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l2JX)0JkeTeme Straggle in Which Giants Beat Dodgers in IHk? to fcYmkees Lose to Senators, 6 to
Triples by Loar and Kolly Big
Factors in Tlirco Run
DodffCrfl Got tO BMltOll in tllO
Ninth for Tlirco Huns
nnd Assume. Lead.
Thrill crowded upon thrill at the Polo
Grounds yesterday afternoon. Every
element -which cots to make baseball
the great gome which It Is was 'ram
pant In an eleven Inning battle In which
the Giants triumphed over the Dodgers
by a score of 7 to. 0. It was a tense
ronlest from the start a tussle In which
tho players ran tho gamut ot nearly all
th possibilities of the same, and the
fifteen thousand onlookers passed
through all the emotions whlqh tho
human mind and eye, are capable of de
veloping. More than twelve thousand of the
spectators were there to see tho Giants
win, and they spent many an anxious
moment. For eight Innings they were
carried along on a swift current of Joy.
which apparently was leading straight
to victory and dinners free from the
shadow of a post-defeat grouclu At the
closa of the eighth tho New Yorkers
were In the van by 8 to 1, Rube Benton
was pitching good ball for them, and
the bacon looked as good as brought
Then came the ninth with Its three
runs for Brooklyn, and th,o enemy was
showing the way. Tho Giants were not
to bo denied. They made another run
in their half and the score was tied into
a Gordtan knot. The ninth inning not
only ushered, in the Brooklyn rally, but
It Inaugurated a series of attacks and
counter attacks, a verltablo phantasma
goria of thrills and disappointments,
hits and errors, swats of modest di
mensions and prodigious blows which
sent tho scarestaggerlng under their
Impact and sent the hearts of the on
lookers leaping Into frenzies of ecstasy.
Giants Always Came Back.
.Now hope for New York rose high,
only to be shattered, as the Dodgers,
with busy bats, sent themselves scurry
ing on the bases and sometimes across
the plate. Now some Inane play, some
fatal move, sent the supporters of the
Giants into the slough of despond. But
always there was a current of reaction.
Not once did the Giants fall to respond
to a Brooklyn rally with a rally of their
own, or to make up for shortcomings
In the field with' fielding deeds of their
own, or compensating enorta with the
tat. And tho last rally was that ot
New i ork. That la what counted most
After the Giants had tied tho score
at t to i In their half of the ninth there
was a lapse of one inning In the scor
ing. Neither side was able to do much
In tho tenth.. But in the eleventh tho
fury of their determination. to win broke
out anew. In their turn at bat the
Dodsers scored two more runs on. hits
by Elliott and Olson and errors by
Fletcher and Snyder. The game from
all Indications was as good as won by
Brooklyn, for New York in Its half was
to attempt to raIy with the lower end
or the batting order.
But Fute, hitherto pprvcrse'tor New
iorK, was intent on playing somo rooro
tricks. What Is more, New York did
not rely entirely on Fate. The suppos
edly weak batters rose to the zenith of
efficiency, and In a trice-New York's.
despair was transformed Into a new
hope, which gave expression to a roar
which must have been heard all the
way down town. I
Lear Is Hitting Hero.
With two runs needed to tie and three
to win. King Lear strode to the plate
to open Die eleventh inning. Lear had
hit a home run in the fifth to give the
Giants their first counter, but In three
other efforts he had been about as tr
active as Leon Ames used to be in 'the
old days. But this time the King was
'here. He did not hit another Jiomcr,
tut he hit the next best thins to It a
three baso blow which went Car out In
The lilt was regarded by TVllbert nob
f ison as a danger signal and ho relieved
Clarenco Mitchell ot the pitching duties
which ho had assumed In the ninth,
uhm he went In for Rube Marquard,
When Kelly strode to the plato he faced
Euriclgh Grimes, like Mitchell a eplt-
Kelly had singled In the ninth, but In
three previous tries he hid proved an
ignominious failure. Tho lanky first
baseman usually looks them over for a
while, but ihls time he acted quickly.
Ho spanked the first pitch Into right
flfld. It looked as if the bill would go
over the wall for a home run to settle
the issue then and there. Kelly's three
basr sent Lear home. The grandstand
at this Juncture made Bedlam look like
a home for deaf and dumb old ladle
Snyder tried hard but Was thrown out.
Grimes to Schmandt. Earl Smith, was
ent in to bat for Jess Barnes. He
rapped one to the Infield and a wild
scramble ensued to get Kelly, who had
made for the plate. Kelly realized that
ho could not get homo and ran back to
ward third. In the meantime Smith was
running for all he was worth. Kelly
finally eluded half a dozen Dodgers and
sot back to third, but Smith arrived at
tl'at station too, and was tagged out.
Youns Delivers a Jllovr.
Burns was passed. Grimes not seeming
to want any of George's game. Young
tfcn rammed a single to right and Kelly
wred the run which tied the score
"Win. Young got to second on the
throw In. while Burns readied third;
Fletcher ypanked a lutrd ball at Grimes.
The pitcher tossed to 8chmandt, who
dropped the ball, making Fletcher .safe
and the run which Burps had scored
'Mlrely legal and the run which won
the. came.
The three run rally which gave
Brooklyn one run lead In the ninth was
i stunner for the Giants. There were
five hita in that attack- Myers opened!
with a slnsle to right. TConetchy doubled
to Mt. Kruegcr was tent in to bat for
Xcls. The catcher threw his bat at a
fast one and sent a long single to right
which scored Myers and Schmandt. who
ran for Konetchy, and tied the wore,
Knitter reached second on the throw In.
Balrd was sent In to run for Kruegcr. ,
Elliott sacrificed and Marquard
fann.il. But Olson singled to right hnd
'cored Bnlrd. putting the Dodgers in
front. Johnston singled and stole and
th mtlv nn.ln.t miMff MMM,t
New York tied it right up again. Lear
alkel to stnrt tlm ninth, and Kellv
''8ifi to centre, "sending Lear to mird.
fdfder fouled to Schmandt. and Gonia-
l'. batting for Benton, walked. Burns
Wt to oijon. who got Oomales a second.
"ifi ball came to6 late to get Burns at
- . i .
! Wis ,.. iinnnKi.vx Tfi.nAV. 3se.
T:.?". Craandfc. Admhslon, I3o add 1
Five Uadbg Hitters '
In Major Ljuee
Mineta, Ctw...i u 1 C
laclcsea, Ch ......it i a 5
Weaver; Chi... :: 8 w a
nndm. Bwn...io MUM
fHln., Chi u u U
Meier, fit. L ia t U U
Hornby, BL I.. ..17 W 18 JJ
Ji ?0BCnB "H1 1 11
Oreh, Clan If -ja u 1
Vhrt, Bklrn M MUM
". N. 10 M 1 W
f'1; J" u meantime- Lettr lud. come
...... .i us items run. MTjq core;
abrh o at
Buras.lf.. 03 3 1 00
Younjr.rf,. 0 03 B 0 0
F1tch'r.H 0 0 3 3 4 3
Dorte.Zb.. sol 2 n o
an r II ft m
oisoo.es., at i so
J ftoiOb. 003 1 0 0
K'duff.zb 0 00 3' 2 0
WhvaCIf . 813 O 0 0
JJj'r.ef. 3 18 4 00
K Jehy.lb 4 01 is 0 0
gclmn.lb 100 3 31
NeU.rf... 301 0 00
BtaU.ef... 300 I 0 1
Kaurr,cr.. ooo 0 oo
lATjra... 43 3 0 3 0
Kellr.lb.. 0131s 10
Bnrder,e.. 0 0 0 7 31
Ilenton.p. 3 00 0 3 0
.rj,, no i 0 0
M"quard.p3 01 0 OojlMcCarty. 100 0 00
fciuoil.o. 4 12 0 10
UCrueger. 101 0 0 0
tllaJrd... 01 0 0 0 0
MltAk.lt n a . .
(Gonxalca. 0 0 0 0 .0 0
Darnei.p.. 000 0 3 0
I Crimea, p. 0 0 0 0 3 0
lemim... 100 o oo
TAtal At f It 1 1A A
Tti,.4ioin.3:sii ""m
TfA nut ahM . . .
lSUe? r, Utl' ,n nlh Inning,
'or KruOTr la tlwJitnth Inning.
l!5Hr!2 lor StaU the'elgnth Inning.
IDattmi for Benton In tho ntnth tnnlng.
IDatted for Uaraes In the eleventh limine.
Brooklyn 00010000303-0
rw York 0000110110 3-T
l?'W0,,!f.n"-Burt," J- Konetchy. Tnree
bRM liits-Lejr, Klb. u0m run-Lear.
Stolen baeei-Doyle, Young, Fletcher, John
ston. Saerlllew-Myen 3, Elliott. Mitchell.
Double play-Fletcher, Doyle and Kelly. Lert
n bases-New York. D; Urooklyn, 10. Uasei
on balU-Otr Benton, l; oft Marquard, 2:
off Mitchell. 3j off Grimes, 1. IHU-Oft
Marquard. U In 8 lnnlnge (none out In
nlnUil; off Mitchell. 1 la 3 Innlnts (none
out In eleventh): off Grimes, 3 In 3-3 In
ning; off Uenton, 13 In 0 lnnlns; off Uarnee,
3 In 3 tnalngs. Struck out-By Marquard,
Si by DentoHi S; by Ilarnen, 1. raised ball
Elliott. Winning pitcher llarnes. Loilne
pitcher Cirlmu. Umpires Harrison and
O'Day. Time of game 2 hours and 30 min
Reds Defeat tbe Cardinal! by a
Score of IS to 11.
St. Louis, Mo, May 7 (National).
Cincinnati defeated 8t Louts. 15 to 11,
In a weird exhibition hero to-day.
Schupp was removed In tho first after
walking five of the eight men who faced
him. Fisher .was taken from the box In
the fifth after walklmr one man and
aljowlng three hits.
rueaie was oruerea out or the game In
the second for nrrulne with Umnlre
Mo ran over a called strike. Score:
ab r h o a e
Smith, cf.. 033 3 1 1
H'eote.rf . Oil 3 00
turn o a e
Rath.Sb.. 03 1 1 30
D'bcrt.lb 43 3 10 0 0
nrob.Sb.. 03 4 0 3 0
BtocMb.. r. 3 2 3 0 0
Rouah.cr. 4 3 4 7 0 0
Dunean.lf 5 0 0 1 0 0
Kopf.n.. 4 33 1 3 1
Nealejrf. 00 0 0 0 0
n'alerirf. 4 3.3 3 0 1
H mJ6y.Itl 4 2 3 3 3 0
F'nler.lb. 5 11 0 3 0
McH'nMf. 5 3 3 3 10
Janvrln.M 5 0 2 1 21
"lomnrui.a 5 0 1 5 10
Ttarlden.o 3 1 0 4 0 OjSchupp.p.. 0 0 0 0 00
visner.p. -tiu u i iM.uwin.p. uno o on
Sallee.p.. 301 0 001
Bherdel.D. 8 00 3 3 0
May.p.... 000 0 10
RchulU.. 000 0 0 0
tLavan..'. 101 0 0 0
Totala.,39 13 17 37 9 3
Tntalx.41 11 15 27 19 3
-iiaiica ror neraei in tne eigntn inning.
tHatted for May In the ninth Inning.
Cincinnati 4 .1 0 o 3 0 1 4 113
St. Louis 0 0 0 3 3 0 0 1 411
Two baao hits Oroli, t-'mlth. Stock. Btolen
baeea Kopf, Dressier. Sacrifices Rouih 3.
Daubert. Double playe Kopf and Daubert;
8tock and Founiler, Left on baaen Cincin
nati. 8: St. Louis. 0. . Usees on balls Off
Fhher. 2: off Bailee. 2: off Schupp. 5: off
Eherdel. 3. Hlte-Off Fisher. 8 In 4 1-3 In
nings (one out In fifth); oft SaUeo, 7 In
4 2-3 innings; off Schupp, 1 In 2-3 Innms
(two our In first): off Goodwin, 3 In 1-3
Inning (none out In .second): off Bherdel, 11
In 7 Innings; off May. 3 In l lnnliur. Hit by
plteher Dy Goodwin. 1 (Fisher). Struck out
By Bailee. 3: by Bherdel. 1: by May. 1.
Fassed ball Clemons. Winning pitcher
Fl-'licr. Losing pltcher-Bchupp. Umpires
Moran and Rlgler. Time of game 3 hours
and 35 minutes.
Pitches White Sox a 6 to I Vic
tory Over Indians.
Chicago, Tday 7 (American). Chi
cago defeated Cleveland to-day In the
third pa mo of the series. to i, ua
game marking the sixth straight win of
the season for uiauas. wiiiiams.
Ray Caldwell pitcnea effectively unin
the seventh, when Chicago scored four
runs on four hits and two errors. The
score :
abrh o a
ab r h o a e
T.tinld.rf 3.0 1 S 0
Oraney.lf. 401 2 0 0
Chap'n.as 303 0 0 0
Bp'ker.cf. 4 00 3 00
Wood.rf.. 400 rt 00
r.'dner.Sb 4 on l 4 0
Wam's.3t 411 3 3 0
W'er.3b 4 10 0 0 (A
K.C'ns.Zb 4 3 3 a to
T-kann ir. 4 01 0 10
Felach.cf 413 3 OW
i..j. is j on ft not
nib'.(t:.. o; i oi john'n.ib. sol 5 oo
Schallcc. 411 0 OOI
Jum'nn.lb 000 1 01
wu ms.p it v ' ui
Nun'ker. 101 0 0 0
(TNellLe,. 401 3 10
TotaIt..34 61037 31
Caldw'll.p 3 00 o ai
Nienaus.p uuui u uu
tErans... 100 0 0 0
Tolal...X3lt24 102
Patted for .Tinilpson la ninth Innms.
an-is-.t hatm In ninth Innlrtff.
Cleveland S,nSiSl2oiIa
Chicago.. lMl 4t2,k
Two ease iiiuj inyt-..; -
n'.mhu.u. K. Collins. Thrcbase hlt-
E. Collins. Home nm-reisoi. oi"'""'
Mid. . Baermeeapman Ulbold
cimwelL 10 IrToS-S Innlngsr lUt Pitched
ntes. '
At Brldsepert- , 5 D:
Worcester '.'.I!.... 3 10 3
Bridgeport "V'-fiiir: Leach. Len-
He"t2"i?" lnlM..
non and e.rai;. x . H E
5 y
New Haven
3' 7
and Damln. ' .
At Waterbury-
tlltt.flftld ....
It. It. E.
... 7 sr-s
3 7 3
Schlnault. n. jr. b.
At Aipanr- 3 g o
orlngfleld i o 3
WerieMorBan- and Wilder: Mangan.
gcanlan and Hwcatt. y
t New Orleina- Xi"
Nashville.... '' t 2
NeW. Prleans-.. KoWbeckcr; Tor-
kelson and Penern. R ,, B
At Atlanta- 3 fl
Chattanooga .. 3 8 3
ABa?UrlVuVnUuinaro and N.lderkorn:
'.rinW postponed on account ot
Other gsm
National and American League Record.
j 1 aniwu
riayrd. Wee. Lwt. V.
i. n
, u
, ii
- - m mm
t 1 M
a g JAB
9 S -MO
3 10 .413
is -4e
t It 373
St. U'""'".'....M
C Vk. w
I "
'anoUAi In New York. ,
if. J2rKS2a. . 1
- -ilaclBaall In St. Louis. I
Toss Victory to Senators hy
Combination of Butter
Fingers and Dullness.
Special in Tub Si'x xkd New Yobk lltoitn.
Washington, Jiay 7, The Yankees
wasted a lot or long, clean hlttlnn this
Afternoon by losing again to the Wasli-
mgions. Toe ecore was' to C. One
tv,, . , ,. . , , ,
thing to be sold in the Yankees' favor
Is that they rallied with a fusillade In
the seventh Inning,, reduced an enemy
lead of Ave runs to one of ono run and
luxklness whl didn't subside until the
game was over.
Aside from the hlttlnir nnd general1
iua (rum uia lumnc uiui licncrai
good work of Derrlll Pratt. Including
constant hustllnir. nnd the rood but use-
lees .pitching of Jack Qulnn. there is
nautili ci ao io uo sau in ivgr ui mo
Yankee showing. The New Yorkers gavo
a ragged, befuddled exhibition, disgorged
i.. . .... - Jt.
a large quantity of hodge podge baseball
and toned a gamo away by a combina
tion of butter fingers and dulness Just
under their caps.
ine nrsi inning was a frigm wuu me
tu rhnrw ,? ,irh th Niw Yoric
Infleldera. Pecklnpaugh In particular.
clawod at In bewildered fashion, but It
wasn't as painful as the opportunities
wasted when men were on bases. One
nr TTtimHn.'. nlnrVi hlMlrn. O'Ddul.
struck out with the bases filled on a
strike which cut the plate, and another,
Vlck, struck out by going after bad ones.
Bounding; Balls Played Poorly. I
" ' , , .
Bounding balls were played poorly
nd at the plato the batters went auer
hard ones. Bodlo was left on third
base in tho second with two out; Ward
on third In the third with ono out
left; Iluth reached first In the
Inning with nobody out and
score; Thurmahlen was on third
fifth with one out and couldn't score;
Peck died on third In tbe seventh; Pratt
doubled In the eighth with one out and
was left. (
Plpp and Ruth, alleged wrecking
crew, by their inept work at the bat In
-pinches, plus the total collapse of the
pinch hitters, were the most scrlouS
defects in an attack in which a heap of
powerful ammunition was wasted. How
ever, something llko that might have
been expected from a team two mem
bers of which once or twice didn't take
the trouble to come fnto the bench
when their side was at bat. Lewis and
Ruth were tho two. They found con
venient places near their outfield sta
tions to squat and stayed there until
time to go to the field again. That sort
of thing looks bad, to say the least,
and certainly has anything but a stim
ulating effect on a team at a time when
it needs all the morale It can command.
"Hugglna thought Ernlo Shore was
plumed for victory, but the big boy was
knocked out of the .box In the first In-nin-j.
The four runs were not all his
fault by n good deal. Peek fumbled
one grounder nnd missed another, and
three of the four localjiafetles were such
scratchy affairs that they didnt go past
the Infield. In the second Inning there
was more hitting like that. In which
Ward was awkward on ground balls
and Thormahlen misted an easy
Judge Makes Four, Hits.
Joe Judge made four hits and Pratt
three. The Tafiks made two doubles and
four three baggers. Bodle tripled in the
second after Pratt had singled and stolen
second. Thormahlen doubled in the fifth
and took third on a wild pitch. This
with one out Ward struck out when
a discriminating eye would have taken
him to first on four balls. Peck morely
poking at tho ball, rolled to Ellerbo.
Tho Yankees made things hum for a
while in the seventh. Pratt singled, as
did Bodle. A pass to Hofmann filled tho
repositories. Snyder, who had been get
tin bv on nothing, cave way to Erlck-
son, who fanned O'Doul after helng in
the hole nt three and nothing. Ward
biased away with hlnisecond threo bag
ger and cleaned up three runs.
There are many New york rooters In
this city and they rtapced and howled
na the runs trooped In. They did. It
again when Peck tripled past Milan.
One out. mind you, the tlelng run on
third, Plpp and Ruth coming up. Plpp
hit a high infield fly to Harris, about
the most useless thmg he could do, and
Ruth smacked at a high one and
grounded to Harris.
Connolly Kave a Cose one against the
Yanks In the first 'nnlng and the de-1
elslon hurt them. He caiiea .Milan sate
when he appeared to be out and then
blustered and puffed out his cheeks
pompously and officiously when Hug
glns went out to protest So, many close
ones have gone against the Yanks that
they ought to be used to them by this
time. Anyway, a good remedy on such
occasions is a timely hit or so. The
abrboael abrhoae
Ward,3b.. R 1 2 I 3 nijndce.lb.. 3 3 4 10 0 0
t'eck.M.. 401 2 3 2IMIIan.lf... B33 4 0,0
Plpp.lb.,. 500 fl OOtrtlce.Cf.... 4 1 3 4 00
Ruth.rf.. 30 0 1 OO'Rolh.rf... 411 3 0 0
Iwls.lf.. 400 3 0 0IHarrU.2b. 300 1 3 0
rratt.2b.. 4 23 2 2 01KIlerbe.3b 3 03 1 4 0
Itodle.cf.. 4 1 2 3 0 OlHhan'n.sa. 30 1 0 10
Rue,c... 300 3 1 OlPlclnkh.c. 4 0 1 5 10
'ofm'n.c. 1 1 0 3 0 O'Snyiler.p". 3 0 0 0 10
ibore.p.. 0 00 0 0 OlErleltson.p 1 0 0 0 00
Thnr'en.D 201 0 11
O'Doul.. 100 0 0 0
Totals.,35 012 37 9 0
Oulnn.p,. 000 0 O 01
tvick.... V00 0 00
TotaIs..Mr0 2t 8 3
Ratted for Thormahlen In the seventh to
nlmr: struck out.
H'.atted for Qulnn In the ninth Inning;
st nick cut.
Nw York 01000040 0-3
Washington 43000000 x-0
F.uns batted In-Ry Ward. .1: by reck. 1;
bv Bodle, f: by Rice. 1: by Roth. 1: by Har
Hs. It bv Ellerbe. 1. Two base hits Pratt.
Thormahlen, Jadiv. Three l.se hits Ward.
5: Peck. Bodle. SCcririco files Harris. El-Ji-tfe.
Stolen base-Pratt, Roth. Flm base
on errors vtavnngion. j. ueii on Dases
New Tork. T: Washington, . Douole play
Pratt an PlPP. Bases on ball-Off Snvder.
3: off Eflckson. 1. Struck out By Tlmr-
mahlen, i: oy uumn. s: uy enyder. 3: by
Erlckson. 3. Wild pllch-Snyder. Earue.1
runs-Off Shore, 1 : off Thormahlen, 1 : off
Snvder. 3. Hlts-Off Shore. 4 In 1-3 Innlna:
off Thormahlen, 3 In 6 3-3 Innings; off
Oulnn. 1 In 1 innlnc: off Snyder. 11 in A in.
pines fnon out In the seventh, when re
ll.vredl: off ErlcVsr.n. S In 3 Innlnas. Win
ning pitcher Snyder. Losing pitcher Tlinr-
malJrn. umcirr-jignany ana uonaolly.
Time of gai.i 2 hours.
...r. u.u . .MUBUtiA.
Weihlasten, if 'rw York. 3.
rfcilaoVrabia. 3 Rotten. 4.
Detrelt, 4i 81. UnK IB.
Chicago, 0 Clcrtland, 1.
w w
Hayed. Wea. Lot. P.O.
Bostan ..
WashlnxUn ,v
ft. Ijmls
New York
Detrelt 777.
k!(nr York In ffaildsrUa.
I PMladrfohbs In Beibo.
anrland U Chleage.
8L Loels la Detroit,
Skccters Collect Nineteen Hits
and Win, 11 to 5, Making
It Two in a Bow.
Results itt Tectcrdar's Game.
Joriey City, 11; Akron, B.
Rochester. 0; Syracuse, 4,
Baltimore. 0! Iluffalp, 4.
Torouto. "i Heading, L
KtanOaf of the Clobs.
. . . . - . . . I . . n it mm
uuuaw... ju V4 i"J7f, i ion
Baltimore."' 0 7 JUH needing.... n w .
Altron 7 0 .usalRochrater.. 0 ft .429
Toronto.., t 0 llB""J 0
. ,. . ..
Jcwy svra "tochtler.
Heading In Toronto.
.TTTT- r.v rttv
.. .... j .u.i.
akton, ynio, any 1
Pun?? Aron p"r, defeated
hits this afternoon nnd
J. mrJln
nivht r4inn rAmiiiinr in six uui
-.... .v...... -----
the first threo 'mgs. and
ded by Finneran. Shields hit two
"jme runs, ins .
IEnSKY city a.)
b r h o a e
s-brh o
Moo'ra.M 13 1 4 01
Shields.: D ;
r.ltm'n.cX 43 1 1 0 0
Walh.cf. SO 3 00
Bha'oon.lf SOI 3 3 0
w urth-ir 00 4 n ooRnaoon.u jyj j -y
BB.S-n.Sb 0 3 3 o 4 0Thorp.rf. 310 1 oi
"f.-r-i 2 S Uvbto'iw.. 411 1 31
Btarfcib. 3 ! 'l 'o sol
Freitag.c 1 1 o l o o
J? J JpJ
i With m.p Oil 0 3U
rteiu'b 401 1 no
mw!hU. loo o To
nAi?: ioo o oo
I ...37 0103717 3
Totall.41!1193T 14 01
Batted for Flnneraa In ninth lonlng.
Jersey City 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 S 0-11
Akron oOOOOaloi 0
Two base hits-Mooera. Wlgslesworui.
1 Donoville, Hyde. Walsh. Webb, Three
oe." nix-Bnn. '- "'"iV
g FviMu fT"iniiw"? " lnn th,
fjf Tity?! iAkrori t! Bases , balls sacrifice and an out at first. Finn then
was -vu n u. " n teinrs'l "laoo a uouuio aim isicu
f?.Uth. iff Fln.H.r.nril In 0 "tantngs. Struck out-! to the Giants in June, hit
muni Br willwlm. 3: by Flrmeran. z. """S.-t. ,ii ,htrh nwultad
in the Dltcher-IUcrlna. Umpires-Warner and gle, all of which resulted
Time of game-! hour and OT
At Rochester .JHh1
Rochester ... J 8 0 0 0 0 K 0 -0 8 -Syracuse
.... 0 0011002 0-4 a i
Battcrles-Enxmtn and Madden: Clifford
and lleyers.
At Buffalo-
R. HJ3.
Itnff.ln .
t n n a 0 0 05 14 2
000040000-4 31
Batterles-Dorden and Em Jaynw.
man, Thomas, Casey and Bengough.
Rer:ro oooooooi-ni
Toronto 4000010 - s-T 80
Batteries-Justin and Konnlek: Qulnn and
Losers Score All Their nans In
Lnat Three Inning.
Pittsduro, Pa.. May 7 (National).
Chicago defeated Pittsburg to-day, 6 to
i home learn wan weak at the bat
until the last three Innings, when it
scored oil of a runs on bix niw, uno i
them a home run, a triple, two doubles
and two singles, me score
MhcAOO (N.l
an r n o r
ab r h o a e
Flaek.rf.. 512 0 0,
u-.t.. ...HI 0 3 0
Carev.cf.. 4 11 2 0 0
CTshan-.Zb 4 00 2 3 1
lk.rt.ef. 401 1 0 0)
Vte.!.3b.. 4 12 1 2 0
Barber.tb 432 OH
n. i 9 no n 0 01
S'worth.rf 4 11 4 0 0
N'son.lf... 4 1 2 3 01
neaLSh . 5 03 3 1 OlCaton.ts.. 401 1 8 0
iCrii" tnt 4 aokSrlmm.lb. 3 0 111 0 0
Kh'fbrTe.. 3 1 1 loiSchmidt.0 4 00 3 3 0
413 0 3 OlCarlson.p. 2 00 0 2 0
-it man... iun u uv
Msador.p. 0 00 0 10
Totals.37137 01
tbee mu o oo
Total...33 4 8 27 15 3
Ratted for Carlson infthe eighth inning,
t Flatted for Meador In tho ninth Inning.
rhleaco 0 0 3 0 0 1 0 1 1-8
Mttsburr. . 00000013 1-4
t.. I.... hiuRarber 2. Qrlmm. NIchol
son. Three base hlt-Caton. Home run
WhRted. Stolen baees Robertson, SouUi
worth. NtchoUon. Carey. Saerifloe-Robert-
SOn. IIl On DHW-l.niiiRut v. . u.uui.,
a Bases on balls Off Alexander, 1: off
Carlson. 3. Hlte-Off Alexander. 8 In 9
Innings: off Carlson. 10 In S Innings: off
Meador. 2 in 1 Inning. Struck out-By
Alexander. 8: by Carlson. 2. Winning
pltcher-lAlexander. Loalng pitcher-Carlson.
Umpire s-Klfm and Emslle. Time of game
1 hour and 33 mlnutea.
Povrell Then FoIIotts Wtth Drlre
Orer thoenoe.
PuiLAStLPHU, May 7. (National),
Althdugh outbatied by Philadelphia to
day. Boston won us third straight vic
tory of tbe serial, 8 to C.
Powell followed up 'a sensational one
hand catch, robblng-f8tengel of a home
run. by driving the ball over tho right
field fence himself two minutes later.
The score:
abrhoae abrhoae
Powell.cf 311 3 OOB'eroft.as 310 1 3 0
Plck.Ib.. 511 0 3 0 Wlama,pf 5 1 3 4 00
Mann.lf.. 313 0 0 OlBtsniel.rf B01 3 0 0
BTran:rf 4 1 1 3 0 OJMensel.lf. 5 11 4 00
Crulse.rf 100 0 0 0lj.MU'r,2b 313 1 31
Holke.lb 33113 lOILUd'us.lb 40 L T 0 0
B'ckel.3b 3111 OOlILM'lT.ib 3 3 4 0 10
M'vtlle.ss 3111 SOIWheat-C. 401 T 3 0
CNetlx.. 300 3 1 ui'Cravatb. 100 0 00
ioneaj).. 401 3 3 OlCatirell.p 3 01 0 10
I'q'an.p 0 00 0 JO!tIb'Yeau 101 0 0 0
1 iproim.p.. uww v iv
Totals J3893T140J
1 Totals. 41 B 14 37 91
'Batted for fCheat In -ninth Inning.
1 Batted for Cantnell In eighth Inning.
Boston 0330001 1 M
Philadelphia uiiuusui i-o
Two base lilts Maranvule. Bulllran, Pick.
J. Miller, Ludenu. Meusel, R. Miller. Three
K. ... hit InnM. Heme runs Powell. Will.
lams. Sacrifices CVNtll (3), Holke. Bases
n baita-orf Jonee. 31 off Cantmll. 4.
Struck out By Jones, 4: by McQuillan. 1:
by Cantwell. X Hlts-Off Jones. 13 In 7 3-3
Innings; off McQuillan. 3 In 1 1-3 innings;
off Cantwsll, 7 in 8 Innings: off Smith. 3
In 1 Inning. Left on bases Boston. C; Phil
adelphia, 11. Hit by 'pltcher-By Cantwell
(Mann). Wild plteh-Caatwen. Winning
pitcher-Jones. Losing pitcher Cantwell
Umplrsa JlcOormiex and Hart. Time
3 hoar, 13 minutes.
At 6t. Paul- IL H. E.
fit. Paul 4 7 1
Minneapolis 0 3 1
Batteries Robertson. JIoTltk and Uayer;
VSenitt and Hagrare.
At Toledo- n. H. E.
Toledo 11 It 0
Columbus , i. 4 10 2
Batteries Sherman. McfluUlan, Berrer and
Hartley: McCotl and-Murphy.
Tbe Indlaaapolts-LouuiTtlle game was post
psoed on account ot rain.
At Kansas City It. 11. E.
Kansas City 10 13 1
Milwaukee 3 10 4
. Batteries Howard. Trcatmaa and Gaston:
Woodward and Block.
Tbe LoulsrUle-IadUnapoIts game was post
poned oa account f wet grounds. '
At NeiTton. U-Vijfli m . 3; Boston Col
lege. 0 (11 Inning).
At Syracuse Penn State, 3; (Syracuse. 0.
At BchenecUdy Wealeyai. 3: Union. I. I
At Rocheeter Rochester University. I; St.
tjrrn. 4.
At Amherst-virgmia. ; Aninerst, 3 (13 :
At Durhaai. N. H.-New Hampshire Col-1
'Tt L.:"ton: Mi. Aalm.. 8: Date,. 2. 1
Washuatan. D. &-Georfetown Unlrerslty.
8; west Virginia. I. ,
At Columbus Ohio Stale. 3' Wisconsin, l.
At nieocnlngteo. In. Iowa. 3: Indiana. 0.,
At Woroesttr-God44rd Seminary. 1; Holy.
At Ann Arbor-Mlchlgan. 7; Purdue. 4.
EASTO??- Pa.- MAT 7. Golf WnJI mr!r
ft minor stMrt st TfxTfftLs fnllv lum.
toVlav at a meeting of the StUdeatlAth-
letlc Association. , - .
Merkle and Flack ,
Each Fined $25
gpeclol o Tub Bvh akb Nsw Yonx lUsun,
PITTSBUlbO-, Pa., May 7. Dis
sension exists In tho ranks of
tho Chicago Cubs and Manager
Mitchell has started to remedy
things. In yesterday's game Flack
nnd Merklo allowed a fly ball to fall
between them, letting In a run and
at the end tf the Inning MltchelHmd
llerkle had a wordy argument on the
Merklo was fined f25 and sent
nomo while Flack was fined IE. Mer
kle apologized to Manager Mitchell,
but the latter refused to grant the
player's appeal to remain with tbe
WoM Allnwn 'Rnntnn Only
Ono HitFinn and lofcvro
Bat In Knns.
, T, St.M .Hn New Text Hibaid,
- ,.t ....
NrwTON, MassM May -(. Aruiur
. . rnuain
a'B pony batterj', AVaters and cousin
eau. worked so well together to-day thai
Fordhara beat Boston College. 2 to 0, In
eleven Innings. The Boston collegians
made only one hit off Waters, who
1 n'M tat MWtA
hlngle after two men were out in mo
1 nnth ,nnmir. 0nir 0ne Bostonlan
, reacnoo urei oaao.
I In lhe eleventh Fltzpatrlck passed Me
T .,.fc11 v, -,i fft third on a
who will go
his third sln-
lnhe only, two
runs of the game. The score:
ab r h o a e
tarn o io
McL'n.tb 4 11 0 0 0
fluck'l.cf. 3 01 6 0 0
Ilal'aii.rf 50 0 1 0 0
Flmua.. n 1 2 3 0 0
C'rljnii.lf. 100 1 0 0
Uond,ss... 4 01 l J
IFgan.lb.. 3 0015 0 0
D'sey.ct.. 4 00 2 10
Le'vre.n. 3 0 3 4 31
llrban.c. 3 0010 10
C'ford,3b.. .4 0 0 2 3 1
Hwan.rf... 400 0 0 0
Haley ,2b.. 3 00 2 7 1
IVvan.lt. 4 00 1 0 0
C'neau.c, 4 0 0 B 3 0
Hector.Sb 4 0 0 1 8 0
Wsters,p 4 00 0 101
lrlcic,p... uo u i w
Totals..38 2 7 23 13 I -Total...3t 0 1 33 10 4
Fordham 000000000 3-2
Boston 0 000000000 0-0
Two base lift-Finn. Sacrifice hits-
Buckley 2; Tlrst base on errors Fordham.
t. rtitnn r!nit.i-i 1. Tft on bases Ford
ham. 7: Boston College. 3. Stolen base
Buckley. Bases on baHs-Off waters. u;
off Fltipatrtck, 3. Struck out By Waters,
: hy Flupatrlck. 7. Hit by pitcuer-uy
Waters (Urban). Time of game-2 hours
and 14 minutes. Umplre-Barry.
St. Louts Hits Leonard Freely and
Wins by 10 to 4.
Detroit, May 7 (American) Detroit
lost the third game of the St Louis
scries to-day, 10 to 4. Leonard was hit
freely, and was relieved by Ayers at the.
beginning of the eighth. our runs wire
ncored by St Louis In tho sixth when
Jacohson nnd Gerber hit home runs with
a man on tha bases In each instance.
The score :
abrh o ae
Ynniuflh. 5 00 S 3 0
ab r h o a el
Attain-SK 3 00 1 10
r.ed'n.ib. 500 2 2 0
nush.as... 5 00 S 51'
Cobb,ef... 231 4 0 0
Veaciklf.. 413 3 0 0
Helt'lUh. 4 03 11 01
Flass dxf 4 11 1 0 3
Tobln.lf.. B2 3 3 0 0
Rlslsr.lb. 311 0 1
Wl'ms.cf 3 3 1 3 0 1
J-bson-rf 412 4 0 Ol
Bllltnga.c 22 1 4 OM
Hale.Sb... 300 0 4 0
O'ltxr.ss 4za l oo
Sotho'n.p 4 0 1 1 0 0
Alnsm'h.c 4 00 810
Leana'd.D 10 0 0 10
Ayers.p... 0 00 0 0 0
Totals.33101137 10 1
'futorten. ono u w
tEllUwn.. 100 0 0 0
S I Totals...33 4 7 3713 4
'Ratted for Leenard In seventh inning,
matted for Ayers In ninth Inning.
flL Louis 01030413 0-10
Detroit 111000010-4
Tin base hit Flagstead. Three base hit
Veach. Home runs Jaeobson. Gerber. Sac
rifices DUllngs, I tale, jacooson. wntiams,
filsler, Austin. Lett on bases-Bt. Louts, 0:
rwmlr 7. Ilasci on balls Off Eothoron. 4:
off "Leonard. 3: off Ayara, I. Hits Off
Leonard. S In 7 Innings: off Avers. S In
Innings. Hit by pitched ball-By Leonard
fWiniamsl. Struck out Uy Sothoron, 4.
Wild pitches Sothoron. Leonard. Passed
ball Billings. UmplresHIldebrajid and
Bans. Tims of game-! hour and 43 min
Orlrea In Three nuns, for Ath
letic'. Whrf Bent Red Box. S to 4.
Bostpk, May 7 (American). Perkins
hit timely and hard for Philadelphia
against Boston to-day, his triple in the
fourth scoring two mates, and his tingle
in the eighth accounting for another run.
Philadelphia won, 5 to 4. The score:
ab r h o li
Dykes Jb. 4 13 3 10
fitnink.cf 4 00 1 0 0
ab r h o a e
Hooner.rf 4 0 0 1 10
McN'ly.Sb. .101 3 3 1
Walker.lt 4 0 3 0 0 W
Hunterjr. 3i 3 l u
Bums.rf. 303 -4 0OIHendcf. 413 1 00
Duganb 430 3 SOI
Uclnnls.lb 4 0 1 13 0 0
Grlfrin.lb 4 1 2 8 1 01 Foster Jb. 3 33 1 4 0
Perktns.c 413 3 SOIBcotMs.. 30Q 1 4 1
O'waya. 3 0 0 3 3 0!SclianK.c.. 4 03 3 00
Naylor.p. 401 1 3 OJtttissell.p. 1 00 0 10
Karr.p.... 3 00 0 30
ToUIs 34 5 11 31 11 0
I Totals. 31 4 8 3T 13 2
Philadelphia 100301101 0-S
Botnn 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
Two base bn waiaer. iyaes. inree kh
hlta Perkins. Behaiur. Btolen base Hooper.
Baxrlflceo Strnak. Galldwny, Burns, Hunter,
8coU. Double play-Galloway. Dugan and
Griffin. Left on baaee Philadelphia, : Bos
ton. 8. Base on balla-Off Naylor. : off
Russell. 1. Hits Off Rossell. 8 In 4 Innings;
off Karr. 3 in 7i Innings. Struck out By
Naylor. 4; br Russell. 2: by JUrr. 1. Wild
pitcn Kussen. iMminw. biiiii uiii
plres Dlnneen and NaRln. Time of game
1 hour and. 43 minutes.
Popular Easiness Manager of
Yanked bttccxtmbs at 45.
Henry J. ("Harry") Sparrow, busi
ness manager of the few 'Tork Ameri
can League Baseball Club since 1915
andl financial manager of the world
tour of the White Box and the Giants
In 1913-1114, died ot heart disease early
yesterday at his home. 111 West lS7th
straet. Col. T. L. Huston, Joint owner
with CoL Jacob Kuppert of tbe Yan
kees, received word of Mr. Sparrow's
death in Washington and cancelled hla
trip with the team to return for tho
funeral. ,Mr. Sparrow was known fa
miliarly by most s)f the Yankee players
of the" last five years.
ttnaprflV WIS 45 VeaTS old ami
am i shjsjn - - m j
was bom at Orange. N. J. He played
m amateur baseball ana lootnaii games
with considerable ability, but never be-
ctme a profenslonal. Hla connection
with the Yankee wenglneered by
John J. MctJraw. manajfer of the
Giants, to whom he had been a dose
friend for years. Mr.-Sparrow went on
the world tour as a fan. but McCraW
- . - , hi, njanagerlaT abilities; and soon
taraed over the train routing and other
details to him. After that he was slated
for bur time.
r.HVae. m rln(r Hilt -mrmm
Air. sparrow won oviuu wiui uie
taken 111
i.m.... TaairsBAM4ti. .. i .
iA return. Ma had. fuBr ntovetivl it
tyas thought He waa unmarriefl.
r.rnim.Tffln A MIA A'D,lTtmouth ,n the match played J urVcuelvle' ,,7X173
ELEVENTH. 2 TO i,n,rMeaS
; , tavor or tne
Hatch-'' on Engineers' Links
Favors Princeton by C
Points to 3.
It It Btni holds sood,lhnt things equal
to the Bamo thing are equal, to ono an
other, flho Columbia University golf
jteam has good reason to feel satisfied
with ltseir In having drawn level ln!lmvc Jcn , received., for the British
ability with the intercollegiate tlUe-'TVrlna tttlTri
holders. PrinP-ion nn Ti,i.ri,v -. ."'f'n". al Newcastle, County
cnamnionsiwhen Prince-
toh engaged Dartmouth 'yesterday
the.Eagineer.' Country Cub links
Reslyn, LI, And bo. whllo the Mom-
Ingsiders were not engaged in any sort
of a game, yesterday was a red letter
day In their career. Yale took their
measure last Saturday nt Greenwich
by 8 to 1, but It, is something to put up
s good a .showing as the champions, and
Ujo Blue and Willie clubwlelders .van
now look forward to the Intercollegiate
championship" at Nassau next month
without fear or trembling.
Princeton was led by Its stalwarts, J.
Simpson Dcnn and It A. Ilalght, both
of whom have received low ratings on
tho Metropolitan Golf Association list.
Both demonstrated that the confidence
of the h an di cappers In their ability has
'not been misplaced by winning their
matches hands down and also taking the
four ball event from Boyd nnd Roth
schild by a margin of 6 and C. In the
singles Dean trounced Boyd 8 and 7,
while Haight took hla match from Roth
schild by C and 4. .
Douglas of the1 Tigers was the hard
est worked player of the entire dozen, as
ho won his match against Gunnison on
tho nineteenth greon, and. In the best
ball play, with Pulling as. his partner,
had to travel to the same npot to take
off Gunnison and Ankenny.
Frost and Wetherby were the heroes
for Dartmouth, winning both Individually
nnd as a four ball team and therefore
earning all three of the points made by
their side. The summary:
Dean (8 and 7) 1 Tioyd 0
Haight (3 and 4)... 1 Rothschild 0
Douglas (1 up. IO)- 1 Gunnison ... 0
Pulling (4 and 3)... 1 Ankenny 0
MlddJeton 0 Frost (1 up) 1
Wlnprlnger 0 Wetherby (3 ft 3). 1
Total " Total..... 3
Dean and Height Boyd and Rotli-
(0 nnd 5) 1 "child 0
Douglas and Put- Gunnison and An-
lint; (1 up, 10).... 1 kenny 0
Mlddleton and Win- Froat and Wcther
prlnger 0 by (4 and 2).... 1
Total J 3 Total 1
Grand totats-rrlnceton, 0; Dartmouth, 3.
Triumphs by 100 to. B la "Met"
Pocket Billiard Tourney.
Name. -
C. Ilurd
G. Gardener ....
II. Ealtua
C. BhongOod, Jr.
A. Wicker
II. Pdss
R. II. Jenkins...
M. C. Howard ..
Won. Lost H.U. P.C.
.. 3
.. 3
.. 3
.. 3
Clarence Hurd last night defeated Gus
Gardner. 100 to M. In the metropolitan
pocket billiard championship tournament,
which has been In progress for tho last
two weeks In the Broadway Academy
under the auspices of tho National Asso
ciation of Amateur Billiard Players.
Kurd's victory places him In a1 triple
tie for first place with Gardner and
Harry Saltus. These threo contestants
will meet In the final round for the' title.
The scores:
Hurd-7. 3, 3. 13, 11, 7. 13. 8, 14. 8. 11, 6.
xotai. iuu, lugn run. zj. ecraicnes. n.
Gardner 7. 13, 11. 1. 3. 7, 1, G. 0, 6. 3, 0.
Total, t. High run, 33. Scratches, 5.
Outvcorcft PcnBirlmnla's Tc&bU
Team br T to 3. .
Special fo The Srx X New Yosr Hniu.
Camhudcx, Mass.. 'May 7. Harvard
easily defeated Pennsylvania In lawn
tenuis this afternoon by tho score of
7 to 2. The visitors won a match each In
singles and doubles. Both Cant. Helm
of Harvard and Goldsborough ot Penn
sylvania were defeated In singles.
Memhera of the Oxford-Cambridge
team of athletes who competed In Penn's
relay meet, will sail for home to-day on
board the steamship Lapland. Only five
persons will comprise the returning
group. LieuL-Coh A. N. S. Jackson re
maining behind for a sightseeing tour
of one month, whllo Alfred Shrubb will
remain Indefinitely In the hope of ob
taining a berth with an American col
lege. The five who will return to their
studies are B. G. D. Itudd, H. B. Stal
lard. Kenneth Jeppe, W. It. MIHIgan and
W. n. Tathain.
Andrew Baxter. Jr.. scored a hard
earned victory over C. West' DIngeo In
the final round match of the annual
wescent Atnietia dub squash tennis
championship tournament on the club's
courts yesterday. The Bcore was IS 4,
15 11, 15 . The victor wrests the
title from Norman F. Torrance; last
year's champion. The latter bowed to a
surprising defeat at tbe hands of Harold
Howe in the opening match. Howe
was In turn eliminated by Baxter.-
On Scholaxtic Dismonds
Clason M'illtary Academy'ji baseball
team continued Its.wlnnlng streak yes
terday, when the eoWier boys defeated
the Hamilton Institute nine afClason
Point. The score was It to 1. II. fleilly,
who pitched for the cadets, allowed only
Ave scattered hits. The score:
n. it. e.
Clason M. A..4 2 0 1 0 8 0 S 0-18 10 S
I!roa!!ton-tn..O O001O00O-1 810
Batteries H. Retllr and Neary; tValpcr
and Beck.
Through the fine pitching by Cluthe.
who struck out thirteen batsmen v and
yielded only three hits, the Berkeley-
Irvtog nine aereatea me Trinity oascDallj
team yesterday ax van coruanat i"arK
by to 2. WkBter, the opposing pitcher,
fanned ten. Tbe score:
Berkeley-Irv. .1 0003800 0-0 8 0
Trinity ".1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-3 3 0
BattsiVa-aathe and Campbell; Walker
and ScuUy.
Manhattan Prep's team swamped the
aeneva Baseball Club nine yesterday at
Manhattan Field by .11 to 2.
m.K At4 wmm Vi. t.AmA nt.l.
second baso of the boys' dUmond Trill j
pmio iu v w. i
The omelal ball Will be not less than
I llimhLVll ttf.vft inrr th vnfinaitrA nt
r .. mam iUt ts. Ifisti tn .u.tPtn' txawrfnttT tourlae body, from 101"
r.Vikfarenea and will welsh not less than
4tt nor raorevthan t ounces. I
New Champion Ready
to Meet All Corner
BOSTON. May 7. Johnny Wll
son, the new middleweight
pugilist champion, announced
through his manager hero to-night
that he would rest for a month and
then woi)ld bo ready to meet any
boxer In defense of his title. Ho' said
ho already hud received many chal
lenges from boxers and promoters.
Auierlcnn Women jitter British
Honors Practise la Ireland.
London. May 7. Flftv-wvem miMh
Liown. ircienrt Tinvt TtitkoAnv phl la
, ' .111. . .)
it,.i,i, .! wn.t 7,.T.rri.
on I mnncmnA n th Z
Ml?"!8 ft0 t
English and Irish champions and for
mer champions.
Tho draw for tho first round brings
Miss Caverlqy against Jllsa A. C. Mac
kenilo of Toronto, Mrs. Vanderbcck Va
j Automobile Exchange Advertisers
Beginning Monday, May 10th
In the DAILY issue
The Automobile Exchange column will be placed on next to last
page of paper, following other agate classified advertising.
CADILLAC, Coupe, 1920, many
extras; 93,750.
ANDERSON, 1919, 5 passenger,
never used, sacrifice.
CHALMERS, runabout, 1917;
CHALMERS, touring, 5 panen
ger, used 3 weeks; $1,500.
KISSEL, 1920, 7 passenger,
practically new, $2,600;
price today of type, $3,650.
MARMON, 1918, 7 passenger, beautiful condition,
big bargain; $2,000.
228 Halsey St, Newark, N. J.
Open Sundav AJO.oon and Saturdaij Ertnirw,
l-ntf Ion
1B30 Cole 4 Paseonger (New) ,
' 1018 Hudson 4 Passenger -inn
Cadillac 4 Passenger
1819 Liberty Roadster -.
1910 Mas ell Touring ' i
1918 Buick Roadster .
1918 Buick 7 Passenger Touring
1918 Oldsmoblle "6" Touring
1918 Oidatnobllo "8" Touring
1018 Btutx Six Passenger
1918 Stutx Four Passenger
1918 Stutx Two Passenger
1918 Hudson Landau Roadster
1918 Hudson Four Passenger .
1918 Scrtpps French Brougham
1917 Marmon Sedan
1917 Hudson Seven Passenger
list Dally. 10 to 3 Sunday.
,0pen Evenings, 7 to 9.
Tk Britklon Ante Exchange Inc.
Appraiser to tbe trade,.
1077 Atlantic Av., Cor. Franklin At.,
vn Tassel! A Kearney's Bales Blnsr faa-
.Mi.hi 18811. 11S-1ZS Rut 13th at., has
long been esteemed a clearing house for
the sale and purchase of second hand au
tocoobllea, passenger and eomnserclal. by
auction. 'Least troublesome and quickest
medians tar both sellers and .buyen. More
n respect! re buyers than rara as a rule, ae
list yours non. Auction of antoa every
Tuesday and Vrlday at noon. Telephone
Btayveaent 833.
A BARGAIN Model 35 American Flat seven
oa&Sfnger louring, i&io nioaci. vonaiiion
like new: price 11.000. J. O. WINSTON,
HO Falr-at.. Kingston, N. Y.
BARGAIN I Mils a minute Ford speedster.
rwnii nuuL very clsht. iookii ukb oiuu.
wi Tvittutt av.. near Gun Hill road sub-
wav station. Bronx. Phone not Ollnvllle.
DAROAIN. Ford delivery, very good run
ning order. 8300. A. LANE. Phono Olln
vllle Z.WM.
BUICK D-45 roadster, excellent condition;
CADILLAC SI Imperial llroouslaa. special
leather upooisieryi tt ua '-i hecucsi
eeadltlen: Immediate dell very. Write or wire,
F. B. lIcFADDEN. 21 OarOeld sr., Detroit,
CADILLAC seven passenger touring. Al con
dition. 8. LURCOTO, SIM 1st av. Phone
Partem bsih.
CHANDLER chummy roadster, 1910; practi
cally new; driven only 1.300 miles; perfect
condition In every way: price (1,700. Anpty
Dr H7V. HOLCOMB. Freeport. L. I. Tele-
CHALMERS touring, 1917: good 'condition;
owner going S Europe Will sell 1700. Mur
ray 11111731.
ESSEX roadster. 1930 model; perfect condl
tlon: owner moved to another State neces.
sltates sale. J. SWAINSON. Tel. 0780 Bowl.
Inx Qreen. Room 301. 61 Broadway.
FORD touring, very, good condition, new.
tires, many extras, 8300. DRAB. 8324 Wll
lstt av.. Bronx, near Gun HUl road subway
!!".,?. Thn. nitnvill. 220L
maumi. -- .
FOR 8ALE Allen five passenger touring
ear, perieciconamon, ii-re mw iires; no
dealers. DUTFIN, 3X1 Madison av. Phone
Murray Hill till- 'Inspection requested.
FOR Sale Automobile truck (Republic, five
ton). In good condition. L. ItUOFF, 4212
Jerome av.. mone i-rn. u. i.
HAYNE8 1917 tour passenger, winter and
nmmcr tons: recently overhauled. J. O.
i WILLIAMS, 1130 Dean st. Phone Bei'fordi
IfUDSON. 0-48. touring u perfect condition;
, ., . n.AM ffa.fl.l pni
KISSEL Kar, summer and winter top, six
wire wheels, cord tires. In very pixxt run
ning order: doetofa car. DRAB. 3321 WU-n-tt
n., Bronx. Telephone Ollnvllle 2301.
i.ANCIA 1915 7 rasseneer landaolrt. Al
4 rondltlon, r2.So3. Can W Ken at DELA
WARE GAIlAiili, 4J1 fn uoin si., New
rTt- or Pryn'fCt W1'
MERCIES for. sale, li.p,; I, m,u,,c
boly. by Ilrewster vo.l m. Aceiirnt con-
.dltlon; teady for use: reunnatw price; al
Arro'rrhasslsiewllent 'ondltlor.
h between ;s and 12: no dealer.
Miss Ames, Miss IJolllna vs. Mrs. CruIsJ
and Jitlss Sherwood vs. Miss M. Grif
fith, i
The American players went uroUitd'
the coirrso yesterday in good form nrtt
withstanding tho high wind and a tor
rential downpour of ruin.
To-moYrow there will bo nn Enallth
Irish contest for International honors.
Monday thore will bo a stroke conipe
tlbif, and on Tuesday the championship
matches will commence.
j 2 VMicanaiM
Light Weight Wool
$2.00 a garment
Balbriggan & Lisle
Thread $1.00
Lisle Sox 35c
3 Pair $1.00
All Colors
$2.00 Madras Union)
Suits $1.35
AthleUn Cat '
Acrtex Underwear $2.00 a garment
Shirts or Drawers Worth $3.00
KISSEL, 1920, 7 passenger, rua
about 3,000 miles, beautiful;
MAXWELL, 1919, 5 passenger;
OLDSrVfOBILE, 6 cylinder,
1918, touring, newly re
painted; $900'
KISSEL, 1911, 4 passenger;
$250. Good condition.
OVERLAND touring, 3 months
old, practically new; $825.
. .croa Lv
gecause of lack of apace we are
lonerlng an unusual opportunity to
purohaao a 1913 or ltirTJole Aero
.Ifibt 4 or 7 passenger models at a
price far below tholr real value.
- TWese cars havo been rebuilt aud
-repainted and are guaranteed.
' ' JCal? Ancl,)
ntn "roadway, Urooklyn.
Cor, Oreene Ave.
,m Phone Bushwlck 7ISL
Open Evenings.
LANDAULET (Sludobaker), 11118 model, la
urst class condition; price Xto. Can b
seen and demonstrated at 140 IJnooln av.
SAgmNEnTca0 STATE3 ."omi-W
NATIONAL sedan, 1017 model, Springfield
S2S,ilve Pas-'nBor. good condition. A.
GITTLER. phone niythebbunie 713
v , Plt ais natsenitf
reiSS ;.bft ta 01 i" 1,,e,t Preowtloa;
nnmralate delivery may he had.' Write or rir
F. E. McFADDEX. ClrVliia aV. "t aSu
PACK.tnO 2-3S twirlnsr etwllent coniUttui:
n il A n i i'r,v l.n .wasoa ,or limousine.
OltARA. S09 WaahliMton nt.. Ilohnlcrn.
F$JftvLP.l.'?L louring:
. v.....v..J. tui.iiio, uenox fflo.
PAIGE tc LATlPll.MnvT Hpr.tlT r.i.
with equipment: practically new; used as
demontrltor several weeks: must bo seen and
demonstrated to be appreciated. Save bv
phoning Murray Hill COK, or New Ro-
PIERCE ARROW 1918 llmouslni-. 48 H. ' j '
.... v... I..,.- am,!, oi 1'ierce Arrow
Company: 1:0 special upholstery: car Is
equal to n brand mw one: Wwrtlnsliouw
ahock absorber; equipped the finest: 8SOD
worth of extra. To be seen at M. OBRIl.
WKHOKR. 130 West 324, eighth floor. Tel.
Circle 018.
PIERCE ARROW, late model 338. r
eengtr; first class condition. Phone MR.
ROBBINS. Vanderbllt S50C between i A
M. and 5. M.
P1BRCK-ARROW touring car. 48 II. p '
rassenser. 1914 mbdel; oKDer's private
car. Can ko .seen at garage. .! 12th st..
RACER, 110 mile an hour: very good condi
tion. TJRAR, 3524 Wlllett av.. near Gun
Hill road subway station, Bronx. Phone Olln
vUl 2304.
ROAMER, sport, four passenger; at sal.
room, to be delivered th'j week; win aaeri
flce below list price. Call Hnnters Point 3310.
between 11 A. M.-2 P. M.
ROAD KING for sale; perfect: two srater.
Main 9000. extension 1B.
STUDEBAKCn six cylinder Ave paurngsr
touring: good condtttoa; perfect motor,
a geod buy at 1550 cash tor quick tale.
JENKINS. Douglaaton. U I. Tel. Baytl.ls
73SJ or Madison Square tttO.
STUDEBAKER. special llmonsme Fleetwood"
bods, series 'It: mutt sarriBce on account
of. death; no reasonable offer refuted: per.
feet condition. Phone BARBER. Prosnefl mt
TRUCK, Vton Vim, with panel body and
new tires. BOLTON WECHTE1. CO.. 1188
Bedford av. Thone Decatur 1100.
V.U1JB llltvi svr l-. MUl'aui. A III!,
WILLYB-KNIGHT 1919 seven paengcr tour'
ing car xor eaw; rrriifni connuran ana a
a ranee: price $1,773 cash. Telephone ZOH7
Rhlneianoer, caiuruay.
For Hire.
OWNER of a IM ton truck, with closed bmly.
is looKinp rer wcrijr or monmiy jqd on
any kind of delivery. SAM KUOELMASS. .10
Little Nassau St.. Brooklyn. Tel. Williams-
burg S260.
PRIVATE Peerless touring for hlrp oil monUi-
ly contract: owner drives. Mornlngilde
T39I. '
F1PTT top delivery wagona. formerly ieil
hv B. Altman Co.: one ptfn poo)'. 2i
KliM'anil nn-l Wilsli ponies; goterness cart-.
i - tre". rldlnc addl and hamest.
WfTIR. 4. Ut KM n. l'lara 712 Kf.
WANTEI-Flrst class top lak.r wagon.
Al'MAN, Troutman st. and Wvuward av.,
"rooklyn. Itwoe 410 Stag. I
-. including tax.-Adt). I
j I .1
Ji J ' r ' - -

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