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Tflkl'S Loft at Fourth trecfr
pn..nm TTtviiii Tlinrmicrm. I
i. vi mi .........,.. i
Starrctt Company.
JJnrkct Reports Show Healthy
Tone.in Volume of Sales
and Leases.
Ttftuamln Winttr Voueht trom Cie
TtiOmon.Starxett Construction Com.
nijij- tim twelve atory store and loft
a C5I-GB4 Uroadwsy throuth to 4-SSt
Uit) f tt rt. In Uie south aids of Fourth
The bulldlns front 46.4 "leet In
Boadwu't 276 frtt in Fourth t
ul 74 fret in Lafiyutt fU, and trai
tisilt tn 1910 t)y ttio eeltera and land
iiv ncrs. It 'w-u uch a cood tscatrnent
tnu the Thompeon-SUrrett company,
imutht out the other Interests. Ths
urtikera In ycaterday tratu action wert
Utrotrt WeU. Henry L Cooper and M.
( oh & Co. Morria B. Coaaett repre
kntrd the buyer and the Title Guarantee
und Trust Company the Boiler,
Haane Court Lcaaed.
The wven story IUfut Court apart
nuiit, lOOxlIS, at the southwest ooroer
Mornlncalde Drive and lUth sU Is
'rronrd to hare been leased for a lone
-tn of years hy the Mayor Ttealty,
.ontpany, J. A. Haufhwout president,
City nents Trrry House Space.
urovtr A. Whalen, Commissioner ot.
i' ant and Structures, has converted the
irt) floor of the "Whitehall terminal of
Staten Island ferries to office uses,
unci has oecured tenants -whose pay.
1 . nt to the city acp-ecate l.10, TJie
: urth floor Is to be similarly Improved.
r...kinc the total rent roll for the "head
! ufce' of the ferry terminal I1S.OO0 a
fr The rental avcracea I1.S0 a square
mi The tenants on the third floor are
o Sandy Hook Pilots' Association,
1 .lllam K. Trlbhle. compass adjuster;
stanwood Towltyr Company, Frank E.
Moras Company. A. E. Post 4 Co. and
liocra Brothers.
' American Leclon Bays Home.
Wood, Dolson Company, Inc. sold for
Charles Krchner the three tory dwell-I-ig
at 151 "West JSSd tsl., lSxlOO, to
Lie Richard J. McNally Port of the
"merlcan Lee-Ion. After alterations It
.11 be occupied as a club house.
Bnslnesa Structure Sold.
w'harles F. Noyea Company resold thej
n storj loft, 25x106, at rs waiter
el, for Edward H. Peck and Haro
iv uricio to James F. Hurley, acttne
.ur Charles A- Johnon & Co.. textile
. jurfaeturers. The Noyes company ar-
..nced cancellation of leases for Imme-
The nroperty. with 2- I
,ai occupancy.
ft White street, was purchased by the
p. u rs in February. JiiaaieDrooK jew.
Horiand were attorneys for the sellers. b. H. Sforra sold for.Lulgl Ooluccl to
V:lliam Crulkehank's Sons sold for Frank Faruolo the two story two faxn-
r sew York Life Insurance and Trust-. 1Iy dwelling, with garage. 25x100. at
(impany, as trustee, to Thomaselli j Sevejjty-flrst st.
; ..thera 5S0-5B2 Greenwich street, a y c Ss-uter Agency sold the three
story brick and a one story frame j ltorj. dwelling st 759 Union st for C. E.
Mine 1.0x74. McAodrews to Catherine Hill.
William H- wntitlng i: Co. sold for'
. .ifsn estate the Ave Kory bulldlns ( QCEENS-RICUMOND DEALS.
' T.L8W7tat sold for, Henrietta J. Bruno sold in Far Rock
omm rnflee .the propertv at 691 away. L. I,, for Harris Block a house
alffiw,l garage to Edwin W. trucker.
J pff,Lh .tr.rtL ' Ira L. Perrv sold for Walter J- Wat-
:'tdTenMoSp Twenty-thlrd st Flushing
J Richard Carvei 1 the two story au- L. I, a two and a half frame dwelling, to
,7K3to4tt 2-:i5 Wert Six- a client of Browns Stephenson. Inc.
t.e h stree? 50x100. ' Moffatt Schwab sold for Mrs. Mar
fe.n Btreei, uxjuu. y v,o .mi mint at
n....r,.n Ttttv Comnanr sold to
a vnagogue the three story building at
t: Sheriff HStreet 25x100.
Other Manhattan Sales.
r,w,rcfi W Ercttell sold for Searles
luSte a four orf single Oat. 20x100.
Ht 106 East 1233 st the southeast comer
of Park av to a Mrs. Bristal. Mr. Bab-
t-turchaled the property from George ,
Brettell thu-ty years ago. ,
0car D. & Herbert V. Dike sold for
, . ..cut f Uzxle H. Dike, deceased. I
.v.. -..h.if kwv- front known as 2120 ,
, nn.hlf block front fatOWS
J126 Eighth av., improved with five
rv tory flats."wlth stores.
Tccaell Kalish sold2057 Second av a
fo r story fiat .3x73.
DirelUng; Bnyrra Active.
Mrs. Josephine Lang sld the residence
H5 East ThlrtMlghth st
Everett M. Reixas Company sold for
IT. u'ice V. Freund the three story
.'welling at 219 East Forty-eighth st,
tleartaease Home for Women ana
Ei'.'ks, as the tenant bought the three
nUry dwelling. I$.xl00.3. at 415 East
Ft 'v-ftrst st
Entilv Charles sold 520 Madison av.,
e ' ur kory dwelling, 20x95. near Fifty
fourth st It Is understood that the
proper! r will be altered for business.
w :;iam J. Roome 4V Co, Inc. sold
141 East Fifty-sixth st. a three story
dwe'ting, lxl00.5. to J. Nelson Steele. Jr.
Joseph P. Day sold for Mrs. A. Cos
teVi to Mrs. Mary Blasse the four story
trj basement dwelling, 17.10x100, at J5
Wst Flfty-strth st
V R. Wood &. Co. sold for Julius
Fi.ead 11 West Eifhtr-second st, a four
tttrr dwelling. 22x102; also for HeUner
& Volf It YVest Ninety-first st, a four
story dwelling. 18x100.
Joseph P. Day sold to Mrs. Mary
Bhwat lor Mrs. A. Costello, 855 "West
I'ifr.. alrth st, a four story dwelling.
1 10x100; also for tTla Brans and L. E.
F f. the four story dwelling. I.$xl02.
at West Eishty-second st, to James
L J. PhlilipfTi Co. sold for Harris
jti e Mai delbaum and Fisher &
ic 1 Lewlne the four story house at
1'. Wert Eighty-sixth st, 20x104.10.
a i-. tg the southwest corner of Co
t! "bus ar The sellers acquired the
F-jprrtv for Arthur Curtiss Jamea
'Dr George H. Wallace sold the
m.Oer.'-e at CO East Ninety-second
"ti- u a client of WUllam B. May
T -ies J Etchlngham resold, for
r .. k Sinnott a three story dwelling.
V, i.i 6 at 34 West Ninety-fifth street
r Rellly
'tnea H. Crulkshank resold 2.4 YVest
rt- street, a three story dwelling,
'x 1 to Fanny Walsh, through Harry
i Ci-njun. , ,
II. Coming estate sold 12 East
' street, a three story and basement
. x. 15.9xS9.ll.
Te seven four story "residential and
. ..e buildings. s6.x50.$x42. at 1$1
Broadway and 103 to 107 West
Srt;. seventh street have been leased for
'v r-rne years with two renewals for
a ar periods by Adolph PJcken. prtsi
de" of the Coastwise Warehouses, lnc
a s te for a building to bouse the
Hirr.Iton Motors Company.
.-pear 4: Co. leased the building at 412
t:.ti 414 Lafayette street, containing
. - loo square feet to the Federal Motor
1'reirht Corporation of Philadelphia ;
t so lecond loft in West Twenty-first
- to Jacob Niedleman; third loft In
" ' and 146 Centre street to the Charles
1 J pes Company, and space on the
floor in ti East Eleventh street,
t' A Barrl k Son.
Hel & Stern leased for the estate ot
1 11 Mabony. the store, basement, fub-
basune-nt and second floor In CSt Snil.
-iy. coaprlslng JO.OiH) square leet, to
Calef Brother:. t .
Loo Sc.hlois Icsscd forTlieodoreKle.il
Uonstrnrtton Company, Jneu. to the Per
rt Body Cortvorarlfm. H. v. 14 ..I.
Sok' Wtfent, h subsidiary of ths
iHlnirtT Motor Par" rnmnim' ..n.
f - 0O'lulldtri.r la Madison av, from 136th
...... ... .
,e V. r.i vor 1 1 in uuuoins, ,
is.HXCS, at 570 'Wert Broadway to II '
Merradrl, lnc Importers. 1
Url mT.,2 Tt xi, i 1 nc-J1e"f1
Airs. .Maud JL Elv. hur Avail nv JT I
I... . - ' " ...... . . , .
Went rifty-alUh street to Zahrah. Inc.
Clark Jtealty Company rente! th. fol, '
iiuwjnc omoos for
thn lTnltd Piirur
Company: Eleventh floor In ti Madi
son avenue, to the E. W. HeUwIe Com.
pany; In B West Fortieth street, xo Ber
nard Bandler & 6ona, also Marcus
ualy; In SI to II West Forty-Uiird
street, to the Charles a. Myers Com
pany. Ltd., of Sydney. Australia, the
Commonwealth Tradlnir and Security
Corporation and It X. rcrcuson Com
nany of Cleveland; tn 61 East Forty
wcond street, to the. Smith Martin
Company and In the Msrlln-Roekwell
Bulldlrun to Cforce 11 Pierre of Wil
mlnjrton, Del.
Joseph P. Day leased for Leon Jaffesa,
Inc., a store. 25x40, at the northeast cor
ner of Elcht av. and Flfty.fourth L. for
fcur years.
Frieda Hart leased throueh lAuls
Block & Co., a six story apartment
house, EPxlOO, at 102S liexlnjton aveto
Samuel Bernstein.
Harris. VouBht i Co., leased for Edith
A. Christiansen to John H. Buckley the
three story dwelling at 147 East Fifty
ttveiitli st
Lewis L. 'Itosnnthal Companr leased
the dwelling. 16x100, at 240 West Elfh
teenth U to Dr. Anna Bauerberf,
through Morris Taylor.
HasCRtrom-Catlen Company leased the
four story dwelling at SI 3 Wert Fiftieth
Wreet to Morris D. & Johanna Sullivan.
Douglas Gibbons & Co. leased, fur
nished, for Mrs. E. Wilson Newell an
apartment in 410 Park ave. to John T.
Georce Price sold for Victoria Bitter
man the five story apartment at 70
East IJSth et.; hJso for Louis O. Van
Doren the dwellinir at 297 Alexander av.;
for r. C Winter the three family frame
dwelling at S7 Jefferson pi
B. L Schafler sold for Dorothy H.
Wagner two four story apartments, 4Cx
107. at 1KS4 and lttl Belmont ar. to
Goldhlatt & SchaeOer.
Walter E. Brown sold for Carrie F.
Meagher 3477 Third ar- a three story
building, with store, dwelling and lodge
Cahn i Cat sold to Mary T. Colby
JPl East ItHSth st. a two family house.
25x100, through Morton Green.
Ben'enson Realty Company bought
through Clement H. Smith, 2S36 Decatur
ar.. a three story dwelllnc. 25x100.
Hotchkias Garage and Repair Company
leased the four story garage at lJd st
and Southern Boulevard from Dr. Rosen
blatt and Benjamin Moore for twenty
one years at an aggregate rental of
1357.000 through the Silverman Ex.
Bulkier & Horton Company sold 7R1
Prospect place, a two story two family
dwelling. 20x100. for Margaret Brecht-
raret Van Deraee the house and plot at
the corner of Westervelt and Bensiger
v St George, S. I., to i nomas xu
Cornelius G. Koirr nas soio ior xiorace
A. Da-ls tne two ianw owmi.g w v..
Van Duxer St. Stapleton. S. 1.. to Carl
F. Griehaber,
phce Ripley, lnc sold the real-
denoe of j. Edna. b. Collins, at 40
White rialns, N. T,
. . .... . in . if,"-
Trusnr r Wrlrht his estate In
1 .. .. . i .... n r.. fl
the Belle Haven section oi urtcnucu,
Conn, to Mrs. Kate Hhrgtnson.
Mrs. C M. Murdoch and Arthur B.
Hawley sold for Daniel O'Connell his
property in YVoodblne avenue Larch
mont Manor. N. T.. to H. E. Brunnfcr.
Baker Crbwell. lnc sold the eMate of
Mrs. Ethel Wodehouse, near YVest Shore
road. Great Neck. L. I, consisting of
four acres, a fifteen room residence, gar
age and barn, to Daniel IL Burdett
Harrev J. Genung and Arthur C. Day
aold for" David L. Lasher his estate at
Morris Plains. N. J, to Lewis Grove.
The property conslstaof ten and a half
acres, a mansion, greenhouse, six car
garage. &c, and was formerly the home
of Lewis X Thehaud. son-in-law of
Richard H. MeCurdy. former president
S New Tork Life. The same agents
also sold for Lewis Grove his 100 acre
rarm. in the outskirts of Morrlstown. to
David L. Lasher.
lAidlow 4 Peabody. -architects, filed
pla-ns for the erection of an eight story
building. 6J.5xl26x ime. ax 43 to 47
Broad itreet to cost 500,000. The Al
llanco Realty Company is the owner of
rcSrd and the Combustion Engineering
Company the lessee. . .
Buildings Managers and Owners As
scationof New Tork will hold the lat
nSUner meeUng of the season
neS Wednesday evening at the Adver
nab 47 East Twenty-fifth street
TlSclation "ected A. D. Jannlcky.
. T Parsons and C. C. Robinson as ac
Uve rnenTbera and Ernest Alan Van
Vleck as associate member.
TOle Guarantee ft Trust Company ap
plied to Justice Fawcett In the Supreme
Court. Brooklyn, for the appointment of
a rrferee to handle the foreclosure of a
nn mortrage on property In the
FlaUands, ownea ny u ' '
Crossings Company.
n IniuncUon was issued hy Justice
Fawcett In Brooklyn restraining James
a xtarthy of Belle Harbor. L. I, from
.1- htintalows therev AppUcaUon
erectlns; tungaioB . . th
for the injunction Jf rnaue dj
Vlases Catherine ana Matilaa YVara o.
Tfarbor I 1.. actlnt for 2o0 resl -
Belie fl""1'
.nd afldreaa ot owner
South of Fourteenth street.)
IJPrr'Jr.r'Z?; awnno. Anrll 28: atty. J
w tttnn&n. S4G DwaT
T-'BnOADWAT. S43. s-Cnaj i G Kas.
" TV, immi D Ltasberg-tr. 27 Verilyra
rr.'AprtSratty. M
sr i;U'V"-rrinkfort st.
GOLD. tJ-r,,- ,D Hide Leather
j -tty. M Btero, 122 Busy.. - -..-..-..$1
CANAL ST. 234-U.pe StjJT. B T . t
VAWCK ST. e s. JOI a -2tiChI1l2, "llaiv. ,ir and trua. to Sarah J Hopper, ' BUT ANT AV, 3013. a. 4S.6x118.4i43.3x
14WT"f-;"',,S TJnlx-eraltr av. m TV lMd st. mte $3,000. March 23. atty. i 11T.P IVeamm Ilealty Oorp to Barati DoP-
to TJore BouUxard. 1624 univerwty a j'j, 4M ,t . p, m , kln 10V) Rryjnt avntc $38,000. May 1:
rctC $200,000. April 13. aw. 1 ...xioo iirrjl ST, a e. 160 w pleasant av, 70.4x12x1 atty. Max Monfried. 209 Bway. o e and4100
I; ad4 YVHUani XI Van YYlnlde. Jun 1.1
ISI. ltn. Mltrlnll I M 11 IVnll Cf ,
no 810,
n cor lam n. si naxuri i
jnrKii n ai in mrjcii tinieinc vorn, 1
irrrt Will am V Alitor tn N'aUiunli-1 11
1j5-oiu. S,o.i Parulidatrr rfl. llkljn. t and r,
tirll attv. T fl L T do IKK)
aiAHT BROADWAY ti . 01.10 r ViVr t.
- EAf
:thu.4-i:4 jsnu Iiu.y corn to IIiri-n
oldlnr Corn. 1UW ITiti rt. Mar 4. an J.
ii b Mann a. u
II H Manaflold, b.'i Uburty Ht ti
UkUWR ST. ISO. 1 . $.10 HliriOlU SI,
W. a a (cturtK-tlon deed Anna Ilsrasch to
1M Delancey Si Realty Corp, W Mnrotnt-
GltKENi: 8T. 13. w a-Llbenan Coro to
a.....i- i.. 'in ah. ., itbivn
....... . . ... riniiin, , tu , .... -
"s 80.000. May 3. atty. IOH61..II
YVAWllNGTON BT, 41i and 417. 1 and 3.
s v vur Vanity t. ttl.SAVH: Irreg-JJutlitr
A, widow of Ju Tylf, to IHieomo Co, 2S'i
th aV, April Ot; alt. Pratt a t. 120,
av . ... .. HUH
KAM1S rnOPEnn' Maty V Pile, extnt and
irua. to aamr, Apru S. aiwa um.iiu.iiw
1IOUFTON ttT, I w cor !i St. lOOxriO
Eaml HIrach et al to ltlrarh Holding Corp,
1M W ttth at. May 4, atty, W B Mam
fWd. .11 UUerO' at 1
BARCLAT BT. Wl, -Loulw F Becraft to
riorcnra U Donovan, SKu Edtacomb av.
May 17; attr. T G t T Co II
BAMR rnoremT trailer Kip and ano. ex
and trui, 1o satne. March 17s atty.
same , tS.000
SAME ntorEHTY-John B Aycrigg et al
to aaiua. Marrh 1J: att)-. sanio it
Htm pnofiettTV .wm A Valintlne to
ama. Matrh IT: atty. am ,.i,000,
CIIEltRr ST. s a. ir.U.4 w Jackaon rt. af
HS.tv-ntlw J Drown M al to uanieia s
XennMly, lnc MS Water at. May 1; ar.
G 'O Bnlllen, 140 Baj-
Eat Side.
(East of riftli avenue. bteen Fourteenth
and 110th rtreets.)
V STili at. HiMl. atty.1t B Manritia, Ti.1iJ2t.TII ST. iris W a -TO!Mlth 1" 1'i'IS '
UUrt ' $t I Kullrr IJialU' Co. luc, Z ' 18tll rt.
CWTnT. w cor llomton rt. llU'skSti 1, aitf, u l-i-m. is: Kaao t ,'!
47T1 ST. 14i E. n a-Awalla E mcj " to , Bronx.
Klohar Ilrew Bon. 300 B ay. April 30: j onwa.
atty, TGlf Co 10jlTliTH 6T. CW. . 47.4x7S.lx46.10x.l AO-
71ST BT. n a. 170.1 w 3d av. SOJtjlB!- JJ flXThatttar to John Tgjf "tf
Tliwodora F Elletnan to iohn and Elttatwtn J14 n JTOth at: May S. atty, O P "a"0:
B Rogers wlfe. 103 E 30th St. tenants by I m K 1M)th ,t -.VilV li;.-
entirety, April 28; atty. Edard. M m-jj. Av, s077, w "J , It
M "C IJbertv si... tiro1 tl to Samuel J Jvoonan end wue
OTH BT. CI T.. n a Co 8 Hornblowrr to
Lawraon nirt". Jr. 01 B 0h at. q e.
May 4; atty, l T IT Oo. . '
BID ST. 32.1 E.HI, 17 1H102 2 Sampson H
Schwarr to Uvdia Armbruitrr. 1032 Avert)
A. b and a. rate W.MKI. April 30: attv.
T G T Co U,Y.
40TH 8T. 222 It. a . 21x100.3 Mary J
Leahy and ano to noa and .ll.nrlntta
. . m n.,... at, TtLrlvn.. mtSI X10.
ftnft M.Jp : .ttv. T G I T Co 1
idtST fc-r. ISO U. . 17xl0O-0ohn Dr,
v...t p.. itnroo and ano to Nlnola Dio-
t liln-ton a. April 2S. 17B Hway; o c and v;.f.'ou
Co ... ..10023TH BT. 824. s. 7xl00-Ma.IT V Me-
K n'a. 40.1tC.2Albro AWn Oarthy t. Frederk J and ano 15
vannuccl, loa
att-. 151"
to Max 1-ollaK, an " ""M.r-
April 12. atya. Mlddlrtrook 4 B. 4G Cedar
irnt'ET.'V i,',' S7" V let' av. runiOxlMx
jrjrr-Chna J F Bnlilen to Lud1c Wolf.
E 17th at. mtg 13,t.OO; atty, C Brandt Ji.
W Nasssn at. Nominal
33D ET. 437 E. n a. M.0xffR.-Henry C
FmlUi. Jr. to City Real Estate Co. 1.0
Iiwa. b and s. May I., atty, T G Tru.
EAME rOPEHTY Stuyvtsant Real EUK
Co to Henry C Smith. Jr. 107 Bay 32U at.
Brooklyn, mtga joo.000. May J.W. JO
exr and trua. to Crara Wood, 340 Psru aj,
and ano, intra t.W.000, May 1 ; atty. , JJl
Irmin. 68 Broad at iMa-
n-.n RT n a. 74 e Mad aon av. 20xl00.s
Abratan? J Dworaky to Dee Holding Co.
InTS Bkman.at. mtg 5.(Ko. April S.
atty. H II Btraua. R Baekman st. .....wi
2D AV. 1018. o -Allce M Butenachon lo
John Mlatratta. 10T.0 2d v. mtg $0,600.
April SO: atty, S T T 4. M Co $1
Weal ie.
(Weat of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
and 110th' atreeta.)
4TH ST. 204 W, a a Teutonla Improvement
Ooo ilas Hoffman, 200 W th at. ntg
$17,300. May 1. any. TC1T Co.... $100
100TH ST. a s. 1 . Arnaterdam a. -
100.11 vera i utu) " ..7JJ,
t Nicholas av. Int. rots tW.WO.
: atty. 1 M l"ennock. 2S 1 .Oth Ft II
a a. 223 w Amaterdam av. 2.,x73..x
iFrank E Gllllea to Wra r GUI c,
l 3d at. S nt. mtg $13,000-. atty.
. -l. a VL" Tftth at.... II
May 1
w 3d at. S Int. mtg ll-.WO. atty.
t T.nrk. ?a W 70th at i
BROADWAY, w a. 73.0 n fit. at , 23 .2x10
Wltllam F Gllllea te Fralk E GIlll. Wl
attr. I M Emnock, 2 W 701t at . MOO
tt-ckt rVD AV. n eor Pttn si.
- attv T O 4. T Co .iw
30TH ET. f. W. n a-Loul. Kalmanowlu to
"V.. tS.i.i.inr Co. Hemratead. L 1. mtg
(JO 10 Florin ------ tnt
- -i- ,m is. attv. T G A T Co
lfrTH AV. m, w -Cfcarlea I" Brown, ret.
lora " r f-mmTr- Pleaaantville.
10 iaraS - i am". T G T
- "
. .$1730
trt Weat
TSae'nsiry. and HW4a
, .- I. "t - ...J
i,Lt.v C? ;","r 'r.7th't'. ma.i!0-Arr'o
ftuy Co, Inr,
Holding uorp to ''
ti.v iJav I.itttiTOtT t.o..u
EBy.CMiy Vo
TsTlI BT". 'iOS W. n a. 43.3xl6.11x lrrrg
' Aoelln7Tho11,aa to AnnaNjUa K Vwj.
340 W ?7th rt. mtaa $1..0 and $-511.-1.
May 0. atty. Oscar E Tbomaa. .JjO
TThIv" o r cor'alith' at.' sbxfit-rre H
and Catbenue 11 Earl lo Rufua S Co e.
rrenuuo Point Park., New r.e'.
N Y. mtga $87,000. May 5: atty. Tt
.Z-f'o.!: ' V. v.", il-Mma'w' Cbathlon to
"EmlU,. 400 Cojt av. mtg $11,000.
May 3 atty. N Y T M Co JW
MTH ET 14 W. a a-I Randolph Jaroba and
ano to liulae M Pettle. 7SS West End av.
b and mtg $14,000. April 30; attrs.
EtodOard 4. M, 3SS Ilway ..$100
108TH BT. S W. a a. SuxlOO.ll-MBUe Roien-
be rg to Lillian Roae Co. Inc. 3s Park row.
jda? Si anva. Katx t L. 3S Park row. Norn
-"D KT 44 W. a a. 23xJ8JWohn N Ttmnele.
and trua. to 42-44 W 22d St Rtalty Co.
7 tS'J.j J. rii n attv. N Y T t M
" " $45,000
-BTH STv '-'10 W. a a. 24.10xVClx24 lOx-j
" William W Wilson to Avenyork Corp. -00
W SHU at. April 14. attyt, Jonea & S,
113 Bway om
BROADWAY, a w cor 171'tk , at JOM-JS
im.-.-Kt W 171th tripet Corj. to 10 V
With Sttert Co. 1SS Broadway, b and c
144TH ET, 4C0 W, a a-Edwln H IVek to
Clarenra H YVhlte, 12! E 17th at; b and
fl TprS 1 27: ato'l Mlddlebrook i 11. Cedar
at ...,............-.'. luO
12KTH KT. a a, ISO w 2d av. 23xftft.ll Edw
C O Tliomaa. rff. to Nattunal Surety Co,
113 Broadway. May 5. aUr. G W Harper.
115 Broadway sa.ooo
117TH BT, :44-t4C E. a a Public NaUonal
Bank of N V Wi Eaplco Realty Co. 1-7
lLl.,. .v b and a: mice (.1.000: Ma)
"7- attr. M J Pnendalra, WW Hroadway.lllKi
121ST ST. 310 E. 17xSO-Matthrw Fuchy etl
at heirs Franx Buchy. to Harry V-helan. I
13 W 10M at. mtge 33.000; AprU 1
att.v. I
KTTtSI Co. ..
Nom I
W. n a ManhattanviUe f
imi n bi. ,-.p-
Realty Corp to YVm F Gllllea. 123 W 83d
rotse 831.000. May 1. atty. I M ren-
nock. 28 VC 70tb st....... .. ..4.. ...... .$1
176TH Bi, " -..r. "";" "
Eamuelaon. 20 YV 123d at A- ano : mtce
$40,000: May 4; atty. A Apjiel, .. Cedar
st Vo',VV"ii:"t
12TH AV. a c l2d at. li.1U10Cw-Frank 1.
Gllllea et al to Pterllr Motor Trucfc Co
of X T. 646 TV lKd st, mts $4.. 500: April
30: atty. T G t T Co..... "VJ'V.
l.H-TH KT. a a. 203.8 e 8th ay. ri.lxtW.ll
Equitable Lite Aasuranre Society of the
t c n Arehlbald TV Hooner. 25S TV 3..d
iVsrobo: April 29 . atty. L T T Co . MB
RT 114 tO 1-0 V. a r t Jr. w
. "i'l.t- i,..nHl-, Imp. 30 E 43d at.
. at: b and a. April 1 : atty. T C I T Co..81 71 lOx s RO.llx e 116.6-Edel Realty Co io
! j 40XH BT. 271 YV n a Unique Operating- Co, 1 Goldstern. 1861 Madison av: mt
xo John Ha).,w, ,a LaWtence ,t t , tm 0Q0. lay 6: atty. Mackellar A G. 3
ano m.tc 117,400, May 1; atty. T G , cedar at: oe and 8100
. T Co . .B'FOX ST. OT, 1 1 r Barrettn at, 32x.05-
112ID 8T. 270 TV. a e Eva Phlppa. ru trua. , ABC Ivelopment Co to Barnet Alpert
I chat C Ayrea. Avenue A k 10th st: 1 and ano, lf-8 E ltoth at: mt $44,000: May
May 1: attr. F M Tlcpenor, JZh Jlroarl-1
war .".$10,000
127TH T. 16 E. a a. 1S.tWK.Jl norenre
Bhepperd to Xellle e.elly. E nst at:
n.av S: attv. T G T Co. . Som
lt2jVST. 4J K. a . lOxHm Itaphael riea-rm.-o
rxngelo Aufiero, 2270 1st avi mtce
tS.niO: May 4: attr. T G 4- T Co $100
lltTII ST, 122 YV, a Boot E J Cimno to
mtc 88.730, April 16; atty. I61T.. ..8100
h and S. r a c. mte $10,000. April 30; attv. J Brooklyn $li
TO A T Co ' $1 1 176TI1 ST. n a. 130.1 a e Grot-a St. 40x73-1
ST 574 TV, s a I'tillip Leaerer to . unarioiie t- u aitiuji io nauiarine v (
ard A Raymond. 718 TVast End av, I Breen. 709 E 176th at. April 28, atty. S J
1I2D ST. 103 YV, n a Minnie G ranl.l to LONGFELLOW AV, -J4IW. w a. ilOO-Jn-G
K Realty Crf, Inc. Iivn nvay, April 30 aeph TVachtel to Anna Waehtel, 1489 Lons
,ttv. L n Bos en. 160 Bway... $100 fellow av. May 3; attv, J Btelner. 322 3d
, - -7 .... . . Y-. I, - Ti T T---- 1 .. ..... .1
I .: - .1.. Vu-ln. r I blk belnw UTth .nrt i TlEHlTl II AX. .ti.I. . a. s.uxjm-)onanna
irrrr. it. 143 v Piwsnt ar: also bestns'
- .1.. rurpirt. F 1 III. iwinr ll.lll ann
7S 7 s 118th at and 160 w pleasant ax-
Carniela D Malo to Francesco Da Male.
442 E 118th at. H int. April 2; atty. B
FUhnlck. 874 Bway .... .... $1
11JTH ST. 267 TV. n s, STkllxfltl.!! Tedk
XT tup. I .linen AJ juuu aim j" . , n. v.
D.r?litadt. ra. tc. to Mary MO K
. .t0.0U0
i' JlllTi 2 C TiPilOO-Mtllla
if UltlWl Jiw Co. Jiir, :
r-s.. . Tit.. .. . Ju
.,,,1. KiU i- U 31
i'a -k urn'
147TH HT. s a. &5.0 w Uway. IJ"1""-
Flrrrnfm 1 KdaaiU" to Auna u jjawaro.,
HI W J47lh i. 1. Mil: V.
Kduardi, Wifl W Ultlt t
17KT11 HT. a. 100 w Wadiwortli av. lm
lIMMlroiiivs1.' rtfelty Oo to Dafnrr Itsalty
Corp. 200 Bi-. tntgo IM.000. May 4j atty.
t u i t Oo ...vr'iff
MAHIPOX AV. SOW. e . 74.il IMo 't
tiuter. lllti Brand Conooure. t J,l,u2?
and W.2J0. May C: afy. IT17 Co. . !
117TJ1 ST, 40S I.', . iS SxtOO.IJ-JoMphlliJ
I'e Vlto t oilo lo I'ef K and Jennie T
j .i... . tn Tvnli W and
Arthur Leventtiak ' 2C1 Dway. ...... 1
Mary MiSCenna. 3d Ma. J, att.
1JITH ST. 2:U E. n a. 'Ox M il-Mary
A Weta to ITank Squltlante. 2002 1st av.
mtr M.000. May i atiyi. - - :
2im Bo-ay.
13VTM BT, . 548.il w "th av, 8IxO.n, tlw
aouthwrly J2.C of a1d preml.ei fjrms rt
of aaj-uay 21 wide running thrcuch
block Ttrem Nth to Kh av and th. eaaUrly
1! fwt fornw part of allej-ay running
through block from ISstn to 131-th at which
alley cuts off tha f e of yard hi roar
Equitable Ufe Auranre SoolMy of V B to
r.nl.t Holme., 1110 E USU! at. May 1 . ....
lirrn 1ST. n . TO Lanes av. MxlOOjll-
ITorence II Uurd to Mary A Day. 4 Con
Tem av" oU $11,000. May 4i attj-.. Dj on
I Hoe. 41 ark av., 0
iV:'."iV'V..y-inMTon rt: May
; atty. T Qt T Co. 170 Bay; o c
anfJ ( .. fJlrU
WHITLOCK' AV. B21. w J. l0?""'.''
TS.I-Goo Knauf to Oecar Behlegal. Lpper
Montelalr. N J April 30; atty. T G T
Co. 17C rjuav. e e and l
hTSE AV. 1447. w a. 25xl00-PItro Arearo
et al to lrli SrduHky. ll I Yi WW n,
mtt SB.500. May atty,
I T Co.
T C Patia raon, !!0 Lay: o e and. ...$100
POND PLACE. 27. w a, ls.!xl--Annlt.
W Anderaon to Thoa Rrtlly. 120 B 60th si.
mtg $3,300; AprU 19; atty. T O 4 7 Co,
17fi Uway .l- ;.' -.1
TINTON AY, 1173. w a. 10.6x134 11-An-lrew
Mtldraw to Hugo Bochdam and wife.
11U9 Tlnton av. May 3. atty. T G T
Co. 170 Bway ;-;-i!.l,(,02
147TH fcT. 430. a a, Kxl 00 Jeremiah Walth
to Patrick Murpliy, 303 E 14Jd al. mtg
H0.3O0. March 30. any. V Murphy. :iM
E 14!d at, o c and, $10
135TH ET, 340, a a. 23x100 Traadale Raalty
Co to John II Kloekmeyr and wife. 11.
E 122d at. mtg $4,000; May 4. atty, T G
A T Co. 17R Bay. o c and $100
135TH FT. 43H. n a. SOxlOO-John II Snebeck
to Lltllan Margullaa, 427 E 134th at; Jntg
I14,WX): May 4: atty, T Q 4. T Co, 170
Bway o c and. ........3100
1S0TH ET, MM!, a a. a lOSx w S4x n 64.2x n
3.x io.4x e 40.ii Kicaier ia)ir io
Mn'.ll- Bchlrnoff. lira: Belmont av. tntg
$33,000. April 1. atty. P D Shapiro, 110
Navaau st, o c and $100
EAME prop Clara Cooper to Boloraon Rotn,
7.10 Lafavatta at. Anrll 14: P D flhantro,
111) Nassau at: o c and $100
MAN1DA FT. n a s. 137.3 n Spariorfl av,
23.1 1x1 00x23x1 00-Lewle A Cuahman to
Kathleen M Cuahmar, Whtta rialna. N. i ,
April 27; atty. Clarenca D W Rogera. 141
Knar 1 a
ERESTON AV. 2G76. e a, 40x7?..11x40x76.2
Creaton Realty Corp to Paul Btumiperg, 8S
W H4tl. at. intge Itt.OOO; April 13 att . 1 1
Ftertiberg, 41 1'ark row !
rinTfiN AV. MSO. a. 40x7S7x40x7J 11
frpmon Raaltv Oorn to Joseph Ecblealnser.
220 W U3th at. mtg SfS.OOO, April 10, atty.
1 1 fterntfrrg. 41 Tark row $1
17TH ST, WW. nee, 7ux69-C,5ra E Brown
to nncua Mariour. KtH rasrmouni pi. inig
tS.000. Mav 3: attv. J Etutaky. 220 Baj .
o c and 1100
23PTH BT. 410. n a. 23xlOA8olf Fallowltt
tn Cathr!ne Lvnn. 419 E 23th st. mtg
$4.0M, April 29. altya. Meyers I C. M E
4Id st . t e and $100
tricmvnTfiv AV a a. StalCi 7 Thoa J
MrGrath to Eugne D McOraih. 220 E
iti:is ! Bit r,. tl)17: atty. E D MeGrath,
1023 Oaton av. 0 c ans $100
Ti.KnALt, AV. a e c St Lawrence av. 2x
l.l(px2i.lx64.5-CiUaale Elecl to Loula A
rm. ion e s7tb at. mtg M.ooo. Mw l . atty.
L A Fox. Randall 4.- 6t Lawrence ava : o e
and m
BROOK AY'. 300-2. e a, a r.2x e SiO.Cx n 4Sx
ll.lux w ST.!1 Solomon Zlotolow to Moa
Pchafran. 782 Bway, mtr $37.1W. March
2 . att-. H D Levy. WIS Bway . . . .Jl
BROOK AY. 1234. e a. 17.Jr Morrta
Wlawr to Mosea 1 Schuster. 44! E llouaton
at, mtBt $3,300. May ; attya. fi&ckler a L.
2 av A : o c and i:
CLAREJtONT PKWAT. a a. 2H.11 w Brpok
r tfix75.!x2ux73.1 E . C. Realty Co lo
l-nward Goldman. 2032 Ma:s av, mtg
tll.OOO. April 30. atty. L 1 Garber, 2j
llway. oe and .$10
WILCOX FT. e a. 273 ft a o! Barkley av.
17xlOUx23xl01.I-Duane S Everaon to Anna
Vodraxka, 219 Wllcnx av, April 27, atty.
T G 4 T Co $3j0
GREEN LANE, a. 75 ft a ot Carroll place,
"3x104 Ethel R MeHugli to Catliarine
Mastersrn. 133 Westchester square. May
S attv. T G A T Co; o c apd $100
1MTH FT. n a. l.t ft w -of Davldaon av.
j(S.(.xWk-MlnnSe Tauaaig et al to Guatavua
lUhatin. 4!0 W 130th. rntgt $3,333.83, May
1 : atty. N Y V t M Co 4
ER1GGS AV, 2HB6, r a, 10.8xl(iO-Joa.ph T
O'Donnell to Carmine R Pugllcaa 4 wife.
!O0 Deatur av. mtge $3,000, April 24.
attya. O'Hara Bros. 200th st 1 Webster
av, o c and ....$100
GLEASON" AV. 1S17. n w cor. 25xl("0 Doml
nlck Hooka to Rosa Blum. 201)3 Mohogan
av. April 3; attya. Katx L, IS Park
row; o c and $100
23BTH ST, a a, 400 ft e of Kepplar av. 23x
100 Albert T Mag&gnoa to John W Thomp
son i- wife, 240 E 236th at, nitge $3,000.
April 1; attya, O'Hara Bros, 200th irt A
Webster av: o e and .$100
SUMMIT AY', n a, 430.3 ft w of Willlama
brldre road. 23x100 Annie S Hylaud to
Agnea Peck. Ghent. N T. Oct 30; attya.
O'Hara Bros, 200th at a weuater av.
o r. and $100
VALENTINE AV, S34B. a w ror. 63.7xl00x '
STJ.lixlOS.P Florence M Wright to Samuel
Eckstein. 2670 Marlon av. mtge $10.0000:
April 14, attya, O'Hara Broa, 200th at
Webster av; o c and .$100)
VALENTINE AV. 21131. n a. OOxlOO-Cath
irlne E WeiUel to Nellie V Regan. 1044'
Madlaon av. March 2.. attya, O'Hara
Bros. 20Oth st t Webster av: o c and $100!
. - n i nnr . 1 .1. ... ctn.Hr!
to Carman Trocele 4b -wife, 817 E 150th
st. May 4 , atty. T G T Co; o c and.4100
NELBON AY, 3011. w a. 1C.8x3".3x10.Sx
37.2 Elizabeth Qulnn to Frank McG' and
vtte, 1280 Ogden av, mtg $3,000: May 4.
atty, T G A T Co. 170 Broadway
e and... . $100
EAMES PL. a a. 73 e Wabb av. 30x5)7.2
IjouIb F Pclletler to Edward R Holdcn.
ifftll Sedrwlek av. mtg $1.6S0: March 2
a "ilf'
a t T io. i.t iiror.cn ar.
236TI1 ST. n
Kepler av, 33x100
John Johnston lo Grace. Muiholland. 3M E
3r..tu st. mur $2J30: April !S; atty, T g
; 1
i T Co. 176 Broadway
DERCLIFF AV. w a. S71.1 a Bedcalcl: av,
'.i 100 William F Bobertson to John J
l.n-1... anri u-lf. 1 TTttt Tnrf.re11ff mv ml.
87.000. May 3; atty, TO 4T uo, i.B iiroad-
I way ...
eAULDW;LLAV. 723. w a. 33x113-Lottie
Lemle to Bertha Ievey and ano, 382 Pros-
, ,,j nrooklyn; May 5: atty. T G 4 T
770 Broadway; o c and 3100
f BATHGATE AV, s w c 184th st. 33U4
1 Trederlck L Docbterman to 610 E 184th Et
realty Corp, 463 E 10th at: April 30. atty.
n Glnslmrr. 2D8 TVatkins rt. Brooklyn .$1
' ti-.i Tv-iv av ioit . rji It u. i: n n.
4, atty. T G If T Co. ITS Broadway,
' o e anf. 8100
CAULTJWELL AV. w a, -xlir-lAKlna
Braltv Co to Lottie Lemle. 309 E 88th St. i
rme Sis.'"1" May , aity, r v T wo, J7B
Broadway, o e and..... $100,
BATHGATE AV. awe 184th at. 3urM.5 '
0 E 184th Bt Bealty Corp to Aron rosrn.
2H Vatklna at. BrooKlyn: mte 834.100:
' Mndlca-i. 776 Falrmount pi; o c and. .$100
1 1 I ..I . .
Knhn to Madeline Enntscr and ano. 874
i Home st. mtr. ssjm. May 5: atty. lawyers
7 t T Co. M0 Bxvay: o c and 3100
CROTONA AV, n w e JWth st. 9Cx113.1x
f )1.10rl33J-,Arthur A Tomier to Joseph
I winncan, ijiriii. pi. Apni
..w . -
r1mi.Jl- XSS
Cunnao, 1ST S 30 av, MVj entom g
3,WW. May Ci atty, Clarence R Motir
mann, 714 Knickerbocker v. Bkln-.100
tnruatQ. iUv ; aUr. tAU-yan T JL Y Co.
1D0 Tlivay Mil . .. .HOT.
CHQIJS AV. mij. a. lS.0i:lO!-Max lloro-
Ttttz to Louts fctildstthi rt al. 104 2d St.
ling ?t,IpOO, May atty, m i t a; ijo.
.VH.1: c aod ... ;.
S33TH BT, MS, n a. SO.lxBft-flmithtall
M'llhimlna A LlBU'r. BOI JCat
... ........ 4lV
tata Corp
ait IflSlh
. mtc n.400. Mej t: arty. K
Cn, 12S Biray; o e and
(Wltir'namB and sddreaa ot lender and at'
fSoutli of Fourteenth street)
WEST BWAY. 343, e a. IWl n Grand at. 23x
10(1, p m, April SO-Jnnaa D LUsbercer to
Chaa G Koss, (C8 West End av, and ,ano,
3 Jts, 3tj; attys, Thompaon. K W. 230
Rway $33,000
WEST BWAV. 1.34-331. w s, 200 n Bleeckrr
st, runa w 73x n 24.10x w 13x n 4n.(x c
00 to West Uway X 03.4 to beg. May 3
Parodl, Ermlnlp 4 Co to Chaa J Peatagno,
40 W 76th st, and ano, du ea bond, 0,
ir mtg $145,000; atty. Leo Porrlmi, UC
YVeat Uway $30,000
GREENE ST, 125. w s, 143 n Prince st, 23x
100, ,p m, May S Antonio Tarlcone to Le
liartan Corp, 115 Bway $0,500
Y'ARICK BT, a, 101.6 n Baach t. runa ;
140 to w a fit John's labs a n 23B.9X w 140
to Y'arlf k-st x s 230.3 to beg, p tn. April IS
Tlieo Southard Id tha Rector, c Trinity
Church, 187 lMlton at. S yn. atty.
Wm B Pprague. M William st $20,000
Y'ARICK BT. a, 101.0 n Baacb. at runs
140 to w s Bt John'a lane x-n h.ux w
310x a 2.79.5 to beg; Waal st 281-sB. s.
P4 a Ilobokcn st (40) xlOO. pr tntg on first
parcel $200,000, pr mtr on second parcel
$flS,000, p m on first parcel only. April 2fi
Tlieo Bouthard and Frank A l'aga to Geo
J raour, 133 Amity st Brooklyn, and ano.
due Nov 3, 1920. 09d; atty. T G t T
Co ,.$15,000
DELANCET ST, 150. n a, 22 a Buf folic st. 221
30; Bufrolk st. . s, -mi. ay ip-jo
Dclanety Et Realty Co to Metropolitan
Bav Bank, 39-0 Cooper Bq E. 5 yrs, tilii
attya. A S TV Hutchlna, 54 WUllam
BOWIHtT, w cor Houston st 101.2xll4.9x
Irnir. p m, April 28-Nathanlel H Lyons to
William V Aator, ei jinineoecK, i. n
stala. mtge as per bond; atty. T O T
WAfaiiNGTON'ST'.4i3-41T and 421-423, H e
ror Vestry rt. si.axua.ix iitce. p
ISi-Pofomo Co to Either A Pyle. 200 W
Wh at, Individ, extrx and trua, tnstals.
.k t n it Co 3180.000
ALLEN ET, 031, w a. 23x87. April 13-Eather
Keaoiai:y ano ano id joipcihi ncwiwibc,
1SH Suffolk st. lnatala, In aa bond; atty, M
Wolf. 116 Nasaau st WWW
STANTON BT. h . 205 w ChO-stle xt.
61.2x201 lrreg. p m, May 5-Darid W Keen
to Henrietta Bleleteld. 129 Wadeworth av,
lnatala. CHTt attva. De La Mars t Mor
rison. 140 Nassau st $8,500
ELDRIDGE ST. 43. w a. 100 n Canal st,
23.1Dxl00, p m. April 26-Jullua Cohan -o
Firm Realty Co. 346 Bway, Initala. 01.
atty, J 1 Herman, 346 Bway $24,500
East Side.
(East of Fifth avenue, between Fourteenth
and 110th streets.)
71ET ST. n r 1701 w 3d av. 20.1x102.2,
p m. April 30-John Rogrra to Theodora
T Elllman. 755 Park row, 3 yrs. 0 , atty.
L T t T Co. . . '. $30,000
17TH ST. n b. 374 w 1st av. 19x106. p m.
April 26-Ludwlg Wolf to Ctiarlea J F
Eohlen. 2876 Brlggi av. att'. L T 4
T Co $2,000
22D 8, a w s, 373 n w 1st av. 40x07.6. P tn.
May 1 Greenfeld Iron Worka to William
II Bchroeder et al, 600 Jefleraon av.
Bkljii. 5 yn, 35; atty. James A Donegan,
5 Beekman at $24,000
72D ST. 123 E. n s, 20x102.2. May 6 Calh
E UcKenna to the Emigrant Industrial
c...i.n. -it. nv r. ..p.. roic Attvn. TI jt
. ........ " ...... - . - . ...
E J O'Oorman. CI Chambers st. .. .$2.1.000
R3D FT. 411-4111 E, n a. 40x10.:. p m, April
IPll.lr tn Alhro Akin. 32 E 64th St.
Install. 6s5t. attya, Mlddlebrook A B, 46
Cdar at xii.uuu
101BT ET, 136 E, a a, 17x100.11. p m. May
1 Nicola Glovannucl to Emma Daralo, 136
E JOlat st, lnatala, 3; aity, T G 4: T
Co $7,000
2D AY, 1MB, e a, 40.3 n 63th at, 23x63,
p m. May .'.-John Mlalretia to Alice M
Butenachon, 1303 E ll'th at Bklyn. 3 jra.
fifi, pr mtg $6,500-. atty, N Y T L M
Co $2,300
LEXINGTON AY. It, e a. 43.10 II 30th rt,
21x100, April !4 Cnarle llucliard ana
Itu.ibll l and Ethel B Burchard, Anna E
Pay and Margaret E Duncan lo T G &
T Ci. 176 Bwa'. due and lnt aa
bond $12.W
SiLi e"T. 47 E. n a. J4.6x3b.. p m. May 3
liy C Smith. Jr. to Stuyvexant Real Estate
Co. B3 Cedar at, 5 yrs. OS; atty. TO t T
Co $00,000
52D FT. 223 E. n a, 17.11x102.2. p m. April
30 Ljdta Arrobruster to Sampson H
Schwarx, 136 W SFth st, lnstala, 051; atty.
TO) T Co .$11,300
MTH ST. ICS E. n IK.JalOO.S. May 6
Lydla Armbruster to Theresa Taust, IB
Arion Place, Brooklj-n. due May 15. 1921.
64, prior mtg $9,400. atty, Otlo Belt 1303
3d av $1.'40
Nde. .
(West of rifth avenue, between Fourteenth
and 110th atreeta.)
TfEST END AY, n w ror I'Nlh st (301 W),
21xM, p tn. May 1-Mary McN Wolt to
lilmer A Darling. East Burke. Y't, 5 ym.
cr,, atty. L T t T Co $43,000
122D BT. 103 YV, n . 10x100.11. P m. April
30-G K Raalty Co to Minnie G Daniels. 9
Oak Court TerrBce. Bror-xvtlle, 3 yrs. 3145 ;
attys. Diamond L Abrahams. 41 Park
Iiow $10,000
95TH ST. 3-4 YV. a a, 1bx100, p m. May 5
Elne B Smith to Nina W Chsttllor, 12 E
Did at. hiatal. S'jft. prior mtg $11,000:
atty, N Y T 4 M Co $4,000
29TH ET, a a, 131.3 w 7th av, runa a x w
!4.10x n 9 9 to street X e 24.10 to beg, p in.
April 2ip Avenyork Carpi' to Wm H Nelson.
Mt Klsco. N Y. 3 yrs, V-fr: auys. Tlehnor
D. Mt K1.CO. N Y-r ..$33,000
!2D ST. 44 W. a a, 23i08.9. p m. May 444
West 22d St Realty Corpn to N Y Title
Mtg Co. 133 Broadway $20,000
43D ST. 22H YV. a , 23x100.5, May 5 Mat
thew J Dobson to Wm and Josephine
Schweiscr. 063 10th av, Inxtals, lnt as bond,
prior mtg $22,000. atty. N T T 4. M
C $10,000
8TH AV. e . 49.4 s 34tli st. May 1 Louis
Cohen and ano to BenJ S Freeman. 101 YV
113th st 3 yrs. 6S. prior mfg $3.O00. atty.
Jas H Hickey 43 Exrhange Place. . .$10,000
43D ST. 442 YV. a s, MxlOO.4. p m, AprU 30
ja' P Bracken to the Franklin Boclety for
Home Bldg Savinga, 15 Park Row, In
sula, 6. atty, Frank H Henaessy. 15
Park Row. $10.000
DINNERS . 5 OdSte DINNER 1 . 50
"PARADISE" 'V.r.'.r
With Jack Lenigan
MEJx'i;i Assorted) Beilabes. Cream of Tomataei
end Crautans. Balled Salman. Parsley, .trtnj
Means. Balled I'otatoes.ttoUed Fresh Beef Tontue,
fiance) rinii.nl. p lintll.. at .ihMl Snt.tnM aant
I reSb.Ham with Red Cabbare.
Phi ."""lcken. Hams Gravy. Spinach. S la abed FotatMi. Salad,
ct Salaoru It-e Cream. Deml-Taaae.
Ereadway at 49th Street
Afternoon Tea
Every Saturday ic Sunday,
S till C o'clock, in the new
Ball Room de Luxe.
Music hy Sherbo's Orchestra.
Large Dance Floor.
C Charming Dandogllostntes
under the Supervision of
Miss Belty Mudje.
8, 1920,
. . , .
E7T1I ST. awe Broadway, runs
i av x n 1(10.3 10
ovc. 1naaohold-No
Nlclmlaa Roberta,
Tlx a 30x w IPO o tn i
7.7lh t x a 210.11 to Ot;
trim. U7 Hist nt. Montotalr, XJ
4!D BT. 320 Vi. s.s. 30,10x98.0. P in. April
26West Clde Dlsjwnsary at.a iioapiiai i
v.ry if fichafler. 1T.C YV 41d st, 3 J'ra. ''
..".f.. ni. t ei ' ..133.000
10TH" AV. w a. 502 s. 48th St. 23.1x1001 April
UO-moo vemin,iirijr io m j k "ll-i;
.rin ti llllitl. . tti.t.lla Cue. attv. T G
A T Co .$7,373
30TH HT. n a. 1M w rth av, 75xiw.li, p m.
April m Atiaa j- inisiuna viu in tui.
manQWltx, 5305 15th av. Brooklyn; 6 yre. 3
n c; attvs. GInaburc & P. 110 Naaau
...,.$20,0il0 J
BIST SX.S W, n a. W"-;-. "-T-
BtrDct noaity i;onm uiwni """'rLjr.ij.v..r i.z. iwC
Tti,k. r.fl Bowen-. Installs bi p c. atty,
T. 11 . T7 1 1 ! rten.ilwav 810.000
i!D BT. 147, 111 W. n s. oUxlOOA laaiMheJd.
p in, may j itotai u.mnu,n Ktiim,"
Products Co, Fort Wayne, Inli 4 jts, 6
V e, attya, Pratt t McA, 120 Broad,
wty .. VImiIHaj
64TH ST. 14 W. a s, 10.1x101 A p tn. May 6
iioulae M Sottlo to 1 Randolph Jacobs. 14 K
78th ; tnatalli. 0 p c; atti's. Etoddjrd 4
M. K8 Broadway , .fss?S?
10TH AY. CM, w S. 30.1 S 4Bth St. Sjxiuo.
April IS TMD O Jtomroortr m u...
Square Bay Rank, 70 Union square; installs
nj, p c, atty, TGlICo $15,000
(Jlsnbatlan Island, north of 1101b street.)
120TH ST. 341 E. n s, 57.0x100.4, May 5
MDrria Elachter to Roae L Sellgman. 110
Beach C2d st Arvenis. L li t yrs. C p e;
prior mtg $32,621. atty. Jacob Shapiro , M
Broadway .... ......... .g.t!
120TH BT, 843 E. n s. 7.0xl 00.4, May 6
Same to same. 5 yra. 0 p c; prior mtgj
$32,625. atty. same $3,000
170TH ST, 300 YV, n s, 42.0x99,11. p tntM"
3 Unlvehalty Investing Co to Paul Ttard
Co. 218 Broadway; 0 srs, 0 p c; Prior mtge
$38,300; aftya. Mlehllng K, 218 Broad.
ITflTH ST. 613 W. n a. 4S.0xtW.ll. P m, M
5 same to same-, jia, .., """"
$!B,(KXi; attya. same .....$l..otri
1!ID ST, 410 E, a a. 16.8x100.11. May 4
Anpi'io Auiiero io its.pu.ai iivi"w
E 1224 st; lnatalts 6 p c; atty. T r. 4
T Co.......... Iaou
12TH AV. see 12!d st im.llxKK). AprilJlO
Bterllng Motor Truck Co ot N Y to Frank
E Gillies. PCI St Nicholas av ano; tlue
aa bond. 6 ji c; prior mtga $1..5O0: atty,
T fi L T Co $32,500
1S8TH iST, a a, 303.R e Bth av. ll.lxiall.
April 1-Archlbald W Hooper to ICqultabli
Life Assur Society of U S: lnatalla f. p c,
attya, Alcxatulor . C. 120 Broad way.ll 1.500
144TH ST. 460 W. a a. 20x09.11, P m, April
Kr-Clarenca 11 While to Edwin H I'aek,
Mount Vernon, NY; 3 yrs. r.v, p c; attya.
Mlddlebrook & B. 40 Cedar t... .... -li'.OiKi
127TH ST. s a, S7B.9 5th av. liJlxtlU.4, p
m. Mav B Nellie Kelley to Florence Ebep
baid, 230 Gregory av. rassalc. N Jr In
stalls Bi P c. atty, Y ja U Beum.
.Wall st $6,000
I44TH ST, 400 W. a a. 20x98.11: p mi April
26-C II White to Edwin H Peck, Mount
Vernon. N Y. due. 0: pr mtg 89,000.
attya. Mlddlebrook B. 46 Cedar sl,$3.000
122D ST, 220 YV, s a, 13x100.11; p m; May
1 Chaa C Ayrea to Eva Phlppa, 640 TVeal
End av. extrx t trua; 5 yrs. 5Hti; atty.
Frank M Tichenor. 291 Broadway, . .$7,000
117TH ET. n a. 178 e Lenox av, 26x100.11,
p ru; April 25 Etta Blanohard to Irving,
Harry and Leslie Popper. 120 W 123th st.
lnatala, 0ft; pr mtg $19,77.0; atty, TO
T Co $3,600
140TH ET. 271 W. n b..25x9B.10; p mi May
1 Jno P Haynes and St Clair Mottley to
Unique Operating Co. 223 W 130th St.
InstalB. Ct. pr mtg $17,400; atty, L T
i T Oo $3,000
BTI1 AV. a e cor 143d st. 23.1x75! May 3
Christina Ten-ante to the Superior Corpn:
due Jan 2S. 1923. C: atty. M 6 Hnff.
man. 33 Nassau st $3,000
127TH ST. fill-617. n a. ISOxlOOx lrrer. May
7 Bhenk R & C Co to Abel King. K08 West
End av. and ano; lnatala, int. 0: atty.
Frederic); Lese, 35 Nassau at
13STH ET. a a. 54R.0 w 7th av. 32x1)8.11 .
m; May 1 Robert Holmes to the
qultablo Life Aasur Society of th TJ S;
due May 1, 1921. int. 5; attya, Alex.
ander A Co, 130 Bway $11,900
128TH ST. n a, 161 w Park av. 18.Sx1D.lI;
Lmj May 1 Martin Lang to Metropolitan
lfe Ins Co; 10 jtb, B",i attys. Butcher, T
A F. 1 Madison av $5,000
12HTH ST. lf.2 W. a 8.16.8x98.11; May J
Keller Realty Oo to Elix T IYgc. 12 W
Mnh st; due May 1, 1823, B: rr mtg
C,000. ato-. YVm R Conklin. 31 Nassau
st $2,000
EAME prop; May 1 Same to same; due May
1. 1823; 5a. atty. W R Conklin. 1 Nat-
nan st $6,000
ST MCHUIiAS AV. w a. M.1I rt n lild st.
20x68.1lx Irreg, p m; Mav 1-Hy A Jaffin
to Lillian Wollns. 1076 Faile rt: Install,
l)1".: pr mtg $7,500; atty. 11 J Block. 277
Bway $1,000
GREEN LANE, e s. T3 ft s of Carroll place,
23x104 Etiiel R McHugh to Bertha Eggert,
.1n. 34nr ... ntv . '-.. P- ....
u,ui, ... J... .'7., .V. . J k . .11.- ,
M McHugh. 2100 Westctieirter av $1,0.50
ii'.t,c i.A.-t.. r s. -m n a or carrou place,
23x104 Etiiel R McHugb to 1'rter Corel.
1014 Woodyereet av, 3 yrs. wi. May 5,
k'ti. M B McIIuch. 2200 Wcstclicsler av.
IPflTH RT. n w cor Crotont av, ftOxllS.lx
i..jux)i.. jmppxi lannccio to Aircur A
1'owler. Peapack. N J: 3 3Ts: 3144: Anrll
27: att.v. R Kelly, 233 Broadway. . .$1.1,000
SEDGWICK AV. 35C5. 25x100 Archibald
Grasslck to Arthur P Hugart. K W KWd
at . s jts . 01 May 4 : atty, L T A T Oo.
100 Broadway $3,000
EAGLE AV. K'!. lR.ftxlOO LouU Goldstein
tn Mix Tlnronit- IL'rf) ?n Bv lnstctl. I1C
May 3: atty. N Y T 4 Mtg Ct $3.irfl
23GTII ST. n s. 213 ft e of Kepler av. !jx i
IWi Grare Muiholland to Adelaide R Kavn- j
nagh, 410 E !37th t; 3 m. C, May 1. 1
attj', J YV Kavanacli. Westcbeater av j
2S3d st... $0j
154TH ST. n a. 16.8 ft w of Davidson ax,
in.FxBO Guftavus Renalin to Minnie Taus.
sir. 2 W lS4th et; tnstals 6t: Maj 4
atty, N Y T A M Co, 133 Broadway.
176TH ST. 711 E. 40x73-Katharine A Bmin
to Charlotte F L Arnolt. 2"4 E Tremont
av; 3 ts; C: April 28; atty. S Wray,
1IID3 Boston road fS.'.OI
WEBSTER AV. n w ror Gun Hill road. 7n.lx
2!.2x76.xJiiJohn L O'Hara to Paul Eck
hardt. 330 St Ann's av. Jan 2, attya,
O'Hara Bros. 200th st A Webster av..$3.xkX)
ER1GGS AY. 2IC. 16.8x100 Carmine R Puk
lle.e tu Joicnh T DoiuieU. 2M16 Briccs av.
lnstala, OS. April 24; att-s, O'Hara Bros.
200th st Webster ax- ,. . .$2,500 !
VALENTINE AY. 2S31. 50x100 Nellie VI
Mac an to Catlierlne E Wetzel. 1624 Enlver
atty av. 3 yra. Slifc, March 20. attys.
O'Hara Bros, 200th st and Webster)
av ..$6.0001
VALENTINE AY", 2349, 55.7x100x27.9x103-
1 , . - . 1 imnu.M HI -1! 1
1AM1.IU Ml . 1U 1 I-.- Mm ....... .u.
and Sherbo's Orchestra
For Ladies auid
JUsaoU Potatoes. Roast Phii.rt.i
Mm Thierry Resturaflt
Swept by Hudson Breezes
Special Table d' Hote $1 51
RrrenatJe Drive at Slh Si. Scbrrler H70
7th Ave. 124th to 125th St.
Dlnlrjc lUeta Tap af BaBdlac.
TeL 7800 MoralnsTlde.
R. P. LEUBE, Mrr.
HOTL LUCEBNE. I West 715 St.
SOTIO.'SVTLLARO. 7(U s" 41 TVcstXad av.
MODEBN eUncbie tausht by refined yornie!
lady. S3. PABEEE. S3 Elver. Dr Tel. 1
1 t. n.,,.MM w.. a , net Aeiell iffl
sttra, OUara Bros. 200th at and Wihairri
av . $7 .000 1
202D HT. 247 E. 23xlOO-Agne Peek to
tt0 Sn .TSrSSLS JitE Smhi.
nit, i w .S2
'i,V. .'." 'y1 ,,.
o Domlnlnk Nnoks. 1327 Tteaoh av. inalla,
OC. April 5. attls. O'Hara Bros. 200th rt
, lhrjrat . .
"Vrr"JL fr ?;AZ .-.."', " .,' v ."
Edward R llolden 1o Lmila y Pclletler. 302
W lllth St. 1 rr. BS.. Aurll 28: attr. T O
and T Co, 170 Bw ay V$R20
23STII ST. n a. !:i w Bronx River ma. 23x
100-Jarob 11 Miller to Lillian V Mnftgan.
24 HO CrandkBoulevard, 2 yrs, 0, N' IL
1019: atut M J Fay. 2 Hudson at.
Yonker , $1,700
WIA. Bi.VJI.r AIM to A It O
Develonmcnt Ua. IB Cedar at. Instla. 6.
May 4 , atty. T O and T Co, 170 Bway $!.Wl0
CAULDWELL AY', 723. 25x115 Lottie Lutnle
to Lueina Realty Oo. 320 Bway. lnatls. 0.
May 3; atty. T G ind T Co. 170 Bway .$7,000
LNDEROLIFF AV, w s, 271.10 a Sedgwick
bv, 2JX100 John J Boelsen to Wrn r Rob
inson. Ardalcy. N Y. 3 its. 11, May Si
atty. T O and T Oo. 170 B ay. . . . . . .IT.fKKi
BATllOATE AV, s w cor 184tb t S5x94J
Aaron Basin to 520 E !B4lh Bt Realty Corp.
403 E 10th at 6 mos, 0. May 5; attv. I L
Broadwln, 35 Liberty at ....$1,000
POND PL. 2785, 18.112S-Thoa Rellley to
Annie YT Anderson, 436 Bo Franklin rt,
Wilkrabarre. Ta. 2 yrs. 3l,S. Apr 30;
atty, T O 4- T Co, 170 Bway $3,500
VYBE AV, 1447. 23xl00-lri Sedultky to
Christina Arraro, 144T 'y . Instls,
.Stjf,, May 3. atty, TOtT Co, 176 Broad-
sy $0,500
TO-DAY (Saturday), 2 P. M.
Steinway Baby Grand Mahogany Piano,
One Hundred (100) Persian Rugs (Large & Small),
Drawing Room Furnishings, Fine Bronzes,
Marble Statuary, Chinese Vases, Curios;
Magnificent Tall Sevres Vases,
Fire Sets, Portieres, Sterling Silver.
DARLING & CO., Auctioneers,
242 FIFTH AVE., 27th-28th Sts.
i great Sale of Ancient Spanish Art
i (JlnrUvz
i In consequence of the dissolution of the partnership of the wrefl-knovra firm
j their entire important collection has just reached us ex. S. S.
! Catalonia from Barcelona and will constitute the createst
! sale of the season, not only in Quantity but b .quality.
YVcdnesdav-, Maj 12, to Saturday, May 22
Each Afternoon at 2:S(i P. M.
The Quality of this offering is cf the highest standard and exceeds in variety
and value the collection sold for this firm last Spring pnor to vaeatine
their York branch The SPANISH ART GALLERIES, so well and
favcrably known, at 734 FIFTH .AVENUE.
The S.lo Will Be Conducted by MR. AlGlSTUa v CLARKE
Fifth Ave.
Art Galleries,
40 E. 45th St.
S. W. Cor.
Vanderbilt Ave.
James P. SUo it Son. Auctioneers
Country Home
at Suffern, N. Y. v
Ida M, Ryan
John Barry Ryan and Central
Union Trust Co., of New York,
A Collection of
Early American
Fiamiture, China
and Glassware
(Built 18121
Property of the Lata
Mrs. Peter C. Baker,
Removed from
39 East 38th Street
By rirr at the Execators.
Sale Days May 11, 12, 13,
14 & 15 -at 2 P.M.
And continues the follovvinff
STEWART ami PEARRE, Aaaraeys.
10SJ Cahert Btoldint. Baluasre. Md.
tit Beautiful Country Estate known
ai "Qiffhoknc" situated near Chtt
ttmake and Erxleston Stations, in the
Green Sprint VaHry. Balto. Co, Mi
Qsnfxiijnj about 60 acres and im
proved by a large and substantial
Brick Mansion with vide porchu,
tenant homes, farm btakSngJ. dairy,
rr to be sold on the premises on
TUESDAY, MAY 18, 1920
At 11 o'clock A. M.
Thb ii one cf the han-horacst Estate!
in this section and it only 30 minutes
to Baltimore by Motor, or 35 minutes
by Penna. R. R. or 1 hour by trolley.
For inspection of property, plot and
other information apply to the atoxe
Attorneys or tit Auctioneers.
Stewart and Pearre, Atlorneys.
Ssto. W. Pardon A Co- Auctioneer!.
YOUNG Parisian JaC. -:i i Jii
-versa'ioiaJ lessons. B"xar.- We
ITtmi CT. is Al w Ilnsbas sr. .47.4x78.1
x4(U071-Jobn T Tliatilier et al lo Austin
1! Tfatnlier e al, 1000 IS 1H2U st, bwtlj.
fi. May 3. tt. Olias P llallocU, BHU K
lHlitli si ... .......... . .(2,400
133T11 ST. . 130 w Couitlatidt v, 23vIIst
John II Klackraeyer to Tsdal RoMSy
Cn. ,104 E U-d at, lnatls, May A
atty. V E Youtii;, 304 E 14.1d st ,42,34m
13TTH PT. 367 Rt 23x101.7 Carmen TmcW
to Helena Stovlir. 330 E 13.1th st, lustlt.
I.VrU. May 4 . atty, TU4I Co. 17 Broad,
vay .. .. ..,..$a.nOt)
J33TII HT, 4311 E. OOxlOO-Lllllan Mswultes
to Johanna II Sedbeck, 439 E IUjiJi
lnsUs. OS, May 4; att'. T O 4. T Co,
176 Bway .. . ..$11,700
HELL AY', 3077, 25x11 0-Bamuel J Nnonail
lo Lewis H Gentles, 3075 Hull av. 3 in,
r,u,. May J. atty. I O i T Coj.'niS
Bway , . 'J0?'
TINTON AV, 1175. 10.8xlS4.11-Hugo Boch
dam to Wlntleld S Taylor. 775 Garden
rt, Instla. tl, May 8; atty. TCtT Oj.
178 Bway . $4,000
157TH ST. n a, 198 w Courtlandt av. SlxlOux
2Sxl0i.-Amlly Boclal aub to Annie r
nar. 517 E 137th st as per bond, Apr 2$.
atO'. T G t T Co, 17(tl)uay .$1(00
ITliTli 8T, WW E. !0x(-rinru Hrlut
to Clara E Brown. 889 E ITSth at. 2 jts.
6. May 5. atty. Cbas V Branlom 51
Chambers at $.,000
37TI1 BT, s w eo. Bar. runs s 54.2s wjitf
a 30 w 190 lo Mil v x t 100.5 to 57th st
z e 240.11 to beg, all-No 1767 Bway Co T
Flak Rubber Co of Chlcopao FslU, Mats.
at 230 P. M., in
5-7 Eaat SHh St. j
(Near Stb Ave.)
Edward P. O'Reilly. Auctioneer I
B A Collection of j
Early Flemish and Renaissance,
H Tapestry Panels, Nesdlsrwork
B and Upholstered Suites, Cele-
B hrated Sculptured Bronzes,;
i Sevres. Porcelain, Bohemian I
fl Class. Embroidered Pictures.!
5 Rues, Steinway Pianos, Rare
S Old Paintings, Ivories, Rarej
(Satinwood and Sheraton r urnt
ture, etc, etc
i Mrs. F. S. Gray
5 of this crrr
mm m t a m 5
Kemovea rrom ner
V Private Residence
I Daniel G. Reid,Esq.j
From His Country Home;
(Atalscue an AppMcatlan
lelepnone Plata 8411.
at the Galleries of
Fourth Ave.
A Collection of Choice
Home Furnishings
and Works of Art
The Property !
an Estate and Individuals. iDcladlni
Early BnclUh RSver. Oriental Car-
rrts and liuss. European and Chbxss
urrelalns. Venders. ArxUrom.
Brccin. Jewelry.
Iiuiudtns a Im
Talr DlamonS Earrlttca.
Also a Small Coflrjctlon or
Bchmcirs to the Estate of the Lite
To Be Sold by Direction of tie
Central t:ulon Trust On. of New TarV.
1 ruatoe.
us yir.w ivrit. ntn or ai.k.
HKN'lll .V I1AKTMAS. A-uctiosetr

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