invited to attend fu
neral services on Wednesday even
ing, May 6, 8 o'clock, at his late
residence, 1409 Sterling place,
Brooklyn. Jnterment Thursday,
Greenwood Cemetery.
FERRIS. On May 4, 1920, Thom&slna
Milne Ferris, at her residence, Deer
park -av., Babylon, N. Y., beloved
wife of Franklin Jacobs Ferris and
mother of George Milne Ferris and
Adelalne Enrlght Funeral private,
Thursday, May 6, at 2 P. M. Kind
ly omit flowers. San Francisco
papers please copy.
FITZGERALD. Daniel J, on Sunday,
May 2, beloved husband of Cather
ine Fitzgerald (nee Vaughan) and
father of Ircn Fitzgerald. Funeral
from hla late residence, 2766 Bain
bridge av., on Thursday, May 6, at
9 lie A. M. ; thence to Church of
Our Lady of Mercy, Marion av.,
near Fordham road. Automobile
FORSYTH. Entered Into rest on Tues
day, May 4, Cecelia E. Merrltt, be
loved wife of George W. Forsyth
and daughter of the late Jotham L.
and Hannah Merrltt Funeral aer
vlces at her late home. 700 Weat
178th at, Thuraday, May 6, at 8
FREUND. On May 4. Rebecca, dearly
beloved wife of Bernhart Freund.
Funeral from her late residence,
201 West 85th, on Friday, May 7,
at 10 A. M.
GOOSEN. Katie, on May 3, at her resi
dence, 241 East 4za st, in ner oisi
year. Funeral from 1ier late resi
dence on Thursday. May 6, at 11
A. M. Interment Lutheran Ceme
tery. Automobile cortege.
HARP.INGTON.-i-AUen Wardncr. on
Sunday, May 2, son of the late i
Thomas Ballard ana Ann .uzanetn
(Warrfner) Harrington. Funeral
acrvlcea nt St. Peter's Church, West
Cheater, New York city, on Wednes
day, May 5, at 3 P. M.
HONE. At St Luke's Hospital, Tues
day, May 4, Charlea Russell, son
of the late Charles Russell Hone
and Josephine Hoey Hone, In the
42d year of hla age. Notice of fu
neral hereafter.
JENNEY. On May 3, nt his residence,
ooo yin av., iaaa tiauam jenney,
beloved husband of May Russell
Jenncy, Funeral aervlco at St
Thomas's Church, 0th av. and 53d
at, on Thursday, May 6, at 10 A.
M, Interment private.
LESSEa On Monday, May 3, in hla
66th year, Israel Lesser, beloved
husband of Rosa (neo Mnrka), do
voted father of Irving nnd Dordlo.
beloved grandfather of Howard. Fu
neral services at hla late residence,
803 West 180th st, Wednesday,
May 5, at 10:30 A. M.
MARTIN. At White Plains, N. t., May
s, lszo, Rev. Patrick J. Martin, late
chaplain of St Clare's Academy,
Mount Hope, N. Y. Maas of re
quiem at tho Church of Our Lady
of the Rosary, Yonkcra, N. Y on
Thursday, May 6, at 10 A. M. In
terment at Holy Cross Cemetery,
Mount Hope, N. Y. Reverend
clergy, relatives and friends re
spectfully Invited.
MAXWELL. At his home, 88 Franklin
place, Flushing, L. I., William II.
Maxwell, Ph. b LL. D., M, A.,
City Superintendent of Schools
Emcrltua of the City of New York,
passed away on May 3 after a long
Illness. Funeral services at his late
residence on Wednesday, May 5, on
arrival of train leaving Pennsyl
vania Terminal at 10:20 A. M. In
terment private. Kindly omit
MERRILL. On May 3, at Lakehurst,
N. J Horaco Edward Merrill, In his
74th year, husband of Emily Bo
gert and father of Edith Dow. Fu
neral services at All Angels' Church,
West End av. at 81st st, on Thurs
day at 1 P, M. Portland (Me.) and
Now Orleans papers please copy.
MEYERS. Suddenly, on May 3, 1920,
at Germantown Hospital, Philadel
phia, William Chambers Meyers,
late Captain Ordnanco Department.
U. S. A., and brother of James Cow
den Meyers, In tho 40th year of his
age. Interment at Columbia, Pa.
MORAN. Mrs. Floronco Moran of
Bridgeport, Conn., mother of the
Rev. J. 1'. Moran. Friends and ac
qunlntancea Invited to attend sol
emn high requiem mass at St Pat
rick's Church, ' Bridgeport, Conn.,
Thursday morning at 10:30. In
terment Hi. Bernard, New Haven,
Conn., private. Plcaso omit flowers.
MURRAY. May 4, Robert Murray.
Funeral Stephen Merrltt'a Harlem
Chapel, 304 West 126th st, Thurs
day at 1 :30.'
NOE. Suddenly, nt hla residonce 174
Prospect st, East Orange, N, J., on
Tuesday, May 4, 1920, William R.
Noe, husband of Fanny Bennett
Noe, In his 67th year. Notice of fu
neral hereafter.
OUTERBRIDOE. Harriet II., In her
73d year, daughter of tho Iato Alex
andcr Ewlng and Laura C. Outer
bridge, at Mount Airy, Pa., on May
4, of pneumonia. Funeral nt con
venience of the family.
PALMER. John, Monday, May 3, be
loved husband of Martha Topslltx
Palmer and dear father of Viola T.,
Herbert M. and Luclle T. Funeral
PRICE. William Thompson, May 3, at
Presbyterian Hospital. Services
The Funeral Church (Campbell
Building), Broadway at ,CCth st,
on Friday, May 7. at 2 P. M.
ROTHSCHILD. On May 4. at his resi
dence, 351 West 114th fit, In his
71st year, Joseph, beloved brother
of Nathan, Louis, Mrs. Emma R.
Lesser and tho Iato Bertha Roths
child. Relatives, friends and mem.
bers of William McKlnley Lodge,
No. 840. F. & A. M., and Shakes
peare Lodge, No. 274, IC of P., In
vited to attend tho funeral, from
the chapel of Saul A. Rothschild,
159 West 120th Bt, on Thursday.
May 6, at 10 A. M.
William McKlnley Lodge. No.
840, F. & A. M., nnnounces with
great sorrow tho death of their be
loved secretary, Joseph itothscnim.
Funeral Thursday, May C, from
Rothschilds Funeral Chapel, 153
West 120th st, New York city, at
10 o'clock, where an emergent com
munication will bo held. Isaac
Jackson, Master.
ROTHSCHILD, Joseph. Shakespeare
Lodge, No. 274, IC of P. Officers
and members are requested to attend
the funeral of our Iato dearly be
loved brother, Undo Joe Roths
child, from Saul A. Rothschild's
Funeral Chapel, 159 West 120th St.,
on Thursday, May 6, nt 10 A. M.
Eugene A. Speler, Chancellor Com
mander. SHUTE. At her residence, 133 Rem
sen st, Brooklyn, on May 4, 1920.
in her 85th year, Jennie Martin,
wlfo of the late Henry Bruce Shute.
Services 'will be held at the Church
of the Saviour. Plerrcpont St.,
Thursday, May 6, at 2:30 P. M.
Interment private.
STEPHANY1. On Sunday, May 2, 1920,
Emll Stephany passed away, In his
67th year, at his residence, 1095
Prospect place, Brooklyn, beloved
husband of Margaret and father of
Emllle M. nnd John Henry. Fu
neral services will be held on
Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 at
Roemmle's Funeral Parlors, 1230
Bushwlck av., Brooklyn. Relatlvoa
and. friends are Invited to attend.
THOMPSON. On Tuesday, May 4,
1920 Edward Austin Thompson, De
loved husband of Josephine O. Hall.
Funeral from chapel. Greenwood
Cemetery, on Friday, May 7. at
11:30 A.M. I
TONETTI. On Sunday, May 2, 1920, In
hla 58th year, Francota Michel To
nettl. Funeral services nt his late
residence, 135 East 40th at, Wednes
day, at 10 A. M. ' Kindly omit
WATSON. May 4. 1920, Carolyn A,,
daughter of Eugene ana Margaret
A. Watson, pupllof publlo schools
69 and 18. Funeral services Ste
phen Merrltt's Chapel, 223 8th ar.,
near 21st st, Thursday, 12 M.
WHITMORE. On May 3, at hla resi
dence, 51 west lzsm st, wiuiam j.
Whltmore, member of Harlem Coun
cil, C. B. L. Solemn high requiem
masa at All Salnta Church, Madison
av. at 129th st. Thursday, 10 A. M.
Interment at Catvary cemetery.
Officers and members of Harlem
Council, 211, C. B. L.. are requc8ted
to attend funeral service of our
late comrade, William C. Whltmore.
81 West 128th st, Wednesday even
ing. May 6, at 8:15 o'clock. Su
premo Council and State Council
officers, also members of .tha Third
district, aro Invited to attend re
quiem masa Thuraday, May 6, All
Salnta' Church, Madison av. and
129th at, at 10 A. M. Frank J.
Cogan. Secretary, 137 West 118th st
YOUNGS. At Murray Hill, N. J, May
3, 1920, Addison i. xounga. son ox
the late David Addison ana Mary
Jane Youngs, aged 55 years. Fu
neral private.
BULKLEY. In loving memory of Char
lotte Amelia uuixiey, aiea May a,
KEENAN. In constant and loving
memory of Patrick Keenan, Cham
berlain City of New -York, died
May 5, 1907. 'To live In hearts we
leave behind is not to die." J. F. A.
NEWMAN. In loving memory of my
beloved husband, Joel .Newman, who
passed away May E, 1914. Minnie
NEWMAN. In loving memory of dear
itncle, Joel Newman, who died May
S, 1914. Aunt and Niece. '
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